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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  June 20, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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deal. spending time with him and holding him. >> send us your video, we could play one of those every night. thanks for the special report, fair, balanced and unafraid. >> bill: president trump addresses a crowd in duluth, minnesota. a state which hillary clinton narrowly won. at the moment he is holding a roundtable and wants the rally begins we will take you there live. good evening everyone on this wednesday evening, tonight's rally coming only hours after signing an executive order ending migrant family separation and sliming suggestions that he is backing down. >> president trump: we are signing an executive order. i consider it to be a very important executive order.
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it's about keeping families together. at the same time we make sure that we have a very powerful and strong border. the border is just as tough but we do want to keep families together. >> so in the phase of a national outcry, detectives they can kes together. but those on the left are still not satisfied. >> when you stop putting whole families into detention, that evokes to me a picture of japanese americans being incarcerated during world war ii. speak out there is no other place in this country that i know of in which we detain minor children with their parents. i don't think that solves our problem. >> bill: big lineup tonight, peter doocy on capitol hill with the house, which could make a
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move on immigration within hours. let's start the white house north lawn tonight. what is the white house think about the events that have unfolded over the past several hours? >> good to see you. tonight president trump it's trying to frame this as a victory saying he can both be tough on illegal immigration while also showing a heart. but let's be clear about what really happened today, which is a he saw something very rare for this president. he gave in to political pressure in the short term in order to try to play the long game and try to get funding for the wall and other measures to crack on illegal immigration in the long term. it was just yesterday that the president dug in and said only congress can fix this and declared he would not back down because he charged illegal immigrants want to quote unquote invest the u.s. and democrats are letting him. the inclination is strong
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because of he looks weak, the border will be overrun. but he also wants to show compassion. he acknowledged house republicans last night and that urgent meeting after knowing the party was facing political pressure from those images on the border. the executive order keeps families together while in custody, and they will follow a request for the central district of california to modify the settlement agreement in flora's sessions in a manner that would submit the secretary. that's about the pendency of criminal proceedings for improper removal or any other immigration proceedings. that is interesting that a california judge said that kids were being held" widespread deplorable conditions. so the remedy was they could only be detained with their
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parents for 20 days. the aclu tonight is immediately declaring that all of this may run afoul of that court settlement. they said to quote children do not belong in jail at all even with their parents under any set of circumstances. if the president thinks placing families in jail indefinitely is what people have been asking for, he's grossly mistaken. here is president sighed. >> president trump: i didn't like the site or the feeling of families being separated. so step-by-step, just like we dealt with north korea, we dealt with iran, we dealt with an economy heading in the wrong direction we will solve the problem and at the same time we are keeping a very powerful order and it continues to be a zero tolerance. >> what some republicans wanted them to call the bluff. chuck schumer has been complaining about conditions for the kids but said he would block
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any legislative fix to help those kids. the president decided to act on his own hoping he will get some credit heading into these midterms in a few months for striking a balance. but the potential problem in the short term is by acting now and in the executive way it might take the pressure off congress to actually pass some legislation. >> did you get a sense in the white house today, what put him over the top? >> we know at previous times, he said he saw disturbing images of kids facing a chemical attack in syria. that moved him to military action and in this case, the president himself said he heard from his wife, the first lady, and and he went up and got a little bit of an ear full from house republicans, who are facing the voters in a few months and they are saying,
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look, we have to do something here. >> so then the president ultimately, once congress fix the immigration matter, but that's a lot easier said than done. up we go to capitol hill. >> we have to look into the future of what might actually go down on the house floor tomorrow when that pair of immigration bills comes up and is considered. because just a few minutes ago, the speaker of the house, paul ryan, was confronted and got an ear full from an angry freedom caucus leader, congressman mark meadows on the house floor. and that is known as the goodlatte bill which does not provide a pathway to citizenship for recipients. republican leaders are still just a stock as they were this morning, when the with the team realized they were so short on votes for the so-called compromise bill that leadership
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likes, they arranged for buses to take two dozen lawmakers who needed to be worked on to the white house for a second consecutive day of face time with post comic president trump who says he just wants to get something done and his executive order on keeping families together addresses an issue that was not on congresses radar when these bills were being put together. but those buses all came back to that capital without two dozen new commitments to support the river flick and backed bill which is trying to lure them more conservative members now with an appropriation for the full $25 billion in border wall money that president trump wants. so it's entirely unclear that anything has even close to the amount of support needed to pass tomorrow, and it just across the street from where i'm standing tomorrow in the rayburn house office building, republicans and democrats are huddled in a hearing room going over the rules for these two votes tomorrow. that's the last thing that needs to happen before they can actually have the vote tomorrow. >> one of the big messages last
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night when the president was there, he wants the four pillars. the visa lottery, the 25 million from the law, is all of that in both of these bills that could be considered? >> no and that's part of the issue right now. the goodlatte bill which doesn't have even close to the amount of support does not have a pathway to citizenship's for daca recipients which is something that a lot of the more moderate members of the house want to do. and a couple dozen moderate republicans almost joined with democrats to do this discharge petition which would have let them bring something to the floor, a very bipartisan bill. the leadership was able to avoid that, with his compromise bill that leadership is now calling the leadership bill. it addresses border security and also gives pathway to citizenship for daca recipients that were brought to this
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country illegally as children, but that is something that the republican conference cannot stomach. >> it sounds kind of iffy. nice to see you tonight, peter. let's get to the politics and of the optics of all of this in a moment here, but what is your sense about this executive order? does it fly? >> brit: i think it may help the president and his party politically because he will be seen as acting to end of this practice of stripping this of e kids away from their families. but and, that goes right into this consent decree that we've all been hearing about, and the floras case that was effectively
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law, which says he can't hold kids for longer than 20 days. he's saying that this order has to be done and out a way that doesn't run into that. well, we will see how well that works. i think there is a significant chance it will be struck down and we will see how far that goes. make no mistake about that, the reason democrats are complaining about the order is, what they wanted the president to do with a stroke of a panelist for the president to go back to the previous practice of catch and release. if you had a child with you and you cross the border, because you couldn't hold a kid for more than 20 days, and these people would be scheduled or set for a hearing. then they would melt away into the countryside when they were released and never show up for the hearing. so that whole catch and release practice, while it was well-intentioned, didn't work. and this is what the trump administration is trying to get away from.
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>> bill: if you a keen experience in this however. in virginia you work in a facility that brings in illegal immigrant children. what is your experience with how they are treated or what happened? >> brit: there are two kinds of immigrant children separated from their families. one kind, and this is the largest group are unaccompanied immigrant myron.minors who cross our borders and their parents are nowhere to be seen. they make a harrowing journey through mexico and these broken central american countries to get here, and they come into this country. because they are entitled to a hearing, they have to be housed somewhere until they are hearing. there are hundreds of facilities around the country that accommodate these kids. the same facilities also accommodate these children who are separated at the border from
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their families. i'm on the board of a christian youth home out here in virginia not too far from washington which takes 60 or so of these kids at a time and they take care of them. i must say they take very good care of them, until they can be placed with families or otherwise situated to await their hearings. that's how the system works. what we have seen at the border is a number of cases where these kids arrive, and a lot of them expect to be separated from their parents and they are ready to deal with that. but as we have seen in a number of cases where these kids are certainly not ready for that and it's a terrible experience for them, and that is what the administration is trying to deal with now. once they revoke, catch and release, these were inevitable. so then they say, we are not going to do catch and release but we are not separating them either. we will see how that turns out as a matter of law. >> bill: i mentioned the
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optics, and he thinks the white house screwed it up. but that was before. >> this has been the worst message policy scrubbed of any president in my lifetime. regardless of what you think of the moral horror at the border, it's just a disaster. >> bill: reflect on that quickly and have they made of ground since that comment from 10:00 o'clock this morning? >> brit: they may have, bill, but they were while in a hole on this. and you are hearing so this is what they are up against. i don't think when they instituted catch and release in april, they expected this. i don't think they expected suddenly this will blow up into the issue and the administration says, clearly we are not ready
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for it. one of them is, if you are an american citizen, a parent, and you commit a crime, and you are thrown in jail, you will be separated from your children. these people cross the border, and if they don't cross at a legitimate transit point and file for asylum or whatever they want on the right way, they have committed a crime. they are subject to separation from their children. but that argument never quite penetrated. >> and looking at the president sweep from just a few hours ago. there's a video attached to that that we will play a bit later before the rally begins. >> we haven't heard the last of this, because i'm not sure this executive order will pass muster in the courts because of that consent to create that said 20 days is the max. >> bill: and thank you, we appreciate your story. in a moment here live from
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duluth, we will see a out rally and a matter of minutes. it's a more competitive house race that you will see ts comiovember. that tells you whether president is there and we will break all that down, the president's role on the midterm election cycle continues. plus former fbi director james comey with some comments today about hillary clinton. what he said may just surprise you. jason chaffetz from clinton advisor philippe reines, and here about that next. >> even at this late date she doesn't even understand what that investigation her case is about like medication and medical conditions. biotène provides immediate, long lasting relief from dry mouth symptoms. it is clinically proven to soothe and moisturize a dry mouth. plus, it freshens breath. biotène. immediate and long lasting dry mouth symptom relief.
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>> bill: live in duluth, minnesota, and why is the president there, this is where he is five months from now and the midterms. the president just left a roundtable discussion there with business leaders and he will be in a hall of about 8,000 strong we are told. and james comey is doubling down that he did nothing wrong in the hill are clinton email matter. despite what the ig report show just yesterday. hillary clinton still will not admit she did anything wrong. >> is this a good moment to
4:20 pm
apologize to her? >> no, and here's why. i don't want to criticize her but it shows me even at this late date she doesn't understand with the investigation and her case was about. it was not about her use of a personal email system, it was about communicating about classified topics on that system. >> there you have it, no apologies. at trace gallagher with more on that story. >> in the 560 page report issued by doj inspector general michael horowitz, the ig points out the need that during the hillary clinton email investigation, then fbi director james comey used his own personal email, finding quote comey's use of his email account to be inconsistent with department policy. hillary clinton then tweeted a political reporter saying that ig found on numerous locations and comey used an email account.
4:21 pm
clinton then added her own statement quoting, but my emails? here is comey's explanation. >> i was not talking about anything remotely classified and the inspector general did say that as well. but i get why the tweet, i get why they focused on it but it's a totally different thing. >> although in july 2016 when he held a news conference announcing that hillary clinton will not face criminal charges, he did appear to indicate the investigation involved both the nature of the emails and how they were delivered. >> none of these emails should have been on any kind of fun classified. and they were housed in unclassified personal servers. and they reopened at the it and an unrelated case the fbi has
4:22 pm
learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation. he said he learned about the new emails one day before notifying congress. the ig said new emails were found in september but the fbi failed to act on them till late october which hillary clinton believes cost her the election. here she is. >> it stopped my momentum and drove voters from me who understandably, this is not about the voters. but what does this mean and how do i evaluate it? that in terms of my personal defeat was the most important factor. >> recall that two days before the election, comey told congress the new evidence didn't change anything and clinton should not face charges. >> bill: very interesting commentary. with me tonight, jason chaffetz, former house oversight sherman and now fox contributor. good evening to both of you.
4:23 pm
i think the last comment from james comey caught my eye, it was about communicating about classified topics on the system. jason, i didn't think that was okay. >> it's a violation to conduct government business on personal email, but it's a whole other level. the whole clinton investigation started because the intelligence committee, the inspector general sent a referral to the fbi saying there is classified information in a nonclassified setting, and when they went to go retrieve it, that's what started this whole investigation. >> bill: so no apologies, philippe. but when you listen to james comey you wonder why he didn't pursue it? it comes slowly down to his discretion. >> jason: when it comes down to james comey, i just want to kind of stop listening to him. the job of the fbi director is being done right, you don't know his name. i bet most americans don't know the current fbi director's name. i bet most don't know any fbi
4:24 pm
directors other than herbert hoover. if j. edgar hoover and james comey are in their own category, he obviously did something wrong. that doesn't mean what he would say is, doing something wrong translates into doing something nefarious. >> bill: i agree though, but i do agree that i think hillary clinton was wronged by james comey. you have 560 pages excoriating the fbi director and how he did business that says it's wrong. >> jason admitted it was wrong. >> bill: it was also wrong to the republicans for not pursuing this. >> do you think he cost him the election? >> no. i think america for figured out that hillary clinton was a liar. >> but he should not have
4:25 pm
interjected. >> he deviated from every protocol and norman. that's what the inspector general found. >> i think philippe had been waiting a long time for that. >> we known july 5th and we knew on october 26th. but the bit about leaks and peter strzok, if peter strzok had texted someone, we got something up our sleeve, in october, or we have a bomb to drop, congressman chief it's jz would be like his hair on fire. but no one is talking about those. >> he called it a surprise and he explained that he was talking about a speech that was set to be delivered that weekend. but you mention peter strzok. struct's attorney speaks out and there is a statement from him. my client peter strauch is a patriot, not a sick loser.
4:26 pm
gentlemen, peter strzok says he will testify. he says he will not take the fifth. >> that's great. >> did you believe that to be the case? >> i hope so. congress has been hoping to get to him for months and the department won't let him do it, and of course they want to hear from him. the play the victim card? >> the attorney is arguing that piece in usa today saying that peter strzok kept the investigation quiet and prevented it from going public to influence the election, which is a twist that we have not heard before. i would dare to say that if peter strzok was before a committee on capitol hill, this would again be must-see tv. i would you expect it to play out? >> i think it's like everything else, people will cherry pet they want and they will recognize some things. bottom line, if you can't make any kind of logical argument that it was not any way to the
4:27 pm
benefit of hillary clinton or the detriment of donald trump. if the situation had been reversed and they had announced that on october 28th, there was an investigation into russian collusion, the donald trump would have gone away, and correctly so because the fbi is not supposed to play political games so close to the election. >> the only one to blame his hillary clinton. she set up her own server on the very day that her senate confirmation had started. >> what are you going today the do the day she is no longer around? >> thank you, see you soon. live now in duluth, inside the duluth entertainment convention center, president trump has just arrived moments ago and he will take the stage for campaign rally in what has become one of the more competitive districts in all the 2018 returns. by the way, that part of minnesota flipped in favor of
4:28 pm
donald trump and republicans by about 22 points from four years previous. november is bad news for nancy pelosi also democratic candidates vowing to dump the longtime party leader. we will tap into all of that when we come back, next. >> when it comes to personal ambition and having fun on tv, having fun, i love the arena. i thrive on competition. going new places. (oh!) going out for a bite. going anytime. rewarded! learn more at by staying in rhythm. and to keep up this pa, i drink boost optimum. boost optimum with 5 in 1 advanced nutrition helps support muscle, energy, bone, normal immune function, and vision. boost optimum. be up for life. sorry, one second it's loading, look. security: let's speed this up please. security: thank you.
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>> bill: it is 7:32 p.m. in new york, 6:32 p.m. in duluth, minnesota. waiting and watching for the president, he will be on that stage in just a few moments, his first trip back since winning the white house. he tweeted this is just dumb like a short time ago from air force one. just landed in minnesota, looking forward to being with pete stauber and his wonderful family. mike is live in duluth, good evening to you. >> good evening bill. another rally and another packed house here. this is the first time that trump supporters have seen their favorite guy after he arguably beat a retreat. and of course i'm referring to the executive order which was signed earlier today. the trump supporters don't see it that way, they see it as a
4:33 pm
president who was listening to their concerns and didn't like the images coming out of the border. so the president who listen to them and solve the problems, others saw it as a calculation and trump knew it all along and created a bunch of pressure, then he solve the problem. the only exception would be the people who were just intransigent or a standing in line. they were unaware of the developments getting out of this fast-moving white house. enthusiasm is not dampened at all. people came up from the minneapolis area, spent hours on a bus. one man said it was his 46th trump rally and he got in line and worked the line and shifts to make sure he could get inside the arena and see the president one more time. there are some guys gathered up and guy fox masked but no real trouble to talk about. the president already had the
4:34 pm
roundtable at the border superior and a paper warehouse out there, but according to pete navarro, the director of the white house national trade council, this is part of the country in which they don't mess. >> mike tobin live in duluth while we await the president on stage. that may bring in chris and carl. gentlemen, good evening to both of you. we get to talk about the iron range. far northeastern minnesota. carl, go ahead and kick us off. >> i think a lot of people would say why duluth, minnesota? >> because this is a district that flipped 22 points. mitt romney lost by seven, trump one by 15. it's been historically democrats have had one republican congressman, for one term and one term only. it's a good pickup opportunity for the republicans.
4:35 pm
the incumbent is retiring and there is one republican, pete stopper, the county supervisor they are in and st. louis county, former policeman and there is a four-way democratic primary that he has not yet settled. this is trump country. big time. >> bill: what about it chris, i guess trade will certainly come up tonight and we will probably see it the republican candidate pete stauber on stage. >> this is tailor-made for donald trump because it is in the iron range, this is a place for tariffs, raising the prices on foreign steel and aluminum will be very popular. these are folks that will see direct benefit and it's a district that looks quite a lot like the one in pennsylvania where we saw the special election earlier this year between conor lam who won that one. these are the democrats who vote for trump and he has to connect
4:36 pm
with him. >> i found this interesting gentleman. on-screen i will share it with the viewers. are you satisfied with the direction the united states is going? look at the right-hand column. republicans are up 14 points in three months, and it democrats were flat across the board. carl, what do you think is moving, is that the economy or more than that? >> i think it's more than that but mostly the economy. i think people, independents and republicans are looking at th president on the question of north korea and the strong leader. what's also interesting is while those attitudes are happening about the economy, the president is not doing a very effective job of selling the tax cuts. there is a monmouth poll out that jun compared to april, the percentage of people that said
4:37 pm
that they approved the tax cut and the percentage of those who disapproved dropped and the percentage of people who don't know grew by 50%. 24% of the electric doesn't know what to make of the tax. but yet their personal feelings about the economy are making them get the president a thumbs up. his approval rating is back to where it was at the time of his inauguration. >> bill: what do you think of that, chris? >> i think that's true but we have seen here in the last week is important. not just for the president but also for attitudes and how optimistic people feel. one year ago or so we dealt with the charlottesville debacle. that wasn't anyone's pocketbook, that wasn't anyone's top line. but after it happened we saw a bottoming out because people felt so uncomfortable, felt so dyspeptic i about the condition of the national discussion. we are going to want to see very
4:38 pm
closely, very much, and how this crisis played out. >> bill: here's the tweet from just a few hours ago. don't worry, the republicans and your president will fix it. before i get to the answer, there is a video that is attached to the tweet and it takes us back through time. this is what it looks like gentlemen. >> our immigration system is broken. >> illegal immigration is wrong, plain and simple. >> all americans, not only heavily affected but every place in this country are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country. >> the people who should be here should come legally. >> just because your child gets across the border doesn't mean that your child gets to stay. >> there you go, democratic perspective but it shows you the issues over the years. you were talking about how president obama's got snagged in
4:39 pm
it. here is the core of it. there is too much advantage for the extremes here in keeping the issue and this is both on the left and on the right. they benefit too much from having this issue, not just for fund-raising and things like that but also for beating the establishment. it's a surefire way that hardliners on the left and hardliners on the right can get after the party establishment. brother rowe lived through it in 2007, and there is of nuclear power in there. it's the same power that launched donald trump's campaign and launched him into the white house. can he control it at this point? so far the answer is no. >> bill: do you think washington wants to solve this? >> i think most people in washington do, but they have different ways to solve it. but, extremes beat the issue for their own purposes and it makes it difficult for people who largely agree upon things that if you talk to them outside of
4:40 pm
the arena, to disagree when they get into the arena. in 2004 and five i think it was we passed a bill to fund a southern border wall. people like barack obama and hillary clinton and chuck schumer and very harry rd voted for it. that's why we have some 600 miles of wall on the border today. but they thought back in that it was a reasonable opposition and now today repairing that wall and extending in a couple dozen miles, that's the end of the world. >> bill: gentleman, standby. let's take a quick break. we are waiting on president trump live in duluth and you will see that rally once it gets underway. back after this.
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>> bill: it we are waiting for president trump on stage in duluth, minnesota, and we should get this rally started in a few moments here. just after the president had a roundtable with business leaders
4:45 pm
in in the last half hour. he sent a tweet saying, so sorry to the people waiting to get into the packed arena, i love you all. and on the parking garage, this was on the fire station across the street. gentlemen, there was another story going around washington, d.c. carl, why don't you start this time. >> i count 20 democrats in the house that they would not vote for nancy pelosi if they wer to get the majority in november. what do you think is moving with that and is it real? >> they know that she is a about a figure for their party and they are running in suburban republican districts. if they want to keep far away from her. she is radioactive and they ify get too close to her, they will die. but first of all if 20 democrats say we are not voting for nancy pelosi, you need 218 votes to be elected speaker of the house. that means they need to win 238 seats or pick up 45.
4:46 pm
if only those 20 say they are not going to vote, by the time we get to september, there are probably 25 or 30 democrats who say they are not voting for them and every one of them raises you up above 238. we may be back in 1856. but they don't have a clear majority. it takes two months and 133 balance to elect nathaniel banks, speaker of the house of representatives. if the democrats said i don't think they will take control of the house, and he could be same on the republican side with the freedom caucus saying we are not voting for me mccarthy are causing it go down like to go to multiple ballots in multiple days. >> the fire marshal in duluth is saying that the arena holds about 9,000, and it has been
4:47 pm
mostly packed except for a few dozen seats on the back. the turnout there in duluth is to be expected. what do you make of the discord on behalf of the democrats in the house? >> sometimes the greatest value that a politician can bring to his or her party is in weaving. john boehner taught a master class and took those freedom caucus members by surprise. he said, clean the stables. he he said the republican partyp for victory and in ways that very few people appreciate, by his willingness to leave at the right time. nancy pelosi has to make a decision and then the coming months and she's not going to remain as the democratic leader. that's not what is going to happen. she has to decide what she wants to do for herself and for her party that works out in a way that number one is best for them but number two leaves her with some kind of legacy that she can look back on. those are hard choices for people to make in any part of life, and when you have been that close to the pinnacle of
4:48 pm
power. >> also, democrats are getting a boost. michael bloomberg said he will inject about $80 million in money for campaigns across the country. just a quick word on that because, that could be effective. >> well as starr welled the mountaineer philosopher would say, that's enough money to burn a wet mule. >> while some wonder whether he has ambitions for 20,020 as well. >> there might be some of that in there. >> thank you gentlemen, so much. the president is on stage here in duluth, minnesota. just to remind you there is a big house race there, a big governor's race in minnesota. it could be very competitive come november. this is no accident for the president being there tonight. we expect a commentary on trade and, perhaps immigration and north korea and on and on down the list. the economy is a big deal in this part, and the president flipped this district going from
4:49 pm
president obama's last term to the campaign in 2016. he flipped this district by more than 20 points, a major swing. president trump on stage, in duluth, and here we go. ♪ ♪ and i won't forget the man who died, who gave that write to me. and i gladly stand up, next to you, and defend her still today ♪ ♪ because there ain't no doubt, i love this land, god bless the usa ♪ ♪ and i'm proud to be an american, where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ and i won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me ♪
4:50 pm
♪ and i gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today ♪ ♪ because there ain't no doubt, i love this land, god bless the usa! ♪ [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> president trump: thank you. thank you very much, duluth. thank you very much. i am thrilled to be back in the great state of minnesota.
4:51 pm
with truly some of the most incredible people anywhere on earth, and you know that. [cheers and applause] and you know, i hate to bring this up. but we came this close to winning the state of minnesota. and in two and a half years, it's going to be really easy, i think. it's been many decades since a republican did that, and i thought i was going to do it. i needed one more visit, one more speech. that's why, never, ever give up. one more speech. i'm very proud of minnesota. let me also say congratulations to the bulldogs on winning the
4:52 pm
ncaa championship hockey tournament. that's a big deal. right in this arena, this is where they play, right? i hear they are a great team. and how many are going to the nhl? two or three? that's a lot. they are going to do it, great team. thank you. great team, the bulldogs. so we are honored to be joined tonight by many wonderful republican leaders, including our incredible house majority leader, kevin mccarthy. kevin, come out here please. he sends a lot of money this way. i want to tell you. i also want to think, and may be
4:53 pm
just asked him to come up. we have all night long, right? do we have time? [cheers and applause] we are not going anywhere. some great people. congressman sean duffy, a great champion. come up. you know, the whole thing, going up the trees and down the trees. number one in the world for four or five years. with a great, great wife, by the way. very talented. tom amer, congressman, loves the state. [applause] and a very popular man in the state of minnesota, jason lewis.
4:54 pm
[cheers and applause] i also want to thank lieutenant governor michelle fischbach for being here. she has been so great. she's got a big race coming along and she's going to do great. as along with state senator gorn housley. good luck, thank you. also, a friend of mine and a man who has been incredible and a great supporter, minnesota senate majority leader paul gives alka. and minnesota republican party chair jennifer carnahan who has been fantastic, thank you.
4:55 pm
and finally, the person we are all here to support tonight, somebody who is very special. by the way, who loves ice hockey. a realize hockey family. in fact his brother is the coach of the winning women's olympic team in the olympics, not bad. great family. the next congressman from minnesota's eighth congressional district, the great pete stauber. come on up. [cheers and applause]
4:56 pm
i will tell you, is this a pretty good send-off for pete? this is not bad. hey pete, come here and say a few word heas supposed to do this, but let's hear it. >> thank you mr. president. welcome to the city of duluth and the great state of minnesot minnesota. and, as he alluded to, the home of college hockey is national champions, the university of minnesota duluth bulldogs. [cheers and applause] i'm pete stauber, and i'm
4:57 pm
running a minnesota's eighth congressional district. because like president trump, i love this country. i love our freedoms. and i love our constitution. [cheers and applause] mr. president, before your election you made a promise to visit minnesota and you promised more jobs, fewer regulations and a better economy for everyone. now jobs are up, unemployment numbers are at an historic low, and small businesses and manufacturers are surging. and optimism is at an all-time
4:58 pm
high. [cheers and applause] my blue-collar common sense conservative message is resonating throughout the eighth district. mr. president , these people support you. my applause [applause] and mr. president, these are the same people that are going to send me to washington. so together we can unleash the economic engine in northern minnesota. [cheers and applause]
4:59 pm
on behalf of the minnesotans here today, thank you for coming to our great state, and for always putting america -- [cheers and applause] for always putting america and the american worker first. thank you, god bless america.
5:00 pm
[cers andpplause] >> president trump: so i didn't know he was going to do that, then he takes out his speech and reads it, i said, that's pretty good. >> we will take you back in just a second to the president speaking live. just beginning a rally in duluth, minnesota. we will take as long as it goes. >> president trump: we are going to win so much, win-win win. remember i said your governor or senator is going to come to washington and say, please, we are winning too much. the people of minnesota cannot stand winning so much. please, can we take it easy? and i said no, we will


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