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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 19, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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more than anything, we'll see you back here tomorrow. in the meantime, stay tuned for sean hannity, live from new york city. sean? >> sean: highing, pomposity, got it. wait until you see our time line tonight. huge breaking news. learning that the anti-fbi trump hater, peter strzok is escorted from fbi headquarters, why does he still have a job? james comey under investigation, andrew mccabe may face criminal charges. robert mueller's pitch hunt has been exposedtor rampant huge political bias as the origins of the so-called investigation were clearly illegitimate. president trump has been vindicated. less an week since the inspeckior general's r is released but there's clear evidence there is a deep state in the country and it's slowly crumb nling before our eyes.
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definitely without a doubt as i predicted the year of the boomerang much the i.g. michael horowitz back on the hill in an extremely contentious hearing. we have all of the highlights and we'll roll out the rampant bias from the lead investigator, peter strzok, destroyed any credibility that has surrounded mueller's partisan witch hunt. news about rod rosenstein and his ongoing obstruction and mueller's pit bull, an dry weissmann, he's the subject of freedom of information lawsuit surrounding his bias. was at hillary's so-called victory party. the united states has pulled out of the u.n. so-called phony human rights council. it's about time, stay tuned, we're gaining huge momentum in tonight's breaking news opening monologue. peter strzok has been shown the door according to his lawyer, the infamous trump hating fbi
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agent is still collecting a paycheck. he has been excourted out of the fbi bureau headquarters after the i.q. report highlighted his rampant pro hillary and anti-trump bias. we've known about interest forever. why does he still have a job? we've been sounding the alarm for months. everything that we've been telling you is coming true before your eyes. definitely the year of the boomerang. this is so important, because the facts are irrefutable. peter strzok, was the lead agent in hillary clinton's 2016 criminal investigation where we know she committed felonies, where we know she mishandled classified top secret information on a private server. she oub strukted justice, the leading 33 subpoenaed e-mails, acid washing the hard drives and having aids destroy the evidence with hammers and removing sim cards for good luck. irrefutable facts.
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peter strzok was the key agent that drafted her exoneration letter with james comey months before strzok interviewed clinton or 17 other people. the same peter sfrok who was then tapped to play the lead role in the phony trump russia collusion investigation. now, he hates trump. so he fixed the hillary clinton investigation and goes after trump. he's the lead guy in every case. after months of inquiriys and obstruction, the d.o.j. and multiple discoveries, we can put together an accurate time line of this destructive, biased culture at some of the highest levels of the fbi. it all starts with trump hating fbi love bird peter strzok and his mistress, lisa page. look at this. way back in 2015, strzok texting page, bernie sanders is an idiot like trump. from page, he simply cannot be president. strzok texts back, oh, abysmal.
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and the text continues, this is important, on february 24, 2016, page texting, hillary clinton might be our next president. the last thing you need us going in there loaded for bear. and peter strzok, who conducts the interview with hillary, is the lead investigator in the case, agrees. time to cover our backs. fix the clinton investigation. she's going to be our next president. we want to be on her good side. on march 3, 2016, trump is a loathsome human being, he's awful. hillary should win 100 million to zero. this man cannot be president. on march 16, 2016, i can't believe that donald trump is a serious candidate for president. the lead investigator, in the clinton server case, and by the way would be the lead in the stasht of this so-called trump russia witch hunt o june 11, strzok calls trump big on theed. on july 18, page calls trump an
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enormous expletive. july 21, strzok calls trump a disaster, only days away from beginning the so hive called collusion investigation. these texts are even more troubling and they take a more troubling turn. let's look at july 5, 2016, remember comey that day, announced the fbi would not be pursuing charges against hillary clinton. some time shortly thereafter the fbi opened their investigation into so-called trump russia collusion and, again, we all know strzok played a vital role in both these investigations. a lead role in both of them. then july 31, 2016, just days after hillary clinton's investigation ended, the fix was in, and the trump investigation started. this is what strzok texted then. damn, this feels momentous, because this matters. the other one did, too, but that was to ensure we didn't f. something up. this matters because this matters. so super glad to be on this voyage with you.
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why does it matter? this investigation, what, can hurt trump? other investigation we can't mess it up because we're rigging hillary clinton's investigation? so she's not charged line everybody else in america would have been charged? look at this exchange, days later, august 8, 2016, page writing, trump's not ever going to become president right, right? strzok responded no, no, he's not. we'll stop it. then on august 15, 2016, strzok telling page, there's no way he gets elected. but i'm afraid we can't take that risk, it's like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you're 40. this matters, we'll stop it. an insurance policy in case he gets elected. all comments from two senior fbi officials, responsible for investigating one candidate for president, and then the other candidate that they hate for something that was never, ever should have been started to be honest. there's more.
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following that exchange, more anti-trump texts, august 26, 2016, strzok is now the lead investigator in the case of donald trump. just went to a southern virginia walmart. i could smell the trump support. october 19, sfrok says, trump is a bleeping idiot. on november 7, response to an article 3re ticketing a possible trump victory strzok writes on my god this is fing terrifying. november 13, after the election, page responding i bought all the president's men i figured i needed to brush up on washington. after all you, my boyfriend, are trying to take him down. this is a small sample. hundreds an hundreds of pro hillary texts and so many anti-trump messages from at least thee other high-ranking unnamed fbi officials. these people cleared hillary clinton of obvious felonies,
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they rigged that investigation, she would not get charged, not be removed for being the nominee of the democratic party the way every other american would. they felt like they knew better than you, we, you know we're the smelly people that like walmart. you get good deals there. there was, of course, the same people tasked with investigating trump. is this justice in the united states? this is what we call a free and fair investigation? today the lawyer for peter strzok implied his client was the victim of political targeting. did he read his client's own texts? i do have advice for strzok and his attorney tonight. the same advice i offer comey before he released history dick louse self-serving book and went on the book tour. you do, peter strzok, have the right to remain silent. i'm suggesting you use it. earlier inspector general michael horowitz was back on the hill this time in front of the house judiciary and oversight committees, he was absolutely
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grilled over his findings and surrounding the destrucktive level of bias among the highest levels in the fbi. take a look from hos oversight commissioner trey gowdy back on his game. >> i want to go back to the no, no, he's not going to be president, we'll stop it. what do you think the "it" is in that phrase "we'll stop it." >> i think it's clear from the kong text we're going to stop him from becoming president. >> that's what i thought, too. i wonder who the "we" is. >> that's probably subject to multiple interpretations. >> let's go through a couple of them. >> for a broader group beyond that. >> it's hard to fathom a definition of we that doesn't include him. we know he's part of "we." you could assume that the person he's talking with is fbi attorney who also happens to be working on the russia investigation, she may be part of the "we." but i wonder, inspector general, did you find any other fbi
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agents or fbi attorneys who manifest bias or animosity against trump we did. >> how many? >> three additional fbi agents as we detail in the report. >> sean: this is really important, chairman gowdy questioned horowitz over his findings, there was no material evidence 6 political bias. meanwhile the document is filled with political bias in terms of corrupt, the fbi investigation. both corrupt. both were run by biased people. you can't have that in the united states. especially one that's impacting a presidential election. take a look. >> prejudged the outcome of the hillary clinton investigation, before the investigation ended. and these exact same fbi agents and attorneys prejudged the outcome of the russia investigation before it began. if prejudging the outcome. investigation before it ends,
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and prejudging the outcome of an investigation before it begins, is not evidence of outcome determinetive bias, for the life of me i don't know what would be. that is textbook bias. it is quite literally the definition of bias. allowing something other than the facts to determine your decision. these agents were calling her president before she was interviewed. they were calling for the end of the trump campaign before the investigation even began. they were calling for impeachment simply because he happened to be elected. that is bias. >> sean: this is the very definition of bias. exactly. now, we know that the anti-trump political influence here, that sparked this entire russia investigation, in the first place, thank god it is rightly under review. because it's illegitimate, was from day one, needs to end. period end of sentence. this has been a politically
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biased witch hunt from the get-go. watch this. >> the infamous texts from peter strzok saying we will stop president trump from taking office, which we received on the day of your report's release, is a prime example. this text was revealed to you late in your interview as well as i understand. do you believe this text shows political bias? >> i think as we found it clearly shows a biased state of mind. >> do you believe the political bias shown by this text, had an effect on the initiation of the russia investigation? >> i think as you know, mr. chairman, that's a matter we have under review and are looking at right now. >> more to be determined. >> more to be determined. >> the time proximity, as mr. gowdy pointed out, is significant. >> correct. and in fact there are other text messages in roughly the same time period. >> sean: unbelievable. now we'll have more on that huge
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development in a minute. first take a look at this clip of chairman gowdy turning his attention to horowitz' findings about the disgraced former director james comey, the leader of the pack. look at these blistering remarks. >> we see jim comey and jim comey alone deciding which d.o.j. policies to follow and ignore. when he lost confidence in the trump justice department, he memorialized private conversations, he leaked them,ed a milted he did so to spur the appointment of special counsel because he didn't trust the career prosecutors at the department of justice. when he lost confidence in the obama justice department, he didn't make special memos. he didn't share them with his law professor friends. he didn't leak the information. he didn't lift a finger to get special prosecutors. instead he appointed himself, fbi director, attorney general, special counsel, lead investigator, and the general arbiter of what is good and right in the world according to
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him. >> sean: indignant jim comey was rightfully fired. cooked comey is under investigation, for mishandling classified information ironically the very crime he exonerated hillary clinton over. none of this is normal. james comey's fbi is in ruins, watch this. >> mr. horowitz james comey, andy mccabe deputy director, jim baker, fbi counsel lisa page and peter strzok are six important people at the fbi, right? >> correct. >> they were the key players on the clinton investigation and on the russian investigation, correct? >> they were certainly important on both. >> has mr. comey been fired? >> yes. >> has mr. mccabe been fired. >> yes. >> did mr. mccabe lie under oath. >> in our view, yes. >> is there a criminal referral. >> i won't comment on that. >> has general counsel jim baker left the fbi. >> yes. >> was he removed from his
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position prior to leaving the fbi. >> i'm not sure. >> has lisa page left the fbi. >> yes. >> was shened prior to leaving. >> yes. >> and peter strzok removed from his position as deputy counter intelligence. >> yes. >> you havo fwhn the d.o.j. for six years, cheech of the inspector generals, have you ever, ever seen anything like this at any other federal agency in your time in the federal government? six of the top people fired, demoted, reassigned or left? >> um, i obviously can't speak broadly to other areas that i haven't known before. but, yes, this is -- >> i've been in this town a long time, i've never seen anything like this. even the irs scandal didn't come close. >> sean: look at your screen, this represents the turnover surrounding the blatant effort to elect hirg and destroy donald trump. he was never supposed to win. this didn't go according to plan, be on on vowsly, now
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america's sad, i becausive federal bureaucracy, something we haven't wouldn't happen, is being exposed and the deep state crumbling before our very eyes. sadly all of this is happening despite the best efforts from deputy a.g. mr. helpful mr. obstruction, rod rosenstein. take a look. >> mr. rosenstein decided we couldn't get it until the report came out. he sat on it for a month of time. >> i can't speak -- >> not the first time mr. rosenstein kept us from getting information. he has hid information from us. he redacted all kinds of important commence from strzok and page we had to find it. wouldn't be the first time he hasn't given us information. i want to, well, i got 30 seconds. i don't have time to get into another subject area. mr. horowitz, i appreciate that, but i think it's interesting that you had it, you discovered it, and we couldn't get it right away like the other text messages, we had to wait until the final report. >> sean: the swamp protects
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their own and this is one example. the constant stonewalling, the slow walking has led judicial watch to sue for andrew weissmann's text messages related to hillary clinton and donald trump. big-time democratic donor tapped to play the lead role in the ongoing russia witch hunt, "new york times" called him weissmann's pit ball at hillary's, quote, victory party. we will keep you updated as the request employ plays out in court. with mccabe fired, strzok on his way out, comey under investigation, weissmann is in the spotlight in terms of bias in mueller's witch hunt is being reviewed. our two-tiered system of justice, hopefully, i pray, is being dismantled, we brick. -- brick by brick.
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we can't survive with the justice system that is this corrupt f we don't get this right, these are my comments, as we know it should be and expected to be, a constitutional republic, equal application under the law, equal justice under the law, guess what. the united states in truth will no longer exist. here with reaction, fox news contributor sara carter, author of "the russia hoax" and the conspiracy to save hillary clinton and destroy donald trump which is out in just a couple of weeks. did you nail that title. when did you make the title? all of the news fits into the book. >> the title was initially written in december when i started writing the book. you know, every day seems to establish more evidence in support of that title. today, it was the perfect example of it. it was a blistering denunsation of james comey who is bereft of
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judgment and temperament and competent. here's james comey, who fought the special counsel in hillary clinton case, yet stole government documents, leaked them to the media, to trigger a special counsel in the donald trump case. you know, if this isn't evidence of bias, that led to a violating investigation without crimes of a president of the united states, i don't know what is. >> sean: sara, we can all say the wheels of justice turn ever so slowly because all of this we've been reporting in the lead up to the last two days and last thursday, now the question is where does it go from here. >> where does it go from here is that deputy attorney general rod rosenstein needs to give those documents to congress. we need to understand what was
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being done. what was the fbi doing at the beginning of this investigation. who were these informants. were they being made. these are questions that need to be answered. once those documents are turned over, if they're turned over, i mean think about this, sean, congress has to fight tooth and nail for every single document. representative you know jim jordan today, was very explicit. he said rod rosenstein was withholding this information from congress. and secondly, i really hope and sincerely hope that peter strzok doesn't become the scapegoat. we need to investigate him and investigate him thoroughly but we also need to know mccabe's role, jim rabicci, these guys have created a culture of corruption inside the fbi, inside the fbi, really harmed them. >> sean: but this is important, you raise a great point, there were crimes committed here. you cannot, in so many of these
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instances, anybody else would have been in jail. if you rig an investigation, that's obstruction in and of itself, ironically, but truthfully. >> they rigged an investigation on an incoming president. this is what is so incredible to me. you have armed officers of the law that we trust. that we entrust with our lives that we entrust to investigate, to be equal under the law. and what we've discovered is that people with this type of power, with power insurmountable power have gone after a president, a duly elected president of the united states. >> sean: but they also helped to rig the investigation, to save one from felonies. obvious felonies. >> obvious felonies. >> sean: let me go to gregg. in terms of the legality and the crimes that we know here, who now, if you're looking at your legal notebook, who now is in
6:22 pm
jeopardy, legally? >> well, james comey, certainly. and we do know the inspector general is echlg investigating james comey. he revealed it over the course of the last two days. and the fbi was very interesting to learn, from christopher wray, that it appears that the fbi is investigating james comey for lying in the inspector, for leaking classified documents. so james comey, i mean, wait until the second part of the even spector general's report comes out. it will not be good for james comey. because he's also going to be delving into whether he abused his position of power by using a fabricated document, the dossier, paid for by hillary clinton, to wire tap the trump campaign. >> sean: i have to break. interesting, the rest of the media spent in one case, cable news two minutes on one network, five on another. it's pathetic. coming up.
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trump's lawyer, rudy guiliani weighs in.
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dishonest people, i was never a deep state guy. let me tell you, we have some bad people. that are doing bad things. when you read that i.g. report, about how she got away with what she got away with, it's a disgrace. it's a total disgrace. >> sean: nobody else would have gotten away from it. the president was right talking about the inspector general's report on the clinton e-mail probe. former new york city mayor, president trump's attorney, rudy guiliani. on you this program long before,
6:28 pm
you laid out 16, 17, 18, i don't remember the exact number, of specific crimes. it's all corroborated. the evidence is overwhelming. it's not even in dispute, it's irrefutable. they gave him a pass. something they wouldn't do for any other american. >> the case was fixed, corruptly, we know that. we're way beyond that. we're now in a situation much worse than that. and i have to tell you, i'm very, very gratified because i believe that this is the end of mueller's investigation effectively. the president of the united states, my friend and a great president who's off to a terrific start, is going to be vindicated this is a witch hunt with no evidence but a bunch of people who hate him, hate republicans, hate anything that he stands for, and vowed to get him no matter what. and they've now been caught, the texts are there, you can read them, you have to be an inyot not to realize they're -- idiot
6:29 pm
to realize they're not biased. strzok was the lead investigator that mueller selected. now it turns out there are two of the unnamed people who were texting equally horrible things about the president, with an equal amount of bias, presently part, i believe this is correct although this is just a report, they may be part of the mueller team. we will not know that until mueller is investigated. as i said the other night, the investigators need to be investigated if we're going to see justice here. i will be darned if we're going to go forward with any kind of cooperation if i think there's any doubt that these people are trying to frame him, i'm beginning not only to dotted it, i'm beginning to sleeve it. >> sean: the very people that rigged hillary's investigation when she committed felonies, should have been indicted, tell that to kras tan saucier, they initiated, as soon as this was complete initiated this trump
6:30 pm
russia pitch hunt. the very same people. let's talk about it being tainted from the get go. and whether or not it's illegitimate from the get go. >> i believe this investigation is very, very close to being able to be thrown out. anything they do, including the manafort indictment, cling the pursuit -- including the pursuit of mr. cohen and any process they would issue to president of the united states. they're in jeopardy of having the whole thing thrown out on the fact that strzok began it. strzok began it with total bias. they have never produced any evidence of anything. and they're at the point where they have a group of people, undetermined how many, who have an equal amount of bias against the president. they have been working on this for a year and a half. and they have nothing. there is no evidence of collusion. let me emphasize this, president trump said from the beginning, i did nothing wrong. i did not collude, whatever the heck that means, with the russians. i never talked to them, i never
6:31 pm
saw them, i never had anything to do with them. >> sean: and he said, these were in comey's notes, so exculpatory, he said if anybody around me did, you need on go after. that i want to ask you about that, apparently february 28, i didn't know until today, you spoke with the inspector general about saying we have a surprise toward the end of the campaign, and you explained what it was. i happened to actually be somebody that can be called as the witness for you. because you also, you talked about that speech. you said we're thinking about taking out an hour, tell me if i'm wrong, on sunday night to air, am i wrong? >> you're right, 0 minutes, it was going to be -- 20 minutes, i believe on friday night before the campaign, following the reagan script, in which he was going to give a speech to the american people. i showed it to the fbi agent, it's in my iphone, including a text back and forth. >> sean: why didn't you destroy it into itsy bitsy pieces like
6:32 pm
hillary i'm not a crook like hillry. i respect the rule of law. i probably would have but i kind of liked the speech. [laughing] >> sean: well, it's funny, i remember you advocating strongly for it. and i didn't think it was going to happen. >> instead they turned parts of it into three or four commercials in the battle ground states. actually, in retrospect they made the right political decision. i was probably too tiled to my -- tied to my speech and would have pushed for it. they also thought i got loeked from fbi agents about comey. about what comey was going to do. if you had listened to my criticism of comey, who would have leaked to me? he worked for me, once, i'm ashaumd i hired him. the guy is going to go to jail, sean. i truly believe if justice -- >> sean: how did hillary get away with not going to jill? statute of limitations?
6:33 pm
we know the investigation was tapted, why don't they reopen it? >> they are, i believe horowitz is doing it from an i.g. point of view, i hope and pray -- >> sean: does he have the power to do it? >> excuse me? >> sean: he doesn't have the power to do it. >> he can initiate be a investigation and make a report and the was advertise department can take it up as a criminal investigation. i did a few of those. >> sean: do you, in light of all of this that it was tainted from the beginning, and that the investigation from the beginning obviously was done by people that had a bias, that would renlder it illegitimate, do you foresee any circumstances under which you would allow the president to talk to mueller and his team? [laughing] i have to ask the question. >> are you crazy s. >> sean: this is my job. >> i have all-senses and i'm a heck of a lawyer. i get drummed out of the profession if i did. you don't put your client in a
6:34 pm
kangaroo court. i let him go in with weissmann, donated $36,000 to her campaign, at her launch party, investigation started with strzok with an undetermined number of agents presently there who've kwal amount of bias expressed in text messages. >> how sad -- >> how about getting them. i say to the director of the fbi shame on you, if you don't catch those guys and throw them out like you threw strzok out. took a year and a half to do that. >> sean: he's still getting paid by the way. he's still getting paid. come on! this is totally crazy. >> the question is how much more of that is going on presently. i believe a lot of it. that's why they invaded lawyer's office. stn you think they'll raid your office? did you say they could raid your office? >> well, they better not. i'll sue them for everything they're worth. but the reality is they're not going to find anything.
6:35 pm
>> sean: i agree. mr. mayor, i have to do my job, you know. you don't to have mock me for doing my job. thanks for being with us. when we come back, ed henry with a live report from the white house, two major stories we're following and more as we continue straight ahead on hannity. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. tell your doctor if these occur. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts,
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>> sean: a lot happening in d.c., joining us from the white house with much more, fox news chief national correspondent, fellow singapore visitor, ed henry. a lot going on. >> absolutely. fox has confirmed that peter strzok, the controversial fbi agent was is ported out of fbi headquarters in washington last friday. it appears for now he still has a job. we spoke to his attorney who put out a statement and said that strzok is cooperating with an internal investigation at the fbi. interesting, we're learning it on the same day that strzok came
6:40 pm
under fire as did former fbi director james comey, at a house hearing where republicans asserted bad apples at the agency were biased, this prejudged the outcome. hillary clinton e-mail probe and the outcome. russia investigation. trey gowdy pressed on the newly revealed text where strzok tacked about stopping trump from being elected. democrat elijah coupleings, openly admitted at the hearing he would prefer to distract and talk about the child migration controversy, charging that the president has set up child internment catches, the phrase that cummings used. the president meanwhile wrapped up an urgent meeting on capitol hill on immigration with house republicans, floating bills that would allow imgrant families to stay together while they wait for a judge to hear their case. the president could support one of those bills but only if it has funding for a border wall other border security measures. chuck schumer has said he will
6:41 pm
not support such a measure. schumer has been complaining about these detention centers, about the way children are being treated at the border. but he's saying he won't support legislation that would actually fix this problem, and make sure that children are not separated from their families. schumer stated reason he thinks it'll take too long to pass the legislation, it's easier for the tonight use his pen and change this on an executive basis. i tell you white house officials think that the real reason is he wants to keep this political issue alive, sean. >> sean: i think those people are right. ed henry, thank you. with reaction, former federal prosecutors, andrew mccarthy, florida congressman, matt gaets. those not following andy's writing, on n.r.o., it's been phenomenal. you have been on top of your game. your columns dead-on accurate. and this probably hits you hard,
6:42 pm
because of your background. you prosecuted the blind shake, first world trade center bombing. >> yes, sean, not only that, a lot of the people players in this i know them for 20 or 30 years. a lot of it is unpleasant. >> sean: is the same people, would you first of all agree that hillary frankly it was rigged, committed felonies, do you have any doubt about that? >> no, i don't. i thought it was rigged from the beginning. i think that once president obama in particular laid out what i think is a contorted construction of the espionage statute, which is what they investigated her under, that was, i mean, look at the fact that they investigated trump for conveying signals with respect to flynn on that theory. you know, what obama did was basically say he didn't want mrs. clinton prosecuted and he laid out a theory of the
6:43 pm
espionage act that i don't think can be justified by reading the act. everybody acted accordingly. >> sean: is there a bigger more obvious case of obstruction than how hillary clinton handled her e-mails? >> i don't think so. very little attention has been paid to the fact that this got bleach bitted or whitewashed or whatever happened to it. when those documents and e-mails were under subpoena, seems that's one of the issues that hasn't come up. >> sean: when the same people that rigged that investigation, then immediately, i mean almost the next week, begin the investigation trump russia collusion, does that not render that whole investigation illegitimate? are you upset about the team that mueller tut together? jeannie wray, a lawyer for the clinton foundation, andrew weissmann's atrocious record, democratic donors, they couldn't find one republican or democratic donor, not one? >> for mueller's own sake he should have been much more
6:44 pm
attuned to the politics of the investigation. but i think the agents themselves have always thought of these two investigations as two sides of the same coin. when cruz dropped out of the race on may 4 of 2016, the first reaction that strzok has, is to say to page, man we really got to wrap up the clinton e-mail investigation now. he called it the midyear exam. to them, it was all one thing. >> sean: this one matters, though, andy. >> well, look, i think the worst one, sean, is the day that he joins or he was talking about joining the mueller campaign, the mueller, maybe that's a freudian slip, the mueller investigation. >> sean: the mueller witch hunt. >> but what does he say, he says it's an opportunity for limb to get to some unfinished business. >> sean: and stop trump, remember, stop trump. matt gaets, we have had the obstruction, the meeting takes place fry an, promising
6:45 pm
documents. or ryan says he will join in the efforts to hold rosenstein in contempt. and maybe that leads to the impeachment of rosenstein. from what i'm hearing, that may happen as early as tomorrow, matt. >> i'm just sick of the games and sick of the delays. if we were really serious about oversight we'd say the documents will be present at 10:00a.m. tomorrow. if they're not, at 10:01 we start the impeachment proceedings regarding rod rosenstein. look at the facts, sean, the migration of people from the hillary clinton e-mail investigation to the mueller probe was about as voluminous of the migration across the southern border. any prosecution or impeachment of donald trump would require peter strzok as the star with it f had peter strzok as your star with it you would be hoping you have mark fuhrman as your star wit. >> sean: would you allow
6:46 pm
president trump to testify before the mueller group with this corrupt team, weissmann, wray? >> i wouldn't have needed all that, sean, i don't see any jp side to the president sitting for an interview. >> sean: thank you both, appreciate it. president trump blasting obstructionist democrats, calling on lawmakers to act on immigration reform. what he said and more straight ahead. just one free hearing test at his local miracle ear helped andrew hear more of the joy in her voice.
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>> president trump: as a result of democrat supported loopholes in the federal laws, most illegal immigrant families and minors from central america who arrive unlawfully at the border cannot be detained together, or removed together, only released.
6:51 pm
these are crippling loopholes that cause family separation which we don't want. >> sean: the president said we don't want that, talking about the need for new immigration laws to end the crippling loopholes. here with reaction, judicial watch director of investigations chris farrow, the author of the geraldo show, geraldo rivera. geraldo, you heard ed henry's president, the democrats have a deal, a daca fix, and a fix on separation for kids. schumer's answer is no. why, because he wants it for politics. they're playing politics. fix the law and do your job. that's it. >> be that as it may, be that as it may, politics aside -- >> sean: they can fix it tomorrow, her ran dough. >> this is cruelty as policy. this is an obscenity. this is in the government of the united states and the thapt we both love, advocating a system
6:52 pm
by which young children are torn from their mother. >> sean: geraldo, you have agreed with me. >> history will judge us, sean. we must take a stand on something. >> sean: i agree. here's where we draw the line. i want no separation. the president and you supported him, offered a daca fix and a fix on this law as horrible as it is, immediately he'll sign it. and he gets -- >> no matter what the president has done or will say, this is the only thing people are thinking about. this is getting more attention than korea. this is getting more attention -- >> it can be fixed tomorrow. >> more than the trade wars with china. 2,300 children have been torn from their parents forcibly. these are little babies, 18 months old. these are 10-year-olds with disabilities. taken from their parents. this is impossible. we can't condone this. the republicans are the party of faith. when do we take care of this. this is child abuse.
6:53 pm
>> sean: fix the law, take the daca deal. >> he implemented this, he implemented this, sean, on may 7, he can discontinue it continue. tonight. and i hope he does. >> the demogoguery are repulsive. this has been a problem in existence for decades. the fact that the president wishes to enforce the law shouldn't shock anyone. there's also a legal case, called flores v. reno, which favors con strains and restricts i.c.e. and border patrol from going their laws. not just a statute that needs reworked. case law con strains the situation. it can be fixed, should be fixed, but anyone getting historical over children being separated by their parents -- >> this is not hysterical. >> they are criminals. >> this is child abuse, adair you, how dare you! >> sean: geraldo -- >> criminals are exploiting children.
6:54 pm
that's a fact. >> sean: geraldo, will you support this. emergency session of congress, take the daca, take the separation fix, take the funding of the wall, and both house does their job and the president sienls it. it can happen tomorrow. >> i agree, but before tomorrow, tonight, the president should end this policy. >> sean: you aren't answering the question. >> i do not condone child abuse. >> sean: don't play politics, you can't be that naive. >> there are 2,300 babies without their mother tonight. >> congress should do their job. >> just because you don't have sincere emotions don't say i don't. >> well, you don't need to go over the wedge hysteria. >> sean: thank you both. the united states withdraws from the human rights council, why it is a good thing, straight ahead. and the safey for "most parallel parallel parking job" goes to...
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[ drum roll ] ...emily lapier from ames, iowa.
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6:59 pm
>> sean: secretary of state and the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley announced thes why would be withdrawing from the u.n. so-called human rights council. ambassador haley said the council is an organization, quote, that's not worthy of its name. here's what she said. >> we take this step because our commitment does not allow us to remain a part of the hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights. earlier this year, as it has in previous years, the human rights council passed five resolutions against israel. more than the number passed against north korea, iran, and syria combined. this disproportionate focus and unending hostility toward israel is clear proof that the council is motivated by political bias, not by human rights. >> sean: the most brutal representatives on that council. good move today.
7:00 pm
we'll always be fair and balanced, not the destroy trump media, we promise. let not your heart be troubled, the news continues. laura, she calls meehanity, ingraham, is at the border crossing outside san diego i was there in san diego at the border and there was a tunnel that had been dug from mexico, up into an office building, a particular office, that i saw. how you doing on the road? >> laura: fantastic, sean. big show tonight to report. you had a fantastic show as always. thanks so much. >> sean: have a great, safe trip. >> laura: good evening from the border trip, i'm laura ingraham, just south of san diego. "the angle" is here so you can see for yourselves what is really going on here. during this emotionally charged crisis over children, some of whom have been separated from their illegal immigrant parents, we're going to show you how the trump administration is