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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 24, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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here next week. ♪ >> we start with a fox news alert. president trump repeating his call for strict enforcement of u.s. immigration policy. this as protests erupt on the border with mexico. as the ministry sure to keep some illegal immigrant parents and children together while also moving to reunite those still apart. hello everyone and welcome to "americas news headquarters", i am eric shawn. >> i'm arthel neville. new bipartisan calls from members of congress for legislation to immediately address the controversial separation of illegal immigrant parents from their children happening at the southern border. this after the president signed an executive order wednesday to allow the families to stay together due to his
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zero-tolerance policy which they are separated from and mr. trump not backing away from the immigration policy tweeting today quote - we cannot allow all of these people to invade our country when someone comes in, we must immediately with no judges or court cases, bring them back from where they came. our system is a mockery to get immigration policy and law and order. most children come without parents. quickly of team fox news coverage on this, ellison barber live at the white house. first lester with jeff live in texas.where some protests were ongoing today. new questions about how the children will eventually be reunited with families. what's going on? >> we are a couple hundred yards away from the so-called tent city in the distance. housing a few hundred immigrants and now girls ages 12 to 17.a little while ago, there were several hundred protesters that showed up just across the road from the
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housing center. they tried to bring attention to lawmakers removing 2000 young immigrants separated from their parents due to policy change by the trump administration. former san antonio mayor castro spoke expressing his concern that the kids separated might have trouble reuniting with parents. many folks who showed up to the demonstration share the worry. take a listen. >> heartbreaking. heartbreaking and it is a shame on our country. it is a shame on our community and i think there are a lot of families out there who can resonate with what it feels like to have your baby taken away from you. >> rob reiner also spoke saying he hopes people can take the energy from someone the immigration rows and transfer that into vote come november. you should also mention that tomorrow for the first time will get a chance to go inside the tent city and see with our own eyes what life is like for
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those immigrant kids. cut no cameras but we should get a better idea of how they are living in there. >> thank you. >> the latest from the white house. what to expect from congress in this week's immigration vote. ellison barber is live at the white house. does the administration have a concrete plan to reunify separated families? we will start there. >> yes, the president signed the executive order this past week and it had a fair amount of some specifics but not a lot of specifics but jeff sessions filed a request to try and modify the settlement but it did not lay out any specifics for re-unifying family separate at the board up you have a plan coming from homeland security and health and human services. they released a fact sheet last night outlining a reunification process for the 2053 separated minors as of june 20. those are the numbers.
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they say the reunification process is a well coordinated effort between customs and border patrol, i.c.e. and hhs for they do not say how long it will take to reunify all of the families. they say because border patrol has reunited some migrant children that were separated from adults as part of the zero-tolerance initiative and more reading and so set to take place by the end of the day. he says i.c.e. implemented an identification like a method. and that they quote - coordinated with hhs for the reuniting of the child prior to the parents departure from the united states. here is the thing on that point. they have already been reports that some of the parents of these children currently separated have already been deported and are no longer in
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the us. there are a lot of questions about exactly how many might have happened to. i have asked for more information, specific numbers on that. so far i have not heard back. >> meanwhile, what can we expect this week? >> this past week congress voted down hard right to some people, conservative with the bill and they delayed vote twice on a compromise bill. they are supposed to vote on the compromise bill. this week. >> i would urge the president to continue to support the four pillars, that is my border security bill. going to a merit-based system and providing for rational daca fix. i think it minimum we have to deal with family separation. i'm a father of five. i think this is inhumane. >> is not a compromise. they did commerce with the devil but not a compromise with democrats. in terms of what they have in the bill. >> is one of the president tweeted at democrats to fix the laws. two days ago he tweeted republicans should not waste their time on immigration so after the midterm elections, in
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his view democrats don't actually want to get anything done. the republican congressman you just heard from there, republican congressman mike mccall says he spoke to the white house yesterday about this compromise bill and says they are behind republicans when it comes to the legislation. >> ellison barber, thank you. >> for more on what to expect from congress this week we have a representative joining us from nebraska. serve it on that house homeland security committee. hello to you. you are a military man. >> yes, sir. good to be with you. >> you know logistics, bureaucracy and how to get things done. when you think the remaining 2053 separated children could be reunited with parents and how would you like to see the process play out? >> i have told 1/5 of the kids
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have already been returned. that is good.they do that within a week. i would expect that pace to pick up that they have the pipeline going. i think is very important to keep the nuclear family together, however, we also have to respect the rule of law and borders. i think it would be a mistake to release these families into our country where many of them disappear it would mean we do not have a border, we do not have rule of law, it's important that we do both, all three peer protect the family, protect our borders and the rule of law. i think that's where were going. >> would like to see change? with the obama demonstration there was the so-called catch and release. and now with the floras decision that will only help children with a 20 day limit. do you think the ministration and congress is moving toward reuniting families by keeping them detained until they have this? >> i think this the right answer. we have to hold families, get the adjudication process with
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immigration judges in place. we need to keep the families intact. it is the right thing to do. we just can't release these families and so many don't come back and they just disappear. that is a recipe for a broken border. we don't want that. we have to remember on the house side and republican side, we offered what i think is a very good compromise. we will offer a pathway for full time residents or legal residents for daca. more than that, it will come with border security, merit-based immigration system. also provide shelters and places we can hold these families together. i think it's a very good compromise but we have zero interest in nancy pelosi and chuck schumer to want to reach a couple mice. they want this as an issue next november. we have to remember the president offered 6 million daca and daca related youth a pathway to citizenship and chuck schumer and nancy pelosi said no. i thought it was disgraceful. >> democrats, they say is not good enough anymore -- what do you say to them? and what will happen this week? you're the compromise bill, maybe it could be -- the
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president saying to republicans, forget about it. weight wait until the midterms. >> the senate, democrat side there is no interest in compromise. it will be hard to get the votes. i think we have to do the right thing in the house. we need to show we can take action. and when i hear from our district and from the country frankly is that we want a secure border, a merit-based immigration system, no more catch and release. we also do not want to deport daca.we want a permanent solution that allows for them to stay here with no more threat of deporting. we want to do all of that. we want to fix the problem that god is here in the first place. 81 percent of my district wants that. but again, the president offered 1.6 million a pathway to citizenship. and democrats, nancy pelosi and
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chuck schumer said no. in fact chuck schumer said we shouldn't arrest any illegal immigrants within 100 miles of the border. that is the definition of a broken border. we cannot have that. >> do think that this will be passed this week? to finally try to get something? >> i think it's going to be very close vote. i think the democrats what i'm hearing nancy pelosi does not want to compromise. she will encourage all of them to vote no. this is a way that we can give a permanent legal status with a pathway to citizenship for daca. but also give us border security, a more merit-based system. i think it's a very good compromise. it will be hard to get this to do that but they should. all septic convinced conservative frenzies is the right thing to do. it is very important. >> had you do that? that is just the point. as he said, some are not for
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this legislation. finally, how do you do that so the american people can see that there is legislation in some of the issues you brought up? >> the present has made very clear he's behind the bill. most republicans like it because it's a compromise. it deals with security and daca. to get the 30 votes in the freedom caucus it will have to be very unambiguous behind the bill. i think we also have to reach out to the democrats and show them that is important to have a permanent solution for daca. to give them full time residents. and i think this is the perfect issue to seek compromise. security and compassion and protect families. i think this is a very worthy cause to get behind. but unfortunately, compromise is hard to do right now. for the november elections. >> finally, your message to the
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president is not, don't have congress do nothing. it is actually, get something done and get behind the bill. >> my recommendation is, we need to push this forward. show where we stand and get this out of the house. we need to make the senate, particularly democrats, come forward. the country wants us to take action on this. not wait until november. i am all in. we need to fix this. security, fix the immigration system and do something for the daca youth. >> representative, thank you. for your insight and we will see you. possibly people of will take your advice later on in the week. >> thank you.north korea, sent to denuclearize. but after the historic summit between the president and kim jong-un, still no concrete timetable has emerged to dismantle the nuclear program. we will discuss that with international security expert jim wallace.
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because the democrats are obstructionists. they won't vote. their total obstructionists. they don't want to vote. nancy pelosi, chuck schumer. they just want -- they want to use the issue. and i like the issue for election two. ours is strong borders, no crime. there issue is open borders, let ms-13 all over our country. >> that was president trump for dean heller running for reelection in nevada. the immigration issue warming large as the president sets out across the country campaigning for republicans. and the fight over who to blame for allegedly broken immigration policy playing out between members of congress on the sunday shows today. >> the fact is every democrat voted against a very i think, rational daca fix. they been talking about daca for one year now and we had a bill on the floor that would
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resolve this issue. legalize daca and yet, every one of them voted against it. i don't think it is operating in good faith. >> you want to make sure these families are reunited after the president created this false crisis. want to get his family back together again. we want to get rid of this zero-tolerance policy that has been announced by the president. >> training we have the politics reported for business insider. joe, thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me on. >> the president is tweeting to his party. don't bother voting next week. let immigration, let the issue ride into the midterm. is it a winning strategy? especially given the 2053 children in custody at the border separated from their parents. >> it is not that good of a winning strategy.
1:19 pm
it depends on the area. look at places like california where republicans are defending very vulnerable -- inland california areas is maybe not the best place for them to have immigration looming over. separations of families polls very badly. a lot of moderate republicans that want to solve the issue and a number of issues were hardened by the presencepreside tweet. >> the president said during his rally, they want to pin it on democrats saying they are for open borders. it's a really bad thing they want to go by. democrats do not want to campaign on immigration author must democrats i talked to on the campaign side of things want to talk about healthcare and the economy. on the same side the republicans want to talk about the strength of the economy. on the republican side that they would love to focus on that and this polarizing difficult issue is really hard for republicans to stay on
1:20 pm
their economic message in the middle of all that. >> i want to pull up a real clear politics pull on the presidents job approval average over the past two weeks. look at this now. 43.7 percent approve and 51 percent disapprove of the job the president is doing. this by the way happens to be the lowest disapproval rating he has received in a real clear politics average since april 2017. joe, is this decline likely to continue? or will the president drop approval rating rebound and what is the trend? >> i think only time will tell. we'll see how the immigration issue plays out. they have another vote coming up this week that doesn't look very good in terms of passage. we've seen before that when republicans cannot govern it is very badly for them in the polls. and there's a lot of economic issues coming up, tariffs, the
1:21 pm
host economy, it hurts economic gains they have made. you can see that but only time will tell. >> meanwhile, senator dean heller of nevada, the most vulnerable senate facing reelection is betting on the president campaigning to get him reelected in november. is this a good bet for heller? >> it depends on the demographics of nevada. i think there's a big trump factor in nevada. it doesn't really play in swing states the summer like that where there's a lot of big business ties, las vegas, and a lot of industry as well. and of course, he thinks it is a winning strategy. >> speaking which the president is predicting a red wave in november. so let's talk again about which accomplishments the president can tell to fuel that red wave and should the democrats be worried about getting washed out by a red wave? >> i think is pretty safe to say democrats should not worry
1:22 pm
about a red way. the whole blue wave ideas kind of it ebbs and flows. we are not sure if there will be a blue way. in terms of right now, it is a mix. you will see droplets in different areas. i think california and republicans are vulnerable are poised to do really well because they have the gas tax repeal on the ballot. you look at somewhere like florida, rick scott is pulling way ahead of bill nelson. that is positive for him. but it really depends. a red wave probably just the president tries to talk up his own party. and their accomplishments. but you know, we will see. >> joe, after leave it there. thank you. >> thanks. >> the department of justice handing over some documents to house republicans on their investigations. but the chairman of the house judiciary committee says they have not forked up nearly enough. coming up, the next push for more information. that is ahead.
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>> they still have a way to go. as the investigation proceeds, there will be more things we identify that we want and they need to keep it up and need to keep supplying the information.
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republicans still not satisfied with the department of justice hands over some of the documents from their investigation into the laura ingle trump campaign. gop lawmakers say they have only got a fraction of the records they demand to see house judiciary committee chair today laying there is resistance to full transparency. >> obviously, there is a lot of question about the corporation of the fbi and the department of justice because of the concern there are people still there that who do not want the information we need to be provided. >> garrett tenney is live in washington with more.
1:28 pm
>> hi arthel. congressional vest gives him and try to get this information from the justice department and fbi for more than a year now. this growing frustration over the lack of answers that they are getting. the house judiciary intelligence committee had requested more than a million documents related to the clinton email investigation and surveillance of members of the trump campaign. one of the big questions lawmakers are looking into is whether the fbi use informants to contact members of the trump campaign prior to july 31, 2016. which is when the bureau opened the russia investigation. on friday the fbi sent a confidential letter to house gop officials that was supposed to address the issue. but lawmakers say it wasn't enough. >> first of all, the fbi department of justice, this is delayed anddelayed peer . they do not answer whether the informants used sources they implied they were but they referred that to the director
1:29 pm
of national intelligence. -- >> they're worried about the role personal politics may have affected this. and launching the russia investigation particularly given the antitrust bias expressed by top officials. >> this is very disturbing, by the connection between these two investigations. the same characters being involved. the different way the very special treatment was given to hillary clinton. as you say, the questions have arisen about how they have looked into the trump campaign including possibly using informants. >> devin nunes responded to the deer dilemma today and give them a deadline of tomorrow by 5 pm to directly answer whether confidential sources were used and if so, how many were
1:30 pm
deployed against the trump campaign prior to the bureau officially opening the investigation? >> garrett tenney, thank you. >> moniz, we have a former federal prosecutor and university of memphis law professor. >> thank you. >> do you think that they developed information before the endinvestigation started? >> i think they'll get some answer because the way these usually work is some compromise is usually worked out. it may take a while but congress does have the power of subpoena here. if it is relevant. to an investigation within their purview which this appears to be. if the issue a subpoena than they would have to be complied with or at least some sort of compromise needed to be worked out between the executive branch and the legislative branch. >> bar with the doj and fbi
1:31 pm
stonewall? >> well, i don't know whether they are stonewalling or they may have reasons for caution. from their view, the first may be concerned about revealing sources and this is a common thing when they do investigations. they may also be worried about compromising an ongoing investigation as they know the after all, many of their republicans in congress are actively hostile to the mueller investigation. maybe they are concerned about leaks which might undermine the investigation. or there may be other matters like internal deliberations privilege that they may claim. ultimately, if congress persists and the issue a subpoena and the threat and contempt of congress, i think the department of justice will have no choice but to provide if not every scrap of information then at least more information than they are provided so far. >> and goodlatte said apparently they have an office, the committee has an office over at doj.
1:32 pm
and they will go to this material are redacted. can you explain the process? what does it mean and what do they look at? apparently 65,000 top-secret emails i have to go through. a million documents. if they see something that is not redacted you have to get permission to get it and release it? can they make it public? what happens? >> certainly in terms of internal distribution to other members of the committee, if they have access to that information. i don't think there will be any practical vehicle that would prevent them from sharing it to other members of the committee. i think the understanding would be that they would not share it with the public or they are not supposed to in any event but as a practical matter, you know who can stop a leak from occurring? who can trace a leak once it occurs? >> one of the troubling questions about this is how the whole thing started. the russia probe starting july 31.
1:33 pm
and then a crossfire hurricane, they dispatched to agents on august 2. presumably to look at christopher steele and start investigating the dossier. yet, we have information that the reported fbi informant was reaching out to quarter page and others as early as july. how does investigators find out exactly if the informant was sent to go after the trump campaign or if the informant was operating on his own? is there a shadowy background so this does not yet been made public? >> a couple of things. even if it were true there might be explanation for, short of dark antitrust conspiracy. it could be that they received information about possible russian interference in the election or contacts between russia and the trump campaign officials prior to the official opening of crossfire hurricane. they might have been using their contacts to look into that before the official
1:34 pm
opening of the investigation peer to your question about how does congress find that out? i think it's if it important to find out then issue a subpoena. and they threatened that if the subpoena is not fully complied with within a reasonable period of time that they proceed to contempt congress. hopefully before an actual contempt of congress proceeding either civil or criminal gets very far down the road, some sort of compromise would be worked out between the executive and congress. which is usually how these things ultimately get -- >> quickly, you believe that is how this will eventually be? >> i think so. i think they will get more than they have now but probably not every scrap that they see. it seems to be that is what we will see happen. >> will probably find out about it sometime. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> of course. >> one of the most influential conservative voices in
1:35 pm
washington and a beloved member of the fox family, charles krauthammer was lay to rest today. three days after he lost his battle with cancer. many prominent names attend the funeral. also our own senior political analyst, was there. tonight you can catch our tribute to the remarkable life and legacy of charles krauthammer in his own words. >> i see it like as if it happened in a film. it was the end of my first year medical school. we're doing neurology. we are studying. the spinal cord of all things. my classmate and i decide to skip the morning session. beautiful july day. we played tennis instead. and we are now heading over to class for the second. we are very sweaty and it's very hot and a beautiful day. drop in next door to the medical school. to the children's and, that is the hotel nearby for the
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come hok., babe. nasty nighttime heartburn? try new alka-seltzer pm gummies. the only fast, powerful heartburn relief plus melatonin so you can fall asleep quickly. ♪ oh, what a relief it is! >> we have a good chemistry together. kim jong own, have a great
1:41 pm
chairman can we have a great chemistry. and we are well on our way. we signed an agreement. and said we will begin the immediate denuclearization. [cheers and applause] it says we already got back the hostages and i saw obama got hostages but he paid to get them back. >> and that was a campaign style rally in las vegas. this as some analysts are raising concerns that 12 days after the historic sitdown, there is still no clear timetable for north korea to begin denuclearization. meanwhile, in a sign of relations the u.s. military says it has moved 100 wooden coffins to the korean border to prepare for the return of remains of american soldiers who have been missing since the 1953 korean war. jim washes here, international security expert and research
1:42 pm
associate mit security studies program. first of all, most importantly, will we get the remains back? >> you know, i would expect we will. there's got to be a little caution here. there is experience in years gone by. north koreans had returned remains to other countries. then when dna tests were performed it turned out they were not the people that were expected. and so, it will be important that north koreans get this right. i don't think they would do that by design. they might but they would certainly be foolish if they did. but yes i think we will get remains returned. so far as people can find them i think we have family reunions. i think it is all to the good. i think the nuclear piece will take longer. everyone needs to dial back their expectations here. i think the president should probably dial back his rhetoric -- >> part of me. let me set the stage. talk about the president and his word spirit after the summit, first of all that is
1:43 pm
good news, your reaction to things that we will be confident we will get the remains back. right after the summit present treated úthere is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. meanwhile, friday, two days ago the president said in the quote - unusual and extra ordinary threat for north korea nuclear arsenal and extended a decade old sanctions against the regime and there is still no clear timetable in terms of denuclearization. what are we to make of this? >> you're absolutely right about all of that. so what are we to make? lester in the middle. when he certified recently that that there is a threat to the u.s. he had to endorse the language. in order to reduce taxes. as part of the legislative or legal process if you were going to renew think is your to certify the country are sanctioning is in fact a threat. that sort of in the weeds
1:44 pm
legalism now, moving up, his earlier comments that the threat is gone, the president is prone towards exaggeration, they are fantastic and beautiful or awful and a disaster. that fits a situation right now. i think some good things are happening but it will take time. i think the real test will be at what point do inspectors begin to get on the ground, in north korea to be able to establish the baseline? what do they have? where is it? how much they have? they'll be the first and were the most important steps as we go through this process. but after 12 days i do not expect that. but everyone needs to tone down the rhetoric on all sides if you ask me. >> continuing on that, for a moment on the day of the summit, june 12, the president is the process of denuclearization will start
1:45 pm
quickly and then on june 21, the president is saying that it will be a total denuclearization which is already taking place. then somewhere in between the secretary of state mike pompeo singh on june 13, we believe that kim jong-un understands the urgency and that we must do this quickly adding that he hopes for major disarmament, within 2 and a half years. it is the trump administration still in a position of power and persuasion?>> i think both sides want this to happen. i think i mean the meeting was on and dinner was canceled but when it was canceled and restarted, that's what some of the both sides want this to go for. north koreans took a lot of steps up front.they released detainees, the shutdown a tunnel, this and that. he seems to be evidence they
1:46 pm
wanted the meeting pursuant to the present one of the meeting. i don't think the north koreans right now want to return to the situation where there is open hostility and testing and threats of war. i think both sides like the situation and my own guess, is talking to south korean officials this week. my own guess is that north koreans will take some kind of high profile, reversible, unilateral actions to add to this. >> what do you mean? >> for example, something that lends itself to television pictures. like the blowing up of an engine test facility. like the blowing up of that, the tunnels near the two nuclear sites. in other words, actions that are symbolic because they can be reversed but he still welcome them. they are still good to have. even if they don't get you all the way where you want to be and it's about the political momentum, keeping it moving. i think they will do some things but the hard part will be when we actually negotiate getting people on the ground. not television cameras, actual
1:47 pm
inspectors. >> thomas, we have to leave it there. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> the present will be hosting -- at the white house to market this concept of the son-in-law jared kushner returned from a trip to the middle east trying to lay the groundwork for israeli and palestinian peace doctor conor powell is live in the jerusalem bureau with the very latest on his efforts. >> president trump of course remarked that there is an agreement between israeli and palestinians would be the ultimate deal and we are waiting and watching everyone in the region to see what this proposed trump peace plan looks like. going to washington to discuss this plan, the project of the president in the next couple of weeks. the main topic right now that the king is trying to get is to find out what this agreement
1:48 pm
will look like and what the president is expecting from all sides. >> thank you so much for the very latest. we will see what happens and we will have live coverage here on fox news channel of the visit. we will be right. i tend to play the tough guy. but i wasn't tough enough to quit on my own. not until i tried chantix. chantix, along with support, helps you quit smoking. it reduced my urge to smoke to the point that i could stop. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. some people had changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, or suicidal thoughts or actions with chantix. serious side effects may include seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking or allergic and skin reactions which can be life-threatening. stop chantix and get help right away if you have any of these. tell your healthcare provider if you've had depression or other mental health problems. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery.
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wounded warrior center in the sierra nevada mountains.the facility will help bring you up to veterans that put their lives on the line to defend our country. tracy gallagher has more now. >> former marine staff sergeant ronnie gimenez has faced steeper climes. after being hit by an ied in afghanistan five years ago, this one is significant. because he never thought would happen. >> for me this is the biggest thing. >> after all he is a marine. semper fi, always faithful, always aspire.>> adapted to overcome things. it is how you are in the marine corps.adapt and overcome. you don't forget those things. >> jimenez says without the wounded warrior programs, many injured veterans would resign themselves to stay inside a dark room. missing the light of day and
1:53 pm
the lift of their comrades. julie is a former army ranger. injured on patrol in el salvador in 2001. he was told he would never walk again. and 51 surgeries later, here he is! walking and climbing. >> try a lot harder. i think than the average person does. >> he is anything but average. which is evident when you see the high bar that he sets for himself and others. >> of a lot of people in this programs that think they can't. they look at me and they go if he can do it, i can do it. it pushes you. it doesn't let you sit there and feel sorry for yourself. >> up is the place this former marine captain wanted to be. specifically, up flying a helicopter. but brain inflammation and paralysis, left her grounded.
1:54 pm
until now. >> the one thing i thought i could not do was rockclimbing. because i lost so much function my leg. i cannot move my leg. so i told the program directors, i want to try but it's not going to happen. >> look how high you are. >> yet, her truck to the top was a personal best. >> his injury came last century in korea when he lost his leg to a land mine. and now, he has 85 years of perspective to pass along. >> my purpose is to come back with the others. i'm not doing it for myself because if i am not rehabilitated by now, i never will be. >> this wounded warriors center is being built with zero federal dollars. it would give our injured veterans recreation, rehabilitation and education all in one spot. they have sacrificed a lot for us.maybe we can sacrifice a
1:55 pm
lot for them. it is wounded warriors -- great cause. fox news. >> very special heroes. now for a different type of news started a podcast and that will be this week called out of the mouth of the boss. a sit down with him and 83 of the former mafia boss in philadelphia. and talks about the deadly result of a mob hit he admitted committing. the author of the book, last don stanley. it gives us an inside look at the shadowy world that once existed. just go to fox news and you can hear the compelling words. >> will have to listen. demonstrators protesting on the mexican border on the trump administration immigration policy. we have the latest coming up.
1:56 pm
30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors. >> and english bulldog with an
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under bite wins the ugliest dog contest. it has a dripping tongue that nearly drags on the floor. she won $1500 for owner that lives in minnesota. way to go. she beat out a chinese dotson
2:00 pm
and a bulldog. >> adorable! >> pink nails. >> should we introduce prince charles to her? saturday. >> we have fighting over issues so it should be a good vote tonight. >> no, we did not. we never fight. >> don't do that. not on the air. not on the air. what are you doing? 6:03. >> we are engaged in the been engaged now for 13 years. >> no. >> do you think i should be able to hold his hand in his engagement? >> with her consent. greg: that is one way to shut them up.


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