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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 26, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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the media and we do it from time to time here as well but displays like this tonight, don't know. go home, jim acosta. i am not huge supporter of jim acosta at the other network but maybe you need it to rhyme. acosta, we are going to accost you. that plays into the left-wing's hands, we don't want that to happen. we will keep reporting and exposing it. that is it for us, we will turn it over to shannon bream and the fox news at 19. shannon: governor mike huckabee response to the fallout from a restaurant turning away his daughter and new call to confront trump officials and supporters wherever they may be and a bombshell on the russia probe from the top democrat on
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the senate intel committee, mark water but is it unraveling. byron york will unveil where we are on that new developments tonight on the gop versus the fbi. american rabbi nabs roseann far's first interview since her firing and we highlight that. the department of homeland security clarifying its position on 0-tolerance as the president hits hard on illegal immigration at a campaign style rally and democrats call for the agency protecting our borders to be abolished and some democrats working to distance themselves from congresswoman as making waters call to call out trump officials wherever you spot them including their private lives. new threats against the trump administration and its supporters. >> reporter: the level on both
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sides is growing by the day but threats against apartment of homeland security and especially ice employees have gotten so bad that a departmentwide memo was sent out warning employees to get their doors and windows locked. one official found a burned and decapitated animal on his front porch in dc. >> stop kidnapping children! >> reporter: protesters camped outside ice headquarters for over a week, got their message amplified thanks to one of the state's congressman. it is time to abolish ice, the us immigration and customs enforcement agency, and the bill would do just that. one of the cosponsors said ice is tearing apart families and ripping at the moral fabric of our nation. 5 democratic members of congress are calling for ice to be abolished. in a rally in south carolina donald trump defended the agency. >> the democrats don't like ice, great, brave, tough people. they are much tougher than ms
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13. they don't like the border patrol, don't like your police, they don't like anybody. >> reporter: the top border enforcement official acknowledged they had to abandon the 0-tolerance policy at least for now because after the executive order the parents cases can't be prosecuted since they can't be separated from their kids. the press secretary insists this reversal is only temporary. >> this will only last a short time because we will run out of space, resources in order to keep people together and we are asking congress to provide those resources. >> reporter: donald trump backed away from separating families at the border but is digging in on his call to get rid of due process for migrants. he said anyone that crosses the border illegally should be sent to their home country without going before an american judge.
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>> we went to system where people come in illegally have to go out. and a nice, simple system that works which mexico holds people for four or five hours and they are gone. we have people for 4 or 5 or 6 years but never leave. >> the flipside is democrats who say doing that, turning away undocumented immigrants without due process would be unconstitutional. >> that fight is far from over. and less then a week two trump officials have been verbally assaulted with protesters playing a follow-up visit one of their homes, a decapitated animal body reportedly left on the porch of a senior homeland security official, the perfect was asked to be the restaurant where she was dining with family and prominent democrats are calling for confrontations backed up by some in the media like the washington post's jennifer rubin who writes it is
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not a bad thing to show those who think they are exempt from personal responsibility that their actions bring scorn, exclusion and rejection. in lexington, sarah sanders was asked to leave the red hen restaurant with the latest on the controversy. >> reporter: a generation ago it would have been a violation of congressional ethics and special good manners, a sitting member of democrats, maxine waters, important constituents to banish it ministration officials from all public places, quote, if you see anybody from that cabinet, restaurant, department store, gasoline station, get out and create a crowd and push back and tell them they are not welcome anymore anywhere and a generation ago it would have an unthinkable for president to respond in kind but donald trump fired back congresswoman maxine waters, an external low iq person has come together with
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nancy pelosi, the face of the democrat party, called for harm to supporters,e carel what you wish for. the exchange marked another escalation in a week that side cascading dissent of political stability, members of the congressional hispanic architect of the president and the capital building. >> separating the children! >> reporter: congressional intern hurled an f bomb at mr. trump. the same we comment security secretary kirstjen neilsen was shouted out of the dc restaurant. >> if kids don't eat, you don't. >> showed about side her home too. >> it is our duty to fight for our freedom. >> pam body had to abandon her night out at the movies in the face of a similarly confrontational law. >> she wants people to protest, that is one thing but to continue this they are inciting violence. >> reporter: friday night at the red hen restaurant in lexington virginia, 200 miles south of washington, sarah sanders was asked to leave because of her political views. she complied after an employee
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posted about the incident sanders tweeted her actions say more about her than about me. wilkinson told the washington post i'm not a fan of confrontation but she added this feels like the moment in a democracy when people have to make uncomfortable actions was the house majority leader appeared to suggest the red hen incident is taking america into uncharted territory. >> this is very dangerous. she should apologize to the american public. >> reporter: she did not apologize, she blamed donald trump for the rhetorical violence. in lexington people have dropped off flowers and notes in support of the redhead is that is drive-by in cars and pickup truck saying it does not reflect their values but none are speaking to each other. >> congresswoman maxine waters denied she said anything that equates to what she claims the president said about stirring up violence against the opposition. former governor of arkansas mike
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huckabee, great to have you with us. >> from acting waters to say she didn't say what she is on camera saying tells us everything we know about maxine waters. >> he wrote an interesting piece defending her daughter but also do not go online and vandalize their menu, don't put up false yelp reviews, you shouldn't sink to the same level. >> that doesn't gain anything. my daughter handled this not only skillfully but respectfully and she did it in a classy way. she didn't scream or yell or make a scene, didn't demand to be fed, she politely got up and left, but let's keep in mind why she was asked to leave, she wasn't loud, she wasn't
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belligerent, she didn't throw food on anyone, she wasn't drunk, she got thrown out because she works for the president of the united states who was elected by the people of the united states. when you deny one person at liberty because you don't like what they say or what they do or what they think, we all are losing our liberty and that is what out to be of concern to people. >> the washington post editorial said this is not the right time or place to go after people, they should have dinner, talking about her and others we talked about on the show who have been confronted in public. david axelrod of the obama administration came to her defense, he thought it was wrong the way it was handled but followed up with this tweet, i said it was wrong to reject the press secretary from the virginia restaurant, not good effective but unless and until the president stops regularly
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assaulting opponent and inciting supporters sanders standing when she lectures others about the need for civility as she did today. your response? >> i like david axelrod. he is a good guy, we enjoyed a nice friendship but he is wrong about this because remember what happened. this is a public business. it wasn't that sarah was asking for something off the menu or something unique, she wanted to have a quiet dinner with her family and she was asked to leave. frankly if i were running a business i would want to have the money of the people i didn't like and agree with because i would use that money for things they didn't like. the businesses that i have i want every liberal to spend as much money with me as they can. i will give it to my church, pro life candidates, i'm sure that will drive them nuts but i would never turn their business away because they disagreed with me. we are getting dangerously close
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when in the name of open expression we are trying to keep some people from even being able to have an expression or just go and have dinner. shannon: to to have a conversation the midst of that. another thing that stirred up controversy, folks that look like they are gay members, and take back of the house, folks said it was racist, insensitive and you're adding to this conversation. >> how ridiculous. it was satire. i told people if you don't have a sense of humor, you cannot handle satire please don't follow me. a lot of people make this about race. what was i talking about? a criminal gang. a gang is not a race. people who murder, rape, mutilate children is not a race of people. that is a gang of criminals.
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there is nothing to defend. i'm amazed there were people defending ms 13 and saying we weren't nice enough to them. i don't want to be nice to ms 13. i want them to be out of business. i appreciate the president for wanting to treat them as criminals and people that are predators too little children and need to be taken off the streets. shannon: always great to see you. the battle over classified documents going to new levels with another deadline for the fbi. ed henry is here with an update. >> house republicans like mark meadows lashing out at justice to permit officials for trying to take a victory lap claiming they turned over a lot of documents. medicine to the conservatives charging the justice department has only turned over a small
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fraction of those documents. they demanded millions of documents. devon nunez saw his 5:00 eastern time deadline for the rest of these documents come and go, this will raise more questions how the russia collusion investigation began and july 2016 timeline for when the russia investigation started conflict with record suggest the fbi began gathering intelligence about the trump campaign earlier than admitted. it was fbi agent peter stzrok who opened the russia probe in 2016, we know from his text messages he wanted to, quote, stop donald trump from becoming president. the outstanding documents the republicans want focus on the alleged use of confidential human sources to start probing the trump camp before july 2016, fbi and justice department officials believe they complied with most of the republican request and questions about human sources have been addressed. the top democrat on the house panel says québec under the guise of oversight the pres.'s
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allies seek documents for the purpose of assisting the trump legal team or the department of justice refuses using the refusal to undermine mueller's investigation we give the president a pretext, the president claimed the opposite, i have tried to stay uninvolved with the department of justice and fbi although i do not legally have 2 because totally discredited and expensive witchhunts going on but you have to ask why they are not giving over request documents. nunez said the justice department is holding back on documents because they are so married to, quote, the russiagate fiasco charging democrats and others do not want the public to see that until was weapon ice against the president. >> the american people are beginning to see what we have been after for a long time and that is is it common or does it ever happen at the
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counterintelligence agencies are used to target political campaigns. >> the doj responded in a letter many of your requests related to documents regarding issues regarding human sources solely in custody and control of the fbi, has the ability to reduce document in a manner consistent with its obligation to protect confidential sources. the fbi director, scheduled to testify publicly on the hill thursday as the fight intensifies because peter stzrok is facing a congressional deposition. >> donald responding to democratic sen. mark warner reportedly joked about revealing new information on the russia investigation at a fundraiser telling donors to, quote, buckle up. the president tweeting wise mark warner in a near drunken state
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claiming he has information only he and robert mueller, leader of the 13 angry democrats on a witch hunt no. even this highly legally, is it being investigated. a senior congressional sources sen. warner regrets the remark. let's talk about that and more with byron york, political correspondent at the washington examiner and fox news contributor, great to have you with us tonight. what do you make of that. democrats have been all over republicans, they have been leaking continuously through these investigations, some say with another remark. but anything that happens behind closed doors, somebody passes along, nothing seems to be off the record. >> anything about the russia investigation people take seriously and the president zeroed in on the issue which is is there really something only mark warner and bob molyneux? what about the chairman of the senate intelligence committee?
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should he know that sort of thing so maybe this is all a big joke and there's nothing like that but it does rate that question. >> i want to talk about this ongoing battle which is gone on and thbi, the battle ws members over documents about an informant. we got this letter tonight that the department of justice sent back to devon nunez saying basically your letter asked whether the department and fbi intent to obey the law. we believe that is exactly what the dependent fbi has been doing as we respond to committee subpoenas and requests but there was something else that can't your attention. >> the key question, and nunez sent a letter demanding a setup last week, the fbi responded on friday. nunez sent another letter sunday, said you got to do it by 5:00 today and this is that response.
12:18 am
he then asked did the fbi use informants against the trump campaign and if so how many and how much was spent and if you look at the fbi's answer the fbi, we have responded to your question. does that mean they answered the question, they supply the information or does that mean they responded to it? anyone who has ever filed a freedom of information act request gets a letter back responding to your request, we may not answer it but here's your response. it is not clear what this justice department has made public. >> the top democrat saying he doesn't think all these documents should be turned over. for the purpose of assisting the trump legal team. he says the republicans wanted and feed it to the pres. and they can defend. >> we have been hearing a lot from democrats. it is not just the house
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intelligence committee, the senate judiciary committee is looking at this. it is really an effort to help the trump legal team but there are a lot of issues in which the republicans say this is legitimate oversight, a coequal branch and congress can get what it once if it acts in a united way which is why it is important that paul ryan got behind a threat to take action against the justice department. if it was just one committee chairman the justice department would not give them the time of day. >> another key player, the republican congressman saying it looks like they are going to move forward with something, talked about contempt of congress. there has been a lot of heated rhetoric back and forth but we will see if they get the documents and how far they are willing to go. >> republicans are in a situation that they were threatened so many times that if they don't do something that look like they are not standing up. jillian: people are getting
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impatient with that. donald trump fires up around the crowd of thousands ahead of critical election day in south carolina, we have the highlights next. >> we are defending our borders because if you don't have borders you don't have a country. >> is a liberal regime to donald trump having the opposite effect and forging a closer bond between the president and republicans? the panel debates that next and later, the exclusive interview with roseanne barr. (harmonica interrupts) how they could save 15% or more by... (harmonica interrupts) just calling or going online to (harmonica interrupts) (sighs and chuckles) sorry, are you gonna... (harmonica interrupts) everytime. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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>> shannon: it was one of the first statewide of elected officials to endorse donald trump in 2016 and >> one of the first they want elected officials to endorse donald trump in 2016, now the president is returning the favor by campaigning for henry mcmaster ahead of tough primary runoff. good evening, jonathan. >> good evening. we move inside because there was a lot of lightning this evening, a thunderstorm delayed air force one's arrival by more than an hour, donald trump told a friendly crowd of supporters he was not going to let a little bit of rain caused him to stand up governor henry mcmaster. donald trump really saw this visit as a way of returning a
12:25 am
favor. he was an early supporter of trump and wanted to do something in return to help on the eve of his gop primary runoff. speaking to a crowd of more than 1000 the crammed into a relatively small high school gymnasium trump updated some of his usual themes including the border wall. >> we are defending our borders because if you don't have borders you don't have a country. it is happening. it is happening. it is not build that wall anymore. it is continue building that ball. >> reporter: 60 protesters showed up outside most taking issue with the trump administration's immigration policy but inside the only process turd were directed at the media with trump supporters chanting fake news, the
12:26 am
president listed his accomplishment including creating a roadmap to peace with north korea and leveling the playing field with america's trading partners. >> we are doing so well, we are lifting millions and millions of americans from welfare to work. from dependence to independence and poverty to prosperity. >> reporter: trump also recognized coalition of what he called once forgotten americans who have mobilized into a formidable political force. >> reporter: thank you very much. partisan outrage aside the new york times he just there is a level of unity among republican voters that could help gop chances during the midterm steeping control of congress reading 2 outrage republican voters feel deepening bond to trump. fox news contributor doug showing, former advisor to bill
12:27 am
clinton and charlie hurts was also an opinion editor for the washington times. let's talk about what we are dealing with. this is an interesting piece, jeremy peters writes this, and interview over the last few days, dozens of trump voters and pollsters, strategists describe something like a bonding experience with the president that happens each time republicans have to answer a now familiar question how can you possibly still support this man? these people feel they are attacked and maligned and disregarded and the press is repeatedly, the left is repeatedly proving the president to be truthful about things when he says they don't care about you. >> it is certainly the case that the core trump supporters, 35% of the electorate remain strong and react to attacks by becoming emboldened.
12:28 am
the problem the gop has is there is more enthusiasm for the democrats and the failure of congress to get much done the democrats have a lead in the generic vote of 7 or 8 points and there is an enthusiasm working for the democrats. >> we have seen that in early races and special elections that republicans have been worried about turnout, the resistance is very passionate about what they see as an attack on this country, they are motivated to show up. what happens? >> we have never seen this enthusiasm. we have seen it in races all over the country on the democratic side. but when you have stuff going on
12:29 am
like maxine waters encouraging these radical leftists to confront administration officials in restaurants and on the street and in their homes, things going on like lexington, virginia where sarah huckabee sanders is run out of the restaurant because she works for trump, when you have these appalling scenes, i am sure it has a lot to do with social media because in social media when you pull off a stunt like this you get all this praise on social media but in terms of mainstream regular independent voters when they see this stuff it turns them off and runs them into the arms of donald trump, not just republicans lining up behind him in a constructive way, it is independent voters who may be they don't like trump or everything he says but they like him a lot more than radical leftists who are making scenes
12:30 am
everywhere. >> david french saying this is provocative rhetoric, angry in-your-face confrontations dramatically increase chances of violence, people in close proximity yelling and spitting and public officials will start to fear they are in physical danger. >> david is right, we don't need the kind of rhetoric we are getting from maxine waters. i say that as an american is a patriot first democrat, second. the democrats would do better to articulate a different program then confrontation but we need compromise on both sides. we are not getting it. i would love to see the immigration issue resolved with a compromise to build the wall and do daca. all we are getting is confrontation which does increase the level of conflict and violence. >> reporter: exactly right but also something we have seen, we
12:31 am
side with the congressional baseball practice last year and it would do everyone a lot of good to tone it down. >> number of democrats said today they do not endorse that message. it has been comforting for folks on both sides of the aisle to hear that. is this what they mean by california dreaming? permit patty called police on a-year-old selling water. we are here to fact check, make some sense of this and roseann's first interview since she was fired by abc. >> i'm not a racist. i'm an idiot. i'm willing to accept whatever consequences. >> reporter: the man who did that interview joins us next. re. and at expedia, we don't think you should be rushed into booking one.
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shannon: another day another
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california controversy in a state where dicey altercations are happening on a weekly basis california has barbee becky, daughter joe and herman patty. >> the family of jordan rogers as she was selling water because her mom got laid off and she was trying to raise money for trip to disney. the woman who tried to shut down the water sale is allison it'll but social media has dubbed her permit patty and here is the controversial video. >> this woman doesn't want to little girls also water, called police on an 8-year-old little girl, you can hide all you want. >> illegally selling water without a permit. >> on my property. >> not your property. >> the video has been shared 8 million times on twitter and
12:37 am
instagram and some believe allison's behavior smacks of racism but on the today show, she says it wasn't about race but noise. >> i said please, i am trying to work coming or screaming, yelling, people have open windows, it is a hot day, please keep it down. >> reporter: she said she didn't called police and also apologize but the little girl's mom did not accept the apology, she claims she is getting hate mail and death threats. she is also getting parodied by saturday night live cast members and compared to barbecue becky, the california woman who called police on a black man who was grilling where it wasn't allowed, social media called that racially motivated. the woman denies it. did you hear the one about the comedian and the house speaker. it wasn't very funny, paul ryan and his 13 and 50-year-old sons ran into seth rogan, said they were fans and wanted a picture,
12:38 am
rogan went on the weight show and recounted how he shut them down. >> i said no where, man! and i said furthermore i hate what you are doing to the country at this moment and count the days till you no longer have one iota of the power that you currently have. >> he said to stephen colbert it wasn't a hold of ryan's kids but they should assume if they like a movie or song that the person who made it probably doesn't like their dad. >> rosanne barr breaks down in tears during her first interview since abc canceled the revival of her show after a tweet aimed at valerie jarrett. many viewed it as racist. >> are you kidding? i have lost everything and i regretted it before i lost
12:39 am
everything and i said to god i am willing to accept whatever consequences because i know i have done wrong. >> america's rabbi a long time rosanne barr friends, thanks for being with us. she was obviously very emotional in this interview, said she lost everything. she sounded very remorseful and said she knows she's going to have a price to pay. >> a lot of people commenting on the death of civility in america but some sequentially the death of forgiveness. here you have a woman that is quite well known, prepared to show such extreme vulnerability, extreme anguish, emotional brokenness, almost begging to be forgiven for something she acknowledges was a terrible error and she said it over and over again and i think it is time that we just allowed her to
12:40 am
make restitution and rectification for what she did because we have to be a forgiving people was with martin luther king who she says is her idol, who said those who are bereft of forgiveness are also bereft of love, we must be a much for more forgiving nation. >> he talked about how she has african-american children in her family and family members and is not a racist and she wasn't thinking of valerie jarrett in those terms, wasn't sure of her race, didn't know her race, what do you make of those explanations? >> i have known rosanne for two decades and never heard her daughter and iota of racism or bigotry. we all know rosanne is a for provocateur, says things that can upset people but never had prejudice or bigotry. you have to put things in context.
12:41 am
what shocks me as we recorded this a month ago and did not release it because i felt she needed to reflect on what she said and was very vulnerable, very emotional and had to be comfortable with it and made the decision that it could be released intimated impact because the moral courage she should take responsibility and asking people not to defend her, she does offer explanations as to what happens but doesn't offer excuses as to what happened, she said she was wrong, take full responsibility and y huge price and she gained nothing by releasing this interview because her show was already canceled. abc announced they are replacing her with the connors, her character has been written out of the show so the only thing she games is to restore her credibility on the values she believes in which is judaism, the jewish faith which she takes seriously and that is the mainstay, she wanted to assert her values that all people are created in the image of god is
12:42 am
the book of genesis is in its first chapter. >> she talks about repentance, remorse and recompense and having to work through each of those things. we have all been there at some time. we also see a lot of people who get a second, third, fourth, fifth chance. we will see if this interview has an impact and how it plays out. >> i hope we have more heart and more forgiveness. >> sanctions having a major affect on iran's economy leading to antigovernment protests in tehran and more in the world news rndup and italy's new government takes a stand against migrants by taking their views straight to the source. wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual
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ibm blockchain. a smart way to track every step, ensuring this coffee did indeed come from 6,000 feet above sea level. and not a foot lower. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: on the sam >> on the same day critical the aggressive policy, harley-davidson shifting productions to the european union to avoid eu tariffs, in georgetown, south carolina firing up for the first time in three years. the mill was bought by british firm trying to get around donald trump's deal tariffs meaning the 300 new american jobs according to the company. time for where in the world? jared kushner joining jason greenelatte going to jordan, egypt, cutter, israel and saudi arabia. he is eager to pursue a peace deal with the palestinian leader
12:47 am
but told the newspaper he questions the palestinian authority's pres.'s commitment to completing such a deal was to run's shut down as merchants joined thousands in the streets clashing with police who fired tear gas protesting soaring prices in the plumbing value of iran's going to come unrest broadening a sanctions take a toll on the economy restored after donald trump pool the us out of the iran nuclear deal. the 24 hour strike paralyzing argentina, the largest labor union protesting the strings attached to a $50 billion international monetary fund loan intended to rescue the collapsing peso and they call the pay hike in line with argentina have soaring inflation rate. 3 years after a large influx of migrants and asylum-seekers have european soil the issue is pitting leaders against each other and italy's new firebrand interior minister has a proposal
12:48 am
to hammer home his commitment to end the migration flows. amy kellogg has details. >> the far right interior minister made his first trip overseas today and made it to libya. he believes migrants need to be processed or stopped altogether before they even get to libya and not when they're already dangerously adrift in the mediterranean sea arriving on european shores. many migrants start in the sudan and other african countries to make perilous tracks across africa to libya where smugglers take them to europe. >> reporter: we believe the problems of libya must be solved and faced in libya and not in other situations or european capitals which we will support the fact that reception and identification centers must be set up south of libya at libya's external borders to help libya
12:49 am
and italy to block the migration we are both suffering. >> we focus on migrants drowning at sea but there's another horror we are learning about and that is 13,000 migrants have been expelled by algeria in the past year and left abandoned in the sahara desert, for every migrant who dies at sea two are lost in the sahara called by some a swift killer that leaves little evidence behind come all this is the rescue ship the lifeline with hundreds of migrants on board is stranded waiting for some european country to allow to dock and finally, european leaders are talking very much about how to come to a solution to the migration crisis that has threatened to end the political career of german chancellor angela merkel, france meanwhile is accusing populist governments such as italy's of using the
12:50 am
migrant issue for political gain. >> thank you very much. more rulings from the supreme court, the mad dash to get out those final opinions including travel been 3.0 the right to force workers to pay union fees to groups they don't support. more and the ramifications of the cases and what we got today when we return. like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day. so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day.
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>> shannon: and while the schedule to be the final day of the supreme court term, a >> and was scheduled to be the final day of the supreme court term a lot of action from justices but it is not over yet. the justices today have held a number of congressional districts and state health districts in texas after critics challenged them saying they gave minority voters less of a voice. the supreme court held all but one were fine, a statehouse seat, the district was deemed an impermissible racial gerrymandering that was sent back down for a redo. action on the case of a washington forest under 5 are declines to the flowers for a long time client's same-sex wedding, decline based on their religious convictions but offered to help them find someone else, she thought things were fine when they parted but the man's partner posted about it on social media and the washington state atty. gen. and aclu, not the couple, sued the
12:55 am
florist. in light of the ruling in favor of the colorado baker a few weeks ago the supreme court's in the florist's case to the washington supreme court for reconsideration of the court did not wrap up today, still awaiting a decision on travel been 3.0, how far does the pres.'s executive order go in controlling the borders and forced union fees for public-sector employees who do not want to support union asked political messages and activities, we get opinions at 10:00 tomorrow and our midnight hero up next, you don't want to miss this special guy. ...and the paths they took, to a new home. could their journey inspire yours? order your kit at your insurance so small you could fix it with a pen. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident.
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>> tonight at midnight hero comes from madrid, spain. poncha the police dog is a social media star. they taught him to do cpr, he was taught the lifesaving skill on police officers should the situation arise, to listen for a heartbeat, showing off his
1:00 am
skills, we salute poncho and the madrid police department for teaching him and how to potentially save lives and for the most entertaining video we have seen all day. most watched, most trusted and most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. heather: is june 26th and this is "fox and friends first". happening right here on the east coast, maxine waters now trying to put out a firestorm she started as protesters continue to ambush and be rate anyone who supports the president and even nancy pelosi is running from this one. >> please get out tomorrow and vote. >> donald trump leaving the swamp and doing what he does best and is this enough of a trump bump to fend off democrats looking to unseat


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