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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 20, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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kids specially american kids. tune in tomorrow night to the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. stay tuned for sean hannity. we'll be back on thursday: >> sean: tammy bruce was so good. the president gets animated. he loves the american people. which is so obvious. your ratings will be maximum tonight. do you know how hard it is to hold this audience? get paid for not working tonight. welcome to "hannity." >> tucker: i love it. president trump wrapping up a huge rally in minnesota. we will shoe the highlights. that's coming up tonight including his comments. all important comments on immigration. earlier today the president signed an executive order to end the separation of children and parents who cross our border illegal but not before democrats and mainstream media went off the rails. we will show you how insane and
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unhinged the left and the med has become. evenhe president's 12-year-old son. a target've attack. and a blatant double standard in the media. the press gave a pass to the beloved barack obama over separating children from their parents. we have the evidence tonight. and anti-trump peter strzok is in huge trouble. he was escorted out of the fbi agency. he could be forced to testify before congress. bad news for andrew mccabe and james comey and robert mueller. strzok is at the center of a tangled web of nothing but corruption and bias to influence a presidential election. we are at the precipice of the biggest scandal in modern political history.
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it is only getting started. we have a jam-packed edition. the president is not doing my hour like tucker. we begin with our opening monologue. ♪ the rally you saw on fox just ended. you would not know it if you were watching the mainstream media. cnn barely covered it. and conspiracy tv msnbc acted like it was not happen we brought you the rally including when the president took democrats and the mainstream media to task over the topic of immigration. one reason the media did not cover it they would be called out for all of their lies and the fact they are missing the biggest story in american history. take a look. >> democrats don't care about the impact of uncontrolled migration on your communities,
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democrats put illegal immigrants before they put american citizens. they want to do anything they can to obstruct and make sure it is happening. schools and hospitals. your jobs or your safety. democrats pull illegal immigrants before they put american citizens. we already started the wall. we have 1.6 million. the wall has been started. boy, it's tough. they want to obstruct and make sure it doesn't happen. it's happening. >> sean: for days. the destroy trump media and their friends in the democratic party have been in an insane meltdown that children were separated from parents at the border ever being detained from crossing the border illegally. i said numerous times: no one ever wants to see a kid separated from their parents. the president said that all week. the president addressed this important issue and signed an executive order undoing their damage and ensuring that illegal immigrants families would be kept intact.
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it was not his law. he did not pass it. congress did. another president signed it, but he fixed it. >> border security will be equal if not greater than previously, t we will keep the families together. i didn't like the sight of families being separated. it is a problem that went on for many years and many administrations. we are working hard on immigration. it's been going on for 60 years! 60 years, nobody has taken care of it. nobody had the political courage to take care of it. we are going to take care of it. >> sean: today the president undid the damage congress mandated and a previous president signed. this order fills a void vacated by congress which dropped the ball with illegal immigrants and 1legal immigrations. now it's time for the lazy
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congress to step up and do their job. that's a permanent solution. fix our broken immigration system. if we are going to do it, do it right. any bill needs to point out what the president laid out. going back to a state of the union address. secure the border and build the wall. the problem is solved completely. it must be completely funded and constructed and the money�-- well, i don't trust these guys. get it up front or no deal. all of the loopholes have to be closed used by criminals and terrorists to enter this country. that include chain migration and vending lottery system and catch and release. then and only then the democrats will win something too. they will get their concessions on daca and the issue of child and parent separation will end forever.
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something we all say we want. the wall, the lotto system. the end of catch and release. they can't be talking points. congress we are on to you. we are watching you. we know you often lie in your talking points and say one thing and it never matches the fine print of the bill. don't play these swamp games. the american people are hip to your lies. everything we are talking about needs to be straightforward and fully legislated and enacted before a daca compromise. without a wall, the problems at the wall will never go away. ever! sadly, we have to see all of this through the mid-term elections. everything on the fake news networks is about 2018. instead of passing legislation to fix the immigration problem, you have many democrats they would rather use this issue to beline their political opponents
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that fits into their brand of identity politics. they want the american people to believe that republicans are racist, and misogyny and they want to kill your children and push your grandmother over a cliff. you hear those lies every 2 and 4 years. the 4 things that will happen. you let democrats win this election, this mid-term, and guess what will happen? this is their agenda, number 1, they want to impeach the president. they told every democrat stop maxine waters from saying impeach. they want open borders. they want to keep obamacare. and just like nancy pelosi said, they want to roll back the tax cuts and steal those crumbs back that the president gave you in the tax cuts bill.
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earlier today the president 11exposed the democrats and the media's hypocrisy. media's hypocrisy.1 look at the video the president tweeted. this is priceless. fake a look. >> illegal immigrantsion is wrong. >> all americans, not only in the states heavily effected are disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country. >> we have to send a clear message. just because your child gets across the border, that doesn't mean the child gets to stay. >> the president and the democrats and the media are playing politics. this president vowed to fix the immigration crisis in in country. that did not stop your media from going off the rails insane. insane.1 listen to a clip. >> nbc news report lester holt interviewing a border patrol chief.
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>> do you feel like the bad guy you? are the instrument of a policy that is very controversial right now? >> sean: a bad guy. lester, get out of the stewe -- studio. i have been in the border and in 1the drug warehouses when they arrested gang member. floor to ceiling laid at the altar of going to our kids. lester, no wonder you are not number 1 in news anymore. risking his life? yes, he is saving our kids from drugs and those people who have bad intentions at the border. it gets so much worse. we are talking about a full-on psychotic meltdown. holocaust and slavery comparisons. check out this insanity. >> donald trump is pure evil. you play the tapes in the centers.
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it's horrific. that hasn't happened in this country since slavery. it hasn't happened since the time of the nazi and donald trump is right there with them. >> this is as if george wallace won in 1968. this is a return to the most disturbing element of white sepremacy. >> they created criminals. that's what happened. he said to me, the nazis had it correct. they declared us an inlegal people. that's how it began. >> i don't want little children ripped from their parent's arms. i don't want them marched off to showers. >> you look at this historically, the separation of families speaks to a level of inhumanity.
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>> sean: liberal joe thinks he is a conservative. if you can believe tthe reaction from some the left was so much worse. i have kids at home and i hate 1saying turn off the channel or be careful. this is not suitable february kids. -- for kids. actor peter fonda tweeted about donald trump's nielsen: he continued to rant. he turn his sick, vicious rage to a 12-year-old kid. the president and melania trump barron:
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okay. disgusting. the first lady has every right to protect her child. making terrorists threats 1against the first lady is illegal. she contacted the secret service after that tweet. peter fond sobered up and deleted the tweet and said he went too far. you could be arrested for those words and you should be. the big question of the day? the big question of the day?1 why is nancy pelosi? where is elizabeth warren? the champion of women hillary clinton? the outrage from the compassionate left? fonda's comments were sick and
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1this is the insanity coming 1from america's left. there is a lot more. look at occupy wall street promoting the murdering of ice agents, publishing a list of ice agent's personal information. they are going to get someone killed. and then this happened. and then this happened.1 nielsen is run out of a restaurant last night by a group of leftist protestors. we have the video. watch this left wing instanity. >> [shouting] >> deportation of 10,000 children separated from their children. >> [booing] >> you are deporting
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tens of thousands of people who come here seeking asylum in the united states. >> end the separation. >> end the separation.1 >> [shou] >> homeland 1security secretary is in a mexican restaurant. the [bleep] gall! shame on you. shame, shame, shame! >> sean: hillary clinton and 11nancy pelosi and elizabeth warren where are you? where is the me too movement. while the left media blows up over the trump administration's border tactics, and they are obeying the law, they were very quiet when obama was their president. the images we are about to show you. you.1 take a look at this.
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children in cages. sleeping in cages. sleeping in cages.11q without their parents being there at all. many separated from their parents. these images they were not taken after donald trump was sworn into office. this was under barack obama. those pictures are from the obama administration. this is how they detained illegal immigrants and children. one such obama era policy detained minors without their parents 4 months before releasing them back to their home country. president obama prosecuted half a million illegal immigrants and not donald trump. it was obama who said he was merely enforcing the laws that he could not change even if they created great damage. remember? he said all of this.
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>> there are those in the immigrants rights community who have argued, passionately, that we should simply provide those who are here illegally or ignore 11the laos the books. i believe such an approach is unwise and unfair. when i talked to immigration advocates. they wish i think bypass congress and change the law myself. that's not how democracy works. the idea of doing things on my own is tempting. i promise you. want just on immigration reform. but that's not how our system works. i am the president of the united
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states. i am not the emperor of the united states. my job is to execute laws that are passed. are passed.1 >> sean: my job is to execute laws that are passed. what donald trump signed today it will last 5 minutes in a courtroom before it's thrown out but it gives congress time to do their job. first something else to bring you that the left is barely 1touching. one of the biggest stories of our lifetime. the inspector general report vindicating the president's decision to fire james comey and the ig report corroborating everything we have told you that the rest of the media never talked about. a 2-tiered justice system and a bias and an attempt to create a soft coup in america and destroy one candidate. the mainstream media could care less. on monday cbs ignored the ig report.
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after 2 days of damning from michael horowitz about peter strzok, yesterday the friends at abc so-called news. george stephanopoulos's place, they avoided covering strzok at all. the guy at the center of the 1biggest corruption scandal in american history. we know one of the most central figures was the anti-trump fbi agent peter strzok. they doubt if he will testify. we showed you a detailed timeline last night on peter strzok and his girlfriend lisa page. page.1 strzok protected hillary from known felonies. remember strzok was the lead
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11agent in her case. that's under investigation and then tapped for the lead role in the fbi's trump-russian investigation rendering illegitimate mueller's investigation. he cleared hillary who committed one felony after another and worked against donald trump and tried to destroy him. tried to destroy him.11 that was all in the context of a presidential election. that sounds like a big deal to me in a lot of different ways. as he is trying to protect hillary clinton, isn't it interesting that it didn't work out. out.1 out.111 we scroll forward. strzok was the lead agent in hillary's server investigation. nobody in the media tells you this. he clears one person. think about this.
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think about this.1 in the context of a presidential election. targeting donald trump who becomes president. all right, as we move on. he will be called to testify before congress and the house judiciary is ready to issue a subpoena. my prediction he ain't going to talk. he will join us in a few minutes. and we know strzok is the tip of the fbi high level corruption. the ig referred 5 for pending action. this is begining to collapse. people will go to jail over this. this.11 this.111 we are learning another wrinkle in the deep state surrounding christopher steele. the foreign spy whom the clinton
10:21 pm
campaign paid for to produce phoney russian lies against trump, steele, he was welcomed at obama's state department just days before the 2016 election where he allegedly briefed officials. what did john kerry and obama know? what did they do with this phoney information? when is the media going to start talking about this? talking about this?11111 what is the next shoe to drop in all of this? we have more to come in the biggest political scandal in your lifetime. you are at the forefront of seeing it. sean spicer joins us. dr. sebastian gorka and monic crowley. sean spicer, let's go to the
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absolute venom of people on the left and the lack of coverage of the biggest story in their lifetime and the lack of telling the american people about obama's separation policies. >> well, i thought your monologue was spot on. it's unbelievable what the left says and does and gets zero coverage. the media agrees with it. they ignore it and in some cases they re-tweet it or like it because they forget people can see those tweets. it's amazing the lack of outrage. you pointed out the peter fonda tweet. there are so many more that make threats. there is zero coverage. anything done on the right by the president or any of his supporters is called out and has to be denounced. the way in which they view the same kind of outrage is unbelievable. zero coming to the people on the left and everyone needs to be denounced. we have to have boycotts and censor the people on the right. i am not execute any behavior on the right. >> sean: talking about raping a woman and kidnapping the first
10:23 pm
1son, 12 years old and putting him in ail cage with pedophiles. there was an assassination a real threat against the 1president today. 1president today.11 >> we are so far beyond normal politics. the reason is because donald trump from the moment he came down that escalator on june represented a threat to the ruling class on all sides and that include the mainstream med. from that moment on their mission has to been to destroy him and everybody around him and destroy his voters. destroy his voters.1 destroy his voters.11 smear them as well. he must not be allowed to succeed. that's why this over the top reaction. their first response is to reach for the most extreme rhetoric. >> sean: stay right there.
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>> sean: stay right there.1 dr. sebastian gorka you are up
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1first when we get back. and what will bob do with peter strzok? -here comes the rain.
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>> ♪ >> sean: dr. sebastian gorka, i didn't mean to talk so long in my opening monologue. but i really did. >> really? the singapore crew? >> sean: i know you traveled 24 hours in the air for our audience. i love you. >> the hypocrisy. can we have some honesty about the immigration issue. suddenly the left peter fonda included care about minorities and care about children?
10:29 pm
what about the 60 million children that died in the womb? what about the money they sp on planned parenthood? 19 million african-americans killed in the womb. that's how they care about minorities. let's forget about pregnant women. when did we hear the left talk about the 15-year-old beautiful girls murdered in long island by gang members born abroad. i didn't hear them protest about needing to protect american children from gang members. the hypocrisy tells you one thing, sean. they are desperate. they have no message for november. the economy -- the rally was incredible. the economy and north korea and raising the pay of our military. they are cess brat. -- desperate. >> sean: i don't have a lot of time tonight.
10:30 pm
you know why fake news cnn and msnbc didn't want to cover this? because they would be exposed in the president's speech and rally for being the liars they are. >> well, look, you pointed out in the monologue. the president is getting results whether it's the economy or foreign policy. i think the media has made it personal. they don't like him. they never liked conservatives. we knew. that this is personal for them. they don't like him and won't do anything to talk about the results that he is getting from the american people. i am glad he took the action today. the images of watching children was heart wrenching. i am glad he took that action and i hope congress follows up. what the media is doing and what the left is getting away is something -- i am speechless.
10:31 pm
>> sean: monica, somebody said the nicest thing about you today. i will tell you later. thanks for joining us. the chairman of the hous judiciary committee bob said a subpoena could be should for the trump hating fbi agent peter strzok. there are more questions than answer. and in spite of strzok's lawyer saying we will come before the committee, i don't believe that for 10 seconds. >> are you asking me that? >> sean: yes, sir. >> he has to appear before the committee. committee.11 we believe we have an agreement for him to appear next week. it's important that he appear
10:32 pm
for an interview. then we will have a public 1hearing after. 1hearing after.11 that we are prepared to issue a subpoena for anything that is 1necessary to do. if he appears we are good. if not, he will see a subpoena immediately. >> sean: there was a meeting last friday and you were in that meeting with nunes and gowdy gowdy and rob rosenstein. you were promised documents and the documents you have been requesting from gowdy and nunes. they promised them this week. or you promised that you will impact hold them in contempt and perhaps issue articles of impeachment relating to rob rosenstein for their obstruction. and unwillingness to abide by congressional subpoenas. why do i think if i did it, i don't think i would get away with it. >> i don't think anybody should get away with it. i believe that we have�-- thanks to john the u.s. attorney from chicago�-- we have access to over a million documents in
10:33 pm
the department of justice we can see unredacted and we can demand they be produced. there are other things in the subpoena that we asked for. some of it complied with. some not. the speaker made it clear that if they did not produce them this week, they would face the resolution which has been introduced. >> thanks for what you are doing. if we don't get those documents, i hope you hold them accountable and i hope you will. congressman jordan, i don't see the documents presented. we now have all of the evidence we need, hillary clinton committed felonies. peter strzok exonerated before he interviewed witnesses and they tried to smash donald trump.
10:34 pm
i can't think of a worse abuse of pour in american history. maybe you can help me out. >> you are right. the key people who ran the 1clinton investigation and the russian investigation, jim comey has been fired. mccabe has been fired and lied 3 times under oath. the chief of staff left the fbi. lisa page demoted and left the fbi. and peter strzok deputy head of counter intelligence demoted and a couple of days ago escorted from the fbi. when you have ever seen a federal agency where 6 of the top people ran the 2 most important investigation i have heard of, when have you seen that happen? they don't give us the documents we will pass a resolution on the
10:35 pm
1house floor. >> sean: how soon? >> next week. the speaker has been clear. the house will go on record saying mr.�rosenstein give us what we are entitled too. if he doesn't it's contempt. >> sean: you will do all of this, this is not a game? >> [overlapping talking]. >> we have a right to get that. the resolution has been filed by meadows and i several others. >> sean: this was a showdown on capitol hill on the floor today between mark meadows and the chairman of the freedom caucus and speaker ryan. it was about talking points be fed to the president and the american people about immigration don't match up with the bill. are we being lied to again by republicans? >> i was not a part of that
10:36 pm
conversation. >> sean: have you seen the bill. do they match the talking points. i have not had a chance to review the bill yet. goodlat's first piece of legislation is consistent with the mandate of the 2016 election. consistent with what we told the american people we would do. it build a wall and stops the chain migration. chain migration.1 >> sean: okay. is the money for the wall up front? all of it? >> it has to be in both bills. the first bill is the best bill. bill.1 that's the one i am supporting. >> sean: all right. i know you were a restler in college. only lost one match? >> i love more than that in
10:37 pm
college. high school. that was a long time ago. >> sean: i have my second degree brown belt but i don't think i will mess with you. when we come back more highlights of the president's rally tonight. so much energy in that room. a lot of people legally in jeopardy. straight ahead.
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10:41 pm mail letters ship packages all the amazing services of the post office right on your computer get a 4 week trial plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again >> ♪ >> this has only just began. >> ♪ >> with peter strzok and his lover lisa page. >> [booing] >> i don't think their wife and husband are too happy about that. what do you think? i don't think so. no, but have you been seeing this whole scam? do you believe what you are seeing? no matter she did. no matter how many crimes she committed, they wanted her to be innocent. with me no collusion, no nothing and th wanted to take all of us and put us in trouble.
10:42 pm
it's not working too well. >> [cheers and applause] >> disgusting. >> sean: the president earlier tonight talking about the ig report. reaction fox news contributor sarah carter and david scione, criminal attorney. sarah carter, we are there will be not only criminal referrals but indictments of some of the highest level people in the fbi. >> i think that is significant, sean. this is like the first time in american history where we are seeing this. one of the important things that developed this past weeks what mark meadows disclosed. the fact there is a possibility that the 302's, those are the
10:43 pm
interviews that peter strzok conducted with general mike flynn or other witnesses. medios did not talk about flynn's case in particular, but they may have been altered in the clinton investigation and in the trump investigation. if that turns out to be the case, that is an extraordinary violation. it could be a violation�-- if it's in flynn's case, the judge could throw the case right now. >> sean: pretty amazing. let's go to the legal criminal side of this. david, i don't think i would want to be any of these people at this point in time. the big caveat here. if there is equal justice under the law. that would mean hillary clinton would be charged with felonies even today. >> that's a big if, but let's hope justice prevails.
10:44 pm
don't marginalize strzok and the others. what the inspector general identify side a culture of corruption and bias. they are bad apples but it's not just a few. let's be forward thinking and not reactive. what we know is mr.�mueller hand picked a committee to makeup his special counsel team with the same agenda. demands the emails from the former justice department employees. i would imagine we would see some things similar to what mr.�strzok and miss page and mccabe spoke of. >> sean: is it illegitimate. >> sean: the fix in for hillary clinton. rigged an investigation and the same people start the sledge harm on donald trump to destroy him. does that render everything illegitimate?
10:45 pm
if you are an attorney for any of these guys, do you not go to a judge and say, this is predicated on a prejudices that exited from the get go. none of this should be admissible? >> absolutely. the u.s. supreme court said the integrity of the investigation is also the issue. we know these same people have they informs a prosecutor's decision. that same agenda. there is no question about it. >> sean: sarah carter, you have some breaking news about general flynn. nobody thought he lied. but he was charged for lying. >> yes. he pleaded guilty. he was strong armed according to the sources i spoke to. he lost million dollars trying to defend himself. >> sean: lost his home. >> yes, his family was threatened. a lot of reasons why general flynn would just want this over with.
10:46 pm
this was a flimsy charge. according to comey himself behind closed doors the agency did not believe he was lying. then you have to ask yourself this. peter strzok was one of those agents that interviewed flynn. peter strzok hopefully will be subpoenaed and hopefully will speak to congress. he was already tainted. when he went into that interview, he wanted to take people down in the trump administration. i believe that everything he touched was tainted. i don't know what his attorneys are going to do. something will come of this. >> sean: thanks. we will never give occupy this story. i am telling you the hard work of justice begins. of justice begins.1 that's the interesting part. when we come back, the shy and demure roger stone is up next. demure roger stone is up next. - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged with
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> sean: special witch hunt counsel robert mueller investigating a meeting between roger stone and this was not disclosed by stone. based on a pair of letters from attorneys for stone and capito, they believe the guy was an fbi informant to set them up. the author of stone's rules, you were kind enough to send me your book. every chapter was how you addressed roger. i wear jeans and t-shirts except for this hour today.
10:52 pm
i broke every rule. >> but you have good taste in neckties. >> sean: half are trump ties. way before the election by the way. when i first heard the headline, why didn't they tell? then as i read it and talked to michael capito about it. you met with some guy that said 11he had dirt on hillary. >> capito contacted me and said he was contacted by a man using an alias with information that 1would be of great value to the trump campaign. i met with him. every congress would take that call if we got that call. we have research on your opponent? >> if a presidential lead. i was writing a book the making of the president and making a 1netflix documentary. but i took the meeting.
10:53 pm
henry greenberg turned out to be an fbi informant of russian descent. admitted to the country 9 times who is a violent felon who could not be in the country. then he tries to entrap me, but he gives away the game when he wants $2 million for negative information on hillary clinton. when i tell him i don't have 2 mammoths. -- $2 million. he said it's not your money. it's donald trump's money. i think is the first known example of the peter strzok insurance policy. i think it was an fbi plant seeking to compromise and to entrap me and compromise trump. >> sean: why didn't you mention it earlier? again, your lawyer said you spoke honestly and truthfully.
10:54 pm
it never came up in the hearing. why didn't you bring it up? >> in all honesty this is may of 2016 when is prior to hillary clinton ing russian phobia. i didn't remember it. since the results of the meeting, don't produce anything illegal or improper. i have no reason to hide it. i merely forgot it. the more important question is: why is a government informant who has been admitted into the country 9 times on fbi visas coming to see me at all. it's a set up. >> sean: between the spies in the campaign and everything else we know, i want the answer to your question. why? why was this guy trying to set you up? you up?1 you never told the president, correct? >> never mentioned it to candidate trump or president
10:55 pm
trump. rudy giuliani was right about. that it was a ludicrous ideal. i turned him down flatly and the "washington post" reported that. it was a shakedown but now we know it was worse. a set up. >> sean: scary times. roger stone, thanks for joining us. more highlights from the president's rally straight ahead. president's ra (vo) we came here for the friends. and we got to know the friends of our friends.
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>> sean: at his rally in minnesota, the president spoke about successful negotiations with north korea, though the media ignore that, too. as well as the ig report. take a look. >> they stopped shooting missiles over japan, they stopped all nuclear testing. they stopped nuclear research. they stopped rocketry. they stopped everything that you'd want them to stop, and
11:00 pm
they blew up site where they test and do the test. >> sean: yeah, they forgot about all that stuff. we have a lot more tomorrow night. let not your heart be troubled. we'll always be fair and balanced. there she is. laura ingraham. what wise remark are you going to make about "hannity" tonight? >> laura: when the president said they stopped rocketry, i just think of my sons doing the boy scout, those engines and the rockets, they can do that. what is -- they just don't want it coming for us. >> sean: those phony rockets, you pump them up -- the crowd went nuts over that, which is pretty interesting. >> laura: it was fantastic. awesome show, by the way, hannity, as always. >> sean: welcome back, by the way. >> laura: fantastic. good evening from washington. i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle." we have a must-see show. fresh back from the border and with a fresh perspective, the president signs an executive order to alleviate illegal immigrant families, keeping them together.