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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  June 23, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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here next week. ♪ ♪ >> fox news alert, we are awaiting president trump at the nevada gop convention in las las vegas. the president landing in nevada a while ago and any minute now he will deliver the keynote address. hello, everyone, welcome to america's news headquarters i'm mike emmanuel. >> i'm laura ingle. president trump with eyes on the midterm also planning to headline fundraiser for republican senator dean heller as one of the most important senate races of the year, this comes after the president tweeted that republican lawmakers should wait until after the november elections to address immigration reform as they work on a bill. so yesterday he also met with families whose loved ones were killed by illegal immigrants to
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discuss revamping immigration law. >> our first duty in our highest loyalty is to the citizens of the united states. we want safety in our country, we want border security, we don't want people in our country that don't go through a process, we want safety in our country, we want strong borders. we want people to come in but we want them to come in the proper way. >> dan springer is live from las vegas with the latest, dan, what do you have there? >> yeah, hey, laura, what do you have there. president trump arrived here at the sun coast hotel and casino just minutes ago and we understand that he's in the back holding a very quick fundraiser with big donors and then we expect in about 15 or minutes or so have him out here and give the keynote address to a group of republican who is are here for the state republican convention in nevada with the ballroom filled with his supporters obviously here, there are about a thousand people protesting his arrival here in
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las vegas just outside the hotel and blasting over immigration policy and the big issue has been fallout for separating families at the border. group congressman of nevada. >> i think it's un-american of us to shut the door and tell them that we can't help them. this is not about being democrat or republican or upcoming election. for me this is about humanity. >> the president will no doubt address those critics in his speech, he will also campaign for senator dean heller who is being called the most vulnerable republican up for reelection in the senate, we caught up with heller at the airport yesterday and he said he's happy to run close to trump in nevada because the economy is on a roll here, job growth leads the nation, in fact, despite the growing latino population in the state trending more democratic, heller says, you know, don't count him out from the hispanic vote. >> good neighbors, they are good friends, there's issues are my issues, i supported
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comprehensive immigration reform five or six years, i want to solve the daca problem. >> heller opponent first term democratic jackie rosen today at the democratic convention and keynote speaker democratic senator elizabeth warren but here in las vegas in this ballroom anyway they are awaiting with a lot of anticipation for president trump and, again, he'll expect today speak here in about 15 minutes. laura. >> busy day, indeed, dan springer, good to see you, thanks, dan. and this is fox news alert. new video just into fox news, protestors blocking a bus of an immigration shelter along the southern border in mcallen, texas as we have seen over the last several days tensions have been high there in texas and in our nation's capital after the house gop leadership delayed a vote on a moderate immigration bill until next week. we have live fox team coverage,
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garrett tenney with more of the showdown there. >> laura, about 200 protestors here out in front of what is one to have main customs stations here in mcallen, texas, one of the first places where parents and children who are detained for illegally crossed into the border are brought, just a short time ago we had drama here, protestors trying to block a bus, a bus that was filled with parents and children being moved from one detention to another, they surrounded the bus, a few people tried to throw themselves but pulled back by colleagues, other put hands on the bus, free the children, free the children. keep in mind children were not being separated from their parents. they were with their parents being moved from one detention to another but certainly 96-degrees in mcallen, texas emotions over this issue running very high for the past several days we have seen number of
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politicians filter through, the rio grande valley today, we saw democratic legislators, more than 20 of them trying to tour facilities, get a sense of the conditions on the grounds for the parents and the children, but really those democrats coming out and saying we have more questions than answers, one of their main questions is is there a main list, the master list of these children about 2,000 of them still separating from parents, where they are and how quickly they will be reunited with their parents. laura, back to you. >> steve, thank you. >> immigration battle heating up on capitol hill as authorities continue to deal with thousands of migrants and their children, house vote on the so-called immigration bill is expected next week even in the face of several potential hurdles. lawmakers saying it's simply time to get something done. >> we are obligated to have an up or down vote. it's time now for us to stop politicizing it and, i mean, to have a little girl's picture on
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time magazine with the president is not fair. the emotions have gotten and rightfully so, the emotions are high but it's time for us as a majority to come together and pass just the basics. >> garrett tenney live in washington with more, garrett. >> mike, there were big potential hurdles to getting this immigration bill passed. for one, gop leaders had to reschedule vote for this year because it had less support of immigration measure that failed on thursday. a lot of con simbtive lawmakers are nervous to voting ahead of few months of elections because it includes path to citizenship for dreamers which is not a popular proposenal many red districts across the country. one thing that could ease those concerns is if they have the full support of president trump. on friday, though, a few days after urging house republicans to pass immigration bill he changed tune on twitter saying in part, republicans should stop wasting their time on immigration until after we elect
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more senators and congressmen and women in november. democratic lawmakers insist they won't support the gop's latest efforts and blame this crisis squarely on the president. >> he's taking infant children hostage, wrenching them from the arms of their parents, traumatizing them perhaps for life for the purposes of forcing us apparently to make an agreement that we think is bad for dreamers, bad for our immigration system. >> despite lack of support from democrats and the president this morning, house majority steve scalise said republicans are not giving up. >> right now we are not there, there's a lot of work being done over the weekend by every different faction within our conference on the republican side, from our most conservative members all the way across the
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spectrum trying to find a way to come together. >> it's important to remember even if house republicans are able to overcome hurdles and pass immigration bill, it only gets more difficult in the senate where they will need democrat support and senate democrats haven't given any indication that will happen, mike. >> no doubt, garrett tenney live, thanks. for more on this republican adam from the great state of illinois, congressman, good to see you on a saturday. >> you too. >> the vote on the leadership compromise immigration has slipped several times, do you think they'll be more support for this bill with a few tweaks next week? >> yeah, i really do. people are calling this the moderate bill. i actually think this bill is more conservative and it's certainly more in line with what the president outlined at the state of the union. the president called for citizenship of eventually for 1.8 million dreamers but this bill guaranties 25 billion will be spent on the wall. there's no way to go back on
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that in future out years if democrats take over and go back on funding, it ends everything else. this is a good bill. this is something that fixes all the stuff we are seeing right knew are a big deal, family separation issues, the question for democratic friends, democratic colleagues, what is it that you don't like? this deal with the dreamers, the border security, do you not want border security, just say it, but this is a good deal and unfortunately they are more interested in stopping buss in mcalan, texas which by the way i worked that area, the border is not secure they are than coming to fix this. >> it's automatically assumed democrats won't vote for this immigration bill. i don't know, what is it about it and should -- do you think they just want the issue for the midterm elections over an actual solution? >> i think some of them just want -- nancy pelosi, for instance, just wants the issue, some of them are kind of
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beholding to their base which is basically a bernie sanders base that's saying, you can't work with donald trump because donald trump is the ultimate evil in their mind and so they are unwilling to do it. you know, think about it. if there's five house democrats that say i like this and i'm going to vote for it, think of what would happen to them on some of the other networks and very left-news organizations and among their base and so that's the pressure they are dealing with right now but if you look tat details of this bills it's very conservative, comes along exactly with what president donald trump outlined in the state of the union and unless democrats don't like border security and they just need to say that, if they don't like border security, it has everything they want too. >> the video we are seeing on the screen is protestors blocking buses there in mcalan, texas, red hot issue of the family separation issue, do any of democrat colleagues feel conflicted about voting no with that in this bill as well. >> i'm sure they do, they won't say anything right now, this is
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just become such an extremely divisive issue but, again, talking about the mac alan area, first of all, blocking a bus that's legally transporting people, okay, that's kind of a violation of a law but whatever, secondly, again, i have worked the mcalan, texas sector as international pilot doing border patrol in the air, it is not a secure area, there are border patrol agents that do their best but there's constantly drugs and illegal immigrants that come over that border so to protest there especially instead of maybe helping to secure the border and then having compassion to people in these situations is kind of ironic. >> congressman, should there be a political price if democrats don't address immigration reform? >> of course, what we are putting, this bill this week is about 80% issue, about 80%
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americans are in support of this. some of my friends in, for instance, the freedom club or whatever, they need to come on board too because the constituents they wanted, there's a price to pay if they are unwilling to work with us when the american people truly see what's in the bill. >> is there a political price to pay, democrats will probably be saying, see that, republicans can't govern? >> i think it's quite possible. there's a unique issue with being in charge which is you do have a responsibility to govern and whether it's a child separation issue, immigration in the broad term, it's seeking or has the opportunity to derail us from all the great things the tax cuts have been able to do that deregulation has been able to do and all the great things that the president and congress have been putting into effect to rebuild military, it would be nice to get through this done and the senate could do this, and we are willing to move forward and handle the issues and we can do this as a party.
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>> final question, what do you say to freedom caucus colleagues that are hoping that the leadership bill does worse than goodlatte bill that failed this week? >> it's really unbelievable. i have friends over in the freedom club for them to want to just fail, i think they have a long-term play on speaker of the house or something like that, we all have to be united, there are some things in the last bill that i didn't like but i voted for it with the team. there are some moments we have to come to with the team and i would desperately ask friends from team to come over and join us. >> thanks for your time, see you back on the hill. >> thank you. >> laura. >> all right, mike, president trump's executive order to keep migrant families together is causing own set of problems as federal agencies try to reunite children with their parents. let's bring in john, society editor, a lot to get to.
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>> a lot to. >> definitely, first i want to ask you about the logistics of the demands, obviously a big one, what does it do to federal agencies especially the pentagon? >> tosses them in degree of confusion and we are seeing that now. this was a one-direction for the agencies, we will separate the kids from the parents at the border, they had built out infrastructure to do that. it was a colossal political mistake by the president and the administration within its own party, within opposition party, there was so much pressure on him that he had to reverse it. now you've got -- you've got the big bureaucracy of the united states moving in one direction and reversing in the other and they have to talk to each other. hhs is going to talk to the department of justice who has control, who has authority, who has permission to release the kids into what capacity, should they be allowed to be released, the pentagon is building out beds for families now with the expectation that they're going to be called on as they have been in the past as they were in
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obama administration. they haven't been contacted by the other agencies and they are anticipating it. the military is probably best logistics capacity, they are anticipating was going to be a very big and confused problem that has resulted from this constant shift in policy. >> you know, talking about that shift, the executive order was written in a day as we know but we also it's going to take months to implement, someone suggested the creation of task force that could actually handle the huge job at hand, so how do we see the in between time from when the executive written to when it can actually be implemented? >> yeah, a task force, group of asian -- agency heads. wouldn't you think? the expectation as taxpayer is that the government is going to be organized and that the chief executive is going to be competent in organizing and this is an example where it's unorganized. i think we will see a lot of
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additional expense and additional time as people, one, try to decide what's going on in the border, thousand keep families together when they were told to separate them in the past, more important they get all the kids who have been spread out across the country back with the parents, how that's going to happen and whether that can happen. are we going see down the road, months from now, perhaps even years from now, mothers or fathers outside of embassies in latin america like we saw in argentina, plaza de mayo. where is my kid? >> right, well, you bring up the agencies and i want to go over that because there's a lot to go over as department and health and human services is responsible for the care and dhs handling enforcement and detention, you mentioned that wouldn't you think that there would be somebody overseeing, but who is it that decides who gets everybody at the table and
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how does that work? >> well, it's called the president of the united states and because all the people work for him. all of the cabin-level officials work for executive. the president has to organize that. this is a president who tends to act a little bit more on impulse. we saw with the travel ban, on largely muslim countries and the chaos that that caused, plus the litigation that that caused which is still unresolved. i think you'll see something of the same thing here where it's going to be a lot of testing of what the agencies now do once they do get organized, the deal with this and it would be legal testing, in addition to the agencies existing laws that governs how the folks at the border are allowed to treat people who are coming across illegally and those laws stipulate you can't incarcerate a parent with a child more than 20 days, is this considered incarceration, temporary living, this would be a lot of challenges from another institution, not hhs, not doj,
12:18 pm
not border patrol, not the pentagon but judicial system. >> right, the u.s. government getting back to what is going to be happening possibly with military, what's already been happening. we know officials have already gone to three basis in state of texas, surveilling of how much rooms, beds. >> military is thinking out ahead. >> which is great. >> which is good. >> this has been done before, we have seen this happen with earthquakes and hurricanes. >> and immigration, a flood of unaccompanied minors across the border and the administration had to find a place for them. >> we don't know the capacity and fall into the law and other mechanisms by which they skirt the parameter. we don't understand that yet and
12:19 pm
i think it's one of the many things that have to be resolved and wish that this possibility would have been anticipated an some thinking has been done and it's being done on fly. >> the question of asylum, many won't get in, taking a look at the center of immigration review justice department, we have the numbers, 22% of asylum cases decided this year were approved and 41% are denied. they are coming for asylum, many of them, when you look at those numbers, many may not get it. >> they not get it, something in 120,000 people in the first quarter of this year, wall street journal is reporting, 120,000 people come in the first quarter u many of them illegally, some of them arriving at border stations to cross to attempt to cross legally, a lot of those people are seeking asylum, we don't know how many, a lot of them seeking asylum,
12:20 pm
6,000 got asylum out of the 120,000 people seek to go get into the u.s. it's a smaller number. and some of the emotion behind this probably needs to be curtailed. >> thank you so much for being with us today. complicated issue and glad to have you to discuss it. mike. >> bad news from south carolina, katie errington has been injured in car crash that left one person dead. her campaign says errington is undergoing surgery. the other driver died at the scene. arrington defeated mark sanford, president trump tweeting his support, quote, my thoughts and prayers are with representative katie arrington of south carolina including those involved in car accident and their families, we wish her speedy recovery. >> indeed. president trump set for a busy day in las vegas as you've heard, rallying republicans and
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>> fox news alert, president trump is in las vegas where any moment now he's expected to
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speak at the nevada republican party convention. we will bring it to you live so stay with us right here on fox. laura. >> and president trump is in las vegas today as we were mentioning, any minute now we will be hearing from him as mike said. president campaigning for dean heller as e tries to maintain majority in the midterms. president trump asking lawmakers to hold off on immigration bill. he tweeted this. republicans should stop wasting time on immigration until after we elect more senators. congressmen and women in november. listen. >> when we have a majority in the senate, we have a majority by one but we need 10 votes, so we need 10, essentially we need 10 democrats, not going to get them. laura: all right,let talk about this with our panel ellen, bureau chief for talk media news and danine, host for,
12:26 pm
both fox news contributors, welcome to you, ladies. a lot to talk about today, genine, the president's call for delay seems call and kevin mccarthy and others say the house will still vote on gop compromise bill next week, should they, what do you think? >> well, listen, we are seeing nothing but resist from the democrats and perhaps they should wait because the democrats don't want to move forward on anything with president trump and if they really wanted to fix the immigration problem they could have done so when they had the super majority under former president obama and what the democrats really want right now, laura, is to keep the hot-button issue front and center because they want to keep the base whipped up and emotionally involved to drive them to polls but i have to tell you, i think
12:27 pm
they are making a big mistake in using people and playing on people's emotions with such an important issue. laura, ellen, what do you think is the best path forward and in terms of the bill -- >> best path forward is to make sure that there are votes. now the fact is that donald trump, the president, sees that there's going to be a red tide in november, i don't see that. i'm not sure that democrats will win many seats but i'm not sure they will lose many seats. i think we will be in very much the same position and i just think get the immigration thing down -- done now. laura: seems like lawmakers don't want to wait. there could be a backfire in legislative action. so what more, you know, sounds like you guys agree on this, what more can you do to bring both sides together to really get it done? >> well, i'd like to see that happen as well but what we know so far in and again going back
12:28 pm
to democrats not really wanting to come to the table, the president has actually invited them to the white house, they don't want to do that, chuck schumer has said that they're not going to agree on anything that the republicans put forward. the president even authorized and signed executive order to keep the families together of migrant children, people who come here illegally and even that wasn't enough. and so i'd like to see what will be enough to make something happen, but, again, they had the opportunity to do so under former president obama nothing is done, this continues to be a political football tool that democrats want to use to try to keep their base whipped up and i have to tell you, i think it's a really big problem to see that happen with them. >> you know, ellen, as we reflect on the optics of what we have seen at the border, crying children, images at the centers themselves, it's really hard for people not to get emotional over this because it is emotional as we watch this, so do you think -- >> of course, it's -- laura:
12:29 pm
right, go ahead. >> of course, it's emotional but the fact is that the idea that you separate families, the fact is if you put families together with the children then you -- you don't have a time limit to that, a time limit for people to be in prison and frankly there's nothing illegal about crossing the border and asking for asylum, that is part of america. >> jenine. >> we don't know who the people are that are crossing borders. we have enough problems with drugs coming in and criminals and ms-13 gang members and a lot of them unfortunately are using children to try to force the asylum process quicker. so we need to know who is coming to vet the individuals and, again, the president signed the executive order to keep the families together but i'm still hearing and reading about
12:30 pm
complaints coming from democrats that that's not enough. we are a country of laws, not men and we need to abide by our laws to keep our americans safe. >> all right, we have to leave it there, guys, ellen, jenine, we will have you back to see what happens next. >> president trump to appear in nevada convention to deliver keynote address. meanwhile, live to conway, south carolina where vice president mike pence is holding get out to vote rally with mcmaster. the russia investigation taking another turn, fbi agent peter strzok has been subpoenaed to testify before the house judiciary committee in the coming weeks, what to expect next. >> this ig report lays bear the bias, the animus, the prejudging of facts by senior fbi agents and senior attorneys. you're turning onto the street
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laura: fox news alert, as we have been telling you president trump is in las vegas where he will speak at the nevada republican party convention a short time from now. right now, michael mcdonald, the chairman of the nevada conference is at the podium, then the president should follow. we will bring it to you live so stay with us right here on fox. >> the justice department hitting a deadline to turn over documents to house republicans in the russia investigation. this comes as fbi agent peter struck -- strzok is set to appear before two house panels after subpoenaed by bob goodlatte, strzok was wrapped up in controversy over antitrump messages and role in several investigations at the bureau in recent months. a watchdog report from the justice department found no evidence that decisions from those investigations were affected by political bias but house oversight committee chair
12:36 pm
trey gowdy believes ors. >> there were fbi agents and attorneys who decide today prejudge the outcome of the hillary clinton case before the investigation ended. prejudging the outcome of an investigation before it begins is not evidence of outcome determinative bias f life of me i don't know what that would be. that's textbook bias. >> this is the fox news alert, president trump has taken the podium in nevada las vegas at the republican party convention there. let's take a listen. [cheers and applause] >> thank you very much, everybody. thank you.
12:37 pm
i want to thank you michael, he's done a great job. i look at numbers before, they are looking awfully good and i look a lot of attributions to michael. he has been a wonderful leader in this great state that we love. [cheers and applause] >> i want to congratulate dean heller on his victory. [cheers and applause] >> he's going to do a tremendous job. he will be a great senator. a little bit shaky at the beginning, but once we've got in there, rock solid and he's been great and he will do the job and he cut your taxes and nobody fought harder to cut taxes than dean heller, i will tell you that. [cheers and applause]
12:38 pm
>> your great attorney general general is here adam. [cheers and applause] >> he's running shady steve. [laughter] >> well, you know, if you think of the names, it's always good to think of something like that. [laughter] >> but he's going win the race so easily i really believe. where is adam? where is adam? come on up here, fellows. [cheers and applause] >> dean, come on up, dean. >> thank you very much. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. >> a man that was so fantastic. he's been a supporter of mine for a long time, he's a very
12:39 pm
intense individual like the bloodlines from his family, and, boy, that father was good, he was tough, he was tough. there's only one difference, dan is even tougher. danny, come up. [cheers and applause] >> he's a great team player, danny, he's a great team player and dean and myself appreciate why what's he did. he will go in there and win in the third congressional district, right, danny? going to be there for a long time. i also want to obviously welcome all of our republican party delegates, you have been here and working and striving and
12:40 pm
look what happened, look what happened, right? [cheers and applause] >> you really are, you're the heart and soul of the party and this is a great state, this is a state that is going to be with us and has always been with us and we love and we love the people. i'm here a lot. we have a great development down the road but now i don't think about that anymore, right? i don't think about it anymore. [laughter] >> but i just wanted to go because i don't think has come close to doing this. you read the fake news, it's fake and disgraceful and they don't talk about it. i read a story about n "the new york times" about things that we do and they say we didn't or it's just horrible. i want to say, some of the things -- i don't believe any administration, any president has come even close to doing what we've done in the first 500 days.
12:41 pm
[cheers and applause] >> and i won't even mention north korea in the 500. i won't even mention it. that was a great -- i mean, we have a good chemistry together, kim jong un, chairman kim, we have a great chemistry and we are well on our way. we signed an agreement, we will begin the immediate denuclearization. [cheers and applause] >> of north korea. it says that we already got back the hostages and i read, well, obama got hostages, yeah, he paid 1.8 billion to get them back. they didn't say that in "the new york times", they don't say that. they said obama got them back too. he did it different, they gave him a billion 8 in green, can you believe this in in cash. how do you do that as president? how do you do that? but we also -- when i was
12:42 pm
campaigning, people would come to me and with tears in their eyes and said would it be possible to get back the remains of our father, would it be possible to get the remains back of family members that died in the korean war, i said, i don't exactly have a great relationship over there, this was before the election, i said, you know, that's not sounding like an easy one and i said, well, i will try, as we are negotiating different points the other day in singapore, i asked chairman kim would it be possible to do that, the last thing i asked, do you mind, because i have many people that are written and called an spoken to me would i be able to get the remains of all those great heros that we had from so many years ago and he said, i will do that and you probably read they've already done 200 people which is
12:43 pm
so great. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you very much. thank you, that's so nice. and remember just recently i got a call from the prime minister of japan, prime minister abe and japan is so thankful there's no rockets flying over japan. you know they were flying right over japan and they weren't so happy and, you know, the japanese are great warriors, they are great warriors and that was not a good thing and so happy that they don't have that.
12:44 pm
they were having rockets and they were testing rockets, you haven't had a rocket or tests in seven months, eight months now. it seems every week we would have nuclear test, rocket test. they have blown up nuclear site, their testing site. they've gotten rid of in the process of getting rid of engine site for ballistic missiles. we are developing a very special kind of a situation where hopefully in the future because you look at locationally, north korea has tremendous potential. chairman kim sees that and a lot of tremendous things are going to happen. we were helped by south korea, president moon, we were tremendously by japan, we were really helped also by president xi of china with the border. now we have to work on our trade with china because it's been -- it's been very tough on our country for very many years, our presidents did nothing about it
12:45 pm
and we probably lost last year $500 billion in trade to china. think of it, 500 billion, so we started a cro ceses -- process and i think that will work out with china because we have a very good relationship with president xi is incredible so i think that will work out. [cheers and applause] >> we are working on nafta deal, méxico makes over a $100 billion a year. it's hard to say the number. 100 billion, not trillion, 100 billion, not million fortunately, not trillion, very fortunately, but think of it. so $100 billion a year we lose on trade with méxico, on top of that they have a tax of 17% that we don't have. so they make our cars, a lot of car companies went there and they send them back over the border at virtually no tax and we lost a tremendous amount.
12:46 pm
now they make a big percentage of our cars, it's not fair and we are renegotiating nafta and when we finish it's got to be a fair deal. we can't do this any longer. we can't do it any longer. and canada charges 275% tariff on dairy products going into canada, it's ridiculous and they act like, you know, it's like you probably read over the last couple of weeks with the prime minister justin trudeau, a nice guy, but we can't have it, we can't have it, 275% tariff and we can't have it because basically that's a barrier, they say we don't want your product. they tell the farmers up in wisconsin and different places, we don't want your product, 275 is like having a barrier of which they do have barriers in which many other countries have barriers, we are working on canada, we are working on méxico
12:47 pm
and european union and we are working on china and everybody is coming back -- have you been seeing what's going on with steel industry, u.s. steel is building six plants or expanding. [cheers and applause] >> steel company today announced 500 million-dollar plant and that's been built in many years, a long time. the steel industry has started. we need steel in the country. we need steel including for national defense, we have to have steel, a lot of things are happening. the trade stuff is coming along. just started but it's going to happen because, you know, we are the piggy bank that everybody likes to rob from, they like to steal from and unfortunately and we have great allies, great friends, we protect them for a very small cost, if you look at nato, we protect them for a tinny fraction of what it would cost which is unfair also, but we won't get into that, we are
12:48 pm
having a meeting in july and talk about it, in so many ways our country has taken advantage of and we are settling it up and we are all going to be friends and be happy but we have to do these things so with the european union we are losing last year $151 billion, 151 billion, they don't want our farm products, they tax our cars very heavily and really don't want them, they really have a barrier and yet we take in mercedes and we take in bm work's by the millions and it's not fair. it's not fair and we charge them almost nothing and it's not fair. so when they charge us that, we have to say respectfully, i'm sorry, but we are going to have to tax your cars if you're taxing everything else, if you're not going to take our farmers' products, we make the greatest products in so many different ways and they don't want them and that's okay, but then you will have to pay. you just can't come in and do that. we can't lose 151 billion with the european union, we can't
12:49 pm
lose $100 billion with méxico. [cheers and applause] >> so the trade deals are actually coming along and honestly, they are talking, you know, when they have the tariff like that they put on. they didn't talk to bush, they didn't talk to obama, president obama, we will not talk to you about trade, why would we talk to you? and they said, okay, great. let's leave it for trump. let's leave north korea for trump, let's leave trade for trump. [laughter] >> let's leave immigration for trump. [cheers and applause] >> we will leave it for trump. they left us a lot but i'm actually having a good time, thank you. [cheers and applause] >> actually having a good time. we are doing our job. and on immigration, we have to be very strong. i mean, everybody sees, the same site that obama had that bush had, same site, same thing.
12:50 pm
in fact, they said, look at this , look at president trump, look at this picture, excuse me, it was 2014 it was president obama. our people are actually doing a very good job handling a very difficult situation but this is a problem that should have been solved years ago. so we are working very hard. fact is we need more republicans because the democrats are obstructionists, they won't vote, they are total obstructions, they don't want to vote, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, they just want -- they want to use the issue. and i like the issue for election too, our issue is strong borders, no crime. their issue is open borders, let ms-13 all over our country. that's what's going to happen if you listen to them. so we are being very, very tough at the border, in fact, until just recently we had a 70-year low coming through and by the
12:51 pm
way, we want people to come into our country but we want them to come in for merit -- through merit, we want a merit-base system so they can help us. [cheers and applause] >> you know, we have tremendous numbers of companies coming in, we have 3.8 unemployment number which nobody thought was even possible. we need people to come in but they have to be people that love this country, can love our country and can really help us to make america great again which is what we are doing way ahead of schedule. so since election day, we've created and this is hard to believe because nobody -- the news back there, fake news. [laughter] >> if i would have said during the campaign we created 3.4 million new jobs since election day, 3.4 --
12:52 pm
[cheers and applause] >> if i would have said during the campaign prior to the election without the numbers, they would have said, you have to be kidding, how about our gdp numbers, how about that? [cheers and applause] >> think of this, unemployment are at 44-year low. as of last week. [cheers and applause] >> unemployment for african americans is the lowest level in history. [cheers and applause] >> remember i used to say at the rallies, what do you have to lose? i meant it. what do you have to lose because they always went -- african americans always voted for democrats, and i'm reading tremendous crime, bad education, bad this, bad this, not safe, everything bad, i read ten different points, income levels, home ownership levels, everything and i said, vote for me, what do you have to lose, remember? and they were smart, we did very
12:53 pm
well, we did very well, those numbers went up, up plenty and up enough so we won the election and now we have the african american, think of it, african american unemployment, the lowest in the history of our country, hispanic, any hispanics in the audience, perhaps, hispanic unemployment the lowest in the history of our country. [cheers and applause] >> women unemployment, the lowest in 21 years and shortly it will be the lowest in the history of our country but the lowest in 21 years. [cheers and applause] >> that's down to 3.6%. nobody would believe the numbers. over 3 million people recently got off food stamps because we are doing so well. that's a big number. [cheers and applause] >> and after years of stagnation and even going down, people were making more money relatively
12:54 pm
speaking 20 years ago than they would make 2 years ago and after years of stagnation wages are rising again and jobs are looking for people. [cheers and applause] >> small business optimism has reached an all-time high, the highest it's ever been regarded. we've signed the biggest tax cut and reform in the history of our country. that's a big one. that's where dean and -- [cheers and applause] >> ly tell you dean really helped, he was in there fighting hard for us, you were fighting hard. that yous not easy, that was not easy, dean heller. and i have to tell you, his opponent wants to raise taxes, she wants to raise taxes. think of it. i mean, it's ridiculous. should i mention her name?
12:55 pm
i have a great nickname for her actually but i'm not going to -- [laughter] >> no, we shouldn't do it? all right, i won't do it, wacky jackie. [cheers and applause] >> has -- you don't want her as your senator. you don't want her as your senator. now, that name didn't come from me. that's a name that people have known because people that know her, that's what they call her wacky jackie, that's what you want for your senator? she wants to raise taxes and i think somebody said she's in nevada right now campaigning
12:56 pm
with pocahontas. she's campaigning with elizabeth warren sometimes referred to as pocahontas. [laughter] >> they wanted me to apologize. no. i did, though, i did apologize to pocahontas, to the memory of pocahontasi apologized. wacky jackie is campaigning with pocahontas, can you believe this in your state and they don't know how to say nevada. they don't know how to say it. [cheers and applause] >> she called nevada. okay, so when you see that, that's not the senator you want. and your senator has to deal with your president and your president loves the state, but i'm not increasing taxes.
12:57 pm
you have a democratic party, really a democrat, i don't like the word democratic, because it's not a debt -- democratic, everybody calls it the democratic party, it doesn't flow as easily. it sounds nicer as democratic. we are talking about people that want tax increases, open borders, they have to have open borders, they want people coming in -- you look at ms-13, we take them out by the thousands, they are flowing, we take them out by the thousands and we have the toughest border you can have considering the laws are the worst of the whole country, our immigration laws are a laughing stock all over the world. we are the only people, people walk in and put a foot in, please, would you like to register, other countries say get the hell out of here. they do that. they have to do that.
12:58 pm
we say, you know, they want to hire 5,000 more judges so that a person puts the toe in the land we have to go to trial. this is crazy what we are doing. i don't want judges, i want border patrol, i want ice. [cheers and applause] >> we don't want the problem is, and i have said it. we have great people in the house, republicans. we get the tax bill. one vote from democrats, in terms of the senate and i guess in terms of the house. you get a vote. and we cut taxes massively. and his companies moving back now, chrysler is coming back, there are so many companies coming back. that's why we do new jobs but we need jobs because we have all of the companies. we have so much happening.
12:59 pm
they are coming to ohio, they are coming to your state, they're coming to pennsylvania. they are coming all over! it is incredible to see what is going on. but we have to do in the right way. we have to have strong borders. you cannot ever allow a statement. for instance if i got a pair today and so we want everyone to come, we want to take care of everybody, let me tell you what would happen. if i said that, they will put it on that and they will say, trump said we want everyone to come. these are the most dishonest people. not all of them, but many of them! they are among the most dishonest people on earth. if we did that, everybody come, if we did that -- you will millions of people pouring to our country. with all of the problems that would cause with crime and schools and you would have
1:00 pm
millions -- all i have to do is say yes, we want to take care of everybody, we want everybody to come, do what you want to do. even if they saw any weakness, they will come by the millions. we need to have strong borders. we are going to have the wall. we are going to have the wall. we have already started it. we have started it in san dieg . [chanting] we are going to have the wall and restarted it. we have $1.6 billion. we have started it, we are fixing it and building new and we are starting it. we will build for a lot less money than these people think. a lot less money. we are getting the wall built and we are going now for our second portion and it is brutal dealing with the democrats. they want to do nothing. just so they understand the delegates you know what's