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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 19, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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will keep you up on it. when it continues. >> busy news day. that's going to continue. it's only tuesday. that's it for us come out numbered starts right. >> melissa: fox news alert for you, president trump giving up to make a maximum us from now at the national federation of independent business and 75th anniversary celebration. he is expected to tout the u.s. economy and growth under his administration. he can go off topic as you know and address immigration reform, the controversy over the administration zero-tolerance policy. it will bring you that live as soon as it happens. and we have another fox news alert, lawmakers pulling no punches as doj inspector general michael horowitz testifies publicly for a second straight day on capitol hill following the release of his scathing report on the fbi's handling of the hillary clinton email case.
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this is "outnumbered." i melissa francis. and here today is town hall editor fox news contributor katie pavlich. anchor of the intelligence report, trish regan. political columnist and publisher of catalina magazine, cathy areu. in joining us on the couch today, fox and friends we can cohost, pete hegseth. he is "outnumbered" ." >> trish: i like the lightning lightning. >> melissa: very stylish. the hearing is under way where general michael horowitz is fielding tough questions from lawmakers for a second day in a row. yesterday, the fbi director christopher wray testified before the senate judiciary committee. today, house judiciary and oversight lawmakers taking their turn interrogating the inspector general. oversight chair trey gowdy and ranking member elijah cummings
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sounding off to say the least. because this inspector general's report should conjure anger, disappointment, and sadness in everyone who reads it. this ig report lays bare the bias, the animus, the prejudging of facts by senior fbi agents and senior attorneys. in attempts to minimize and mitigate this bias are so antithetical to what we want and deserve in our law enforcement officers and it's dangerous to the broader community. >> at this point, i think it's crystal clear that the only answer republicans will accept is that hillary clinton must be guilty. republicans in congress are only willing to use their full arsenal of constitutional weapons to attack hillary clinton or protect donald trump. >> melissa: i go to you first. is it about attacking hillary clinton? when i heard was trying to get to the bottom of what's going on
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at the fbi and their bias. >> pete: that's exactly right. at this inspector general report is finally a portion of the investigation into the investigators that's been long overdue. the way horwitz did this was both excellent in its thoroughness but also terrible in its conclusion. just like james comey and his press conference, here's what hillary clinton did and why it's all bad. we are going to change the rules and go by intent, she's not guilty. in this case, here's all the bias, all the examples. peter strzok, the guy in charge of the investigation said we will stop donald trump but didn't affect their decision. they are looking for some massive smoking gun is already there but they want to not see. >> melissa: maybe they're about to get to it because if you listen to what jason chaffetz said, this is about what they didn't do with regard to hillary clinton, so is difficult to say how they were influenced but when you get to what they've already said is annexed investigation which is into how they handled the trump probe, you see what they did do
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and with that action motivated by bias? >> katie: yesterday, inspector general horwitz's testimony in front of the senate judiciary committee, he essentially said that the fbi agents peter strzok and lisa page were working on the hillary clinton investigation who he said in his report couldn't be trusted because of their bias when handling the new revelations of clinton emails coming onto the laptop. he essentially said that they join a special counsel investigation as a tool to go after donald trump. when you listen to what he said yesterday and this morning during the hearing that we've been covering on the channel, he says all the bias that they did find put a cloud over all of these investigations that they've already looked at him and you can take that and common sense tells you that if these agents join the special counsel, to carry out what they've been saying in these text messages, to go after him, the inspector general has said that he was concerned that they would use their official government offices to go after an duly
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elected president. they will let me ask you on that point because they brought up the text and that context of peter strzok saying we will stop it. that is trump becoming president. at that point, inspector horwitz said that was completely antithetical to all of the values that he fought were core values of the fbi come extremely serious and he can't imagine anybody in the fbi saying they would use their office in order to stop someone from becoming president. he was horrified. >> cathy: is true. actually interviewed mueller when i was with "the washington post" when you're around the fbi, they are just i don't want to say they're boring, but they actually are very boring. and a great way. they're not political. it was such a horrible story for "the washington post." i couldn't get anything juicy. he what he is saying is to know these people is to really not
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understand where these two came from. >> trish: we have one identified person who was referring to donald trump supporters is basically being the scum of the earth effectively. very negative commentary so there was more than just two. and what disappoints me is what they have done to the integrity of the fbi, the institution itself. you should be able to put your biases aside. you should be able to walk into that investigation and do your job. maybe you need to understand your own biases so you can cut check yourself and say i like hillary clinton, so let me in this case be more cautious. either tell my superiors that i have this bias or i somehow know how to check it. none of these people seem to show any evidence of the ability to actually check themselves. they have destroyed america's confidence in them. >> pete: are the very good at putting on airs and those
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official moments with politicians. we know how fbi agents conduct themselves. we also know how much power they had and how much they wanted hillary clinton to be president and how much they believe she would be president. i don't think they would have acted this way if they saw the 50/50 race. she was the horse, she was going to win. she was going to be counsel to the director. this guy was in charge of both investigations. >> cathy: people do say he's very boring. >> melissa: suspect at that point. he is saying maybe they put on that boring facade or talking to people like reporters but underneath it all when you look at the text that the real perso person. >> cathy: i've asked a lot of insiders. i've asked my sources, we have lots of sources. the interview was about five years ago. though he at the fbi. maybe six years ago. but a lot of people said this is what they are like. these people are like that. they are trained not to show emotions and not to really let
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the political feelings get in the way. i think these are some really bad apples. [all talking at once] >> melissa: if you look at the end of the inspector general's report and a lot of people have pointed this out, there was a jump to levels when you have lisa page and peter strzok going and talking directly to the director, to the deputy director andrew mccabe. they bypassed their superiors who were michael steinbock pin bill priestap. and they said these two are not thrilled with what they did and were not thrilled how they were shoved aside by these others and they have quite a story to tell. >> katie: that brings up the question of why they were jumping the chain of command. working with andrew mccabe, having meetings in his office. that sounds like a conspiracy to try to do everything they can to use their official office to go after the presidency must not forget these text messages had
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to be found the department of defense technology because they covered it up and tried to hide it. >> melissa: speaking of the justice department's inspector general, he is now investigating james comey over his handling of classified material, whether this was a former fbi chief in legal jeopardy, plus the trump administration defending its zero-tolerance crackdown at the border even if it means separating children from parents. why top officials are saying this is for congress to fix. natural ingredients, plus vitamins and minerals in powerful combinations. for radiant coats, sparkling eyes, and vibrant energy. purina one. 28 days. one visibly healthy pet.
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>> we all should be able to agree that in the united states of america, we will not intentionally separate children from their parents. we will not do that. we are better than that. we are so much better. we should be able to agree that we will not keep kids into child internment camps. in conclusion, mr. chairman, we need you, those children need you. i'm talking directly to my republican colleagues. we need you to stand up to
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president trump. >> katie: that was house top democrat elijah cummings getting emotional as the demonstration defends a policy that has resulted in thousands of children being separated from their parents. the president who will huddle with house republicans later today tweeting "democrats are the problem. they don't care about crime no matter how bad they may be. to pour into an investor country like ms-13. they can't win other terrible policies, so they view them as potential voters. homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen said it's their job to enforce existing laws and the congress is job to fix this. >> here's the bottom line, dhs is no longer ignoring the law. we are enforcing the laws as they exist on the books. as long as illegal entry remains a criminal offense, dhs will not look the other way. this entire crisis just to be clear is not new. it's been occurring and expanded
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over many decades. but currently, it is the exclusive product of loopholes in our federal immigration laws that prevent illegal immigrant minors and family members from being detained and removed to their home country. >> katie: the california senator kamala harris is among a number of democrats calling for secretary nielsen to resign. watch. >> i think there is no question that we are all sitting in incredible abuse that is taking place in terms of separation of these children from their families. and the secretary has evidenced no compassion, much less commitment to correcting what is so obviously wrong about what is happening under her supposedly leadership. >> katie: in the meantime, senator ted cruz introducing emergency legislation to keep families together. the texas republican saying his bill would build temporary shelters were immigrant families can stay together. double the number of federal immigration judges and handling of asylum applications.
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the chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has more from capitol hill. >> nice to see you. it's an senator ted cruz said ws doing to address this problem. >> we are horrified. this has to stop. i am this week introducing legislation to protect kids and parents act that will mandate that kids must stay with their parents, and it will also expedite the proceedings. >> one possible issue is this is a hot summer before november midterm elections and there's a question about whether democrats would vote for a bill offered by ted cruz. >> i hope so. i don't know if they'll take every word of ted's bill but i think he's got an idea that most republicans would support an senator feinstein, we'll see if we can find some kind of compromise. >> utah senator orrin hatch is circulating a letter among his families to call for a pause until congress has time to pass a legislative solution to this
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issue. hatch makes the case family should not have to suffer while congress takes the time to get this done right. president trump continues tweeting about immigration writing "we must always arrest people coming into our country illegally. of the 12,000 children, 10,000 are being sent by their parents on a very dangerous trip and only 2,000 are with their parents. many of them have tried to enter our country illegally on numerous occasions." chief democrats don't appreciate the president and the white house blaming congress. >> that's just a load of. there is no time for that. it's time for being honorable. >> the president has time with one a phone call to end this zero-tolerance policy. pick on someone your own size, stop taking on these toddlers and infants. >> all of this will be a very hot topic when president trump
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travels up to capitol hill today to meet with house republicans to talk immigration. >> katie: thank you very much, we appreciate it. so this is a complicated situation to say the least, it's not black and white, your thoughts. >> pete: is nearly possible to have a rational conversation about this because of the level of hyperbole. especially coming from the left because they haven't stood for anything. now they see this as a golden opportunity to be for the kids and hammer the president as heartless when in reality this is a president who ran on strong immigration policy, you've got to stop incentive to break the law and if you want to come is in asylum-seekers, go to a legal point of entry, declare asylum and we will determine what happens in kids are not separated in that case but if you're going to try to skirt across the border illegally as an adult, they have learned from past information and makes his way down to central america and mexico that bringing a child is like bringing a shield. until you end that end that incentive, you can change the dynamic on the border for folks are flooding into our country and we don't know who they are.
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it is on congress to figure it out in a chief executive is saying border matters and i would enforce it and everyone yells about it. >> katie: your thoughts? >> cathy: as a latina, is an issue that gets me very emotional. i would say that immigration is actually at an all-time low. people are not slowing at all. >> katie: unaccompanied minors are slumming. >> cathy: we are net zero immigration right now, the numbers have never been lower. people are not flowing into our country, 12 million undocumente undocumented. >> trish: to point out that coming from honduras and they're coming from guatemala. [all talking at once] >> cathy: immigration is not the number one topic right now. it's not that major as it was 20 or 30 years ago. we are not having a problem with immigrants. this is just a distraction, this
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is just taking our eye off the ball. >> katie: . you agree that democrats are using this as a distraction? >> cathy: a while was promised in mexico is going to pay for and it didn't happen. and now we are separating families. before let's go back to the issue at hand which is as unaccompanied minor crisis. in a 300% increase since last year of these unaccompanied minors and some of them are family units coming into the country as you're seeing with photos and the narrative, it is a big issue. if >> melissa: i think the photos are horrifying and everyone on all sides is very upset. when you hear elijah cummings crying and saying have some compassion, i want to say you have some compassion to get back to work. these are the laws that are on the books. as you credit secretary of homeland security say, when it undermines democracy when you have the body that makes the laws asking the body that enforces the laws not to enforce the law they've written. so go back, get your pencil out, don't go home and don't go to
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bed until you've written something. they say we need the time. we got to put this on pause, hunt time to fix it, how long have they been working on immigration? get to work. this is horrible and you are the ones with the power to end this crisis now. space if they don't want to come at us the problem because for political reasons, they would much rather cry on television like elijah cummings did. they would rather show in some cases fake photos. we've seen some doctored photos of children behind so-called cages. they would rather play this out in a very emotional level because your appealing and democrats mind to people's hearts and nobody wants to see children separated from their parents. but at the same time, a place to any hatred they can gen up as we going to 2018 for donald trump. >> pete: the economy is gangbusters so there's any nightly news cast down to the border to report from there like
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this is suddenly an issue because it's happening under donald trump. i fight all the images horrifying, a lot of them are tough to watch but i think they look quite compassionate. our government is trying to say we are going to make sure they're fed well, we don't have enough capacity, we need to grow that capacity that are temporarily going to be there and when it is adjudicated. they are not concentration camp camps. in this case, this is defensible. >> melissa: there's no moment in time where someone would take my child away for me that i wouldn't be hysterical. it is never compassionate. >> pete: if you had a dui, and armed robbery, you'd better believe the government would separate you from your kid and incarcerate you. it happens every single day to law-abiding citizens in a country when they break the law. >> cathy: goes back to something you said initially which is that we need to create the right kind of incentives and write out the incentive is come
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here. we will take care of you, there's an opportunity here in the united states of america. so people are willing to break the law to do so. if they know that they're going to run the risk of being separated from their child for an indefinite amount of time, maybe they rethink that because as you said, who would do that? who would ever be willing to do that? so maybe it is a tough love environment with the u.s. government is saying you do something illegally and you're not going to be rewarded for it. >> katie: 80% of this problem as unaccompanied minors coming by themselves, only 20% of family units incorporated it's important. >> melissa: he have to be pretty desperate where you are. >> katie: absolutely come as a complicated issue. the inspector general now investigating former fbi director james comey over his handling or mishandling classified material. could comey be in legal jeopardy? plus reportedly planning to double down on tough immigration policies ahead of the midterm. this is the right strategy?
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>> melissa: fox news alert, justice department inspector general michael horowitz facing lawmakers today after yesterday's tense senate judiciary committee hearing. revealing for the first time publicly that his office is conducting an investigation into former fbi director james comey private memos. detailing his interactions with president trump. and is looking into whether classified material was mishandled. watch. >> we received a referral on that from the fbi. we are handling that referral and will issue a report, complete and consistent with the rules that are taking into account. we went fbi christopher wray also on the hot seat at the hearing. whether he lied in his testimony before the senate panel.
9:29 am
from fbi director mccabe on leaks to the press. >> how seriously with the fbi treat the matter of the director of the fbi perjuring himself before the senate tertiary committee? >> as the current, i take the obligation to tell the truth extremely seriously and i would expect the organization to do so as well. >> i would hope you would take as seriously the fidelity law of prior directors. he went interesting. what do you think? >> trish: i think the real problem here is that this is not going far enough. in other words, there is in serious questions about what the motivation was. that originally inspired this entire investigation. and until they actually figure that out, it's not enough for horwitz to say there is bias is there. it's not enough to discover that. i want them to discover which of the people do with those biases.
9:30 am
>> melissa: when they were talking about comey there and whether or not the illegally leaked material, we know that the same inspector general recommended criminal charges against andrew mccabe, so he does have a track record for coming out and saying guess what, something wrong happened here. you think that applies in the case of comey? >> katie: in that early report, laid out for different times that andrew mccabe not only lied to fbi investigators lied to inspector general investigators and mccabe's attitude about it now is the inspector general doesn't mean anything, already talked to the u.s. attorney, not going to be facing a charges. when it comes to james comey and andrew mccabe, is a very simple. are there consequences for actions. for people who are empowered? and so far over the course of american history, we have learned of the answer to that is no. and if it turns out in this report that the inspector general's going to eventually release on james comey that he mishandled classified information, i would
9:31 am
expect trey gowdy was very adamant today about the goal of the fbi being unbiased and fair in a judicial process, that he would be prosecuted the same way that you or i would be prosecuted for mishandling classified information or lying or leaking information to the press. >> pete: that is what is on trial right now. does america have a standard or does america have perpetual double standards for the elite political he well-connected folks of top. it's clear from everything we've seen that hillary clinton got the white gloves treatment in the way her people were treated, the way she was treated and interviewed, with everything she did with her email server. now at the same people who gave her that treatment going to get the very same treatment is effectively a public slap on the wrist but the ability to hold their heads up high and say we don't know what we did for why we didn't as james comey cal events around the country setting to a higher loyalty. that's what people see here. >> melissa: the second part is so much more important. the hillary clinton ship has sailed. nothing is going to happen there. that's not whither the focus. it's the people that were in charge of law enforcement at the
9:32 am
time and when you hear in their texts for them to have such sustained for giant group of american people and to call the whole group of people names to think that those people are in charge of justice is terrifying and will these guys hold them responsible? >> cathy: we still don't know. they are human, they show they are human which is scary. it's not an excuse. unfortunately, they have these horrible personalities that came out on text. hillary lost. it's not like it worked. the grand plan didn't work. trump didn't win. so comey is hillary would tell you herself, she blames comey for losing the elections of didn't work. everything they tried if you think they were helping her, they didn't help in any way. if payment is about using those opinions in your job where it's not appropriate and their job in law enforcement in the same way that leads officers are supposed to be blind to the color of your
9:33 am
skin and we asked them not to bring their preconceived notions that they may have in their heart to their job, it's the same with these guys. >> katie: just the arrogance of them using official fbi devises to do all of this like they were going to get caught, like what they're doing is justified because it was for their greater good for their own political bias. when to pick up on something that you just put down, these are the people who are supposed to be in charge of justice in this country and the reason why their behavior is more egregious than it would be for someone else is because they are in charge of taking away the rights of people who violate the laws. they are in charge of holding every single person in this country accountable into the standard of the law which is was to be equal for everybody. and then to be breaking the rules, they are putting people in jail and taking away their rights is completely appalling and scary because that's not the way america works. >> pete: the reason it still matters is that james comey let her off the hook because he said her intent was not to harm national security. she was extremely reckless with information, he introduced a new standard of intent that had not
9:34 am
existed before. in this particular case, and we see the intent. we are going to stop donald trump. the intent is there maybe they haven't found the actual actions. that's what they should be looking for. >> melissa: that's where if you follow the line, to go back, that's where they're going. they're saying it's hard when you look at what they didn't do, that's one thing. but now as they move on to the second days of what these same group of people did do with reference to trump, you see the actions that are result of what was going on in their heart, that's what they're going to look at. >> cathy: exactly. but they didn't succeed so these people do not succeed. it would be don't know yet. >> trish: by the way, hillary clinton still think they did succeed. she thinks james comey is the entire reason that she lost the election, not the fact that she chose not to campaign and some rather important vital states.
9:35 am
in a whole bunch of other stuff. i think you're onto something here. what you're saying is you've got a group of elites that are somehow in charge but they don't have to live or play by the same rules as anyone else and that's a scary thing. then you have a classic is to do as it pleases and everybody else is kind of subjected to that. that is not the america we want to live in. >> katie: taking away people's civil liberties and then breaking the rules. the white house may soon be looking to double down on his immigration policy amid ongoing controversy. and reportedly leading an effort that would push for more immigration crackdowns ahead of the midterm. the sourcing of the goal is to show voters that president trump has fulfilled his promises even without a border wall or new legislation. according to politico's reports, the ideas being considered include tightening rules on exchange programs, limiting visas for agricultural workers, making it harder for illegal immigrants to have applied for
9:36 am
welfare programs to obtain residency and collecting biometric data from visitors from certain countries. so head of the midterms, better a good idea? p3 he things it's a winning issue but with most frustrating for me as a c president who was actually doing anything he conceivably can to do he said he would do on the campaign trail. hasn't gotten a while yet, can't get the trade for daca, if democrats were serious, they would've taken a long time ago. they want to campaign on this something i got two of my disposal. these are like executive actions just like obama took deference in certain places which could be undone by someone else but if you believe is a national security crisis was happening on our border than stephen miller and donald trump have your back and are doing what they can. we will see how this influences pending legislation which is amazingly still can get something done. i think democrats seeing this as a winning issue. if >> katie: is tightening up the immigration system that controversial or is it something
9:37 am
that previous presidents have sent me to be done as well? >> cathy: everyone wants immigration reform. it means we have 12 million people living here that are undocumented and we don't know who they are, we know that they do pay taxes, we know they are working. they think over ten years, the majority of these people, they are making a living, they are contributing, who are they? they want to be known. they want to have social security cards, they want retirement. if they want to contribute. they are contributing. they want their rights and we want to know who they are. i think everybody agrees on the same thing. they want to live in the shadows and we don't want them to. >> katie: is not necessarily about illegal immigration. it's about standards for illegal immigrants in the country. >> melissa: i think the president is trying to put as much pressure as possible on congress to act. if you look at it through the lens and i always feel like the president done this his whole entire life and i'm always
9:38 am
looking at it that lens of his book and how he has laid out how he does things done. when you have two sides for whatever reason and both sides are guilty, every single politician who has touched government before that is by definition hasn't solve his problems. so when you have two sides for whatever reason are willing to come together to make a deal when both sides have issues that can be bartered, so you can come to a solution, the only way to get it done is to put so much pressure on those parties they have to get together and do a deal. it may or may not be a good idea but i do think that's he's doin doing. >> cathy: i think fundamentally here, democrats do not actually want to see him be successful with immigration reform and that is simply because if you have 2 million people, you suddenly have a shot at citizenship. and all of a sudden, you have a group that's going to say maybe i'll vote republican next time. maybe donald trump is exactly
9:39 am
what the country needs, maybe this is my chance at a future and so the democrats, they're counting on all of those people for votes. they don't want to give them a way to and they will not let him be successful. they did not fundamentally want him to succeed on immigration reform because it would change the landscape. >> katie: there were two bills are introduced in the house. four pillars of the president repeatedly stated he said he will sign one of them if it would pass. are democrats willing to come to the table and negotiate considering there's amnesty on the table or daca recipients in exchange for border security and merit pay system? >> cathy: that's the problem, they're both going to be side-by-side. >> pete: bring me inside the liberal mind here. as the wall the most hated item that liberals look at? >> cathy: that something is he campaigned on and it hasn't come to fruition. still trying. i don't know if anything will
9:40 am
pass because it's so wonderful to take advantage of pull 12 mn people that are so hardworking and don't have to pay them health care. >> pete: would you be okay with her while in the southern border. basically i think it should be like europe. people can travel throughout different countries. >> pete: you want americans to be europe. he wants america to be america. >> katie: the president actually said yesterday that he will not turn america into europe and they've had so many problems with the open border policies. thank you for admitting to the open border policy. we appreciate your honesty. on that note, this go to the president right now was getting ready to address the national federation of independent businesses. the 75th anniversary. let's listen. speak of the investigation uncovered. >> president trump: happy 75th anniversary to the national federation of independent business. i tell you, you deserve a big
9:41 am
happy. joining us today are some terrific people who work very, very hard and actually, they are starting to get a lot of credit paid you know the story when i was campaigning, i only mention that when we were doing well in the polls. when we are not doing well, i don't talk about it. like all of you. you do the same thing. secretary mnuchin, steve, thank you very much. doing a great job. secretary acosta, alex. and administrator linda mcmahon, thank you. they are fighting hard for small business and for large business. they are fighting hard for our country. each and every day and they are doing a terrific job. most importantly come i want to
9:42 am
thank all of you, the small business owners who are the engine of american prosperity. there've been saying it for a long time, but you really are. we look at the stats in the numbers coming look at the taxes that are paid, you look at the jobs, it's all about small business, so small businesses, i say this to linda mcmahon all the time. head of small business but small business is really big. it's really big. for many years, washington tried to hold you back and tear you down, crushing the american small business with crippling taxes and oppressive regulations but all that has changed charting in november 2016. the trump administration is with you and we are with you 100% and always will be.
9:43 am
instead of punishing entrepreneurship. especially that guy in the corner. main street is thriving and america is winning once again. they are respected again. this country is respected again. before going any further today, i want to take a moment to address something you been reading a lot about, the illegal immigration crisis on our southern borders. for many, many decades for many years and has its ups and its downs and all we need is good legislation. have it taken care of. we can get the democrats to go ahead and work with us. as a result of democrats supported loopholes and federal laws, most illegal immigrant
9:44 am
families and minors from central america who arrive unlawfully at the border cannot be detained together or removed together, only released. these are crippling loopholes that cause family separation. which we don't want. as a result of these loopholes, half a million illegal immigrant family units and minors from central america have been released into the united states since 2014. at unbelievably great taxpayer expense. nobody knows how much we are paying for this monstrosity that's been created over the years. legislation that nobody has any idea what they're doing great and they don't even know what it means. and you have to see this. it's a mile high. child smugglers exploit the loopholes and they gain illegal entry into the united states,
9:45 am
putting countless children in danger on a perilous trek to the united states. they come up through mexico, mexico does nothing for us. you hear it here. they do nothing for us. they could stop it. they have very, very strong law laws. try staying in mexico for a couple of days, see how long that lasts. they do nothing for us, and i see it through nafta, seat with $100 billion plus that they make on trade through nafta, one of the worst deals ever made. by this country, a disaster. and we are to equalize it. it's not easy, but we're getting there. not easy. we're going to take care of our american farmers we are going to take care of our manufacturers and our manufacturing jobs, but
9:46 am
they're making unbelievable amounts of money and that's not including the drugs that are flowing through her border because we have no wall. and we have no protection. the drugs that are coming in from mexico and through the southern border is disgraceful. so we'll see if we can make a reasonable nafta deal for doesn't have to be called nafta. we can do one on one with mexico, one on one with canada and canada, they like to talk. there are great neighbor. they fought world war ii with us, we appreciate it. they fought world war i with us and we appreciate it but we are protecting each other. it was a story two days ago in a major newspaper talking about of people living in canada coming into the united states and smuggling things back into canada because the tariffs are
9:47 am
so massive, the tariffs to get common items back into canada are so high that they have to smuggle them in. they buy shoes and they wear them. they scuffed them up, they make them sound older look old. we are treated horribly. daily. 275% tariff. so basically, that's a barrier without saying it's a barrier. and i told them, if they don't change their ways, we have a tremendous deficit. there's really not that much of a deficit. they're not including two things. energy and timber. those are the two big things when it comes to canada. we have to change our ways. we can no longer be the stupid country. we want to be the smart country.
9:48 am
so hopefully, we'll be able to work it out with canada. we have a very good relationship with canada, we have for a long time and hopefully that will work out. but canada is not going to take advantage of the united states any longer in mexico is not going to take advantage of the united states any longer and when i campaigned, i said i will either renegotiate nafta or terminated. and we will start from an even basic. and people are afraid of that. i've seen so many people saying don't terminate nafta, we know we have. it's true. people are worried because they know what they have. if you look at -- i love the american farmer in more than anybody. they have back to me. i love the american farmer. and by the way, it's in one of
9:49 am
my notes. the american farmer virtually will not have to pay any more estate tax on their farms. when they pass away and they want to leave it to their children and that goes for almost all small businesses, you won't have the estate tax to pay anymore which was crippling. that was in our bill. the young guy is standing up. he is too young to be leaving it, so that means he's a beneficiary. don't act too happy. there is a wealthy father there, don't act too happy. is that your father? the answer is yes, okay. and you're both happy. you're both happy and i'm honored to have done it. it was destroying the estate tax for small businesses and farms, destroying them.
9:50 am
people were mortgaging them to the hilt to pay the taxes and they couldn't play for the interest on the mortgage and the banks would take them away. you don't have to pay the estate tax any longer. in most cases. in other words, loopholes if your firm is really big, that's a pretty big level. pretty big. it would have to be a pretty big farm. these loopholes have created a massive child smuggling trade. can you believe this? in this day and age, talking about child smuggling. talking about women smuggling in this day and age. the worst it's been in history because the internet has led to this. you think back two, 500, 1,000 years ago, the worst it's ever been, women smuggling, child smuggling. since last year, child smugglers
9:51 am
who were very, very sophisticated, they've learned the loopholes in this horrible rotten system that the democrats have to help us fix. because we need the votes. we could have the republican votes 100%. we still don't have enough vote votes. we need democrat votes to get it fixed. these smugglers know these rules and regulations better than the people that drew them. as a result, there's been a 325% increase in minors and a 435 increase in smugglers or attempted smuggling of families in minors into our country. they are stopping them all the time, by the thousands. but they still get through. we have no wall, we have no border security. without a border, we don't have a country. we don't have a country.
9:52 am
under current law, we have only two policy options to respond to this massive crisis. we can either release all illegal immigrant families in minors who show up at the border from central america or we can arrest the adults for the federal crime of illegal entry. those are the only two options, totally open borders for criminal prosecution for lawbreaking. and you want to be able to do that. if we don't want people pouring into our country. we want them to come in through the process, through the legal system, and we want ultimately a merit-based system where people come in based on merit.
9:53 am
keep in mind, those who apply for asylum legally at ports of entry are not prosecuted. the fake news media back there doesn't talk about that. they are fake. they are helping, they are helping these smugglers and these traffickers like nobody would believe. they know it, they know exactly what they're doing and it should be stopped. because it was going on is very unfair to the people of our country. and people that come into violate the law, they endanger their children in the process and frankly, they endanger all of our children. you see what happens with ms-13 where sons and daughters are attacked violently. kids that have never even heard of such a thing are being
9:54 am
attacked violently, not with guns, but with knives because it's much more painful. and inconceivable, here we are talking about business. inconceivable that we even have to talk about ms-13 and other gangs, they attacked violently, the most painful way possible. a bullet is too quick. and we are allowing these people into our country? not with me. we are taking them out by the thousands. we are taking them out by the thousands. so what i'm asking congress to do is to give us a third option. which we have been requesting since last year, the legal authority to detain and promptly remove families together as a unit. we have to be able to do this. this is the only solution to the border crisis. we have to stop child smuggling.
9:55 am
this is the way to do it. and ultimately we have to have a real border, not judges, thousands and thousands of judges they want to hire. who are these people? when we vet the single federal judge, it goes through a bid process, everybody that's ever meant her or him, they come, they complain, they don't complain, they say he's brilliant, she is brilliant, he's not smart enough to be a judge, now we are hiring thousands and thousands, what country does this? judges. i won't say it. i refuse to say it. i hope they pick that up back there. seriously, what country does this? they said we like to hire about five or 6,000 more judges. a 56,000? can you imagine the graft that must take place? you're all small business owners
9:56 am
and so i know you can't imagine a thing like that would happen. but here's a guy they say could you please be a judge? they line up to be a judge. it's horrible. we don't want judges, we want security on the border. i don't want people coming in. we want them to come in through a legal process like everybody else has waiting to come in to our country. and it got so crazy that all of these thousands, we now have thousands of judges, border judges, thousands and thousands and when we release the people, they never come back to the judge anyway. they're gone. and in your system. that's it. if they're good, that's great, and if they're bad, will have killings and murders and crime. you have crime. and remember, these countries that we give tremendous foreign aid to in many cases, they send
9:57 am
these people up and they're not sending their finest. does that sound familiar? remember i made that speech and i was badly criticized? what's so terrible what he said? turns out i was 100% right and that's why i got elected. we want a great country, a country with heart, but when people come up, they have to know they can't get in, otherwise is never going to sto stop. whether it's president bush, president obama, president clinton, same policies. they can't get them changed because both sides are always fighting. this is may be a great chance to have a change, but one of them says he went to hire 5,000 more judges. i don't want judges, i want border security. i don't want to try people.
9:58 am
i don't want people coming in. if a person comes in and puts 1 foot in our ground, is essentially welcome to america, welcome to our country, and you never get them out. because they take their name, they bring the name down, they file it, they let the person go, they say show back up to court in one year from now. one year. but here's the thing, that in itself is ridiculous. 3% come back. the other thing they have is they have professional lawyers, some are for good, others are do-gooders and others are bad people. and they tell these people exactly what to say. they say say the following. they write down. i am being harmed in my country, my country is extremely dangerous, if you're for my life. say that, congratulations, you will never be removed. it is given to them by lawyers
9:59 am
who are waiting for them to come up. and they're not all bad people. they are impractical people. but in a way that's cheating because they've given statements. they're coming up for many other reasons and sometimes for that reason. there's been a 1700% increase in asylum claims over the last ten years. think of that. of that. we are a great country but you can't do that. smugglers know how the system works. they game the system. they game it. it's so easy for them. they're smart. they didn't go to the warden school of finance. but you know what? they really smart. united states has has just surpassed germany as having the most asylum-seekers of any
10:00 am
nation on earth. can you imagine that? can you imagine? in germany, they allowed millions of people and their crime from the time they started is up more than 10%. that's one of the reasons that lead level is because they don't like reporting that kind of crime so they put it down as a different kind of crime. but their crime is up more than 10% since they started taking them. i saw someone say that the clinton was questioning that statistic. she said that's not true. didn't she already have her chance? i'll tell you what, when you read the ig report with these really dishonest people, and i was never a deep state guy. let me tell you, we got some bad people. that are doing bad things, but when you read that ig


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