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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 22, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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claimed her car was stolen but deputies say she was left after a liquor run. she was arrested and charged with child neglect. don't leave your kids in the car. that wraps up "fox and friends first" but "fox and friends first" continues, have a great weekend, goodbye. >> he can cut through all of the noise, all of the back and forth. >> he told me never settle for what you think you know. you are so hungry for all the facts, be just as hungry for the search for the truth. >> one of the gifts of 20 years was to become his friend. such a powerful intellect and a sweet and wonderful man all the time i was with him.
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>> this is a fox news alert. we remember beloved fox news commentator charles krauthammer who passed away after a long fight with cancer. >> fox news commentator charles krauthammer inspired millions over 68 years. bret baer shares his emotional tribute to his friend. >> it is my job. >> charles krauthammer, columnist, author and fox news commentator lived his life telling others exactly what he thought. >> you are betraying your whole life if you don't say what you think and say it honestly and bluntly. >> that quality brought charles to fox news channel during brit hume's tenure as anchor. >> this is not a potential tv star. he became a huge star on this channel and it was the sheer
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force of his intellect and power of his thinking. on top of that there was a gentleness about him. if he disagreed with you you never felt attacked, he just disagreed with you. >> he was always the leader because of his delivery, his intellect. >> reporter: stage manager mary dan are was on set with charles every night for years. >> an ongoing joke that bret baer has a signal that people need to wrap up, puts his arm out and charles was on the show forever and we always left. he had something to say he was going to say it. >> reporter: born in 1950s to new york to jewish parents who left world war ii era europe charles's father raised his son to value the pursuit of knowledge. >> i want you to know everything, i want you to learn
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everything, you don't have to do everything, you have to know everything, that was part of life. >> the family lived in montréal and summit in long beach, new york. >> a different childhood, he always insisted i be included so i got used to being around the big boys, and that is how you get toughened up. >> is a senior at mcgill university became captivated by political journalism and applied to medical school to appease his family and was accepted to harvard but he put off attending and enrolled in oxford instead. it was there that he met fellow student from australia robin who would later become his wife, charles reversed course and headed back to the us to attend harvard. >> watches psychiatry? >> i was looking for something halfway between the reality of medicine and the elegance of philosophy and psychiatry was the obvious thing.
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>> reporter: it was there that one unexpected moment, a tragic diving accident changed charles's life forever. >> it just hit at the precise angle that all force was transmitted to one spot and that is the cervical vertebra that severed the spinal cord. >> when did you realize the accident was life altering? >> the second it happened. >> reporter: despite his permanent paralysis charles astounded his professors and classmates by graduating on time near the top of his class was ultimately decided the field wasn't for him, the career reversal he joked about on fox decades later. >> i'm a psychiatrist in remission, haven't had a relapse in 25 years. >> reporter: in 1978 he headed to washington dc for government job. >> washington is where they do politics. >> robin encouraged him to follow his dreams and he soon landed at the left leaning new republic magazine is the reagan
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administration took office. he found himself agreeing with the new president and questioning his own feelings about the democratic party. >> the reagan policy. >> months after reagan's reelection krauthammer penned the phrase the reagan doctrine in a provocative time magazine column in the name stuck. >> he created the reagan doctrine, charles put together a piece, i have read it many times and it holds up so well. charles discovered there really was a lot to reagan. >> reporter: it would take years before charles embraced domestic conservative ideas. >> took me a decade. i was skeptical of small government and tax cuts but by the end of the 80s i had a chance. >> reporter: his son daniel was born in 1985 and charles won the biggest honor in journalism, the
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pulitzer prize. it was the events of september 11, 2001, that brought a more forceful tone to his commentary and a regular spot on special report. over the years charles became a not ian's favorite. >> to lose the war because we refuse to recognize who the enemy is and what it requires. the morning is over, the shiver is done and if you are a conservative you should be optimistic. it will snow in hell before the doj -- we all expect it didn't happen. >> reporter: despite his accomplishments, awards and high profile endorsements krauthammer was always humble and at times uneasy with the influences words held. >> i think about it and find it worrisome. the reason is what i was totally
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unknown i could say anything i pleased. >> reporter: that included when his opinions reached pres.s. >> charles krauthammer's post. >> when you get praise from president clinton and you are from my side of the aisle that means my career is done. >> reporter: krauthammer's highest standards for political leaders were bipartisan. >> i think he has done everything wrong. >> reporter: to donald trump. >> the strongest field of republican candidates in 35 years, you could pick a dozen of them at random, the strongest cabinet america has had in our lifetime and instead all our time has been discussing this rodeo clown. i don't think i ever heard such a stream of disconnected ideas since i quit psychiatry 30 years ago. >> charles krauthammer is a highly overrated pundit, wrong on so many things.
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>> charles krauthammer who by the way put his first money on. >> i saw that, couldn't believe it. >> reporter: in recent years as republican administration took office charles didn't shy away from his trademark blend, unabashedly critical analysis of donald trump. >> presidents don't talk like this, they never have. this is what it sounds like when you live in a banana republic. >> other laws aside from politics, he played chess and was an avid baseball fan. >> i grew up playing the game. >> loved nothing more than seeing the washington nationals play and win. >> with the white house on fire, congress in chaos, the world going to hell in a hand basket we need happy news like this. this is why god created baseball late on the sixth day. >> friends remember that quick wit and charles's love for
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talking to anyone. >> they were always in our of charles and very apprehensive about approaching him and i would always say please say something to him. he was so friendly to everyone. >> in 2013 krauthammer released a book, things that matter, summing up the survivor spirit that guided much of his life writing, quote, the catastrophe that awaits everyone from of single false move, wrong turn, fatal encounter, every life has such a moment, what distinguishes us is whether and how we ever come back. >> there low point. do you want it enough and are you lucky enough? >> reporter: in the june krauthammer announced he had been diagnosed with cancer and doctors a given him just weeks to live, writing i leave this life with no regrets. it was a wonderful life, full and complete with the great loves and great endeavors that make it worth living.
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i am sad to leave but i live with the knowledge that i lived the life that i intended. >> we ever stop writing? >> know. i intend to die at my desk. i would like to. i am not sure i can arrange it. >> reporter: charles krauthammer was 68 years old. >> touching the lives of so many across the nation including at fox news. >> ceo suzanne scott issuing a statement, quote, we are deeply saddened by the loss of our colleague and friend, a gifted doctor and brilliant political commentator. >> charles was a guiding voice at fox news and we were fortunate to showcase his talent on our programs. he was an inspiration to all of us and will be greatly missed. our thoughts and prayers with robin and his son daniel. >> the statement you heard from
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bret baer on june 8th, i tweeted something, he was a man i never had the pleasure of meeting but someone i deeply admired and that sentiment is shared by so many people because i got a huge reaction of so many across the nation say i always admired him, how a man can do that much. >> so many across the political divide, we live in such polarized times where a civil voice is so needed, he was that voice, an individual who started in the democratic party, transition to the republican and so respected by so many. jillian: captivating, kind, humble and inspirational and the treasure, a few words many have used to describe him. charles krauthammer, long time fox news contributor, harvard trained psychiatrist and best-selling author, has died at the age of 68, he is survived by his wife robin. ♪
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>> a big surprise at the southern border, milania trump. >> he made an unannounced visit to a detention center in texas is immigration take center stage in the house. >> griff jenkins has the latest. >> reporter: despite the bad weather, terrible storms, first lady making a visit inside the shelter meeting with staff and the children accompanied by hhs sec. she had this to say. >> we all know they are having to fair without their families, thank you for your kind work and
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kindness. >> reporter: the weather kept her from making a second stop visiting with border patrol but we were able to see the flag the children made for the first lady and the ceo at the shelter. take a listen. >> wanted to learn about the shelter but more important she wanted to spend time with the children. >> the joy on the children's faces, you can see the joy on mrs. trump's face and it was very obvious to me some real connections were made. >> the visit comes with 20,000 children housed in military bases in arkansas and texas and democrats like chuck schumer question the move. >> the department of defense was asked if it could house 20,000
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unaccompanied children by the end of the year. donald trump hasn't taken care of the problem by any stretch of the imagination. >> reporter: interestingly under the obama administration they had the same thing. the house gop shelving the immigration compromise bill, they will try again next week. >> a convicted cop killer will soon walk free after serving 44 years behind bars, according to the new york post he could be released as early as july 24th, shot and killed sidney thompson in 1973, the officer and father of two trying to arrest him for jumping a turnstile, thompson's widow says she is heartbroken thank my husband was killed for $.15, this comes two months
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after another cop killer got parole in new york, both members of the black liberation army. >> one of the men behind the attacks that terrorized dc, lee boyd serving life in prison for his role in the attack that killed 10 people. because he was 17 at the time his sentence will be reconsidered since the supreme court ruling found mandatory life sentences for juveniles are unconstitutional. his older accomplice john allen mohammed was executed in 2009. >> the first lady starting a firestorm over that jacket but is the left missing the real message? jillian: live outside the fox news studio, lynyrd skynyrd, the american summer concert series, coming great back. ♪
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jillian: we are remembering the beloved and brilliant fox news commentator charles krauthammer who passed away after a long battle with cancer. >> carly shimkus has those paying tribute to his life. >> his former editor once said if you read one of his columns and still disagree with him when you are through then you know you have a really good argument which is so true. everybody stopped when he spoke
2:23 am
because people knew they would walk away with something they hadn't thought about themselves which is why tributes are pouring in on social media. paul ryan took a moment to honor his memory saying charles krauthammer was one of the great thinkers of our time, a giant in intellect and character, a good and gracious man and dear friend. this is such a loss. prayers are with his family, friends and colleagues. steve scalise, i am very saddened to learn of charles krauthammer's passing, he the kind man and intellectual giant who contributed so much throughout his life and faced his death with grace and courage. the man who spent a lot of evenings on fox news, bret baer took to twitter saying rest in peace, good friend. i'm sure you will be owning the panel discussion in heaven as well and make sure your wise words and thoughts, your legacy will live on here. another of his friend in washington dc, shannon bream, we
2:24 am
there will never be another charles krauthammer, he crossed the lives of everyone who crossed his path, he challenged me, inspired me and it is hard to believe he is gone. rest in peace, my dear friend, i am better because of you. he was a huge fan of baseball and loved the washington nationals. take a look at that. before last night's game they honored him with a moment of silence. >> it was just letting social media and i'm sure it continues this morning. >> i am no fashionista but everyone on twitter. jillian: milania trump visited attention center but that was overshadowed by the jacket she or on the trip because it's that i really don't care, do you? she wore it on the plane and when she got back to washington dc. her spokeswoman said there was no hidden message, today's visit
2:25 am
with the children in texas impacted the first lady greatly. of the media spend time and energy on her action and efforts to help kids rather than focus on her wardrobe, we could get so much accomplished. the president chimed in with more insight and the meaning behind that code say i really don't care, do you, written on the back of milania's jacket refers to the fake news media, she has learned how dishonest they are and she no longer cares. there's a lot of criticism coming in. jennifer says don't generally care what she wears, the message and optics of this code is horrible. of this is in the message she is trying to send on this issue she shouldn't have worn it. others say it is just a coat, who cares. >> the white house doesn't need this this week. >> we have a political panel to
2:26 am
debate other issues later in the show. >> kind of sad how this unfold because she did such a great thing going down there and we are talking about the code. >> 25 minutes after the hour, charles krauthammer passing away at the age of 68, the white house press secretary dana perino says she learned more from him than anyone in her life, she joins us next to share her most memorable stories. >> immigration bill abruptly pulled off the table. is politics more important than securing the border? our political panel is on deck to debate that next. ♪
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documents related to the russia investigation and clinton email code. jillian: what paul ryan says could happen next. >> this has been an ongoing issue for republicans in congress pushing for the release of these documents. paul ryan is threatening to hold the deputy attorney general in contempt of those documents are not produced. >> i'm concerned they have been dragging their feet, with a whole bunch of drama. and months ago in the first place. >> is the justice department dragging its feet? the official doj statement agreed to provide specific
2:31 am
documents by friday. and many requested documents yesterday and today, many are questioning the subpoena itself, the validity of it, has since been edited. >> today we are remembering charles krauthammer, a man of extraordinary accomplishments. >> the dean of conservative commentators with insight but to many he was a friend. and dana perino sharing her memories of charles this morning the thank you for joining us on a difficult morning for you. in the divisive political landscape, what lessons did he teach you needed in america now? >> that is a terrific question
2:32 am
and thanks for having me on. i dreamed about charles. you have been up a few more hours than i have and i realized even in death, this is my thoughts. leading up to before i met him at the white house, we became friends and colleagues afterwords with him, and going forward. i always believed the way he presented arguments with dignity, grace, integrity, complete intellectual honesty and joy with some humor. he could have a serious insult
2:33 am
about policy and privilege to be listened to, and remember his example because i learned more from him than anybody else in my life and i will always be grateful, wonderful people priced past us in our lives and we are so much better off. >> they leave footprints on your heart. let's look at his last statement, i leave this life with no regrets, wonderful life, full and complete with the great love and endeavors that make it worth living. i leave with the knowledge they live the life that i intended. he had an interesting life.
2:34 am
at 22 years old he had an injury that kept him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. what lessons can we learn about living from charles? >> another great question. you are full of them on "fox and friends first". i had a chance to be around him quite a bit. despite this discomfort and the inability to move, he really truly never complained about it. with the chief of staff and another person on the team who would provide a briefing for selective columnists, he loved the white house hard dogs and had limited use of the one right hand and never asked for help to get the straw into the drink and he was pretty independent.
2:35 am
he went on after the age of 22 to marry the love of his life, robin who he met in oxford and they have a wonderful time. keep an eye on daniel krauthammer, he is the spitting image of his father in every way including character. charles live the life of such character and when we worked on the book, he said how about things that matter? it became a gigantic bestseller and i will read that over and over. i forgot at the time, he also read the audiobook, and his word to learn from for the rest of your life. >> what is your favorite memory? i'm sure you have thousands but leave us with one.
2:36 am
>> this is one that meant so much to me, involved the president and charles coming in january 2009, come over to the white house for an hour or more, for on the record interview but there was no set agenda. i got to sit in, the intimacy of their conversation and during that moment, when did you know it was going to work? a great question. and when prime minister malik sent his troops into bosnia to help those people, that was
2:37 am
pretty controversial because maliki did not inform the united states, it was not well coordinated so these comments from the defense secretary, general david petraeus, frustrated with maliki. no one was with me except dana because she remembered i had been on the record at 5:00 am that morning, saying president bush stood behind the prime minister. that must be pretty special. jillian: thanks for waking up early and joining us and sharing those memories and the life lessons, we really appreciate it. >> charles krauthammer passing away at the age of 68. his wife robin and his sunday and your.
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you agreed to never give up to be a decent neighbor to remember the good people who rise with every challenge to remember their strength when you feel tired to serve with grit and grace you made a promise we did too
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the all-new ram 1500 >> when bill didn't another delayed as they push a vote on the compromise bill, but republicans still optimistic. >> everybody wants to solve this problem. looking at the earlier vote, a wide range of republicans voting yes, not one democrat voted yes. jillian: is this about finding a fix or towing the party line? here to debate is the spokesperson for george w. bush, kevin sherman and thank you for being with you. folks that are catching up, what was in the goodlatte bill, no
2:42 am
path to citizenship for dreamers, doesn't allow children to be separated by dhs and cuts chain migration. what was in the compromise bill, the difference would offer dreamers merit-based visas and a path to citizenship doesn't allow children to be separated by the department of homeland security. i will start with you. does this happen next week? >> and interest in fixing the problem. it goes further than what is going on in congress. it is not a priority issue for him but finding a comprehensive fix. he had an opportunity to correct this and address daca it not put that ridiculous policy in place. and the issue to deal with.
2:43 am
>> democrats had a supermajority, did not act on immigration. the core issue of theirs did nothing. this is a political issue, they would rather play to the base but republicans had to have a good argument, poised to make a good argument the democrats don't do anything on this issue, we secured the border, fix daca, end chain migration and do the things republicans talk about doing. and sell tax reform, these things, and when counted it yet. shannon: even if this doesn't advance we are still making progress, is that enough? >> one of the most intractable issues for the republican caucus
2:44 am
because they do not agree on the core tenets of pathway to citizenship even for the dreamers. i think they will bring it back up and try to force some votes to muster support. i don't count this, it will come back next week. jillian: yesterday we saw milania made a surprise visit to the border where she visited one of the facilities housing the children who were separated. and what is your opinion? >> i will repeat something on the back of the jacket, i don't give a damn about this. i care about the 2300 kids that
2:45 am
were separated from their parents by this ridiculous policy her husband implemented. that is what i care about. i have no interest in talking about her exterior accessories. it is a waste of time discussing it and we should focus on figuring out how to get kids back to their parents. jillian: we agree on this? >> that we don't care? if it is not this democrats will find something else to be outraged about. we have seen many controversies, anytime i worry about the republican base being energized i look to the first lady being attacked and say republicans will turn out. heather: bit of an agreement. appreciate it. >> what is next? dogs and cats coming together? a school going soft on their kids? one district voting to end class
2:46 am
rankings because it puts too much pressure on students? editor in chief lawrence jones weighing in the classroom controversy. jillian: brian kelly on what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> lynyrd skynyrd playing throughout the show, friday concert series and focusing on a tough shocker, my audible changing to that and i have a limp brush, take your dog to work day. i took two great parodies, i will be rubbing myself today for good reason. serving everybody that comes down here, that will be great, and charles krauthammer on the
2:47 am
show, talking about what happened on the house floor. what immigration bill gets 194 votes and the other one voted on appeals and i don't know what is in it and we will see where we go from here on immigration. it is a great show based on a true story, geraldo rivera and anybody else that thinks this would look good in that shot. jillian: see you soon. little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, ... with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques.
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>> 3000 college administrators lashing out at the trump administration over the border separation controversy calling the move child abuse. why is enforcing our laws considered abusive? here is lawrence jones. i went to get to the open letter from educators first. to punish these parents reflects cruelty and overzealous prosecution of the law in order to garner political points. to punish these children is tantamount to government sanctioned child abuse. >> i remember the when they were decimating the community and the bottom line is a lot of laws i don't like in this country, you can work to reform the system or play on the sidelines and that is what they are doing. i would like it to be a more consistent on what they find
2:52 am
legal and not legal and people who are advocating for the children because a lot of people say there are drugs in the community and they were trying to provide that as well but there was no backlash on that. >> is there an attack on what is being done to the children at the border saying the care being provided is tantamount to child abuse? >> reform, one professor saying the comparison to slavery, a little history, slaves didn't want to be here, tried to go back and couldn't go back and a constitutional amendment for them to get citizenship. even slaves had to go through a constitutional amendment to get the rights of americans. the fact you have college professors that should respect history and compare this to nazi germany, to slavery is
2:53 am
intellectual dishonesty. >> those children getting abused. >> to pay for the crimes of their parents. >> of the former valedictorian i take offense to this. no more gpa, nor class rankings at a virginia high school. do you think if they are not taught you got to compete early on? >> this started with the participation trophy movement where we coddled children was i remember when i received my first participation trophy and my dad through it across the room after a poor basketball game. at georgetown university, after the inauguration of donald trump, they -- these are adults, they wanted them to embrace the inner child, we see conservative speakers on college campuses, that they need counseling.
2:54 am
we have mental health issues and we are giving grown adults because they don't like what people are saying counseling because they need to be connell, leading to a generation that will be decimated. >> a great like drop on twitter when someone attacks you. i was first in my class but as someone getting married in the future don't use it with your wife. not a good decision. appreciate it. 54 minutes after the hour. we can give this dumb criminal a break. the reason i said break, we may have found america's worst carjackers, trying to steal someone's pickup truck, the video that will grind your gears next. ♪
2:55 am
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todd: it's an awesome band. you heard them growing up. lye all morning long on "fox & friends." we're talk about lynyrd skynyrd. jillian: hero police dog ripped a loaded gun out of a suspect's hand. >> drop the gun. >> drop the gun. >> drop it. >> the rookie canine wrestling the gun away from a burglary suspect in florida. credited with saving the lives of several officers. rob: that's awesome. next the bad. a suspect is in custody from blowing up atm in failed robbery attack. attempt. the blast blowing off the front of the machine but not the safe containing the money box. jillian: police say this is the fourth incident in the last few weeks. now the ugly, a man tries stealing a pickup truck from a pennsylvania highway.
3:00 am
surveillance video showing the suspect pulling in and out of the tight spot four times before finally giving up and taking off. don't try that at home. have a good day, everyone. lynyrd skynyrd on the blaze. todd: get ready to rock. bi, everybody. ♪ ainsley: today we remember our friend and beloved fox news commentator charles krauthammer. he passed away after a long fight with cancer. steve: last night here on the fox news channel, "special report" ended their program with that empty chair. where he sat for more than a decade. brian: pulitzer prize winner. across the political spectrum. he got vice president mic pence weighing in already. tweets long remembered for eloquence, triumph and hardship


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