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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 21, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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we will keep reporting on this threat. it is real. i have been talking about this issue since 1996 and was laughed at by most people but we see the fruits of their infiltration of our economic system. shannon bream and fox news in 19, take it away. >> reporter: we begin with a fox news alert, compassionate and tough or not enough, democrats really trying to help the families back together will they fight legislative efforts to do just that? brand-new development in the family separation controversy. it henry is investigating. is the resistance text messenger from the fbi been asked by congress? stunning revelations about christopher steele, one of the key players in the anti-trump unverified dossier. tensions are boiling over, no end insight from peter fonda's remarks about the pres.'s on to
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activists ambushing the homeland security sec.. welcome to fox news at night. donald trump seemingly reversing course by signing an executive order aimed at keeping illegal going again families together but he said the move must be matched by congressional actions. we are looking to answer key questions, is this a truly compassionate act? did the administration fail to predict the negative optics of 0-tolerance? of the policy do what he wants to do? stay tough on illegal immigration? we have team coverage tonight. mike tobin is where thousands were cheering, kristin fisher with the latest on the connection of the author of the trump dossier and obama state department and we begin with it henry on the family separation debate. >> donald trump back in campaign mode at the big rally in
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minnesota talking about cracking down on illegal immigration, a big plus for republicans in the midterms, stephen miller indicated he wanted to roll out tough border security measures to rally their base. on the other side senate democratic leader chuck schumer says he wants to help the kids on the border but blocking many legislation that would help the kids and doing that so he can rally democrats base ahead of the midterms. what we saw was the president reversing himself on the issue to mute the negative headlines and images on the short-term but to reframe this. in the medium and long term and play this as being tough on
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illegal immigration while trying to show compassion. this keeps families together while in custody, speeds of their cases and brings in the pentagon to provide shelter. the president acknowledged to house republicans he knew the party was facing political pressure so this executive order keeps families together while in custody and seeks to modify the 2015 court settlement from when barack obama was president. at that time a california judge that is being held by the obama administration, widespread deplorable conditions. the aclu -- they will block this all costs despite the president saying he is trying to find a balance. >> we will keep families together but the border is going to be just as tough as it has been. the press don't care about the impact of uncontrolled migration on your communities. democrats put illegal immigrants before american citizens. what is going on? >> only one solution much as we would dream for another and that
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is the president to solve this problem. the odds of any legislation being able to pass without poison pill riders is just about 0. >> some republicans want to the president to call the bluff with chuck schumer talking about helping kids that says as he did he wants to block legislative fixes that are on the table so you have a wall of democratic opposition plus trouble in republican ranks because it is not clear they can find consensus on the gop side when it comes to legislative fix for the kids, and exposed confrontation on the health. outgoing speaker paul ryan got an ear full from mike meadows, freedom caucus leader upset about which provisions are going to be in the final version, it is border security and does not provide a pathway to citizenship for the aca recipients, assign republican leaders don't have the votes to pass that bill or the moderate version that does
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deal with kim jong un one. a big reason the president decided to act on an executive basis today. >> they have got to follow up. we watch and wait. there is evidence 0-tolerance policy was having a deterrent effect on some migrant families before the executive order was signed. reuters news agency reporting dozens of latin american families they interviewed were having second thoughts about crossing the border illegally. and salvadoran fathers is, quote, i think i will stay here and establish myself rather than risk family separation. salvadoran woman echoing his sentiment saying, quote, i would rather find work here than risk going further and have them taken away from me. the trump administration criticized for 0-tolerance prosecution policy today, the president issued an executive order to make things more compassionate he says by making families together.
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drive-ins and tweeting this, the administration rolled out of 0-tolerance policy without these measures in place, political and moral malpractice, deterrence gambit failed badly in every way. as architect judgment should be evaluated accordingly. republican congressman from illinois, member of the house foreign affairs committee was at the white house today meeting with the president before the order was signed. what was the pres.'s mood? do you know this was coming? >> he mentioned it to us at the beginning. this is the right thing to do, we have to bring families together. the hope is congress connect and we have an opportunity tomorrow to act and i ask all my republican colleagues and democratic colleagues this is what you want, the compromise bill is what the president wants, what you want as democrats, join us in fixing this problem. the president realized democrats don't want to work on this with us, i hope we get to the finish line but he decided to act.
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shannon: chuck schumer said there's no way legislatively this gets done and that may be the true. >> you need 60 votes in the senate if democrats aren't willing to play ball, that is on them if we get this out of the house, republicans will join together, the president had four pillars, let's fix the daca issues, this compromise bill does that and let's get this out of the house, put pressure on the senate and at that point see what is going on at the border, we know we need security, we know we need to fix the situation, let's get some democrats on board. sen. from west virginia and missouri will be interested in helping. >> those might be the ones to try to help. in response to the executive order which doesn't start 0-tolerance, they will continue to prosecute people who come illegally but it does say we
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want to keep families together as they await adjudication, the aclu sang an 11th hour executive order doesn't fix the harm done to thousands of children and their parents, trump's or replaces one crisis for another, children don't belong in jail under any circumstances. are they going to be in jail? >> this is what is unbelievable, they call in the president to act, the president asks today, we will fix the situation. instead of saying we may disagree on these other policies but thank you for doing it it is always something else and that is what we are seeing right now. you people showing up with kids saying these are my kids, how do we know that? give them an opportunity to say something away from their handlers to say there is a concern here. the president is alleviating that and congress needs to act to solidify this in law and fix immigration once and for also that gives dealing with the same issue great parents and grandparents faced. >> just to be clear that ring
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from parents is inhumane and keeping children with parents is inhumane which means the only humane solution is release which is the entire agenda, too cynical? >> it is good. it is right, democrats used to be for border security are saying let's arrest these people and release them into society and shop for your court date in 3 months, and detain you until you get that court date, nothing is right with this president if you are democrat. we have an opportunity with this bill to achieve and solve this problem, this is something democrats can like, there's always something you don't like, just get it done and i will bag my fellow republicans if democrats won't join us please do it, that goes to the freedom caucus. >> we will watch minute by minute, thanks for coming in.
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we are still awaiting china's response to the threat of $200 billion in new tariffs, folks from the iron range cheered on the president in a campaign style rally. >> reporter: the location is not random. the president visit minnesota once during the presidential campaign, won a large majority of the counties but ultimately losing minnesota by a thin margin judging by the fact that he brought it up three times today the president is not okay with it. >> we came this close to winning the state of minnesota. and into and have used it is going to be really easy i think. >> to become the first
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republicans win minnesota since nixon what trump needs to do is dominate the blue-collar counties like the iron range here in northeast minnesota, despite his wealth, despite their large working-class background trump spoke that seems to connect with supporters who showed up here, he wins favor talking about trade and job creation and ws by showing up when the so-called elite head to the population centers. >> the elite. why are they of the? i have a much better apartment than they do. i am smarter than they are. i'm richer than they are. i became president and they didn't. >> and the president continues h in on house races throwing his weight behind the leading republican minnesota's eighth congressional district, a
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potential pickup for the gop because democrat incumbents rick nolan stepping down. >> thank you very much. senate testimony realing former british spy christopher steele who compiled the trump dossier met with obama state department officials one month before the 2016 presidential election, kristin fisher has more on that the controversy surrounding the justice department. another day another controversy. >> the big revelation was the former british spy christopher steele visited the state department just one month before the election and briefed officials about the infamous anti-trump dossier. it came out in this exchange between the chairman of the senate intelligence committee and victoria newland, assistant secretary of state for the obama administration. >> based on our review it for state department mr. steele visited the state department in
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october 2016. did you have any role in that? >> i did not. i chose not to be part of that briefing. >> you were aware of the briefing? >> i was not aware of it until after. >> reporter: the testimony raised questions about when the fbi turned its attention to trump campaign and russian involvement in the 2016 election. the fbi opened the case on july 31, 2016, the senate panel today that she read the opposition research two weeks earlier. >> i was first shown excerpts from the dossier, i believe, in mid july 2016. >> in a separate hearing yesterday republican congressman raised other questions about the fbi, mark meadows asked the inspector general to look into
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two things, first, why were the two people listed in the ig report who were caught sending anti-trump text messages with peter stzrok and lisa page not named in the ig report. the ig said the fbi told him it was because they worked in counterintelligence but in reality -- >> those attorneys worked in the office of general counsel -- >> they don't work in counterintelligence. if that is the reason the fbi is giving they are giving you false information because they work for the general counsel. >> looking at allegations the fbi may have edited and changed key witness reports in the hillary clinton and russia investigation. >> it is suggested they were changed to prosecute or not prosecute individuals and that is troubling. >> afterwards the ig says he intends to follow up but no concrete answer. >> thank you.
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sen. lindsey graham callingn the justice department to set the record straight about an alleged meeting involving deputy director andrew mccabe, peter stzrok and lisa page, they discussed, quote, an insurance policy against a possible trump victory in the 2016 election. it away and deputy assistant attorney general under george w. bush, tom dupree. i don't even know where to start. we have things, let's start with the revelation that the author of the dossier was meeting with state department officials in october, they long said they referred everything to the fbi but there were clearly some conversations. >> like you i thought the state department basically said once we got wind of what was going on with astacio we passed it off to law enforcement but what these revelations suggest is the state department was more involved than we knew, that they were
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having meetings about the dossier, very puzzling and then you hear former obama official basically saying she didn't know about the meeting but elected not to participate in the meeting which doesn't make any sense. >> it seems the sen. investigating no more than we backtory so eventually we will find out. to the house side where they are pressing on whether the fbi edited these 302 reports. what are those and what does that mean? >> these eyewitness reports, these are written reports that an fbi agent would typically prepare after he or she interviews a witness saying here is what the witness to me. that is it, you don't have the chance to go back over the next few months and edit it or make changes particularly if they are made at the direction of one of your political supervisors. you can add to it and say i forgot something or submitted new report. what is being alleged here is something far different and far more troubling that there are other people at the bureau said
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we don't like what was in the witness report so let's edit it to reach the outcome we went. >> that is what congressman meadows was talking about, suggestions to wind up prosecuting or not prosecuting individuals, that is a py weighty decision. >> it is a weighty decision and a strong allegation. extremely concerning because the whole point of these witness reports is to get objective evidence that you can make informed judgment whether to prosecute or not and if you have people going back and editing statements of the witnesses themselves to try to pivot this whole thing to the outcome you want that is a problem. >> the new letter we have tonight basically kept pressing about this meeting in, quote, and the's office or this insurance policy that sounded like it was against donald trump are coming president, pressed them on whether that and he was and he became. that is what everybody thinks, the inspector general replied to
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him, he doesn't recall if he was in that meeting. so graham writes i believe it would be a great consequence if the deputy director of the fbi met with the lead investigator in the clinton email and russia investigation to talk about, quote, an insurance policy against donald trump's victory, inappropriate behavior at the highest levels of the fbi. he says in his letter how do you plan to fix the discrepancy? he is demanding the information. as a senator can he get that? >> he can put pressure on the inspector general and he is raising very fair questions, we have some people saying there is a meeting to discuss the insurance policy, mccabe saying i wasn't part of that discussion but we have a conflict and what sen. graham is saying is what are you going to do? just accept we have conflicting evidence or try to get to the bottom of what happened here? if it turns out the deputy director was a participant in
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the meeting where they are discussing getting an insurance policy against the election of donald trump that is a serious matter. >> he said in the report too there was an assumption that hillary clinton was going to be the president, they never thought they would have to discuss these conversations. >> and here we are today. >> thank you. from peter fonda's tweets against milania trump to fritz to ambush trump officials, knocking america on national tv. >> you can concede what is going on in north korea and saudi arabia is different and worse than what is going on in this country. >> i think it is different. >> outrage boiling over where does it go from here right here on fox news at night. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long, and sometimes i don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition i'm missing.
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>> shannon: from hollywood actor peter fonda's vulgar remarks about the president's son, the f >> from peter fonda's remarks about the pres.'s on, the first lady and sarah sanders to liberal activist celebrating last night's ambush of the homeland security sec. tensions are boiling over with no end inside, we are looking at a few of these cases tonight. >> reporter: initially peter
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fonda was unapologetic for his flurry of vulgar and threatening tweets calling sarah sanders the seaward, calling for violence against the homeland security sec. kirstjen neilsen and rip baron trump from mother's msm put it in a cage and see if she stand against the giant a whole she is married to but after social media backlash and secret service inquiry he released a statement of fox news apologizing, quote, it was wrong and i should not have done it. i immediately regretted it and sincerely apologize to the families for what i said and any hurt my words of caused. that wasn't good enough for baron's big brother donald trump junior who tweet did it is a plans to drop fonda from its new movie wondering if the same rules that apply to rosanne barr would apply to him. that he responded quoting a deadline calling the tweets aberrant and reckless but the movie goes on. the so-called anti-fascist group tweeted out the identities and
12:25 am
personal information like names, addresses and phone numbers of more than 1500 immigration and customs enforcement agents. the daily collars is the list was compiled and posted by far left nyu producer samuel levine who also tweeted a post father's day screenshot of an ice agent and his son and activists are celebrating the harassment of dhs secretary kirstjen neilsen and promising more is coming. here is activists interrupting her dinner at a dc mexican restaurant. >> deporting and imprisoning tens of thousands of people who come seeking asylum in the united states, we call on you to act. >> cnn contributor anna navarro said are there no norwegian restaurants in washington dc? the guardian newspaper la times, huffington post and abc news also waited negatively. speaking of abc, cohost of the view thinks when it comes to
12:26 am
human rights violations the us is up there with north korea and saudi arabia. >> you can at least concede what is going on in north korea and saudi arabia is different and worse than what is going on in this country. >> i think it is different. >> white house advisor stephen miller, the reporter architect of the administration of 0-tolerance immigration policy had his cell phone number tweeted by splinter, a news website owned by spanish-language broadcaster univision. in response twitter locked his account. >> it is getting ugly. what do you make of the nonstop outrage? rush limbaugh says this. >> so hate is governing, fueling everything that is occurring in what we call the news media today. virtually every news story has a component driving it which is hate.
12:27 am
>> see what our panel thinks? leslie marshall and radio host of wm al in washington dc and editor of the washington times larry o'connor, welcome to you both. what do you make of that? there is a thread of hate in most media stories out there these days? >> i would say i live through eight years of that going the other way and it is wrong either way. rush limbaugh, those in glass houses, remember the terrible things he used to say about chelsea? i say that specifically because it is aberrant what peter fonda said, disgusting when spouses or children of elected officials are targeted whether it is by the left or right, there is no excuse for that but i don't think there is more hate in the media. i think this has been going on for the better part of a decade. unfortunately and sadly. we started nugent talking about wanting to lynch pres. obama,
12:28 am
hang hillary clinton and was welcome to the white house by the president with open arms. we have on both sides and it is wrong on both sides. i don't believe it represents the majority of democrats on the left and republicans on the right. >> i do not remember the details on ted nugent but if those were the words said everyone would disavow those i think but do you feel the media was mean to pres. obama for eight years? >> not all the media certainly, some of the media was critical of the president and we live in a country where we can be critical of the pres. that is why we had a revolution in the first place but there is critical and there is dangerous. the violent rhetoric has gotten out of control. you can't compare rush limbaugh making jokes about the prince of chelsea clinton 20 years ago with peter fonda think baron trump should be in a cage with pedophiles, there is no comparison. two words for you, james
12:29 am
hodgkinson, the mentally deranged man who was influenced by this kind of hateful rhetoric, there are people out there who hear this kind of thing who hear people saying their president is the next coming of hitler and the government is going after innocent people and ruining their lives and the weak minded person like james hodgkins might take again and try to kill as many republicans as he could on the baseball field a year ago. there will be more that unless we all step back and recognize we are in the same country. we may have disagreements but we are not nazis. >> some people are going to be struggling with mental illness and figured by all kinds of things which i want to read something in the chicago
12:30 am
tribune. donald trump -- they breathlessly accuse him of child abuse, white house immigration policy has been compared to the death camps of nazi germany, as cia director michael hayden did the other day to his shame. emotion is what politicians want especially if they have the media pride in their hands the better to hurt public opinion and went on to say both sides are guilty of doing that. >> yes, thank you. i have relatives that died in the holocaust and i get angry when people pull out nazis and hitler but i must say jeff sessions, atty. gen. was talking about keeping the jews in, they were keeping them in camps where they murdered 6 million of them and 11 million children approximately so the likening of what is happening to these children, people in internment camps or relatives in places like auschwitz and the list goes on, one of the first things that were done his children were taken from their families. i went to say something when you talk about comparisons with chelsea and baron, and coulter
12:31 am
talked about we should just shoot immigrants that come over the border. corey lewandowski marked a down syndrome child being ripped from his mother's arms and our own pres. marked the disabled journalist on the campaign trail. >> he denies that. >> i see the footage of it. the problem is left and right, there are people in white supremacist groups -- >> when democrat politicians get picked off during baseball practice then we can start talking. as of now we had republicans who were attacked for their political views by members of the fringe left and it is not just james hodgkinson there are other incidents as well. the violence right now is coming from the really angry and violent left. >> no one wants to see that violence perpetrated against either side and hopefully we can
12:32 am
cool off and have several conversations about finding solutions. thank you for your civil conversation, donald trump and the practice of reading family for the purpose of health and human services saying the facilities they house children and are a far cry from what you have been led to believe, new video you will see next. california handcuffing the police, propose legislation will limit the ability of law-enforcement officers the ability to react to dangerous situations. situations. (phone ping) gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one. so you won't miss a purchase large, small, or very large. technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet?
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>> with the president signing an executive order aimed at easing controversy for kids and parents being separated when they illegally cross the border two of his agencies are sniping at each other. julian turner has that story. >> reporter: fresh on the heels of the executive order on families separated at the border senior administration officials
12:37 am
tell fox news a storm is brewing in the pranks of the federal government. three agencies are responsible for the detention and resettlement of children who enter the us illegally with their families, the department of homeland security, the affirmative health and human services and the department of justice. homeland security detention centers like the one in the house and senate earlier this week are temporary shelters where illegal miners are housed for the first 72 hours on us soil, these are the source of ongoing and explosive controversy in washington and across the nation. after the first 72 hours they are transferred into the custody of the department of health and human services where they remained for 57 days. now multiple officials tell fox news the facilities they run nationwide in 17 states aren't being fairly represented. they claim their centers are far cry from those run by the department of homeland security. among the services they provide to minors in custody our
12:38 am
classroom facilities where teachers and instructors provide lessons, full medical facilities and access to treatment, clothing and options to participate in field trips with recreational activities and more detailed demographic picture of the miners in custody. of the 30,810 minors put in hhs custody in 2017 only 17% were babies or young children as opposed to teenagers and the same year the majority of those minors in their care were mailed. they are providing these data points in an effort to be more transparent, lawmakers overseeing homeland security and homeland services, critical of separation policies, capitol hill insiders predict new information will do little to assuage the anger now erupting on both sides of the aisle.
12:39 am
>> california wants to change the existing standard for when police officers can use deadly force we generally has details on the propose legislation that prolonged enforcement groups are calling detrimental. >> that minus a but the implications are far-reaching as democratic lawmakers are considering changing or rethinking the use of deadly force by police officers in california in pinning them against law enforcement, the possible change the reasonable for standard hasn't been updated since 1872 is being led by lawmakers in response to the march 18th killing of stefan clark who was shot by sacramento police after officers mistook his cell phone for handgun. a plan would let police officers openly fire only in situations of eminent and serious injury or possible death to the officer or the person, what changed the standard of reasonable fear where police use deadly force if the officers believe they have reason to fear for their safety. in part, the bill says this bill
12:40 am
would limit the use of deadly force as defined by peace officer to those situations where it is necessary is defined to prevent imminent and serious bodily injury or death to the officer or another person. >> i'm all for better training but why is and training needed when you encounter white folks? you only need better training when you encounter black and brown people. there is an implicit bias in law enforcement in this country and we must admit to it before we can address the problem. >> we have a natural instinct called the fight or flight syndrome. when we go to a dangerous situation it is not something you can train for, you have a split second to make a decision and in that split second you have got to make the right decision. hopefully the right decision for everyone involved. >> reporter: pro law-enforcement group says this will endanger police officers as they encounter dangerous suspects. in 2016 there were 10,000
12:41 am
assaults on officers in california, they killed 157,000 suspects in the golden state at 11 officers were killed in the line of duty. >> europe is struggling with immigration problems, new accusations tonight, guilty of double standards and hypocrisy on the issue of family separation. nigel farage is here to set the record straight. at the lowest price... is as easy as dates, deals, done! simply enter your destination and dates... and see all the hotels for your stay! tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites... to show you the lowest prices... so you can get the best deal on the right hotel for you. dates, deals, done! tripadvisor. visit it can detect a threat using ai, and respond 60 times faster. it lets you know where your data lives,
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>> shannon: british prime minister theresa may is under pressure from oppotion lawmakers tancel president trump's upcoming visit to the u.k. she's harshly rebuking the pres >> theresa may is under pressure from opposition lawmakers to cancel donald trump's upcoming visit to the uk, harshly rebuking the idpres.'s family separation practice which and by executive order today claiming it is not the way britain approaches this issue. nigel farage is a former uk independent leader, joins us now to weigh in. great to have you with us. i want to play a little of what she had to say and then get your reaction. >> the pictures of children being held in what appeared to be cages are deeply disturbing. this is wrong, this is not something we agree with, this is not the united kingdom's approach. when i was home secretary oriented routine detention of families with children. >> critics say that is not exactly accurate. >> it is not. people coming to britain illegally, families, you do get a separation of children and
12:46 am
adults so as the longest-serving secretary for 150 years should condemned trump for a practice that happened under her watch i do not know but she has to join the politically correct tie that criticizes trump for whatever he does and i have to say i find the whole thing pretty embarrassing frankly. >> what do you make of the calls for british leaders to refuse to meet with donald trump when he comes to visit? >> look at macroin. different politics, diametrically opposed and on bastille day the president went to paris, the red carpet was rolled out, he was treated with the respect this lunatic left in the uk, the mayor of london, jeremy corbin, leader of the labor party, don't want donald trump to even come to our country, protest against him being there.
12:47 am
it is amazing. with trump, in 2016 the atlantic should have got a lot narrower but it has gotten wider. >> this happened with donald trump or macroin, those who have seemed to work out as you point out. i want to talk about these bills and hungry that have been passed, the stop soros bills essentially, here's what one report says out of reuters budapest saying the hungarian people rightfully expect the government to use all means necessary to combat illegal immigration and activities that aided from their interior minister. he says the stop soros package making the organization of illegal immigration a criminal offense, we want to stop hungry from becoming a cotry of immigrants. >> what soros has done, actively encouraging people to come across the mediterranean, to
12:48 am
flood europe. angela merkel played the useful idiot in many ways and helping this to happen. we underestimate who george soros is. the open society organization has already spent $15 billion in campaigning into to receive $20 billion. this is an organized attempt to undermine nationstates, to undermine democracy and fundamentally change the makeup demographically of the european continent, and the courage to stand up against him but if you criticize george soros his media friends accuses you of being anti-semite, quite extraordinary and i feel soros in many ways is the biggest danger to the western world. >> and a very deep pocket.
12:49 am
when we return, a look at the media's coverage of donald trump's handling of the separation policy and criticism from an unlikely source, that story is next. mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. they have businesses to run they have passions to pursue how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters ship packages all the amazing services of the post office
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>> shannon: in the media
12:53 am
>> in the media hysteria overhy the family separation controversy context is everything so we went to media buzz howie kurtz for his unique take. >> 95% of the media coverage of donald trump has been negative and filled with the kind of moral condemnation we haven't seen since charlottesville, the images and leaked audio of crying children separated from their families has raised fears attacks on the president as inhumane, left-leaning journalists and commentators and there has been a split among conservative pundits. >> donald trump is lying, people around him online, they realize how bad this makes them look at how bad america looks. >> child abuse to separate children from their parents unless it is necessary to save the human life and that is not the case here. >> the spectacle of illegal immigrants separated from their children at the border has ceased to be a news story in any traditional sense, it is an event, a competition in which elites via to see who can reach
12:54 am
greater heights of historical access and self-righteous posturing. >> the new york post and wall street journal ever and scathing editorials on the trump policy. radio central loyalist? it says this may be the pres.'s katrina in the process been quick to quote laura bush, dissenting like lawmakers and religious leaders. mainstream outlets repeatedly accused the president of ligon saying he couldn't change the policy unilaterally until he did yesterday. there were mixed messages, jeff sessions and john kelly publicly said 0-tolerance could lead to family separation but much of the media is leaving out important context, the conditions of these warehousing facilities for the children dates to the obama administration, there was little outcry then but courts require detained children be freed within 20 days and when chuck schumer rejected proposals for quick fix it wasn't accused of ignoring the children's plate. immigration is complicated,
12:55 am
heartrending pictures of crying kids are not but for all the media english 55% of republicans in the quinnipiac poll approve of the pres.'s policy on migrant families. >> up next, midnight hero making a difference one stitch at a time. the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one . technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet?
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>> are midnight hero tonight is a grandmother of 8, great grandmother of 16, she 99-year-old martha had to turn her sewing how the into a goodwill mission. for those in need she helped create 700 quilts that were distributed to the needy and donated dresses to girls in need in haiti and puerto rico. she says she loves to combine her two passions, sewing and helping others. >> i'm grateful that i'm here and i can so. i enjoy it very much. as long as god graciously i hope he graces me 5 more years when
1:00 am
you see the fabric i have to so. >> he has a lot to work through. she is a hero. i love her attitude and how hard she's working at 99. most-watched, most trusted and most grateful you spend the evening with us, good night from washington. it is summer tomorrow. i'm shannon bream. bill: is a, june 21, 2018, and this is "fox and friends first" was happening at 4:00 am donald trump back on the road doing what he does best. thousands cheering as the president rallies the crowd with immigration front and center. >> we are going to keep families together but the border is going to be just as tough as it has been. >> reporter: house republicans set to vote hours from now, and the battle rages on.


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