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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 19, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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clarifying hour for all of you, it's been a clarifying hour for me, our country, our sovereignty, all of it. for a securitysomex issue and many of you think it's simple and easy to do but you saw the great men and women tonight at the border patrol. part of what we have attempted to do is bring you some of the stories for the people fighting and affected by this issue. that's it for us. we will be back in washington tonight but for now we will turn it over to shannon bream and the great fox news at 19. >> shannon: we begin with the fox news alert. a wild night here on capitol hill and across washington. secretary nielsen, you heard laura talk about this, confronted a restaurant near the white house. they were screaming near the presidents face today on capitol hill and tensions boil over as the fallout over separating illegal immigrant families intensifies. plus, new late-breaking details from the president's lawyer, rudy giuliani and the fbi agent who created the appearance of
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bias by sending all those antitrust text messages to a colleague who appeared to be escorted from the bureau building. and after jeffers joins us live as politicians cite the bible and religion. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm shannon bream in washington. there are reports that the fbi agent tendering that hillary clinton email probe and the beginning of the russia probe appears to have been escorted from the bureau's building tonight. they are investigating that bias. this is officially and we begin with chief correspondent ed henry with late-breaking details from the president's attorney. >> good to see you, shannon. rudy giuliani has taken a lot of criticism as a president's lead attorney from democrats saying he's going off script, and he feels like they have a strong
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case. he's going on the offense among other things and he believes that james comey should be in jail, and he also actually, rudy giuliani, told the daily beeson that the pushback on bradford scale who who is the 2020 reelt campaign manager for the trump campaign was out on twitter saying that jeff sessions should be removed as attorney general for his mishandling of the russian investigation. well i can tell you that rudy giuliani tonight is telling "the daily beast" that the political advisor should stay out of this and he is in charge of this entire effort and is handling it this well. he's not an attorney but he is saying most of his fire, rudy giuliani, tonight for robert mueller. he told our own sean hannity that it's highly unlikely that the president will sit down for
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any kind of interview with mueller. >> do i look crazy? so far i still have all my senses and i'm a heck of a lawyer. i get drummed out of the profession if i did. the reality is you don't put your client in a kangaroo court. >> ed: the other thing is, he's confirming that he did talk to fbi agents a month ago and wants to know what kind of surprise. he says he spoke to the fbi and they were working with the department of justice inspector general, trying to find out if there were fbi leaks to rudy giuliani and he said there's nothing there and he thinks the matter is that they've all moved on. >> shannon: what about these reports that someone mentioned they saw peter strzok being escorted out of the fbi building? >> that goes back to last thursday, the bottom line was there was no bias at the fbi, except in the report itself which listed all kinds of
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problems that that man there, peter strzok. in that revelation is still coming today. we are told on friday, that peter strzok was escorted, the man behind all this trump text messages, escorted out of the fbi headquarters building here in washington. but somehow he still has a job tonight. his attorney is telling us that they are trying to clear this up and he is cooperating fully with an internal review at the fbi. well guess what happened today. there was another house hearing, trey gowdy and the republican chairman laying out more antitrust text messages from peter strzok, including one from 2016 where they talked about stopping donald trump at all costs in the campaign. i think lindsey graham, a republican senator may have put it best today by saying, there are all these new revelations but all anybody in washington wants to talk about is immigration and child migration, when in fact it's revelation after revelation. democrat elijah cummings actually said that and admitted
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that democrats at the hearing, he said, would rather talk about the child migration issue as he talked about it in stark terms rather than talking about this new information. watch. >> we should be able to agree that we will not keep kids in child internment camps indefinitely, , and hidden away from public view. what country is that? i'm talking directly to my republican colleagues. we need you to stand up to president trump. >> i want to go back to the, no, no, he's not going to be president. we will stop it. what do you think the "it" is in that phrase? >> i think it's clear from the context that we will stop him from becoming president. >> did you find any other fbi agents were fbi attorneys that manifest any animus or bias against president trump? >> we did.
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>> how many? >> we found three additional as we detailed in the report. >> ed: so bottom line, he was escorted out of the fbi office. even though he was escorted out of the building, it appears that he still has a job tonight. >> shannon: that's what his lawyer says. also new tonight, the president meeting with house republicans on capitol hill to discuss immigration saying it was a quote very good meeting. but some say the president's pitch was underwhelming. kristin fisher joins us live tonight. >> it's been an absolutely wild night on capitol hill, extreme displays of hostility towards president trump over his policy of separating families of the border. first, a congressional intern yelled, mr. president, f you. it then as he was leaving, several members of the caucus screamed in his face from about 2 feet away. watch this.
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>> quit separating the children. mr. president, don't you have kids, mr. president? >> shannon: if that was democratic congressman juan vargas from california. he then crossed an interview with his republican colleague. >> if you tell him not to put -- i hope you tell him though, about this. you are the one we were hoping for and you haven't helped us out. >> i wish that you would have been upset when the obama administration had children. >> because we weren't doing thi this, and that's what's wrong. >> shannon: president trump is continuing to say that he can't change this policy of separating families of the border, only congress can do that. but democrats and some republicans say that it is simply not true. >> i know that the executive branch has the power to end these separations and they should, at least while congress is trying to find a permanent
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solution. >> mr. president, i will lend you my pen. any pen. you can fix it yourself. >> shannon: now the whole reason that president trump came to capitol hill tonight was to encourage house republicans to fix it by passing a comprehensive immigration reform bill. they are two bills on the table and tonight the president expresses support for both of them. >> president trump: these are laws that have been broken for many years, decades. the one but it remains highly uncertain that either bill will pass. in the meantime 11 republican senators are asking the justice department to stop separating families at the border until the congress can come up with a legislative fix. not only are they worried about the children, but images of children in cages and audio recordings of them crying will end up really hurting republicans heading into the midterms. shannon? >> thank you very much.
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after taking the lead on explaining the family separation issue to the press, kirstjen nielsen was dining at a mexican restaurant tonight. a group calling themselves the metro d.c. socialist interrupted her evening out. >> no border! no walls! sanctuary for all! >> shannon: all right, no borders, no walls, sanctuary for all. we have the reaction to that in the rest of what's going on in the nation's capital. >> we have heard people all over the spectrum. it wasn't great, people were clapping and cheering, people weren't excited. >> he laid out all the issues, and he said i just want to let
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you know so people can make their decision between the goodlatte bill and the moderate bill. he just basically said i have your back. >> shannon: how would you explain the difference between the two? >> given senator obama wasn't for me clarify, it's been around for 30 years. the changes have gone way left recently. so doug goodlatte has all the substantial places. if you don't have e-verify, you will be right back here in five years. >> shannon: people are pretty sophisticated but e-verify means the employer has to use that system to vet everyone that comes to them for employment and they are the ones that could potentially face criminal fines if they don't use the system and use it properly. >> and that's the only thing that ends the magnet. we have to do it legally and rationally, and if that was in place, that will help. >> shannon: what did you do on this in house? what we are always total in the
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senate side is, it can't pass here. even republican solace they won't vote for e-verify on the senate side. >> i would like to challenge them on that. i would like to put six months of context, i won't go way back. but six months ago that democrats stated a government shutdown on daca. they said we will give you 700,000 daca. then trump says 1.8 million to the democrats, they said no to that deal. that 25 hour of our colleagues leapfrog over paul ryan and go work for the democrat for this more moderate bill, and now there is no democrats at the table. today we put in legislation meadows and crews and a few others to help the parents and separation bill, and a stand-alone bill only on that. no tricks, no nothing. and schumer came out against that. so democrats don't want to come to the table which leads you to the reasoning that they just want a political issue come
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september. it's the republicans who have come to the table every single time with real legislation, and they said no, four times in a row. and i could go way back further. >> shannon: we talked about the pulling last night, and the fact that they are not good for the white house and not good for anyone who supports that, there is a lot of information. the fact is, you need democrats in the senate to get anything moving. they considered four different proposals on immigration and they wouldn't get on board with enough of them, any of them, to get it moving. so if you think they are using it as a midterm issue, how do they get anything resolved when they are talking about real human beings? >> it's going to be tough. the president brought up, i have nine new friends, all red state democrats in the senate. he said that's how many we need to come up nine votes. he said they are being friendly, but i doubt they are that friendly. so you are probably right. >> shannon: i want to talk to about a u signed on to.
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you are one of the republicans saying, in the ig report there were five fbi employees who were identified as having some of these anti-trump texts during the campaign. and you want the name? >> yes, there is a lawyer number two, and the stroke, everyone knows the major stories. this guy was ahead of hillary and declared her innocent ahead of time and declared trump guilty before he ever assumed the presidency. and he's one of the higher end guys and the fbi. >> shannon: do you think you will get the name? >> i think we will. now leadership has come fully on board and i think by this friday we will have breaking news they are. >> shannon: all right, let us know. great to have you with us. journalists are declaring the immigration a disaster and restrictions may cost republicans their majority in
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congress. child separation crisis risk could become a trading moment for trump. let's bring an editor of the halftime report, and let's look at some polling on this. recent polling on which party does better with these things. one of them is of border security, republicans have a 14-point spread of an advantage there. when it comes to immigration, we are at a deficit where democrats are up 7% points on that. what do we do with those numbers? >> midterm elections are traditionally about base versus base and i think both parties are being pretty enormously cynical about this subject. the goal here among republicans, this fires up the rebel base. this, as much as it does because it brought harm in the electorate -- the persuadable voters in the middle and folks who are trying to figure out which way they are going to go, this does hurt republicans with that group but it helps them with their base because there are those who are skeptical
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about the president's commitment to really cracking down. these images may be horrific to a lot of voters, but to the president base, it says, we are getting tough. we are being mean and that is what is necessary in this case in order to make it work. for democrats, there is an equal and opposite reaction which is, they are base kicks right back into full gear. you couldn't keep a democrat away from the polls today if you tried. so that's a reality, this issue absolutely fires up both ends of the political spectrum. >> shannon: i want to play a little bit of what the president had to say speaking at the national federation of independent businesses. he talked about the independent immigration company policy and who would resolve it and getting tough on the borders. include the reaction the audience gave him. >> president trump: may be it's politically correct or maybe it's not. we have to stop separation of the families. but politically correct or not, we have a country that needs
8:16 pm
security, that need safety, that has to be protected. >> shannon: he had a number of flaws lines like that today and they ended the same, basically the whole room erupting in what he was saying. >> well he went to the nfib, which is the most conservative -- these are small business owners, they are down. >> shannon: some others are very much advocating on a more relaxed system when it comes to immigration. they need the workers and they are often at odds with him on this kind of stuff. >> absolutely, but they chose this audience with this in mind. the president even joked about how he picked up the right audience there. there's no question that small businesses have a different point of view here than big businesses because they rely less on large numbers of cheap workers and they feel differently about the situation. so i think the president summed
8:17 pm
up the argument they are well, that though this is harmful broadly to republican reputations with persuadable voters, with suburbanites and swing voters, basically the president's base. but the speech today was the kind of campaign speech we will hear from him more and more. lots of red meat for the republican base, and then a listing of his accomplishments, and say, or do you want to give it back to these democrats. >> shannon: what we know that the turnout will be key for either side when it comes to people coming and showing up to these elections. you will be with us all along the road, which of several months away and i'm sure we will have a number of controversies between now and then. >> that's true. >> the president is expected to discuss chinese telecom zte tomorrow. those talks are looming after white house threatened to slap
8:18 pm
another $200 billion in tariffs on chinese imports. leading to yet another of what some on wall street call a tariff tantrum where markets plunge at first on those kind of news, the dow down 401 points and it ultimately ended down to 87. to avoid other such unpleasantries, trumps trade advisor, peter navarro is being told to tone down his rhetoric ahead of that deadline. >> we need need to put the amen people into a physical accountable change structural in nature so we can have free, fair and balanced trade not just with china but with the rest of the world. we are looking forward to that day but that is not this day. >> i have never been a big fan of peter navarro, the president himself kind of goes along with it. i think the president has to wake up and realize, that's not the way to go. >> shannon: the trade dispute
8:19 pm
is making for some strange bedfellows including minority leader chuck schumer. they don't agree on a whole life. media figures and lawmakers on the left comparing immigrant holding facilities to slave pens or nazi concentration camps. we will cover the border situation which in many ways isn't new, next. >> some would argue that these are reminiscent of japanese internment camp or even concentration camps in nazi germany. >> so what does that tell us about the motivation on the immigration debate? we will be right back because of their first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. and the nx hybridhe 2018 lexus nx with a class-leading 31 mpg combined estimate. lease the 2018 nx 300 for $339 a month for 36 months.
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>> shannon: the media coverage of the family separation of the border is taking on a life of its own. but journalists turning into full on advocates. teresa is looking at that for us tonight. >> in the past three a day is on cnn and nbc had to have been comparisons between detention centers and nazi concentration camps. let's start with a morning shows. >> children are being marched away to showers. they are being told they are, just like the nazis said they were taking people to showers and they never came back.
8:24 pm
you think they would use another trick. >> bottom line, donald trump looks like hitler in nazi germany. >> then there was one who tweeted a picture of auschwitz and tweeted quote other governments have separated mothers and children. he then went on cnn. >> i know we are not nazi germany, but there is a commonality there and and a fen my part that we have standards we have to live up to. >> of the analogies failed to mention that in concentration camps, 6 million died in detention centers. we have not heard of an injury this year. and one host drew the same conclusion and suggested the detention centers might soon be filled with. >> i'm just determined in the logistics of taking care of these people. i'm worried about how many are signing up to go work in these places. >> it turns out anna navarro, who is a contributor for cnn
8:25 pm
believes all latinos should oppose president trump, sweeting quote i know immigrants don't all think alike. we are not a homogenous blob. but for the life of me, i don't get how any latino, or any immigrant or child of an immigrant could possibly work for trump and still live with their conscious. conscience. she is apparently referring to a transportation secretary elaine child. and dgc gayle king try to intimate that a border resident named frank is a hypocrite. watch. >> my opinion is we can't just open up the borders. >> what's the solution? >> i can get them to some jobs out there. >> but you came here seeking a better life. doesn't that seem like a contra contradiction? >> he came when he was seven and
8:26 pm
gain citizenship at 18. finally the occupy wall street twitter cartoon included instructions on how to stop agents to death. the group later called it satire. >> shannon: all right, thank you. so is the coverage fair? let's talk about it with tonight's panel. joe concha is with us and also analyst jana conwell. great to have you with us tonight. let's talk about some hard numbers, media comparison about the nightly broadcast on -- these are the primary networks on monday. abc had 8 minutes and 17 seconds, approximate times on immigration. and then on the ig hearing, at . ten seconds on the hearing, and nbc reportedly had 9 minutes 52 seconds on the immigration and
8:27 pm
border stuff and no coverage of the inspector general testifying on the hill. any surprise to you? >> i think we look for a lot of sizzle in our media, and obviously it had a lot of stake in it. ask peter strzok. obviously that is a huge story, and to think that it didn't at least to get a or two, they didn't give it half of what immigration god and that would be something that i would say, i totally get it given the motives around the immigration story. so that shows the media that priorities are completely out of whack and unfortunately you have to say a gender-based. obviously this ig report was bad for the fbi and possibly good for president trump in terms of dismissing and obstruction of justice sort of argument against him in terms of what lawyers have been saying. >> shannon: the minute will
8:28 pm
invoke anything about the holocaust, for a lot of people it minimizes to them, they worry it minimizes the millions who died in the holocaust. others will say, it's the only way to bring attention to something that is on the same level. >> there first and foremost experiences are completely and totally disgusting. now if those experiences had been made in 2014 when president obama was in office, when conditions were far more draconian, then the media which has become the complete and total bogeyman to meet simulate the publicity armed for the dnc. when you think about some of the numbers in which we have used to care for some of the folks that have come over to our area illegally, talk about $958, almost a billion dollars last year. almost a billion dollars expected to be spent this year. you have to wonder, how is it that some folks in the media are saying that folks are not being taken care of?
8:29 pm
furthermore, republicans like president trump and others have extended a hand in terms of the legislation to get democrats on board to come to actually correct this issue when it comes to immigration as a whole. democrats completely and totally in my view want to keep this issue alive in the midterm elections. that's the only thing that makes sense at this point. >> shannon: what do you think about the fact that, if you look at someone who is a straight reporter or a straight journalist who is showing up at the border to say, these are the numbers of so many people, this is how many days they are separated, versus people who are now forced into advocacy? can you be a journalist and an advocate on the story at a same time, do you think the line has blurred? what are you saying? >> who can't be a journalist and advocate at the same time. if you want to be that then you could go from reporter to the outbred section or from anchor to opinion host, but you can't be both. we are seeing more anchors and
8:30 pm
reporters and pendants not interested in reporting facts but instead sharing their innermost feelings on the matter. in order to solve the problem, we need to put away the emotions. i know that's hard to come up we have a 4-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son and that media includes far too many members i want to be celebrities instead of journalists. the way they go about being celebrities is saying these things that are hyperbolic so they go viral, so the story then becomes instead of us concentrating on the problem and solving it. >> i agree with what he said. hillary clinton said something in 2014. we have to send a clear message that just because your child gets across the border doesn't mean your child gets to stay. we don't want to send a message that contrary to our law, we encourage him or her children to make that dangerous journey. that was an even balance message, i don't know what happened since then but certainly that something that i think also take under consideration. >> someone else is the president
8:31 pm
now. okay, great to have both of you with us tonight. the immigration debate reaching biblical proportions with both republicans and democrats invoking, and quoting scripture to support their views and reject the other side's position. >> it is very difficult to enforce the law that is actually repeated a number of times throughout the bible. >> the pastor of first baptist dallas this year with his views of politicians using the bible in the middle of this very messy battle. like, say... your car. well good news, the esurance app lets you keep an eye on repairs when your car is in the shop. it's kinda like being there, without being there. which is probably better for everyone. that's insurance for the modern world.
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8:36 pm
>> due to the apostle paul and his clear and wise command in romans 13 to obey the laws of the government, because god has ordained the government for his purposes. >> no sooner had those words left his lips then many of his others had found words to respond. >> i have read the bible and i don't recall the part that says that ripping children from their parents arms is divinely commanded. >> for the house minority leader, sessions for vocal cord was a mission to tear into the ag, the administration and millions of people of faith. >> the very hypocrisy of the attorney general to quote the bible, the hypocrisy of all people in our country not to clamor for what the
8:37 pm
administration is doing to end. >> there was no shortage of hypocrisy as one critics saw in this planned parenthood tweet that urged, keep families together. brenda skiles dad fired back, that's rich coming from you. the daughter of a southern baptist preacher who itself lay down the law from high atop the breathing room podium. >> i can say that it is very biblical to enforce the law, that is reported a number of times throughout the bible. >> "atlantic" magazine writer jeffrey goldberg had an entirely different interpretation. >> one of the themes of the bible is, don't do something immoral even if the ruler tells you to do it. so it's not the strongest ground in the world that the attorney general standing on. >> if god is watching all this, he is no doubt aware that this is washington and it's an election year, and in the heat of rhetorical battle, then we need forgiveness for forgetting john chapter eight verse seven,
8:38 pm
quote let him who is without sin cast the first stone. >> we all need that mercy and forgiveness every day. thank you. is it a wise move move for politicians to resort to scripture? dr. robert jeffers, great to have you with us. i want to play something that's getting a lot of attention, this comes from democratic senator kirsten gillibrand. she talks about apostles and ephesians and some of what she is seen being carried out on capitol hill. >> there are a lot of ideas in this country that are dark ideas. building walls, dividing the country, marginalizing trans members who are troops, marginalizing kids who are trans transgender, these are all things that are come from the darkness that are ripping children from their mother's arms. that is outrageous. >> shannon: now she is genuine
8:39 pm
in her faith for calling these things out for what they are. not that she has called the administration evil but the ideas. what do you say? >> she may be sincere but she is sincerely wrong. to characterize the president's action as evil to me is absolutely outrageous. look, romans chapter 13 does say god instituted government to maintain order and punish those who commit evil. to call the president evil for simply doing what god has given him the responsibility of doing, and that is protecting our borders and protecting our citizens. to me, that is outrageous. we ought to celebrate a president like president trump then denigrate this president for doing everything he can to fulfill his god-given responsibility. shannon, i have to point out the
8:40 pm
hypocrisy here of kiersten saying it's illegal to rip children out of their mother's arms. what about the evil of ripping children out of their mother's wombs after dismembering them through abortion? where's the outrage from the senator on that policy which her democrat party supports? to me this is selective outrage on the part of liberals. >> shannon: let's talk about the children at the border because people across the spectrum say this is a situation where all of us should have a heart and we should want there to be a solution. but when people from both sides through the bible into the discussion, it gets very heated. >> i think the bible does teach that we should show compassion wherever we are able to show compassion but, that needs to be a shared compassion. it is gut wrenching to see these children separated from their parents at the border. the only other thing more gut wrenching is to see children like tate steinle separated from their parents forever because they were killed by illegal
8:41 pm
immigrants or ms-13 gang members. so let's show compassion, let's show compassion for everyone. i have to say this, i know this president, he has a compassionate man and i've been in the oval office with him and seen him agonize over the dreamers. but he has also said, i have to keep america safe, i will not compromise american security. again, i think we ought to thank god every day we have a president like that. >> he has indicated his emotional turmoil over this. i want to play a little bit of chris pratt, the actor, last night on tv. >> you have a soul. god is real. god loves you. god wants the best for you. believe that. i do. learn to pray. it's easy, and it's so good for your soul. >> shannon: quite a reaction there. we don't have much time but i want to get a quick reaction
8:42 pm
from youtube. >> this is such a needed message from young adults who have been taught all of their life that they are nothing but biological accidents living in a random universe for which there is no purpose, and when they die, that's all there is. that leads to despair, addiction and indescribable acts of violence. i think this is a message of hope to say, there is more to life than what we see. there is a soul, we have a creator, god, to whom we are accountable. that's a great message of hope. >> shannon: that is a great message and he did say, you are not perfect. dr. jeffers, great to have you with us. the u.n. says the u.s. should be stepping up, not stepping out. but ambassador nikki haley said it's past time for america to take a stand against what she is calling a cesspool of political bias. >> we take this step because our commitment does not allow us to remain a part of a hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human
8:43 pm
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>> shannon: at the united nations human rights council opened monday's session with a blistering attack on trump's immigration policy. tonight, the u.s. is making an unprecedented move and we have details. >> calling it a hypocritical self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights, the trump administration is announcing it is withdrawing the
8:47 pm
united states from the united nations human rights council. administration officials say they tried to reform the council for more than a year, failed in that effort and now they are leaving it. secretary of state mike pompeo and nikki haley announced the decision from the state department today. pompeo said some of the worst countries are sitting on the council like china, cuba and venezuela. and that passes more resolutions against israel than against north korea, iran and syria combined. >> if the human rights council is going to attack countries that uphold human rights and a shield countries that abuse human rights, then america should not provided with any credibility. >> democratic senator chris, member of the foreign relations committee said" we need to show up, be constructive and work with our allies to isolate bad actors. this could weaken the united states influence on the council and makes it harder for us to advance our other foreign
8:48 pm
policy goals. ambassador haley said the u.s. would rejoin a counsel if it reforms. >> shannon: rich edson of the state department, thank you. time now for where in the world? the microchip controversy, european leaders are calling for the creation of a new holding facility outside of the european union. that can help officials they say better differentiate between refugees and migrants who are more likely to to return to their home countries. donald tusk said he doesn't want quote concentration camps but centers where people can find shelter and medicine. at least three are dead and several others wounded following a shooting possibly involving automatic weapons at the internet cafe and the swedish city of ♪ ♪ . officials say they are linking the shootings to crimes that have riddled the city. a german official is calling for a year long hiatus for political talk shows on tv because he believes their agenda is fueling
8:49 pm
anti-immigration fervor. old off zimmerman argues the nation's public broadcasters are obsessed with refugee related issues and often frame them negatively. a chicago school invites an antipolice extremist to career day. parents are outraged. how did that happen? that story is next. >> he told them that all police were bad and all police wanted to kill people. saving on this! saving on this! saving in here. rewarded! learn more at
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>> shannon: outrage at a chicago public school as antipolice extremist are invited to talk to students on career day. not everyone is happy. matt finn digs into the details. >> the antipolice extremist known as ethan eat those calls himself a radical and parents that they had no idea he was invited to speak to their children on career day at wildwood elementary school here in chicago. back in february, when a chicago police officer was shot and killed it, eat those posted online, f him and his family. he also uses the term cp dk which stands for chicago police department killer. he refers to officers as pigs
8:54 pm
online. the principal said she brought in to eat to to eat talk abouts poetry. >> he told them that all police were bad and all police wanted to kill people. i was very disappointed that someone would come into the school and preaching about the police. or even if he was talking about anyone else, it would have upset me. >> in an apology letter, the principal wrote in part quote i was present at which his talk turned negatively about policing and i intervened. i care about your children and would never endorse or expose them to this type of negativity. some parents say that the principal invited ethos because she has been pressure to introduce antipolice philosophy to students. otherwise, parent say the police principal was doing an excellent
8:55 pm
job. >> insulted and angry. i can't believe she didn't bet him properly. look on his facebook account, some of the things on his facebook account are absolutely horrible. >> ethos denied our request for an interview and on his social media pages, he alleges that a chicago police officer killed one of his friends. the principal had many left in her contract but she insists this wasn't the controversy that forced her to suddenly retire. >> shannon: thank you very much. today's midnight hero is a decorated veteran working to shine a spotlight on others for their service ative. wow. he won't even recognize you. seriously. i don't even recognize myself. and thanks to my cashrewards credit card from navy federal with never-expiring rewards it's gonna be a killer honeymoon. woo! maui!!
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more for your thing. that's our thing. visit >> shannon: our midnight hero is a decorated veteran. former senate majority leader in 1996 and presidential candidate for the g.o.p. robert dole. he stopped by the world war ii memorial and if you go there saturday, there's a good chance you will see him. senator dole pushed for the funding of the memorial, my favorite in d.c. by the way.
9:00 pm
at age 94 his mission is to greet visitors and veterans who get to visit. he himself a wounded vet, he said we don't have many of the veterans left and it's important that we honor them. we will see you tomorrow. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. it was confirmed today that peter strzok was recently escorted out of fbi headquarters as part apparently of an internal review of his conduct player. we will have much more on o that story in a minute, which is developing. but for us to come up with midterm elections approaching, democrats need an issue to motivate their voters which is simple and emotionally resonantt the russia hoax won't do that, it's fast deflating. maybe pictures of families being separated on the border will in case you're wondering, what move people to


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