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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 26, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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skills, we salute poncho and the madrid police department for teaching him and how to potentially save lives and for the most entertaining video we have seen all day. most watched, most trusted and most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. heather: is june 26th and this is "fox and friends first". happening right here on the east coast, maxine waters now trying to put out a firestorm she started as protesters continue to ambush and be rate anyone who supports the president and even nancy pelosi is running from this one. >> please get out tomorrow and vote. >> donald trump leaving the swamp and doing what he does best and is this enough of a trump bump to fend off democrats looking to unseat republicans? we look at that and there's this, the 1-time hollywood i
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administer rushed to the hospital overnight and many waking up this morning wondering what happened to heather locklear. "fox and friends first" starts now. ♪ she said she said ♪ ♪ city on fire ♪ if i am not careful ♪ this is going to roll me ♪ the sun is going to own me ♪ ♪ and control me ♪ >> beautiful shot of new york city before the sun comes up. thank you for joining us this tuesday morning wherever you are waking up morning. let's get to our top story. donald trump unleashing on the left for open border policies and doubling down on his executive order to reunite immigrant children and their families. >> the executive order was
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great. it was something i felt we had to do. we want children staying together, the law has been this law for long. go of time. >> that was later live in washington dc where immigration talks continue to heat up. >> the president facing and approving crowd in south carolina talking about cracking down on the border. >> building the wall, fixing the wall, spending a lot of money and we are going for more and we will get it done but democrats want open borders and don't mind crime. >> republicans in the house are trying to pass a broad immigration bill this week and running into problems after different plan couldn't muster enough gop votes last weekend as democrats push back against the administration are they going too far. white house press secretary
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sarah sanders discussed a rejection from a virginia restaurant after the owner asked her to leave because of her involvement in the administration. maxine waters defended her call for more public protests, more confrontations with republicans. >> you get the right to protest. i believe in peaceful protest is the civil way to do it. >> house speaker nancy pelosi seemed to lightly rebuke waters tweeting trump's daily lack of civility has provoked unacceptable responses. we must conduct elections in a way that achieves unity from sea to shining sea. waters has her supporters because concern from red state democrats about the impact statements such as hers could have on those midterm elections. >> it is out of control and somebody needs to do something.
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maxine waters is trying to walk back her calls to ambush supporters after taking heat for inciting violence. michelle melton says that the left won't let the outrage die because it offset a losing message. >> why are we seeing this exclusion and resurgence of all this insanity and instability? because they are losing on the political and policy arena. the thing that is especially dangerous is is not just prominent republican officials and cabinet members and it is horrible what has happened to the people who have dedicated their lives to serving this president. it is happening to people behind the scenes every day, rank-and-file and i'm especially troubled and alarmed and want to see more members of congress talking about this, the demonization of immigrations -- >> protesters are demanding a end to the separation of families at the border which is
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a policy signed into law by congress, not the trump administration which we just keep hearing about. donald trump, peter stzrok face the american people at the appearing of peter stzrok and other hating fraud should be shown to the public on live television, not a closed-door hearing nobody will see. we should expose these people for what they are. there should be total transparency. he will privately testify tomorrow. he wrote the memo that launched the russia probe but is being investigated for antitrust text messages, gop lawmakers threatening action on the house floor after the doj missed yesterday's deadline, to turn over documents related to alleged fbi informants inside the trump campaign which expect a lot to happen on that story today. the department of justice has given lawmakers everything they asked for but byron york points
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out after several missed deadline, we have no idea what the justice department has handed over. >> nunez sent a letter demanding stuff last week, the fbi responding at 11 or 10:00 friday, nunez sent another letter saying you got to do it by 5:00 today services that response, nunez had asked did the fbi use informants against the trump campaign and if so how many and how much was spent and if you look at the fbi's answer the fbi, we have responded to your question. does that mean they answered the question? that they supplied the information or does that mean they responded to it? anyone who has ever filed a freedom of information act request get the letter back responding to your request, we may not answer it but here is your response so it is not clear what the justice department is
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made public or given nunez. >> lawmakers have requested 1 million documents from the doj and it would take a year and a half to get all documents. donald trump firing off at harley-davidson shifting its production overseas to avoid tariffs from the eu, surprised harley-davidson of all companies would be the first to wave the white flag. i thought hard for them and they will not pay tariffs into the eu which has hurt us badly on trade down $150 billion, taxes just a harley excuse, be patient, jeff flock is details from a harley dealership in countryside, illinois. >> reporter: the president has gotten angry at some companies that shifted production from the us to overseas but hard to get mad at harley-davidson because
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the steel and aluminum tariffs he imposed jacked up the price of raw materials for harley and retaliation from europe jacked up the tariff on harley-davidson's made in the us and sold on europe from 6% to 31% increase in the price of a harley in europe on the average of 2000 or more a motorcycle. that is a big hit for harley. in the regulatory filing from yesterday they said, the company will bear significant impact from these tariffs and the company estimates the incremental cost of the remainder of 2018 will be between 30 $30 million-$45 million. they can't increase the price of a harley in europe because by 2000 or more, people wouldn't buy them so the regulatory filing, to address the cost of the tariff burden long-term
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harley-davidson will be implementing a plan to shift production of motorcycles for the eu from the us to its international facilities to avoid the tariff. unfortunately that will mean fewer jobs in the us, three manufacturing plants just outside milwaukee and kansas city missouri. instead they shift the production overseas to places like thailand, india and australia to avoid those tariffs. of situations. the only good news, the price of a harley in the us going up. >> secretary of defense james madison touching down in beijing as tensions rise with china, he will press chinese leaders over critical issues overaggressive military presence in the disputed waters and ongoing peace negotiations with north korea. mattis is the first pentagon
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chief to visit china since 2014. he is also planning trips to japan and south korea as well. voters hitting polls in 7 states today, one of south carolina were donald trump is urging people to vote. >> get out tomorrow and vote. you got to get out and vote. >> a little bleep, rallying for governor mcmaster, up against republican challenger john moore in the runoff today. mcmaster was the first statewide elected official to endorse the trump campaign 2016. in utah mitt romney is up against mike kennedy and convicted leaker chelsea manning on the ballot challenging the democratic primary. we will break down all the races, stay tuned for that was a world war ii hero will be posthumously awarded the medal
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of honor recognizing first lieutenant connor two decades after his death. the kentucky soldier fired on his own position to repel the german attack and saved his unit in france in 1945. lieut. connor died in 1998, one of the most decorated soldiers of world war ii. his wife will accept his metal at the white house. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour, donald trump holding onto momentum abroad including possible plans for a summit with p. and next guest says a face-to-face between the two leaders could change history. and hillary clinton still isn't over her election laws, taking her complaints to the world stage. >> my personal experience with winning 3 million more votes but still losing, and discussing the american electoral college for another day.
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>> he wasn't done. stay tuned.
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heather: donald tran wrapping up momentum on world change welcoming the king of jordan to the white house. >> reporter: >> or nations have a very good relationship if the rest of the world took a little bit of your humility we would be in better position. >> we have done very well, a lot of progress has been made in the middle east, a lot. >> reporter: with jordan providing stability in the middle east could this pave the way for the deal of the century between israel and the palestinians. dr. rebecca grant says yes and
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joins me to explain. >> reporter: the deal of the century. what would that mean and is this what will lead to it? jared kushner and others have been working quietly for at least we 6 months on restarting an israeli-palestinian peace process. we don't have a lot of details but trump and others refer to this as the deal of the century and jordan must agree, jordan is the guardian of the islamic sites in jerusalem and other places in jordan needs to be on board with this deal. heather: who does not need to agree? >> according to jared kushner, mahmoud abbas may not to agree. he hasn't changed talking points in 25 years, we need the palestinian people to agree, but
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they may leave the palestinian leadership out. >> very different when talking about abbas agreeing versus the palestinian people. >> exactly, trying to split the difference, we will see how it plays out. more detail to come but the pace of activity has been incredible, trump's appetite for international deals very high-energy president. >> if you sit back and think about it, the amount in terms of foreign policy, folks are saying foreign policy would not be his strong point but he is getting a lot of things done. >> donald trump natural diplomat and his style was so different he wants to sit down with world leaders, doesn't care about the so-called optics, wants to shake their hands, look them in the eye, put out controversial ideas and see how they react. that is his style. >> john bolton headed to moscow tomorrow. is he laying the groundwork for
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the potential summit and what would the benefit be of that meeting? >> all indications are they are talking a potential summit which trump offered in the march april time frame and it is high time for trump and a putin to meet, such a long list of serious issues starting with arms control, the nuclear situation, syria, ukraine, iran, status of nato, high time for the two of them to meet. >> the whole issue that continues to hunt his campaign, possible russia collusion and russia being involved in the election. >> russia is messing around with all the western democracies and their are other issues, russia test launched icbms, nasty military capabilities, lots to
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talk about militarily, freaked out by donald trump's space force idea, there will be in your full about that. >> it would be really something to see and interesting if that should unfold, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it, lots to talk about. 18 after the top of the hour, sarah sanders 5 back after the left calls for more harassment of trump administration officials. >> in a cabinet, in a restaurant or a crowd. >> carly shimkus is here with social media reaction that continues to pour in. i woke up in memphis and told... (harmonica interrupts) ...and told people about geico... (harmonica interrupts) how they could save 15% or more by... (harmonica interrupts) just calling or going online to
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>> hollywood beauty heather locklear spiraling out of control, hospitalized overnight just hours after being released from jail, paramedics rushing to her california home after the 56-year-old overdosed just hours earlier she was arrested for punching a police officer after being placed on psychiatric hold, pictures by the daily mail show the actress trying to hide her face after posting $20,000 bail. this isn't her first run-in with the law, she was arrested in february for alleged domestic violence against her boyfriend so our prayers are with her. sarah sanders firing back at maxine waters after her comments calling for harassment of trump
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administration officials. >> we are allowed to disagree but we should be able to do so freely and without fear of harm. healthy debate on ideas and political philosophy is important because for harassment and push for any trump supporters to avoid the public is unacceptable. >> carly shimkus with fox news headlines is here with reaction online. >> top democrats including schuck schumer and nancy pelosi are also condemning waters after march, nancy pelosi saying in the crucial months ahead we must strive to make america beautiful again. trump's daily lack of civility has provoked responses that are predictable but unacceptable we must conduct elections in a way that achieves unity from sea to shining sea. waters addressed the controversy yesterday saying she did not call for anybody to be physically harmed and accused the president of lying in his tweets, the president that
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supporters weighing in on social media, proud americans as we are behind you 100%, sarah sanders, you have more brains, backbone and integrity than any liberal there ever was and another twitter user says so sad people do this. we should be able to disagree and not divide. >> we will talk more about this coming up. let's move on, a big day for former president bush, he got a new dog. >> a big day, he added an additional member to his family. great joy to welcome home the newest member of our family, a beautiful and beautifully trained lab from american that dogs, could not be more graceful for their commitment to veterans. he also hung out with another former president, special visit from a great friend and
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best-selling author. i had a freshly laundered pair of advil clinton socks to mark the occasion was always has fancy socks. a lot of folks on social media weighing in, judy says sally is beautiful, happy you have a new great friend to help you out especially with bill clinton visiting. it is wonderful to see the friendship you two share. another twitter user says sally is beautiful, enjoy. he is a highly trained guide dog. a spokesperson said he could do just about anything but make a martini. >> need to do a story on the training of those dogs. >> instagram account,@sally hw bush if you want to check it out. the time is 26 after the top of the hour and the occupy ice movement against the immigration
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policy is spreading nationwide. do you not want to continue talking to me because i'm from fox news? >> todd pyro confronted protesters and the story is up next.
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>> welcome back, half past the top of the hour, the man accused of ambushing and killing a fire captain facing a judge today. thomas kim charged with murdering capt. david rosa a candlelight vigil was held overnight outside his firehouse in long beach, california. kim set a fire on the second floor of his retirement home to lure first responders and opened fire when they arrived. a second firefighter was also hit that is expected to be okay.
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>> firefighters across the state and across the country are putting themselves in harm's way and service to the community was capt. rosa answered the call to service and pay the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: capt. rosa leaves behind a wife and two children. the supreme court will not hear an appeal from a netflix documentary series making a murderer. brendan is serving a life sentence after convicted of helping his uncle murder a photographer in 2007 when he was 16 years old. lawyers say he has intellectual disabilities and was coerced into a concession. >> who shot her in the head? why didn't you tell us that? >> i didn't think of it. >> reporter: he is 28 years old. 's lawyers say they will continue to fight for his freedom. occupy ice, the protest movement
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against us immigration policy is spreading across the nation. it started in portland and has reached cities like detroit, los angelehicago and new york city. that is where we send todd pyro to see what protesters had to say and he joins us with more. >> reporter: we went to find out what it is they ultimately want. take a look at what happens when they found out we were from fox news. why are you here? >> i think separating parents from their children and deporting people who are just living their lives is wrong. >> draconian immigration policy that for fox viewers has been around time. starting with clinton and obama. it is important for people to
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know ice is doing evil things. >> based on your answers and the signs, you want open borders? >> yes absolutely. >> reporter: what would be your policy? >> no borders, no nation. >> reporter: what about actual criminals that you would consider actual serious criminals? >> if you spend enough time in prison you are absorbed of your crime, they should do what they want. if they commit another crime they should go to prison again. >> reporter: was the goal of your protest? >> the goal of the protest,e shut down the buil for the day. we have succeeded doing something material. >> reporter: from people pro your side saying by you being here today you delayed the process by 6 weeks
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there is a public entrance that is not being blocked at all. >> reporter: why do you think today they canceled all the court hearings because of your protest? >> a little bit of a tactic. are you with fox news? >> you don't want to continue talking to me because i'm from fox news? >> it is fair to say you would enter into a question with a little bit of bias. we are not blocking the public entrance. >> nobody said that. i didn't say that. >> it was implied when you phrase the question by your protest. >> reporter: i read a report that was the case. anyone else want to talk to me about the issues? >> i want you to leave. >> reporter: we got an official statement from the executive office for immigration to fox news, the immigration court did
1:35 am
not hold hearings today. it was not available to appear, judges with hearing scheduled to the earliest available date, occupy ice in response, and we have one. in the bond hearings will be moved to a later date, obvious ice onces to use this as a scapegoat for their own failures but the responsibility for their cool detention practices remains with them. toward the second half, it was like i was a different person. the second thing with regard to open borders. don't worry about it and it will get paid for. and so many people fighting for what they believe in, somebody has got to pay for.
1:36 am
>> they that everybody in, and in terms of jobs and people looking for work right now, talk about harley-davidson moving overseas, a tumbledown effect to all of it. >> they agree with donald trump the country without borders is no nation at all. they went that. >> i heard that from one lady and when you found out they were from fox news -- thank you so much. praising job growth. the american dream is back for small -- >> 3.4 million jobs in selection day. so many companies coming back into the united states, want to be where the action is. it is the most optimistic they have ever been. they have never been this
1:37 am
optimistic. >> americans agree with donald trump, 51% approve of how our commander-in-chief is handling the economy. going up. hillary clinton can't let the 2016 election go, the failed candidate speaking out at a speech in oxford university. >> personal experience winning 3 million votes, we believe discussions of the american electoral college for another day. >> to the turkish presidents, by phoning a liberal author, listen to this. and political and intellectual elites inside the country and around the world persistently underestimate the threat these kinds of leaders opposed to the
1:38 am
survival of democratic institutions. >> reporter: he has jailed thousands of opponents and just won reelection in turkey. maxine waters walking back call to harass members of the trump administration after facing back lash so severe even nancy pelosi wants nothing to do with it. is this with the democratic party is about? democratic ohio state leader, thank you for joining us. let's talk about this. did you hear what maxine waters had to say? >> and i have been following this story closely. and getting a lot of back lash, not what we stand for. it is a distraction to the core issues we should be focusing on, and david axelrod, senior
1:39 am
advisor to pres. obama condemning this tactic by maxine waters. >> reporter: here is what donald trump had to say, congresswoman maxine waters, and extreme merely low iq person, together with nancy pelosi the face of the democrat party. and the make america great again movement, be careful what you wish for. >> i don't necessarily think again, my grandmother would say two wrongs don't make a right. thank maxine waters is low iq i don't think is appropriate. we see a ton of people make death threats, at restaurants with the same name but different establishments, kicked out sarah huckabee sanders, we are at an all-time low when it comes to
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public discourse and we need to do something to get things back on track and democrats could have an opportunity to be the adults in the room and inject decorum into the national discourse. and maxine waters missed the mark. heather: people in public personas like entertainment score politically, they need to be an example and come forward and show that we can get along and talk to each other. here is what nancy pelosi had to say, in the crucial months ahead we must strive to make america beautiful again. trump's daily lack of civility provoked responses that are predictable but unacceptable, and achieve unity from sea to shining sea. she said that but at the same time take a stab at donald trump. >> i see a lot of acrimony from
1:41 am
both sides. and seems to be so much push back and forth and we are missing each other in this conversation. it is bad for politics and more importantly bad for the country. right now the democrats are losing out on this by trying to be a little bit more aggressive. nobody wants to see, it is never appropriate for personal attacks and harassment to be part of the political discourse. we should be focusing on issues. i think that is what the american people crave and all we are seeing is negative back and forth. >> you sound like winston churchill who said courage is what it takes to stand up and speak and courage is what it takes to sit down. we will be right back. office they have businesses to run they have passions to pursue
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>> fox business alert just hours from now the dow will open without general electric. here with the company's replacement. >> walgreens, boots, alliance will replace general electric on the dow jones industrial average. and original components, that is how long it has been on the index, the worst performer on the dow year-to-date struggling there, stock shares really going down by 13 points. that is part of the reason why it is being removed but chairman of the s&p index committee said industrial companies like ge, banks and consumers paying a larger role.
1:46 am
heather: big drop as well. what do you expect to happen today. >> this kind of rhetoric escalates, and watching that, conflicting reports from the trump administration, tech companies in china today. heather: amazon prime members an exclusive deal. >> started rolling out exclusive deals to amazon prime members at whole foods grocery stores and whole foods stars giving them 10% off of sale items, more discounts if you're in amazon prime member. the whole foods 365 stores as well. a little savings there. have a good day. the time is 15 minutes until the
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top of the hour in the race to the midterms, donald trump has a special message for millions of voters heading to the polls today. >> please get your [bleep] out tomorrow and vote. heather: do democrats have a shot or are they aiming too high? gop strategist justin wallin here to break it down next. ♪
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>> donald trump rallying the crowd in south carolina in support of henry mcmaster with voters heading to the polls just hours from now, 6 others this morning, what can we expect?
1:51 am
gop pollster justin lawrence, big rally in south carolina and it became who supports donald trump more in terms of the candidates? >> it is a proxy war in the brand of donald trump. mcmaster supports trump, vocally supports trump and in this case the president cast his particular ballot, his lot with one. >> more like trump. >> kind of the path they go. one person may get the endorsement and retort i am still more like you. heather: colorado and the governor's race, what should we be keeping an eye on. >> a different primary, similar california voters could test
1:52 am
ballots for anyone they want regardless of party, typically a centrist state, the governor is centrist, viewed of a purple state and a leading democrat and republican contenders are pulling left and pulling right. and voicing support for trump. and embracing universal healthcare. heather: extremes on either side. and the race there? >> maryland, the incumbent, governor hogan, no contender in the republican primary, eight contenders in the democratic primary and meanwhile hogan is distancing himself from the president going so far as to hold the state national guard units from the border to protect separation of family perspective
1:53 am
and a proxy war for the pres.'s brand. >> who can pool further away? interesting. in terms of the democratic challengers how many? that will split the vote. >> warfare -- >> what happened in california. let's move to a race we are watching in new york, the 14th district. why should people be interested in that? >> the challengers are moving left to position themselves. we have a test of the strength of latino electric. a latino activist, and learning spanish. heather: an indication how large or involve the latino vote will be. medical marijuana legalization on the ballot, 788. >> it moves inward, oklahoma voters have the opportunity to decide whether to legalize
1:54 am
medical marijuana. heather: this is primarily a red state. heather: all these indications moving toward the midterms. appreciate it. 6 minutes until the top of the hour. talk about a manicured meltdown caught on camera, an unhappy customer trashes a nail salon. and there is this, horrifying video, up in flames and family jumped into operation, 6 people were trapped on board.
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julie: time for the good, the bad and the ugly. the dramatic rescue on the high seas after this boat burst into flames near fort lauderdale with her family on a fishing trip, the 6 people on board. one manually falling overboard. >> what's up? heather: no one was seriously hurt. and make america great again hat, chicago's replay lincoln
1:59 am
biases they violated the dress code, management posting this on facebook showing the to a man with a gang related facial tattoo saying both are not well command across the environment. the ugly, trashing a nail salon, $2000 worth of damage. the suspect turning herself and after a major meltdown in missouri over a bad manicure. the owner since she got upset when they offered a refund or repair. that wraps up "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues tomorrow. >> building the wall, fixing the wall, spending a lot of money and going for more and we will get it done, democrats want open borders and don't mind crime.
2:00 am
>> reporter: tuesday, june 26th, donald trump unleashing on the left for their open border policy. republicans bracing ahead of the crucial vote on the compromise bill. rob: should anti-trump fbi agent peter stzrok testify on live tv? donald trump thinks he should as they wrap up the pressure on this document deadline. >> man's best friend turning into a lifesaver. the heroic police dog performing cpr. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪


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