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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  June 25, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> now you have to go change clothes. >> i did not bring a backup pair. i'm going home wet. i'm a kid at heart. >> bill: fox news alert we're awaiting decisions on some of the supreme court's biggest cases this session as we reach the end of the court's term. two decisions could have major national implications. the justices set to rule on the legality of president trump's travel ban nearly a year after the administration banned most people from iran, libya, somalia, syria and yemen from entering the u.s. the high court set to decide whether to overturn a precedent that allows unions to collect fees from public employees and non-union workers. there is word of a possible retirement on the court. shannon bream is standing by
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outside of the supreme court. we'll check in with her in a bit. first, new reaction from president trump just moments ago as a california democrat ups the ante against trump administration members encouraging her supporters to confront staffers anywhere, any time. good morning everyone. i'm sandra smith live inside "america's newsroom" on this monday morning. >> good morning everyone. good to be with you. i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. white house officials have become the targets of protests amid the zero tolerance immigration policy. you know about this, can you believe it? most recently white house press secretary sarah sanders was actually booted out and asked to leave this restaurant and it is the red hen dining with her family over the weekend. president trump calling out that restaurant in a tweet saying, quote, the red hen
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restaurant should clean its doors and windows and needs a paint job rather than -- i always had a rule. if the restaurant is dirty on the outside, it is dirty on the inside. >> sandra: now maxine waters is calling on more people to harass white house staffers in public. doug mcelway is live outside the red hen restaurant. doug. >> hi, the red hen restaurant is closed on this monday as it is every monday. there are no horde of media out here. no hoard of protestors. there is a sign in the window there i think you can probably make it out a little bit if we zoom in. it says, love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend comes from martin luther king junior. the owner did not follow those words when she asked white house press secretary sarah sanders to leave friday night for no reason other than her
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political views. wilkenson told the "washington post". i have a business and i want the business to thrive. this feels like the moment in our democracy when people have to make uncomfortable actions and decisions to upheeled their morals. since then the level of incivility we're seeing across the country has escalated. you mentioned what maxine waters, the democratic congresswoman from california is telling her followers to do. recent days members of the hispanic caucus shouting down the president of the united states in the halls of congress. it was the same day a congressional intern shouted the words f you to the president of the united states in the same building. in addition, we've seen dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen shouted down by protestors over the weekend while she was eating at a restaurant and outside her town home shouting no justice, no sleep.
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florida attorney general pam bondi shouted down over the weekend. they pertain to race, ethnicity or things of that sort. less clear whether it applies to people's political views. some say this incivility is setting a dangerous precedent that could lead to some people who are on the fringes of rationality to act out in bad ways as we saw on a baseball field in alexandria, virginia last year. this tiny town in the heart of the blue ridge mountains is a microcosm of america, very liberal here in lexington, population 7,000, a college town. but it is also home i should say the burial ground for stonewall jackson 10 feet from where i stand. he is buried across from the red hen restaurant. robert e. lee is buried at washington and lee university. some people are asking how far
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this quiet civil war will go? back to you in new york. >> sandra: thank you. >> meanwhile president trump is tweeting about immigration and that battle as house republican leaders try to secure enough votes for their so-called moderate immigration bill. meanwhile, keep families together rallies and protests draw thousands of people across the nation this weekend as the president stands by a tweet he sent saying the u.s. must send the quote invaders as he called them back to the countries where they came from. house republicans struggling to drum up support amid the growing problem with separation of families at the border but they hope that bill will pass this week. >> there are 218 republicans that agree with the four pillars of immigration.
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fixing the daca children. >> what are the chances of the bill passing? kevin corke with the latest on that. what is the president saying about this issue this morning? >> well, eric, great to be with you. parents and children they brought to the country illegally is on going at the border. the president weighing in on twitter. if you've been following his twitter feeds this morning he has been on it all morning long. among the many tweets he sent out this morning, he called the people coming to our country illegally invaders. show you what he had to say about this problem which is a huge one. not just for our border states and border cities, but the entire country as a whole. he said we cannot allow all these people to invade our country. when somebody comes in we must immediately with no judges or court cases bring them back from where they came. he adds this. our system is a mockery to good immigration policy and law and
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order. most children come without parents. now you know this, of course, the folks at home may have missed it. the president spent the weekend in las vegas at a rally there and as expected hit on the immigration issue. as he also did in a conversation with mike huckabee. >> if anything it shows how much we need to wall but it is the democrats' fault but it wouldn't be their fault for long if they sat down with us. we could make a deal so quickly. looking like they really want open borders and they want the really crime to pour in. because we have people -- we're doing an incredible job in terms of security. >> for the record, hhs has more than 10,000 children in its care who arrived at our border alone. many have been separated from their parents as you well know. that's a policy that began during the obama administration. >> we believed it was necessary at the time. i still believe it is necessary to maintain a certain capability for families.
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we can't have catch and release. in my three years we returned over a million people. >> a fascinating conversation over the weekend with chris wallace on "fox news sunday". by the way, quickly, the president will be in south carolina for a rally this evening. gallup showing the president's approval rating at 45%. back to you. >> 2053 separated from their families and they claim they're working on it. >> sandra: deadline day for the justice department again. nunes giving the doj until 5:00 a.m. today to hand over documents on the use of f.b.i. informants to make contact with members of the trump campaign. the new demand coming after the d.o.j. failed to give republicans what they wanted on friday. >> we continue in bad faith from the f.b.i. and the department of justice. they're ducking us. they have to let us know what
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human source was used. were they informants and were they being paid and when do they become used by the f.b.i. and d.o.j.? when did this investigation start? if they used sources before the official start of the investigation, that raises the most serious questions. >> sandra: let's bring in byron york from the "washington post". let's work under the assumption this is the deadline 5:00 p.m. today. does the d.o.j. hand over these documents? >> another day, another deadline. hard to see that they'll do it because they haven't done it for quite a while. relations already bad are getting worse because if you remember, representative nunes and others in the house set a deadline for last week for the f.b.i. to turn this over. they got a letter from the f.b.i. at 11:10 p.m. friday night. they felt that perhaps the f.b.i. was kind of thumbing their nose at them and did not provide the information that
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was requested. the information requested, the big question is, did the f.b.i. use informants against trump campaign staff or associates, and if it did, how many and how much was spent on those activities? >> sandra: clearly there is growing anger among republicans of the lack of documents being turned over. pete king, continued bad faith from the f.b.i. and d.o.j. response has been inadequate. what happens if they don't comply? what happens if 5:00 p.m. comes around and the d.o.j. doesn't hand over anything? >> first of all the big reason they're pushing for this is that they suspect that the official story just doesn't hold up. that the investigation was begun on july 31, 2016, after the george papadopoulos affair. they suspect that's really not the case and they want to see. now, what happens on this, we've seen a lot of threats from the chairman and from the speaker of the house and from
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others, but at some point they are going to have to make good on those threats. we saw trey gowdy saying the house would use the full arsenal of its constitutional weapons against the justice department, which indicates he was talking about contempt of congress or other things. seems to me the house can't keep threatening this stuff and not actually use it at some point. >> sandra: when it comes to devin nunes and others demanding these documents be turned over, why do they -- what is the reasoning behind this? why do they think the d.o.j. is stonewalling? >> well, i think there are a couple of reasons. first of all the most obvious, they think the department has something to hide. so the reason it's hiding stuff is because it has something to hide. on the other hand there are a couple of other reasons. there are -- there is the possibility of institutional prerogatives. these institutions, executive branch versus the legislative
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can get testy at times and you should consider the justice department's argument, which is there is an ongoing investigation, a mueller investigation, and these documents should not be handed over to congress while that investigation is still going on. >> sandra: that deadline at 5:00 p.m. today. byron york, good to see you. >> breaking news on the chance to secure a nuclear deal with north korea. we're learning that president trump, while he does have a timeline of requests for the north koreans to abide by. we'll talk to jack keane on that. >> president trump: this is a great state, a state that is going to be with us and has always been with us and we love, and we love the people. i'm here a lot. >> sandra: after a weekend rally in nevada, the president now looking to test his popularity in south carolina. can he help his red wave
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prediction come true ahead of the november mid-terms? >> man, oh man, it's tough out west. thousands of people forced to leave their homes as massive wind-driven wildfires are ripping through northern california. we'll have the latest on that developing crisis straight ahead. >> i had four streams of water, i had them on my roof. i was on a mountain for three hours fighting that fire on my own. it was when i heard it i knew i had to go and i ran. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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brbut how will his dentured to thicope with... a steak. luckily for brad, this isn't a worry because he's discovered super poligrip. it holds his denture tight and helps give him 65% more chewing power. leaving brad to dig in and enjoy the tastiest of t-bones. super poligrip, helping you enjoy the foods you love. >> do you trust kim jong-un? >> president trump: yes, i think that i've had a very good relationship. we have a good chemistry together. you know what that means. that happens sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. and i really believe he is looking to maybe even be -- looking to do something for his country, maybe for his family, for himself, but he is looking
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to do the right thing. >> eric: that's president trump reflecting on his historic summit calling media skepticism almost treason *es. a new report claims the trump administration is preparing a timeline of specific asks for north korea. what does this mean? let's bring in retired four star general jack keane chairman of the institute for the study of war and fox news senior strategic analyst. general, what do you want to see as a good faith measure from kim jong-un? example. removal of north korean artillery from the dmz. how do we know if we can trust him? >> i think we have a showdown coming over his pledge to denuclearize north korea. there has been some good faith on his part. you mentioned one of them. south korea/north korea are
6:18 am
discussing ending the korean war and armistice. as a result of that detailed discussions about pulling away the armies that are facing each other across the dmz particularly artillery there from north korea. also they want to return remain to us from the korean war and putting in process a process with south korea to reunite families that were separated from the korean war. there are a number of issues that this showing good faith on north korea's. >> you think there will be a showdown? why? >> the real issue is denuclearization. they've destroyed a nuclear test strike and destroying a missile test site which is significant. we have to make progress on denuclearization. what our folks will demand of north korea one, identify and locate for us all of your nuclear and ballistic sites. that includes fuel storage,
6:19 am
test, research, etc. we know where some of those are, eric, so we'll be able to verify whether they are giving us the truth or not. if they don't give us that information, we don't have a deal at all. >> eric: do you think that they'll cough that up and tell us where all these ballistic sites are, where the labs are, where the nuclear materials are, and do you think they'll let international inspectors have full and verified inspections not like iran, which gives permission -- bars from military sites and they have to give the u.n. permission. beautiful and complete --- >> step two is we're going to have to deal with an inspection regime and they will have to come forward with a plan. let's assume they've done the first steps. they'll have to come forward with a plan that disarms and dismantles those sites and we'll insist -- i would assume likely on a time frame within
6:20 am
two years so that it's complete before the end of president trump's first administration. >> eric: what happens if they don't give that up? at what point does this deal -- does this agreement and the intentions potentially fall apart? >> it can fall apart at any point. i think very quickly here we're on a little bit of a showdown here. they have to come forth with the identification and location of everything. if they're not willing to do that, then we know they aren't serious and all the other good faith measures are hollow. >> what do we do? >> if we don't have a deal and they are breaking faith with us, as they have in the past, then we will increase the sanctions rather dramatically and also have to increase the sanctions on china. and we'll have to start a series of military preparedness in terms of preparing for a military option. one would be we're no longer
6:21 am
assign military families to south korea. another one we have to prepare people to some kind of evacuation. we would have to bring in more theater military capabilities. in other words, we would be on a march towards a military operation. and we would have to show that to them in terms of the seriousness of our intent. >> eric: those would be steps that would show serious intentions. we'll see if we need to get there or if kim jong-un is good to his word. general jack keane. thank you for joining us this morning. always good to see you. >> sandra: stormy daniels' attorney creating another firestorm after federal prosecutors canceled a meeting with his client. what we're now learning about that. plus roseanne breaks down during her first interview since being fired from abc. >> i horribly regret. that are you kidding? i've lost everything and i regretted it before i lost everything. and i said to god, i am willing
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>> sandra: hemmer with a tough assignment. you may be wondering where bill hemmer is right now. he is out west celebrating our fox news fans, fans flocking to the angels game to celebrate fox fan day. there he is. bill getting ready to throw out the first pitch. thank goodness he made it over the plate. well done, bill hemmer. that's not easy. he says he was pretty nervous about that. >> i think they're terrifying
6:26 am
experiences. it's lightning, you know. it strikes. you only get one and better make it count. >> sandra: after the game he had a good time with all the fans. there he is soaking it all in. beautiful day out there in california. you know, it's not easy when you get up to that pitcher's mound. >> eric: 90 feet or whatever it is and right over the plate. >> sandra: very well done bill hemmer. a respectable pitch. >> eric: maybe he will be drafted by his beloved reds. >> sandra: he will be back in a little bit. stormy daniels' attorney firing off a series of tweets accusing federal prosecutors of canceling a meeting with his client after it was leaked to the press. the meeting was supposed to be about the investigation into president trump's personal lawyer michael cohen. laura engel is live with the latest on this. >> we still don't know exactly why this meeting was canceled by the u.s. attorney's office.
6:27 am
according to daniel's attorney it was supposed to happen in new york today. a series of tweets by attorney accused the federal government of backing down after the meeting was made public. two tweets read this. so i was just informed by the u.s. attorneys office they're cancelling the meeting tomorrow scheduled with me and my client because the press found out about the meeting and they can't handle cameras outside their offices. how will they ever bring any serious criminal charges against cohen let alone handle a trial in such a high-profile matter? we've bent over backwards to accommodate them. this is unheard of. we remain willing to cooperate but something isn't right. now this interview was reportedly to be held in preparation for a possible grand jury appearance by daniels in the federal investigation into president trump's now former long-time personal lawyer michael cohen
6:28 am
and his business dealings in regard to a $130,000 payment that cohen made to daniels in alleged hush money to keep her quiet about a sexual encounter she claims she had with the president before he took office. in that affair she said it happened in 2006. the president denies this. in regard to the federal investigation the special master in charge of deciding which seized documents of company hence are privileged have -- the trump organization has requested until july 11 to finish going through what they feel should be privileged. we'll bring you the latest here. >> sandra: thank you. >> eric: massive wildfires are growing in northern california forcing hundreds of people to evacuate from their homes. the damage has already been done and there are some new warnings from officials. we'll have that plus this. >> there is a whole lot that we still don't know about and that really gets down to look, did
6:29 am
you use the counter intelligence capability of this country to run informants or spies or whatever you want to call them into the trump campaign? this needs to be cleared up. >> sandra: house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes giving the d.o.j. another deadline and answers about the trump informant used in the campaign. jason chaffetz has something to say about this and he joins us next. and cardiovascular risk? i asked my doctor. she told me about non-insulin victoza®. victoza® is not only proven to lower a1c and blood sugar, but for people with type 2 diabetes treating their cardiovascular disease, victoza® is also approved to lower the risk of major cv events such as heart attack, stroke, or death.
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6:33 am
abolished. there was a controversial referendum last year. the defeated candidate saying turkey is now entering a dangerous period of what he calls one-man rule. >> sandra: house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes setting another deadline for the justice department after the d.o.j. failed to give republicans what they asked for on friday. he is giving the department now until 5:00 p.m. today to hand over any documents on the use of an f.b.i. informant or informants to make contact with members of the trump campaign in 2016. g.o.p. lawmakers are losing their patience. >> we're making sure they understand this is an ongoing investigation and this production has to continue. we'll identify new documents. we would prefer to have them produced voluntarily rather than use for sub aoen yas but we'll do whatever it takes to get the information that leads us to the truth. >> we deserve as the elected
6:34 am
representatives of the people with oversight of this to get an answer to that question and to get it quickly. we don't want any drama. we want the documents and we want real clearances from our own justice officials. >> sandra: joining me now jason chaffetz. good to see you this morning. another deadline day today. what happens? >> look, our country was founded on the principle of checks and balances. and the only way you do that is to be able to have those documents produced to congress. if you were issued a subpoena and didn't produce documents, you and i, we would be going to jail. the department of justice has been blowing off the committees in congress for far too long. the core of this is july 31st. that's what the documents say is the -- when this investigation started. but the concern is that the
6:35 am
counter intelligence operatives within the f.b.i. were inappropriately, prior to july 31, were embedding themselves or trying to embed themselves into a presidential campaign. on the heels of an inspector general report filled with animus and bias they have to get to the bottom of that question. >> sandra: i want to go back to the words of chairman goodlatte saying we wish they would turn over these documents voluntarily making the point they want to know things that the american people are entitled to know things as well that lead to the truth. rather than more subpoenas we may have to do whatever it takes to get the information that leads us to the truth. how far are republicans here willing to go? >> well, i have to tell you as the former chairman of the oversight committee congress as
6:36 am
a whole was absolutely feckless they never got behind the committee to support them. i don't think the f.b.i. will produce the documents by 5:00 p.m. they may dribble something out but they will not have given them 100% of what they're looking for. congress will pass some sort of sense to the house. my guess over the next four or five weeks congress will start to yank individuals up before congress. no other way than to start the take the individuals embedded within the department of justice, have their raise their right hand and get them under oath to start testifying what they did or did not do. that has to happen. i wish they would get more aggressive in actually having the sergeant of arms bring these people in or try to confiscate these documents. i don't know congress has the backbone to do it. >> sandra: the president weighed in this morning in a series of tweets. this one he says i've tried to stay uninvolved with the department of justice and f.b.i. although i do not
6:37 am
legally have to. because of the now totally discredited and very expensive witch hunt currently going on. but you do have the ask why the d.o.j. and f.b.i. are not giving over requested documents? what further maybe does the president know that the american people haven't been told in all of this? >> it's hard for me to even fathom how patient president trump has been. he has been arm's length and stayed away because i think of the impression that would give. but at some point the president is probably going to have to order the department of justice to do this. but i worry that the deep state even with that order would not comply. and at some point rod rosenstein has to look in the mirror and figure out who he works for. he works for the american people. he needs to provide these documents. >> sandra: by the way peter strzok, the now infamous f.b.i. agent who is still employed in
6:38 am
some way there at f.b.i., he exchanged the anti-trump text messages. we know there has been talk about some sort of public hearing for him but chairman goodlatte confirmed in an interview over the weekend that there is going to be a closed deposition. the first interview congress is going to have with peter strzok is going to be wednesday in a closed-door hearing before any sort of public hearing. we just got that word yesterday. your thoughts. >> they need to -- he originally said he would voluntarily show up. he wouldn't give a date. chairman goodlatte issued a subpoena. members have a lot of material to go after mr. strzok and lisa page at some point. remember, congress, people like john radcliffe are professional prosecutors. somebody who knows what he is doing. they have to have the documents in order to properly interview these people. and so when the department of justice won't provide those documents, you aren't able to fully interview these people to
6:39 am
the maximum. and that's the frustration that i think a lot of members of congress have. he is the first in what i think will be more than two dozen people in the next five weeks. >> sandra: we'll be watching for that. the closed-door hearing wednesday and we'll hear more about the public hearing down the road. thanks, jason. >> eric: thousands of people forced to evacuate their homes as wind-driven wildfires grip parts of rural northern california. massive flames have torched 12 buildings including homes and then now threatening an additional 600. william la jeunesse is live in los angeles bureau with the latest on this. hi, william. >> eric, right now 36 fires are burning in california. four are new and uncontained including the fire 150 miles north of san francisco. this is very early in the fire season especially in the north. so it's unusual for a fire to spread so quickly. about 12 square miles in one
6:40 am
day. but northern california right now is abnormally dry and with sustained winds this weekend at 40 miles an hour residents have little warning. >> when i woke up and looked and saw smoke on my ridge i knew i had to go and i ran. >> 12 buildings destroyed, 600 threatened. a mandatory evacuation was required in several small communities. the red cross has a shelter at the local high school. 200 firefighters are using helicopters, bulldozers and other equipment battling the blaze. the cause remains under investigation. >> they have at least 600 homes threatened at this point in time. residents have been evacuated out of this area in the past with the fire history we've had in lake county and they're eager to get back in. now given the conditions we need them to be patient and definitely heed the warnings to remain evacuated. >> this is a rural area. good and bad for firefighters. number one they won't lose as
6:41 am
many homes like a dense neighborhood like last year. on the other hand most of the homes are surrounded by grass and forest making protection difficult. >> sandra: president trump still playing offense on immigration. this as the immigration battle continues across the nation this week. will congress be able to solve the crisis at the border? house majority leader kevin mccarthy is our headliner today and he will be here live on set with us to answer all these questions. >> eric: we'll look forward to that. president trump is back on the campaign trail today heading to south carolina to try to secure what he has been calling a red wave come the mid-terms. the republican national committee is here to talk about the campaigner in chief. >> governor henry mcmaster means business and he is just
6:42 am
getting started.
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>> president trump: hour people are doing a good job handling a difficult situation. this is a problem that should have been solved years ago. we're working very hard. the fact is we need more republicans because the democrats are obstructionists. they won't vote. they are total obstructionists. they don't want to vote. nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, they just want -- they want to use the issue. >> eric: on the heels of that big rally in nevada over the weekend the president is back on the campaign trail today. he is heading to south carolina later on to get involved in a big gubernatorial race there. he is supporting governor henry mcmaster who has supported the president from the very beginning. what does this endorsement mean? kaley mcenany joins us. great to see you.
6:46 am
mcmaster faces john warren. as we saw in another race, the trump endorsement of approval can bring out the voters. >> no doubt. this president is a powerful weapon that we have going into the elections. he has the unique ability to turn this so-called blue wave into a red tsunami. this president has the highest owned party approval rating of any president in modern history. >> eric: like 90%. >> that's right. the new gallup poll has 97%. it's the battle of the bases. president trump is the most powerful thing we have to end the blue wave. >> eric: he is a lightning rod for the democrats and critics and trump haters. >> right. but it is backfiring on the democrats. even chuck schumer admitted we were perhaps too negative on trump in 2016.
6:47 am
so the strategy of resist that you are right he brings out of democrats ends up backfiring and it won't work. they're seen as the party of negativity. we're seen as the party with a positive agenda. >> eric: a fascinating poll, let me show you this. about the president being a factor in voters' decision. look at this. is it a factor? well, just 26% against is 34%. a third. look at that last number. 39% the majority say it's not even a factor. can you explain that considering the fact that the president is such an overwhelming strong personality who among some quarters causes such divisiveness and some voters saying he isn't a factor at all? >> i think to quote a democrat it is the economy. stupid. the infamous quote. at the end of the day when you look at these elections it's the economy. can people afford food for their families, can they afford college for their kids, are their jobs and are their wages
6:48 am
growing? the economy is what it's all about. president trump you saw the top number can bring some support, definitely brings energy to our party and certainly rallies this base like no other president has. >> eric: taking a page from 1992 and james coreville with bill clinton. talking about the democrats. what about maxine waters her call to hunt down trump administrations officials in the restaurant, gas station, taking a break and going to the men's or ladies room. have we reached that point when public officials are calling for americans to basically confront personally government officials on the street? >> this was an insane comment. every single democrat should come out and condemn this. this is a woman who shouted down her gop colleagues on the house floor. this is a woman who physically embraced louis faracon and praised hitler.
6:49 am
now she is calling for targeted harassment of trump officials. this isn't what we need in this country. martin luther king, we must learn to live together as brothers or we'll perish together as fools. thank david axelrod for coming out and condemning this. if other democrats condemn it they're condoning it and we don't need that in this country. >> eric: good to see you. >> sandra: breaking news out of the highest court in the land. we're learning that the supreme court has ordered the lower courts to take another look at a florist's religious liberty claim when she denied her services to a same sex couple. it comes after the colorado baker case from a few weeks ago. as we await the two biggest cases of the term. we're live from the court next. say no to this because of my bladder, not today
6:50 am
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>> sandra: the supreme court setting the case of a florist who rejected a gay couple's request to make their wedding floral arrangements back to lower courts as the court wraps up its term. shannon, tell us about this flowers case coming up moments ago. >> we covered this case. folks may remember it. it has to do with a florist, a long-time customer she served for many years. they were close friends but he came to her one day and said i want to you do my same sex wedding flowers. she said i'll refer you to other florists that will take good care of you. they hugged and when they parted she thought it was fine. they didn't sue but the washington state attorney general found out about it and came after her. she is facing potentially bankruptcy because they come after her personal assets as well. it has been appealed to the
6:54 am
court. they decided nothing on the merits. now that we've decided the masterpiece case the one with the baker out of colorado. they said we want the washington state supreme court now to take another look at this case. we're sending it back there based on what happened it could wind up here again on appeal. that could take a year or two. >> sandra: cases remain to be decided, we have this one that came down as we started out this day. we have two big cases that we're still waiting on. what are those? >> i would say number one is travel ban. the third version of what the administration put together limiting travel from a number of countries based on what they believe are terrorist threats on studies that the state department has done, one country has worked its way off the list because they've complied with the request for more information about how people travel. but they will look at this, the justices about the extent of executive power and how far the president can go in how he handles immigration and people who want to come to this country. the other big case is the janice case, a social worker
6:55 am
from illinois suing because he doesn't want to pay union dues to a union whose political ideology he doesn't want to support. a huge case because it will impact millions of public sector employees one way or the other. whether or not they can be forced to pay into a union when they don't support the political messages. i think we'll get at least one today. >> sandra: big questions about the future of the supreme court. what do you make of speculation about a potential justice kennedy retirement? >> the swing vote and so important here. a lot of folks argue their case and argue to him. he is the one he has to sway. he has a powerful position. i thought it was more likely last year thinking about stepping down. i don't think so as much this year. the chatter we're hearing he hired full staff but he could be giving us the ultimate head fake. we don't know. we can hear this week from the bench whether he decided just short of his 82nd birthday whether he decided to retire. well oef
6:56 am
-- we'll know soon. >> eric: meanwhile congress is working to solve the crisis at the border. the white house staffers are targeted over president trump's immigration policies. coming up our headliner today house majority leader kevin mccarthy and he joins us right here in the studio live on all of today's events from supreme court rulings to people targeting members of the trump administration. stay with us. how can we say when you book direct at you always get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed? let's get someone to say it with a really low voice. carl? lowest price guaranteed. what about the world's lowest limbo stick? how low can you go? nice one, carl. hey i've got an idea. just say, badda book. badda boom. badda book. badda boom. nice. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at
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>> sandra: we're awaiting two major decisions from the supreme court in the final week of its term. we'll bring you there live as soon as a decision comes down. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> eric: again i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. we'll focus to the big debate on capitol hill. immigration. the finger pointing has continued over the weekend. begging the question, can congress really get a deal done to try to solve the border crisis? >> when president trump signed an executive order this week he said it would solve the sudden firestorm over immigration. but at week's end disarray on our southern border has only grown. >> there is a sense of confusion for families that have been separated. now there is no clearance.
7:01 am
>> children need to be with their moms and dads. my hope is in the coming days and weeks we'll see republicans and democrats coming together to ensure the kids stay with their parents. >> the trump administration giving new details on efforts to reunite illegal immigrant families separated at the u.s./mexico border as hundreds of people gather outside immigration facilities to protest policies they blame on president trump. >> president trump: it's the democrats fault. it wouldn't be their fault for long if they sat down with us. it is looking like they want open borders and crime to pour in. >> democrats aren't backing down in their criticism calling the situation a catastrophe of the president's own making. >> we want to get the families back together again and get rid of the zero tolerance policy that has been announced by the president. >> how badly has this been handled? >> i wouldn't fault the administration on this.
7:02 am
i would fault the united states congress who has the power to change the laws that will stop this from happening again. we have to get this done. >> sandra: insight from house majority leader kevin mccarthy who joins us now. thank you for being in studio. brand-new. what do you think about the digs, huh? huge week, immigration front and center. will congress be able to get together and make this happen and solve this crisis at our border? >> the republicans have been working on it. the democrats won't do anything to try to solve the border crisis. we know we do not have a secure border. we know our current process just per pet waits the problem with this catch and release. >> sandra: your microphone is not working. you're making an important point and we have to make sure we have you. immigration this week front and center. go ahead. >> we've been working on this problem for quite some time.
7:03 am
we know the border isn't secure and immigration is broken. the president has been working to solve this problem. we have to build a wall, end catch and release, we have to go to a merit system as we move forward and we dealt with the daca situation. not one democrat would vote with us. not one democrat would work towards it. they want to stop this problem instead of solving it. >> sandra: you hear that from the president and get the sense that he is still playing offense here. mike mccaul, he thinks that the gop has support for an immigration bill possibly a vote this week. listen to what he has to say and get your thoughts. >> i'm the eternal optimist. i think there are 218 republicans that agree with the four pillars. visa lottery, random system and fixing the daca children. >> sandra: what do you think? >> i'm optimistic. people came together on this bill. if you look at the bill we currently have proposed it is
7:04 am
tougher on the border. you can't move forward with anything with daca unless the money for the wall is there. this is one that actually protects the border stronger, gives it stronger security. the biggest challenge we have here. if someone crosses the border illegally from mexico we remove them back. if they are from any other country they stay here. that's a broken system. >> that's the feinstein law. >> the democrats want. they don't want any security along there. we have found time and again when you have catch and release. >> they don't want security? >> i think it's fair. what they argue on floor. if they don't want to fund the wall and end catch and release and just keep people staying here that come here illegally and give them a ticket to show up years later. 40,000 didn't show up last year. they know it does not work and breaks down society. >> eric: does that mean the flores ruling, could it be fixed? >> it has to be fixed.
7:05 am
the president did in the executive order. he was right. he went back to the courts and said you have to overturn the flores amendment. you are tying his hands on how to be able to keep these children together. so we need to pass that and that's part of this bill as well. it solves that problem. it unites the families and solves the flores decision. >> sandra: the president still on the offense. he tweeted this. if this is done illegal immigration will be stopped in its tracks at very little cost. it's the only real answer and we must continue to build the wall. will there be a vote this week on this? >> there will be a vote this week. not only will it put the money forward for the wall it will tie any immigration proposal going forward to the money for the wall. that it has to be built, it has to be built. it will end catch and release. it will go to a merit-based system for immigration. and it will deal with the daca situation. that is exactly what the american people have asked for
7:06 am
and exactly what the president -- i was in the bipartisan meeting when he put forth the four pillars and in the room of congress when he did the state of the union and reached out to the democrats let's solve the daca issue and secure the border. every poll would show the american people want a secure border, end the problem so it is not back here in another five years and want a merit-based system. that's what this bill does. >> eric: do you think it will pass? we had trouble with the goodlatte first bill last week. >> we had trouble with the first bill. 193. not one democrat. what you are looking at. why don't a few democrats move over. if they are honest wanting to secure the border here is the opportunity. if they want to deal with daca, here is an opportunity. if you want to end catch and release, here is the opportunity. that's really where i look at it. can we move this bill forward and make it law? you get into the senate you have the challenge with the democrats there holding everything up. we have to solve the problem. >> sandra: how will this issue play out for your party come mid-terms? >> i think it will harm the
7:07 am
democrats truthfully. what are they doing to help solve it? they were in the majority and did nothing. we propose solution after solution and continue to work. look at what the democrats have done with tax reform. we go to the six-month anniversary. one million new jobs created. in the last 49 years in america there have only been seven months where unemployment has been below 4%. two of those seven months were the last two months, may and april. you look at unemployment for hispanics or african-americans, the lowest it's been in the history of america. for the first time in america, there are more jobs offered than people actually looking for them. this is something the president focused on, people said there is no way he could bring this much growth and he proved it. that's what he can prove with solving the immigration problem as well. not one democrat voted for that bill, either. >> sandra: republicans making it clear they want the documents turned over. we heard from devin nunes. here is chairman goodlatte
7:08 am
talking about the 5:00 p.m. deadline to get dock frments the d.o.j. and what he had to say about that. >> we had additional requests. they were slow with some of those. and in fact one of those is still promised to us by 5:00 tomorrow. we would prefer to have them produced voluntarily rather than use more subpoenas but we'll do whatever we need to to get to information to get to the truth. >> it better come before the 5:00 p.m. deadline. there is no excuse for this. these are simple questions that we have. there is an ability for a check and balance. we have the responsibility to oversee this. why can't they bring these documents forward? >> sandra: we've seen deadlines come and go. >> we get a little more information and what do you learn? greater embarrassment. you find out this organization within the f.b.i. and d.o.j. were colluding and taking their own personal political beliefs
7:09 am
to try to deny a president what the american people voted for, donald trump. they are creating a situation that's not true. that's why we need an answer. when did these investigation start? what did you do with president trump's campaign? what money did you spend on it? why didn't you advise the president you had concerns? was it derived by some other reason? this is in my belief really fundamental questions that have to be answered. >> eric: are you troubled by the timing of crossfire hurricane in that started july 31st, f.b.i. agents were sent to london potentially to go talk to michael steele. yet you have this alleged informant reaching out to trump officials way before that. do you think there was an attempt within the government to try and target the trump campaign? >> i think there is a real worriedness it could happen. when you say july it started. if you look at the texts from peter strzok he said he would not let the president win, right? that was in august. so what was -- he was there
7:10 am
nine months before mueller was in the investigation and he was researching this. he was also responsible for investigating hillary which he said they did not do. this to me goes against everything our constitution says. that a few individuals inside the d.o.j. and f.b.i. could try to control something and put an outcome to an election that just because they philosophically didn't agree. >> the conclusion that this bias that was evident and apparent by some officials they said it didn't affect official duties. >> no way. the bias? look what they said. peter said he wanted president trump to lose 100 million to zero. he said he wasn't going to give up and not let him become president. he said viva la resistance. the mueller investigation, they're part of the investigation now. >> eric: what would you ask him on wednesday? >> i would like to know the timing of where it was. his philosophical opinion and why did he say what he said?
7:11 am
when did it all start? what information does he actually have? to me the mueller investigation after the i.g. report should end. if there is any question to the american public this was a trumped-up investigation and people who believed philosophically against president trump, and they tried to derive and create something that wasn't there. mueller should end. >> eric: shouldn't there be a natural conclusion? >> eric: there is a conclusion now if you look at all the investigations going forward. was there any collusion? everybody says there was no collusion. feinstein, republicans. everyone found there is none. what we have found is that individuals put their own philosophical beliefs to try to create something that wasn't there. you spent millions of dollars on this investigation already. we've been beyond a year in this and you have found nothing. be true to the american public. the i.g. report shows it.
7:12 am
nobody has trust in comey. >> sandra: i want to move on. first the wednesday closed door hearing we heard about this from chairman goodlatte yesterday confirming there is a closed-door hearing what peter strzok will answer questions before congress. do you know anything else who will be in the room? >> it will be the committee in the room. he said he would come on his own. we subpoena him to make sure. we should have all the information before we interview him. wouldn't it be nice to have all that investigation? why do they redact the tweets? when we finally got the information redacted none of that is because it needs to be protected. it is an embarrassment to what they've been saying for their own philosophical beliefs. >> sandra: does the president demand those get turned over if you don't get them by 5:00 p.m.? >> congress can act. congress has the responsibility. the intel committee was created for the whole purpose of
7:13 am
overseeing the f.b.i. and the c.i.a. >> sandra: have to ask you to maxine waters suggesting people har yas trump administration members. we saw what happened to sarah sanders over the weekend. >> eric: pam bondi going to a movie. >> this is very dangerous. she should apologize to the american public. we have to have civility. i can disagree with somebody philosophically, and not attack. the people who claim tolerance seem to be the most intolerant. i have friends on the other side of the aisle that we disagree and we have debates about our philosophy difference. we'll sit down, have dinner together, have a cup of coffee together or whatever. we need civility in this country. the idea that you ask people to go forward, that becomes very dangerous and it becomes a risk inside our country as well. >> eric: are you concerned that people will be hunted down and harassed when they go to the gas station and supermarket? >> i've watched things go
7:14 am
beyond being harassed. we can't have that in this country and we should not. i think nancy pelosi should stand up to maxine waters and tell her what she is saying is wrong. if somebody on the republican side said that against the democrats i would be the first to say no, that is not true. that is not the country we live in and that is not the political process that we have. we respect one another. you know what we signed inside our own congress? we signed a civility resolution to one another that we would treat each other with respect. that we would debate each other with respect. we would not make it personal. but for an elected official to stand up before america and ask people to go and harass them. we know the type of society we live in today. this is unacceptable. it doesn't matter what philosophical belief you have, this is wrong and it should be called out for it. >> sandra: great to have you on set this morning. >> thank you so much. >> eric: meanwhile as we just have been discussing those aggressive tactics gaining favor from some.
7:15 am
congressman maxine waters has called on those supporters to harass officials of the administration absolutely anywhere. >> sandra: roseanne breaks down in tears. what she is saying in her first public interview since abc canceled her show. our american newsroom a-team is on deck coming in the studio shortly. that's next. ♪ ♪ build and run apps anywhere you like, while keeping your competitors at bay. the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business.
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7:19 am
>> eric: california congresswoman maxine waters rallying supporters over the weekend to fight bank against the trump administration's immigration policy saying they should harass cabinet members and white house personnel wherever they see them in public. is that fair? our a-team. welcome all. >> sandra: good morning. happy monday. >> eric: you're the democrat. seriously, chasing down public officials in the gas station, the supermarket, yelling at them on the street, kicking them out of restaurants. maxine waters wants the american people to do that. outrageous. >> well, i think the real point
7:20 am
here is thousands of immigrant children who have been separated from their parents and the consequences of those actions. >> eric: is it fair to have ms. waters attack people personal? >> i think it's rich for republicans to call upon maxine waters and others to have a level of conduct and behavior they have not demanded from donald trump for three years or sarah sanders or anybody else in this administration. let's be clear. this is because of one topic. separating innocent, poor, immigrant children from their parents and they are finally being held accountable to that and they've never been held accountable for any actions in three years. >> eric: yelling in their face when they go to a movie? >> you have airlines refuse to take these children and private businesses do the same and see private individuals. >> eric: let me ask that again is it fair to yell at someone? >> here is maxine water's exact words on harassing trump cabinet members and team.
7:21 am
let's make sure we show up wherever we have to show up and if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and push back on them and you tell them they are not welcome anymore anywhere. lisa. >> to marianne marsh's point quick. maxine waters was silent during the obama administration when this was a separation of families and senator feinstein admitted on cnn she didn't pay attention to that issue during the obama administration and paying attention now. a hypocrite on that issue. to the point of water's comments herself the broader concern is potential violence happening. it was a little over a year ago when representative scalise and three other individuals were shot with a bernie sanders supporter trying to gun down and assassinate republicans and instances a republican member of congress in tennessee run off his road. that woman was arrested.
7:22 am
mcsally has had death threats and inauguration day rocks thrown into buildings. we've seen an escalation of words and violence. that's the broader concern. >> eric: the president has attacked the press. he is out there, bill, at his rallies. viciously attacking the free press in this country. attacked marco rubio calling him little marco and shown a level of incivility himself. >> he has strong opinions and expressed them sometimes in crude ways. maxine waters used to be considered sort of on the fringe and it's interesting people can't just say she is wrong here. i do not think this is the road we want to go down. there are passions on both sides. for example, i'm very pro-life. i regard abortion as the taking of an innocent life. i wouldn't want a situation where we hound pro-choice politicians having dinner with their families or other places. this is a very dangerous road. our politics is supposed to substitute for that.
7:23 am
if you have a substantive problem let's debate it and change the law and so forth. not let's attack innocent people whether having dinner somewhere. >> when women walk into clinics to get healthcare services they're heckled all day long because people standing outside believe they are going in to get an abortion. that's wrong. number two. >> sandra: donald trump isn't urging that type of behavior. >> donald trump and sarah sanders are using the most powerful platform in the world in the white house to make their point. these are everyday citizens who say i need to stand up to the treatment of these children. >> sandra: you think it's fair the way sarah sanders was treated at that restaurant. >> when thousands of children are being denied a meal at a restaurant is a small price. >> sandra: the president weighed in this morning and said the red hen restaurant --
7:24 am
said this. if a restaurant is dirty on the outside it is dirty on the inside said the president this morning. >> maxine waters said create a crowd and tell them they aren't welcome anywhere and you look at people coming to secretary nielsen's house. there is a real possibility this leads to someone badly getting hurt. you remember secretary devos was denied entry into a public school when she was trying to go there. this is not okay and i think there needs to be a de-escalation of rhetoric from all sides but maxine waters should not be encouraging this behavior. a little over a year ago we had attempted assassination on republicans. this could lead to a dangerous place in this country. >> it starts at the top. >> it starts everywhere. >> it's interesting how few people on the democratic side are willing to criticize maxine waters. i think this is an outrageous thing and you are unable to
7:25 am
criticize her. >> i'm not condoning violence. >> it is not condoning violence so tay there are avenues to redress wrong. >> eric: should pelosi saying something? >> i don't think this is the path we want to go. it can go the other way very quickly. there are a lot of passions. >> eric: what about the critics who say the president started this during the campaign in condoning violence against protestors for example at some of his rallies? >> i remember that and i remember a lot of people who got beat up were trump supporters. it just seems there is -- it's amazing to get lectures on civility by people that are harassing congress members, cabinet members and so forth. >> it's important to get sarah sanders response to this following her being asked to leave she and her family to leave that restaurant. last night i was told by the owner to leave because i worked for the president and i politely left. her actions say far more about
7:26 am
her than about me. i always do my best to treat people, including those i disagree with, respectfully and will continue to do so. taking the high road. >> she is a class act. she is handling this much better than -- i would be mad. she has done this a lot in the face -- you look at the michelle wolf incident at the white house correspondence dinner. i think she is doing the right thing here and de-escalating it and it says more about her than it does me. i'm moving forward with my life and i will continue to do my job as she has and she has done a good job doing it. >> the restaurant owner went to her employees who are gay an immigrants and said what do you want to do here? they don't want to serve her. the owner explained to her, her position and why they were requesting this. >> she decided to walk away from the incident as a classy woman. held her head high and continue
7:27 am
doing her job. >> she and her father used powerful platforms @ press secretary from the white house to throw her complaint to the world. >> you don't think she was getting incoming inquiries from the media to answer in the first place? that's her job. there was tweets and reports that this had happened so she was answering. i guarantee she was answering incoming inquiries from the media. as her job as a press secretary isn't that her job to answer the questions? >> i think as a practical matter is not good for the democrats in the mid-terms. you know, donald trump does some baorish, bad behavior and critics always do worse. going into the mid-terms i don't think the american people like this kind of thing and i don't think if i were nancy pelosi i would be worried about it. >> sandra: especially a family dining out together with three young children. it is an interesting situation. >> again, i understand what everyone is saying but there shouldn't be a race to the lowest point. donald trump owns that
7:28 am
territory but the fact is it is hypocritical to ask after three years of comments by donald trump who has slandered pretty much everybody at this point to ask other people to behave differently. >> sandra: you are still standing by maxine waters? >> i stand by the fact that everybody has the right -- in a democracy to raise their voices and make complaints especially innocent children. >> sandra: create a crowd, push back and not welcome anymore anywhere. >> sandra: we have more with our a-team. we have to move on. the real american effects of europe's tariffs. harley davidson forced to take action after the eu hit back at america. why the american company is taking some of its business out of the u.s. >> eric: the justice department has several more hours until 5:00 p.m. eastern to hand over the documents on the potential f.b.i. informant who contacted members of the trump campaigns. those are the reports. will the deadline be met?
7:29 am
america's a-team will be back to debate that and if we are going to see the papers. >> we deserve as the elected representatives of the people with oversight of this to get an answer to that question and to get it quickly. we don't want any drama. we want the documents and we want real clearances from our own justice officials.
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
>> eric: the clock is ticking has the f.b.i. has until 5:00 p.m. today to hand over documents. mary anne marsh, lisa boothe and bill mcgurn join us now. so another day, another deadline, 5:00 p.m. today. kevin mccarthy sat here at the top of the hour and made sure we knew how very important this
7:34 am
deadline is. he wants to see those documents before the deadline hits. will we? >> i don't think so. congress has to act now. it has been treated with contempt by the f.b.i. and the d.o.j. just look, they had all this time. it's 11:00 p.m. letter they get on a friday night. either they comply or they don't. the accountability in our system is based on accountability to we the american people through our elected representatives in congress, not to inspector generals as valuable as they may be or special counsels. i think congress will have a credibility problem if they keep huffing and puffing. >> eric: what are they hiding? >> we don't know. i think there has been so much emphasis will so and so go to jail and be indicted. i don't think that's our primary accountability. it's political. we need to know is what happened. we know there is an official date for the start of the f.b.i. investigation, july 31.
7:35 am
it seems the f.b.i. was insinuating informants to the campaign before that. why? >> that's what devin nunes is trying to get to with the sub aoen yas. the answers he wants and wants to know who is handling the documents. chris wray or rod rosenstein and frustrated that the gang of eight is exclusively given some of these documents as opposed to the rest of congress. those are all fair concerns that he has addressed. remember congress is an investigative body and they are simply doing their job and trying to get to the bottom of a lot of these questions that are completely fair. >> the real concern is devin nunes is more interested in protecting donald trump than getting to the truth. he leaked documents. went to the white house in the middle of a night on a midnight run to give and get information. he lost his security clearance because of it at one point. he only issues reports that are all republicans, not democrats. that's the concern here. number two, the fact is this is
7:36 am
a criminal investigation. when do you turn over witnesses and everything else before a case is heard? last but not least you have donald trump tweeting this morning saying i'm going to have to order and jason chaffetz backing him up and order the department of justice f.b.i. to do this. >> jason chaffetz was on this program a bit earlier and here he have is on that. >> there is no other way to do this than to start to take the individuals embedded within the department of justice, have them raise their right hand and get them under oath to start testifying what they did or did not do. that has to happen. i wish they would get more aggressive in having the sergeant-at-arms bring these people in. >> congress should be a little bit more aggressive in trying to go after and get this information. to marianne's point regarding devin nunes and the ethics investigation, he was found to have done nothing wrong. that's important to mention. you tried to make it seem as if
7:37 am
he did something wrong and he ultimately did not. >> it doesn't look too good. >> devin nunes has gotten to the bottom of a lot of things. finding out that fusion gps and hillary clinton were the ones behind the steele dossier. the digging he did led to that. >> shouldn't we know if there is nothing there, let's see it. in terms of a criminal investigation. they are important. but again, the rights of congress supersede that. the accountability to congress is more important than a criminal indictment. and i don't think congress should go out of its way to wreck a criminal investigation. however, if accountability and oversight requires the information, congress i believe takes priority and one of our problems is we emphasize too much trying to criminalize political differences. >> the republicans in congress have gone out of their way to ruin this investigation and undermine it. that's the shame here.
7:38 am
when was ever does any -- >> have you asking a question? you don't want to know the answers. >> i do want to know the answers. >> there are subpoenas. >> no one is above the law. >> exactly. no one is above the law. our law is based on accountability and the justice department is accountable and the f.b.i. is accountable. they are accountable in the chain of command to the president and they are accountable to we, the people. and they can make a mistake but oversight is one of their fundamental. >> why are we issuing reports because only have the republican viewpoint? >> eric: are you concerned that there may have been an f.b.i. attempt to use these informants before the official start of the investigation and shouldn't the american people know if that is so? >> i think when the full story comes out from the mueller report, i think some of these people may well have been part of the trump campaign all along. and i think that will be the surprise. i think we should wait for the
7:39 am
mueller report and find out all the facts. >> i think also when you have the i.g. report come out and say someone like peter strzok not only demonstrated a biased state of mind but willingness to change the trajectory of the election, that is a concern. that's what the i.g. report said. of course it will spur increased questions from congress or text messages that show up in the i.g. report never given to congress. that is going to increase concern and also aggression from congress in trying to get some of these answers. rightly so. >> that's why we need the full report so you can see -- >> congress needs to investigate. >> peter strzok might have taken certain actions because of what he saw and he would go in without asking for immunity and would never take the fifth which is more than almost everybody else. >> that's a good thing. to interview him properly congress needs to have these documents to know what he did. you want to interview someone you want to do background work.
7:40 am
again-congress is a separate and co-equal branch of government. a lot of people don't want that accountability. >> sandra: that's the final word of the a-team panel. thank you. hope you come back. >> eric: we'll see what peter strzok says to congress on wednesday. roseanne, man, oh man, oh man, a tearful apology from her. her first interview since that tweet cost her her show. >> sandra: the president firing back at jimmy fallon after the late night host apologizes for humanizing then candidate donald trump. the 24/7 crew joins us to weigh in next. ♪ you never drop to your knees, ♪ ♪ look into the sky for a momentary high, ♪ ♪ you never even tried till it's time to say goodbye, bye ♪
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7:45 am
regretted it before i lost everything. and i said to god, i am willing to accept whatever consequences this brings because i notify i've done wrong. >> sandra: carley shimkus. >> we heard a small portion of 35-minute interview that she did with a famous rabbi. to sum it up, she says that she did not know valerie jarrett was african-american. she is still apologizing because she says despite that she shouldn't have said what she said. during this interview, she got really emotional. at some point -- at one point she had to stop because she was crying so hard. she needed to take her breath. whether she will be back on television or not to be determined on that front but she is coming in hot with this apology. >> do you think she apologized
7:46 am
because she got busted or because she was sorry. we hear excuses all the time. a great line from the movie, pal, your excuses are your own. small smile and playing for roseanne on this one. >> there was a great episode of the simpsons 20 years ago. the billboards came to life and started attacking the town and the town said how do we stop the billboards from attacking us? lisa simpson says, if we stop paying attention to them they stop coming for us. a clear indication, who cares, girl, your career is over. we don't want to hear it anymore. >> we were talking about it. kathy griffin is playing at radio city music hall and remember what happened to her when there was all that backlash. >> severed head. >> it's where the story gets messy. all these offshoots of people
7:47 am
comparing one horrible thing to another. i just say everybody needs to calm down and be nice to each other. is it that hard? >> sandra: we have to get to this story now. jimmy fallon, late night comedian, to jared first. he is now -- this is what the president -- >> eric: ask the guy with no hair who knows nothing about it. >> sandra: come on now. jimmy fallon said in an interview he made a mistake in that september 2016 episode where he put his fingers through the president's hair, then candidate donald trump's hair and humanized him. the president is responding to theing a jimmy fallon feels saying he is now whimpering to all that he did the famous hair show with me where he messed up my hair and that he would have now done it differently because it is said to have humanized me. he is taking heat.
7:48 am
he called and said monster ratings. be a man, jimmy. >> i think it's time for president trump to go back on the tonight show with jimmy fallon. >> i don't know. jimmy fallon is doing everything to distance himself from the president. he did lose some ratings because of this moment. people point to the fact that colbert is beating him in the ratings. because he humanized the president. he had hillary clinton on as well. younger fans don't tend to be fans of president trump. >> colbert is a trump-a-thon. >> fallon said he will donate in the president's name and going full political guy.
7:49 am
>> colbert report was this joke of a political show. i think in this instance the president needs to rise above everything in this one instance. just ignore jimmy fallon. you gave him a shout-out on twitter which a lot of people want that. if you're still the president at the end of the day you can say ignore it. >> fallon is trying to get back viewers. it is sad you have to attack somebody in in day and age to do that. >> sandra: thank you, guys. >> eric: it is one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. more on why this famous american staple, guess what? will be shifting some production overseas. >> president trump: wherever i go, wherever there is a motorcycle group oftentimes it's a harley and the sound of that harley is a little different, i have to tell you. it is really good.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> eric: american motorcycle maker harley davidson are reacting to the tariffs of the european union. the company says the bikes are heading to be built in europe
7:54 am
in factories overseas. joining us is fox businesses cheryl casone. this wasn't supposed to happen. >> a lot of things are about to happen. this is the land of unintended consequences. if you start to impose tariffs about other countries and the e.u. are retaliating. the europeans are retaliating against us for aluminum tariffs. not just harley davidson. that's the big news today. it's bourbon, orange juice, levis and motorcycles. they said we can't take the financial burden off these tariffs. this is the tip of the iceberg for second and third quarter earnings. the companies will have to come out and tell us how tariffs will affect them. this is just the beginning. they'll move jobs overseas. they have to. >> eric: more jobs overseas? >> financial losses are in the very near future for those american companies that do have
7:55 am
a big export business. think about the whiskey business, good old kentucky bourbon. 1.6 billion is exported. a billion goes to europe. what the europeans retaliating against us. it is anywhere from 25% this particular tariff, that's $2200 extra for each motorcycle that hog told us about. that's a lot. >> eric: jack daniels has gone up by 10%. >> sandra: but to be clear for all those interested in buying the motorcycles, harley davidsons. they were clear they did not intend to pass along the costs. >> they will absorb the cost. they'll take some of the manufacturing of the bikes the jobs over seas. europe is a big market for harley davidson. 45% of their sales is coming out of europe. a big number. they want to keep those sales
7:56 am
going. >> sandra: have we heard from the president on this? you have the moment back in 2016 when the president invited the executives of harley davidson to the lawn of the white house and talked about it was an american icon. >> february 2017 at the white house. he said this company is an american icon. and then he said thank you for building in america, for manufacturing in america. but because of these actions harley is saying we can't do this in america anymore partially. partially. >> sandra: see what the president has to say about that. president trump is on the attack when it comes to the immigration battle. it's heating up across the nation. will congress be able to solve the crisis at the border? infrared images of his land into a system built with ai. he uses watson to analyze his data with millions of weather forecasts from the cloud, and iot sensors down here, for precise monitoring of irrigation.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert at the top of the hour on immigration reform. the house still wrangling over the compromise bill ahead of tomorrow's vote while the president unleashes a barrage of tweets about the border crisis. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." it is the 11:00 a.m. hour eastern time. i'm sandra smith. good i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. president trump complaining about the media coverage of his immigration policies. he is tweeting that the long, complicated legal process is not the way for migrants to be dealt with when they are crossing into our country. but that's not all he said. kevin corke live with the latest from the north lawn of the white house. hi, kevin. >> eric: good morning.
8:01 am
my friend. the reunification of parents and children is ongoing at the border and 500 families thus far have been reunified. as you pointed out, eric, he has been busy on twitter this morning talking about his ideas of the principles coming to this country and how unfettered immigration will not work. let me take you to social media and show you one of the many tweets we've seen from the president this morning. an interesting one. we can't allow all of these people to invade our country when somebody comes in, we must immediately with no judges or court cases, bring them back from where they came. our system is a mockery to good immigration policy and law and order. he added that most children come without parents and that's an important point because, eric, hhs has more than 10,000 children in its care who arrived here alone. many separated from their parents, which by the way, i want to make this point, on
8:02 am
rare occasion also happened during the obama administration although it was not an enforcement policy priority back then. the president's policy is different. he by the way told tbn that democrats are to blame for the problem. >> president trump: if anything it shows how much we need to wall. but it's the democrats' fault but it wouldn't be their fault for long if they sat down with us. we could make a deal so quickly but looking like they really want open borders and they want the really crime to pour in because we have people -- we're doing an incredible job in terms of security. >> meanwhile on capitol hill as you pointed out, lawmakers are still hoping to get something done. let's take you to mr. mccaul and see what he has to say about that. >> i would urge the president to continue to support the four pillars idea that is my border security bill going to merit-based system, providing for a rational daca fix.
8:03 am
that was rejected as you mentioned the conservative bill that chairman goodlatte and i sponsored got rejected but i did talk to the white house yesterday. they say the president is still 100% behind us. >> mike mccaul the congressman from the great state of texas. the president tonight has a rally in south carolina. it is a very good bet that immigration will be touched during his topics. back to you. >> eric: thanks so much. >> sandra: more on this let's bring in brit hume on this monday morning fox news senior political analyst. good morning to you. what are your expectations for this week as the house tries to get something done and some sort of bill to pass? >> looks like they're a couple dozen more short. possibly more. the bill that failed last week got 193 votes falling short by a couple dozen. this other bill is not even clear to me it has as much support. the democrats i don't think will support anything at all.
8:04 am
and so unless they can somehow come up with a couple dozen republican votes, i don't think they have the votes to pass this. i notice kevin mccarthy earlier on your program was saying he was optimistic. you didn't hear him say he had the votes because i don't think he does. >> sandra: let's listen to this together. >> i would call it a consensus bill. we're trying to get a consensus from freedom caucus, moderates, people in the middle on the republican side. we had a very good conference when we put a pause on that bill going forward. i felt very optimistic we will have a solution to this problem. if we don't do this you'll see more and more of these kids at the border. >> sandra: fair to say he sounds rather optimistic. >> that was mccaul, right? mccarthy was no doubt heard earlier said something similar but saying i'm optimistic is not the same as saying i have
8:05 am
the votes. i don't think at this point they have the votes. the likelihood is they don't have a bill they can pass at this point. the question arises, sandra, even if they were to pass something what chance would it have in the senate where you have the thin republican majority. democrats inwilling to go along. they can't afford to lose any republican votes especially with john mccain out of commission. it's a long shot but still possible. >> sandra: you continue to hear this and heard it from mccarthy earlier that democrats don't want a deal. they don't want border security is what we keep hearing. is that the case, brit? >> it seems to be the case in the bills that are before us at the moment. the democrats, i think, you've heard them continually call for president trump by the stroke of a pen or picking up the phone to end what is being described as a policy of separating children from their parents at the border. in fact, if you think about it, what they want is to end the
8:06 am
zero tolerance policy which is to say a policy that says if you cross the border illegally we're going to prosecute you. in other words, we're going to enforce the law strictly. under the previous system which existed before mr. trump took office and for a period of time after he took office, the way it worked was if you arrived at the border with children and crossed illegally they couldn't hold children for more than 20 days and if you weren't going to separate children from their parents it meant that parents had a get out of jail free card after 20 days. and they would melt away into the interior and as has been mentioned many times thousands and thousands have done so never to be heard from again, never to show up for their immigration hearings and the rest of it and it was that sense an open borders policy. democrats have been calling for the president to end the zero tolerance policy which would mean effectively that we once again have an open border situation, which is something that is not popular but it is popular with a great many
8:07 am
people in the democratic party's base and why you see them pushing for it. >> sandra: you said the president talk about a red wave come the mid-terms in november. he wants to push the economy but right now the conversation is immigration. how do you think this issue is going to play out for the president and for his party come november? >> the conventional wisdom has been because people are so distressed to see children separated from their parents this is an issue that will hurt the president and republicans. however, it's not clear to me that the president's insistence on zero tolerance policy for law breakers by itself would be that unpopular. so i don't think it's in that plus necessarily but may not be as big a problem as has been imagined and we look at the polling lately, the president's approval rating, which has never been above ground has ticked up some. he is 45% in gallup. that's a very important factor as a rule in the mid-term
8:08 am
elections. what was presumed to be a great blue wave may be less of one. i think it would be remarkable if it turned into a red wave. but it does certainly look a little better for the republicans at this point than it did a few months ago. >> sandra: the battle over immigration reform rages on this week. great to see you on this monday morning. thank you. >> eric: sandra, is it a protest or just plain rude? people working in the trump administration personally targeted. it happened in several incidents this week from protests outside the homeland security secretary's home to press secretary sarah sanders being asked to leave the red hen restaurant. this weekend maxine waters told a crowd, quote, let's make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. dug mcelway live outside the red hen restaurant where miss sanders was asked to politely leave when she was having dinner with her family over the weekend.
8:09 am
>> it was all polite according to our understanding. no less toxic or incendiary by that standard. the red hen restaurant is closed this morning and closed every monday morning. there is not a lot of activity there. a short while ago we captured somebody placing a vase with flowers with a note that read speaking truth to power equals courage. it reflects a lot of sentiment in little lexington, virginia, population 7,000 in the heart of the blue ridge mountains. 2016 election hillary clinton beat donald trump in this town 61% to 31%. in surrounding rock bridge county it was the opposite. 61% for donald trump, 32% for hillary clinton. in that sense lexington and rock ridge county are a microcosm of what is going on in the united states today. on friday night white house press secretary sarah sanders was booted out of this restaurant because of her political views. the owner stephanie wilson
8:10 am
telling the "washington post" i'm not a huge fan of confrontation. i have a business and i want this business to thrive. but this feels like the moment in our democracy when people have to make uncomfortable actions and decisions to uphold their morals. critics say denying a customer service because of their political views presents -- the spanish caucus heckling the president last week. the same day a capitol hill intern shouted f you to the president of the united states in the u.s. capitol building. dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen was shouted down trying to eat in a d.c. restaurant over the weekend and shouted down at her own town home by people gathered on the sidewalk outside shouting no peace, -- no justice, no sleep. florida attorney general pam bondi experienced the same thing in tampa over the weekend
8:11 am
while maxine waters was encouraging her followers to engage in more of these tactics. why? because god is on our side. here is pam bondi's reaction to that. >> they are inciting violence, it is not just yelling at someone and cursing at someone in a public place. they were trying to create a fight. so then we went into the movie and i said i'm not going to leave. by then they were marked units everywhere. after the movie they said do you want to go out the back door and i said no way. i am not going to be bullied by them. we're walking out the door that we came in. >> there was a time when these kinds of differences were irreconcilable. the country fought a civil war and lexington was in the heart of it. the restaurant, 10 yards on this side of the street is the home of stonewall jackson. he would be looking out of his bedroom window looking at the
8:12 am
red hen. >> eric: you wonder if he would go there. they only have 1 1/2 stars on yelp out of 5 stars. thank you, doug. >> sandra: fox news alert. erdogan winning election granting him sweeping new powers. he got nearly 53% of the vote with almost all the ballots counted. his closest rival with 31% says turkey is entering a dangerous period of one-man rule. the president planning to take on extensive new executive powers and being criticized for his authoritarian policies. parliament has been weakened and the post of prime minister abolished. >> eric: the controversy over immigration continues today. this morning president trump tweeting that the legal process, he says, is not the way to go when it comes to dealing with illegal immigrants trying to get into our country. but is it even legal to boot people without a hearing?
8:13 am
judge napolitano will be here and weigh in on that. >> sandra: president trump and kim jong-un shook hands, hammered out an agreement on denuclearization and now north korea has made a move that could signal real change. you , diet, and exercise. slide 'em up or slide 'em down. so let's see. for most of you, it's lower a1c. but only a few of you are thinking about your heart. fact is, even though it helps to manage a1c, type 2 diabetes still increases your risk of a fatal heart attack or stroke. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill with a lifesaving cardiovascular benefit for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease, significantly reducing the risk of dying from a cardiovascular event and lowering a1c, along with diet and exercise. this really changes things.
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8:17 am
the most politically charged events on its callender. the anti-u.s. imperialism rally. word the u.s. is preparing a timeline with specific requests for north korea. this comes as the associated press reports that north and south korea are already discussing relocating the north's long-range artillery systems away from the border between the two countries. >> eric: president trump seems to be taking a zero tolerance policy on immigration one step further. he is now calling for the deportation of illegal immigrants without any hearings. he tweeted this, quote, hiring many thousands of judges and going through a long and complicated legal process is not the way to go. will always be dysfunctional. people must simply be stopped at the border and told they cannot come into the u.s. illegally. children brought back to their country if this is done. illegal immigration will be stopped in its track at little
8:18 am
cost. this is the only real answer and we must continue to build the wall. is this legal? judge andrew napolitano joins us, fox news senior judicial analyst. the president of the united states when he is sworn in raises his right hand and says he will execute the presidency of the united states and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states. does this idea do that? >> which includes the fifth amendment, which says all persons shall be entitled to due process when the government wants their life, liberty or property. there are portions of the constitution where the protections are limited to citizens. this is not one of them. this protects all persons. so once these persons no matter their age and no matter how they got here are on american soil. they are entitled to due process protection. what does that mean? that means they're entitled to a written down on a piece of paper list of what it is that the government needs to prove
8:19 am
against them. they are entitled to a hearing before a fair and impartial hearing officer, usually a judge, but a person not part of the team that's prosecuting them. and the outcome has to be fair. why do we have that? because the british government didn't do that to us at the time we were colonists. this has been an american procedure for 230 years without exception. >> eric: the view of the president is stop them at the border. why should they let a non-citizen. someone illegally trying to enter our country across our border? >> the president is quite correct in that. once they do enter the united states, once they are on american soil, that due process attaches because it pertains to all persons, citizen, non-citizen, lawfully here and not lawfully here. if the president could, if mexico would allow him, put american agents on the mexican side of the border and not let people in, there is no due
8:20 am
process issue. but once they are on american soil, once they touch -- set foot on american soil they're entitled to due process. >> eric: the president has criticized that and said it's ridiculous. you put a step on the beach and you're in like the cuban refugees. >> the law that the courts have upheld and supreme court ruled on this, no deportation without a hearing. now, the hearing can be relatively easy that does not require hundreds of new judges. they can transfer judges from new jersey and north dakota. my friends in the judiciary won't be happy about hearing it but transferred to the texas border and hold the hearings. >> eric: a backlog of 700,000 cases. they can't get through this. will we ever get an answer judicially? >> i don't know what the answer to your question is but it's the government's job to accord these people due process. if you can deny people due process because of a characteristic of birth, where
8:21 am
they were born, then the constitution's guarantees are meaningless. >> eric: how do you think this will play out? >> i don't think there is any legal support whatever for denial as due process. as painful and expensive as it is the government has to go through it. the process must be fair and perceived as fair and the essence of what the constitution requires. >> eric: the ruling by judge napolitano against donald trump. >> he won't like hearing that. >> sandra: stormy daniels' attorney creating another firestorm after federal prosecutors canceled a meeting with his client. what we're now learning about that. >> eric: did you see roseanne? she broke down after she got fired from her show on abc. >> of course, no, i don't excuse it. i horribly regret it, are you kidding? i've lost everything. ♪
8:22 am
8:23 am
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8:25 am
>> sandra: roseanne barr breaking down in his first interview since her hit tv show was canceled. barr says she has deep remorse for the racist tweets. >> i regretted it before i lost everything and i said to god, i am willing to accept whatever consequences this brings because i know i've done wrong. i'm willing to accept what the consequences are, and i do and i have. >> sandra: abc is set to launch a spin-off of the show tentatively titled the connors. it will air in the fall. barr will not appear in it. the connors the name of the family. she would be mother of that family. we'll see where it goes but wished the cast and crew in the
8:26 am
spin-off all the best. >> eric: before brain, engage mouth. be careful what you say. stormy daniels' lawyer is accusing federal prosecutors canceling the meeting with his client after it was leaked to the media. they were supposed to meet about the investigation into president trump's personal lawyer, michael cohen. laura engel joins us with more on the meeting that was not to be. >> we still don't know exactly why this meeting was nixed by the u.s. attorney's office but according to stormy daniels' attorney it was scheduled to happen here in new york today. now the u.s. attorney's office has declined our request for comment after a series of tweets by attorney michael avenatti who accuses them of backing down after the meeting was made public and also tweeted an email he sent to the u.s. attorney's office after the meeting was canceled telling prosecutors he and his client have gone to great lengths to accommodate the
8:27 am
meeting that the government had requested going on to say this, we believe cancelling the meeting because the press has caught wind of it is ridiculous. we do not think it was any secret that at some point you were going to meet with my client and the fact that cameras may be present outside of your office is of no moment. further, this fact, while anoing, has no impact on the substance of the meeting which should be the focus. avenatti concluded with a solution. he writes, as i suggested we're happy to meet at an alternative location if you're concerned about the press. i will secure a conference room at my hotel or we can meet in any other reasonable location of your choosing. we are entirely flexible in this regard. the interview was reportedly to be held in preparation for a possible grand jury appearance by daniels in the federal investigation into president trump's now former long-time
8:28 am
personal lawyer and his business dealings specifically to the $130,000 payment to keep daniels quiet about a sexual encounter she claims she had with the president before he took office. she said it took place in 2006, which the president denies. they're denied the trump's organization request to review audio files and documents in remaining devices. they've been asked to have until july 11. the feds say they can have one week and set a deadline of july 5th. that happened in the last hour. >> sandra: thousands being evacuated from their homes as a wild fire burns out of control in northern california. peter strzok facing a top investigative committee this week. details straight ahead. >> i issued the subpoena that's friday and he is commanded to appear on wednesday.
8:29 am
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>> sandra: we are looking at the dow right now. alerting to the fact that it's selling off. down 371 points to start off the week only two hours into trading. quite a plunge there. the "wall street journal" this morning is reporting that president trump plans to bar several chinese companies from making investments in u.s. tech. they are also reporting the administration wants to block additional technology techniques to china. steve mnuchin writing on behalf of the president the stories of investment restrictions in bloomberg and wall street journal is fake news. the leaker doesn't exist or know the subject well. the statement will be out for all countries trying to steal
8:33 am
our technology. try to put cold water in reports leading to concerns in the u.s. stock market. growing trade concerns continue to play out in u.s. stocks. we'll keep watching it for you. a fox news alert residents ordered to evacuate as a wind driven wildfire burns out of control in rural northern california prompting thousands to pack up and leave their homes. burning 8200 acres so far. destroying 12 buildings and threatening 600 others. william la jeunesse live in los angeles with more on this. william. >> sandra, sometimes mother nature just takes over and that was the case yesterday up in lake county about 150 miles north of san francisco. 36 fires burning in california, four are new and uncontained including the pawnee fire that you see here. this is very early in the fire season especially up north. it is unusual for a fire to spread so quickly 12 square miles in one day.
8:34 am
but northern california is ab normally dry right now and with sustained winds of 40 miles per hour some residents only got out with the clothes on their back. >> when i woke up and looked and saw smoke on my ridge i knew i had to go, and i ran. >> cal fire ordered a mandatory evacuation in several small communities where 3,000 live. the red cross set up a shelter at a local high school. firefighters are battling the blaze. the cause remains, however, under investigation. >> they have at least 600 homes threatened at this point in time. we know residents have been evacuated out of this area in the past with the fire history we've had in lake county. right now given the conditions we need them to be patient and definitely heed the warnings to remain evacuated. >> is good news is the fire only grew 500 acres overnight. temperatures will be 90 today but winds have died down to 10
8:35 am
to 15 miles an hour. mother nature at least is backing off, but no moisture. >> sandra: thank you. >> i think congress can activate it by 5 p.m. congress has the responsibility. the intel committee was created for the whole purpose of overseeing the f.b.i. and the c.i.a. >> eric: kevin mccarthy here on "america's newsroom" in the last hour reacting to the intelligence committee chairman devin nunes setting up a 5:00 p.m. deadline later today. less than six hours from now for the department of justice to hand over documents about the clinton email probe and russia investigation. that deadline is coming after president trump just challenged the justice department and f.b.i. over that delay. >> there were many documents they provided last week, okay? now, those should have been provided to us months and months and months ago. >> did you or did you not run
8:36 am
informants into the trump campaign, especially before the investigation even began? >> eric: why are they holding back in joining us now is former governor john sununu. do you think they're trying to hide something or is it appropriate and legitimate. congressman nunes raises questions about a potential f.b.i. informant. >> i don't understand why christopher wray is letting rosenstein and comey transfer their obligations to him and not provide the information that the intelligence committee and other committees in congress are rightfully asking for under their constitutional oversight obligation. this is getting to a point where i really do think congress is going to start taking more aggressive action with subpoenas and charges of contempt and perhaps more. this cannot continue to go on like this. >> eric: what if they get
8:37 am
stonewalled by the justice department as they seem to be happening right now? >> they still have the power of impeachment. and i think that rosenstein particularly is vulnerable to that. i cannot imagine how irresponsible he was going out a couple weeks ago making statements in public and then claiming congress was extorting him when all they were doing was using their constitutional right. so this can come to a crisis point. but there is also one other tool, and that is they still report to the president and the president can order them to put those documents in the public domain. and that certainly is putting them in the public domain cannot be seen as an obstruction and so that tool is also available. >> eric: the investigators may say it could potentially tamper with or interfere with an ongoing investigation. >> well, they can say all they want but i think the public is
8:38 am
beginning to understand that this stonewalling is a tactic that is designed not to aid and abet the mueller campaign -- efforts, but to prevent embarrassment to those asked to release the documents. >> eric: i got peter strzok, the f.b.i. official, you know, testifying behind closed doors on wednesday. this after the i.g. report said there was no apparent political bias in the official actions but certainly apparent bias in those emails. >> i suspect you are going to hear that later after this is all done at the end of the week that strzok is in there probably claiming fifth amendment or giving them a whole string of i don't recalls because he is really exposed in this process. i think they ought to ask him directly about any of the informants that were planted and they ought to ask him all
8:39 am
the questions what the public has been actions about what really went on. >> eric: do you they think planted informants as some allege? >> i think that's extremely likely they did that and might as well ask him and get a direct answer. >> eric: what about the emails? they are pretty stunning. omg, trump is an idiot, trump is a disaster. trump is not ever going to become president right, right? no, no, he won't. we'll stop it. i want to believe the path he threw out for consideration no way he gets elected but i'm afraid we can't take that risk. it's like an insurance policy. strzok says i'm riled up. trump is a blank idiot referencing a possible victory he says strzok stated omg, this is blank terrifying. what does that tell you? >> two points on all of that, eric. those are the ones they've
8:40 am
released. there are others that they are refusing to release or redacted so badly that they are almost ill legible. the second point is can you imagine after all you just read that the i.g., the inspector general, came to the conclusion there was no bias. the public is beginning -- i think he was just taking a safe path and having his cake and eating it, too. he put them all in his report so that the public could rightly draw the conclusion that there had to be bias in the process. >> eric: governor john sununu, as always, we'll see what happens on wednesday and we hear about mr. strzok's testimony, it won't be the last of it. >> have a great day. >> sandra: as protestor target more trump staffers a california democrat now leading the charge. what she is encouraging her supporters to do. ari fleischer will be here live to react to that next. 's time ft prices of the season'
8:41 am
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8:44 am
maxine waters encouraging her supporters to target members of the trump cabinet saying, quote, they are not going to be able to go to a restaurant, they aren't going to be able to stop at a gas station. not going to be able to shop at a department store. the people are going to turn on them and protest and absolutely harass them. kevin mccarthy was here earlier slamming water's action as irresponsibility. >> this is very dangerous. she should apologize. we have to have civility. i can disagree with somebody but to personally attack and remove somebody and not serve them. what is interesting to me, the people who claim tolerance seem to be the most intolerant in this process. i have friends on the other side of the aisle who we philosophically disagree and we have debates about our philosophy difference. but we'll sit down. have dinner together, have a cup of coffee together or
8:45 am
whatever. we need civility in this country. the idea that you are asking people to go forward, that becomes very dangerous and it becomes a risk inside our country as well. >> sandra: strong words there. let's bring in ari fleischer former press secretary under george w. bush. i'm sure you have something to say. your thoughts. >> this is just awful and it's why people are so soured on politics and the politicians just keep making the souring get every en worse. what she said is beyond the pale. if she starts to feel the heat from democrats in the house who tell her publicly she went too far and she should take it back that's how you start to fix these things. nancy pelosi in the last half hour put out a tweet mildly critical of maxine waters and said that what maxine waters said was unacceptable. all the democrats need to send the same message to maxine waters. >> sandra: will they?
8:46 am
you heard kevin mccarthy saying nancy pelosi steps up and needs to say something to waters. >> she just did. she tweeted in the last half hour about maxine waters' statement being unacceptable. it matters what the democrats say. she won't listen to any republican. you need the family, the people she is closest to. the democrat caucus to send maxine waters the public message and reporters need to ask all the democrats and ask all the leadership in the democrat caucus what is your message to maxine waters? that's how you change political behavior through the appreciate -- pressure of the media. i don't know if that will happen with maxine waters. maybe it went too far and it will. let me make one other point here, too. donald trump does deserve some of the responsibility for the public tone. in the campaign when candidate trump talked about if there
8:47 am
were democrats at his rallies and they were protesting him and he urged his supporters out and pay their legal bills. this is all part of the uncivil nature of our debate today. i go so far as to say people need to stop saying lock her up around hillary. when you say these things. we're all setting the tone. it all needs to stop. civility is important in public life but maxine waters did is awful but everybody who engages in any level of it, we all ought to stop it. >> sandra: i want to make sure i get that in there. you did hear from the republican leader mccarthy calling on pelosi to say something. it happened in this hour and she retweeted a headline of the maxine waters encouraging her supporters to harass the trump cabinet members. pelosi retweeted that headline and put this comment. we must strive to make america beautiful again. trump's daily lack of civility
8:48 am
have provoked responses that are predictable but unacceptable. we must have elections that have unity from sea to shining sea. now the big question is whether or not maxine waters will follow up and issue an apology or make it clear what her intentions were by making that statement. >> right. the next move is the democrats. it is maxine waters' decision whether or not she takes back her words, which she should. and expresses genuine remorse, and do other democrats call her on the carpet the way nancy pelosi mildly did. that's what you have to hope. as i said earlier, it won't be a question of republicans calling her to do it. she will rebut everything republicans ask her to do. if she recognizes she went too far because her closest colleagues are saying it, that has impact and that's how you get the changed behavior. i've done it when donald trump
8:49 am
has gone too far. the democrats need to do it now that maxine waters have gone so far. >> sandra: sarah sanders asked to leave a restaurant and great to get your thoughts this morning. thank you. >> thank you. >> eric: 12 minutes now before the gang of "outnumbered" takes over. what have you got cooking? >> the president is saying people who come here illegally should be sent back period. and that a border wall is a solution to illegal immigration. this as congress is trying to get the votes to pass a comprehensive bill and controversy continues over separated families. we're going to dig into all that. >> with a shovel and we'll also talk about some democrats encouraging people to directly confront members of the trump administration and the president's supporters. this after a restaurant owner asked sarah sanders to leave. is this a fair way to protest policy, or is it potentially dangerous?
8:50 am
>> all that plus #one lucky guy. "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> eric: looking forward to that. european leaders remain divided over how to deal with the growing migration crisis there. the issue now on the table for this week's summit in brussels.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> eric: as we deal with the immigration battle here at home. overseas the migrant crisis in europe is escalating with e.u. leaders failing to agree on how to exactly confront that problem at libya's coast guard says nearly 1,000 distressed migrants were rescued yesterday in the mediterranean. many traveling in plastic boats. amy kellogg joins for our bureau in milan for the latest.
8:54 am
hi. >> well, the far right interior minister of italy's brand-new populist government made his first trip abroad today since taking office and made it to libya where he made a big point of saying migrants need to be processed or stopped all together before they get to that launching point of libya and not when they are dangerously drifting already in the mediterranean sea or arriving on european shores. so many of these migrants start off journeys in sudan and make treks across the country to libya where smugglers take them to europe. we focus on the migrants drowning at sea but another horror, 13,000 people have been expelled by algeria in the past year and left abandoned in the
8:55 am
vast sahara desert. is swift killer that leaves little evidence behind. the lifeline ship is stranded now as we speak in the mediterranean waiting for some european country to allow it to dock and that's what we're seeing here in italy particularly is people saying no, we aren't going to take these rescued migrants on these vast rescue ships. now, as you mentioned european leaders are arguing about how best to cope with this situation, this migration crisis that is threatening to end the political career of german chancellor angela merkel. france accusing italy with his new populist government of using the migration issue to score political points, eric. >> eric: thank you so much. sandra. >> sandra: soccer match forced
8:56 am
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>> sandra: file this one under "only in australia." a kangaroo decides to get in on the action during a soccer match, hopping near the goal before stopping to chill out for a bit in the penalty box. the'roo left the field but did make a come back in the second half. this time it took 30 minutes for him to decide to hop on back home. >> look at that! >> sandra: i hope he had a hoppy day after that. did i say that? >> you did. we have had animals in the baseball games. black cat in the '69 mets-cubs but never a kangaroo, i don't think. we'll see. >> sandra: fun for all. good to have you today.
9:00 am
>> see you tomorrow. >> sandra: a lot of news. we leave it there. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> melissa: fox news alert. president trump today stepping up the call for tougher border security amid the growing showdown over immigration. and as lawmakers keep pointing fingers over families being separated after crossing into the country illegally and the treatment of migrant children. this is "outnumbered." i'm melissa francis. here today is host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy montgomery. democratic strategist and the fox news contributor jessica tarlov. commentator and fox news contributor rachel campos-duffy. and joining us on the couch today richard fowler. democratic strategist, radio host, fox news contributor and generally jazzy guy. he is "outnumbered." are you ready for it today? >> richard: i'm ready. >> melissa: i don't know how outnumbered you are. it feels even. >> and friday juan was here. >> richard: i'm the only guy so i'm


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