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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  June 21, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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concert series. >> how many people aren't telling the truth? >> they're all coming. brian's radio show as well coming up. >> have a great day. >> you're on "outnumbered" today. all right. >> bill: good morning. breaking news from the white house. president trump firing off a round of tweets targeting democrats calling them weak on border security as we await two votes on different immigration bills. i'm bill hemmer live inside "america's newsroom." got that? >> sandra: good morning to you, bill hemmer. here we go. i'm sandra smith. house republicans trying to pass immigration reform this week one day after the president reversed course and signs and executive order stopping the separation of families at the border. last night 9,000 supporters packed a minnesota arena to hear all about his policies. >> president trump: we are going to keep families together but the border is going to be just as tough as it's been. [cheering and applause]
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democrats don't care about the impact of uncontrolled migration on your communities, your schools, your hospitals, your jobs or your safety. democrats put illegal immigrants before they put american citizens. what the hell is going on? >> bill: we have team fox coverage on all of this. we're live in texas. congresswoman kathryn mcmorris rodgers. and kevin corke, what's the latest on the president's executive order. >> for the president this is simply a temporary fix because there is -- i have to tell you, they have a firm commitment to securing the border and to making sure that they put an end to mass unlawful migration to this country. the president on twitter once again talking about it this morning. let me share a bit of what he had to say. he has been fairly active this morning on twitter, i can tell
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you that as well. he said this, the border has been a big mess and a problem for many years. at some point schumer and pelosi who are weak on crime and border security will be forced to do a real deal. so easy. it solves the long-time problem. he added this. schumer used to want border security. now he will take crime. what's happening here is the president is arguing that thousands are claiming they're seeking asylum when they come to our borders to try to get a back doorway into our country to stay here. he says it puts americans at risk and made that point last night in minnesota at a campaign rally and took aim at the media. >> they don't bring cameras to interview the angel moms whose children were killed by criminal aliens who should have never been here in the first place, not even close. i will always fight for an immigration system that defends
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our borders and takes care of our sovereignty as a nation. >> to end the crisis at least temporarily the president signed an executive order that suspends separating families who come here illegally. schumer said keeping the children separated from their families is unacceptable and must be rectified. he said this has to be our number one priority, bill. >> bill: to that end the battle shifts up the road there to capitol hill. how soon could we see a vote on the floor on the bills we've heard a lot about? >> we've heard so much about the number of bills they're considering. early this afternoon i would say is most likely. maybe in the 1:00 hour. we have been talking to lawmakers throughout this entire process trying to get an assessment or sense of where they might go to get something to the president's desk immediately. let me share for the folks at home what they've been considering. the goodlatte bill getting the lion's share of attention.
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$25 billion for border wall. cuts to legal immigration, by the way. also restricting those asylum seekers and a path to alw ca recients to stay here in the country. as you pointed out on capitol hill they want to get something in place and get it to the ident's to end the crisis. >> they're both similar since they have border security bill of $25 billion of funding for the president's wall. it has the four pillars we talked about and that also visa lottery elimination, chain migration and a daca fix. unfortunately no democrats supporting this. >> mike mccaul. more on that later today when we hear from the president and also news about a proposed merger between two major departments, bill. interesting. for now i'll give you the details as i get them. >> bill: thank you, sir. thanks. >> sandra: questions remain about the effect of the president's ive order on
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the more than 2300 children already separated from their families and living in detention centers. jeff paul is live in texas. jeffunderstand there may be protests today. >> yeah, we've seen several protests either here or in el paso. but today might be one of the biggest demonstrations we've seen as several mayors throughout the country come here to the point of entry upset with what's going on with immigrant chdren who are being separated from their parents. specifically they'll be outside of what some are calling tent city, a less permanent structure 1,000 kids. we inue to see large tour buses pull up and drop off more children. some groups like a diocese of el paso saying they're frustrated now because they can't help young immigrants like they have in the past. >> what's happening before many of the people separated were ending up in el paso. because we work with both the
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detained adults and children we were able to connect them. what has happened in this current situation is that by just the sheer numbers of people being separated, now people are being sent all over the country. >> a group of mayors includes leaders from some of the biggest metro areas like los angeles, austin, and seattle and miami. they're trying to push congress to come up with some sort of solution and get these kids back together with their parents. sandra. >> sandra: what can you tell us about life inside the detention center? >> well, it's important to note that we have not been allowed in to view the detention center. of course, we would never interview or show minors without their parents' consent but most of what we know is coming from the government. we're having to rely on what life is like inside these tents. they're telling us it is air conditioned. the kids get three meals a day, some smacks. a chance to play outdoors,
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watch tv. watcprrams like the world cup but again we have put in requests to go inside to see what is happening in them and the other note we should a point of saying is that this tent city is one more than 100 structures that are housing more than 11,000 kids throughout the country. sandra. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: from texas to washington republican kathryn mcmorris rodgers chair of the house conference is with me now. good morning to you. what can pass in a republican-led house and what does it look like? >> we're working with our members on that right now. our goal is to fulfill the president's promises, the four pillar solution, border security, addressing chain migration, ending the visa lottery program and a daca fix. that's what we've presented and we're working through it now with a plan to vote today on both the goodlatte bill as well as the four pillar bill that is
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being put forward. >> bill: the wall $25 billio end visa lottery and chain migration and solve daca, right? >> that's right. it does not guarantee citizenship but itdoes provide for a visa -- it provides for a merit-based visa that the daca population could apply for. they could earn it. it is a way for them to get right with the law. they could get a legal permanent status that would be renewed every six years and get in line like anyone else eventually to get citizenship. >> bill: which one will you support? >> i think anything is a step in the right direction. i think that the proposal that we've put together, the four-pillar solution is really one that has the opportunity to get the most support and get through the senate and signed by the president. >> bill: you think that can pass today? >> well, we're working with our members. we have to get 218 votes and
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we're working hard to get there. >> bill: that sounds a little iffy. to me that sounds like a big maybe. >> well, we're not there yet but we'rrkg on it. >> bill: if you do wel see what happens inthe senate. we saw this -uwith paul ryan and mark meadows on the floor of the house. what is the reason for the agitation between these two? >> i think there was a misunderstanding, but i believe that we have introduced an amendment even last night to the original goodlatte bill that addresses some of the concerns that were raised and that is -- that text is now made available and so that is before the members. >> bill: okay. you have anniversary coming up at the end of this week. and that's the six months of the passage of tax reform. karl rove has a piece in the "wall street journal" suggesting a lot of americans are losing scope on that tax reform. do you think the battles on
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immigration are drowning out that message as you look toward trying to retain control of the house in november? >> we need a solution on immigration. america wants that solution, the president wants that solution. we need that solution. i do believe that america also should be celebrating the impact of the tax cuts and jobs act on our economy. our economy is booming right now and it has brought back an optimism and hope to everyone that is really exciting to see and so yes, when you ask an american are you better off today than you were two years ago? we were asking where are the jobs? today we're asking where are the workers? we have more job openings today in america than people on unemployment. this is a good problem to have. i'm most excited it is bringing an optimism and restoring people's hope again and the opportunity for better life. >> bill: you are running on it. thank you for your time today. we'll see what happens with the immigration bill today.
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thank you from capitol hill. >> sandra: the president putting more pressure on democrats this morning in a series of tweets saying this has been a mess for many, many years at the border and he said at some point schumer and pelosi who are weak on crime an border security will be forced to a real deal. >> bill: active on that message today coming off the rally from last night in minnesota. >> sandra: other big stories this morning. torrential rainfall turning roads to rivers in one state. we'll tell you where flood warnings are multiplying and drivers are being urged to stay off the roads. >> bill: can the economy help the republicans bust the trend and gain seats come november? president trump thinks so. art laffer is here to explain all that today. >>sandra: the president getting new fuel in his feud with hillary clinton. judge michael mukasey live in studio next. >> president trump: have you been seeing -- have you been watching what has been going on with the inspector general's report?
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>> sandra: torrential rainfall leading to flash flooding across western pennsylvania. >> we don't have a street anymore. it is now a river. >> there goes a car. >> sandra: the scene in south park, pennsylvania, cars and trucks drifting away in high water. first responders conducted more than 60 rescue operations. unbelievable footage there. >> president trump: no matter how many crimes she committed, which were numerous, they wanted her to be innocent. with me, nothing, no collusion, no nothing. i'll tell you, disgusting.
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>> bill: hillary clinton a familiar target last night in duluth slamming -- michael mukasey here today. james comey did an interview in germany. i want you to listen how he characterized his response to the hillary clinton matter here, watch. >> is this a good moment to apologize to her? >> no, here is why. i don't want to criticize her but it shows me at this late date she doesn't understand what the investigation in her case was about. it was not about her use of a personal email system. it was about communicating about classified topics on that system. >> bill: that comment when he gets to the end about communicating about classified topics on the system. >> well, you know, he is backing and filling. on the one hand he says that she communicated on a system
6:17 am
that she should not have communicated on. on the other hand, he says that she shouldn't or said that she shouldn't be prosecuted. it's one of those things you can't have it both ways. >> bill: apparently he is trying to. >> among other things. >> bill: how does he arrive at the decision if she is communicating about classified information and they apparently had information she was talking to the president of the united states at the time, barack obama, why do you choose not to pursue that then? what would explain that? >> well, according to the i.g. report, it said that comey held his press conference, what they say in the belief that only he -- only he had the ability reliably and authoritatively to convey the rationale for the decision not to seek charges against clinton and needed to hold the press conference to protect the f.b.i. and department if he had failed to
6:18 am
do so. a little bit of messiah, right? thinks he can save the country from harm. >> bill: how do you think the i.g. did? as you read deep into their investigation they went a far way in order to get the text messages between strzok and lisa page. how do you think they did? >> they accumulated a lot of detail. part of the problem is they didn't -- they counted all the trees. the questions is did they see the forest? in my view they didn't and other people think they didn't. they said they weren't there to second guess the people who made the decisions about the -- whether to prosecute secretary clinton or not. what they said was if there was any decision that could have gone either way they weren't going to second guess the decision to go one way as opposed to the other even though there might have been a better way to do it. >> bill: peter strzok's lawyer
6:19 am
put -- >> the lawyer who wrote that article who is peter strzok's lawyer, a fine lawyer and he was assistant u.s. attorney and makes a couple valid points in that column including that strzok at one point spoke up for applying strict standards for the clinton investigation and the one who pointed out that her system could have been penetrated by a foreign hostile power. on the other hand there was an exchange of emails that wasn't covered in the i.g. report and he doesn't mention where right after donald trump got the nomination in may, lisa page sends a text message to strzok. this is unbelievable. trump got the nomination. and strzok texts back, this increases the pressure. this amps up the pressure for us to close out mye.
6:20 am
mye stood for mid year exam, the code reference to the clinton investigation. >> bill: wrap that up and move on to trump and the russia matter whatever that was all about. >> the lawyer makes the point in his column these were only personal opinions that were being communicated between the two of them and everybody has a right to opinions. >> bill: repeatedly in that piece. >> that's true. but when you say that we have to close out this investigation, that's not an expression of an opinion, that's a statement of what you have to do on your job. and strzok was one of the superviseors. lisa page was counsel to the deputy director of the f.b.i. these were not street agents. >> bill: last point. should peter strzok testify? would you let him if he were your client? >> one word answer, no. >> bill: talk soon. thank you. sandra, what's next. >> sandra: president trump firing up the crowd at a rally last night touting the strong economy with a surge in job
6:21 am
growth and low unemployment. but will republicans be able to seize on this issue come november? we'll talk to normer reagan economic advisor art laffer next. >> president trump: democrats want to raise your taxes, increase your regulations, shut down american energy, take over american healthcare, which has been a disaster with obamacare, and ship away american jobs. to your bumper, cause.... i don't think enough people heard about your big day. but nothing says "we got married" like a 12 ounce piece of scrap metal. yo! we got married! honk if you like joint assets. now you're so busy soaking up all this attention, you don't see the car in front of you. and if i can crash your "perfect day", imagine what i can do to the rest of 'em. so get allstate, and be better protected from mayhem. like me. you might or joints.hing for your heart...
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>> president trump: so we've created 3.4 million new jobs since election day. 3.4. as a result of our massive tax cuts, millions of americans are receiving much bigger paychecks. much bigger.
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>> sandra: that was president trump touting the strong economy last night while speaking to 9,000 supporters at a rally in minnesota. but the president also appealing to his base telling them it is important to elect more republicans in the mid-terms to keep the momentum going. let's bring in art laffer former economic advisor under president reagan. great to see you. quite a rally last night in minnesota of all places. a really energized crowd that you saw there. the president took the opportunity not just to tout the american economy, but the improving economy in that state. is this a winning message for republicans? >> i think it's a winning message and the only message to be honest, sandra. i mean, what is more important than your pocketbook? that's the key. and it's always been that way as james carville said. that's the economy, stupid. the economy really matters. that's it. if we can get the economy on mainstream going and keep the
6:26 am
stock market rising and employment rising and keep the tax cuts going i think the republicans will do very well in the november elections. >> sandra: it will be interesting to see how democrats fight back on that message. i mean, the president took the opportunity last night, you heard him, talk a lot about deregulation. he talked about the massive number of regulation cuts that they've already made. he said we have a lot more to cut. that's really benefited that state. you have seen a revived mining industry. that message has got to work there. >> it is working there. it's amazing. it's working everywhere, sandra. it is not only the tax cuts which of course i love, love, love. the deregulation, powell is doing a much better job than others have been doing and doing a great job. the dollar is strong. when the dollar is strong it tells you your economy is strong. you can't have a strong economy without a strong currency and all of this is working together to create this type of prosperity and we are going to win in minnesota, believe. i think we'll win across the
6:27 am
country if this keeps up. the one fear i have and everyone knows is trade. i worry abt protectionism but i think trump is very well aware of what protectionist measures would do to the economy and i think the negotiation strategy may well work. he is a master negotiator. god knows i'm not. he is. i think it may work. it would be spectacular. >> sandra: let me ask you about the stock market. we heard from this administration a lot on the stock market as it was on its way up hitting record after record. a barometer the administration used to prove economic success. the dow has fallen eight straight days now art and turned negative for the year. you didn't hear a lot about that from the president and you've heard them quiet down on that. how are we supposed to look at that? is there any sort of warning that the stock market is sending us right now? >> i use that as a warning about trade. that's what i do, sandra. but do remember that's the dow jones industrial average that you are looking at.
6:28 am
i think the nasdaq is doing very well so far this year. so it really is a bifurcated market between the hi-tech and old line companies. but remember, stocks tell you what will be, not what has been. and when they look at protectionism especially the big companies, protectionism is not good for america or anyone. and i think the markets are a little concerned about that. but we'll see. i think trump by the way, the big worry i have is larry kudlow is not back in the white house. when he is back in the white house we'll have a lot better voice in there. >> the business world likes him a lot. >> he is wonderful. >> sandra: here is the warning the president shot about democrats and telling republicans to show up in november. listen to this. >> president trump: they want to put on more regulations, they want to take back your tax cuts, which are massive, they want to take them back and they want to raise the hell out of your taxes and the whole thing so we need more republicans.
6:29 am
we have to get out there in the mid-term. we have to get more republicans. >> sandra: a big applause to that. we'll see, art. last word. >> i think that's exactly the right strategy. i have never understood why the democrats have opposed the tax cuts, deregulation growth policies. but they do to a person. 100% opposed. that's just not a good winning strategy. you can't tax an economy into prosperity and trump understands that, the democrats don't. >> sandra: great to have you on the program this morning. >> bill: how are you doing? come on back. breaking news from the white house now. president trump firing off a series of tweets slamming democrats on the immigration battle. we're live in mexico on that right after the break. sandra. >> sandra: new polling out showing the president has earned his highest rating yet on the north korean summit.
6:30 am
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>> bill: awaiting possible action on two immigration bills in the house today. homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen is about to speak in washington, d.c. we'll be watching that camera. this as folks in mexico are monitoring the current situation with president trump's zero tolerance policy. the president signing an executive order yesterday that would keep immigrant families detained in the u.s. together as a unit and make it clear that securing the border remains a very high priority for his administration. >> president trump: a lot of good things are happening toward immigration and proper immigration. we have to have strong borders and ultimately we want to see it done right. it will be done right. we're keeping families together. the borders are just as tough,
6:34 am
just as strong. they can come in through ports of entry if they want. that's a whole different story. that's coming in through a process. the process is what we want. >> bill: william la jeunesse picks it up in mexico. does the president's change in course make a difference? >> good question. some border agents i talked to in the u.s. believe the separation policy was beginning to have some deterrent effect. the idea of getting prosecuted to those in tijuana not such a big deal. some of the women we spoke to said the idea of losing your child gave them second thoughts. >> if this is so i'll just go back. i don't want to be separated from my kids. >> in this border town president trump's immigration policy has everyone guessing. >> a couple days before i'll decide if i stay or go. i don't want to be separated from my kids. >> when they fled violence at home these women never heard of zero tolerance and then photos appeared yesterday on their phone of immigrant children like theirs behind a chain link fence. >> say i have two kids, they
6:35 am
will take them away and send them to a shelter. >> won't that stop you from going to america knowing you could lose your children? >> if it comes to a choice between choosing my kids and crossing i'll choose my kids. >> people from around the world decide to seek asylum or jump the fence. the men behind me are from cameroon. here in tijuana for three weeks waiting to ask for asylum. >> i don't believe the united states will allow someone -- >> across town the shelter is filled with immigrants waiting to cross. this young manmade the dangerous journey alone. why would a parent allow that? >> because boys in honduras have little choice when ms-13 comes calling. >> police look for older people but not children. the parents prefer them to travel alone than to ay here and be captured by ms-13.
6:36 am
>> a family behind me waiting to cross and probably ask for asylum. the president wants to prosecute everyone. the question now bill becomes one of bed space. do we have enough shelter space? that will be very difficult. he wants to avoid catch and release but we are already near ty. finding room for everybody could be difficult. >> bill: thank you, william. interesting. william la jeunesse on the border. >> sandra: let's bring in illinois congressman adam kinzinger serving on the house foreign affairs commission. two big votes on two separate immigration bills today. first of all, which one do you support, congressman? >> i'll support the compromise plan, the one that has a chance. it's exactly what the president has requested in his state of the union address, $25 billion for the wall. enforceible to make sure it's paid for. handles the daca population but switches us from a family-based to merit-based immigration plan. this is something that even democrats should be voting for because immigration can be an
6:37 am
80% issue. they are more interested in opposing the president now. republicans -- i'm making this plea to the freedom club. join us in voting for this. it may not be perfect but this is the opportunity to get something done. to send it to senate, to put the pressure on them and give the president what he has asked for from the house of representatives. >> sandra: the president is putting pressure on them this morning. a series of tweets yesterday, this morning. the president most recently tweeting what is the purpose of the house doing good immigration bills when you need nine votes by democrats in the senate and the dems are looking to obstruct? which they fe is good for them in the mid-terms. republicans must get rid of these stupid filibuster rule. it is killing you. first get your response to that and then everybody is wondering if either of these bills make it, which one would the senate actually support? >> i think it's more likely the senate would pick up the compromise bill. it is more broad. it is not comprehensive but brought.
6:38 am
it doesn't have everything people want and you can find something in there you don't like. that's the nature of legislating. but again here is what is interesting. the democrats are kind of taking the wrong temperature of the country. they think it's better to obstruct for their base for november and i think people are saying look, even somebody that has a tendency to vote democratic saying if we have an opportunity to fix this problem, let's fix it. it is heartbreaking what we're seeing with the children at the border. at the same time, don't bring your kids up here illegally. we'll make sure we take care of them humanely but it is a dangerous journey and a chance you could lose your life before you even get to the united states. you are safer here than in the whole journey. >> sandra: the president making it very clear that border security is still a top priority, which bill would the president ultimately sign or be willing to? >> the president said he would sign either. we need to realize the only one that has a chance of passing is compromise bill. i'm worried my friends in the freedom club will vote for the goodlatte bill knowing it won't
6:39 am
pass the house. it gives them the excuse to vote against this compromise bill which is very conservative. so everybody out there, if your congressman is in the freedom club call him and tell him to vote for this. this is what the president wants and the right thing to do for our country. >> sandra: it is hard to believe switching topics here that we are just over a week now from that north korean summit. it seems like a long time ago. but some new polls are out and they reflect the sentiment towards the president's handling of north korea and it is drastically improving. he has earned his highest rating yet on the north korean summit. 55% approving in this june poll. 43% disapproving. you can see the big jump in approval rating. more than a 10-point jump. >> america is a peace loving nation but we have a mission in this world granted by god to take care of situations that only we have the ability to do and protect our allies. that's north korea. we were ready to use the
6:40 am
military and still are if necessary. the fact that we have an opportunity and shot for peace and the president has taken those big steps i think the american people feel that in their heart, a sense of relief but a long path to go for sure. >> sandra: he has come a long way with his message on that. great to have you on this morning. good to see you. we'll be watching that house floor for the two votes later today. coming up later in the show by the way we'll dig deeper into the border security issue and the president's executive order when we speak to texas attorney general ken paxton. good to get him on the program. >> bill: what is your sense of the level of optimism they can pass something like this today? we heard him and kathy mcmorris rodgers 40 minutes ago. i think it's anybody's game. >> sandra: right now it is. >> bill: it's a coin toss. >> sandra: could be a big day. we're expected to hear from the dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen as well. >> bill: the house will take action about opioid problems.
6:41 am
we'll take the get on that. >> sandra: the president railing on trade during his event in minnesota as the economy continues to surge. how will all this play in the upcoming mid-terms? congressman greg walden joins us next. >> president trump: we will do it all with american hands and american heart and american pride. and everything we do, we will stand up for our citizens. remember sleep before smart phones? new! zzzquil pure zzzs is here to help. with a drug-free blend of botanicals with melatonin ...that supports your natural sleep cycle... you that head start in the morning. new at walmart and
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>> president trump: we need growth, nobody has ever seen growth like we're having right now. we'll put new steel into the backbone of our country and we are going to make that steel right here in the united states. [cheering and applause] we are going to breathe new hope into our communities and our workers are already so proud again. >> bill: there is the message on trade last night. campaign-style event duluth, minnesota as the u.s. d china
6:45 am
are upping the ante by threatening each other. quite a rally last night. what about a republican president going to duluth, minnesota? >> i think it says we'll win that seat and it will become a republican seat, not a democrat seat. he is talking to working men and women in america who have felt left behind and pushed out and bring back manufacturing jobs here. standing up for american values and it is paying off. look at the economic data, bill. it's the best unemployment rate that most people working in america have ever seen. decades since we've seen 3.8%. >> bill: you are confident he can get a better deal on tariffs than we have now and you won't step on this bull i shall economy? >> look, i think there will be pulls and takes here. nobody is going to negotiate better for america than donald trump and he is after it. you have people in here they are wringing their hands and doing these things. there are concerns back and
6:46 am
forth in that world. put it up against what is happening in the economy. people said the same thing about our tax law changes, oh, it's never going to work and not an incentive. you have more job openings today than people to fill the jobs. so you see this economic growth. you see what is happening. we tried the obama style of economy. they told us economic growth wouldn't be above 1 1/2 to 2% for the life of the country. donald trump said i don't think that's right. i think we can do much better than that and are. i'm willing to give him a chance and support him in his efforts to get better trade agreements for american workers. >> bill: did you see the "wall street journal" this morning? karl rove is writing about the tax plan. although the gop tax cut is one of the principle drivers of the strong economy, public opinion remains mixed. it shows republicans must talk more about their bill. most democrats will never be convinced. the independents will decide and they're open to supporting it. republicans must articulate its
6:47 am
benefits and describe the consequences if democrats repeal it. i see you shaking your head in agreement on that. >> yeah. look, you know where we run messages is in campaigns? you'll see this message resonate across america in the races where it matters most. i used to run the house campaign committee for the republicans and got the biggest back-to-back majorities we've ever seen in the republican party in the u.s. house. i know karl rove and respect karl rove and i think he is right. we have to amp up the message. we had a hearing in my committee yesterday on the effects of the tax cut on energy. consumers are going to see lower energy prices all across america because the tax savings for utility companies gets passed through on the rate bill. in winter heating bills and summer air conditioning bills arrive you'll see lower rates paid at the electric bill. you'll see it across the country. i tell you what, nancy pelosi says it's crumbs. nancy pelosi would repeal the tax cuts. we will have a great debate over this in america. american workers are seeing the result of more money in their
6:48 am
pocket and the economy is showing this. >> bill: you are pushing a lot of bills about opioids and the crisis across america. what can you tell the american people what their government is doing to stop the scourge. it has gripped the country. >> it's a terrible tragedy. it isn't our first effort at it. we passed legislation a couple years ago that started this process and we'll legislate and evaluate and these bills will save american lives. bill, within the 24-hour period 1,000 people will show up at america's hospital emergency rooms overdosing for opioids. every day 115 will die. we know about traffic accidents. we don't know about the mortality or didn't know about the mortality of opioid overdose. by the way, i can't tell you how many stories i've had from parents whose kids had an injury in sports, got prescribed a painkiller and were addicted to heroin wh they were done and then died. so we have bipartisan work here. this is a record amount of
6:49 am
funding. a record amount of legislative changes. we will have passed over 70 bills in the u.s. house of representatives over the last two weeks, bipartisan, most of them unanimous to deal with this incredibly deadly scourge. >> bill: you have a hearing today. can you explain how we got here? >> i can. a couple of things. i think there was a belief in two things. one that these opioid painkillers weren't addictive. we know that's tragically not true. two, we had a culture that rewarded the complete management of pain to the point that it drove to addiction. it was one of the five indicators. it was i talked to a doctor yesterday who said in her continuing education several years ago they said it's malpractice not to completely eliminate pain with opioids. you should do it for your patients. tragically we know they're extremely addictive. most people who get hooked on heroin started on opioids. we need better practices in place for physicians for prescribing and better
6:50 am
treatment for those addicted and stop the illegal fentanyls coming into our mail facilities. our legislation attacks all those efforts. >> bill: we have to get it done. thank you for sharing with us today. greg walden, the republican from oregon. thank you. >> sandra: authorities releasing chilling video of the las vegas massacre giving an up close look at what police and first responders encountered. what it could mean for the investigation.
6:51 am
just another day on the farm. or is it? this farmer's morning starts in outer space. where satellites feed infrared images of his land into a system built with ai. he uses watson to analyze his data with millions of weather forecasts from the cloud, and iot sensors down here, for precise monitoring of irrigation. it's a smart way to help increase yields, all before the rest of us get out of bed.
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6:53 am
>> sandra: right now homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen is speaking on immigration. she had been speaking a few moments ago on immigration at this capitol hill forum. she is holding a conversation
6:54 am
the capitol hill national security forum about securing the homeland. she had talked immigration a few moments ago and we'll monitor this and bring you news as we get it. >> sandra: police in las vegas releasing new body cam video from the shooting and mandalay bay. showing chaos as officers and first responders moved in. senior correspondent adam housley is live in our west coast newsroom with more. adam. >> yes, pretty surreal to see the video. we' arrived on scene at the time this video was being taken worn by las vegas p.d. it has been coming out in bunches with a court order. two clips put together of some of the best stuff police from this release. it shows the heroism, chaos,
6:55 am
and danger going on that night. take a listen. [gunshots and shouting] >> we need to evacuate the east side of the stage. >> go that way now. >> people taking covering behind fences. a lot of them were heroes there to attend the concert on that fateful night. of note also video coming up as police officers from the tactical team, a different team that we followed in were with security guards, on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. it comes up in a moment as they
6:56 am
go through the mandalay. when you see the security guard. pant leg is rolled up as he walks through with a limp. he has been shot at that point by the shooter. he warns the officers down the hallway the peep hole to the shooter's suite where he thinks the shots came from there might be shots coming from there. no gunfire at this point, sandra. we know now that the killer had killed himself. >> sandra: adam housley, thank you. >> bill: keep your eye on this. will the house pass an immigration bill today? awaiting two votes in the house. reaction from the a-team. actor peter fonda under fire for what he said about the first family's son. coming up. i'm a four-year-old ring bearer with a bad habit of swallowing stuff. still won't eat my broccoli, though. and if you don't have the right overage, you could be paying for that pricey love band yourself.
6:57 am
so get an allstate agent, and be better protected from mayhem. like me. can a ring bearer get a snack around here?
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7:00 am
>> bill: this is a fox news alert awaiting reaction from lawmakers on the trump team as the house gets ready to vote on two immigration bills today. brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'll bill hemmer. >> sandra: good morning, happy thursday. i'm sandra smith. all this coming after the president took executive action to fix the crisis at the border. and after he defended his immigration policies at a rally in minnesota last night. the president vowing to stick to his guns on his signature issue. >> president trump making a move to stop his administration from continuing to split children and parents. with crisis management president trump style the president signed an executive order. >> his rare turnaround comes
7:01 am
amid the growing outcry including the pope over a situation many called imhumane. >> president trump: we're keeping families together but have zero tolerance for people who enter our country illegally. >> highly questionable whether this executive order will even go into effect. >> the president insisting that congress act quickly to fix immigration law. >> president trump: we still have to maintain toughness or our country will be overrun. >> we need to step up and do our job. >> there is intense pressure on house republican leadership to see if they can deliver 218 yes votes on one or more of these two bills. >> congress is having their own problems finding a compromise. speaker of the house paul ryan had a tense moment with the leader of the freedom caucus representative mark meadows. >> the question will be, do we want to play politics or pu people before politics? >> bill: want to bring in our america's newsroom a-team.
7:02 am
shelby holliday. welcome. he is one in a million, juan williams. political analyst. nice to see you. and back for a double dose this week maria bartiromo anchor of mornings with marie and sunday morning futures on fox news channel. welcome. >> sandra: good morning a-team. >> bill: introductions are like resumes. they will pass it it's a real iffy deal today. >> it is. you have division witn the republican party. it is not just the democrats pushing against this. you have real division in terms of these bills. the house wants to pass something and i think we'll see something out of the house. where it goes from there is ally -- >> sandra: kathy mcmorris rodgers seemed iffy. a maybe from her. >> bill: she wouldn't admit to anything. >> sandra: kinzinger said it is the compromise bill. >> that's what everybody is looking at. the order yesterday seen by most people as a temporary order. there is a settlement from 1997 that basically prevents families from being held together. kids can't be held in detention
7:03 am
for more than 20 days. they have to change this law. how will ange it and will they give president trump funding for the border wall, that's a big key. something democrats don't want to give him. we'll see where they end up. >> sandra: through it the president making it clear that border wall, border security is his priority. >> bill: what do you think? >> i think what he emphasized throughout and signing the bill and emphasized last night in duluth, minnesota, he remains strong. it should not be taken as him having somehow retreated on the immigration issue. but the problem is that it is not just about donald trump. you come before the congress especially as maria was saying, you look inside those caucuses and the freedom caucus, you saw meadow gesturing towards mccarthy -- towards ryan in a way that is saying it doesn't matter what you are talking about. you know what? we have principles in terms of what the president promised and what we've told our voters and we'll hold to it.
7:04 am
that hard right base remember defeated immigration reform in 2006, defeated immigration reform if in 2013 with a gang of six in the senate. i'm not sure if it gets out of the house it has much of a chance in the senate. >> sandra: newt gingrich was on "fox & friends" this morning. talking about democratic outrage following the president's executive order. here is what gingrich had to say. >> you see this and -- >> the emotional answer is simple but may not be right. the president, faced with the congress that doesn't seem to be functional has issued an executive order to stop the most immediate problem which is taking children away from their families. so that's no longer going to be the excuse for democratic outrage. >> sandra: that was on with brett last night on special report. >> he was on with me as well this morning and one thing that came across was you say it is not about donald trump. for the skeptics of the trump presidency it is about donald
7:05 am
trying to find something to make sure that this is going to be the issue that stops the republicans from gaining more seats in the november elections. i think in some cases for the left this is all about donald trump. it is not necessarily about the children. but about getting something on the president that they could actually use to move forward to impeachment. >> i think that's way off but what you get is the situation where even before donald trump was president immigration was a hot issue. i think it's a hotter issue now going into the mid-terms. the president plans to push that button heavily. some of his language has been the infestation. >> bill: what's the expense if you don't pass something? >> it could hurt you. the mid-terms will be determined by white suburban women in swing districts. >> bill: is immigration at the forefront of what they're voting on? >> that's what they're hoping. >> in many ways president trump has made it at the forefront. there is a spike in interest
7:06 am
among both republicans and democrats on immigration. something they've been talking about for months trying to solve daca and trying to figure out how to get stronger, tougher enforcement at the border but solve the problem we've had agued president and after democrats and republicans. it's not an easy issue. >> bill: the president can change the topic within an hour. today immigration is a big deal. last week north korea was a big deal. i don't know what will be a big deal. >> it will be a big deal about pocketbook issues in november. an economy growing 3%, an economoducing jobs and seeing african-american unemployment at an all-time low. i think the economy typically does drive voters. that will be the issue. no doubt healthcare, immigration will be up there but we're in june. i don't know that this is going to be the issues at hand come november. >> the political stratus in washington have identified the tax cut is not working and hasn't worked in the recent
7:07 am
elections to move the dial for republican >> it is working. >> going back to the hot button issues. when you look at those the number one hot button now is immigration. they have to find a way. at the moment republicans and president taken a hit in terms of public opinion. they have to reconfigure and find a way to gain the upper hand. >> bill: i still think you can change the conversation. >> it is impossible to predict natural disasters or hopefully no terrorist attacks. we're in june. bill: nancy pelosi tweets this. it seeks to replace one form of child abuse with another. every child is entitled to basic human rights and said the president is paving the way for the long-term incarceration of families. >> i think democrats will come hard on this. they feel as if right now if you look at the public opinion polls even among republicans it's 39-34 oppose the idea of
7:08 am
separating children from their parents. women in particular touched by this issue and it could prove determinative. it is ke 2/3 of independt vors, so critical in the mid-tese this policy. >> bill: peter fonda is in a bit of hot water. he sent an apology for the following tweet. here it is. we should rip barron trump from his mother's arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles and see if mother will stand up against a giant blank hole she is married to. he since apologized and said it was inappropriate. he has a movie coming out. >> inappropriate is an understatement here. i think he has trump derangement syndrome. they're unnerved by donald trump and they're losing their minds in terms of how they tweet and what they talk about. it is an awful tweet. he apologized but i think people are remembering this stuff. i think it is amazing how many
7:09 am
problems twitter has caused people. >> sandra: twitter is not the problem. peter fonda caused that problem. >> it's offensive what he said. people think they can match the funniest kid on the block and low language from the president and taking us in a bad place. i don't like it. >> bill: his apology. sincerely apologize to the family for what i said. i tweeted something highly inappropriate in response to the devastating images i was seeing on television. i'm distraught of this situation children being separated from families but i went way too far. i should not have done it. i immediately regretted it and apologize for the family to the family. >> sandra: barron can see it and read it. the first lady took issue and responded to that. secret service is actually responding. >> well they should.
7:10 am
we haven't heard the apology from robert deniro. he has lost it. >> bill: that ain't going to happen. you know he has been talking in the city for a year and a half. every time he gets on stage he throws a barb the prident's way. this is nothing new. when they invited him on stage for the tony awards they had to know what they were in for. >> he is losing saneness. nobody likes this kind of language toward anybody. >> bill: are you talking to me? >> exactly, yeah. >> bill: you got it, right? come on. >> my movie file friends. >> bill: stand by here and we'll get to more in a moment as we continue to go forward here with -- >> sandra: anti-trump f.b.i. agent peter strzok risking the wrath of congress. will he actually testify as he promised? or be slapped with a subpoena? the a-team will be back on that. plus there is this.
7:11 am
>> i think it will be hard because we're in an even-numbered year and closer to the election. the democrats view it as a wedge issue to use in an election season, which is unfortunate. this is an issue that cries out for a solution. >> bill: top republican senator john thune attacking democrats to use the immigration issue to score points for the mid-terms. don't move. we're coming right back after this. prices of the season' with savings on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses and automatically adjusts on both sides, for effortless comfort. for a limited time, save up to $500 plus free home delivery on sleep number 360 smart beds.
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the new ipad and xfinity stream app. hey guys, i'm home! surprise! i got a puppy. add an ipad to select packages for just $5 a month for 24 months. upgrade online now. >> what the president did yesterday is try to make clear that what we don't need to do as americans is pit the enforcement of law against our humanitarian ideas. what he tried to do is enable us to do that until congress acts. but i want to be very clear on this, congress has the authority and responsibility to make e law of the land and to fix the immigration system. there is a patrick of law and court cases. we have done everything we can do in the executive branch to protect our communities but we
7:16 am
need congress to act. >> sandra: that was kirstjen nielsen moments ago commenting on president trump's executive order from yesterday to end the separation of families stopped at the border and keep children with their detained parents. the house is considering two immigration bills on the floor today. meanwhile senate republicans are moving ahead with their own bill seeking a compromise which we've heard a lot about this morning. the chances of either of them passing we'll see. what happens in the senate and what is the president willing to sign? >> bill: we have a long way to go. tuesday night the president went to the hill with a closed door meeting. a few leaks regarding immigration but that was primarily what that trip to the hill was all about. to get on the same page regarding what the president will sign and what congress can pass. right now we really don't know what that is. >> sandra: the president firm on border security. that is his top priority and kirstjen nielsen hearing from her a few moments ago certainly
7:17 am
she has been responding to all the criticisms of this enforcement at the border to see where this goes this week, this is what a moment this is. finally in the immigration debate to have these two bills go to the house floor. democrats still putting up a big fight, though. >> bill: there are four pillars the president talked about for some time. he wants the wall, sandra. he wants the $25 billion. he said last night when he was at the rally in duluth, minnesota, what was the quote, $1.6 billion already going toward the construction of wall or fencing. in addition to that he wants to end chain migration, he wants to end visa lottery. and he wants to figure out the daca issue. those are his four pillars he wants to see in a bill. >> sandra: newt gingrich has been responding to this. he is making the points that democrats still really are getting in the way of something getting done. listen to this. >> he signed an executive order
7:18 am
to make sure children aren't separated from their parents. they want to implement that. he has said correctly the congress ought to change the law. it is a law passed by congress which caused this mess plus two judicial decisions. the congress ought to ss a law and we already have senator schumer on the democratic side saying he doesn't want to pass a law. he really worries about the children unless it means donald trump would win. at that point he doesn't worry about the children because he can't let trump win. i think this will remind people how irresponsible and how dishonest the democrats have become. >> bill: john thune is saying to eliminate the legal challenges. there may be a legal challenge. john thune from south dakota. chairman of the senate republican commerce and transportation committee.
7:19 am
how are you doing and welcome to our program. >> always nice to be with you. >> bill: what can republicans pass on immigration? >> good question. i guess we'll find out today in the house. but i think that if what we ought to be able to pass, if nothing else in the senate, is something that does codify the president's executive order so we can address this issue of keeping families together. if the democrats are sincere that they want to see that happen, they would be willing to work with us to fashion a solution to at least address that issue. the broader immigration debate, which is parts of which are being addressed in the house legislation today, we had that debate in the senate a few months back. nothing passed. we spent a week on the floor. people had an opportunity to offer amendments. and we couldn't get a consensus. but that doesn't mean if the house is able to pass something and send it to the senate we wouldn't look at it. we'll take a look and see if it is something we can pass and if the president would sign. >> sandra: what's the mood this morning? it has been a huge week.
7:20 am
we know things got tense on the house floor and this has been a debate that has spread across the country, emotions are high. what do you sense is the mood around there this morning? >> i think the mood here, sandra, is one of at least among our conference is we need to solve this. we need to get something in place that addresses this issue of allowing families to stay together but we also need to address the issue of enforcing our laws. this is an issue -- what we're seeing today is a byprodt of a broken immigration system crying out for a solution for a long time. one of the solutions to that is to build the wall. build the border wall and to prevent people from coming into this country illegally and the democrats have been unwilling to do that. they consistently talk about immigration reform but to them that means at least in the current circumstance we're talking about catch and release. very much in favor of an open borders policy. and we think the american people believe otherwise. i don't know if i attribute it
7:21 am
to ronald reagan, a country that can't control its borders can't control its destiny. we have to get control of this situation and having security at the border that's necessary to help address and solve the problem. that's what the president has been asking for and what the democrats have been unwilling to give him. >> bill: you talk as if this is an opportunity. you're probably right about that. with an election less than five months away do you feel the need to get something done or fight to live another day if you let this moment pass? >> there is always another day but every day that goes by and we don't fix the problem, the problem continues to worsen. the near-term issue we're dealing with just this week that the president's executive order addressed yesterday is something that there ought to be bipartisan agreement on in the house and senate to fix. and so my hope would be at least, bill, that as this issue is debated there would be a bipartisan consensus we need to
7:22 am
address this. my guess is, however, because it is an even-numbered year and democrats view this as a potent political weapon, they will choose rather to have the issue than have a solution. that's the way i predict it will come out. >> sandra: president trump is asking a question on twitter a short time ago this morning that perhaps senator thune you can address. he says what is the purpose of the house doing good immigration bills when you need nunes votes in the senate. republicans must get rid of the stupid filibuster rule. it's killing you. >> well, either the president is right about one point and that's the democrats' goal is to obstruct. they think it's to their political advantage as we head into the mid-terms. if, god forbid. they won the senate in november and could pass whatever they want at 51 votes, we would have a very open borders immigration
7:23 am
policy. the 60-vote threshold protects republicans more times than it does democrats. i understand his frustration. we share it, too but why we need to have democrats willing the right thing for our country and not just the political thing in the middle of an election year. >> bill: we have the reverse, of course, of what the federal position is now about keeping families together and at what point how we do that. do you think what you went through over the past week was a big blow to you and others in your party? was it a blow to the president? how do you sort through that now? >> no, i don't think so, bill. the president responded. and like i said, i think a zero tolerance policy, the president made it clear this shouldn't surprise anybody he ran his campaign on enforcing our laws and securing our borders and dealing with the issue of runaway illegal immigration. so in his attempts to do that obviously this was something that came out of it but which he quickly addressed and we were very quick to recognize it
7:24 am
as well and to acknowledge that we got to have a policy that enforces our laws but that also allows families to stay together and so there was consensus up here to do that. the president stepped in and i think did the right thing. i don't know, this is something that i don't think has anything -- any lasting effect. >> sandra: a lot of people are trying to predict what's next in this battle. maybe you can do that for us. >> well, i think in the near term what my hope would be the next step in the battle, let's codify the president's executive order so we don't have to go to court and worry about what will happen in the way of litigation that creates more uncertainty around this issue. the floor has settlement decision back in 1997 governs the way the issue can be treated now and seems to me that the only way to change that or get away from the uncertainty is for congress to act. the president i think did the right thing and addressed it in the near term. it is up to us to try to fix
7:25 am
this long-term. i hope there will be democrats willing to do that. >> bill: you think you can get enough votes to codify the executive order? that's about as much ground as you've given so far. >> we'll see. like i said, it will be a real test whether the democrats are serious about trying to solve this issue and solve the problem or whether they would rather have the political issue. i think that will be -- we'll find out soon enough. >> sandra: when is the last time you talked to the president, senator? >> i haven't talked to him this week. it's been a while. but he stays in constant contact with us through his twitter account. >> sandra: all right. it is a big week indeed. thank you for your time, senator. >> bill: thank you, good to be with you. john thune. president trump teeing off on peter strzok amid new fallout the scathing d.o.j. watchdog report, "america's newsroom" a-team is back. >> sandra: the battle at the
7:26 am
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>> sandra: you might want to get your online shopping done soon. the supreme court ruling this morning that states can collect sales tax on certain purchases on the internet. that ruling has just come in. supreme court ruled states can begin collecting sales tax for some out of state purchases. this really is something maria bartiromo is on our a-team with us and weigh in on this. they found in a 5-4 majority the current rules are unsound and incorrect and you are making the point thatthis was all decided before the digital age and time for a change. >> it was because of the initial law said you couldn't apply sales tax unless you had a physical building in that same state.
7:31 am
so it was online versus brick and mortar. that is when people thought online shopping and sales in particular were really minimal versus in-store purchases. things have exploded. you see online now you even have in-store retailers having online branches. at this point it is hard to say that internet shopping, online shopping is much smaller volume than in-store shopping. >> bill: tough argument to make. >> especially here in new york we buy everything online. states were arguing were losing money not getting the sales tax they typically would. it's a big victory for states. your items are about to get more expensive. >> bill: another decision we're waiting on. the whole union deal, 22 states, affects millions of americans. we'll hold off on that. last night in duluth the president is going right at peter strzok and lisa page teeing up what could be a really interesting if it
7:32 am
happens. testimony on the hill from duluth last night. the president on that. >> president trump: peter strzok and his lover, lisa page. i don't think their wife and husband are too happy about that. what do you think? i don't think so. have you been seeing this whole scam? do you believe what you are seeing? no matter what she did and no matter how many crimes she committed, which were numerous, they wanted her to be innocent. with me, nothing. no collusion, no nothing, and they just wanted to take all of us. they wanted to put us in trouble. and it is not working too well, i'll tell you. [cheering and applause] disgusting. >> bill: i don't think that was on prompter, was it? [laughter] >> i think that was heart. >> bill: his wife and her husband, stinger. >> we go to such low levels. so personal. everything is like -- coming from this president.
7:33 am
yesterday he is also talking about the elite and why they don't consider him elite. he has a nicer apartment and he is saying the media treats him -- >> bill: i don't think that was in prompter, either. >> so much of this. the genius of donald trump it comes from the heart. people say this is who he is. he is transparent and authentic. he says the media is terrible so he gets them to say one of our competitors suck and gets them to say lock her up about hillary clinton. it was like a throwback to the campaign. >> i have to push back here. donald trump didn't -- peter strzok has gone as low as he can and peter strzok took over the so-called trump russia collusion investigation on july 31, 2016. eight days later he writes a text to the girlfriend says we will stop him from becoming president. if that is not evidence enough that he was actually using his political bias to make decisions and change an election, i don't know what is.
7:34 am
>> inspector general said there was no bias in the way strzok went about his business. that's what he said. >> that's not what he said. >> the second thing you have to understand is this is all about undercutting the credibility of the f.b.i. >> , no it isn't. >> and mueller's investigation as trump prepares himself politically for the incoming damage. >> bill: it's hard to argue in favor of that when you look at this i.g. report where peter strzok was running the russia matter for close to a year. >> there is no evidence according to the i.g. report he was acting in a biased manner. >> sandra: what we're left wondering. >> bill: bias was all over that report. >> if he was to apologize he should apologize to hillary clinton. >> bill: you said bias was not part of the report. >> his actions as an agent investigating were not subject
7:35 am
to interpretation of bias. >> the report said yes the text messages are inappropriate and bias but the bias didn't necessarily translate in his work. the report also said these texts messages cast a cloud over the hillary clinton investigation. they cast a cloud over the donald trump russia investigation. it's something the president is able to use and weaponize now because robert mueller working behind the scenes is quiet and doesn't like and very methodical. we aren't hearing much from mueller so it gives the president a huge platform and a lot of air time to attack the f.b.i. and possibly get a head of things if he can if there were things to get ahead of. >> sandra: publicly testify, will he sit down before either or both of these committees and answer questions under oath? >> we learn that from your news breaking interview the other night when you spoke to bob goodlatte and trey gowdy. they believe he will testify next week. incredible interview, sandra. what we heard from both the
7:36 am
chairmen of the oversight committees they want him to answer some questions as a result of these texts. peter the one person within the f.b.i. with who has given us the window into the incredible animus there was for donald trump. >> sandra: to hear him answer questions could change the story. >> he said he wants to testify. >> sandra: he hasn't commited yet. >> he says he wants to do. if goodlatte says if he doesn't they'll have a subpoena for him. >> bill: the former attorney general, he said if he is my client i'm not letting him talk. >> i think peter strzok seems under assault and wants to respond. >> he said so much already. >> his lawyer is defending him. he said his client was a patriot an wants to speak. maybe in the interest of the f.b.i. and in defense of an agency he worked for for a long time he does want to.
7:37 am
>> uneducated stupid, lazy. what the report said. the way these f.b.i. agents talked about the trump voter was extraordinary. >> sandra: i want to get in in here. the latest from strzok's attorney on him being willing to testify before congress said as pete has played by the rules cooperating in an investigation and freely testifying before congress the president and his allies from done the opposite. theythe texts out of contexts and one or two word snippets prove the f.b.i. investigations of former secretary of state hillary clinton and the russia probe were biased. such a conclusion was proved soft by the i.g. general investigation. >> i think they're right. the problem is shelby and maria, if you're sitting here in the public and right now we're such a polarized nation. either side you say my side was
7:38 am
hurt by actions of jim comey or peter strzok. >> the out of context remark. turn everything over, then. they were begging to see these texts, provide the context. >> now is the deadline. nunes said if we don't get the documents there is hell to pay. the d.o.j. says it's not easy to get documents to you in a timely fashion. if we knew we need an insurance policy text which was texted on august 12th of 2016, we knew that for months, how come we just learned about the we will stop him text just last week in the i.g. report on august 8th? >> bill: i have breaking news now. we're learning from the white house that john bolton is headed to europe and he is also headed to moscow. u.s. national security advisor john bolton will meet in london and rome to talk about national security issues and go to moscow to discuss a meeting
7:39 am
between trump and putin. in the context of the meeting with chairman kim in singapore now you could have a summit with vladimir putin and now you are back on the international stage yet again. >> interesting timing. very interesting timing. there is still some questions we have from president trump's meeting with putin last year in light of the trump tower meeting coming in the middle of the responses. that could be something that comes under greater scrutiny from robert mueller. the president can meet with whoever he wants to. it is an interesting time. >> sandra: an interesting time. showing a poll this morning that the american approval rating of the president's handling of north korea is skyrocketing and up 13 points over the last couple months. >> that's fantastic. we were talking earlier about the approaching mid-terms. this is something that could be a big plus for the president. he is seen as, in fact, able to act in a statesman like manner and able to bring peace to the korean peninsula. everybody has been wanting it. >> bill: a very critical point.
7:40 am
the economy, north korea keeping it stable. vladimir putin if it goes as well as the meeting with chairman kim. that's a potent message come november. thank you, guys. shelby, did you enjoy that? >> loved it. thanks for having me. >> bill: two days in a row for maria. we have our tracking monitor on you. >> sandra: a new push to drain the swamp. the president's cabinet considering a plan to merge two government departments. so how would it work and how much money it could save. plus the battle at the box office as a major chain takes on an upstart rival. pop your popcorn. ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪ no matter who rides point, ♪ there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep.
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♪ ♪ keep your inghts from prying eyes, so they won't be used by anyone but you. the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business. >> sandra: do you have any song suggestions for charles payne. we're out there. there is this.
7:45 am
movie theaters feeling the pain as customers stay home. then along comes movie pass. you've heard of it offering cut rate admission. and now america's largest theater chain, which was against that, amc, is taking on the competition. here to break it down charles payne the host of making money on the fox business network. people love their movies. >> they do. although they don't love going to the movie theaters as much as they did. a serious issue. >> easy on your ipad. >> the hottest is netflix, the merger mainian for fox entertainment assets. a moment ago viacom cut a deal with netflix. they have serious issues. it is interesting because movie pass i think it's a brilliant idea in terms of the movie pass. the problem, though, it might be too good of a deal. initially it was like unlimited movies, $9 a month. they are losing money. they lost so much money the
7:46 am
stock has gone from $4 to 31 cents. i've had the ceo of the company on my show a couple times. it has amazing potential but can they make it in time? their goal is to gather this information and to understand movie goers and be able to use that for movie makers, marketers, advertisers. a brilliant idea. again, will they be able to survive all this? and also, maybe they're getting a little distracted. they tried to put it into play. last thursday they debuted their own movie gady starring john travolta -- gotti. >> bill: they are looking for a market that is fleeting. >> a shrinking market. the movies are changing. you can order food and things like this. it has to get better. i'm loath to completely write off things even as we have these dramatic changes creative destruction. the movie-going experience has to get better.
7:47 am
there are good things about going to the theater. >> sandra: it's expensive for a family to go to the movies. >> why the pass is a great idea. >> bill: i find this story very interesting. a lot of people have written off rural areas and you find it to be otherwise. >> axios had an article how rural america is gone. i think they put these articles out there to suggest rural america won't have a voice politically or with respect to the ethos of our country. it will be determined by urban america. when i saw this story this morning dollar general announcing they're looking for 7,000 managers in 44 states, guess what? we just saw news that starbucks, the ultimate hipster urban store is closing stores. i did a little more digging. dollar general, top 10 states texas, florida, georgia, north carolina, ohio, south carolina, not one of those is in the top 10 for starbucks, not one.
7:48 am
so i think this news with dollar general is a great proxy for the fact that rural america is not dying. >> sandra: dollar general ticker dg for anybody interested. two government departments merging. >> potentially. department of labor and the department of education. labor has 15,000 employees. department of education we're talking 4,000 employees. $69 billion budget. $120 billion for these two entities. the labor department has been around since 1979. it makes sense. i'll tell you why. let's look at the mission. the department of labor's mission is to foster, promote and development the welfare of working people to improve working conditions and to enhance their opportunities for profitable employment. okay, now what's the department of labor? the department's mission is to serve america's students to promote student achievement in preparation for global
7:49 am
competitiveness by fostering ed- >> you need congress to make it happen. >> you can see how logically it makes sense. it makes sense because they're both bloated and makes sense with regard to their mission statements. we have 6.7 million jobs out there and we don't have the skills to fill them. >> bill: my starbucks on 47th street was not open this morning. >> sandra: that's the first thing i heard about this morning is starbucks is closed. >> bill: thank you, sir. facebook is rolling out new features from groups and why subscriptions could be the wave of the future for the media giant. that's next. billions of mouths.
7:50 am
billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath fresh breath oral rinse instantly fights all types of bad breath and works for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy. there's therabreath at walmart.
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7:53 am
>> bill: facebook experimenting on monthly fees. it won't access the website but allow certain groups to start charging for exclusive membership. our crew is here. do you like that, america? >> it's interesting that facebook is charging for something. have they lost a lot of money from the privacy scandal in terms of how much they're making off users? i see both sides of this where
7:54 am
they say to groups you can charge money for content you're creating and you get some of that money as the creator. if you have a book club or giving people advice how to eat healthy you can make money off of that. it seems fair. >> a natural progress for facebook. people who run groups can already charge money through pay pal. they're saying let's cut out the middleman and get a piece of the action, too. >> bill: would you pay for it? >> these monthly payments are between $5 and $30. it's way too high. $2 is more of the price point i would assume. >> sandra: your pocutting out the middleman is key. facebook want to be a one-stop shop. do everything on our platform. >> unless the cost -- i'm not signing up for it. >> bill: we have jared here. >> this is disgusting. >> bill: ain't that america? tennessee.
7:55 am
>> 12 and under softball tournament. fight breaks out between parents of the girls. people think that kids aren't smart and kids are so much smarter than we give them credit for. kids can see what the parents are doing here. it's embarrassing. they have to go home and live with this. it's disgng. >> the cops ended up having to come. none of the parents admitted to any wrongdoing. there is this big investigation. i believe the team has been disqualified. the kids did absolutely nothing wrong. this was at a 12 and under softball tournament. you have to be kidding me. >> very pathetic. a sad state of affairs when you are so angry watching your kids hopefully enjoying themselves out on the field playinr game on the weekend and then you have to get involved in this. really disgusting way. as jared mentioned it is -- what do you say to your kid? >> so much misguided anger. we were talking about kevin mccale the former boston celtic.
7:56 am
coach for the rockets. he was spotted at president trump's rally in minnesota in duluth last night. he is from duluth. headlines all over the internet not just social media. kevin mccale spotted at a trump rally. okay, and? are you trying to bully me into thinking that -- you can't do that. there is one side where you want to say we have to be accepting of all as long as you feel like i feel. >> thank you, sir. thank you, ma'am. thank you, sir. president trump's executive order getting some welcome news at the border. texas attorney general ken paxton is live coming up next hour. come on back. i'm to your bumper, cause....
7:57 am
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and if i can crash your "perfect day", imagine what i can do to the rest of 'em. so get allstate, and be better protected from mayhem. like me. >> sandra: fox news alert at the top of the hour. congress set to vote later today on two immigration bills. one day after the president ended the practice of separating families caught illegally crossing our southern border. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: how did the last hour go? >> sandra: rocking. a little fun. >> bill: good suggestions for charles payne's music. >> sandra: song choices are coming in. appreciate that. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. a vote on two immigration matters, one backed by moderates. the other backed by conservatives. expected to come this afternoon. right now neither looks like it has the votes to past. senator john thune told us this last hour. >> we need to solve it and get
8:01 am
something in place that addresses the issue of allowing families to stay together but also enforcing our laws. what we're seeing today is a byproduct of a broken immigration system crying out for a solution for a long time and one of the solutions to that is to build the wall. build the border wall and to prevent people from coming into this country illegally. >> sandra: live team fox coverage, kevin corke at the white house but we begin with mike emanuel on capitol hill. what about the push in the house to pass one of these two immigration reform bills? >> good morning to you. house leadership has had president trump, the attorney general, and the secretary of homeland security all urging house republicans to vote yes but the house gop whip says republicans are not unified. >> when you count the votes in terms of talking to different groups within our conference you clearly see the divisions. and how do you address daca kids? we all want to solve that problem but within our conference there are different
8:02 am
ways to solve it. >> part of the problem to getting 218 yes votes in the house is republicans have a choice. there is the more conservative bill from house judiciary chairman bob goodlatte and conservatives from the house freedom caucus favor that bill. >> we would appreciate the same kind of intensity from our leadership in whipping the goodlatte legislation that they seem to have for the compromise bill. it has some good elements in it. i worked on some of those. it doesn't go far enough and i don't think it's entirely consistent with the message we gave the american people. >> you can expect plenty of arm twisting between now and this afternoon. >> sandra: what are senators saying as they watch on the immigration struggle in the house? >> they're focused on a more narrow option addressing the family separation issue. >> we have to gather certain very precise rallying principles where there is bipartisan and general
8:03 am
agreement and proceed along those lines. if we go through and do a big huge bill like we did before, i don't see it going anywhere. >> a key republican moderate says getting anything done on immigration will require compromise. >> what i don't want to see happen is for there to be a democratic bill that fails on the senate floor, a republican alternative that also fails, and we end up with no legislation at all. to me that is the worst of all worlds. >> finding compromise less than five months from mid-term election day is not easy to find on a controversial issue like illegal immigration, sandra. >> sandra: mike, thank you. >>bill: we saw him in duluth, minnesota last night. his zero tolerance policy. he pledges to stay tough on illegal immigration.
8:04 am
>> president trump: we're going to keep the families together. i didn't like the sight or the feeling of families being separated. it's a problem that has gone on for many years, as you know, for many administrations and we're working hard on immigration. it has been just left out in the cold. >> bill: kevin corke picks it up from there. good morning. there is criticism that executive order did not go far enough. how does the white house respond on that? >> listen, from their perspective this is as far as the president should go. certainly for now because they simply believe this is congress's issue to tackle. you heard mike emanuel talking about that and that's the viewpoint from here at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. let me show the folks at home just part of what the executive order aims to do. it is supposed to instruct the dhs to maintain custody of detained families. that ends the separation for now. it is also supposed to help
8:05 am
them find or construct facilities to house detainese. prioritize the adjudition of their cases. here is what kirstjen nielsen said this morning. >> this is a very difficult and complex issue as yoknow. it is one that presidents have struggled with for decades and one that congress has struggled with for decades. what the presidt did yesterday is to try to make clear that what we don't need to do americans is pit the enforcement of law against our humanitarian ideas. >> that's the problem. they don't want people conflating enforcing the law with mistreating people who come here and the question is a central one, bill. does this country have a right to determine who gets to come here and live in this country even if they are children from
8:06 am
somewhere else? >> bill: at the rally last night the president had a swipe at hillary clinton. >> here we go again. i think it's sort of red meat for the base. the president talking about last week's i.g. report that took shots at f.b.i. director jim comey and it also sort of laid out why comey decided rightly or wrongly, not to give clinton any more let's say of the business if you will for using that private server as secretary of state and for mishandling classified documents. >> president trump: and we do want people coming across our border going through our ports of entry but we want people to come in through merit, not just through luck or happenstance. [applause] we want them to come in through merit. >> you will hear a lot about that idea coming in through
8:07 am
merit. national security advisor john bolton will travel to moscow in the coming weeks. next week we're told. a prelude for talks between president trump and russian president vladimir putin. >> bill: more to come from you later today. kevin corke at the white house. >> sandra: let's bring in chris stirewalt fox news politics editor. good morning. two votes. you heard the report from mike emanuel at the top of the hour expected late afternoon, possibly evening. neither expected to pass. what are your expectations? >> well, there are -- you could pass a bill on this subject through both the house and the senate with super majority support. you could get 80% probably of members of both the house and the senate on a bill. but it ain't either one of these. and this is what happens because the republicans can only advance legislation that a majority of the republican conference will approve and that's why mark meadows is so angry at paul ryan saying he
8:08 am
good hoodwinked and why paul ryan is mad at meadows. this comes down to what will 50% plus one of the republican conference in the house support? what you can get passed that threshold is something that you then can't get passed the rest of the house and certainly not the senate. >> sandra: the president is being firmon the obstruction thing with democrats. he tweeted what's the purpose of the house putting through these good immigration bills when you need nine votes by democrats in the senate. dems are only looking to obstruct. >> well, i wonder why he doesn't try to get their votes? look, i long ago quit trying to understand -- interpret donald trump's tweets like they were the -- what i can't figure out here is i think there are five or six democrats to start with that would accept a pretty conservative answer on these
8:09 am
people who were brought to the united states as minors. the people we're talking about under this legislation are the grown-up versions of the kids who we have seen the pictures of in recent days. so there are probably at least five. you are probably starting with 55 votes in the senate on a pretty conservative bill. i wonder why nobody tries or seems to be trying to take it the rest of the way? we have had two presidents in a row who will not work with congress and do not work with congress to trial to pass legislation. giving up at this point telling republicans at this point in a tweet it's probably dead in the senate and nothing is going to happen seems like a strange approach for making this get through. >> sandra: we heard a lot from the president on that last night at the big rally in minnesota. we also heard a lot about hillary clinton in that i.g. report from the president. listen to this. >> president trump: no matter what she did, no matter how many crimes she committed, which were numerous, they wanted her to be innocent. with me, nothing, no collusion,
8:10 am
no nothing, and they just wanted to take all of us, they wanted to put us in trouble. and it is not working too well, i'll tell you. [cheering and applause] disgusting. >> sandra: the president talking to a big crowd, 9,000 people last night. >> well, kevin corke alluded to it. this is what you do for the people who are already with you. you relitigate the past and keep them fired up and keep them angry. and look, i think the president's strategy going into mid-terms to try to help republicans hold the house and maybe expand their senate majority is keep the base engaged. no one they hate like hillary clinton. it's palpable. you can feel the hatred for hillary clinton. even though she is becoming a footnote to history the more he can keep her in their minds and resentments fresh the better he figures he will do in districts like that.
8:11 am
>> sandra: you are looking fresh this morning. thank you for being here. od to see you. >> bill: are you taking that, stirewalt? >> i'll take whatever i can get. >> bill: we're awaiting the house votes. two republican-backed immigration bills. can lawmakers resolve the differences and get something through? a lead negotiator and a compromise immigration bill gives us his take. >> sandra: more than a week after the historic summit between president trump and kim jong-un what steps has north korea taken to tear down its nuclear program? a live report ahead. >> i'm not aware. the beginning of the process. detailed negotiations haven't begun. i wouldn't expect at this point. ? we just switched to geico and got more. more? they've been saving folks money for over 75 years. a company you can trust. geico even helped us with homeowners insurance.
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8:15 am
>> in is something that even democrats should be voting for. immigration can be an 80% issue. they're more interested in opposing the president right now. >> sandra: that was congressman adam kinzinger. as the house gets ready to vote on two bills today. they'll consider a conservative proposal and a more moderate one. neither bill seems to have enough votes to pass. jeff denham joins us this morning. a busy morning around there and a lot going on. how are things shaping up? >> certainly a busy morning. very tense. it will be a very close vote.
8:16 am
i think we all feel very positive right now about the outcome that we can get to 218. the only way we won't get to 218 is if the very freedom caucus members that were negotiating no longer support the measures that they negotiated into this bill. this is not a moderate bill. this is a very conservative bill. partially because the freedom caucus was so involved in the negotiations. >> sandra: what can you tell us about the chances of either of these bills passing? >> well, the goodlatte bill that came out of judiciary has been whipped and worked on for over a year and a half. it still falls short of what is needed to pass our compromise bill, we think it has not only an opportunity to get 218 republicans, but really one that should have democrats on board, too. a lot of the very same measures in this bill were in the gang of eight bill that every democrat in both houses supported. >> sandra: we're getting some news on when this vote will actually take place if you want
8:17 am
to weigh in here. we have the house set to begin debate on the conservative immigration bill, that will happen around noon eastern time. they will likely vote on that bill sometime between the 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. eastern time hours. then we expect the house to punt on immigration for a bit and turning to a procedure debate on the farm bill. this is what's coming into us right now. meanwhile you have had some things to say to the freedom caucus, congressman, about getting something done here on immigration reform. what was your message? >> well, certainly a lot of frustration. you can even see the change-up on the floor. different rules, different bills are coming up in different orders partially because of the lack of trust that we have here. when you sit down at a negotiating table and negotiate in good faith you have to stick by the commitment that you brought there. the only way that this bill fails today is if the freedom caucus members that negotiated their measures into the bill no longer support those measures. this is a very conservative
8:18 am
bill that fix a lot of our broken immigration system including $25 billion to fix our border security. we've got to stop this big influx that we've had on our southern border that increases because of tax reform, because of our booming economy. there is greater opportunities in this country. there is a reason why so many people want to come to our great country. >> sandra: late afternoon the house will debate on the compromise immigration bill drafted to court moderates which you have been a part of. can you just give us the basic framework of that bill, congressman? >> sure. it does start with border security, $25 billion to support both a physical structure as well as the technology that we need on the border. deals with asylum and catch and release. it deals with a lot of the broken things that have been tried to fix over the last 30 years but it also has immediate protection for the 1.8 million
8:19 am
dreamers. that's why some are calling this a compromise bill. but keep in mind those that are calling this bill amnesty also called the goodlatte bill amnesty as well. we feel we're in a good spot not only to pass something out of the house but really have a measure that not only the president supports, but that the senate can immediately take up and pass as well. >> sandra: do you think the president would? >> i think the president was unwavering in his support to our conference and continues to support a bill that fixes a lot of broken issues with border security. >> sandra: how is the issue playing out for your party right now, congressman? >> when you're in the majority party you are elected to lead. this has been a broken system that both parties have punted on even when democrats had huge majorities. it is our time to lead. it is time to fix this broken system and not only is the president continuing to tweet about this and make this a top priority, but the courts are making it a top priority as
8:20 am
well. this is an issue that normally doesn't have a timeline. the president gave it a march 5 timeline. the supreme court may take up the issue in the fall. >> sandra: how does the sue of immigrion when the president rallying is talking about the economy d other issues last night how does the immigration issue play out in mid-term elections. >> if we accomplish this today and something we can get signed into law i think it will play very well for the majority party. but again, i think the democrats have just as much to lose. the very same measures that they recently supported in the gang of eight bill no longer support those issues, then it will be a political reaction i think from the electorate that will hold both parties accountable. >> sandra: congressman denham. thank you for your time ahead of two key votes on the house floor later today. thank you for coming on the program ahead of that. >> you got it. thank you for having me. >> bill: see if they get it
8:21 am
done. protestors still hitting the streets this time in texas as thousands of children separad from their families wait to find out what's next. we're live on the ground to find out what is happening today. >> sandra: ivanka trump swept into the immigration debate. the media blasting her handling of the emotional issue. are those reporters playing fair? >> ivanka feels strongly and my wife feels very strongly about it. i feel very strongly about it. i think anybody with a heart would feel very strongly about it. we don't like to see families separated.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
>> sandra: lava still moving fast on hawaii's big island. it's moving up to 17 miles per hour.
8:25 am
one fish -- the biggest eruption in recent history spewing enough lava to fill 100,000 olympic swimming pools. >> bill: north korea and south korea set to talk about humanitarian issues tomorrow talking about -- there is not a peace treaty in 1953. greg palkot picks it up live in london. what are the developments in the region, greg? hello. >> that's right. those humanitarian talks set for friday along the dmz involving delegations from north korea and south korea and they will be talking about reuniting at least some of the 57,000 family members divided first by the korean war and then by the division of the country. also expected at the dmz by the way in the coming days the
8:26 am
remains of some 200 u.s. service members lost in that war. they will be transferred by north korea to that location and then moved on for identification in hawaii and in the states. that an outcome of last week's summit involving president trump and kim jong-un. over in japan the new head of the u.s. pacific command davidson had assurances that some 50,000 u.s. military will not be drawn down any time in the near future and plans for any suspension of u.s./japanese war games, military exercises there. remember, there was that hold announced by president trump out of the summit for u.s./south korea joint exercises. again that's a gesture towards north korea in the hopes that could move denuclearization along. >> bill: what's the expectations about bolton going to russia? >> a lot of high level
8:27 am
diplomacy is going on now in a couple corners of the world. president moon in moscow now with a three-day visit there. announced he thinks the pyongyang is already taking measures towards denuclearization and told officials there that cooperation with russia, a neighbor of north korea and south korea would be key to securing peace on the korean peninsula. set to meet with russian president pun tomorrow and putin has invited the north korean leader to come to russia in the coming months to meet with him. this, bill, as we find out a little bit more about that summit earlier this week between kim and president xi in china. north korean state media saying the two agreed to boost strategic and tactical cooperation. one final note the past 24 hours we've heard from defense secretary mattis saying he hasn't seen any sign of denuclearization yet from north korea. >> bill: greg palkot live in london.
8:28 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. house speaker paul ryan set to take to that podium for his weekly news conference. today's immigration vote expected to dominate that discussion. >> bill: a day after the president signed the executive order ending family separations. how is it playing on the ground? we'll go live to one border city to find out today. >> president trump: i will always fight for an immigration system that defends our borders and takes care of our sovereignty as a nation. i will never sacrifice the safety and security of the american people.
8:29 am
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ask your rheumatologist no mathere are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. call one today. are you in good hands? >> bill: as promised we've been waiting on the house speaker. we'll find out if we get a vote on immigration. >> unemployment claims have dropped four weeks running. america's job market is only
8:32 am
getting stronger. more people are being drawn off the sidelines. we heard yesterday from manufacturers what tax reform has meant to them and co-workers. it has been an absolute game changer for people in this economy. these companies now have the confidence to make the investments and take the risks that lead to growth. for workers, this has already been translating into higher pay and more paths for advancement. it means more american-made good on the shelves here and around the world. this economic insurgence happened just six months ago. in fact, the job market is so strong now that the number of job openings now exceeds the number of people looking for jobs in america. think about that. there are more job openings in this country than there are people looking for work. so today, we're going to be voting on a farm bill to help close the skills gap and get more people in the workforce and onto the ladder of opportunity. this is a perfect time to pull
8:33 am
people out of poverty into the workforce onto the life in the land of opportunity. we see this as a great moment for folks on the sidelines onto a life of self-sufficiency to advancement. good for america's workers and help more families take part in the economic resurgence. do any of you have any questions? nancy. >> the compromise bill. first off what do you think should be done about the children and parents who have already been separated. >> i believe hhs is working on that. we want to have families reunited. they're working on that -- dhs is working on that with hhs. >> the bill allows for the indefinite detention of these families. how long is it humane to hold children with their parents? >> we try to put the families at the head of the queue to be adjudicated faster and have the proper facilities to house them.
8:34 am
but i'm beginning to think that the democrats who make this alternative argument are less interested in keeping families intact and more interested in having open borders. the last thing we want to do is have an incentive for illegal immigration and open borders. we want to keep families intact and enforce our laws and secure our border. that is what the vast majority of americans want to have happen. we are finishing up about 70 opioid bills of a two-week run here and one of the biggest problems we have facing this opioid crisis in this country is cheap heroin coming in from the mexican cartels from the southern border. so i don't think americans want to see an open border. we want to see a secure border. we want to enforce our immigration laws and we want to keep families together. we can do that and i would encourage democrats to join us in doing that. >> many of your colleagues, gop colleagues as well as some
8:35 am
people from the white house are predicting both immigration bills will fail today. what's plan c at this point, the stand alone bill? >> we'll cross that bridge if we get to it. let's take a step back and remember why we're here this week with this process. our goal was to prevent a discharge petition from reaching the floor. discharge petition would have brought legislation to the floor the president would have vetoed. an exercise in futility. a lot of our members wanted to express themselves by voting for the policies they like so they can express their votes on the floor and what the president helped us do this week is answered the questions members had which is are these bills coming to the floor bills that if it made it to his desk he would sign them into law? he was helpful on there front. the bills coming to the floor today are bills that if it got to his desk he would sign into law. therefore it's a legitimate exercise. it is not a discharge petition but members will be able to
8:36 am
express themselves. if these bills do not pass today, then we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. the last thing i want to do now is undercut the votes we're about to have what i think are darn good immigration measures. >> you said it would be a success if they failed. >> we're bringing bills to the floor if they got to his desk he would sign it versus a discharge petition, bringing bills to the floor that would be vetoed by the president and giving members the ability to vote for the policy of their preference. >> how can you call the discharge petition a futile gesture and call this a legitimate exercise when neither of the bills -- >> if it got to the president's desk he would sign to law. let me say it this way. when the supreme court removed our daca deadline you guys cover congress. congress functions best when it has deadlines. and when the supreme court removed our daca deadline the democrats took a walk and
8:37 am
basically did not participate in working on solving these problems. we've been trying to solve these problems on our own. what we did not want to do is bring legislation to the floor we knew would resuin a veto. but our members wanted to express themselves on issues they care a great deal about and wanted to do it inside of legislation that if it got to the president's desk would get signed into law. the president -- he and i talk a lot about is this week. he is as frustrated with filibuster has everybody. even if we pass the bill it will take nine democrats to get et through the senate because of the fill busfer. it's a source of frustration. >> imagine a world where there was no president and no senate. are these bills that you could produce that would get out of the house of representatives? >> we'll have votes today and see. the way i look at this.
8:38 am
daca is broken, the immigration system is broken, the border is not fully secured. these are facts. they need to be solved. at the end of the day i really believe we will come back around, if a bill isn't passed today we'll come back around to the president's four pillars. the president put out an extremely reasonable plan of his four pillars on how to solve some of the most thorny immigration issues plaguing us for a long time. don't forget for a second here when barack obama was president, for a while he had 60 votes in the senate and a huge majority in the house and didn't do anything to fix the broken immigration system, nothing. they had total control of government. so here we are with filibusters galore in the senate trying to fix this problem when the democrats have taken a walk on this thing. so i think at the end of the day, when push comes to shove and when deadlines come around
8:39 am
we're probably going to end up with the president's four pillars. i'm calling on you cause you won and i hope you are happy that i'm doing this game with you guys out of deference and respect for the first amendment. [laughter] >> we can use all the respect why should what the president wants override what the house republicans want? >> the house republicans want what the president wants because we want a secure border, we want to have a nation of laws that is enforcing the law and want to fix the broken immigration system. when we pass legislation around here we would like it to go into law. that's kind of important. therefore you want to make sure you are bringing bills to the floor that would have the president's support if it got to his desk. that's the conversations we've had this week. >> confident that the discharge petition is a dead issue at this point if the votes do fail? >> we were never going to able
8:40 am
to promise an outcome but we promised an outcome and that's being delivered on today. >> republicans have talked a long time about the problems with the immigration system. if you're able to pass either of these bills today it would be the first time republicans have been able on their own to pass a more comprehensive plan. if it fails, if the bill fails today, do you have any counsel for your successor or even later this fall, is it time for republicans to acknowledge that they are unable to pass, and unable to bridge their differences on this issue? >> that's the frustration with the filibuster and also is the frustration that once our deadline left the democrats took a walk. i think in many cases they are more interested in the issue than the solution. i think when you get deadlines it will make it easier and i do
8:41 am
believe the president's four pillars is a very good landing spot to ultimately making law. i actually think we're advancing the cause even if something doesn't pass. we're putting ideas on the table. members can express themselves and we brought to the floor the kind of process that our members have been asking for even if it may not result -in-law. even if we get something out of here you need nine democrats to stop trying to stop things and voting with us. i don't see that happening. >> will you bring something up later this year? >> we'll cross that ge when we get to it. >> pelosi called your bill with the devil. >> not worth commenting on. >> different topic. last week you met with rod rosenstein over this dispute you have over records. some of your members want to hold him in contempt.
8:42 am
are you supportive of holding him in contempt ?ao >> i'm in support of getting the documents we rightly deserve and requested. we expect compliance. i'm still getting daily reports from our committee chairs about the progress on compliance. i'll regroup with them tomorrow. i expect them to comply with all of our document requests. this is legitimate congressional oversight of the executive branch. >> are you concerned that some of your colleagues as a pretext for the president to fire rod rosenstein. >> i'm concerned they've been dragging their feet. they have could have spared the country a bunch of drama if they would have complied with the document request months ago when they were first made. >> follow up on what people are saying. is immigration the new third rail for republican politics? >> how much third rails do we have? there are a bunch of them. i think this issue.
8:43 am
you know me on entitlements. i've been trying to inform entitlements ever since the day i got here. they are hard issues but they'll ultimately get involved in this country because they have to get solved. it's broken. our immigration system is broken. we have a lot of problems that are broken. i do believe we're advancing really good ideas today with the votes we're having and i think these are the seeds that will be planted for an ultimate solution whether they get through today or they get through tomorrow or the day after that. these are good ideas that are going to ultimately show a way forward on this. but the democrats i think basically decided the take a walk when the deadline went away and i think what we will ultimately get at the end of the day is something that looks like the president's four pillars. thank you very much. >> bill: paul ryan waiting on that all morning. maybe we'll get a vote later today. maybe it passes. couple things i took away from this. they really want to pass something the president can sign clearly, right? daca is broken, immigration is broken. we can all agree on that.
8:44 am
as for the four pillars, paul ry saying it is an extremely reasonable plan put forward by the white house. if it does not pass he me back repeatedly to the answer we're advancing the process even if we get a thumbs down later today. >> sandra: he sent a strong message to democrats saying they're more interested in open borders. he said i think the dems are less interested in keeping families in tact and more interested in open borders. he said in a few short hours the house will take further action on this legislation to address our broken border system. >> bill: two competing bills and see what happens later today. >> sandra: we want to bring in texas attorney general ken paxton joining us now. great to have you on the program here. you've been listening to the speaker's words there. your thoughts as you listened to that. >> well, i think he hit it on the head as far as it relates to the issue with separation of children from parents. we have to address that. but at the same time we can't have open borders.
8:45 am
so i think paul ryan hit it on the head. >> sandra: can the president stay tough on border security as he promised last night while also addressing the issue of children being separated from their families at the border? >> well, you know, the clinton administration put this decree together in 1997 that required the separation. he has to deal with that and deal with current law. he is doing the best he can by providing the department of defense facilities that will allow these families to stay together as long as possible and then he has directed the department of justice to try to fix this consent decree that was put together by the clinton administration. hopefully over time we can resolve this issue and hopefully congress will also pass something that will help. >> sandra: there is the president there yesterday holding up that executive order that he did sign. what effect will that have on the states that are on the front line of this crisis? >> i like that he is trying to balance this. i like the fact he is trying to
8:46 am
take care of these kids and by providing more facilities that helps us deal with the issue along our texas/mexico border. i like the fact he is doing that but like the fact he is not caving to this idea of open borders and creating incentive to cross the border and bring a child and have access to walk into the country. >> sandra: what will happen next? not a lot of optimism from republicans with the two votes happening on the house floor this afternoon and evening that something will actually pass. >>you know, it's frustrating. i know the president is probably frustrated by this as well. ultimately you will have to have some democratic support. i'm not sure they want to solve this problem. it was created in 1997 by this decree the clinton administration negotiated. the democrats have some responsibility here to try to help solve this problem. if they want to use it as an
8:47 am
election issue there may be no optimism and that's pretty sad. this effects these families and our safety and it affects all americans. >> sandra: based on everything you see being a border state and everything that you see down at the border and this is im-- immigration is your daily life, based on what you are seeing as far as the two bills put forward, do you like either of them? >> you know, i like the fact that they are working towards something. i think whatever they come up with i'm confident it is better than what we have. i don't know what the details will be or which one -- how they will be negotiated. i do know we need a change and immigration is broken and daca is broken and the issue with separation of families is a problem. but we also can never forget about protecting the citizens of my state and the rest of america. so i do like the fact that they're pushing forward something. what they come up with we'll have to see. >> sandra: the texas attorney general ken paxton.
8:48 am
thank you, sir. >> bill: "outnumbered" coming up next. great preview. >> happy friday. good to see you. we're awaiting that cabinet meeting and bring you the president's remarks as soon as we get them. immigration sure to be a big part of the conversation. as he pushes congress to act the day after he signed that executive order ending family separation at the border. >> it's thursday. >> no, it's not. >> don't we all that? lindsey graham demanding answers from the d.o.j. on conflicting statements from andrew mccabe and peter strzok saying one of them lied to investigators. whether we'll get answers. you don't take days off anymore. >> our #one lucky guy in the middle. "outnumbered." happy friday eve, bill. >> bill: thank you, see you
8:49 am
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>> bill: president trump -- some media outlets are still criticizing the president's daughter. fox news media analyst and host of media buzz. howie, what have you found and heard, and read about this? >> what i'm seeing is a pattern here of liberal pundits led by msnbc beating up on ivanka trump without criticizing her father. we now know she was not just pressing her father publicly she was bringing him pictures
8:53 am
of the kids at the border saying we have to do something about this. contributing to changing his mind and in other words, as she chose to engage if private persuasion rather than public virtue signaling. my sources say it reflects her style of trying to get action as opposed to joining the washington -- >> bill: this has become the go-to move for female pundits on the left. what is that about? >> there is a personal resentment that many of them have. they think ivanka trump who is not a political operative before is more socially moderate or liberal and agrees with them and they expect every time a controversy to come up for her to go public and rip her father. they will never be happy unless she does that. at the same time, bill, even after she certainly played a role and the president reversed course and changing his mind. they said she should quit a white house. i don't think she can keep critics happy here. >> bill: she played the behind
8:54 am
the scenes role we know of. quite clear. that was significant. we looked at triggers yesterday to figure out when the policy was changing. it was one of them. >> we didn't know this. the president later spoke about it. the question is would you rather, you know, grandstand and send out a bunch of tweets or get something done. everybody in trump world isn't following that ch. i talked to anthony scaramucci yesterday for an interview and part of what he had to say. >> there is a lot of gray in our society. this is a black and white issue for moms and dads. you don't want to look back on this in 10 years and say what were we doing? do you think americans look back on the japanese internment camps and say it was a great idea? give me a break. cut the nonsense. >> he is a trump loyalist but felt compelled to speak out and he also let the white house know his views.
8:55 am
>> bill: we'll see more of that on your show on sunday. have you seen the cover of "time" magazine? welcome to america. howie? >> you know, that picture of the 2-year-old honduran girl became the face of this crisis. the way in which it's transposed of trump staring down at her. that he doesn't care about children at all is very much in line with the series of anti-trump covers on "tim magazine. they aren't making any effort to hide disdain for the president. >> bill: you think about the ivanka situation. she was in the wheel house for mainstream media and yet is she a center right or center left during the campaign. but all that changed after she went to washington and i don't see it coming back. >> i understand she is a white
8:56 am
house senior advisor and fair game for criticism. just the personal nature of this criticism. her view is she didn't run for president and she won't get her father to change every position he campaigned on nor should she. she picks her spots, childcare, family leave, immigration, but she doesn't necessarily do it in front of the cameras or on twitter. >> bill: see you on sunday. thank you, sir. sandra. >> sandra: high stakes in the house. lawmakers voting on two immigration billtoday. will either of them cross the finish line? a live report from washington next.
8:57 am
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this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. >> sandra: this is video you s to believe it. here it is. a cop breaks a window. subaru outbreak with the bear's choice. there is a bear in the vehicle. the cop was so brave. look. he is trying to get the guy out. >> bill: then he runs. >> sandra: i would, too. would you not? >> bill: looking for food
9:00 am
between the seats in the subaru. >> sandra: this happened in connecticut as well. bears like to get in cars. >> bill: it's the food between the seats. >> sandra: thank you for joining us. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: fox news alert. we are awaiting remarks from president trump at the white house where he is hosting a cabinet meeting one day after signing that executive order ending the separation of the families accused of crossing the border illegally. he may also unveil proposal to merge the u.s. department of labor and education. keeping a campaign promise. it would be a step to shrink the federal government. we're watching it and we will bring you developments when we get them. another fox news alert now. democrats are slamming the president over that executive order on immigration which he signed yesterday. the president says he is keeping families together and cu


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