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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 26, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> you can't go in. >> unbelievable. we will always be fair and balanced about the destroy trump media. let not your heart be troubled. 10 seconds early. fors fors there she is. tucker is 10 second early or 15 seconds late. he is never on time. hello, laura. wait it is 12 seconds into my time. >> laura: hello. that's into my time. >> sean: no laura ingraham came flying out of my mouth. >> laura: i love being in the double boxes with you. its like the old days. remember the 2000 election, we were up until 2 a.m. >> i fly to d.c. after the show last night. i am in d.c. today. i get into the hotel room and there you are. i watched your whole show when i often miss because i am driving home. >> laura: thanks for the support.
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good evening. i am laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle." big day in d.c. a huge show tonight. she will talk to mike huckabee. first his daughter and now he was targeted. and the supreme court backed trump's travel ban, democrats are still saying it's racist. we will debate the fallout. victor davis hanson, an inventive way for the left to put its money where its mouth in. welcoming illegal immigrants to the country. it's a debate you don't want to miss. first the new know nothing. that's the focus of tonight's "angle." the democrats portray themselves as members of the enlightened class. they are elite and conservatives are vulgarian.
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trump is the ultimate no nothing. he shoots from the hip and the mouth. he hasn't marinated himself in the writings of plato and doesn't untand geos. he lacks compassion. he is so crass. >> i think it's fair to note that the president is vulgar. >> he watches a lot of cable television no matter what he says. his lack of interest in reading is a big contrast to our last two presidents. >> he doesn't have any empathy even for his recovery wife. >> laura: the same left wingers are conspiring to make our children much worse. not only do many liberals hate our american traditions and heritage but they are the agents of a historical purge the likes
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of which we have never seen. this week leftists librannian struck wilder's name. from a children's book award. they awarded the prize to wild near 54 and named it after her. the librarians claim wilder's work have stereotypal attitude not regarding depictions of native americans. little house was set in the 1800's in minnesota. don't we want to know how people in the behalf lived. now they claim that her work includes stereotypical attitudes regarding the depiction of the african-americans. don't we want to know how people in the past live and fought and survived? my view is we hide or demolish our history. where do our children go do learn the lessons of the past?
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mark twain and capoteand harper lee will soon have to be banned as well. who are the real book banners now? well, there is the lovely graphic novels kits. this leftist mentality led to the instruction of historical statues all over the country. removing history all together rather than allowing the next generation to see it. interpret it and debate it. this inspired lefting activists to topple or deface statues that are part of our natural memory. i am saying this as a connecticut yankee. i have no affinity for the south. it doesn't stop there. even a cross memorial in maryland is considered offensive
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to athiests. they filed a suit to have it removed and the 4th circuit court of appeals agreed with them and ordered the peace cross demolition. who are the intolerant know nothings? the left is so blinded and dogmatic in their hatred, they refuse to accept each even basic factions. -- facts. abortion is one example. they deal night obvious truth of human last in the womb. this is an established scientific fact and we have the pictures to prove it. who can deny an ultra-sound of a 12-week old child in the womb is a living human being, growing and living? groups like planned parenthood
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and the democratic party at large are determined to look the other way. they don't like the fact that people can see this. motheri motherings seeing these images. the visual evidence, the proof of life is a threat. threat to the abortion rackets. make hundreds are millions. don't look. the left is so anti-dialogue, they prefer to intimidate their demonize their opponents. opponents rather than convince them. bring them to your point of view. no, they resort to slander or trump supporters as deplorable clinging to guns and religions. we told you about the texts from the fbi agency working on the hillary clinton probe. they said trump supporters are poor to middle class, uneducated and lazy and think he
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will grant them jobs for doing nothing. another referred to his voter from ohio as retarded. sadly now, it's gotten worse. >> because we know we have in the white house someone who could lead the ku klux klan in the united states of america. somebody who could be the leader of the neo nazis. >> if you voted for trump, then you the voter and you not donald trump are standing at the border like nazis going you here and you here. >> tens of millions of people voted for him after he showed his cards. >> are you suggesting they are racist? >> yes. >> all of the people who voted for donald trump are racist? >> yes. >> laura: at least they are being honest now. by casting their political opponents as sub-human class,
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the left has a blanket license to attack them and target them in public. >> they won't be able to go to a restaurant. they won't be able to stop at a gas station or shop at a department store. the people are going to turn on them. they are going to protest and harass them until they decide that they are going to tell the president no, i can't hang with you. >> laura: harass them in public places. the leftist renegades absorbed this message. it's open season on republicans. there are wanted posters with miller's image! wanted posters. to be hunted and captured. justifyed in their mind. for month the left insisted that
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the travel ban was unconstitutional. they derided trump as racist for attempting to prohibit travel from hot spots that obama targeted too. the left refuses to acknowledge basic facts it is national security threats and posed by immigration. we can't vet these people. no system is in place. the court today weighed in, want ruling that the president has the authority to regulate immigration, but that the ban didn't contain any religious or anti-muslim bias. >> the ruling shows that all of the attacks from the media and the democrats and politicians are wrong and they turned out to be very wrong. >> laura: the left was stunned that the supreme court sided with trump on the travel ban.
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the dnc deputy chair without even an attempt at a reference to interpretation, he reacted this way. >> gorsuch should not be on the supreme court. he is not there properly. you can do that. you can jam in a supreme court by denying a sitting president their right to appoint the supreme court justice. that's what happened. gorsuch has done what he was sent there to do. >> laura: the last part is key. not a real justice. just doing what his pay master said to do. this guy has a storied career as a jurorist on the federal court of appeal. no reputtal. no attempt at a rational argument. just personal demonization of a supreme court justice.
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until 18 18'50s there was the rise of the party that sprang from what was a skelt society. today, we are seeing the rise of another know nothing party made up of secret forces. deal ployed to undermine will of the people and representatives. they know nothing of facts. nothing of history and nothing of the damage they are doing now to the republican. they are called democrats. that's the "angle." >> joining me now for reaction is garland nixon and sean duffy, a republican congressman. garland, your reaction? >> well, immediately my first reaction to the vitriol it's not a good thing for the country. the democratic party should focus on policy. i think that the president has
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to take some credit for this toxic environment. he lowered the level of discourse. started off during his campaigning talking about punching people and beating people. he called the nfl players sob's. i think this is a rare toxic atmosphere in washington, d.c., but the president has to take responsibility for it. it was not here before him. >> laura: i think the culture for a while has been in decline. long before trump. whether it's billboards, music lyrics. what we are seeing on the small screen and the big screen. the way we talk to each other online. social media. way before trump. >> it's commendable that they call out this outrageous behavior. on the left they say donald trump uses language we don't like. i don't like it all either, but he is not shutting down anyone's
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speech. liberals can't win in the debate. if you go to a college campus, they shutdown their speech. if they are the irs you shutdown conservative groups from organizing. secretary nielsen shutting her down there. and peter strzok says i will shutdown the will of the american people. there is a difference in speech and taking action to shutdown speech. this young lady who why would f-u to the president, she has the right to say that. i don't agree with it. she can say it. this is not a speech issue. the left is engaged in something more vitriolic. they tried this in wisconsin. >> laura: yes. >> they were yelling shame and
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spitting. americans, wisconsin, they don't like it. and scott walker got more votes in the first election. >> laura: yes, what we see, though, is the targeting of individuals. is is different. it's the targeting of individuals, putting a wanted poster in a neighborhood. telling people to crowd around another people. you can disagree with trump. you don't like the travel ban or the immigration. that's fine. i have no problem with that. interesting debates on both sides, but the target is scary. if you get crowds around an individual and they feel other person is sub-human. we saw this in the racist south. people were considered sub-human and they felt like they could do anything to black america.
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now we for that really scary pace now. that's terrifying. >> i don't feel it's one side or the other. >> laura: where is donald trump telling someone to crowd around someone and target them. he uses crass language sometimes when i don't like. >> i agree. it's not one person. he's gone after our allies and nfl players and the canadian. i think the president has a lot of responsibility. he is the leader. where the head goes, the body follows. >> laura: if donald trump had zero tolerance at the border which is enforcing the law, there would not be massive protests and what is said on the signs. you are an inch away from someone's face like pam bondi in
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florida? >> i do. >> i think we have gone to a style of politics in washington, d.c. that is about people instead of policy. >> laura: i agree. >> attacking the leader but little policy. >> laura: i want to play something. in is the deputy dnc chair. he was on cnn today and not telling the truth about his ties to another hater farrakhan. >> you used to follow somebody who expressed sexist and lgbt. farrakhan? >> i would disagree with that. >> what are you disagreeing with? farrakhan is a clear bigot. >> i agree that's true.
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>> you are a follower of farrakhan? >> no, i wasn't. that's not true, jake. >> laura: it is true. i give credit to jake trapper for calling him out on that. >> siding with a hate group. i think your "angle" was awesome. this is a debate about the freedom of speech. can we disagree with each other on difficult issues and we should vote whether it's a bill in congress or an election. we debate and argue and vote. that's what we do. we don't shutdown speech. the college campus front is so outrageous. we can't bring conservative speakers to campus because the left knows they can't win the debate with the conservative shapiro? >> laura: the people te targeting. they are these little guys.
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not a hulking threat. steven is like a nerdy, conservative guy. >> what is being missed here. i was looking at the results today with crowley. even within the democratic party there is the same debate. the bernie sanders people are saying some of the same things about the resistance: we have to go. >> laura: bernie doesn't believe that. >> we have to go away from russia and i hate trump and get to the policies. some of the things you are saying are some of the things that the democ are saying to the resistance. >> laura: i didn't like it when the president said get your ass ass out and vote. i know that's a little thing. >> we called him out when he said that. >> laura: i don't like that word being used.
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you can make your point in a different way. he is winning on the substance, on the economy and winning on trade. he is winning! you don't need to go personal>> harley davidson supported him on trade. >> when you see scalise being shot on the baseball field. >> laura: someone is going to get hurt. >> death threats a increasing to other members of the congress. this is going too far. on both sides. take it down. don't support people. >> let's not forget all of the gun references. >> laura: the left went crazy. the targeting that sarah palin had on her website. i think everybody has to acknowledge that the culture has drifted downward. it goes into politics and our
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kids' minds and all of have you seen to do better. i appreciate both of you. seems like the left is making impossib impossible. when we come back we will show you more.
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>> laura: the left turned vigilante politics is not slowing. protestors descended on the apartment of steven miller saying democrats are notted here. they passed out wanted posters calling miller a white nationalist. consistenting him against crime against humanity. they are so tedious. they need new lingo.
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late-night comedians are attacking the white house press secretary sarah sanders not because of anything she did, but because she was asked to leave a virginia restaurant because of the president's policies. this week sarah sanders got to do what conservative white women love most: speak with the manager. >> [laughing]. >> her serve asked what wanted and she refused to answer. >> what do you mean you treat everybody with respect? you work for donald trump. you don't treat yourself with respect. >> laura: other comments were to obscene to even give you a bleeped in version. let's bring in mike huckabee, host of huckabee on saturday and sunday and former of the great state of arkansas. you gave me some good news on my
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radio show on monday. you broke it that the red hen manager walked across the street with a group of people and followed your daughter's family to another restaurant. so they can't eat anywhere. now you see steven miller being targeted with these wanted posters which incites people to do what? when someone is wanted for crimes against humanity what are you telling other people to do to him? >> if you go back to mayberry rfd, you would hear pyle sell citizen's arrest. you are asking people to intervene as if miller did anything that violated the law. he didn't. he is a policy guy. you labeled him well a moment ago. he is a very nerdy policy guy. brilliant beyond brilliant, but no screaming kind of guy.
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nose to the grindstone fellow. when this becomes personnel and people take it away from the public venues of an hall or a speech in public and take it into people's homeless and make it so a person like pam bondi can't go see a movie and my daughter can't get to the appetizer because the manager tosses her out and tells her to leave. that's the kind of thing we saw at lunch counters in the '60s. i thought we were never going to see that again. it's sad. >> laura: she didn't want to make a big stink, but did she say i should have stayed. like the african-american men at starbucks, they decided to come. get the police and throw me out. did she think that?
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>> no, i don't think so. my daughter was not raiseed to be disruptive. she doesn't have this attitude that people owe her something. she believes that if the lady doesn't want her there, then why stay? i think her attitude was i could stay and make a scen i could demand that she serve me, but how does that serve a growing level of civility. it doesn't. the manager made it clear she wanted herexit the restaurant, she did it quietly and politely. that's the way southern women do things. they don't disrespect others. as my mother used to say, when we did something that was not very nice: were you raised by wolves? there are people in this country who seemed to have been raised by wolves rather than mothers and fathers who taught them good manners. >> laura: sarah has a secret service detail now with her.
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is she going to be dining out in washington soon? she doesn't want to put herself or family through this? >> i can't confibout the details. i saw it on twitter tonight. the first i had seen that. 2 things, i am glad. i think she needs it in light of peter fonda's comments when he said he hoped someone would break into her home and kidnap her children. fonda ought to be in jail tonight. the the man outa be in jail for having said that kind of thing. i think sarah will live her life as best she can. this is giving republicans and democrats a real message clarity. the way i see it: for republicans every day is the
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4th of july. for democrats every day is halloween. america will get to decide whose message do they want to follow? throwing eggs at people's homes? >> laura: it's pathetic. shoe on the other foot there will be protests. governor, twitter video showed protestors confronting senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and his wife's secretary. she told protestors to leave her husband alone. they why would out: how do you sleep at night? look at this. you can tell with the baseball hat worn backwards. that's classy. what are you, 3 years old? there is no debate. it's public shaming of individuals who support trump or try to have a job working for trump.
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>> well, a couple of observations. it may be fashionable to yell at mitch mcconnell. i would not go after elaine chow. they don't know her well. all of the people they target typically are women. for the most part. melania and ivanka and sarah and pam bondi and nielsen and chow. what is it with these people? it's misogyny and hatred of women. it's ought to be clear to america. i hope they recognize it and reje it as ridiculous. >> laura: grown men wearing backpacks is also suspect. thanks, governor. we appreciate it. it's not just politicians harassed by leftist. in tulsa a man found a hateful note on his porch condemning his support of trump. the person kept returning and he confronted her with a camera.
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he joined us to give us the whole story. this is like you are now considered brave because you support donald trump and don't hide it. what happened? >> i am a very loud trump supporter in my neighborhood. there were bernie sanders and hillary clinton posters everywhere. so i put a trump sign up. well, she didn't like that. i got hateful notes. >> laura: threatening or you are just a racist? >> like i am a racist. you wanted to find out who it was. i could not figure out who it was. i got a camera and caught her on tape. >> laura: your wife is indian and they said you hated dark skin people. i have adopted kid and one is from guatemala. when they say that to me, i just laugh.
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how many people have you brought into your house that needed help? >> it's funny how they assume because i am a trump supporter they assume i am a racist and don't like women. it makes no sense. >> laura: do you try to dig into their minds: what were you taught to act this way, treat people this way, it's so wimpy. you see these back-back wearing adult men with backward baseball caps. most of the conservative women could beat them in arm wrestling. they could settle it that way. this is your generation. are you 30 years old? >> 28. >> laura: how does this make you feel about your generation? >> disappointing. all of my life i am used to see
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how adults live and not how children live. i don't want to go back and see where this generation grew up from. it would probably make me sick. >> laura: they are all acting like they are still in a fraternity in college to vent about how rotten america is. i love bringing in just regular people. being a trump supporter. some people hide. it the trumped won a major victory, actually two, the left is still crying racism. up next. we will debate it.
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the supreme court upheld the travel ban today. from certain muslim nations. the executive order was within the scope of the authority. in her descent, justice sor claimed the travel ban was discriminatory and appeared anti-muslim. muslim. let's debate that and washington immigration attorney. great to see both of you. allen, here are the 10 countries with the largest muslim populations.
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a, india, pakistan. nigeria, egypt. moracco. why would he not target the largest muslim countries in the world? >> i am not sure. he did target muslim countries. >> laura: if it's based on religion, you would want to hit those the most? >> an ash rational person would. bom00 might have had those concerns. >> the difference between the obama administration and this administration is the timing of the actual ban. what you saw from the court was constant changing. you are at the third version of the travel ban that started with a complete class of people. just because you discriminate
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against one person doesn't mean you are not discriminating against the whole group. we should be careful in saying that. >> laura: you are from india. this is an issue you are speaking?-- this is an issue near and dear to your heart. you studied this issue. i don't think the travel ban roleout. -- roll out. it was not the quietest moment. pr and communication wise, the way it was drafted. i would have done it differently. the court said statements by the president during the campaign were not?-- this is a reading of the statute that gives the president broad power on immigration, correct? >> that's right. i think the first travel ban done 7 days after the administration was sworn in was
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lost in a lot of waves. i am glad the system worked. the supreme court said they have a lot of safety checks and allow people in on a waiver basis. the administration has been able to prove to the court they already lift someday country from the ban. chad came off the list. iraq. we are looking at a system where even jimmy carter had a country on the list. so did ronald reagan. what the supreme court ruled is correct. if the statitute gives the authority to the president motivation should not be what their consideration should be. it is absolute authority. >> laura: allen, we talked about rhetoric and what it's gone to discourse in this country. this is what a former republican steve schmidt advised.
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this is what he said about the travel ban. >>oday was a fantastic fulfillment of osama bin laden's vision by donald trump. what osama bin laden hoped to provoke was a war of civilization. a war between the west and one billion muslims. what donald trump and this muslim ban signals to the world is muslims are not welcome here. >> laura: having unprecedented high level meetings with majority muslim countries about how to move forward together and perhaps make peace in the middle east a reality. do you agree with what he said there? >> i think the message is already clear whether immigrants are welcomed into this country right now or not.
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it heightened that. one the things as lawyers is to talk about the posture of the court. this goes back to a full trial in the local court. the only thing that was won is the injunction. >> laura: what is the likelihood of success? >> that's 90% of the battle. game over for the most part. let's not kid ourselves. >> laura: you can explain that. if you want to stop the travel ban, if you don't stop it with the injunction, where are you going here? >> [overlapping talking]. >> sorry. any litigator can tell you once you won the injunction, there is nowhere for them to go. i don't think this is an open issue anymore. liberals heads exploded. it's time to move on. hopefully these countries will use the protocol to remove themselves from the list.
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>> laura: allen? >> i don't think my ad exploded. the little battlefield will be at the ballot box. >> laura: it's not exploding. other heads are. saying osama bin laden, the fulfillment of his fantasy? if you are going to osama bin laden, you lost me. >> the nazis. hysteria. >> laura: nazis got old so now it's osama bin laden. the left is long on criticism. up next a solution that would test the commitment that some of the left have to their own values.
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>> laura: all right, one of the "angle"'s favorite political analysts has some suggestions to help solve the current immigration crisis. david hansen. the scholar joins us now. here to debate him an immigration attorney and author of the book save haven in america. michael wilds. great to you have both. give me your suggestion. lay it on me. about the detenton centers and now the suggestion of military campus. we have over 500 colleges and universitiest of their dorms are only half utilized. many are in the sanctuary cities. we could contract the federal government to use idle dorms and draw on the resources of the campus for legal help and medical centers.
11:44 pm
kids could intern rather than going to wall street or washington. >> laura: a great idea. >> it raises the largest question, the answer to this question is: if you really ve a tjectory for open boarders, you have to go to school with them and live next to them. you can't just few them as cheap or inexpensive labor. that's part of the point. when peter fonda tweets from paradise, montana, the least diverse places in the united states about baron trump. it would have been easier if he said my grandkids will go to the l.a. city schools where there are 70% latinos and we won't engage in white flight. match this with concrete realities. >> laura: the university. harvard university 35.7 million dollars. standard 22.4 billion dollars.
11:45 pm
harvard university endownment. columbia a paltry 9 billion dollars. that's a lot of money. they give a lot of scholarships out and some go to illegal immigrants, why not open up the campus in the summer time. what do you think? >> first, thanks for having me. transferring of this responsibility to the private sector is not practical. if the president and the administration had prepared before they shut the doors and separated the children from their parents, then it may be part of the solution. look, let's be practical about this. food, security, liability insurance, all of these issues have to be vetted. they can't be vetted by schools that have their own interests. we have a very interesting history with foreign nationals and students going to the
11:46 pm
schools. it seems that the schools for years profited from all of the tuition. there was an interest they would pony up in congress and hold their share. this is not a serious solution to the problem. >> laura: it's the saying put your money where your mouth is. if you believe in this issue, don't skate around the edges. that's why i admire people who work with organizations on the ground in helping people in their home country. i talk about food for the poor a lot. they are great. do work in central america and haiti helping people be self-sustainable. when you sit in brentwood or malibu or georgetown in washington and put a target on a piece of paper on steven miller and paper the neighborhood, i am not impressed.
11:47 pm
>> i am also not impressed. when people don't walk the walk. but shifting the responsibility to the private sector for a government function like this is really not practical. >> laura: but if you want to send them into the country and separate them. they have to go somewhere. >> what is symptonatic of this issue is people are not living their idealogy. my see illegal immigrants every day. i am trying to be part of the solution. i don't agree with illegal immigration. but it's a fact. when i look at where people live and put their kids at school. it's a reality that doesn't match the abstracti dealology. we create cynicism. that's what created donald
11:48 pm
trump. global generation approximate open borders are wonderful but how this affected real people didn't affect them. they were able to navigate because of their power and influence. they were able to navigate around the ramifications of their own idealogy. we have a highly cynical population. >> laura: michael? >> it's more of an intellectual pursuit. i'm a law professor here in new york. every school is doing what they feel their constituents would support. they can't act in a government function without creating tax buderns on the community. i am a former mayor in new jersey. i can the imagine the municipalitiy s they are already over-taxed. >> laura: right. >> wait, wait, wait.
11:49 pm
>> laura: you are right. >> the federal government does that all the time. they contract services out to individual entities. >> laura: the catholic church gets 90 million dollars a year. >> this was not a panned move. >> neither was the border crossing. >> just move people to the school campuses because they are vacant. we don't move people like chattel. these are families that will be torn from one another. the campus may not be the most hygienic thing. >> i think gentleman has a lot of time on his hand. but as a lawyer trying to administering all of the liability and the food and the medical attention, it's not practical. you are shifting the responsibility to the states and
11:50 pm
the cities. >> laura: we are out of time. i think the american working people who have not had a raise in 30 years, the median income is going up under trump, thank goodness. who is looking out for the blue collar workers before trump? now we are supposed to flood the country with more low-skilled workers and drive me out of my business? maybe landscaping or construction. people are frustrated. they don't want to pick up the tap. >> i appreciate the frustration but these individuals are here for mercy and not judgment. they are entitled to a day in court. you can't give that to them in a campus that has a lacrosse team and a library. they need access to lawyers and good medical attention. >> laura: a lot of people want access to lawyers and good medical attention.
11:51 pm
>> stanford has some of the best lawyers in the world. the lead fbi agent who sent texts to his girlfriend. >> laura: primary results in. we will tell you what happened.
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lauer will you ever fox news alert big news the 7th seshth
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court of appeals with a huge ruling supporting trump city policies and an upset in new york. here to discuss byron york of the washington examiner. you got peter strok's testimony. their oath theination wide injunction that one district court judge was able to place on trump sanctuary city pol. jeff session di, no, narrow that scope. >> interesting it came today because in the big travel ban decision today. justice thomas brought up the point. exact low. ly we cannot have judges issues injunctions causing a national emergency. >> laura: one liberal left iist judge can shut down a presidential elective.
11:55 pm
>> that's what we saw in the travel ban. we might be seeing a move in the higher courts to narrow that. >> laura: narrow the jurisdiction so it does not have an affect. interesting. joseph crowley in new york, loses his primary contest today. he thought he would challenge nancy pelosi. >> number four in the democratic leadership in the house seen ooze a challenger to nancy pelosi. had a primary opponent for the first time in years. a 10 term representative there were not poles, nothing on it and he lost. i mean people are talking about this like when eric cantor lost. later lat >> laura:. i smile. >> this is another version of the bernie/hilary thing. the woman who beat him tonight wanted abolish, cortez, abolish
11:56 pm
ice. make for all. >> laura: moved to the left. defiantly leftist, basically a terrorist organization. and the list of demandos what the federal governmen has to money. up, free college tuition that is in the agenda. wow. >> if we were not obsessed with talking about trump every moment divisions in the democratic party would be a huge story. >> laura: ron cline wrote that piece how the democrats cannot give up on white working class voters. >> that is a big debate the answer is, yes, we can. there are cent rift democrats endangered species who think that is a mistake. >> laura: quick thought. >> look for questioners to not really talk about his bias. we know that. you don't like trump. they want to find out what happened in the fbi
11:57 pm
investigation and the cutting edge of the house investigation of the investigation is, how did this get started? what was going on before the official beginning of the investigation on july 31st, 2016. does the official story holdup? they will try to find out more from him. he knows everything. >> laura: why is he put behind closed doors of >> they are talking about having a public hearing a little later. my guess is, he vol teared. didn't have to fight it let him talk behind closed doors of >> laura: texts should be released. acted out on stage. thank you, we will be back. we'll be r
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..'ll be r
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>> laura: another night on the "the ingraham angle." >> just another night in the ingram angle number breaking news until the final whistle, the joseph crowley story is huge, a total socialist,
12:00 am
unabashed socialist, that is where the democrat party is going. if you didn't see the angle, follow me on twitter, see you tomorrow. fox news, the team, shannon bream up next. >> the a woman who offended joe crowley, we are waiting for comments from democrats, they have no contact information from her. we will have more coming up. we begin with a fox news alert. republicans preparing for another run at an immigration bill on capital hill cares activists shut down traffic in new york city over the supreme court decision to uphold donald trump's travel ban. we have reaction from the white house and election results pouring in from twee 7 states, and more from the primary


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