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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 25, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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it doesn't mean immigration progress can still come up somewhere. a one-on-one with probably one of the more powerful players in l, bob goodlatte. see you then. ♪ >> greg: i am greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, jesse watters. she once played charades with a cricket. dana perino. "the five" ." sarah huckabee sanders was refused service at a restaurant. he may have heard about it. it was a mean thing to do but in a new era where mean girls rule, some mean girls think it's a plus. jennifer rubin wrote a piece on the lost art of shunning. she feels for the restaurant owner. jennifer, shunning not a lost art. it was once used to ostracize people for religious reasons.
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it's extremism. jennifer hates trump and everyone linked to name some of the extremism is warranted. meanwhile, maxine waters wants more than just shunning. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, attic gasoline station, you get up and create a crowd. you tell them they are not welcome. >> greg: you're not welcome at this gasoline station. where will this end question work we saw it started. >> if you vote for trump, then you, the voter, are standing at the border like nazis going you here, you hear. we have to flip it. given the evilness of donald trump but if you vote comedic no longer support yourself. a >> greg: what a dope.
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why is the guy yelling nazi often best in imitating one. he branded millions of people which opens doors to anything. shunning, harassment, name-calling, violence. or coming right to your home to terrify your family. >> free the kids. free the kids. shame, shame, shame. >> greg: what if shunning went both ways. what if cops ignored 911 calls because of politics? who do you think the police supports more? nancy pelosi or donald trump. it's an easy guess. but the police would never, ever do that because they know what it means to serve the public. what is as bad as shunning? how about desiring a person's presence at as hired help. the tribalism among restaurants, the leftists snarked who is
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restaurants?k at republican only they expect them to vote their way but only after their shift is over and the question. should maxine walk it back? >> dana: i don't think she's going to but nancy pelosi tried to. she tweeted that it was unacceptable and she wants to make america beautiful again. she did take a moment to say people are reacting to something but she was not for the instability. maxine waters, certainly not. because everything is national news now, maxine waters years ago in her district, it wouldn't of been front page news ever but now you do run the risk of someone like maxine waters paints everyone with a broad brush. what she is discussing something unhealthy and obnoxious. what i'm concerned about is people who think this is good, what happens if somebody feels
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cornered? we are creatures who want to survive. if you feel cornered, you fight back. it could escalate quickly. >> greg: juan, am torn about the restaurant thing. i am a libertarian and i feel like if you don't want somebody or restaurant, is it more of an accepted process because that stance is no longer tethered to hardship. it's not like the '60s. if i say you can't come in here, it might the only restaurant in town. is it more acceptable because it was not as hard to find in the place to go? do you follow me? >> juan: i didn't but i'm trying. you were suggesting then in the '60s it was over race. super k created a real hardship. these days, she could go to another restaurant. >> juan: there were black restaurants to go to in the '60s. it's a different story in the as sense that there's that
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tremendous and said history in terms of race and exclusion. i don't think even president trump would say there's history of trump supporters being exported from restaurants. a >> greg: i saying is that okay now there are so many other options in general for people that if you say i don't want you in my restaurant, you can go somewhere else. >> juan: i don't think it's the right thing to do. nancy pelosi, "the washington post," david axelrod said it. axelrod said trump has really been rough in terms of his use of language and and the thingss encouraged his supporters to do. but it's not a reason, it doesn't justify the lack of civility or rudeness to people who you have a different point of agreement with. it would lead us down the road here where we reduce ourselves to tribalism and we are shouting and screaming at each other.
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breaking apart our common bonds as americans. i don't think it's good. >> greg: speaking of tribalism and trump, jesse, i do think there is a difference. his, whatever you call that thing he did, it was directed to other republicans for the longest time. it wasn't an ideological origin. >> jesse: i don't see that similarity with that restaurant thing. like you said, it your libertarian. i think this behavior plays into donald trump's hands. last couple years under the obama administration, you had antifa, racial riots, open borders, chaos. even before, occupy wall street. president trump was elected to clean up that kind of mess in the american people fundamentally are decent people. they want other people to be respected, and they are not going to tolerate rage-
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if you say donald trump and his cabinet are nazis, it's going to incite people to treat people like nazis. yell at them and harass them and put their lives in danger. the nazi comparison is lazy, historically inaccurate, it means they've lost the argument. i believe it's happening because trump is winning, not losing, and this is driving the left crazy. he is securing the borders, and that's a threat to the left. they can't handle it. they are not acting like they're going to to win in november. they are frantic and they are acting like they are desperate. this is all they have left. if he succeeds and is reelected, they have nothing. they have peter fonda, maxine
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waters, kathy griffin. they are literally melting down before our eyes, there's no one in the democratic party that can control them. and it's just helping donald trump succeed. his numbers as record high right now. >> greg: charles krauthammer just passed away. he had a phrase we all remember witches come as a conservative, we think they are wrong but thet thinks we are evil. if they think you're evil, they can do anything to you. if they think you are not to come, and morally they are right to go after you. >> kimberly: justifies the level of vitriol in the rhetoric that's just so repugnant, to attack people or someone's family, to be able to someone you can't eat here at this restaurant. yet they fight for the cases like the gay rights to be able to have a writing cake made or something of that nature, it's a real hypocrisy latent in there. if they feel justified in saying we are fighting against evil and
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something like the devil, then they are say they are justified in doing it more land ethically. so therefore anything goes. something like maxine waters calling for this are calling to put a child in a cage with pedolphiles, at attacks against families can you imagine sarah sanders or her family going into her restaurant, saying you can't eat there. it's going back in time. it's not moving forward in terms of civility in discourse and disagreeing with someone rather than hating their guts and saying i could do anything to you, whether it's rhetoric or physical violence. because of who you are what you stand for. >> juan: i don't think this started before. i think a lot of this is out of trump's rhetoric in the way trump speaks and trump policies. i didn't see this happening under obama. i don't remember this happening under, even when there is anger
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at george w. bush about not finding weapons of mass destruction. i don't remember this kind of acting out on either side. but what you have now i think his people focusing on this and not on the policy. a lot of people, most americans, don't like separating children from parents. that's what all of this -- >> jesse: they could've tried this problem -- solve this problem but crying chuck schumer do nothing about it. i don't think it's fair to criticize donald trump for people treating the people that work for him like animals. that's not right. >> juan: train the people that work for him. >> jesse: when people protest sarah huckabee sanders you can't blame that on donald trump mode you just did. that's unfair. it's on them, not donald trump. >> jesse: if you go to a donald trump rally and donald trump is saying i will pay legal fees if any of you want to beat up people.
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what is going on? >> jesse: we know that the people swinging or paid protesters. >> juan: how about donald trump saying if hillary clinton is elected and appointed a supreme court judge and does anything to your gun rights, you second amendment people. -- come on. >> jesse: there has been -- >> juan: what do you call the lady getting run over in charlottesville? >> jesse: i wouldn't blame donald trump for that. i blame that individual. >> juan: then how do you blame the restaurant owner? nobody in the democratic party told her restaurant owner what to do. >> jesse: people in the democratic party up and calling trump a nazi. and like maxine waters saying i encourage you to go refuse people service. >> greg: i think the what about-ism goes on forever.
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charlottesville, steve scalise, kathy griffin. you can go as far back -- it doesn't help. coming up, former dhs secretary jeh johnson kills the latest liberal talking point with his new comments about the obama administration's migrant detainment policy. plus, our 23 and me results are finally here. what a surprise.
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♪ >> kimberly: and admission coming from former obama dhs chief jeh johnson telling chris wallace that the obama administration embraced many of the same policies president trump is currently being criticized for. expanded detention. we had 34,000 beds for family detention. only 95 of 34,000 equipped to deal with families. i admit it was controversial. we believed it was necessary at the time. i still believe it's necessary
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to maintain a certain capability for families. we can't have catch and release. in my three years, we deported, repatriated, returned over a million people. >> kimberly: the president doubling down on his attacks against democrats on immigration. >> we want to have a great immigration. what we have is very simple. we want strong borders and no crime. the democrats want open borders, and they don't care about crime. >> kimberly: data, talking about communications. listening to that. >> dana: the president when he said strong borders, no crime. they want open borders and more crime. he is defining the issue on his terms. he has the bully pulpit. it will be effective. the democrats will have to try to counter it. i'm sure they will. from that communication standpoint, i think it's very good. even though it's true that the previous administration had the separation policy as well, jeh johnson being very honest in saying we can't have catch and
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release. it doesn't make sense. i think we have to explain that the white house should have explained all of this before. they didn't have a plan to do that. then when they do the zero tolerance policy, the scale of how many families were going to be separated. and then they were like, but obama did it too. yes but you have to talk about the scale of it and now the president and we talked about in the previous segment, i didn't have a chance to say you can get the president to change his mind and the president did that last week. he said fine, we will take it back. but you have to work with me on something else. people were willing to come to the table. there is a path forward to get it done and i think it's necessary. not only do you have the separation issue and now customs and border patrol that referring for prosecution but confusion with the justice department. it's not locked down. the reunification issues going to dog them for a lather from a communication standpoint for defining the issue and defining his opponents.
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but on the communication issue, they are not down on the family separation issue. >> kimberly: talking about away at a path forward. reasonable, crossing party lines and working in a bipartisan fashion. the president is the master of simplifying the message and getting it out there whether it is build the wall or saying that we want borders and less crime, no crime. >> greg: the effect on the economy, talk about the economy and jobs. there is a lot of people who have good data on -- admit something that's less emotional than this other stuff. and it affects everybody. if you want to have a strong economy and jobs, there is data that shows it is negatively affected by uncontrolled immigration. i don't know how many hundreds
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of thousands of kids who came into the country under obama. the different variable in this outrage is who is in office. i said this on friday or thursday, you have to saying donald trump for making this issue front and center because no liberal, no leftist, no medik would've cared if it was hillary. they'd never would've talked about it because it would've hurt hillary. when the democrats are in power, the media ignores issues and compassion because they think they've got it. if a republican is, they hold their feet to the fire which is why good news, is being addressed because trump is addressing it. >> kimberly: the president frustrated at being demonized, back-and-forth on both sides but everybody wants to come to an immutable solution as it relates to emigration. this is not something that's unique to this administration. so many others have tried to do
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so. >> jesse: the president is winning on the issue. his numbers have climbed since this controversy started coming up and now 75% of americans support incarceration and deportation. that is the president's plan. only 20% support the democrats plan of catch and release. that's a cbs poll. a majority of americans for the first time believe a wall should be built along the southern border. the movement of the country is going in the president's direction because the country believes in law and borders. we are compassionate but we are fair. it's a national security situation and an economic security situation. people understand that and that's when he was elected. >> kimberly: juan, the president trying to make inroads and address the concerns. obviously putting the concerns of national security, safety, public safety, border security and upholding the law which is his job as commander in chief to make sure we are secure as a country while being
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compassionate. >> juan: i think he is starting up an issue for the midterms. it's not a national security issue at the moment. we have a border. we have a 70 year low in terms of the book crossing the border illegally. we've had an upsurge in the last two or three months as he was pursuing this family separation policy. so we know that's not what it was about. it's not about illegal drugs. it's an issue that fires up his base which the democrats, he likes this issue for the midterms. i would point out that to me the craziest thing that happened over the weekend was the president saying why do we need courts? why do we need judges? just throw them out. as a people who are fleeing the violence in el salvador or the gangs he always talks about have no legitimate reason to say this is america. >> jesse: go to a port of entry. >> juan: on the thing jeh johnson was talking about, we
2:23 pm
have had under the obama administration effort not to simply catch and release of the expanded the number of beds available to families. that is totally different than what president trump is doing. he established a new policy to separate families from children. >> kimberly: he is saying follow the laws and go to the point of entry. we have laws about how to become a citizen. next up, more evidence democrats need to work harder to win back seats in november. what might seem like a small cough to you... can be a big bad problem that you could spread to family members, including your grandchildren babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. but you can help prevent this. talk to your doctor today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough.
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because dangers don't just exist in fairytales.
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2:28 pm
of the economy. 45% approval rating from a gallup poll last week, he's gone down to 41% this week. at 41%, he's up to percentage points. democrats generic ballot, the midterm edges split again. >> jesse: i can't resist bringing up another poll by quinnipiac. president obama named worst president since world war ii. i cannot let that slide. let that sink in. americans believe president obama, worst president since world war ii. the best presidents were reagan, bill clinton, and jfk. again, president obama, worst. just a poll, one poll. anyway i think it's economically
2:29 pm
driven. 51% now say the economy is good or excellent. that's a record in the cnbc poll. at this point in the trump presidency, it finally feels like the country and the people are getting comfortable and used to having him be president. in the beginning, it was chaoti chaotic. the tweets and the chaos in the personnel but the american people have settled in and understand with this president is all about. there's going to be chaos and ridiculous pleading and commentary but the engine of the economy is ripping right now. people see it in their paychecks. it's clear. that's what matters to most americans. safety and prosperity. >> juan: dana to speak about the economy, jesse's right. after the north korean summit, the numbers went up. this week the numbers of gone down a bit with the problems at the border and the kids. i think the idea was that in the midterms, the message was going to carry republicans.
2:30 pm
recent polls say 34% of americans say they have seen an increase in income due to the tax cuts. >> dana: i think that's why the president is focusing on immigration is the issue. the economy is good. people aren't jazzed up about the tax cuts for the president won with a slightly lower approval rating. i think the republicans have a good case, especially to be made in the senate, with quality candidates, very good candidates. but the democrats on the house finding key races, they have found good people to run as well, moderate democrats targeted for that district and running local races and avoiding the noise. >> greg: 54% of americans think the economy is good or excellent. another survey had 67% vary or someone good economy. obviously the conclusion is they are nazis. i find the reason why the media is having a hard time with this is because the only way one
2:31 pm
variable. they are single variable thinkers. that variable is always divisive leg raise or immigration. they don't look at the economy, north korea, terror, jobs, the supreme court. they are looking at one variable and that makes them mad. we are learning from americans that you don't have to like the doctor to get his confidence. bedside manner often is a result of daily practice of giving bad news because you are a terrible doctor. obama had an amazing bedside manner. trump doesn't need it. >> juan: kimberly, let's pick up on the economy. we saw the stock market having trouble in the last couple days apparently tied to the possibility of a trade war. tariffs going up. >> kimberly: i think it's going to settle and because for the most part, we've seen a very robust economy. the job numbers are very supportive, more jobs available
2:32 pm
than there are people to fill them. record low unemployment. you will see some fluctuation in the market. we've seen tremendous highs. in terms of stabilizing, i think over time, you will see that and what's interesting is to see the stability coming in terms of the job approval ratings. as a president, he should feel happy that he's got these great numbers. more positive poll numbers given the results. we talked about it, they may not like the delivery system but he's offering a cure in terms of the economy and the positive growth numbers that we've seen and what he's done with national security and isis and whatnot. we will have to see where it goes from here but this is going into a important political time, the midterm elections. overall when you're faced with these kind of good numbers and poll numbers, it's going to be very difficult for democrats to make a strong case for change coming into the midterm elections when things are most
2:33 pm
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♪ >> jesse: time for the fastest seven. last week we told you about jimmy fallon's feeling of personal regret over a 2016 interaction with then candidate donald trump. >> i made a mistake. i'm sorry i made anyone mad. looking back, i would do differently. >> jesse: the president is telling jimmy fallon to man up. tweeting: "@jimmyfallon is now whimpering to all that he did the famous "hair show" with me where he seriously messed up my hair, and that he would have now done it differently because it is said to have "humanized" me.
2:38 pm
he is taking heat. he called and said "monster ratings." be a man, jimmy!" what do you think, greg? >> greg: my favorite part is that jimmy fallon tweeted i am donating to this charity and the next tweet was that's, great jimmy. he was congratulating himself from his other account. >> jesse: what do you think, juan? seems to me donald trump loves to fight somebody and have someone to pick on. jimmy fallon saw a dip in his ratings. we see colbert now ahead of jimmy fallon. the president loves to get in any schoolyard fight. >> jesse: and he usually wins. roseanne barr getting emotional in her first interview after being fired from her namesake show. >> i have lost everything and i
2:39 pm
regretted it before i lost everything. i am not a racist. i'm an idiot. i'm willing to accept whatever consequences this brings because i know i've done wrong. >> jesse: abc is moving on without its big star, announced last week it's going born with a roseanne-free spin-off show called "the conquerors." i kind of like that. i'm an idiot, that's what she said. >> dana: let it be a lesson. when you look at conspiracy news websites, stop yourself. do not believe it. move on. >> jesse: interesting choice, to go on that podcast. >> kimberly: it has a religious bent. i think she is saying i'm a human being. i made a horrible mistake. i'm very sorry. i'm not a racist. she is saying it was an awful thing to say.
2:40 pm
she called herself and 88. it's pretty revealing and she's throwing herself out there, the right thing to do to apologize and say and it was wrong. we'll see how it plays. she wasn't trying to justify. it's important for her to have done it. >> jesse: do you accept her apology? >> juan: i believe in repentance and forgiveness. we are christians. i will go for it. when you go around calling people -- by that stand, nobody is a racist. >> jesse: it's a tough one to recover from a modern day america. >> greg: i forgive everybody. i don't forgive people who advance violence. i saw a couple people, when they take pleasure in somebody's career being over, saw that this morning on fox news. they had some guests on. they were laughing that her career was over. she has paid the price.
2:41 pm
>> jesse: the internet has dubbed the san francisco woman permit patty after she allegedly called the cops on an african-american girl selling water to go to disneyland. >> this woman don't want to let a little girl sell water. because the police. >> illegally selling water without a permit on my property. >> it's not your property. >> jesse: the woman says she made a mistake and would like to apologize to the little girl and offers her rationale for calling the police in an interview on "the today show." >> i tried to be polite but i was stern and i said please. i am trying to work. you are screaming and yelling at people have open windows. it's a hot day. can you please keep it down? >> jesse: come on. >> greg: it combines everything i hate about lyford
2:42 pm
permits. why do we have permits? hall monitors. the use of social media to turn a local story into a national one. people use to solve this on their own. now it is the court of public opinion. >> jesse: what a nerd, right, day now? >> dana: him? this never would have been a story before. she wouldn't have gone on "the today show" and apologize. it's annoying when you're trying to work and people are yelling outside but it doesn't need to be a national news story. >> jesse: i think it does. she knew she was way out of line because she is ducking and hiding from the woman trying to expose her. >> juan: among you guys and conservatives, definitely anti-permit. no question. my libertarian friend. >> greg: loosed cigarettes. you name it.
2:43 pm
you should sell it. regulation has caused more problems. >> kimberly: permit patty. not to be confused with peppermint patty. >> jesse: they are finally here, our 23 and me dna ancestry results are in. i cannot believe it's already causing chaos on the set. it's ♪ you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia. billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath fresh breath oral rinse instantly fights all types of bad breath and works for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy. there's therabreath at walmart.
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♪ >> dana: it is the moment we have been waiting for thanks 223 and me, we know the truth about our heritage. we have the dna results. greg, any surprises. >> greg: it turns out i have been fingered in a dozen unsolved murders. i have to go. it turns out i am white. 2%. this is great. 2% native american. eat your heart out, liz warren. my new name will be rides with unicorns. 30% ashkenazi jewish.
2:48 pm
gutfeld kind of gives that way. 30% of all nobel prize winners. 40% of all oscar-winning directors. that explains a lot. >> kimberly: maybe we are related. i have done this before but the bottom line is, my father was born in ireland. that's no surprise that his whole side is irish and scottish. my mother, the puerto rican side is where it gets interesting. iberian peninsula, which is spanish. 9.7% from west africa, east africa, north africa. native american, 6.1% and a little bit of british on that side as well. >> dana: 80% european?
2:49 pm
>> kimberly: that include spanish, the puerto rican side. >> dana: i was 100% european. my great grandparents lived in italy. they came from italy. i am 2.2% italian. mostly british and irish. peter, i guess we have more in common than we thought. french and german. the balkan thing, didn't know about that. juan, go ahead. >> juan: i did before this but it came back. much of the same. mostly from, 40% sub-saharan african. 25% european. british, iberian. greg and i do have things in common. had 27, 28% south
2:50 pm
asian. this one has me 20% south asian, more european. >> dana: jesse, the only one who has not booked until this very moment. >> jesse: the big reveal. authentic reaction. wait a second. i'm going to read it off the screen. 99.9% european. mostly british. and i am a little french. 5.9. a >> greg: you are more french than i am! >> jesse: .1% sub-saharan african. >> greg: sweet. >> juan: when i call you a frat borough. >> jesse: brother from another mother. >> dana: you see how people migrated around and got to where they are now.
2:51 pm
>> greg: this is aster allergy for people who like science. >> dana: you can pick through it and find more information. >> kimberly: eight shows people are more related than you might think. >> dana: thank you, 23 and me for that. to be 27 is next. alice is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus letrozole. patients taking ibrance
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>> before it's time for one more thing, me being a. i am a, jesse is black. [laughter] >> my book tour imation is up, plus i have an article called it, my guide to social media redemption. that's on fox news and it talks about how to save yourself from social media. and it's time for greg's cockatiel playing drum news. >> what? >> yes i know, let's just roll it and get it over with. >> incredible music. >> that's better than some of the music you play.
2:56 pm
>> he's touring with flair, in case you were wondering. jesse? >> a lot of people watching the world cup over the weekend, some great games and, these are some people that are watching. probably in my hometown. >> that said, i think they won a 6-1, total blow out. they are one of the favorites to win i think. >> he saidy win the next one they could go to the championship. >> dana? >> my friend ingrid hendrickson did something wonderful for herself and her family today. she took all of my advice and got a dog. this is a should sue that came over the weekend. the little kids are apparently calling him, the grandkids
2:57 pm
andrew, charlie and mila are calling the little dog maxi. i read a column about dogs and he said that dogs have a vision of great beauty and are of the purest sweetness. so congratulations to ingrid and the whole family. i look forward to meeting him. >> and little greg. >> new york city traffic as you know can get pretty crazy around here, and last thursday one man found a creative way to speed up his commute from new jersey to manhattan. scott holt of jerseys that he stood tall on a paddleboard while in suit and dress shoes. he wrote himself across the hudson to new york and he also had a briefcase in his hand. he apparently had an important meeting with a manager and he figured it would be less expensive for the fairy, driving the car over the bridge or taking a train through the tunnel. he made it across the river and about half an hour and he was on time for the meeting, amazing.
2:58 pm
>> i love people that are resourceful that way, i would totally do that. >> you would not. >> yes i would. i get out of cars and run, i take my shoes off, you have no idea. >> i've seen you run down the street. you don't know i'm watching. >> he's chasing behind on his little big wheel. >> you are saying that because i'm jewish. [laughter] >> he's going to play that card all day. >> all right, good job. one more thing, this is great. i love it when you have young women that are doing something different. i tried out for the soccer team when i was little, the boys team. while this 16-year-old girl is a nascar driver and she received her high school diploma before the race. her name is haley dagan and she's taking the nascar world by storm. she's on up and coming driver, and she's very excited about
2:59 pm
doing this. she went on to play seventh which moves her into the top five overall season standings. she has finished in the top ten in all of her race is the season. >> she could probably teach you how to drive. >> well, i drove myself to the airport and back, and i didn't have any problems. >> this is a new york achievement. >> she actually drove a car. >> it wasn't a new market, it was new jersey. >> they have paved roads there. they are delightful. maybe i will have a knish tonight. >> i think i will have fish and chips. [laughter] >> never miss an episode of "the
3:00 pm
five." and we can't forget the best in news, his name is bret. >> bret: it gets better and better, thanks. president trump said illegal immigrants should be stopped at the border and sent back without seeing a judge. outrage over a virginia restaurant's refusal to serve the white house press secretary puts a spotlight on the growing incivility and politics. democratic congressman maxine waters just held a news conference on capitol hill and we will bring you that. this is special report "special report." >> bret: good evening and welcome. president trump is digging in his heels taking the bureaucratic process out of immigration enforcement. he wants illegal immigrants turned back at the border without seeing a judge and he


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