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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 23, 2018 2:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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use them. with the free audible app adventure goes wherever you do. start a 30-day trial and your first audiobook is free. just text listen10 to 500500 to start listening today. >> we begin with a fox news alert. the battle over illegal immigration. it takes center stage at the texas border. protesters briefly block people with migrant children trying to leave a processing center. hostilities a vote to overhaul the nations immigration system. it is topic number one this weekend. hello everyone i am eric shawn. this is "america's news headquarters". >> i'm arthel neville. changing course on the administrations decision to separate families entering the u.s. illegally. meanwhile, federal authorities
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are looking for more space to house parents and children detained together. we have coverage, and garrett tenney live in washington. we begin with steve harrigan outside of a processing center in mcallen texas, steve? >> in the last hour, customs officials are put up metal barricades in front of the processing station here. throughout the course of this day we have seen a number of protesters. anywhere from 0 to 200. at one point things became heated this afternoon in the 96 degrees temperatures here. a busload of parents and children was being moved from one processing center to another. these were not children being separated from parents but the groups did move together. really the process was converged on the bus. one woman thrown herself in front of the bus and then pulled away by colleagues. others placing hands on the bus shouting free the children! free the children! emotions running high this afternoon.
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initially seeing a number of politicians pass to the rio grande valley in the last several days to get a look at conditions on the ground firsthand. today there was more than 20 democratic lawmakers. many of whom have criticisms about what they've seen inside. here is one of them. >> i think we had to take this out of the criminal justice system and put into the social service system. that is the way these people should be processed and handled and care given to them. >> one of the real questions we have heard from these lawmakers over and over today is that they say, is there a master list? a master list of children have been separated from their parents and where the children are. at least 2000 children are still separated. health and human services saying they will map an emergency rescue team often done in the wake of disasters like hurricanes to try and reunite parents and children as quickly as possible. back to you. >> thank you. >> immigration battle meanwhile hitting up on capitol hill.
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authorities continue to deal with thousands of migrants and separated children. a houseboat on the compromise immigration bill is now expected next week and it does face several potential hurdles. garrett tenney now live in washington with more and what we can expect. the first question everyone is asking this week, the compromise bill, how much support does actually have? >> it did not have enough support to pass on friday. that is why they reschedule the vote for next week. a lot of conservative lawmakers are nervous about voting for the bill. just a few month ahead the midterm elections because it includes a path to citizenship for dreamers. which is not a popular proposal in many of their districts. gop leadership is hoping to win conservatives over by tweaking the bill this begin adding a couple of sweeteners like using e-verify to check the status of workers per leadership was also hoping the present will be able to bring conservatives on board. which he did earlier in the week before changing his tune
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on friday. tweeting republicans should stop wasting their time on immigration until we elect more senators and congressmen and congresswomen. he repeated it this past hour. >> this is a problem that should been solved years ago. we are working very hard. the fact is we need more republicans because the democrats are obstructionist, they will not vote. their total obstructionist. they do not want to vote. nancy pelosi, chuck schumer. they want to use the issue. >> despite the endorsement of the effort house gop leadership says they're not giving up and are hopeful they will be able to get an immigration bill passed next week. >> to do that potentially, republicans have the majority but are also calling on democrats to support the bill. is there any chance at all the democrats, some would sign on? >> there's always a chance. at this point it does appear it is not likely. nancy pelosi dismissed the gop
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efforts and said the bill was only compromise among republicans because it did not include democrats. today democratic lawmakers toward the holding facility texas said they want to pass immigration reform but this proposal does not cut it. >> this doesn't really have to deal with the underlying issues that present themselves here at the border. it deals, in part, with this policy that the president put in, zero-tolerance policy. it doesn't really go to the heart of the matter. >> and it doesn't deal with the daca issue in a rational way at all. >> member republicans are able to come together and pass immigration on their own, the senate will need democratic support to do it. at this point top democrats are holding firm that it will not happen. >> a big week coming up. >> the president is speaking at a tax reform roundtable in las
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vegas. let's take a listen. >> the bottom line is american is open for business. i got elected on make america great again. we started using america first and that is what we are doing on trade. we are renegotiating some of these horrible trade deals that we have with other countries. we have some of the worst deals i've ever seen. whether it is china, the european union, mexico, canada. you name it, we have a bad deal. andrea changing those deals. we lost last year, 800 billion, 800 billion on trade. and in fact i want to be very precise because 817 billion to be is big money. even in the world of real estate. that is big money. it makes everything we do like a little tiny peanut. and we can't do that. we can't do that. and were not going to do that. we are negotiating deals, i
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don't know if you've been seeing what's happening but the steel industry is coming back. were building brand-new plants and beautiful new expansions. they haven't done in 35 years. another company, a wonderful steel company just announced a $500 million plan today. another one is going into ohio. we have ohio, pennsylvania, all of these incredible places, they are seeing the steel industry come back. and we needed for defense. steel is not like other industries. steel we need, aluminum we need. having tremendous activity in the world of aluminum now. we put a 25 percent tax or tariff on steel coming in. they were dumping steel all over our country. now all of a sudden, if they want to dump it's okay. have to pay a lot of money to dump. more important, our industry is coming back far faster than we thought. if other countries aren't going to treat us with respect and are going to treat us properly
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on trade because they haven't, with these massive deficits that we have, the big one is car tax. >> of the president in las vegas talking tax reform. a roundtable discussion there talking trade and steel tariffs for the present makes news we will bring you back there to las vegas. meanwhile, a bipartisan delegation of mayors visiting the border this weekend while they try to figure out the next steps to solve the crisis they prefer more now we are going to bring in mr. margo the mayor of el paso texas. was the host mayor earlier this week. if i may, i want to begin with a barrage of questions for you. then i will let you go. first of all, given your initial reaction. what was it? how would you describe the conditions inside, who is inside and how are they being treated and cared for? >> well, we did not get inside,
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when i leave this interview i'm going to view it closer. i did find that they were teenage boys that were unaccompanied minors on their casanova. ages 15 through 17. there are just under 300 of them there. they are trying to place them with filming members as quickly as they can based on information i have been given. >> what he tells about the effort to reunite the children with their parents? is it a clear, concrete plan that you can share with us? >> i've not been given any details of any plan. i've asked the same questions. are they on top of it? will they have these children's placed back? the problem i been told of the parents were arrested or incarcerated, they have a hard time place and the children there so they're looking for family and relatives elsewhere. anyway you look at it it's not a good situation. >> you said you could not get
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into tent city. why is that and how many facilities in texas have you been allowed to visit? >> well, hhs has been requiring a two week notice. we three together within about 48 hours, a group of mayors and bipartisan mayors to come out and view the site. we got to the front of the gate. he saw it at a distance but we were not allowed in. i'm hoping to be in this afternoon. >> a two week notice. why? >> i don't know, rules and regulations of the government. bureaucracy at its best. >> customs and border protection, they reunited about 500 children with a parent. either a father a mother. but there have been some 2300 separations since may 5. what about the other 1800 children in the custody of health and human services? >> i don't know. i do know that all of this we are dealing with is symptomatic of the larger root cause and
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problem on the failure of congress to deal with immigration over the last 30 years. it is a bipartisan problem. republicans and democrats. el paso is the largest u.s. city on the mexican border. we are the 19th largest city in the united states. we say we are then nexus of three states. new mexico, chihuahua, texas, to countries and we are one region of 2.7 million people. when i brought the mayor's and i took them to the top of one of our buildings at a restaurant to point out the view south. i asked him to tell me the difference. tell me where el paso ends and mexico begins. none of them could do that. that is the way it's been for over 400 years. we are the largest u.s. city on the board pretty understand immigration better than anybody else. >> mayor, i ask you, is the legal immigration at the southern border problem?and if so, what are the adverse effects of this problem? >> we have not seen the problems that are being
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articulated on a national basis in el paso. el paso is the safest city in the united states. we do have a fence that goes through el paso that was there, put their with the bush administration. that works fine. the primary process is really for criminal activity. i'm sure it stops illegal immigration as well. but the primary reason was criminal activity when mexican nationals were coming over and stealing vehicles. that has diminished significantly. we are not having those issues that are being articulated in the northeast and washington d.c. and elsewhere. >> but they're going down there and cannot get to facilities so how they get the answers? >> youcome to el paso to see , where the largest national, by
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-- is more to it than just talking about this one issue. the daca issue needs to be dealt with. my standpoint, if you served in the military you want to get citizenship. >> i want to ask you this, you called el paso, your city, the poster child of immigration. what message is that poster currently sending to the world? >> what we have here, is a community on both sides. families on both sides, we are the largest exporter, the 10th largest exporter out of el paso. texas has $97 billion of trade with mexico. we have a trade surplus with
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mexico. all of the things are being lost in the big picture coming out of washington and elsewhere. the point is you need to understand what's going on on a local level. 17 or 16 of the 18 mayors who came in this week have never even been to el paso. >> heavy invited the president down there? >> absolutely! we will invite anyone that comes down here. i've tried to see the secretary of homeland security a couple of weeks ago when she was down here and she was unavailable. the point is that we are one region. immigration needs to be dealt with in washington. the problem with these children being separated which i do not agree with, being separated from parents has to do with the root cause that washington has failed to have fortitude over the last 30 years to deal with immigration and a proper, rational manner on both sides. >> i have to leave it there. thank you for your time, sir. >> thank you, arthel.
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>> you can hear much more this topic tomorrow morning when the house homeland security committee chair, mike mccall appears exclusively on "fox news sunday". it airs at two and 7 pm eastern right here on fox. >> meanwhile a south carolina congressional delegate remains in critical condition after a car crash last night. a wrong-way driver struck her car. she and her friend were on their way to receive an award. she sustained a broken ribs we are told and multiple serious injuries. police say the driver in the other car that apparently crossed over the median and hit them basically had on was killed at the same peer congressional democratic nominee, joe cunningham, her opponent in the race and nothing he will suspend his campaign until further notice. as you may know, the president backed her in the primary
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battle against mark sanford who is many other people are sending their thoughts and prayers for her recovery tonight. meanwhile the president making his case for voters to elect more republicans in november. >> they would have put on more regulations, they want to take back the tax cuts that are massive, they want to raise the hell out of your taxes and the whole thing will go boom. >> they of course, democrats. the president hits the road with the message. how will his supporters respond and what will happen in the midterms? we will have that coming up. plus, he is at the center of controversy for anti-trump text messages. that were subpoenaed by congress. what did he say when he raises his right hand and testifies? peter strzok, before members of congress. what will they ask him?
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they're a perfect match. the new ipad and xfinity stream app. hey guys, i'm home! surprise! i got a puppy. add an ipad to select packages for just $5 a month for 24 months. upgrade online now. >> president trump picking up a busy week of campaigning for midterms predicting the first of several stops in nevada today. the president tried to roll republican base saying these gop lawmakers in congress to help him pass his agenda. take a look at a recent poll the finest 34 percent of the respondents said the present will be a negative factor in
2:21 pm
the decision-making, 26 percent say he will be a positive factor. nine percent say it will not matter at all. john is now we have a political reporter for axios on what we can expect during the midterms. you look at the polls, most of the respondents say the president would not, does not matter at all. does it surprise you considering he is such a colorful character? >> is a little surprising. only because we know that people were running for office and the republican party, that you feel very strongly about wanting him to come and campaign for them. we know that the senate feels very strongly that republicans will do better running for senate seats if the president campaigns for them. it was a little surprised to see the majority of americans couldn't care either way if he does or doesn't. >> but at the same time a campaign for dean heller an hour or an hour and and a half
2:22 pm
ago. he really gets the base out and he fires them up. >> he does. that's exactly right. he is in his element when he's out the rallies. he knows how to speak to his base. they will come out in droves to see him no matter who he is campaigning for. that is a really great weapon for the republican party to have as a going to the midterms. especially knowing how energized the democrats are for november, however, they are to take on the republican party. that is something the republicans can play off of for sure. >> and certainly they are focusing on where democratic senators are up for election. on may 30 for example in nashville for a positive marsha blackburn running for the seat that is being vacated. june 20 in minnesota. today in las vegas, monday in columbia, south carolina for mcmaster. wednesday fargo and friday in milwaukee. we look at the map, what jumps out at you in the strategic way and places he is going? >> of course we know that nevada is going to be a tossup.
2:23 pm
that's why he's there today. that's what is going so heavily into nevada, it's a very vulnerable seat and as is north dakota p we know north dakota is going to be a concern for republicans.he's definitely going to these places where he knows he has a good base. what is surprising is that as we know nevada went for hillary clinton in the 2016 election so he knows he has a good base of people so he is going to these places where the seeds are vulnerable because you know his worst fear to lose the house and the senate into november. >> at the same time he say he expects a tie. but the democrats it will be a blue wave. >> harvey talk to the reports will be more supportive of their side but we are seeing a lot of pushback from democrats. we know historically that the party that is not in power is the most energized coming into the election.
2:24 pm
republicans have shown a lot of energy as well. and so we are coming into this really neck and neck. it will be very interesting to see what happens in november. >> how do you think that this immigration controversy will play into the midterms? >> some of the democrats will be pointing at the pictures of children separated from families, from the audio of them crying. you also have the president yesterday when he brought in the families that have so tragically lost loved ones. two undocumented immigrants. both sides will be playing the immigration issue and it's not going away anytime soon. >> finally, the former governor, well-known, defeated by arrington who we are thinking now because of the terrible car crash. but politically speaking, the president went heavily for arrington unseating and incumbents congressman in a safe republican seat. he answered back saying that the republican party is donald trump sporting up.
2:25 pm
is that the way it is seen in washington? and that if you defy the president you do so at your political peril? >> of course that concern for so many candidates that take on the president you can end up on his twitter feed one day. i don't think anyone will be really excited about that. it's something to keep in mind for everyone running for office and the republican party really have to make up your party do i want the president on my side? and if i do join him to campaign for me? because he is a political force. he is the president. his base support you as well, that's a lot of people on your side and you need to take that into consideration. >> that is why he's out there in nevada. good to see you. >> thank you. >> with the house judiciary committee issuing a subpoena for embattled fbi agent, peter strzok to testify next week. fox news alert and that he has been ordered to appear before it lawmakers on wednesday morning in a closed-door session. news of the subpoena coming days after peter strzok was escorted out of the fbi building and as the justice department inspector general investigates or that his anti-trumped bias helped initiate the russian investigation. >> still ahead, europe, while they are preparing to drop even
2:26 pm
more tariffs on us. that could affect more than $3 billion in trade. the president, how he is responding as fear of a possible trade were gross. plus the heated immigration battle continues as the trump administration tries to start the first step to reunite families separated at the lawmakers are trying to work to solve this border crisis. and fox news continues to honor the life and legacy of charles -- it really is wonderful. a wonderful look back and honor of charles and his own words, take a look at a clip where he explains what led to his life-changing injury. >> i see it like if it happened in a film. it was the end of my first year medical school. during neurology, we are studying the spinal cord, of all things. my classmate and i decide to skip the morning session.
2:27 pm
beautiful july day. we played tennis instead. we get, we are not heading to class for the second half. we are very sweaty it is hot and beautiful. we drop in next door to the medical school to the children. the hotels nearby for the parents of children. when my friend and i arrived, there were lots of people in the pool swimming. we go for a swim, we take a few dives and i hit my head on the bottom of the pool. the amazing thing is that there was no cut on my head. it just hit at precisely the angle where all of everything was transmitted to one's property that was the vertebrae which sever the spinal cord. i had been studying neurology. i know exactly what happened. i knew why i was able to move. and i knew what it meant. ahh. where are mom and dad?
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separation of children from their families at the mexico border is gaining national attention. especially on social media. bryan llenas is here now with more on the crisis and in upstate on the controversy surrounding the newest time magazine cover. >> the fact is when you bring children into an already heated debate about immigration in this country, and emotions run extremely high. the newest time magazine cover has added fuel to the fire. it shows a honduran two-year-old girl crying as the president is depicted towering over and looking down at the toddler. the cover reads, welcome to america. a little girl was cropped from an images photo which shows the girl crying as her mother is searched by a border patrol agent. "time magazine" in his article said that after the photo was taken, the girl was separated from her mother. that is not true. turns out the mother and her
2:33 pm
daughter were never split up and are still together. the white house press secretary sarah sanders says the image is misleading. tweeting quote - it is shameful that the media exploited this photo. the little girl to push their agenda. she was not separated from her mother, the separation here is from the fact they should join potus and fix the broken immigration system. # change laws. "time magazine" added a correction to the original story. but the publication said he still stands by its cover. they say, it captures the truth of the administrations child separation policy and in a statement, time said in part quote - the judicial photograph was the two-year-old honduran girl can the most visible symbol of the ongoing immigration debate in america for a reason. our cover and our reporting capture the state of the moment. the little girls father says his daughter has helped bring about change. >> i think my daughter's situation will touch someone's
2:34 pm
heart. yes. maybe the president of the united states, immigration authorities because of her picture, this has changed. >> the president re-tweeted that and he did not democrats for telling quote - phony stories of sadness and grief. >> others have received backlash for their immigration and social media posts, right? >> that's right.a couple of situations. an alabama country musician apologized after he was fired from his band and received death threats for posting to facebook status in which he said he would quote - volunteer to shoot people when they approached the border. also texas tech condemned in his investigating all and comment allegedly posted by several fraternity students as to the hope the government would sell permits to hunt and shoot immigrants. at the border. >> thank you. >> for more on this, we joined
2:35 pm
by a former director of communications and spokesperson at the united states mission to the united nations. it is outrageous. it really is outrageous. the children are separated but there is no hard concrete plan to unite the 2400 that are still separated at this moment. they will have a task force. it is called the unaccompanied children unification task force. a lot of words. how can this was not planned out to say, make this a smooth process? >> that is a multi-million-dollar question. how in the world we find ourselves in this situation? especially given that we are a country of immigrants for heaven sakes! this not the first time we've encountered waves of migration. >> this is illegal immigration. and or asylum-seekers. >> right. but we have controls put in place to help to deal and create a system that pretty much functions in terms of asylum and doing this to the proper channels. and of course there was a influx that predates what we have today. and this is well before the
2:36 pm
current administration. you're absolutely right, it needs to be tackled and i think it's actually a very positive thing if you're going to look at this. that we are looking at this straight in the face and dealing with this because the national outcry is so loud it has to get done this time. >> it certainly has sparked emotions on both sides. this is a protest. when in texas and another one in homestead, florida which demonstrators for the children are surrounding buses. and yet, basically, you have right now, 2400 or so children spread out across the country. some toddlers and younger, being away from the parents and parents apparently have no concrete way to always be in touch with them or to know where they are. what are the bureaucratic federal government actions that will now happen in order to try and reunite children and the parents as quickly as possible,
2:37 pm
how does this work? >> for some of the task force has to work out a long-term solution to the problem.right now as you said, we have over thousand children separated from their parents. it is obviously in untenable situation is really to work out something for the children. >> what do they do? >> you have 2400 or so. do they bring the parents in? apparently there are numbers, phone calls. sometimes they can talk to some children may be twice a week. it seems a little chaotic. >> it is discombobulated right now. the whole thing is to try to triage this and work out case-by-case situations.some of these parents really can be bad apples and we have to figure out who they are. >> even if they are -- >> you and i were talking how there is a report out with some of these children may have been drugged coming across the border. >> let me bring that up that was pretty astounding. this is from the center of human rights in los angeles.
2:38 pm
they have a lawsuit, they filed this in april. we're looking at a photo now, during the president obama administration. let me redo this from newsweek magazine about these allegations kids are drug. kids that refuse to take drugs are held down and given injections. some are told that they are vitamins. some are given nine different pills in the morning. six in the evening including antipsychotic drugs, antidepressants, parkinson's disease medication and seizure medications. they are told they will remain detained if they refuse the drugs. this is part of a lawsuit by the center for human rights and constitutional law. is it a violation of human rights to drug a child when the mother or the father did not give consent or know anything about that? >> astounds like straight out child abuse to me. we have to be very careful about how the whole situation is handled. some of these people also, we have our stories and i'm sure border police would be able to tell you the facts about this.
2:39 pm
as you said, some of the children are not even the children of the people who are turning them through or the children as an incentive to try and get fast-track into getting into the country. we have to systematically look at this and break it down. the task force really has to look at the immediate situation and it has to be long-term because this is not going away anytime soon. the situation in central america where a lot of these people, honduras and el salvador, it is so dire with ms-13 and 18th street. it is dangerous as can be. it is a dreadful situation and they want anyone subjected to that. >> certainly, they are fleeing for their lives.we've had this before with people were detained under president obama administration. this was taken during president obama administration. the so-called quote - kids in cages. and the president reference this when he spoke in nevada at
2:40 pm
the campaign rally. here is what the president said. >> does the same site that obama had, that bush had. the same site. it is the same thing. in fact, they said, look at this site! look at president trump! look at this picture! excuse me, it was 2014, it was president obama. okay? [applause] our people are actually doing a very good job. >> president obama of course, received a lot of criticism because they were coming here. this present received president received criticism for the detainees. >> both presidents deserve to get the knuckles rapped because it is up to them to try and resolve the crisis. the crisis should not have passed on to where it is now. you need to be dealt with quickly. it is complicated. it is the president, the congress, official legislation to be worked out to make sure the kids are okay. bottom line, we have to take care of the children and make
2:41 pm
sure they are going to be okay regardless of the situation and unfortunately, they are at the center of this whole immigration debate. and really the heart needs to lead us and rational thinking long-term to get us to where we need to be. >> well said. we'll see what happens this week when congress considers the so-called compromise bill. always good to see you, john. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> a lot of things are happening to trade. stuff is coming along, just starting. but it's going to happen. because we are the piggy bank that everybody likes to rob from. they like to steal from. and unfortunately, we have great allies and great friends. we protect them for a very small cost. >> the president defend his trade policies while speaking at the nevada republican convention today. it comes after the european union slapped retaliatory tariffs on the u.s. goods and this may be only the beginning. gillian turner has more.
2:42 pm
>> the european union announced a 25 percent tariff on major american goods such as steel, bourbon, bluejeans and motorbikes could all totaling about $3.4 billion. they claim this as retaliation for the trump administration decision earlier this month to tax european steel and aluminum experts. the president said based on various long place in the u.s. and workers by the eu, if tariffs and barriers are not soon broken down and removed, we will be placing a 20 percent tariff on all of their cars coming into the us. build them here. the president long insisted that in the system of global trade, the u.s. takes the short end of the stick. even making any so-called bad deals with north american asian, and european allies a centerpiece of his campaign. >> this should have been taking care of a long time before my administration came into being.
2:43 pm
for some reason, for 25 or 30 years, nobody ever looked at trade deals. >> the commerce secretary is often a more diplomatic tone. >> we tried very hard to have good negotiations before the steel and aluminum tariffs were put on. >> the presidents critics in the senate say the administration should've tried even harder before imposing a new tariff regime on longtime allies. >> it seems more like knee-jerk impulses than any kind of carefully thought out strategy. most obvious a compliment on trade so far, is a lot of chaos. >> secretary ross in the midst of a review of automobile imports and is expected to announce new policies later this summer. in two weeks, the u.s. will begin taxing goods from china. >> gillian turner, thank you. eric? >> family separations at the border causing migrants to keep a close eye on the top administration immigration
2:44 pm
enforcement efforts. how people seeking asylum at the border are reacting. plus, an emotional chapter of the korean war could soon be coming. how the u.s. and north korea are taking another step toward returning the remains of americans killed in battle. insurance that won't replace the full value of your new car? you're better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with new car replacement, if your brand new car gets totaled, liberty mutual will pay the entire value plus depreciation. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis, the number one cardiologist-prescribed blood thinner. ask your doctor if eliquis is what's next for you. >> north korea is preparing to
2:47 pm
2:48 pm
return the remains of american soldiers killed between the korean war. today the u.s. bringing 100 caskets to the demilitarized zone. north korea expected to place 200 sets of remains in the caskets and send them back to the us. north korean leader kim jong-un agreeing to do this during the singapore summit with the president. >> migrants seeking asylum at the border well keeping a close eye on the trump administration. pictures and video of the recent separations have been spreading across the globe. causing migrants to think twice
2:49 pm
before they try to enter the country with children. william is in tijuana, mexico. he has their story. >> if this is so i will just go back. i don't want to be separated from my kids. >> in this border town the presence immigration policy has everyone guessing. >> a couple days before i will decide if i stay or go. i don't want to be separated for my kids. >> they fled violence at home but these women never heard of zero tolerance. then these photos appeared yesterday of children like there is behind a chain-link fence. >> i have kids they would take them away and send them to a shelter. >> want that stop you from going to america? knowing that you could lose your children? >> it comes to a choice we have to choose between my kids and crossing, i will keep my kids. >> is the tijuana port of entry. where people around the world choose to seek asylum or jump the fence. the men behind me are from
2:50 pm
cameroon. they been on the road for months. they been here three weeks waiting to ask for asylum. >> someone was to kill me. >> across town this is a group of immigrants waiting to pass. this presumed making the journey alone. why would a parent allow that? boys and hunters he says have little choice with ms-13. >> police look for older people but they don't look for children.the parents prefer them to travel alone than to stay and be captured by them. >> public outrage growing in pittsburgh after an unarmed teenager is shot and killed by a police officer. an update on the situation as protests there continue. plus, severe storms barreling through the south. areas that could see major storms tomorrow. s handcrafted, and served any way she wants. purely fancy feast filets.
2:51 pm
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2:53 pm
2:54 pm
through the south, heavy rain, strong wind, trees and power lines. in central tennessee storms are still on the move. our meteorologist is live in our fox extreme weather center with more. >> hi there.unfortunately, more is on the way. this is what the radar looks
2:55 pm
like the last 24 hours. some of the activity has moved across the south and it continues to see this throughout the rest of saturday in the overnight hours and sunday might be a day where we see the biggest weather. throughout today, into the overnight hours everything you are looking at highlighted in yellow stretching from portions of dallas all the way to north georgia, atlanta and mid-atlantic, all spots you could see severe levels. which means large hail, wind up to 60 miles an hour, possibly flooding, isolated tornadoes possible. a little better chance of that torch tomorrow. we'll see all the ingredients really come together in areas. not really where you always see the this come together. pay attention tomorrow, later into the evening hours it takes the daytime heat to get things really going to this is an hour by hour forecast. again, some activity moving across the south. pay attention to timestamp, this is 6 pm.
2:56 pm
this will be what could produce some real damage as it was across the area. we continue to kind of explode across the plains states. that is not taking into early monday morning. outside of this, across the rest of the country, if you live out west it has been dry and it continues. humidity is very low. we have fire danger and went up to 30 or 35 miles an hour, that is enough to spread flowers. this is across the country. summer is indefinitely in effect. that is fueling a lot of storms here. >> adam, great job! thank you. >> the president today stopping in nevada on the saturday talking trade, immigration and tries to get support from republicans and midterms. we have the latest on the trip and all of the latest news. stick around right here next on the fox news channel. rotein. in two great flavors.
2:57 pm
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3:00 pm
>> arthel: we begin with a fox news alert. protesters gathering right now from florida to san diego. live pictures there in san diego, rallying against the system for reuniting migrant families after president trump signed an executive order. this comes as house republicans plan to move forward with a compromised immigration bill next week. hello, i'm arrest they'll arthe. >> eric: i'm eric shawn. house republicans face a potential setback after the president tweeted that he thinks republicans should hold off on immigration until after the midterm elections. this of course as congress is considering that bill next week.
3:01 pm
we have team fox news coverage for you now on the unfolding immigration story. garrett teny is live in washington. dan springer is in las vegas where the president is now. let's begin with steve harrington who is live in texas outside one of the centers. what's the situation on the ground where you are? >> reporter: we've seen protesters here in front of the mccallen custom center, a processing center before people who entered the border illegally are initially taken. we've seen the number of protesters go from zero to 200. as far as the mood, it got hot about two hours ago here. a bus load of parents and children being moved from one detention center to another was pretty much surrounded by protesters. one of them threw herself actually in front of the bus and had to be pulled away by colleagues. a lot of yelling also, free the children, free the children, despite the fact that these were parents and children together, not in fact being separated. still a real perception here on the ground that children are being separated and a real em
3:02 pm
notioemotional outburst and rean to it. they've put up metal barricades around the customs office. >> eric: while the demonstrations were ongoing, what is the progress that's being made. what is the government doing to reunite parents and the children in cuss custody. >> reporter: a lot of lawmakers are trying to get a firsthand look themselves. yesterday we saw two republican senators from texas. today we saw more than democratic lawmakers getting a look for themselves. many of them coming out not all happy with what they saw inside. here is one of them. >> we have applauded the work of the border patrol at each of our stops. we recognize they have a tough job to do, that the rules keep changing, and there's no directives coming out of washington, so they're flying by the collective seats of their pants.
3:03 pm
>> reporter: we're really hearing a sense of frustration from those democratic lawmakers, saying they came out of these tours with many more questions than answers today. eric, back to you. >> eric: steve, thanks so much. >> arthel: house republican leaders expected to go ahead with their plan to bring a compromised immigration bill to the floor next week despite president trump's tweet. the president said republicans should wait until they have more solid majorities in congress to pursue immigration reform. this comes after the house failed to pass a conservative immigration bill on thursday. garrett teny is live in washington with the latest. garrett. >> reporter: arthel, that 180 by the president caught gop leaders off guard. a few days earlier he met with house republicans and urged them to pass an immigration bill, saying he was with them 1,000%. conservative lawmakers were nervous about voting on the compromise bill, which grants
3:04 pm
citizenshop to dreamers. this afternoon the president didn't change his tune and said more republicans are needed in congress before they can get this done. >> this is a problem that should have been solved years ago. so we're working very hard. the fact is, we need more republicans because the democrats are obstructionists. they won't vote. they don't want to vote. nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, they just want -- boo. >> they want to use the issue. >> reporter: despite the reversal, house leaders are working to tweak the compromise bill and are hopeful it will get the support it needs to pass. >> right now we're not there. there's a lot of work being done over the weekend by every faction in our conference, from our conservative members, across the spectrum, trying to find a way we can come together. >> reporter: we know of one item that's been added to the bill, a requirement for employers to check the legal status of
3:05 pm
workers but they may need more than that to get a lot of these conservative lawmakers on board with this proposal. >> arthel: are democrats supporting this bill? >> reporter: a number of democrats such as nancy pelosi have said they are not supporting it because republicans didn't ask for their input on it. a number of lawmakers are complaining that while the bill does offer a pathway to citizenship for the dreamers, that pathway is too strict and can take far longer than they would like. >> certainly the daca situation is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with. a clean daca bill who took those who came here as children and processed them and allowed them a clear path to be in the country needs to be clear. that's not in the bill as it was presented. >> reporter: at this point no idea, no suggestion, rather, that democrats will eventually come around and support this bill and a lot of republicans are suggesting that democrats are playing politics here and are purposely trying to drag the issue out in order to use it
3:06 pm
in the midterm elections. >> arthel: garrett, thank you. eric. >> eric: president trump preparing to head back to washington afte after wrapping o events this afternoon. he delivered a keynote speech at the state republican convention where he defended tough stance on immigrant border crossings and he praised the administration for what he says, making the country stronger. we have the latest on the president's day. hi, dan. >> reporter: it's been a busy day as you mentioned for president trump here in las vegas. he had a quick little fundraiser with some big donors and then he had that round table discussion on tax reform that you mentioned and sandwiched in between was that campaign style keynote speech he gave to the republican party in nevada. in nevada, a state that is leading the nation with job creation, trump wanted to highlight the economy. he talked about the 3.4 million
3:07 pm
jobs created since he took office and how good that has been for minorities. >> unemployment claims are at a 44 year low. [ cheering and applause ] >> a unemployment for african americans is the lowest level in history. >> reporter: about 1,000 protesters gathered outside the hotel in las vegas, they were out in 100-degree heat, to mostly hammer trump over immigration and the fallout from separating families at the border. trump did not address that issue specifically. he did throw his support behind dean heller. he'll be in a tough re-election fight in the state that voted for hillary clinton two years ago and is trending more hispanic and more democratic. his opponent is jackie rosen who was elected to congress two years ago. she will have plenty of backing from the democratic party as it tries to pick up a seat in november. but the president may have coined a name for her today.
3:08 pm
whacky jackie. >> remember, a vote for her is a vote for nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. it's very simple. just remember, a vote for her is a vote for taxes going way up. >> reporter: state democrats here in nevada are meeting up in reno and the keynote speaker up there is a major trump critic, senator warren. back to you, eric. >> eric: elizabeth war warren fm massachusetts. >> arthel: president trump throwing a wrench in house republican plans to pass an immigration bill and soon, saying he wants to delay immigration reform until after the midterms. the president tweeting yesterday, quote, republicans should stop wasting their time on immigration until after we elect more senators and congressmen and women in november. dems are playing games, have no intention of doing anything to solve this decades old problem.
3:09 pm
we can pass great legislation after the red wave. allen smith is here. he's a senior political reporter for business insider. so allen, what is the message that the president is sending in that tweet and what now? >> the take-away from that tweet is that the president wants immigration to be a crucial issue all the way through the midterm elections, because if legislation were to pass prior to that, it would take this issue off the table at least a little bit. we've seen with the president having changed this policy that's led to the family separation, he's really wanted this to be in the news. he hasn't done much to get it out of the headlines. this is something he has a lot of power over. this is something he wants to play out through the elections. he thinks this is an issue that will play well for republicans. it's interesting that some of the lawmakers are saying that democrats are obstructing on this. they want this to be an issue through the midterm. the president also wants this to
3:10 pm
be an issue all the way through the midterm. >> arthel: will there be a vote next week? >> there will certainly be a vote. will it pass? it remains to be seen. republicans are working on a compromise bill among themselves. we've seen how this has turned out before. it's heart to unify -- hard to unify the republican party on immigration, let alone have a bill that will pass that you need both parties. >> arthel: in san diego you have protesters out there in front of an i.c.e. facility. i'm asking you, allen, is this current immigration crisis a political game-changer? >> it's going to be something that people are thinking about when they're voting in november and keep in mind that the longer that this goes on, the democratic party is going to be pulled further into sort of a backlash over this. they're going to be candidates coming forth, wanting to take measures against i.c.e., take measures against the border patrol. that's going to be a more
3:11 pm
popular point of view among democratic voters. the longer this remains unresolved and that the president doesn't step in to tamp this down, you'll have both sides going way further into their respective camps. >> arthel: can the democrats stand by and hope that the gop will implode or should they be more proactive on immigration? >> well, the bill that's going could come forth, a compromise between more hard line conservatives and moderate republicans, it's probably going to include some things that democrats have already said they're not going to vote for, particularly as relates to daca. i mean, the fact that this crisis is in existence right now, you're not going to have democratic lawmakers change their position on things they previously voted no for. so it's really hard to see how this will come together. >> arthel: you mentioned the president on one hand you said -- you believe he wants this to be an issue leading up to the
3:12 pm
midterms even though essaying -- he said hold off. regarding the internal fighting, because you said this could work for them as long as the president doesn't get in the way. in other words, impair ray phrasing what you said. if you're looking at the internal fighting inside the gop, does the president's strategy inflame the tension or does he calm the confusion? >> it's hard to see how he doesn't inflame the tension by saying things such as hold off until after november when you have all of the top republican lawmakers trying really hard to come up with some sort of bill that can bring forth next week, pass through the house, so they can say they've done something about this even if it dies in the senate. with the president saying don't do anything until after the midterms, it throws into chaos. >> arthel: the president is saying the dems are playing games, they want open borders. talk to us about how they have reached across the aisle and have they done enough. >> well, it's hard to say that anyone has necessarily done enough in reaching across the
3:13 pm
aisle in 2018. this is a year where going into it republican leaders made it pretty clear this wasn't going to be a year a lot of legislation got didn't it's an election year. it's a year where president trump's policies, some of them are very unpopular among the democratic base. you're not going to see much of a push and pull from both these sides, to reach a compromise. it's interesting that right now what you're seeing is a compromise battle between members of the republican party. so that hasn't even been worked out and that's going to need to be worked out before you can move on to further compromise with the opposition party. >> arthel: we have to leave it there. lots more to come and we'll have you again, mr. allen smith, business insider senior political reporter. thank you. >> eric: this afternoon president trump slammed democrats and the media again as the national immigration debate intensifies. we'll have a report from the white house coming up. and europe is also hit hard with its own migration crisis.
3:14 pm
how french president emmanuel macron is pushing other e.u. nations to join the immigration effort there. ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪ no matter who rides point, ♪ there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. ♪♪ and just like tyrone taylor, they know what it takes to help keep you protected. are you in good hands?
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3:17 pm
a third straight night in pittsburgh following the deadly police shooting of an unarmed
3:18 pm
teenager. police confirmed ther a car droe through the crowd of demonstrators. no one was injured in the incident. hundreds took to the streets to protest the shooting death of antoine rose. he was shot and killed by a police officer on tuesday after fleeing from a traffic stop. the d.a.'s office said rose was not armed at the time but he was carrying an empty gun magazine. the police officer has been placed on leave, pending the investigation. >> arthel: immigration also a major issue in europe. french president emmanuel macron proposing to create joint migrant centers so e.u. officials can quickly decide whether arriving migrants are eligible to apply for asylum. he says he wants to propose financial sanctions on e.u. nations that turn away migrants. >> i'm in favor of having mechanisms that indeed take this
3:19 pm
into account. we can't have countries that heavily benefit from the solidarity of the european union giving more humane material and judicial means, protecting borders and facilitating the return of migrants who are not eligible to the right to asylum is a vital response to the situation we're in. >> arthel: niles gardner is here, the director of the margaret thatcher center for freedom. when you junction take poscan ys between the u.s. and the e.u. in terms of challenges and possible solutions. >> there are a number of similarities. immigration now and the refugee crisis is one of the very top issues in europe. immigration of course is a top issue here in the united states. what you are seeing across europe is a growing backlash against open borders policies, a
3:20 pm
rejection of the idea put forward for example by angela merkel three or four years ago that europe should accept large numbers of refugees. >> arthel: i'm going to get to that you raise an important question. i want you to compare the different scenarios in europe and here and give us your assessment of it. >> i think the situation in europe is that you are facing a huge influx from largely migrants and refugee as well. italy, for example, has taken in over 600,000 migrants who are claiming asylum in italy. a vast majority of them are economic migrants. there's a big backlash in italy against this. also you've seen over 1.5 million refugees who have moved into germany in the last three years. this has raised tremendous implications for national security for germany but also
3:21 pm
for the whole of europe. and you are seeing i think all over europe a rising rejection of the sort of open borders approach and so i think a lot of the issues that europe is dealing with are similar to the issues being dealt with by the united states in terms of mass migration and you have of course large numbers of migrants who are claiming political asylum in europe, even though the main motivation for their moving to europe is really economic. >> arthel: although each country aiming to protect its own border and aims to maintain order in the legal immigration process, is there any need if you would for the u.s. to be privy to or involved in the sort of e.u. collaboration that president macron is talking about? >> i think the united states has a significant interest in what's going on in europe. after all, there are very significant security implications from the large in-flow of refugees and my
3:22 pm
grants. germany for example has seen a wave of terror attacks in the last two years as a direct result of the influx of refugees into the country including a large number of islamic militants. i think a real concern for the united states is if these refugees eventually become european citizens, german citizens, they would have the right to travel to the united states. there are clear security implications here. i think a big issue within europe is the issue of the e.u. dictating the terms and so angela merkel and emmanuel macron have been calling on all european union member states to take a set quota of refugees. this has been firmly rejected and rightly so by countries in eastern and central europe, also by italy which has a new government that is firmly against this sort of mass migration approach. so you're seeing a hardening of attitudes across the e.u. against the idea that europe should accept large numbers of
3:23 pm
migrants. >> arthel: and to your point, if immigration, legal or illegal, is causing political peril or consistenperil forleaders of mus that you mention, might those opting for illegal entry take advantage of this? >> certainly. i think that you do have a lot of advocates in favor of legal immigration in europe. a vast majority of european voters are against illegal immigration and mass migration by illegal migrants. i think europe has seen in addition to those who are claiming asylum, a large in-flow of illegal immigrants coming into europe and a there's a huge backlash and rejection of that. so i think the issues that european countries are facing are in many ways the same that the united states is facing today and it's right that many leaders in europe are now standing up against this big
3:24 pm
in-flow of migrants. it's certainly unacceptable and extremely arrogant i think for, for example, emmanuel macron, the french president to be threatening other e.u. member states unless they take in a set number of migrants. this is unacceptable. national sovereignty, self termination matters. each european country should have the right to decide who it accepts inside its own borders. this was one of many reasons for the brexit vote in the united kingdom so british people could control their own borders. many other countries in europe are looking to have greater control of their own borders, following indeed the british example here. and there is a rejection of the idea that france and germany can dominate europe and call the shots there. >> arthel: we have to leave it there. we thank you for your time. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> eric: president trump accusing democrats of encouraging illegal immigration. >> to me it sounds nicer,
3:25 pm
democratic party. but you know, we're talking about people that want tax increases, they want open borders, they got to have open borders, they want people coming in. >> eric: the immigration battle heats up on capitol hill with the house republican leadership delaying the vote on a compromise immigration bill until next week. we'll that a look. it's been two years since britain shocked the world, voting to separate in the european union. brexit is set to happen next march. people in the u.k. are divided over the issue. we are covering it all, from britain to our border, next. egi, wells fargo has supported community organizations like united way, non-profits like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day.
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3:29 pm
we have the toughest border you can have considering the laws are the worst in the whole country, our immigration laws are a laughing stock all over the world. we're the only people, people walk in, they put a foot in, please, would you like to register?
3:30 pm
other countries they say get out of here. they do that. they have to do that. >> eric: that's president trump defending his tough stance on securing the border from illegal immigration. saying that during his keynote speech at the republican nevada party conference today in las vegas. meanwhile, questions are continuing over the immigrant children who remain separated from their parents and what the government plan could be. allison barber has more on that from washington. >> reporter: president trump says democrats are pushing phony stories of sadness and grief. on friday, he focused on the stories of families who have lost a loved one in crimes committed by undocumented immigrants. the president says these families who he calls angel families do not get enough attention. >> no major networks send cameras to their or display -- to their homes or display the images of their incredible loved ones across the nightly news. they don't talk about the death and destruction caused by people that shouldn't be here.
3:31 pm
people that will continuously get into trouble and do bad things. >> he was 30 years old. i couldn't protect him because an illegal alien from guatemala with two felonies, one deportation, two duis, he was protected, riverside, california, sanctuary. i wear his ashs in a locket. this is how i get to have my son. >> reporter: critics say the president is using a broad bush and unfairly painting undocumented immigrants with violent criminals where the data doesn't seem to support it. protesters greeted administration officials at restaurants this week. kirstjen nielsen was at a mexican restaurant in dc when protesters expressed their disapproval of the immigration policies. protesters showed up at her house as well. sarah sanders said she was asked to leave a restaurant in lexington, virginia friday night because she worked for president
3:32 pm
trump. officials say 2300 children have been separated from their parents at the u.s./mexico border since the administration's zero tolerance policy began in may. a senior administration official tells fox news that 500 children have been reunited with their families after being separated at the southern border. they say those children and their parents were separated for on average three days. no word exactly on when or how the other 1800 will be reunited with their families. the executive order president trump signed on wednesday did not include details about the reunification process. reporting at the white house, i'm allison barber, fox news. >> arthel: thank you. family separations at the border causing outrage across the nation with images surfing online showing crying kids and other children being held in detainee centers. there is controversy surrounding one high profile photo.
3:33 pm
brian yenis joins us now in new york to explain. brian. >> reporter: chances are if you're against president trump and his separation policy, you'd probably think the latest time magazine cover is an encapsulation of a cruel policy. those for the president could see this cover as misleading. here's why. it shows a 2-year-old girl crying as president trump is depicted towering over and looking down at the toddler. the cover reads, welcome to america. the little girl was cropped from a photo which shows the girl crying as her mother is searched by a border patrol agent. time magazine in its article said after the photo was taken the girl was separated from her mother. that is not true. turns out the mother and her daughter were never split up and they were taken together. now, white house press secretary sarah sanders tweeted this. quote, it's shameful that dems and the media exploited this photo of the a little girl to push their agenda.
3:34 pm
she was not separated from her mom. the separation here is from the facts. dems should join potus and fix our broken immigration system. time magazine added a correction to the original story but the publication says it still stands by its cover. they say it captures the truth of the administration's child separation policy and in a statement time said in part, quote, the june 12th photograph of the 2-year-old girl became the most visible symbol of the ongoing immigration debate in america for a reason. our cover and our reporting captured the moment. president trump denounced democrats for telling, quote, phony stories of sadness and grief. arthel. >> arthel: brian, talk to us about comedian seth rogen. why am i confusing the name right now. i know his stuff.
3:35 pm
go ahead. >> reporter: arthel, comedian seth rogen revealed last night on the late show a story about earlier this month where he refused to take a picture with house speaker paul ryan. it happened at a summit in utah hosted by mitt romney where row again spoke and row again says ryan's kids a approached him and said their dad wanted to meet him. roge nsaid he shook his hand. when the speaker asked for a photo, he yelled no way, man, telling paul ryan he hated what he was doing with the country and couldn't wait until he was out of power. that encounter is making its rounds around social media today. >> eric: overseas, it's been two years since britain voted to leave the european union and thousands of brexit opponents are marching in london to demand a final vote in terms of the deal as britain prepares for the official next year. peter logan has more from the
3:36 pm
london bureau. >> reporter: demonstrators took to the streets of london. they want a final vote on the outcome of the brexit deal. they were waving e.u. flags and banners, calling on the government to hold a public vote on the final brexit deal. most say they're not challenges if brexit will happen but how britain leaves the e.u. two years after the vote, those details are still being hammered out. once the deal is done it will be subject to a vote in parliament. some say they fear the country could be worse off if the government comes away with a bad deal and they want to have a say in it. there are others who don't want brexit to happen at all. the issue i is as devisive as it was two years ago. some are critical about the progress of negotiation and they're pressuring the government to take a tougher line. on friday airbus said if britain
3:37 pm
leaves the e.u. with no deal, it may consider relocating elsewhere. that could cost around 40,000 jobs. the original re referendum votes close. many people are opposed to britain leaving the e.u. the main issue is how britain will go about that process. >> arthel: the european union is imposing new tariffs on the u.s. how this will impact american countries and how the white house could respond. plus, the wounded war i don't ws center is helping lift the lives of veterans. how you can help them out. i'm so frustrated. i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. you could start your search at the all-new that might help. show me the carfax. now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search and get free carfax reports
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>> arthel: an effort is underway to complete a state of the art wounded warriors center in california's mountains. the facility will help bring new hope to veterans who put their lives on the line to defend our country. trace gallagher has more. >> reporter: former marine staff
3:42 pm
sergeant ronnie himenez has faced steeper climbs. after being hit by an i.e.d. in calf began stan five years ago, this one is significant because he never thought it would happen. >> you never lose your will to fight. for me, that's the biggest thing. >> reporter: he's after all a marine, always faithful, always inspired. >> just adapt and overcome thing that they tell you in the marine corps, adapt and overcome, you know, and you don't forget those things. >> reporter: he says without the wounded warriors programs, many injured vets would resign themselves to stay inside a dark room, missing the light of day and the lift of their comrades. julia shram is a former army ranger, injured on patrol in el salvador in 2001. he was told he would never walk again and 51 surgeries later here he is, walking and climbing. >> you try a lot harder i think
3:43 pm
than the average person does. >> reporter: he is anything but afternoon, which is evident when you see the high bar he sets for himself and others. >> there's a lot of people in these programs that think they can't and they look at me and they go well, if he can do it, then i can do it. it pushes you. it doesn't let you sit there and feel sorry for yourself. >> reporter: up is the place former marine captain sarah betenkor wanted to be, specifically up flying a helicopter. brain inflammation and paralysis left her grounded, until now. >> the one thing i thought that i could do was rock climbing i lost so much function in my leg. i can't move my leg. i told the program director, i want to try it but it's not going to happen. >> >> reporter: yet her trek to the top was a personal best. roy kratty serves as a reminder
3:44 pm
that warriors have been sacrificing for centuries. his injury came last century, in korea, when he lost his leg to a land mine and now he has 85 years of perspective to pass along. >> my purpose is to come back for the others. i'm not doing it for myself, because if i'm not rehabilitated by now, i never will be. >> you should be proud of yourself. >> reporter: this center is being built with zero federal dollars. it would give our injured veterans recreation, rehabilitation and education all in one spot. they have sacrificed a lot for us, maybe we could sacrifice for them. it is great cause. trace gallagher, fox news. >> eric: they are true heros. now for a different type of story. there's a podcast this week called out of the mouth of a
3:45 pm
boss. i sit down with the 82-year-old former mafia boss from a philadelphia crime family. he reant recounts how the mob ds business, how they make decisions and he lace out the operation -- lays out the operation of a mob hit he admitted to carrying out. we'll hear his detail of a world of the mob, the anatomy of a mob murder with ralph natalli. >> arthel: a tragic end after the search for a missing florida national guardsman. police find his body. we'll tell you about the case. president trump reacting to the escalating trade dispute with some of our ally as many american businesses prepare to be hard-hit with the tariffs in the coming days. >> we're working on canada, we're working on mexico, we're working on the european union, we're working on china and everybody now is coming back.
3:46 pm
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>> arthel: missing army reserve soldier found dead in florida, police say the body of specialist kalen mche'l mcelmors
3:50 pm
found in a wooded area. he was missing since wednesday after taking part in an assignment. the cause of death is under investigation. >> eric: some american businesses are bracing for financial pain as the european union joins other nations in slapping heavy tariffs on u.s. exports worth about $3.4 billion in a tit-for-tat move. a 25% tariff is expected to go into effect on july 1st on among other things distilled spirits, peanuts, cranberries, orange juice and other items. what does that mean for us? we have the director of the senator for chinese strategy, author of the 100 year marathon, china's secret strategy to replace america as the global super power. michael, welcome. before we get to china. jack daniels, jack daniels is getting hit. it's going to be 10% more. that popped out at me.
3:51 pm
you don't even think of this stuff that can be hit. there was a list from the foreign policy magazine which included pizza, toilet paper. it's not just big industrial stuff. how does this affect us? >> well, i think there's two very different kinds of trade strategy going on and both cases president trump wants better jobs, higher paying jobs and not to be ripped off. so his goal is the same. with the e.u., it's an extremely small number, $3.5 billion. you're talking about a u.s. economy of $19 trillion with a "t." european union retaliation was very fast. that was the hot news of the day. but this is obviously anticipated by them and they were ready to go immediately. they obviously are targeting things that are from key states. and it's sort of working in general. seven republican senators, three days ago, pretty much attacked wilbur ross, the secretary of
3:52 pm
commerce on all these tariffs and gave examples of how companies are going to be hard-pressed to plan and get their pricing right. so there's a strange situation, eric, where a lot of the democrats in the senate are for these tariffs, support president trump on higher paying jobs and a lot of the more moderate republicarepublican senators op. it's the reverse of the immigration debate or the tax cut debate. >> eric: how will this play out? clearly it's hit wall street. it may hit wall street again this coming week. does president have a point? he's known for throwing big numbers out and coming out and getting a deal. do you think that's the end goal? >> i do think that's the end goal. i don't think he'll be able to get the european union to cut to zero all tariffs on all products. that was the original goal as you recall back in 1945, to prevent war, we were supposed to have a zero tariff world and
3:53 pm
that's been the rhetorical goal ever since. the tariffs have crept in where president trump points out how can this be, if they have ten times higher tariffs against our cars being sold in europe than we have against bmw and he mercs and audi being sold here. so he can get a compromise. i think it may be split the difference, sometimes that what will happen in secret trade talks. the guy to watch is our ambassador for trade, bob light lighthizer. he did this under president reagan. he got some pretty good deals in those days, for example, with the japanese. the china problem is much bigger. >> eric: $200 billion more is being considered to slap on china. alabama, who knew, alabama and south carolina, they export $2 billion worth of stuff to china. kentucky, $1 billion.
3:54 pm
texas, $8 billion. louisiana, $6.5 billion. who knew that kentucky sent a billion dollars worth of stuff, that's a lot of jack daniels, over to china that they're going to slap a tariff on and prices -- the business will go down and the tags will go up. >> that's right. that's why you heard a lot of the farm state republican senators attacking secretary of commerce ross, chuck grassley, john thene, pat roberts, almost every farm state republican senator is against all this. the other base areas that will be improved will be ohio, indiana, california. trump has a long-term strategy. he's thinking about our own growth rate. we've been kind of anemic between 2% and 3% for the last 30 or 40 years. the chinese grew at 8% to 10%. that's bad in the long term. if you can get the growth rate
3:55 pm
up to 4%, or i hope 5%, through these evidenc effective trade s, it will take a lot of years, the market may go up and down in new york, but in the long run he's talking about a much more prosperous america. that's the goal. >> eric: and finally, 30 seconds left, how do you think this will play out? as you just said, several years or what? >> well, certainly not days. you may have noticed the e.u. tariffs came back within hours. the chinese tariffs also came back the same, day the first tariffs were announced. i think we move into round two, what ambassador ligh lighthizers famous for, getting more resigh pro call advantages for -- reciprocal advantages for us. that may take weeks or months. >> eric: thank you for joining us and for your insight. >> i think it's big news, eric.
3:56 pm
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>> here's a luster not just made-for-tv. these coast doorscostars have t
4:00 pm
knot. the lovers on the show say i do in scotland. congratulations! >> congratulations! >> jon scott, "fox report", next peer. >> protests and rallies across the country as the battle of immigration reaches a boiling point amid growing confusion over the presidents executive order ending family separation at the border. good evening, i am jon scott. this is the "fox report". with house republicans planning to vote on a bill next week at present calling the gop to hold off tackling these issues after the midterms. >> the remarks during the presidents keynote address at the nevada gop convention in las vegas. >> our people are actually doing a very good job. handling a very


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