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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 26, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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ox, sean hannity is standing by in new york to take you intor the next hour. >> sean: tonight another huge win for the trump administration. the travel ban has been upheld by the u.s. supreme court and democrats predictably are lashing out. this coming as many on the left have literally started to completely and utterly unravel and be unhinged, unwilling to believe their own lying eyes. the trump agenda is actually succeeding, mueller's is crumbling and the so-called blue wave is getting more and more remote in each passing day. in moments we will highlight the unhinged rhetoric coming from one of the de facto leaders of the democratic party. congresswoman maxine waters, plus another hannity history lesson revealing the blatant double standard surrounding the democrats' abuse of women as political pawns. also tonight, a new
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investigation casting serious doubt about the legitimacy of robert mueller's witch hunt. the case against george papadopoulos, guess what? that was likely tainted by political bias. and according to a report, robert mueller is now focusing on his witch hunt on russia collusion. wasn't that supposed to be the point the entire time? this is a running way fishing expedition. get ready, a lot to cover into nights jam-packed, breaking news, opening monologue. ♪ those on the left call president trump, let's see. racist, xenophobic, islamophobic, every name in the book. but tonight the supreme court upheld his executive order temporarily restricting travel from seven countries with high security risks. and here is how the president reacted earlier today. take a look. >> president trump: today's supreme court ruling just coming
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out a tremendous success and tremendous victory for the american people, and for our constitution. this is a great victory for our constitution. we have to be tough and we have to be safe and we have to be secure. at a minimum, we have to make sure that we vet people coming into the country. we know who is coming in. we know where they are coming from. we just have to know who is coming here. the ruling shows that all of the attacks from the media and the democrat politicians are wrong and they turned out to be very wrg. >> tucker: as you might imagine, democrats are taking this so well. usually they rely on the court system aist judges on the west coast to push their agenda, but after this judicial victory for the trump administration, they are lashing out angrily and of course claiming racism. as congressman keith ellison wrote, this gives legitimacy to discrimination and islamophobia.
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in the hawaiian senator said. "who is going to be next?" does the president going to issue an executive order against mexicans? okay, these people as i said are unhinged. the democrats claim of racism and bigotry. it should not surprise you, it's like clockwork. the left is right back to their old playbook, their favorite tactic, identity politics. we showed you the long and storied history about how democrats use a race every 2-4 years to vilify republicans, divide americans and win votes. republicans are racist, sexist, xenophobic, islamophobic, they want dirty air and water, they want to kill children and they want your grandmother called thrown over the cliff. every 2-4 years. it's predictable. and we have yet another hannity history lesson involving another favorite tactic of the democratic party and gender identity politics. let's start this lesson way back in 2012.
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then presidential candidate. remember met romney? by the way, he will probably get the nomination in utahight. he's touting his strong record of hiring women. he had a binder that highlighted resumes of women applicants that he wanted to hire. remember this. >> we took a concerted effort to go out and find women who had backgrounds that could be qualified to become members of our cabinet. i went to a number of women's groups and said, can you help us find folks? and i brought binders full of women. i was proud of the fact after i stuffed my cabinet and my senior staff that the university of new york in albany did a survey of all 50 states and concluded that might have more women in senior leadership leadership positions. >> sean: following that, many insinuated that mitt romney was actually sexist because of those remarks. in other words, that he had resumes of women that he wanted to hire because he wanted to
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advance their life, their career, their opportunities, and be fair. watch this. >> mitt romney in a point-blank question last night in the debate refused to answer whether he believes in equal pay for equal work. he referred to women as being binders and resumes. >> i'd also like to point out we have our binders every morning. >> it will be the joke that keeps on giving. >> it was very unfortunate because it kind of raises this question, can he relate to working women? he made it sound like working women are a mail order products that you can order out of colored binders. mitt romney just completely doesn't have any leg to stand on when it comes to women in the economy. >> binder is trivig things and it might be indicative of the way mitt romney trivializes things. >> i can tell you that we don't have to collect a bunch of binders to find talent for driven young women. >> sean: you notice the same
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tactics that attacked donald trump today, there is consistency in their stupidity and groupthink. tucker says that. you think that's bad, they're so much more. 2012, any supporter of susan s sexist and racist. you might remember that rice lied over and over and over and over again on national tv about benghazi being out of a protest over a youtube video, a talking point lie. remember 2008, john mccain? he was also accused of misogyny again and again, despite tapping sarah palin to be his running mate? we could go on and on. today we have more proof that these claims of sexism and misogyny are merely a political tactic. we see it every two and four years. the left claims the monopoly and a compassion for women. take a look at how they are treating many women who are now
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in positions of power in the trump administration? their tune has changed. take a look. >> i was asked to leave the restaurant this weekend where i attempted to have dinner with my family. my husband and i politely left and went home. i was asked to leave because i work for president trump. we are allowed to disagree but we should be able to do so freely and without fear of harm and this goes for all people without regard to politics. >> three huge guys came up and started, probay an inch from my face, screaming at me every word in the book and cursing as loud as they could. then my trooper came up, and my boyfriend and i got our tickets and were headed in. then they ran in and circled me, where i could not get into the ter. they stoppe. >> homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen is in a mexican restaurant of all places. shame on you! >> shame, shame, shame!
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>> shame! shame! >> shame, shame, shame! >> sean: angry pro showing up at the house of secretary nielsen and now the home of press secretary sarah sanders, who now has to be under the protection of the secret service and her children have been threatened. so you have pam bondi, sarah sanders, secretary nielsen, on top of ivanka, melania, little children, a 12-year-old kid and 4-year-old granddaughter of the president. this is called an abusive double standard. democrats say they are all for women's rights unless of course they disagree with the women politically, then all bets are off. it was years ago, there was an angry mob of people that put americans risk. remember that? take a look. >> the discourse in america, the discourse in congress to answer your question very specifically has really changed.
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i will tell yo hesitate to place blame, but i have noticed it takes a very precipitous turn towards edginess and lack of civility with the growth of the tea party movement. >> those of you who are watching certain news channels on which i'm not very popular, and you see folks waving tea bags around. >> their hair is on fire because they see the obstruction. their response to their hair being on fire is, tear the place down, get rid of the government, for in the place. the tea party brands themselves in the town square and then tries to burn the town down because they are so pissed. ratifies their anger, he ha, you're mad, you just killed everybody. >> sean: and who's the angry my habit now? it turns out the tactics used by left are so vile, so vicious and hypocritical, so aggressive, we are in an environment now that if we are not careful, people could get hit or killed.
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of course the ringleader of all the anti-trump hatred is not on other than congresswoman maxine waters, the head of the democratic party. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, and a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. and you push back on them. you tell them they are not welcome. anymore, anywhere. >> of the senate intel committee, with the house intel committee, the -- >> reclaiming my time. reclaiming my time. reclaiming my time. >> at the time belongs to the gentle lady from california. >> i perhaps don't understand the rules, i thought i was allowed to answer questions. >> with this kind of inspiration, i will go and take
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trump out tonight. unveiled a criminal activity, the unconstitutional activity of this president and his family. so i have dubbed them the criminal clan come a long time ago. and i will fight every day until he is impeached. impeach 45. this is a bunch of scumbags, that's what they are. >> those are very strong words. >> they are all organized around making money. the fact that he is wrapping his arms around putin, while putin continues to advance into korea. >> sean: scumbags, take trump out. i've been telling you, there were four agenda items of the democratic party and one was to keep maxine waters -- actually, just don't say it. agenda item number one they just want to impeach the president. number two, open borders. number three, obamacare and they
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want the crumbs back, the tax cut back. and they are very vocal about it. here's the question the american people need to decide. is this acceptable behavior and rhetoric from a member of congress? and de facto leader of your democratic party. nancy pelosi, elizabeth warren, hillary clinton. it's okay for you to trump allies come up to be confronted. pam bondy, secretary nielsen, sarah sanders, wherever they go. tell your friends, build the crowd and get in your face. we will send mr. burgess out there to get sean hannity, he will tear a him up. was that a threat? should i have sued the president of the time? this time the target was senate ty leader mitch mcconnell and his wife, another woman, transportation secretary elaine chao. watch this.
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>> why don't you leave my husband alone. back up. back up. >> we just want a comment. >> it is not enough. >> back up! back up! >> sean: he's so tough, really. by the way, good job, you stood strong there. now as the midterm elections get closer and closer, the mainstream media is now getting up there. hatred against donald trump, and the website put together this montage putting together some of their blatant hatred for trump voters. this is your corrupt media on display, take a look. >> cut to the chase, this is about racism. this is pure and simple racism.
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that's all this is. he's hoping that the people who support him will be ginned up and running to the polls to make sure that brown people don't come into america. >> we can no longer a site trump is the bad guy. if you vote for trump, it's not ripping children from parents. if you vote for trump, then you the voter, you, not donald trump, are standing at the border saying, you go here and you go here. >> if you hold down a woman while a rapist is raping her, are you the rapist? >> that's a very powerful and uncomfortable anecdote that you shared and people will think that you are comparing trump voters to a rapists.
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>> sean: little donnie on his tv show gets a point to rating and michael moore, we work get lectured by them, seriously? the rhetoric coming from the left, it needs to cool down. this is not going to end well if it keeps up. the hostility towards the president, has sucss and allies and supporters, it's all predictable. they now see the blue title wave receding, and that's what scares them. donald trump's success is their failure which means they want the country to fail or they can't get their power back. now let's turn our attention to other developments tonight surrounding robert mueller's run away with witch hunt. for months on this program we have questioned the legitimacy of the investigation, and, we have a new report tonight from real clear politics. and now corroborated once again. much of what we have been saying and now corroborated once again. the federal bureau of investigation has formally
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opened its trump administration, and clinton affiliated political operatives repeatedly approached the trump campaign and a trial that failed to damage it. in other words, the fbi a partisan witch hunts started again because hillary clinton's campaign push for it. that's exactly what we have been saying for months and it, there's more. the guilty plea is extracted from lieutenant general michael flynn and george papadopoulos, they were connected to two anti-trump employees who have been now singled out for investigation by the inspector general because of their rampant abuse of bias in politics. one of those lovebirds, fbi lovebird peter strzok. he is hiding behind closed doors. why are you letting him get away with that?
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let the american people see it. we will have a full report and find out what happens anyway. meanwhile, sarah carter reporting. for the first time the house judiciary committee passed a resolution amending filmic demanding rod rosenstein handlebar all documents about impeachment or contempt. she will have more on the groundbreaking development. finally tonight, we end with one more almost unbelievable revelation about the mueller pool probe. bloomberg, robert mueller is now actually focusing on trump and russian collusion allegations. we are now 405 days into the russia probe. the breaking news today is, mueller is just now starting investigating russian collusion which isn't a crime. what has he been doing the last 404 days? oh that's right, this is an anti-trump fishing expedition, looking for something, anything, to take the president down. as you can see, the so-called investigation has been exposed
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the witch hunt is going before our eyes. the economy is thriving and little rocket man is now sitting down at the table talking about the denuclearization of the entire korean peninsula. here now is fox news contributor sara carter. see this book? it's now coming out in july. only two weeks away. brand-new book, "the russia hoax." the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton. it's available presales on and sarah, let's start with the breaking news tonight. how is it that the guy in the center of all of this, peter strzok gets to be behind closed doors. and will he be under oath, which is to me a big question? >> it's a huge question. let me tell you something, sean. tomorrow when he gets behind those closed doors, he will be grilled. i've spoken to a number of lawmakers today that say they will not let peter strzok just
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try to skate by. they will ask tough questions and believe me, there are a lot of tough questions that need answered. peter strzok was in the middle of the hillary clinton investigation. he was the lead investigator and he needs to do a lot of explaining. tomorrow, there are a number of lawmakers that will directly ask him what his text messages meant, or what did he mean by saying, they will stop the president, they will stop him. i know there are other questions they have with regard to mccabe and his activities because former deputy director andrew mccabe was directive actively involved in much of this. and what was the insurance policy? >> let's go to gregg. one of the important aspects of all of this phase, the ig determines peter strzok had a willingness to take actions to impact trump's electoral process. that sounds to me like an attempt at a soft coup in america with the power of the fbi and lead investigator.
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>> was subverting the rule of law. undermining and democratic election. one question he will be asked is, on june 6, 2016, you sat down at your computer with your mistress, lisa page, and two other people and identified so far, and if you changed the critical language of james comey's statement that hillary clinton was grossly negligent, having committed a crime, to something that was seemly less than that. >> sean: this was june 6, they don't even interview her until july 2nd. so they are changing the standard, from the legal standard to just slightly less. >> it's a similar almost identical term but, it's not in the statute. and thus, mey felt he could exonerate hillary clinton with essentially a charade. and then, strzok flies to london the day after the trump collusion investigation begins. who did he meet with,
10:21 pm
christopher steele? did you talk about the dossier? did you already have the dossier, did he give it to you? and what about your use of confidential informants? did you assign them to investigate the trump team before the investigation ever began? >> sean: there's a lot of questions. of course we will not let that happen. then we have the insurance policy that was mentioned and you have talked about. >> when he got his organization. trump is about to win and he says, i'm scared for our organization. this is important now. this is a text from page to him. what did you mean by your organization? what did you mean by fix it and finish it? all of this led to a conclusion that there was a willingness to interfere with the election. >> sean: i would think that jim jordan tomorrow is the guy to watch tomorrow.
10:22 pm
who else? >> i think jim jordan, matt gaze. there will be quite a few questions coming from both of them. and something else that's very important, and he touched on it, how many informants did they have? how many people were actively involved and did the taxpayers actually pay for this? >> sean: why was michael cavuto approached? there was a game before they even came anywhere near this trump and russian collusion. the fbi brought in a convicted criminal from russia to do this, why? who authorized that? >> hopefully we will get those answers tomorrow, or at least some of them. and remember if they don't turn over those documts, congre has other plans. contempt or impeachment for rod rosenstein. >> sean: i would say that chairman gaudi and chairman latte release the
10:23 pm
transcripts, we deserve to see them. when we come back, congrats on the book. and breaking news that posted to the ap, reporting henry mcmaster won the g.o.p. primary runoff. we will tell you more when we were dating, we used to get excited about things like concert tickets or a new snowboard. matt: whoo! whoo! jen: but that all changed when we bought a house. matt: voilà! jen: matt started turning into his dad. matt: mm. that's some good mulch. ♪ i'm awake. but it was pretty nifty when jen showed me how easy it was
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>> sean: joi >> sean: joining us now with reaction to tonight's opening breaking news, joe digenova, fox news contributor andrew mccarthy, and of course he writes for the national review, also. the smartest person i know. good to see you. so, strzok goes behind closed doors and says he's going to talk, i don't know if i believe it. >> i think he sounds like he's one of these guys that thinks he can go into the room and kind of
10:28 pm
control the room. and horowitz says >> sean: that is very arrogant and stupid. >> horowitz said he had very involved answers, so he may just be one of these guys that thinks he can go into that environment and it do okay. he's got reasons to think that. because in a court room, where there is a judge, somebody can't get away with just giving their side of the story and then saying, when you try to cross-examine him, national, security reasons, or investigative integrity. a judge would tell them,nt you story, now they get to ask you about the hard stuff. in a congressional hearing, they can dodge that stuff, they get away without all the time. >> sean: i have some faith with
10:29 pm
a few of the congressmen there. you know, one thing you said, it still sticks with me. so many of my -- my mom was a prison guard, my dad worked in family court probation. my cousins were on the nypd. the two cousins were cops. and you say bad cop, and sadly it is true. and he interviewed clinton, interviewed flynn. began the russia investigation which i would argue renders it illegitimate from the get-go. this is the guy you are talking about. >> and as i said from the d very beginning of this, james comey was a dirty cop. mr. strzok is dirtier. he's going to go in tomorrow and he is going tooio live. he's going to give explanations that are untruthful. he says that when lisa page asked him, he is not speaking about president or candidate trump. he can't win, can he? he can't have him as president. and strzok says, no, we will stop it.
10:30 pm
now he is claiming that there is an explanation for, we will stop him. i can't wait to hear it. >> sean: you know, you are to people i do not think that i would want to mess with in a courtroom. i kind of agree but then thereut is the insurance policy. then there is a loathsome human being.he then there are the actns. now it's real. and there are some superior beliefs that he's doing it from noble causes, but really, he is, almost attempting a coup,us because someone was guilty of crimes that he pushes under thee rug. they go full force sledgehammer on the other candidate. at that to me is influencing an election and collusion. >> let's be very clear aboute this. this is not a complicated case. at the fbi of the senior levels of the obama administration ands the department of justice, loretta lynch and all her
10:31 pm
minions had two goals in mind. very simple, very plain. exonerate hillary clinton illegally and if she lost the election to frame donald trump. that's it. in a nutshell it's never changed over the last two years and everything that we have learned from the text messages, the ig reports, has proven conclusively that that is precisely what james comey and loretta lynch and the obama administration people wanted to do. and it was the most brazen plots in the history of u.s. law enforcement. and it won't make much difference. unless we get all of the facts on the table. >> i think it's clear that these were two investigations going on at the same time, and whether you are a liberal or democratic, i don't know how you look at them and say the same quality of justice was accorded to both.
10:32 pm
clearly it wasn't. >> sean: equal justice under the law. equal application of the law, in our constitution. it all started with hillary, she committed felonies. the biggest most obvious case of obstruction, they made every consideration. thread every needle, even though people went to jail. then how do you lie to a visor -- fisa judge under fbi protocol, four times, using bought and paid for political research? >> on one side of the coin with hillary, it looks like they bent over backwards to not make the case. in the case of mountainous evidence against her. and on the other side, where you don't have evidence of a crime, it seems that they scorched the earth to try to stop this
10:33 pm
presidency. >> sean: that to me is a is a an attempt at bypassing the will of the american people. when you get down to the brass tacks here, it's a simple case of the abuse of power, far deeper than anything we would imagine with watergate and corruption, in my opinion. >> now, here is the simple fact. what the fbi and the doj and the obama administration did was subversion. plain and simple, this is 1954 communist stuff. a subversion. they sought to subvert an election, and when the person that they didn't want got elected, they sought to subvert his presidency. they have done everything in their power, and even though peter strzok is testifying tomorrow, the guy who started all this was john brennan. thcia director in cooperation with clapper. none of this will be fair unless
10:34 pm
both of them find themselves in front of a grand jury. >> i think you will have a lot to say tomorrow behind closed doors, but i will let the text speak for themselves. >> sean: should they release the transcript? chairman had the power. >> i assume they are asking questions behind closed doors because they make it into classified matters, but i think as soon as they scrub that >> sean: why can't they do what they often do? >> what they are going to come up with think jim jordan's that he regards this as step number one. so it's step one and then will be a public hearing. >> sean: i think that these people will go to jail, and it will get worse. joe, you are always so shy. we need you to come out of your shell just a little bit more. just a hair. joe digenova, thank you.
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>> sean: the president scored a huge victory, the p supreme court earlier today. the judges decision upheld the travel ban. from iran, libya, somalia, syria, yemen, waiting to travel to the u.s. and some predictably, democrats predictably lashing out at the poor decision. it is not a ninth circuit. it is not their favorite judge shopping cord. it did not work out so well today. take a look. >>or so today was fantastic fulfillment of usama bin laden's vision by donald j. trump. what usama bin laden wanted to
10:40 pm
promotewe was the west and 1 billion muslims, what donald trump and the muslim ban signal to the world is that muslims are not welcome here. >> if you are trying to rip off a supreme court justice, you can jam any polic you want down the throats of the american people. he has his supreme court tailor-made to his ugly philosophy. >> this ruling did not make us any safer, and i believe that the court was wrong. it's un-american to do what has been done. >> this is a moral moment in our country. what the supreme court decided today is not just wrong but dangerous and it makes us less safe. >> sean: joining us now, nra contributor dan bongino, senior fellow for the london center for policy research monica crowley, great to see you both. i am watching, wasn'tco
10:41 pm
cory booker the same guy yesterday encouraging people t create big groups of people and follow people into restaurants? like pam bondi and sarah huckabee and secretary nielsen, isn't that the same guy? >> he's also running for president which is why you kind of get the grandstanding. the president of the united states has two main jobs, protect and defendnd the constitution and protect and defend the american people. he put this travel ban together after a couple of fits and starts and he finally had a final draft of it and it went all the way to the supreme court. the supreme court validated wha. he came up with. the country is safer as a result of what the commander in chief did.d. >> 100%, not even a close call and all we are saying is we want to vet you and make sure you don't bring radical views with you. dan bongino, there is now the
10:42 pm
left unhinge that is now attacking women. i you see children, you see the power slipping away, the mueller investigation crumbling, the economy moving and the president's foreign policy working. and that to the left is now setting themid off because of te power they want back slipping away. >> it is, and i'm really concerned, and i know you are, too. i have never in my 12 years seen a press secretary that has to get a secret service detail like sarah sanders is apparently being assigned it now. >> her children were threatened. what did peter upon the say? put in a cage with, look at what they did to pam bondi? somebody is going to get killedt god forbid, i hope that nobody gets killed on any side of the
10:43 pm
aisle, somebody is going to get killed and something will happen, because they are pushing and provoking and seemingly wanting this confrontation. >> they have no emergency brake on their behavior either. remember the essence of conservatism is an adherence to god-given rights. there is a moral emergency brake on your behavior.r there is none of that for a liberalism. i'm not talking about democrats. i'm very worried about these people. >> sean: i'm almost thinking about tweeting where i am eating so that they will leave the women and children alone. if they can come after me, i would feel a little bit better. i'm not kidding. >> it's a long shot, they won't leave the women and children alone.'m ean: me and dan will figure out where we are going to eat. >> this is nothing new. >> sean: i'm not inviting you. >> i'm not invited?
10:44 pm
that's on a personal affront. >> sean: i will only invite you if i don't tweet. >> the left has been doing this now for decades, these are a linsky tactics, overwhelming the system. it's activism on the part of the core left, but also on the part of the media which has created this alliance with the core left. when we have seen this kind of thing happen in the past there have been elder statesmen or elder states women in the party or something to try to put the brakes onng it. >> sean: barack obama? michelle? get in their face, remember that? barack obama said. he said we will send mr. burgess over to sean hannity, and he will tell tear him up. they go low, we go high. well, it's called b.s. we know what that is. >> these are tactics that the
10:45 pm
left has employed for decades. it's nothing new about what is new is a level of intensity. they look at this president as an existenal threat. therefore he and everyone who is serving his administration and everyone who voted for him must be discredited and destroyed. >> sean: it's all part of what i was trying to say in my every two and four years, there are islamophobic, xenophobic, they want dirty air and water, they want to kill children and throw your granny over the cliff. except this time they really are putting -- it seems like women. look at mitch mcconnell's wife tonight. and by the way, i applaud her. she got in their grill and didn't back down and that's not an easy thing for people to do. >> did you notice the snowflake cowards only started yelling at elaine chao really aggressively after she got in the car?ot total cowards.
10:46 pm
>> that's right. >> sean: i really mean this, maybe i'm old-fashioned, but i do not like the women and children, and i cannot remember a time in obama's administration went something like this happenh leave the kids out of it. leave the women out off it. if you want to pick a fight, pick it with me, you, the don jr., sebastian gorka. kick it with us. @seanhannity, we will tell you where you are eating. you can come. shame, shame, shame. you can chant all you want. thanks for being with us. when we come back, ed henry with a live report on two big stories that will consume washington tomorrow. ♪
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♪ >> sean: a big day on capitol hill tomorrow. house representatives are going to vote on a highly contentious immigration bill. also anti-trump fbi agent peterr strzok will appear in a closed-door hearing and we willa be working hard to bring you that story. here with more on these stories and more, chief national correspondent, who didn't really want to hang out at the white house tonight, so he went to the studio where he's drinking coffee all night. that's a good shot of the white house, it looks better. maybe he will walk outside and say hi like he did to steve doocy. >> this is a story about immigration and capitol hill. we decided to do it from the studio. just a stone's throw away from capitol hillll. now that you've shamed me i will go back to the white house tomorrow president trump scored a major victory on his travel ban, he's
10:52 pm
taking strong measures to t protect the nation and he may have to take more executive action in the months ahead because it's looking less likely that republicans here on capitol hill are passing legislation and cracking down on the illegal immigration tomorrow. the president reacted to the supreme court ruling by saying, the nation needs to be tough inr terms of vetting who is coming into the right now house republicans are working on a new moderate bill keeping families from being separated at the border but it's unlikely to include tougher provisions like e-verify. it does not appear that enough conservatives are coming on board. as a result, moderate republican jeff denham says tonight he's disappointed that even this watered-down bill is likely to fail in the house tomorrow, asre the president continues to demand tough measures like funding for the wall. watch. >> we have a bad laws. we have the worst immigration laws in the history of the worl world. it's a joke. people can't believe it.t. other countries look at us and they say, how is that possible? >> meanwhile as you noted, fbi agent peter strzok is coming to capitol hill tomorrow for a closed-door deposition. the president's tweeted today
10:53 pm
that he is a "fraud" who should be questioned live on television. sources on the hill tells us that strzok will in fact be grilled in public in the next few weeks. by the way, there is a breaking story from capitol hill tonight with joe crowley, a very senior democrat from new york who has been rumored to be in line to potentially replace nancy pelosm if democrats win the house majority. you've heard all this talk, about a so-called blue wave, it turns out maybe the blue wave is turning on democrats. with 82% of the vote in on this primary in new york tonight, joe crowley is losing by double digits. by 15 points, he's facing a woman named alexandria octavia cortez. joe crowley has 42% of the vote and she has 52%. >> sean: they just called it, he lost.
10:54 pm
>> so here's the point. remember eric cantor a couple years ago losing that primary, and there was all this talk, there was a major civil war in the republican party, big oblemsd we are hearing now the same. big problems for president trump and the republicans, a democratic wave coming. well guess what, there's a split in the democratic party and it took out one of the most senior house democrats. i'm watching social media and there are lots of democrats tweeting and on facebook, talking about if crowley goes down, and as you said, ap just called, nancy pelosi is in trouble because with incumbents like the starting to fall, -- >> sean: i stand with maxine waters and nancy. >> y i am just bringing you the facts. you can pick whoever you want. >> sean: i would try to get you to get commentary, but i know you're never going to. when we come back, wait until you see what was captured by a camera crew at the u.s.-mexico border. that's straight ahead, we will be right back.
10:55 pm
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> sean show all of these people pointing at me. we are moving over. this is a powerful machine. our video of the stay is stunning. during an interview near mcallen, texas, an abc news crew ran into a human smuggler. watch this. >> this area the smugglers use it to smuggle unaccompanied children into the u.s. there is their main pathway. this is the main path way in mc allen. [speaking spanish]. there is a smuggler. border patrol. we just got a smuggler. >> that's a smuggler? >> right here.
11:00 pm
>> you can't go in. >> unbelievable. we will always be fair and balanced about the destroy trump media. let not your heart be troubled. 10 seconds early. fors fors there she is. tucker is 10 second early or 15 seconds late. he is never on time. hello, laura. wait it is 12 seconds into my time. >> laura: hello. that's into my time. >> sean: no laura ingraham came flying out of my mouth. >> laura: i love being in the double boxes with you. its like the old days. remember the 2000 election, we were up until 2 a.m. >> i fly to d.c. after the show last night. i am in d.c. today. i get into the hotel room and there you are. i watched your whole show when i