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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  June 26, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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"the daily briefing" with dana perino starts right now. >> dana: fox news alert. the security upholding the president's travel ban presenting several people from mostly muslim countries from entering this one. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." the high court ruling was a chose one. 5-4 decision. affirming the president's authority to regulation immigration. the president praising the ruling a short time ago. >> a tremendous vick for the american people and for our constitution. this is a great victory for our constitution. we have to be tough and we have to be safe and we have to be secure. at a minimum, we have to make sure that we vet people coming into the country. >> chief legal correspondent, shannon bream is outside the court. you call this your super bowl
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day when all the decisions coming out. this is a big one. tell us what you know. >> they got to this position by sticking straight to the text of the federal immigration law and the text of the proclamation. that's what the white house call it 3.0. they stuck to the text, not what the president said while he was a candidate. "by its plain language, federal immigration law grants the president broad discretion to suspend the entry of aliens in to the united states. the president lawfully exercised that discretion based on his findings following a multiagency review that many of the covered aliens would be detrimental to the national interests." there's countries that worked their way off the list by complying with more thorough vetting and information. so the administration says it's working as it should. two separate dissents, very pointed. justice sotomayor said even
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though this is the third version, she's not buying it. this new window dressing can not conceal the facts that the proclamation is against islam and its follows. so she said if you would look at everything together, you would reach her conclusion that this was driven by religious animous. so the supreme court has told the lower court, toss the injunction. based on all of if guidance from the supreme court today, administration feels well they will do well if it goes back to the lower courts. it's not over yet. i wouldn't be surprised if it winds up here. >> key to the president's victory, the initial travel ban
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as announced and the chaos resulted rescinded and a different order targeted countries like north korea and venezuela, not muslim countries, that that was the key to the president's win today? >> yeah. essentially the chief justice wrote there's been a lot of talk about the animus behind it. the text does not mention religion. five of seven of the countries are muslim majority. but it's not effective if it's a muslim ban. it affects 8% of the world's population. so they stuck to the text. based on the face of it, the president acted lawfully. he acted under law. we find it's per miss able. >> dana: thanks, shannon. there's more to come before their session ends. for more, i'm joined by bret baier. great to have you on the program. this was a long time in coming.
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about 1 1/2 years ago in january of 2017. right after the president had taken office that all of the eruption of opposition to the president on this particular issue, what they call the musli headlines. remember that? but the president reissued the executive order, made it more targeted and more narrow and that's probably what lead to his victory today. your thoughts? >> clearly. was looking at the document, looking at the constitution and making an assessment, this 5-4 ruling does that if you look at the majority opinion. this is the third iteration of the travel ban. it was a rocky start. much perhaps like the start on the zero tolerance. there's similarities there. the beginning of those policy decisions. but this is clearly according to the president, a huge win for him. he believes the books closed on this. probably will be more
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challenges, but not on that specific issue. >> perhaps not on the merits, but be politics will be there. corey booker of new jersey had this to say earlier. watch. >> our president wants to tear families apart, this is a moral moment in our country. for the supreme court to decide this is not just wrong, it's dangerous. it makes us less safe and undermines the values of our country. we're not defined as a nation by what happens to us. we're not defined as a nation by hateful voices. >> dana: i'm curious about that. he thinks the supreme court got it wrong. fine. but i'm not sure that it's persuasive that he said we're less safe because of it. >> that's a really tough argument to make. the stipulation here is that these countries have to meet a certain bar on who they're screening and how they're screening. if they meet that bar, they're off of this list. chad was a country that did just that.
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they were off the list. so how it's not making us safe or, it's really tough on the stump to make that pitch. i also think, dana, if anything shows you the power of the issue of justices and the ability to nominate supreme court justices, these big decisions coming out of the supreme court that affect everybody really shows that that is a huge, huge factor politically as you go around the country. >> and there's one more decision that we're waiting for from the supreme court. that has to do with union dues and whether people have to be -- can be compelled to have to make them. that is certainly all the political operatives around the country are looking at that closely as well. your point is well-made. i want to talk about one other issue. the house republicans will give it a college try on immigration. congressman goodlatte has the original bill. he tweaked it. going to include new words that say it will mandate that all new
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employees in the u.s. are eligible to work using the e verify system. it creates a new visa program for foreign workers and food ocessing industries. also says american companies can hire 450,000 foreign workers for three years if no u.s. workers can be found to do the job and that failure by employers to use the e verify system could lead to criminal charges and monetary fines. those are interesting additions. you think that that he help get this bill passed? >> no. >> dana: i don't either. >> i think it's a lot of busy work. they don't have the votes. least not that we can see on capitol hill. it clearly makes the bill stronger, but they don't even have the votes in the house let alone if you get to the senate. there's a real challenge on the immigration legislation crafting something big enough. i think there's much more possibility that a narrow bill on the issue of separating
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families that kind of backs up the executive order. kathy mcmorris rogers and others are working on that. the other thing interesting on immigration, you have the vice president in south america along with the department of homeland security secretary dealing with countries directly to talk about the route causes in those countries that's a huge story that is overlooked. >> dana: i do, too. desperate people will always try to leave. so the president has asked today for more money for the wall. we're going to take to shelly moore capito about his request and if that could get done. should the united states invest more in these countries in terms of rule of law to prevent people from wanting to leave? your final thought. i'll give it to you. >> and just getting the word out about what the actual policy is, what the actual law is that all of these countries understand where the u.s. is coming from. if there are root causes that
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they can be helped with to prevent people to start that journey. >> dana: thanks, bret baier. catch you tonight on the "special report." >> thanks, dana. >> dana: president trump having a working lunch with republican lawmakers. what was discussed? i'll talk to one senator that was there. shelly more capito of west virginia. and the high court handing the president a big win. i'm going to talk to ari fleischer about it next. >> the ruling shows that all of the attacks from the media and the democrats are wrong and they turned out to be very wrong. i will always be defending the sovereignty, the safety and the security of the american people.
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court ending a long drawn-out legal battle. joining me now, ari fleischer, former press secretary to george w. bush and a fox news contributor. when the supreme court makes a decision, it feels like they're the final answer. like this is going to be remanneded back to the courts. but the president won today. your thoughts? >> it's wonderful to see everybody salute the supreme court and follow. with all the talk about civility and how torn apart by politics, it's nice to see one institution that everybody respects. what else can we do? that's one of the greatest strengths of our democracy. people follow. >> dana: a great point. leads me to something new today. a new poll. it's being commissioned by former president george w. bush and vice president biden. it's called the american democracy project. a couple things here. 55% polled said that they see
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democracy as weak. that's a concern. also, a poll says that 68% of americans believe that america is getting weaker, and that when asked to rank the importance of leaving it a democracy 1-10, 60% picked 10 in the new poll. 84% picked a number between 84 and 10. it's different than when we grew would answer those the decimation of the institutions is something, but people mention civility. in america, we have so much to be grateful for. >> absolutely, dana. all of this is a reminder that the twitter world, the nasty world that we see is not the real world that we live in. especially the farther you get away from d.c., the farther you get away from political twitter. you remember how respectful people are towards each other despite the anger in our system.
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doesn't mean it's okay to have the anger in the system. democracy is refreshing. democracy is enduring. the best thing about our democracy particularly, it's self-correcting. if there is something wrong, we fix it. that's the strength. we fix it through the ballot box. not yelling or harassing or screaming at people when they have a meal. that's what we should always remember. >> dana: nobody is persuaded by the yelling that we see. there are a lot of examples of very uncivil behavior. we see it across the board. it's something that we should all try to get a handle on. the democracy project poll is interesting. i also wanted to ask you about the harley-davidson decision. when we met way back when, you were the spokesman for the chairman of the ways and means committee. that's when i learned about free trait and taxes and the economic policy how i think things should be done. i remember bristling when presidents would weigh-in about
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a company's decision because companies should be allows to make decisions they make. president trump feels differently about harley-davidson who said they would some production to europe in order to avoid the tariff over there. they're worried about their business in europe. 40% is there. so y thoughts about this. the president said it will be fine. they quit too early. some of these companies are making decisions before then. >> huge high stakes gamble. takes an outsider like donald trump to try to shake up the system, particularly china. we all know china is picking our pockets and stealing from us. donald trump comes along and says i'll fight. i'll fight for america and i'll take on china. we don't know if he will win the fight. that's what harley-davidson shows. when the president slapped tariffs on europe, europe slapped tariffs back. the tariffs hit harley, harley moves to europe so they won't be hit but european tariffs.
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that's how trade wars go. yes, i was raised in the same school as you. tariffs are bad and wrong and they lead to trouble. on the other hand, if trump can pull this off and make the world of the world lower their tariffs, will he be a successful president. high stakes. we don't know how it will come out yet. >> ari fleischer, thanks for being here today. thank you. >> thanks, dana. >> dana: dangerous drugs hidden in the mail sent in packages from overseas. the feds with a new weapon to sniff them out. a critical primary day ahead of the mid-terms. we'll look at the closely watched races happening today. there's little rest for a single dad,
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>> dana: it's primary day in seven states, including new york where michael grimm is trying to get his seat back. joining me now, meredith kelly and matt gorman at the nrcc. matt, let's start with you. in new york, with this michael grimm seat against dan donovan, does the nrcc have a preferred outcome here? >> you know, thanks for having me first of all, we support dan donovan. he's run a great campaign so far. he has a record of accomplishment and believe he will be victorious tonight. that's not the only primary in new york. upstate in john sass' direct, single payers become the issue du jour in that race and a
11:22 am
litmus test. so whoever wants to abolish the va or medicare or raise taxes will be unelectable. there's a lot ofnd we're keeping our eye there. >> your thoughts meredith and the new york 11. how about other ones in new york, too? >> thanks for having me, dana. in new york 11, max rose is a combat veteran in the army and has gone for affordable healthcare on staten island. he will be the democratic nominee. he's prepared to run against michael grimm or the very desperate dan donovan who has spent the last several months running to his right and talking about policies that hurt new yorkers. we're excited and proud to have more veterans running from
11:23 am
colorado to upstate new york and a trend you're seeing everywhere. democrats with service fighting for lower prescription drug costs, affordable healthcare and growing economy so wages can keep up with the cost of living. >> dana: it's interesting to watch that, m.j. hager, i talked about her ad. so yes, i see that. let me read something from chris stirewalt. he said there's 60 districts where the republicans are on defense. the secret to save the house may come down to the handful of seats where they play offense. there's seven seats by democrats where republicans look to have a chance to make gains given the fact that for now the control of the house will come down to a narrow decision, these special seven are taking on special significance for the gop. it's an interesting place for the republicans to be right now. in january, we talked about this
11:24 am
huge blue wave. now we're talking about the possibility of the republicans being on offense. what is your secret to all of those? >> we're going to run every day like we're ten points down. we've been doing that the entire cycle. the generic ballot is there. we've seen bonuses and perks and increased 401(k) contributions. those are the things that nancy pelosi has called crumbs. but we see economic growth at record highs. i saw a poll yesterday that said 2/3s of americans feel better about the economy than they have in over ten years. unemployment is record lows. wages are rising. that's the choice voters will have this fall. whether we want to continue the economic progress we've seen or go back to the days of speaker pelosi with more economic stagnation and higher taxes. >> dana: meredith, i want to ask the democrats about this. how are the democrats to say it's better to have democrats if the economy is still roaring and
11:25 am
if the people feel good about e economy? what is the counter argument from the democrats? i'll give you the last word. >> sure. very quickly, matt mentions the generic ballot. his committee has not shown that they have a single offensive opportunitiy lily lile -- on th battlefield with the tax cuts, it will increase costs and healthcare premiums for everybody else. the more they learn about it, the more unpopular it becomes. we found out that taxes will go up for synagogues and churches. this bill is getting more unpopular by the day because wages are not keeping up with the cost of living and people class people were not prioritized. >> dana: there you have it. republicans and democrats going to the polls to see who will be the nominees. thanks very much. >> thanks dana.
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>> dana: a massive demonstration in iran challenging the gift. citizens are protesting economic problems. the u.s. restores sanctions shouting death to high prices. the currency is collapsing as the government struggles to tackle double digit inflation and high unemployment. many shops in tehran's oldest bizarre shutting the doors worried about their future. president trump threatening new tariffs on europe and a growing trade dispute what he's saying about harley-davidson's plan to shift production overseas. plus, the supreme court has ruled on the travel ban. but it's not the final word just yet. we'll ask our legal expert what is next. >> there's no checks and balances. the court says you don't like our interpretation of the immigration and nationality act, you can fix it. you think this congress is going to fix it? we couldn't pass immigration reform. what do you have there?
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p3 it's meat, cheese and nuts. i keep my protein interesting. oh yea, me too. i have cheese and uh these herbs. p3 snacks. the more interesting way to get your protein. >> dana: lindsey graham is making comments on the travel ban. let's listen in. >> we're looking at countries in a rationale way. i defy anybody to tell me any of the countries named that the government is in control, the vetting process works and terrorism is not a problem. >> how did the meeting with the president get? he asked more funding for the wall. i can see how that can be an
11:31 am
issue. >> i think there's a deal to be had. i believe -- most americans would like the increased border security. that will take more money. i voted for a bill that had $41 billion for the border. he asking for 25. most peoples believe the daca population deserves a chance to stay in the country that they call home. most of these young people have no place else to go. they were raised in america. their legal status is in jeopardy. there's a deal to be had. wall or daca. and i think the president was open to that, how you structure it is yet to be determined. it would be great to fund the government, not shut it down and solve two problems. a broken border and give a getter like to the democraca recipients. >> thanks, senator graham. >> dana: that was lindsey graham. let's bring in james trusty. he's our trusty lawyer.
11:32 am
john roberts said this in the order. trump's order is expressly premised on legitimate purposes preventing entry of nationals that cannot be adequately vetted and inducing other nations to improve their practices. the text says nothing about religion. you said something about this issue way back several months ago on this show about having the court look at things that a candidate may have said and whether that should weigh-in on a justice's decision. looks like they're saying it does not. what do you think? >> that's right. that was the issue we talked about. when you have what we would call extra judicial statements or in this case campaign stump speeches or tweets. all of that is information that fairly contributes to the general public's feeling about a particular executive action. the question is whether a court of law should include that in trying to figure out if something is constitutional or not. we agreed it was problematic.
11:33 am
scary to think that comments made on the campaign trail are going to come back to be used in a court of appeals or a federal district court or the supreme court as a basis for inidating later actions. >> dana: do you think that this is precedent setting in that regard? >> yes and no. it's interesting. justice roberts says we're allowing for that information to seep in. we're considering the information about trump's statements on the stump but we're not letting it win the day. there's so much deference to the congress and to the president when it comes to immigration enforcement. the court is saying this is in their ballpark. all it takes is a rationale basis to assume that this law is correct and we find there was a rationale basis for it. >> dana: james, this is not the final word. the supreme court has the final word now but it goes back to the lower court what is the next step? >> it goes back to the lower court. but there's a pretty darn clear
11:34 am
message here. you're really begging to get reversed as an appellate court if you try to turn around and say that the travel ban is unconstitutional. so it goes back on a reman to the lower court but i don't expect the decision to change unless there's some judges hell bent making temporary headlines. >> dana: perhaps they'll drop it. that's the appropriate thing to do. justice sotomayor said taking all the ed together, a reasonable observer would conclude that the proclamation was driven by anti-muslim ani s animus. even before being sworn in to office, candidate trump said islam hates us. this -- we've shown the map several times. the countries that are on this list are basically -- should be called the failed state ban. with venezuela and north korea
11:35 am
on the list, it's not a predominantly muslim country. what is she trying to get at? >> it's clear, a couple things is one, i'm sure that she won't be voting for president trump next round. beyond that, it's clear that she's very much encouraged the use of these prior statements out of court. in other words, she's looking at the campaign statements and saying this is so deeply offensive i would invalidate this law. justice roberts says there's a process. it's not permanent. they can fix it. we've had countries drop off and drop on. he referred to it as empty rhetoric. she likened it to the japanese interment camps. >> dana: thanks, james. >> sure. >> dana: more reaction to the travel ban ruling. senator shelly moore capito will be here after a working lunch with the president. we'll hear what she has to say minutes away.
11:36 am
and now we have president trump blasting harley-davidson, warning the company will face a backlash if it moves jobs overseas. harley blaming the decision on tariffs. the president slamming them a few moments ago. >> they announced earlier this year. so they're using it as an excuse. i don't like that. i've been very good to them. the people that ride harleys are not happy with harley-davidson. and i wouldn't be either. mostly companies are coming back to our country. >> dana: scott lincecum is a scholar at the cato institute. i know you're pulling your hair out over this issue. you should follow him on twitfer you want to learn about trade. take a listen to what sarah sanders said about tariffs yesterday. >> the european union is trying to punish u.s. workers because they have engaged in unfair trade practices and the
11:37 am
president is saying enough is enough. we want to work with the e.u. to work on a level playing field. >> dana: your thoughts about this harley-davidson kerfuffle. >> yeah, it's hardly surprising that when the u.s. government raises manufacturer steel and aluminum prices by 50% in the last year because of tariffs and picks a fight with their biggest export market that there's going to be blow-back. harley is an example of that. unfortunately there will be other examples. missouri nail maker, arkansas tire producers. there's others. these tariffs hurt american companies and the retaliation hurts american exports. >> dana: president trump was talking about how all the good news is coming for steel companies, steel producers and there are some jobs coming back. steel plants reopening production. but what about the consumers of the steel? is that what you're getting at?
11:38 am
there's consequences for those companies. >> right. exactly. certainly if you create an island of high-priced steel, you'll get more investment in the steel industry. unfortunately steel workers are out numbered by workers in the steel consumer industries by 40 to 1. so for every job you might protect our save, you'll kill dozens of other jobs that need access to those materials. that doesn't even think -- consider the retaliation. that retaliation unfortunately isn't even finished. the canadian government on july one will retaliate as well. just to correct sarah sanders there, the steel and aluminum tariffs were a protectionist response on national security grounds. they had nothing to do european protectionism -- >> dana: they hang it on national security. the president said behind the scenes, the discussions are going very well. the united states is winning on
11:39 am
the negotiations. he's not going to show his cards. he's going to negotiate the best deal. he says it's going to happen quickly. what i understand is that these companies, especially ones that want to keep their production here in america, they want the president to succeed but they say we don't have much time before we start having some pain because of these decisions. >> right. exactly. the tariffs have been in place in full for a month. there's more tariffs coming next week on chinese imports. the president has threatened more tariffs an automotive imports. these companies, they have a bottom line, shareholders. they can't wait that long. that's why just today you saw hundreds of chambers of commerce across the country urging the senate to take up senator corker's bill that would limit the president's tariff powers on national security grounds, just the type of stuff -- >> dana: one last comment.
11:40 am
we have a minute le i want to see, do you draw a distinction and a difference between trade practices with our european partners and with china? i tend to see them differently given what the president is also concerned about in terms of intellectual proty -- property being stolen. >> yes, there is a difference. the problem is that the solution in both cases for the president is tariffs. in both cases that is the wrong solution. there are ways to go about trying to encourage reforms of china's policies and protectionisms. but tariffs are a tried and true way to achieve failure, not success. >> dana: thanks, scott. >> thank you. >> dana: the orlando airport is stepping up security in a major way. we'll tell you what you can be
11:41 am
facing at that airport. president trump holding a working lunch with republican lawmakers. i'll talk to one senator that was there. shelly moore capito of west virginia is next. alright, i brought in new max protein give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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>> shepard: shepard smith on the fox news deck. the white house will award the highest military honor to the widow of a world war ii veteran that risked his own life to save his fellow soldiers. ahead, you'll hear how the army lieutenant garland connor used telephone wire to stop the enemy. that and the rest of the headlines top of the hour on "shepard smith reporting." see you then. >> dana: president trump wrapping up a working lunch with republican lawmakers at the white house. the president calling the supreme court decision upholding his travel ban "a great victory." he spoke about his long-promised border wall. >> discussing today the funding
11:45 am
of the wall, which we very much need. we started the wall. we're spending a lot of energy and a lot of time and started up in san diego and other places. it's under construction. we have $1.6 billion. we're going to ask for an increase in wall spending so we can finish it quicker. >> dana: my next guest was at the lunch. shelly moore capito. she's part of the commerce committee. great to have you here. tell us a little bit about the president's position about him wanting more money when it comes to the wall. >> well, i was in a meeting last week with the president on homeland security. he was very emphatic on then as he was today on robust funding for the wall, which we have in our bill. we have a good down payment on it. as he said in the clip there, he's frustrated with the amount.
11:46 am
we're going to work towards that. i believe firmly that a wall is in our best interest and the people of west virginia believe that as well. we're going to do what we can to work together to meet the president's expectations. >> dana: what are the road blocks? democratic opposition or the calendar? you'd like to see the appropriations process get back to normal order. >> the good news is, we're moving quicker. we passed three bills last night. that was the first time we've done that. that allows the president i think to work with us to get those priorities in there. at the same time, we're going to keep working -- my bill passed out of committee bipartisan. there's resistance to the wall funding. but i think a strong border protection is going to be in all of our best interests and i think the democrats will join us. >> dana: let's take a listen to something that tom cole said about the immigration process.
11:47 am
the possibility of the house getting something passed and over to the senate. here's tom cole. >> there's no grumbling about the president. bob goodlatte said he talked to the president. he's very much for the bill. so again, we know we would love the president to embrace the bill more fully and actively because we think it reflects where he's at on the issue. again, certainly no complaints about him. >> dana: when it comes to getting something done, get the issue really finally a bill so that the president can sign to his desk, do you think there's more of an appetite for that now after the last several weeks talking about the family separation issue? >> that puts a lot of intensity to the issue but we still have the daca issue that we department settle in march. the feeling is that if we can solve the daca problem and marry
11:48 am
with it the border wall, we would have two needy problems that can have a joint solution. i think that's what tom cole is talking about we're working towards. the president seems very amenable to that. i don't want to speak for a particular bill in his case. so i think we need something more to push the 25 billion for the wall that the president needs and i think daca offers that opportunity. >> dana: you're not up for re-election. but your democratic counter part, joe manchin, is up for re-election. i'm sure you're called upon to campaign for your colleagues on the republican side to see if they can keep though seats or to flip some. i wonder how much you think this immigration issue will drive people to the polls either way. i know the president's base is revved up what are you see something. >> depends on the state. i'm not a border state. i do have a lot of west
11:49 am
virginiians that believe in the wall and embrace lawful immigration. i think it will drive the intensity in the election on both sides. at this point, if we look at the safety issues, the intensity is more on the safe borders, the drugs coming in are ruining a state line mine and others. a lot is coming from the southern border. so there again is where another intensity of a voter is going to be. stop these drugs. stop criminals. let's have legal immigration through our points of entry and we can handle it that way. >> dana: tell me -- we have a minute left. vice president pence is in brazil today. he will be in a couple of different latin american countries. as he's in the region is the drug issue something where you drive attention.
11:50 am
you think the drug problems across the country but certainly in west virginia, that is one of the keys to help solving it? >> i do think it's one of the keys. fentanyl is killing half the people in my state that overdose and die. when you look at 64,000 americans losing their lives, these are children and family members. the drug issue is a major issue because we know it's coming from the southern border. >> dana: senator shelly moore capito. thank you. >> thank you, dana. >> dana: a stunning amount of drugs hidden in the mail. how the new low and hey tech ways the feds are using to sniff them out. so if you have heart failure, ask your doctor about entresto. it helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure,
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>> dana: orlando's airport taking security to a new level. the first to commit to facial
11:54 am
recognition technology for all international travelers. the u.s. customs and border patrol agency is testing the high tech scanning at 13 major airports. the scanning process takes less than two seconds and has a 99% match rate. a new weapon to fight the opioid epidemic. the feds using it to sniff out drugs in packages sent through the mail. matt finn is live in chicago with the best assignment of the day. matt? >> dana, we regard so often about the opioid epidemic in america. believe it or not, some of the front lines in preventing the drugs from getting into american communities happens here at the international arrivals for the u.s. postal service. the u.s. border patrol agent screen all international
11:55 am
packages. they scan 1.7 million packages a day. they're x-rayed and sniffed by dog teams. packages with powders or pills are tested using a state of the art machine called the gemini. it can identify 22,000 substances. here's an example of how it works. >> i'm going to activate the laser. within a few seconds it will take its reading. in this case, it's fentanyl hydro chloride. that would be a schedule 1 narcotic that we would seize. >> customs and border patrol seizes tens of thousands of packages a year. federal agents turn them over to police for prosecution. the offenders get crafty. they try to disguise them as beauty products, in teddy bears.
11:56 am
fentanyl is the most seized. 1,476 pounds was seized last year. again, a few milligrams can kill a person. that figure has skyrocketed from just two pounds seized in 2013. last week the u.s. house passed a comprehensive package to carve out the drug epidemic here in mark and would give more control on the postal service to crack down on people sending them to people here in america. >> dana: matt, fascinating. thank you. take a look at this guy making his home in maine. we'll introduce you to the k-9 making live easier for one former president and potentially many other veterans. we'll meet him next. come here, babe.
11:57 am
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>> dana: former president george h.w. bush adding a new member to his family.
12:00 pm
sully, a service dog. he got his first job yesterday meeting bill clinton at westpoint. he posted this picture this morning. he's a cute one. thanks for joining us. i'm dana. here's shep. >> shepard: it's 3:00 in the east coast. the supreme court decided the travel ban has been upheld. it was the first big legal test of this president's policies and power. and it is no doubt a victory for president trump. it also carries far-reaching implications we're now told for how this nation will deal with immigrants. a topic that is already the subject of tense debate. plus, this hour, honoring an american hero. a kentucky farmer that went to war. lieutenant garland connor fought off


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