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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 25, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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rob: monday june 25th, another day, another deadline, alleged fbi informants in trump campaign, the documents the fbi needs to turn over by close of business today. highly anticipated testimony by disgraced peter strzok as well. jillian: two landmark rulings, the biggest threat to labor unions in years. how the outcomes will impact you? rob: can you afford it? how much designer will cost you. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ jillian: good monday morning
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to you, live look outside as the sun is rising over new york city. that's a beautiful morning. right? rob: hot one. jillian: you're bringing me down, rob. rob: it's june. jillian: good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday, i'm jillian mele. rob: i'm rob schmitt. thanks for getting up early with us. deadline for fbi, top republicans demanding answers about alleged informants. jillian: devin nunes saying his party isn't satisfied with information set by the bureau, todd piro with latest demands. >> jillian an rob happy monday, 5:00 p.m. this afternoon, that's when nunes is demanding to confirm that informants were
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used, how many inform antidepressants were use and how much was spent on operations, all of this after the fbi sent a classified letter to house gop officials disclosing whether the agency used top secret confidential inform neants the trump campaign prior to opening an investigation into russian election meddling. the agency adding that it had forwarded house republicans requests for summaries and transcripts of any conversations between trump officials and informants to the director of national intelligence, but that wasn't enough for nunes who blasted the doj and the fbi in a letter to deputy attorney general rod rosenstein yesterday for quote unilaterally restricting access to some subpoena documents. in the meantime expect fireworks the wednesday before the fourth of july, that's this upcoming wednesday after fbi agent peter strzok is subpoenaed to testify before the house judiciary committee.
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>> do you think peter strzok may have talked to glen simpson or christopher steele. >> i'm looking forward to hearing from him but the republicans have not told us anything. we don't know whether we will be invited, democrats, to the deposition. >> all comes after reports that strzok was willing to testify before congress without immunity to clear his name. rob: todd, thank you very much. jillian: two landmark rulings by the supreme court could come as early as of today. first ruling on president trump's travel ban, case in april after lower courts blocked controversy, legal battle continues. a ruling expected in a case challenging a law that forces workers in nearly two dozen states to pay union fees rather
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than making the decision on their own. rob: it is time to cooperate, the u.s. expected to present north korea with a timeline to meet specific demands following historic summit. according to senior u.s. official, includes country's concept of what denuclearization looks like. earlier this month secretary of state mike pompeo says he hopes north korea will achieve major disarmament within the next two and a half years. jillian: a live look at capitol hill where lawmakers are set to get back to work today on immigration reform. rob: the president reportedly fully backing the house as they hoped to revamp their compromise bill on immigration just as immigrant families are begin to go be reunited at the border. jillian: doug luzader. good morning, doug. >> good morning, doug.
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congress is out at it this week, would it be any different? this time around one republican house leader sounds confident. >> i would urge the president to continue to support the four pillars, that's my border security bill, going to merit-base system and providing for a rational daca fix. i did talk to the white house yesterday. they say the president still 100% behind us. >> the president may be behind the effort but he's clearly frustrated here and beyond what congress may do, he talked about stepping up the administration's zero tolerance policy at the border tweeting this, we cannot allow all of these people to invade our country. when somebody comes in we must immediately with no judges or court cases bring them back to where they came. what's actually happening at the border now is kind of difficult to assess but democrats see this as a powerful issue and we saw senator elizabeth warren visiting a center near a border in texas over the weekend.
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>> it's a disturbing picture. there are children by themselves, i saw 6-month-old baby. little girls, little boys, they are all on concrete floors in cages. there's no other way to describe it. >> despite talks of zero tolerance at the border, there are some reports this morning, some illegal immigrants being released into the country without facing any charges. rob and jillian. jillian: it continues, thank you very much, doug. rob: gop congressional candidate recover from two major surgeries after car crash, south carolina lawmaker, doctors now say she's expected to be out of bed and walking within the next few days. arrington was injured friday night on head-on collusion with wrong-way driver, driver of the car was killed in crash.
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arrington beat incumbent sanford in gop primary earlier this month. jillian: out of control wild fire with path of destruction in northern california. at least 12 buildings completely destroyed, that's about 100 miles of san francisco, small chunk of the fire has been contained forcing thousands of people out of home, so far nobody has been hurt. rob: okay, take a look at the weather, now is the fire looking out there, what are the reason conditions? janice: it's dry, the fire conditions are going to continue to be ongoing for this region. where we are seeing the potential for rain across the plains today you could see the temperatures 61 in chicago, 68 in new york, it's going to remain very warm across the south and southwest, there's the past 24 hours so the threat for hail, damaging winds, isolated
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tornadoes and flash flooding as well for parts of the plain states, there's your severe threat through tonight, again, widespread area here. we don't think it's going to be a big severe weather outbreak but certainly know what to do if there's a watch or warning in your area and then there's the forecast for heavy rain across ohio valley, tennessee valley, a couple of inches there. some of the areas have seen a lot of rain in forecast. there's the forecast today, very warm across the west. no rain in sight for most of the west unfortunately the rain will remain in plain states, then ohio river valley and tennessee and mississippi river valley, those are the regions we will watch today. beautiful 84-degrees in new york city, though. rob: take that. jillian: lots of red in the map, jeez. rob: summer in phoenix. jillian: dry heat. it's fine. [laughter] rob: janice, thank you.
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happy monday. jillian: white house set to host loyalty today, president trump and the first lady will welcome king abdullah the second and queen of jordan, will discuss along working towards peace, the white house says the president looks forward to reaffirmingfire friendship between our two countries. rob: president trump issues strong ultimatum to global trade partners, commander in chief tweeting that all countries that have placed artificial trade barriers and tariffs on goods going into their country, remove those barriers or be met with more than reciprocity with the u.s., trade must be fair and no longer a one-way streak. this follows retaliatory tariffs and that continues. jillian: friends and family gather for somber memorial
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honoring our dear friend charles kraut hammer. bret baier, among many hand respects. rob: layed to rest in private ceremony, he was 68 year's old and we will miss intelligence. jillian: incredible man. rob: ms-13 gang members charged in brutal murder of teens, the charge two years in the making. jillian: march in midterms turning out into all present as voters head to polls in high-stake races in 7 states. former pollster for president trump to break down the races that you need to care about. coming up this morning. we will be right back.
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rob: welcome back, march to midterms, voters are gearing to high-stakes elections across 7 different states form. jillian: what are the races we should be watching, former pollster for trump campaign, thank you for joining us this morning. let's start off talking about colorado, okay, because this is uphill battle in recent years for republicans. >> yeah, they haven't won there since 2002. now the republican -- most of the major republicans in the state have gotten behind, the interesting part in democratic primary, a ton of money spent and actually a lot of the money has spent beating each other up. it's a purple state. rob: it's been blue lately when they have been walking around smoking joints. jillian: only rob can say that. rob: maryland. >> maryland is blue state but larry hogan, republican governor
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very popular. i have seen polls that have job approval rating well over 65%. the interesting on election night because in november if larry hogan holds on there, probably good night for republicans, if he loses, that could be a problem, a real problem and republicans will be nervous. jillian: keep an eye there. the blue wave that democrats have been talking about, is that perhaps in new york that we will see this? >> i actually think republicans are going to do pretty well in new york, believe it or not. one of the reasons i think that is because andrew cuomo running for third term, he has high negatives, plus, competitive democratic primary against cynthia nixon. rob: is he really, is she going to give him a run for his money? >> i say she will be closer than what people think. if you look last anaheim, during
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primary, she gave him a run for his money. four out of ten democrats in the primary voted against andrew cuomo then. all the press she's getting, plus the problem that andrew cuomo has, democratic voters in new york are really, really liberal and, you know, that's -- rob: and he's not. >> he's not at times but he is and he has a real problem well while the rest of the nation, the economy is doing really well, places like up state new york, they haven't felt, you know, they haven't felt some of the progress that's gone on in other parts of the country. i think he could, it's going to be interesting to see what happens in new york and the effect that that has on congressional races. rob: governor's race, oklahoma, how is that looking? >> it's interesting because that's a republican state. rob: sure. >> but the republicans haven't won back to back governorship there since the 60's.
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jillian: why? >> democrats were picking good candidates, david borr, more conservative, moderate type democrats. whoever in the republican comes out of this and it's a state, where you know, donald trump won overwhelming, the republicans should do well in governor's race. jillian: mitt romney. >> 24 years later after romney running against kennedy. the democrats, national democrats were excited when -- after the convention, wound up going to a primary but mitt romney he fits the electorate perfectly in utah and i think he will be the next senator there and i think he should be great heir to orrin hatch. rob: let's talk about mississippi. >> west one of those where roger
2:18 am
wicker should win that overwhelmingly. another state where donald trump did really well. the democrats had to put a good candidate even though runoff was tomorrow. rob: we skipped south carolina. rob: i missed south carolina. >> donald trump endorsing henry mcmaster and folks were nervous because he didn't get the majority of the vote, wound up being a runoff but he has the ultimate republican endorsement today and the president henry mcmaster down at south carolina, he will dominate media coverage. jillian: lots to look out for, thank you so much for joining us. rob: 18 minutes after the hour, terror threats reaching fever pitch in the uk right ahead of visit from president trump, high-tech security measures that are being put in place to keep
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the president safe. jillian: maybe you can handle the truth but can you afford it, how much "the new york times" says you're willing to shell out for this t-shirt, we will be right back.
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jillian: good morning to you, welcome to "fox & friends first". restaurant owner who kicked sarah sanders out is feeling fee backlash, being slammed on yelp lowering satisfaction score to 2. online menu also apparently
2:23 am
hacked. the owner of red hen said she booted sanders out after taking staff vote. sanders tweeted that she was not welcome because she works for the president, she was dining with her family at the time. occupied protestors forcing an ice facility to temporarily shut down in oregon, one man even scaling the federal immigration office building in portland to steal an american flag flying above the federal immigration office replacing it with a flag that reads refugees welcome. amber and linda durham flocking to texas, los angeles, other cities joining protest against migrant children being separated from their parents. rob: 2020 parking -- pottial con the future of kamala harris, harris says right now she's focusing energy on this year's mid term elections, we will see
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if she makes the choice here in probably about two years. "the new york times" selling the truth, 300 bucks a pop inspired by the newspaper's truth campaign designer shops are now selling this t-shirt for $300. the message is a self-proclaimed push to hold power accountable and those who might get chilly at night, the hoody version is available for $420. jillian: oh, yeah. rob: 420 bucks for new york times sweatshirt. jillian: 24 minutes after the hour. deadline to denuclearize. rob: sit realistic to believe that this nation were -- will play by any rules, our political panel will debate next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ jillian: good morning, atlanta, from across studio rob saying good song. a couple of lights but still pretty dark in atlanta. the sun is coming up. it is monday coming up. ms13 members charged in kidnapping and killing of two teenagers in virginia. officials now seeking more charges some of which could include the death penalty and ten of the accused murderers are illegal immigrants from el salvador, evan méndez and sergio
2:29 am
trevino's bodies were found last year. the fairfax county chief of police will speak on horrific case later this morning on "fox & friends". the people court could decide as early as today whether to tear a teen's appeal who is case was documented in netflix series making murder. confessed to helping uncle steve avery murder a wisconsin woman but the lawyer says he was pressured into a false confession. >> who shot her in the head? >> he did. >> why didn't you tell us that? >> because i didn't think of it. jillian: daughters want the confession thrown out and for him to get a new trial, four justices must vote to grant the petition for his appeal to be heard by the entire high court. rob: such an interesting case there. today lawmakers on capitol hill
2:30 am
set to get back to work on immigration reform. the president sounding off as the house works the revamp the compromise bill tweeting, we cannot allow these people to invade our country, when somebody comes in we must immediately with no judges or court cases bring them back from where they came. the system is mockery of good immigration policy and law and order. immigration policy laughed at all over the world unfair to those people who have gone through the system legally and are waiting on line for years. immigration must be based on merit, we need people who will help make america great again. this comes as nearly 2,000 immigrant children are reunited or beginning of being reunited with parents across the the country. the process underway. james mattis sounding off on plans to build temporary camps for immigrants at two military bases, the receives secretary sharing latest during flight to alaska. >> the details are being worked
2:31 am
out on exactly how much capacity they need at two bases providing shelter for people without shelter, we consider that on logistic's function to be appropriate. rob: a lot of people. health and human services, facilities in arkansas and texas. the facilities could be available as early as next month. rob: fact-checker for new york. talia falsely accusing ice agent being nazi, turns out it was symbol for marines veterans platoon while he fought in afghanistan. lavine apologizing saying she voluntarily resigned from the magazine. the president will be rallying for governor henry mcmaster ahead of runoff with republican challenger john warren. mcmaster finished first in june 12th primary but fell short of 50% majority.
2:32 am
he was the first statewide elected official to endorse the trump campaign way back in 2016. jillian. jillian: the trump administration expected to lay out a post summit timeline for denuclearization in north korea. the timeline will come with specific requests for the rogue regime. what should the united states be asking for and how long do you think it should take, here to debate executive director more america rising back, alexandria smith and rochelle, rochelle, i will start with you, what do you think will be in the list of asks? >> i think north korea and the united states need to determine what exactly does it mean when we say denuclearization, could be something very different to north korea to the united states. you would hope to the united states to remove nuclear weapons, destroy facilities. jillian: both parties see this happening, know what is going on. >> exactly. the facilities are destroyed and obviously that north korea does
2:33 am
not turn around and start selling these materials and technologies to other countries so that they can develop nuclear weapons, so i don't think this is going to be a sprint, this is definitely going to be a marathon. jillian: right, we to make sure it's done. do you agree with what alexandria said? >> we need to ability to access sites and make sure that this is what's happening. i have faith that total denuclearization will be a reality just because of the trump's administration willingness to be tough with north korea under the leadership of un ambassador nikki haley we have seen some of the toughest sanctions against north korea and i think that's a large part of kim is in the negotiating table. jillian: let's take a look at the quote on reuters over the weekend, defense official on the timeline and the asks, question will know pretty soon if they are going to operate in good faith or not, they'll be
2:34 am
specific asks and specific timeline, when we present the north koreans with our concept of what implementation of the summit agreement looks like, as far as the timeline goes, you know, you mentioned the fact that this isn't going to be a sprint, this is going the take some time, rochelle n your opinion do you think this gets done during president trump's first term? >> i don't, i don't it'll be done during his first term and i'm not confident that it'll be done if he's elected again. jillian: period, you say? >> not period, during his term or terms, i'm not confident that it will happen, but it could but i think we have to keep in mind with north korea is that their nuclear weapon's is not just about protecting borders and national security, it is actually symbolic of their power as well. so i think we have to also consider that if kim jong un decides to dismantle his nuclear weapon's program he may start to
2:35 am
feel that he's dismantling his power and political influence. jillian: alexandria? >> one of the hallmarks of the trump's foreign policy is something i agree, not broadcasting in advance what we think the timetable should be for anything just because it sets unrealistic expectations and tipoff to enemies about what our intentions are. that being said, i think that in terms of specific asks we've already seen some signs of good faith and, you know, i'm particularly hopeful given the fact that north korea decided this year to skip an antiamerican rally that they typically hold regarding the korean war. they've also sent back the remains of -- preparing to send back remains of soldiers who were killed in korean war and remains have been in north korea and so i think that there's, you know, signs of good faith on north korean sign and i can only hope that it continues. jillian: do you think this gets done during the first term? >> certainly hope that they will.
2:36 am
this is something that they definitely want to wrap up during president trump's first term. it's possible that it might take years beyond that as well. jillian: alexandria, not only time to digest the summit and sit back and think about what happened, this was such a significant event, what in your opinion do you still -- you don't want to give north korea, you absolutely don't want to give them? >> i mean, look, the goal is to total denuclearization, we do not want to budge an inch on that. i think that particularly we want the ability to go in and inspect those sites. i think that that's been major problem with iran and the iran deal. we want the ability to see for ourselves what is going on. jillian: firsthand. rochelle, a couple of seconds. >> i really think that if we look at what's happening in north korea, i think this is the move in the right direction, correct, but i just worry about how it's going to be -- how it's going to actually be done. i think that is what we have to
2:37 am
see happen because this is not just going into north korea and blowing up facilities, you have to be strategic in how we are going get rid of these nuclear weapons. jillian: we all want the answers now an time will tell, ladies, appreciate it. rob. rob: ladies, thanks so much. 37 minutes after the hour, roseanne breaking silence since reboot was canceled. >> i said to god, i'm willing to accept whatever consequences this brings because i know i've done wrong. rob: so do viewers and fans accept the apology, carley shimkus with the reaction coming in online. the text-filing postcard that president trump promised unveiling this week. peter explaining how it will put money in your pocket. when we were dating, we used to get excited about things
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jillian: hope you're having a good monday, welcome back, guns fives making it on ships on busiest crew ships in the world, investigators pretending to be terrorists were able to bring in fives, look at that, terminal in dock in briton, 1.7 million passengers set sail every single year. forces thousand of elite robo cops to protect president trump in uk. according to foreign reports, though, even be surrounding him on the road, shielding him from assassination attempts. the first family is expected to meet with the queen and prime minister theresa may. rob. rob: one to have biggest promises made by the trump
2:42 am
administration while they were working to pass tax reform is that it would be much easier to file your taxes by that dreaded april 15th deadline. >> next week we will be unveiling the new 1040 and it will be a postcard as we have promised and hard-working taxpayers won't have to spend nearly as much time filling out taxes. rob: well, now the tax postcard anticipated to make debut sometime this week. what can we expect and what will change, here to discuss peter, peter, thanks so much for coming on. i was excited about the idea of a simplified tax code, what do you think we will see this week? >> well, for one thing taxes will be lower. the other thing is very simple form similar to what we had before taxes got to complex. you'll be able to put in your name, your spouse's name, your social security numbers, take
2:43 am
standard deduction, compute and pay in withholding, subtract a and b and what you owe and send in check or specify, electricically transferred. this should not be hard. we actually had tax returns that were like this once upon a time. rob: the tax code itself is still a zillion pages long and overly complex, right? >> for some people it's still going to pay to itemize detections, for example, if you're a single person making $100,000 a year and you own a home some place in and about a big city like new york, you'll be paying property taxes and state and local taxes and so forth that you'll hit the $10,000 pretty easily and then if you give any money to charity and so forth, you will want to look at it because after all,
2:44 am
your standard deduction will be 13,000, if you're married in the same house, you will be doing the short form. if you're a working man or woman right out of college making 50,000 a year you will be doing short ferm. rob: middle-class americans should be able -- is it a broad spectrum of people that will use postcard is my question? >> we had estimates 80%, i'm skeptical of that. hey, you won't have to go to h&r block and have mountain of records, all you need is tax form that you get, statement that you get from employer every year, you fill out the boxes and bingo, you're out the door. we are talking about something that takes half an hour. >> normal american life, the
2:45 am
wife, the baby, the house you live in, not multiple properties, you should be able to do postward, people with a lot of other investments will have to go to accountants. >> that won't be terribly complex. won't be as complex as before but you won't be on postcard. this is going to make april 15th palatable. i so wish in the bottom of my heart with respect to all the people that voted for the simplification that april 15th came before the next elections, the democrats could -- should thank their lucky stars that we are not filing on october 15th because then donald trump will be on tv along with speaker ryan and go, look what we gave you because worst than taxes people hate filing. rob: absolutely. let me ask you one quick question, as with anything when you make progress, it does have negative impact somewhere?
2:46 am
i pay my accountant hundreds of dollars, he will be obsolete to a lot of customers, is that going to create, is that going to put accountants out of business? >> accountants mostly cater to people like us that have small businesses and large incomes, the ordinary person goes to h&r block or buys computer programs. this should be simple enough that you don't need computer programs, you should be able to using pocket calculator and the introduction that is come with 1040 and do this. this is not going to be hard. now, if they don't boil it down to that, then somebody should call secretary mnuchin to task because it should be possible to do that because in the good old days when i was a kid we didn't have computers in the houses and we had to do it with hand calculator. i did my first five taxes with simple arithmetic in my head. [laughter] rob: well, you're one of the smarter guys which is why we have you on the show all of the
2:47 am
time. peter, thank you so much. looking forward to postcard. >> i will send you one. jillian: i was talking to my mom about this yesterday. curious to see what it's going to be look like. time to check in with steve tooky. good morning, steve. >> coming up on "fox & friends" congressman devin nunes and mark meadows both will be joining on push to get more documents from the fbi and department of justice. why are they going to slow? because some of the political right say the fbi and doj covering something up but what? also florida attorney general pam bondi is here. she was driven out of screening of a new documentary about the life of mr. rogers by protestors who were chanting shame on you. what is up with all of the political intimidation? we will talk to her about that as well. so we have a busy three hours, jillian and rob kicks 12 and a half from right here on the
2:48 am
channel you trust for morning news. jillian: oh, yes, we do, looking forward to it. >> yes, ma'am. [laughter]
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rob: after white house press secretary sarah sanders was thrown out of virginia restaurant on friday other dining spots now facing the heat. jillian: carley shimkus with fox news headline 24/7 siriusxm 115 with reaction. i'm sure there's a lot, carley. carley: at least two restaurants in different parts of the country are facing backlash all because they have the same name as the one that kicked white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders. it all started with this tweet from sanders on saturday saying last night i was told by the owner of red hen in lexington, virginia to leave because i work
2:52 am
for the president and i politely left. well, as a result people are now flooding other red hen restaurants with other angry comments on social media, those restaurants are now forced to go to damage control mode. the red hen in washington, d.c. released statement on facebook, good morning, the press secretary was at the unaffiliated red hen in lexington, virginia last night and not at this restaurant. businesses located located in washington, d.c. are prohibited to discriminating because of political affiliation. red hen in new jersey is in no way affiliated with red hen in virginia, we are independent family own business which happens to share the same name. the case of mistaken identity here sparking new reaction on social media. kim on facebook says, thank you for being an establishment that serves all. it's ashame people associate the one in virginia with your
2:53 am
establishment. robbie on facebook, it's a shame that anyone should be denied service because of their political affiliation. this becoming pr nightmare for a lot of restaurants and they're having to speak out because of it. jillian: that's really awful for that business in new jersey. rob: it certainly is. it's unfair. another pr nightmare is what happened to roseanne, she's been talking again? carley: she has, she got emotional in a newly released interview with rabbi saying she's sorry for racist tweet against former obama adviser valerie jared. >> i regret it before i lost everything. i'm willing to accept whatever consequences this brings because i know i've done wrong. carley: interview sparking mixed reaction on social media. one twit e user says, i have to
2:54 am
say roseanne showing class and wisdom, forgiveness is something we all should consider and chris on twitter also says, yeah, when she realized how much her bigotry was going to affect her bank account so as you can see, not everyone is buying the apology but some people sure are. jillian: all right, carley. carley: thanks a lot, appreciate it, guys. jillian: six minutes until the top of the hour and we still have much more to come on "fox & friends first" including festival fund deflated when hot air balloon crashes in power lines. >> blew fans away. note ♪
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♪ (electronic dance music)♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ your love keeps lifting me ♪ love keeps lifting me ♪ lifting me ♪ higher and higher ♪ jillian: i love this song. rob: this is a good song. beautiful morning in washington, d.c. where the
2:59 am
immigration debate will battle on in the capitol building today. they will find some kind of progress with the compromise bill with republicans. jillian: we shall see. time for the booed, the bad good and the ugly. chris pratt shawl showing of new film jurassic world. raising money for law enforcement families suffering from cancer. he is doing a lot of good right now. rob: next the bad. hot air balloon goes up in flames after slamming into a power line. jillian: yikes. [bleep] the hot air balloon flying a cross a lake before crash into the water in the state of michigan. two fishermen rescuing the pilot. he was flying solo and get, this he was completely fine. not hurt. is he lucky. jillian: finally the ugly, a vegan loses it after wasting
3:00 am
more than an hour for a pretzel bun and carrot and green bean sand wish. rob: it's a vegan meal. jillian: thanks for watching. >> this is national security at stake. securing the border, the threats i can tell you, not only drug cartels and opioids, we stop 10 terrorists every day from getting into this country. >> shouldn't be anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store. tell them they're not welcome. >> nearly a dozen ms-13 gang members charged in the brutal murder of two innocent teens that charges two years in the making. >> time to cooperate. the u.s. expected to present north korea with a time line with specific demands. >> this will be the first time the u.s. has put it to the north koreans about


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