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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 19, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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♪ >> greg: i am greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, my favorite nut, donna brazile. jesse watters, dana perino. "the five" ." we are awaiting president trump as he heads to capitol hill to meet with house republicans on immigration. in the meantime, let's have a monologue. on other networks, the holocaust was mentioned 12 times over three days. guess why. >> they are being marched to showers. they are being told they are, just like the nazis, said they
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were taking people to showers and they never came back. >> donald trump increasingly looks like hitler in nazi germany. >> the tactics used through history by the worst purveyors of pure evil, including slave traders, nazis, terrorists. >> the images suggest those of concentration camps, families being cut apart. >> greg: let's not forget general michael hayden's tweet saying other government separated families too, ie nazi germany. temporarily housing kids makes the united states the third reich. and our agents the assess. by other governments, does he mean obama? here's a headline. mexican kids held for months as punishment for border crossing. here is the president in 2014. >> the message absolutely is don't send your children unaccompanied on trains or through a bunch of smugglers. we don't even know how many of these kids don't make it and may
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have been waylaid into sex trafficking or killed because they fell off a train. >> greg: he is absolutely right which is why trump stepped up the arrest for adults for violating immigration laws and busting child sex traffickers. no one compared president obama to nazis but now they offend holocaust victims survivors and americans in charge of taking care of these kids while they are here. >> you understand the controversy. any comparison to the holocaust. yes, the kids were brought on trains to their birkenau. my grandparents were murdered at auschwitz. my dad survived. his brothers and sisters were killed at auschwitz. they weren't separated to go to some other facility. they were separated to die. >> greg: well done, wolf. this problem is born from a larger broken system. we are trying to solve long-term and short-term crises at once.
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it's like plugging a hole in a boat while you are rowing. some people saw it coming. remember when we tried to help countries under their thumbs anticapitalist? the folks who stopped that are now shocked to see people fleeing those very countries. not everyone is alive with condemnation, but pressed for an alternative, they've got nothing. and we are waiting for one. something no white house before has actually produced. so we all agree separation sucks but when faced with child sex trafficking and pretend families, where is your answer? the media uses children to maintain the narrative trump is evil even though he reduces the threat of nuclear war. and with no memory of what they reported when their guy was president. donna, do you agree, i think the white house is saying this is an emotional, political ploy. >> donna: first of all, i looked at the president's favorite newspaper today. this is "the new york post." >> greg: it changed, donna.
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>> donna: this is about the separation of children from their families. while president obama did have a policy that basically send people back across the board, it was very rarehat he separated children from their families. this is a policy change that the trump administration put in place six weeks ago. they should change it. the u.s. chamber of commerce today came up with a bold statement. these are not your typical liberal progressive papers or organization. everyone is saying it's time to end this policy, mr. president. let's figure out a way to have comprehensive immigration reform. let's bring more judges to the border. let's bring more border patrol. but let's end the policy of separating children from their parents. >> greg: here is the issue. if we can't separate them, that's what we do in america when someone goes to jail. you have to separate them. no one is offering a solution.
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i think we are making the wrong comparison here, dana. the alternative is the possibility being with a child trafficker. this may not be -- this is a terrible alternative but this is a world worse alternative. >> dana: some alternatives will be to plan ahead. there is money to be allocated and try to house these families together. or your idea. everyone goes back together on a boss, you don't want to be separated, fine. you do it again, it's a felony and you'll be separated. we don't want to do that. the people being tasked with carrying out this policy, they don't want to have to do it. but they are carrying out the request of the president and the policy. and also i do think there's a narrow path. ted cruz has an option, i guess the president will probably talk about it. he doesn't like it because it just deals with this particular issue but he might have to be for what's going to happen here.
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get that off the table. maybe get some additional judges because i think the other thing is that we should talk about and it's difficult to talk about for me i think is the asylum process. what is the bar? was very easy to say that my claim asylum and then you have a huge backlog and you have this problem. i also think if you're going to have this policy and you want to own it, then plan ahead and figure out what's the process of getting the children back in touch with their families because the reports of them not being able to do so is difficult. the last thing i would say is we have to figure out a way to collectively go after the drug cartels. and not each other. it's the drug cartels that are stealing a lot of this. >> greg: jesse, it's hard to defend separation but it's preferable to an increase -- if you don't know if these are real families, what can you do? you've got to separate them before you find out if they are legitimately a family. >> jesse: whether the democrats realize it or not, doing what they want to do actually helps the child smugglers.
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no one wants that. ted cruz has a bill. it's right here. it's piecemeal. he says families get united. we doubled the number of immigration judges, and on the silent case takes 14 days. that keeps everything together. why don't the democrats like chuck get on board with the bill and subject to the presidents desk where they could do it right now but they don't want to do because they want to exploit it. dianne feinstein has legislation that's absolutely ridiculous. she says border patrol agents can't even arrest and detain an adult with a child within 100 miles of the southern borde border. what's that going to do? it's going to encourage more people for bringing in children into the southern hemisphere. kate steinle was also separated by her family with a bullet fired by an illegal alien felon who was deported five times in the democrats didn't really say much about that. when they complain now, it's hard to take it seriously. no one wants to see family separated. i don't want to see families
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separated. but fix the law. fix the law. he's not going to end catch and release. that's not happening. >> donna: jesse, in december of last year, i don't know if you are planning your holidays. but look president trump put in place in december was a policy that, as you know, attorney general sessions announced six weeks ago. to prosecute everybody. and then find out later if they are part of a gang, part of a cartel, trafficking. what senator feinstein and others are saying would keep families together is, keep them together. >> jesse: there are laws that say you can't do that and you know that. >> donna: this is a policy change. >> jesse: no, no, no. the '97 loss as you can hold a minor for more than 20 days. you can't house them in federal detention facilities together. >> donna: keep the family intact. it's a simple strategy. keep the families intact, and then you go through the vet
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process. >> greg: let me get kimberly on this because you know the la law. >> kimberly: there is a concerted effort to distort really what's going on here for political purposes. i mean come at the heart of it, people do care about children and we care about families but you have to understand how we arrived at this position. people breaking the law. even if we put them on the boss, who's to say they are not with the sex trafficker and you turn. what were trying to do in a responsible, careful way is to identify who the child is, the minor, who is the adult accompanying the child and make sure that in fact they are relative and should be in that person's custody, so to speak. parental rights. this is very difficult. i have a hard time, though, accepting it's okay to demonize i.c.e. agents and border patrol and the president and the administration, all saying they are mean-spirited and they want
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children abused or they are nazis in cages and all these things. this is a very tough problem. that's why immigration is important for them to address in a responsible way. again, the laws must be upheld, and there must be some procedure by which they are identified properly so as to not make mistake. can you imagine the outrage if we went ahead and let somebody go with a sex offender and encouraged and were acting in concert aiding and abetting sex trafficking. how irresponsible. if you don't care about children. they let them go with anybody and then the child god forbid ends up raped or tortured or murdered. >> greg: they should have zero tolerance on that. donald trump had comments today regarding this issue and the media bias. >> those who apply for asylum legally at ports of entry are not prosecuted. the vague news media doesn't talk about it. they are helping these smugglers
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and these traffickers like nobody would believe. when countries abuse us by sending their people up, not their best, we are not going to give any more aid to those countries. why the hell should we? someday they are going to vote for democrats. because they can't win on their policies which are horrible. their only policy was that donald trump is a bad guy. hundreds of millions of dollars of negative ads. nobody's ever been hit like that. i used to go home. i started disliking myself. >> greg: it is hard to believe, dana. >> kimberly: almost impossible impossible. >> donna: one bob corker, orrin hatch, lamar alexander, john mccain, susan collins, ben sasse, i have a whole list. >> greg: you don't think -- all the ones doing the outrage signaling all over twitter. i won't mention the politicians.
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they are outrage signaling and they are so solemn about it. they hate it, which we all do. the second part, what do you do about it? silence. >> dana: did numbers -- the numbers she listed, they are supporting the cruz bill. >> donna: i want to go back to what you said at the top of the show. american slavery and the holocaust. they were evil events. while people often use this to describe the pain or describe the degradation, dehumanization, these were absolutely evil events. what people are saying now is that they think that this compares to that. i try to tell people don't do it. don't go there. but at the same time, we have to call this an outrageous act because these kids are being abused. separated from their families. you have children. you are a father. >> jesse: in most cases if someone comes across with a minor, they are only separated
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for a day. you apply for asylum, it's going to take longer than 20 days in the law says, based on the clinton administration upheld by the ninth circuit court of appeals, you can't hold a minor longer than 20 days. that's why he lowered it to 14 paired with the obama administration got whacked for as they were sending these young kids to sponsors or uncles somewhere within the interior of the united states. these kids were being abused, made to work slave labor jobs. and malnourished. >> donna: it was rare. >> jesse: it was happening. we want to take care of the kids, that's the most important thing. >> greg: i am trying to figure out, what's the solution that prevents the separation? i'm trying to figure it out. if 10,000 of these kids are unaccompanied and they are already separated, that leaves 2,000. what are they doing now? >> jesse: right now and simone crosses with a minor and there's no prior history of anything like that and they are not claiming asylum, they detain the
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them, reunite them with the kid and then send them back. if you apply for asylum, process, it's going to take them forever. asylum cases take forever. >> kimberly: they get to speak on the phone with the parents. >> donna: the president needs to understand this is a crisis he can resolve tonight. >> greg: everybody could resolve it. >> donna: the president. he has the pen. >> greg: he is the first guy to actually try. >> dana: what do you mean? people have tried copperheads of immigration reform before. >> greg: this issue is directly related to a porous border. correct? >> donna: it is a strategy. unfortunately it's a strategy to try to get a compromise, and this is a bad strategy. >> greg: you can disagree with the strategy but you can't disagree with the five of this guy is trying to tighten the border. >> donna: we all know we have a problem. competence of immigration form, we need it. >> greg: i agree. we can all agree.
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♪ >> jesse: inspector general michael horowitz facing off with lawmakers again today over over his report on the clinton email investigation. pressing horowitz over revelations of fbi via spirits because they. judge the outcome of the hillary clinton investigation before the investigation ended in these exact fbi agents and attorneys prejudge the outcome of the russia investigation before it even began. >> do you believe this text shows political bias? >> i think as we have found, it clearly shows a biased state of mind. >> peter strzok said trump is abysmal, he's an idiot. hillary should win 100 million to 0. sounds like he hates the president. >> his text messages would leave
2:20 pm
that is the implication. >> jesse: horowitz confirming to congress he is investigating whether peter strzok, anti-trump bias factored into the launch of the bureau's russia probe. strzok's lawyer is firing back saying his client is not a conspiratorial but instead, ready? a patriot. kimberly, we are getting word from strzok's lawyer. apparently he has been escorted out of the fbi office building. >> kimberly: i hope after listening to trey gowdy today that he speed dialed the best washington, d.c., defense lawyer and i mean that seriously. you listen to trey gowdy earlier today, it was quite compelling and persuasive. he was insistent and fired up about the whole thing. i was listening to him. wow. he's made the case against not only strzok but comey and mccabe and page. it's bad, really bad for the united states. bad for the fbi, this is system
2:21 pm
of justice. trey gowdy made the point that there can be no fairness in the process with this level of inherent bias. >> jesse: very biased. we were learning their more fbi agent sending anti-trump texts. maybe one or two of those lawyers wound up in the mueller team. dana. this mueller team is packed full of these people at this point and they were removed for anti-trump bias. by mueller. three or four months ago. >> dana: can i tell you something? i didn't follow that particular piece because i was following immigration all day. i did note for today catherine herridge said peter strzok could willingly testify in front of congress at the end of the week. i will pay attention to that, i promise. >> jesse: greg, what do you think about the ig hearing? >> greg: i believe strzok's texts are more incriminating in terms of conspiracies that anything in the rush of collusion think that i was
2:22 pm
trying to think about this. what would be comparable to writing "stop trump," would be trump texting: call putin. we've got to stop hitler. that would be the smoking gun. the big story to me as always when to be trey gowdy's ever-changing hair. he is like martin landau in mission impossible. he's got to go somewhere. he is a russian agent. >> dana: say cia or something. >> greg: i think he works for the russians. >> donna: national man of mystery. i think the beard is very becoming. politics sometimes is not so becoming. i actually did watch. it's better than watching soap operas in the middle of the day. the reason why i watched it is because underneath all the partisan rhetoric about that, we learned that once again we have an agency that has some dysfunction. whether you focus on those emails, texts, disgusting.
2:23 pm
i'm a former federal employee. disgusting. let's say. it's disgusting. whether you're saying those things about mr. trump or saying those things about mrs. clinton. they are not hired to text each other about their personal dislike of a particular candidate. that being said, the office of professional responsibility must now do their job and remove those who are still in the employ of the federal government. beyond that, i think this report tells us a lot about mr. comey state of mind, the fact that he was insubordinate. he believed he alone could deliver the so-called message to the american people. didn't have to check with his boss. there is a lot to learn in this. i haven't read all of it because as you know there are no pictures. i read faster when i see pictures. but it is a story that we need to know. by the way, you and i can have a conversation about the russians. i can speak a little bit of the language now because i do believe that we need to get to
2:24 pm
the bottom of what happened. >> greg: i am married to a russian so i can speak a little. >> jesse: speaking of comey, the inspector general confirms comey's handling of the classified memos is under investigation. everyone is under investigation. >> greg: we will be soon. >> donna: can we do another kumbaya at the end of the segment? >> greg: these things are like soccer. it is like 0-0 at halftime. it's like soccer. 0-0 at halftime. >> jesse: i don't know if this was a tie. i think it was a slam dunk. >> greg: the next one will be... >> donna: you wait until 1:38 and the guy scores, you're like thank you. >> jesse: i think trey gowdy scored today. not so popular, nancy pelosi. the surprising world leader republicans say they prefer over nancy.
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as long as stuff gets lost in the couch, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. five this is a fox news alert. secretary of state mike pompeo announcing that united states is pulling out of the united nations human rights council. breaking the news moments ago. >> human rights abusers continue to serve on and be elected to the council. the world's most inhumane regimes continued to escape scrutiny. and the council continued politicizing and scapegoating of countries in attempt to distract from abusers in their ranks. we take this step because our commitment does not allow us to remain a part of the hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights.
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>> kimberly: for more on the story, stay tuned to "special report" at 6:00 p.m. tonight. a week after the landmark summit in singapore, surprising things emerging about america's partisan divide. new poll finds democrats view president trump more unfavorably than kim jong un. 88% to 81%. the north korean dictator is more popular the nancy pelosi among republicans. 19% to 17%. greg, chew on that. >> greg: i don't like it when people compare trump to hitler. pelosi, she's unpopular. maybe she's out of touch, but she is no dictator. i am not a big fan of these. but she is the master queen of a majestic dystopia. she lives in this cloud castle in california way above the overpass shanties that reek riddled with disease. you have hollywood doing "the handmaid's tale" in these
2:31 pm
dystopian jewels. why don't they do something on this because this is real. in california she oversees a horror world of hell. i came back from san francisco. it's not a pretty sight. it's getting worse. >> dana: they have a new mayor. >> greg: i am from there. it is so depressing. >> donna: people vilify nancy pelosi because they don't like the fact that she's a strong leader, effective leader. she is tough. you want to get in the ring with somebody? get in the ring with nancy. i will bring you the band-aids. she's effective. >> greg: i might enjoy it. >> donna: i'm not going to go there. you called me a brazil not. look at how wikipedia -- she has no scandals. no scandals.
2:32 pm
>> greg: she scrubbed it. she scrubbed the page. >> donna: she is tough. she is an admirable person and she's going to leave the democrats to victory. >> jesse: i don't think she has that tough because she wouldn't do an interview with me. [laughter] she has an entourage the size of north korea and they won't let anybody near her. the poll is a garbage poll. they pull these people independently and then they mashed up to make everyone look like monsters. there is a problem, though. demonization in this country. i am a victim of it. >> greg: [laughs] >> jesse: people on the left think i am a crazy menace to society. >> greg: you are! i think you are a menace to society. [laughter] >> donna: you are smiling more. you need more democrats around you. you are smiling more. >> jesse: you are bringing out my smile?
2:33 pm
>> donna: i am. >> jesse: i know something you don't know. >> donna: he is going to separate me from my joy. she is a great leader and i think the democrats are lucky to have her leadership. >> jesse: so are the republicans. >> donna: that is not to say this fall we are going to elect a whole new group of democratic leaders and we will see what kind of change they bring. >> kimberly: dana, what do you think? >> dana: put me firmly in the camp with nancy pelosi over kim jong un. i think you're right. it's a garbage comparison because you don't really have to choose. it's like the poker in the eye. >> kimberly: not saying it's highly scientific. >> greg: we do the weird poll. our puppies better than kittens? >> kimberly: we have done that
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♪ >> dana: president trump arriving at the capital to meet with republican lawmakers amid growing controversy over separating migrant children of the border. democrats are gearing up to use president trump's immigration agenda as a rallying cry for the midterms. will there strategy work question read new gallup poll shows the president's job approval hitting a new high of 45%. meanwhile, richard painter, democrat running for senate in minnesota, fans the flames of discontent in his campaign ad. watch this.
2:39 pm
>> some people see a dumpster fire and do nothing but watch the spectacle. some are too scared to face the danger. or they think it will benefit them if they just let it keep on burning. there is an inferno raging in washington. but here in the land of 10,000 lakes... we know how to put out a fire. sb five oh, my gosh. >> dana: richard painter is going to run as a democrat in minnesota for the senate seat. how are you feeling about this? >> donna: as somebody who grew up admiring walter mondale and hubert humphrey and many other leaders of minnesota, it is strange. [laughter] we have a lot of people who can foot put out the fire. he's going to go up against tina smith appointed by the governor. she has done a phenomenal job since coming on board these last couple months. it's going to be a tough race. overall, 139 days until the midterm and i have to tell you, it's going to be a hard race. this time the democrats are not
2:40 pm
facing what i call a headwind. there is a little bit of what i call a cool breeze backing these new democratic candidates into what i call the victory zone. >> dana: the weird thing, we don't know what the issues are going to be. even the week before the election. you think about it, a week ago today, we did a segment about the north korean summit. it feels like a lifetime ago. we don't know what's going to happen. when do you think things will start to firm up for either party? >> kimberly: in this political day and age, no. you can't predict it. every day there is something that's explosive story, something going on. for sure i think the economy is going to play a big role. i think the democrats would like to really seize the opportunity to push this immigration issue forward. and say there is a war on children, et cetera, try to do that to really motivate their base to get people out to vote. >> dana: it might not work. it might have the opposite effect.
2:41 pm
>> greg: seems like everything that is directed at trump ends up having the opposite effect. it's amazing. because he is a counterpunch her. we'll be right back. that painter thing was highly visual but that's not the story. it was his insane delivery. it's like he was clenching a pencil between his butt cheeks. is that how he talks? pretty intense. if he was talking to me like that, i would leave. >> dana: how do you think he would do in a debate, jesse? >> jesse: i don't care. i think you will go down in flames like that dumpster fire he is. if anything is a dumpster fire, it's the democrats. i think not since eisenhower have they been this out of ideas, money, out of touch. the president is in the strongest position he's been since he was inaugurated. 45% approval. can you imagine how well he would be doing without the
2:42 pm
special counsel in the media and their constant attacks? he's in a better position politically than president obama was two years and at this point. i think the headwinds ucr going to be glowing in blowing in a different direction. >> donna: the democrats have flipped 47 seats. we are going to flip more seats. there is a welcomed new candidate running. they they are being self-fundedy the grassroots support out there. i feel confident this year not because of the polls. i feel confident because we have a message. >> jesse: what is that message? >> donna: we deserve better. we want a country. >> kimberly: how do you get a better economy than this? >> donna: an economy that works for everyone, lifts up wages. an economy that brings us from the outskirts of hope to the circle of opportunity. democrats have a strong red and butter message. >> kimberly: that is pretty good. you have a record low on the planets for black, minority, women. that sounds like winning.
2:43 pm
>> dana: i'm going to get the last word. richard painter in the ad, you know what is on tonight at 8:00 p.m. with tucker carlson? richard painter. must see. our millennials as bad as everyone thinks they are, jesse? or are they getting a bad rap? the answer is next.
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♪ >> donna: have you ever wondered if millennials are turning into a generation of misfits? there is data suggesting they just might be. a new study says this group of americans are the worst when it comes to tipping. nearly two-thirds of millennials typically leave below the standard 20% when eating out. out of those survey claims the i.q. scores of millennial men are plunging to new lows. people in their 20s and 30s are on the track to be less happy and healthy than their parents. by the time they reach middle age. my god. jesse. jesse. i know you are not a millennial
2:48 pm
but babe, if you and i go out, i know you're married. i want you to make sure you do the tip. >> jesse: that's right, that's right. i am paying. i will tip 20% because i have to tip a lot because people might know me. i don't want to get a bad rap. >> dana: that's true. >> donna: that's a good one. what about this i.q. thing? i teach at georgetown and my kids are really bright, both the guys and girls. i don't know about this i.q. thing. they say something is happening with millennial men. >> jesse: i don't big for millennials. when you live in your parents basement, you might not be performing up to expectations and your dating life or professional life. i think that's having an effect on their brainpower. >> kimberly: like the guy who was on your show. >> greg: i am not a millennial, donna, but i have to
2:49 pm
defend them. there's too many stories out there bashing millennials. by the way, the headline was millennial men were getting dumber, right? i imagine the headline millennial women are getting dumber. that person would be fired. but you can say that men are dumb. every generation. and we will take it. here's my point. >> jesse: mail rights advocate greg gutfeld. >> greg: every generation has it easier because the progress his hands them by the previous generation. where always a little bit jealous of them because they've got it easier but we made it easier. the next people, millennials will laugh at them. >> donna: all i know is this new generation of americans will have an enormous political power. there are more of them than ever before. if they turn out and vote. >> kimberly: so it's going to be a bunch of dumb men? >> jesse: dumb men that don't tip. >> donna: i am saying please tip.
2:50 pm
>> dana: i love them, i think they are eager and earnest. they drive me crazy on several different things. if i were to give them advice, i was a waitress for a long time. for example, if you go to breakfast, always double the tip. make it 40%. because breakfast is the hardest meal. everybody wants their coffee a certain way. eggs. and it is so cheap. >> jesse: not if you have a liquid brunch in midtown. >> dana: i do think millennials are driving this idea that maybe we should all do away with dipping policy altogether. >> greg: no. that's a big mistake. >> dana: terrible idea. we should do a segment on the economics of it. it's a bad idea. >> greg: it's what keeps restaurants alive. >> kimberly: maybe they just have as much money. >> jesse: the obama economy really hurts a lot of these millennials. >> kimberly: we could turn anything that way. [laughter]
2:51 pm
>> jesse: there it is. >> donna: what i like most about this generation is they care about this country, and they are a service generation. i am proud of them. >> greg: they will be serving us when we get old. and robots. >> donna: turning 29 for the second time, i feel there power. >> dana: you get to say the fabulous thing. >> donna: oh, "one more thing" is coming up next. i am so happy i am a millennial today. experience the thrill of the moment with the lexus is. lease the 2018 is 300 and is 300 awd for these terms. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. no matter who rides point,
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with 5 in 1 advanced nutrition helps support muscle, energy, bone, normal immune function, and vision. boost optimum. be up for life. ♪ >> greg: time for "one more thing." kimberly, did you speak somewhere this weekend? >> kimberly: thank you for asking and being so absorbed with my life. >> greg: well, i stalk you. >> kimberly: true story. i was in dallas this weekend. coming out to confetti, dancing at the young women's leadership summit. it was fantastic. turning point usa. there was 1,000 young woman there. i am somewhere in the center, taking pictures with them. they were amazing. it was wonderful to see young women so engaged and excited about the political process and their beliefs and millennials. yeah, female millennials. >> donna: did you cut a rug?
2:56 pm
>> kimberly: you know i did. they were chanting. >> greg: i don't know about you, jesse, but i find this sexist. what about men? >> kimberly: jeanine pirro, kellyanne conway. >> jesse: ben shapiro was there. >> greg: jesse. >> jesse: i guess jimmy kimmel challenged senator ted cruz to a basketball game. it was probably the worst basketball ever. they actually had to stop. they were going to 15. they stopped. they got so tired. cruz ended up winning and beating him 11-9, i believe. it was a pathetic display. i'm going to suspend the strategy. i'm going to criticize jimmy kimmel even though i might appear on his show. that was not good basketball.
2:57 pm
you challenged cruz and you lost to ted cruz in basketball. not a good look. >> dana: but it was for charity. >> greg: just because it was for charity doesn't make it good. >> dana: got it. >> greg: that's a great slogan for a t-shirt. >> dana: i i need a new graphic of dana's reading list. do you you know conor powell? his wife has written a novel called "a land of permanent goodbyes." it was spectacular. it's about the refugee crisis. it follows a fictional character but it is based on a lot of research of his harrowing escape because of isis and leaving turkey. there is a surprise in who the narrator is. it's very creative, very
2:58 pm
effective. >> greg: is it a dog? >> dana: it is not a dog. i encourage you to read it. really good. >> greg: weights, donna, how dare you? >> donna: baby, you invited me. >> greg: hold on. i hate these people! i killed my "one more thing." can i show you a picture of something? that is my mug. i found out my mug has been stolen. i am not going to accuse donna brazile even though coincidently she is here in my mug is missing. i'm not going to accuse you. i think it was a guest on "fox & friends" because they have anybody on that show and they show up. we share the green room. they see my mug. i know it's a guest from "fox & friends." i will find you. i will hunt you down. it will not be pretty. >> kimberly: you are saying that, it's not like hammer and
2:59 pm
sands are there in a different studio. one of their guests. >> donna: first of all, the last thing i want is a mug. i've got a lot of those. i will bring you one next time i'm here. this is a great story because chadwick bozeman, a great actor. black panther. remember that? anyway, he received a wonderful award from mdd -- mtv. movie and tv award. guess what he did? he gave his award to james shaw jr., the young man who wrestled the gunman down in antioch, tennessee, at the waffle house. he gave his award to mr. shaw. kudos for recognizing this wonderful young man.
3:00 pm
thank you, james shaw. you are a real hero. >> greg: such word dvr straight never miss an episode. who needs wherewithal when you have bret at the capital? >> bret: good evening. i am bret baier. this is a fox news alert. we are alive tonight on capitol hill where the fight over the president zero tolerance immigration policy, its effect on children, the republican effort at a reform bill sharing a very crowded center stage. president trump is right now here on capitol hill meeting with house republicans one floor down, not far from where we are standing. it comes as many of his fellow republicans are demanding an end to what has become the public relations nightmare just months before the midterm elections. we have fox team coverage tonight. john roberts at the white house with what the president is saying and doing about all of this. off with cheap congressional correspondent mike manual on capitol hill with me with the latest on today's big meeting. were keeping in mind


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