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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  June 22, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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home. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced and still unafraid. "the story with martha" starts right now. >> martha: thank you. we look forward to that tonight at 9:00. breaking tonight here from new york, former f.b.i. agent peter strozk now subpoenaed to appear before congress next week. >> president trump: these are the american citizens permanently separated from their loved ones. the word "permanently" being the word you is to think about. permanently. they're not separated for a day or two days. they are permanently separated because they were killed by criminal illegal aliens. these are the families, the media ignores. >> martha: tough words today from the president as he addresses the other side of this immigration issue. some of those parents will join us tonight with their compelling stories that you don't want to miss. that as the president and
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congress are wrestling over what they should do about the growing immigration battle as the flood of people continues. hundreds of parents and their children crossing the border. the space is becoming more and more limited. the pentagon is ready to provide up to 20,000 beds they say in tents that will look like these on military bases. a plan borrowed from back in the obama administration. and it appears that there is no end in sight with the potential next president of mexico saying that migrating to the united states, he believes, and he is in first place in the race, should be considered a basic human right. phil keating live in homestead, florida, where he toured a temporary shelter. what did you see there? >> hi, martha. for days the health and human services has denied politicians and media access inside the homestead temporary shelter for unaccompanied children drawing strong criticism all week.
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well, today, a.h.s. reversed course and let us in to see for ourselves what it's like. originally this place was a labor department jobs corps housing and training facility. so inside it appears for what you expect a boarding school to look like. but here you can't get out until they let you out. there were two rules. there is no cameraer to phone inside and no talking to the kids. there are 1,200 kids housed here between the ages of 13-17. we saw boys playing soccer and basketball. the vast majority of the kids crossed the border illegally without their parents coming in solo but the shelter says 70 of the kids here did enter this year with their parents and have since been separated from them while their parents are held elsewhere. according to the federal office of refugee resettlement which oversees this facility, the 1,200 teenagers come from
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el salvador and honduras and all were captured by border patrol agents in texas, california and arizona. two nights ago h.h.s. released a handout video from what it's like inside. what we saw on the structured tour that is how it is. clean classrooms where the kids have six hours of academics every day. the cafeteria, three square meals. we saw breakfast. scrambled eggs, biscuit, fruit and hash browns like a school cafeteria. segregated dorm stories for the boys and the girls. there are 12 kids to each room. this afternoon florida senator marco rubio got inside as well and told us afterwards the whole situation is sad and he supports keeping the families together. >> every country in the country has migratory laws. by the way, much stricter than ours. i would say of course we do. like my parents, people continue to arrive every day in the united states. they do sow there a legal -- do so through a legal process. >> reporter: h.h.s. tells us the goal at all of the 100
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shelters in 17 states similar to this is safety and security for the children. until they can be taken out and placed in homes. preferably the parents or a close relative, a good family friend. and a last case scenario, foster care. then, of course, they have to go through the immigration process. one thing we did not see here today on our tour were any chain link fence rooms, cells that have been criticized heavily this week as cages. we asked were those being hidden from our tour route? they said no, those simply do not exist here. martha? >> martha: interesting. a quick question for you. obviously it's hard to make generalizations. we heard so many heart-wrenching stories about parents divided from the kids. generally how did the children you saw today appear to be doing? >> reporter: they all appeared to be fine. the boys really weren't smiling too much. the girls were all smiling in single file as they walked past us. and the interesting aspect of it all was that you have a
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group of 20 reporters just eyeballing every kid so we could digest and assess how they appeared. but the kids were doing the same to us, because we were also an oddity inside that place. so some of the girls actually smiled at us and said, "good morning." they do have some e.s.l. classes for basic english inside in the classrooms. >> martha: all right. phil, thank you so much. great reporting today on that. so, joining me now is the vice president of the national border patrol council. it's good to have you with us this evening, art. what are your border patrol agents telling you about what they are facing right now there? >> it's the same thing we have always faced. we are out there apprehending the illegal aliens. we are out there an rehenning the drug smugglers. that hasn't stopped. it's very frustrating for the agents right now. because we are seeing so many people in certain parts of the media that are portraying everything with their own agenda i guess, their own
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agenda. it's just false. false lies that they are out there projecting. it's upsetting for agents. >> martha: in terms of what they are told to do and i want to get more in the point you made in a minute. we'll play a sound byte in a second from synth in -- cynthia nixon. in terms of what they are told to do, are they referring them for prosecution or put them in facility to be held until they go to a court or is this catch-and-release all over again? >> we are arresting the individuals like we always have. we turn them over to another entity. they are the ones that take care of where they will be placed. but the problem we are seeing with the unification again -- and i mean, let's get this straight. we are not asking to be mean to the children. no one has been mean to the kids. i think the media is the one trying to portray as as the evil people or the nazis as they said, which i'm still disgusted by that word. but the reality is we have hard-working men and women out there. i, myself, was out there
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working since early today. i came out here to do this show. we have a very, very tough job. it's very difficult because it's frustrating because of the lies that are being portrayed. the agents are upset. not upset. but they are confused i would say. because if you don't have any consequences for these individuals, there are certain laws that prevent us from holding the individuals, the children past 20 days. i'm referring to reno versus flores. we know the law exists. so when you can't detain them for a certain amount of time and you don't have enough judges the problem will be that it will start catch-and-release all over again. >> martha: i completely understand what you are saying. in terms of the way that some of the agents, both border patrol and i.c.e. agents are being portrayed, listen to this from the former actress cynthia nixon who is now running for mayor of new york city. >> i.c.e. has strayed so far from its mission. it's supposed to be here to
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keep americans safe. but what it has turned into is frankly a terrorist organization of its own. that is terrorizing people who are coming this country. >> martha: she wants to be governor of new york. she says that i.c.e. is now a terrorist organization. >> i mean, i don't even know what to say to these people anymore. you guys have shown, you were shown the facility where the children are being held. the picture that the media likes to continuously show, certain members of the media is pictures from the obama administration. they refuse to admit that it's not this current administration. we have agents that are out there taking their own food, toys, you name it to take care of these children that we're apprehending. and to be portrayed by these people. you know some of the individuals that are putting on the twitter pages and attacking agents, they are individuals that were out there, that grew up with a silver spoon. we have agents out here that
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they are hardworking american people that are defending the country. that's what they are doing. they are defending the country. to be portrayed as nazis or to be attacked, you know, there was a twitter that was sent out by peter fonda where he was saying they need to come and terrorize our kids. >> martha: yeah. >> terrorize the schools, find out the addresses and terrorize us at home. who does that? he is asking for terrorizing -- >> martha: not only the former director of the c.i.a. michael hayden made a comparison to the nazi concentration camps where exterminations were done. it's unconscionable and very difficult to understand. >> it's disgusting. >> martha: attar, thank you. >> it's disgusting is what it is. they need to go back to history class and redo history. they were probably sleeping in history class and they had nothing better to do. so they went to sleep and pick up a quick one-liner to make the headlines and sell sol books. >> martha: i know you are not getting a lot of sleep
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these days, artment you guys are very busy. we thank you for making time for us in the middle of all of this. we appreciate it. all the best. >> thank you for having me on. >> martha: you bet. my next guest is pulitzer prize winning journalist charlie la duff who spent time on the border to document this in all different ways. watch. >> here is a coyote. a smuggler. he has two women on the back of his jetskis. yes, they are using jetskis now. one woman is pregnant. the coyote tries dropping them on our shore, until he sees us. >> martha: here now, charlie author of the new book "blank show." you can figure it out. it's great to have you on the program. i thought of you when i watched this. i want your take on what you think is actually happening here and who -- what are the motivations of the people coming in the country at this point, knows they may be
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separated from the children for a short period of time. >> well, now they are not going to so that was used as a stick. we don't even know if it worked. right? any study will show you, any survey, any reporter knows it's an economic crisis. it's an economic crisis. 80 to 90% of central americans come for jobs and wages. that is what it's about. it's less to do with the terrorism and asylum than a better life. so when we are trying to get a grip on this thing, to call border patrol or i.c.e. agents nazis, look i'm a regular middle of the road person. that does nothing but start a war. it doesn't solve anything. to talk about going after people's families, i'm surprised to hear it. but it's an economic situation. if you want a solution, i can give you one. if we talk about trade and we have mexicans at the table and the canadians. part of the trade negotiation
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has to be about people because they are economic refugees. canada has a full blown refugee crisis as well because we have an agreement with the canadians saying if they came from your country first and came through a border checkpoint you have to take them back. we don't have it with the mexicans. >> martha: no, they flow through from guatemala and honduras and say okay, here is the entrance. the person running for president in mexico, i think his name is obrador. he says you have every right to move through mexico and go to the united states and seek a future, a life. i don't know why the goal for the mexican president wouldn't be to provide an economy where people can stay there. and have a good life right in mexico. but take a look at this "time" cover because this got so much attention. this little child. they photo shop it so it looks like she is teary-eyed looking
4:13 pm
up at president trump and he is supposed to look down at her cold, uncaring. but the girl that was the poster child of this situation was never actually separated from her mother. what you have done in your book is go to places and try to tell the truth of the situation. how does it strike you that that is being pushed? >> it's needless. it doesn't get us anywhere. you know what it does? it makes us not trust each other. because the fact, look, you are a mother. i'm a father. when you talk to these kids, it's sad. they are children. they're beaten, right? they are scared. when they come out, cameras are on them. imagine a kid. we don't hate the kid. we have an issue. you don't have to make that up. you just have to do your job. i don't think it's about hating women and children. this is about sovereignty. how do we support people?
4:14 pm
what do we do about our own kids? these are big issues. they are never answered. 2014, tremendous wave. in 2015, it subsides. in 2016, another tremendous wave. 2017, it subsides. 2018, here we go again. what is the answer? we immediate to get at a table and stop make up pictures and stop calling each other names and be serious about the country and its future. and that hungry huddle pass that is to the south of us, what are we going to do? we can't ignore it anymore. >> martha: charlie, thank you. always good to see you. good to see you tonight. charlie leduff joining us. the putzer-prize winning author who has spent time on the border. coming up tonight the american families permanently separated from their children. >> president trump: the word "permanently" being the word you have to think about. permanently. not separated from a day or two days. they are permanently separated. >> martha: he is right about that. these people lost their children to illegal aliens.
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they were gathered in a large number today telling their stories with president trump. they are called angel moms. they will share their stories of what they think about all of this after the break. security: boarding passes out. sorry, one second it's loading, look. security: let's speed this up please. security: thank you. ♪ uh! ♪ can we fix this phone tonight? it's really slow. you can turn off the performance management feature. battery throttling. or you could just upgrade it. ♪ the super fast galaxy s9. available now. ♪ p3 it's meat, cheese and nuts. i keep my protein interesting. oh yea, me too. i have cheese and uh these herbs. p3 snacks. the more interesting way to get your protein.
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>> president trump: these are the stories that democrats and the people that are weak on immigration, they don't want to discuss, they don't want to hear, they don't want to see, they don't want to talk about. no major networks sent cameras to their homes or display the images of their incredible loved ones across the nightly news. they don't do that. they don't talk about the death and destruction. >> martha: that was president trump earlier today shedding light on the stories of those not often told in this debate. our country's angel families. as they are known. because their loved ones were killed by people who were in this country illegally and should never have been here in the first place. >> everybody wants to blame but parents of those children are to blame. >> none of our kids had a minute to say goodbye. we weren't lucky enough to be separated for five or ten days. we are separated permanently.
4:20 pm
>> our separation is permanent. sarah never gets to go on to be a wife, a mother. >> i brought my son. this is what i have left. his ashes. i wear his ashes in a locket. this is how i get to have my son. >> martha: stunning today. we are not hearing those stories enough. and most of what is on tv is families talking about their heartbreak while they face separation temporarily at the border. >> it's ugly to be separated from your kids without knowing what is going to become of them. >> i feel helpless, she says. it is hard to hear someone you love suffering. >> martha: so here now are three angel moms who were at the event today. marianne mendoza, laura wilkerson and agnes givney. ladies, thank you. i watched this afternoon. it was a very moving ceremony. marianne, i'm sure you wake up like everyone else and you watch the focus almost 100% of
4:21 pm
the time of the conversation about what is going on at the border and it must be, you must feel very ignored, very left out of what seems to be so heart breaking and passionate for so many. >> thank you for having me. more than the feeling of being ignored is feeling of just the desperate feeling that the american public needs to really know what is going on. when you have a problem like what is happening at the border you can't start at the end result and start placing blame. you have to go back to the origin of the problem. that is what the parents, the mothers letting their children go with the smugglers and the cartel bringing the children to our borders. that is where the anger needs to be directed. it should not be directed at the united states for upholding the laws and quite frankly i'm happy that the united states was able to step in and save some of the children from the fate they were dealt and who knows what was going to happen to them. >> martha: it's worth pointing out that for many of these kids the worst part of
4:22 pm
the journey has ended. you know, now they are in a safe place. they are in an unfortunate situation in many of the cases. but as you point out the vast majority of them are coming over as unaccompanied minors. they are sent over or brought over by coyotes in a situation that can be dangerous for them. laura, you spoke today about your son. if you wouldn't mind give everybody a sense of what you went through and why this is so hard for you to watch. >> thank you. yes. our story is horrific like the other moms. josh went to school one day and he never came home. that is forever. an illegal alien brought here by parents when he was 10 years old overstayed the visa and he needed josh's truck to get some money. he beat him in the head with a closet rod so hard it broke in four pieces. he kicked him until his spleen spliced and he strangled him over and over and over again until he didn't breathe anymore.
4:23 pm
he tied him up like an animal and put him in a field and set him on fire. this is forever. i know they don't understand the meaning of suffering. we will suffer for the rest of our lives on this earth. about the loss of child. i would give anything to skype with him, or call him. it happens more than anybody wants to report. i'm not -- we are not just three mothers up here. it's across the board everywhere you go. it means so much to us to be able to follow the law. those parents are in control of those children. they make decisions on their behalf. we'd be charged with neglect if i made those same decisions for joshua. we would. >> martha: agnes, your story was so moving today. i watch and you did talk about president trump and how you feel about what he has done in terms of the priorities. and you know, that is not the story that we are hearing in a lot of places. most people are -- if you look at the cover of "time"
4:24 pm
magazine and he is looking down at this little girl and they are photo shopped together and he is supposed to be a big evil person hovering over her. that is not what you were portraying today at all. tell me why. >> not at all. president trump is a man of tremendous integrity and he kept his word about protecting us and giving us a voice and the tragedy that fell on our families. when i integrated to this country, i was under the impression that my government was really taking care of us. when my son was murdered i didn't know for several years that the man that killed my son was illegal alien. they don't report what the separation of families really is but i would like to show everybody what real separation of families is. this is what separates my son and myself is a cross and six feet of dirt. how is that for real separation of families?
4:25 pm
and as a legal immigrant i'm offended that congress isn't working with president trump to fix this mess. this has been going on for way too long. we need to fix this because if we don't fix it now, how many more millions are going to continue to come in and invade our country? we don't owe illegal aliens anything. we need to take care of our own. we have homeless people and children living in poverty. we need to take care of our own. >> martha: we hope will there be a revolution. the president said today maybe congress should wait until after november. he wants more republicans on board. we'll see where it goes. ladies, thank you so much. i really appreciate you being here tonight. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> martha: coming up next, president trump unveils his plan to break up some of the bureaucracy by combining the department of education and the department of labor and creating more efficiencies across the government. is there any hope of that plan being carried out?
4:26 pm
chris stirewalt and guy benson on how it might work and where he might be successful with that, where other republicans have failed. >> i will tell you, it's three agencies of government when i get there that are gone. commerce, education and the -- what's the third one there? let's see. [laughter] commerce, and let's see -- i can't -- the third one, i can't. sorry. ♪ ♪ ♪ i love you baby applebee's 2 for $20, now with steak. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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>> martha: developing tonight, president trump wants to drain the swamp by combining the departments of education, and labor. for starters, mick mulvaney explained the need for reorganizing the government this way. >> if you have an open faced roast beef sandwich. you put the bread on top of it, it's the other one. hot dog, the hot dog meat is goched by -- governed by one. the bun is the other. if you have a salt water fish and salmon, it's ocean it's governed by commerce. after swimming up river it's governed by another agency and to get there it is governed by the army corps of engineer. this is stupid. it makes no sense. >> martha: this is stupid. chris stirewalt is the fox
4:31 pm
news politics odor. guy benson, co-host of "benson and harf" and contributor. welcome. in the convention they talk about the salmon swimming upstreams and the different agencies and nothing ever happens so i find it fascinating that mick mulvaney is taking this on and the president wants to combine these two. rick perry as we saw in the tease, rick perry wanted to eliminate two, maybe three. maybe the third one is the one he is in charge of now, right? energy. >> it's true. he is sorry he wanted to abolish his job. >> martha: chris, what do you think? >> first, i want to know is a hot dog a sandwich? >> martha: no. >> if they could get to the bottom of this if the hot dog is a sandwich, they would do a great service. hot dog is obviously a sandwich. do you remember when al gore was going to reinvent government. guy doesn't but maybe somebody remembers. >> martha: i remember. >> al gore was going to
4:32 pm
reinvent government. usually in the administration this is fluff and busy work. i'll quote our friend charles krauthammer when asked about the middle east peace not process he said the same thing. wake me when peace breaks out. so wake me when government is reinvented. >> martha: maybe so. but i have to say, you know, i live up here in new york. every time i come to washington, and i go around the blocks i still can't believe that the department of agriculture is an entire city block. there is four different entrances. department of education, enormous, guy. you just have to wonder as an american taxpayer when you look at all this, what the heck are they doing in there in all those little offices? >> yeah. so i'm all for this. at least in theory. i think that the federal government has so many inefficiencies and duplicative groups and workers and charges that we can trim some fat off
4:33 pm
of this leviathon. is there a will to do it? is there time to prioritize it? >> martha: there is never time in the calendar. >> exactly. i'm glad they are trying this. i listen to mick mulvaney. attaboy, go for it. it's too big a the federal level. but in terms of will it happen? i would not bet on it anytime soon. >> martha: yeah. >> exactly. >> martha: this is all about protecting all the buildings and the jobs. i don't even care what party you are in. they want institution to stay strong and stay high and the real estate to stay high in the washington area with the employees. >> i don't want the real estate to stay high in washington. i'd be happier if it were cheaper. look, the question here, political will, we have a president, a congress who can't even work together on immigration legislation than
4:34 pm
80% of americans want. so to guy's point about the political will, yes, sir. but there is also this. is it a good plan and will people feel confident that their interests are being served? remember, most of the federal government isn't here. most of the federal government is spread out across this country in office after office and region after region and state after state after state. all of that is out there. the buildings here look big but the real issue is untangled it from lives from coast to coast. >> martha: good luck. no, i think this is a bipartisan issue. i think people think there is too much waste in the federal government and they don't know what they are getting for the money with half of the agencies. they are probably pretty convinced if they work for any kind of company that it can be done with a lot fewer people and smaller budget. >> true but once you start telling people specifically what you are going to do to cut down on that waste then the interests start to shout and say look, we are going to get rid of education, get rid
4:35 pm
of education. we don't want that. that is the dilemma. >> martha: education is dealt with mostly at the local level. >> as it should be. >> martha: as it should be. i want to switch gears for one more minute. this is george will and a quote from george will talking about what he hopes happens in november. i'll read it. in my best george will. in today's g.o.p., which is the president's play thing, he is the main stream. so to vote against his party's cowering congressional caucuses is to affirm the nation's honor while quarantining him." so george will is saying republicans and conservatives should vote against their local representatives so that they can make the majority a minority and that will contain the president. chris and then guy. >> i got to say this is probably a good strategy for a trump re-election. probably the worst thing that could happen for republicans in washington would be to hold the majority in the house but by a very thin margin. they are not able to goff as
4:36 pm
it is. if they have -- goff as it -- they are not able to govern as it is. and flipping the house would help donald trump get re-elected because like obama he will have the bad guys to run against and not be held accountable for failures. >> martha: yeah. guy? >> look, i mean even if you agree with george will that the president needs to be quarantined and i would say sometimes i agree. it's a very tough sale to convince republican or conservative voters by voting against republicans you are voting for the other party, the democratic party. that is an inhospitable party to conservatives who believe conservative things. so that is why many people just don't view that as an option. >> martha: i mean it all goes back to the idea of preserving all the agencies and keeping everything the way it is because they want things to be locked up in some ways. that amazes me. good to see you both. >> thank you, martha. happy friday. >> martha: happy friday to
4:37 pm
you. breaking news. peter strozk to appear before congress next week. in will get interesting. jonathan turly on the breaking news tonight. plus a new book promises to pull the curtain back on president trump and his family. be -- but is it accurate? we talk to the author next. >> i have been a good father. i was very important to me. a lot of people say to me my children have done a good job. and they better keep doing a good job. for this new stepdad, caring for his daughter as if she's his own is an act of mutuality. learn more or find an advisor at ♪ (vo) imagine a visibly healthin 28 days. purina one. natural ingredients, plus vitamins and minerals in powerful combinations. for radiant coats, sparkling eyes, and vibrant energy. purina one. 28 days. one visibly healthy pet.
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>> president trump: i have always said the most important thing is having a great family. the family is most important. the most successful people, the people who are the happiest the way they have a great family. >> martha: president trump talks about the love for his family. a new book claims to have inside scoop about what it's like to be a trump. here now is emily jane fox author of the new book "born
4:42 pm
trump: inside america's first family." as you point out it's a bold cover like everything trump. >> exactly. >> martha: it's interesting. so you are taking a look at -- i'm sure they would love the title. "inside america's first family." it's an extraordinary story when you look back at how they got here. >> it's unbelievable. a story in which i don't think any of them truly themselves believed they would be here. because it's such a disstinct and a unique first -- distinct and unique first family. the only of its kind. way tonight try to get under the hood and understand who the people were. where they came from. so it's sort of understand where they will go. >> martha: how did you do that? >> i interviewed 150 people for the book. i have been covering them for "vanity fair" for three years so from the people who are closest to them, friends, business associates to someone who had a tennis match at ivanka at boarding school when she was a teenager. >> did you talk to them, themselves? have you met any of the kids?
4:43 pm
>> i have. i have been reporting on them for a long time. you interact with them in the normal reporting. so this is not authorized biography. but i feel it's the closest to the truth as i could possibly get interviewing -- >> martha: what were the impressions of them, don junior and eric and ivanka when you met them personally? >> you know, i think, and i think the book shows this as well, they are a lot more human and a lot more normal and less scripted when you get closer to them. i think they have spent their whole lives in front of the camera and are on guard and have a certain image they want to project. when you are closer to them and as the close friends will describe as well they are much more down to earth, funnier, more themselves. >> martha: they are just, they are human beings. >> sure! >> martha: i think sometimes it's like a different perception. absolutely they are. i have met all of them and had an opportunity to talk personally with them. you know so was that a concern of yours as you wrote this?
4:44 pm
that they, you know, you didn't want them to become caricatures? >> what i wanted them not to be were caricatures. that was my whole point of writing this. we have seen for years because they have been famous for so long the personas that weren't necessarily as close to the truth as we could get. because they had so much power and are world famous now i wanted to get closer to the truth of them. that is what i set out to do reporting this. >> martha: what is the most misunderstood about ivanka for example? >> i think she is much funnier in person. i think she as all of her friends describe, she is not necessarily as scripted or as stayed as she can seem. >> martha: when i watch, i watch some of the other interviews you did on this, it's like she is harsh, like she is evil and not presenting her father -- she is misrepresenting children and women. is that what you think? >> i think in her white house -- the book stops at inauguration. i talk about her in the white
4:45 pm
house, that is not within the book. but i would say that there are times where i feel like she has been quieter in her role as an advocate than perhaps a normal advocate right be. she is in the role as a first daughter and it's a tricky role. the relationship with her father is complicated. >> martha: anyone in that role wants that to be -- >> that is why it's unusual to have daughter in the white house. >> martha: melania trump's jacket. what is she doing? >> she is incredibly careful about her choices. particularly when it comes to fashion. she thinks about every message she is going to send. i don't know what the message was but it's hard to believe it's an accident. >> martha: thank you. we have to leave it there. "born trump." we'll be right back. traveling lighter. taking a shortcut. (woooo) taking a breather. rewarded! learn more at
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>> martha: okay. so a subpoena has been prepared and not issued yet. >> it is ready to go. >> on the way. okay. so we should expect to see peter strozk testify publicly next week? >> we are still open to working with him, but he needs to understand that he has to do it on our timetable not on his. so if he is going to appear volunteerly, his lawyer better contact us right away. subpoena is coming. >> martha: tonight we know the timetable.
4:50 pm
just in to fox news the house judiciary committee issued the subpoena for peter strozk who we have heard so much about all these months, to finally appear at a description and -- appear at a deposition and answer questions. we are joined by jonathan kyle turley. it's good to see you. >> this is a big development. like to see "hamlet" without seeing "hamlet." he is walking on next -- walking on the stage next week. i expect him to say the e-mail were his personal political view point and didn't interfere with his position. but there is a lot of specific questions he will face. including a meeting that was referenced by page talking about an insurance policy against president trump being elected president.
4:51 pm
that meeting was supposedly attended by andrew mccabe but mccabe says he has no recollection of being at the meeting. so there are conflicts with other key people maybe he can clear up. >> martha: there is so many questions that just come to my mind thinking about this. you think about the text message that said, you know, when discussing the prospect of a trump presidency, like don't worry. then the quote, "we will stop him." we will see what his answer is to why he would have said that in a text message. >> he may say look, this is hyperbolic and unprofessional but there are also specific think things he was involved with. putting the priority in the trump administration over the clinton administration. he may have also had role or some knowledge of why the i.t. specialist for clinton was given immunity deal after people accused him of lying repeatedly and destroying evidence that congress was seeking. he did this after speaking with clinton lawyers.
4:52 pm
so there is a lot of very specific things that he will be asked about. i assume he is not going to be allowed to spin the e-mails. he was a critical player in some of the controversial decisions. >> martha: yeah. the highest ranking f.b.i. official involved in the clinton investigation and also in the russia investigation as far as we know and involved in the erequesting of -- involved the questioning of michael flynn. and why the investigations were handled so differently. clinton and her lawyers in the room and versus the way the trump administration was handledded where they decided he didn't deserve a defensive briefing to be told what they had found and what they were interested in. that is quite something. that will be wednesday, june 27 at 10:30 in the morning. everybody is going to stop and pay attention when that gets underway. i want your thoughts jonathan. you wrote a beautiful column about your dear friend charles
4:53 pm
krauthammer who we lost this week. and i would love to hear more of your thoughts about your friendship with him. it starts off with you saying you took great pride in it when you showed up at the baseball game in nationals wearing all cubs regalia and charles said he's with me. >> that is right. he took me to the owners box and when we walked in, i was wearing all my cubs symbols and it came to a dead stop. i think the only thing that stopped me from being thrown from a great height was charles krauthammer who announced to the room, "he's with me." suddenly i was a made man. i enjoyed a great deal watching baseball with charles which was an experience in and of itself. we both love baseball. he was a die-hard nats fan. i'm obviously a die-hard cubs fan. he saw baseball more as something uniquely american, something that was diologic. we talked about the dads to
4:54 pm
politics to writing. both of us obviously wrote for the newspapers and did commentary. it was unique experience with unique individual. what is sad to me about the loss of charles he was was unique. he had a clarity and honesty around him. we don't go around life like a monopoly. he understands that you go around once. when you finish, you have to do it in a true way. to be true to yourself. he did that. i'm wondering how many of us who do commentary today can say that. maybe with his passing it will take many at us to look for ourselves and ask what are we contributing and are we being true to ourselves? not just the viewers and the readers. he was always true.
4:55 pm
he brought a clarity because he was motivated by the mince approximately, not -- motivated by principles not personalities. i hope with his passing we don't lose the model of someone who can speak honestly to us. >> martha: i can't speak for charles but i can speak for us. we see you in the tradition as well, jonathan. we are so glad to have you with us. no doubt charles thought highly of your work and your friendship as well. thank you so much, sir. good to see you as always. good night to you. we'll be right back.
4:56 pm
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>> martha: tonight at it:00 tune in for a special look back at the life of our friend and colleague charles krauthammer who lost his bat this week with cancer at the age of 68. charlescharles"charles krauthams words" is a moving hour-long special where the intellectual joint tells the story of his life.
5:00 pm
he leaves behind his wife robin and his son daniel. that's "the story" for this week. see you monday at 7:00. tucker carlson is up next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we want to take the next hour and go inside the issues looking beyond for a moment just the day's breaking news. there is a lot of it. but assess some of the bigger issues that are coming to define our life in this country. we are going to open with another look at what has been this year's biggest story. immigration. without much real public debate or even discussion, the elite left has reached a conclusion on the question. it is that america needs more immigration. much more. immigration without limit. we shouldn't worry about whether the people coming here have skills that we need. whether they are educated. whether they can speak english even or even


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