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tv   Watters World  FOX News  June 23, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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studio audience. i'm greg a belt and i love you,. "watters world" starts right now. [♪] jesse: welcome to "watters world," i'm jesse watters. what happened this week was a refresher for how dishonest the left is and their lap dogs in the media. the obama policy on the border was catch and release. but the illegals skipped the hearings and went unchecked into the country. this policy encouraged illegal immigration. trump was elected to secure the border. that's what the voters wanted. so he enacted a zero tolerance policy at the border.
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if you bring a minor, you are briefly separated for a day or two then reunited then deported. but if you bring a minor and can't prove usual related the feds will separate and investigate if you are a human trafficker or child smuggler. the court says they can't hold the child for more than 20 days and then must send the child to a family member or foster until the claims can be completed. obama did the same thing. trump just did it at a higher rate because all border crossers are being prosecuted. >> so many people in this country where outraged by the cages and the thermal blankets
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and the facilities housing these kids. they were all there under president obama. did you speak up against them then? >> on this issue that we get into a moment where we are making progress, then when it stalls, we turn around. i think we all need to continue to be focused on it and press it through. jesse: what was that senator? was that even english? i have no idea what you just said. for the record the democrats don't want to solve problems. they want to blame problems on trump and do nothing about it. how do i know this? senator cruz released a stand alone bill that would keep children and their parents together and the democrats wouldn't vote on it because they wanted to keep the focus on trump. it makes you wonder if democrats
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care at all about kids. jimmy kimmel led the charge. >> just when you thought we couldn't go any lower as a nation, i am sure you have seen the heartbreaking images of families being literally torn apart thanks to the trump policy. jesse: congress makes immigration law, not the president. the president had to sign an executive order urging federal agents to keep illegal immigrant families together and deport them together. president trump: we'll keep families together but the border will be just as tough as it's been. democrats don't care about the impact on communities, jobs, hospitals. democrats put illegal immigrans before they put american
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citizens. what the hell is going on? jesse: families stay together and we still have a border. everyone is happy, right? wrong. >> families from other countries will be locked up together, hopefully starting with his. jesse: the left is never happy. it is never about policy. it's about political scoring. no matter what trump does, he'll be attacked by the media. remember when he ran for president he promised to bomb the hell out of isis. >> dropping bombs. you have to have targets to drop bombs on. it's an applause line for people who have never been there. jesse: when trump defeated the isis caliphate, instead of reporting on his success, here were the headlines.
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remember when the media went after president trump for not going to port are you key soon enough -- to puerto rico soon enough after the hurricane? >> he should be talking about one thing only. puerto rico, puerto rico, puerto rico. jesse: when he did go, they didn't like how he hand out supplies. >> this was a p.r.17-minute meeting. there was no exchange. this terrible abominable view of him throwing paper towels and provisions at people. it does not embody the spirit of the american nation. jesse: trump was savaged for his strong stance on north korea. >> this commander-in-chief has anger and hostility and bellicose rhetoric and things
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that aren't helpful. when we are dealing with an adversary like north korea. jesse: then when he engaged in the diplomacy the media was pleading for, this was framed as a loss. >> summit is not an accomplishment for this president. it's a major accomplishment for kim jong-un. >> there is nothing unprecedented about trump's first six months in office. economically anyway. jesse: now that the unemployment rate dropped to the lowest it's been in 20 years, we hear this. >> hip hip hooray, employment is down, what does that mean to me in my life. jesse: the media is not covering donald trump fairly. we proved this. joining me now, ed henry is here to break it all down. what do you think of my
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brilliant commentary? ed: in terms of the immigrant story, this was something the president and his administration brought on themselves. they stepped up to show they were being tougher. to be tougher and crack down on illegal immigration. he got elected on that. but when the heat got a little hot, they decided to pull back. jeff sessions said we never intended to separate these families. jeff sessions was at the border announcing the policy. jesse: they did not communicate the policy as effectively as they could have. but you don't let people come across willy-nilly without prosecuting and deporting them back. if they bring a migrant, you have to determine if that child is being trafficked. ed: something hillary clinton
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suggested a few years back. she said you have got to crack down. if you let the kids in it sends a signal they can send more. when the shoe is on the other foot. when you talk about dishonesty. why does "time" magazine where i will agree with you, "time" magazine puts on the cover the crying child with the president standing over here and this kid was never separated from her mom. it's not true. jesse: this 2-year-old child is from central america and this image was used by the media and democrats to show this policy of the president, people were being separated was mean and harsh and cruel. the child never separated from the mother. ed the mother was previously deported. she was not claiming asylum. she was going there for a better opportunity. she took the tiled away from the father and left the other kids
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in central america. ed: if the policy is so bad, why can't the media particular with facts. jesse: they haven't covered the facts. they willfully didn't cover the facts just to make the president look bad. they should have reported the policies in place. they should have reported the obama policies in place, but they didn't. ed: he made the charge the democrats care sometimes more about illegal immigrants -- thn citizens. ask the family of kate steinle. the president is on the right side when he's talking about enforcing laws which is pretty obvious and pretty basic. and cracking down on illegal immigration. when you put the kids in the middle of it it enables democrats and the media to
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exploit the policy. illegal immigration is a strong issue for him. jesse: the democrats think they can run on these child migrants. but i don't think that's going to necessarily move votes. yes, it's sad, it tugs at your heart strings. it's note like gas prices or jobs. it may make you feel bad for the moment. but this isn't an issue especially independent will be voting for. ed: the bigger issue is why leaders in his own party can't deliver on basic immigration reform. jesse: republicans in the house can't get anything out. ed: they are not doing it. jesse: obama had a super majority when he was in office and they didn't do anything on
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education. ed, we are the on ones who can get things done. ed: you are the man. jesse: the president calling out democrats for using immigration to distract from the corruption revealed at the department of justice and fbi. listen to this. president trump: you look at the corruption. that's why they are building up immigration so you can't see what's going on in congress. they want to stay on immigration where obama has bigger problems than anybody. they want to stay on immigration because they don't want to go into the halls of congress which has totally revealed the russian scam that's going on. jesse: the president pointing specifically to the lead agents in the russia and clinton probes. peter strzok was mentioned 600 times in the i.g. report. he was escorted from fbi
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headquarters and stripped much his clearance. what does that mean for the clinton investigation? tray gaudy is tearing into these people. listen to what he had to say. >> there were fbi agents and attorneys who decided to prejudge the outcome of the hillary clinton case before the investigation ended. and these exact same fbi agents and attorneys prejudged the outcome of the russia investigation before it even began. that is textbook bias. jesse: you have biased investigators running wild. now you are caught up in the middle of all this stuff, are you nervous? >> not really. i hope the house intelligence committee can get to the bottom of why comey ran a paid informant in on me in may of
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2016 to entrap me and compromise donald trump. i rejected the offer. jesse: what was the offer? >> >> i associate said a man named henry greenberg has information to be valuable to the trump campaign. i agreed to meet with him. when i met with hem for 20 minutes in south florida. he said i want to sell you information on hillary clinton and it will cost you $2 million. >> a, i don't have $2 million. b, if i did i wouldn't pay for information. he laughed and said it's not your money i want, it's donald trump's money. the meeting is inconsequence with combination. nothing improper or illegal happened. jesse: you have a russian national former fbi informant. >> probably current.
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>> coming at you in 2016 offering paid dirt on hillary clinton. >> right. he's a convicted violent felon, spent five years in jail in russia. technically shouldn't be able to get in the country. the fbi bureau in mic sponsored him. his is about the same time the australian am bass doirs not bumping into but meeting with george papadopoulos. jesse: this is also around the same time where will rsh, the obama a.g., allowed the russian laura special visa grant to come into this country and meet the trumps at trump tower. remember she met with the fusion
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gps lawyer before and after that meeting. it amounts to obama' and the fbi throwing people at the trump campaign fishing. and they are still turning the screws a year and a half afterwards. >> they like to talk about the fact that i didn't remember this. nothing of consequence happened at the meeting. along with halper and the papadopoulos situation, i think it was a sting. jesse: at the same time we have susan rice's cyber chief, and he testifies that susan rice, obama national security advisor told him to stand down in 2016 on russia interference in our election. listen to this. >> but as far as your cyber response, you were told to stand
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down, is that correct? >> those actions were put on the back burner, yes. jesse: that is huge news and the media did not report that. all they wanted to talk about was melania's jacket. >> there is russian collusion in the 2016 election. the $145 million russia pays to the clinton foundation. john and tony podesta are making millions from the oligarchs in russia in banking and gas. there is your collusion. instead we are running fbi stings on trump operatives. jesse: donald trump never took half a million to speak in russia, and his foundation did not take half a million in russia-connected money. there is a complete double standard how the media treats
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this president and i don't think that's ever going to change. i think they are so invested in his defeat, they will not allow any good news to the american people because they are afraid of him getting re-elected. >> we call it the russian collusion delusion. jesse: "watters world" hits the streets. what does congress do? sleep disturbances keep 1 in 3 adults up at night.
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jesse: the left has become completely unhinged this week on immigration law that separates families at the border. >> i am going have to hand this off. sorry. >> donald trump increasingly looks like hitler and nazi germany. >> who in america could do this. >> this is ugly, it's a human rights abuse. he should be ashamed much himself. jesse: joining me with reaction,
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brit mchenry. the founding publisher of katlina magazine and cathy areu. this was a -- disgusting display. the media compared people to hitler. >> secure borders save lives all the way around. too compare what's going on at the border without the facts and making demonizing statements is damaging to the united states as a whole, and damaging too people who have gone through the atrocities of what happened in world war ii. jesse: it lessens the tragedy in germany in the 30s and 40s. the border patrol spokesman
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disgusted with being compared to a storm trooper. listen to what he has to say. >> it's sickening certain members of the media have chosen to attack our president it's sickening members of the media have chosen to attack border patrol agents and describe us as nazis. agents that i know go out there with our own food that we buy, toys, clothes, and everything else so we can assist some of these people we arrest on the border. to compare to us nazis is a whole new low. jesse: half of our border patrol agents are hispanic. >> i want to know where are the tears in april 2016 under the obama administration when immigrant children as young as 14 had bags over their heads and were chained up. for these border patrol agents,
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they have to deal with that as homeland security pointed out, a 300 percent increase in adults not related to the children. jesse: they are trying to take advantage of the catch and release some of the border policy. don't you think the policy on the border is pro cartel? they are the ones making money off the kayio tees. they are the on ones benefiting. >> the democrats with benefiting? jesse: no, i'm saying the cartels are. >> we are talking about the southern border. nothing about the northern border. jesse: are you worried about the canadians coming across? >> i'm worried about the terrorists coming through the northern border. all our borders should be secure. jesse: i agree, but the last type i checked, there are
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massive up checked hordes of illegal immigrants coming across. >> my husband fought five combat tours overseas and you are going to school us on what it's like to deal with terrorist organizations? the threat of immigration and what's happening in the united states is being blown out of proportion. if you want to talk about statistics. the dea is reporting in arizona alone, there is over 100 million drug organization coming in illegally into this country. drugs, cartel, i saw your article you did on ms-13 just being a gang. they are sending coyotes and they are work for the sinaloa cartel. they are damaging women and children.
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and to say you are a feminist is terrible. jesse: people who bring children across the border. i know at times they are trying to do what's best for their family. but that's a dangerous trek. and they are putting their child in jeopardy. to come across that valley and put a $5,000 price tag on their head from a smuggler, and half the type they have to work that debt off. once the child reaches a sponsor family, it's human trafficking. >> it's at an all time low. >>it is not an all-time low. >> the economy in mexico is better than ever. >> the state department is reporting 8,000 women are being brought into this country. modern day slavery. jesse: i consider this kind of like an airport. if you have an airport, you come in, you show your i.d., they
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check you out, say where are you from, that's how it should be at the southern border. instead you just come across, no one asks for your i.d. there is no barrier. don't you think the rest of the country should be as secure as our airports? >> children should, their families. democrats have all these feeling but have no solutions. the president signed the executive order. now the media says let everybody in. it's a privilege to be an american and live in this country. this has become if you look at times * magazine with the photo shopped photo of the little girl and president trump and the father of that girl saying she wasn't separated from her mother. >> she was sad. existed, she was sad. >> her mother was trying to find
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work. jesse: i don't think we'll ever solve the crisis if the democrats don't agree we have borders in this country. if you don't enforce the borders, you don't have a country. watch out for those canadians. here they come. thank you guys very much. up next, president trump creating a space force. but a space pacifist is here to debate me in a world the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. and it's time to get outside. pack in even more adventure with audible. with the largest selection of audiobooks.
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now back to "watters world." >> prepare to attack on the counts of three. bun, two, three. >> where are they? >> i don't know, sir. what do we have on this thing? jesse: that was the scene from space balls. president trump has ordered the d.o.d. to boldly go where no man has gone before, ordering the creation of a space force. president trump: my new national strategy for space recognizes space is a war-fighting domain
11:34 pm
just like the land, air, and sea. when it comes to defending america, it is not enough top merely have an american presence in space, we must will american dominance in space. jesse: but not everybody is thrilled about the militarization of space. so far those opposed include the self-titled first space nation right here on earth. the deputy head of administration of asguard yeah. you are a member of asguardia which is a space nation, yet you live here on earth. >> the first in human history space nation. jesse: the members of your
11:35 pm
nation live on earth. >> so far. jesse: you plan on later going into space and living. >> we'll be moving to the other planets. it's been discussed from great philosophers from the 19th and 20th century. jesse: your plan is to lead your people into space. you are living in space, do you think you might need protection? >> of course, protection is needed everywhere. jesse: the space force donald trump is launching would provide that protection. >> donald trump is the president of the united states of america. we at asgardia are for the
11:36 pm
quality for all people living anywhere in the world. so i have no problem with protection. everybody needs protection. but we need equal protection to every citizen. jesse: the way it works on earth, the united states, usually, controls the seas, controls the air, and allows for the peaceful interaction of citizens in their own countries. where the problems arise is when the use the does not take a direct role and protect people. wouldn't you like america of all the countries in the world to provide that type of protection in space not only from people fighting in space. but maybe from aliens? >> let me put this in some different perspective.
11:37 pm
i'm not sure how serious you are when you are saying only america provides people peace on earth. jesse: who else provides for peace on earth? >> a variety of countries. jesse: does saudi arabia protect everybody in the middle east or does america. >> i'm not an expert on the middle east. but i'm an expert on outer space. in the late 60s it was initiated and america was one of the founding initiators and the space treaty was done for a reason. humankind wages war. from the out per space treat why it's a resource that belongs in the entire humankind.
11:38 pm
space nation. jesse: what are you going to do when you get into space? >> we'll have a platform to visit the current vision. jesse: you guys are going to settle and pro create and live on the moon. and you don't want america to protect you're security. i just feel it's a little risky. the russians might start shooting lasers and the aliens might try to take over. you might need the space force to watch your back. >> i think you are playing with semantics. we are not debating the need of being safe and protected and secure. what you are trying to do today, the need to draw the weapons into space.
11:39 pm
when you are building a car which is safe for driving you are not building a car which shoots people. you are building in safety features. jesse: there is a difference between a car and a tank. in war i would rather have a tank than a corvette. lena, thank you very much. good luck out there. watters quiz is back.
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jesse: members of the left crossing a line this week harassing department of holdland secretary kirstjen nielsen while she was dining at a mexican restaurants tuesday. now comes words one of the activists is an employee for the department of justice.
11:44 pm
expwhrieng now, diamond and silk. i think kirsten is doing the right thing in the midst much this border situation by dining at a mexican restaurants. >> yes, she is, and she also explained the process people should go by. but what i find appalling is hecklers disturbing her when she eats. where is the women's rights movement to protect her. she has a right to eat without anyone disturbing her. somebody should be sued for this. if these hecklers want to heckle somebody, how about heckling the democrats who won't come to the table to solve this problem. jesse: i think kirsten should have taken her margarita and tossed it in the face much that justice department employee.
11:45 pm
i can't believe she still has a job as of today. these people are allowed to run wild. >> they better be glad it wasn't diamond and silk. jesse: there would have been tacos flying all over the place. there was a protest at a trump rally when a man got a little rowdy. and here is what the president had to say. president trump: we have a single protester. googood-bye, darling. he's going home to his mom. say hello to mommy. and tomorrow the fake news will say tomorrow massive protests at the trump rally. one person. massive protests. was that a man or woman? because he needs a haircut more than i do. jesse: it's classic.
11:46 pm
>> first of all, when you come as the lone wolf trying to protest in front of all those thousands upon thousands of people, please make sure we can identify you. we didn't know whether that was a man, a woman or wolf. we didn't know. stop trying to protest. maybe if you are handing there, open up -- standing there, open up your ears and you can learn something from this president. jesse: not a good disguise going into a trump rally with a man bun. you heard the last segment with the space force protester. i think she doesn't understand the gravity of the situation. >> i don't think she understands the gravity of the situation and she don't understand people can think she is coocoo for cocoa puffs. i don't get what she is trying
11:47 pm
to do here. i think she has leaned so far to the left she has fallen off a cliff. i think she should think things through before she starts talking about stuff. jesse: lastly, i hear you have a movie coming out. am i invited to the premiere? >> absolutely. everything will be released this fall, and it's called dummycrats. the president is doing a great job draining the swamp, and we want to expose the swamp. those always arguing and bickering about nothing, then they get mad at a sitting president for following the same law a previous president followed. >> go to
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jesse: next, "watters world" hits the streets for a
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jesse: i used to do a lot of
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weather * quizzes. i stopped doing it for a while baits was cold. i'm spoiled now. so i went back to union square in new york city, you know the drill. jesse: who is the vice president? >> i don't know and i really don't care. >> oh, my god. oh, man. jesse: can i give you a hint? mike? >> bloomberg? >> mr. pence? jesse: who is the leader of north korea. >> what is that guy's name? jesse: kim jong?
11:53 pm
>> kim jong-un. jesse: president trump just met kim jong-un at a summit. where was that. >> japan? >> korea? >> he went overseas. i'm not exactly sure where. jesse: name one state that borders canada. >> ohio? new york city, massachusetts, north carolina. not california. delaware. michigan. jesse: excellent. jesse: what does congress do? >> i don't know, they try to pass bills that the president wants. jesse: i'm going to give that one to you. what does the cia stand for? >> i do not know. >> the constitution, but i'm going to guess that's wrong jess
11:54 pm
that's wrong. >> something agency. i don't know. >> central intelligence agency. i love those guys. they have serious skills, man. jesse: who was the first person to set foot on the moon. >> there is not a wall there, who cares. >> that could be a conspiracy theory, i don't know if anyone stepped on the moon. >> there was video of the moon. >> one small step for man, june giant leap for mankind. jesse: do you know who i am? >> nope. jesse: i'm watters and this is hide world. >> that's a lot to deal with. jesse: i'll be back out there a little bit more this summer
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asking ridiculous questions. another thing to look forward to, "last call." [♪]
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jesse: normally people hit the gym to work out. but a michigan woman hit planet fitness and got worked up over tootsie rolls. [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] wow, she really wanted those tootsie rolls. be sure to follow me on
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facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice" is next and remember i'm watters and this is my world. president trump: their issue is open borders, let ms-13 run all over us. that's what will happen if you listen to them. judge jeanine: president trump rallying republicans in nevada. i'm jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us. more from president trump ahead. in an outrageous move, white house press secretary sarah sanders is told to leave a virginia restaurant. has the left lost its collective mind?


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