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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 20, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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to solve this immigration problem. we will see. >> bill: rocking three hours. >> sandra: it was a rocking three hours. all right. we will see you later by the way. outnumbered starts right now. >> bill: bye-bye. >> this is a fox news alert. president trump now speaking on immigration. we will bring you those comments. he says is he looking at taking executive action to keep families together as the white house and congress work to implement the administration's zero tolerance immigration policy. and a short time ago, new word that the house is planning to vote on a legislative fix tomorrow. this flurry of action coming after the president met with the republicans yesterday. this is outnumbered, i'm kennedy. welcome to it and here today from the fox business network dagen mcdowell. we have former national security analyst morgan or telling gas and joining us for the very first time on the couch a big welcome to author and doctor nicole saphier and also joining us on the couch is our one lucky guy fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. >> judge: an old timer on the couch.
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>> kennedy: he has the gavel. >> dagen: i can make you laugh by saying the word detroit. [laughter] >> judge: maria all week. >> dagen: i will do it again before the show is over. >> judge: my flesh. >> kennedy: welcome to have you, judge. very serious issues to get into. taking action on the issue as the administration struggles to enforce u.s. immigration law. at the same time managing the flow of illegal immigrants including parents and children at the southern border. the president quoting earlier quote it's the democrats' fault they won't give us the votes to pass immigration legislation. they want open borders which breeds horrible crime. republicans want security, but i am working on something it never ends during a meeting with house republicans last night the president endorsed two immigration bills aimed at addressing immigration issues like daca. both bills face an uphill climb. republicans reportedly are not close to getting the 218
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votes needed on either one. and, as the house works on a deal on comprehensive immigration reform, the number two in the senate says politics are very much at play. >> unfortunately, there seem to be people who would rather have a political issue than solve a problem. i think we have an opportunity here, when it comes to these children and separation to actually solve the problem in a fairly narrow specific targeted way. and we could do that in a matter of days. >> kennedy: chief white house correspondent john roberts live at the white house with more. john? >> kennedy, sorry for looking down there but i'm just processing the latest information that i have been getting. the president speaking to the pool just a short time ago and we will have that for you momentarily. the president talking about immigration saying, quote: i will be signing something in a little while that is going to do that. that is keeping families together. he was asked about that. i will be doing something that's somewhat preemptive and ultimately matched by legislation, i'm sure. earlier this morning, we
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broke the news that the white house, the president is considering some sort of executive action. we don't know if it would be a memorandum or an executive order or exactly what it would be. to solve the problem that we are experiencing right now on the border where these families are being split up. the children are being separated from their parents. the white house, the department of homeland security, insisting that under current law, they have to separate children from their parents. and certainly under an agreement that was struck in 1997, flores v. reno a consent decree, children can only stay incarcerated with their parents for a certain period of time. judge gee, district court in california affirmed that in july of 2015, saying that children can coo only be held for a period of about 20 days. just to show you how far back this situation goes, have you got reno vs. flores from 1997. that was the clinton administration. judge dolly gee, in 2015,
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citing, quote: widespread deplorable conditions that children were being held in on the border and now have you got the white house looking at executive action to allow children to stay with their parents. but, in order for that to fly, judge gee would have to modify her 2015 ruling regarding the amount of time that a child could stay in detention with their parents. right now the period is 20 days. the president would like to be able to keep families together throughout the entire immigration adjudication process but we don't know if that would run afoul of judge gee's 2015 ruling or run afoul of the whole flores v. reno argument. that's something that remains to be seen. another possible tract going on here, the secretary of homeland security will urge the president to put his full-throated support behind the two measures that the house is considering right now. the goodlatte bill, the compromise bill. the president, we're told by people in congress, was
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about a six in terms of the sales pitch. is he going to be asked to ramp that up to a 10. because they have got to try to get one of these things through the house. the future of that is uncertain in the senate, so the secretary of homeland security will also urge the president if neither one of these bills make it through the house or the senate. then we need to consider the idea of a stand alone loopholes bill that would only address the issue of children being separated from their parents because the two issues before the house right now are fairly comprehensive. they include daca, they include border security, funding for a wall, chain migration, et cetera. so, kennedy, a lot of fast moving parts right now. we should get a better handle on it on the next hour or so, exactly what it is that the president proposes to do. but, a lot of this is this fraught with uncertainty. kennedy kennedy yes, john, we have heard from republican lawmakers that there is a bit of confusion as to of which the house bills the president is endorsing. do you have any sense which one he is leaning towards which could secure more votes? >> see, this is the problem. he said that he would sign
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either one of them. the goodlatte bill is more conservative bill that would place the president's base the compromise bill place conservatives and moderates together. that one probably has a greater chance of advancing. but, at this point, it's anyone's guess which is again why the secretary of homeland security is recommending to the president -- i don't want to say urging because you urge the president to do something it could blow back pretty hard on you. recommending to the president his full throated support behind these bills. just to try to get them through when they are considered tomorrow. but, again, a lot of balls in the air. a lot of moving pieces. we should have a better handle on which way this is going to go in the next hour or. so. >> dagen: john, it's dagen mcdowell. any sense what pushed the president whether it was a voice within his own family or his administrative staff to get him to sign off on this order to handle the family separations at the border? >> well, dagen, clearly the
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president wants to be the law and order president. he doesn't want to do what previous administrations have done which is basically ignore the law. so, he wants to be able to continue with prosecutions of people who are crossing the border this issue is rapidly becoming a huge, huge loser for the white house, for the department of homeland security, for customs and border protection. ice, everyone who is involved in enforcing laws along the border. last night, the secretary of homeland security kirstjen nielsen was out having dinner at mexican restaurant and heckled by protesters during dinner. this is becoming very real for this administration in terms of the blow back and have you got a number -- i mean, for democrats to criticize, that's expected. but you have got a number of very prominent republicans who are now coming out saying this is unacceptable and needs to change. and i think this white house is really beginning to feel the heat. >> judge: johnny, judge here. >> hi, judge.
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>> judge: sounds like the white house wants to resolve this now. they don't want it lingering and affecting the elections in four and a half months. have the democrats captured the day by the manner in which they have addressed this issue? >> you know, i think they are, indeed, gaining ground there is a perception that what chuck schumer said about this isn't for congress to fix. it's for the white house to fix maybe did not portrayed him in the most favorable light because this really have a matter for congress. but, you know, judge, if i could throw it back at you if you are judge dolly gee of the district court in california, and you have this president approach you and modify and allow these parents to stay with chir parents longer, what do you say. >> judge: i would modify it if i were the president i would disobey that decree in the interest of compassion unless somebody challenged me, which it sounds like that's what he is going to do in a couple minutes. >> clearly he will get challenged on this as well.
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i have a number of sources in the administration telling me that they expect that there will be a court challenge filed before this executive action, whatever it is, gets out of the gate. >> kennedy: very good. john roberts live at the white house. thank you so much. >> good to see you, thanks. >> kennedy: take it out to the couch. judge, so many legal issues to tackle before we get to the emotional side. let's talk about what the options are here and you and john were discussing that decision from the clinton administration. but, the president obviously has to ask for a number of reasons. >> judge: correct. the president obviously has a lot of discretion in the manner in which he enforces law. particularly criminal law. so the first thing the president should do in my view, is drop the jeff sessions mantra of zero tolerance. the government has to be tolerant. >> is that what's most problematic here? >> it has given the impression to the public and certainly to the border patrol people that they can't evaluate situations based on the need of each
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situation. how compelling is this family's plight? nobody is getting in no matter. what drawing the line and nobody is getting in no matter what the harsh, there shall be no compassion, the harsh there shall be zero tolerance, i think is what foments. >> dagen: judge, do you know what it looks like and feels like and sounds like is what happened with the travel ban very early on early in this president. >> judge: yes. >> dagen: broad idea, horrible implementation. no forethought. even the tariffs as a negotiating tactic with our trading nations particularly china turns out children aren't tariffs. and they shouldn't be used for negotiation. >> judge: i think, i took some heat from this saying it the other day with our colleague dana perino, the president who is a brilliant negotiator thought this would be a effective negotiating tactic. you are right. these are not dollar bills. these are human beings and they are babies. now, about an hour and a half ago i was filming a clip in front of the building. and somebody came up to me,
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i don't want to say who it was. we all know this person. the person has been on this show. the person is very familiar with the white house who said to me their internal polls are killing them. the president has got to do something immediately. the phrase i used to john roberts a few minutes ago, the democrats have captured the day on this. >> kennedy: they absolutely have. they have capture you had the immessaging. the images alone regardless of what the defense of this policy may be, there has been bad messaging from homeland security and the white house and now you have got a lot of lawmakers are up for re-election who don't want to lose because of this issue. >> and just think, kennedy, one week ago it was the summit in north korea. we think now quickly the news cycle changes. friday we saw the ig report come out incredibly damaging for the people clearly at the want to fbi with nefarious political aspirations in their investigation. have you two things for this administration that should be a plus, right? historic summit with north
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korea and an ig report that vindicates what many people were concerned about, which is the clear political bias if flynn didn't read that report. we get that if the report something true and the president is going to sign an executive order to get rid of this provision. i think that's smart. but now, the onus is on congress. so you still need some sort of immigration reform because you are going to need funding at the border not just for the wall but to deal with all of these issues where you have people there that you are going to have to -- you know this well, judge, you will have to get more administrative judges to handle this issue. congress still has to act despite whatever the president signs. >> can i ask you a quick question? i want to get to the health aspect. quickly i want to touch on something that she said. president obama had so many issues and legal challenges with his executive actions. is that really the best course here? or is it just because the expediency? >> judge: i think john roberts is quite correct, somebody will challenge the executive actions. probably some local government that fears these
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folks will be released and will add to their burden on governmental services. but, i think that the president can diffuse this issue by showing compassion right away, and that's what i think he ought to do. >> kennedy: very good. we have seen reports from some these facilities. and the vary depending on the person's political background. how do you keep this many kids safe? >> that's the problem. politically i think doing the executive order right now is the smart thing for the president. also shows compassion as the judge said. however, i don't want it to take away from the greater picture here. any time political action comes under scrutiny you have to think about what's going on. not a debate of are children held in cages or windowless rooms. they are missing the bigger debate that is our failing immigration system. that's what is helping perpetuate our opioid crisis our ms-13 gangs and overutilized welfare services. >> judge: how harmful to children, to babies is it to have them forcibly separated
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from parents. >> we can talk about at the border. don't forget, children are being taken away from their parents due to the increasing opioid epidemic as well. u.s. babies taken away as well as at the. >> judge: tell us about these babies. >> children at the borders right now. hard to say what's going on there. obviously there is a lot that i would assume is true and maybe that's overinflated for the media purposes. however, long term effects such as post-traumatic stress syndrome. anxiety. we don't know if they have health concerns. if the child is young we can't communicate to know if they do have medical problems. >> i want to let everybody know that we are going to bring you these comments from president trump as soon as we get them. but, again, the president, among other things, is expected to say that he is going to sign something to handle the family separation. we will bring you those comments as soon as possible. but, judge, to both of you. because you believe in free will. you are avowed libertarians. where is the parental responsibility in all of
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this? >> kennedy: i mean this in all seriousness, you have more than 32,000 unaccompanied children. >> judge: yes. contend cend taken into -- >> kennedy: taken into custody. that is 4% increase from the previous year while in terms of the families, more than 59,000 people traveling as families, that's a decrease from the previous year. so these kids are bringing these children with them knowing the risks. >> judge: so, if i may, that's why you need discretion rather than zero tolerance. that's why you need all these judges. now,. >> kennedy: that's what the ted cruz legislation would do. >> judge: ted cruz proposal is so good. it would force the judges to rule within 72 hours. i can't imagine there would be harm to these kids within 72 hours. keep the families together in the 72 hours. and allow some discretion for situations that require compassion. if the child is a pawn, if the child is not the love spring of the people claiming to be the parent,
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then the child is a kidnap victim being used by the parents to get into the united states. that's what a judge has to ascertain. not three months later but within 72 hours. >> unintended consequences from those one size fits all policies are much more dire than the problems they are trying to address in the first place. you are right here. that's something that, you know, in this emotionalism we lose sight of. we all have the greatest responsibility. our greatest responsibility is to our children. and, you know, a lot of these people weigh -- you know, they do a cost benefit analysis is where they are worth then what could possibly happen to them on the journey coming to the united states? for them of elm they are not asylum seekers. for many of them they don't know what the asylum process is. there is responsibility there which, again is, another argument which is why parents should be allowed to care for their
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children. >> judge: i am going to let day began's blood boil. but the bible requires. this using that as a basis for a legal decision. >> dagen: right. i didn't. and you heard in terms of religious leaders franklin graham the reverend coming out against what was happening at the border. >> judge: of course. >> to have the attorney general quote scripture and i heard a democrat on another network on sunday, you've got acts over here but i will up with you leviticus. i thought -- but, again. >> judge: this is not a basis for law. >> dagen: democrats want to act like it is all about the children. that is not just the case. they are using this as -- for political gain as well. and you can't ignore that look at chuck schumer. chuck schumer said i'm not going to -- legislation is not the solution. the president can fix this with the stroke of a pen which he is expected. >> judge: sounds like he is about to do. >> kennedy: sounds like he is an indicating responsibility. they are not going to let this go because they have not found a winning issue to take down this president and
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the republicans. this is one of very few issues where democrats have had success and traction. unfortunately, and i hate to be cynical in all of this, but they don't want a quick fix. they want to keep this going as long as possible. they were happy to have this ellipse north korea off of the front page. but it is about the children. it is about being -- who cannot fend for themselves. government is not good with coming up with solutions to take care of this hyper bureaucracy and they are proving that right now. >> with their parents not necessarily a coyote or smuggler; actually their children. >> judge: failure to do that. and one size fits all and the putting these kids in a confinement is child abuse. >> i am the mother of three. trust me, i completely agree with you. you need to keep these children with their parents. taking them away is cruel. >> the democrats in the beginning of the obama administration had a democrat president, democratic congress and immigration advocates within the democratic party were pushing them to go for comprehensive immigration
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reform. they did not do that. >> kennedy: they had a much larger majority in both house and senate. >> so they could have done something then. they want did. now i -- they didn't. now that the president is signing this today purportly. time for congress to act. both sides. ♪ >> dagen: we are waiting for the president to make these remarks about addressing, handling this family separation issue. the president is expected to step up and say he is going to sign something and right now we will hear from president donald trump. >> thank you very much. i will be leaving for minnesota today. we have two stops. one a very big one and it will be a lot of fun. i know a lot of you are going with us. that will be interesting. we are meeting right now on immigration. and we are very strong at the border. we're very strong on security. we want security for our country. the republicans want security and insist on security for our country. and we will have that at the
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same time we have compassion. we want to keep families together. it's very important. i will be signing something in a little while that's going to that and the people in this room want to do it. and this are working on various pieces of legislation to get it done. but, i will be doing something that's somewhat preemptive but, ultimately, will be matched by legislation, i'm sure. we're having a lot of problems with democrats. they don't want to vote for anything. they don't care about lack of security. they really would like to have open borders, where anybody in the world can just flow in, including from the middle east. from anybody, anywhere. they can just flow into our country. tremendous problems with that. tremendous crime caused by that. we're just thought going to do it. i do want to say because we are all so busy and i just mentioned to the congress men, the senators in the room, that we are going to cancel and postpone tomorrow's congressional picnic. we have a congressional
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picnic tomorrow. and was i just walking over to the oval office and i said, you know, it doesn't feel right to have a picnic for congress when we're working on doing something very important. we have many things that are important. we are talking about trade. we are talking about many, many things it didn't feel exactly right to me. so we will be officially postponing the congressional picnic for tomorrow. we will make it another time when things are going extremely well. and they are going for the country extremely well. we have record-setting numbers in any way economically. we want to solve this immigration problem which is going on for 40 years, more it's been going on forever. we want to see if we can involve it. we are canceling or post moaning the congressional picnic tomorrow. would anybody in the room like it make any statement while the press is here? anybody? anybody? >> i will say one thing, mr. president. on the issue of immigration, trade, and investment.
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these are all areas where congress has a lot of authority under the constitution and have you authority, the executive branch has authority under the constitution. that's why meetings like this are really important. bringing the leadership of both sides together on important issues. i appreciate the opportunity to let you see our views -- hear our views on these issues where we share authority on important matters. thank you. >> we all very much have the same views. we want to keep family together. at the same time, we have to be strong on the border. otherwise, you have millions of people coming up. not thousands like we have now. you have millions of people flowing up in just overtaking the country. we're not letting that happen. so, we have to be very strong on the border. but, at the same time, we want to be very compassionate. >> mr. president? >> yes, lamar? >> i think what dan said was good. we really have on the issues on trade on immigration we have a partnership.
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we have some authority. the president has some authority. we need to work together. when we looked at president nixon's portrait in the white house we think that he did the unexpected and he went to china. because he could do that. he was in a position to do it and reagan did the unexpected. he went to the berlin wall in moscow. when we were here a year ago i think i suggested to you that immigration, which has bedelved us for 40 years as have you said, i believe you are the president who can help us solve immigration problem with your leadership. you may be able to do for immigration what nixon did for china and what reagan did for the soviet union. a lot of us would like to work with you on that. >> thank you lamar, very much. we need the democrats' support because we need their votes. it's very simple. you know, people say we have a majority. well, we have a one majority in the senate we need 60. we don't go with the majority. we go with 60.
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some day somebody will explain why but that's the way it is. we need 60 votes. we have 51 votes at the most. so we need democrat votes in order to do it. otherwise you can't do it. tom, you were going to say something? tom cotton. >> i think it's very important we protect our border. we cannot allow a child to be a get out of jail free card and get into the u.s. free ticket. at the same time as you said and as we have all said we like to keep families together. keep them together at the border for the orderly and timely processing. if it's a lawful legitimate claim we can admit into the country. if not they have to go back to home country. i know you are looking for a solution. i know we are working on legislation that will allow our border patrol agents to keep families together at the border while we process their claims in a timely fashion. >> you bring up something that i have to say our border patrol agents and our ice agents have done one great job. ice is throw -- thrown by the thousands ms-13 come into the country. we are liberating towns on
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long island and other places. we are throwing them out by the thousands. we need laws that don't allow them to come back. in mac, you have been very involved in this issue. do you have anything to say? >> well, mr. president, there are a number of issues that why are going to be able to discuss today that touch on our country's national security, certainly controlling who and what comes across our border is an element of national security. as we do the compassionate thing with families. i look forward to working with you to further strengthen our military. together we have turned around a declining situation. but, that's also part of what we need to do together. back to lamar's point about we both have responsibilities. we did k. do more together. >> i will say with all of the numbers that you see, if we weren't strong on the border, you would have hundreds of thousands of people pouring through the border. they would just be pouring through and the country would not be the country
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anymore. lindsey? >> we have had a big massive mess that's been going on for decades and we're all going to fix it one day i hope. we have got a specific problem that puts the country in a dilemma. here's your dilemma. , president obama's dilemma. , our dilemma. if a family shows up at the border and we let the country go into the country and say please come back to your hearing. about 80% of the time the adults never show up for the hearing. i think most americans feel like that is bad. it will create a third wave of illegal immigration i want to be fair to people who came in old system but i don't want to create incentives to come the other way. the other choice is if you obtain the parents you have to break the family up there is a supreme court case we have to deal with i would encourage our democratic friends to see if there is a way we can keep families
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together, legislative fix of the flores decision and argue about the other things later. right now, mr. president, you are in a real bind. if you detain the adults, the law requires the children to be separated. if you let the adults into the country. they never show up. seems to me that we want to keep the family together and have the parents show up for their date in court. to surety schumer, senator schw there is a lot we don't agree on but surely to goodness we can fix this court decision because the country is in a bad spot. not just you. >> if you are weak. if you are weak, which some people would like to you be. if you are really really pathetically weak, the country is going to be overrun with millions of people if you are strong, then you don't have any heart. that's a tough dilemma. perhaps i would rather be strong but that's a tough dilemma. go ahead, ron. >> in our community, homeland security we have
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held 30 hearings on border security. you know how much i like data and senator graham mentioned the fact. there is not enticing people to take a dangerous journey on a train they call the beast or through dessert. we have seen children of dead bodies. nothing compass nalgt about com. daca unaccompanied children. prior to that somewhere between 3 and 4,000 unaccompanied children from central america came into this country. then daca was instituted in 2012. and that problem skyrocketed the numbers about 225,000 unaccompanied children just from central america about almost half a million family members. we have got another 750,000 individuals, very sympathetic that we're just incentivizing to coming. we have to stop those incentives. the goal of our policy should to be reduce the flow
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of people incentivized to come to this country, that's what strong enforcement actually does. >> just so everybody knows, this deal was just about done. we had a deal signed. president obama signed daca when he signed it he said really not allow to sign it but he signed it anyway. he actually said i'm not allowed to sign it never going to held up. they got a judge who held it up. and another that held it up. a couple that turned it down and it's going to be a supreme court issue. but, before it was held up, everyone assumed thought daca would not be held up. we had a deal with the democrats. it was a deal that everybody agreed. to say it was $25 billion. we're going to build a wall. we would take care of many, many different things, including loopholes. it was all done. except when this judge ruled in favor of daca, meaning that it could continue until we get to the supreme court, all of a sudden, they weren't there anymore. and that's what happened. and that's why we are in this mess.
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because we had a couple of court decisions which is going to force an issue to the supreme court that shouldn't be forced to the supreme court. john? >> thanks for inviting us up on these important issues and for having this important discussion. certainly on immigration but also on trade. the context that i want to make sure we talk about is we have been incredibl incredit progress on tax relief and regulatory relief and it's reflected in our economy. now we can do the same thing on trade. think what that means for our country in terms of economic growth. in terms of jobs. in terms of getting wages moving higher. and the impact that has for all-americans. so we have to look at it in a that context. we talk about trade. it's on top of tax relief, regular qulregular gla attorney. if we can get the right policies in place on trade. think about what that means for our country. >> we are doing very well on
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trade, we have been really hurt as a country on trade for many years. despite bad trade deals we are doing very well. now we are making very good trade deals. you will be seeing that they will be announced pretty rapidly. we already have a couple that are made. but we're making great trade deals. and, honestly, we need people coming into our country. we have a lot of companies coming into our country. chrysler just announced. we have foxconn is going up to wisconsin as you know. great company. they make the apple iphones and laptops and unbelievable company. we need people. we need people that work for these companies because they are coming in at a number that nobody ever thought possible. so we want people to come into our country but i think i can speak for everybody at the table. we want them to come in based on merit. we want great people that will be great for our country. and we want them to come in based on merit. we're going to need those people because we have so many companies coming to the country. john, you were going to say
9:32 am
something? >> mr. president, your point, america is the most generous country in the world when it comes to legal immigration. and i think we ought to draw a very clear klein between legal immigration that benefits our country. >> right, absolutely. >> and illegal immigration which is a threat to public safety. i wanted to make the one point. i agree with what tom cotton and others have said, what have you said about being able to enforce the law and being able to keep families together. it's not mutually exclusive choice. we can do both. i'm confident we will both achieve that goal. i just want to point out that coming from a border state like mac and i do, the border, the illegality along the border is a complex problem because it is, as somebody pointed out it's commodity agnostic. in other words, they said it's people, it's drugs, it's weapons, and you talk about an opioid crisis in the united states, it's not just prescription drugs. it's heroin that comes from mexico. >> right. >> this is a very complex situation. we need an order along the
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border, everybody agrees with that we need to be compassionate the way we handle these families. but it's important to remember that larger context because because of the cartels and criminal organizations that benefit from this. they just making a lot of money and keeping this situation very dangerous for everybody involved. >> john, in many ways, they are using their children and always they are using the children as a ticket. >> absolutely. >> to getting into the country. we have to remember that there is a number of the 12,000 children, 2,000 are with the parents and 10,000 came up with some really horrible people in some cases. you have the coyotes, you have the traffickers, the human traffickers. not only drug traffickers, but you have the human traffickers. they use these children as passports to get into the country. we have to work on that, too. it's a very complex issue. it has been going on. you shouldn't feel guilty, because it's been going on for many, many years. many, many decades.
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we are going to solve that along with a lot of other problems that we have already solved. we are doing well at solving problems. you know, when i became president, we had north korea, we had the iran deal, which was no good. we had lots of problems with trade and bad trade deals. a lot of things that we solved and we're solving. that, in theory, i shouldn't have had to solve. these are things that should have been solved for a long time. even on trade, we should have never allowed our past leaders should have never allowed china to get to a point where there is a 500 billion-dollar trade deficit with the united states. when they went up, we should have gone up. we should have gone up together. not where you allowed one to get so far ahead. and that includes the european union and includes many others. shouldn't have happened. we came at a time where there were plenty of problems to solve. and one of the big problems is immigration. and i hope that within not too long, you know, a distance and i mean beyond this one problem much
9:35 am
immigration. can you use the word comprehensive or don't use it a lot of politicians don't like the word comprehensive immigration reform. i think we have an opportunity to do the whole immigration picture: does anybody else want to say something? >> mr. president, the last year and a half has shown an absolute turn around in this economy. we were faced with 8 years of 1.9% economic growth. we focused on as john said regulation, energy, taxes. this year we put a dodd-frank bill, bipartisan bill and freed up a couple trillion dollars. what this administration has done is freed up $6 trillion to go back in the economy. this is real jobs. 3.5 million new jobs. 870 regulations. this economy is moving. the rest of the world is paying attention. nato has doubled their investment in terms of their military spending. we have a new trade agreement with korea. we are heading in the right direction. i just hope that we can
9:36 am
focus on the priorities right now within this trade equation to get equal access. it's not right when cloud computing in the u.s. and google can't do cloud come piewght in china. that's what this is all about. we reduced global poverty by two thirds in the last 40 years while poverty in the united states has remained flat. that's not right and this is moving to change that. >> yes. >> i appreciate the fact that you call attention to what's really happening with the economy due to two things. the tax bill and the regulation. you know, we are killing people with regulations. but, what hasn't been said around this table and i'm surprised, the biggest accomplishment from your administration is what have you done with the military. you know, succeeded a president who had a policy that said you can't do anything with sequestration with the military unless you do it with the nondefense. and we changed that we had to vote for a lousy budget
9:37 am
bill to do it, but, nonetheless, it is changed. we have broken parody and we are now rebuilding our military. >> that's true. the military is really incredible. we're ordering new planes, new ships. jobs, too. jobs in this case is a far second. we are going to have a military like we have never had before and it's great. 700 billion approved. in that budget 6 billion for opioid. that's an important thing, too. so, a lot of progress is being made. mic, did you have something to say? mic pence? >> yeah. thank you, mr. president. i just -- i know i speak for the president when i express the gratitude of this administration for the support of the members of the house and nasa gathered around here. have you delivered for the miner people on national security rebuilding our military. on tax cuts and regulatory reform and securing our economy. what the president reiterated yesterday and has said every day from when he sought this office is we have a crisis of illegal
9:38 am
immigration. and as president made clear, we don't want families to be separated. we don't want children taken away from parents. but, right now, under the law, and we sit with these lawmakers, we only have two choices before us. number one is don't prosecute people who come into our country illegally or prosecute them and then under court cases and the law, they have to be separated from their children. what i want to be clear about. we are calling on lawmakers, mr. president, not just to solve this problem in a way that affirms our commitment to law and order and compassion, which we can do. and there are proposals in the senate, proposals in the house to do that. but the president's vision articulated in his state of the union address is let's solve the whole problem. let's build a wall, let's close the loopholes. let's solve the problem for 1.8 million people that were brought into this country through no fault of their own and let's deal with law and order and compassion
9:39 am
with this issue of family separation. i would say with great respect. as the house consideration legislation tomorrow. senate is considering legislation. the president has postponed the congressional picnic. we're calling on congress to ability. let's roll our sleeves up. let's work the whole problem. let's end this crisis of illegal immigration. >> thank you very much. does anybody else have anything to say because i think we are pretty much on -- yes. >> mr. president, thank you. just from the house perspective, i want to say currently serving guard member you are my my commander-in-chief. marked difference in the feeling of the military. they understand we are investing in them again even though we are asking them to do a lot. secondly security plays a big wall and that includes border security. bill bring up and hopefully pass in the house fully funds the border and takes care of all of these issues. i hope the house can pass it. i wish democrats would join us. frankly a lot of stuff in there they like, too.
9:40 am
80% issue. unfortunately i think they like the politics of this a little better. i also want to say we really wish you didn't take secretary pompeo from the house because he did a great job. is he doing a great job as secretary. >> is he doing a great job. thank you. i very much appreciate it nibble over here? >> yes. thank you, mr. president. i want to echo particularly what chairman thorn bury and senator inhofe said in terms of the change that we have seen in adam. the change we have seen in terms of resources for the military. we have goth got to make sure we don't have another pr for the military. we are working hard in the house. we are hopeful we are going to pass propositions bill next week in the house. and we need to make sure that that gets taken up and passed in the senate and that we don't give you another omnibus type bill that we get a straight defense propositions bill passed and taken up and that will be critically important to continue the work have you done to rebuild the military. >> say hello to your father, please. great guy. >> need to tell adam to
9:41 am
shave. looks good. handsome guy. thank you all very much. we appreciate it. >> [shouting] >> we are looking to keep families together. very important. >> thank you, guys. >> we are going to be signing an executive order. we will also count on congress, obviously. we are signing an executive order in a little while. we are going to keep families together but we still have to maintain toughness or our country will be overrun by people, by crime, by all of the things that we don't stand for, that we don't want. so, i'm going to be signing an executive order in a little while before i go to minnesota. but, at the same time, i think you have to understand, we're keeping families together, but we have to keep our borders strong. we will be overrun with crime and with people that should not be in our country. >> will you accept a stand alone bill -- family separation issue. >> we will see what happens.
9:42 am
>> young children at the border. >> they effect everybody. those images effect everybody. i have to say that you have double standards. have you people that want absolute security and safety and people that do look at the children and then have you people like me and i ink most of the people in this room that want both. we want the heart but we also want strong borders and we want no crime. we don't want crime in this country. we don't want people coming. in we don't want people coming in from the middle east through our border. using children to get through the lines. we don't want that. we are doing too good a job to allow that to happen. we are not going to allow that to happen. thank you very much. >> all right. all right. thanks very much. >> this has been going on. you say what took long? >> this has been going on 50 years, longer. this has been going on under president obama and president bush. this has been going on for many, many years. we're going to see if we can involve it. this isolve it.
9:43 am
you look at the images from 2014. i was watching this morning. and they were showing images from 2014. they blow away what we are looking at today. and that was not during. this that was during the obama administration. i saw images that were horrible. and you know the ones i'm talking about because i'm sure you all saw them, too. we will see if we can solve the immigration problem like we have solved so many other problems. and i think we'll get it done. thank you very much. thank you. thank you all very much. >> dagen: that was president trump at the white house meeting with republicans there. again, the headline, president trump will sign an executive order to keep families together he emphasized the importance of keeping a strong border. but he is going to sign an executive order at the moment we also have attorney general jeff sessions who is on capitol hill meeting with the republican study committee. steve scalise in the house
9:44 am
is also working on trying to set up a meeting on capitol hill today with the department of homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen to meet with members on immigration. so much going on but an executive order to address this. we don't have that much detail at the moment, judge. what do you make of what you heard in the last 20 minutes. >> judge: what i heard may me optimistic that the president is thinking in the right direction that he is going to give -- i hope he gives the secretary of homeland security and she to her border patrol agents discretion to evaluate on the basis of each individual family and not some one size fits all. if the president's executive order does that i think he will release the political pressure on him. more importantly, he will get the children reunited with their families or at least out of the confined areas. >> kennedy: judge, do we actually have the capacity to do that right now? we did have enough people to do. >> judge: we probably don't to be honest with you. it's the government's duty to bring about the capacity.
9:45 am
have to take judges from new jersey. administrative law judges from new jersey and get them down there. >> kennedy: wouldn't you rather see that than members of the national guard. >> judge: of course. >> kennedy: being deployed to clear brush? it's interesting because what you see here is the president is obviously trying to shift the discussion to one about immigration, comprehensively, and, you know, i don't know if they are going to get a comprehensive bill. the president said he likes that word. he wants wall funding, dreamers taken care of. he obviously wants to end this separation. i don't know if they can do that and it seems like they are going to have to go to individual piece of legislation. >> i'm not optimistic that comprehensive legislation is going to be done today. my concern is did you see the crowd funding campaign they raised over $5 million in this couple in the northeast, i believe. sending the money down to the border for legal support to attempt to have more support there to expedite some of the processes. and i think it is amazing. it's great that we are going to have this executive order. we need to keep the children with their families.
9:46 am
my question is what are we going to do though with the people who are i will locally crossing who just coins did he wantly have children. are we no longer going to prosecute them. >> dagen: the white house has summoned a cadre of house republicans to the white house to discuss immigration bill. they left via bus. they are undecideds on the g.o.p. bill all three leaders went separately. one more hard line bill from goodlatte. another a compromise out of leadership. president trump has said he will sign either. but what i have heard from people inside government and outside of government that president trump needs to be a leader on this. and push them because, again, this is a man who promised the people who voted for him a wall, and he did not get funding for the wall in that okay miss bus spending bill. 25 billion. he has guaranteed 28 million young people in this country who were here illegally a path to citizenship and then people on the far right,
9:47 am
steve bannon says oh, amnesty. then he seems to back off of this has to be led from the president of the white house. >> judge: if he signs something with applauditudes he will sign nothing. signs something to give discretion to the homeland security personnel down there to ereal united states each family. hold hearings even if they bring them in from new jersey within 72 hours he will complying with the supreme court case 197 cases when the court evaluated very, very decrepit conditions in the clinton administration. quote the government is required to release children from immigration detention without unnecessary delay. if a suitable placement is not immediately available, the government is obligated to place children in the least restrictive setting possible. first choice parent, second choice adult relative. the government has failed
9:48 am
miserably to imli basic guidelines. contend cend who knows if they are going to have any success with some of these critical areas. that's why it seems like they are going to have to take it apart. that, you know, you are not going to be able to solve the separation crisis with legislative fix and also, it's bad form to rush something through in this emotional flurry. >> judge: talking about the executive order or legislation. >> no. talking about legislation u rushing legislation and making big mistakes that will have long-term consequences very hard to dial back. >> speaking of legislation, looking at what's on the congressional calendar, we still have things before the election, you have the senate majority, not a super majority. things like repealing and replacing obamacare that the president also promised. i mean, immigration reform as the senator just spoke to there is so incredibly complex. we are adding that to the calendar that we need to get to before the august recess if there is one. you are not going to get anything done in september and october when everyone is campaigning for re-election. we are looking at
9:49 am
potentially replacing a supreme court justice. repealing and replacing obamacare. trying to get the wall funding: releasing report today at 3:00 p.m. if they still release it which they have gotten together for a new plan for repealing and replacing. i'm looking forward to that at 3:00 today. >> dagen: images of children being separated from their family was morally repuck rerepugnant and untenable coming up to the midterm elections. if the house, if the republicans lose it, the president would be facing impeachment. and that's -- i think that was becoming crystal clear in the last few days to him. but, again, president trump getting ready to sign an executive order. the house leadership, major republicans on capitol hill led to the white house via a bus for a instantaneous meeting. we'll have more after the break.
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>> we're very strong on security. we want security for our country. the republicans want security and insist on security for our country why have that at the same time we have compassion, we want to keep families together. it's very important. i will be signing something
9:54 am
in little while that's going to do that. >> a lot of movement on immigration and separation. the president meeting with house and senate g.o.p. lawmakers. he is not the only one in this issue. attorney general jeff sessions making a visit to capitol hill today. watch this what do you think of the executive order should he be doing this or not. >> we have been working with the president all day. i think we can make real progress. we will need congress to help us also i think the president knows what he is doing we are supportive and working with him. thank you. thank you all. >> can you tell us what it is, please? >> kennedy: rare appearance from attorney general jeff sessions. >> judge: if the attorney general is interacting with the white house council that's the right thing to do. the executive order has to reflect authority it's got to site law. not just give guidance but tell these border patrol agents what they can do. >> i want to point out the house majority whip steve scalise gave the white house
9:55 am
a list of house republicans he personally needs to work on to discuss the immigration bill with. the president is meeting with those members shortly, heading on a bus, maybe driving in their own automobiles or taking. >> meet with going to the white house. >> dagen: taking an uber. about two dozen republicans going over to the white house to talk with the president. >> that's great. forward motion. that's what we have been wanting for. >> is it enough to calm the chaos. >> haven't given enough context. who knows. hopefully children are kept with parents. my biggest concern which we were talking about a little bit. once these children are with their parents or, again, with their family members are we going to confirm that these are actually family members or some sort of human trafficking scheme. human trafficking is rampant here. >> we do need to remember the reason that this was started in the first place. right or wrong was to discourage families from bringing their kids to the border and trying to enter the united states illegally
9:56 am
or even sending their unaccompanied children in to the united states. that's where the increase has been so far this year. kennedy contend we have increase in the discussion. more outnumbered in just a moment. stay right here.
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thanks so much to our good friend judge andrew napolitano. this is a busy day with the major issues and we didn't even touch on the other stuff we talked about. >> it's rare that the president of the united states
10:00 am
can affect the welfare of individual children with the stroke of a pen. i hope he does it. >> it sounds like he is going to. >> he cares apt the dreamers. >> thank you, judge. back on the couch 12:00 noon eastern tomorrow. right now melissa francis in for harris. >> melissa: fox news alert. we could be a step closer to seeing a fix for the brewing crisis at the border. welcome to "outnumbered overtime." i'm melissa francis in for harris faulkner. president trump signaling he is ready to take executive action to allow migrant families to stay together with tensions over the issue running high. this is as speaker says this is a political flash point. the president is speaking on the dilemma of finding a measure at the white house minutes ago.


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