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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 21, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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idea. they are so saving their own asses they don't necessarily think of something like their voters. i don't know. we'll see you tomorrow. >> dana: hello, everyone. i'm dana perino along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, jesse water and are you going gutfeld. this i "the five." >> dana: several big developments on immigration. lawmakers rejecting a bill introduced by bob goodlatte. as for what's being called the compromise bill drafted by the republican leadership, the vote on that is being delayed until tomorrow to try to sure up more support. white house going after democrats after ending the controversial practice of separating migrant families. >> my administration is also
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acting swiftly to address the illegal immigration crisis on the southern border. loopholes in our immigration laws all supported by extremist open border democrats. people are suffering because of the democrats. so we have created and they have created and they have let it happen, a massive child smuggling industry. the worse everything looks, they think the better they are going to do with respect to the blue wave, which is turning out frankly to be a red wave if you look at the poll. the democrats are causing tremendous damage and destruction and lives by not doing something about this. and they know that. >> dana: the president reiterating that he doesn't want to separate children from their parents but is still sticking by his zero tolerance policy. >> if we took zero tolerance away, you would be overrun. you would have millions of people pouring through our border. if you took zero tolerance away, everybody would come
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right now they would be getting their little belongings, unfortunately, and they would be heading up. you would be -- you would have a run on this country the likes of which nobody has ever seen. >> dana: first lady melania trump making surprise visit to detention center housing migrant children along the border. her fashion choice seems to be overshadowing a trip. first lady wearing a jacket bearing the words i really don't care, do you? it's a jacket. there was no hidden message. having lived through mission accomplished for many years, i am sympathetic. obviously was not intended to show any sort of message. but back to the important thing at hand. kimberly the republicans said we don't have enough support for these bills. we have to stop and figure out a way to do it. meeting right now behind closed doors. this is the third behind closed doors meeting they have had on this week.
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what do you think will happen and will that vote get enough -- that vote get enough support tomorrow? >> i think, look, obviously i'm for behind close the doors meeting. hopefully they are working on it and building some coalition there. getting consensus to move. obviously they can tell that the american people want some resolution of this. the president would like something to come forward. however, i think it might be a little bit of a struggle because there is some prettiy, you know, differing opinions and viewpoints and he also has his base he is thinking about. he has, obviously, this issue tremendous amount of political attention. you have got midterm elections coming up. he campaigned on getting things done and making sure that he was going to make positive changes. he is somebody who is very good at getting deals done. i'm optimistic he is going to get involved in this and try very hard to push on it. he has got to get the votes. right now they don't have them, but it doesn't mean that they won't get them. as for the fashion statement, i mean, it's a jacket. let's relax. >deign daytonfact is that true
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conservative bill passed today. the president supported both bills. now that that one has failed. if it's possible i am for this bill i will give you cover on this bill you should vote for it will pass. >> jesse: the president can only do so much with the house. the dirty little secret is is -- a lot of power over republicans. we are not going to get any help from the democrats at all. there is no consensus and nothing ever going to be done on immigration. i don't even think after the mid terms it's ever going to get done. the democrats when they had a super juvenile court under barack obama they did nothing on immigration. the democrats just want to blame republicans for the issue and score political point, i don't think this whole separating families thing is a big winner for the democrats i think they have overplayed their hands. exposed themselves as complete open borders advocates the president shut the deal down. keeping families together now they are complaining they are abusing children.
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melania goes down and now they're complaining about the jacket. you are never going to get a win on this issue. a normal issue like gas prices. healthcare jobs, those are the things that actually effect the lives of everyday americans. yes, migrant families will tug at your heart strings and makes you feel bad and want to find a solution. it's not going to be a driving issue for regular voters in the midterm elections. >> dana: greg, i had congressman burgess on the 2:00 show today. >> good for you. >> dana: i'm getting to a point. a texas congressman, he is a doctor. is he a conservative guy. he wanted dakota bills to pass. he is on something called the immigration reform caucus. i said in the caucus do you actually have democrats willing to come to the table on this? he said no. that he has tried talking to them and he can't get anywhere. he does think they just want to be obstructionist. >> gregg: i don't think it's about the kids. it's always going to be about trump. this is about 2016 and it's
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about 2018 and 2020. it's about elections we know what trump does will never be enough. it will be seen as even left humane as it was before. the liberal opinion is this. if you split up families you are a nazi whether the family is pretend or not you are a nazi. if you keep them together you are worse than a nazi. they actually have no solution. liberals become paralyzed when faced with having to solve a problem. media puts notion before facts so they contribute to it. so now you are having critics of trump actually arguing against their own wishes okay, we are going to keep the families together or pseudo families together or whatever you should be happened that they are now detained. that's awful. i have to give credit to cnn because i always bash cnn. i said yesterday that a lot of these problems existed under obama and they were really really bad problems but the media never talks about it. finally i think it was senator -- i can't remember the name of the senator
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baldwin. brook baldwin asked a very simple question. can we throw that? >> dana: absolutely is a here is a question for democrats. so many people outraged by thermal blankets and facilities housing kids they were all there in 2014 under president obama. my question to you, senator baldwin, is did you speak up against them then? >> you know, on this issue that we get into a moment where we are making progress and then when it stalls, we turn around. i think we all need to continue to be focused on it and press it through. >> greg: she just exposed. >> jesse: was that english? i didn't understand a word she said. >> greg: they didn't care before. >> dana: chuck schumer has voted for wall funding before. a lot of the money that's being talked about before in the current bill under consideration is $25 billion. not necessary for all new
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wall. a lot of it is to shore up and to approve parts of the wall that we already have. he says now he can't support it. >> jesse: right. remember, there was a deal between democrats and the president. the president was the one who backed out of that deal a long time ago. so i think to the contrary, what greg was saying, i think you have a situation where you have evidence here, republicans have the majority in the house. republicans have the majority in the senate. and what you have is fights among republicans that are continuing to paralyze their ability to pass any legislation. i think that's what we are seeing at large today. republicans can't get it together they have people literally fighting on the house floor. congressman mark meadow of the freedom caucus going face-to-face, pointing, moving away, coming back to fight with the speaker. >> dana: he said he was just being passionate. >> yeah, right. what you have here is a situation where the president, i think, contrary to what i'm hearing here is, the president likes the idea of saying it's the democrats' fault. remember, the president said this is the law. i can't do anything about it. it's up to the congress.
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then he turns tail and signs executive order and, guess what? undoes it. so he refers. >> jesse: everything obama did was executive orders and trump just got rid of them. that's why have you congress take care of immigration law. >> juan: if you don't let me talk i guess you don't have a show. i can't do anything about it. he is the one changes course. he is back last night in minnesota to demonize not only the democrats but the immigrants again. i'm strong, i'm going to enforce these borders. these people will run over the border. what is he talking about? does anyone say mr. president, stop lying? >> dana: here is the thing, kimberly, regardless what happens on this particular bill tomorrow. it still has to pass the senate. this issue is not going away. it fuels a lot of passion and people feel really strongly about it on all sides. what do you think is the strategy to actually try to solve the problem and not deal with the politics of
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this? both sides are playing it. >> kimberly: of course they are, right? that's an honest statement and a reflection of what's going on. nevertheless, do i believe that the president does want to do something about this. he likes to see things and say there is a problem here i'm the guy who is going to fix it. is it going to be an executive order that can be undone? yes. he's at a rally. is he not demonizing. let's not sugar coat the issue you are not supposed to break the law and come into the country illegally. nonetheless we have to deal with this issue and children coming over in a compassionate way but still enforce the law. this nation, this country has a right to have its laws upheld and have them okayed and there is policies and procedures in place. we welcome immigrants. all of us have background as immigrants and family members that have come over here, great. god bless. okay? we embrace people. this is a country that is very humanitarian. this is a president who cares deeply about families
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and about children. he has proved that over and over again. give him the opportunity to fix it. >> dana: solemn responsibility is protection of the country. >> juan: not supposed to go around calling people infestation, criminals, animals, rapists. >> greg: peter fonda, you thought he just misused some words. >> juan: you are the one that says don't take trump's word so seriously. look at his actions here, greg. his actions are just horrific. that's why americans are saying. >> kimberly: he just fixed the issue. he just fixed the issue. >> greg: now they're putting together. they are, detained together yet that's horrific. what's interesting the irony here it took donald trump for these hypocrites to finally act or pretend to act. if they had another four years of a liberal president or a democrat, the scandals of unaccompanied minors would have continued. just the way it did under obama. but now they care. why? because there is a
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republican. and it wouldn't matter if it's trump. if it was marco rubio, if it was jeb bush, they would still be demobbizing. it's not the same. they are not politicizing it it's on the same level. so out of proportion on the left's side because they have egg northward the suffering of children for so long until now. but they don't care about chicago. they care about 2000 kids. we care about 2,000 kids. we care about all the kids. pro-lifers care about all the kids, juan, can you shake your head. >> juan: so absurd. you know. >> greg: donate to planned parenthood. gut. >> juan: you have a situation where the president is the one who put in the policy u first, it was the dreamers. remember he undid the dreamers. changed the policy with regard to separating children from parents and you act like oh, it's the democrats. these are actions taken by president trump. >> greg: read "the washington post" from 2016 about the children that were abused that were let in under under obama.
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>> juan: the policy. >> kimberly: selective. >> jesse: policy is catch and release, juan. that's what attracts all of this migration. and when you get rid of catch and release, you have a zero tolerance policy. >> juan: like trump saying everybody is going to rush over the border. >> jesse: if you build a wall and don't do the catch and release, then that's why have you border security. >> greg: senator rob portman exposed this in 2016. >> juan: oh, yeah. >> kimberly: if the democrats take over congress, are they going to be able to solve this issue? >> juan: i hope so. because one of the realities here. >> kimberly: they didn't do it before when they had control of both they didn't do anything after obama. >> juan: what are you talking about it was under president bush in 2006 that republicans defeated attempt at comprehensive immigration reform. >> kimberly: oh, no. >> jesse: bottom line, you don't want border security. bottom line. >> greg: it doesn't matter. >> jesse: you want open borders, juan, admit it. >> juan: can i say horrible things. >> jesse: that's not horrible that's a policy
2:14 pm
difference. >> juan: that's knot true that's why i say it's horrible. here is the reality. >> jesse: that's the relation. >> juan: not crossing any border by foot. >> jesse: juan, you have t.s.a. at the airport open border on the south doesn't make sense. >> juan: i don't want any open border. this is all about political. >> greg: this is great tv. keep it going. people love this stuff. >> dana: wait. president trump slams democratic elitism remarks a little bit more than that. next. ♪ i'll be your strong and steady ♪ you be my glass of wine ♪ i'll be your shot of whiskey ♪ ♪ coming, flo! why aren't we taking roads?! flo. [ horn honking ] -oh. you made it. do you have change for a dollar? -this was the emergency? [ engine revving ] yes, i was busy! -24-hour roadside assistance. from america's number-one motorcycle insurer.
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>> was that a man or a woman? because he needs a hair cut more than i do. i couldn't tell. he needs a hair cut. >> greg: that's our donald. last night's rally was nothing new. the crowd loferred him. the people who already hate him will just hate him more. the media pats itself on the head for not covering it while secretly watching fox news too bad they totally missed an opportunity to call him hitler. so for the bias elm paire impaid here is news. he got remains of 200 u.s. soldiers back from north
2:19 pm
korea week after issue was raise. record low unemployment. helping women and men. our g.d.p. climbs higher. so, if he a monster, he might be the worst monster ever. meaning not a monster at all. that's why optimism is high. 95% of manufacturers have a positive company outlook. it's good news. even if the elites deny it. and about those elites. >> do you ever notice they always call the other side, the elite. the elite. why are they elite? i have a much better apartment than they do. [laughter] [cheers and applause] i'm smarter than they are. i'm richer than they are. i became president and they didn't. [cheers and applause] and i'm representing the
2:20 pm
greatest, smartest, most loyal, best people on earth, the deplorables. remember that? >> greg: that's key. brag something never appealing but is he not wrong. that by wealth he is an elitist, yet, he is still embraced by working classes. no wonder the deniros, upon does all unralph, trump is richer than them all but closer to the street than they are. how can that be? the answer is he makes promises and fights to keep them. besides for you deplorables at the rally the outrage celebrity class will always deem you to be the uncool kids. trump defends you against the jerks. it's not about wealth or apartments. it's about speaking up for people that the media celebrity complex snickers at. and it's why when everything seems to be working out those snickers seem truly from mars. [laughter] did you like that, dana? >> dana: yeah and a milky way. >> greg: do you like those puns. is donald trump a bit like
2:21 pm
your rich uncle telling -- why can't your buddy get a hair cut? >> dana: i grew up in wyoming where tight short hair cut. my aunt donna is the one who does the haircuts in the kitchen every couple weeks there. you know what i was thinking about today. i was trying to think one other person who had this ability someone who was successful, wealthy, celebrity. still considered blue collar. >> greg: me. >> dana: i came up with clinton eastwood. i think it's partly because of the art that he chose. the way he chose to -- the movies he directed. you how he acted and things he did. there is not many others. >> greg: he speaks the language, jesse. it's like but i want to go back to the hair cut thing. >> jesse: sure. >> greg: i believe the hair cut thing is being presentable for a job. that's how a salesman like get a hair cut, jesse. >> jesse: clean it up, watters. he is also a man's man. you speak about these man buns and you can mock a man bun now.
2:22 pm
>> kimberly: greg does. >> jesse: still can do that people are afraid to talk about other people's appearance because they may be accused of being insensitive. donald trump has never been afraid of being called insensitive. like the common man for a free reasons. he has dealt with contractors all my life. can i smell a contractor. it's true. as a real estate developer you deal with the pipe fitters, the masons, the electrical engineers and he is great at that. he also eats fast food. not for a photo op. because he actually likes it. >> kimberly: is he like us. jess in a brash style that connects with the average american. to be honest, is he that aspirational celebrity. for many generations people in the rest of the country looked up to donald trump. they like the women he was around. they liked the planes. they liked the style. they liked the jets. if you want to become rich in america, you you wanted to be like donald trump. let's not forget before he ran for president athletes wanted to live in trump tower. all the real estate guys they wanted some, you know,
2:23 pm
tee times at his golf clubs. >> greg: most cited celebrity in rap music. jess any wanted a piece of action. this guy was it. the minute he runs for president he is hitler. >> greg: this trump deals with masons not free mason. like the elite establishment vs. the every day man. >> dana: my grandfather on my mom's side. rawlings, wyoming. >> greg: juan, i know you loved that rally. you recorded it and played it five times. >> juan: the question is the apartment. his apartment is better than their apartment. not only better, smarter, better apartment. oh my god you think about a petty person makes everything about him. >> greg: is he being funny. >> juan: i don't think he is being funny, that's him. i got a better apartment so how come i'm not elite? >> kimberly: you take
2:24 pm
everything so literally. >> juan: he was trying to say that he -- he could be in that group but you love me and i love you. that's what i got out of it. >> juan: no, no, no. i will tell what you it was. >> greg: it wasn't insulting to anybody. >> juan: worthy of mockery. my apartment is bigger than yours, my button is bigger than yours. this is how he talks. how he relates to people these other celebrities don't have the support of the working man. let me just tell you something, i'm not sure he has the support of the working man on separating children from parents. i don't think he has the support of the working man. what he does is. >> greg: he brought them together now. >> juan: hot button issues and fear. you can hate hillary clinton. he had the crowd last night chanting lock her up. he can say things like go home to your mom to this guy. why don't you get a hair cut. i don't know if that's a man or a woman. >> greg: that's a terrible impression, juan. >> juan: he hates on clinton. he hates on everybody then
2:25 pm
he says, you know what? maybe whose hispanics, they are terrible, too. >> greg: what's that been hispanics? i missed that i think he meant ms-13. >> greg: his appeal is based on hateful language and he appeals to the worse. >> greg: so we're all bad people. kimberly? >> kimberly: i think america is great. i think the president was saying that last night what an incredible country and supporters and trying to do something. he has actually followed through and had tremendous accomplishments like we reiterated numerous times on this show. i don't know, for myself in terms of as a puerto rican woman and looking at other minorities. quite pleased the numbers are going up in terms of their favorability about the president, yes. and you see key numbers going down, unemployment. why wouldn't somebody be happy about that? lower unemployment for women, for minorities. for hispanics, for blacks. isis gone. we have got record job numbers. >> jesse: kimberly's apartment is better than
2:26 pm
yours. >> juan: i bet it is. he not only was attacking pelosi and clinton. he then goes after john mccain. >> jesse: did you watch the rally, juan. >> juan: i can read. >> greg: will president presidet trump's booming economy spell bad news for nancy pelosi and company come november? that's straight ahead. ♪ call one today. are you in good hands?
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♪ money, money, money. >> kimberly: while the left rages about immigration. president trump is touting the economy. unemploymenon the heels of the m the president is urging voters to back g.o.p. cap democrats in november or else. >> we need more puck republicans. we got to get out there in the midterm. we have got to get more
2:31 pm
republicans. we have got to get more republicans. [cheers] >> a vote for a democrat for congress is really a vote for nancy pelosi and her radical agenda. [crowd boos] >> they want to put on more regulations and take back your tax cuts which are massive. they want to take them back and raise the hell out of your taxes and the whole thing will go boom. >> kimberly: can't call greg. is he nervous right now. >> dana: certainly like even three months ago the democrats looked to be in a much better position for the midterm elections. that has pretty much been erased. new poll today, i can't remember which poll it was. it was legit one showing the congressional ballot now just 6 points where it was 15 points for democrats in march. something is happening there. something that the republicans should be concerned about. one is that i just watched an ad by mj hager, a democrat running against a congressman incumbent congressman in texas. it is run of the best ads i have ever seen not a
2:32 pm
progressive. she is a learn. she took on the defense department for women in combat. she is now running against a congressman, her congressman who said they didn't want to meet with her because she was not a donor. so, they are not like running on really progressive issues in some of these competitive districts. the democrats have been really smart on that. the other thing that i think is interesting. a new pew poll that also was today republicans trusted on the economy by plus 9 over democrats. so that's really good. only plus 1 on trade. i think that's what's happening. but what are people talking about today this past week and who knows what we will talk about next week? immigration. i was really surprised by this number that democrats have a 14-point advantage over republicans on immigration. and i was really surprised about that. >> kimberly: what do you think about that number, jesse? that's double digits, right? it's not something that can't be turned around. >> jesse: maybe that's depressed conservatives that the wall hasn't been built
2:33 pm
fast enough. you could see that obviously. and on another note, the economy if you have a good committee in a midterm election it's going to help you. a lot of rejections that you have seen i think it was 2010 with barack obama. that was a huge rejection of obamacare. or in 2006, when the democrats swept in under president bush that was a rejection of all those scandals, you know, foley and all that stuff. and a little bit of the iraq war. i don't see an issue right now in the country where the republicans have overreached or blown it or done something so awful that the rest of the country has to say smack you in the face and we need the democrats to come in and take over. with the roaring economy and record-breaking consumer confidence. and safety. i mean, isis has been defeated. people feel safe. and the republicans are evaluated very highly on national security. safety and prosperity, i think, are really going to help republicans in november. >> kimberly: all right.
2:34 pm
greg. do you want to talk about this. or you saw what the block was going to be about. >> greg: for jesse's point for 18 months they have been trying to find that one issue. when you decided that donald trump was satan on the very first day he was president, you run the risk of running satan fatigue. so that's why a lot of this stuff isn't sticking anymore. it's amazing to watch the left. you know, immerse in all this good news. they are like gold panners in 184 with the little pan. they are trying to find that one nugget of bad news. it's in here somewhere that shows -- the prospectors. i think i have got some bad news here and the worst thing is their confirmation bias is running out of confirmation. all they have is their bias which is going to leave to cognitive dissidence pointing up to where they are calling everybody nazis and going after trump's kids. you are witnessing full grade hysteria. >> kimberly: juan? >> juan: it's hard to know where to start because the
2:35 pm
conversation has gone off the rails. it was the republicans who thought that the economy was really going to be their key message for the mid terms and have found so far in all this special elections and even gubernatorial elections, senate elections it hasn't worked. why? because last night in minnesota. here he is talking about trade, but, guess what? a place like duluth, they are going to lose about 1800 jobs, i should say, because of trade wars with, guess who? canada, their neighbor to the north. you look at the stock market, the stock market lost all of its gains i think on tuesday. >> kimberly: not true. >> juan: for the years. it went backwards. average tax cut for the person in minnesota. $700 tax cut. >> greg: crumbs. >> juan: not had the kind of impact. finally you have deficits. deficits that republicans used to say. >> greg: democrats care about deficits, everyone. here is a nugget. >> juan: it doesn't matter. >> kimberly: okay. what can i say? jimmy fallon is still
2:36 pm
apologizing year and a half later for his funny 2016 interview with donald trump. what he is saying now straight ahead ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ what about us ♪ what about all the times you said you had the answers ♪ what about us ♪ >> juan: welcome back. remember this tenth show moment when then candidate trump paid a hair-raising visit to jimmy fallon. >> go ahead. [cheers] >> yes! >> juan: well, apparently the late night comedian isn't laughing about the backlash from that famous interview. the funny man opening up about his personal pain from the fallout. >> i did not do it to normalize him or say i believed in his political
2:41 pm
beliefs. it was definite a down time. i made a mistake. i'm sorry if i made anyone mad. looking back, i would do it differently. >> juan: sometimes in the breaks we hear things. dana, what do you think? >> dana: one of the most funny moments in television history. people love politics and entertainment. president trump was letting himself be vulnerable and have fun and somebody like invade his personal space. jim any fallon is hilarious. his apology reminds me of jack dorsey of twitter apologizing for eating at chick-fil-a and saying he liked it. where is the courage remember if it wasn't for the starch in your shirt there would be nothing holding you up. >> juan: kimberly, now part of the problem stephen colbert beats fallon regularly. >> greg: in ratings. >> juan: and fallon identifies this moment as the one in which people just said, you know, we don't like it. in fact, it looks like people who are strongly
2:42 pm
anti-trump are the ones who have had the ratings. >> kimberly: this is pathetic super snowflakey. why is he apole guising about this? i thought that was good tv, funny, he has been telling everybody that's his hair that it's real. >> dana: he got the scoop. >> kimberly: he got the scoop. why not? the president was good-natured and fun about it. this is the world is getting ridiculous or more ridiculous. >> juan: go to exactly what jimmy fallon said people think he normalized trump but he doesn't share president trump's political beliefs and he wasn't trying to normalize. >> jesse: more important to hate trump than be funny in hollywood and that's sad. jimmy is probably the most talented late night guy. is he probably the whittiest and smartest and i look forward to doing his show one day. >> kimberly: i knew it. >> jesse: in all seriousness, there is show business and there is politics. this is not meet the press. trump went on there. he knew he wasn't going to
2:43 pm
get grilled. fallon knew he was going to have fun and that's fine. it's okay to do it. >> jesse: i could have hillary on my show and i could tussle her hair and make jokes. >> kimberly: please don't. >> jesse: grill her about benghazi and she would give me boring canned answers. sometimes you just do what is right. >> juan: i think it was bill clinton on arsenio hall. why playing the sax there or think about some of the interviews anthony bore dean having beers in vietnam with obama. oh, gosh, you know, or going hunting with the guy. >> kimberly: bear grilled. the conservatives went nuts. oh, no. this guy is using media. remember that? >> greg: i wasn't part of that. anyway, it's kind of sad in hollywood. politics just isn't personal. it's also a survival mechanism and that's what he is figuring out. the phrase that is being overused these days is normalized. people say that a lot you can't normalize x or why. normalizing trump as if he is polio or he is murder.
2:44 pm
it was cowardly and sad. i really like jimmy fallline. that was probably the lowest point that his life has been in. >> kimberly: i think so. >> greg: he is pretty wild. >> kimberly: he used to have -- >> greg: how sad. get him a therapy llama. >> juan: lalatte liberal a jab or evidence to back it up in the evidence ahead on "the five." liberty mutual accident forgiveness
2:45 pm
means they won't hike your rates over one mistake. see, liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident.
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>> jesse: turns out the phrase latte liberal is based in reality. study finds that liberals drink more lalt at as than conservatives. it's all because of the drink's italian heritage. liberals are more open to foreign products and globalization while conservatives embrace products perceived to be made in america. >> kimberly: like the big mac. kimberly, also interesting they say for fast food liberals prefer chipotle and panera. conservatives prefer sonic and hardee. what do you make of that. >> kimberly: that's funny.
2:49 pm
maybe there is science they take random surveys. i know greg used to eat chipotle until he became deadly ill. >> greg: i don't think i was the only one who became deathly ill. conservatives don't take risk. at my age mixing motorcycle with coffee is a risk. and i also want to add coffee should only be taken black. it's not coffee if you put motorcycle or sugar in it then that's a kid's drink. >> jesse: you are a manly man. that is the only manly thing do you. >> greg: there is nothing better than black coffee. >> jesse: now i feel -- because i drink it with milk and sugar. >> dana: you are getting a little soft thieves days. jeffs jis i know. beers prefer line kin and guinness. conservatives budweiser and miller. >> dana: i'm a coors girl and keystone light. i don't know if they still make that we sure like that. >> jesse: that's cheap beer, dana. in terms of activities,
2:50 pm
juan, liberals do yoga and martial arts conservatives archery and woodworking. i do neither of those. but go ahead. >> juan: i think, you know, everybody seems to like coffee, period. both sides. so, what struck me is the commonality that hey, there is something everybody likes. >> dana: we could have a coffee summit. >> jesse: at starbucks. >> juan: the other point of it was even with lattes, it's better for the american economy because it benefits the dairy industry and i didn't realize, this they said coffee beans are grown in several american states. if you go to hawaii, puerto rico, california, coffee beans. >> jesse: reigle by being called a weakling by drinking coffee with motorcycle anmilkand sugar. also, smart phones, liberals prefer the iphone. conservatives samsung.
2:51 pm
now, i just don't know what the deal is with that. >> kimberly: i'm going to say -- >> greg: i'm going to call bologna on this whole thing. >> dana: i actually think this is true. i do have an iphone. i think a lot of -- it's almost like conservatives don't like the herd mentality so much. i'm going to get hate mail on that. apple became such an icon of liberalness. so then they went with the samsung. wars between people have iphones or samsungs, they are real. >> greg: the reason call bologna i don't think politics has anything to do with it. >> juan: cohort of liberals much longer. cohorts of conservatives much older. >> greg: true. >> jesse: jess. >> juan: older end has more gloivel income than the younger. >> jesse: i think conservatives have more disposable income because we are smarter with money. one more thing is up next. ♪
2:52 pm
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2:56 pm
allowed to do that since 1979. iran lost to spain 0-1. not a high scoring game. women still celebrated. many hope this will lead to permanently reversing their ban. glad to see them get to go. >> greg: did trump have anything to do with that. >> dana: i'm sure he did. juan? >> juan: big news from new zealand. the prime minister had a baby today. that's right. lucinda had a baby girl. only second world leader to give birth while in office. the first pakistan's ben deer beauty toe in 1990. interesting twist of fate today is also beaut a partner tv news presenters plans to be a stay at home dad. one tv commentator said it was historic moment birth shows that pregnant women can do their jobs. taking a six week maternity leave. congratulations to all. >> dana: all right. jesse. >> jesse: i would like to wish steven watters, my
2:57 pm
father, a very happy 70th birthday. >> kimberly: happy birthday. >> dana: happy birthday, dad. >> jesse: there is dear old dad. look how dapper he was. now everybody knows where i get it from. all-american lacrosse player very cold there in his shadow growing up. there he is with my mom taking a selfie. probably the first selfie ever back in the 60's. now he has a huge beard. never seen him without a beard. i have no idea what he looks like. there he is with ann watters mom text as we know her. happy birthday, i love you very much. congratulations. >> dana: how sweet. >> kimberly: happy birthday, to you. i love nostalgic things parents and sons. this is father and son cop duo there is a photo we can show you so adorable. so this is a 20-year-old photo. and what happened is the 1998 photo shows officer andy golden and his son michael inside the police cruiser. you fast forward to the photo taken this past
2:58 pm
father's day shows him seated in the same position but at 6'7". can you imagine? the father and son police officers. >> greg: don't try that at home. >> kimberly: a hard squeeze. while they are not partners, i had son followed his footsteps into law enforcement which is incredible at the auburn police department. it's cute because the original caption said when i get bigger i'm going to be my dad's partner and catch bad guys and burglars. isn't that cute? >> jesse: very cool. >> dana: at that height he will probably have an advantage. >> kimberly: i think it's ajordannable. greg, are you jealous. >> greg: i wish i had a one more thing about world leader having a baby. instead i have gifts from the legendary band, the misfits. big fans "the five." so everybody gets a misfit shirt. i know you love. >> jesse: i don't know them. >> greg: from new jersey. his mom is a dedicated
2:59 pm
watcher. >> dana: i have never worn anything like this. >> greg: i can't wait to see dana in a misfit t-shirt. >> greg: i have a second one more thing. let's go to it. >> kimberly: of course do you, diva. >> greg: greg's breaking wind news. not breaking news, breaking wind news. this is the greatest video of all time. a giant gust of wind in commerce city, colorado, set a porta potty into the sky. look at. that is like a time machine. is it empty? dr. who. it's a flies in the air. and anyway, no one was hurt. we always have to say that. >> dana: i grew up not far from there in the summertime in the afternoon winds do pick up a lot of tornado warnings. >> juan: like dorothy. >> jesse: jess. >> greg: a cheap version of the wizard of oz. >> dana: wonder where that outhouse landed.
3:00 pm
that was a great show, everybody. thank you so much. gut did you everybody wear your shirts. >> dana: i will wear my shirt in private. set your dva and never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. hey, john u. >> jon: president trump says democrats are creating a massive child smuggling industry and a supreme court ruling could make your online shopping more expensive. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> jon: good evening. i'm john roberts in for bret brt baier tonight. desperate to come up with solution immigration crisis that threatens majorities in the midterm elections have already shot down one legislative fix and postponed the vote on another until tomorrow. all this comes amid out uproar over the treatment of children whose parents tried to cross the border into the country illegally


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