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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 25, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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rigor and passion but without the name calling he always rose above. june 25th 2018 and this is "fox & friends first". happening right now at 4:00 a.m. facing justice, nearly a dozen ms-13 gang members charged in the brutal murder of two innocent teenagers. the charges nearly 2 years in the making. and hand them over or else, today deadline for fbi on spies. is it the best or worst in show, not so pretty pooch just crowned the world's ugliest dog. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪
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♪ heather: good morning, thank you for joining us on this monday morning. hope you had a great weekend. i'm heather childers, top republican demanding answers by 5:00 p.m. today on use of alleged fbi informants inside the trump campaign, house intelligence chairman devin nunes saying that his party isn't satisfied with the information sent by the bureau in a classified letter. todd piro with the latest demands. >> 5:00 p.m. this afternoon is when devin nunes is demanding that justice department and informants to use information on
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the trump campaign, how many informants were used and how much money spent on operations after disclosing whether agency used top secret confidential informants prior to opening investigation into russian election meddling, has forwarded house republicans requests for summaries and transcripts of any conversations between trump officials and informants to the director of national intelligence but that was not enough for nunes who blasted doj and the fbi in a letter to deputy attorney general rod rosenstein for, quote, unilaterally restricting access to some subpoenaed documents. expect fireworks before fourth of july, this upcoming wednesday, peter strzok is subpoenaed to testify before the house judiciary committee. >> we want to know who you were talking at the time, how many times did you travel oversees, did he talk to key people, for
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example, do you think peter strzok might have thought to glen simpson or chris steele. >> the republicans are not told us anything. we don't know whether we will be invited, democrats, to the deposition. >> this all comes after strzok was willing to testify before congress without immunity in an effort to clear his name but they we wanted to get the subpoena in there just in case, just to make sure he shows up. heather: todd piro, thank you, todd. according to senior u.s. defense official, it will include our country's concept of what the implementation of denuclearization actually looks like, earlier this month secretary of state mike pompeo said he hopes north korea will achieve major disarmament within
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the next two and a half years. well, supreme court ruling on president trump's travel ban could come down as early as today. the case was heard in april after lower courts blocked third version of the policy. high court allowing it to go fully into effect while the legal battled continued. the current band prohibits people from 7 countries entering the u.s., including 5-muslim majority nations, president trump argued the ban is necessary to protect the u.s. from attacks by islamic militants. live look at capitol hill, that's where lawmakers are set to get back to work today on immigration reform. commander in chief fully backing the house as they hope to revamp the compromise bill just as immigrant families are being reunited at the border. doug with the latest, good morning, doug. >> despite that immigrants have
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been released without facing charges, here is what he tweeted just yesterday. we cannot allow all of these people to invade our country when somebody comes in, we must immediately with no judges or court cases bring them back from where they came, republicans in congress are still hoping to move forward on an immigration plan this week despite another effort last week failing to gardner enough support. >> i would urge the president to continue to support the four pillars, that's my border security bill. going to merit-base system and providing for rational daca fix. i did talk to white house, they said the president is 100% with us. >> senator elizabeth warren among others visiting the order. >> it's a disturbing picture. there are children by
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themselves. i saw 6-month-old baby, little girls, little boys, they are all on concrete floors in cages, there's no way to describe it. >> and we are still waiting to see the full impact of the president's executive order that he signed last week that would allow families to remain together while their claims are being processed. >> doug luzader, thank you. ms-13 gang members charged with killing of two teenagers in virginia. officials now seeking more charges, some of which could include the death penalty and 10 of accused murderers are illegal immigrants from el salvador. bodies were found buried at virginia park last year, inspectors believe that they consider killed that one was working at informant and the
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other rival gang. path of destruction through northern california, at least 12 buildings completely destroyed as the flames shoot through lake county, that's 100 miles from san francisco, chunk of the fire has been contained forcing thousands of people out of homes, so far no one has been hurt. and millions of voters set to hear final pitches today before heading to polls in 7 states tomorrow. president trump heading to south carolina this afternoon aim to go rally governor henry mcmaster to a runoff win over republican john warren, mcmaster official to endorse president trump back in 2016. in utah mitt romney is favored into senate primary against conservative challenger mike kennedy. and convicted leaker chelsea
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manning will be on ballot in maryland. in the white house is set to host loyalty today, president trump and first lady will welcome king abdullah of jordan and will working toward peace and the president looks forward forming friendship between two countries. the south carolina state lawmaker going one for ak comal injuries and one to repair broken spine. she's expected to be out of bed and walking within the next few days. arrinton was injured, the driver of the car killed in the car, arrinton's friend also injured. with president's support she beat in primary.
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friends and family gather for memorial honoring charles krauthammer, many paying respects. krauthammer passed away last week, he was 68 year's old. >> time now is about 9 minutes until the top of the hour, first secretary targeted at a restaurant. >> shame! shame! heather: disturbing new warning, congress still demanding answers over the alleged fisa abuse scandal as where our next guest says the department of justice with full force of the law.
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heather: cooperation at last, some being the keyword, doj turning additional fisa court records to congress and some lawmakers say, though, still not enough and it's all leading up to a showdown with disgraced fbi agent peter strzok, so what happens next, joining me now is former prosecutor and criminals defense attorney jonas. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> good morning. >> what happens next, let's just start there? >> we know that house republicans have asked over a million documents from doj and doj has been letting this out very slowly which has raised the eye on house republicans. there's another deadline to turn over more documents. i expect that not all of them will be turned over. house republicans have said, look, we are going to come after you with the full force of the law, here is the problem, the
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full force of the law in a case like this is really more bark than it is bite. it's like having to be aware of sign and your dog j a which you hawaii hawaii, the worst that can happen, they can request contempt citation which would give doj to prosecute itself. first of all, probably won't happen, second of all, contempt of congress is a misdemeanor. not a whole lot will happen. heather: rod rosenstein will be responsible for investigating himself or holding himself accountable. >> historically hasn't worked. we need a way to hold the doj accountable that really has bite to it and we simply don't have that. heather: it's interesting that it hasn't come up until this point in time. let's take a look at what mark meadows had to say in terms of amount of information they have been receiving. new reports of fbi and doj not
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accurate, small percentage of what they owe, doj and fbi have been forthcoming with congress is false. he actually went further to say that the additional 1400 documents produced this week related to one section of the subpoena, so the fbi and doj officials request to review surveillance records, et cetera, he said at this rate, this current rate it would take one and a half years for them to comply. >> it's already been, i think, 10 months, there's a reason, that's the other thing, the american people want to know why, why are you dragging your feet on this, what are you covering up, what do you to hide and that's what the house republicans want. this is the oversight committee is created for this purpose. has there been some wrongdoing, look, the ankle bone is connected to the chin bone. we have russian collusion investigation that has gone absolutely nowhere and is suspicion that russia
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investigation was based on dossier paid by the hillary clinton campaign. i mean, we are finding evidence that wrongdoing, the ig report which said there's no bias but there was bias, so everything is connected and it doesn't show wrongdoing on trump's part. it shows that there was serious misdeeds by the democrats way back in -- heather: does it matter that just the republicans on the i don't ever sight committee that are seeking additional information. >> of course, people say that's bias in and of itself because you don't have parties together to request this, but you know what, when you're accusing one person of doing something wrong, of course, they are not going to tell on themselves. if we get document that is house republicans have requested, that will solve everything. if we get them. heather: do you think that we will get them or long-drawn out process that would takes and a half years to comply. >> we don't want it to be useless. eventually we will get them,
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even if they slap them with contempt of copying, house republicans can go to judge and say, you need to order doj to comply was. that would be remedy. >> who would the judge be? >> the house republicans, dc judge to do that. heather: okay. >> so even together it's not forceful but if a judge orders you to turn over document now you a second bite of the apple to force compliance here. they may end up doing that. heather: the whole system of checks and balances, theal the bigger story here that's coming to light in terms of what americans are seeing happen. >> oh, my goodness. weren't we all shocked. we saw the latest peter strzok text or tweet that they -- heather: held back. >> held back, obviously held back that they were going to stop trump from becoming president, i can't wait for his system, what exactly did that mean, that in and of itself, the
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fact that that was held back or the text was created. heather: that's the final question because i want to get into that, glad you mentioned it, do you think he will appear on wednesday? >> he's claiming he looks forward to it. don't bother subpoena, i will show up volunteerly, you can show up and start testifying and if it gets into dangerous territory he will claim the fifth. heather: which we have seen people do. a lot happening. the time now is about 18 minutes after the top of the hour, a whopper of a problem, fast-food chain under fire after one location refused to serve police officers and time-out, why the baseball player decide today shave his stash in the middle of the game.
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heather: made in america, live shot from atlanta, georgia for you where the sun has yet to come up but it will be come up shortly. maybe foggy there this morning. thank you for joining us wherever you're waking up this morning. let's start with this with headlines for you, the supreme court could decide whether to hear teenager's appeal who is series was on making murder, helping uncle murder a wisconsin woman, but his lawyer say that he was pressured into a false confession. >> who shot her in the head? >> he did. >> why didn't you tell us that?
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>> i didn't think of it. >> the lawyers want confession thrown out and for him to get a new trial. four justices must vote to grant appeal to be heard for entire high court. agitators badgering immigration officials, occupy protestors forcing ice facility to temporarily shut down in oregon. one man even scaling the federal immigration office building in portland to steal an american flag flying above the federal immigration office replacing it with a flag that reads refugees welcome and linda dunham joining protests against migrant children being separated from their parents. and the restaurant owner who kicked sarah sanders out is feeling the backlash, eatery is being slammed on yelp lowering satisfaction score to a 2 and
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it's online menu also apparently hacked. the owner of red hen wilkinson said she booted sanders out after taking staff vote. sanders tweeted that he was not welcome because she works for the president, she was dining with her family at the time. and first lady melania trump surprised group of students with message on kindness. first lady opening the students against destructive decisions conference in virginia. >> kindness, compassion and positivity are a very important traits in life. it's easier to judge quickly than to take time to understand, treat your community like your family and look out for one another. heather: last month the first lady unveiled the be best platform focusing on health and well willing and kindness and safety and impact of opioid crisis on children and baseball players are known for their
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superstitions but this takes it to a whole new level, take a look at the houston astros third baseman alex, can you see a difference here before and after, in the middle of a slump he ditched his mustache actually in the middle of the game. heather: wow, only seemed to make things worse, actually, slamming helmet, you can see in disgust, he did not come up with a hit the entire game, the astros won the game 11-3. all the superstitions. the time now is 25 minutes after the top of the hour and obamacare on life support, it could cost you big bucks to keep it alive, premiums set to spike by double digits so how can republicans get rid of it once and for all. our political panel on deck to debate it but first live look at capitol hill for you this morning, 4:25 on the east coast
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heather: today lawmakers on capitol hill to get back to work on immigration reform. house works to revamp the compromise bill tweeting, quote, we cannot allow all of these people to invade the country, when somebody comes the in we must immediately with no judges or court cases bring them back to where they came. our system is mockery to good immigration policy. most children come without parents, immigration policy laughed at all over the world is unfair to all of those people who have gone through the system legally and are waiting online for years, immigration must be based on merit, we need people who will help to make america great again. well, this comes as nearly 2,000 immigrant children are reunited with their parents all across the country.
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and less than a week after dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen was heckled at restaurant, a huge uptick of threats against employees in the department, in a manyo obtained by cnn deputy director that stems from furry over president trump policy, employees to keep windows lock and use caution on social media websites. tensions over immigration boiling overseas, austria's to close borders if germany closes away, pledged to shut down the southern frontier if chancellor angela merkel doesn't find a solution to the migrant crisis by the end of the month. eu leaders holding emergency meeting over the deep divide. jim mattis embarking on trip to
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china with diplomacy on his mind. mattis says he's heading into talks to beijing this week without any preconceived notion weeks after slamming the country over militarization of islands in the south china sea, officials say discussion wills focus on chain'as role in denuclearization of the korean peninsula. well, let's talk about, yes, obamacare, it is back in the spotlight, a new report claims that gop suffer at the polls for not fulfilling to end former president obama's signature law, obamacare rates are set to rise an average of 15% next year resulting in more than 100 per household. so what do republicans need to do to revive their effort to repeal and replace, joining me to debate joe barelli and susan johnson cook, thank you both for joining us this morning, we really appreciate it. >> thank you for having us.
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heather: joe, i will start with you. is this going to be a problem? >> yes, now the figurative ball is in the gop's court. this it is issue that won them four successful elections, take back of the house, the senate and the white house and they don't have nit arsenal this year unless they come forward with a plan. good news is that the house gop2019 budget did assume a repeal and replace will be implemented and we have some bills in the works now that are basically more broader repeals than we have ever seen, bills favored from conservatives and ones modeled from the clinton era and going griff era reforms of welfare. heather: what do you thinkst it's going to work against republicans, will it work for democrats? >> i think very much. he talked about the good news, the bad news that you have republicans leaving the party, you have a lot of gop people retiring or leaving, the second piece is that, you know, a lot
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of people have been helped with obamacare, we are the country that have no care for our people and so many people have been helped. the double digits is not going to be something that deters us but go forward. that's the good news on this side. heather: let's take a look at some of the raises in premiums. average health premiums by the year and you can compare back in 2013, $2,132 jumped ahead $476. so, joe, what do you think of that? that's a double-digit increase. >> yeah, it's about 15%. i don't think susan is entirely wrong, you know, this is essentially republicans taking ownership and there is going to be a small increase right before the midterms this year, so if republicans don't get their act together. if they get themselves lined up whether it's behind the new health care choice act or something else, they are going to take a little bit of a hit. new nbc poll said 1 out of 5
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americans feel health care is the most important issue going into next election. they have no choice at this point. i'm just concerned that they are not terribly good at self-imposed deadlines, think daca fix. heather: that's actually a good point. susan, jumped off on that point. >> i'm glad he said that, i'm not totally wrong, i am correct. the other effect is if it doesn't had double-digits, they would not have health care. they are making sure everybody has health care. heather: yeah, but they also have extra money in the pocket due to the tax changes under president obama -- president trump's administration. >> they do, but the bottom line is that every household in america should have health care, every individual should have health care and the good news is that they did with obamacare. so whether the digits go up or down, household covered. i think that's what's most important for people. we are in the united states of
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america. heather: joe, it is an example, one example of republicans not getting the work done that they said they would get done. >> yeah, you know, they don't wanting to into this year's midterms or 2020 with last effort to repeal obamacare dying because the senate couldn't get enough votes, mccain's 11th hour flip. they have to put something together going forward. like i said, 2019 budget they want to pass relies on pretty much a number of major cuts, relies obamacare repeal and replace. you know, there is no choice at this point, obamacare has been a god-send politically for republicans for 8 years but now the ball is in our court. heather: susan, final word? >> they haven't been able to replace or repeal, this is something to stand, stop fighting what good things happened under obama and let's move forward and help our people. heather: thank you both for joining us, have a great day. >> you too. heather: time now 20 minutes
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until the top of the hour, it's a drone, it's a plane, it's a drone, modern surveillance to new heights. >> i said to god i'm willing to accept whatever consequences this brings because i know i've done wrong. heather: rosanne breaking silence for the first time since reboot sit come was congress'd. how fans are reacting, carley shimkus with reactions up next ahh... summer is coming.
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text summer10 to 500500 to start listening today. they have businesses to run they have passions to pursue how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters ship packages all the amazing services of the post office right on your computer get a 4 week trial plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again >> after white house prez secretary sarah sanders thrown out of virginia restaurant, other dining spots are facing the heat. carley shimkus with fox news headlines 24/7 siriusxm 115 is here with the online reaction. good morning. carley: hey, good morning,
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heather. at least two restaurants in different parts of the country are facing flood of criticism on social media all because they had the same name as the restaurant that kicked out white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders. >> last night i was told by the owner of red hen in le exhibitioner ington, virginia to leave because i worked for the president and i politely left. i always do to treat those with respect and will continue to do so. as a result, people are mistakenly flooding other unaffiliated red hen restaurants with angry comments on social media, the red hen in washington, d.c., at least 200 miles away from lexington, virginia wrote this, unaffiliated red hen last night, not at this restaurant. businesses located in washington, d.c. are prohibited
1:41 am
from discriminating against anyone because of political affiliation and this from the red hen in new jersey saying, the redhead in new jersey is in no way affiliated with the red hen in virginia, we are independent family-owned business that happens to share the same fame. this case of mistaken identity is resulting in a flood of new reaction on social media, lori says, it's ashame this one restaurant has caused such agony for other restaurant occupiers -- owners with the same name or similar one. victoria, thanks for supporting people of all political stripes, bigotry is ugly sentiment and has no place in civil life and lynn also says on facebook, sorry to hear that the virginia restaurant. big pr nightmare for restaurants that had nothing to do with it. heather: huge.
1:42 am
i put some of that h on twitter tweet over the weekend and i'm still getting thousands responses of people. they are fired up on both sides. carley: yikes. heather: let's talk about roseanne. >> newly released interview with rabbi saying she's sorry for tweet to valerie. >> i horribly regret that. are you kidding, i lost everything. i regretted it before i lost everything and i said to god i'm willing to accept whatever consequences this brings because i know i've done wrong. carley: barr also doubled down on claims that she thought jared was white. this interview sparking mixed reaction on social media, god bless rosie, she humbled herself and asked for forgiveness, some
1:43 am
may not forgive us but most of us do, that's not the case with another twitter user who said that her apology doesn't make her right. lots of different reaction on this one. heather: two of my favorites, chip and joanna giants have a new family. >> they gained a new family member on saturday, chip and joanna of fixer upper fame announced that they had their fifth child and they also posted a very tweet picture on social media that shows the kids, if you could see it right here, let's see it if we could get it. okay, hang on, hang on. this right here. it shows that their four other children waiting outside her hospital room, wait to go meet their new baby brother. a lot of reaction to this on social media, of course, because they have a huge following on instagram, facebook and twitter, this so loved even before he entered the world, god bless
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all. another post on social media, tweetest thing ever, frame this, in one last tweet or facebook message coming from shina, congratulations giants fam, such amazing blessing. baby crew, he certainly has a well-decorated home. heather: i wonder how nursery looks like. thank you so much f carley. carley: appreciate it. heather: 15 minutes until the top of the hour, north korea stripping down stockpiles of antiu.s. propaganda less than 2 weeks after historic summit s this a sign the two sides are closer to peace? our next guest expert on rogue regime says don't hold your breath, the world's has ugliest dog, the winner or lose, i think he's the winner. first look at the weather across the country. ♪
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heather: welcome back, china is taking spy to go new heights, using drone that looks like real birds, look at that amazing, video that you're looking at right now, the robotic flock is so life like that actual birds fly along side them while surveilling chinese citizens. program code name dove still in early stages of development. the birds are equipped with camera, gps antenna and data to communicate findings. amazing. fears of terror attack robo cops to protect president trump in uk, being drafted for first
1:49 am
presidential visit next month according to foreign reports, they'll be surrounding him on the road shielding him from the assassination attempts, first family expected to meet with the queen and prime minister theresa may. from propaganda to peace, north korea getting rid of most antiu.s. propaganda less than two weeks after summit with kim jong un s this further proof of step toward peace, north korea takes over the world and north korean analyst gordon chang, gordon, thank you very much. >> thanks, heather. heather: gordon, talk about what's happening right now with this antiu.s. propaganda allegedly being taken down and changed. >> yeah, north korea for decades has antiu.s. propaganda. not only has propaganda stopped,
1:50 am
if you go to store in pyongyang or anywhere, you will see that all the antiu.s. trinkets showing friendship. the regime is nothing if not thorough. heather: does it really mean what we think it means, does it mean things are changing? >> you know, we hope that it does, you know, an official traveling with secretary of defense jim mattis has actually said that it will present north korea with a timeline with quote, unquote specific tasks, this will be important, this will be the first time that u.s. put it to north koreans about giving up nukes, when secretary of state pompeo went to pyongyang, he did ask pyongyang to surrender 3 or 4 nuclear devices and the north koreans said, no, but that was before the summit. this will be the first time after after the summit that the
1:51 am
u.s. is actually asking north korea to do something and we will see if they follow through on this. heather: right, have there been any indications from our side, i was thinking about it the other day, in terms of what's happening behind the scenes, perhaps we are not getting the cooperation that we want to get or perhaps we are getting more of it? >> well, really there's been no sign from north korea that they are willing to go through on certain things, so, for instance, president trump at his post summit press conference in singapore said that the north koreans were willing to destroy a missile engine test facility, that has since been identified as the sohai facility and there is no evidence from the satellite imagery that they are taking steps to destroy it. maybe they will, we are in a period of quiet. we have seen little occur except for change in propaganda which is a good sign, heather,
1:52 am
nonetheless, inkly reversible. heather: actions we are taking, just the other day, president trump came out and he reemphasized the fact that we -- all of the -- anything that stood before in terms with north korea and sanctions still stands, why would he come out and say that if there was not something happening on the other side that perhaps wasn't happening the way he wants to. >> you pointed out we have made two important concessions, we will not have large scale or even small scale joint exercises with south korea that. will hallow out sign of ready, that's good sign on our part. we have not designated other entities for sanctions and the administration had -- was planning to go forward with about 36 new designations. this is significant because we know the north koreans change their front companies, if we
1:53 am
don't designate front companies, we are allowing north koreans to hallow out sanctions, two important things we are doing and the north koreans have to reciprocate fast. heather: we always appreciate it. thank you very much. >> thanks, heather. heather: time now is 8 minutes until the top of the hour and boogie down band it trying to make moves caught steeling on store surveillance, what she took her that got her behind bars?
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heather: love that shot of new york city as the sun begins to rise there over the east river. beautiful, beautiful shot for you this from new york city. let's talk about burger king now, burger king under fire one location in particular accusing to serve two uniformed deputies, employees telling them that they were all out of chicken and hamburgers. the assumption shared public information, the same burger
1:58 am
king employees in the event a robbery was occurring at the time would have expected the two deputies to take a bullet for them and the deputies would have, the restaurant apologizing adding that service was denied to several customers not just the uniformed officers. and fact-checker for the new yorker now resigning over major twactual error. talia accusing ice employee of being nazi because of tattoo, justin's tattoo was the symbol of many reens veterans platoon while he fought in afghanistan, apologizing on twitter saying that she voluntarily resigned from the magazine. time for good, the bad and the ugly. first the good, firefighters going beyond the call of delivery, heros saving pizza and delivery driver after car crash in up state new york, the
1:59 am
firefighters completing the orders themselves after caring for the worker, of course, and they took the pie to the customers' home, talk about delivery. leaning over counter while accomplice distracts the clerk, display of talent. finally the ugly in this case, the ugliest the i english bulldg winning world ice ugliest dog contest, won over judges with tongue that actually almost drags to the floor. i think she is beautiful especially with pink bowe. wraps first hour of "fox & friends first", hope you had a great day, "fox & friends first" continues right now. have a great day, bye bye.
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rob: monday june 25th, another day, another deadline, alleged fbi informants in trump campaign, the documents the fbi needs to turn over by close of business today. highly anticipated testimony by disgraced peter strzok as well. jillian: two landmark rulings, the biggest threat to labor unions in years. how the outcomes will impact you? rob: can you afford it? how much designer will cost you. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪


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