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tv   Cavuto Live  FOX News  June 23, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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tomorrow. >> yeah, man. bring you swim trunks. >> have a wonderful saturday. >> you forgot your seersucker. a ten -- ten was a metaphor the entire week. everyone demanded the president not be so stubborn and sign the executive order. do any of you remember this? >> the president alone can fix it with this flick of a pen by signing an presidential order. >> have a heart. take that pen and do a way with
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this horrible policy of yours. >> we won't intentionally separate children from their parents. we will not do that. we are better than that. >> mr. president, i'll lend you my pen. you can fix it yourself. >> he apparently had a pen, several of them, he changed his mind. he did everything his opponents and critics wanted him to do. >> president trump hasn't taken care of the problem not by any stretch of the imagination. >> he has taken infant children hostage. he took them from the arms of their parents. >> over 2,000 children, babies, who have been torn from their parents arms. >> what the president is doing
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to these kids some 2,400 who have been and are being traumatized by his actions. >> do you ever think of that skit you said if you sign this you would be off his case. he signs it and you are on his case. >> you would have to be of a certain age to get that impression. unfortunately, no one on my panel is. welcome to all of you guys. it's weird and kathy, i'll go to you first on this. the left was demanding the president stop this separation, sign something. sign an executive order. he does and hell to pay afterwards. >> he said his hands were tied then he did it.
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the left is upset because he said he couldn't and he could. >> damned if he does or doesn't. >> you demanded it and still hate him. >> a late night comedian said it best. he lit the fire now he wants credit for putting the fire out. >> you wanted him to sign something. he doesn't normally do that. he did and there is hell to pay. >> no. >> nancy said we are compromising with the devil. you have a candidate in new york for governor calling ice an terrorist organize. i mean this seriously. chuck schummer is acting like ralph on everything immigration. neil, my first time on fox news was under bush a long time ago.
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my first time we discussed the immigration problem. it's 2018, still nothing done. anything who tries to do anything. hitler racist, nazi, and we are still in the same position. >> where is this going? they will keep demanding more and more on the left. it's my understanding from what i've see seen it left isn't upst because he created the problem or taking credit for solving it. they say it's not going far enough. this is the same policy obama had. they call it child abuse. was it child abuse when obama did it. they said trump did this, it must be bad. under the certification sec -- extective order president trump obama put into place. >> they said why don't we have this o polic poll -- this policy
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solved. the president said wait until we have bigger numbers or hopes they do. where is this going? >> i've come to the realization with the democrats it will never be enough. they would like open borders. i believe if the president said -- that don't want a border wall. >> they would like open borders and any one who wants to come to the united states can come here unrestricted. i believe, donald trump, said fine. we'll adopt that policy they would find reason to take issue with him. they are that fundamentally opposed to him. they say there is a personality around donald trump on the right but there is a hated on the left. >> are you offended when the
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president is saying the hell with it. skip the issue until after the midterms? >> i think it's a crisis. >> he's helping the crisis. >> let's wait and see what happens with the proposal. >> he doesn't think it's worth the time. >> it could be a negotiation tactic. i'm willing to give him time. >> what do you think? >> he said know, we have to do it now. the gop has to handle the situation. >> just like you said know, know, know you have to seat belt this and he did it. >> it had to be done right away. not put-off until after the election. the crying children.dn't like laura bush was one of them. >> he read the writing on the wall. pressure from his wife. gary, you had a good point about
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the entire matter. now there is the issue of reuniting the kids. i don't see much progress. >> i have to read a quote to you "we can't allow people to come into the country undocumented, unchecked, when there are people weightinwaiting to become immign the country "that was obama. >> republicans had plenty of time to do it and nothing done. >> you say it best, the most
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important part is the word outcome. we don't have a good outcome. there is a huge problem on the border. >> i'm rewriting the deal. if someone bends on the other side. as the president did if you accept that as a reversal. isn't the other side obligated to do something in response or just sit and stew and throw insults. >> i think with any other president it would be different. the hated for donald trump is so visceral. it's the same policy of the past and they had no problem with it then. it makes it so they don't have a to go through the hard work of thinking critically. all they say is trump did
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something. >> you don't have them saying animals and rapist. >> you can't let that go. >> that sticks with you. >> absolutely. >> the whole thing was horrible. >> you hate him and you don't want to negotiate with him. >> i don't hate him. i don't like what he said. >> one congressman said he hates kids, he's a conartist -- con artist and phony. if that's how you feel i want talk to you about cake. >> i don't hate him i hate what he says. >> he's the only president we have. >> unfortunately. >> there are many on the left that want open borders. >> that's it. >> that's the story. there is no way the two can come
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together unless someone has 60 votes and we will be on this mary go round going forward. >> they care about the daca program. the president came to the table. he invited democrats to the white house and said we'll do a deal on daca to provide -- if you build a wall. these kids can stay in the united states. >> that's not a good deal. >> all right, tone it down. >> it's a saturday. it's cable. thirdly, it's way too early for this. >> 1.8 million kids can stay in the united states permanently. how you deal with the kids on the other side. there is no middle ground. they make me not eat my
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breakfast. >> agencies are scambling to get families back together again. it's proving a lot easier. steve is at a central processing center in texas. hey, steve. >> neil, we are waiting the arrival of 20 democratic lawmakers. they will tour the facility, make their rounds, and have a press conference. this is by the two republican senators. ted cruz expects children who were separated to be reunited with their parents. >> it's absolutely the case that children need to be with their moms and dads. that's the rising thing to do. this week, i'll introduce legislation mandating that child ren stay with their parents absent of a threat of harm or violence. i believe we can do
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it in a way consistent respecting the rule of law. >> the health and human services department is putting together an emergency response team to speedup the reunion. they are still separated from her parents. in most cases they have been reported. in the international cases trying to get them back with their parents as quickly as possible. >> what's the timeline they put-on this? >> they are saying hopefully days for the children here in the u.s. internationally it will be a challenge to get back to the country in hostile and difficult situations. >> all right, steve. we'll here from the governor of texas and how that's coming. protestors on the homeland security team. is that the right approach after
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thousands are seeking asylum in the united states. >> you have probably seen this. it amazing me how protestors can get into a restaurant. the patrons are looking like what the heck. to escalade the sense of potential violence here.
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they hit her home. they got to her home and were within inches of the structure. it's escalading folks. wait, a minute. everyone has to bring it down, calm down. >> what do you think of this? >> it's unfortunately. our agents go out and stop the illegal immigrants. kids are abandon by their parents. it's unfortunately. >> they compared you to the
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something negative. the view of what you do is you round up kids and their parents then separate them. you have heard worse. how do you feel about that? we go out their every single day. as a matter of fact our agents were treated bad under the obama administration. we enforce the laws and treat everybody with respect. we catch drugs and stop them from coming in. they are focusing object the one with the families but they are not focusing on the drugs that are killing our kids.
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we need to stop the drugs. >> we thought they would be separated. what then? >> so, again, we can't have open borders. this is getting resolved with the separation of families. some of these will continue because they are paired up with people that are not related to them. they pair up kids with people who are not related to them. >> what percentage is that? >> about 80%. >> i guess the ones that were with adults and parents were not with them. of that bunch, how many were
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legitimately the kids of those adults? if you had to guess. >> correct, it's difficult for me to provide you with statistics. that's something we deal with everyday. when we encounter people on the border. our job is to interview those people and find out if there is a blood relationship. a lot of times they have documents but sometimes they don't have that information. the kids don't recognize who the adult is. at that point it's our job. they protect the kids being loaned out to individuals that they are not related to. >> these kids and their families, when they are reunited, where will they go. the rule now is whether they
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will stay or kicked out. again, the parents with the kids that are theirs. that will be the rule going forward. i hear a plan to build large facilities with the help of the defense department to house them. that could be for quiet sometime. how do you feel about that? >> we'll have to hold the families. whether we prosecute them. we'll have a to hold them in detention centers. we have to did econtain them so we can discurb agile legalage -e them. about the border patrol apprehend them that's when they can get asylm.
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that katie is a strong woman with an incredibly supportive family. the prayers and support of our community and incredible doctors that she is certain she'll be back to work for our state and soon. >> we'll keep you posted on someone else working. mike pompeo will be working at the state department. this, of course as the administration and the whole human rights council. they are against did united states and we want out. that alarmed the united nations because with that becomes the possibility is we don't fund a lot of u.n. related activity.
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he's working to patch this up and move forward. it will be easier said then done. let's head to marie and of course the former state department spokesperson. former state department press officer. ladies, welcome. morgan, on this and this unusual precision we are taking with the human rights council to say enough is enough has alarmed the united nations. he said yeah, i'll work saturday too and work with you. >> it's not that unusual. we saw the predecessor to the human rights counselor become so right that at the time he said they needed to be disbanded because of credibility issues. the bush administration worked hard to get reforms to make sure
7:28 am
it wasn't this laughable institution. those reforms were not passed by the member states. the obama administration in a good faith effort joined the council. there are many cases they had a lot of influence when you look at human rights. the problem is there is something called a standing agenda item. this is focused on the state of israel. of the number of things the council releases condemning countries 27% of those are against china, russia, cuba, zimbabwe. 47% are focused on the state of israel. that's an incredible position for a weak institution. >> morgan is right that they
7:29 am
focus on israel. what we are hearing from our friends in israel, by pulling out of the human rights council israel is no longer a friend of the united states there to defend them. the human rights council has many problems. we tried to fix some of them. it's not a perfect organize. by not having a voice we can't defend the united states or israel. we are walking a way from the table. >> we are going from one voice that defended those interest i.e. us to none. >> that doesn't make a big of a difference. we were the only ones defending our own interest. what difference does it make? >> we have a huge voice. we have stood up for human rights around the world. when stand alone -- >> what good does it do.
7:30 am
>> especially coming on the heels, neil, what the president said about kim jong-un who is a horrible human rights dictators. we have to use these forums even if not working to stand-up for our human rights. >> what do you make of that? north korea is a different thing. i see maria's point. there could be a loss of influence. it goes from a tiny bit to none. >> the obama administration tried too use the council to stand-up for humans rights. it's not like they didn't spend the last year and half working towards reform and pressing on agenda items. unfortunately is many of the worse violaters don't get any
7:31 am
condemnations. can the united states stand-up for human rights outside a weak and corruption situation. >> it doesn't make us look like babies. >> the opposite. >> no, not the opposite, you gather up your marbles and walkout. >> we pay 22% of the budget. we are the single largest state contributor. >> on this council, we walkout because we don't like where it's going. >> it's a weak and corruption institution that does nothing. you spend half your time debating israel and focusing on israel. we have an administration that's standing up for israel. if we look at december of 2016 what did the obama administration do? we decided to obtain to vote and they voted against israel.
7:32 am
they went lived over this. they felt like the united states betrayed them. >> we moved against israel and all of our records show we have been good to israel. marie, where does this go now? >> that's a good question. the trump administration hasn't provide ortized -- prioritized human rights at the council or at the table. he embraced leaders like putin and others. >> we are over a year in the administration. >> none of this was a done deal and they are talking so progress. >> if they won't be part of the -- >> we can't talk anymore. i have to pay if are this. >> i understand. nobody does it better. he also loves swiping picnic baskets. hee, hee, hee yoooogiiiiiii!!
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shows political bias? >> it shows a bias state of mind. >> if so, do you believe the political bias had an effect on the initia ignition on the russa investigation. >> that's a matter under review. >> more to be determined on that. >> that was an explosive development. the inspector general had this idea what he uncovered might be a scratch on the surface that they are looking into. there are talks that he will talk to congress that might be behind closed doors. whether some of the bias going on their effected the russia investigation. andy is talking about all of
7:37 am
this. that's a big deal. >> it's a huge deal. the i.g. came out more forcefully then in the report there was bias throughout the initial investigation. you have three investigations going. mueller, russia, and the hillary clinton look back. then you find out the same people that controlled the investigation, all three of those, they were on all three teams providing the information to decision-makers peter and lisa had bias. they were not the only ones with bias in this. there was evidence this was
7:38 am
pervasive. not one person had a bias towards donald trump. who liked donald trump. >> the reason we haven't seen it because we haven't found that. it's remarkable it's so one way. you have investigators saying i interviewed the president today referring to hillary clinton. trump wins and they write screw you trump. you have viva resistance. they support the resistance movement against president trump. this is pervasive at that level. you look and say, well, it shakes the root to the fabric of the nation. >> when it sounds so incredible, sometimes it's incredible. other times i have try give the benefit of the doubt. maybe some context. maybe they were privileged to
7:39 am
something we don't know. maybe they had the first hint of russian intelligence coming in. so many people i object involved saying the same thing makes me wonder if they were exposed to the same intelligence. it seems to me this is really a whole bunch of people that didn't think a bunch of donald trump, period. >> yeah, right. you are right. you want context on it. when you look at it and everywhere you look it's no longer a likely. it's effecting the investigation. there is more than peter and lisa page. we need to find out all of those who had the bias.
7:40 am
the i.g. has referred some of them for disciplinary matters as well. it was pervasive within the investigation. that's the problem with this. it makes you wonder how deep it goes and are there other areas we see this kind of bias infecting investigations that are ongoing. >> all right, congressman, thank you. good to see you. >> good to see you, neil. >> i wanted to show you something. this is in mcallen, text text. you will see a lot more of this. others are on route and looking at the treatment of kids and adults. more to the point kids in the separation policy. ugly get back with their parents. we'll get the read on all of this on the democratic congressman. whether it's solving anything or doing anything or showboating.
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the democratic congresswoman jacki will be joined by a women's working group to check for themselves how the kids are found. you will see a lot of this throughout the day, weekend, and next few days until every last kid is reunited. this comes at a time when they will be reunited. the president did reverse himself and change. whatever, the president did what he was asked to do. they will keep looking at this. for the treatment these kids are
7:45 am
getting. they are reunited with their families then what happened. let's get a read for henry. do i couldn't think this goes a little too far. we returned to where we were with the policy we had prior. a lot of your cog legals demanded the president sign the executive order and stop it. now it's about the separated kids that are in limbo that could last forever. it seems like it's being hyped beyond realty. >> yes, the policy is backed again. i'll talk about that in a few minutes. we still have to deal with the 2300 kids separated. quiet honestly, do they know exactly where the kids are at.
7:46 am
they were separated in different states. they should be able to put them back together. >> do you have compassion? underage kids came in the country and thought to be drug mules and thought to be working with the cartels. they were put in facilities at months at a time. did you have the same come compassion. >> this is not a democrat, obama, or trump administration thing. if you recall, i put some pictures out in 2014 that just went viral that broke this story because i didn't like the way the obama administration was doing this. >> you were the only one. >> when you find some of your colleagues that have only now
7:47 am
discovered the kids did you say where the hell were you when i needed you or wanted you to bring attention to the kids stuck in the facilities. you are on your own. >> the only difference is most of the kids. the focus was on the unaccompanied kids with no parents. >> understood. that was a big deal to you sir. >> i know. >> it wasn't a big deal to your colleagues. you didn't hold showboat events now that's all i see. >> the obviously difference is we still have a large amount of the kids in the centers are un accompanied. they came in without. the focus is when the government came in and separated the 2300 kids. >> you and i both know, it's not
7:48 am
like they will be lost. they will be reunited. then what? once they are reunited what will be the new approach. it gets a little old. >> you know, the thing is it doesn't get old for those trying to find the kids. you know they will be reunited. it's like if your child or my child, i know that. >> tell me the next thing. what will be the next thing. >> again, we just can't dismiss how other kids will be reunited. the issue is we have to look at this in a comprehensive way. i'm a big believer in process discretion. they should use discretion like
7:49 am
under democrats and republicans. zero-tolerance for adults. they should use a blanket approach. there are ways to be tough at the border. protect our country. there are ways to do this. >> i think it's morphed into something else. i commend your efforts. this is now morphed into something. both sides are not budgeting. that would be your side petarying the right also cruel scrooges that hate kids. >> people have been separated purposely are the same thing as
7:50 am
the kids. the kids don't kill any of these folks. >> it was just a reminder. >> it's not the kids that were doing that. we need to make those connect to dots. you are right about one thing. they need to step back, take a big breathe, let them protest in a logical way. >> i'm not here to take sides. there are plenty of people that are never trumpers. he was reminding folks about kids and adults that might be separated and it's painful for a while. it's a difference. their loved ones are dead. >> well, there is a difference. we are talking about kids being separated. >> in context, there is no sympy
7:51 am
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all right, i know we have looked at this. another signature video of this child separation or whatever. i'm not minimizing it. goings within inches of the homeland security secretary. prior to that chasing her out of a restaurant. it gets tricky and dangerous. i want an update from my friend
7:55 am
a former dc detective. fred, this is accelerating. where is this going? >> you know what, it's very interesting and scary. we don't know where this is going. i can tell you it's a dangerous period that we are in because right now when you look at what's going on in the trump administration and look at the various demonstrate tors. each one has their corners and it's very concerning as to whether someone could be seriously harmed. >> you were telling me. i don't know what the rule of thumb is. when protestors can come into a restaurant and bother someone. it's one thing to target a cabinet secretary but then the other patrons in the restaurant.
7:56 am
>> a restaurant is public, on the other hand, you can't go into a public accommodation and yell fire in the theater. there are certain rules and regulations and decorum. you can't integer with guests in a restaurant. >> are you worried for peoples safety? >> absolutely, the atmosphere we are living in right now is dangerous and volatile. it's dangerous and volatile on both sides. both of them are groups of individuals that have their own beliefs stuck in their own corners. they act out for their own interest and not the interest of the united states of america. >> ted williams. good to see you.
7:57 am
sorry for the breaking news that limited our chat. >> my pleasure. >> ted williams is a calmings voice here. we have another hour coming up. ooh-wee, grab an umbrella kids 'cause dad's gonna make it rain "tre tres". he's saying he's gonna score a bunch of three-pointers on you. yeah, we ball til we fall. there are multiples on the table: one is cash, three are fha, one is va. so what can you do? she's saying a whole lotta people want to buy this house. but you got this! rocket mortgage by quicken loans makes the complex simple. understand the details and get approved in as few as eight minutes. by america's largest mortgage lender. ...
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i should clean this up. i'll get the dustpan. behind the golf clubs. get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be. >> all right. this is a little while ago. about an hour ago when the president, he's on the way to las vegas for a political event, a number of events here, and it's a money raisor for the party. but before, he was tweeting this about kate arrington, who was in a serious car accident last night. she's going to be okay, and said my thoughts and prayers are with katie arrington of south carolina and all those involved in that car accident and their families. so we're keeping check on her and the president of the united states indicated there. this occurs at a time when there's a lot of fractious back and forth on the treatment of the kids now, to try to reunite them with their families and
8:01 am
the back and forth that the president is not doing enough, that the president says he's doing all he can. here we be. all right, ellison barber at the white house with more. >> hi, neil, yeah, president trump left for las vegas this morning and left the white house at about 9:30 a.m. in las vegas he is set to fund raise and campaign for nevada senator dean heller and he's also expected to host a round table on tax reform and then head back to d.c. a little later tonight. he is still back here in d.c. and across the country, really, facing a lot of heat when it comes to his zero tolerance policy at the southern border. yesterday, president trump attacked democrats for pushing what he calls phony stories of sadness and grief. and he tried to get the nation to focus on the stories of so-called angel families. >> these are the american citizens, permanently separated from their loved ones. no major network sent cameras to their homes, or displayed the images of their incredible
8:02 am
loved ones across the nightly news. they don't do that. they don't talk about the death and destruction caused by people that shouldn't be here, people that will continuously get into trouble and do bad things. >> some say the president is demonizing undocumented immigrants, painting them as criminals when the data doesn't seem to support it. the cato incident looked at crime data from the texas department of public safety and in texas, people born in the u.s. are more likely to be convicted of a crime than those coming to the u.s. legally or illegally. and the children were separated from their parents since it began in may. 500 children have been reunited about their families and three days within being detained or separated. one thing when the president
8:03 am
signed his executive order, that did not give details about the reunification process, at this point seems to be needed for about 1800 children separated from their families. a spokesperson with the department of health and human services told fox news that they are waiting on furthers further guidance when it comes to that issue. neil: ellison, thank you very, very much. i do want to go to texas right now where we're waiting to hear from, among others, because it will be a busy day at the microphones, before a lot of congressmen and women descend on the area and check on the facility that houses a lot of the kids that separate kids from their parents. it's going to be a conga line of various politicians stating their grievances. it's unwinding to get them reunited with their parents. and not getting nearly as much attention, and texas lt. governor dan patrick on that in a flash. >> good to be with you shoo
8:04 am
what do you mean of this? the president was demanded to change his policy and stop separating kids and families. he did and not enough. >> neil, there's so much fake news, so much misinformation. i was sharing with you, during the break, that we don't have 11 million illegals here, we have 25 to 30 million. the u.s. chamber of commerce president said in 2004 we had 10.5 million. so in other words, we haven't added anyone in 13 years? >> where did you get that number? >> well, we apprehend 400,000 on average. la so the trump impact decreased people crossing and we think we get one out of over five, may be one out of every ten and i'll take the low number, that's a million-five a year for 13 years. so we've had 21 million people cross the border plus the 11 so we have somewhere between 25 and 35 million people here illegally. and in texas, neil, and i've
8:05 am
given you these numbers in the past, in the last seven years, we've arrested over 200,000 criminal aliens, most of them here legally. we've charged them with over 6 h600,000 crimes in texas and-- >> and what percentage of those who make it to these facilities are of that type. >> most are coming here pursuing the american dream, but a lot of criminal element is coming with them. if you talk to law enforcement on the border, they don't cross the border themselves anymore, it's a dangerous place. 20 years ago, a sheriff told me it was like andy of maybury. people were doing work on going back. if you're on patrol at night you have to be careful who you run into, cartels make a fortune smuggling people. neil: i get that. do you think those and various senators and since there's separation and coming back
8:06 am
together, must gain-- it can't be an overwhelmingly high percentage that are drug runners. >> no, on some days it's a very high percent. neil: people miss this on both the right and left. i heard as high as 20%, but is it your sense then that whatever that number ultimately is, now the policy will be to keep children and their families together whether they stay in this country or whether they're kicked out. how do you feel about that? >> the president was right, he was following the law that had been negotiated from clinton and as you talked in the last second, obama had similar policies. neil: but he enforced a feature that other presidents stepped back from. >> here is what happened. the misinformation by the media. we have 30 border crossings with mexico and texas, if you could come up to the border patrol and ask for asylum. >> the people detained didn't
8:07 am
come to any of those 30 border crossings. in other words, they came across in no-man's land and entered illegally to put them in a different classification and that's where they were separated. of all the thousands and weeping we have over 40,000, neil, of unaccompanied minors who have crossed. most of the kids in these centers came here by themselves. neil: and congressman cuellar was making a distinction. >> when the train game. neil: how much is driven by dislike from the president? >> in my world the president is the babe ruth of presidents. he hits it out of the park and every time he hits it out of the park, they boo him louder to the left. nothing he can do-- >> and do you think he gave them ammunition on the saying the hell with immigration, move now, let's wait until after the november election, check our numbers and try it again. i understand it's frustration because he can't seem to work
8:08 am
the democrats who don't want to work with him. he says democrats. democrats say it's time to work-- and it's somewhere in between. is it a mistake that he said that. >> i don't question with the negotiations. neil: do you think it's negotiations. >> when i came into town on friday, that's the day cha charles krauthammer had, he was a statesman, an intellect, the gentleman, we lack that in politics today. i'm a conservative republican, but i work well in texas with the democrats across the aisle. we get things done in the texas senate. we've lost that in congress. this, you had a congressman from california the other day who called the president cruel. the president's not cruel. and even if-- >> and that he hated kids. he has multiple grandkids and kids. >> i've been around the president a lot and he loves-- >> you can't negotiate in that environment. >> you can't negotiate.
8:09 am
neil: you should hear what the president says about them. so it's poisoned the well. >> the difference, neil, the president has reached out time and time again and every time schumer rebuffs him. the republicans are ready to make a deal and-- >> do you like the moderate measure they're kicking around. >> i never judge legislation until it passes. here with what uch you have to do. when you have 20, 30 million who come in here in the shadows and don't have the dignity of being an american citizen and don't have the chance to work into the culture and be an american, that's dangerous. we'll have 10% of the population in the next decade here illegally. we need legislation reform and i'm as conservative as it gets-- >> and optics, someone didn't think how it looks. with separating kids, whatever legal sense it makes and this
8:10 am
is going to cost you the whole line a picture is worth of thousand words. it destroys a thousand advances. are you worried it's going to hurt you in november with all of this other great economic news and market news. >> people are smart, that's why they elected the president. they wanted change and they're smart enough to she that schumer is not a statesman, he's an obstructionist. they're smart enough to see the real number. if you look at polling most people would say a what i've said, we shouldn't separate the families, the president corrected that, and he did so, you know, he made that decision on his own. he wasn't pushed into that decision. he saw the numbers and he made the decision. but when it comes to where we are heading, the american people are saying, wait a minute, we have a problem on the border. we need the wall. we need border security. we need for people to come here and not live in the shadow. they'd rather pay the governor a couple thousand dollars to become a citizen than to pay the cartel, 20,000-- >> that's getting lost.
8:11 am
>> i don't think it's getting lost. a lot of american people are saying what i'm saying, as bad as this is, where is the responsibility of parents who brought the kids here. i know they want to be in america, would you subject your children and i subject mine. people say they're desperate, but they could have come to one of the border crossings. neil: what if they don't know that. >> you have to understand now, neil, that 20 years ago you could cross the border on your own. if you cross the border today and you don't pay up to the cartels, they'll kill you or your families. very few people cross on their own, so this could all be part of a, in fact, i feel confident it's at some level a part of the drug cartels, will move people this way to push the border patrol this way and that's where they move the drugs and other people-- >> do you think it's probable these images go away, families are reunited. >> look, as said in the last segment. they will be together. 500 are already together. i know the president, i don't know the first lady. i know the president well enough. he loves the americans people the idea that he's racist or
8:12 am
hateful is wrong and-- >> i don't know how you negotiate when these go back and forth. you just can't, right? >> in the texas senate we changed the rule when i was lt. governor to give the total majority to pass bills by the republicans because we had a vote rule and everybody says you're going to run over the democrats. instead out of 1661 bills passed last session only 23 on party line. when you go go like that, i'm not voting for your bill, schumer doesn't have to sit down, but when you have to negotiate, you have to sit down. neil: you have to. no, i think the secret of texas is your-- >> we're there only two years and pass one of the largest budgets. 10th largest economy. neil: the less you work sometimes the more you can get done. >> yes, maybe congress can take a tip from that, but if i were wrong a wrong-- mcconnell i'd say pass the rule
8:13 am
and did. neil: not going to happen. >> and elect more in november. neil: don't hold your breath. dan patrick lt. governor of the beautiful state of texas, they don't dilley dally. and they don't do a big dilley dally, but-- >> are you planning to grapple with the fourth of july holiday. 47 million americans and what happens when i'm flying we're all there the same day, at the same tsa spot. the guy runs the tsa on that and keeping us safe after this.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> all right. are you planning to travel this summer, particularly around july fourth. i think it's in the middle of the week this year. that does not stop 47 million
8:17 am
americans from saying we're going to be going places, we're going to be flying. i wonder how it is for the tsa administrator? when you think about it, that guy can't take a vacation, can't move far from home. the administrator here, david, good to have you. >> good morning, neil, good to be with you. neil: i don't know what your personal travel plans are, i won't get into that, but it's going to be a busy summer for you, but these are off the charts numbers and you have to make sure everyone gets back and forth safe. how is it looking? >> it's looking good and you're right, it's going to be a very busy summer. it really already has been. today, for example, we have about 2.5 million passengers going through our screening check points. so it's busy. in fact, we expect some days this summer to be busier than many days we've had in tsa history. neil: what's interesting without getting into the mechanics of flying and all, air fares are very, very high and going up higher, but the economy has been doing well and people have the wherewithal and resources to pay
8:18 am
for that and they don't like waiting either and they don't like long lines, but they could be subjected to both, right? >> well, they don't like waiting. i understand that they don't and we worked hard to forecast the summer. pretty much based on ticket sales with the airlines and historical trends what to expect on each day and we really have it down to a science where they can look at individual lane in an airport and predict what the passenger load is going to be over the course of a different hour. our job is really to put the right resources in the right check lanes at the right time. neil: you guys do a great job, but we in the media being the jerks we can sometimes be, not me, but we can focus on incidents where the 92-year-old grandmother is being aggressively screened or a family with three little babies or whatever, aggressively screened. how is that done? i know you can't give away, you know, administration secrets on this, but it seems kind of
8:19 am
random to me and in the case of the 92-year-old grandma, great-grandma, unnecessary. >> it is random in a lot of cases because any good security system, in my view, has some level of randomness in it because we really don't want our add ser -- adversaries predict what we do. at dulles airport, if you look at the youtube video, our officer did exactly what she was supposed to do. neil: i know she did. i guess i'm asking why do it with her? >> we should not exempt any class of passengers from our screening and from enhanced screening as well. when i go through on occasion i get a hand screening, part of the random system, this is a random selectee. neil: you don't tell people i'm the administrator. >> no, i definitely don't do that, i want to go through
8:20 am
screening. neil: i know i'm in trouble and i'm going to an airport and they're playing cnn nearby, i know i'm being aggressively screened. you're satisfying it's random, it's not deliberate. and there's an issue of white powder that was at one airport and extended to other airport. what's that about? >> as you know, we look at the threat picture all the time and constantly evaluating our procedures against the threat. my job is to stay several steps ahead of our add ser-- adversaries. and we change a little bit because our adversary changes so we need to match that and as we looked at the threat picture over the last several months, we know that we need to ensure that powders of above a certain size do not get in the cabins of aircraft. there's been a change of procedures, and it started the ends of last summer and put in
8:21 am
full force right before spring break this year. good luck to you this summer, it's not an easy job. >> thank you. the tsa administrator joining us out of washington d.c. a questions for you, roseanne, one tweet, out of a job. peter fonda, more than just one tweet, thriving. fair, balanced, or nuts? it's just a burst pipe, i could fix it. (laugh) no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it. with tripadvisor, finding your perfect hotel at the lowest price...
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8:24 am
>> what is it with conservatives in restaurants? did you hear about this, white house secretary sarah sanders tweeted, last night i was told by a restaurant owner from lexington that i should leave because i wrote for potus. and her actions are more about her than me and i disagree
8:25 am
respectfully and will continue to do so, and we're reaching out to red hen restaurant. i don't know what cuisine they serve and why they did this, kicked a patron out. we're on top of that. we're exploring this on the inconsistent tweets. rose app loses her job because of one tweet, albeit an obnoxious tweet. peter fonda is more than that, is fair and balanced or going to hell in a hand basket. and we've got the magazine publisher, and a fox news contributor. what do you think of the sarah sanders thing? we don't know more than what she's relaying, the proprietor saying get out. >> that's immature and stupid. if you want you can disagree with some of president trump's
8:26 am
policies and you can disagree with how sarah sanders does her job, but if you have a different view of the way things should be done, just so you know, fyi, you're not accomplishing anything by kicking someone out of a restaurant. you're just being petty. neil: all right. this is happened to me like at buffet restaurants and they say, cavuto, nothing to do with the politics. [laughter] >> i can understand that, it's an economic one. what do you make of this? >> it's another example of how intolerant we've become as a society. you see it on a lot of the different networks how you don't have a variety of opinions and there's this hesitance in american society now on both sides, is there somebody at the table with a different opinion to your own, not only do you not want to engage in a conversation with them, you want to shut them down. we've seen this on college campuses, too, this is another example of it. sarah sanders was out with her family trying to enjoy her
8:27 am
evening and kicked out of the restaurant. >> it's new american cuisine, i want you to be aware of this. described as a cozy destination. >> that's awful, not cozy at all. what a missed pr opportunity. the owners could have been taken a picture with someone so successful like the press secretary. >> you don't like when this kind of stuff happens? >> no, that's just wrong, no. it's-- you may not agree with someone politically, but you don't do that. it's become like a reality tv world. people think that they have to act outlandishly. they say that people are crazier than ever because of reality tv. >> and with the homeland secretary. so raucous, she left. but it's happening a lot. >> she was going to the restaurant. she was a customer, and supporting the restaurant, and then they-- >> you're against that? >> i was completely against that. and she was in the restaurant and the restaurants throws her
8:28 am
out. neil: i don't know if there's an other side to this. you've heard about peter fonda, obnoxious comments about barron trump and not much punishment he's getting on social media from this and the left. but roseanne, albeit for a very obnoxious tweet, she loses her job. shouldn't they, under that context both lose their jobs? >> are you asking me? >> i was looking at you. >> i feel like the reaction to his tweet was way underwhelming compared to what it was. i don't even understand what happens to you in your brain where you tweet something like that, where you're sitting at a computer screen, i'm going to talk about putting a 11-year-old in a cage full of pedophiles, great, send. and i think that's disgusting. neil: he's made a point about the treatment of these kids. >> doesn't matter. neil: and part of it could be a desperate quest for attention. >> there's a turn for this and i
8:29 am
don't use it flippantly, but it's trump derangement syndrome. the president has had a profound impact on particular liberals they cannot control themselves and they don't just attack the president, they attack his family, they suggest that-- >> they should never criticize the president's family. >> and she's reasonable about it, she's not one of those. neil: she could be, we're trying to help her. [laughter] >> no, i haven't said anything, but, talking about deranged tweeting, the president's known for deranged tweeting so he's not the best of all tweeters. neil: what peter fonda said when you bring the kids into it. >> that's horrible. i'm thinking he was emotional, he wasn't thinking right. maybe he was drinking i don't know what would make it person go to twitter and right such horrible things. he took it down so he has felt the heat. he took it down, he's apologized and gone back a few steps. so, i think, i don't think he's getting away with this. i think that people are talking
8:30 am
about it. it has come out. neil: but they pounced on roseanne. >> roseanne was at the top of her game with that tv show. neil: you're right about that. you have different treatment, make a mistake on the left, make a mistake on the right it's different treatment? >> i think so. i think it's exacerbated with president trump. if you say something negative about the president or his family you would get a pass that you wouldn't get on the left. neil: which is what you're saying. >> twitter gives them a past. so many conservative activists said far less than what this person said and conservatives lost their accounts and he still has his. neil: guys, thank you very much. again, we're waiting to hear from this restaurant and we'll keep you posted here, but if it were me and there was a buffet there, i can understand it, but again, i don't understand this, but we don't know all the details. more on the president flying out to las vegas right now and other developments here, the syndrome or whatever you want to call it,
8:31 am
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save by bundling usaa home and auto insurance. get a quote today. >> as you know, they could fill this stage up every day for the next five months of victims of illegal alien crime. >> some of our media won't talk to you about it, but this is permanent separation. for his birthday, i go to his grave, for christmas, we set up a christmas tree on grant grave. none of our kids had a minute to say goodbye. we weren't lucky enough to be separated five or ten days, we're separated permanently. neil: all right, these are folks who have lost their children, mostly their children to illegals. these are the exceptions, they're not the rule, but it didn't get nearly the amount of coverage that, obviously, the other big story this week has
8:35 am
gotten, continues to get, the separations, the illegals trying to get access to this country, asylum in this country. the plight of those children is 24/7. i'm not saying anything against other news media that did indeed cover the beginning of this event that the president had with these families, but let's just say they didn't hang on it very long. it's fair to say they hang on all of these other events concerning these disconnected kids. that, they hang on. that they stay on. maria espinosa is a director and at friday's event. maria, very good to have you. it is, at least, a good reminder as tough as it is to see these kids separated from their families. they will be reunited. we can go through this again and again and they will be reunited. some of these families can only dream of that. >> that's correct, neil. and we're so appreciative of president donald trump for
8:36 am
having reached out to our families and all the remembrance project stolen lives during the campaign, neil and he has kept his promise. in fact, he created the office of voice, victims of immigration crime engagement as a promise to the remembrance project and our angel families. so there's no comparison. neil: when do you think in fact, all news networks were on this as it started, but two others quickly left it. i'm not here to judge my fellow journal itsists and that's a slippery slope. but separation of these families, do you think that's fair? >> no, and it's nothing new. thanks to president trump they are the fake news, they're pushing their agenda and they don't care about the children. both side of the aisle are talking about the democrats who
8:37 am
want their voter block and the g.o.p. moderates who want to build their reelection campaign coffers with the blood money, all the while our children are filling america's coffers, neil, and this absolutely has to stop. neil: now, i know it wasn't fake news that the president did design to sign off on this policy that would enforce this provision that separates kids and their parents and he did reverse that, whatever you want to call it, just as his critics demanded he do and it wasn't good enough, it's still not enough because of the efforts to get the families reunited. do you think that an important moment was lost here through this whole controversy, and that people are more inclined to remember these images than the stories told yesterday by these families? >> well, there was a lost moment, however, we have the american people behind us, neil, and we're not stopping. the remembrance project has been
8:38 am
around since 2009 and elevated this issue to the forefront and, again, president donald trump has been excellent in reaching out. he's a man of his word and great compassion as you can see. neil: the remembrance project, you're just trying to have people, you know, never forget that this has happened. that there have been cases. >> absolutely. neil: quite a few over the years where americans have died as a result of this. >> permanently separated from their loved ones, neil, never to see them until they reunite them in heaven. so there's no comparison here. neil: so when i had a democrat on earlier saying that you're-- as tragic as it is, that you're putting it out of proportion to the percentage of illegals or those seeking asylum and/or both, to more or less infer that they're all monsters. >> i am shocked that someone would even refer and describe it in that way. we're talking about children who
8:39 am
have been murdered and beaten to death with bats and machetes, neil, and bodies unrecognizable. neil: what they pounce on, these horrific crimes that if we're not careful where we're going to be implying that all illegals do this, that this is the work of everyone who tries to sneak in here. what do you say to that. >> i think if they don't like the truth they don't need to be listening and watching what's going on. neil: are you saying that it's the truth that all illegals do this. >> i'm saying that illegal aliens, arrived here illegally. my father came in the right way, he was born in mexico, and came here the right way as many americans and we have a big front door and that's where they need to enter. those parents put their children in harm's way and should be charged with child neglect as any american parent would. so they're not above the law. right now illegal aliens are untouchable in the united states. neil: so there's no middle ground on solving this crisis.
8:40 am
i always think, too, when these kids are reunited with their families and to your point, unlike so many of these families who will never have that day, what happens then? >> well, we have laws or we don't have. either we're a lawless nation or we are a lawful nation, neil. that's what it comes down to. there's no reason why mexico and other countries should push out their undesirables, while the same time having a handout for u.s. foreign aid and i believe president donald trump will be moving in that direction in cutting u.s. foreign aid to these governments who deliberately push out their citizens and mexico, by the way, set up centers of defense in the united states where they will help their nationals remain here in the country illegally, that's absolutely wrong. neil: marie espinosespinosa, th very much. >> thank you, neil, god bless you and have a great day. neil: more after this.
8:41 am
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8:44 am
>> all right. we're following this dramatic story. this is interesting to me because anytime this involves restaurants, cavuto might want to report on this. anyway, it's a red hen restaurant in rginia. sarah sanders was there, i guess, visiting with her family, sitting down for dinner, i think it was dinner. it's farm to table, you know, all healthy good eating place. the proprietor right, the manager, told her to go. said that you know, don't let the screen hit you on the way out. no, no, i'm not saying that-- didn't say don't let the screen hit you on the way out. but sarah sanders says she was told to leave and left with her family and they could have had marinaded beet salad, butter nut squash, garlic sausage, a lot of that looks good. is that fair or right? all within the same week, homeland security secretary was forced out of a restaurant when
8:45 am
protesters barged in and then she was, you know, harassed at her home, that she was headed to work. we're seeing more and more of this. and lee carter is looking at it ap says it might boomerang on the protesters that don't flip over the white house. explain. >> i think this could be a gift to republicans right now. republicans have had a really, really tough week. when you look at polling data right now democrats are more enthusiastic than they've ever been about voting in the midterm as the republicans made them in 2010. neil: does this make them more so. >> this week it's got them energized. immigration is number one to voters to get fixed and that's fascinating. everything is lining up for the democrats going into the midterm election. the symbolically of voting for children and not for and against and now-- >> you could have said the
8:46 am
administration is botching this. >> i absolutely do. i think that symbols tell a story more than anything else can. the symbol of the children being separated from their parents is something that we should have zero tolerance for and should have anticipated what it was going to look like. neil: no matter how you justify, you can't get out of your head. >> that's right. the president goes on and said, let's not deal with immigration until november because the democrat won't have a conversation with us. all of this playing into the hand of democrats. and then you have something like this happen. you have sarah huckabee sanders go out to have a meal and people say we're not going to serve you. it's a symbol of resistance, intolerance, condescension, everything that's wrong with politics in this country. neil: do you think she should have left. if the owner comes and said, no, i want to stay. >> personally, i would leave. i don't want to be in that kind of situation, i would do exactly what she did and made sure everybody knew what they did and didn't support that restaurant. neil: we've called the restaurant and it's still early and their voice mail was full. we want to bring this to the attention of america, because
8:47 am
it's just a great story, it's happening again and then it's like crazy town. >> it's happening again and again and what people need to understand on the left when you attack trump supporters, you're condescending, judging them and doing all things that's going to energize the support of the person you don't want them to be. so here you have a situation, sarah huckabee sanders is sitting there and she cannot get a meal. people are turning her away and saying i judge you for your association to the president. now, if there are people out there who support the president they feel like they've been slighted as well they're going to be energized and more likely to defend the president than no matter what. neil: do we know of any obama officials treatment on the other side get out of my restaurant or this velcro administration gets a lot of heat? >> i can't remember anything like this ever happening, but, i mean, to be fair, people are so angry and outraged by the policies of this president and some of the things that he has
8:48 am
done, especially when it comes to separating the children, that anybody associated with him now has become toxic. and so, but there's boundaries and limits. neil: and we joke about what happened in the restaurant. what isn't the joke is the increasing vitriolic and potentially violent nature of this. >> if you have peter fonda making tweets like he did this week and people want to make. neil: nuts. >> it's nuts and the problem is right now, the social media is an echo chamber. there was recent data that came out talking about people's trust of social media saying they don't trust it any more because it's become such a toxic environment. the problem is a lot of people go there, get information out of there and that's where two third of the people right now are getting-- it's a primary source of information for them. we're getting sucked into this echo chamber of anger and that's dangerous for our country and we don't want people to behave like this. used to be we could disagree on policy and not hate each other, that kind of a handshake agree
8:49 am
to disagree is gone. neil: and you take both sides to know they hate. >> here we are. neil: they just e-mail me nasty comments. lee carter, thank you. if we get more developments from the red hen, we'll let you know. and the back drop for the white house is bad and donald trump is evil, and it's a pretty strong economy, and pretty good numbers that make us the economic envy of the world. the back-story you're not hearing on the front page business story you should. ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪ no matter who rides point, ♪ there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. ♪♪
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and just like tyrone taylor, they know what it takes to help keep you protected. are you in good hands?
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8:52 am
>> i left out the trade war. silly me. we have a few minutes here.
8:53 am
peter boulton and it's getting nasty, with the eu and the tariffs and the car makers and where are we going here? >> so president trump tweeted out hours after the european union, now what? we're going to tax, put tariffs on 3 billion worth of goods, levi's jeans and everything cool about us, at least some things cool about us so the president tweeted out basically just saying, hey, we're going to be placing a 20% tariffs on imported cars and honestly they say it would make a mess, mercedes-- >> it's escalating and those guys are worried. >> our economies are accelerating and economies around the world are decelerating, emerging markets are crumbling. if you want to get us in the same situation, keep this up. you have an election going into this year and i will promise you if markets come down if the economy softens, that will matter to the election. i don't understand. i'm on the jonathan hoenig team when it comes to tariffs.
8:54 am
i don't think they make any sense and this rhetoric is now starting to build up and i think all we're seeing, all evidence in, these countries are not sitting down, they're actually-- >> they're not folding on this. >> at all. neil: the president is saying he's bringing to light the tariffs and cheating they do and that might be so, but it's not flying. >> especially with the autos. mercedes parent already said a few months ago we're going to invest another $1 billion in our plant in alabama so there are so many supply chain issues. and peterson institute says if this car tariff goes through, 195,000 u.s. auto worker jobs could be lost because bmw and mercedes, they've actually built a lot of plants in this country. they have two-- >> workers, american workers would be affected. neil: maybe it's all elaborate negotiating ploy and the president has been pretty good on this and it's gone his way. maybe it doesn't. >> the longer it lasts, the
8:55 am
longer it lingers, bad. if the market matters, in the recent couple of weeks, auto stocks got whacked. caterpillar, boeing, companies that are affected the most are getting hit and hit hard. so it's affecting things already. neil: and it's affecting agricultural commodities. >> the commodity stocks have been absolutely-- >> those trading in the futures markets, they've come down. >> the good news it's mostly harsh rhetoric at this point in time. again, china is not falling for it. they're coming back. neil: they're feeling the pinch more than we are. >> the shanghai composite closed at a two-year low this week as well. i think one thing that we've talked about a lot. we're all benefitting from global growth that's strong. 3.1% imf says this year, which matches last year, the best on record since 2011. if we keep fighting with each other, i agree if it's negotiation tactician, awesome. but if these go through, our businesses, american businesses
8:56 am
could be hurt. i'm going to take a lot of hate mail from that, but wiser people have been discussing that for decades. neil: join the club then. do you get a sense that cooler heads will prevail and come to agreement. >> i've been wrong. saying the last three, four months it will, and-- >> that's what i don't like about you, you admit when you're wrong. >> there's no elections left in china. you know, this guy is there for life. we've got elections here and it's going to matter a lot. so they don't have to-- >> will it delay, the impact on the delay could be many, many months away. >> again, speaking to lee before hand. why don't they wait until january. i speak to business owners and they're taking a step back not knowing what's coming next. neil: and a lot of people are sitting on their hands and wondering and worrying.
8:57 am
and thank you, gary and debra. -- deirdre. and all if we hear back from the restaurant, a lot of you have been calling them and i don't think it's for reservations. fox continues. yeah, we ball til we fall. there are multiples on the table: one is cash, three are fha, one is va. so what can you do? she's saying a whole lotta people want to buy this house. but you got this! rocket mortgage by quicken loans makes the complex simple. understand the details and get approved in as few as eight minutes. by america's largest mortgage lender.
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>> as border authorities struggle for migrants and their children, there are detention centers. no progress. hammering out immigration. live to south texas. leland: president trump slams democrats and the media for ignore the plight of hundreds of american families who have lost loved ones to violence, undocumented immigrants. >> and new tariffs on american goods, president trump says his tariffs and aluminum is leading to a major comeback for american jobs. and welcome to


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