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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 23, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> these are my new friends, a great privilege to be with these women tonight. it has been a big week on the younger male, we started in los angeles, then san francisco,o, went to the border, did a show with them and are headed to washington where we are joined by women who speak out even though they are being hit interest on social media by radical leftists. we are with you. ♪ >> the debate over immigration continues, democrats refusing to come to the negotiating table are being denied a spot as they claim? the way house republicans are scrambling together votes needed to pass legislation that would overhaul what both sides agree is a broken system. dan patrick is live with us to tell us what is happening. national security adviser john bolton is going to moscow to discuss the summit with donald trump and vladimir putin.
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jack keane will way and live shortly. when night court continues a 6-year-old refuses to say the pledge of allegiance, kneeling instead. now his parents are suing the school for calling him out, you are the jury. welcome to fox news at night. we begin with a fox news alert, the president blasting the media for what he calls a double standard on immigration as the honored families and loved ones were killed by illegal immigrants stressing the families have been permanently separated. we have team coverage tonight. delimited with how it is playing in the midterms, catherine herridge with the latest in the feud between the gop and the justice department's over classified documents, an important deadline in a dispute today. we began with kristin fisher, one presidential suite making a lot of noise tonight. >> from these emotionally charged images from the border the president abstract to capitol hill, there were times
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it felt maybe congress is finally going to take action on immigration reform but then the conservative bill was defeated, and arrested much of a chance and a vote on the compromise but was pushed to next week after leaders discovered it had less support than the one that failed and then donald trump tweeted something this morning that likely killed whatever slim chance it had of passing. >> reporter: donald trump blaming these images on congress all week. >> lawmakers have to sit down and do something. >> to start wasting time on immigration until after more senators and congressmen and women in november. at the border 500 migrant children have been separated from their parents have been reunited according to administration official but that leaves 1800 children still being housed away from their parents. >> this it ministration brought it upon itself, a 0-tolerance
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policy, while vilifying a group of people who have traveled through countries seeking asylum. >> after ending his administration policy of separating families at the border donald trump tried to shift the narrative from the plight of illegal immigrants to americans who have lost a loved one at the hands of a criminal illegal alien. >> these are the american citizens permanently separated from their loved ones because they were killed by criminal illegal aliens. these are the families the media ignores. >> donald trump ignited -- invited these angel families to pressure congress to passport a security and immigration reform bill. >> all politicians, don't care what side you're on you don't want your child in a casket or learn so get it together for this country, for our citizens.
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>> after the pres.'s tweet this morning it is looking increasingly likely congress will not take on immigration ain at least until the fall. >> you could hear the frustration in her voice and she is somebody who has lived through this. if that doesn't wake up folks on both sides of the aisle there's nothing else we can say. according to the washington examiner citing data from the justice department and the un asylum claims from 3 central american countries, hunters, el salvador and guatemala have soared from 852012276,000 in 2017, 892% spike. when immigration expert says it is because immigrants see asylum as, quote, an easy way to get in the door. let's break it down with lieut. governor of texas, dan patrick. what do you think is behind this, we heard many stories about gang violence, cartels, all kinds of trouble, you are there on the border. what do you hear? what do you see? >> not many people have been
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listening, we don't have 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. we have between 25 was 230 million anti-base that on the fact that in 2004 the chamber of commerce said we had 11 million, there has been no increase in the last 13 years? we apprehend 400,000 on average from brownsville to san diego. we think we get one of every 10 but even if you take the loan number, one of every 5, that means million 2, 1,000,005 getting every year, we have 25, 30 million people here, this is a crisis that cannot continue and the president has been right on this issue. as far as asylum, another bit of information that is missed, no one wants to separate the children, but these people did not come across one of the 30
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points of entry. there was border patrol with mexico and texas. had they come across those points of entry and asked asylum they would have been kept together. they came in between ports of entry, they came illegally into america and that is why they were apprehended so let's be very clear. anyone who legally crossed one of 30 entries and asked for asylum they were not separated but they are doing the right thing bringing them back together but if the democrats who are absolutely at this point blocking any hope to get immigration reform. >> they would say republicans need 18 on the house side before they can do anything. they say they are working on it. with the asylum claims, do people know how many are asked for and how many are granted, honduras, 10,000 requests in 2016, 670 granted, el salvador more than 17,000 requests, 753
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granted, guatemala 11,000 requests granted, that is in the range of what is granted so the vast majority of people come to the border and they have a credible fear, asylum claim, not getting them granted. and many don't file what we let them in on credible fear. if they do and they are denied they hide, it is a farce the cause of the asylum seeker and those who actually need it. >> asylum based on religion, nationality, being a member of a social group or a political opinion or political grond most of these people are scamming us when they come and ask for asylum because they don't have any of these legitimate reasons for coming
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into the country. we talked about the loss of les krauthammer, a gentleman, scholar, statesman and that is what we need in congress. the reason i say democrats are blocking, i criticized republicans in the past, they could have gotten it done under president bush, under obama, it didn't happen. both president had a majority. now the president and the republicans are clearly willing to compromise and work with the democrats but they refuse to work with anyone, the president republicans, to find a real answer. when you have 25 to 30 million people hitler illegally soon it will be up to 10% of the population, this cannot stand in these angel mothers, glad the president is telling their story because their story needs to be heard. in texas alone in 6 years we arrested 200,000 criminal aliens
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mostly here illegally and charge them with 600,000 crimes in 7 years in texas including 1000 murders, 600 kidnappings, 6000 sexual assaults, most coming here for the american dream but we have to put is legal to this and need these democrats to be bigger than themselves. they have to represent their district and state but also this country and looking for statesmen for their party to step up and work with republicans and the president to resolve this once and for all. >> thank you. immigration is likely to be one of the key factors voters will consider during the midterm elections and a new poll shows that engagement is high compared to past midterm cycles internet could make the difference. >> reporter: both sides have reasons to be fired up. at best the data tells a confusing story and allows the painting of a blue wave or a red wave, take your pick. if you were to forecast the 2018
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midterm election by presidential approval the gop would lose 68 seats was if you back tested based on the view of the economy the gop would gain 55 seats. which one of those data points? consider this new pew poll, 60% of americans say they consider their midterm vote a referendum on the president. of those, 26% say they will vote for donald trump, 34% say their vote is against donald trump. in the generic ballot democrats with a 6 point lead. the numbers combined with a week of bad press for the president over immigration have emboldened democrats and even reporters upset with donald trump. >> you can talk about people like they are vermin and inflict this policy on americans and not
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pay a political price. we have a great one to inflict one on him and his party in november. >> that is john heilman on msnbc, he went on to clarify that he was not a member of the democratic party, donald trump agrees that immigration is going to be a major issue in the midterms accusing democrats of putting political game ahead of good policy at the border. >> they want us to take care of the miners and that is fine but don't want to give us the money to take care of them because the words everything looks they think the better they are going to do with respect to the blue wave which is turning out to be a red wave if you look at the polls, i think we will have a red wave, not a wave. >> reporter: here since we wrote they followed up with, republicans should stop wasting time on immigration until they'll enact more senators and congressmen in november, democrats just playing games, no intention of doing anything to solve this decades-old problem. we could pass great legislation
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after the red wave. if we learned anything from 2016 it is in elections things change quickly. with that in mind it is june 22nd. predicting what color wave will sweep america on november 6th is akin to predicting the weather on november 6th. with that, good luck. >> we often learn polls are not accurate too. according to the christian broadcasting network ivanka trump donated to a church in texas after hearing about their efforts to help immigration and children at the border. trump made the private donations before the president signed his executive order this week. gubernatorial candidate cindy nixon says it is time to get rid of us immigration and customs enforcement and progressive new
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yorkers against governor andrew cuomo. >> ice has strayed far from its mission. it is supposed to be here to keep americans safe but it has turned into a terrorist organization of its own. >> reporter: she made a remark that a church yesterday where an illegal immigrant is taking sanctuary where facing deportation. time magazine doubling down after misleading cover of donald trump and a chronic migrant toddler. this became the face of the 0-tolerance policy with family separated at the border but the problem is the girl's father told the daily mail she was never separated from her mother and they are doing fine. let's talk about it with tonight's panel, cohost of the five juan williams and chairman of the conservative union, welcome, gentlemen. here is what time magazine says now we have more information about this little girl, i didn't want her to go, his mother went, they are doing fine. they are being held together
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now. time says under policy and forced by the administration prior to its reversal those who cross the border illegally were criminally prosecuted which in turn resulted in separation of children and parents which are covering reporting captured the stakes of the moment but not accurately. >> there reporting is accurate, nothing wrong with the story. it is the picture on the cover that is inaccurate and they apologized for it and issued a correction saying the description under the photo indicated the child had been separated from the mother and that is not true. they were able to stay together and that leads them to a distorted argument about the cover, the language of the moment where penalized because everything time magazine and the liberal media is saying is wrong. that is not true but that photo
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is wrong and people on either side perpetrating wrongheaded misinterpretations and lies. i think time was right to get that out in the front in the political atmosphere we are in, that means everybody is against -- shannon: i don't know that everybody will get the correction. what ben schapiro said is no wonder trump loves the media, they are doing him the favor of demonstrating their bias by promoting fake news on a regular basis. he said they are proving his point, firing of the base even more which he is talking about them being fake news calling them out at rallies and that kind of thing and it angers them but his base says telling the truth. >> a lot of people cringed when he started using the term fake news because they thought it was a complete this at everyone in the media but what most americans are now seeing is there is a left-wing bias in the media, talking about it for decades, he calls it fake news
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because i talking a lot of places and they say trump lies. if the media is going to call the president a liar they better meet their own standard of being truthful and it was purposeful to capture a moment, the coverage has been purposeful to exploit the fact that it is like all these kids coming over the border have been separated from their parents when we know it is a small group from a larger group of children who are taken as unaccompanied minors so almost everything about this story, this time magazine is going to go down and make a political impact for the red side not the blue side. shannon: aaron blake saying forcing action on this policy requires care and credibility, requires convincing skeptics that you are not overselling the problem by using this information and images, damaged that entire effort no matter how
12:17 am
pristine the motive. do you worry this will change the conversation when people feel they have been duped? >> they issued a correction. the thing is it was wrongheaded and every media organization on planet earth, conservative or liberal has made mistakes. the larger story is that you have a situation where one side is saying we have a problem at the border, whether it is a matter of unaccompanied minors or miners that are coming with parents, what are the statistics? we are near the 70 year low in people crossing the border. what about these angel families the president appeared with? wait a second. you mean to say illegal immigrants have a higher crime rate than nativeborn americans? that is not -- >>'s argument was none of these crimes would have happened to these families. >> you can say that about any --
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>> when we don't follow our immigration laws and don't have 0-tolerance adults can cross the border we have catch and release with a go to the interior and we do not do any background checks on those folks. if they all come to the interior of our country we have no idea who is coming into our country that a stupid immigration policy. shannon: both sides agree there is a major problem. the house judiciary committee subpoenaed peter stzrok who sent anti-trump text messages to colleagues, he said he would appear voluntarily but lawmakers say refused to commit to a date and time. is abutted to a closed-door session wednesday at 10:00 and the deadline for the justice department to release documents related to sources in the russia collusion investigation to members of congress, catherine herridge tells us where things stand tonight. >> reporter: two sources close
12:19 am
to the matter tell fox news the justice department significantly ramped up production of records this week to the 3 house committee and if he said a document about when the fbi opened the russia case on july 31, 2016, with not provided. we have new details tonight about a key meeting last friday with the fbi director, deputy attorney general and three republican committee chairman, they went line by line through the outstanding records request, the fbi justice department was given to last sunday to hand over records but intelligence gathering activities including alleged use of confidential sources the kick started the russia collusion probe. with that deadline missed in the living deadline today and the news conference the house speaker says contempt of congress is on the table. >> to giving congress, could have spared the country a bunch of drama if they complied with document requests months ago. >> multiple sources describe the
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meeting as rare and impactful because new information came to light that appears to move the timeline with the fbi taking investigative steps before the russia case opened in july 2016. statements on -- the new information. house democrats charge the records request was an effort to help donald trump and undermine the credibility of robert mueller. in a separate development atty. gen. jeff sessions said he understands fbi agent peter stzrok lost his security clearance after he was recently locked out of fbi headquarters and both are indicators the inspector general's findings are having a significant impact. shannon: tensions between north and south korea, following the summit with kim jong un, they are reuniting family separated during the korean war. what is next and is denuclearization possible? a top white house official
12:21 am
heading to moscow to discuss a meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin, will it happen? is it a good idea? that and more with gen. jack keane who joins us live. remembering our friend charles krauthammer, looking at his lasting legacy in the impact he has had on journalism. napoleon is duping us! all around louisiana... you're a nincompoop! (phone ping) gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase,
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shannon: in the wake of the singapore summit between donald trump and kim jong un tensions have seemingly used, north and south korea have made a new agreement. >> reporter: north and south korea coming to an agreement on an emotional issue, delegations from the two countries meeting on their shared border announcing 200 family members, 100 on each side separated by the korean war and division of the countries will be reuniting in august, gathering in three years. other humanitarian issues taken up as well including the status of north korean defectors, and there remains of some 200 us soldiers since the korean war and south korean pres. moon leading vladimir putin in moscow friday, the two claim to be working toward the common goal
12:26 am
of complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula stated in last week's summit involving kim jong un, he will be extending a so-called national emergency regarding north korea in place in 2008 noting the letter to congress that the north pursued nuclear and missile program continues to constitutes unusual and extraordinary threat to the united states. donald trump confirming he is interested in his own summit with vladimir putin in july and john bolton is heading to moscow next week to explore that possibility. jillian: thank you. following with the administration is calling a successful trump kim summit last week national security adviser john bolton planning to discuss a meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin. let's talk about it with senior strategic analyst gen. jack
12:27 am
keane. ambassador bolton going ahead on this mission. you know he has been tough on vladimir putin and russia. how do you think the meeting goes? >> i am sympathetic to people that say vladimir putin hasn't turned this meeting. he wanted to see the president since the inauguration and the president has been deferring. vladimir putin is an international pariah, he and next crimea, invaded ukraine, enabled bashar al-assad to kill his own people, poisoned a british citizen and actually helping the north koreans in terms of supply and revenue and the rest of it against international sanctions was why are we meeting with him? it has a lot to do with the president i think he is itching to meet with vladimir putin
12:28 am
because his two predecessors were manipulated successfully by vladimir putin and it is common knowledge and he has confidence in himself, things he established a good relationship with pres. xi jinping of china and yet they disagree fundamentally on edge the issues yet they can work together on north korea. he wants to try the same approach with vladimir putin. he knows there's a fundamental disagreement but there is common ground they can find. shannon: they are open to communication and he wants to establish that it feels russia handed everything from north korea to syria all over the place so might as well know your enemy but to your point about vladimir putin being a pariah. heather connolly says russia and the united states will be seen as equals if there's a summit and that is what vladimir putin desires. at a time we are challenging our
12:29 am
allies forcefully we are meeting adversaries and offering concessions as if he is following vladimir putin's playbook. >> it was over done with kim jong un. he represents a rogue state, you want to make progress you got to deal with the leader. vladimir putin clearly wants to be back on the world stage seen as a consequential leader in the eyes of his own people as opposed to being isolated the way he is. but the flipside is we have serious problems and i don't think that in and of itself should prevent us bringing two leaders together that can start solving problems, common interest on radical islam, isis, al qaeda, we have a common interest in north korea and we can put it in front of him, what he is doing because we have intelligence getting them to back off and tougher issues on ukraine and syria remain to be
12:30 am
seen. shannon: abc news paul asks do you think the president to hold the summit at the white house with vladimir putin? it did specifically mention the white house or should they not hold a summit because it would give vladimir putin legitimacy? 52% say they should have the meeting, 42% said no. we will appreciate your analysis if they sit down and figure out what happens behind closed doors. >> i don't agree with the white house, let's find some place in europe. shannon: thank you for joining us. milania's jacket creating quite a buzz. the new york times making its own fashion statement, the gray lady take center stage in the real news roundup. new inspiration, we will tell you about that when we come back. >> not the end of the world but the beginning of your life.
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>> shannon: in >> in california's era nevada mountains there's an effort to build a state-of-the-art facility for america's wounded warriors because every war this country has finally now to remember the sacrifice of our military veterans. trace gallagher with more on keeping that pledge. >> ronnie jimenez has faced steeper climbs. after being hit by an ied in afghanistan 5 years ago this one is significant because he never thought it would happen. >> that is the biggest thing. >> he is a marine, always faithful, always inspired. >> adapt and overcome things, adapt and overcome.
12:36 am
you don't forget those things. >> jimenez says without the wounded warriors programs many injured vets would resign themselves to stay inside a dark room missing the light of day and the lift of their comrades. a former army ranger injured on patrol in el salvador in 2001 was told he would never walk again and 51 surgeries later here he is walking and climbing. >> try a lot harder than an average person does. >> reporter: he is anything but average which is evident when you see the high bar he sets for himself and others. >> you think they can't and they look at me and they go out if you can do what i can do it. it pushes you. don't just sit there and feel sorry for yourself. >> reporter: up is the place
12:37 am
sarah betancourt wanted to be, flying a helicopter but brain information and paralysis left her grounded until now. >> one thing i thought i couldn't it was rockclimbing because i lost so much function in my leg i can't my leg so i told the program director i want to try it but it is not going to happen. >> reporter: her trek to the top was a personal best, and an ample reminder warriors have been sacrificing for centuries. 's injury came last century in korea when he lost his legs to a landmine and he has 85 years of perspective to pass along. >> i am not doing it for myself, if i'm not rehabilitated right now i never will be. >> this wounded warrior center
12:38 am
is built with 0 federal dollars, all private donations that would give injured military vets a place for education, recreation and rehabilitation in the same spot. it is wounded warriors it will be on our webpage. >> thank you. time for your real news roundup. the associated press, accusing a virginia detention center that houses illegal immigrants a multiple abuses. and barack obama was in office, the story has been updated after washington examiner media reported spotted the omission. of third-grade classmate, and john writing and politico that miller was untidy and the
12:39 am
boundary between our desk, and sticky hands and short attention spans, it is poetic that stephen was built on a nonsensical wall that had more to do with what lay inside him with what lay beyond. in the new york times facing ridicule over a fashion statement against fake news, the great lady partnered with fashion brand to sell t-shirts. would you combine for $300 to turn the truth, campaign into a fashion line. one florida mother fighting for her sons right to neil during the pledge of allegiance in first grade. we will separate fact from fiction with our legal eagles who are standing by ready to present both sides to you the jury.
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start a 30-day trial and your first audiobook is free. cancel anytime, and your books are yours to keep forever. no matter where you go this summer make it better with audible. text summer10 to 500500 tota listening today. >> shannon: the u.s. supreme court ruled that the government must get a warrant when seeking cellphone record that shannon: the supreme court ruled the government must get a warrant when seeking cell phone records that automatically indicate when and where you are located when using your phone. prosecutors got the information from wireless carriers investigating a string of robberies without wetting a warrant first, holding it does trigger protections of the
12:44 am
fourth amendment. time for night court inspired by his older brothers who knelt during the national anthem while attending a football game a 6-year-old florida boy did the same when his first grade class recited the pledge of allegiance, the boy's mother found out about the incident when a teacher text her saying the class was learning to be good citizens adding we stand for the pledge of allegiance. the mom says the teacher at the reaction took away her son's right to free-speech so she is suing for up to $75,000 in damages and once a judge to affirm her 6-year-old's right to neil. let's talk about with our legal eagles. thank you for being with us. let's talk about florida has a statute that talks about this and there is an opt out. and the student must be excused from reciting the pledge including standing in place in the right hand over his or her heart and goes on to talk about
12:45 am
what is expected of students and the family didn't know, nobody told them this opt out existed. >> the statute was dissected in florida courts and addressed this issue. it is a balancing test and the balance, neither side has unqualified unprotected or protected rights, the apples -- examples in limited circumstances, and the school itself and in a substantial number of instances, elementary and middle school children did not apply and without notice ignorance is not an excuse and this is held within the law. shannon: the school has responded, the district, the school board specifically denied that a first grade elementary student has an unqualified clearly established right to neil during the pledge of
12:46 am
allegiance, 1943 supreme court case saying you can't force kids to salute or say the pledge. are we talking about technicality and the student's age, how does this work? >> call a spade a spade. this is a legal loophole the state of florida tried to implement, or pascoe county school district policy, and the us supreme court case, west virginia board of education versus barnett, still good law and you cannot force any student to respond or honor any patriotic device and now you have a florida state law, they must place their hand over their heart and honor the pledge of
12:47 am
allegiance, they created this exception as a loophole. shannon: this is how the family lawyer responded in the tampa bay times talking about the case, i respectfully suggest this was a bold assertion to be made by teachers and the governmental institution, the responsibility of teaching children united states history and the u.s. constitution, there is not an unqualified right to take a knee. >> that was a sensationalized reaction to an interrogatory answer. i do understand the point the statute is lot right now and until the district and down as unconstitutional most kids and parents have to comply in the bottom line is there is a balancing factor that comes into play on school grounds, neither side has unfettered access, so in the instances of a 6-year-old
12:48 am
child, the school's interest will spur the court decision to outweigh the child's desire to neil during the pledge of allegiance. shannon: the supreme court case is from 1943. this is the debate in the past couple years and kids are responding, his own conviction but definitely a conversation, time for the highest court in the land to revisit them. >> technically emily is correct, the us circuit court of appeals ruled on this issue, fraser versus nguyen. us supreme court, decided not to hear this case. hopefully this case will reach the us supreme court because we
12:49 am
need clarification. if a 7-year-old child or 15-year-old goes under this florida law, don't want to honor the pledge of allegiance, you are taking first amendment rights from children and putting them in the hands of parents. >> thank you for weighing in, let us know what you think on twitter.
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12:53 am
>> shannon: reaction from all over the country has been pouring in following shannon: reaction pouring in following the news of charles krauthammer after death, he shaped the way news is covered today. howard kurtz looks at his lasting impact. >> charles krauthammer was a powerful voice of this network but in his writing the washington post magazine, on the journalism business. >> left-wing commentators viewed with admiration and jean robertson, a little nervousness. >> another lead or two, charles
12:54 am
would pre-attack all the week points of the argument and pick them apart. >> if you think of people like bill buckley and what bill buckley meant for conservative thought, bill sapphire -- >> reporter: began as a walter mondale speechwriter in the republic writer. it was a wordsmith, bush arrangement syndrome for his fiercest critics and defined president reagan's foreign-policy. >> it codified a lot of amorphous feelings people on the right hand. >> reporter: he took flak for his support for the iraq war and was tough on pres. obama but equally comfortable taking swipes at hillary clinton. >> she needs glasses from her husband, one of the great liars
12:55 am
of all time, could do it with a smile and china. >> reporter: donald trump. >> presidents don't talk like this, they never had. this is what it sounds like when you are living in a banana republic. >> reporter: he praised donald trump as well, the game was philosophical, not partisan, conservatism was never about getting republicans elected. he ranged widely as a writer of beloved baseball to a defense of the f word. he dictated his column because he was unable to type but rarely spoke of his disability. >> you are betraying your life if you don't say what you think and don't say it honestly and bluntly. >> reporter: charles could be blunt but never been nasty. a contrasted today's angry outraged name-calling punditry. he could draw blood but as a trained medical doctor use the scalpel, not a sledgehammer. in that sense he lifted everyone's game. shannon: in all the years i knew charles i literally never saw him in a bad mood or say
12:56 am
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to be. we honor him tonight. charles krauthammer,. >> faith is something that one has doesn't have. one doesn't construct it. for me, it's a difficult concept. the one thing i do believe is that of all the possible views of god, atheism is the least plausible. the idea that there is no meaning or purpose or origin, that the universe is as it always was. i mean, that cannot be. i sometimes joke by saying i don't believe in god but i fear him greatly. ♪ ♪ >> i have been arin


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