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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 25, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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more than an hour for a pretzel bun and carrot and green bean sand wish. rob: it's a vegan meal. jillian: thanks for watching. >> this is national security at stake. securing the border, the threats i can tell you, not only drug cartels and opioids, we stop 10 terrorists every day from getting into this country. >> shouldn't be anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store. tell them they're not welcome. >> nearly a dozen ms-13 gang members charged in the brutal murder of two innocent teens that charges two years in the making. >> time to cooperate. the u.s. expected to present north korea with a time line with specific demands. >> this will be the first time the u.s. has put it to the north koreans about giving up their nukes.
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>> 5:00 p.m. is the first time that the justice department informs used on the trump campaign. >> what a round. [cheers] >> bubba watson, 63. ♪ what's y'all trying to do ♪ steve: live from midtown, manhattan it is welcome aboard to the mezzanine level of "fox & friends." come on in, dave. with the cam. ainsley: happy monday morning. hope had you a great weekend. steve: i was shocked over the weekend i turned on the television on saturday morning around pete hegseth had somehow pried open my office and gotten my seersucker suit. pete: question, i'm sorry if i preempted you on that. coming out soon, right? steve: for the fourth of july. pete: steve wears it best.
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ainsley: so preppy. pete: i got the most compliments from the folks of south carolina. ainsley: very summar summery don there tradition. steve: whole world has gone crazy. political intimidation down there. steven miller in washington couldn't eat out. kirstjen nielsen couldn't eat out. sarah huckabee sanders talk about that in a minute and palm bondy down in florida she simply tried to go to the mr. roger's movie. ainsley: she is not welcome in the neighborhood. pete: why does this stuff like this happen? that's the question. what is leading to the con fronted not just based on professional capacity personal capacity with their family out to lead. ainsley: maybe because you have leaders in this country now pushing for it maxine waters congresswoman out in l.a. having a press conference, a rally. there she is with the microphone and pushing for
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the public to last the administration or people who work in the administration. listen. >> if you think we are seeing this. no peace no sleep. we are going to win this battle. god is on our side. [cheers] on the side of the children, on the side of what's right. if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store at a gasoline station you get out and create a crowd and push back on them and you tell them they're not welcome anymore anywhere. steve: she seems to be of the opinion if people continue to do this, members of the administration will be so fed up they will go i have got to quit because i'm not on your team because the people have spoken, the people who were intimidating
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me at a gasoline station or the clothing store or wherever it was. pete: gasoline station. intimidation. used the word harassment. when you. ainsley: on an interview. pete: on interview on msnbc she used the same word. see that come from leaders that doesn't happen in a vacuum people watch on the television and internet. if they say the resistance needs to go to your neighborhood to your restaurant to personal harassment, unfortunately you have people in this country who will take that and apply that. ainsley: it's hateful and rude and lead to something very, very dangerous it could lead to violence because have you people their blood is just boiling. if there is a confrontation, someone could get hurt in all of this if you are asking for people to be harassed. sarah huckabee sanders with at a restaurant with her family being there. are the kids seeing her mom being harassed because they don't agree with political opinion? the lady who owns this restaurant is she allowed to do that?
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is that discrimination? are you alowerred to the kick someone out because you don't agree with their policies or beliefs? whatever happened to tolerance? steve: stefanie wilkerson the co-owner of the head hen restaurant right there. that little place. i looked this morning, has 15,000 yelp. ainsley: number two rating. steve: she said she would ask sarah huckabee sanders to leave again. she has doubled down. here's the thing. suddenly people on the political left are saying whoa, you have crossed the line. "the washington post" editorial board said she shouldn't have done that elijah cummings, the congressman from the great state of maryland. let the trump team eat in peace. elijah cummings says he understands the anger did you she should have served her and david axelrod saying suddenly we are blue plates and red plates? are you kidding me? pete: another portion of "the washington post" op-ed
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those insisting we are in a special moment justifying justig incivility how many might find their special moment. the resistance is so necessary and so evil the nazis are here. now is the time for incivility and you can do whatever you want to anyone anywhere. i don't know if we have the photo or ready to put it up or not there is a sign outside that lexington that is so ironic. have you this tolerant leftist running this restaurant. i actually believe, ainsley, abby, sorry, used to it on the weekend. if restaurants don't want to serve someone because their political view. they don't have to. you can -- it's a private restaurant. you can the sign talks about wanting peace and understanding through love. that's your goal, that's how you come to understanding through love, then why don't you sit down and talk to sarah huckabee sanders and have a conversation. there it is right there. love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend. so if this restaurant owner sees sarah huckabee sanders
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and the trump administration as an enemy, then why not love them. ainsley: she tweeted out i politely left the restaurant her actions say more about her than me. i always try to be respectful. steve: there is a state representative down in florida by the name of jackie toledo. i was reading her story in politico which reads of all of this intimidation. they said we have never seen anything like this in this country. she said there is not more energy on the political left. there is more hatred. i signed up for this. but my kids. i thought kids were off limits. family is off limits. it backfires when you attack families. what do you think? do you think this is back firing on the left or very effective tool is trying to raise awareness about the president's policies? let us know you could tweet us and facebook us as well. pete: one of the key targets of that hate is ice. immigrations and customs enforcement. subdepartment the dhs. they are the ones out there enforcing our immigration policies at the border.
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and internally people overstay their visas. portland a liberal bastion itself. they have been occupy ice. ainsley: they want to abolish ice. they say they are nazis. they say their tactics are equivalent to the guess at that poinguess atthatgestapoandg their job. steve: the camp has grown so big in the last week they have moved it from the actual ice facility down to city hall at one point they took down the american flag and put up the flag refugees welcome. one woman said she was, there they are taking down the flag. one woman says she was assaulted by the protesters. she was punched and they tried to take her electric wheelchair apart. but apparently the police say that's not quite the story.
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she apparently ran her wheelchair over what they consider to be a sacred rug and they told her to get out of there and she didn't like that. ainsley: i was watching some of the sunday shows over the weekend all saying abolish started with cynthia nixon last week said abowl liberal ice. and others jumped on that bandwagon cam mall la harris. king on one of the sunday shows independent from maine you can't abolish this agency without abolishing their function. you have to have someone who is administering or an agency that's administering immigration and to the immigration' needs. steve: unless you just want open borders. pete: that's exactly right. why are we not having a civil conversation. we are going to tear down the american flag and say all refugees welcome because we want open borders and unlimited unfettered access. trump says we want a wall. we believe in citizenship. we support law enforcement. i'm sorry, is it allowed to block federal officials from doing their job? is that not illegal? steve: it is.
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but the mayor, to your point, is he not on the political side of ice and he said i don't want to provoke the police. i don't want the police to get sucked into anything with the protesters. just back off. pete: the local police can't pull back the protesters to let ice do their jobs. more sanctuary city nonsense. ainsley: memo sent out to all the employees lock the doors if you are in a dangerous situation. call 911. >> remember the black lives matter pigs in a blanket fry them like bacon. steve: jillian is with us. jillian: good-month-old morning. following a series of news stories. a small plane crashing overnight in a detroit neighborhood killing two people on board. another passenger, a 17-year-old in critical condition. police believe the aircraft hit a tree before fling ago propeller into the street and landing upside down. the faa saying the pilot reported a technical issue and low fuel before crashing. the plane was heading from
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arkansas to a michigan airport. a g.o.p. congressional candidate from south carolina recovering from two major surgeries following a car crash. katie arrington injured after a collision with wrong way driver. the driver was killed in the crash. president trump's support she beat mark sanford in south carolina's g.o.p. primary earlier this month. millions of voters across the country set to hear final pitches today before hitting the polls in seven states tomorrow. president trump is heading to south carolina this afternoon to rally for a governor henry mcmaster. he is opening for a runoff win over republican challenger john warren. he was the first statewide official to endorse the trump campaign in 2016. friends and family gathering to say final goodbyes to our dear friend charles krauthammer. bret baier, dana perino and
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brit hume among the millimeter. laid to rest in maryland. krauthammer passed away last week following a long battle with cancer. he was 68 years old and a wonderful man. steve: he was, indeed. the special about his life ran over the weekend. each time i got sucked into it and watched it again. he was a genius. pete: he truly was. steve: 6:12 here in new york. ainsley: a dangerous threat exposed 11 moths gang members now charged in the brutal murder of two teenagers. the man leading the investigation is going to join us next. pete: jimmy fallon says he rejets messing with president trump's hair on his show because it humanized him. the president is telling him to, quote. be a man, jimmy. the reaction pouring in overnight. ♪ ♪ when you combine ancestry's dna test with its historical records...
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in your arms or legs, shortness of breath, chest pain or rapid breathing or heart rate. tell your doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or plan to become pregnant. common side effects include nausea, infections, low red and white blood cells and platelets, decreased appetite, headache, abdominal pain, tiredness, vomiting, and hair thinning or loss. i'm relentless. and my doctor and i choose to treat my mbc with verzenio. be relentless. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. _. steve: 11 suspected ms-13 gang members facing criminal charges in connection with the 2016 murders of two teenagers whose remains were recently discovered that had been buried in a fairfax county virginia park. this as over 200 ms-13 gang members have been charged with murder nationwide since 2012. chief of police of fairfax county police department involved in the
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investigation is kevin ross ler jr. he joins us now from our d.c. bureau. colonel, good morning to you. >> good morning. we hear a lot about ms-13 have you heard first hand how brutal these people can be. >> yes. gang members are vicious and brutal seven fairfax county community members all young teenagers have lost their lives to these brutal, savage murders by gang members. steve: we know that they are brutal. we know they are savage. we know a lot of them are in this country illegally, colonel, why are they -- if you know that a gang is operating in your county, and you know that they're in the united states illegally, why can't you just extract them for that? >> fighting gang crime is rather difficult. it's not like 20 years ago where gang members stood on a corner and marked their territory with graffiti.
3:18 am
today what we have a level of sophistication. gang members are using social media. they are on the dark side of it and they are targeting our elementary and middle school children for recruitment. new arrivals to our country who lack any sort of family or parental structure and gangs are providing a parental family structure which atax these young kids. and that's what we're up against. and we need our communities to engage with us to prevent and fight gang crime. steve: how much coordination is there going between department and ice. country illegally involved in criminal gang activity? you would think that would be a pretty easy deal to go ahead and say, you know what? let's go ahead and have some sort of hearing on this person and see whether or not they have got to go. >> fairfax county police department is one of 50 major city and county
3:19 am
agencies in the united states where we proactively have a gang task force that works with the immigration side of immigration and customs enforcement on the task force. we have local state and federal partners. and we target gang members to try to apprehend and arrest them and then the administrative side of ice, it's their responsibility at the federal government to then deport these violent criminals. steve: i understanding you told, colonel, one of our producers, it's in the notes here part of problem regarding this is the breakdown of the family. >> correct. absolutely. there is no family structure in the majority of these gang members that we encounter. whether it's children that were savagely murdered of or the suspects that did the murder. they do not -- they lack parental structure and that's the weakness in our nation. that's where they get
3:20 am
recruited by the gang. the gang offers them money, opportunity, status. and makes them feel good. and that's where we have to combat this as a community together with law enforcement. steve: and it sounds like you are doing what you can all right. colonel rosseler jr., thank you very much. >> you're welcome. have a great day. steve: what do you think about that? let us know at a fast food chain under fire for refusing to serve police officers. plus the resistance reaching a fevered pitch in hollywood. peter fonda posting a disgusting tweet about the president's son last week. you heard that seth rogan snubbing paul ryan. and former home improvement star here with a message his hollywood friends need to hear. and he is next ♪ hollywood nights ♪ those hollywood years ♪ she was looking so right ♪ man: i got scar tissue there.
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pete: welcome back. a couple quick headlines for you. starting with a fox news alert. turkish president erdogan winning another term although disputed and sweeping new powers overnight. under the new system of office of prime minister will be abolished. he had gone shot president consolidates his power certain to issue decrees without parliamentary approval. folks, we are looking at radical islamic dictatorship inside nato ally in turkey police force detained after assassinated in mexico. the o camp officer suspected of being involved. fernando juarez shot thursday. at least 18 candidates have been killed leading up to the july 1st election. elections are actually more difficult than we realize. ainsley: thank you so much,
3:25 am
pete. the anti-trump resistance reaching a fevered pitch. seth rogan rejected paul ryan's request for a photo in front of his children. the actor peter fonda posting that obscene tweet involving kidnapping president trump's son barron that resulted in the secret service being notified and then the actor apologizing. why do these celebrities so so low? here to discuss this former home improvement star zachery ryan. thank you for being with us. >> happy to be with you. thank you, ainsley. ainsley: how do you classify yourself when it comes to politics, conservative or liberal? >> i'm very much more on the conservative side i almost consider myself conservative libertarian. ainsley: when you see what hollywood is doing, how does it make you feel and why are they so off the rails? >> yeah. it's really disappointing
3:26 am
hey, i think seth is a really funny guy. is he his own brand. it's his prerogative. at the same token is he obviously not very solution focused. he had this opportunity to have some dialogue with paul ryan. maybe express his disagreements. maybe influence him on some level and maybe they could have worked together to help, you know, help the problems that he has. instead he draws a line in the sand. he kind of upsets the two sons and then he goes on stephen colbert and drags about it i don't know if there is any progress being made there. ainsley: this is what he tweeted now my tl is going to be signaled with virtue signaling snowflakes offended by my free speech. he does have the right to say i don't want to take a picture with you. what's the harm in taking a picture even if you disagree with them politically? >> yeah. you are absolutely right. i mean, one thing that i was taught by my mother and father growing up and
3:27 am
especially being in the public eye, it is your fans who make you who you are. without them, you really are nobody and you are not making the money you are making, you don't have the fame you have. so, you know, again, it's drawing the line in the sand. it's separating half of this country that probably now might not want to support him in his endeavors as he moves forward. ainsley: never forget where he came they put food on his table. cathy griffin is back in the news. she tweeted out a picture with stormy daniels and she wrote i support you 100 percent #f the f word trump. both of them are shooting the bird. we are fuzzing that out in that picture. she also tweeted out f you melania. you know damn well your husband can end this immediately you feckless piece of blank. that is hateful. why such extreme rhetoric? >> yeah. it's just vulgar. you know, this is a sign
3:28 am
that they're losing. this is a sign, you know, i have been saying this for a while now, but they have no message. if your message is hate trump, you are really not getting very far, you know, with your agenda and what you are trying to accomplish. ainsley: where is the tolerance? >> there is no tolerance. that's what i have been saying so long. ainsley: if they disagree. there is only tolerance if you agree. >> only tolerance if you agree with them. you either fall in line or get out of line, basically. it's very much a one-way street. coming from a lot of your elitists and minions that do whatever they say in my opinion. it's very frustrating. i feel on the right we have a lot more free thinkers. we even disagree with others at times. one thing i will give the left and liberals is that, you know, they stick to the agenda. you know, you saw with bernie sanders, i mean, when we saw that they basically,
3:29 am
you know, corrupted his campaign and weren't letting him move forward, you know, they stuck together. you would have thought bernie sanders would have goodehavegotten really upset ind they fell in line. this is how they work and stick together. they don't have a message. and we do. you know, we are denuclearizing the korean peninsula. we are going for fair trade. we're trying to make this country great again. and i'm behind it 100 percent. ainsley: zachery, i know it's tough to talk about that and support the administration in hollywood. we appreciate you coming on. you have your right to have your belief as well. thank you. have a great day. >> i appreciate it, ainsley. have a great day. likewise. ainsley: the left has a whole new hatred for ice. >> we can protect our borders without being cruel to kids. >> abolish ice. ainsley: now some protesters
3:30 am
are even removing the american flag. it's deadline day for the doj and fbi to explain their informants in the trump campaign. dan bongino says this is the real collusion story. and he's going to join us next ♪ like the rivers and the woodland ♪ wild and free ♪ i got 100 years of down home ♪ running through my blood ♪ i was for his well-being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> i think we need to abolish ice. that seems really clear. [cheers] >> they have stray sod far from the interest of the american people and interest of humanity. >> and, congress, i will work to close ice down. we can protect our borders without being cruel to kids. >> abolish ice. abolish ice. abolish ice. steve: in when cynthia nixon said have you got to abolish ice on the view who are those people applauding? oh yeah that's a good idea. ainsley: have you are sat in that audience at least the
3:34 am
one time i went to "the view" a long time ago. they hold up signs that say clap. steve: ultimately though is that a good idea to abolish ice? we will bring in dan bongino who hosts the podcast the dan bongino show. we know there are a lot of people in this country who do not like the whole idea of separating families at our border. we know that. we get that. but, is there a connection between that and getting rid of our enforcement agency known as ice? >> no, steve. i mean, that idea is insane. but, guys, it's not new. there is a large strain of the democratic party that has been open borders for a long time. and getting rid of ice is a part of that. you know, this has been the gift of donald trump. i heard our friend charlie hurt who is a frequent guest on our show and others on fox. i heard him on the weekend. he said something incredible.
3:35 am
short but very profound. politics in d.c. for the longest time has been a southwest agreed upon premises. the agreed upon premises donald trump is shaking that whole thing up. the republicans are afraid of the media and said just give us power but media people leave us alone. and the democrats have been moving farther and farther left while the media has covered up for them. their antigun agenda and open borders agenda. the gift you have donald trump, guys, has been thability to expose the democrats for what they are. the abolish ice, open borders, tax cuts are crumbs. this is who they are and donald trump has exposed them. pete: will that be what they run on in addition to abolishing ice, repealing tax cuts and open borders they are running on medicare for all. these are their policy positions going into 2018 mid terms is this what americans are looking for? >> pete, guys like you and me who do this for a living, we are content producers, this is what we do. we produce content. our job is to follow
3:36 am
liberals, conservatives. this is what we do. average soccer mom out there has a job and kids and busy. they don't spend the time you and i have to to follow what liberals are doing. this has been them the whole time. we know this. are they going to run on this? here's the answer. no, they are not. the majority of democrats are going to run away from it. make no mistake, pete, this is exactly who they are and republicans running against them are going to absolutely pin this to them. all of these campaign ads. kirstjen nielsen, people screaming in front of her house, marks seen watters screaming almost nearly inciting violence at a rally. all of this stuff is going to become part of the campaign ad. this is who they are. some of them will run away from it. good republican candidates should not let them. this is the democratic party. ainsley: maxine waters at that rally she likes that these people that work for president trump are booed and forced to leave restaurants in front of family members and being harassed.
3:37 am
in fact, she is calling on people who don't agree with this administration to keep it up. what's your reaction? >> you know, ainsley, i didn't mean to steal your segway there with max seen watters. i watched this video and as a former secret service agent who proudly by the way protected barack obama, george bush and bill clinton when i started, proudly, i mean, politics has nothing to do with it. there are ways, ainsley, to petition public officials. there is nothing more american by the way. also ways to protest them. nothing more american than that while they are with their families in restaurants? you think this is appropriate? here is what worries me about this. what worries me is not all democrats but a large swath of the democrat party sin fested with radical liberals it that have no emergency break on their behavior. conservatives largely speaking are attached to big r rights from god. we don't ever engage ever in proactive violence ever because it's not part of our moral code. ring of the democratic party
3:38 am
who have this ends justify the means mentality and what worries me, what frightens me legitimately is there is no emergency brake? when do they stop? people were clapping at that rally for maxine waters. they should have been horrified. ainsley: imagine if that would have been barack obama and michelle obama and their two daughters. >> if you said that on this network, you would be banned forever. i mean, rightfully so. that is horrible stuff, please petition, assemble, protest but with their families and inciting violence you? really think this is appropriate? if you do, we are in far different place, and got to that place far faster than i ever thought. steve: dan bongino joining us today from down in florida thank you very much. have a great week. >> thanks, guys, you too. pete: now we have jillian mele right over here. how have you been? jillian: excellent. how about you?
3:39 am
pete: good. jillian: scary situation guns, knives and bombs all making it on ships one of the busiest crews ports in the world. investigators were able to sneak 16 knives, 8 fake ieds and four fake ids. 1.7 million passengers set sail every year. burger king under fire, employ gross at one location in louisiana are fired after refusing to serve two uniformed deputies. the workers apparently telling the deputies just done with swat training. they were all out of food. the assumption public information officer these same burger king employees robbery occurring at the time would have expected these two deputies to take a bullet for them and they would have. restaurants owner says the employees served service to several people not just to the deputies. senator joe manchin rushes to the rescue saving fellow
3:40 am
senator mccaskill. performed the heimlich. she is now left with a broken rib. the pair are seen of two of the most vulnerable senate democrats up for re-election this year. baseball players are used for superstitions. this astro's player took it to a whole new level. alex in the middle of a slump ditches his mustache mid game. it didn't work though. >> i wonder what pro. ed it a clean looking alex. >> he is not too happy there, huh? he did not come up with a hit the entire game. his team came out on top. the astros won 11-3 over the kansas city royals. that's just like 5:00 shadow it looks like. that's not a full on mus attach. pete: baseball players wildly superstitious. ainsley: where did he go to do it in the dugout? jillian: just like hey, here
3:41 am
you go. steve: jillian, thank you. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. wildfire destroying homes in northern california. pete: small chunk of the fire unfortunately has been contained. ainsley: mandatory evacuations are now underway as the conditions out there are getting worse. janice dean is going to join us with the latest. janice: we have extreme to exceptional drought across the southwest and california. they need the moisture. unfortunately not in the forecast. and it's going to remain very warm and dry across portions of the southwest. california stretching in towards the southern plains. so that's going to be a big problem over the next couple of days. can you see no rain in sight for this area, but we do have rain and the potential for flooding across the central u.s. the central plains, stretching into the ohio valley, parts of the mid-atlantic, and the southeast where we could see the threat for hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes and heavy rainfall as well there is the model forecast. that doesn't seem to be -- there you go. to so a couple of inches across those areas arrests well. we have this frontal
3:42 am
boundary and along that frontal boundary is where we have seen the potential for heavy rain. a beautiful 81 degrees here in new york city with partly sunny skies. pete: i always learn something from you i didn't know it was severe to extreme to exceptional. swan january across the southwest. a drought monitor something we watch especially across the southwest. steve: in other words look out. pete: always learning. demand your nuclear arsenal. the united states set to kim kim jong un his marching orders in a time line of demands. what should those demands be? we're going to break it down next. steve: plus, be a man, jimmy. why the president is now firing back at another late night host about hair, apparently. ♪ because baby now we got bad blood ♪ now we got problems ♪ and i don't think we can involve them ♪ you made a big
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pete: welcome back. following the president wants historic summit with kim jong un. the u.s. expected to present north korea with a time line to meet specific demands. what should those demands be and what should a time line look like? how long? that's a big question. joining us now for first appearance as newly lamented fox news contributor. colonel jim reese. thanks for joining us and congratulations in joining the fox news family. we appreciate you being here and all of your service. >> thanks, pete. pete: you gout it talk to us about this time line. saw the meeting. got a lot of promises and hope for denuclearization. how long should this time line be and what needs to be in it? >> well, pete, first and foremost, we have to remember that this is just not a u.s. time line. this is a negotiated settlement for the korean peninsula.
3:47 am
so, our negotiators will work very diligently and very close with the south korean government to make sure we understand some of the nuances that have to be done, the cultural nuances that have to be done during the negotiations to make sure it meets the koreans peninsula. the one thing i think we need to be careful about and i saw that, you know, right away we go into a two and a half year time period which also coincides with the president, you know, time line in before his re-election campaign. that's something i think that we make mistakes sometimes. we have seen it in afghanistan. iraq. other negotiations. where we tie it with the president's time line. and that's not something. now, two and a half years, i think is, an okay time line. if it starts slipping to the right. we don't want to press that back inside to the left. pete: got it because of political demands. we have seen that on the battlefield and unfortunately that does end up playing a part. what aspect time line and
3:48 am
how soon should would he be demanding joint expectations. how soon should we demand material leaving that country, things like that. >> yeah. well, first and foremost. the number one factor that i believe is critical is that in these negotiations, that there are joint expectation teams that are allowed to get in there. so that initially starts off and then an assessment. what truly is north korea? what is what does our intelligence community based off what the assessment teams will do? how will those match up. this isn't something you turn the lights off and go to bed and call it a day. this will take time. there is going to be a lot of work that needs to be done. you know, they have to get rid of all of this nuclear you know its fition that takes time. we will be on mark. pete: one last topic. pointing out that north korea is getting rid of u.s.
3:49 am
anti-propaganda in state media. something a lot of people have missed. how significant is that? because they have been telling their people how horrible we are for decades and how significant is this change? >> i think it's a very great, good faith gesture by the north koreans. one, it gets their people aligned with, you know what their president wants to do along with negotiations. when i was lieutenant on panmunjom on the dmz years ago we would be inundated propaganda and we would hear it all night long. this is a good gesture by the north koreans. pete: we will be watching. colonel jim reese welcome to the fox news channel. >> that. >> , pete. pete: do you remember when romney said this about president trump in 2016. >> donald trump is a phoney, a con man, a fake. is he playing the members of the american public for
3:50 am
suckers. pete: now senate candidate romney says he is not done speaking out yet. and all she wanted was to find a man of her dreams. but now she is suing a dating site for turning her life into a nightmare. carley shimkus with that topic and the day's other trending stories coming up next. we had long deployments in iraq. i'm really grateful that usaa was able to take care of my family while i was overseas serving. it was my very first car accident. we were hit from behind. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles and we're usaa members for life.
3:51 am
see how much you could save with usaa by bundling your auto and home insurance. get a quote today.
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3:53 am
steve: jimmy fallon speaking out about a backlash he got for messing up the president's hair during the campaign in 2016. >> i did not do it to
3:54 am
formalize him or to say i believe in his political believes. it was all in the fun of the show. i made a mistake. i'm sorry if i made anyone mad. and looking back i would do it differently. pete: just stick to the fun of the show. these comments not sitting well with the president who tweeted jimmy fallon is now whimpering he did the famous hair show with me where he seriously messed up my hair, and that he would have done it differently because he is said to have quote humanized me. is he taking heat. he called and said monster ratings. be a man, jimmy. ainsley: here with reaction social media fox news headline carley shimkus. is he regretting doing something in 2016,messing up his hair? what's the big deal. >> he just responded to the president's tweet. he said he going to donate to the charity races which provides legal services to illegal immigrants or immigrant children in texas. so he has gone political on this. i think he is just trying to
3:55 am
get back some of the fans that he may have lost by joking around with the president. so, of course, there is a whole lot of reaction to this online. ben shapiro said that said it's pretty amazing that a late night most feels the necessity to apologize for a funny segment for a presidential candidate who ended up winning the oval office. neil says it's sad that the last funny late night show host lost his backbone and apologized for one of the highest rated shows. fallon's last funny moment and he regrets it shame and you are a comedian. despite this reaction, he did lose ratings. he did lose -- he is now losing to stephen colbert. many people say it's the late night show audience is young and young folks aren't necessarily the president's voting base. steve: meanwhile, a lot of young people are online. then again other young people online looking for love. a woman in great britain went to one of those sites.
3:56 am
didn't find a guy and now she is suing. >> this is elite dating service. meaning it is expensive. it cost her 12,600 pounds to join this service. she now wants that money back she told the judge you shouldn't people in fragile mind women in their 40's a man of their dreams. now she is being counter sued by dating service called 70-30 for defamation because she is going on social media callings whole thing a scam. steve: there are no guarantees. >> you can't assume these dating sites are going to find amman. ainsley: can't find a man she should make some money. >> go to a bar the old fashioned way. get a cocktail, find some love that way. steve: she will wind up meeting a lawyer. >> that's. she can find a man there. ainsley: still ahead on this monday. congressman devin nunes and
3:57 am
florida attorney general pam bondi and jonathan turley are all here live. when we were dating, we used to get excited about things like concert tickets or a new snowboard. matt: whoo! whoo! jen: but that all changed when we bought a house. matt: voilà! jen: matt started turning into his dad. matt: mm. that's some good mulch. ♪ i'm awake. but it was pretty nifty when jen showed me how easy it was to protect our home and auto with progressive.
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4:00 am
intimidation going on. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, tell them they're not welcome. >> what worries me is not all democrats, but a large swath of the democratic party infested with these radical liberals that have no emergency brake on their behavior. ainsley: a dangerous threat exposed 11 ms-13 gang members now charged in the brutal murder of two teenagers. >> they're targeting our elementary and moolg children for recruitment. >> time to cooperate. the u.s. expected to present north korea with a time line to meet specific demands. >> i would say within the next 6 to 12 months we have our first inspectors in we
4:01 am
will be on mark. >> 5:00 p.m. this afternoon that's when devin nunes is demanding that the justice department and fbi confirmed that informs were used to gather information on the trump campaign. [cheers] >> what a round. bubba watson, 63. ♪ don't tread on me. steve: i love the fact that bubba watson won that tournament yesterday. remember when he won the masters and they put the coat on him what do you think, bubba? he goes, you know what? i never got this far in the dream. where he always dreamed of getting the masters never dreamed of winning it. ainsley: he is a cryer. too. he is so sweet. i have interviewed him about his wife and struggles with his family. how much he loves his wife and how he ha she has been there
4:02 am
for him. is he very successful. steve: brian is out today. pete is in today. ainsley: you worked this weekend. pete: i'm very well prepared. i have done my homework for today's show. ainsley: 8 hours prepared you, right? pete: that's right. steve: pete was talking about this all weekend long. lawmakers set to get back today in d.c. with a focus on immigration reform. pete: that's right. the president calling on democrats to help fix the laws as immigrant families are being reunited at the border. ainsley: kevin corke is live at the white house with the latest. kevin? >> good morning, guys. the president telling the american people that the days of using children as sort of an end round to get into our country are over. he said this on twitter. the president calling them invaders, believe it or not. we can't allow all these people to invade our country. when somebody comes in we must immediately with no judges or court cases, bring them back from where they came. our system is mockery to good immigration policy and law and order.
4:03 am
most children come without parents. hhs with more than 10,000 kids in its care who arrived at&t loble endoorstep. a policy that really took off during the obama administration. >> if anything it shows how much we need the wall. but, it's the democrats' faulted but it wouldn't be there fault for long if they sat down with us, we could make a deal so quickly, but looking like they really wants open borders and really want crime to pour in. >> merit based immigration. that's got to be the key. the president saying that's how other country does it successfully. and this country will, in fact, follow suit sooner than later. employing folks on capitol hill to get the job done. for now back to you. steve: all right, kevin. thank you very much. the problem up on capitol hill and the president and republicans have point you had this out, is well, the republicans have got these two plans. one failed last week one bill and another one is going to come up for a vote this week probably will fail
4:04 am
is nobody on the other side of the aisle, the democrats, want to talk about anything. pete: they are not even at the table. we have mark meadows, the chairman of the freedom caucus on this program shortly later on in this hour to ask him about that. is there a bill the republicans can pass. we want the wall. we want merit based. we to end lottery system. catch and release is a disaster. dare democrats to say what they're for amnesty and open borders. that is the contrast. passing something could be helpful and pick up seats in the senate. ainsley: watching tv throughout the weekend. all the sunday show that's what they were talking about. immigration issues. even. so shows late night based on immigration and repeats of what they had found down on the border. definitely a hot topic issue. maxine waters at a press conference. a congresswoman against this president. she keeps saying impeach, impeach. pete: resist 45. he'll he'll she was at rally. she was talking about sarah huckabee sanders, kirstjen
4:05 am
nielsen they have all been booed or heckled or harassed while eating at a restaurant with their families or loved ones. she is saying keep it up. when you see someone who works for the administration go out there and create a cry. listen to this. >> if you think we are rallying now. you ain't seen nothing yet. no peace, no sleep. guess what? we're going to win this battle. god is on our side. [cheers] on the side of the children, on the side of what's right. and if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. and you push back on them. and you tell them they are not welcome. anymore anywhere. steve: she is saying keep it up. pushing that particular message. pam bondi, who is the attorney general for florida
4:06 am
is going to be on with us a little later on. she apparently was heckled and harassed at a movie about mr. rogers. and she is quoted in today's politico as saying when you are violent and cursing and screaming and blocking me from walking into a movie there is something wrong. the next people are going to come with guns. that's what's going to happen. and that is something that dan bongino echos that it could incite violence. >> there is this wing of the democrat party with these radical liberals who has this ends justifies the means mentality. what frighten me there is no emergency break. when do they stop? people were clapping at that rally for maxine waters. they should have been horrified. assemble, protest, but with their families and inciting violence? you really think this is appropriate? if you do we are in a far different place and we got to that place far faster than i ever thought. ainsley: he is right. it could be very dangerous it could lead to something else.
4:07 am
when someone heckles you or says something. most of those individuals have walked away peacefully and been respectful. what happens if they lose their temper and they start yelling and someone else -- i mean, you just don't -- kids watching. kids are there. it's really embarrassing for the family. it could become dangerous. steve: nobody is encouraging violence. pete: she used the word harass. ainsley: you don't wants it to escalate into that. pete: words used about law enforcement officials about ice gestapo, nazis, protesters screaming at them. confronting them. remember when during the black lives matter movement when we had the dehumanization of cops. pigs in a blanket, fry them like blanket. when you dehumanize them and say these people are evil, it gives people, unfortunately, the ability to feel like they could confront them or should confront them. that could happen with ice. law enforcement officers in tough situations making tough calls. now dehuman mize you had. and it's happening with members of the administration. it's really out of control.
4:08 am
ainsley: we have gotten to a point in our country where if you disagree with someone, then you are going to be heckled at a restaurants. you should be able to disagree. steve: which is what happened to sarah huckabee sanders. she was asked to leave a restaurant out in lexington, virginia, which is way out west. and, do you know what's interesting, and have you heard the backlash of apparently the woman who runs the restaurant has doubled down and said i would do it again, but now, the political left is saying that was a big mistake. "the washington post" editorial page said they should have let her aide along with her party. elijah cummings member of congress from maryland. he says it was a mistake. should have let them eat. then have you david axelrod who tweeted this out. kind of amazed and appalled by the number of folks on the left who applauded the expulsion of press secretary sarah huckabee sanders and her family from the restaurant. this, in the end is, a triumph for donald trump's vision of america. now, we are divided by red plates and blue plates,
4:09 am
#sad. for david axelrod to come out to say this number one a red line was crossed. number two, essentially that is a political loser for the left if they keep that up. if he is doing that i think that's probably a good analysis. it's a warning. maybe this is not the way you should be going. ainsley: i think the majority of people out there are good people. they want the best. when you watch those videos of the immigrants families, my gosh, everyone has a heart for those moms and those babies. you want the best for them. ainsley: you definitely want to keep the country safe and make sure -- we have talked to so many people who have lost their loved ones because people are deported. they come back into the country and they're criminals and they have lost their children. you wants to keep american children safe. you also want to keep these immigrant children safe as well. finding a solution. pete: absolutely. amongst republicans they support this president. latest gallup poll says 90% of republicans are behind this president.
4:10 am
before the democrats resisted him. the establishment in the republican party took him on. you will remember mitt romney. things he said about president trump, then candidate trump speaking out against him ferociously during the campaign. steve: a fraud and a phony. >> is he running for senate. the primary is tomorrow. he has got a op-ed in the salt lake tribune about the president. listen to what mitt romney wrote coming out now. he said i have and will continue to speak out when the president says or done something which is decisive, racist, sexist, anti-immigrant. dishonest or destructive to democratic institutions. i do not make this a daily commentary. i express contrary views only when i believe it is a matter of substantial significance. so, it seems the resistance will include romney as well. steve: but, you know, he was honest. he felt that donald trump's first year exceeded his expectations. love the fact that he was cut regulations and drop the tax cut bill as well. however, mr. romney does say he will oppose the president when it comes to tariffs.
4:11 am
pete: he hasn't learned. okay. he says, as you pointed out, anti-immigrants. the policies the president is pursuing is not anti-immigrants. it's anti-illegal immigration. ainsley: read that statement. pete: feed into the left's talking points when you feed nonsense. steve: romney wanted to reform things and wanted people to self-report. that didn't work out so well. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has headlines. jillian: update on news we are following out of detroit. incredible new details on that overnight plane crash in a detroit neighborhood. learning a couple from texas died on board the flight. witnesses smashing windows, savings their 17-year-old son. the teen remains in critical condition. police believe the small plane hit a tree before crashing into the street landing upside down and engulfing in flames. the pilot reported a technical issue and low fuel before crashing. an investigation underway after dozens of people at ecigarette plant are hospitalized.
4:12 am
workers at the massachusetts factory having trouble breathing. crews still working to figure out exactly what happened. there was a chlorine leak earlier in the day at the same building. fire officials don't think that was the cause. g.o.p. congressional candidate from south carolina recovering from two major surgeries after a car crash. katie arrington is expected to make a full recovery. she was injured friday night in head on collision with a wrong way driver. the driver in that car was killed in the crash. with president trump's support she beat out mark sanford in south carolina's g.o.p. primary earlier this month. first lady melania trump surprise ago group of students with a message on kindness. the first lady opening the students against destructive decisions conference in virginia. >> kindness, compassion and pot opositivity are very important traits in life. it's easier to judge quickly than take time to understand. treat your community like your family and look out for
4:13 am
one mother. another. >> last month she unveiled be best platform health and well being, kindness and safety online and the impact of the opioid crisis on children. look at your headlines. ainsley: thank you, jillian. next guest joins us after historic tax cuts. >> tax savings from this expand even further. make more loans, which means hiring moral people. steve: how are things looking foris business six months later? he is going to join us live, next. pete: tried dancing away with stolen lotto tickets. all those moves got her was a ticket to jail. good moves though ♪ crazy on you ♪ let me go crazy, crazy on you ♪
4:14 am
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4:18 am
us back in january. >> when the tax reform passed we wanted to share those benefits with our employees. the tax savings that we get from this, allow us to expand even further. make more loans, which means hiring more people. steve: and so he gave all of his employee as thousand dollar bonus. what other impacts have the tax cuts shown six months later? here with an update the ceo of equesta jim angle of boston. jim, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: six months ago, you were optimistic, you had given everybody $1,000 bonus in anticipation. let's fast forward to today. what are you seeing? >> we are seeing huge amount of growth. we are hiring people. we have hired 29 since january 1st. and continue to expand. the area that we are doing business in business is optimistic. they are -- well, for us,
4:19 am
they are borrowing money. as a bank, that's what we want. it's a good time. steve: you are in the banking business. a commercial bank. and people are borrowing more money. we have got a big screen that shows the impact on your company. have you increased your employees by 9%. have you expanded your branches, began construction on operation centers and, of course, the growth in lending as well. during the commercial, i asked you how things have progressed since the tax cut, you said incredible. >> right. steve: it's all keyed on what? >> it's keyed on the expectations of the future. businesses begin to expand or hire expecting that future growth. and we have done the same thing. we are hiring based on what we are seeing today. but, also, what we are expecting in the future. so that we're ready to take market share away from our competitors. steve: are you surprised at
4:20 am
the level of optimism you have now as opposed to what you had six months ago? >> to some extent, yes. because a lot of tax cuts have not been fully realized by people yet. we're only six months in. so, they have had some tax reductions in their withholdings. but, for the most part, people haven't really seen it yet. they will, though. and as that happens, i think we are going to see continued growth. to a large extent because people have more money to spend. businesses, therefore, respond by making investments in equipment and people and so forth. steve: and, of course, you are in the banking business and you love all that stuff. jim engel the ceo of aquest that joining us from boston where is he kind of on vacation. jim, thank you for joining us live. >> thank you so much for having me. i appreciate it. steve: you betcha. backlash growing over this virginia restaurant that refused to serve sarah huckabee sanders.
4:21 am
one congressional candidate from that town says he is embarrassed. he will join us live. plus, it's deadline dated for the department of justice and fbi. will congress finally get the answers and documents they want? congressman mark meadows is next. good morning, sir. sts share the same vision. experts from all over the world, working closely together to deliver truly personalized cancer care. specialists focused on treating cancer. using advanced technologies. and more precise treatments than before. working as hard as we can- doing all that we can- for everyone who walks through our doors. this is cancer treatment centers of america. and these are the specialists we're proud to call our own. treating cancer isn't one thing we do.
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4:24 am
♪ >> you're fired. >> you're fired. >> you're fired. ainsley: news by the numbers. $32,000 is how much the border table from the apprentice sold at auction in las vegas. twice the amount than originally expected. use offed on 5, 6 and 76 the hit show. jurassic world fallen king donald opening weekend in the u.s. and up in canada. the fifth film in the franchise stomping past the
4:25 am
700-million-dollar mark globally. finally, 6 shots. that is how far behind the leader bubba watson was before an incredible round on sunday. watson shooting 7 under par to claim his third travelers championship. congratulations. pete: pretty cool. thanks, ainsley. 5:00 p.m. today, the fbi facing intel chair devin nunes' deadline to explain alleged use of informants in the trump campaign. top republicans including our next guest not satisfied with the info they have sent in a classified letter. g.o.p. congressman mark meadows sits on the house oversight committee. he is also the chairman of the house freedom caucus. thanks for being here this morning. >> great to be here, obviously. pete: talk about what is lacking in the information given by the doj and fbi. >> i think there is a couple perform things. one is the information that devin nunes has rightfully requested since almost a year ago. and they have yet to fully comply. but on a parallel track, the speaker gave doj and fbi
4:26 am
last week to make a decision. that decision was are you going to be part of the coverup team or part of the cleanup team? and i think, based on the results that we saw last week of the documents that we got. it's obvious they are going to be part of the coverup team. pete: why are they still part of the coverup team? >> here we have got some 10,000 documents on one request. pages of documents that have still yet to be delivered to congress. we have another potentially 50,000 pages of documents not being delivered. and here's the interesting thing. of the president delivered 1.2 million documents to doj in 90 days and here we are in nine months we can't even get 25,000 documents. this is what the doj and fbi are saying. they are saying the fbi believes it i it has substantially complied with the majority of the committee's request. and is actively working to identify and produce additional materials on a rolling basis to fulfill the committee's remaining request under the fbi's purview. you say that's not true.
4:27 am
especially things on informants. >> it's not backed up by the facts, pete. the american people understand that. here's the interesting thing. if we have 50,000 documents that we should have gotten and we got 1400 last friday. 1400 versus 50,000. the american people say that is not compliant. pete: of course not. >> more importantly we say it. there is going to be floor action this week on the house floor. we will be voting to compel doj and fbi to make sure that they get those documents. pete: has that been done before. >> it has not been done before. weave think it's about time. the speaker has given deadlines. we have given deadlines. we had a subpoena issued on march the 22nd. here we are 96 days later and nothing has been complied. pete: people hear documents all the time. >> we are seeking back and forth conversations between peter strzok and andy mccabe and i'm here to tell you that even with those explosive text messages that we saw with peter strzok.
4:28 am
there is a high probability that we don't even have all the text messages. my good friend jim jordan has made a request of the ig to say do we have them all? i think you are going to find out we are missing key components of even the text messages. pete: as we know, some folks in the house and senate see more intelligence than others. called the gang of 8. one member of that gang of 8 is senator warner sits on the senate intel committee. this piece of news came out recently. he was quoted assaying this at a fund raiser. if you get me one more glass of wine i will tell you stuff only bob mueller and i know if you think you have seen wild stuff so far, buckle up. it's going to be a wild couple of months. what is this highly sourced senator talking about? >> well, you know, no telling what is he talking about with that glass of wine comment. here's what i do know is that we will find in the coming days, in fact, this week, i believe, where senator warner actually was engaged with director comey in a number of ways that i believe would not suggest the open and transparent
4:29 am
government that we seek to have. pete: you are saying this week maybe hear from correspondents. former director do you know where we are going to hear it from? >> i would rather not say it right now. that's a tease for your viewers this morning. pete: what do we know about sally moyer? >> obviously, sally moyer. pete: said terrible things about trump in ig report. >> part of the investigative team. what we do know is that along with peter strzok and lisa page, sally moyer was in a whole lot of those discussions. in fact, the discussion of the discussions she was right there. making investigative decisions and so, we have just got to get to the bottom of it can i tell you the american people are tired of it guy back home to north carolina, and they are just very, very frustrated with the fact that this president continues to get attacked over and over again. and, yet, the doj and fbi are not transparent. pete: more to come. we will follow up with you on that for sure. this week also a big week on immigration. >> right.
4:30 am
pete: as someone who control as lot of vote freedom caucus important ones, what do you see coming? >> we have a vote, i believe, tomorrow night on the house floor with immigration. we worked over the weekend. multiple calls. i had a couple of one hour conference calls yesterday trying to get the language. ultimately if we do not succeed. cathy mcmorris las angeles dodgerrogers hasgiven insight hp families together. i would think if it doesn't pass on tuesday night, you will see a follow-up piece of legislation within days. pete: bigger deal pass or fail. >> i would think fail right now. pete: hang jump on the daca side? >> probably on daca kids being able to sponsor their parents to come here. you know, it was the reverse and so i think. pete: original deal daca kids came here through no fault of their own. now we are talking about them bringing their parents and bring others. >> that's in the current bill u that's the biggest hangup. pete: got. it thanks for your time. >> i will.
4:31 am
pete: even though asheville, north carolina is beautiful. i could spend more time there. pete: 11 gang members charged in the brutal murder of two teenagers. you will see from the police chief leading the investigation coming up next. and it's trump vs. fallon. the late night feud now going viral. he said he humanized the president and he apologizes for it do you believe it? ♪ i can't get no satisfaction. ♪ i try ♪ and i try ♪ and i try ♪ and i try ♪ i can't get no you got a1c, heart, diet, and exercise. slide 'em up or slide 'em down. so let's see. for most of you, it's lower a1c. but only a few of you are thinking about your heart. fact is, even though it helps to manage a1c, type 2 diabetes still increases your risk of a fatal heart attack or stroke.
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this is not a this is the destruction of a cancer cell by the body's own immune system, thanks to medicine that didn't exist until now. and today can save your life. ♪ ♪ >> could i mess your hair up? [cheers] >> go ahead. my hair -- [laughter] [cheers and applause] >> donald trump, everybody. steve: very funny moment back in september before the
4:35 am
election back in 2016. and after it happened, you know, a lot of people said i can't believe he would mess up his hair like that. apparently they were friendly at the time. it kind of showed. but then, as it turns out. jimmy fallon started getting a lot of criticism from people on his, you know, in his circle of friends. they said how dare you humanize him. pete: can't normalize trump. like the good old dayed when you could joke on late night tv. ainsley: everyone was wondering if his hair was real. steve: it's real. ainsley: you can put your hands in it and messed up it. pete: now he regrets it. he gave a radio interview and says he shouldn't have done it listen to jimmy fallon on the radio. >> i did not do it to normalize him or to say i believe in his political believes. all in the fun of the show. i made a mistake, i'm sorry if i made anyone mad. and, looking back, i would do it differently.
4:36 am
ainsley: heaven for bid you normalize someone or have fun. jimmy fallon is really funny. i think out of all the late night is he hilarious. he laugh us at himself. pete: he stayed out of the overt political stuff. ainsley: i'm shocked he said. this that was a highly rated show according it the president. he looks at the ratings. steve: apparently it's been that youing on him to say that to the hollywood reporter. after that was released. the president of the united states actually tweeted this out. jimmy fallon is now whimpering to all that he did the infamous hair show with me where he seriously messed up my hair and he would have now done it differently because it is to have humanized me. he is taking heat. he called and said monster ratings, apparently called the next day to the donald trump. be a man, jimmy. donald trump says. and then, since then, jimmy fallon has tweeted out in honor of the president's tweet, i will be making a donation to rises.
4:37 am
ever that is believed to be the refugeened immigrant center immigration and legal services. pete: couldn't take the liberal heat from manhattan how dare do you that go after him. ainsley: go down south or in the middle of the country, you will hear people they love the president. they will talk to you about it. in new york, if you like him, most people just keep their mouth shut. because, like jimmy fallon, a lot of the his friends are probably telling him he is probably hearing that a lot in new york because it's such liberal state. pete: echo chamber. steve: email us tweet or facebook us. pete: jillian, can we mess up your hair? jillian: why not? sometimes it's a mess anyway and doesn't need any help. what's going on with 11 ms-13 gang members charged in the 2016 kidnapping and killing of two teenagers in virginia. 10 of them are illegal immigrants. officials now seeking more
4:38 am
charges, some of which could include the death penalty. the chief of police at the fairfax county police department involved in this investigation joined us earlier to discuss their efforts to combat the vicious gang. >> they are targeting our elementary and middle school children for recruitment. gang offers them money. opportunity, status, and makes them feel good. and that's where we have to combat this as a community together with law enforcement. jillian: investigators believe the teens were killed because gang members thought one was working as a police informant and the other for a rival gang. a hot air balloon goes up in flames. watch this, after slamming into a power line. [[beep]] >> everybody get back. jillian: jeez, a hot air balloon flying across the lake before land not guilty
4:39 am
water. two officialerman rescued the pilot flying so hely. amazingly though he was fine. a thief busting a move before stealing lotto tickets. she leaned over the counter. police later arresting the 35-year-old dancing bandit when she returned to the st. louis convenience store to steal more tickets. what? a vegan loses it after waiting two hours for a gourmet veggie pretzel bun sapsd witch. turns out as you see there nothing more than green beans and carrots thrown on to a dry bun. calling the meal insulting. the only vegan option on the menu. i'm not vegan. i'm vegetarian. i have been there waiting and you get it and it's like a salad. really? ainsley: i had a friend who had high blood pressure and cholesterol. he said can i try to do it
4:40 am
myself with the diet. he game we began. lost so much weight and levels gone down and really really healthy. steve: ultimate bigger question would he be happier fat? jillian: no. steve: out yonder through that window behind us is janice dean the weather machine with. so folks. ainsley: hey, janice. janice: happy anniversary u ha what is the secret to a long marriage? >> probably. >> saying yes to her all the time. janice: excellent, excellent advice. where are you from? >> dallas, texas. >> what's your name? >> ginn. >> what are you doing here? >> i game to meet you. meet grandchildren but mainly to meet janice. janice: i love it. big hug. we have a pool over here. talk about that in a second. a real pool. 68 degrees in new york city. it's going to be a gorgeous day for those of you visiting new york city. you can see where we have some rain across the ohio valley and parts of the
4:41 am
southeast and the plain states. don't splash me over here. you youngings. could see the potential for large hail, damaging winds. isolated tornadoes. know what to do if there is a watch or a warning. it's going to be hot, hot, hot across the southwest. come over here, ed. we have a pool on the plaza right here. and we have got lots of kids. so we're going to be talking about pool safety coming up. wave to everybody at home, guys. is it cold in there? >> oh, yes it is. you acted well. stay tuned for that. more fun with pools. steve: people come here if there dallas and we splash them. steve: thanks, j.d. this is one of our big stories, backlash growing over this virginia restaurant, the red hen, that refused to serve sarah sanders. one congressional candidate from that town is embarrassed. is he going to join us.
4:42 am
you will want to hear his story next. it's preparing her daughters for the curveballs life throws. ♪ and it's guarding a family weekend- letting calls go to voicemail. ♪ it's planning so by the time this little guy's ready for college, she will be too. ♪ and it's sharing this retirement, with those who make life worth living. ♪ every way we look out for those we love is an act of mutuality. we can help with the financial ones. learn more or find an advisor at
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♪ jillian: hope you are having a good morning so far. welcome back. china takes spying to new heights. the country reportedly using drones look like real birds similar to this video. robotic flight is so life like birds flying along them while surveilling citizens. equipped with camera. their findings. when the best of best britain's elite forces will be protecting him. up to 10,000 police officers being drafted for the first presidential visit as terror attack threats intensify. they will even be surrounding him on the road. shielding him from assassination attempts. anxiously? ainsley: the red hen a restaurant in lexington, virginia. kicked out white house press secretary sarah sanders because she works in the trump administration.
4:46 am
is this type of trump hating sentiment how the people in that area really feel? lexington is our next guest's hometown and he says that this behavior is not representative of the community. here with more is the virginia house delegates and congressional candidate running for goodlatte's seat is ben klein. good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning, ainsley, thanks for having me. ainsley: ben, what was your reaction, when you saw the red hen, the picture and you heard the story about the owner kicking out sarah huckabee sanders and your her family in your area. >> it was very disappointing to hear. i grew up here in lexington. great small town with a lot to offer. washington university. national bridge virginia. state park. a great place with great people who are very friendly. when i heard that she was thrown out of a restaurant for her employer and her political believes i couldn't believe it i tweeted an apology and since then she has been in touch and talked about the great people who live in lexington
4:47 am
and who she met and it was a good encounter for her overall we want lexington to continue to be that great tourism spot for people to come to. ainsley: we had you on because we knew you tweeted about that and we wanted to ask you what your response was and what that area is like. this is when you tweeted. you said on behalf of my hometown of lexington i want to apologize for the rudeness of one liberal new york transplant who happens to be merely veep's cousin. we haven't confirmed we know that's rumor in the area. why was it important for you to get that message out? >> my campaign is all about the small town values of lexington. the sixth congressional district and america. we are full of small town with small town values of faith, family, community. these are the values that are lost in washington. these are the values i want to take back to washington. and so, it's ironic, quite frankly, that, you know, we kind of lost that one person, forgot those values
4:48 am
here in lexington. we need to be reminded of those values by sarah huckabee sanders. ainsley: have you ever eaten there? >> once i did. and it was long time ago but i have a feeling it will be the last time that do i eat there, moving forward. ainsley: the president just tweeted about it the red hen restaurant should focus on cleans filthy canopies, doors and windows, needs a paint job rather than serve a fine person like sarah huckabee sanders. i always had a rule if a restaurant is dirty on the outside, it is dirty on the inside. your reaction? >> well, i think that we need to continue to be hospitable and welcoming to people from all across the country, all political points of view. that's the town that i grew up in. and that's the town's reputation that i want to continue to carry and the values i want to carry to washington. ainsley: ben, something needs to be done. you will have to figure out how to bridge that divide in the area. wish you all the best with the election. >> thanks a lot.
4:49 am
ainsley: you are welcome. we have showed you frightening video. a toddler climbing up that locked ladder into the swimming pool. meant to keep kids out of the pool. we have the tips to keep our children safe this summer. that's coming up next. plus, did the inspector general report poison robert mueller's russia probe? we have jonathan turley on that in the next hour. ♪ head games ♪ it's you and me, baby ♪ head games ♪ i can't take it anymore ♪ head games ♪
4:50 am
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4:52 am
steve: this video has had everybody talking this week. a toddle father caught a toddler
4:53 am
climbing a safety ladder. drowning remains the number one cause of death for children under age of 4 in the united states. pete: can happen to anyone tragically. earlier this minnesota bode miller lost his 19 mold daughter to a pool drowning. so difficult to hear. ainsley: what do our parents need to know to keep their children safe this summer. the owner and ceo of swim gym and president of stop drowning now. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: what are tom of the tips. >> the first tip like you know that video was so scary to watch that kid able to climb the ladder. this ladder in particular should just be removed. it shouldn't be there when parents are not watching their children. steve: where do you put it. >> in the garage, out of the way. so children cannot climb the ladder. that ladder too angle. ainsley: ladder was locked. >> even with it locked. steve: with a pool like
4:54 am
this. in addition to if you have a ladder, take it away. when not in use. what are many solve the other layers? >> the other layers of protection would be to have alarms on the pool and alarms on your back doors and alarms on your gates and fences. have fencing that actually is four feet high with gates that close and lock automatically. steve: jim, we used to have is a swimming pool when we lived in virginia and we had one of those alarms that floated on the pool. the problem was every time the wind blew, the alarm went off. so we're thinking middle of the night one of the kids is in the pool. >> alarm is an important part. they have gotten better since then. a little bit. steve: still going to wake you up. >> layers of protection, fencing, alarms. steve: make sure the door ♪ easily opened by the kids in the middle of the night. pete: quite ultimately comes down to supervision. >> ultimately supervision is the parent's ultimate goal. they should not be on the ipad or their phones or go inside to get a glass of water for their child. keep their eyes on the
4:55 am
children at all times. supervision is the most important thing can you do. ainsley: i know this is the number one unintentional death for the children in the state of florida it's a problem down there. when you hear these stories over and over, you is there one outlier that you hear from most of these parents? how did it happen for their child. >> usually supervision. not watching their child. ainsley: they can get out in a heart beat. pete: it can happen in a second. >> drowning can happen in a second. steve: if you are supervising, you shouldn't be on the phone or reading the paper. have eyes on or be in the pool with them. >> actually we are being bad right now our backs are to the pool. steve: we have seven adults in there helping kids to swim. >> earlier you teach kids to swim the better. we start kids at two months adanting them to water. six months start our lessons no. one is too young or old to learn how to swim.
4:56 am
adults if you can't swim learn to swim. ainsley: you have a website. >> swim ainsley: thank bestway for this amazing pool and all the children from swim jim and jim spears. >> they swear they're warm in there. steve: warm enough wind temperature. ainsley: taking ice abolish ice as some protesters remove the american flag and put up a refugee's welcome flag. and that city's mayor is telling police don't stop them. we have got emails. yours coming up next. pete: plus, we have congressman devin nunes, jonathan turley, attorney general pam bondy. she has been harassed too. she is going to tell us her story coming up. ♪ ♪ the new united explorer card hooks me up.
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5:00 am
department, tell them they are not welcome. >> the large swath of the democrat party infested with the radical liberals that have no emergency brake on their behavior. >> backlash growing over this virginia restaurant. reviews to serve sarah sanders, one congressional member says he's embarrassed. >> i couldn't believe it. since then, she's been in touch and talked about the great people that live in lexin gton. >> facing intel chairman devin nunes deadline. >> the american people are tired of it. the president continues to get attacked over and over again and doj and fbi are not transparent. >> what a round? bubba watson. 63. ♪
5:01 am
♪ steve: good morning, america. hi, everybody, welcome to "fox & friends". it took me a second. 8:00 o'clock in new york city, welcome to the number one cable news show, brian is here and great to have peter. >> nice to have you. [laughter] peter: appreciate it. steve: my son's son is pete. [laughter] ainsley: there's a middle name added. steve: he's not really in trouble these days. ainsley: grown out of that. pete: you have been doing great work. steve: been busy. we start with this. ainsley: lawmakers to set to get back to work with focus on immigration reform. steve: president calling to help fix the laws as immigrant families are being reunited at southern border.
5:02 am
pete: kevin cork live at the white house looks beautiful morning. >> yes, indeed, beautiful morning, difference to known the difference in coverage of the policy which was happening during the obama administration versus the way it's been covered now during the trump administration. as you pointed out the president is a strong on this subject, let's take you to twitter and show you what he had to say lately, there's been a lot. we can't allow all of these people to invade our country. when somebody comes in immediately with no judges or court cases bring them back from where they came. our system is a mockery to good immigration policy and law and order, most children come without parents. hhs by the way with more than 10,000 kids in its care who arrived on our doorsteps alone. policy begun during the obama administration. >> i still believe it is necessary to remain certain capabilities. we can't have catch and release and in my three years we
5:03 am
deported over a million people. >> former hhs secretary jay johnson there. meanwhile the president was in vegas over the weekend and he talked about this issue with mike huckabee. >> if anything it shows how much we need the wall, but it's the democrats' fault but it wouldn't be fault for long if they sat with us. we could take a deal so quickly but looking like they want open borders and they really want crime to pour in. >> by the way, guys, just got in this, gallup has new poll and president's approval rating at 45%, that is on par with president obama and clinton at 46% at this stage of administration, 45% ronald reagan. interesting stuff. rally in great state of south carolina later, i love that state, back to you. steve: so does she, that's where she's from. ainsley: awesome state, he's there campaigning for henry master.
5:04 am
steve: let's see the second immigration bill is able to pass the house, chances probably it won't but there's a possibility that a number of other republicans are trying to do a stand-alone bill that would just address the separation of families at our southern border. ainsley: right. steve: that would be going into november, the republicans can say, look, we tried to get some democrats to help us with this. immigration reform, there was nobody there to help us, however, we were able to protect. pete: the gallup numbers are incredible in light of what the president has faced, popularity on par with previous presidents at the moment, over -- high 40's with independents and 92% with republicans. 90% with republicans. they think there's a crack in the arm in republicans for his president, they his back because they see him fight on issues like losing border that's wide open when it looks like the left want to keep it that way. steve: did you say fight?
5:05 am
>> i did sayht. steve: there's one going on the political left. ainsley: maxine watters in la shouting, liberals were supporting her. she's pushing for the public to go out and harass individuals that work for president trump like what we saw with sarah huckabee sanders, she got asked to leave the restaurant by the manager, kirstjen nielsen, she was at mexican restaurant and asked to leave, heckled at the restaurant. sarah huckabee sanders was there with her family. listen to what maxine watters said about it. >> an guess what, we are going to win this battle, god is on our side. [cheers and applause] >> on the side of the children on the side of what's right and if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a
5:06 am
department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you -- [cheers and applause] >> you tell them they're not welcome anymore anywhere. steve: what if that member in the administration is in a car with their kids at a gasoline station or they're out to eat? sarah huckabee was out with her family over the weekend and the red hen of lexington, virginia, owner came out and asked her to leave. sarah huckabee sanders did. red hen in midst of cultural fire storm, i think that's safe to say. all sorts of people are blowing them up on yelp, they think it was inappropriate that she would be asked to leave because of her affiliation with the president and the president sent a tweet that will not help business. ainsley: red hen restaurant should focus on cleaning filthy canopies and badly need paint job rather than refusing to serve huckabee sanders.
5:07 am
if a restaurant is dirty on the outside it is dirty on the inside. peter: good rule. probably does need a paint job. that's one other thing that caught my eye, look at a sign before sarah huckabee sanders was there. love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend. the height of hypocrisy -- steve: not transforming the enemy into a friend, right? pete: get out, if you want to transform this country, have that conversation. if you want to resist, you kick people out of a private business. ainsley: if you are going to preach love and sarah huckabee sanders probably thought, this is safe, seems like a lovely restaurant, nice message, they go in and the owner said she took a poll of everyone who works for her and they decided that they were going to kick her out of the restaurant. she's giving them money and that's how she treats the people
5:08 am
-- pete: they will play the price for it. steve: forget about just yelp reviews and what the president tweeted out, you have members of congress that said they should have let her eat and washington post that said they should have let her eat. this was a lie. david axelrod said we are divided by red plates and blue plates. ainsley: obama administration, good for him. pete: should be allowed to do their job, the resistance continues. steve: that's why we are paying them. pete: 20,000 of them. it's a rather large department. while protestors in portland, oregon eighth day of occupied ice event outside of an ice facility there in portland, they're not letting agents come in and out, they can't do official business there. this is more than just a protest and the rhetoric we are hearing from someone like maxine watters
5:09 am
translate to protests. listen to antitrust protests. [inaudible] >> stop kidnapping children, nazi. >> concentration camp. >> you work in concentration camp. steve: okay, certainly entitled to their opinion and freedom of speech and what not but what's interesting is the mayor of portland rather than have the police surrounded and make sure the peace is kept, essentially they backed off. >> stand down. steve: i want to be very clear, i do not want the portland police to be engaged or subbing intoed a conflict particularly from a federal agency that i believe is on the wrong track that's does not fully live value of inclusion and agency where the former head suggested that people who lead cities that are
5:10 am
sanctuary cities like this one should be arrested. also the protestors took down the american flag at one point and put up another flag that says refugees welcome. pete: perfect symbolism, we want to tear down country and laws and replace it with open borders and unlimited refugees. at what point does any american look at a flag and say that's a symbol i want to take down? that's the process and i want to replace it with something else on my political agenda. this mayor is refusing rule of law. the president says it all of the time. you don't have border and rule of law, you don't have a country. you have to have basic respect for the flag. steve: this group is called occupies. remember occupy wall street, how did that end? pete: didn't work. [laughter] ainsley: we will see. pete: the rhetoric on this,
5:11 am
getsapo, nazi. ainsley: 522 kids were reunited with families and more to come. pete: yeah. ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian with more headlines. >> we are still following news out of michigan, incredible new details on the overnight plane crash in detroit nghrhood. we are learning a couple from texas died aboard the flight. witnesses smashing windows saving 17-year-old, the teen remains in critical condition and they believe small plane hit a tree. look at the video. pilot reported a technical issue and low fuel before crashing. millions of voters set to hear final pitches before hitting polls in tomorrow. president trump heading to south carolina tomorrow to rally for mcmaster, he's hoping for win over challenger warren. mcmaster was first statewide lexed official to endorse trump campaign in 2016.
5:12 am
harley davidson shifting production overseas, american motorcycle giant plan to go manufacture some bikes in europe as a result of newly enacted eu tariffs. the milwaukee-base company says the 25% hike would result in cost of $2,200 extra per motorcycle, harley davidson says the decision aims to avoid a long-term tariff burden. firefighters going beyond the call of delivery, how about it? the heros saving pizza and delivery driver after a car crash in up state new york. the firefighters completing the order after carrying for the worker taking the pie to the customer's home. crew saying they couldn't let a perfectly good pizza go for waste and i for one as pizza lover can appreciate that. ainsley: absolutely. pete: i feel like i would have stolen a slice or two. steve: do you tip a firefighter? >> thank you for the service and
5:13 am
what you do for our community. they are not going to take it. steve: you're probably right. pete: next on the rundown, did the inspector general report poison bob mueller'srobe or poisoned already, law professor jonathan to discuss coming up next. steve: all she wanted was to find the man of her dreams but dating site turned life into a nightmare. ♪
5:14 am
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steve: inspector general's report on clinton e-mail probe unearthing pattern of antitrump bias by high-ranking officials at the fbi but new wall street journal op-ed suggest special counsel robert mueller's investigation faces legal obstacles although mr. horowitz could not definitively ascertain whether it contained specific fbi actions in clinton e-mail investigation and nonetheless affects the legality of russia collusion inquiry. has the ig report poisoned mueller's investigation, let's call to constitutional law professor for the george washington school of law and somebody who knows about poison
5:18 am
trees, mr. jonathan turly, good morning to you, jonathan. >> hi, steve. steve: what do you think? >> i wouldn't bet on this horse, honestly. i brought malicious and prosecutions charges in criminal cases and they're very hard to make out. for 1970's were the high point of the claims. it's important to remember that the report dealt with e-mail scandal not the russian collusion scandal. having said that while i don't think it necessarily means charges will likely be tossed, may in fact, undermine the case in other respects, the court may gave more serious consideration to selective prosecution claims. it may allow greater discovery and these investigators often have to be called to the stand if they've been implicated on bias issues, that could conceivably make it into a hearing or even a trial. steve: one of the things we learned from the inspector general's appearance on capitol hill last week is that -- was
5:19 am
there antitrump bias at the fbi, oh, yeah. jonathan, we've got the story that is circulating this morning and that is that one of the senators from the common wealth of virginia, mark warner apparently said to somebody, was overheard saying, go get me a glass of wine and i will tell you all of the stuff that robert mueller has got. what. >> this is new chapter to jokes you do not make in washington. steve: right. >> i don't know what's worse, he had secrets that he's willing to share them and secrets and he was just joking, either way it's serious. the democrats cannot say with people like chairman nunes that he's lacking professionalism and independence and going around i will trade secrets for booze. i have respect for senator warner i'm sure he didn't mean that, it was a joke. at this time, you might want to
5:20 am
keep jokes to yourself. steve: no kidding. jonathan turly. thank you very much. 8:20 in new york city. first sarah sunders and kirstjen nielsen booted booted from restaurant, pam bondi heckled while seeing a movie about mr. rogers. >> what would mr. rogers think about you? taking away -- >> shame on you. >> that's not exactly mr. rogers neighborhood is it, the ag is here to respond with ainsley coming up next. congressman devin have you been's live, we have a very busy monday on "fox & friends". hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them.
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pete: quick headlines to look out today while you drink
5:24 am
coffee. white house is set to host loyalty, president trump and the first lady will be welcoming king abdullah the second and queen rania of jordan today. leaders set to discuss terrorism and syria along pathway to peace between israelis and palestinians. hamas not helping with that. a supreme court ruling on president trump's travel ban could come as early as today from supreme court. the case was heard in april as you remember as lower courts blocked third version of the policy. high court allowing it to go into full effect while the legal battle continued. people from 7 countries entering the u.s. ainsley. ainsley: a number of conservative women have faced harassment over political beliefs including next guest pam bondi while trying to see documentary of mr. rogers, watch this. this is what happened after the movie.
5:25 am
[shouting] >> taking away -- shame on you. ainsley: florida attorney general pam bondi joins us to talk about this, thank you so much for being us -- with us. >> good morning. what you're seeing is aftermath, my boyfriend and i were getting tickets, it's mr. rogers, documentary about antibullying and kindness and respect each other's views and a woman approaches me in the ticket line and starts screaming that i was personally ripping babies out of the arms of mothers and they were videoing me and i said i'm glad that you were videoing me because i never agreed with separating mothers and babies. i said congress has to act on this matter and they said, no, it's you, the babies are -- and then because i was talking normally to them they didn't know what to do. so three huge guys came up and started probably an inch from my face screaming at me every word
5:26 am
in the book, cursing as loud as they could. so then a trooper, my trooper came up and my boyfriend and i got our tickets, we are headed in and then they ran in and circled me where i could not get in the theater, they stopped me, so he came up then and stopped them. so we went in the theater, thought it was diffused. we are up getting popcorn at concession stand and they came up again, every curse word in the book and they said to him, hay blue eyes, aren't you going to protect her using a lot of words too, what are you going to do, what are you going to do, this far from my face, one spit on my face, i can't say that was intentionally because he was yelling so loud, i don't know if he was spewing out of his mouth. ainsley: how did you restrain yourself because you want to fight back probably but your boyfriend when they're saying st to your boyfriend, how did he act calmly? >> he didn't, he was shaking.
5:27 am
ainsley: what were you saying from throw him wanting to throw a punch. >> i kept saying, this is what they want, they want you to hit them. they were literally this close to my face. ainsley: what do you make of maxine watters. >> if she asked people to protest, that's one thing, to continue this, they are inciting violence, it's not just yelling at someone and cursing in public place, they they were trying to create a fight. we went into the movie and i said i am not going to leave, by then there were marked units, you want to go out the back door and i said, no, no way. we are not going to bullied. ainsley: you called hear the lady screaming. >> the the irony is they didn't know who their congressman was. they had two hours to rally troops and start reading all of
5:28 am
the issues and so that's when they started yelling that but i can protect myself and now i've educated the people i'm with have to act when this happens. you know, he did know what to do. ainsley: preaching tolerance but screaming intolerance in your face. >> exactly. ainsley: are you tempt today wear sun glasseses and baseball hat and try not to be recognized now? >> i tried that. that doesn't work. i'm not going to change my life. that's what they want. since the video, state senator and state rep, both women have -- they have been confronted in the same way. ainsley: they are targeting women? >> oh, yeah, they are bullies, i'm not going to be bullied. ainsley: thanks for being with us. i'm glad that you're safe. >> thank you. ainsley: remember when mitt romney said this about president trump during 2016 campaign? >> trump is a phoney, fraud, con man, a fake, he's playing the members of the american public for subbingers.
5:29 am
ainsley: romney said he's not done speaking out yet. doj and fbi have hours to respond to our next guest's deadline, congressman devin nunes is here next. facebook will do more to keep you safe and protect your privacy. because when this place does what it was built for, then we all get a little closer.
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steve: at 5:00 o'clock this afternoon the fbi and department of justice will face devin nunes' deadline to explain alleged abuse of informants in trump campaign, bureau sent classified letter last week but top republican says that's not enough. ainsley: moments ago the president weighing in tweeting i have tried to stay uninvolved with the department of justice and fbi although i do not legal i will have to because of the now totally discredited and very expensive witch hunt currently going on but you do have to ask
5:33 am
why the doj and fbi aren't giving over requested documents. pete: big and good question, courthouse intel committee devin nunes joins us now to weigh in. mr. chairman, thank you for being here this morning. ainsley: morning. pete: are they going the meet your deadline and if they don't, what can you do about it? >> well, knowing the past, they are probably not going to meet the deadline, however, the american people are begin to go see what it is what we have been after for a very long time and that is, is it common or does it ever happen that the counterintelligence agencies are they used to target political campaigns, we need to know the answer. the democrats have been hiding because they are so married to this russia fiasco that's been going on for so long, i would think most of the american people, including most people in politics would be very worried if fbi and others are running
5:34 am
informants into our campaigns. very simple question, it deserves a very simple answer. we have been asking that question for many, many months and, you know, on friday we thought we had a meeting friday morning, we thought that everything was going to come together but then as you all know, we received a letter, almost at midnight friday night which is a textbook, swampy example of what they do here in washington to tell you they are going to get it by the end of the week and wait till nearly the stroke of midnight. steve: well, you know, congressman, that there have been, the doj has been sending out, you know, press blasts, we cooperated, there are a couple of things, we are speeding up document production, we are doing everything congress wants us to do but you say that it's a little suspicious that there are just a few documents that could lay bear all of your questions and those are the ones that they are trying to keep from you the most? >> yeah, and let's be -- let's be clear, there were many
5:35 am
documents that they provided last week. steve: thousands o. >> now those should have been provided months and months ago but we will get past that. i would say we cleaned upmost of what was on the table except for the most important piece which is -- two pieces really, but one is you can't use gang of 8, you can't take information that our investigators and our committee members found and then retroactive i will say, no, no, sorry congress, we will move that to only leaders in congress with see this information when it's information that we've dug up. we will try to hand that will today and hopefully we get somewhere on that issue. the second that we are discussing, did you or did you not run informants in the trump campaign especially before the investigation even began. so remember, just take people back, how did the investigation began according to new york times and many others in the mainstream media? well, you had the dump of the emails, the democratic national
5:36 am
committee emails in late july and then, oh, my gosh, great friend from australia gave us 5 ice intelligence so we can open up investigation. as you know from a couple of months ago, that's not true, there was no 5 eyes intelligence product that was used, it was ran through the state department, we know now from state department people who still need to be interview who had are now out there talking to mainstream media, they say they are the ones that got the information to the fbi. so that would be totally irregular how you open this investigation in the first place but what people are ignoring, wait a second, what if that story is not true or what if it's only half true. there's a whole lot that we still don't know about and that really gets down to, look, did you use the counterintelligence capability in this country to run informants or spies or whatever you want to call them into the trump campaign before that date. now, and i would say
5:37 am
furthermore, are you running spies into other -- like senate campaigns or house member's campaigns, is this a practice that you guys have been using for many years? this needs to be cleared up. this is -- the department of justice and fbi are on a very slippery slope because we need to keep capabilities to track down terrorists, but i will tell you -- i bet you wouldn't find one vote on the republican side today to keep these capabilities in place. ainsley: have you talked to anyone that worked for the fbi at the time or doj that does have some information and knows exactly what they are trying to hide and why they don't want to turn over those documents? >> well, i think if you look at what's publicly available, for instance, you have seen that -- you know that roger stone and mike caputo both amended their testimony a little over a week ago to our committee where they claim they were approached by somebody, some type of fbi informant in may of 2016 time
5:38 am
frame. now we have -- they make that claim, they've amended their testimony to make that claim. that would be under the penalty of lying to congress so i assume they believe they are telling the truth. it's real simple. steve: congressman, what you're suggesting the stories that we have now heard about, the professor, these stories as well, sound like people just out of nowhere present themselves in front of the members of the trump campaign and try to engage them before we knew any of this stuff was going on and a number of people -- and at the same time -- steve: a number of people in your circle say it looks like they were trying to frame the campaign. >> yeah, so what do we know, right, let's go back to a couple major points, christopher steele was hired by the democratic party and hillary clinton campaign to dig up dirt and put it into a dossier on donald trump and his associates. that makes its way to fbi, state
5:39 am
department, all over the place in about june, right, june, july, august time frame, that's happening. at the same time now it appears you have multiple people in about a six-week period from april to june where you have multiple people that are making offers of selling some type of dirt on hillary clinton from russia to -- to the trump campaign. now, look, maybe some of those are just people who want to make money and are really just making things up like christopher steele or maybe the fbi was running people in or other agency. we have no idea. but we have the right to know that. this is a legitimate investigation. pete: those are the questions you want answered. we saw -- a statement caught our mind from fundraiser, one of the colleagues who is part of gang of 8 who sees more special intelligence is senator mark warner, purported to have said this at a fundraiser, he said, if you get me one more glass of wine i will tell you stuff only
5:40 am
bob mueller and i know. if you think you've seen wild stuff before, buckle up, a wild couple of months. does senator mark warner know something that you don't, time to buckle up? >> senator warner has a very interesting history here including, you know, coming over to the house side with secret meetings complaining about the house intelligence committee and me particularly to the speaker of the house, he says a lot of wild things. i wouldn't put much stock in it. he seems to be one of the guys who is really dug in -- maybe he knew things from christopher steele and others because it appears like they are all connected. the democrats and the hillary clinton campaign hired christopher steele. i don't know -- and we know that harry reid seems like he knew about this before he left the senate back in 2016. so i don't know what warner knows, but, you know, you have to call him and maybe he will interview you. steve: i wonder if he got the
5:41 am
glass of wines. ainsley: is he going to spill the beans for glass of wine. what would he do for a bottle? steve: devin nunes, thank you very much. ainsley: let's head over to jillian for headlines. jillian: what type of wine is that glass that he wants? ainsley: either cab or chardonnay. jillian: u.s. expect today present north korea with timeline to meet demands for denuclearization, senior defense official not revealing much but hinting at the specific requests after last month's historic summit. retired delta force operator colonel jim reese weighed in earlier. >> the number one factor that i believe is critical is that in negotiations that they are joint inspection teams, they are allowed to go in there. what truly is in north korea. jillian: earlier this month secretary of state mike pompeo
5:42 am
said he hopes north korea will achieve major disarmament within the next two and a half years. a fact-checker for the new yorker resigning over a major factual error, talia, falsely accusing a disabled vet and ice employee of being a nazi all because of a tattoo, turns out justin's tattoo, you see it right there, was a symbol of marines veteran platoon while fighting in afghanistan, she doubled down against ice telling the tampa bay times she believes the agency purposely made her out to be a villain targeting her for being a feminist and part of news organization critical of the agency. all she wanted was to find the man of her dreams but now theresa burkey is suing website 730 for not finding her a match. the woman from great britain wants service to repay her 16,000 gold membership fee, that's a lot after she says it
5:43 am
didn't put her in touch with the men she liked. 730 is sue for deaf nation after she called the business a scam. how about the good old days of going out? [laughter] steve: bruised her to guys but she didn't like them. ainsley: she didn't get a date and now she wants money. pete: i want to read the fine print, not guarantied. steve: just like life. pete: you have to do your part too. remember when mitt romney said this about president trump during the 2016 campaign? >> donald trump is a phoney, fraud, con man, a fake. he's playing the members of the american public for suckers. pete: guess what, he's not done and we will bring it to you. steve: plus we are having fun, we are big splash at your pool party. that would could be your backyaf
5:44 am
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>> here is what i know. donald trump is a phoney, a fraud. mr. trump is a con man, a fake. he's playing the members of the american public for suckers. he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy hat. steve: so that was in march of 2016. ainsley: they didn't like each other at that point, clearly. steve: mitt romney had been the standard bearer for the republican party. he did not like the fact that donald trump might win. the two sat in swanky restaurant
5:48 am
in restaurant where president trump was thinking about mr. romney as secretary of state and now we learn -- and there's the dinner right now. on the eve of primary in utah mitt romney is coming clean. ainsley: he wrote op-ed for salt lake tribune and, you know, as you said running for senate, he agrees with a number of policies but he will continue to speak out. this is exactly what he said, i have and will continue to speak out when the president says or does something which is divisive, racist, antiimmigrant or dishonest to democratic institutions. i do not make this a daily commentary, i express contrary views only when i believe it is a matter of substantial significance. >> jeff flake is leaving the u.s. senate. i think he would be the center of republican resistance and it's unfortunate that republicans will have to deal
5:49 am
with mitt romney as senator from utah. steve: sounds like he's going the win big and beating opponent by 42 points. the headline there is mitt romney will finally beat candidate. pete: that is true. ainsley: sounds like he's trying to please both sides. i like some of the things that the president has done if i don't like something i'm not afraid to speak out. steve: it's mitt romney thing. pete: it is. steve: true to the core. >> be accurate, don't be antiimmigrant. the president is dealing with illegal immigration and talked about legal imgas -- immigratio. pete: first let's check in with sandra smith. >> i heard the discussion earlier. okay, we will be live outside the supreme court this morning as we await two key decisions on
5:50 am
the travel ban and union fees cases, those two expected out today. could vote on immigration bill happen this week? we will ask our headliner this morning. house majority leader kevin mccarthy will join us live in studio. byron york, america's a team is on deck, join us, america's news room begins at the top of the hour.
5:51 am
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steve: all right. ainsley: summer is here and it's time to hit the pool. earlier in the show we talked about swim, now time to have a little fun. steve: expert is here with us with awesome items for pool side fun. let's start with this awesome pool. i am shocked that this pool is
5:54 am
only 40 bucks -- 400 bucks. >> easy to set up. isn't that awesome? you can see under the water. mo ms -- moms can see under and look out. let me show you. they are mask goggles. look how adorable these guys are this one has mustache and unicorn and you can get them in any retailer. best way has so many pool floaties, pizza, watermelon. [laughter] >> i think i can live in a pool
5:55 am
floaty for days. ainsley: as long as you have a drink. >> there's even games, volleyball net, hours at the pool. steve: when you get a floaty that you have a -- >> you cannot blow it up. you have to get pumps. [inaudible] [laughter] >> these are maybe 100 water balloons in less than 60 seconds. we had so much fun with them. we had to fill up the bucket. pete: of course, you did. this is the only part that i don't like. steve: i love this. they had these in the 60's. updated versions of the slip and slide. >> this is from h20 go, they
5:56 am
have a sprinkler systems all around. fills up with water on the inside and sprinklers on the outside. pete: can i do this one right here? ainsley: hold on. [cheers and applause] [laughter] [laughter] ainsley: thank you for being with us. more "fox & friends" coming up. a hotel can make or break a trip. and at expedia, we don't think you should be rushed into booking one. that's why we created expedia's add-on advantage.
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>> now you have to go change clothes. >> i did not bring a backup pair. i'm going home wet. i'm a kid at heart. >> bill: fox news alert we're awaiting decisions on some of the supreme court's biggest cases this session as we reach the end of the court's term. two decisions could have major national implications. the justices set to rule on the legality of president trump's travel ban nearly a year after the administration banned most people from iran, libya, somalia, syria and yemen from entering the u.s. the high court set to decide whether to overturn a precedent that allows unions to collect fees from public employees and non-union workers. there is word of a possible retirement on


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