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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 20, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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i hope this has been a clarifying hour, an important hour for me and all of you, our country, our sovereignty, the kids, border security is a complex issue, one of you think it is easy to do but you saw the great men at the border patrol, part of what we have attempted to do is bring you the stories from the people fighting and affected by this issue that will be with us for some time. back in washington tomorrow night but for now, over to shannon bream and the fox news at 19. shannon: a wild night on capitol hill and across washington. homeland security sec. nielsen confronted at a restaurant near the white house, democratic lawmakers screaming close to the pres.'s face, tensions boiling over is the fallout over separating immigrant families intensifies, latebreaking details from the pres.'s lawyer rudy giuliani and the fbi agent who created the appearance of
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bias by sending anti-trump text messages to a colleague and pastor robert jesses site religion and the bible and the immigration debate. there are reports the anti-trump fbi agent handling the hillary clinton email probe and the beginning of the russia probe was escorted from the bureau's building tonight, the justice department watchdog conferences office is investigating if the agent's bias played a factor in the launch of the russia investigation. kristen fisher following the latest on immigration. we begin with chief national correspondent ed henry with latebreaking details from the pres.'s attorney. >> reporter: really giuliani has taken criticism as the president
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that lead attorney for democrats saying he's going off script and questioning his legal strategy. he was on with sean hannity saying he was not backing down. and james comey should be in jail is revelations about fbi abuses and biases, also told the daily beast pushed back on the incoming 20/20 campaign manager for the trump campaign, and jeff sessions should be removed as atty. gen. for the russian investigation. and the daily beast, the political advisor should stay out of this, in charge of this entire effort and handling this as well, and others are not attorneys, and robert mueller, the special counsel telling sean
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hannity it is highly -- the president will sit down to any interview with mueller. >> do i look crazy? so far i have all my senses, get drummed out of the profession, in a kangaroo court. >> the other thing giuliani is confirming is to what kind of surprise he was teasing in the campaign. was he getting leaked information, working with the department of justice and specter general, fbi leaks to giuliani, nothing there and they all moved on. shannon: what about these reports that peter stzrok was escorted out of the fbi building. >> back to last friday and the bottom line is no bias at the fbi, the report listed all kinds
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of problems. peter stzrok, revelations coming today but we are told on friday he was escorted, the man behind anti-trump text messages, out of the fbi headquarters building, but somehow he still has a job tonight, just under review. 's attorney telling us he is cooperating fully with the internal review at the fbi. there was another, drag audi, anti-trump text messages, talked about stopping donald trump at all costs. michael horwitz, the justice department inspector general, lindsey graham may have put it best by saying all these new revelations, anybody in washington, immigration and child migration.
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and democrat elijah cummings admitted democrats at the hearing would rather talk about, talking about in stark terms rather than all the new information. >> we will not keep kids in internment camps indefinitely and hidden away from public view. what country is that? i am talking to my republican colleagues. we need you to stand up to donald trump. >> back to the no, he's not going to be president, we will stop it. what do you think the it is in the phrase we will stop it? >> it is clear from the context, we are going to stop him from becoming president. >> did you find fbi attorneys who manifest against donald
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trump? >> we did. we have three additional fbi agents as we detail in the report. >> reporter: peter stzrok was escorted out of fbi headquarters, what took a year to get that done and it appears he still has a job tonight. shannon: that is what his lawyer says. the president meeting with house republicans on capitol hill to discuss immigration saying it was a good meeting, it was underwhelming. >> reporter: a wild night on capitol hill, extreme display of hostility towards donald trump over the policy of separating families at the border. a congressional intern yelled mr. pres. if you as he was arriving at the capital and as he was leaving several members of the congressional hispanic caucus screened in his face from two feet away.
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watch this. >> separating the children! mr. pres. don't you have kids? don't you have kids, mr. pres.? >> reporter: the democratic congressman from california crashed an interview with republican colleague from florida. >> i hope you tell him about this. you are the one -- you haven't helped us out. >> i wish you had been upset when the obama administration -- >> we weren't doing this and you know that and you guys are wrong. >> reporter: donald trump is continuing to say he can't change the policy of separating families at the border, only congress can do that. democrats and some republicans say that is simply not true. >> the executive branch has the power to end these separations
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and they should at least when congress is trying to find an affirmative solution. i will and you my pen, any pin. you can fix it yourself. >> reporter: the whole reason donald trump came to capitol hill to fix it by passing comprehensive immigration reform bill. there are two bills on the table and the president expressed his support for both of them. >> these laws have been for decades broken. >> reporter: remains highly uncertain, 11 republican senators asking the justice department to stop separating families at the border until congress can come up with a legislative fix. not only are they worried about these children but also that images of children in cages, audios of them crying will hurt republicans heading into the
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midterms. shannon: thank you very much. after taking the lead on explaining the family separation issue, homeland security sec. kirstjen neilsen at a mexican restaurant, calling it metro dc democratic socialist, interrupted her evening out. >> no borders, no walls, sanctuary for all ♪ no borders ♪ no walls ♪ sanctuary for all ♪ shannon: no borders, no walls, sanctuary for all. house freedom caucus member republican from virginia with reaction to that and the rest of what is going on. you were inside the meeting with the president, how would you characterize it? people were yelling and clapping and cheering. what happened? >> he laid out all the issues
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but some more time on immigration, and the goodlatte bill, got your back and that is the basic take away. shannon: how do you claim the difference between the two bills? >> sen. obama was for e-verify, has been around 30 years. the left has gone way left lately. the goodlatte bill has substantial pieces, and -- >> people understand, where the employer, anyone who comes to them, can potentially face criminal penalties and find those things, they don't use the system. >> the rest of the world love to come to the united states but we have to do it legally and rationally. that will help them.
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shannon: on the senate side, they can't pass here. they won't go on the senate side. >> 6 months of context. 6 months ago with the senate democrats and government shutdown on daca, you got to compromise. let's give you 700,000 daca and they said no to that deal. trump says $1.8 million to the democrats and they say no to that deal. and work with 200 democrats for this more moderate bill and today we put in legislation, the parent separation bill. stand-alone bill only on that. the democrats, leads to the conclusion they just want a
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political issue in november. expressing concern for the kids, every single time there is real legislation, the four times in a row, i could go back. shannon: the optics are not good for the white house or anybody who supports what is happening, we need to clarify and knockdown some of that, you need democrats in the senate to get anything moving. they consider four proposals, and any of them. being cynical in washington, the midterm issue, and talking real human beings. >> the president brought up tween 9 new friends in red state democrats in the senate. that is how many we need. they are being friendly lately but i doubt they are that
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friendly. shannon: the inspector general, in the igf's report, 5 fbi employees were identified as having anti-trump texts during the campaign. you want the names. >> there is lawyer number 2, someone wrote the the resistance to donald trump, and this guy was the head of the hillary, declared her innocent and trump guilty before he assumed the presidency and higher end -- the freedom caucus, leadership has come fully on board, this friday we have breaking news. jillian: let us know. great to have you with us. journalists are declaring the immigration drama disastrous for the trump administration, the wall street journal, this may
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cost the republicans the majority in congress and child separation crisis risk katrina moment for trump. let's bring in the editor of the halftime report. let's look at some polling on this. recent polling, which party does better? a 14 point percentage spread of an advantage but when it comes to immigration democrats are up 7 percentage points, what do you do with those numbers? >> midterm elections are about base versus base and i think both parties are being pretty cynical about this subject. the goal among republicans, this fires up the republican base. as much as it does cause broad harm, and whichever way to go,
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it helps with their base, those who are skeptical about the pres.'s commitment to cracking down. these images may be horrific to a lot of voters but to the pres.'s base we are getting tough, and mean and that is necessary in this case to make it work. for democrats there's an equal and opposite reaction which is their base takes back into full gear. you can't keep a democrat away from the polls today, that is the reality, this issue fires up both ends of the political spectrum. shannon: the federation of independent businesses, immigration, the policy of how to resolve it, getting tough on borders and i want you to react to this end include the reaction the audience gave us. >> maybe it is politically correct or maybe it is not, we got to stop separation of families but politically correct
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or not, we have a country that needs security, that needs safety, that has to be protected. shannon: a number of applause lines like that, basically the whole really resting in support of what he was saying about getting tough. >> he wasn't talking up announcement -- national council, he went to the nfib which is, these are small business owners, they are in. shannon: a lot of business groups advocate a more relaxed system on immigration, they need the workers at odds with him on this stuff. >> with this in mind, the president joked how he picked the right audience and there is no question small businesses have a different point of view, they rely less on large numbers of cheap workers and feel differently about the situation.
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i think the president summed up the argument pretty well, though this is harmful broadly to republicans reputation with suburbanites and swing voters, for the republican base, the president's speech today was the kind of campaign speech we will hear from him more and more, lots of red meat the republican base and a listing of his accomplishments and you want to give it back to the democrats. shannon: turn out is going to be key for either side for getting people to show up and vote in the midterm elections. you will be with us all along the road, 7 months away, a lot of controversies between now and then. not yours, not mine hopefully. the president will discuss chinese telecom with senators seeking to restore van that prevents the company from buying components for 7 years, talks
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limning after a white house threat to $700 billion on chinese imports, leading what someone wall street call tariff syndrome where markets plunge on that news, the dow down 401 points. the dow ultimately ended down 287. to adjoin more unpleasantries, supporters urge the trade advisor peter navarro to tone down his rhetoric ahead of the july 6th deadline on tariffs. >> what we need for the american people is unenforceable, accountable, systematic change, structural in nature, to have free, fair, balanced trade not just with china but the rest of the world and looking forward to that day but that is not this day. >> i was never a fan of peter navarro. the president himself goes along with it, he will wake up and
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realize that is not the way to go. >> this makes for strange bedfellows with democratic leaders supporting the white house including minority leader chuck schumer. media figures islamic is on the left comparing the immigrant holding facilities to slave pens for nazi concentration camps. we examine the border situation next. >> some have argued these are reminiscent of japanese internment camps or even concentration camps in nazi germany. shannon: what does this tell us about media motives in the immigration debate? we will be right back. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long, and sometimes i don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition i'm missing. boost high protein now has 33% more protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. and it has a guaranteed great taste. man: boost gives me everything i need to be up for doing what i love. boost high protein.
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the new ipad and xfinity stream app. hey guys, i'm home! surprise! i got a puppy. add an ipad to select packages for just $5 a month for 24 months. upgrade online now. heather: coverage of the separation controversy at the border taking on a life of its own, journalists who have an obligation to be fair and objective turning to advocates. >> reporter: in the past three dave on cnn and msnbc there have been 12 comparisons between homeland security detention centers and nazi concentration camps. let's start with the morning shows. >> children are being marched away to showers, marched away to showers, being told they are just like the nazis said they were taking people to showers. then they never came back.
12:24 am
>> donald trump increasingly looks like hitler. >> former cia director michael hayden tweeted a picture of auschwitz and wrote other governments have separated mothers and children. he then went on cnn. i know we are not nazi germany but there is a commonality there and a fear on my part that we have standards we have to live up to. >> reporter: the analogies failed to mention in concentration camps 6 million jews died in detention centers we have not heard of a single injury this year. pr host maria suggested detention centers might be filled with pedophiles. >> the logistics of taking care of these people. i'm so worried how many pedophiles are signing up to work in these places. >> reporter: and a navarro who was a contributor for cnn
12:25 am
es all latinos should oppose donald trump tweeting i know immigrants don't all think alike a we are not a homogenous blob but i don't get how any latino or immigrant or child of an immigrant can work for trump and live with their conscience. alex, elaine, among others, i am talking to you, barely referring to alexander r costa and transportation secretary even in child. did you see neil king intimate that a border resident named frank is a democrat. >> my opinion is we can't just open up the borders. >> what is the solution? as an immigrant yourself? >> work with the governments of their countries and try to get them. >> you came here seeking a better life. >> yes. >> reporter: doesn't that seem like a contribution?
12:26 am
>> reporter: he came to be was when he was 7 and gain citizenship at 18. the occupy wall street twitter account published a cartoon promoting the murder of immigration agents including instructions on how to stab them to death. the group later called it satire. jillian: is the coverage fair? the media reporter is with us and caldwell, great to have you both with us tonight. let's talk about some hard numbers come media comparison, the nightly broadcasts on monday, remember the inspector general before congress, abc had eight minutes and 17 seconds on immigration and the ig hearing to medicine 28 seconds, cbs 13 minutes and 16 seconds on immigration, ten seconds on the hearing, nbc had 9 minutes and
12:27 am
52 seconds on immigration border stuff and no coverage of the inspector general testifying on the hill. any surprise to you? >> we look for a lot of sizzle in the media and the ig report had a lot of steak and it. ask peter stzrok who was escorted from the building on friday. that is a huge story. to think it didn't at least get a minute or two, half of what immigration got, that would be fine, totally get it because of the emotion around the immigration story. this shows a media his priorities are out of whack and agenda based because the ig report was bad for the fbi and possibly good for donald trump in terms of dismissing the obstruction of justice argument against him in terms of what lawyers are saying. heather: people invoke not the
12:28 am
is him and the holocaust, it is upsetting when someone on the right does or the left, a lot of people minimizes to them, they worry it minimizes millions who died in the holocaust, it is on the same level. >> first and foremost, if those comparisons were made in 2014 when pres. obama was in office, conditions were more draconian, it would be a point to it but what we see is the media, which has become complete and total bogeyman to me the publicity for the dnc. when you think about the numbers to care for the folks that come over illegally, and $1 billion expected to be this year.
12:29 am
and furthermore, republicans like donald trump and others have extended in terms of legislation, democrats on board to correct this issue when it comes to immigration in the home and democrats want to keep this issue alive in the midterm elections, that is the only thing that makes sense. shannon: it appears if you are looking with a straight reporter or journalist to say these are the numbers of what is happening, people who have now -- it seems in to advocacy. and do you think the line has blurred? >> you can't be a journalist and advocate at the same time. and you can't be both. we are seeing more anchors and reporters not interested in
12:30 am
reporting facts but instead sharing their innermost feelings on the matter and it is exactly correct. to solve the problem we need to put away emotions. i have a 4-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son, too many members want to be celebrity instead of journalists and the way they go about being a celebrity is say things that are hyperbolic or go viral and instead of concentrating on the problem in solving it. >> i completely agree with what you said. it is interesting hillary clinton said we have to send a clear message just because your child gets across the border, we don't want to send a message contrary to our laws or encourage more children to make the dangerous journey. that is an even balance from hillary clinton, don't know what happened since then. that is something all should
12:31 am
take under consideration. shannon: immigration debate reaching biblical proportions with republicans and democrats invoking scripture to reject the other side's position. >> it is very biblical to enforce the law. that is repeated a number of times throughout the bible. shannon: the pastor of first baptist here to talk about politicians using the bible in the middle of a fight in this messy battle. over one mistake. see, liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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12:36 am
>> due to the apostle paul in romans 13 to obey the laws of the government because god ordained the government for his purposes. >> no sooner had the words left his lips than many of his severest critics found religion or at least some biblical quotes the counter what he was preaching. >> i studied the bible carefully since i was a child and don't remember the part where it says ripping children from their parents arms is divinely or morally commanded. i do remember passages that say you shall not oppress the stranger. >> reporter: with house minority leader the biblical quote was ammunition to tear into the ag, the administration and millions of people. >> the hypocrisy of the atty. gen. to quote the bible, the hypocrisy of all people of faith in our country not to clamor for
12:37 am
this to end. >> reporter: there was no shortage of hypocrisy as one critic fathers planned parenthood tweet that urged keep families together. that is rich coming from the you. the ever loyal spokeswoman for all things trump and daughter of southern baptist preacher herself lay down the law from high. >> i can say is biblical to enforce the law, that is repeated a number of times throughout the bible. >> reporter: atlantic magazine writer jeffrey goldberg had a different interpretation of the good book. >> don't do something immoral even if the rule tells you to do it. it is not the strongest ground in the world. >> reporter: of god is watching this he is aware this is washington and this is an election year and the heat of rhetorical battle some may need forgiveness for forgetting john
12:38 am
chapter 8 verse 7, quote, let him who is without sin cast the first stone. shannon: we all need mercy and forgiveness every day. it is a wise move for politicians to resort to scripture in this debate? robert jeffers. i want to play something that is giving attention, this comes from democratic sen. kiersten jell-o brand --. what she's seen on capitol hill, here's a bit of her comment. >> a lot of ideas in this country are dark ideas, building walls, dividing the country, marginalizing members, kids who are transgender, not supporting daca kids, these come from the darkness, ripping children from their mothers arms, that is outrageous.
12:39 am
shannon: a lot of people say she is genuine and her faith and feeling she's calling these things out for what they are. these ideas were called evil. what do you say? >> she may be sincere but she is sincerely wrong. to characterize the president's actions as evil to me is absolutely outrageous. romans chapter 13 does say god instituted government to maintain order and punish those who commit evil. to call the president evil for simply doing what god has given him the responsibility of doing, protecting our borders is outrageous. we ought to celebrate a president like donald trump rather than denigrate this president for doing everything he can to fulfill his god-given responsibility and i have to point out the hypocrisy of kiersten, the senator saying it is evil to rip children out of
12:40 am
their mothers arms. what about the evil of ripping children out of their mothers wombs after this mentoring them through abortion? where is the outrage from the senator on that policy which her democrat party supports? to me this is selective outrage. >> people across the spectrum, political, religious and otherwise it is a situation all of us to have a heart and want a solution but when people from both sides through the bible into the discussion it gets very heated. >> the bible does teach compassion wherever we can show compassion but that compassion needs to be a shared compassion. it is gut wrenching to see these children separated from their parents at the border. the only thing more got wrenching is to see children like kate steinle separated from their parents forever because
12:41 am
they were killed by illegal immigrants or ms 13 gang members. let's show compassion for everyone. i have got to say this, this president is a compassionate man. i have been in the oval office with him and seen him agonize over dreamers but he has also said i have to keep america safe, i will not compromise american security and we ought to thank god every day we have a president like that. >> he has indicated emotional turmoil and wants to find a solution. i went to play chris pratt on mtv last night getting a lot of attention. >> you have a soul. god is real. god loves you. god wants the best for you. believe that. i do. learn to pray. it is easy and so good for your
12:42 am
soul. shannon: i want a quick reaction from you. >> this is such a needed message for young adults taught all their life they are nothing but biological accidents who are living in a random universe for which there is no purpose and that leads to despair, indescribable acts of violence in this is a message to hope to say there's more to life than what we see. we have a creator to which we are accountable and the message of hope we need. shannon: everybody needs hope and you are not perfect, remember that. great to have you with us. the un says the us should be stepping up, not stepping out but ambassador nikki haley says it is past time to take a stand against political bias. >> we take this step because it does not allow us to a hypocritical and self-serving
12:43 am
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shannon: united nations human rights council opening monday's session with an attack on donald trump's immigration policies,
12:47 am
and unprecedented move. >> reporter: calling it a hypocritical self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights the trump administration is announcing it is withdrawing the united states from the united nations human rights council. administration official said they tried to reform the council for more than a year, failed in that evidence are now leaving it. secretary of state mike pompeo and nikki haley announced the decision from the state department today. pompeo says the worst offending countries are sitting on the council like china, cuba and venezuela. nikki haley said the council excessively mistreats israel, passing resolutions against israel than against north korea, iran and syria combined. >> of the human rights council is going to attack countries that uphold human rights and shield countries that abuse human rights, america should not provide it with any credibility. >> reporter: democratic sen. chris coons of the foreign relations committee says, quote, we need to show up, be constructive and work with our allies to isolate bad actors, this decision makes it harder for us to advance our foreign
12:48 am
policy and national security goals. nikki haley says the us would be join the council if it reforms. shannon: richardson, thank you. time now for where in the world. european leaders are calling for the creation of a new holding facility outside the european union that can help officials differentiate between refugees and migrants who are likely to return to their own countries. donald husk says he doesn't want, quote, concentration camps but centers where people can find shelter and medicine. three point and several others wounded following a shooting involving automatic weapons, an internet café in the swedish city of munro. there is no indication of terrorism. they are linking the shooting to gangs and organized crime. of top german official calling for your long hiatus for political talk shows on tv
12:49 am
because he believes their agenda is fueling anti-immigration server. the german cultural counsel argues the nation's public broadcasters are upset with refugee related issues and frame them negatively. a chicago school invites an anti-police extremist to career day. parents are outraged. how did it happen? the story is next. >> we told them all the police were bad and all the police wanted to kill people. at least we don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. just call geico. geico helps with homeowners insurance? good to know. been doing it for years. that's really good to know. i should clean this up. i'll get the dustpan. behind the golf clubs. get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be.
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>> shannon: outrage at a chicago public school as heather: outrage at a chicago public school come anti-police extremist invited to talk to students on career day. we dig into the details tonight. >> reporter: this anti-police extremist known as ethan ethos calls himself a radical and parent had no idea he was invited to speak to their children on career day in chicago. back in february when a chicago police commander was shot and killed, he posted online f him and his family. he also uses the term cpd k which stands for chicago police department killer. he refers to officers as pigs
12:54 am
online and posted about killing all the rich people. the chicago principal says she brought him in to speak to students about his poetry and activism but here is what one mother with three children who listened to him said happened. >> told them all the police were bad at all the police wanted to kill people. i was very disappointed someone would come into the school and preach hate about the police. even if he was talking about anyone else it would have upset me. >> reporter: in an apology letter the principle wrote in part, i was present when his narrative took a negative return about policing and i intervened. i care about your children and would never intentionally expose them to or endorse this type of negativity. some parents we talked to said the principal invited him because she has been pressured to introduce anti-police
12:55 am
philosophy to students. otherwise the parents say the principal was doing an excellent job. one chicago police officer whose children went to this school said now the students have also been exposed to police hating websites. >> insulted, angry. i can't believe she didn't that him properly, look on his facebook account, some of the things on his facebook account hon.. >> reporter: he denied a request for an interview. on social media pages he alleges a chicago police officer killed one of his friends was the principal had many years left in her contract but insists it wasn't this controversy that forced her to suddenly retire. shannon: stay with us, tonight at midnight hero is a decorated veteran looking to sign the spotlight on others for their service. t optimum. boost optimum with 5 in 1 advanced nutrition helps support muscle, energy, bone, normal immune function, and vision. boost optimum. be up for life.
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your insurance so small you could fix it with a pen. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. >> midnight hero is decorated veteran, former senate leader, presidential can date for gop robert dole stopped by world war ii memorial. if you go there saturday, chance that is you will meet him. my favorite in dc, by the way, atat age 94 to visit.
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most watched, most truly, see you tomorrow. heather: wednesday june 20th and this is "fox & friends first", happening right now at 4:00 a.m. from the east coast. booted from the bureau, setting eyes on peter strzok. >> we did not have confidence that the decision of deputy peter strzok was free from bias if light of text messages. health health could the multimillion dollar probe be in jeopardy of being shut down. gop to hammer out immigration deal. what would it finally take to get democrats on board? new low for the left, a tweet instructing how


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