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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 21, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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hospital. will be okay. i willou i have met the fanatic in person several times. >> is he very nice and he did not mean it. rob: that's not what i heard. carley: terrible. thanks for watching. rob: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> so the democrats want open borders, let everybody come in. we're not going to let it happen. today, i signed an executive order. we're going to keep families together, but the border is going to be just as tough. >> finger pointing and heated words house speaker paul ryan. house freedom caucus chair mark meadows appeared to be over immigration. >> peter strzok and lisa page exchanged bias anti-trump text messages. senator lindsey graham demands answers about what they discussed. >> what exactly do you do in a whip meeting? it sounds rough. >> would you not tell doocy there is a dress code in the u.s. capitol?
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no jeans. what are you doing? >> is there anything more fun than a trump rally? [cheers] >> ling the dream ♪ never giving up ♪ what we believe in. brian: clay walker has been on so much he could be our house band. >> good to have you here on the "fox & friends" program. it's a little embarrassing that we ran a little clip of paul ryan calling me out for a dress code in congress. see exclusive behind out scenes day in the life of steve scalise coming up in 15 minutes. should we talk imimmigratio imimmigration. >> let's put it on there. president of the united states president of the
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united states signing executive order. it seems that is not enough for certain democrats at this point in the game. ainsley: doesn't seem to be. all of this as house republicans get ready to tackle the immigration plan today. brian: also having judge napolitano on later. say he can't do this. griff jenkins live from the border in texas. yesterday griff called paid but didn't get paid. you blame weather. >> it was storms, guys: the backlash from the president's zero tolerance policy and that family situation caused the president to sign executive order and this is what he had to say while he did it. >> it's about keeping families together while at the same time, be sure we have a very powerful, very strong border and border security will be equally, if not greater than previously. >> so the ball is in congress' court now, the
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house supposed to vote on two bills. the leadership version and conservative goodlatte version. it's not clear either is headed for passage. chairmanhe freedom caucus mark meadows openly fighting with speaker ryan calling the leadership bill dy for prime time. democrats aren't expected to support any of the bills and are lashing out at the president's executive order. this, from house minority leader nancy pelosi saying the president's executive order seeks to replace one form of child abuse with another instead of protecting traumatized children. either way for the long term incarceration of families and prison like conditions and dianne feinstein from california saying it's extremely troubling that the president's executive order would require immigrant families with children to be detained indefinitely. the order appears to be the next step in the president's larger agenda to eliminate basic protections for asylum seekers. and this here at the port is where people come to legally seek asylum. we have a little bit more
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and take you behind the scenes on that later this morning, guys. brian: thanks, griff. nancy pelosi wants everyone who comes to the border to come in and get a condo. you can't really do that. my only hope is, i have a lot of hopes that's for a different time. one of my key hopes is that the fact that the president bought time for congress, congress won't use more time to come up with some kind of solution. they have to put something to a vote. they can't say the president solve this problem i want to punt until november. they have got to get something done today. ainsley: paul ryan a vote today on legislation to allow families to stay together through their legal proceedings. steve: it's going to be a compromise bill. you saw those images. there is a lot going on up on capitol hill. you saw those images of speaker ryan and mark meadows from the house freedom caucus pointing their fingers at each other. apparently mr. meadows was under the impression there were going to be things in the bill that his group, house freedom caucus liked and turns out took a look at it noble of that stuff is
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there the compromise bill today, apparently and that's some of the imagery right there where have you mark meadows on the left and paul ryan on the right. the compromise bill today would stop separating families at the border. it would give a path to dreamers for citizenship. and there would be $25 billion ultimately for the wall. certain conservatives feel that it's amnesty and then others say that they are uneasy with the fact that if a dreamer is granted status they would then be able to sponsor their parents as a citizen. so that, those are some of the sticking points that they are working behind the scenes. brian: might be a third offer that they might be putting forward. calling it -- one is calling it the goodlatte bill. the other they want to stop the confusion and they wanted to name it the president's bill. ainsley: because it's the wall. brian: adds a wall. somewhat of a compromise.
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mislabeled. some called it moderate. president said friday i'm not for and it confused everyone. a few members who were a hard yes after they saw that fight between meadows and ryan on the immigration are now squirming after seeing that confrontation. you have got out of the house. compromise, can't get compromise really uphill battle, at least have a shot so many red states with democratic senators. >> if you put too much in the bill you are saying it's not going to pass. start putting in chain migration, the lottery system. not everyone agrees on that. this is about the families and not separating the families. steve: it's a compromise bill. a whole bunch of stuff in it certain core principles that certain members simply it's too far for them. that's one of the reasons why yesterday steve scalise gave the white house a list of certain members that the white house should call and have them come over and they did. and so there is a full-court press on capitol hill to try to get to 218.
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right now, it does not look like they are there. brian: by the way, what are we not hearing? a democratic proposal. there is not just one offer. put up the most radical plan possible. ainsley: chuck schumer says he doesn't want to do it. legislation this is the president's problem. then he signed that executive order yesterday and they are still up in arms. the president went to minnesota in duluth at a rally, he was there touting his strea string of white house victories. listen to this. >> as your president, i will always fight to protect american families: the democrats want open borders. let everybody come in. [crowd boos] >> we're not going to let it happen. i signed an executive order. we're going to keep families together, but the border is going to be just as tough as it's been. [cheers] >> the greatest phrase i think in the history of politics: make america great again, and that's exactly what we're doing.
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unemployment numbers are among the best in the history of our country. we just secured a record $700 billion in funding to rebuild our military. we have cut more regulations in 500 days than any president. by the way, is there anything more fun than a trump rally? steve: big rally too. in fact, they had originally booked venue, an arena. and apparently there were so many other people they had to get a bigger place. keep in miami duluth is part of the eighth district of minnesota, which is home to the iron range of steel. so the president's tariffs on steel are very popular in that part. brian: he always said, he said my only regret is i didn't go back to minnesota more. i didn't know how close we were. if he is going to win minnesota next time he referred to three times last night. is he going to max out the vote amongst those that showed up yesterday.
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did something else that's kind of unique. he stopped and said can you show the crowd? and we had a chance to seat crowd. but we never saw the amount of people that didn't get in. ainsley: look, there is the crowd. hillary won by a narrow margin in minnesota. he said i think i'm going to win in 2020. we will see. brian: peter fonda is still alive. how do i know he? had offensive tweet. he is in a movie coming up. ainsley: actor. jane fonda's brother, right? steve: he was the easy rider star. he tweeted this out yesterday. quote we should rip barron trump from his president's son and put him in a cage with pedophiles and see if the mother will stand up against the giant a word she is married. to say 90 million people in the streets on the same weekend in the country. and then another inappropriate word. he has since deleted the tweet. he has since apologized. melania's spokesperson said it was sick and
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irresponsible. and melania trump called the secret service and said take a look at this. is this appropriate? and they are now investigating him. brian: they gotta. and he apologized sense. he has a movie coming out from sony. don jr. speculated pear phrased on twitter what is sony going to do? are you going to leave him in this movie? are you going to rebuke peter fonda for what he just said about the president's son? steve: i read the statements from sony they said his comments were vile, abhorrent, but he has a very small part in it and we are going to release it apparently tomorrow. at 5:00 p.m. ainsley: you are only going to hear this story on fox because abc, ntsb, and cbs zero coverage of this story. when i read what he said, i thought who even thinks like that? who has the capacity to say something like that. brian: so many celebrities over the top. ainsley: imagine somebody saying that about president obama's girl.
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steve: get the addresses of ice agents see what schools they go to and surrounds the schools as well. brian: here is rush rim because when this crossed. >> dry by media is especially unhinged. this today is not about kids and the way they are being treated anywhere. this is about donald trump winning and these people not being able to do anything about it. so, hate is governing, fueling everything that is occurring in what we call the news media today. virtually every news story today has a component driving it which is hate. and it is hate for victors, hate for the successful, hate for donald trump. brian: i have never seen anything like it. i can't use the use of explicatives on a regular basis. it's like when you are if fourth grade and you first wanted to curse and you think it's funny. i'm stun when you had go on
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twitter or social media people feel uncomfortable doing it out loud. we are going to hand it over to jillian who has more headlines. jillian: happy first official day of summer. we do have news to get you caught up on. starting with mysterious story. two sheriff's deputies made the ultimate sacrifice will be laid to rest today. theresa king and patrick moore were shot and killed as they brought an inmate to court in kansas. officers from around the country are expected at their joint funeral. they will won't be the only super heroes there. dozens of people will dress up in costumes honoring moore's love of comics. they both leave children behind. under the threat of severe weather flash flooding wreaks havoc on pennsylvania. >> oh my god, dude. i cannot even believe this right now. jillian: incredible video showing a car being swept away. tornadoes touching down.
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several twisters reported in iowa. more storms are on the way today. just call it shrinking the swamp. president trump may soon make a move to reorganize our government. the "wall street journal" reporting the administration will propose today to merge the labor and education departments. if approved by cock, it would be a step toward the effort to decrease the federal workforce. republicans first suggested a merger in the 90's u a look at your headlines, send it back to you. steve: one step closer. thank you very much. jill. next guest running for congress in minnesota and joined president trump on the stage at the big rally last night. he will tell us about the experience coming up next. ainsley: stopped a carjacker. >> even bigger threat and i fired to stop the shooter. -- did i my job.
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district. president obama won it twice. won that district twice can they reverse course now because president trump won it easily by 16 points in 2016. joining us now minnesota congressional candidate and st. louis county commissioner pete stauber who was a police officer and minor league hockey player. you grabbed the microphone. you surprised the president. you whipped open a etch spoo. how did you pull that off, breaking format? >> good morning, brian, thank you for having us. it was really an interesting day for not only the campaign and the candidate. but to have the president come to our great state of minnesota to the eighth congressional district and really support our way of life. support our miners and our timber producers. we were very excited an the rally was unbelievable. brian: we hear about a big labor area traditionally over the decades that means a big decade area. there is something about this president that seems to resonate in the blue collar communities.
3:19 am
can you tell me what minnesota has seen so far that have garnered that type of support? >> you know, we are a blue collar community and president trump won our district just under 16%. so, when you look at that the district is changing. i have democratic mayor's on our iron range that have come out and supported me. you know, up here in the eighth district. we what we will do for our jobs. what we will support our military. support our law enforcement. support the timber producers so when you take the labels off the candidate and they looked at my resume. what i have done living and have lived my message, brian. open seat, household for republicans. the reason rye the president is there obviously a salute to you. but also a seat republicans need. what do you plan to do that you have just entered the race?
3:20 am
>> as i stated a topicup for republicans in the entire country. it's going to turn in november. the entire state of minnesota is changing. you talk about the unions, i not only organed my union but i was my union's president as a police officer. that resonates with people. that blue collar conservative message resonates in the eighth descriskt minnesota. our our campaign continues, brian. we are working hard. meeting as many people as we can. brian: as you know politics s become a contact sport. contact sport you are used to being that you have a rich hockey background. you vietnamese very natural in front of a fugitive office surprising the president with a speech that i don't think he was prepared for you to make. he was well in support. pete stauber, thanks so much. >> thank you, brian. brian: coming up straight ahead. we all remember steve scalise's triumphant return to the baseball game. what is life like for him on capitol hill.
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ainsley: the supreme court will consider an appeal today linked to the netflix docu series making a murderer. legal team wants the court to reverse a lower court decision to ruling confession to helping his cousin voluntary. they took advantage of his age and disabilities to coerce him. he was 16 at the time. do you remember the former naacp leader who make national headlines for lying about her race?
3:25 am
>> are you african-american? >> i don't understand the question. ainsley: racheraach doll jail hs a new name and she appeared in a washington state courtroom pleading not guilty to welfare fraud. she could face 15 years behind bars. i think she was making a lot of money and didn't claim it for maybe a book that she released? steve: okay. meanwhile, brian? brian: majority whip steve scalise make triumphant return to the baseball field before getting shot one week before the congressional baseball game. >> ground ball to second scalise throws him out at first from his nieces. the entire infield. the entire field goes over to congratulate him. steve: there wasn't a dry eye in the place. >> if you don't believe in miracles and that god has a piece to this action, i
3:26 am
mean, that was just unreal. unreal. how much difference a year makes, huh? ainsley: that's great. what we didn't see is how he spends his day as the house majority whip. steve: well, one week ago today i spent the day with him and got an exclusive behind the scenes look. let's go back to capitol hill. >> all right. are you ready? go to our whip team meeting. steve: what exactly do you do in a whip meeting? it sounds rough. >> the whip team is about 80 members of the of the house help move our agenda forward: helping to educate what's in the bill and why it's important to get this bill on president trump's desk so we can actually get the economy back on track and advance the agenda. >> did you not tell doocy there is a dress code in the u.s. capitol? no jeans. we have a dress code around this place. let's get in here.
3:27 am
come on. >> welcome, everybody. we have a special guest as you can see. the speaker of the is joining us. welcome, steve doocy and a little early but two hours ago in a baseball europe form practicing hitting balls out in the park. >> every one of us along with fellow country men are praying for steve scalise. our prayers have been answered. when i was gone for three and a half months, this house still moved our business. and it moved it in a large part because of all of you. there has been a lot of work in negotiations to get an agreement amongst republicans in the house on how to get a bill that president trump signs on immigration. >> tell us about immigration. >> it seems nice. >> house of the majority whip. probably the best view in the capitol. >> stunning. whether you have a big day. not just a big day for america, but it's a big day for you personally. so you memorialize things with a bottle of sham page. there is a tax cut.
3:28 am
>> when we pass that tax cut and jobs act, it was monumental occasion. you pop a bottle of champagne and stop and celebrate all the hard work that went into getting something big done. steve: paul ryan gave you this gavel. >> this was a special day. the day i came back to congress september of last year, after three and a half months in the hospital. working really hard to rehabilitate, learn how to walk again so i could be able to walk into that house cham again and just see my colleagues and get back to work. it was one of the most special days of my life. steve: i see the new orleans logo. >> new orleans saints jersey. >> my alma mater gave me my real jersey and i thought that was cool. when you come and meeting with people. we take pictures. and we come over here to take a picture in front of the lsu jersey. steve: how do you balance representing louisiana and running your side. >> i'm cearvel. i came up to congress to try to help get this country
3:29 am
back on track. you actually get to be in the room for loot more of the decisions. my primary job is to represent the people of southeast louisiana. but then i also, of course, want to help make this a better country, fix the problems that we have had. steve: you have had a full day. had you the staff in here. you had the speaker in here. where is this energy coming from i'm pooped. >> i love my job. it's an honor to represent the people of southeast louisiana. but then to be able to work with this president and to know that what we're doing is going to help change this country for the better and solve problems and help people have more opportunity. that pumps me up. when you love what you are doing, every day is a great day. ♪ steve: from sun up to sundown he was working. and a week ago tonight he played in the game after having donated a quarter of blood -- a pint of blood. a bottle of blood. ainsley: seems like such a great guy. steve: the meeting where the speaker had he said you can go now, fox news. that's the meeting where
3:30 am
they worked to whip up the members to vote on today's immigration plan. brian: wow. great job. ainsley: from louisiana, has a wife and two children. steve: he, just keep in mind, it was a little more than a year ago. he came that close to not making it out. ainsley: it's incredible. >> steve: welcome back steve scalise. ainsley: the power of prayer. steve: indeed. brian: lied about the benghazi attacks on five different sunday shows. brand new bombshell this morning involving susan rice. ainsley: plus, what do voters think of the president's rally last night in minnesota. todd piro is having breakfast with friends in duluth, minnesota. that's coming up next. steve: red, white, and blue crew. happy birthday to prince william. he has 36 candles on his cake today ♪ and we'll never be royal ♪ royal ♪
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>> we talk about the forgotten men and women. they are the smartest people. they work the hardest. they pay taxes. they do all of the things. and, yet, they were the forgotten people. and, believe me, our people are the smartest, and the hardest working, smarter than anybody and the hardest working. a little thing i was talking about today. do you ever notice they always call the other side and they do this. the elite. the elite. why are they elite? i have a much better apartment than they do. i am smarter than they are. i'm richer than they are. i became president and they didn't. and i'm representing the greatest, smartest most loyal, best people on earth, the deplorables. steve: there you have it,
3:35 am
the president of the united states, the president night in duluth addressing the deplorables. brian: you would think that message wouldn't necessarily be the right message. steve: you mean the elites. brian: working class elites. i'm richer, i'm better and i'm smarter and i'm president and you're not. something about his message resonates better with them than it does with the rich. ainsley: because is he tough and saying a lot of the things is he thinking and they don't feel like they were able to say it before. todd piro is live in duluth, minnesota talking to the people there where the president was last night. todd: good morning, steve, ainsley and brian. you saw the packed house last night about a mile away from here from uncle louie's cafe. we have a proximate caused house here at uncle lieuy's cafe talking about obviously a lot of big issues of the day. we are going to get right to it begin with bob. bob works in it. he voted for president trump and he says he thinks the president is doing an even better job than he thought he would when he voted for him. why? >> well, it's about jobs. he has taken the restraints
3:36 am
off some of our largest employers. we haveple working. that means more tax revenues, tax cuts have been beneficial there is competition for jobs. the economy with the g.d.p. up. competition on jobs means higher wages for people nothing but positive ahead. when i asked you what the most important issue is to you and your family you said it's not about me, you are said it's about my 8 grand children. why do you say that? >> it's about opportunity for my eight grandchildren? what will they have in the future? we are seeing employers come back to the country for greater opportunities. i would like to see them stay in the area in our region we have had an exodus of children over the years. as a grandparent there is nothing better than having your family at home. >> thank you very much, bob marshall. marshall is a retired union rep and he is not a fan of the president. i want to ask you about the economy. your view on the economy is split. why? >> well, i'm very happy to
3:37 am
seat economy continue to grow. through the obama years and now with president trump. however, the tax cut that was recently enacted which was touted as being wonderful for working people, as we know it's gone mostly into the corporate end of things and what they have done is done huge stock buy backs, which has pumped up the stock prices for the ownership class. and very little has come down to workers. todd: but you would agree that generally people in your estimation are feeling pretty good right now? >> as the economy continues to expand, yes. but i would also credit barack obama for a good part of that. todd: understood. marshall, thank you for your perspective. i'm going to sneak over here to caitlin. caitlin, very interesting perspective. you said trump rally, the one you attended last night. they are a bee con of free speech. why do you say that. >> especially coming from
3:38 am
minnesota. we haven't voted a republican majority since nixon and leading up to the election. i think a lot of us are scared to speak our minds. being at the rally. being able to see other people with like mindedness like us, we can finally say what he would want and not be afraid of any repercussions. todd: in the past, have you felt repercussions? >> oh, absolutely. we are the deplorables. you know. and being in minnesota, where typically a democratic state and you just -- there is that fear. todd: you know this area. president trump has stated he wants to turn this area red. knowing the area as well as do you, do you think he will. >> i think he will. i think he will. it's going to be exciting. todd: appreciate your time. i forgot to mention to you as a nurse we appreciate all our nurses because they do amazing work in our hospitals and doctor's offices. thank you for your time. thank you, everybody for yowm time. this place is packed no shortage of opinions. the food is great. steve: todd, thank you very
3:39 am
much. brian: just overall, i was stunned to see that they are now making projections that our economy overall could be growing at 5%. people didn't think it would hit 3% and could be 3% for the entire year. 4% would have been outstanding. can you imagine they coming in with that number. steve: that would be a big number and that would be a big story. at a tuned. brian: haven't seen that in a long time. ainsley: jillian is over there. jillian: a hero pastor is speaking out after taking down a gunman in a walmart parking lot parking lot. shooting and killing tim day as he attempted to car jack several people. >> he entered the vehicle, which i considered an even bigger threat and i fired to stop the shooter i did my job. >> if it wasn't for him, who knows how many people would have wound up killed. >> a paramedic.
3:40 am
he will not face charges. former president barack obama cyber chief confirming that he was told to stand down in response to russian meddling. as far as your cyber response, you were told to stand down; is that correct? >> we were -- those actions were put on the back burner, yes. that order coming from then national security advisor susan rice. michael daniel said he recommended a full range of actions to, quote. impose costs on the russians, but those offers weren't accepted. this is a reminder to always keep your car doors locked. a california deputy seen breaking into a car window to free a bear that got stuck inside. i feel like this happens all the time. just watch as he busts the glass open hops back. in unfortunately the inside of the car totally destroyed. that's not fun. brian: i hate when that happens. jillian: i agree. want to live longer, here's the secret. >> we fell in love in high
3:41 am
school. >> we were high school sweet hearts. >> after our junior year his parents moved away. >> but i never forgot her. >> he never forgot me. jillian: new study revealing married couples have a lower risk of heart disease and stroke. researchers believe living with another person can help spot health problems much earlier. a look at your headlines. brian: getting along and help you out. if they are not getting along. ainsley: causes more heart problems. steve: that's true. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. janice dean joins us. janice, this hour we turn to summer. brian: you live with somebody, right, janice? januaryian yes, of course i do. i live with my husband sean and two children. that video, those were actors, so, of course they are going to get along. supposed to. we have amazing video out of new hampshire, england. this is called a fire rainbow and what happens is the light reflects off the ice crystal in the
3:42 am
atmosphere. fire rainbow. this is real. this is a real phenomenon in new england in new hampshire. very rare that you see that take a look at your storm reports. we had some hail and damaging winds as well as tornadoes across the plain states. heavy rainfall in the forecahio river valley and great lakes and mid-atlantic again because we have stationary front we are dealing unfortunately threat of more rain for texas and louisiana. and,y, summer is finally here, my friends, first day arrived, you know, just moments ago. steve: it did this hour. thank you very much j.d. ainsley: one day we have more sunshine on this day. janice: 15 hours. brian: when is summer solstice. janice: right now on the fox news channel. brian: i feel it. ainsley: it's 42 minutes after the top of the hour. liberals want universal newark in the united states. this cancer patient was forced to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars because his government wouldn't pay for a life-saving drug.
3:43 am
is this really what the left has in mind? steve: the ink is barely dry on president trump's executive order that he is about to sign in these images but the media says it could be stopped in court. judge napolitano here to set the record straight. he's next on "fox & friends" for the first day of summer. ainsley: hey, judge. how are you doing? ♪ pour me some moon shine ♪ when i'm gone set in stone. ognize myself. and thanks to my cashrewards credit card from navy federal with never-expiring rewards it's gonna be a killer honeymoon. woo! maui!! boom open to the armed forces, the dod, veterans and their families. navy federal credit union.
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3:46 am
brian: we're back and i'm going to read. president trump signing executive order allowing children to stay with parents crossing the border illegally. ainsley: some are claiming his decision might not hold up in court. steve: here to explain fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. attorney general to get the original judge in the case that said you couldn't do this to change her mind. mind.
3:47 am
>> judge: all right. so the president is correct that the immigration laws are not only confusing but, in some cases contradictory. one statute says 72 hours. another statute says 20 case. asdly resolved in 1997. in a occasion called flores. before the supreme court of the united states. in 2013, in the obama administration, there was a challenge to the flores rule in which people who felt the obama administration was keeping children either away from their parents or in substandard facilities. steve: for more than 20 days. >> for more than 20 days went to a judge and put stop in it. she did put a stop to it. she says you want to keep them more than 20 days. hold a hearing. fast forward to today. the president saying we don't have enough facilities or judges to hold a hearing if they want to row strain
3:48 am
people against their will. talking about adults now, they have to held who these hearings within 20 days. meaning they have to get judges from new york and new jersey and north dakota. steve: manpower the facility. ou you are the federal government. have you limitless resources. get these judges here and get it done. unless, one last part to this. they can get this judge to extend the 20-day period to give them a little bit more time. during which the parents will be confined with their children. ainsley: when does the clock start clicking? >> that's not clear. either starts clicking between the time the children are restrained or reunited with heir parents. which i don't believe has happened yet. give dhs a little time to implement the president's order. i was hoping they could implement it with a phone call. brian: how did president obama handle. this president obama lost this case before judge gee. president obama was found, his dhs was found to be
3:49 am
holding these children in woefulfully substandard facilities. steve: i don't remember that news story it was not publicized like this one was. harmful. not government facilities but outside facilities that the government had sent these children. to. you cannot hold them in physicians that are harmful. steve: the ball is literally really in her court. ainsley: what if the facilities aren't harm. >> you can't hold them more than 20 days. once you hold a hearing and a judge rules, you stay until we prosecute you. did you go back to the country from which you came from. the president is off the hook. brian: does the president have to have another executive order to flood the area. >> can he do it with a phone call. these are not judges that sit in federal courthouses. these are administrative law judges that work for dhs. brian: gotcha. >> secretary nielsen could do it with a phone call. take them to states where think are need he had. have you an emergency at the border. this is the time
3:50 am
continue to crease the manpower there. brian: for every action there is a reaction. judge: i hope this makes sense brian kilmeade. brian: i pick it up. nothing is solved. you are laying out the challenges. judge: tremendous challenge. can you see the frustration on his face last night in minnesota as he was explaining it the challenge is almost overwhelming. ainsley: marco rubio's bill the new bill hires more judges to speed up the process. judge: that bill and the ted cruz bill would reduce the 20 kays to 72 hours. give them the judicial manpower in which to accomplish that. steve: we will see what happens. brian: thanks for going to law school. >> now i'm otto d.c. for bret baier. brian: play the role of judge napolitano. liberals want the liberal hurricane in the u.s. cancer patient forced to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars because his government wouldn't pay for life-saving drug. is this really what many in this country had in mind? mind
3:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪ i love you baby applebee's 2 for $20, now with steak. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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3:54 am
ainsley: the reality of government medicine, a london cancer patient was forced to crowd fund, raise his own money, hundreds of thousands of dollars for a life-saving drug not afaivel to him under the government run healthcare system. dr. nicole saphier is a cancer specialist and joins us now with more on this, nicole. we learned about this guy. good morning. this guy lives in london. he has a type of cancer. his dad died when he was 2 years old same type of cancer bowl cancer. he discovered immunotherapy. it was very, very expensive. he decided to raise the money, government over there, socialized medicine, universal healthcare said we are not paying for this. is that what happened? >> in a nutshell, yes. cancer care, whether you in the united states, the u.k., on the moon, it's very expensive. there is no getting around that the most tangible way that we have to lower the cost is to find better treatment to not only treat cancer but cure it so we can
3:55 am
get people back into the workforce. this gentleman, a young guy, he had late stage cancer, colon cancer as you mentioned that failed chemotherapy, radiation he asked what about immunotherapy which is a more novel treatment turning on your own cells to fight the cancer? they said well, can you request it to the government. it will take months upon months for a response. he didn't have months upon months. he ended up getting a response. and they said absolutely not. this is not cost-effective. this hasn't gone through so many trials. we're not going to do it. and so what he did was, he did his own crowd funding. and he raised the money and paid for it himself. is he doing great now. he has written a book. when he was just given months to live. ainsley: if this happens in america if we get socialized medicine or universal healthcare, could that happen here people would be denied life-saving treatment? >> the u.k. is known for being very strin jent. they don't have a lot of money in their health system. in the united states we have a private market. and, therefore, we have
3:56 am
negotiating power. so, scott, appointed under president trump, as the director of the f.d.a. he has recognized this and he has actually put immunotherapy, many of these medications on the accelerated pathway to get them approved. is he cutting at love steps saying these are, working. let's stop wasting time get them to our patients. they need them. it doesn't mean that insurance is going to pay for them. again, it's not the government making unilateral decision for our patients here. it's the patient, the doctor. and we have a private system with negotiating power to get the treatment our patients need. ainsley: president tried right to try act. helps terminally ill patients get the drugs they need. he did that in may. the british spy who put together that anti-trump dossier. we just learned about a secret meeting that he had with the obama administration. plus, congressman michael mccaul, newt gingrich and dean cain are all here live this morning.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> so the democrats want open borders. let everybody come in. [crowd boos] >> we're not going to let it happen. today i signed an executive order. we are going to keep families together, but the border is going to be just as tough. >> chairman of the freedom caucus, mark meadows, openly fighting with speaker ryan, calling the leadership bill not ready for prime time. >> what exactly do you do in a whip meeting? it sounds rough. >> did you not tell doocy that there is a dress code in the u.s. capitol? no jeans. what are you doing, man? >> have the president come to our great state of minnesota and the eighth congressional district and really support our way of life and the rally was just unbelievable. >> is there anything more fun than a trump rally?
4:01 am
[cheers] >> go big or go home ♪ go, go. ♪ go big or go home ♪ go, go ♪ go big or go home ♪ go, go. brian: he actually left home in order to go big. big in minnesota. a huge crowd. they had to swap out the venues when they saw the interest. i was talking to a legislator that was there last night, aspiring legislator that wants to win the ninth district in minnesota. he said there was as big a crowd outside than on the inside. people wanted to see on the flat screens. steve: we saw it all here on the fox news channel and thursday morning the first day of summer, we have a fox news alert. brian: yep. he wasn't here yesterday but he is here today. we are talking about president trump signing an executive order to stop family separations at the border. but democrats still aren't happy in some respects. steve: that's right. all of this as house republicans get ready to try to tackle immigration today. a vote is presumed going to
4:02 am
happen. ainsley: griff jenkins joins us live from the border as lawmakers are fighting over what comes next. griff. >> g morning, guys. president trump says if you're weak, borders like the one behind me get overrun. if you are strong, you have no heart. it was a backlash against that family separation that caused the president to do an about face signing an executive order on family separation. here's what he had to say. >> it's about keeping families together while at the same time being sure we have a very powerful, very strong border and border security will be equal, if not greater than previously. >> now, the ball is in congress' court. we have two votes today in the house. the leadership bill and the conservative goodlatte bill. it's not clear that either have any support and we had mark meadows, chairman of the freedom caucus openly fighting with speaker ryan saying that the leadership
4:03 am
bill wasn't ready for prime time. democrats, meanwhile, aren't supporting either bill and they are lashing out against the president's executive order. senator dianne feinstein of california tweeting that the executive order -- i'm sorry, this is the statement first by house minority leader nancy pelosi saying the president's order seeks to replace one form of child abuse with another. instead of protecting traumatized children. the president has directed his attorney general to pave the way for the long-term incarceration of families in prison-like conditions and of course i apologize i led with feinstein's treat where she says it's extremely troubling goes on it appears this is the president's next step trump administration's larger agenda to eliminate basic protections for asylum seekers. port of entry how you legally seek asylum. brian: great job yesterday. didn't have a chance to tell you that was a wonderful package at the border with the border patrol agent. so, griff jenkins at 3
4:04 am
minutes after the hour. let's expand on this. steve: that's right. so, griff was showing us what some of the democrats in congress are suggesting. democrats broadly want families simply to be released into the united states together while their cases are being adjudicated. brian: what do they use for money or housing? steve: whatever they brought with them, presumably. i don't think we give them anything. brian: a lien to that comes in a package? i don't understand. ainsley: when the president signed that executive order yesterday saying that families are not going to be separated i thought everyone would just be wonderful. that's great. but, it hasn't been that way. others are now complaining saying have you bernie sanders who was tweeting saying merely replaces one inhumane act with another. because he says being detained indefinitely is not something that is humane. marco rubio says don't even use the word indefinitely. he says that is patently false in thinks tweet. he said there is a hearing. they go through the due process and there is a new bill on the table to hire
4:05 am
more judges to go and speed up this process. at least the parents and kids are back together in a safe praise. steve: new bill has got to be passed by congress. we saw mark meadows fighting with paul ryan in that video that griff just ran. apparently, according to capitol hill sources, apparently mark meadows thought there were things for the house freedom caucus things they wanted in the bill they weren't there and he was a little upset. one other thing that we have been talking about. this all started when the attorney general said we are going to go and have zero tolerance when it comes to breaking the law. zero tolerance aspect continues to this day. it's going to -- will prosecute adults who try to come into the country illegally. what it will do is they are going to try to keep the families together as a unit while it's being adjudicated. as we heard from the judge. they are trying to speed things up. trying to get more judges. and the president has reached out to the department of defense and said could we have some of the facilities in texas, new mexico, and arkansas to make this happen? brian: all right. so the president of the united states says, you
4:06 am
know, it's unbelievable that we have got to try to pras immigration reform with democrats who, in the past. were on the record supporting a lot of things that are being proposed right now. the same people would just darker hair. president trump actually tweeted this out. don't worry, the republican and your president will fix it. so he goes at it meanwhile, in the past, here are the democrats, including some very familiar faces, weighing in. >> our immigration system is broken. >> illegal immigration is wrong. plain and simple. >> all americans, not only in the states most heavily affected but in every place in this country are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country. >> the people who should be here are those who come legally. >> we have to send a clear message just because your child gets across the border. that doesn't mean the wild gets to stay. ainsley: unbelievable. >> brian: this is what the white house put out to say do realize what i'm dealing with people aren't sincerely
4:07 am
trying to solve a problem because they're on the record agreeing with me but because i'm president or republicans are in power they won't. steve: same problem president obama had back in the day. that's why it wound up in court and that's why we are where we are. brian: what do you mean president obama? steve: because when president obama was president, the -- you could not keep a kid incarcerated, essentially, detained for more than 20 days. and so that's what president trump was saying. he said, look, my hands are tied. this is the -- what the judge has said. that's what judge napolitano said. jeff sessions has gone back to that original judge to say could you extend it past 20 days? ainsley: just interesting. the left supported president trump's exact agenda years ago. now they have flip flopped and ben shapiro says it's an outcry from the left because they don't want to agree with anything this president tries to pass. listen. >> the left sort of wants it both ways. they don't want you to able to keep the kids in prison
4:08 am
with the patients and separate the parents from the kids. only solution release the parents. only things he this want out of this entire thing. while they are saying anything about this nazi policy from the right. the right is actually attempting to solve. this the democrats want to say thought policy is awful, it's evil, it's not japanese internment in 1942. it's all of those things. but we're not going to work to solve it because it's all on trump it seems that the left is more interested in promulgating a particular feeling about this policy than they are about solving it. brian: how successful is ben shapiro now better set and gel in his hair. that's how successful is podcast is. right on the money here again. is there any way to win this. besides getting 60 votes and doing your own things if you are republicans. also video of harry reid saying the outrageousness of having a lottery system to welcome people into our country. that was in the 1990s. ainsley: saying how outrageous the lottery system was. brian: move onto the ig report which the president theory rises is the reason
4:09 am
why everyone is talking about immigration. they don't want to talk about this. steve: right. yesterday it was revealed during a senate intel committee hearing that apparently chris steele, christopher steele, the guy who came up with the trump dossier, he visited the state department back in october of 2016 before the election and actually briefed obama officials on the dossier. and victoria nuland who was a state department official said she and other officials there referred the dossier to the fbi. so they took this unverified thing that had been paid for by hillary clinton's campaign and they took that to the fbi. and they had -- keep in mind, somebody from the state department giving it to the fbi. got a problem with that? ainsley: tom dupree a former doj official. he says new revelations are suggesting that the state department was more involved than anyone knew. listen to this. >> i thought that the state department basically said once we got wind of what was
4:10 am
going on with this does way we passed it off to law enforcement. but what these new revelation suggest is the state department is apparently much more involved than any of us knew that they were having meetings and getting briefings about the dossier. it's very puzzling. brian: victoria nuland is at the center of this. said listen, i don't want anything to do with that referred to the fbi. really? because in october senator burr, republican on the senate intelligence committee, who was trying to keep politics out of the investigation but never get their results, said i didn't think you were really involved in this. yeah, i intentionally avoided the meeting that i knew nothing about. really? so the state department, which also okayed a meeting for christopher steele to meet with one of our fbi guys in rome was not involved but christopher steele felt as though he had to brief them in october. the british spy. ainsley: right before the election. brian: put together a dossier 35 pages. 17 separate missives at the center, perhaps of the fisa application process that allowed the fbi to to follow
4:11 am
papadopoulos and tap into carter page. steve: maybe we are getting closer to figuring this whole thing out. brian: somebody honest would save us a lot of money and time. ainsley: hand it over to jill january who has more headlines for us. jillian: get you caught up on news of the day. many people under the threat of severe weather as flash flooding wreaks havoc in pennsylvania. >> oh my god, dude. i cannot even believe this right now. jillian: neither can i. incredible video showing a car being swept away outside of pittsburgh. look at that in the west, tornadoes touching down, several twisters reported in iowa. more storms on the way today. a hiker is found dead, killed by an aggressive bear in the woods. police finding the body of michael soltis in anchorage, alaska. gruesome coming moments after same bear attacking volunteer looking for soltis. the bear is still on the
4:12 am
loose. well, he joined us on the couch. big news for. play ronald reagan. filmmakers met with 50 of reagan's friends, confidantes and cabinet members. even the servant who saved his life after he was shot. ainsley: going to have to peg his voice. get that voice down pat that would be the hardest thing and mannerisms. jillian: i bet he will be able to do it. steve: he is an actor and good one. brian: he was great in frequency. he won me at frequency. that movie. steve: first time he came into this studio. ainsley: won you at frequency, not at hello. brian: yes. steve: meanwhile, straight ahead, county house of representatives get an immigration bill passed through their chamber today. we will talk to congressman mic mac call in texamccaul in n. >> this student can -- we'll
4:13 am
explain it's in the prompter ♪ good to be alive ♪ right to be alive right about now ♪ good to be live ♪ right about now ♪ the morning. new at walmart and caring for his daughter as if she's his own is an act of mutuality. learn more or find an advisor at ♪
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the first survivor of ais out there.sease and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. ♪ brian: all right. get ready house republicans are set to tackle
4:17 am
immigration on the floor today after the president signed an executive order stopping family separations at the border yesterday. but, will lawmakers actually be able to come to an agreement. they say there is no rush now that the president has signed executive order. joining us now with the latest is the chairman of homeland security been with the president quite often congressman mic mccaul of texas. congressman, i understand first off, there's a fear that there won't be a feeling of urgency. now that the president signed the executive order allowing families to get back together. are you worried about that, too? >> well, no. brian, i applaud the president signing that. that's a temporary sort of band-aid measure. what we need to do is close the legal loopholes and provide a legal permanent fix. and that's what the goodlatte/mccaul bill does. we have a permanent fix so that that when they come in the country they are detained and removed. this is one thing that the secretary very strong about. met with the attorney general yesterday.
4:18 am
the president says he is a thousand percent behind this bill. >> so when people cross, they could be the best people or the worst people. they are going to be either asylum-seekers or people looking to cross here illegally. your new no tolerance is you are just getting on buses and going back? >> well, if you come from mexico, you are detained and removed from the country. if you come from central america, you are treated differently. our bill treats them the same. so we detain -- we don't split the family up like is currently done. we keep the family together and then we remove them from the country. now, they could have an asylum claim, but we changed that standard so it's more difficult than just saying the magic words, credible fear of persecution. brian: understood. some type of d.n.a. to make sure these are actually related, these people. >> true. >> bill: two bills make their way through the house. can you give me the quick version of what they are? you got th goodlatte, mccaul
4:19 am
bill another one we call the president's bill. he says i will support both. this is the more moderate one likely to get through. tell me about the compromise, which is known as the president's bill? >> well, they are both very similar and since they have my border security bill with $25 billion of funding for the president's wall and has the four pillars that we talked about. and that also being the visa lottery elimination. chain migration. and a daca fix. it's a slightly different on the daca piece where they are giving merit-based visa. they can apply for. but, also any immigrant can apply for. so, i expect majority of republicans are going to vote for this bill and we'll -- unfortunately no democrats supporting this. even though we have a daca fix to it. brian: what time will the vote be and what will be voted on? >> it will be a series, probably about 1:00 on the first bill. probably about 3:00 on the second bill. brian: and i know it's not your division, but when it goes to the senate, is there any hope there?
4:20 am
>> you know, i would hope they would just do away with their parliamentary procedure and get to the simple majority vote of 51. if they did that, they could pass the bill that hopefully we're going to pass today. brian: real quick. any democrat talk to you about solving this problem? >> no. i think they are completely interested in making this a campaign issue. and even though the president resolved it for the family separation issue on a temp wear basis they condemn them for that i don't think they have any intereed in working constructively with us but rather use this in the 2018 midterm elections. brian: yeah, senator schumer says too many poison pill writers. chairman mccaul, thank you so much. >> thank you, brian. brian: straight ahead, the media claimed this ice agent tattoo nazi simple actually afghanistan platoon symbol. johnny joey jones met that agent. he got a message everyone needs to hear. it's coming up. newt gingrich joins us live
4:21 am
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4:25 am
teenager, that one right there, could win for that patriotic prom tuxedo that is made out of duckett tape. a finalist in the duck brand competition. steve: take a look at this. fact checker for the new york magazine under fire for allegedly tweeting about an ice agent and combat wounded marine veteran for the name of justin gertner. he has a tattoo. it's a titan 2 at that time too. the fact checker called it nazi symbol iron cross. it's actually his afghanistan platoon symbol. ice said anyone attempting to advance their personal political opinions by basically slandering an american hero should be issuing public apologies. our next guest lost his legs in a bomb blast in afghanistan and knew -- knows justin betterner while recovering bomb technician johnny joey jones joins us
4:26 am
right now from atlanta. johnny, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: so you know justin. how was he injured? >> so justin was a marine infantryman. he was stationed in afghanistan around the same time i was, 2010-11. steve: okay. >> injured by ied, a roadside bomb. took both of his legs above the knee. quite honestly his injuries were bad or worse than mine. a young man who served his country every day of his adult life to join the marine corps. he got injured during his recovery, became aught path the paraolympics and warrior games and recruited by ice and works every single day a full time job he doesn't have to and really shouldn't have. to say for them to come after him is disgusting. steve: today he works for ice. today we saw that image is it extraordinary that the fact checker for the new yorker had put that out that it looked like that particular inappropriate symbol but the new yorker did apologize. and apparently the fact
4:27 am
checker took down the tweet and said she didn't want to spread disinformation. but i read somewhere that ice would still like her to apologize. >> you know, i didn't even have a chance to see her tweet before i read ron pearlman's tweet. he played, sons of an arcky. voice is loud. i know ron. he came to a few charity events i used to organize. now i know that must have been for personal gain. one of the things being lost here is the iron cross is a symbol our military uses today. almost every branch of service has an iron cross badge for those that qualify with a rifle. to even jump to that conclusion iron cross that too is ridiculous. looking for a way to attack people doing their job ice agents first attempt at compassion. they are not there to trying to put them in handcuffs and treat them badly.
4:28 am
first ones there to offer them water and try to figure this problem out. those are people that volunteer to put their lives on the line for this country just like justin gaertner. if you have a problem with politicians, attack them. but to put out info graphic on how to relationship an ice agent's heart out. these people are disgusting and too emotional to be part of the conversation. they need to shut this out and let the adults in the room. steve: antifa shared the names and photos of 1600 ice agents online which puts, you know, puts them at peril and that's your concern. but, here's the thing. it wasn't -- you know, for the fact checker to put that out, the person is a fact checker. contact them and say is that an iron cross and he would have said no it's a titan 2 tattoo. >> and my point is if it were the iron cross, it's not a nazi symbol. i mean, some fact checker there that took a glimpse of a tattoo and turned it into
4:29 am
something so hateful against a warrior. someone who doesn't deserve to be in the middle of this controversy that shouldn't even be -- it shouldn't even exist in the f place. appalling. some people coming from that has nothing to do with what's actually going on in the world. steve: the thing about justin while we are showing his image and now everybody knows he works for ice. he is the kind of guy who never looked for a public profile. is he just trying to do his job. >> no. he keeps his nose to the grind and he works. i know justin very well. and i'm sure he is appalled to even be in the public eye for any reason, much less something like this. justin is the kind of guy that want to go to work every day. not the kind of guy that wants to be in the middle of something like this. i hate it for him. he deserves better. this country owes him more. so does that fact checker and everyone who knows who he is. he deserves a thank you and nothing less but certainly nothing more. steve: well, the fact checker did take down the tweet and the new yorker did apologize. let's see what else happens.
4:30 am
johnny, thank you very much for joining us today from atlanta. >> absolutely. have a great morning. steve: you as well. all right. it is 7:30 here in new york city. straight ahead. an actor goes on a vulgar on trump to be kidnappedfor and put in a cage. is that okay? newt gingrich is going to weigh in on that coming up. plus, what do voters think of the president's rally last night in duluth? todd piro is nearby having breakfast with friends and he is reading the paper. and it was a real dog day at the ball park for this baseball fan. got a black eye from a flying hot dog. not funny. we'll explain her story coming up. ♪ it was my very first car accident. we were hit from behind. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too.
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♪ >> unemployment numbers are among the best in the history of our country. for the first time in 20 years, wages are rising. we just secured a record $700 billion in funding to
4:34 am
rebuild our military. we have cut more regulations in 5 h days than any president. make america great a. and that's exactly what we're doing. brian: that was the president of the united states yesterday with a raucous rally which almost nobody covered. we took it wire to wire. tucker carlson came in and said here's the president and 45 minutes later you saw tucker again. no other network was taking it one took it for a minute. ainsley: i was watching sean hannity's show last night he was up late. when tucker tosses to him. he said you took all my ratings tonight. everyone was watching your show. steve: everybody is watching this show because they know that newt gingrich, fox news contributor, former speaker of the house and guy who ran for president and he has got a book out called "trump's america" joins us live from the washington, d.c. area. mr. speaker, good morning to you. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning. steve: so what do you make. >> by the way let me just
4:35 am
say should say something to people that trump was in duluth, minnesota, an area that would have been historically thought of as not touchable by republicans. there is a real chance that the democratic party runs to the left that you are going to see minnesota become really one of the bright spots for the republican party this fall with tim pa lente getting reelected as the governor. probably picking up at least two house seats and maybe win a u.s. senate seat. that's something nobody could have predicted five years ago. ainsley: he said last night hillary clinton narrowly won in 2016. he says i predict i will win in 2020. do you think that will happen? >> yes. i think he will win in 20206789 he have a republican governor helping him. i think he will have increased the republican delegates. there can't be a blue wave in this country if we are winning in minnesota. let's just be clear about what's going on. brian: he felt a couple more visits he would have had it last time. mr. speaker, did you point out that the optics on this whole immigration issue were terrible. that ronald reagan would have picked up the first
4:36 am
time he saw a child crying on television. he would have acted. how much damage was done to the president through this whether it was diseenksd or undeserved? optics matter. what do you think? >> look, i think it hurt him briefly i think he figured out it was not a sustainable policy. he signed an executive order. oddly enough, the very democrats who want him to act came back immediately and didn't like the fact that he acted. but the president has the right position, which is yes, we want to keep children with their families. but we also want to control the border. the democrats want to use the children as an excuse to go to an open border where tens of millions of people could flood into the u.s. remember, there has been a huge increaseause of the cartels and because of the mexican government. there has been an enormous increase in the number of people coming out of central america. and even the obama administration had a zero tolerance policy. can you find quote after quote of the obama administration leadership saying we're not going to
4:37 am
let people come across the border illegally. steve: right. so the president signed out executive order and what it does is it asks the attorney general to try to modify the court order. this is the same battle that the obama administration fought and lost when they tried to jail families for more than 20 days. the judge said you just can't do that. and that's what brings us to today. and, you just mentioned the former president and some of his quotes. we have got one from facebook u. ainsley: this is president obama. he wrote: to watch those families broken apart in realtime puts to us a very simple question. are we a nation that accepts the cruelty of ripping children from their parents' arms or are we a nation that values families and works to keep them together? do we look away or do we choose to see something of ourselves and our children? steve: i think he was talking about national refugee day there. brian: was he referring to this policy in particular? steve: it came out on national refugee day. >> look, it's his
4:38 am
administration in response to the huge increase of people coming out of central america and drug cartels of human trafficking on a large scale. his administration announced a zero tolerance policy. he should have talked to him homeland security secretary. so, there is a certain amount of really remarkable hypocrisy on the left right now. and, no indication by the way that chuck schumer, for example, the democratic leader, has any interest in fixing the law to help these children. he just wants to attack and by the way the democrats introduced a bill sponsored it so badly written that it will be a major liability to the campaign this fall because it basically provides for open borders all the democrats up for reelection co-sponsoring it no one will be able to defend it. steve: something comes out of senate and moves to the senate and had protection for the dreamers. wouldn't that be hard for the democrats not to vote for? >> no.
4:39 am
the democrats will say if it has the wall in it we won't vote for it the level of dishonesty and brutal partisanship we are living through is exactly what you get when you have this scale of change in the political structure. these were all democrats who were prepared to work with hillary clinton, who are now prepared to fight literally all the way to the end against donald trump. no matter what trump does. they are going to attack him for it. and they are going to try to avoid helping. i think it's going to cost them six to eight seats in the senate by the time it's over. brian: that would but the them right around 60. and, newt, there is two measures going to be working their way through the house today. will either one of them get through? >> maybe. i think it depends. i think there is real anger in the house right now. a real sense this thing is totally mess you had up. a sense of really worrying about what the senate will do or not do. i mean, i was up on the hill yesterday talking to members. and several said to me, look, i'm really to vote for
4:40 am
this. i'm going to get beaten up by anti-immigrant activists having anything in here that's positive about immigration. even though it does include the wall. but they said what really gets to me is if i take this hard vote and in the senate does nothing. he said i'm getting beaten up for having achieved nothing. i think that's a real problem. and again, the real debate in this country is simple. do you think the united states has a right to have a border that it protects or do you think we should have open borders and have 20 or 30 or 40 million people come here without any kind of vetting, without any kind of looking at who they are? obviously there are democrats that believe they ought to have open borders. we ought to have 245 straight up debated as a country and make it very clear. this is the real choice. brian: nancy pelosi with homeless everywhere says basically let everybody. in. steve: they are going to take the votes this afternoon. let's see what they do. newt, thank you very much. ainsley: thanks so much. jill i can't say has breaking news for us. jillian: news we are getting
4:41 am
in. police arresting the wife of israeli prim benjamin meth. sara is charged with fraud and breach of trust. accused of misusing $100,000 of official funds for catering services. meantime prime minister netanyahu faces investigations into alleged corruption he denies any wrongdoing and calls the allegations against he and his wife a witch-hunt. the body of a missing man discovered badly burned by firefighters. now alleged killer is under investigation for ice. accused of killing jared vargas and setting his body on fire inside a texas apartment. police say the men worked together but a motive is still unclear. the suspect is in jail. his legal status sun known. caught on camera. an off-duty officer hijacking the plans of two carjackers in chicago. the suspect trying to steal the officer's car while he was sitting.
4:42 am
in the officer jumped out of the car and opened fire. police are still searching for the men who ran off. incredibly though no one has a woman has a black eye after getting hit in the face by a flying hot dog. you heard me. the philadelphia phillys, hot dog cannon coming in a little too hot at the game launching a hot dog wrapped in duct tape right at cathy mckievy. >> it just came so fast and it hit me like that. i understand a baseball but not a hot dog. she was rushed to the hospital will be okay. the team offered her free tickets. jillian: i have met him many times. very nice whatever he is. steve: mascot. jillian: i'm sure did he not mean it. steve: why was the hot dog wrapped in duc duct tape. >> very weird launching hot dogs wrapped in duct tape. a lot of places launch
4:43 am
t-shirts. brian: only shoot soft stuff with people. jillian: one would think a hot dog is soft i rest my case. steve: speaking of refreshments and things to eat we will have the dairy queen people here at the end of the show with free blizzards, first day of summer. ainsley: yum. one city held a prayer vigil for victims of a drive by shuting. a judge ruled that violated the first amendment. really? this morning the mayor is fighting back. brian: plus, what do voters think of the president's valley last night? todd piro is having breakfast with them. he is in duluth ♪ i love this life ♪ ♪ come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away. ♪ ♪ come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away. ♪
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4:47 am
minnesota, at a big arena one mile from uncle loui's cafe. ainsley: which is where todd piro is live this morning having breakfast with friends. hi, todd. >> good morning to all of you. the number one issue that everybody is talking about these days is immigration. have an immigration round table getting the thoughts of the minnesota voters. especially the duluth minnesota voter. begin with tim. stem a salesman. he voted for the president. according to you, you told me earlier, trump understands the meaning of sovereignty better than any other president. why do you say that? >> well, i say that because, you know, he is trying to protect our borders. he says over and over again with a country without borders no longer exists. and our past presidents have allowed the immigration -- the illegal aliens to come across the border in record numbers. we're, you know, we keep growing at a rate that is unsustainable. and so, you know, we need to
4:48 am
have secure borders. and let in only those who we wish to let in. todd: tim, thank you for your time. tina ran a women's health center. she did not vote for president trump. she feels currently not enough compassion is being shown at the border. and she wants a bipartisan solution. >> yes, i would like a bipartisan solution. what bothers me about the border is that i feel we're not really addressing the issue. and the issue is this country was built on immigration. i think we need to be very careful of the vetting that we do on people. but i also believe that compassion can always be there. and i felt that that has been missing. todd: quickly, do you feel that democrats should come up with their own plan. >> i think it has to be bipartisan.
4:49 am
strongly. todd: tina, thank you very much for your time. mimike works in -- voted for president trump. he needs we need a win. >> a country is not a country without borders. we need to keep the people out who are going to do us harm. we have seen time and time again that the people -- that people coming in commit crimes. and as far as the compassion thing, president trump just signed an executive order keeping the families together. my feeling is good, send the whole family back. todd: understood. i want to get linda. interior designer voted for president trump. feels horrible for the kids but the laws need to be followed. >> exactly. i think the kids are the pawns in this whole matter. and i think the parents should have been more thoughtful about their children before they sent them over the border or took them over the border. i like the executive order
4:50 am
at president trump just signed but all the children need to go back with the parents. todd: should rereform legal immigration? >> that's a difficult question. i'm not really sure. todd: okay. obviously as have you seen just from our balanced round table here and from the discussions in the nation, this is a tough issue. the nation wants to show compassion. certainly we hope our representatives in congress can come up with a solution. back to you in new york. steve: all right. todd piro live in duluth with the latest, the fair and balanced breakfast. brian: i'm sure congress won't let us down. they never have. steve: good one. coming up, one city held a prayer vigil of victims of a drive by. that prayer vigil variety violated the first amendment. the mayor fighting back. is he live in our studio. studio.steve. brian: plus, you know him and love him as superman. >> oh, one more thing, if you ever need to find me, all you have to do is look up.
4:51 am
brian: now dean cain is trading in his cape for a badge. joining us in his brand new uniform. that's coming up straight ahead ♪ ♪
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4:53 am
4:54 am
ainsley: it a fight for faith. a federal judge ruling that the city of ocala, florida, violated the first amendment by holding a prayer vigil back in 2014 in response to kids being shot in a drive by shooting. but the city is fighting back and now challenging that ruling. joining me now to explain is the mayor of ocala, florida. mayor kent ginn. mayor, thanks for being with us. >> thanks, ainsley, thanks for letting me be here today. ainsley: you are welcome. tell me what happened in 2014. >> 2014, a drive by shooting two little children were
4:55 am
shot. our chief went to the naacp and asked them, you know, help us help you. and find out, you know, are there people that know about this? and what should we do? and they said, you know, why don't we have a prayer vigil. we said that's great. we put a letter on police letterhead on facebook. we asked the community to pray. ainsley: hundreds of people showed. >> 500 or 600 people showed up. it was great. we wanted to pray for two things a the children that got shot in the drive by shooting and secondly that people who knew who this was that they would have the courage to come out and say hey, this is who did it. ainsley: there were atheists there that were not happy. >> there were atheists there that were not happy. they ended up suing us probably about a month later. and this has been going on for four years. ainsley: so what happens now? >> so what happens now is judge made a ruling. i didn't know about this until after the fact. once i knew about it i said
4:56 am
i think this is great. we should do it. the chief, his ruling was they ruled againstim. they were saying that he violated the first amendment, ement clause by asking the community to pray. so, i was exonerated and found i wasn't involved in it. so what we're doing now the city is asking the appellate court to vacate the judge's ruling. ainsley: what are the chances of that happening? >> we'll see. when did that happen, do you know? >> courts and judges. i don't know. there was some rulings in that appellate district. that were favorable to us. just two weeks ago. ainsley: okay. ainsley: prayer for kids. prayer for their families. it's peaceful. >> sure. ainsley: keep us posted, please. thank you so much for coming up from florida to talk about this story. >> thank you. appreciate it. ainsley: we are hours away from two huge votes on immigration. the media is too focused on
4:57 am
bashing president trump's new executive order. >> b nobody else even comes close. now starting at $7.99. gillette. the best a man can get. . . .
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5:00 am
♪ >> so the democrats want open borders. let everybody come in. we're not going to let it happen. today i signed an executive order. we'll keep families together but the border is just going to be just as tough. >> president has the right position, which, yes, we want to keep children with their families but we also want to control the border. brian: peter fonda had offensive tweet like you would not believe. steve: we should rip bn trump's, the president's son, from his mother's arms. >> they are a beacon of free speech. why do you say that? >> being at rally, seeing other people with like-mindedness like us, we can finally say what we want. >> is there anything more fun than a trump rally? [cheering]
5:01 am
♪ steve: welcome to our hometown live from new york city, midtown manhattan. "fox & friends," hour 3 of the very busy thursday. officially first day of spring. happened in the 6:00 hour. ainsley: week is flying by. tomorrow we have lynryd skynyrd for the summer concert series. if you're in the area, say hey. brian: it was four years ago, suits with shorts would catch fire. remember that? i thought it was, so many. steve: life savings. brian: that was sad, absolutely. i have so many bellbottoms from the '70s. thought they would come back. haven't yet. do you think suits with shorts and short sleeves? would that ever happen? ainsley: that's terrible. steve: shorts with a short-sleeve shirt. >> that is called golfing w wear
5:02 am
do you like the button down shirts that are short-sleeved? brian: should i not? ainsley: i don't like them. do you like them, steve? >> buttoned down collar? ainsley: write us. let you know if you like them. >> they're terrible. brian: a lot of women don like them on men. steve: when i was working in kansas. i had to wear them all the time. >> it makes sense. i don't know why i don't like them. i made that decision long time ago. sticking with it. writing down, the video signing that executive order yesterday. the media, the left, they were up in arms about everyone actually up in arms about parents being separated from their kids. that bill he is signing, that executive order he is signing, will allow parents and kids to be together. steve: nobody likes to see children separated from their parents. the president said he had no choice but to separate them. a rare reversal with that executive order. he will continue though, this is
5:03 am
important, his zero tolerance policy continues. in other words, if you try to come into the country illegally, you are going to be prosecuted. if you bring children in, they will try to, according to this, keep the family together. they also, because the court ruling was, you can't kids past 20 days. they will expedite the situation, get things heard faster and the pentagon is now involved because they're looking for four different facilities, two in texas, one in new mexico, one in arkansas, to handle a you will the people,et them into the system, get them ajudicated figure out whether they get to stay or go. brian: here is the problem, all the countries are terrible. mexico, nicaragua are a mess. headed by cartels. where do i go? to america. they are flooding the problem. there is nobody's fault in america. it is failed governments.
5:04 am
the question long-term would it be worthy of our investment saying you have to set up a capitalist system. you have to give a sense of a democratic system. steve: president says, brian, the companies not helping, cut off the aid. brian: that makes thing even worse. ainsley: house members are meeting today. they will try to pass two immigration bills. one with the wall, one with the separation issue. we will keep you posted on that. newt gingrich was on with us earlier. he says democrats, we all thought they would support when the president signed executive order everyone, that is wonderful. that is what everyone in the country wants. that is not what is happening. if you watch some other channels, they're completely up in arms what the president has done. they don't support this newt gingrich says democrats can't get behind anything that president trump does, even they were for what he believes in years ago. >> i thinkthink it hurt him briefly. he figured out there was not a sustainable policy. he signed an executive order. oddly enough, the very democrats
5:05 am
who wanted him to act calm back immediately and didn't like the fact he acted. the president has the right position, which is, yes we want to keep children with their families, but we also want to control the border. the democrats want to use children as an excuse to go to open border where tens of millions of people could flood into the u.s. brian: by the way if you listen to the chants on kirstjen nielsen, the homeland security secretary, eating dinner, got screamed that, manager of the restaurant thought it was good thing, which is terrible, they were chanting open borders, basically let everybody in. so what kind of country do we have if everyone can come in and out. some people pay taxes and some people don't? ainsley: not a country. anyone is welcome to go in and out. that wouldn't be a country. brian: no question, this has been on the books since may 5th. attorney general sessions, no more tolerance, send a message to other countries not to send their people here. newt gingrich brought up, we
5:06 am
showed you, politically ronald reagan would have understood instantly crying children on tv is bad. the president solved the problem in the short term. long-term answers could start today 1:00. two votes on two bills to reform immigration. see if democrats get involved. steve: we all know there is problem at the southern border, no doubt about it. the president with the rare reversal signing this executive order, it's unusual for him to have done that given that he was so dug in. and he had so much momentum go with north korea and economy. last night in duluth he reminded people about that. >> as your president i will always fight to protect american families. the democrats want open borders. let everybody come in. we're not going to let it happen. i signed an executive order. we'll keep families together but border is going to be just as
5:07 am
tough as it's been. the greatest phrase i think in the history of politics, make america great again and that's exactly what we're doing. unemployment numbers are among the pest -- before the in the history of our country. we secured a record $700 billion in funding to rebuild our military. we cut more regulations in 500 days than any president. by the way, is there anything more fun than a trump rally? brian: you know what? you knew these were guys were all on board in duluth, when they were chanting space force. listen i want to get space force to j our air force, our army and marines and our navy. by the way, they were chanting space force. i never thought i would hear it in my lifetime. ainsley: many of july are writing in, many were at the rally and watched the rally. dell says all along if president
5:08 am
trump found a cure for cancer the left would find a reason to make that wrong. >> he tweeted, we love hearing directly from him, no filters. thanks for making america great again. brian: by the way the economy surging by almost all accounts. so the p is theo think for this quarter we could now have 5% growth when we were not touching a three. a the lot set up after the fall. recovery is slow, on turbo speed, "the new york times" headline talks about a trade war we're in with the european union, with canada, with mexico and with china. we're actually poised to win it, possibly win it because our economy is so much stronger than everybody else's. if they have a plan, and they do want to rebalance trade, we actually have the economic firepower to survive and thrive. steve: we'll talk to stuart varney about the economy coming up in the next segment. right now we'll talk a little bit what was peter fond today, the son of hendry fonda, the
5:09 am
brother of jane fonda thinking when he sent out a tweet that is appropriate. it is long, it is disgusting. he took it down. he has apologized. now apparently melania trump called the secret service on him and his tweet. we don't know what they're doing with that. brian: wouldn't you? he should be taken from you, caged and put in pedophiles. ainsley: wow. talking about her son. talking about president trump's son barron. steve: he tweeted out, we should hack the system, get addresses of i.c.e. agents, surround their homes, find out what schools their kids go to, surround the schools. he took that tweet down too. ainsley: who even thinks that way? if you read the whole tweet it is disgusting, disturbing, who has thoughts like that about children and just really disturbing. steve: melania's spokesperson says it was sick and irresponsible. ainsley: what if an actor said
5:10 am
that about president obama's girls they would be annihilated. the main network, cbs, nbc, abc, didn't even cover it at all. >> don, jr., hey, sony, are you doing a movie with peter fonda, will you release it? why don't you get rid of him like roseanne barr with her ridiculous comments? steve: sony says they're standing by the movie. he has a small part. it will open in five theaters. brian: he did apologize. >> he did. brian: also important, you talk about the relationship with famous people, former brother-in-law of ted turner. ainsley: he mentioned that earlier. brian: brother-in-law of ted turner? >> i did in ha conversation downstairs. brian: downstairs. ainsley: no. in this segment. anyway -- steve: we'll look at the transcript. ainsley: you said jane fonda's brother. steve: i did. brian: but not the brother-in-law of ted turner. ainsley: jillian, take it away.
5:11 am
end this conversation. jillian: fox news alert right now. police arresting the wife of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. sara netanyahu is accused broad and breach of trust. using $100,000 of funds for catering services. he denies any wrongdoing and calls the allegations against him and his wife a media witch-hunt. president trump taking steps to shrink the swamp. a senior official telling fox news a government reform plan will be discussed this morning, a way to consolidate the government. proposed merge labor and education departments f approved by congress it would be a step towards the administration effort to decrease the federal workforce. millions under the threat of severe weather. flooding wreaks havoc in pennsylvania. >> oh, my god, dude. i can not even believe this
5:12 am
right now. jillian: not every day you see that. incredible video showing a car swept away outside of pittsburgh. in the midwest, tornadoes touching down. several twisters reported in iowa. more storms on the way today. check this out, milwaukee brewers coach turning a rain-soaked baseball field into his own personal water park. the bullpen coach diving on the park turning it into makeshift slip 'n slide. making most of a rain delay during the brewers pirates game. why not, you're there. have a little fun with it. steve: that's great. as long as nobody got hurt. brian: so i am no place in sports. ainsley: guys never grow up, do they. brian: that's right. especially stuart varney. steve: straight ahead on our thursday telecast. she lied about the benghazi attacks on five sunday morning shows. there is brand new bombshell
5:13 am
involving susan rice. we'll tell you about it. brian: six months since president trump signed historic tax cuts. paul ryan says it greatly improved citizens lives. what will varney say? will he ever grow up? ♪ security: boarding passes out.
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♪ ainsley: tomorrow will mark exactly six months to the day that president trump signed his historic tax cuts. steve: house speaker paul ryan reflecting in a new op ed, quote, tax reform is about building a more confident america. it is off to a fast start. certainly more work to be done. tax reform is opening the door to new opportunities and possibilities for families. it has improved people's lives. brian: keep reading. stuart doesn't want me to ask the first question. steve: stuart varney joins us right now. stuart, no doubt the economy doing well, less regulations stuff like that yet the media ignoring the big story. >> the media is ignoring deliberately president trump's success. if you read the headlines, watch the evening news today or yesterday or this week at all, it's trade war, it's children in
5:18 am
cages. the real big story that affects everybody in america is the success of the president's tax-cut package and what it has done for our economy. before you break in, brian, let me tell you this, one million new jobs created in the six months since passed tax reform. wages rising at the fastest pace in nine years. 401(k) retirement programs looking very strong. 50 million people have a 401(k). we have near 4% growth. all of this is because six months ago we passed a tax-cut package on top of deregulation. we're now well on the way to prosperity. the media does not want you to know this, and will not cover it. brian: there could be a phase two to that. i will add to that. projections from the atlanta fed and others we could grow as fast as 5% for a quarter. which is unbelievable, goes past what he have one thought. >> it is. brian: we're in middle of a semitrade war but our growth is
5:19 am
mirrored by the people we're fighting with, europe, china, japan and elsewhere, they're in a slump. we're raging, we're white hot. i'm asking are we poised to rebalance trade like never before? >> yes, if things go according to plan. if the negotiations are successful. what's your point? brian: china will attack our stock market because of goods with tariffs. does that concern you? >> wait a minute. president trump threatened 10% tariffs on $200 million of worth of exports to the united states. we're waiting to see what china will do about it. we're still waiting. two days gone, we don't have a response from china. it is not the tit-for-tat war you might imply. it is ongoing negotiation. it is ongoing dispute. brian: july 6th. ainsley: if people watching, know paychecks were higher. they have got a job. they weren't able to get a job a few years ago. you watch the mainstream media, they're not reporting that, what is their reason?
5:20 am
they don't want to support anything that this president is accomplishing? brian: look, if the november election is fought on the basis of economic performance, if the basis for the election in november, trump wins. the gop wins. the media does not want that to happen. they will suppress the good news on the economy, promote children in cages or trade war, whatever it is. anything but the return to prosperity. that is where we are. steve: all good, important topics but to the exclusion of the other news, that's a problem. >> look, the most important story today in america, this is my opinion, is the return to prosperity and the performance of the economy. there is nothing boring about money. maybe it is boring to some people but it is not boring to me and it is not boring to most of america. steve: you do a show about it. stuart, thanks very much. we'll watch your show. >> thank you very much indeed, brian. brian: coming up straight ahead, you know him as superman. >> oh, one more thing, if you
5:21 am
ever need to find me, all you have to do is look up. steve: okay. in the next super segment, dean cain trading in his cape to become a cop. they work togetherf doing important stuff. the hitch? like you, your cells get hungry. feed them... with centrum micronutrients. restoring your awesome, daily. centrum. feed your cells.
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ainsley: some quick headlines for you. trouble with schools edition. the war on free speech now hitting canada. several students at university of british columbia protesting glen shapiro's upcoming campus visit. [shouting] ainsley: students say his appearance violates the school's human rights code. according to the school's paper, he is the club's most requested speaker. college professor says learning math causes collateral
5:25 am
damage. paul ernest of university of exiter in the uk making a claim in a new textbook. he says math can detach people from human and social issues since it uses call cue latif reasoning. a school district is ditching class rank. why? because students are getting too competitive. the montgomery school district will honor education achievements in three different categories. the changes start next year. steve: okay. meanwhile you know him best as superman, but our friend dean cain is hanging up his cape for a police badge. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. >> thank you. [applause] ainsley: he will now fight crime as a reserve officer for the st. anthony, idaho police department. brian: joining us in his brand new uniform, actor dean cain. wow, look at you. what prompted this? >> well, i have had a tremendous respect for law enforcement and
5:26 am
for military and first-responders my whole life. my grandfather was commander in the navy. my uncle was a lieutenant in the air force. i hadn't served. i had the opportunity to do so, help kid at same time. i jumped at chance and put on the badge. ainsley: are you from idaho? we know you from hollywood? >> i'm not from idaho. eric estrada working with st. anthony's police department two years ago. he started a task force. he is a good friend of mine. i had a opportunity to join up with the chief out there and darrell williams a good friend of mine. you want to come into this, be a part of this, you're welcome to. you have to come on up do a bunch of stuff. i was quite happy to do so. i want to help out kids a lot with bullying, online bullying, suicide prevention, things like that. it is a big issue up there and around the nation. brian: dean, the big question is though, are you going to have time to get there? you're doing movies? filling in on "the today show."
5:27 am
you're one of our favorite guests. how will you do that. ainsley: he flies, brian. >> i fly a lot. i really wish i could fly. that is the thing i always say, if i had any superpower that would be the one because i spend so much time in the air. listens it's wonderful to be able to do all these things. i'm having a great time. i've done four movies this year. i have two more scheduled to shoot. i have three or four coming out real soon. i enjoy doing it. it doesn't take a huge amount of my time. i can do a lot of work from here. i really enjoy the work. i have enough time, make enough time to do all this stuff, absolutely. steve: you say something, we heard you say hosting "fox & friends." real heroes wear capes. >> it's a good saying. the more i know the law enforcement officers, more the i know people in the military, they're humble, good people, of course you can have bad apples in the any group. even at the "fox & friends" set
5:28 am
there may be one bad a apple somewhere in the bunch. i know as football player we had a couple bad apples. it is not ainsley. it can happen. one of the things important to me, as law enforcement is under a lot of attack right now. they are getting a lot of heat. when you're in trouble, who do you call, the police, first thing you do, i'm hoping to be able to help blur that line a little bit and bring the community and men and women in blue a little bit closer. instead of going against the cops i'm actually joining up. ainsley: we were talking to an officer, i remember at the convention in philadelphia, he says he takes his uniform off now when he leaves the building because he is so nervous. he is a father and, he and his wife decided take the uniform off because they're so scared that someone who is anti-police is going to do something awful. do you ever worry about that? >> well, that is just the point, instead of, instead of staying quiet about it, i did the exact opposite, i joined up, i put on
5:29 am
the uniform. steve: you played so many characters in make-believe land but now you have got to be proud. you're a real reserve officer. you've got a real badge, superman. >> that's pretty cool. it's pretty cool. the more i learn, more humble i become. they do such incredible work, and work so hard. they don't get paid that well. >> they don't. >> impressive people. they absolutely got my respect. brian: dean, thanks so much. great job. ainsley: you're a hero. thank you, dean. great to see you. she lied about the benghazi attacks on five different sunday shows. now there is a brand new bombshell this morning involving susan rice. steve: you want to hear that. todd piro having "breakfast with friends" not live from where the president was last night. todd? >> we'll talk immigration. we'll talk the economy. while i saw a veteran i wanted to talk to him. this is matt. you know what?
5:30 am
he was a member of the air force and the navy. give that a round of applause. give a round of applause to his lovely beautiful wife, judy, a teacher. these guys are the american dream. we'll talk more about the american dream, right after this. ♪ and got them back on track. get started at
5:31 am
and got them [ director ] on track. k9 advantix ii kills fleas, ticks and musky...toes? through contact. [ director ] cut! not musky toes. mosquitoes - like the bug. riiight. that makes more sense. k9 advantix ii from bayer. wise choice.
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5:33 am
♪ >> we talk about the forgotten men and women. they're the smartest people. they work the hardest. they pay taxes. they do all of the things and yet they were the forgotten people. believe me, our people are the smartest and the hardest working. smarter than anybody and the hardest workers. a little thing i was talking about today, you ever notice they always call the other side, and they do this, the elite, the elite. why are they elite? i have a much better apartment than they do.
5:34 am
i'm smarter than they are. i'm richer than they are. i became president and they didn't. and i'm representing the greatest, smartest, most loyal, best people on earth, the deplorables. steve: look at thousands of the deplorables were in attendance last night. we do believe some of the people who were there last night may actually be at is a diner about a mile away this morning. brian: right, i do believe he is 100% correct. his apartment is nicer than all the elites. ainsley: i've been in it. todd, it overlooks central park. the best backyard you have ever seen. todd, where are you. >> i'm at uncle louie's cafe in the great town or city of duluth, minnesota. got to tell you opinions we're seeing today, they're diverse and robust. we'll get to it. pat, retired heavy equipment operator who says president trump is the number one president he has ever seen. why? >> well, just the multitude of things he has done since he has
5:35 am
been in office. if you go online and look, there are at least 120 things in a little over 500 days he has done bettered this country that should have taken care of for deck kids, nothing was done. -- decades. i don't care whether immigration, economy or this drug problem. i don't care what it is, he worked on things fivees of idents and politicians totally ignored. nothing was ever done until donald trump. >> i want to get your take on immigration? >> i feel deeply sorry for them people down there, but i do believe america just can't take everybody from the world that has problems in their own nations. these other, million 1/2 men have died for this, men and women have died for this nation to make it what it is today and we can't just give it away. other people have to straighten out their nations so they're liveable. >> mike, thank you for your time.
5:36 am
he disagrees with you. he organized the unity rally outside the arena. mike is advocate for open borders. why? >> america is nation of immigrants. i think we should be welcoming from all people here. i'm from duluth myself. we had thousands of people come out with the unity rally. we march, said no hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here. we're a nation of immigrants. we should be welcoming, immigrants, people trying to find a home. you know, the people, the tribal nations that were here first were also present at our rally yesterday. they are the true americans i think. >> are you glad that the president signed the executive order to keep families together yesterday. >> i'm glad but i think it was his problem in the first place. it is the republicans problem in the first place. he did try to put it on democrats. all in all, i do think it was a good thing that happened. i just don't think it really -- he made it seem like -- but it was problem he created. >> mike, pat. thank you very much. let's give them round of applause for being civil.
5:37 am
that is what we need in our great country of ours. you're a mom and grandmom. what is your take on immigration. >> my take as mother and grandmother, i love this country. i want us to grow up in a great country i've been able to grow up in. i think our country was built in immigration. we want to welcome immigrants in a legal way. if we don't like the laws there are ways that laws canning -- can be changed but we need to follow what we have now. >> go to keith. i want to tell you me about nancy pelosi's crumbs. >> nancy pelosi's crumbs equate to 40 bucks a week to me at least. for me that means things are more affordable. i don't have to stress my economy so much. i have more to share with my kids and my grandkids. >> exactly what do you use that $40 for? in other words, how does it
5:38 am
better your life? >> well it helps me pay gas to get to work. helps me to put food on my table and helps me to help my kids and grandkids in their struggle. >> so i'm going to assume you would rather have that money in your pocket than giving it to the federal government? >> i believe we all need and should make better decisions about our own money, yes. >> all right. i want to thank everybody at uncle louie's here. what an amazingay. what i love so much we had diversity of opinion. everybody tolerated everybody's opinions. they may not agree. everybody is great, supportive of one another. amazing uplifting american day here in duluth. back to you in the great city of new york. see y'all tomorrow morning. steve: todd, thank you very much. it is great he talks to people at diners. the guy behind him has 40 bucks, he feels it every day. ainsley: that is a few meals for his family.
5:39 am
let's head it over to jillian. jillian: get you caught up starting with this. former president barack obama's cyber chief confirming he was told to stand down in response to russian meddling. >> but as far as your cyber response, you were told to stand down, is that correct? >> we were, those actions were put on the backburner, yes. jillian: that order coming from then directly national security advisor susan rice. mike can daniels recommended a full range of actions to impose costs on the russians but those offers were not accepted. a man is a hero after tackling a violent suspect attacking a cop. patrick boom was on his way home in indiana, when he saw the brawl on the side of the road. he jumped into action, when the suspect tried to grab the officer's guns, but he says he is no hero. >> i ran in there and did what anybody should do. the cops go out on the street every day, military, that goes overseas and fights for us, our
5:40 am
freedom. that's what i define as hero. jillian: he was awarded by police for his bravery. several civil rights groups are calling on the nfl to change the new anthem policy. in a letter to commissioner roger goodell, the group writes, quote, disappointing a league built on grit and competition, lax the constitution to stomach a call for basic equality and fairness. the new rule requires players to stand or stay in the locker room during the anthem. several players have kneeled before games to protest rash inequality. people are shelling out $38 on bottles of hot dog water. the dizzy sar sale at a street festival in vancouver. it is advertised to promote weight loss and make you look younger. sounds too good to be true. turns out it is. it was a stunt that proves that folks will buy just about anything. sounds disgusting. ainsley: hot dog water.
5:41 am
so gross. reminds me of the vienna sausages open the can with all that.ater, imagine drinking steve: 38 bucks. brian: janice dean would never drink hot dog water, am i right? janice: i'm sure i have at one point. look at these amazing people coming out to see "fox & friends" right here. come on over here. we want, who do you want to say high too? >> my graped parents. janice: they watch fox all the time. >> every day. janice: how old are you? >> 13. janice: where are you from? >> florida. janice: we'll have ice cream from dairy queen. look at the maps t feels a little cool out here in the northeast. because we have the cold front moving through, potential for little bit of heavy rain across the ohio valley, texas, louisiana, where they have seen a incredible amount of rain. we'll watch potential for flooding in this area.
5:42 am
know what to do if there is a watch or warning. there is the forecast today. it will be hot, hot across the south, the southeast and the southwest. wave to everyone at home. happy first day of summer. look at the these beautiful people that came to see us on fox and friends. brian: that crowd is getting bigger every single day. steve: she gave the blizzard warning. ice cream from dairy queen coming up out there. kansas secretary of state kris kobach is vowing to fight back after a judge decided that voters in that the state don't have to prove citizenship to vote. he will respond live next to brian. ainsley: immigrant families seeking asylum the legal way? griff jenkins gives us a first happened look from the border next. ♪ [cheering]
5:43 am
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♪ >> you are having a good morning this far. quick headlines that are out of this world. nasa going on the defense to protect earth from asteroids. the new plan consists of five goals, including enhancing detection capabilities and developing new technologies to help prevent disasters. nasa is watching several asteroids that could cause catastrophic damage but not in our lifetime. rest easy. national selfie day. rover with selfies of itself. scientists create the image by putting several photos together. that storm could last several weeks. that is the best selfie ever. brian? brian: president trump signed an executive order allowing parents to stay with their parents at detention centers after national
5:47 am
outrage after a took place. president tweeted this. the border has been a big mess for many years. at some point schumer and pelosi are weak on border crime and border security. forced to do a real deal, that solves this long-time problem. schumer used to want border security. now he'll take crime. kris kobach, drafted the original immigration plan and, candidate for governor of kansas. the executive order could run into a roadblock with a 1997 law but do you like what he did? >> yeah. the president's executive order is masterful move, brian. what he does, he keeps the zero tolerance policy in place. that is the policy of we either deport or prosecute every illegal alien encountered. but he also ends the separation of families allowing the entire family be to detained. hearted democrats on this
5:48 am
one. they were presenting a false choice, the only way to end separating families, return to the obama policy, letting them go. if you come with a child in tow, you will be released. don't get detained that was a graduate move. brian: i don't know what people expect him to do. surge of into our country at the border. now families can stay together. do they want families allowed in? what do we say about the illegal immigration system? those idiots in europe, anywhere else, waiting in line, doing it right? >> i think pelosi showing her true colors now. the new executive order is not good enough. she wants families to be released. she doesn't want the family kept together in custody. you are absolutely right, you have to send a message to these countries, principally in central america, sending children, hey, things have changed. you will not be hand ad get-out-of-jail-free card.
5:49 am
remember the bad incentive the obama administration was sending, okay, there is a new policy, if you bring kids we'll not detain you or the children. now we're sending the right message. so. brian: chris a little bit of news. not good news for you. judge tossed kansas proof of citizenship voter law. you want to bring i.d. to vote. this judge says you don't have to. >> so our law says you have to prove citizenship when you register and this opinion is a very extreme one which i think will not stand on appeal. she basically takes a position, i'm not aware of any other federal judge taking that it is unconstitutional for a state to require proof of citizenship. even the ninth circuit, liberal ninth circuit rejected that argument. i'm confident on appeal the state of kansas will prevail. brian: there are laws not hard to figure out but seems they got wrong on this one. kris kobach. thank you. what is the path for
5:50 am
familieseeking asylum the legal way? griff jenkins gives us a look at the border. that's next. unless it's olay. ♪ now that i'm on my way ♪ do you still think i'm crazy standing here today ♪ ♪ i couldn't make you love me applebee's 2 for $20, now with steak. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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>> we're waiting votes o different immigration bills as president trump signs an executive order stopping families from being separated at the border. so what is neck? big lineup today. our a teamed is ready with michael my case say, art laffer, ken paxton and more. join us in moments on "america's newsroom." steve: meanwhile president trump signed an executive order ending family separations at the southern border. ainsley: what does the process look like for families seeking is a asylum the legal way? greff jenkins has a behind-the-scenes look from the u.s.-mexico border. reporter: right now we're located at port of entry. this is our pedestrian walkway.
5:54 am
we're in the middle of the bridge. mexico is there. u.s. is there. whether you are an american citizen coming back from a visit or you are a citizen of a central american country that intend to flee persecution, they would all come this way. this is the first place and a asylum seeker would come and encounter a cpb officer? >> yes, sir. they would make the claim seeking asylum. we'll go ahead and start the asylum process. reporter: that is the beginning of the legal way to seek asylum? >> absolutely sir. reporter: if they come through, can we go into the asylum room? >> sure. the traveler comes in here. this is area we set aside for any asylum seeker. we'll do inventory what they're bringing in them. we'll apply bracelets on them, see if unaccompanied child, family unit, some other type of claim. once from here, we'll go back into the offices where they do the interview with the cpb officer. reporter: during this process at
5:55 am
any point are family members separated? >> no, sir. normally family units are not separated at a port of entry. we'll look at criminal history. we will look at the totality of the case. we'll go ahead and process accordingly. reporter: there is a claim that there is lengthy delays. so you should go illegally as oppose to come through the legal asylum process. what do you say? >> so the asylum pross i there. it is something that, that any, any individual that deems to use that claim, they can use it. this is a 24-hour operation, seven days a week. our bridge is open. if they come and make a claim of asylum, we'll certainly going to process it. steve: last two days griff has shown us how people try to come in the illegal way. today the asylum way. ainsley: right. the port of entry. steve: step aside. blizzardnt warning. ice cream on the plaza next.
5:56 am
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>> >> they'll be here and when they're here the crowds will follow. don't be late. we're going to feed you as well. >> speaking of feeding you. >> the first day of summer. we're celebrating with the summer blizzard menu from dairy queen. do you love dairy queen? amazing. >> order the app before you get there and place the order. >> it has a free blizzard waiting for me at my local dairy queen. >> i already had one this morning in the 5:00 a.m. hour. >> this year two fan favorites return. cotton candy, s'mores, summer berry cheesecake, jurassic peanut butter, twix and it's
6:00 am
amazing. >> back tomorrow for the summer concert series. >> how many people aren't telling the truth? >> they're all coming. brian's radio show as well coming up. >> have a great day. >> you're on "outnumbered" today. all right. >> bill: good morning. breaking news from the white house. president trump firing off a round of tweets targeting democrats calling them weak on border security as we await two votes on different immigration bills. i'm bill hemmer live inside "america's newsroom." got that? >> sandra: good morning to you, bill hemmer. here we go. i'm sandra smith. house republicans trying to pass immigration reform this week one day after the president reversed course and signs and executive order stopping the separation of families at the border. last night 9,000 supporters packed a minnesota arena to hear all about his policies. >> president trump: we are going to keep families together but the border is going to be just as tough


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