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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  June 20, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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american concert series. >> see you tomorrow. >> bill: 9:00 in the new york. the border battle reaching a fever pitch. the president wants a third option on immigration from congress that will stop the separation of families at the border. that's where we begin and there is a ton to talk about, too. i'm bill hemmer live inside "america's newsroom." >> sandra: good wednesday morning to you, bill. i'm sandra smith. the president huddling with house gop lawmakers yesterday where tensions are running high on capitol hill ahead of a vote on two bills currently working their way through the chamber. in the middle of protests across the nation media outrage and stonewalling in congress. the president making it clear that while he wants to stop breaking up families, we can't
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just let people quote pour into the nation. >> we want to solve family separation. i don't want children taken away from parents. and when you prosecute the parents for coming in illegally, which should happen, you have to take the children away. that's not good. we want to end the border crisis by finally giving us the legal authorities and the resources to detain and remove illegal immigrant families all together and bring them back to their country. >> bill: so today we have team fox coverage. jeff paul is live in texas. congressman peter king live on the hill with reaction there. let's start at the white house with kevin corke from the north lawn. is there concern at the white house they could lose this p.r. battle? >> they acknowledge it is not a good look given the public's perception but they also believe that americans can
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balance the need for compassion with also wanting fairness and a legal immigration law that would help people come here the right way. the way millions of others have come to this country. and they don't want a total disregard for our laws. that in part was the message the president took to capitol hill yesterday in that spirited exchange with fellow republicans. who now have the unenviable task of trying to manage an overhaul that the president will ultimately sign all while doing so under the white ho hot spotlight of international scrutiny. yesterday the president told small business leaders he is ready to act but only if the bill leads to an orderly solution to the problem. >> president trump: we don't want people pouring into our country. we want them to come in through the process, the legal system and we want ultimately a merit-based system where people come in based on merit. [applause] >> back on the hill lawmakers
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expressing optimism that something will get done. >> president trump explained why he wants to see a bill get through the house that addresses the problem of border security, making sure the money is there to build a wall and making sure parents are reunited with families and solve the daca problem. closing loopholes, ending catch and release. >> how soon they get something hammered out is anyone's guess. >> bill: with all the talk of a compromise, it is a certainty the president will sign what lawmakers will send him, can we say that? >> i think the honest answer is no. despite what he has said previously. keep this in mind. if what makes it to his desk is too watered down there is a huge political risk not just for the president but his party. i don't think we can say with certainty he will sign anything that they send him. they have to have something that meets the clear-cut ideas what the white house must have
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and not what they say are non-starters. one of the major overhaul bills could include the following. 25 billion for a border wall. something the president has said he would like to have. could also include cuts to legal immigration including ending the visa lottery an chained migration. a lengthy but certain pathway to legalization for daca recipients. part of that discussion which continues to roll on on capitol hill and right here at the white house. >> bill: big assumption to think they can get it done five months before an election. we shall see. kevin, thank you. kevin corke leading our coverage. >> sandra: protests continuing nationwide at immigrant detention centers as thousands of children separated from their families at the southern border are still being held at facilities across the southwest. and there are new reports that the influx is prompting authorities to send the
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youngest migrants to so-called tender-age shelters. jeff paul is live from a migrant detention center in texas. jeff. >> well, sandra, here we're getting reports there are expected to have even more children enter the tent facility, the one you see behind me. we've seen several buses pull up to the gates, enter the facility and drop off what appear to be young kids. once inside, these are the images provided by the government of the tent shelters. no media has been allowed to take pictures or a tour. this is separate from what is happening over in mcallen where much of the younger children are being housed. we're learning the government has set up at least three tender-age shelters in south texas for the much younger kids. a similar shelter is in the works and open up in houston. the mayor there says he isn't happy about the idea and calls the zero tolerance policy of separating kids from their
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parents immoral and unjust. >> i do not want to be an enabler in this process. i do not want the city -- i do not want the city to participate in this process. i do not want our facilities and property owners to participate in this process. >> we have requested at the very least to just go inside one of these tent facilities to see what it is like with our own eyes. those requests have been denied. we're told the tent facilities have air conditioning. out here in the desert today the high expected to be right around 104 degrees. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: for more on this i want to bring in peter king serves on the house homeland security committee and house committee on intel. good morning. were you there with the president yesterday when he came to the hill last evening? >> yes, i was.
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it was a meeting that lasted an hour. i was there the whole time. >> bill: give us a sense of the conversation. what was said? >> the president is absolutely -- feels as strongly as possible we have to pass immigration bill. talking about a bill which i think is the one that will pass if anyone does. a consensus bill that provides funding for the wall, will take care of daca and end chain migration and go toward a merit-based system and have funding in there to allow for the families to be kept together when there is the situation rather than have the child taken from the families. families would be kept together. my concern on all this, though, if we passed this -- on the whole this is a good consensus bill -- what is the senate going to do? how long will it take? we'll have more instances with children being taken from their families and that's the concern i have now. >> bill: you have an election
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in five months, 120 days on the calendar. we can all see the way congress works, is that realistic? >> it has to be. i would say if we don't get the legislation through, that the president suspend this current policy until we get the legislation through because so long -- first of all there is the human factor of the children being taken from the families. secondly, it almost prevents having an intelligent debate on the whole issue. so long as that's out there i think again it's really terrible for the families themselves but also just totally confuses and clouds the whole immigration issue. i will support this bill. i want it to get through. if it doesn't make it through the senate, then what happens? we're in the same situation. >> bill: you are asking the president to suspend -- >> that's what i would ask him. until this is resolved. >> bill: the fake news the president writes is not mentioning the safety and security of our country when talking about illegal
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immigration. our immigration are the weakest in the world and dems will do anything not to change them and obstruct. they want open borders and that means crime. your reaction. >> the democrats over the years have been hesitant to have strong borders, fought us on the wall, fought us when ice goes in and even after ms-13. we have democrats yelling about that. the democrats do not have a strong policy on immigration but at the same time i think we're playing into the hands by allowing this situation to continue. i think we can get this bill through. we get this bill through it will be solid and we go to the senate and fight over there without having all of the drama on television and the suffering on television of the families and kids being torn apart. we have to find way to get it done and we end up hurting our own case if this continues this way. >> bill: i want to squeeze in one more question here on the horowitz testimony from yesterday. 30 seconds. what's the most significant finding you think we have so
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far? >> i think the fact he was able to repeat how many abuses there were. how much bias there was. whether or not he concludes that the overall findings are biased. when you have almost everyone involved in the process being biased to me it's 12 clansmen on a jury and a african-american was convicted. you know those people are biased going in and that's the way i see this with the f.b.i. >> bill: thank you. the republican from new york. >> sandra: we'll dive deeper into both of these big stories when we welcome today's headliner alberto gonzalez will join us in the 10:00 hour and at 11:00 we'll be speaking to rudy giuliani on that and much, much more. >> bill: look forward to hearing from both those men. >> sandra: interesting stuff from pete king talking about if it continues in this way it could be hurting their cause.
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speaking on behalf of republicans. a question we want to pose to the white house. >> bill: the point he is making about suspending the policy that resonates with a lot, we'll see how many, if they don't get something past. breaking news. anti-trump f.b.i. agent center of the bombshell i.g. report was escorted out of the f.b.i. on friday. when will we finally hear from him? news on that coming up. >> sandra: north korea preparing to make good on a promise to the u.s. by returning the remains of 200 american soldiers killed during the korean war. >> bill: that news coming as the trump team defends its position to pull out of the u.n. human rights council. jack keane is here to talk about all that coming up shortly. >> we have no doubt there was once a noble vision for this council. did we need to be honest, today it's a poor defender of human rights. worse than that, the human
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booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia. >> do you believe political bias shown by this text had an effect on the initiation of the russia investigation? >> i think as you know, mr. chairman, that's a matter we have under review and are look being at right now >> bill: that could have been one of the most critical comments during yesterday's hearing. an attorney for peter strzok, he ran the russia matter for a year's time. confirms that he was escorted out of the f.b.i. building but remains on the payroll. former deputy assistant to george w. bush brad fowler and radio host richard fowler. brad, go ahead and start. what do you think we are left
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with after horowitz's testimony from yesterday? >> it was an a bomb nation. it showed there was bias at the highest levels at the f.b.i. and this is not america, this is not what the government with all the power it has should be doing. picking favorites and giving special treatment to targets of investigations. i don't care if you're republican and democrat. this stinks period. people have to be brought to justice whether it's mccabe who was fired for lying under oath. whether it's comey who leaked by his own admission and lied, or whether it's strzok who had an a bias toward the president. they need to be brought to justice and it shows the investigation continues and we need to make sure that the f.b.i. is restored to the grandeur it had in years past. >> bill: you're right about that. peter strzok, richard, says he will testify and won't take the
6:17 am
fifth. we await that. what is your takeaway? >> we have to wait to see what his testimony says. if you look at the i.g. report that came out he indicated these text messages didn't have any sort of -- they didn't get involved in the mid year review of what led to the russia investigation and i think it's important for the viewers at home to know what is happening at the f.b.i. is completely distinct and separate from the mueller investigation which has shown a number of trump associates two have been guilty of engaging in wrongdoing and crimes against the united states of america. we have to disconnect the two to make sure that we understand what's really happening here. >> bill: that's mueller's job. he cannot use anything that strzok used for a period of nine months to a year regarding the russia matter. mueller has to do that independent now of whatever action peter strzok put in place. cyprus, malta, moscow, london, or new york city or new york
6:18 am
with regard to paul manafort. it's all thrown into the mix. did the bias play a role in the lawn of muching of his investigation. here is trey gowdy's headline. >> there were f.b.i. agents and attorneys who decided to pre-judge the outcome of the hillary clinton case before the investigation ended. i want you to let that sink in for a second. they prejudged the outcome of the hillary clinton clinton investigation before the investigation ended and these same people pre-judged the outcome of the russia investigation before it even began. that's textbook bias. >> bill: that was the line we picked up from yesterday and resonates again today. did you dismiss the clinton email matter, brad, before it was concluded or looked into to move onto the russia matter. >> there is no doubt. not only do you have the bias that was shown in text messages and in statements of comey, but remember when comey started
6:19 am
this investigation he promised the country that she would be treated like every other citizen. clearly she was not. she was cleared before she was even interviewed. comey started to write his clearance of hillary in advance of her own testimony, which was not under oath and which also included staff members. this is unheard of. and this is not america. richard should be outraged not only about donald trump but what happened to hillary clinton as a result of bias and prejudice. >> i'm outraged every single solitary time we don't see accountability and transparency from police departments. that starts with nypd and f.b.i. we have a large problem in this country with unaccountable police officers and unaccountable law enforcement. >> bill: let's talk about the f.b.i. >> we've been talking about that for decades. if you think hillary clinton was treated fairly i don't think seven days before the election coming out we found more emails is being treated fairly. we need to clean up the mess at
6:20 am
the f.b.i. >> i'm saying both republicans and democrats. >> i agree with you. >> bill: we can't survive with a justice system we don't trust. >> absolutely. >> bill: you think about the job mueller has right now. this guy has to reestablish the trust of the american people in this system. last word. >> it is awful hard for mueller when his own investigation is questioned on its credibility and leaking. it's an uphill matter. >> the mueller investigation hasn't leaked at all. >> i think the american people want justice restored, not denied. >> it's pretty clear we have seen over and over again the mueller team has not leaked a bit. this is just another -- >> sure they have. >> to say the mueller investigation is illegitimate. it found many trump associates guilty and i think there are many more to come. >> bill: richard and brad, thank you. until another day, gentlemen.
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good to see you. >> sandra: south korea urging the north to present concrete steps toward denuclearization and kim jong-un wraps up a two-day trip where he met with chinese president xi. >> bill: a bill that could change law enforcement in the state of california. what is happening there? why police are pushing back. we'll explain. ♪ motorcycle revving ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪ no matter who rides point, ♪ there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. ♪♪ and just like tyrone taylor, they know what it takes to help keep you protected. are you in good hands? maybe not. maybe you could trust you won't have to actually
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>> sandra: fox news alert. north korean leader kim jong-un is in beijing meeting with president xi for a third time. it comes after the summit in singapore with president trump. south korean officials announcing sanctions against north korea will remain in effect until the rogue regime
6:25 am
completely scraps its nuclear program. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot joints us live. >> from our reports that we're getting it seems like north korean leader kim jong-un is headed back to pyongyang after a two-day meeting in beijing again it followed last week's trump/kim summit and his third visit to beijing in three months. kim meet with xi again today after formal ceremonies and meetings yesterday. according today by north korea state media the two came to an understanding on issues discussed at the singapore summit. they exchanged opinions on ways to achieve denuclearization and said they would cooperate for true peace on the korean peninsula. chinese media saying president xi offered his praise for the positive outcome of the summit and noted despite everything, china, north korea relations would not change. this beijing visit post the
6:26 am
trump/kim summit was expected. china wants to keep a finger in the developments diplomatically between north korea, u.s. and the rest of the world. >> sandra: what's the reaction from south korea so far? >> pretty strong words we're getting today from seoul, sandra, underscoring a few things that the united states is very interested in as well. despite talk again in beijing of a phased denuclearization president moon wanted north korea to present actionable plans how it will scrap its nukes and missiles and the decision to suspend u.s./south korea joint military exercises that was confirmed this week by both countries. today south korean foreign minister said it was not irreversible. the drills could be restarted if there was no substantive progress on the talks. one final note, an important one for the united states, the
6:27 am
new reports, sandra, we're getting is the remains of maybe as many as 200 u.s. service members lost since the korean war, some 65 years ago, could be returned by north korea maybe in the next couple of days. that a definite outcome of the singapore summit. >> sandra: hard to believe it was just one week ago. >> bill: as greg mentioned the military and south korea and u.s. military getting ready for the turnover of remains. 200 soldiers dying during the korean war. an agreement was reached last week in singapore. 36,000 u.s. troops died in that conflict. 7700 still considered missing. retired four star general jack keane is live to take us through this and the next steps for this process in a few moments. this is building trust and relationship. you do this, you do that. step-by-step we go. general keane will have that.
6:28 am
>> sandra: president trump calling on congress to step in and take action. >> president trump: what i'm asking congress to do is to give us a third option. the legal authority to detain and promptly remove families together as a unit. we have to be able to do this. >> sandra: as outrage over his zero tolerance immigration policy escalates the two bills making their way through congress that are getting support from the white house. will congress find its way out of this controversial issue?
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6:32 am
>> president trump: this law has been broken for many years. we had a great meeting. >> don't you have kids, mr. president? how would you like -- >> all of the members of the republican conference support the plan that keeps families together. >> if they truly believe it's shameful will they have the courage to stand up to this president? >> the president alone can fix it with this flick of a pen. mr. president, i'll lend you my pen. any pen. you can fix it yourself. >> sandra: media buzz host howie kurtz joins me now. >> good morning. 95% of the coverage of president trump's handling of this issue has been not just negative but a moral condemnation that we haven't seen really since charlottesville. there is something about the images and leaked audio of crying children being separated
6:33 am
from their parents that has just prompted a lot of fierce attacks on the president as inhumane and it is not just the liberal media, although it has been wall-to-wall on the other cable news channels. the "new york post" and "wall street journal" run scathing editorials on this issue. as well conservative radio host say it may be trump's katrina and journalists are quoting lawmakers and usually support the president who turned on him over this emotional issue. media outlets have accused the president of lying about this. the problem here is that while president trump says he can't unilaterally fix this. not only have most independent fact checkers disagreed but this video of jeff sessions and also john kelly talking about zero tolerance as a new policy initiative by the administration that would result in the separation of
6:34 am
families. it creates the impression fairly or unfairly the president is using this issue as leverage to try to get a broader immigration package out of congress. but much of the media are leaving out some important context here. for example, the conditions at these warehouses, converted buildings being used to house the children, those date to the obama administration. we didn't hear much about it then and a court decree that limits the administration's option. children can be held for 20 days. chuck schumer rejected an offer from mitch mcconnell who said every republican senator would stop the separation policy but you don't see a lot of pundits saying senator schumer is insensitive to the plight of the children the way they are piling on the president. >> sandra: what makes this different from so many other controversies that have surrounded this president? >> you know, immigration is complicated. people don't know all the details. but heart rending images and
6:35 am
descriptions of crying children being separated from parents, that kind of cuts through the political noise and makes it different. one other point. for all the media anguish here. a lot is genuine on the part of parents who can identify, 55% of republicans in a poll support the president's policy even on family separation and so as this plays out the white house is going to try to use this issue. not the family separation that will be dealt with in a period of time but use the broader issue of illegal immigration as a key way of galvanizing their voters in the mid-terms. >> sandra: howie kurtz, thank you. our next guest has become part of the story. corey lewandowski joins us now. dealing with children is a very sensitive and highly charged subject. you made a comment last night that has gotten a lot of attention in the media. would you like to address that right now? >> i would love to address it. my comments was specifically about zach trying to politicize the use of children as a
6:36 am
political foot ball in this discussion because the law is very clear. when parents commit crimes by coming into this country, regardless of who their children are, they are separated because we are a nation of laws. that has never changed. this is a policy that is implemented under the obama administration and congress can change this. but they have chosen not to do that. so it doesn't matter to me if you come with one child or ten children, nobody wants to see their parents separated from their children. but the parents understand that by coming to this country illegally they are committing a crime and there are consequences just as there would be in any other country in the world. so let's not make this about politicizing children. let's make it about the rules and the laws and congress has the ability to change that. >> sandra: to be clear, you were not speaking about the young girl with downs syndrome that was separated from her parents at the border. >> look, i don't know the young
6:37 am
girl that zach referenced. i was mocking zach, a liberal democrat national committee activist who is doing nothing but politicizing the issue of making an example of one particular child. if we are going to talk about children and illegal immigration let's talk about kate steinle and jameel shaw who were permanently separated from their families because they were killed by illegal immigrants. let's talk about brian terry and his family. the border agent who was killed. a police officer killed on the border and whose son was shot on the face in his stoop in california by an illegal immigrant and kate steinle. let's talk about families permanently separated because the mainstream media has been so outrageous about this. they didn't discuss this during the obama administration. they didn't. >> sandra: children are caught up in this. >> i understand. change the laws. >> sandra: hold on a second. there are some who say the president can change this with a the stroke of his pen.
6:38 am
you heard chuck schumer say it. the president saying he can't do this unilaterally. what are you asking for? and i want to go back to the words and the rhetoric what is being used around this. it is so highly charged and it is pulling at all of our heart strings. reports of these tender-age shelters. of migrant children so young they are finding a separate place for them because of the influx of children being separated from their parents at the border. that pulls at your heart strings. i know you are a parent. it's a difficult situation for us as americans to look on and see this is happening at our border. >> nobody wants to see children separated from their parents. but the parents have to understand when they come to this country illegally, those are the consequences. now we can change the laws. congress has the ability to do that. but right now this administration is implementing a zero tolerance policy but they are fulfilling the laws
6:39 am
that congress has implemented and just think for a second. >> sandra: i know that you -- >> hold on a second. >> sandra: let me bring in the numbers. from mid april through the end of may an average of 46 children are separated a day from their parents at the border. since the zero tolerance policy has been being enforced by this administration an average of 65 children have been separated from their parents each day, corey. i know you talk to the president. does he feel like when it comes to the images that are splashed across tv screens across the country now does he feel like he is losing this battle? >> this president and any parent never wants to see children separated from their families. nobody wants to see that. let's be very clear about that. but the parents have an opportunity to not have that happen by not committing a crime which is coming to the country illegally. if they want to seek political asylum there is a process to do that. what they are doing is a
6:40 am
disservice to their families and every other person applying legally to come to this country. this is back on the parents who understand what the consequences are. this isn't on the children. it is not their fault. it is the parents' fault for making a trek to come into a country illegally. think for one second if we were a different country. if these parents tried to cross the border of china, what would the consequences be. when you break the law there are consequences. if you want to come to this country, do it legally like everybody else. if you want to seek political asylum do it properly. but don't put your children in a position -- i don't want to get into private conversations i may or may not have with the president. let me be clear. it's very important. this is on the parents, not on the children. if your parents are doing something that you are putting your children in harm's way, shame on you. >> sandra: there are some who saw your words last night as overlooking an individual when there are so many affected by this.
6:41 am
do you feel that you owe an apology of any sort? >> an apology? i owe an apology to the children whose parents are putting them in a position that is forcing them to be separated. we owe an apology to jameel shaw and brian terry and kate steinle's family who have allowed those individuals to be killed by illegal aliens. the american people owe an apology to those people. when you cross the border illegally you have committed a crime and there is accountability for committing crimes and there should be. >> sandra: thanks for coming on the program this morning. >> thank you. >> bill: fox news alert 18 minutes before the hour. brand-new reaction from the national security advisor john bolton. today on a bold move by the u.s. at the u.n. >> we're actually self-governing in this country. we have a constitution. we make our share of mistakes and we correct them. we don't need advice by the u.n. or other international bodies how to govern ourselves. >> bill: the u.s. will leave
6:42 am
the u.n. human rights council as north korea commits to returning the remains of up to 200 american soldiers who died during the korean war. retired four star general jack keane weighs in on that next. >> sandra: we have a big show for you ahead. former attorney general alberto gonzalez will be here at the top of the hour and one hour later rudy giuliani is on deck as "america's newsroom" continues. when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at is not a marathon. it's a series of smart choices. and when you replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna made with carbsteady to help minimize blood sugar spikes you can really feel it. glucerna. everyday progress.
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6:46 am
how are you doing, general. good morning to you. i see this as trust building. we pulled off on the military exercises with south korea, they fulfilled their obligation on the process for beginning the return of our american soldiers. how do you see it? >> it's definitely a positive step. we have 8,000 remains potential to get 5,000 back actually. we've had a few hundred returned through the years. certainly this is a step in that direction. we have some sense of where these remains are concentrated so there will be a lot more than the 200 coming home, yeah. that is absolutely a step in the right direction. the exercise that you mentioned is really a command post exercise that is largely without a lot of troops. it's where the headquarters practice war games against the north koreans and it is condition-based, bill. we could still start that exercise again in august if north koreans are not continuing to make progress.
6:47 am
>> bill: you're okay with that. >> i am. i know the media made a big deal out of it. it is not that big a deal. >> bill: how about kim going to china three times in a month. >> he has been in power for seven years and during all that time he never met with another national leader. he has now done that six times since the olympics in february. in four months he has seen president xi three times and he has met with the south korean president twice and our president. he is in beijing clearly because china wants to make certain that kim jong-un is not falling underneath the orbit of the united states. they want -- they want to make certain that kim jong-un stays in the orbit of china. and that china is still very much involved in this process going forward. that's what those meetings are about. >> bill: interesting. here in new york the u.n. -- the united states is withdrawing from the u.n. human
6:48 am
rights council. brad schafer writes the 12-year-old council is deeply flawed, inconsistent. heavely biased against israel and some of the worst dictatorships. no facts are in dispute. nikki haley came out yesterday and went to the microphone to reinforce the u.s. decision when she said this. >> if the human rights council will attack countries that uphold human rights and shield countries that abuse human rights america should not provide it with any credibility. instead, we will continue to lead on human rights outside the misnamed human rights council. >> bill: the obama administration rejoined in 2009. 2018 we're no longer in it. how do you read this? >> absolutely a very good call. this is one of the most political hypocritical organizations in the u.n. it reflects the general attitude in the u.n. which is largely anti-israel and also to
6:49 am
a degree anti-american. and they don't go -- they don't go after the major human rights abusers in the world and yet they have three abusers that are part of the council. what are we talking about here? iran, venezuela and republic of congo. they've gone after israel multiple times. i was looking at the data this morning. in 10 years it's 70 times they have condemned israel. israel is the only full throat democracy in the middle east. it protects individual rights. and there are human rights abusers all around them that don't get condemned by this council. i think the administration has made the right move. previous administrations haven't done it because it's a human rights council and don't want to pull out of that. it looks like we aren't for human rights. this administration has the spine to stands up and say it's a hypocritical organization. we're not for this organization and we are for human rights. >> bill: thank you, come back
6:50 am
again. we'll talk soon. thank you, sir. >> sandra: food stamp enrollment falling to an eight-year low. charles payne joins us in the next hour to talk about the trump effect on our booming economy. >> bill: also efforts are underway in california to make some major changes on police policy. could this move endanger police officers on the job or is it a better policy in the end? coming up on that.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> sandra: are you loving this music? >> bill: i think we should have the cook-out in here. the white house firing up the grill getting ready for a congressional grill tomorrow. the chefs are cooking up steaks
6:54 am
and treats for lawmakers to enjoy. marinate it today. 24 hours marinate it. >> sandra: are you good on the grill? >> bill: that's one thing hemmer can do, actually. >> sandra: the ohio boy can grill. >> bill: maybe fridays what we'll do is "america's newsroom" barbecue in studio j. >> sandra: i like it. are we sticking with that jazzy thing? >> bill: i like it. i vote for it. >> sandra: we have a more to get to including this. lawmakers in california trying to change the standards for police to use deadly force with one proposal already clearing its first hurdle. adam housley is live in los angeles with this. adam. >> the headline is simple but the possible implications are far reaching as lifornia lawmakers are considering to change the standard of police use of deadly force and pitting lawmakers against law enforcement here in the golden state. the possible change to the reasonable force standard as has been updated in california
6:55 am
since 1872. it is being led by lawmakers in response to the march 18th killing of steven clark in sacramento. police officers shot him when they mistook a cell phone for a handgun. it lets police officers only fire in imminent or serious injury. change the existing standard of reasonable fear where police can use deadly force if officers believe they have reason to fear for their safety. the bill in part says this bill would limit the use of deadly force as defined by a peace officer to those situations where it is necessary as defined to prevent imminent and serious bodily injury or death to the officer or to another person. now, again that's just part of this as you might imagine law enforcement in the golden state against this saying it will cause more problems. i did look up some numbers for you sandra as well. in 2016 which the last numbers that we have there were 157 suspects killed here in california. and there were 11 police
6:56 am
officers killed as well. law enforcement says if this does pass here it will change the standard in other places across the country and make their lives more difficult and dangerous here. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: fox news alert. nationwide immigration showdown. former a.g. alberto gonzalez is live in a matter of moments as the outrage escalates over the zero tolerance pollz. we'll get to that and more. rudy giuliani top of the 11:00 a.m. hour. east coast time we'll talk to the president's attorney about what is happening based on the i.g. testimony of yesterday. and there is a lot to talk about. come on back. no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it. bp is taking safety to new heights. using drones and robots offshore so engineers can stop potential problems before they start.
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and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. >> sandra: the president says he wants congress to step in and do their jobs as the battle over separating families and protecting the border heats up. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. in a few moments we'll hear from the house republican leadership weekly news conference about to begin on the hill. hope to get reaction from the big evening last night with president trump on the hill. in the meantime, tempers flaring on all sides over immigration. >> fury and finger pointing the cries of children taken from their parents sparking new outrage in d.c. >> what country is that? this is the united states of america. >> the policy we're talking
7:01 am
about was implemented by this administration and they could change it if they wanted to. >> mr. president, don't you have kids? don't you have kids, mr. president? >> sandra: president trump not only remains defiant he is digging in and standing by his zero tolerance policy. >> which is separating hundreds of children from their parents at the southern border. >> president trump: we can either release all illegal immigrant families and minors who show up at the border from central america or we can arrest the adults for the federal crime of illegal entry. >> the president alone can fix it with this click of a pen by signing a presidential order. mr. president, i'll lend you my pen. >> the president wants congress to fix it. >> fox has learned the compromise bill the house leadership has crafted would take steps to address the parent and child being separated at the border issue. what has become the critical
7:02 am
topic on capitol hill. >> we need to say we have to act. when that happens, we act. >> sandra: let's get into it with our headliner alberto gonzalez was attorney general under president george w. bush and is now dean at belmont university of law. thank you for your time this morning. you are also the author of "true faith and allegiance." the story of service and sacrifice in war and peace. i'll ask you the big question of the morning and can these two sides come together? can we find common ground on this issue and solve the problem? >> well, i hope so. i think we need to. i do agree with the president that congress needs to do its job. immigration really falls within the province and responsibility of the congress and through legislation we get long-term solutions that are supported by the representative of the american people as opposed to the executive taking action which can be undone next week
7:03 am
or by the next president or even by the next congress. so this is -- immigration as a general matter is very important to this country because of the pollz. it helps our economy and helps our national security. congress needs to work together to get the support of the president and pass legislation that deals with this once and for all. >> bill: here is the president on this the idea of separation an the law itself. >> president trump: under current law we have only two policy options to respond to this massive crisis. we can either release all illegal immigrant families and minors who show up at the border from central america, or we can arrest the adults for the federal crime of illegal entry. those are the only two options totally open borders or
7:04 am
criminal prosecution for law breaking. and you want to be able to do that. >> bill: what do you think of that and your ideas to find a solution? >> i'm not sure i know of anyone who is advocating totally open borders. that's crazy in a post 9/11 world. we have to know who is coming into this country and why. we cannot have 12 or 15 million people in this country in some kind of unlawful status. and that can be addressed through a permanent solution represented by legislation. so i think the president is setting up a false dichotomy quite frankly. we should -- because we are a nation of laws, we should have a process in place where we do make an evaluation as an initial matter at the border as to whether or not someone presents a threat to the united states. but there are different means dealing with individuals depending on their circumstances in terms of what we do with them once they come to the border and once we
7:05 am
determine they aren't a threat to the united states. so that is something that congress working with the president needs to work out. >> sandra: emotions are high for sure right now alberto and you see these images all over the tv screens and front of the newspapers of children being separated from their families at the border and meanwhile you have democrats like chuck schumer saying that the president can fix this with the stroke of his pen. here he is doing it. i want to get your reaction on the other side. >> the president alone can fix it with this click of a pen by signing a presidential order to end the agonizing screams of small children who have been separated from their parents. mr. president, i'll lend you my pen, any pen. you can fix it yourself. there is no need for legislation. there is no need for anything else. you can do it. mr. president, you started it, you can stop it. >> sandra: get your reaction to that. >> normally i have to agree
7:06 am
with chuck schumer. the president could halt immediately the separation of children from their parents. but that would relieve the pressure on congress quite frankly to pass legislation that would deal not only with this issue but other issues related to immigration. that i would worry about. congress needs to do its job and i would say probably the only good thing about all of this mess with the children being separated is it is placing tremendous pressure on the congress to do something. >> bill: and you know how they have batted this issue around for years. you have a mid-term election in five months. it strikes me as highly unlikely that they could get a resolution here. peter king told us last hour is if you can't get a solution in congress suspend the policy. john roberts has given us word from the white house there will be an executive order that could be signed soon to allow these families to stay together. if that happens that would seem to take a bit of heat off this
7:07 am
issue at least for now. would you agree? >> absolutely. i just said that. one of the down sides of the president taking executive action which he does have the discretion to do is that it would relieve pressure on congress to do something. you're right, republicans fearful of the reaction by voters might decide it is better to leave the status quo. but again, you know, this is an issue you're right that has confounded previous administrations and congresss dealing with the issue of immigration it imply indicates our national security and families and the nature of who we are as a nation. it is so politicized we're stuck on this. we elect our leaders in congress and the white house to solve these very difficult issues. the states cannot do it. the states suffer from it. so i remain optimistic and hopeful that congress and the president will do their job and deal with immigration. >> sandra: if we do see this move by the president to sign
7:08 am
something to keep these families together at the border, at least some sort of temporary measure to do so, would that be seen as him not enforcing the rule of law or can he still do that and enforce the law? >> i think he has the discretion to do something. who will challenge this? and those who are concerned about it in the congress, you know, they can address it by passing legislation to deal with it. so i don't see this -- this would result in a serious challenge to the president. quite a contrary. there would be widespread support. >> bill: you lived in washington for a while. some people use this issue to use it to their own advantage. let's see what congress does or whether or not there is an executive order from the white house today. did you see the inspector general's hearing yesterday? >> i saw 10 minutes of it. >> bill: we watched the whole thing. here is trey gowdy during that hearing yesterday.
7:09 am
watch here. >> we see jim comey and jim comey alone deciding which d.o.j. policies to follow and which to ignore. we see jim comey and jim comey alone deciding whether there is sufficient evidence to support each and every element of an offense. we see jim comey and jim comey alone deciding whether to send a letter to congress in the throes of a looming election. >> bill: i don't know what you saw. you said 10 minutes. i'm certain you've read a lot more than that. what did we learn? is james comey facing prosecution? is the mueller investigation tainted because of what peter strzok did or did not do for a period of 12 months when he ran the russia matter? what do you think, sir? >> well, i understand that there is some speculation as to whether or not jim comey is facing prosecution for the leak of memos to outsiders that might have contained classified information and jim has responded he considered those to be his diary. it doesn't matter. if you have information, if you
7:10 am
disclose that information in whatever form that should not be disclosed, then there is a potential for certainly referral to the criminal division and possible prosecution. we'll just have to wait and see about that. with respect to whether or not -- what else came out of that hearing i'm very concerned about the actions of certain individuals, the statements by certain individuals through texts which really do taint the investigation, the hillary clinton server investigation. i don't see it necessarily tainting the mueller investigation but it does create doubts and it does provide talking points for the opposition. i think that is very unfortunate. so i'm very disappointed at the actions of some of the individuals within the f.b.i. they have brought great discredit to a wonderful organization. and i'm hopeful that general
7:11 am
session and director wray will take the appropriate steps to restore confidence in the f.b.i. because there have been some serious mistakes and a series of failures have occurred within that particular agency. >> sandra: considering how far it's gone, do you think that faith can be restored at the f.b.i.? >> i do. because i know the men and women that work there and, you know, they are dedicated, they are hard working. they care very much about their reputation and quite frankly we need to all have confidence in the bureau. when they present evidence to the prosecutor those prosecutors can make representations on behalf of the united states. i am hopeful it can be restored but it is necessary to be restored. >> bill: the foundation of our country and our democracy. we have to trust the judicial process. sir, thank you for your time. come on back, okay? alberto gonzalez our headliner today. thank you, sir.
7:12 am
>> sandra: we'll continue to follow that breaking news on the president weighing executive action as we await to hear from house republican leaders. that could come at any moment now and a report from the white house at the top of the next hour on immigration and family separations. it is a hot topic today. >> bill: president trump's personal lawyer calling robert mueller's russia matter a kangaroo court. rudy giuliani is live at the top of the next hour. >> sandra: peter strzok escorted from headquarters as the justice department conducts a review of political bias in the russia investigation. >> i have never in 20 years being a prosecutor seen a law enforcement agent with this amount of animus and bias towards a target.
7:13 am
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>> so working families can prosper. >> bill: from house speaker paul ryan the news conference continues there. we'll see what action they take or don't take. we're hearing word from job roberts there is consideration
7:16 am
for an executive order about the issue of keeping families from being separated. stay tuned. more on that coming up moments from here. moments from now we should say. there is this. breaking news on the f.b.i. agent at the center of the anti-trump bias uncovered by the d.o.j. watchdog. peter strzok was let out of f.b.i. headquarters on friday but still on the payroll as the i.g. investigates bias in the russia matter. house republicans taking aim at strzok's conduct yesterday on the hill. >> strzok's obsession with donald trump and the russia investigation. they have led him to take his eyes off of the wiener laptop so that's one example of outcome determinative bias. if someone is pre-judging the outcome of an investigation before it ends and someone is pre-judging the outcome of an investigation before it even begins, what is more textbook
7:17 am
bias than pre-judging this investigation? >> sandra: let's go to the "america's newsroom" a-team. marie harf is the co-host of benson and harf and fox news analyst. maria bartiromo is anchor of mornings with maria here on fox news. jonah goldberg senior editor and author of suicide of the west. when i say a-team, i mean a-team. >> bill: we don't have to read off your resume every time. do we? welcome back to new york city. what do you think based on what we heard? >> i think devin nunes made a good comment on sunday on my show sunday morning futures saying you either want to be a part of the cleanup crew or the cover-up crew. and it is interesting that we're just getting this text from peter strzok here in the i.g. report when he says we'll
7:18 am
stop. at least page said will donald trump become president? no, we'll stop it. that was on august 8th of 2016. peter strzok took over the trump russia collusion case on july 31, 2016. nine days later he said we'll stop it. four days after that he said we need an insurance policy. we knew about the insurance policy text. but we're just getting we'll stop it now. so again, are you part of the cleanup or are you part of the cover-up? >> i think it's indisputable that peter strzok is in trouble. this looks really bad for the f.b.i. and it is interesting to watch the dynamic between horowitz, who is trying to skirt this line about saying there was bias but it didn't influence the political decisions or the final decisions, and christopher wray the head of the f.b.i. wanting to be cleanup but there is nothing to see here, everything is fine. this may i think probably will bleed over into the russia investigation. i don't know if bleeds over
7:19 am
into the mueller investigation. he found out and fired peter strzok. >> bill: the problem with that is strzok was running the investigation for upwards of 12 months. mueller has to take everything that strzok did and throw it out the window because it is tainted. >> i don't know that's true. it is entirely obvious that strzok was biased. but look at this this way. say what you will about mark furman. o.j. was still guilty. so it depends what actual facts -- >> bill: excellent point. however, if you were in a court of law, right, and you are an attorney and prosecuting a case and put peter strzok on the witness stand, you can impugn his credibility with ease. >> the thing though the mueller investigation is going to a court of law with regard to donald trump. >> there is no evidence of any
7:20 am
collusion and obstruction for the special counsel. one thing nunes keeps saying, what was the initial intelligence that caused you to launch an investigation into donald trump and potential collusion in the first place? we don't have any. >> entire intelligence apparatus including donald trump's appointees who are relevant say the russians did meddle in the 2016 election. >> donald trump didn't have anything to do with it. >> we have 14 members of the trump team admitted to having discussions with russians during the campaign and not being truthful about it. there may be no fire there but there is -- i can name all of them. a lot of smoke. when you start with people like everyone from jeff sessions to carter page to a number of other people if they're not guilty of something, they're sure acting like they are. bob mueller has tangible facts he is following up on and the strzok situation i agree with jonah, he is in trouble. it doesn't taint the whole
7:21 am
mueller investigation. the president is trying to use it politically to do that which i think is a problem. >> sandra: we might hear from him soon from peter strzok himself. he says -- his lawyer says he is volunteering to testify. trey gowdy said next week. >> i think he should. >> bill: goodlatte and gowdy made it clear and sent a big message to strzok. listen to this. >> we want to have him before the committee. he has now indicated that he would come voluntarily but he has not pinned himself down on when. so we are imminently going to issue a subpoena to him to appear next week. >> sandra: subpoena has been prepared and not issued yet. >> it is ready to go. >> sandra: we should expect to see peter strzok testify publicly next week? >> we're still open to working with him but he needs to understand that he has to do it on our timetable, not on his. so if he is going to appear
7:22 am
voluntarily his lawyer better contact us right away because the subpoena is coming. >> sandra: very clear message was sent there. >> i missed the interview heading home from special report. but did you ask whether or not strzok has said he will plead the fifth for not? >> that's the big question. if he is subpoenaed and sits down and pleads the fifth. >> he says he is more than eager to testify. >> that can change. >> he should testify. he is being painted in the media on these text messages. they don't represent his entire career with the f.b.i. i think for his own sake and for all of our sakes i would like for him to answer some questions. >> that's the one window we've seen into the f.b.i. and the animus against donald trump. he opened it up. >> sandra: the stupidity of
7:23 am
having an affair and texting like this on f.b.i. phones. that stands apart. >> bill: you ask a very important and significant question. >> sandra: she does that a lot. >> bill: what was the impetus for strzok to start the investigation in the first place? what was it? >> there is no intelligence -- official intelligence used. nunes has said to me multiple times that we have something called the five i, partnerships across the world. australia and other countries and he has seen no official evidence that was actually out there that launched the trump investigation. >> bill: what about the papadopoulos drunken conversation in london or what about carter page making trips to moscow? could one or the other be the reason why? >> to launch the investigation on collusion with russia. >> bill: has nunes said that. >> no, he said there was no
7:24 am
intelligence. >> a lot of republicans disagree with him including gowdy and rubio. >> it was not peter strzok who decided to open the russia investigation. it was throughout the f.b.i. and throughout the intelligence community. they started picking up signals that something might be going on and followed up on it from a counter intelligence perspective. >> who gave the directive? was it president obama? you have to ask yourself who gave the directtive. we can't find evidence of collusion or obstruction, why? >> i disagree there is no evidence of collusion. to maria's point, the intelligence community should put more information out when they can about why this was started because in the absence of that you have a lot of assertions being made. >> i've been skeptical of the collusion charge against donald trump. there is open testimony that the trump campaign wanted to collude with foreign powers. >> so did hillary.
7:25 am
she paid for the dossier. she actually did work with an outsider to get the dossier to use it to get a fisa warrant. >> the dossier is a hot mess. i don't buy it's proof of collusion. the attempt to collude comes from donald trump junior and people who attended the trump tower meeting hoping they would bring dirt. >> sandra: i think the chairman before that interview peter strzok and his attorney issued a statement after being escorted from headquarters. despite being put through a highly questionable process pete has complied with every f.b.i. procedure including being escorted from the building as part of the ongoing internal proceedings. it calls into question the impartiality of the disciplinary process which now appears tainted by political influence instead of publicly calling for a long-serving f.b.i. agent to be fired. politicians should allow the
7:26 am
disciplinary process to play out free from political pressure. >> what does not complying with two armed security guards escorting you from the f.b.i. look like? he is lawyering up. it is a political fight now. he is in trouble and he deserves to be. >> bill: what did the i.g. conclude about hillary clinton's intent? >> this was significant. when you see the i.g. report there wasn't -- in the interview of hillary clinton by the f.b.i. there was not one mention -- not one question number one of the tarmac meeting. no questions in the interview with hillary clinton of her husband meeting with loretta lynch on the tarmac. no discussion whatsoever of what was the intention of having a private server? right there let's ask ourselves what do you think the intent was of having a private server? >> bill: keep it offline.
7:27 am
>> no discussion on what the intent was of hillary clinton having a private server. i'm troubled by that. >> bill: stand by, marie and maria and jonah. >> sandra: answers to the questions, we have more questions. our big story of the day new reaction pouring in from the white house and the halls of congress over the battle over immigration. john roberts is now reporting the white house is weighing executive action on this issue and rudy giuliani in just a moment.
7:28 am
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7:31 am
>> bill: back live on capitol hill kevin mccarthy taking questions we're waiting for paul ryan. back with jonah and marie and maria. the president tweeting this a moment ago on immigration. the fake news is not mentioning the safety and security of our country when talking about illegal immigration. our immigration laws are the weakest and work anywhere in the world. the dems will do anything not
7:32 am
to change them and to obstruct. want open borders which means crimes. what is our level of confidence that this congress can move on something that has been thrown around for decades? >> low. i think the tweet is interesting. it is consistent with the rhetoric -- this is the worst message policy screw-up in any president of my lifetime. bragging about how it's the policy. others taking deep offense at the cues this is their policy and the president of the united states blaming it on the opposing party one day saying he likes this policy and another day says he doesn't like it. regardless what you think of the moral horror at the border the messaging it has been a disaster. a lot of people in the white house subscribe to the view that as long as immigration is an issue they win. they're right when the issue is about ms-13 and that kind of
7:33 am
stuff which is why they try to turn it into ms-13. the little kids aren't ms3. they're little kids. >> the last number of months we saw it was wrong and put the fix in the bill to begin with. this court ruling goes back to 2008. the law should not have our government choose between enforcing our borders and enforcing our law and securing the borders and keeping families together. it's a ridiculous choice. tomorrow we'll have a vote on legislation that makes sure that we can enforce our laws and keep families together. it is about custody. doj versus dhs. you know that. we're saying stick with dhs and we'll finance facilities for families to make sure that they can be taken care of. so we don't have to have this ridiculous choice between enforcing our borders and enforcing the law and keeping families together. we think it's a false choice.
7:34 am
>> if the bill is unable to pass tomorrow night, what is plan b and also -- >> everybody asks that. this bill is plan b for us to begin with. so right now we're focused on this legislation. it solves daca in a good solution for that. we're focused getting this bill pass. the president asked members to support this bill. that's our focus. if other things happen we'll cross those bridges when we get to it. >> have you asked the president to put a pause on this policy? >> he asked us to pass this legislation that stops the policy for good. yeah. >> your legislation appropriates $7 million for new family detention centers. that will take time to build. what happens until those are built and to follow up has the president guaranteed if this bill passes he would put a pause on that until you can get
7:35 am
your legislation implemented? >> i refer you to kirstjen nielsen. you have to change the law so we can make sure custody stays with dhs. that's important and why we're voting on this tomorrow. >> last question. >> would you entertain a narrow emergency bill that would reunite families. >> we're trying to pass this legislation right now. this is good compromise legislation that not only solves the child separation issue at the border but solves the border and daca and a lot of our broken immigration parts. right now we're focusing on passing this legislation that's coming to the floor tomorrow and then when other situations arise, what other circumstances are we'll cross those bridges when we get to it. >> are you worried it will send a message you use these kids as leverage if you say you want to reunite these families and you have to vote for -- >> that's a ridiculous assertion. i said this last week in my press conference. we don't think people should be
7:36 am
separated at the border but not make the government have to choose between whether to support the law, secure the border and keep families intact. they ought to do all those things and why we're having a vote on this tomorrow. thank you. >> bill: the house is one thing. i don't know what you do on the senate side. this is a tall mountain to climb. there is paul ryan there his latest commentary. peter king was with us last hour says if you don't get anything done on the hill he has encouraged the president to suspend the pollz. on the heels of that john roberts says some sort of executive action could be taken today by the white house. >> sandra: a vote tomorrow. >> this is a tough one. i don't think they'll be able to pass anything. you won't get the help on the left number one. to get it to the president's desk and nobody wants the families to be separated. that's the position across the board. there is also the law and a legal way to enter this country and be here. what's the answer?
7:37 am
i just don't know. >> i hope donald trump does the executive order today. with one signature he could end the policy of separating congress today. i have no confidence this bill will pass the house because the republicans can't even get on the same page when it includes daca and includes everything else. so we cannot let a process in congress that is going nowhere keep these kids separated from their parents. morally and just from pure politics which i hate to even bring up in such an emotional moral issue. this does not look good. it is not good and the president who has always said i alone can fix things, he love executive order, he could fix this and he should. >> sandra: we'll see what john roberts brings in the report at the top of the hour. what he is telling us his sources say an executive action like this one would seem to run afoul of the 1997 court order that restricts families from being detained together for
7:38 am
longer than 20 days and per his reporting it would draw a lawsuit. >> i'm sure it would. lots of things that donald trump has done that invited lawsuits. again, to get on the policy side. in fairness to the trump administration this is a vexing problem. the flores decision just had minor in it. it creates legal problems. we now have more whole families or groups with kids. that wasn't the case when this consent decree was created or when the laws were created. it used to be single males. it is a problem, a real policy problem. a problem for the obama and trump administration. politically this unites independents and democrats and a lot of waivering republicans and divides the republican coalition. not what donald trump needs. >> it's what the democrats want
7:39 am
going into the mid-terms. >> particularly women. >> bill: they are taking people out of the middle of the desert and to sort out if they are a son or a daughter and human trafficking and smuggling. tough stuff. >> i do think chuck schumer made a huge mistake last night sounding like he doesn't want to do anything. >> he said it's trump's problem. >> he could have lied. he could have said we want to be constructive but really keep the focus on trump. he basically said no, this is the republican's problem and we'll leave it with trump. >> he wants this issue front and center in november. that's what they want. >> i'm hearing from so many of my female republican build the wall conservative friends who this is the first issue they have thought what is donald trump doing? i cannot support this. it is really getting at something in this country that we haven't seen yet. over the weekend it exploded and people in the country are
7:40 am
talking about it not just new york and d.c. this is in a different place it was a week ago. >> sandra: pete king was clear. if it keeps going this direction it is not a good look for the party and the president may be losing that battle. >> bill: see what happens next hour. marie, maria, jonah, thank you. you guys are terrific. in a moment we're getting a big update on the number of americans enrolled in the food stamp program. the stunning new numbers. charles payne is on deck. >> sandra: rudy giuliani is here to react after the d.o.j. inspector general is reviewing whether an f.b.i. agent's anti-trump bias affected the russia investigation. that's all at the top of the hour. stay tuned. for my joint pain.
7:41 am
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>> sandra: charles has new numbers from the department of agriculture showing that food stamp enrollment has fallen to an eight-year low. this as president trump touts the economic gains made on his watch. >> president trump: for many years washington tried to hold you back and tear you down crushing the american small business with crippling taxes and oppressive regulation. but all that has changed starting in november 2016. main street is thriving and america is winning once again. >> sandra: charles payne is here to take us through these numbers. eight-year low for food stamp enrollment. you were hot on the rising number of people enrolling in food stamps for so many years. what do you think of this? >> it's interesting. we always focus on the upper end of the economy how corporations are doing, how rich people are doing.
7:46 am
this gets back to the notion that the same tide lifts all ships. if you have a great economy everyone will benefit. we see it with the people hit hardest in the great recession. december 2012 we were almost 48 million individuals on food stamps. at the beginning of this fiscal year it was 45.6 million. in october of last year. we're down to 40 million individuals and the number is dropping. another thing that is changing, the program they put in able-bodied adults without dependent children put that in as an emergency measure. fewer and fewer counties every month that need this anymore. that's a very important thing because now these folks are saying find a job, go back to school or get a job training. this is in every state. not a red state/blue state thing. connecticut, california and everywhere else. >> bill: you think in a country of 320 million what are we now? that number is bigger than anyone would like.
7:47 am
>> it is bigger than what anyone would like but when you consider the 6.7 million jobs out there, 6.4 million people who can find them it is remarkable. another thing i think we should talk about a lot of people abuse the social security disability program during the great recession. in fact, a lot of able-bodied young men. men 27 years old who could do any kind of job out there, they went and abused the system. called the crazy check. go into the office and say economy is so bad i can't take it. that almost went bankrupt. we saw it go from $215 in reserves to $30 billion in reserves. the reserves are back up and the number of people on that. last year 1.5 million fewer people signed up for the program. more scrutiny and money set aside for people who need the program. >> sandra: what is with the stock market? negative for the year the dow? >> nasdaq is at an all-time
7:48 am
high. reflective at an economy. winnebago up 2% on record revenues and earnings. winnebago. driven by guess what? the millennials. >> bill: a road trip. tariffs, orrin hatch said this yesterday. watch here. >> i'm not a big fan of tariffs. i think it's a mistake to impose tariffs because there is always retaliation. and i really don't think that we need that. we need free and open trading situations and we've always stood for that. i'm a little bit concerned about the way the administration is moving. >> bill: how long does it last before it's settled? >> it will last weeks, not months. i'm a big fan of orrin hatch but i think he is wrong. that thinking is why our trading partners took advantage us for a long period of time.
7:49 am
if we raise our tariffs to match yours you'll see how unfair it is and watch the rest of the world start to blink. >> sandra: looking sharp. >> bill: he will look sharp in a winnebago. >> i'll tell you my rv story one time. >> sandra: are they buying the winnebago -- >> living for the moment. not about saving money. millennials love to enjoy the day. tomorrow will be tomorrow. see you guys later. >> sandra: apple set to roll out a new update to i-phone software and some emergencies. it could be the difference between life and death. our 24/7 crew are bringing them in to explain. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah! now business is rolling in. get started at
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>> sandra: apple is set to roll out a new feature in its new iphone software update. get ready for this. it will be able to give emergency responders your precise location. the feature grabs data from cell towers, gps and wifi access points and transfer it to emergency crews instantly. let's bring in charlie shimkus and brett larson. this should be really good. >> it's striking to -- shocking to a lot of people to think
7:54 am
that this device that can bring food to your apartment and an uber to your doorstep cannot bring emergency officials to the same location because they don't get the information. 911 was set up in the time where everybody had a line one and they knew in your address when you picked up the phone. now they don't have that data in many instances and there have been fatal consequences. >> sandra: think about this. when you have a babysitter at your house and call from their cell phone, i don't know the address. the land line and call them, they knew. are you skeptical? >> this could save lives in a lot of different ways and give first responders to get to you faster but also say you're injured and can't speak or you are kidnapped and don't know where you are. all you have to do is press 911, first responders will know where you are and send a dispatcher. 10,000 people a year die because first responders can't
7:55 am
get to them because they don't know where they are. >> bill: thinking about the zuckerberg hearing and the data they're capturing every day tells me iphone knows exactly where we are if they want to at all times. >> people are concerned about privacy but apple addressed that out of the gate. they said you can't access this if you are calling anybody but 911. 911 has control. it is not like you accidentally press a button and your location will be sent to your contact list. i understand that concern. >> it goes through a clearinghouse and passed on to only 911. >> bill: is there a device on your phone where you have to say i accept this? >> yes. you can opt out of it, too. this is coming next year -- later this year during the fall update. >> sandra: i was wondering if i could take your phone. you should have location services off on all your apps. >> if they're running in the
7:56 am
background you want to turn it off. >> the weather grabs your location. >> your microphone, too. the microphone is a little shady. >> apple has been good about keeping your data private. >> come on over. >> bill: thank you. in a moment rudy giuliani is our guest. the president's lawyer reacting to the i.g. investigation. we have a ton of questions for america's mayor in studio coming up. experience lexus safety system+ standard in the 2018 lexus es and es hybrid. lease the 2018 es 350 for $339 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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>> sandra: fox news alert at the top of the hour. president trump is now considering taking action executive action to end the separation of children from their parents at our southern border as outrage over the practice intensifies. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" on this lovely wednesday morning. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. fox news learning the white house is looking at executive action to allow migrant families to stay together as emotions continue to run high. protests at attention centers grow by the y. ling reaching the highest levels of government on capitol hill late yesterday afternoon. >> don't you have kids, mr. president? how would you like if they were taken from you? >> sandra: some democrats yelling at president trump in the halls of congress last night as the president pushed lawmakers to get an immigration
8:01 am
bill on his desk. former attorney general alberto gonzalez weighed in last hour. >> the president could halt immediately the separation of children from their parents. but that would relieve the pressure on congress quite frankly to pass legislation that would deal not only with this issue but other issues related to immigration and that i would worry about. >> sandra: john roberts is live with more. john. >> good morning. things are moving quickly. an hour ago i reported to you the white house, the president is considering some sort of legislative -- some sort of executive action that could allow children to be detained with their parents for longer than is currently permissible under the 1997 flores versus reno court agreement after 20 days children have to either be removed from their parents and given to a relative or care give or licensed care facility or the entire family unit
8:02 am
released. we saw a lot of that during the obama administration. they would keep the family in detention for 20 days and release them with a court order to appear at a future date. according to sources i've talked to as few as 3% of people returned for the court orders and why the president wants to get something done about this. i'm told by a source in the last 30 seconds that today the secretary of homeland security kirstjen nielsen will urge the president to allow congreto pass a stand-alone loopholes bill. the president yesterday went up to congress and talked to house republican conference about a couple of bills there. goodlatte bill and a compromise bill which would address border security and address the family issue and daca, chain migration, into the visa lottery program. the umbrella of immigration issues. now i'm told that the secretary of homeland security is urging the president what the white
8:03 am
house should do is get behind a stand alone loopholes bill to close the family separation issue and then do the other things at a future date. not sure how the president will feel about that because yesterday he was quite clear that this process and this practice of allowing families to disappear into the united states has to end. listen to what the president id. >> president trump: roughly half a million illegal immigrant family units and minors from central america have been released into the united states since 2014 at unbelievably great taxpayer expense. nobody knows how much we're paying for this monstrosity that has been created over the years. legislation that nobody has any idea what they're doing. they don't even know what it means. >> at this point, sandra, unclear exactly what action the white house may take but there is a belief that if the
8:04 am
president signs off on this idea of backing a stand alone loopholes bill it is something that could get passed by congress or the house today and maybe something that would pass muster in the senate as well. >> sandra: is the expectation this executive action would solve the problem? >> it is unclear at this point and it is unclear now whether the president is even going down this road or maybe he will get behind some legislative action. the president has asked for a legislative fix rather than executive action. here is the problem. this flores versus reno agreement back in the clinton administration when they were dealing with all the same problems back then as this white house is dealing with now stipulates that after 20 days children have to be removed from detention either with their parents or into the custody of a relative, caregiver or licensed care facility. if the president signed executive action that allowed
8:05 am
children to stay in detention with their parents for weeks if not months, there are people in the administration who believe that would draw an instant challenge in the courts from immigration groups or civil libertarian groups who would say wait a second you violate the flores agreement. the president seems determined to do something about this and do something about it soon. the president tweeting this morning it is the democrat's fault. they want open borders which breeds horrible crimes. i am working on something. underscore something. it never ends. we should find out within a matter of hours what that something is. sandra. >> sandra: we'll wait for it. john roberts at the white house for us. thank you. >> bill: fox news alert on peter strzok, the texter who was escorted out of f.b.i. headquarters friday afternoon
8:06 am
apparently still on the payroll. the i.g. said he is looking into if his as had an effect on the russia investigation. rudy giuliani, president trump's attorney live in studio. nice to see you again, sir. thank you for coming back. i have about 300 questions here for you. let's see how we do. you told sean hannity last night you think the entire matter is very close to being closed. >> what it means is being so tainted they can't do anything with it. they may not close it themselves but if this is infected with a bias of major proportions from the beginning by strzok and it seems like it is, and he left behind some of his cohorts, we believe there may be two of the people with similar biases expressed in text presently working on the investigation. how can you trust anything they're doing if that's the case in this investigation?
8:07 am
>> bill: it might be the case with regard to struck. mueller could work through that evidence and figure out what carries a bias and what does not, could he not? >> it is hard enough to decide whether to indict or recommend some criminal action or recommend that somebody did something wrong. it is hard enough to do that when you have a completely objective staff around you. when you have guys around you saying stop the president, america must be saved, we have to stop him at all costs. can't possibly trust that. i can't see a court allowing them any indictments to go forward. any report being issued. unless this gets solved. i said a couple of days ago before all this came out we have to investigate the investigators to determine if it's a valid investigation. >> bill: get this solved what was happening within the f.b.i. >> it's terrible. i don't think we've seen anything like this before. it took the president, attorney
8:08 am
general and director of the f.b.i. a long time to wake up for it. not sure they completely woke up to it yet. >> bill: you said last night james comey is going to jail. >> i believe it is. the probe with an illegal leak. no idea why he hasn't been investigated before. he is investigated now. the which he and mccabe have contradicted each other. somebody is lying. december deception with the 302s that he wrote. he is gone as a witness in anything with any credibility. >> bill: back to mueller. i assume you aren't going to talk to him. you won't advise him to sit down. >> not completely. it depends on what they offer, what they come up with, how narrow the questioning is. i certainly won't sit down with him with these questions still lingering about whether these people are a kangaroo court and
8:09 am
firing squad. who in his right mind would put their client in front of people like that? >> bill: you haven't closed the door on talking to mueller. >> haven't closed the door. >> bill: are you still negotiating with him? >> our staff is and their staff is. >> bill: where would you characterize the state of those negotiations as to where you are in advising your client? >> major stumbling block this investigation. the investigation of the investigators. how many people were infected by it? how much did it affect their determinations? a morning raid of manafort's home, a raid of lawyer's office, cohen, the kind of strange things that were done with the leaks that went on. how about the f.b.i. agents who work on this investigation who are receiving gifts and vacations and tickets to ballgames for information? it wasn't just leaking.
8:10 am
they were getting money in essence. things of value. things that put new york city cops in jail. >> bill: shows you how deep the waters run. we need to figure out -- a lot comes back to mueller and christopher wray to straighten things out. you have 13,000 f.b.i. agents who don't have a problem. you have 10 or 12 or 15 who do. >> same thing is true with police departments. here is the question. those 13,000 weren't working on this case. >> bill: you met with the i.g. four months ago and it was about -- >> on this show. >> bill: you said there was about to be a surprise. >> they showed me the tape. i said there would be a surprise. a speech which i have in this by the president i was recommending on the friday before the election on national television. the way ronald reagan did. i was not talking about a leak of -- from comey's people. why would they leak to me? >> bill: there is a suggestion
8:11 am
that perhaps some people especially in new york had ties to the lawyers working with anthony wiener and perhaps there is some information that was kept behind closed doors that suggested that the hillary clinton emails were on the laptop. would that apply to the surprise that you were talking about? >> i have no knowledge of that. i didn't know -- i was as shocked as anyone that it involved the pervert. come on, he is, right? >> bill: on immigration. >> sandra: imagine the people the clintons are involved with. unbelievable. >> bill: on immigration what would you expect the president to do today? peter king says take off the pressure. with executive action. >> i spoke to the president this morning. he wouldn't talk about it. this isn't my area. i try to stay out of it. for the good of the country i take that statement i saw that the president has a solution in mind to move this thing forward.
8:12 am
since i think he is very disappointed that the democrats want to make this a political football. i think he thought he could get a comprehensive solution. he is in favor of that. he gets hit on the right and the left for not being in favor of open board rs and let the ms-13 sneak in with everybody else. >> bill: they're herding cats on the hill for that. >> it's a tragedy. nobody feels it more than donald trump, believe me. >> bill: is that what he told you? >> i worked on the immigration issue throughout the campaign. he has a big heart but he wants to see everybody treated fairly. the democrats are holding up the solution. they could have had with bush way back. >> bill: let's see what happens today. god bless those kids. >> i hope everything works out. >> bill: rudy giuliani. talk soon. sandra, what's next? >> sandra: we'll talk more on this to congressman eric swalwell joining us in a few moments.
8:13 am
thinks thoughts on yesterday's hearing with the i.g. and the fight over immigration. >> bill: you fifteen percent oe on car insurance. pressure, what pressure? the players on the... pressure, what pressure? ♪ now that i'm on my way ♪ do you still think i'm crazy standing here today ♪ ♪ i couldn't make you love me applebee's 2 for $20, now with steak. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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upset stomach, diarrhea.♪ try new pepto with ultra coating. it's me. your sleep number 360 smart bed... checking in. last night i warmed your feet so you fell asleep faster. i sensed you roll over and automatically softened your side to melt away pressure points and keep you sleeping blissfully. at 2am, this happened. so, i took care of it. does your bed do that? i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. now you can wake up to smarter sleep. let's meet, only at a sleep number store. >> sandra: fox news alert. the justice department's inspector general confirming he is reviewing weather peter strzok's anti-trump bias impacted the launch of the russia investigation. this came out during yesterday's joint house committee hearing on the inspector general's report. congressman eric swalwell was at that hearing and serves on both the judiciary and
8:17 am
intelligence committees and joins us now. congressman, thank you for being here. so the i.g. is reviewing those text messages and peter strzok's anti-trump bias. what did it have to do with the launch of the russia investigation? >> zero. peter strzok did not have michael cohen work with felix to go to trump tower and moscow or arrange for donald trump junior, paul manafort to meet at trump tower with russians offering dirt on hillary clinton and i don't think peter strzok wrote the speech where donald trump in the summer of 2016 invited the russians to conduct further hacking. what he did was inappropriate. he should have been removed from the mueller team and he was. he shouldn't work at the f.b.i. anymore. it sounds like he doesn't. it is time to move on. >> sandra: he is still there. he was escorted out of headquarters but no word he was fired. >> he wouldn't be working for me, i'll tell you that. >> sandra: we may see him
8:18 am
publicly testify next week and as you saw yesterday, trey gowdy and chairman goodlatte at the hearings had a lot of questions about the timelines and trey gowdy laid it out clearly. what struck you from that exchange? >> trey gowdy has seen as much of the evidence as i have and he said the f.b.i. had all the right in the world to launch the investigation. he met with rod rosenstein and saw the beginnings of this investigation. there were so many alarming contacts from senior members on the trump team who were traveling over to london or traveling to russia who were being offered and previewed hacked materials against hillary clinton. of course we want to f.b.i. to look at that and investigate that. it's not to excuse what peter strzok did. he should be off the team. bob mueller did what ever supervisor should do, throw him out. >> sandra: there is a lot of questions about how to fix the situation at our border.
8:19 am
immigration, the debate is heating up and just moments ago senator marco rubio was weighing in on what can and cannot be done. listen. >> the administration can end the policy of detaining adults. it cannot create a policy that holds families together. that it cannot do because under the flores agreement it can only hold a minor for up to 20 days. so that's why congress if we want to keep families together while awaiting a hearing congress needs to authorize that. >> sandra: we learn the president is taking executive action here, congressman. >> let me make it easier than that. sandra. 1-877-277-5511. the number to cbt. the president can call the number and keep families together and prevent future families from being separated. we don't need legislation in
8:20 am
congress. >> sandra: enforcing the law? >> yes. it's per our reporting if the president does take this type of executive action, you heard it from marco rubio there, he would potentially face a lawsuit with this because of the flores act and you can't hold a family longer than 20 days. >> that's right. most of these families are seeking asylum and we have just as if americans fled america to another country they would be allowed to enter under asylum procedures. we allow people to go through our asylum procedures. they should be allowed to have those adjudicated. if we're in a position trying to say this is not like the japanese internment camps or not kids in kennels, we're losing. we are defending something that is cruel and inhumane. kids should be kept with their moms and not put in kennels. >> sandra: the president is still blaming democrats. one of his latest tweet he is
8:21 am
blaming your party saying it's the democrats' fault. they won't give us the votes to pass good legislation. republicans want security but i am working on something. it never ends. says the president. your reaction. >> is he complaining he has to do his job? he is the president of the united states. either he is too weak to pick up the phone and exercise the power that the american people have given him or he is too cruel. but either of them are unacceptable for the families who are separated and the kids who are crying alone and what are essentially dog kennels right now. >> sandra: our thoughts are with those children at the border echoing rudy giuliani's comments the president's laura few lawyer a few moments ago. >> some lawmakers suggesting the deputy a.g. is trying to hide documents that show more text messages between f.b.i. agents. why our next guest says it's
8:22 am
time to impeach rod rosenstein. he will make his case. to your bumper, cause.... i don't think enough people heard about your big day. but nothing says "we got married" like a 12 ounce piece of scrap metal. yo! we got married! honk if you like joint assets. now you're so busy soaking up all this attention, you don't see the car in front of you. and if i can crash your "perfect day", imagine what i can do to the rest of 'em. so get allstate, and be better protected from mayhem. like me.
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8:26 am
to the department and for them to produce it to congress and that's what we did in may. >> sandra: congressman jim jordan grilling michael horowitz over his bombshell report on the f.b.i. handling of the clinton email investigation. jordan along with other gop lawmakers demanding answers from the justice department. they want to know why anti-trump texts between the top f.b.i. agents working on that case were not released earlier. "wall street journal" column bill mcgurn saying impeach rod
8:27 am
rosenstein. bill mcgurn joins us now. your piece you write what? >> i'm saying the f.b.i. and the department of justice has been obstructionist in turning over documents that congress needs to conduct its oversight of the f.b.i. specifically they are fighting for documents to tell them about the informants the f.b.i. was trying to insinuate into the trump campaign before the official start of the investigation. we don't know why and how this investigation started. the f.b.i. and mr. rosenstein at justice have tried to make end runs around it. paul ryan said produce the documents or there will be consequences. >> sandra: why the stonewalling? >> we don't know what they don't want us to find out. what jordan was specifically complaining about, i believe, is a text between peter strzok and lisa page where peter
8:28 am
strzok says we'll stop trump from being elected. somehow that didn't make it over into the information. now, maybe it was an innocent glitch but it seems to me that justice and the f.b.i. are long past the day we give them the benefit of the doubt. >> sandra: you write an impeachment that removed either mr. rosenstein or mr. wray or a con dement finding that sent one of them to the congressional pokey for a spell could send a good message to federal bureaucrats. you say what? >> congress has the power to subpoena and the power of oversight. an implied power of the constitution. the supreme court ruled that congress has the right to hold someone in contempt and jail them or else people would nraut the orders and not be respected. that's the case we have today. congress has a few avenues. i think congress is paying the price for blinking in the
8:29 am
i.r.s. case where they held lois learner in contempt but didn't follow up. they sent a referral they knew would be ignored. part of making our system work is congress to act as a separate and co-equal branch of government and use its powers to enforce the accountability. >> sandra: it is amazing for the american people to look on at what -- the text messages alone and think what is happening at the highest levels of our government? >> right. >> sandra: a lot of trust has been lost through all of this. >> right. if you read the i.g.'s report, peter strzok has explanations for what he meant. i didn't really mean i would stop an election. that's troubling. f.b.i. agents have the right to their own opinions but in these 468 pages we didn't see a single pro-trump text, right? if you were in the trump administration would you trust these guys to be fair and impartial? even the inspector general, although he said he didn't find
8:30 am
evidence of bias, he said peter strzok's decision to make the russia investigation a priority rather than following up on the hillary clinton email investigation wasn't confident that bias didn't play a part in that. >> sandra: what did you think of horowitz's testimony yesterday? >> the primary accountability -- i'm not into inspector generals and special counsels. i'm into the federal bureaucracies being responsive to congress, the elected representatives of the american people. there is a lot of powers congress has to enforce accountability and respect. nice if they started using it. >> sandra: turn over those documents. thanks for joining us in studio. >> bill: 11:30 now. we learned that president trump may take matters into his own hands weighing an executive order to stop separating families at the border.
8:31 am
those separations sparking protests at detention centers. the topic in washington bret baier weighs in on that live next. >> there seem to be people who rather have a political issue than solve a problem. i think we have an opportunity here when it comes to these children and separation to solve the problem in a narrow, specific, targeted way and we can do that in a matter of days.
8:32 am
8:33 am
8:34 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. outrage over family separations intensifying. hundreds of very young children, toddlers and infants included, being held at detention centers near the southern border. protestors demanding the government end this practice. steve harrigan just arrived at the tender care facility in texas near the border with mexico. what are you seeing, steve? >> sandra, the associated press first named the existence of at
8:35 am
least three shelters for tender-aged children. children unaccompanied minors under the age of 13. this is one of them here behind me. it is an ordinary two-story structure like a large house with a playground and toys out in front run by a nonprofit called southwest key based in austin. restrictions are severe to get inside but i just spoke to a pediatrician who has recently toured the facility. she described the following. 15 toddlers in one room, age 1 to 3. in no way can it be called a jail. it was homey and loving. the staff seemed competent and dedicated. there were books, toys, cradles, everything you need. yet this pediatrician said it was unlike any room with toddlers. the toddlers weren't making noise or moving around and she attributed that to the lack of parents being with them. she said also perhaps because of restrictions the staff could
8:36 am
not comfort crying children so she said as a physician she was just really in agony seeing what she saw there. at least 2,000 children have been separated since their par -- since may when the zero tolerance policy began. there are plans currently underway to expand these type of shelters used in some opposition from the mayor there in houston. a goal of this according to health and human services is to try to keep the children and parents as close together as possible until the legal process works its way through. >> sandra: thank you for your reporting. >> bill: more on this. bret baier anchor of special report. good day to you. getting a lot of news from john roberts. see what the president does today. some sort of executive action and something regarding kirstjen nielsen and recommendations she might make about loopholes with regards to family separation. break it down for us. >> this is coming to a head quickly because you have a situation where these images, the emotion, the coverage of it
8:37 am
is overwhelming. it is emotional. there are a number of sides to this as we've explained throughout. but it looks like the administration is looking at either executive action to keep these families together or a narrow bill recommended by secretary nielsen and dhs that could pass the house as soon as today that deals specifically with the loopholes with family separation and going through the process of adjudication along the border. the question is whether the president does either one of those things considering that he really wants a bigger solution, a bigger bill which are pending in the house and would have to go through the senate. >> bill: you were on the hill yesterday with your show and picking up a lot of information. the president was up there at the time. they could pass something in the house, right? i don't know what you get in the senate. do you have a handle on that? >> no. that's really the variable that
8:38 am
nobody knows. how long it takes. and how many different iterations do you have to go through and the senate has this arcane process for how many hours it is on the floor. i think there is a sense building that this specific issue has to be dealt with immediately. and democrats pointing out every day the president could do it with a pen or a phone call and it is true. so i think you are looking at that option or a narrow bill and possibly moving later on this afternoon. >> bill: we'll watch that. i mentioned mark meadows the republican from north carolina has a lot of sway with conservatives on the house side. he was talking about peter strzok's future as well yesterday. >> it's way past time for peter strzok to hopefully start to find a different career and restore some credibility to the f.b.i. that most of us love and admire and certainly lady justice has to be someone who
8:39 am
wears a blindfold and with peter strzok it was obvious with his text messages that was not the case. >> bill: when he talked about these reports from witnesses that were either edited or changed, with regard to the russia matter and the hillary clinton investigation, that's -- if true, that's another bombshell. >> it is. and those are called 302s. if there were adjusted the i.g. suggested that yesterday in some questioning, this is opening up another can of worms as far as how this f.b.i. investigation was happening. mark meadows referred to that. i think you are going to see peter strzok possibly testify and that could come in very few days. adam schiff suggesti he would like to see peter strzok up there testifying. others have said that. that could be very illuminating about the inside workings of how this investigation happened. remember the i.g., bill, did the clinton email investigation
8:40 am
but hinted in that i.g. report there is another i.g. report to come about the trump investigation and it seems like there may be a lot more bias indicated in that. >> bill: as i was talking to rudy giuliani about when he expects it, he hopes to get it by the end of the summer. >> they would have to. i think so, yeah. i'm hearing in the next month or so but remember, we saw that i.g. report dragged out and out and out on the hillary clinton email investigation. so i think by the next month or month and a half. >> bill: i tend to ask this question a lot and ask it again now because of horowitz's testimony on monday and tuesday. do you get the sense the direction has changed because of the testimony and that report? >> i do. i think the text messages and all of the indications of bias throughout the report itself indicate that it's broader and
8:41 am
there is more to come. and for the people who said that was a nothing burger they didn't read it. it is 568 pages. there is a lot in there and i think there is more hearings and more reports to come. >> bill: your point that yo just hit on about horowitz talking about whether or not they can find bias that kicked off the russia investigation. we'll wait for an answer on that. see you at 6:00. bret baier in washington >> sandra: the border battle heating up with a group of governors joining the fight pulling their national guard troops from the border over the administration's zero tolerance policy. reaction from a member of the congressional border security caucus next. >> we said two weeks ago i did not support the decision of the trump administration to separate kids from their families and i think it's cruel and inhumane. well, my parents met in texas, then they moved to washington.
8:42 am
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8:45 am
>> told the national guard to hold steady and not go down to the border period. so we won't be supporting that initiative unless they change the policy. >> sandra: that's the massachusetts governor reacting to the immigration policy. he is one of nine governors pulling national guard troops from the border over the separation of children from parents at the border. congressman dave brad is a member of the house freedom caucus and congressional border security caucus and joins us now. first can you weigh in on the situation at this moment? it's quickly changing. >> yeah. i think it's important to go over the context. six months ago the democrats shut down the government over daca for 700,000 kids. the republicans said let's compromise and work together and solve the problem. yes, put in the goodlatte bill. democrats said no. trump said let's do 1.8 million and democrat say no.
8:46 am
then republicans go to work with 200 democrats and none of them are showing up. last night icing on the cake we got stand alone bills to solve the family separation piece, and the senate democrats schumer said no. and so they say they want to help out but every step along the way you are left to conclude they just want this as a political football and issue for november. they are talking about care for the kids. we've compromised on every single issue along the way to help and that's where we stand right now. i'm in favor of the goodlatte bill. that will solve the problem. we had 60 million lethal doses of drugs coming across the border. trafficking is a problem. we need a solution but it has to be the right solution and the goodlatte bill is it. >> sandra: there are some sources telling fox news per
8:47 am
john roberts right now that secretary nielsen of homeland security is encouraging the president to support a stand-alone loopholes bill in congress and do the broader immigration/border security measures in another bill. do you know anything about the loopholes bill floating around congress? >> yeah. the president handed us that yesterday in his comments to us. we have several good bills that will fix that problem and i would love to see the democrat response. when we say here is the solution to fix the direct problem, if the democrats say no to that right there they're posturing and posing on everything but not at the table fixing anything. so we've got -- i gave you the six-month history. the goodlatte bill is the way to go with the full e-verify, end chain migration and ends sanctuary cities. if leadership pushes that the way they've been pushing the compromise bill. we moved more toward the
8:48 am
democrat platform than republicans. go look up the republican platform. the "wall street journal" confused on what the republican platform looks like and it is just that -- to put it in the most clear terms. barack obama was in favor of e-verify. hillary clinton, bill clinton were in favor of republican policy. why are republicans moving away from rational policy that even the democrats conceded -- >> sandra: final thought from you on this symbolic gesture if you will. the bipartisan group of governors saying they won't send their guard down there and withhold resources until this separation of families comes to an end. >> i'm just starting to hear about all of that but it would be good if they would weigh in on real solutions as well, right? everyone wants to do this posturing in the short term instead of the hard work and the heavy lifting of what pieces do you need to solve the
8:49 am
problem? when you have 60 million lethal doses of drugs coming in you don't want to relieve folks from the border. you have a major problem that's multi-faceted. it is hard and we can work together. we had a compromise all along the way on the daca kids, the 1.8 million. all the way through to separation and the democrats are nowhere to be found and the president pointed out that last night. >> sandra: congressman, thank you for being here. >> bill: any time, thank you. >> bill: the trump administration announcing it is withdrawing from the united nations human rights council and the reason for that decision. >> the human rights council has become an exercise is shameless hypocrisy with some of the worst abuses being ignored and some of the world's worst offenders sitting on the council itself.
8:50 am
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>> sandra: breaking news coming in to our newsroom right now as the president is holding a meeting with lawmakers in the oval office. we're told that he opened with remarks on immigration saying that republicans want security. he said republicans want to keep families together. i will sign something in a little while that will keep families together and doing something that is somewhat preemptive and will be matched by legislation i'm sure. expect something from the president. we'll get this taped play-out of the president's remarks shortly. as we await that he announced that he will cancel the congressional picnic. he said it just doesn't feel right to me. we want to solve this immigration problem. the president in the oval office a few moments ago
8:54 am
meeting with lawmakers now. we expect to hear his remarks shortly. >> bill: we have another big decision here. fox news alert. the united states will withdraw from the united nations security council. >> they says it worked for a year on the human rights council to try to reform it. that effort failed and so now the u.s. is leaving. nikki haley, and secretary of state pompeo saying the human rights council is a hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights. >> the united states which leads the world in humanitarian assistance and whose service members have sacrificed life and limb to free millions will not take lectures from bodies and institutions as americans give their blood and treasure.
8:55 am
>> russia, china, cuba and egypt undermine efforts to reform the council and the council mistreats israel ssmore resolutions against israel than against north korea, iran, syria combined. it also allows according to haley the worst human rights abusers on the council like china, cuba and venezuela. some u.s. allies share haley's criticism though urge the trump administration to remain. the human rights council tweeted saying disappointing if not surprising news given the state of human rights in today's world, the u.s. should be stepping up, not stepping back. now ambassador haley says if the u.s. were to remain on the human rights council it would only lend it credibility. she says the u.s. would consider rejoining if it reforms. bill. >> bill: thank you, rich edson from the state department. >> sandra: growing outrage over children separated from their families at the border. president trump may take action to end it. how lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are reacting.
8:56 am
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>> bill: a little more information from this meeting right now underway at the white house. jennifer bowman white house producer tells us the president is still in the cabinet room there are lawmakers with him including tom cotton. well, the president offered others to speak and senator cotton says that children cannot get an out-of-jail free card for immigrants. and the president nodded to his comment saying if we were not strong on the border you would have hundreds of thousands of people come across that border. that's a quote. >> sandra: to clarify that he said that children can't be a get out of jail free card for immigrants. seems like it's moving quickly something? >> bill: the president said we need the democrat support because we need the vote. 60 border patrol agents and ice agents have done one great job. so expect to see that in a matter of moments here. >> sandra: president led off that meeting saying we want
9:00 am
to solve this immigration problem. we will see. >> bill: rocking three hours. >> sandra: it was a rocking three hours. all right. we will see you later by the way. outnumbered starts right now. >> bill: bye-bye. >> this is a fox news alert. president trump now speaking on immigration. we will bring you those comments. he says is he looking at taking executive action to keep families together as the white house and congress work to implement the administration's zero tolerance immigration policy. and a short time ago, new word that the house is planning to vote on a legislative fix tomorrow. this flurry of action coming after the president met with the republicans yesterday. this is outnumbered, i'm kennedy. welcome to it and here today from the fox business network dagen mcdowell. we have former national security analyst morgan or telling gas and joining us for the very first time on the couch a big welcome to author and doctor nicole saphier and also joining us on the couch is our one lucky guy fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. >> j


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