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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  June 23, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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[national anthem] ♪ ♪ >> these are the american citizens permanently separated from their loved ones, democrats and people that are weak on immigration, they don't want to discuss. >> all the concern over illegal immigrants this week is the own citizens lost at the hands of illegals. >> this is permanent separation. >> i don't care what side you are on, you don't want your casket i child in a casketn urn. >> where is the mead outrage that allow deadly drugs to pour into our country. >> former fbi agent peter strzok now subpoenaed to appear before congress next
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week. >> he has a lot to answer for, including the priority on the trump investigation over the clinton investigation. >> the u.s. supreme court ruled that the government must generally get aarnt when seeking cell phone records thatltimately indicate when and where you are located while using your phone. ♪ loud. talk about loud. it's summer, right? officially i had to wait for the official start of summer which was, what? yesterday or the day before. you break out the seersucke seersucker. ed: more like a cry for help. abby: like someone sitting on the coast of nantucket drinking a latte. reading their "new york times," getting their news for the day. oh, pete, thank you for representing the country today. pete: i try.
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why can't a man of the people wear a little seersucker once in a while. abby: what do you think of the suit? ed: is that middle america or coastal elite? pete: ed, you are having your hay day. drinking coffee and having a moment with you. abby: good to have you back there is a lot of news to get to. last night hosting angel parents, families that have been separated and will be separated forever. and he talked about the importance of what they have been through and how this part of the conversation we talk about immigration somehow gets missed and doesn't get -- ed: politicians have events all the time, whether it's the democrats trying to make their points known. the president trying to get his message out. this is one where personally i was hosting deign naps show while this was happening yesterday afternoon and you just say time-out and actually listen to these people. this is not just a political point. these are people who literally had their children ripped away from them. >> absolutely.
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some say maybe it came a bit too late. when they brought it, they brought it listen to this. >> we're gathered today to hear directly from the american victims of illegal immigration. these are the american citizens permanently separated from their loved ones. these are the stories that democrats that are weak on immigration. they don't want to discuss. they don't want to hear. they don't want to see, they don't want to talk about. >> the man went ahead and executed him and shot him point back blank in the face. for his birthday i go to his grave. for christmas, we set up a christmas tree on grant's grave. >> none of us had a minute to say goodbye. we weren't lucky enough to separated five days or ten days. we are separated permanently. i wear his ashes in a locate. this is how i get to hug my son. remember when you go home and hug your kids, that
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there are many of us, thousands of us that don't get to do that anymore. pete: two of these angel parents are going to join us on the program here in a matter of minutes. stick around. ainsley: it areat point. voices we don't hear enough from. they do have a say in what's going on and how we are dealing. pete: think about that quote not lucky enough to be separated for 5 or 10 days. so much noise about temporary, humane, lawful separation. you can say what you want, people have been critical of it. i have thought. it can be a deterrent. if you are in the right way separate kids from parents, listen, it is what it is. a lot of people have different perspectives on it. a press conference like this a bit too late to change the narrative. already signed an executive order. done this at the beginning. pete: it could have been done at the beginning. if you want to have a policy and enforce the rule of law in your country, can you.
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this is almost a prologue at is point. it's defending what is done. abby: i think this is an example. so often helpful for the president and first base to not be a politician. they want someone that's bringing something different to washington. as we see this play out this week i think it would have been helpful to have someone work in government on his team to say you know what? we could have seen this coming a mile away. separation of families. headlines are going to be terrible: the way to do it where we don't have to separate these families. angel parents, get their take on this. have this be part of that narrative or thinking about it before you everyone's attention. pete: maybe this president hacan't saythat can't do that an his supporters say i understand that. because i'm for the citizens, the forgotten men and women. the angel parents who lost someone or permanently
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separated not necessarily advocating for illegals time and time again. abby: he had to walk this one back and put out an executive order. pete: he didn't have to. he did but he didn't have to. abby: we can debate that. ed: we will debate that all morning in terms of walking it back and president dealing with media narrative set no matter how he reacted. look what "time" magazine had to do. they put out this cover that tries to frame this in a way that is obviously extremely negative to the president's position. screaming, crying 2-year-old girl president over her as if he is literally ripping her from mom when, in fact "time" magazine has to run a correction about the story. they haven't corrected the photo. they are still standing behind the idea that this still, in their eyes, typifies the debate. but they are admitting now that this young girl, 2 years old was never separated from her mom. abby: we all saw this 2-year-old girl who came
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over from honduras. o find now she wasn't separated from her mom. in fact, her father is speaking out about this. here's what he says about's what. he said you can imagine how i felt when i saw that photo of my daughter. it broke my heart. it's difficult as a father to see that. but i know now that they are not in danger. they are safer now than they were making that journey to the border. she has been with her mother this whole time. the father actually says he didn't know that the mother took the daughter. that he was nervous about that. pete: safer now than the shelter than the journey out mom put the kid on. there is a point to be made as well. ed: sometimes making the opposite point. pete: they're unintentionally making the reverse points that indeed, actually here in america separated not separated you are cared for. the laws matter. and the perilous journey you put them on in mexico is a roll of the dice.
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abby: also the message you can't just see a photo and jump to a narrative. so important to understanding what we are talking about. if we are going to look at a photo that seems like it's a terrible situation, let's make sure we back it up with some facts and know the actual story behind it. ed: "time" magazine about this last night had somebody shoot back at me nice standing behind your fellow journalists. i basically said how why stand behind basically a fake photo. like, that's not standing behind journalism it's simply not. pete: you are standing for journalism, right? frame the story accurately and if in fact, abby is right what she said a minute ago. whether you like it or not the president did walk this back a bit. he had to reverse himself by signing the executive order. if the other side from the president believes that they have the facts right, why do you have to manipulate the facts in the debate. pete: good point. ed: stick with the facts. abby: speaking of facts, according to gallup poll.
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misinformation and news coverage. 62% of the coverage that they see is biased. i'm actually surprised it's not higher. where do you go to actuality just get the facts today? just get the story. ed: other than "fox & friends," of course. ed: 44% it's believe it's inaccurate and 39% misinformation. "time" magazine with the cover feeding right into it. this is one of the big reasons why people are not trusting the news. to be fair points out the president's attacks, too. president out there day after day saying this is fake news. sometimes it is. and sometimes it's a story he doesn't like, is he undermining. pete: yesterday i was in the airport. i was forced to watch cnn. go to my twitter feed if you want to see it forced to watch cnn at the airport because they pay for that so i watch. it's unbelievable the trump hatred on that channel.
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the banners are if we could impeach him we would. that's why it's biased inaccurate and uninformed. everyone has a perspective. just give me both sides fairly maybe, kinda, sort it's a. cnn is good we are biased we are like "new york times," straight rolled journalists here. everything is fine. we all have our own biases. i'm a conservative. i tell you that. that's where i'm coming from. be honest about it and then we can have a conversation. that's why the media is not trusted. ed: very briefly you mention singapore. i was there i was stunned by the coverage back here all negative about the idea maybe the president was bringing peace to the world and diffusing nuclear war. pete: had obama done that what do you think? he had. abby: watch coverage at singapore and then see our coverage back home. a lot of news i do want to
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bring you this morning. 11 ms-13 gang members are facing life in prison after being charged for killing two teenagers. 10 of them are illegal immigrants from el salvador. menendez and trino disappeared and their bodies were found buried virginia park last year. they were killed because gang members thought one was working as a gang informant and other for a rival gang. so young. unbelievable. also, fbi agent peter strzok is subpoenaed to testify on capitol hill. the house judiciary committee issuing the order after strzok wouldn't confirm a specific date. the hearing is set for june 27th. part of the congressional investigation into the department of justice; strzok is facing criticism after a series anti-trump text messages. >> said he would testify anything, any time. 100 wooden coffins to the north korean border. they will be used to
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transport the remains of american soldiers killed nit korean war. this comes as the pentagon indefinitely suspends two more training exercises with south korea. the move following historic summit president trump and kim jong un. be a world war ii prisoner of war finally gets his diploma. graduating from his new jersey alma matta 70 years after dropping out to join the army. the audience giving the hometown hero a standing ovation as he accepted that award. during his servi the decorate you had soldier earned several honors including three bronze stars. we are seeing more and more of these veterans getting their high school diplomas. ed: under reported part of that north korean deal which is bringing the remains home of some of our heroes that means so much to those families. i keep getting tweets about it. huge part. >> tom arnold delivering an interesting, i guess you could say but also very confusing bizarre interview. claiming, claiming he is
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teaming up with michael co-ton get the president. >> donald trump, ivanka trump, i have spent the weekend hanging out with michael cohen. there is a lot going on. ed: michael cohen is responding and it might be a little bit of fake news. pete: you took the words out of my mouth, ed. new polling reveals report for special counsel's probe. is it time to wrap up this investigation? we will debate it just ahead. ♪
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immigrants. >> alberto tried to make a last second left hand turn and hit him. instead of stopping he tried to flee. >> i protected my child from harm but i couldn't do that on july 12th, 2012. remember when did you go home and hug your kids that there are many of us, thousands of us that don't get to do that anymore. will. abby: two angel parents who lost their sons to illegal immigrants and both of them join us this morning. good to have you on here maureen and don. yesterday was important day and powerful one for you. i will start with you, what message do we need to hear this morning about this conversation about immigration. what are we missing? >> well, what we need to hear is how many americans are affected on a daily basis. our children were killed by illegal aliens. there is hundreds of thousands of victims every year at the hands of illegal alien crime. abby: don, we talk about separating families and, of course, that is terrible and
3:17 am
it is heart-breaking. but you also think about what you two have been through and so many others and you will be separated forever from your son. what do you want people to know this morning? >> mostly i want them to know the truth which you guys were talking about in the prior segment is very difficult to get out to a lot of public. you know, woe get phone calls, emails, texts, almost every day will advocates for victims of illegal alien crime. we are getting contacted on a regular basis of the new victims. you hardly ever hear any information about that on any of the media. they just -- they don't want to talk about it. and, you know, to all people here they see the picture of that little girl who was in the "time" magazine cover. they hear, you know, immigrants commit less crime than the native born which a isn't true but b is
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irrelevant. and that's what, you know, influences their decisions. if they only knew, we are not asking for anything special. all we are asking for is just tell the truth. let the public know what's really going on. let them make a decision. critics president trump, is he using propaganda. >> president trump is not using me as propaganda. i was advocating against illegal immigration before president trump even announced he was running for the presidency. i have lost my son. i have a huge void in my life. i'm permanently separated from matthew. i will never get to hug him again. i will never get to see him. i visit his grave. that's what i want people to know. i'm going to speak president trump supports us or not. president trump has supported from us day one. abby: you feel that way, don. you feel the administration it's been a tough week, when it comes to what you have been through. do you feel like they have stood by you and given you the support you need?
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>> very much my son was killed at the 2010. early 2011. his decision to run for president wasn't anywhere near going on -- i spent six years trying to contact people that are democrats, my senators are democrat. my governor is a democrat. obviously president obama. they just wouldn't even respond to an email. i couldn't even get an intern to respond, so all of a sudden, you know, president trump not get involved and we now have somebody makes this a public issue. which it wasn't before we support him wholeheartedly and he has been incredible his team has been incredible for somebody to say we are being exploited we are the same people running 267 pictures of these kids that have been separated from their parents. they are not exploiting them and obviously again the
3:20 am
"time" magazine thing. you know. this is whether a we are doing is for the good of the country. regardless of how the information gets out. it's important that everybody knows it. abby: it is important. i wish we heard you and so many other speak out. i appreciate you coming on and of course sorry for your loss. don and maureen thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having us. abby: pretty powerful there support for special counsel mueller's probe is on the decline. is it sometime to wrap up. next. amazon employees now demand the company cut all ties with ice. why they want the company to stop helping federal agents enforce the law. more on that. ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving
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pete: we are back with a couple of fox news alerts. air force plane goes down during a training exercis injuring one pilot. the a-29 super tha crash near air force base. pilot suffering minor injuries. second non-bat cras noncombat so seven all last year. deadly new york city bike attack. the man will face a judge on october 7th. he pled not guilty to mowing down a crowd, killing 8 innocent people with a truck in court defending isis saying the extremist group inspired him. ed, down to you. ed: justice in that case for sure. surprising new poll revealing that the number of
3:25 am
americans that oppose special counsel russia investigation is on steady decline going of 73% of support last may to 52% this month. while more and more americans say they are ready for the probe to end according to the monmouth poll. is it finally time for mueller to wrap up the investigation. here to debate fox news contributor tammy bruce and democratic strat gisstrategist . what do you think is behind these poll numbers. >> a combination. >> things. democrats say it's the president's arguments against him more publicly arguing against muriel's work. but at the same time, in a politico poll earlier, they show that the support for -- from independents and even democrats has also been on the decline. what we are seeing now is entering the second year it's like when you are looking under your couch and you want to find $1,000 bill but you find a quarter. mr. mueller has been finding a lot of quarters. but he hasn't found the thousand dollar bill that everyone expected or wanted.
3:26 am
that politico poll interestingly also says that mueller's favorable rating is only at 50% among democrats. so this is across the board decline. americans know unless of dollars are being spent. they see that there is also bias in the fbi in the initial investigation. the ig report has not helped this. in addition to the president's arguments which i think are relevant, i think all of that together has had an impact. ed: let's get ma'am zoo in here what's your view. >> it's not whether the investigation is popular or not it's about doing the right thing keeping american people from harm having a president guilty of -- with russia. at this point it doesn't matter whether the president is popular or not -- or not popular or if the investigation is popular or not popular. we are doing our job investigating what's going on in terms of russia shah. ed: hamza, i get it, have you got to do what's right. democrats, republicans, on the other hand, if the public simply doesn't believe that this investigation is fair, how
3:27 am
are the findings going to have any weight? how are people going to dismiss it. >> this is a fair investigation, why we have mueller on top of it. doing the right thing is what americans do when it comes to justice every single day and making sure we have an investigation that is not clouded by outsidbyinfluences, ig report suggested that peter strzok not only in a senior position of the fbi. as i recall part of the mueller probe early on. found out about what clearly seems like bias pushed him out of the probe. at the beginning he was there and peter strzok is the guy who said we need to find a way to prevent grump being president. hamza's argument made the point people do want this to be unbiased and fair and the justice system overall americans want that at the local level and federal level. it's not just strzok, it's the entire dynamic we have watched unfold and cast a cloud over all of the work
3:28 am
involving the president whether you have dot a man on this team that says we're going to stop him from being president. but then you see it from james comey on down, and these are indivls who have worked with each other for years. why the special counsel put on mr. strzok and his lover, both of whom are treating on their spouses when they know -- they have known each other for years decades becomes questionable. so as the american people see these issues of bias and kind of an unfair kind of collusion, it's going to effect their opinion about the ig -- about everything. about the doj and about the special counsel. ed: let's let hamza make a final point. i wonder what about the fact the midterm election coming on. mueller is going to have a final report by the as i remember. we're going to let the -- by the summer. >> question isn't quick. it takes time to make sure we are doing the right thing
3:29 am
when it comes to investigating thoroughly what's going in terms of the white house's investigation of russia and collusion. >> this is political. this is politics. this isn't politics it's doing the right thing. >> it is literally politics. you can't indict a sitting president. this is a package for congress for impeachment. which is politics per se. ed: hamza, last point. >> my last point for you again is if you are talking about poll numbers it's very clear right now the president has a lower approval rating than mueller does that's one. number two keep in mind. >> that's not true. >> we have to keep. it is 100 percent true. ed: his numbers have been coming up but we can debate. >> we can debate. it's all about making sure that our department of justice, that our justice system does the right thing by the american people and make sure that we have a fair, thorough investigation. we have to insulate these sorts of investigations from pluck politicinvestigations fro.
3:30 am
>> that's failed. >> what matters at the end of the day we have a fair investigation. >> we don't. >> people missed out -- ed: hamza, tammy. final word. appreciate you coming on. msnbc donnie deutsche says if y vote for trump, you're the bad guy. >> if you vote for trump, then you, the voter, you, not donald trump, are standing at the border, like nazis go you here, you here. ed: like nazis. there is much more where that came from. we will get into it and dive deep. meanwhile, griff jenkins is live down at the southern border in texas. he just got a big exclusive interview. griff, how are you doing, man? >> good morning, ed, listen, it is ground zero here mcgowan texas. we did get a sitdown with ted cruz you are not going to want to miss what he had to say. that's coming up next. evy malib.
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gives skin the moisture it needs and keeps it there longer with lock-in moisture technology skin is petal smooth after all, a cleanser's just a cleanser unless it's olay. ♪ pete: we are back with a fox news alert. house republicans, they are pushing for a critical vote on an immigration compromise as the crisis continues on our southern border. abby: fox news sits down with texas senator ted cruz on how congress can find some common ground. ed: our man on the border griff jenkins joins us live from mccown, texas. you are doing great work down there but how's it going. >> this has been ground zero
3:35 am
all week long. we're going to have 20 democratic members here at thmcallen processing center. senator cruz coming down with cornyn. cruz introduced legislation this week on keeping families together. we sat down exclusively with him and senator cruz points out that it's really the kids that are at the center of this. take a listen. >> hundreds and hundreds and really thousands of kids who are the victims of illegal immigration, who are young children, who are crossing, many of them come unaccompanied without parents, without adults. they come in the custody of human traffickers and coyotes. and these kids are so often subject to just horrible abuse. >> now, cruz's legislation to get families together is going to be difficult, obviously in this environment. but he says that he is going to meet with senators feinstein and durbin this
3:36 am
week and try to get some headway. is he threading this needle, guys, when you are trying to reunify families. have you also got to adhere to the rule of law which he says is critically important. listen. >> if they insist that the only way to do this is to go back to catch and release and let everyone go, then we are not going to end up on common ground it ought to be entirely persistent to protect kids and keep kids with their parents and at the same time respect the rule of law. griff: it's important to point out the president's executive order runs out on 20 days in keeping families together. the clock is running for the members of congress. in washington, and, of course, we had the first lady visiting this week. this story is really just heating up, believe it or not, to hear me say that but it is the case. a little bit later you are going to talk with the chiever of this sector chief manuel padilla. abby: looking forward to it.
3:37 am
pete: what are the chances that anything happens. ed: seems highly unlikely. we have steve scalise the whip in the house coming up. republicans under great pressure. the president has been demanding action more importantly the people have been demanding action on illegal immigration they can't find consensus. they were supposed to have a street thursday. they had one vote it didn't make it come back friday with a new vote. didn't happen. now they are saying next week. pete: how much of hinges on this honestly the wall. these are my notes for the show by the way. if only there was a. abby: wall both proposals put forward. pete: have you democratic votes u the democrats hate the wall more than anything else. ed: senate but not getting it through the house. abby: democrats hate the wall but also this week i think they feel like they can win. that they have won. [talking at the same time] abby: if you want to be mad at anyone, be mad at members
3:38 am
of congress. that's where it continues to sit and cannot find something to move it forward. a lot going on this morning i do want to bring you other headlines happening overnight. four people arrested during protests over the fatal police shuting of a 17-year-old. [chanting] abby: hundreds people rioting in the streets of pittsburgh overnight. angry demonstrators calling for justice in the shooting death of antwon rhodes jr. unarmed black teenager was shot three times while trying to flee a car stopped by a white officer. please say rhodes was in a vehicle that matched a description involved in a nearby shooting. also, amazo amazon employees demanding that the tech giant stop selling facial recognition product to law enforcement and cut off all partnership that enable ice. the group of employees signing a letter that says we refuse to build a platform that powers ice and
3:39 am
refuse to contribute to tools that violate human rights. president trump's former lawyer firing back at tom arnold. michael cohen rebuking claims that comedian made during a bizarre cnn interview. watch this. >> i'm going to spend the weekend with michael cohen. >> did michael cohen tell you specifically really just yes or no that he is cooperating with the authorities? did he tell you? >> [no response] >> do you not want to answer the question? >> no. abby: that's a lot of tv time of silence. well, cohen tweeting, this quote. appreciate tom around's kind words about me as a great father, husband and a friend. this was a chance public encounter in the hotel lobby where he asked for a selfie. not spending the weekend together, did not discuss being on his show nor did we discuss potus done
3:40 am
ridiculous. the hunt for the trump tapes. although arnold later admitted that cohen never said that. ed: the whole story is true. abby: charles krauthammer's book moving to the top of the best seller's list after his death. things that matter, making the number one and number two spots on amazon. the pulitzer prize winner inspiring millions with his insight and wisdom across the political spectrum. the beloved fox news commentator passed away thursday after a long fight with cancer. he was 68 years old. you know, i spoke about him yesterday and ed, i know you did as well. i said if now more than ever we need his voice. ed: smart, civil. abby: calm way and with some sanity. go buy his book. learn from him. pete: amazing man who knew how to cut through things. ed: bret baier did a special last night and going to air sunday as well. a lot of interesting weather today. rick: wasn't it nice on
3:41 am
twitter to seat outpouring of love and respect for him across the spectrum. pete: absolutely. rick: amazing across twitter such a horrible place. such a beautiful thing across the board. abby: rick it, speaks to the man he was. rick: without a doubt. happy about that. here did you go. here are your temps as you are waking up. a lot cooler at least across the northern tier here. 67 in kansas city. 63 in chicago. 64 in new york. 54 in ca caribou. on the southern side of this more severe weather. yesterday tornadoes across parts of the south. big severe weather move through parts of oklahoma overnight. another batch of this is going to move through throughout the day today. take a look at this. one big system here across mid-atlantic and northeast. get the idea it's not a washout for anybody's day. going to be scattered showers around almost for everybody as th at times. more storms moving through oklahoma behind that and then more severe weather, in fact, we have a setup
3:42 am
interest here coming for the parts of the plains. all right. guys, back to you. pete: thank you, sir. appreciate it first, they chased her out of a restaurant. now protesters descend on dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen's home over the immigration crisis. [chanting] [free the kids] >> no justice, no sleep. pete: how long will they keep up this mob mentality? we will ask that question. abby: president trump telling republicans to hold off on immigration until the red wave comes in november. scott rasmussen here to break down what that wave could look like. he is up next. so, what's new? we just switched to geico and got more. more? they've been saving folks money for over 75 years. a company you can trust. geico even helped us with homeowners insurance.
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♪ pete: welcome back. president trump telling the g.o.p. to hold off on immigration until after the mid terms tweeting this, quote: dems are just playing games.
3:46 am
they have no intention of doing anything to solve this decades old problem. we could pass great legislation after the red wave. well, we have heard all about the so-called blue wave. but is a red wave actually possible? we are going to ask scott rasmussen editor-at-large for ballot media and publisher of we have heard about the blue wave. this is the first i have heard of the red wave is a red wave possible. >> there is not going to be a red wave also not a blue wave. ballot media went back and looked at the last midterm elections what's a really exceptional election. what qualifies as a wave and the average would be it has to be at least a 48-seat pickup in the house of representatives. not going to happen. pete: look at the how the and the senate. let's start with the house. here is where we are today. >> democrats can obviously win a majority without a wave election. they need 23 seats to gain control of the house and try to make nancy pelosi speaker.
3:47 am
pete: sure. >> that's where we stand today. and if you take a look at all 435 races that are potentially in play. there is only 51 house races that are competitive. by that. pete: all of them are up as the nature of the house, only 51 are going to go one way or the other. we have the ratings at scott take a look at the 51 competitive races. 46 are held by republicans only 5 by democrats. pete: which means you win and keep the status quo. these are your only pickup opportunities. best the republicans can hope for is minimize the losses. pete: the house is where the faces the resistance. >> key role. republicans have a very narrow edge here. when you look at these races where the competition is much different story. only 3 republican seats are even potentially at risk. 6 by the democrats. we hear a lot about indiana, north dakota, montana. republicans have a good shot
3:48 am
to pick up a seat or two in the senate but the house remains -- pete: ha are you seeing with democrats on the senate on thinks messaging? are they closer to the president sticking with their base? what are they doing? >> six democrats at risk they sure sound like they like president trump more than the rest of their party. pete: interesting. >> issues in play. the economy is the biggest issue. pete, it's not about the tax cuts or regulation. it's about the republicans conveying that all of their policies are the reason the economy is doing so well. republicans need to make that connection. if they don't, they lose that messaging. immigration obviously very volatile issue. republicans have seen vulnerability in the last week. but, democrats, because they really give this sense that they don't want to have any border security are at risk come november. pete: they still -- are republicans running on the idea if you elect democrats they are going to do that. >> that's what republicans want to hear. they tom tom steyer on every day talking about impeachment. pete: come on any time we would love that interview.
3:49 am
>> in the senate races so key. the supreme court appointment and all the judicial appointments are going to be a very powerful issue. nobody in north dakota wants have a bigger voice. pete: still to come, mic huckabee just sat down with president trump. is he here to give us a preview live next hour. plus, the supreme court as scott mentioned, ruling that police now need a warrant to track your cell phone location. what does that mean for law enforcement and your privacy? current the cyberguy is here to explain coming up next. ♪ who can it be now ♪ paying too much for insurance that isn't the right fit? well, esurance makes finding the right coverage easy. in fact, drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved an average of $412. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance, an allstate company. click or call.
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♪ abby: welcome back the supreme court issuing a blockbuster ruling on digital privacy saying that police now need a warrant to track your cell phone location. ed: here to break it down kurt newtson the cyberguy. >> 5 to 4 the supreme court ruling yesterday that police will now have to get a warrant. they can't buy third party data that would tell us or tell the -- any law enforcement essentially where we are with our cell phones. and it really woke me up to say now, wait a minute, first facebook and now cell phone companies are doing,
3:54 am
what? and then we look at just earlier in the week first it was verizon then at&t, and the rest follow along saying that they are no longer going to sell location data from all of us to big brokers that sell it to other companies including law enforcement would have access to that what the supreme court ruling said about that though is that police officers, any law enforcement will now have to go get a warrant. even though that information is readily available to the rest of us that we in the private area of life could buy that information. abby: what if you need it immediately. a terrorist on the run and you need their whereabouts in a matter of seconds. >> here's the good news. this will not effect national security. it has zero to do with that. pete: they still can? >> they still will have access to it. it does require a warrant. if you want to track somebody for some endless period of time. here is the concern, cell phone companies along with all these technology
3:55 am
companies have been keeping track of what we're doing, how we're doing it, when we're doing it. and that history just sits there. and it builds and builds and builds. and that becomes very valuable. so, what is happening is we're suddenly becoming aware that, wait a minute, that's mine. why do they think they can sell where i was. ed: legal analyst saying your phone is sends out signals to cell towers every minute in the area. can you be tracked pretty easily. >> that's how it works. when you take your phone anywhere. it hits a cell phone tower and then also a wireless -- whoever your wireless provider is can ping your phone to say give me the g.p.s. coordinates within feet of where you are. they will know exactly where you are when you are. pete: interesting ruling here because chief justice roberts conservative teamed one four of the liberal justices to make a 5-4 decision which shows this is an issue that cuts across. >> it does and it's complicated and one of those things a lot of courts have stayed away from technology because it just opens a huge
3:56 am
can of worms. in this case, they just brushed right in saying this applies only to cell phones at this moment. not email, not anything else. abby: i just assume we are always being followed and listened to. might have to do with my dad living in russia. sean sean spicer, florida congressman steve scalise mic huckabee all here live. a big three hours. pete: ed and abby have made it clear what they think of my suit. so what do you guys think? we're reading your emails. >> i think curt likes it. >> i love the seersucker. it's fresh. it's summer. come on. the socksry are another story. new depend fit-flex underwear is guaranteed to be your best fit. (wienermobile horn) to put a better hot dog it's oscain every hand.ion
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hey guys, i'm home! surprise! i got a puppy. add an ipad to select packages for just $5 a month for 24 months. upgrade online now. ♪ >> these are the american citizens permanently separated from their loved ones, democrats and people that are weak on immigration, they don't want to discuss. >> last night hosting angel parents, families that have been separated and will be separated forever. >> we're separated permanently. >> this is permanent separation. >> i don't care what side you're on. you tonight want your child in a casket or in an urn. >> the other side from the president believes that they have the facts right. why do you have to manipulate the facts. pete: good point. ed: stick with the facts. >> where is the media outrage over the catch and release policies that allow deadly drugs to pour into our country. >> former fbi agent peter
4:01 am
strzok now subpoenaed to appear before congress next week. >> he has a lot to answer for, including the priority the trump investigation over the clinton investigation. >> world war ii prisoner of war finally gets his high school diploma graduating from new jersey alma mater 70 years after dropping out. the audience giving the hometown hero a standing ovation ♪ i get a little bit ♪ i'll admit ♪ i'm just the same as i was ♪ abby: ed and i have made it clear about the seersucker suit to my left and we asked you what you think. pete: it's summer; ed: it feels cowgill elite. pull out the "new york times," turn on cnn. sip some chardonnay. pete: i will sip some beer. coastal is south carolina. i think north and south carolina like seersucker. that's also the coast. elite in a different way the
4:02 am
elites won't understand. that's who i am representing north and south carolina. abby: can you show them the socks, too? because i don't think those work. i have think they are clashing. pete: too much? pete: a lot of stripes. if you are going with it, go with it. abby: this comes from wendelly who says pete, you are a bold, bold man to wear that suit in public. ed: lynn, to be fair and balanced i love the seersucker suit represents the coast, not the coastal elite. pete: representing the u.s.a. this morning in red, white, and blue. we didn't even coordinate. abby: what's funny is we don't talk about that before the show. how often are we wearing the same colors or match in some ways. pete: fourth of july before the fourth of july. i think you are hosting on the fourth, right? ed: i will be here. pete: are you going to be here, too. ed: i'm here on the weekend around that now you enjoy my
4:03 am
plans. pete: he takes holidays when people are supposed to take holidays. abby: there is a lot of news to get. to say very busy week. we are still talking about immigration. that is an issue so passionate to so many people in this country and the president hosted yesterday at the white house. he met with families that angel parents as we call them who have lost a child to an illegal immigrant. he talks about how important their voices are in this conversation. how they don't get enough attention. here's a bit of what the president said yesterday. >> we're gathered today to hearirectly from the american victims of illegal immigration. these are the american citizens permanently separated from their loved ones. >> for his birthday i go to his grave. for christmas. we set up a christmas tree on grant's grave. >> none of our kids had a minute to say goodbye. we weren't lucky enough to be separated for five days
4:04 am
or 10 days. we are separated permanently. >> i wear his ashes in a locate. this is how i get to hug my son. so, remember, when you go home and hug your kids, that there are many of us, thousands of us who don't get to do that anymore. pete: and on this program just last hour, we had two angel parents reacting to this and the media reaction to what's happened on the border. listen to them. >> president trump is not using me as propaganda. i'm permanently separated from matthew. i will never get to hug him again. i will never get to see him. i visit his grave. that's what i want people to know i'm going to speak out whether president trump supports us or not. >> for somebody to say we are being exploited, they are the same people that are running 24/7 pictures of these, you know, these kids that have been separated from their parents. they're not exploiting them and obviously, again, the "time" magazine thing. pete: yeah. ed: mr. rosenberg, what an important point to make right there.
4:05 am
remarkable. stopped me in my tracks when you were talking to him last hour. because, yes, talk about exploitation. most of the mainstream media has spent day after day exploiting pictures of kids. when even they are not even sure of the facts of that particular child which we're going to get to in a moment. but,e' the bottom line. we have been talking about separation. temporary separation. and it's an important issue. what about the permanent separationhese parents have from their children who were killed. one of them was talking about their kid working at like a convenience store. someone came in and shot them in cold blood. crime happens across the country. it's not just because of illegal immigrants, sadly. there are some these cases that are just simply brutal. another man talking about his daughter being raped by an illegal immigrant. and he was basically saying nobody cared. pete: no one talked about it before. ed: these stories need to be heard. abby: there is another side of this conversation. another hugely important part that isn't getting that attention. i didn't have enough time but i wanted to ask them why do we not hear their voices
4:06 am
more? we have them on here all the time because we wanted to highlight what they have been through and their stories u. ed: parity of it doesn't fit the narrative. abby: that is not a good enough reason. pete: it ♪ a good enough reason. it is the reason, you are right. lucky enough to be separated for five or 10 days. we were separated permanently. you talk about the insanity and the hysteria around separa ks from their parents. it's temporary, humane, lawful, it's also a deterrent. an event like that as effective as it was, probably a little bit too late. ed: can't let the white house off this point though which is why hold this event friday about 2 p.m., 3:00 p.m. after everyone is heading to the beach. you should have done this at the beginning of the week. waiting too long. this is real story. they took too long. and the white house communications staff should be embarrassed because they lost the narrative and doing this sort of at the end like by the way. no they should have been fighting and making this point. abby: they lost the narrative before that when
4:07 am
they had to make the executive order. it's been a tough week for the white house and tough week for the media. oftentimes we talk about the show all the time you don't get your facts right and you publish photos and you think you know the story behind it and actually what went on. it's not always accurate. you run with that narrative because you said earlier, pete, it fits the narrative. pete: was that accurate right there? abby: cover of "time" magazine. 2-year-old girl from honduras. picture of young girl have you probably seen throughout the week. the initial story was she was one of these kids separated from her family. separated from her parents. pete: crying. abby: she left from honduras i believe early june. she was never sprafted from her mom. we have now heard from her father who is still back at home. he didn't know that his wife actually took the daughter over the border. ed: he did not support them traveling to the border from honduras. abby: this was the cover of "time" magazine. they had to issue a correction because we now know the real details. here is the what the father had to say about that photo. can you imagine how i felt when i saw that photo of my
4:08 am
daughter it broke my heart. it's difficult as a father to see that i know now they are not in danger. they are safer now than they were making that journey to the border. ed: i always ask the question on twitter and i don't know yet. i hope we have a legal analyst later on general points so we can talk about this. when we show a photo of a child and we don't know their identified at this oftentimes we block them out for privacy reasons. how could "time" magazine get away with showing this girl's face and using her as a symbol and getting the facts wrong and the father said my heart broke when i saw the photo. why did they use that image when it was wrong? pete: that's a good point. because i'm wearing this suit i think i'm matlock. i don't know if we have it. here is what i would put up. the found this on the internet. the internet is a wonderful place. this is what the cover should have said welcome to america ms-13 member and what trump is really focused on is gangs and violent folks have exploited our
4:09 am
immigration system to sneak through and to wreak havoc on families and communities as close do here as long island which has a huge ms-13 problem. they realize they can use kids as pawns. kids under the age of 18. i know some 14, 15, 16-year-olds that ain't kids. remember that when we have this discussion. of course, no one wants to separate a 2-year-old crying from their mother. have to have policies. ed: trying to get attention. when was the last time we were talking about "time" magazine. maybe "time" man of the year u pepper of the year. abby: i'm not sure that's the attention they want. here is what is so frustrating about information. we put everyone in boxes and play the blame game why we can't move forward on this. be against separating families. also say we want to be there for the angel parents and against ms-13 gang members. can you agree with all of that yet today it's almost like if you are republican, then you want these families to be separated. if you are democrat, you want open borders. so much more nuanced than that people from all different perspectives.
4:10 am
we are at a place where you sit down at dinner table and someone on the other side of of the argument you don't want to go there. because you can't come and have a reasonable conversation. how do we fix that? how do we change that? ed: enforce the laws we currently have on the books. pete: it is more nuanced you are totally right. we had a liberal on the show a couple days ago when you actually dig down deep they kind of are for open borders. abby: every single democrat? pete: no. but a lot of them making the case when you dig down to the base level of their argument, it's like no human is ever illegal. don't call them illegal at all. no one sill legal. what are you in -- i don't know what to enforce. let them. in who comes in, how do they come in? they don't want to answer those questions because it requires tough judgment. abby: can you also blame republicans then who have control and can't come on agreement on passing a bill in the house. pete: i will happily blame republicans as well. abby: everyone is to blame. pete: i want a wall. i want a border. only a few people in congress who are willing to
4:11 am
stand by him on that. most of americans who voted for him say that's why we voted for him. ed: we don't have a secure border. it's a national crisis and it needs to be dealt with that's the bottom line. abby: keep sending your thoughts on this. there is other news going on overnight. search for missing soldier ends in tragedy. the body of national guard specialist kaelyn mac elmore was found in wooded area. the army reservist never returned from a training exercise on a base near jacksonville, florida. massive search effort covered more than a thousand acres of the swampy and wooded area. the investigation is now underway. fbi agent peter strzok is subpoenaed to testify on capitol hill. the house judiciary committee issuing that order after strzok wouldn't confirm a specific date. the hearing is set for june 27th and will be close you had to the public u it's part of the congressional investigation into the department of justice. strzok is facing criticism after a series of anti-trump text messages. the u.s. military is sending
4:12 am
100 wooden coffins to the north korean border. they will be used to transport the remains of american soldiers killed in the korean war. this comes as the pentagon indefinitely suspends two more training exercises with south korea. the moves following the historic summit between president trump and north korean leader kim jong un. that is a powerful moment. you spoke to that earlier. you were over in singapore. >> the vfw was emailing me before the summit took place we want to get this issue on the table. we wrote the president a letter. guess what? the president got that message. people haven't given him credit for that that means a lot to families who have been waiting for those remains for a long time. pete: very meaningful things, well-said. we just told you about the media's coverage of the border. what's really happening on the ground? we are going to ask cpb chief for the rio grande valley coming up next. ed: is he known for railing and rallying against the 1%. it turns out he is one of them for the second year in a row. we have got the numbers. turns out maybe bernie has some more bucks than we
4:13 am
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♪ >> logistics are important because when you don't have enough space for people that's when you get overcrowding. >> the average stay in these facilities for children right now is 57 days. dozens of those are just 5 years old and younger. some just a few months old. >> the fate of 2300 children lost in the -- remains unknown. pete: left wing media outrage continues over family separations at the border. abby: what is really happening on the ground? here with insight manuel
4:17 am
padilla rio grande valley he joins us right now. manuel, it is great to have you with us and such an important voice when it seems there is so much misinformation out there and we talk about immigration and we talk about the border. tell us what you are seeing. what is going on at the border? what do we need to better understand? >> yes, well, thank you for having me. well, this administration has been pushing for two main things. the first one is border security and the second one is immigration reform. and right here in south texas rio grande valley sector, we are by far the busiest as far as activity. and in both of these areas. when we are talking about border security, ms-13 apprehensions over 300 percent. rescues, constant rescues that the agents are saving children and young people as the smugglers put them through very dangerous situations. constant tractor-trailer loads where people are in danger, really, when they are put in the back of the
4:18 am
tractor-trailer loads and smuggled. unfortunately we lost 10 people last july. and all these are symptoms of a border that needs a lot of work. now, the other mission set that we have is what i call the humanitarian mission. right? so it's the unaccompanied children. it's the family units. we have to deal with this population. i have agents baby-sitting, if you will, caring and feeding for this population going to the hospital. you know, rescuing people at the river i can give you example after example. pete: give us some examples. we are hearing about kids being put in cages and comparisons to concentration camps. i know these agents, you know these men that serve. they are humane about what they do. there are difficult situations. give us the truth about what's happening with kids on the border. >> so let me give you an example that happened here two weeks ago. we had a mother with two
4:19 am
children. one was a male, one was a female. and as the smuggler had them across the river, he asked for more money. this person had given all her money as she made her trek, you know, from the country of origin to the border. when she did not have any money, the smuggler said well, you are going to pay with your daughter. he proceeded to sexually assault the daughter and the mother fought him off. when the agents got there. of course, the mother is very, very distraught. but these are the things that the agents are seeing on a daily basis. now, how we care for these -- for these kids, all of our agents are fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, they are part of the community and family members and so when they are portrayed as not treating the people right. i think that is total injustice what the agents do. now, i'm using agents to debunk all these false stories that are out there. so hopefully that does not become another task.
4:20 am
abby: manuel that is horrific terrible, terrible story and certainly one of way too many that happened. such an important perspective as we have this debate in this country and it continues on. thank you so much for being with us and thank you for what you do for this country. pete: thank you for doing a difficult job most americans won't do that is extrely important. manuel, thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you so much. pete: you got it. abby: all right. very interesting insight there. should po pot be used to cush ub the opioid epidemic? pete: protesting at kirstjen nielsen's home. is it time for the mob mentality on the left to end end. [chanting] no justice, no sleep we must
4:21 am
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4:25 am
plant. suv assembled in illinois. thank you, jeep. ed: more than 42,000 people died due to opioids in 2016 major crisis more than any other year on record. now fighting that growing epidemic has become a focal point for many. now there are growing calls to use marijuana for pain management in an attempt to try to tame the crisis. the surgeon general though seems skeptical. >> exposing the developing brain to marijuana can prime the brain for addiction. could have potential negative consequences including promoting cancer. i think it's important we do look at the studies but i also think it's important that we don't jump on something which may have more potential adverse consequences down the road.
4:26 am
ed: so, will this help or hurt? here to weigh in dr. john gordon chris stow. he specializes in pain management. good morning. >> good morning. ed: toe me about the surgeon general. he says we have to look at the studies. what is your belief about what the most recent studies have suggested about this. >> well, i think the most recent studies with respect to pain control suggests that medicinal cannabis can be useful for treating chronic pain. neuropathic pain conditions. h.i.v. neuropathy diabetic neuropathy or pain from multiple sclerosis. i think it can be useful. if you look in general at most of the studies, patients report about 30 or so percent relief from the use of medical cannabis. ed: specifically, you mention h.i.v. my understanding parkinsons, other diseases as well. there are some studies suggesting that medical use of marijuana can reduce pain by about 30%?
4:27 am
>> yes. exactly. by about 30%. and there are other studies. and if you talk to patients who have fibromyalgia or art rights, they report positive outcomes as well. ed: what is the risk here then because the surgeon general made it clear he has concerns about cancer. he has concerns about addiction potentially i suppose that some people might get as you are trying to help them might end up becoming a problem. what do you sees a the risk? >> there are risks. similar to other substances we use to treat pain. the risk can be associated with abuse and misuse and addiction of medical marijuana. but, you know, if we are talking about the medicinal use of it talking about something slightly different. i think the risk associated with the medicinal use are lower than they would be for recreational use. ed: what about the different forms? is smoked cannabis different than if it is vapor rised
4:28 am
and see all these different weighed that people are using it can you use it in a way effective for painment anpainmanagement and differences for how it's used. >> use ared for pain i object hill legs form or vaporized form, oral form or smoked form. i think the safer way to use it is to vapor rise it because you avoid the combustion associated with smoking it. ed: interesting. doctor thank you for bringing these facts just beginning. >> thank you, sir. ed: donnie deutsche says if you vote for trump you are simply a bad guy. >> you vote for trump, then you, the voter, you, not donald trump, are standing at the border like nazis going you here, you here. ed: like nazis. the bad guy? well governor mic huckabee, he wants to weigh in on that one next. and if congress can't get an immigration deal done, is it time to replace them?
4:29 am
a debate over term limits, yes. term limits. that's coming up as well. and this massi 30-foot guitar just put up. but it's got a giant mistake. we'll show you the big problem just ahead. ♪ that kind of music just sooths the soul ♪ this is a story about mail and packages. and it's also a story about people. people who rely on us every day to deliver their dreams
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4:32 am
>> immigration has been a controversy over the past
4:33 am
several weeks and what is it that americans need to know that they're not hearing from the media? >> that it's the democrats' fault. they refuse to sit down and draw an agreement that's good for security and good for everybody. we want a merit based immigration system. we need safety border. we need the wall. the wall is going to happen. abby: that was president trump weighing in on the immigration crisis during a brand new interview with our next guest. pete: that's right. mike huckabee former governor of arkansas, host of huckabee. congrats on the interview. what was your biggest take away sitting down with the president? >> well, he was very candid and open when he was talking about the immigration issue as well as other topics as well. one of the things he points out is that most people don't understand that this is not about taking immigrants out. this is about making sure that the immigrants who come are people who want to come to help america be a wonderful place because they
4:34 am
believe in america. one of the differences random lottery which he talks about. really a disastrous and frankly foolish approach than just dipping into a hat and saying you get to come and maybe there is a scientist that we could really use and that person didn't get picked in the lottery. he talks about the insanity of that. very insightful. ed: governor, pardon me one second. you seem to be diagnosing the problem with immigration as is the president supporting democrats. i guess chuck schumer has been blocking. fellow republicans, can't get a bill through the house. which they supposedly control. white house republicans heard loud and clear they wanted to do something about that lottery system and the wall and everything else u. >> well, have you some republicans who, i guess, have never really decided what that means. what that means is that you believe in a rule of law. that you believe in order.
4:35 am
that you believe that you your basic purpose it to serve citizens. it's not anti-immigrant. it's basic concepto make sure that you protect america and americans and that you have door. most people lock their homes every night. i bet you did last night. you don't live in unlocked house. we lock our cars. we protect ourselves. not because we distrust everybody but we know there are some evil people out there. ed: why won't republican does that? why won't they lock that door? why won't republican does it? >> because a lot of them are so beholden to the special interests who want the cheap labor of illegal immigration. and they have been just totally owned by the donors. so, let's just be blunt. this is not about their convictions. this is about they are kowtowing to the donors who have giving them money and put them there. i say for those it's time for them to go home and let them work in the fields. let them do the labor.
4:36 am
cheaply that they want illegals to do and let's keep americans from having jobs. i'm sick of the republicans who will not get this done according to a just a simple law and order approach to immigration. there is not a country in the world i can just walk into and say i'm here, feed me, educate me, take care of my kids. abby: you speak for so many americans. that's what so many hate about politics. so focused on the next election that you don't focus at all on what is doing what is right and best for this country. i want to get your thoughts on downy deutsche someone across the pond here on another network had some pretty cruel things to say about anyone, anyone who voted for president trump. can no longer be about president trump. who we are. we can no longer say trump is the bad guy, if you vote for trump, you're the bad guy. if you vote for trump, you
4:37 am
are ripping children from parents' arms. the democrats have to do is make the next election a referendum on not who trump is but who you are. if you vote for trump, then you, the voter, you, not donald trump, are standing at the border, like nazis go you here, you here. abby: governor, how dangerous is this language? i hear something like that and i think to myself this is the problem. this is why we can't get anywhere today. >> it's very dangerous. and let me tell you why. if i have not seen that clip and only read it i would assumed it was fake news because i can't believe that anybody would be so absurdly over the top and unhinged as we just saw. i would like to take donnie deutsch to outwitch and escort him to jerusalem that i have been to dozens of times. he clearly doesn't know what nazis are about. nazis murdered people.
4:38 am
they went into people's home and rounded up perfectly legitimate law abiding citizens and because they were jewish they stole everything they owned. they herded them into streets and on train cars. they shaved their heads. they stripped them naked. they put them in showers that turned out to be gas chambers and then they cremated their bodies. they murdered people in the tune of 11 million in the course of the thir third reich. donny deutsch the thing he said was awful was smug and condescending manner in which he and the other elites look down upon the people who elected donald trump and because of their smug and condescending attitude will reelect him in 2020. pete: when you invoke the nazis, you lose. it's plain and simple. governor, thank you very much for that historical perspective. we appreciate it. abby: look forward to seeing the rest of your interview, governor. thank you. police officers race into harm's way digging out
4:39 am
victims from rubble after a violent home invasion. >> i'm here. i'm here. where are you? where are you? >> help me. please help me. abby: intense video showing authorities frantically sifting through the debris pulling people to safety in ohio. the victims are in critical condition suffering several burns and broken bones. investigators believe it was a natural gas explosion. and delta tightening the leash on its animal policy again. the airline no longer allowing any pit bull type dogs as service or support animals on their flights. the ban coming in the growing safety concerns after two employees were bitten by pit bull. support animal according to delta. airline limiting travelers to one emotional support animal per flight. the policy goes into effect on july 10th. hard rock hotel scrambles to correct a huge blunders. soon to open thrak city
4:40 am
re30-foot guitar to greet the guests at the entrance. the sign has the giant typo rhythm included the letter e. the misspelling was corrected just in time for the grand opening on thursday. ed: not good. it happens a lot. governor huckabee might have mispronounced donny deutsch's name. pete: rick reichmuth if you did not know him you might pronounce his name correctly. rick: or 20th time or 120th time. if you have name like you this can't complain if people say it badly. take a look at this guys. get a shot here. you made this. you made this. >> yes. >> what did the rest of you make when you came? people are making shirts now to come. >> i didn't want to carry a poster. rick: where are you from? >> take a look at the
4:41 am
weather maps. show you what's going on today. especially down across parts of the south again. we had severe weather yesterday, another batch today around the d.c. area across parts of southern new jersey, get ready tomorrow the bulls eye is right there parts of kansas and oklahoma. a bit of a severe weather outbreak tomorrow. certainly some very strong winds and possibly a few tornadoes thrown in there as well. here is the forecast for today across the mid-atlantic, northeast ohio valley. scattered showers. a cooler day as well down across the south. certainly plenty warm and we have showers across parts of florida and again throughout parts of oklahoma. stretched throughout the tennessee valley. all right, guys. back to you inside. abby: thank you, rick. ed: down in texas there. pete: most recently in new orleans. very humid in new orleans. abby: soupy like rick says. pete: soupy weather. soupy air. ed: new bill in california pushing for all public universities to give students access to abortion pills. outraged student from one of
4:42 am
those schools joins us live ahead. pete: inaction on immigration sparking new calls for term limits. is it time for a change he? wool debate that coming up next. abby: yes. pete: abby says yes. what do you think? ♪ already won three cars, two motorcycles, a boat, and an r.v. i would not want to pay that insurance bill. [ ding ] -oh, i have progressive, so i just bundled everything with my home insurance. saved me a ton of money. -love you, gary! -you don't have to buzz in. it's not a question, gary. on march 1, 1810 -- [ ding ] -frédéric chopin. -collapsing in 226 -- [ ding ] -the colossus of rhodes. -[ sighs ] louise dustmann -- [ ding ] -brahms' "lullaby," or "wiegenlied." -when will it end? [ ding ] -not today, ron.
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when you get a mortgage, it is harder to know what to look for and how to get it. changed that. we made our mortgages transparent, affordable, and fair. spend your time imagining, not stressing. find out how much house you can actually afford, in just three minutes, at ♪ pete: welcome back. the immigration debate heating up across the country. capitol hill, of course, taking no action. the house delaying a vote on a compromise bill unless next week. the inaction renewing calls for term limits in congress. the columnist in the national review argues politicians working for re-election, quote: is a recipe for disaster, dysfunction and the overproduction of short-term symbolic gestures instead of long-term solutions. so are term limits really the key to getting -- to making sure congress gets something done?
4:46 am
here to debate democratic strategist antjuan seawright and american conservative unit matt schlapp thank you both for being here. >> good to be here. pete: republicans control congress not getting anything done on immigration. would term limits change that dynamic. >> no. i think the only thing the american people need to do is put limits on the amount of republicans that they elect in november going forward. look, this president and the american people have literally failed this country for from a policy standpoint and getting things done for the best interest of the american people. as relates to immigration, we know that the majority of the americans want a comprehensive, bipartisan immigration reform bill. the president has let them down. the republican congress has let them down so here we are. whole distraction tactic. pete: matt, i will let you respond, go ahead. >> how about term limits for left wing pundits. i would like to see that. [laughter] i think congress -- let's get nonpartisan here for a little bit. >> can you do that matt?
4:47 am
>> i can. i think congress really risks being irrelevant in the public policy process. pete, thank you about it. a republican congress, they are not even going to pass a budget. the proposition appropriations s doesn't work functionally. congress ceded more power to barack obama. >> here we go, matt, blame barack. >> hear me out barack obama was overturned more times by the federal courts because executive power continues to grow and congress continues to be okay with creeing it. i think congress needs to stand up. they are separate and equal branch of government and if they don't, pete, i think something like term limits could really take off. pete: antjuan, i'm happy to be partisan. i got my perspective. step back for a second. short-term view of republicans and democrats inhibiting the ability for washington to ever do anything meaningful. >> no. i think term limits, every time we have an election. truth of the matter is we are at a battle for the soul of this nation every day. and if you really want to
4:48 am
see real progress moving forward in this country we have to show up in elections. this is why i believe friends should not let friends vote republican in november. pete: matt, that's a pretty honest answer. we can all talk about term limits. hey, did you go to the ballot box. vote for change if you want it. >> look, i agree with antjuan on this. i'm not the biggest fan of term limits because it's kind of neutral. i would rather have the american people stand up and say look, we believe in the constitution and we believe in limited government and constitutional principles. i would like to elect more people who have those values. i think the problem is even sometimes with republicans who get elected to congress is they don't believe in aggressive oversight as we can see with this ridiculous action at the fbi. and they don't believe in having spending fights over limiting the size of government. if the republican party doesn't start standing um more aggressively on those two issues, i think there is a loft americans out there that say where do i turn? >> the american people, pete, have to hold the republican party accountable. there is hypocrisy at so
4:49 am
many levels at the republican party right now. that's why you see so many people frustrated. that's why the blue wave is going to be so strong. >> no blue wave. pete: no hypocrisy on the blue side of the aisle. you would have to acknowledge the entrenched power that incumbent has also which makes this a discussion. thank you both. appreciate your time. >> pete, i like the suit. pete: see, that's a vote in favor. thank you very much, antjuan, appreciate it new bill in california pushing for all public universities to give students access to abortion pills. outraged student from one of those schools joins us next. plus, on the show, coming up. already done 1 hour and 49 minutes. we still have sean spicer, sebastian gorka, steve scalise and a few other surprises coming up for you live ♪ every day american ♪ ♪ motorcycle revving ♪motorcycle revving
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♪ ♪ ed: some quick headlines, democrats already fundraising off the first lady's jacket that actually sparked media outrage. giving away a shirt to anyone who play pays 20 bucks towards beating republicans in november. first lady receiving backlash after wearing that coat after visiting immigrant children in texas. jacket was actually aimed at the media. she doesn't care about them. d.c. economic economics is remig the refugee. sent to earth as a baby just before his home planet was destroyed for world refugee day. the company is encouraging fans to be like the iconic hero and do what's right. they seem to have forgotten it's a fictional character. abby? abby: we should ask dean contain what he thinks about that. thank you, ed. should public universities be required to have on campus access for abortion pills for students? a bill in california says
4:54 am
just that. the filmmaker behind it says access. the lawmaker behind it? >> medication abortion on college campuses is critical. denying comprehensive and accessible reproductive care on campus interferes with the well-being and academic success of women and disproportionately impacts students of color and low income students. abby: that's her take. but what do the students think? let's ask one of them campus and student at california state university fresno burn detective casey. good to have with you us this morning. >> thanks for having me. in school in california. if this passes it would impact you. what are your thoughts. >> absolutely. well, providing abortion on college campuses should not be the focus of the university. they should be focusing on educating the next generation. leadership institute campus reports on various instances of universities taking up social justice causes and other politically charged issues. that are completely
4:55 am
unrelated to higher education. sb 320 is just another example of the california legislature taking things into their own hands and pushing their agenda. this is far outside of the scope of student health center. campuses are meant for learning and enhancement and abortion doesn't further either of those causes. abby: how do students feel? this is a topic on campus because it's happening in your home state. how does everyone feel about this. on the same page or do you have good debates about this. >> right. well i'm the president of a student for life chapter on my campus at fresno state. and we're finding that many students do not know about this that's going on up in the capitol and also when we explain what's going on in this bill we are finding that many pro-life and pro-choice individuals are shocked at the abortion industry's take on this. and their willingness to target college students. but what we're finding is that this bill is really unnecessary. because they are focusing on increasing access but there
4:56 am
is no lack of access to abortion in california. we found that there are an abortion -- there is an abortion pill provider within an average of about six miles of every public university campus in california. and for fresno state less than two miles away. again, this bill is completely unnecessary. abby: yeah. all right. well it sounds like she needs to come down to that campus and have real conversations and understand how the students feel and maybe she has done that at some places but still more conversation needs to be h great to have you voice on this morning. stacey, good to see you. >> thank you. abby: tom arnold delivering interesting and confusing interview claiming that he is teaming one trump lawyer michael cohen to get the president. how michael cohen is now responding this morning. plus, no more valedictorian. one school board eliminating class rankings to take pressure off of students. is this really the best path forward? one parenting panel -- our
4:57 am
parenting panel, one you don't want to miss they are here to weigh in that's coming up next.
4:58 am
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abby: world war ii prisoner of war finally gets high school diploma graduating after dropping out to join the army. the audience giving the hometown hero a standing ovation. ♪ coming home ♪ pete: i have her heard this song. ed: keith urban. pete: i know keith urban. seems nice and pleasant. ed: i'm surprised you don't know a song like that so middle america. almost like you are out of touch. coastal elite wearing seersucker. abby: do you know what pete ordered this morning for copy of? he wanted a nice almond latte. pete: that's absolutely fake news. i got coffee delivered to me with splendid in it and i poured it out. you can't put splendor in
5:02 am
it. we love our coffee with cream and sugar. seersucker. i don't speak for you. ed: if you love the seersucker reaction pouring in all morning. abby: i have been reading a bit of twitter. a lot of people are not a fan of the sock combination. pete: a little leg there, too. ed: look great in the hamptons when you get out there in the afternoon and have brunch and cocktail. pete: sometimes you have to speak for the hamptons. ed: elite thing you do. pete: not true, ed is going to the hamptons after the show. abby: keep sending us your thoughts. ed: we have had a busy week. abby: i think you do look great. in all honesty i think you look great this morning. we have a loft news to get to this morning. we want to begin with the battle at the border. house republicans are pushing for a critical vote on immigration compromise as the crisis continues at our southern border. ed: our own griff jenkins joins us live in mcallen,
5:03 am
texas interview he got only with ted cruz. griff, a lot happening down there. what are you seeing on the ground? >> well, there's a lot going on here. you know, the media, ed and abby, pete, have talked a lot about the children separated from their families. the unaccompanied children. and how to reunite them. when we sat down with ted cruz who came down here with senator cornyn and met with local leaders i asked them what the media has been getting wrong about this story. here is what he had to say. >> no offense, but out media gets almost everything wrong on this story all the time. first several months of 2017. illegal immigration plummeted. we saw illegal crossings drop nearly 70%. it was astonishing. why is that? what changed? we didn't have a wall yet. we didn't have new border patrol agents. what changed? they said the difference is the cartels and coyotes believe the new administration will enforce the law.
5:04 am
griff: now, abby, you talk about will they get anything done in washington? well, it's really a tough environment in washington. ed can tell you all about that. but senator cruz who introduced legislation to reunite families. remember the president's executive order runs out in 20 days and they have got to get a permanent fix. senator cruz believes he can thread the needle between family reunification and rule of law. i asked him what he is going to do he says he has an important meeting that may give some headway. take a listen. >> the big open question is are democrats going to be willing to work together in a bipartisan manner? i have had some very good conversations this week with a number of democrats. i'm going to be sitting down next week with dianne feinstein and dick durbin. two democrats who aren't normally -- aren't normally on the same page as i am to see if we can reach common ground on this. >> well, there is going to be about 20 members of congress, all democrats right here at this processing center in a few hours. i'm going to ask them if they will come to find some
5:05 am
common ground. guys? back to you. >> can't wait to get those answers later in the show and also tomorrow if you talk to them this afternoon. pete: get the facts of what's actually happening. that's what matters the most. we understand the macroissues. illegal to cross the border there are places where can you go to seek asylum. this channel has done a nice job laying out what that process looks like so much hyperbole if you are a horrible person or nats ski or concentration camp around a temporary hey humane lawful approach to try to deter illegal immigration. no one wants to rip kids from their parents but you also have to uphold the law. ed: if the president's policy was so wrong by can d. some on the left have to twist the facts. why did "time" magazine have to come up with a crying girl on the cover who is 2 years old but never separated from her mom in order to try and make a political point about the president's policy when it was flat wrong?
5:06 am
abby: where was the outrage years ago when barack obama deported more. children in facilities back then. some pictures post you had from like year 20146789 the outrage you talked about and theme of the show this morning is there has been so much hate on this issue and people are so far apart on it how do we get to an agreement? how do we come together? you think about how we live our daily lives and how hard it is to just talk to our friends and our family if you disagree on issue like immigration. there is a story out there so seth rogan who is an actor. comedian and actor. >> i love seth rogan i think he has been on knocked up. pete: hilarious. ed: this is not so funny. abby: this happened maybe weeks ago. i don't know. there was an all timers event out in park city. an event that is posted by mitt romney. paul ryan was out there with his family and so was seth rogan. paul ryan's two sons went up to seth rogan because they're fans of his and watch his movies and said hello and said can we introduce you to our dad.
5:07 am
seth rogan didn't know who the dad was but says sure. over comes paul ryan according to this story. this is how that played out. >> i turned around and paul ryan was walking towards me. and i didn't know what to do. he came over, just grabbed my hand and i'm shaking his hand. i don't know what to do. he said can i have a picture with you? and i look over and his kids are standing right there expect at that particular timely clearly fans of mine and i said no way, man. [laughter] and i couldn't stop and i said furthermore, i hate what you are doing to the country at this moment and i count the days until you no longer have one iota of the power that you currently have. ed: so wait actor admits he is an idiot and crowd cheers. pete: they all cheer. pete: what was going on here whether you think paul ryan is the worst politician in the history. whether you disagree with every one of his policies how could you not be civil
5:08 am
to him and his children. his children like your movies. hey, would you take a picture with my dad? pete: they have lost so much respect. talk about coastal elites threw have it right there. might have a beard but is he one of them. abby: love for someone to push back what exactly about his policies do you dislike. you look at immigration. paul ryan not running for office again. and you can tell is focused on immigration on ways he feels is best for the country, not politics. he wants to work with democrats. is he trying to get this more moderate bill through the house. i have think there is a misunderstanding out there about people and policies. pete: no misunderstanding. all republicans are evil. that's the view of them. all complicit with trump. they have given -- paul ryan no big pro-trump guy. he has gone along on a few things here and there notoriously more moderate. ed: trump base doesn't like him. pete: if your label says republican in hollywood, according to seth rogan, you are evil. you are complicit. ed: do you know what fits into this. bill maher doubled down on what he said a few weeks ago
5:09 am
that he was praying for a recession he wants a recession because he thinks that will drive the put from office. he went on last night apparently and said i'm pushing again. we wants a recession. recessions will eventually go away. this president will not go away is essentially what he was saying. so he is rooting for our economic failure. is he rooting for america to do bad. is he rooting for your wallet to have less money in it. abby: that's another way to admit the economy is going well. that's a good thing for the president. another way of making that argument. a pretty terrible way. ed: robert denner row what he said does that help or hurt. abby: it further ignites the trump base and gets them more fired up. have you robert deniro with hate speech out there that only insights. pete: seth rogan to robert deniro to tom around the actor that you may or that the. abby: wasn't he married to roseanne barr. >> he was. extending 15 minutes of fame. ed: need one of those charts bring everything together.
5:10 am
pete: tried to connect the dots. he gave interview where he claimed to know some things. ed: michael cohen formerring attorney of the united states mr. b. to flip. that he is in cahoots with tom arnold and blow the lid on something. we don't know. what has tapes. and all because of some reality show that arnold is pushing. abby: what information does he know? ed: here is what arnold said. >> the president of donald trump, ivanka trump, i am spending the weekend hanging out with michael cohen. and there is a lot going on. >> did michael cohen tell you specifically that he is working with the authoritie authorities? >> i wouldn't -- um, this is too important to me to f around. >> did michael cohen tell you specifically really just yes or no that he is cooperating with the authorities? should charges be brought?
5:11 am
>> [no response] >> did he tell you? do you not want to answer the question? >> no. ed: awkward. abby: here is what michael cohen is saying. ed: left the answer vague. abby: because he doesn't have one. michael cohen says appreciate tom arnold's kind words about me as a great father, husband and friend. this was a chance meeting in a public hotel in a lobby where he asked for a selfie. not spending the weekend together, did not discuss being on his show, nor did we discuss president trump #done, #ridiculous. pete: he took a photo with someone in the lobby now they are besties and now he has inside information and of course cnn happy to run with anything that was trump hate. abby: thought he was going to give them something. on live television. what do you know and most
5:12 am
awkward minutes of silence. ed: remember the trump campaign advisor low level and went on and gave bizarre introduce about what he had made told robert mueller or not told robert mueller and show after show just said yeah, go for it man, we don't even know what state of mind you are in right now. what's going on. you gout some dirt. let's just peddle it. >> i'm not a poppy harlow fan. give her credit. awkward silence is difficult on tv. she let it bake there for one second, two seconds, three seconds. he wasn't answering because he didn't have an answer. and ultimately, i bet she probably realized this interview was absurd. abby: yeah. pete: he took a selfie. abby: you couldn't help but sit there and wait what's coming? nothing. ed: speaking of bizarre folks fbi agent peter strzok hit with a subpoena. the house judiciary committee ordering him to testify on capitol hill this week. i thought he said he was going to willingly testify. what happened? well, ron desantis is a member of that committee. we are going to ask him what we can expect next. pete: that's right. ed, he said any time.
5:13 am
pete: then he doesn't give him a date. pete: whiskey factory now on the rocks well written in the prompter. thousands of barrels crashing down in a distill lery collapse. pictures that will make you sad. ed: that's a lot of waste of whiskey ♪ for else forget about it ♪ ♪
5:14 am
5:15 am
you always get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed?m
5:16 am
let's get someone to say it with a really low voice. carl? lowest price guaranteed. what about the world's lowest limbo stick? how low can you go? nice one, carl. hey i've got an idea. just say, badda book. badda boom. badda book. badda boom. nice. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at ♪ >> breaking this weekend, the house judiciary committee has subpoenaed embattled fbi agent period strzok to appear before congress next week. this after lawmakers say strzok would not confirm a specific date and time to
5:17 am
testify voluntarily. abby: unreal. what can we expect next? here to weigh in florida congressman ron desantis a member of the house judiciary committee and florida g.o.p. candidate for governor for florida. good morning. >> good morning. abby: you heard from the strzok team he wanted to testify before congress. they have given him a number of dates. clearly they haven't found one that works. they have to subpoena him. what is he too busy doing we know he still works hr at the fbi. should this be all you care about right now you? make the time to go. >> well, look, i think that the inspector general interviewed him and found him not to be credible in a number of different ways. so i think he is walking into a buzz saw because his conduct in this trump-russia investigation and in the hillary investigation was connected to his anti-trump-pro-hillary bias. it's really the worse nightmare to have a law enforcement agenc agent wielding counter intelligence powers of the government based on the individual's biases. that's what he did. he is the one who helped
5:18 am
bring the clinton investigation to an end. he is the one that opened a counter intelligence investigation against trump's campaign based off virtually nothing and a week after he opened that, that is when he texted lisa page no, trump won't be president. we will stop it. so this guy has done more than any agent in modern times to damage the reputation of the fbi and that's not fair to a lot of good people who are working in the fbi. ed: absolutely, congressman to your point i want to quote it directly. lisa page's girlfriend texted trump's not ever going to become president, right, right? and strzok wrote back no, no, he won't. we'll stop it. first of all, why in the world are fbi agents who are supposed to be nonpartisan and claiming at the end of this report oh, there was no bias, why in the world are they being biased but also, you just have to wonder, what in the world is this guy going to say? i'm all for and we should all be for people are innocent until proven guilty. he should get his day in court. peter strzok should be able
5:19 am
to tell his side of the story, congressman, what side of the story does he have in black and white he said we're going to stop him. >> ed, he has already told the story in a text message. he said we'll stop it that's august 8th. what does he mean? how are they going to stop trump go to the next week in mid august when they texted lisa page about the meeting they had in andrew mccabe's office. i hope that trump can't win and you are saying that we can't take that risk and we need an insurance policy. so that collusion investigation was the insurance policy that strzok would use to stop trump. it's there in black and white. and there is no way he is going to be able to argue around that and when he tried to argue around that to the inspector general, the inspector general said strzok is not credible. and that when we were in the fall campaign and you had the huma abedin emails and that that strzok's bias motivated his actions, not to pursue that and to continue to pursue the fake collusion narrative against donald trump. abby: unfortunately this hearing is not open to the public. i think we would all love to be a fly on the wall with
5:20 am
ethics change. i know there are a number of questions that you look forward to asking him. i want to get your thoughts as well as i mentioned earlier you are also running for governor in the state of florida. our latest fox news poll shows that you still have some work to do trailing adam putnam you see 17%. is he up at 32%. although positive news, depending on how ask, president trump came out and supported you, tweeted just a day or two ago this. says congressman ron desantis a top student at yale and harvard law school is running for governor of great state of florida. ron is strong on borders, tough on crime. big on cutting taxes. loves our military and vets. he will be a great governor and has my full endorsement. your reaction? >> well, i think those poll numbers are going to change after that. look, an iraq veteran i grew up in florida. i'm a blue collar kid i earned 6 bucks an hour to get where i am. i am the top conservative in florida with my record. and i have the backing of the president of the united states. and so i believe that tweet and your fox news debate is really going to launch this campaign. and i think it's going to be a fun two months.
5:21 am
abby: i will be actually in orlando at a diner thursday morning to get reaction as well. i hear you are from florida where my husband is from and parents. got to love it. back after this. and now for the rings. (♪) i'm a four-year-old ring bearer with a bad habit of swallowing stuff. still won't eat my broccoli, though.
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5:24 am
♪ abby: good saturday morning. we are back with quick headlines for you, democratic congressional candidate spends the night in jail after being arrested at child immigration detention center. senate hopeful zac of maine accused of blocking an entrance and refusing orders to leave the texas facility. he was released early this morning. and amazon employees are demanding that the tech giant stop working with ice. a group of employees signing a letter saying, quote: we refuse to build the platform that powers ice and refuse
5:25 am
to contribute to tools that violate human rights. pete? pete: abby, thank you. typically high school students work to the goal of becoming valedictorian. now a school district in virginia is eliminating crass languages. as part of an effort to end the competition to be number one among those students. is that the right move for those kids. ask our parenting panel. i'm not trying to toot my own horn i was the vac victorian in my high school. i worked hard down to the last day to get an a. the other girl i was competing with got an a minus i came in first. that year they changed the ranking from number one to top ten. ten of us were the vac valedictorians even though some of us worked hard to win. why do we take away incentive for competition. >> great thing that you worked very hard. but the reality of the
5:26 am
situation is that more and more schools, high schools are getting rid of rank because colleges just aren't looking at it that much these days. i want to share something with you really quick. pete: fair point. isn't the competition inherently -- go ahead and share. >> "the washington post" came out with an article december 2017 about google. some of the smartest people work at google. what google realized some of the most successful people at that company weren't the smartest people but the people with the soft skills, those who get emphasize, communication skills. those are the most successful people. the soft skills. so we need to prepare students not only academically these days but also for real life situations. and these the key. pete: 4.0 folks can be maniacs that don't have people skills. you would argue though, doctor, there is some worth to that ranking? >> i was valedictorian as well. >> we are not trying to turn this into a love fest but keep going. >> i think about what got me to where i am now, right? so, you know, i wanted to be the best author i could be. i wanted to help the most
5:27 am
people. i wanted to help them in the best possible way. so that comes from a balance, right? it's about balance, about balancing intrinsic motivation and external motivation. for me i had both. thirst for knowledge. i had a love of learning. and that comes from inside but i also had the extrins sick motivation of i wanted to do the best. i wanted to be the best. i wanted to be the best i could be and go to the best medical school and be the best doctor, right? so, for me, it was finding that balance. i think that's really out key. if we eliminate ranking, what we're doing is we are out kids are at disadvantage to some extent because they can't deal with really real life situations. pete: do you win or do you lose and preparing them in a controlled situation for rankings with grades and otherwise, isn't that good recommendation for the rest of your life drives the parent's crazy. school -- schools are
5:28 am
looking for diversity and passions. what you can see in the electives and the elective sometimes doesn't carry the weight in the gpa. pete: passionate about something you are bad at, shouldn't you also strive to be good at. passion is one thing but actual excellence matters, too. >> looking for well rounded students that have those different traits that can't be told in just a gpa and it's just creating unnecessary competition and stress and high level achievers are still recognized. pete: richard, what do you say to the kid who did work hard at not just me at the end of the day they are like well, didn't count. >> absolutely will count. just because some schools are moving towards and i think this is going to be growing trend. getting rid of class rank. that is going to be one of many criteria that will be considered in college and also in employment. so, we're hard absolutely. every students should work hard to achieve their best. still going to be a factor not just the number one factor moving forward. pete: can you tell kids to
5:29 am
work hard. ultimately divols and achievement matter, too. working hard got to have something to strive to. striving to win is part of what drives working hard. >> studies actually show that you need both. you need it to come from inside. and you need the reward system. you need to sort of gang gel the carrot sometimes. there are some people who work better under those conditions. and there are some people who don't. the key is really trying to figure out how not to penalize those who want to strive to be the best. and those who just can't or won't. right? and we need to encourage the different traits. pete: aren't we coupling two things different together? one, lead them achieve and be a ranking system in high school and college admissions can be different. you don't have to rate a 4.0 the same as other skills. >> that's true but if you are looking for the recognition, you guys are both vals, congratulations, let's give the top ten a name and recognize those. >> do we rank the top ten though? can we recognize the top ten go one through ten?
5:30 am
that sounds like a compromise. [laughter] i just think it's a tough spot. you don't want everyone getting a trophy never situation. you all are smart and appreciate your perspective. thank you for your time. >> thank you. pete: msnbc donny deutsch says if you vote for trump you are the bad guy. >> if you vote for trump, then you, the voter, you, not donald trump, are standing at the border like nazis go you here, you here. pete: you are not just a bad guy. you are a nazi. former white house press secretary sean spicer here to react live next. the supreme court ruling that police now need a warrant to track your cell phone location. so what does that mean for law enforcement and your privacy? we'll answer that coming up ♪ i fought the law ♪ and the law won ♪ ♪ do you still think i'm crazy standing here today ♪ ♪ i couldn't make you love me applebee's 2 for $20, now with steak. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
5:31 am
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5:34 am
ed: we have been talking about it all morning. you want to talk about this resist movement. at some point they will calm down and be rational and debate. you don't have to support the president. you can oppose him but do it rationally. do it fairly. let's have a reasonable bedate in this country. and donny deutsch goes on msnbc and decides to light another match. abby: yeah. i think this is what makes it even worse. here he is talking about trump voters, all of trump voters. put them all in the same basket. pete: big basket of deplorables. ed: i heard that. pete: this is not unfamiliar thinking. take a listen, you won't be surprised.
5:35 am
this is no longer be about who trump is. it has to be about who we are. if we're working towards november. we can no longer say trump's the bad guy. if you vote for trump, you're the bad guy. if you vote for trump, you are ripping children from parents' arms. what the democrats have to do is make the next election a referendum on not who trump is, but who you are. if you vote for trump, then you, the voter, you, not donald trump, are stranding at the border like nazis go you here, you here. pete: this is how they really feel. it's not just about trump it's about anyone who supports trump. these are not surprising. utterly revealing. little peeks under the curtain of how the left, the elites, everyone else in this town who works in media thinks about you. they really do feel this way about you. abby: because you hang out with people that think like you, act like you. you don't care to get to
5:36 am
know someone who might be on the other side of the aisle. understand the way they think. this comes by the way and i think this week a lot has happened. it's been an emotional week. we talked a last few days about charles krauthammer at this network. something that he was so brilliant at. other than just communicating the issues and helping us understand them. he was able to have disagreements and arguments with someone across the table that n. a way that was calm and a way to try to understand where they were coming from. why do you feel that way? pete: never mean-spirited. abby: we need that so badly today. i listen to people like donny deutsch. this is why we are where we are. it is language like that that we all should be throwing our arms in the air and saying we have got to stop it. ed: seeing charles krauthammer on air particularly in the barack obama years. i'm certain there is not one time he compared barack obama to the nazis even though he vehemently violent-opposed the policies of the obama administration. he did it reasonably and fairly. i know dan pfeiffer and
5:37 am
others at the white house were not always happy with the columns but they had respect with charles krauthammer because he made reasoned arguments. pete: impugning of the motives of others. i don't like at the way leftists look at the world a lot of the times when you call names evil and mean spirited i think they are wrong. i'm a capitalist. i don't like socialism. i believe in borders. i don't think it's because they are evil, horrible people that hate america. i think it's just because they are wrong. we can have that disagreement and debate. abby: discredit you from the very beginning. how should we take you sear yuretionly and listen tout argument and throw it out there like that and call people such horrific names. pete: try again, donnie. he. ed: people used to use nazi analogies look it up. you would have to careers were ended over it now people throw it out you are like the nazis, unbelievable. abby: we have other news i want to bring you this morning. those headlines stuarting with a fox news alert. air force plane goes down during a training exercise injuring one pilot.
5:38 am
the plane crashed near holman base. the pilot suffered non life-threatening injuries. seventh crash this year compared to seven total last year. a major victory for privacy in the digital age. the supreme court ruling that police now need a warrant to track your cell phone location. kurt the cyber guy joined us earlier on the show to break it all down. >> police will now have to get a warrant. they will can't buy third party data that would tell us or tell any law enforcement essentially where we are with our cell phones. any law enforcement will now have to go get a warrant. even though that information is readily available to the rest of us. >> the justices making that decision citing our constitutional right to privacy. look at this. a bourbon factory now on the rocks. more than 9,000 whiskey barrels crashing to the ground after a massive distillery warehouse collapses. half of the damaged structure at the barton 1792 distillery still standing but unclear what caused that
5:39 am
kentucky building to topple. it held about 18,000 barrels in total. luckily, no one was hurt. we don't have the exact count of how many barrels were lost. pete: does the building date back to 1792 as well? that might be part of the problem. just saying. 1792 distillery. ed: i saw rick. abby: i don't know facts here. ed: on saint patrick's day, rick you, i saw you at the whiskey bar. rick: saw me out there with a straw. happy birthday. >> thank you. rick: do you want to say? >> 60. rick: came to new york to celebrate. >> that's right. rick: came to saint patrick's and where else. >> right here at fox news. rick: thank you. we appreciate it take a look at the weather maps as you are waking up. here you go. cooler across the central part of the country. a lot of areas around parts of kansas 10 degrees below average for this time of year. we do have some storms we're going to be hot across parts of the southeast. later on in the day some storms across parts of
5:40 am
florida. we had some big storms move across oklahoma city overnight. those are moving towards the mississippi river valley. another batch of that fire up around midnight and then tomorrow some big severe weather coming in across parts of the central plains today that severe weather down across the southeast. watch it yesterday we saw some tornadoes. could see a few more as well today. happy birthday, thanks for coming. back to you guys. abby: don't ever ask how old we are, okay? thank you, rick. rick: you are young. you are young. pete: summer may have just begun, more than a dozen children, they have already lost their lives trapped in hot cars. we have tips parents need to know just ahead. ed: wow. far left sex in the city actress and candidate for governor cynthia nixon says we should abolish ice. the folks trying to protect the border. >> ice has strayed so far from its mission it's frankly a terrorist organization of its own.
5:41 am
that is terrorizing people who are coming to this country. ed: wait, stop. a terror organization? are you serious? a former special agent for ice is here to respond next. janice, mom told me you bought a house. okay. [ buttons clicking ] [ camera shutter clicks ] so, now that you have a house, you can use homequote explorer. quiet. i'm blasting my quads. janice, look. i'm in a meeting. -janice, look. -[ chuckles ] -look, look. -i'm looking. it's easy. you just answer some simple questions online, and you get coverage options to choose from. you're ruining my workout. cycling is my passion. you're ruining my workout. when it comes to strong bones, are you on the right path? we have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture, so with our doctors we chose prolia® to help make our bones stronger. only prolia® helps strengthen bones by stopping cells
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5:45 am
convention before heading to a fundraiser. ed? ed: thanks, pete cynthia nixon weighing in on the immigration crisis or something a little bit more bizarre, actually. >> i think we need to abolish ice. that seems really clear. ice is relatively new it came in after september 11th. we have been handling immigration and customs for a long time here. they have strayed so far from the interest of the american people and interest of humanity. we need to abolish it. ed: she went on to say that it is a terror organization. well, joining us now with his reaction former special agent with ice claude arnold. claude, good morning to you. i wonder what's your immediate reaction? >> well, my immediate reaction is i think it's ironic that she labels ice as a terrorist organization when ice has one of its functions is, in fact, to investigated and fight terrorism. it is the second largest federal agency contributing
5:46 am
to the joint terrorism task force. so, my initial reaction is it's ironic. ed: i'm sure we can find examples where maybe they have stepped overbounds on various occasions. every organization, law enforcement and otherwise should be held accountable. we should make that clear. but, day in and day out. these are agents who are trying to do their jobs. these are agents who are trying to protect the borders. >> that's correct. i think it's important to understand to call for the abolishment of ice, you have to understand everything that ice does. in addition to immigration enforcement functions which are crucial to the nations safety and security, you know, it's investigative component homeland security investigations, it is the investigative arm of the department of homeland security. it's a second largest investigative agency of the u.s. government. it has all the customs investigative functions. you know, drug smuggling, human smuggling and
5:47 am
trafficking. ed: the kind of stuff we want to be tough on. >> the kind of stuff we want to be tough on, correct. then the immigration enforcement aspect detain and remove all the people who get by customs and border protection to get through the border. ed: ah-ha is that really what she wants? she wants open borders. wants to get ice out of the way. >> that's exactly it. so, first the left, they don't want physical barrier, any wall on the border. they don't want to change the loopholes, the legal loopholes that allow people to come to and remain in the u.s. in violation of law. and now, you know, the last guarding against people who do make it here is ice. so now they want to abolish ice and so then have you no immigration enforcement. ed: last question, i have 30 seconds. as a former special agent. you put these together, these ridiculous comments about what the oakland mayor did a couple months back and basically warned people i have heard ice is coming and
5:48 am
put ice agents' lives in danger. >> yeah, yeah. exactly. it's unprecedented it would never happen with any other law enforcement. if did you such a thing. first of all, i think it's a violation of law. but to put people in danger. you know, people who put on a gun and badge every day to protect this country. take the risks that they take. leave their families, to warn the bad guys that they are coming, it's unconscionable. ed: claude arnold we appreciate your service. remarkable story. appreciate you keeping us up to date on it. >> thank you very much. ed: meanwhile, summer may have just begun but more than a dozen kids have already lost their lives in hot cars. we hear about this every year and we want to keep talking about it. it's a crisis. we have the tips to help prevent these tragedies next. we want everybody to listen. it's now been six months since the president signed a tax bill. so have the rewards been? we will ask the house majority whip steve scalise. he is coming up live next
5:49 am
hour. the president is talking about that in vegas. steve scalise is talking about it here first. ♪ you like to be in control. especially when it comes to important stuff. like, say... your car. well good news, the esurance app lets you keep an eye on repairs when your car is in the shop. it's kinda like being there, without being there. which is probably better for everyone. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call.
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♪ pete: well, we just celebrated the first official day of summer. but in just this past week alone, three children lost their lives due to being left in a hot car. that brings the total to as many as 18 confirmed vehicular heat stroke deaths of children. abby: what do children need to know to help prevent these terrible strategies. the vice president of kids and and joins us right now. the stats are just heart-breaking. this is every parent's nightmare, right. >> it is. it is. abby: what are the tips you have. how do we think about this differently. >> we want to make sure parents know never to allow
5:53 am
children to get into a car on their own. make sure cars are locked and keys are up and out of reach there is a scenario where parents think they have dropped off at day care and, in fact, there has been a laps of the brain's memory a failure of our brains allowing the driver to go all the way to work thinking the baby is at day care. i have tips for you today and technology for how to prevent. this. pete: sue, i will make a confession. i forgot about kid in the car. or you go up to a store, i'm justing two run in real quick, you crack the windows and run. in again, you don't want to do that how do we prevent something terrible going on? >> well, and that cracking the window thing is a myth. it absolutely does not cool the car enough. a child's body heats up three to five times faster than ours. the heat the greenhouse effect can be fatal in a matter of minutes. abby: what do we need to know right now. >> make sure parents have a call-in system with day care. that's the simplest thing you start with if your child doesn't arrive, they call you. also, when you are putting the baby in the car, take something like your hand
5:54 am
bag, your computer bag that you are going to need at your destination, put that right in front of the car seat. you are forced to open the back door when you arrive. we also have something called the cell flip. this is available on our website. it does two things it prevents you from being distracted while you are driving. because when you put your phone in here, it disables the service temporarily. abby: my husband would love this dedevice. >> great for your teens. you know you need your phone at work. pete: metal lining ton shuts it down. >> metal lining. shns you take it down all of your messages will be there for you. abby: made technology and the way we live today has that made it worse on how kids are treated and how we forget. >> stress and fatigue are the key factors in kicking the brain into auto pilot. the more we do the more multi-tasking we do the worse it is. if we take that cell in the cell flip now, we have stopped distracted driving, stick it right there. in the seat pocket. you are always going to go to the backseat. while we are talking about
5:55 am
phones there, sorry technology. there are stand alone apps and also the app. has a notification so that when you arrive at your destination, it says child reminder. check your backseat. every time you arrive. pete: actually a real thing. in common core matt terms seven kids. one of which is 10 months old. sometimes you got them all running around and forget the one that's strapped in. >> you need to have a reminder system. and the last bit of technology, there are cars, this is a chevy equinox. the automakers know we are human. they remind us if you have left your lights on. if you have left your keys in the ignition. some now auto manufacturers including gm adding alert system. if you have opened the back door at the start of your trip -- abby: what about the car seat? >> sorry we skipped over that. this car seat called the even flow sensor smart when the child buckles it connects to your car.
5:56 am
if you don't have the built in system it will set off a chime to remind you that the child is in the backseat. abby: so many tips. >> the last bit, worst case scenario you come across a child who has been left in a car weather unknowingly or knowingly, first things first you want to call 911. if a child is in distress, we have this tool called the rescue me. it's available on our website, also. and it is a window break tool as well as a seat belt cutter in case you are trapped in the car. and we have demonstrated it on your show before. i won't do it today. i will save you the window. but, even a little girl like me can break a window with that. abby: so many good tips. >> thanks for having me. abby: thank you, general motors for supplying cars for us. such an important topic. get the information on our website as well. thanks so much. pete: still ahead, "time" magazine issuing a correction over the context of this cover. so is this just further proof of media bias against trump? we're going to ask former white house press secretary sean spicer coming up next. abby: plus, dr. sebastian
5:57 am
gorka, house majority whip steve scalise, and alan dershowitz all coming up next. ♪bu leaving brad to dig in and enjoy the tastiest of t-bones. super poligrip, helping you enjoy the foods you love. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. gives skin the moisture it needs and keeps it there longer
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6:00 am
educating people to include the people with differences is so important because when jacob's included he feels like he can succeed in life and he feels like he actually has a purpose. these are the american citizens separated from their loved ones. they don't want to discuss. >> last night the families that will be separated for ever. >> this is permanent separation. >> you don't want your child in a casket or urn. >> if you vote for trump you are a bad guy. they are standing at the border look nazi's. i would like to take donald trump to a concentration camp.
6:01 am
>> i turned around and paul ryan asked for a picture. i said no wa way, man. >> what do you guys think? >> the south has spoken. >> what do they think about your
6:02 am
socks? >> my mom said she didn't like your suit. >> last year i went no tie with the suit. >> we have asked you what do you think about the suit. it said you go, thumbs up. >> fourth of july, don, you have it coming. >> your suit is great, cool, nonwrinkle. >> ed wishes he could rock the summer look. he rocks the pocket square like nobody else. i can't compete. >> that's a throw down. i think they are doing a remake of matlock. i heard from sources in hollywood you are in the running. >> hollywood, i'm already out of hollywood.
6:03 am
>> if i could be matlock i would love it. >> ed i would like to see you in seersucker. >> i'll be back next week i'll go get one. >> we can do a competition. >> keep sending us your thoughts. >> my buddy grif is covering the battle at the border. >> chris will join us live in mcallen, texas where he sat down with senator cruz. grif there is a lot going on at the border. >>reporter: it's a busy day and comes on the hills of senator cruz coming down here. cruz introduced the legislation to reunite families. he said going back to catch and
6:04 am
release is the wrong way. >> some democrats are proposing the way they want to do that is return to catch and release. let the adults go and they can stay with their kids. that's not the right way to do it. catch and release encourages more and more illegal immigration. that means more and more kids get subject to abuse. we need to end that and not put kids in the circumstances. >>reporter: this comes on the hills of a lofty goal to reunite all of the families separated by tomorrow. we'll see if that happens. 20 democrats will be right here if this mcallen border patrol processing center. we'll see what they have to say about it. i've been inside there. i can tell you it was clean, professional. nothing was inhumane.
6:05 am
it was built-in 2014 to handle the crisis then. i'll bring it to you live tomorrow. a busy day with the reuinification. he tweeted the republicans should give up. >> really important to get the facts right. >> if there is one guy i would trust is griff. when he walked in and said it's human. that's why i like fox news channel. >> instead of the b.s. you get from others. sean one fact he mentioned, it's simple and straightforward this
6:06 am
facility was built-in 2014 when donald trump wasn't president and obama was president. they thought it was humane then but now it's a disaster. >> i think there are a few issues here. one is whether or not it's human or not. griff reported that it is. watching these children be separated from their family impacts anyone with a heart. watching the children for what ever reason. watching a child be separated from their parent is something no one with a heart would like to see. >> why do you think they didn't see that coming a mile away. you have been in politics for a long time and you know how the media can be. an image can be very powerful. how did they not think before this and say this wouldn't play well politically and also this
6:07 am
is not the right way to handle this. there is a way to get tough on the border and handle detainees. do you think they had that conversation before. >> i'm not sure if they had it or not. i wasn't privileged to that. i think what is a good policy and what can we achieve. frankly on the human side. you have to uphold the rules. you don't want to encourage people come across the border. that's check, check. when we see the images and understand the impact it's having. griff mentioned as well we don't want to see children be trafficked. that's something that gets mayorly overlooked. children are taken from their home and brought i cross the border for bad reasons. we want to make sure they are
6:08 am
with people that are truly their parents. when we find out delays are happening that's where the rubber meets the road. >> we have an obligations to citizens that have been effected by this. we finally got that out friday afternoon. this is what the angle family said. >> today you will here from the american victims of illegal immigration. these are the american citizens permanently separated from their loved ones. >> for his birthday i go to his grave. for christmas we set up a christmas tree. >> we were separated for five to ten days. >> i wear his ashes in a locket. this is how i get to hug my son.
6:09 am
remember when you go home and hug your kids many of us, thousands of us that don't get to do that anymore. >> these are the forgotten men and women the president ran to support. >> those testimonies are heart wrenching. these are not separate choices that you announce we are doing this. you can put policies in place and procedures in place and uphold the rule of law to do so in a way that doesn't have the same impact. i think the president is clearly implementing those things. you saw the executive order and what congress is trying to do. it's not a binary choice.
6:10 am
you can uphold the rule of law and be a country with strong borders and do so in a humane way. >> i would like your thoughts on another story we have been talking about. there has been so much hate on immigration and any issue how divided the country is. seth robert mulleth rogan was ad paul ryan was there with his family and his two sons came up to seth and asked would you meet our dad. he didn't know who their dad was. this is how that played out. >> i turned around and paul ryan was walking towards me. he came over and grabbed my hand. i'm shaking his hand, i don't know what to do. he asked for a picture. i look over and his kids are
6:11 am
standing right there clearly fans of mine. and i said no, way man. i couldn't stop. farther more, i hate what you are doing to the country and i count the days until you have one bit of photo you have. >> i wouldn't wanted to pose with pete in that suit. he's admitting that these kids came to him. whether they were paul ryans kids or your kids and he couldn't take a photo with paul ryan. >> right, let's separate the issue. pete's suit is a different issue. we can all condemn this. >> you don't see it up-close. >> i know, thank goodness. here is the thing, you know, you mentioned my book at the top.
6:12 am
i talk about this a lot in the book. i'm not saying i haven't done the same. i have had time to reflect. if we can't talk to each other. if we can't engage in civil discourse we'll lose the country. we can be fierce policies. i want to be stronger. i want to hear their point of view. more importantly i want to engage with my fellow men and women and come together as a human population and engage in things that we can show love and respect and dignity to each other. the left has started attacking and humiliating people on the right. i don't think that's funny. it's not something to cheer. the kids came up and asked for a handshake. i thank you for being a fan. i disagree with your policies.
6:13 am
>> it was an alzheimer's event. this is a cause and issue we should cross party lines. >> good to see you, sean. it's been a week since the president's summit with kim jong-un. what are some other geo political threats? >> plus we have allen, the house mmajority with steve scalise all here live. >> and a seersucker suit. hi i'm joan lunden.
6:14 am
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6:17 am
jong-un. what should be on his radar. here to weigh-in former deputy assistant fox's chief strategist and author of the book dr. sebastian. >> before we start on the record near wear that with a seersucker suit. >> he can fix it next time doctor. we appreciate your insight on seersucker and the issues from two weeks ago. the big question off the top is what happens next with north korea? >> well, what happens next is what mike pompeo is working out. that's the technicality. the big news is is and of course
6:18 am
mainstream media won't talk about it. we have servicemen from north korea. the issue has been operationallized. it has to be american inspectors. it has to be inspections of civilians. also snap inspections. we don't ask to come inspect and we'll be there in a month or two. no, snap inspections. >> china has a huge role and oftentimes you don't trust them. they met again with kim jong-un. is the president worried about those two in constant communication and can undermined this in someway. >> china has been playing a big
6:19 am
role. remember the summit the president had high expectations of things made to him about stabilizing the peninsula. the president had to get out on twitter and send a strong massage to beijing. that seemed to help. there was the private embassy, that meeting of kim in beijing. however, china would like to stabilize the peninsula but they are not our friend. they have a plan. it's called one belt one road. they would like to displace america by the 100th anniversary of their revolution. they would like to be the global power and the president knows it. >> another place not our friend is russia. the next summit could be with putin and trump. there are reports that bolton is
6:20 am
going to head to russia to work on these things. what do you think would be the positive to come out of this summit. >> look, putin is a former kgb coronal. it's great we have a tough guy like john bolton going there. the bare minimal is they are a destabilizing force. we could collaborate in the few areas. >> like iran. >> yeah. >> all right doctor, we'll see where all of these go. >> thank you, abbey. >> support for the russia probe is on the decline. we'll ask professor allen about this. you don't want to miss it. no matter who rides point,
6:21 am
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6:24 am
good morning we good evening bin with the fox news alert. an explosion rockingette open is capital. turkey's holding a historic election tomorrow. more then a year earlier then expected. this will give the president expected powers. he's a very controversial figure. >> thank you, ed. special council robert mueller's approval is dropping. >> according to a new poll 41%
6:25 am
of the public approve of the way russia is handling the investigation. >> one lifelong democrat and author of the case against impeaching trump. good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> we get you shouldn't decide criminal investigations based on polls. you said this is more of a political investigation. if the public doesn't by in and believe this investigation has credibility. it will be a difficult road ahead. >> i think it will be. this poll was conducted before the inspector general's report came out. this shows from what i said at the beginning. we don't need a special council. an objective nonparty would have worked. it's quicker and a greater
6:26 am
degree of -- we don't need to use criminal law as a weapon. of course special council is going slowly. they go for the lowest hanging fruit first. they try to get them to flip. sometimes they sing. in america do a crime with someone more important so they can turn you in. that's how the special council operates. >> you are very well sourced. you probably get asked this question a lot. when does this end and where does it end? >> i think it ends with a report and low hanging fruit. some indictments and from people who were involved in the campaign or committed crimes not before the special council but
6:27 am
because the special council was appointed. the appointment creates new crimes. obstruction of justice, tampering with witnesses. that happens all of the time. we end with a report that doesn't include the president. there wouldn't be an indictment because the sitting president can't be indicted. here are the things he did. congress usually considered impeachment. in my fourth coming book i make the case against impeachment. i hope the special council will read that book before he comes to any conclusions regarding impeachment. >> procesprofessor big picture,t is the biggest takeaway from the mueller probe, the report, how should we handle things moving
6:28 am
forward? >> the big picture is the 2016 election was a disaster in ever possible way. we had efforts by russia impeding the election. we had guys up that said let's stop the election of president trump. we have a big mess. that's why what we needed a commission to make sure this never happens again. look, i tried to stop the election of president trump. i voted for hillary clinton. i contributed to her campaign. that's the american way. to have a high ranking fbi if i believe trying to stop it creates a lack of credibility in the role of the fbi. >> you mentioned peter and he said he's willing to talk to congress. apparently they have given a number of days so he's being subpoenaed saying you need to
6:29 am
come to a hearing on june 27t 27th. what is he doing? >> he should, of course, appear. he will answer by saying oh, i was joking, it was pillow talk. it was my girlfriend. he has to know as an fbi agent there is no such thing as a massage that won't can become public. for him to say i have to stop this. we need a insurance policy. that sends out such a terrible massage about the role of the fbi in american politics. the person public just won't accept that. we want clean elections. >> professor. >> we want the person with the most electoral votes to be elected.
6:30 am
>> professor, we have runout of time. can a compromise be reached and what will it take to get democrats onboard. we'll ask steve scalise coming up next. super man is something else, a refugee? we'll explain ahead. natural enamel, natural healthy looking teeth are white. dentin, which is that second layer of the tooth is yellow. consumption of very acidic foods can wear away your enamel. once they start wearing down, your tooth is going to look yellower, more dull. i recommend pronamel toothpaste because it helps protect and strengthen your enamel. it's going to make them more resistant to the acid erosion so that your teeth are not bothering you and you feel good about your smile. it's pro enamel. it's good for your enamel. it's a positive thing.
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we are back with a news alert. this is a live look were the president will board air force one. >> he's flying to nevada for the gop convention. he plans to give a speech. he'll talk about the economy. >> yes, he tweeted this. obama kept them in cages and wrapped them in foil. we do a much better job while maintaining a much stronger border. mainstream, fake news media hates this story. here to react to that we'll bring in congressman steve scalise. congressman, i appreciate your time. immigration, big topic, a lot of noise out there. republicans have been attempting to pass a bill. where are we on the prospects of a bill coming out of the house?
6:35 am
>> well, first good morning. we have one bill this past week and another bill we have next week. what you are seeing is a serious effort by republicans and house to actually secure americas border and address all of the four pillars the president laid out. to bring president trump a bill that funds the walls and secures the border. homeland secretary pointed out make america less safe. close the loo loopholes and sole the daca family. also making sure parents and kids are reunited. they didn't receive one vote. >> you also have republicans in charge of the house. they can't get enough votes within their own party. you had two bills being proposed. we don't know if you will get enough votes for the moderate bill.
6:36 am
republicans are also responsible. >> i wouldn't call it a moderate bill. it's more conservative in terms of front loading that the full amount from the wall is fully funded. that was a key component. you could make that point. again, if you look at the republican conference you have members that come from immigration in many different ways. we would like to try to fix this problem. we can't always come to the same agreement we are voting yes to solve the problem. we'll keep trying to get it done. >> will you have the votes? >> we are not there. >> we are trying to find a way to come together.
6:37 am
>> i hear what you are saying about democrats. as abbey said, look you have the marty in the house. if you are a conservative voter watching today. there will be some people deflated that you promised the voters we will appeal and replace obamacare. you didn't get it done. you did get the tax bill done. the president got elected and so did republicans and cracked down on illegal immigration. you are not getting immigration done. >> again, those are all valid claims. we funded over 100 miles of new border wall this year. president trump bragged about the fact that he's building some wall. we would like to give him the full amount. let's not give up hope writ. we'll keep working at this. if you talk about obamacare the house passed by one vote to
6:38 am
appeal and replace obamacare. there are a lot of elections were democrats that voted no and good republicans that will vote yes on that. we need one more. let's find a few more seats. >> congressman, we are six months from the passage of the tax reform bill. what's your massage first of all it was historic. 90% of american families can do their taxes on a postcard. there are three ways you are
6:39 am
benefiting. electricity companies are lowering rates. >> congressman one last question. we just learn republican congressional senate katy was injured in a car accident. she's currently in the hospital and out of surgery. she and her friend were seriously injured in a deadly wreck. one person did die in charleston county late friday night. airington was involved in the accident. she defeated congressman mark sanford in the primary in south carolina. the driver was driving the wrong way and died at the scene. sorry to do this but i understand you just heard about this coming on the air. what do you know about what happened and the candidates condition. >> i do know about it. it's horrible news.
6:40 am
my prayers are with katie. the person who injured both of them was injured the wrong way, the other driver, is deceased. my prayers are for all of them. we are pulling for jacki and katie. >> absolutely, you came back a long way. >> we just saw you on the baseball field a week ago. it's a reminder to continue to live life. >> thank you very much. >> you have to live life to the fullest. god bless america. >> enjoy your family this weekend. >> thank you. >> we will keep you updated. new information a search for a missing soldier. the body for caylin was found in a wooded area.
6:41 am
he never returned from a training exercise. a massive search effort covered 1,000 acres. the backup driver inside this uber was distracted. the woman was watching "the voice" moments before the crash happened. tempe, arizona police said the crash was unavoidable. she could face vehicular manslaughter charges. micheal cohen made strange claims in a bizarre cnn interview. >> i'll spend the weekend with micheal cohen. >> did he tell you, yes or no, he's cooperating? did he tell you?
6:42 am
you don't want to answer the question? >> no. >> all right, cohen tweeted this saying appreciate tom arnold backing me. we didn't spend the weekend together nor discuss being on his show. hashtag ridiculous. arnold claimed he and cohen are teaming up for his new show the hunt for trump. arnold mentioned that this was never true. dc comics reminded people that super man was a refugee. he was sent to the country before his country was destroyed. they sent out this tweet encouraging people to do what's right. >> functional character, right. >> i would like to hear what
6:43 am
dane cane has to say about that. >> we'll get him on tomorrow. despite all of the noise about immigration the economy is crushing it. neil is here to tell us how americans are feeling about it next. it may be summer but never too early for football. marvin washington and our own buddy rich are running football drills live on the plaza. they are teaching young players valuable lessons. well, my parents met in texas, then they moved to washington. they had me at fort knox - they keep all the gold there. after that we moved to georgia for a couple years. then we spent some time in korea-
6:44 am
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6:47 am
the findings is measured by where the cars are built. next $1 million is how much bernie sanders made last year. the socialist democratic income topping figures for the second year in a row. most of his money came from advances and royalties. >> you are right, he should redistribute that. 30 feet is how high the hard rock had to scamble to open at s atlantic city resort. they added an letter e. that's pretty obvious. hotel officials say the misspelling has been corrected. all right, economic confidence continues to sour. >> the president said the
6:48 am
national association of manufacturers said they have a positive outlook for their company. this is the best number in the associations history. >> so, will he get credit for economic success. >> don't turn the channel. >> just stay where you are. >> there were eight days or so it was down. >> yeah, you know. we are up since the president took office. you cannot deny it. you don't have to be on the left or right and conclude. the economy is the window. it's across the board. even in home data that can be
6:49 am
spotty. the economy is doing well. it's doing so well it's paying for the tax cuts already. the fact of the matter is that growth is obvious to all. this is not republican or democrat. >> well, neil, you know the biggest issue people are talking about is immigration and you have a great guest on that today. >> we are exploring this with people at the border. the lieutenant governor of texas. later on we'll have the tsa administrator. they have this idea of keeping us safe and balancing that with the needs of making sure you project those who come into the country illegally or not. the parents and kids. it's odd. it's a situation we wanted to devote a big time.
6:50 am
it comes back to a basic argument. >> neil, that's a great point. >> don't touch the dial. >> don't do nothing. >> thank you, see you soon. all right, coming up on the show. it may be summer but it's never too early for football. marvin will run football drills live on the plaza. how they are teaching these young players new lessons. no matter who rides point, there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep.
6:51 am
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6:54 am
it may abou be summer but nr too early to talk football. next week they will hold a football camp to teach youth what it takes to be successful on and off the field. rich big daddy and defensive winning washington. among his other achievements he knows about fashion. he said, during the commercial pete, lose the suit. >> you have to take character assassin. >> what are you teaching the next generation? >> how to have fun and enjoy the game of football. when you have guys like marvin and others you are learning
6:55 am
success. we have a boy here. pete will come out and coach. >> i'll come out and learn something. >> let's run the kids. >> how do you keep these guys at this age motivated and to be a good person. it's a balance of both. >> football has a lot of life lessons. we'll teach them to work hard and never give up. they are learn by what we are trying to do at the camp. the camp gets bigger and bigger each year. >> go out there. >> i think pete needs some of those life lessons as well. >> we'll work on him when he comes out to the camp. >> what if he shows up in the seersucker suit, will you haze him or what? >> yes. >> i'll show up. it will be fun. >> what about the wide receiver portion of the camp.
6:56 am
>> the other famous guy from the morning bryan is coming out. we have a repeat visit with him. chris carter who you see over there is coming out. devin is coming out. >> how do people sign-up. . >> you can always persevere. i was taught that by my dad and other coaches. you never give up. what might seem like a small cough to you... can be a big bad problem that you could spread to family members, including your grandchildren babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness.
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6:59 am
we told big daddy if he comes he needs to bring food food and he did. >> we will have a pool party
7:00 am
tomorrow. >> yeah, man. bring you swim trunks. >> have a wonderful saturday. >> you forgot your seersucker. a ten -- ten was a metaphor the entire week. everyone demanded the president not be so stubborn and sign the executive order. do any of you remember this? >> the president alone can fix it with this flick of a pen by signing an presidential order. >> have a heart. take that pen and do a way with


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