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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 26, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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jillian: so many questions about this. rob: he seems so casual. jillian: oh my gosh. crazy. have a good day. rob: it is tuesday. tomorrow is wednesday. jillian: rob's favorite day. rob: we'll see you later. [chanting build that wall] >> it's not build that wall anymore. it's continue building that wall because we are building it. >> i have not called for the harm of nibble. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet, on them. >> if she continues to double down. the house ought to take up a motion t screenmotion to censur. >> peter strzok and the other hating frauds at the fbi and doj should be shown to the public. >> 51% approve of how our commander-in-chief is handling the economy. >> that is a record in a cnbc poll. >> if a horrible thing
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happens and we weren't lucky enough to have henry win, they will say donald trump suffered a major, major defeat. so, please get your [bleep] out tomorrow and vote. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ steve: it's tuesday, the 26th day of june and brian kilmeade is back on the couch. ainsley: where did you go? brian: i'm not allowed to talk a lot about it. we are all going to be doing stuff with fox nation. when you see what i saw when i show you on the break you will be amazed. it was really a working day. it was a working day. you guys will be doing it, too. steve: fantastic. we don't know where he was. eventually we will reveal the mystery. brian: i will tell you by keeping in touch and meeting
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so many americans midwest, kept up with the news. they have been briefing me the last two days. steve: we are doing the news for the people in the midwest, too. brian: absolutely. they know. ainsley: you went out to steve's neck of the woods. what do you think of his people? brian: his people are our people. they're extremely nice. ainsley: the president was in my neck of the woods west port high school and he had a rally. he was there trying to encourage people to go to the polls today to vote for the incumbent south carolina governor henry mcmaster in a tight race with a guy named john warren. brian: the president was stuck on the plane because of weather for a while. got a few very direct tweets. steve: hey, mark warner. brian: some little announcement he made in martha's vineyard. he took care of a few things and said i am not letting the people of south carolina down. i'm going out there and i'm covering everything. the only thing that was there is just ornaments or
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just teleprompters. steve: so typically donald trump who went there to endorse henry mcmaster ended up talking about a lot of stuff. if you missed here are some of the highlights. >> it is great to be with you. this is a very special state. i love this state. >> we're going to start winning again. we're winning now. we are winning with our military. our military is now being built up like you wouldn't believe. we are winning on trade. we're defending our borders. because if you don't have borders, you don't have a country. it's not build that wall anymore. it's continue building that wall. because we're building it. but democrats. they want open borders and they don't mind crime. we are lifting millions and millions of americans from bell faiwelfare to work. from depend to independence and poverty to prosperity. we are not looking up in the air. any rockets up there? any rockets? there has been no rocket test there has been no
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nuclear test. there has been no ballistic missiles. the world is going to be a much safer place and north korea is going to be a much better place. if a horrible thing happens and we weren't lucky enough to have henry win, you know they won't talk about it. they will say donald trump suffered a major, major defeat. so, please get your [bleep] out tomorrow and vote. steve: mr. president, there are children in the audience. something else he did mention. did he mention these two names together, maxine waters and nancy pelosi. and, of course, as he was rallying the crowd, regarding maxine waters he had some tweets out yesterday in which she -- the reason she is in the news if you weren't with us today, she has urged supporters to get in the face of anybody in the cabinet or trump supporters or surrogates and things like that there have since been calls maxine maybe you
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went too far. nonetheless, yesterday, we doubled down. >> i have not called for the harm of anybody. this president has lied again. and so, our members of the democratic caucus are talking about civility, and that makes good sense. but protest is civility. protest is about peaceful resistance to the kind of actions that we are experiencing from this president. this president will try to do everything to divert our attention. he calls me names and calls everybody names. as a matter of fact, we expect that from him. i have said nothing like that. i have talked about peaceful protests. ainsley: she did use the word harass on msnbc. i watched the interview over the weekend and now she is saying i'm not calling for violence. calling for peaceful protest, which is good. but there are some of her democratic colleagues that are denouncing her. that are distancing herself from her. including chuck schumer. listen to this. >> if you disagree with
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someone or something, stand up, make your voice heard. explain why you think they're wrong and why you are right. make the argument. protest peacefully. if you disagree with the politician, organize your fellow citizens to action and vote them out of office. but no one should call for the harassment of political opponents. that's not right. that's not american. brian: i give him so much credit for doing that it is so important for him not only to do that but i give him creditor doing it where he did it. it means a lot. number two, i also think people have to understand they are actually following these secretaries to their homes. stop them from going to restaurants. stopping pam bondi in florida where she is attorney general from watching a movie. if you think it's going to stop. forget it unless people like chuck schumer do that and nancy pelosi kind of does that goes about halfways and says this: in the crucial months ahead we strive to
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make america beautiful again. trump has provoked responses predictable but unacceptable. as we go forward, we must conduct elections in a way that achieves unity from sea to shining sea. i just think it's important for republicans not to do the same thing to democrats. just stop it. just say enough. act like an adult. you are going to get nobody serving in government at any level. ainsley: that's right. brian: because they don't want to sacrifice their families and future. you don't do it to get rich. you don't do it to get famous. you arpeople out there for all e wrong reasons. republicans have got to stop it. steve: ultimately though what will stop it is the democrats saying this will back fire on us. because ultimately it could lead to sympathy for trump officials it could rally the midterm republicans as well and, of course, there is always the worry that it would, what they are doing the other side would do to
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them. listen, steven miller, who is one of the president's number one policy advisors, he was with the president last night in south carolina and, yet, as you can see right there, there's a protest, 20 people in front of his house at city center in washington, d.c. and they also put up a number of wanted posters and on the wanted posters with steven miller's name it described him as a white nationalist, trump lackey and architect of both the muslim ban and family separation. it says guilty of kidnapping 2500 children. crimes against humanity. brian: unbelievable. steve, i wanting to go back to your earlier point 100 percenight as outrageous as it is. you are mobilizing a base, american tradition goes dormant during the mid terms. steve: listen to, this the elite editorial in the new york daily news which hates donald trump talks about the last line is hounding officials in their private lives gives them, the
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president, exactly what they want, the ability to cast themselves of victims of oppression in a country where they control the of power don't go down that road. the "l.a. times" says similar editorial as well. this could back fire on democrats if they keep it up. ainsley: it can insight violence eventually. steve: exactly. ainsley: if they are yelling nasty comments to you in front of your kids it's hue milhumiliating. steve: look at that guy a bernie sanders supporter a year ago went to that ball field in alexandria, virginia and tried to kill as many republicans as he could. brian: i just say -- that really was the theme throughout my two cities that i have just been in, oh, you know, we are going to find out where peter strzok lives. i go gifs, have you got to calm down. these guys are being adjudicated in any way
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possible. they are doing their job. agree to disagree. live your life and. ainsley: it's bullying. if you don't agree with sarah huckabee sanders for working for the president and did you go find her at a restaurant and kick her out of the restaurant. apparently the protesters, she left with her husband and she and her family went across the street to another restaurant. the came over and followed and continued to harass her. it's bullying. it's harassing and yes, can incite violence eventually. this will going to boil over. people are getting mad. the pot is boiling and eventually it's going to come to a head. steve: the "wall street journal" has another editorial talking about, you know, hillary clinton made the mistake of calling people who supported trump deplorables. ultimately the "wall street journal" says that message to deplorables you can't even go out to eat. that's going to rally
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people. ainsley: your power is voting. if you don't like this administration go to the polls in two years. that's where you have the power. brian: what if you want to show your support to jillian, where do you go? to a restaurant? ainsley: right here. don't change the channel. jillian: be nice to each other. is it that hard. brian: be nicer to each other. jillian: we will. he hates tuesdays. good morning to you guys. you at home as well get you caught up on your news. the man accused of ambushing and killing a fire carpet face a judge today. 77-year-old accused with murdering. kim set a fire at his retirement home to lure first responders and opened fire when they arrived. >> firefighters across the region, across our state and across our country right now putting themselves in harm's way. can't rosa answered that call this morning of service to his community and he paid the ultimate sacrifice. jillian: a candlelight vigil
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held outside captain rose zaps firehouse in long beach, california. he leaves behind a wife and two kids. a second firefighter was also shot but will be okay. secretary of defense james mattis touching down in beijing overnight as tensions rise with china. is he expected to press chinese leaders over a number of critical issues. including aggressive military presence in the south china sea and ongoing peace negotiations with north korea. mattis is the first pentagon chief to visit china since 2014. he's also planning stops in japan and south korea. voters hitting the polls in seven states today. canada is hoping for victories in runoffs and primaries. in utah mitt romney is up against republican challenger mic kennedy both of them forced into a g.o.p. senate primary after neither one enough votes g.o.p. state convention in april. convicted leaker chelsea manning on the ballot in maryland challenging ben cardin in the democratic party. the feud between donald
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trump and jimmy fallon. trump lashing out at the late night host after apologizing for playing with his hair before the election. fallon said it humanized him. >> jimmy fallon apologized. he apologized for humanizing me. the poor guy. is he lost. he looks like a lost soul. jillian: fallon, as can you imagine, firing back on his show. >> when i saw that trump insulted me on twitter i thought i would fire back immediately but i have more things to do. wait, shouldn't he have more important things to do. jillian: president trump says fallon should be thank for the ratings 2016 interview. brian: started with fallon, went to kimmel and that guy on cbs. jillian: apparently a restless night of sleep. brian: usual there is a strategy behind it. ainsley: he said if you have fake hair don't run for president. steve: meanwhile, remember that intern who cursed president trump up on capitol hill last week.
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just found out who she is, and guess what? she did not get fired. brian: for the left's strategy to maxine waters and back firing people like jessica tarlov, she w be weighing in because she came all the way -- got up early this morning. i have to tell you something incredible. capital one has partnered with to give venture cardholders 10 miles on every dollar they spend at thousands of hotels. all you have to do is pay with this... at 10 miles per dollar? that is incredible. brrrrr. i have the chills. because you're so excited? because ice is cold. and because of all those miles. obviously. what's in your wallet? i'm not sure. what's in your wallet?
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ainsley: even top level democrats maxine waters after he harassed trump officials. has the damage already been done. here to react is jessica tarlov. thank you for being with us. is it going to back fire on the democratic party? >> back fire, i think is a strong word and i apologize for my voice. i think it was appropriate that nancy pelosi came out against this and there have been other top level democrats who say this is not how we do business. she didn't call for violence. by the way that wasn't explicit in what she said there democrats are really having a difficult time dealing with the civility issue because president trump did win doing that he even had an aggressive tweet to maxine waters saying, be careful what you wish for. he had said he would pay the legal fees for people who hurt protesters, he said things like i want to punch them in the face. he said there were good people in both sides after charlottesville when somebody died. this is not a president who is afraid to condone violence himself. it's incredibly difficult for us to say maxine waters is a huge problem and see
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that donald trump gets away with this scot-free. ainsley: how do we get to this point. are democrats feeling like they have been punche pushed ina corner and now both sides are getting angry. >> i think both sides have been angry a long time. i think perceived tmp exacerbated it he was right when he said he could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and not lose his base. the question is whether he loses 15% on top in key states. it's disappointing. no one wants to see anyone harassed kicked out of a restaurant. we do want discourse on policies being implemented that are dangerous and unamerican. i'm not sure where we get to a point where we do that again without maxine waters talk and trump talk. ainsley: i have heard many say the democratic party is a party of toll tolerance. they are preaching tolerance is sarah huckabee sanders, pam bondy, now to steven miller. i was proud of chuck schumer
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and nancy pelosi for saying they are condemning this because fear in our country will get worse and eventually lead to violence. >> we are past violence. bringing up charlottesville there, what has gone on at some of these rallies. you see some of the aggressive t-shirts, for instance that exist on both sides, famous trump supporter t-shirt that says f your feelings, for instance. even the chant lock her up is fundamentally violent. to throw someone in jail it shows up at every leadership. our leadership i thank them for condemning. this we don't want to be the party of that. democrats also have to think do we want to be the ones that are constantly held to a standard that the other party isn't? and we lost 1,000 seats under barack obama being the party of civility and tolerance. ainsley: republicans going up to anyone and president obama's administration at a restaurant and harassing
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them humiliating them. we have gotten to the point it's beyond it? >> is beyond. question about the lbgtq policies. again, i don't condone it have a peace conversation. thank you. ainsley: good message. more "fox & friends" coming up. the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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brian: after years of freedom. the man accused of being usama bin laden's body guard could finally be facing justice? he has been living in germany for years on welfare benefits. the country had been trying to kick him out. but a court ruled he might face torture in his home country and must be protected. that ruling just reversed now he has got a one-way ticket to to you tunisia.
3:25 am
duke of cambridge stepping off a plane first time ever. an official visit by the member of the royal family. he will visit benjamin netanyahu and palestinian leader mahmoud abbas on his three day trip. steve? steve: all right, brian. thank you very much. from president trump firing up the crowd last night to maxine waters calling on the anti-trump resistance to quote push back on anyone in the president's cabinet. we are dialing up the biggest highlights of the week that could possibly get president trump rye elected. here with the dials president and partner with maslansky and partners lee carter. thank you very much. >> great to be here. steve: lee has been burning the midnight oil after the president made his comments in west virginia you put before your 4,000 people in focus group boston of questions. >> that's right. we tested the speech last night along with some of the key moments from the sprit celebrity forces out there as well. steve: all right. first sound bite. folks, watch the dial numbers. remember, red is republican. blue is democrat.
3:26 am
and yellow are the independents. here are the president talking about america's workforce. >> we are doing so well. we are lifting and millions and mons of americans from welfare to work. >> yeah. from from depen dependence to independence to america. we are putting american steel into the country and breathing new hope into our communities. steve: the red went off the chart. >> it sure did. i'm surprised the president did as well as he did having such a rough week and all the criticism he got. this message though talking about his successes. how we are lifting millions and millions of americans from welfare to work. about getting the economy going. this is why the president was elected. promises made, promises kept on this particular front is
3:27 am
where he focused and even independents come along on the right on this one. hard on him for certain things but this is where he shines. steve: somebody running for governor here in the great state of new york is cynthia nixon. you remember her from that tv show "sex in the city." here's the sound bite. watch the dials as she calls for the abolition of ice. >> i think we need to abolish ice. that seems really clear. ice is relatively new. it came in after september 11th. we have been handling immigrations and customs for a long time here. they have strayed so far from the interest of the american people and interest of humanity. we need to abolish it. steve: dems don't give it an a but they do give it a w. >> they do give it a b. independents gave it a d. republicans a d minus. here's the thing and this happens with a lot of democratic candidates right now. they presume that people agree with them. can you see she said it seems really clear. i think we need to abolish ice. you know what? not everybody agrees with her. you see instantly people
3:28 am
dial down. this is a tool people need to learn. if you have a position don't assume people are with you. explain it, give context. this was a losing message for her. steve: what about maxine waters, was this a losing message? here she is calling on members to intimidate members of the tru cabinet. >> you see anybody in that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they are not welcome. steve: independents dove with the republicans on that. i was watching your dials. >> they sure did. republicans and independents both gave this an f. democrats gave this a c. there are some democrats who agree we should be going out and protesting against the administration for the most part what we heard from investigators is unacceptable. maxine said i'm looking for
3:29 am
peaceful resistance. that's not what people heard. people heard this was encouraging a mob mentality to completely not meant to be civil. while not everybody heard violence they did hear things that were not so nice. what people are longing for is some type of a civil discourse. people want the president and they want congress and and bipartisan conversations. they wants people to come back together. people are tired of this resist, resist, resist. this kind of behavior is the biggest gift democrats can give to republicans right now. this, the red hen kind of thing we have been hearing. republicans are really likely to support the president after hearing things like this. steve: in other words, if the democrats and people on the political left keep that stuff up, he gets -- it's a slam dunk for trump. >> that's absolutely right. we saw that the? general election as well. steve: lee carter, thank you very much. >> any time. steve: meanwhile, have you seen it president trump wear it all over the country. one bar says you're not welcome if you wear that cap. where is that?
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>> they came to me three days ago. sir, we would like to you sign this order. what is the order? we need 5,000 judges on the border. i said 5,000? so, we put a judge on like on the bench. federal. it takes us to week to vet. it takes us a long time to get the judges. one, we are talking about one person. here they want 5,000. i don't want judges. i want ice and border patrol
3:34 am
agents. that's what i want. [cheers] >> and we want to tell people i'm sorry you're coming in the country illegally. brian: that's what the president wanted. you heard him last night. it's possible to do it. let's bring in judge andrew napolitano. he was here with martha maccallum seems like a few hours ago. why do we need 15,000 judges. can i just forget about. just send them back. >> parts of the constitution that only protects citizens and there are parts of the constitution that protects all persons this part when the government wants to effect your life liberty it effects all persons. once these folks are on american soil. no matter who they are or how they got here they are entitled to the due process. doesn't necessarily mean a jury trial in front of a federal judge like the president is talking about. it with mean an administrative hearing before an administrative law judge. steve: those are the 5,000
3:35 am
he wants? >> those are the 5,000. the president is quite correct. it take as year from the time they find the person all the vetting. lifetime appointments u. this is what i went through in new jersey. the administrative law judge is an eminem ployee of the dhs who is a judge but just here as these issues. these can go on for 55, 60 minutes. and you resolve it right then and there. if we were able to prevent these folks from entering our soil, then there is no due process rights. due process only attaches the right to a hearing and all the protections that come with it when they are physically on our soil. abby: so ted cruz and his legislation he wants to increase currently 375 judges to 750 judges. but these kids that are being detained, doesn't the law say they can only be detained 20 days. if these things take a year what happens to the
3:36 am
children. >> i don't think it will take a year. here is where i fully agree with the president. the president is 100 percent correct on this. the immigration laws are a weird concoction of laws written at different times different generations with different political pressures and conflicting judicial opinions. this should be resolved by congress and the president not by th courts. courts are only there to interpret the constitution not set policy. steve: the president wants to be able to, if families cross together to keep the families intact at a military base. >> i don't know that that can be done in 20 days. brian: judge, we only have three facilities for families since they are going to be kept together now and they have to let people go. so essentially the president is back to cas catch and release. >> unless he can say to them. how about did you go home? i wouldn't be surprised if that type of a conversation would resonate with a lot of these folks who real liz this isn't going to work.
3:37 am
now, look the reason there is due process a lot them have legitimate reason to come here. if they can show they are bonafide escapees from a dangerous environment. ainsley: then we will allow them to stay. >> yes, the law requires we let them stay. steve: what will happen to the love birds at the fbi. the president was tweeting about peter strzok yesterday. he said the hearing of peter strzok and the other hating frauds at the fbi and doj should be shown to the public on live tv not a closed door hearing that nobody will see. we should expose these people for what they are. there should be total transparency. he would like to see this upcoming capitol hill hearing on tv. >> i could not agree with him more. this is the most profound question of our era. was there a conspiracy in the obama administration department of justice and the fbi to prevent donald
3:38 am
trump from becoming the united states of america. was that guy at the core. why he is still at the fbi. he is fbi agent still getting paid. inspector general general. is he the subject of an fbi investigation. is he about to become the subject of a criminal ination. he knows whatever he says under oath can be used against him but he agreed to testify. ainsley: kind of. judge: we have the right to observe that testimony. if we don't, if it's just the politicians then the republicans will leak their narrative and the democrats will leak their narrative. we are adults. they work for us. we can see what form our own conclusions. brian: did they cut a deal. put the heat on him that he deserves. >> congressman good leat on his own without a vote of the committee can say this morning okay it's a open hearing. brian: who is the one who originally said it's okay to go behind doors on friday. >> must have been congressman goodlatte it would never happen against
3:39 am
the will of the majority. ainsley: they don't want secrets leaked out. worried whatever he talks about. >> whatever he talks about we are entitled to know. brian: jim comey at least he spoke in public and took questions. >> this strzok is a character and is happy to speak in public. and the politicians want to learn things that we don't know. brian: they better change that and a lot of them watch. real quick making those comments in march that's vineyard. >> i hope it was a joke. >> he and mueller not senator burr know what's going on. steve: give me another glass of wine. >> got to be a cocktail party joke. i disagree with senator warner on at roof things. the senator warner i know and worked with is an honorable guy who is worthy of keeping the country's secrets. i don't know how he could know things that only bob mueller knows. mueller is not giving information to him. if he is, then we have another issue to investigate. brian: have you got to be kidding. >> i hope it's a joke. i know the president was
3:40 am
very aggravated about that. the president felt that he shouldn't be speaking in public after drinking. whether he was drinking or not. brian: judge, have you always been for drinking and speaking in public. so therefore you are in with the president. [laughter] jillian: probably none of us should be speaking in public after drinking. let's make that a blanket statement. now the headlines. do you remember the capitol hill intern who cursed at president trump last week. >> mr. president, [bleep] you. >> we now know she is a 21-year-old currently interning in the office of new hampshire senator maggie hassen. fox news was told she is not been fired but given one week suspension. her access to the capitol has been restricted. president trump supporters are outraged after a bar bans the signature make america great again hat. lincoln park bar says they violated their dress code.
3:41 am
management asking patrons on facebook to maintain a classy environment. even posting a photo of a maga cap with face related tattoos saying neither is welcome. the bar's owner has not started enforcing the policy just yet. former president george h.w. bush gets presidential visit from his seq. success sore. showing off bill clinton socks to bill clinton at his home in maine. also posted a picture of new service dog sully named for hero pilot sully sullenberger who named a plane on the hudson river. yellow lab will not only be a companion but also able to open doors, pick things up and get help. isn't he adorable? brian: my dogs do none of that. i don't know what my dogs do. steve: this one was trained to do all of thathank you very much, jillian. brian: wasn't working full time maybe do everything. steve: janice, starting out to be a nice day. janice: a beautiful day in new york city. 61 right now.
3:42 am
get into the 70's today. unfortunately, south of that that's where we have the potential for some showers and thunderstorms. that has been sort of ongoing over the last couple of weeks, courtesy of a stationary front and these areas of low pressure that kind of ride this front. if there is the severe threat today. large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes across the plains and midwest and southeast. then see the potential unfortunately for heavy rain across those reedges region as well. couple inches very short period of time. flash flooding and then we are not going to complain about the heat. look at it across the southwest. not only is it hot but dry and fire conditions are going to remain elevated. back to you. steve: it will be 100 degrees in denver, colorado. ainsley: when you see red and pink you know it's not good. steve: the red zone. j.d., thank you. ainsley: what happens when they find the real problem first hand? >> there is a smuggler. we have -- ainsley: will the media admit they are wrong.
3:43 am
brian: president trump calling out harley-davidson moving overseas. harley thinks they made the right move. we will debate who is right. steve: get your motor running ♪ battery in your smart lock?
3:44 am
maybe not. maybe you could trust you won't have to actually talk to your neighbor.
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3:46 am
brian: president trump slamming the move harley-davidson made to move some production overseas because they claim the trade dispute with the eu will cost them a lot of money in tariffs. the president tweeted this in response to harley's move. surprised harley davidson of all companies would be the first to wave the white flag fought hard for them and ultimately not made tariffs selling into the eu which has hurt us badly in trade. down 151 billion.
3:47 am
taxes just harley excuse. be patient. maga. charlie payne, we saw the market drop up to 400 and close over 300 points down. harley-davidson, why did they do what they did? do they need such quick, desperate measures? >> this isn't quick, desperate or news. i really think president trump has a legitimate beef here being disappointed with harley-davidson. this announcement is old news. they already announce i had they were going to close their kansas city plant. they already announce they are in the midst of building a plant in thailand. management stated their goal is to have 50% 6 their business outside of america in 2027. to accomplish that they have to build plants around the world. they are using the cloak of the dispute to get heat off themselves. unions are upset. they said how could you cut so many american jobs after you got these tax breaks? the unions have a great point. for the firstrter i crunched the numbers. do you know how much money they saved because of president trump's tax plan?
3:48 am
$25.2 million. extrapolate that over the year. that's $100 million. by the way, to close a plant in kansas city and open one in thailand is going to cost them $200 million. when they start talking about the cost of this kind of stuff, i just think it's disingenuous or just acknowledge hey, our business in america is dying, right? last quarter we were down 1% in america and up in europe. we want to build around the world. we can understand that as a business. but they have gotten into the political realm of it and being used and that's unfortunate. brian: way to unwind that that's excellent. next, "wall street journal," others talk about it, we are going after china. frengtedly way two prong attacks because you are stealing our technology. two different ways about to be announced. democrats are actually behind moves like this. county president use this opportunity to get all the country behind this move? >> harley news, unions upset. they went to nancy pelosi in may. they went to nancy pelosi in january and said help us. brian: schumer said i'm for the president when thi it comes
3:49 am
to china. >> continue to let china rip us off. made this in china 2025 is pretty clear. brian: they are stealing it? >> that's right. they are stealing it they are to the point they don't have to steal it that much anymore. so much is poured into their tech sector and gained so much knowledge this might be a moot point sunni. brian: guys buckle up i have got to win long term. >> i have been saying this since day one. they are not articulating this message right at all. itance shame. brian: charlie, thanks. watching fbn. sarah huckabee sanders firing back after getting kicked out of that restaurant. fire ice message sent nationwide we sent todd piro to find out what it is about. >> you are with fox news [inaudible] >> do you not want to continue talking to me because i'm from fox news?
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
ainsley: we have been talking about occupy ice in portland. expanding to different cities across the united states. brian: that's why we sent todd piro to hear what the protesters had to say. >> anti-rule message. self-described an artists no borders and doing everything to keep ice from doing their jobs. why are you here? >> i'm here because i think separating parents from their children and deporting people who are just living their lives are wrong. >> pretty draconian immigration policy for fox viewers has been around for a very long time. we can start with clinton if you want to and obama. >> i think it's safe to say
3:54 am
based on your answers and some of the signs you want open borders, correct? >> yes, yes. absolutely. >> what would be your policy. >> no borders no, nn. >> what about the actual criminals, those that you yourself would consider actual serious criminals? would you want them to come over? >> in america, if you spend enough time and you absolved of your crime they should be able to do what they want. if they commit another crime, they should go to prison again. >> what is the goal of your protest here? >> the goal of the protest we have to shut down the building. we have have succeeded in doing something material. >> i have read this from people very pro-your side saying by you being here today you delayed the process for by about six weeks from some individuals getting through the detention process. how do you respond to that? >> i have heard that as well. and that is something that i am struggling with because i don't want to harmony individual person. oh, yes. >> sorry, i have heard t
3:55 am
question asked quite a few times there is a public interest right on bear street that is not could blocked at all. >> why do you think they cancelled the court hearings because of your protests. >> a little bit of a tactic. >> you are with fox news. >> yes, i am. >> do you not want to continue talking to me because i'm from fox news. >> what i'm saying is, you know, i think it's fair to say you would enter into a question with a little bit bias. >> i want to to interject we are not blocking the public interest. todd: nobody said that i didn't say that. >> well, i think it was implied the way when you phrase a question like saying oh like protest. todd: i said i read a report this was the case. anybody else want to talk to me about the issues? [cheers] >> office for immigration review told the immigration court did not hold hearings today because the respond
3:56 am
dents were not available to appear. judges will reset hearings that were scheduled to the earliest available date on their docket. steve: also,e, todd we did a story about how the ice location in portland. the feds have said unless they stop blocking the entrance, everybody is going to get arrested. todd: based on the individuals i spoke with not going to that i can that warning. hey we are going to stop. two things that stood out to me. they were able to talk to me until they found out about fox news thing. i was the same guy in a t-shirt asking them questions. two, i found this particularly interesting. i got one of the individuals who agree with donald trump. in the sense that he said i don't like a situation where we have any borders. i want a nation with no borders. that's what trump says. steve: ice is in charge of enforcement, not policy. that's washington, d.c. todd: correct. 100 percent. brian: good job. ainsley: guess what? hillary clinton still isn't done with complain guilty
3:57 am
about election. taking her grievances about democracy to the world stage. >> my personal experience with winning 3 million more votes but still losing and we will leave discussions of the american electoral college for another day. -♪ he's got legs of lumber and arms of steel ♪ ♪ he eats a bowl of hammers at every meal ♪ ♪ he holds your house in the palm of his hand ♪ ♪ he's your home and auto man ♪ big jim, he's got you covered ♪ ♪ great big jim, there ain't no other ♪ -so, this is covered, right? -yes, ma'am.
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4:00 am
folks from entering our soil then there is no due process rights. >> i have not called for the harm of anybody. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet, you push back on them. >> disappointing. no one wants to see anyone harassed, kicked out of a restaurant, but we do want discourse. >> president trump demanding infamous fbi agent peter strzok face the american people. >> could not agree with him more. this is the most profound question of our era. was there a conspiracy? >> 51% approve of how our
4:01 am
commander-in-chief is handling the economy. >> jesse: that is a record in a cnbc poll. [chanting build that wall] >> it's happening. it's not build that wall anymore. it's continue building that wall because we are building it. [cheers] ♪ ♪ ♪ aches ains blacktop gone, what doe what comes to mind. brian: people racing? ainsley: i remember in our middle school our playground was way on top of the hill and there was a blacktop where you play basketball. whenever i hear the word blacktop that's what i think about. meet you at the blacktop we are going to play games up there. brian: used to do that when it rains. stay on the blacktop only can't go on the grass when it rains. ainsley: track the mud inside the school. brian: didn't want to wreck
4:02 am
the law. it's crab grass season we never had regular grass. steve: oh, boy. thanks for joining us. if you were watching the channel last night in the 7:00 hour you saw the president of the united states eventually got to the great state of south carolina. ainsley: where the blacktop is. steve: west columbia, south carolina. he was there to encourage people to vote in today's primary where henry mcmaster the current governor is locking horns with another republican by the name of john warren a 39-year-old marine vet. the in the would like to see massachusetts ter return to the job. he encouraged people to come out and vote today. ainsley: remember nikki haley when she was appointed as the ambassador. he was the lieutenant governor. then he became governor. is he in a tight race. did he get more of the votes in the primary on june 12th. not enough to get 50%. today is the runoff for the republican that will be running for governor in november. brian: america just realized there is a problem on our border because president trump became president. besides that they really had
4:03 am
no idea. now everyone is saying wow, this is a bit of a mess. now the president talked about what happened last week and where he stands when it comes to what's going to happen this week. >> if you don't have borders, you don't have a country. [chanting build that wall] >> well, it's happening. it's not build that wall anymore. it's continue building that wall. because we are building it we are building the wall. we ar fixing the wall. we are spending a lot of money and we are going for more. we will get it done. but, democrats, they want open borders and they don't mind crime. and when i heard them talking about the children. first of all, they were using pictures taken in 2014 which barack obama was president. i wasn't president. [crowd boos] >> the democrats don't like ice. these are great, brave, tough people. these people are much tougher than ms-13. the democrats want to
4:04 am
protect illegals coming in to this country, some of whom are not good. steve: so there have you got the president reminding people, barack obama during his administration, they did exactly the same thing. in fact, we heard a couple of days ago from jeh johnson who had been the secretary of homeland security, he nitted they detained children and families and, yet, there were no protests in any of their yards. brian: it was a great interview, right? he was very honest? steve: he was very honest and very forthcoming. that's why the president last night said hey -- and remember all those pictures of those chain -- the cage room. those were taken from 2014. brian: go ahead. ainsley: that's the bottom line. i think america is smart enough to realize what's happening. this has been a problem. parents have been separated from their kids in other administrations, too. and this president is made aware of it because so many people came forward. they saw the pictures. created a firestorm and then he said okay, i want to fix this problem. this -- they need to be together. and now republicans are
4:05 am
really trying -- they are eager to get this bill passed to say we want parents because kids can only be detained according to law for 20 days. now they are trying to fix it so that they figure out what happens to these individuals. do they stay or do they go back? it depends on their situions and if their country is dangerous. brian: jeh johnson one the most to serve under in my humble opinion. ongoing problem. they know what's going on in other countries and in our country. word went out tough on the border. influx stopped. when they realized they could still get through. started pushing people through. smugglers one doing it. they take a huge amount of money. these people go with these strangers. a lot of them are bad actors and they get across. now, what jay jobs was tryinjeh johnson wastrying to se thing with former homeland security secretary john kelly was saying and the same thing as secretary nielsen is saying. it's not a republican or democratic problem. it is a huge problem. and we have to define our borders.
4:06 am
ultimate live we have to help out central and south america so people want to stay in their own countries. so abc went down to the border. and i don't know what their objective was. maybe to find the truth or maybe to point fingers. but if you are pointing at border patrol. have you got a problem. because reality neck up on abc. listen. >> there is a snu smuggler. >> on the south texas border an alleged human smuggling operation as it happens. border patrol agent robert rodriguez chasing an alleged smuggler chasing back to mexico across the rio grande. >> that's a smuggler? >> this is the smuggler right here. i asked him if he was paid. but no answer. rodriguez you cannot go in. >> there i cannot go in the river to apprehend him. as long as he goes back on south all right. that's why the smuggler was not wearing a shirt. he knew if he was going to have to -- if border patrol was giving chase, he would just jump in the water and
4:07 am
border patrol could not stop him. the agent went after the smuggler and left behind who he had smuggled into the country. apparently he had just dropped off a teenage boy and two mothers and their children including a 1-year-old. once again, the agent could not get in the water, even though it would be so easy to drab him and then charge him with human smuggling. couldn't do it. brian: those people they left behind, how desperate their life was to pay off somebody they probably don't know. maybe their family savings. to get over here and then now they have become -- they are going to get processed on some level, depending on what we ultimately decide is our policy. steve: so often though, the smugglers bring a number of children in with grownups and then supposedly the children belong to the grownups and do checking wait a minute those were just smugglers and kids next to grownups trying to get in separately no connection. ainsley: husband brought --
4:08 am
i can imagine heart racing she doesn't want to get caught wants to give her children better life. the border patrol agent says we are going to detain them and learn their story and goes on to say they could apply for asylum if that story is factual. but, what did i learn from that report, too. we will show you this picture. it's a picture of what one of those holding facilities looks like, a detention center and then it has the gate inside it. and there is one of the pictures. that's right. and the reporter asked the border patrol agent, what is that? do they stay there for a long time? he said no, they are just there for a few hours while we do the paperwork. and they are detained and held there and then we place them in a tent city i assume with beds or all of that. brian: now what we are doing is taking money from the coast guard which helps guard our coast from illegal drugs and everything else and putting it into these facilities additional money from defense and converting military bases from our situation at our border. it is a problem.
4:09 am
as soon as democrats and republicans get off their party hats and start solving a problem we're not going to get anywhere. i hope they vote on something that gets through the house despite what the president says this week. i hope they get something and and force the senate to act. steve: sounds like they will vote on something. sounds like it will not pass. however, there are apparently republicans in the senate who are crafting a targeted bill that would address the problem. maxine waters was out in los angeles over the weekend. and she -- now, famously said to her supporters hey, if you see anybody who is in the support cabinet or supporter of the president of the united states instituting this policy of separation of children from their families, get up in their faces and make noise. watch. >> i have not called for the harm of anybody. this president has lied again and so our members of the democratic caucus are talking about civility. and that makes good sense. but protest is civility.
4:10 am
protest is about peaceful resistance to the kind of actions that we are experiencing from this president. this president will try to do everything to divert our attention. he calls me names. he calls everybody names. as a matter of fact, we expect that from him. i have said nothing like that. i have talked about peaceful protests. brian: really? it's okay. part of peaceful protest is stopping steven miller from going to a restaurant, nielsen family from eating at a restaurant. stopping pam bondi from going to a movie. sarah huckabee sanders from having dinner with her family, i'm not okay with that shouldn't be okay if republicans did this to democrats. i just think people are allowed to do their job. people can have an opinion but you are also allowed to live your life or else nobody is going to be serving in government. by the way, i'm worried about the safety of everybody serving publicly right now. ainsley: dramatically increases the chance of violence. do you know what the conversation is among lawmakers, if someone does this to you, how are you going to handle yourself?
4:11 am
don't react. don't throw a punch. that conversation shouldn't be had. we saw this happening, sarah huckabee sanders happen. then maxine waters has that presser in l.a. and says continue it. steve: sure, we had lee carter on with us about 45 minutes ago. she said this could back fire on the democrats and the factt the trump supporters would be essentially victimized by it. it auto could actually help donald trump get reelected down the road. brian: full credit to senator schumer very succinct and direct not okay from what we saw call an end to it bring back civility. i thought that was great. 11 minutes after the h speaking of great. ainsley: hand it over to the great jillian mele. jillian: i don't know what i do to deserve that but i will take it news headlines for you now. man accused of ambushing and kill a fire captain, expected to face a judge today. 77-year-old thoments kim charged with murdering captain david rosa. kim set a fire at his retirement home to lure first responders and opened
4:12 am
fire when they arrived. firefighters across the region, across the state and across our country right now are putting themselves in harm's way in service to their community. captain rosa answered that callhis morning of service to his community and he paid the ultimate sacrifice. jillian: candlelight vigil held overnight in long beach, california. he leaves behind a wife and two kids. a second firefighter was also shot but will be okay. president trump offering support for katie arrington in her home state of south carolina. before we begin, let's all take a moment to send our love to katie arrington. katie is a very special person. she was out there right from the beginning. jillian: republican candidate from congress is recovering after car accident and multiple surgeries. doctors say she will make a quick recovery. arrington coming off upset win in the south carolina primary. voters hitting the polls in
4:13 am
seven states today. candidates hoping for victories in runoffs and primaries. in utah mitt romney up against republican challenger mic kennedy. both of them forced into a g.o.p. senate primary after neither won enough votes to secure the nomination at the state g.o.p. convention in april. and convicted leaker chelsea manning on the ballot in maryland challenging ben cardin in the democratic party. steve: seven states. time to vote. meanwhile, sarah huckabee sanders firing back after she was kicked out of that virginia restaurants. and there is another party of the story that you're not going to see on the other channel. so we have heard it from her father last night. we're going to explain that to you coming up next. brian: late night feud between president trump and jimmy fallon is heating up. >> jimmy fallon apologized. he apologized for humanizing me. the poor guy. he is lost. he looks like a lost soul.
4:14 am
brian: jimmy fallon's response overnight coming up. ♪ what might seem like a small cough to you... can be a big bad problem that you could spread to family members, including your grandchildren babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. but you can help prevent this. talk to your doctor today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough. because dangers don't just exist in fairytales.
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4:18 am
secretary sarah huckabee sanders says calling for the harassment of trump officials is unacceptable. brian: comes after she was kicked out of that red hen restaurant in virginia. steve: well, doug mckelway is live outside that red hen restaurant virginia and joins us now. doug? >> good morning, steve. all is quiet outside the red hen in lexington, virginia. it is always closed on mondays. since the story first came out, however, a slightly darker picture is painted of the owner. stefanie wilkerson than first reported. comes from governor huckabee, the father of sarah huckabee sanders who spoke about it to laura ingraham on other radio show. >> the owner of the head hen, because nobody has told this, then followed them across the street called people and organized a protest yelling and screaming at them from outside the other restaurant.
4:19 am
last night we went door to door to some other restaurants in town to try to determine whether that was true in fact we got a lot of no comment from restauranteers who just wants to steer clear. the red hen restaurant should focus more on cleaning its filthy canopies, doors and windows, badly needs a paint job, rather than refusing to serve a fine person like sarah huckabee sanders. i always had a rule, he writes, if a restaurant is dirty on the outside, it's dirty on the inside. not long after a tweet we saw a guy with a squeegee coming up and went to work on a windows. don't know if there is correlation there. on a more serious note, this has become a flash point not only in electioning tonel but across the state of virginia. the republican party of virginia tweeted on monday. once again, the intolerant left has shown its true
4:20 am
colors. asking to boycott to show the red hen that patriotic trump supporters are the silent majority in virginia. we learned that the owner of the red hen is the executive director of an influential business group in lexington called main street lexington. a passersby who came by us at this location yesterday handed us a flier in which she said that our business, which is com unrelated to the red hen, is under attack. lexington is under attack. she just wants this to go away and a lot of other people in lexington do as well. back to you in new york. brian: doug, they only have 28 tables. why are they kicking out an 8 top with 28 tables. steve: there goes the garbage truck. brian: looks like a nice town. steve: does, indeed. didn't realize the owner of the restaurant ran after the party and heckled them across the street at some other restaurant, according to the dad. ainsley: disgraced fbi agent peter strzok set to testify behind closed doors.
4:21 am
president trump wants to broadcast for the entire world to see. congressman jim jordan will be hearing strzok's testimony he is going to join us live next. brian: a rare shot of jim jordan with a jacket on. how they could save 15% or more by... (harmonica interrupts) just calling or going online to (harmonica interrupts) (sighs and chuckles) sorry, are you gonna... (harmonica interrupts) everytime. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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♪ jillian: hoping you are having a good day so far. time for news by the first. first 6 pulp 7% how much new home sales increased in the u.s. last month. sales up nearly 18% in the south and fell flat everywhere else. next, five. that's how many types of warner aluminum ladders are being recalled. 78,000 of them being pulled from lowe's and home depot there is a risk the ladders can break when people use them. finally, 200 stores,s that what left of toys are us us and all officially closed by friday.
4:25 am
iconic toy store announced it was going out of business in march six months after filing for bankruptcy. brian: thanks, jillian. disgraced fbi agent peter strzok set to testify behind closed doors friday? president trump has a different idea. in a tweet he signatures quote the hearing of peter strzok and other hating frauds at fbi and doj should be shown to the public on live tv not a closed door hearing that nobody would see. we should exposed these people for what they are. there should be full transparency. jim jordan sits on the house judiciary committee and will be hearing strzok's testimony. he joins us now to weigh in. hey, congressman. why don't we all see this? why can't we see that on tv? we saw jim comey and the other controversial interviews. why not this. >> transparency is important. certainly not getting enough of it from the department of justice. but i do agree with having peter strzok first in a closed session where we can ask him all kinds of questions and we have longer than five minutes and get the answers that we need so that if and when there is going to be an open hearing we will know that information like peter
4:26 am
strzok opened the russian investigation on july 31st. been reported the next day he goes to london. what did he do in london? who did he talk to? did he talk to christopher steele the guy who wrote the dossier? there is a whole list of questions we need to get through. i'm fine with it starting behind closed doors and if it needs to be public we can do that too. brian: congressman, why can't i hear the answer to that question? >> you can and i think you will at some point. this is the first time we have been able to talk to strzok. weave actually wanted to do this months ago. mr. meadows and i have been pushing to have lisa page and peter strzok for a deposition months ago. we are just now getting there let's do the deposition and if we need to have the hearing publicly so the american people can give all the information. brian: what makes you think he will agree with that once you get him behind closed doors. >> the chairman of the committee has subpoena power answered has to come. he can always take the fifth. who knows if he will do that you have the subpoena power which is an important power and can be used if we need. to say. brian: next topic. you, others, devin nunes, in particular, have requested documents from the doj and
4:27 am
fbi and gave them to deadline after deadline. they gave you some documents. you say it's not enough. what are you looking for? >> well, we have got two subpoenas that have been sent to him. they haven't complied with the subpoenas there have been other document requests they haven't complied with and chairman nunes sent a letter on sunday they haven't complied with as of 5:00 yesterday. he specifically wants to know were informants put in the trump campaign? if so, how many and were they paid by the fbi? and he can't get a straight earn from the department of justice. so, we're at the point now where there's a resolution. mr. meadows and i and others have introduced sent to the house resolution on mr. rosenstein saying you will have x number of days to get them to us. if not we'll move to contempt and impeachment. the speaker of the house has ensured me and congressman meadows he will bring this up this week if in fact very they don't comply. now in the speaker's court. i think it's time for that to be put on the floor and the full house put their weight behind that message and say it's time for duong to do their job. we will move to impeachment
4:28 am
of mr. rosenstein. brian: doj says the justice department responded to the house intel committee and chairman telling him he already has the documents and answers he has been inquiring about under the guise of you willocuments peptionding investigation for the purpose of assisting the trump legal team in its part to disclosing to congress information about the pending russia investigation. the doj is departing again from existing policy. what's your reaction to this counter argument? >> it's a simple question. who are you going to believe chairman nunes who has been pushing to get the answers or rod rosenstein who we know has threatened committee staffers on the house intelligence committee, according to news reports by fox news, catherine herridge, or rod rosenstein who we have caught hiding information from us, specifically redacting information in those text messages that shows that peter strzok and judge con trace, one of the fisa court judges friends. who are you going to trust devin nunes who says you haven't given them to us or
4:29 am
rosenstein caught hiding information from us. also hiding the fact that andy mccabe spent $70,000 on a table over at the fbi. can you trust the people caught lying or caught hiding stuff? and threatening people or do you trust chairman nunes? i know where i'm at. i think i know where the american people are at. brian: next, g.o.p. lawmakers, not you. about nine of them sign a letter asking for everyone working on the mueller probe to have their names released. because we don't know who is working for the mueller probe. why, i'm sure you support this. what is the problem here and has there been push back already and is that why it came to this? >> well, i think what the reason is, fbi lawyer number two. and mr. horowitz's report last week, we find out it wasn't just strzok. it wasn't just page. it was three other individuals at the fbi who had this extreme bias, animus towards president trump, including this guy fbi lawyer number two who oh by the way was on the clinton investigation team. was also on the fbi's investigation team into the
4:30 am
russia and trump probe and now was put on mr. mueller's team. so, that's, i think, the catalyst for all of this. the president is right. let's have transparency. let's know who is doing what and who is on what team and what their names are i'm all for that. brian: "yes" or "no," are you going to vote for that moderate proposal, the immigration proposal up this week? >> no. i'm for the bill that got 193 votes that's consistent with what we told the american people and consistent with what the president told the american people. that's the bill that should pass. frankly, if we had had a stronger whip effort i think from our leadership. they kept saying we only got 150 votes. we got 193 votes. we were so close to getting there let's focus on that bill. that's the one we told the american people we would pass. brian: you blame steve scalise? >> no. brian: is he your whip. >> steve is not the only team who whips the whole team whips. we didn't have the same kind of intensity on that bill we had on other pieces of legislation. we were told all along that only has 150, 160 votes. when it was put out there on the floor in front of god
4:31 am
and irving we got 193 votes. start from that premise. small changes make to and this get the bill across the finish line that's what we should do. that's consistent with the mandate of the election u. brian: later we will find out when jim jordan was wearing that jacket. i never see with you a jacket. that was your tease. thanks, mr. jordan. >> you bet. brian: a boat bursting into flames in the middle of the ocean. six people trapped on board. watch. >> get off. come on, boys. let's go. get going. brian: dramatic moments obviously caught on camera. anthony scaramucci, i believe he is italian. tim ryan and ben shapiro all live coming up. 65 feet long. cooks up 6500 bratwursts an hour and on our plaza. who is hungry sphwheer going to feed you. nitrates included ♪
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president trump to turkish president erdogan. >> turkey also shows that political and intellectual elites persistently under estimate the threats these kind of leaders impose to democratic institutions. >> erdogan won re-election despite jailing thousands of opponents the last few years. a dramatic rescue after a boat bursts into flames. six people trapped on board near fort lauderdale. a family on a fishing trip hearing the calls for help and rushing to save them. one man firely falling one
4:36 am
man jumped ship. >> come on, boys. get going. >> wow, everyone on board is okay. it's not clear what started that fire. hitching a highway ride on the hood of a car. look at this man. holding onto the car with one hand and holding his phone with the other arrests the car flies 70 miles per hour down i-95 in south florida. no word on why he was on the car or if he got off safely. florida highway patrol is investigating. but, boy, that is strange and dangerous. the feud between president trump and jimmy fallon heating up. trump lashing out at the late night host after he apologized for playing with his hair before the election. fallon said it humanized him jimmy fallon apologized for humanizing him. poor guy. he looks like a lost soul. jillian: fallon firing back on his show. >> when i saw that trump insulted me on twitter. i thought i would tweet back
4:37 am
on twitter but i thought i have more important things to do. wait, shouldn't he have more important things to do. d follow loan should be thankful for his ratings in the 2016 interview. everyone ditched me. they went outside because there is food out there. steve: exactly right, jillian. good thing we skipped breakfast. the johnsonville big taste grill back here on the plaza firing up the largest bratwurst party you will ever see on 18 wheels. brian: here now is chris hightower. welcome, guys, thanks for bringing your truck. >> this i amazing. so happy to be here. steve: swing around and look at what janice is grilling up. you guys have been with us before. explain this particular piece of machinery. >> so, johnsonville big taste grill 65 feet long. exists with 440,000 btus. [clears] steve: how many btu thes? >> 440,000. we can cook 750 brats at one
4:38 am
time. 2500. in an hour. which is a really large amount. ainsley: you just left washington, d.c. you were helping to raise money for uso. raised $4 million for charities across the country. you are here in new york because you are heading to coney island fourth of july for the big hot dog eating contest. right? >> partnership with the american corn hole league. they have a tournament going on there as well. sponsor for that. ainsley: i didn't know they had a league. brian: corn hole got standing ovation. steve sex pert on this. people get more into grilling than ever before. as you see the magnitude of this truck. ed, follow us. brian: is it just me or are you finding that? pele get more into grilling. >> oh, yeah, barbecue as a whole jumping up. and grilling in general and the tips and tricks really great. go to to learn all about that kind of stuff. ainsley: this is a great idea. this is a muffin tin.
4:39 am
>> what we have done here if you are looking at creative ways to top your brat. which is the nice thing. we created a nice little tin has all different civil rights of stuff in there that you throw on your brats to make it your own utilizing a johnsonville brat. >> we like low and slow concept. you want to make until that brat starts to steam without busting completely that casing on the outside. steve: bratwurst? >> what exactly is the difference in bureaucrat and a hot dog? >> actually a hot dog is a conglomeration of different spices. ainsley: you don't want to know what's in it. >> it's a question mark. we know all the ingredients all natural pork bratwurst. it's just delicious. isn't it? steve: absolutely. hey, ed, can you swing around and get a shot those people right there?
4:40 am
okay, folks, who is ready for breakfast brat style? [cheers. steve: have you guys have been traveling 24 years with this great big grill. thank you very much for stopping by our location. brian: great thing you guys are doing. seems like you are having the moist fun of anyone this summer. >> we do a lot of partnership with veterans communities. steve: absolutely. raising a lot of money. ainsley: thank you what you do for charity. steve: meanwhile i have one down at the end with my name on it voters heading to the polls in seven states today as we close in on the mid terms. we have the top five races to watch coming up next. ainsley: plus, anthony scaramucci, democratic congressman tim ryan and ben shapiro all here live. brian: and janice finishes breakfast all live. janice: riffe right now. ainsley: nice to meet you.
4:41 am
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theseare heading back home.y oil thanks to dawn, rescue workers only trust dawn, because it's tough on grease yet gentle. i am home, i am home, i am home
4:44 am
ainsley: we have quick headlines for you. drug called epidiolex. chemical cannabis does not give a high. uld reduce seizures phi 40%. expected to be available in the fall. police dog sniffed out $10 million worth of illegal marijuana. the canine found finding more than 150 pounds of pot and other cannabis products during a traffic stop in chicago. steve? steve: all right. thank you very much, ainsley. on the heels of president trump's rally in south carolina last night. voters there in six other states are heading to the polls this morning. the president yesterday encouraged people to get out and vote. here to break down the top five races to watch is republican polster justin mullen. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: as we march to the mid terms. those are the states we are going to focus on five
4:45 am
because mitt romney is obviously going to win utah, right? >> one would think. steve: this is what the president was talking about. these are both republicans. this is 39-year-old vet john warren facing off against governor henry mcmaster. who is going to wind up with the crown after tonight. >> we think mcmaster. what's interesting about this race, this is one of these proxy fights of trump but it's a trump supporter vs. a trump supporter. steve: they are both. >> mcmaster has been chosen by the president. so in this case. steve: in fact the president and vice president have both gone down there to stump for him. >> absolutely. steve: let's go out to colorado. have you republican walker stapleton vs. jared polis the democrat? >> this is fascinating in colorado it's open primary. voters can vote for whoever they wish regardless of party. even though it's a purple state and outgoing incumbents is a centrist. folks are moving to the right or the left leading candidates. in this case walker stapleton has raised his hand and said i support
4:46 am
trump meanwhile jared polis says i universal healthcare and expansion of marijuana. steve: you have a choice. in maryland the current incumbent governor larry hogan is squaring off against mr. baker and mr. jealous. >> a string. hogan is unopposed on the republican side but is he doing some interesting things. rather than raising his hand to be with trump in this case is he distancing himself. most recently pulling back his state's national guard folks from the border to protest the separation of families issue. it's also a little bit of a proxy on trump in that state. steve: is he backing away from the president because maryland, for the most part is a blue state. >> it really is he is in a tough spot. steve: meanwhile, let's take a look out in new york's 14th district. have you democrat crowley vs. alexandria cortez. he is the incumbent. does he have the edge? >> yeah.
4:47 am
is he going to win. of the interesting thing about this race is going to show some degree of the strength of the emerging latino vote. she is a latina activist and he actually has, interestingly, started to speak spanish. steve: that was it the district is way down near new york city, obviously. so, it is clearly a blue district. >> very much so. steve: see, when you touch the screen, it goes to the next one. and here we are, we are out in oklahoma. and papparently today and going forward decide whether or not to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. >> all starts over in california and now we are over in oklahoma. so voters are going to decide whether to legalize medical marijuana it appears with the public polling now that it's poised to win. steve: stepping just a little bit and ask you a little bit about mitt romney. he came out in the local paper yesterday in salt lake city and essentially said going forward if i win, i will be a critic of the president but at the same time, i support what he has
4:48 am
done a lot of it so far in the first year and a half. >> right. romney has this that tough knife edge to walk. he has been extremely critical of the president in the past. the reality is if is he going to win a republican race, he really kind of needs to line himself up. steve: i believe is he squaring off against mic kennedy which would mean finally mitt romney beat a kennedy. >> there you go. steve: all right. we thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: good analysis. meanwhile, coming up, maxine waters tripling down on her calls to confront trump officials in public. anthony scaramucci is here in about 12 minutes for reaction. we have been telling you about what happened to sarah huckabee sanders over the weekend. well, our next guest knows how she feels. he
4:49 am
with two times more geographic detail... ...ancestrydna can pinpoint where your ancestors are from... ...and the paths they took, to a new home.
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. .
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4:52 am
♪ >> many by now have heard that i was asked to leave a restaurant this weekend where i attempted to have dinner with my family. i was asked to leave because i work for president trump. we were allowed to disagree but we should be able to do so freely and without fear of harm. the calls for harassment and push for any trump supporter to avoid the public is unacceptable. ainsley: white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders addressing being kicked out of that virginia restaurant because she worked for the president. this situation was one all too familiar to actor antonio is sabato jr. who says he was blacklisted from hollywood for supporting president trump at the 2016
4:53 am
republican convention. here with more with reaction is antonio sabato jr. antonio, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. good morning. and good morning america. ainsley: good morning. you said you were blacklisted. you said you were blacklisted. what happened to you? >> i came back from cleveland an honor to speak for the president, the united states of america and i came back to los angeles and i was blacklisted. my agents, my managers and commercial agent, they were all gone. you know, over one day. ainsley: really? >> yeah, because of my attachment to the president and my appreciation for the president and my support for him. that has to stop. you know. that made me only stronger and that's why i'm here fighting for ventura county and i'm going to win in november for the american people. we are are going to do it together and very exciting time. but, you have got to keep god close and keep moving forward. ainsley: has work slowed down for you as well because of it. >> yeah. very much so. i have three beautiful children and, you know, i have been working as an
4:54 am
actor for 30 years. and i have been very blessed to come to the greatest country in the world. i think we are fighting the fight and at the end of the day we are going to win. and we have have god on our side and i believe i'm doing the right thing. and i'm going to keep my faith and keep moving and work harder and harder every day. ainsley: knowing what you know now would have you done things differently? >> no. i sleep good at night. my integrity is strong and i'm doing it for the right things. we should debate things, our differences, at the end of the day, we should b cordial and love one another and love each other and help our neighborhoods and help california and help the united states u that's what we have to do. the american people are first in my book. ainsley: i want to get your reaction to what some folks in hollywood are doing. john legend is calling on sarah huckabee sanders to resign if she doesn't want to be harassed. this is what he tweeted. if she doesn't want to be held accountable for the administration's evil she can resign and denounce it what do you think? should she have to leave her position so that she doesn't get harassed? >> absolutely not. she is doing her job.
4:55 am
she is doing an amazing job. she is very smart, articulate. she is doing that every day with the most evil people asking horrendous questions. you know, every single day and she is doing amazing. i give her credit for it keep doing your job and the american people are with her and we're going to do great things. i'm very positive that after all this, this country is going to get stronger and better. ainsley: actress says we are prenazi germany. evan rachel wood another actress goes on to say that she is going to have a hunger strike now for families that are separated at the border. what do you think? >> offensive to me specifically my family, my grand mother escaped auschwitz my grandmother died there my mother had to escape the communist party from prague during the 60's. my family, my blood line has been through a lot. this has nothing to do with the nazis or the world war ii and definitely any of that stuff. this is about you don't speak what we speak. you don't agree with what we
4:56 am
do, so we are going to put you on the sideline. we are going to do everything we can to push you away and that's wrong. and we have got to fight for what is right? we are in the greatest country in the world. we have the constitution. we have great laws and we have got to keep moving forward with peace and love. ainsley: thank you so much. we wish you all the best. thank you, antonio. >> thank you so much. ainsley: despite all the media outrage. approval rating keep going up. bill bennett on that the next hour. anthony scaramucci, democratic congressman tim ryan and ben shapiro are here live ♪ i'm an american ♪ remember sleep before smart phones?
4:57 am
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to show you the lowest prices... so you can get the best deal on the right hotel for you. dates, deals, done! tripadvisor. visit >> we are putting new american steel into the spine of our
5:00 am
country and breathing newhope into our beautiful community. >> this is why the president was elected, promises made promises kept. >> i have not called for the harm of anybody. >> anybody from that cabinet. >> no one should call for the harassment of political opponents. >> peter stzrok set to testify behind closed doors. >> we wanted to do this months ago. starting behind closed doors and then to be public we can do their too. >> hillary clinton not done complaining about the election. >> my personal experience with winning 3 million more votes but still losing and we will leave discussions of the american electoral college for another day. >> man's best friend turning into man's lifesaver. the heroic police dog compelled into action performing cpr, you won't believe it. ♪ >> this is from the second album
5:01 am
i ever bought because the first one, gary rafferty's baker street. i saw you have more. but then the cars had their rhythm. so the first time i bought an album. to not play music. >> what is the difference in a rhythm guitarist. >> not a lead guitarist. that is what they call it in the business. >> last night the president was in south carolina campaigning running for a primary, and a primary in june, he is running
5:02 am
against john warren. it is a tight race and governor mcmaster supported donald trump out of the gate when he was running against 16 other people. and goes down and campaigned for him. >> both republicans are trump guys, the president was down there and typical donald trump rally encouraged people to vote today and covered a lot of other territory. >> we are winning with our military, our military is being built up like you wouldn't believe, defending our borders. if you don't have borders you don't have a country. we are lifting millions and millions of americans from welfare to work. from dependence to independence, a horrible thing happened and we weren't lucky enough to have henry win. they will say donald trump suffered a major major defeat so
5:03 am
please get your [bleep] out tomorrow and vote. >> we have and any scaramucci, white house communications director for the president of the united states, covered a lot of ground yesterday. >> he did mention nancy pelosi and maxine waters as well. and some on the left including maxine waters and the president encouraging supporters to get in people's faces like yours. >> sen. schumer said college truth to this thing, just ridiculous. what she was saying, she tried to, not saying she did but she tried to. my point is we are not going to be well served by this. we have to de-escalate the
5:04 am
situation, and policies are working, don't like the idea you have potential peace deal in north korea, full employment across the country and now the bomb throwing area of politics, really bad for the country. >> nancy pelosi gave a pretty good tweet and sen. schumer's comments, enough is enough. and i think i just knocked over my coffee. they seem outraged with this president. john legend -- >> my coffee. >> there went $5. >> john legend, got to expect this if you're going to represent this person. why do celebrities seem so enraged more than anybody else? rob reiner at the border yesterday. >> i don't know.
5:05 am
the president pointed this out with jimmy fallon, almost like a collective groupthink and a little bit of self shaming and accusations going on inside of hollywood in the echo chamber and feel they have to ante up a little more against the president and his staff. that will blow back on them and what happens is you can't produce movies and television shows elevating 60% of the people. >> there was panic on the peter fonda movie, why would anyone see that? are they businesspeople? >> what he said was so egregious and outrageous, said about my son, i would be very lit up. i'm surprised the president has maintained his level of calm on what was said about his son. >> they have a lot of money, they don't care. >> there huckabee sanders started by saying in a hollywood actor encouraged people to kidnap children, peter fonda,
5:06 am
some of those awful treats -- >> he didn't lose his job. rosanne barr says things that are not respectable, i'm not defending the tone or the rhetoric but there's an unevenness in the prosecution that is going on in our society. some people lose their jobs, get permanent professional capital punishment, other people that is against the president, that is fine, your show, your movie. >> stephen miller in south carolina with the president last night, his apartment complex in dc chanting outside, immigrants are welcome here. not just in restaurants but going to their houses. >> i'm not a democratic strategists but that strategy is not going to work. and an architect, muslim man and family separation.
5:07 am
>> we are losing our strategy, losing at the ballot box and we want to dehumanize our adversaries. >> talking about the democrats. >> they accuse the president of fascism or steve miller but the tactics they are deploying are out of joseph goebbels's playbook, dehumanize your enemy, then create a mob support mass protests. the great irony of all this is if you are sitting with the president you're saying the president's strategy is working because it is blown these people to pieces. rather than arguing on policy or merit the debating point, they are going full bore on the ad hominem attacks that turns people off. >> major newspapers are saying to democrats stop it because it is going to backfire and work to his advantage. >> what would you do if someone approached you in a restaurant
5:08 am
and attacked you? >> leave in a very classy way. and point this out, she wasn't going to tweet about it. on the internet and i am going to address it but i hope i would handle it with the class and dignity of sarah huckabee sanders. >> i'm from long island and don't know if i could handle it. if ryan was achingly on. >> let's talk about the other area of expertise and because of the pres.'s tariffs, i will move production facilities and manufacturing overseas to avoid it. they are moving it anyway, and the president is extremely disappointed, they would move much plan operations to kc and
5:09 am
thailand long before -- before these -- just using tariffs, trade wars as an excuse, noticing how unbalanced and unfair trade is and harley-davidson about tariffs like india being too high. and must know they won't sell back into the us without a big tax. ron johnson getting nervous. >> i like the pres.'s tweet about harley-davidson a lot. he said be patient and the message will come out of the white house shortly, very close on a lot of these deals, bilateral improvement in places like south korea and the eu. and a general reduction in tariffs, what is out there for the democrats and he wants a trade war, the very opposite. he is using the notion of
5:10 am
tariffs and quotas is a cudgel in the negotiation strategy. the president said as he was leaving the g7 he would be in favor of a parity world and 0 tariffs and i would say to people be patient, be surprised about what he did in north korea -- north korea, the outcome on trade is surprising and it will cause a bobble head situation. >> communicating what you communicated. >> it will be hard in the beginning. >> he doesn't want to tip his hand, he is in the back door, negotiating, and gloating because he knows it is angela merkel or prime minister
5:11 am
trudeau, your own constituents, your own politics they have to deal with in their own country. that is why he is being cautious. great to be here. imagine brian and i in the restaurant. and thinking baker street by gerry rafferty. >> it is 8:11, news with -- >> good morning to you. >> and he set a fire in his retirement home toward first responders. and opened fire when they arrived. >> across the state and across the country are putting themselves in harm's way in
5:12 am
service to their community. he answered the call to service and paid the ultimate sacrifice. >> candlelight vigil held overnight outside rosa's firehouse in long beach, california. he leaves behind a wife and two kids. a massive voter registration error may be affecting more people than originally thought. a computer glitch at the maryland mva could affect as many as 80,000 voters. and and and the police dog, that is poncho. showing of his life-saving skills as part of a demonstration. the officer pretending to be in danger prompting poncho to jump on his chest and listen for a heartbeat.
5:13 am
the video is going viral. >> who knew the cnc cpr certification 9. >> the entire democratic party denouncing maxine waters on call to the trump team. tim ryan coming up next. and protests spreading nationwide. to find out what it is all about. sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. alev for a better am. i'start at the new carfax.comar. show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new
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5:16 am
5:17 am
>> anybody from that cabinet, in a restaurant, the department store, a gasoline station come you get out and create a crowd, tell them they are not welcome. >> i have no way of telling people how to protest, what they should protest. >> top democrats condemning maxine waters after she called on supporters to intimidate trump officials and urging cause to censure her. ohio congressman democrat tim
5:18 am
ryan joins us, good morning to you. >> maxine waters urging supporters to go out and intimidate members of the trump cabinet and supporters, are you on that bandwagon? >> i'm not it is an appropriate for any of us to condone any political harassment. we have to get to some higher ground here in the country. the president has not embodied civility at all. he has talked about punching people in the face, he will pay the legal bills if you get roughed up, this is started under his watch and unfortunately it has gotten to this point. >> you are a smart politician. you know this has the opportunity to backfire on the democrats because ultimately it could rally republicans in advance of the midterms or the
5:19 am
presidential. >> it is important for us to move on and say the president created this town. there are a lot of teens to be angry about that we are seeing at the border. we have seen general motors shipping jobs to mexico, harley-davidson moving production into europe, we see what is goon with china and focus on these issues. why we are having this fight internally while the president is dividing the country internally china is cleaning our clocks militarily, economically, making moves all over asia into africa. they want to dominate the world economy why we have a food fight here at home. >> speaking of food fight some democrats in your party are distancing themselves from nancy pelosi who would like to be speaker once again. we have a favorability rating paul, 54% unfavorable and 30% unfavorable among democrats. i know you made a push in the
5:20 am
past to be the next speaker on the democrat side. what do you make of it? >> it is important for our candidates across the country to focus on their local district, where they are running from, issues that are important including the issue of house leadership and they have to make the judgment on their own. and in western pennsylvania where we won in a district that was a 20 trump district. when he showed independence who he was going to vote for for house leadership that is a signal to a lot of people that you are an independent-minded human being, that is valuable, to all your listeners if you hear democrat come off is independent minded, past the nonsense that is going on that is a great quality for a candidate. those who make the decision will
5:21 am
benefit from it in the end. >> thank you for joining us live. we will step aside, bill bennett coming up next. t with proskin technology for two times faster absorption so you can have worry free nights, and wake up feeling fresh and free for a free sample visit before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, lucy could only imagine enjoying a slice of pizza. now it's as easy as pie. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? for all-day, all-night protection. when you buy a house, it is easy to imagine what you will need... how you will use it... ...and how you will make it feel like home. when you get a mortgage, it is harder to know what to look for and how to get it. changed that. we made our mortgages transparent, affordable, and fair. spend your time imagining, not stressing.
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5:24 am
>> fox news alert the british government's legislation of law, queen elisabeth giving her approval allowing the country to leave the european union after months of debate. it will take effect next march. the duke of cambridge stepping off the plane in tel aviv for the first official visit by a member of the british royal family. he will visit israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas on his 3-day trip.
5:25 am
>> democrats ande media outraged over the temporary family separation at the border but out our next guest points of these controversies are not affecting donald trump's anding in the polls. >> new paulson his approval rating at 45%. a new high matching barack obama, bill clinton and ronald reagan at this point in their presidency. >> tracking drop four points on immigration news, bill bennett works for ronald reagan and hw bush and joins us now. what is your take on the president, polarization and his numbers? >> the amazing thing is this is the worst intense criticism we have seen of the president in history as far as we can tell, certainly modern history. the primal scream that has gone up particularly in the latest incident and a lot of people
5:26 am
were moved by these chronic children but the american people understood that what donald trump is after is not separation of parents and children. he is after a country with the border. if he said last night in south carolina if you don't have a border you don't have a country. despite this loudest of protests by the opposition, by the democrats, by the media, fullbore, you tell me this is the most intense criticism, maybe the muslim band, this was the most intense but everything they throw at him he comes out where he was and by the way his approval rating whether was 45 or dropping to 41 is higher than it was before he was elected. >> why do you think that is? even though there is all that noise and clamor in the mainstream media and his poll numbers have gone up during it,
5:27 am
why? >> i think the democrats are empty. as macbeth says it is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing. at the same time donald trump speaks to the gut of the country, he speaks to things that people feel very deeply and helps to articulate them. when he talks about the country and the need for the country to have borders to remain a sovereign nation does gets to a lot of people. what is the democrat position? are there any people who should be kept out of america? in the democrat view, catch and release, standard operating procedure. we have to await the reform of honduras and nicaragua. it is crazy. what he is appealing to is very good instincts and as was well said the media pays attention to what he says, what he means is something people identify with.
5:28 am
>> a lot getting done either way. four major issues a day, and tops with the administration. >> if you watched his big rally in south carolina, a focus group, and gauge by the reaction, no doubt they are partisan, they love them but the things you are talking about off the chart. >> absolutely. watch the moderates, you had the chart on earlier. the democrats and the liberal media are losers when it comes to expectations because they predicted the end of the country, we would be at war, he would self implode, it would be a total disaster, almost a year and a half, two years into this
5:29 am
presidency and in a lot of fronts things are improving. people in the middle are saying this guy was not what his critics predicted it would be. we could do without the bombast, the tweets but he is getting stuff done. what an amazing idea, get stuff done. >> he is reuniting kids with their parents and people like that, everyone on both sides like that but many conservatives do agree with him on border security because they are worried about ms 13, we appreciate it. >> talk to you on radio in a little while, 29 minutes after the hour. liberal hollywood taking the president to a new low. calling the president a nazi, get in line. what does ben shapiro think? he is next. >> one bar says you are not welcome if you wear a make america great again hat, it is not classy, they say.
5:30 am
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5:33 am
>> no surprise to all of us administration officials are being yelled at at restaurants. if i thought an administrator out and about, there's nothing wrong with confronting that person. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant or department store or gasoline station you get up and get back on them. >> what could be wrong with that tone? ben shapiro, syndicated columnist of the ben shapiro show.
5:34 am
are we shocked we got to this point? >> not at all. this is been going on for a couple years. on college campuses we see rallies, it was shut down due to tactics like this. nothing particularly shocking and democratic leaders who said these are not acceptable and -- >> has this ever happened to you what happened to all these individuals? pam bondi, they got up in her face. is anything like that happened in a restaurant or movie theater? >> when i go to kosher restaurants. >> a number of newspapers, the new york daily news, la times,
5:35 am
how this could backfire. nancy pelosi tries to tamp down progressives public shaming of trump officials and not the only one, chuck schumer said stop. >> the problem is they were saying it is a part of white privilege, not the only one thing that. john legend suggested calling people out in public places, destroying their ability to have dinner, standing outside their home, if you disagree with the policy, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer may be representing something good on this issue but their base is not interested in what they have to say. >> my worry is the natural response is to do the same thing back to the other side. republican activists will be disturbing other people in other restaurants and at the park and families more than likely involved. i don't want republicans to
5:36 am
mimic this, isolate these incidents and stop them. has to be a huge national awareness. >> being victimized, and if folks on the right see this as permission to do this to folks on the left, folks on the left see this tactic as a response to donald trump being rude at rallies and such. once you see yourself as the victim, you are far more likely to see your self as someone capable of victimizing others. once you respond, feel your responding it gives you more moral credence to do something bad to somebody else. >> you talked about hollywood. the hollywood director and producer, talking about the president, he is a nazi, no
5:37 am
judicial process, kidnapped children and commit actss of violence for political gain and support his racist views, admires violent dictators, trump is a nazi, the debate is over, then we will have proof he is a nazi supported by the russians. >> delusional nonsense, read a book. in los angeles this is the way people think, it is a watercooler town and everyone thinks the same thing, you can think trump is a not to come if you were not the does he think he could go on twitter and say stuff like this? not these are not famous for their tolerance. >> with shift gears. the next soundbite listen up. here is former presidential candidate hillary clinton once again comparing the current president to the guy in turkey who just won another term. >> populists can stay in power by mobilizing a fervent base. louise mentioned my personal experience with winning 3 million more votes but still
5:38 am
losing his we will leave discussions of the american electoral college for another day. turkey also shows that political and intellectual elites both inside the country and around the world persistently underestimate the threat these kinds of leaders opposed to the survival of democratic institutions. >> she would be president for the united states today if not for that pesky electoral college. >> i like that she only gets angry at the electoral college now after you lose, convenient time -- part of that is where she is comparing trump to everyone and when she was secretary of state, the dictator in turkey, in march 2009 she was talking about turkey and someone asked about human rights
5:39 am
violations and she suggested that he was justified because who likes being criticized by the press, typical hillary clinton when she was in office she was really to the worst dictators and as soon as she leaves donald trump is just like the dictators she was massaging. >> he jailed his opponent, but opponent had campaign from prison. does donald trump say hillary clinton was locked up? >> he said lock her up but she wasn't actually. >> thank you for joining us today. check out the ben shapiro podcast. >> we figured out the singer you like, gerry rafferty, figured out what he is saying. can we play it? stuck in the middle with you. ns
5:40 am
on for a pilot who landed the stolen plane on a coast guard beach. the plane was flying erratically before landing in new jersey, the pilot got out and ran away, the coast guard training center and precinct security, the plaintiffs owner says it was taken without permission by his step sign. no word where he may be. donald trump supporters outraged after a bar bans the signature make america great again hat. the linkin park bar said they violated their dress code, manager asking patrons to, quote, maintain a classy environment, posting a photo of her to a man with a gang related facial tattoo saying either is welcome. the bar's owner has not started
5:41 am
enforcing the policy yet. a toddler is caught practicing hockey, he is canadian and hard work has paid off. >> eli is 4 years old and can't get enough of the sport. his mom printed the throwback video from when he was in 2 and it is going viral. watch out for eli. >> how many parents leave a puck. >> sometimes when they insist you just want to get them to bed. >> occupy ice protesters spreading nationwide so we sent todd pyro to find out what they are there for. >> donald trump saying america is back, the brand-new dial just in. originally discovered... in jellyfish.
5:42 am
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>> good morning and welcome back. a new supervolcano brewing under new england, the molten rock working its way up in new hampshire. and an eruption, would it be possible for millions of years. sectors astronauts video from inside a rocket blasting off into space. >> the three astronauts traveling 18,000 mph in the soyuz spacecraft. the 30 heading to the international space station. >> the occupy ice movement spreading across the country including right here in new york
5:46 am
city. mobilizing to abolish ice and the borders. >> seeing what protesters had to say about it. the anti-rule of law message spreading through the country, self-described anarchists fighting for a nation of no borders and doing everything in their power to keep ice agents from doing their job. >> separating parents from their children and important people just living their lives is wrong. and for fox viewers, we start with clinton and obama. people to know that ice -- >> based on your answers and some of the signs, you want open borders. >> absolutely. >> what would be your policy? >> no borders, no nation. >> what about the actual criminals, those you yourself would consider serious criminals? what you want them to come over?
5:47 am
>> if you spend enough time in prison you are absolved of your crime. they should be able to do what they once. if they commit another crime they should go to prison again. >> what is the goal of your protest? >> the goal of the protest, we have to shut down the buildings. >> from people who are very pro-your side thank by you being here today you delayed the process by six weeks, asking a detention process. >> i heard that as well. and don't want to harm -- >> i heard this question asked, a public entrance -- >> why do you think today they
5:48 am
canceled the court hearings because of your protest? >> a little bit of a tactic. >> are you with fox? >> yes we are. do you not want to continue talking to me because i'm with fox news? >> it is fair to say you would enter into a question with a little bit of bias. we are not blocking the public entrance. >> i didn't say that. >> it was implied when you phrased the question, by your protest you might be delaying -- >> i read a report that was the case. anyone want to talk about the issues. >> reporter: the executive office for immigration review stated the immigration work did not work today because detained respondents were not available to appear. judges resist hearing scheduled for the earliest date on the docket. what i find interesting, trump said if you don't have borders you don't have a country, these folks agree with that.
5:49 am
they want open borders. they don't want a country basically. >> that is what they want. >> they didn't have an answer, just get paid for. that is a problem. >> you are a brave man. >> donald trump telling supporters america is back. >> we are putting new american zeal into the spine of the country and breathing new hope into our beautiful communities. >> lee carter tested soundbites from last night, dialed coming up next. >> spine of steel, sandra smith. and you and bill hammer together at the top of the hour. >> big stuff coming up, tuesday
5:50 am
morning. we are awaiting two big supreme court decisions that could come in at any moment, shannon bream standing by, the president unleashing on the left on border security, immigration and much more during a spirited rally in south carolina last night. we have reaction and voters in 6 states head to the polls including south carolina. henry mcmaster and john warren taking off on a key test of donald trump's influence, both candidates join us live in america's newsroom, join us in moments. booking a flight at the last minute doesn't have to be expensive. just go to priceline. it's the best place to book a flight a few days before my trip and still save up to 40%. just tap and go... for the best savings on flights,
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>> donald trump firing up a crowd in south carolina after a long wait for rain delay, his
5:54 am
message the only thing ignored was his teleprompter. what do voters think? president and partner at espn partners, wide-ranging speech. >> some highs and lows and not sure independents came around yet. >> the pres. talking workers, welfare and reform. >> we are doing so well, lifting millions and americans from welfare to work, from dependence to independence and poverty to prosperity. we are putting new american the all into the spine of our country and breathing new hope into the communities. >> do they like it? >> republicans gave it an a plus, off the charts, independents b plus, democrats that after because they are not
5:55 am
buying into the fact that things are so much better but this was vintage donald from messaging, talking about his accomplishments, how things are better and winning with independents and that is important going to the midterms. >> instead of backing away, double down. did you see maxine w the president noticed and brought it up last night. >> anybody from that cabinet, restaurant, department store, gasoline station, say to the crowd and put that -- tell them they are not welcome. >> we have tim ryan, sen. schumer, a tweet from nancy pelosi, not for this. >> it did not rate well. republicans and independents given enough, democrats to see not because all democrats think this is okay, there was a big makes, some hated it, some loved it. the american people are tired of this level of anger and vitriol,
5:56 am
this rhetoric is the biggest gift democrats give to republicans because it just energizes republicans to get defensive and stand up for their people. >> very popular with the younger generation, requested to get a picture with paul ryan, listen to his response. >> he said can i have a picture with you? i look over and his kids are standing there expectantly and i said no way, man. furthermore, i hate what you are doing and count the days till you no longer have one iota of the power you currently have. >> independents of the, democrats still a b plus, not so bad for him with democrats, the rest not so much. >> that is where it is, "fox and friends" back in a moment to say something great. when we were dating, we used to get excited about things
5:57 am
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our show, has her eagle quarterback. >> michelle malkin will be here. it will be a great show. if you can't see it on tv run to the radio. happy birthday, sean.


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