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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 27, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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heather: this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 on the east coast, grilled on the hill, peter stzrok telling his side of the story a closed-door hea, what to expect when the discussed fbi agent lays it on the line to lawmakers, we are live in washington was a wake-up call for establishment democrats, losing new york. and what it means for november. dark web danger, the target, babies. what every parent needs to know about a brand-new hack attack.
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"fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ i got somebody at home ♪ it has been a long night here ♪ a long night there ♪ everywhere ♪ bill: it is a long night but morning is upon us and you are watching "fox and friends first," live shot from new york city, thanks for joining us, midway through a long week of news. a federal judge is where we begin. most family separations at the border paving a way to reunite those families already separated. all children under the age of 5 must be reunited in 14 days, older children within a month.
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and over the family separations, 500 minors, reunited with their families. the lawsuit as the horse gears out for immigration showdown on capitol hill, the deal on the table meant to be a compromise reverses america's 0-tolerance policy that has been on the books for years, donald trump ramping up pressure to fund his solution, the border wall. >> we are going to ask an increase in wall spending so we can finish it quicker, it stop the drugs, stops people we don't want to have and gives the security. heather: the senate will vote on a similar bill that would add 200 immigration judges at the
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border. and results pouring in after 7 state primaries and a shock among democrats. and joe crowley, and democratic socialist alexandria cortez, just take a look at her face in complete disbelief. she was shocked as results came in. if she wins in november 28th-year-old will be the youngest woman ever elected to the house. donald from reacting, big trump hater, joe crowley who many expected would take nancy pelosi's place just lost his primary econ, he i perhaps he should have been nicer and more respectful to the president. donald trump's pick in south carolina surviving his
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gubernatorial challenge, john warren. >> in south carolina, on the edge of the greatest prosperity we ever had. >> reporter: mitt romney, utah's senate ballot, donald trump tweeting big and conclusive win by mitt romney i look forward to working together. there is so much to do, great and loving family. facing the music, peter stzrok will testify behind closed doors on capitol hill, set to grill them on his entitled text messages, hillary clinton email probe. doug in dc. >> a fair amount of negotiating, he will be here to answer questions about the hillary
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clinton email investigation drafting earliest stages. stzrok figure prominently, and bias in the fbi and mentioned anti-trump email messages that stzrok and lisa page shared. >> a political bias based on legitimate evidence. and a confidential informant against the trump campaign given his bias. >> after it takes place that is about it behind closed doors on capitol hill, in a tweet earlier this weethe hearing of peter stzrok and other frauds should be shown to the public on live
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television. we should expose these people for what they are, there should be total transparency, it could be another explosive hearing tomorrow with christopher ray, and rod rosenstein. shannon: he will testify publicly, doug luzader live for us. the historic face-to-face meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin is one step closer, as potential high-stakes summit. the two countries will take center stage, the sitdown could happen as early as next month. donald trump hitting the campaign trail, thousands will hear him rally support for kevin kramer in fargo, north dakota
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walking to the groundbreaking of the technology plant which is expected to create 13,000 jobs as wisconsin-based company harley-davidson announced they are moving their production to europe to avoid new eu tariffs. a major victory for donald trump, 5-4 in favor of his signature travel ban. the court is just getting warmed up. and what else we can expect. busy time of the year. >> thank you, tremendous victory for the american people and constitution, celebratory words of the pres. upon learning of the big decision. >> we have to be tough and we have to be safe and have to be secure, to ensure we that people coming into the country. we know where they are coming from. >> the executive power and
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extensive executive power as he or she sees fit for national security, his travel ban, coies included in the current travel ban. 5 muslim majority countries, libya, syria, iran, let's not forget north korea and venezuela, they are not muslim majority countries, chad was removed from this list earlier. chief justice john roberts, quote, by its plain language federal law grants the president broad discretion to suspend the entry of aliens into the united states. the president lawfully exercised that based on his findings following a worldwide multi agency review. that entry would be detrimental to the national interest. the proclamation is expressly
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premised on legitimate purposes that says nothing about religion downplaying statements by candidate trump perceived as anti-muslim but in a passionate dissent justice sonya saw the mayor, based on evidence in the record a reasonable observer would conclude the proclamation was motivated by anti-muslim animus. the majority otherwise holds by ignoring facts, ensuring our legal president and turning a blind eye to the pain and suffering the proclamation inflict on countless families and individuals and like i said, always a big week for supreme court decisions which we are expecting a decision on the right of workers to be employed by the government without having to pay dues for a union they do not agree with politically. >> of the muslim countries included in the travel ban that represents 8% of muslims worldwide, that is something else. >> look at indonesia, the largest muslim majority country by many counts, they are nowhere near the list, keep that in mind. >> they go to lower courts.
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you handle all the lower court decisions based on the supreme court decision. the war of words, the military's highest honor two decades after his death, the medal of honor on his behalf, firing on his own position to repel a german attack and save his unit, donald trump recognizing his bravery. >> embodied the pure patriotic love that builds and sustains the nation. we pay tribute to this kentucky farm boy to stand out even with the strength of a warrior and the heart of a true hero. >> reporter: connor passed away in 1998, his wife campaigned for 20 years for the metal.
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well-deserved and congratulations to them. model of civility or in hatch paying tribute on the senate for 2 iconic conservative commentator and member of the fox news family dr. charles krauthammer. >> with his passing we lost lonelier first rate, a model of civility. on both sides of the aisle pay tribute to charles over the weekend. today i speak for people of all political stripes when i say we will miss him dearly. heather: he was best-selling author, pulitzer prize winner, died on thursday at the age of 68 years after a battle with cancer. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour and civility at its finest.
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[shouting] heather: elaine chao and mitch mcconnell the latest target of liberal protesters amid a string of attacks on supporters of donald trump. is this the america our founding fathers imagined. jackie ibanez has the latest on the civil war of words, reading your comments that are pouring in on this one. ♪ at the lowest price... is as easy as dates, deals, done! simply enter your destination and dates... and see all the hotels for your stay! tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites... to show you the lowest prices... so you can get the best deal on the right hotel for you. dates, deals, done! tripadvisor. visit
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>> reaching a boiling point more trump administration officials tackled by protesters after maxine waters calls for public harassment. jackie ibanez, things are getting really heated. >> the latest incident you heard about targeting senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and his wife elaine chao, the two leading events at georgetown university when they were
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confronted, listen. >> >> homeland security secretary kristin nielsen, white house press secretary, and max waters fueling the fire. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet. the california congresswoman walking back on those comments but last night, yielded a group of cameras about her remarks, one callingn her to resign. even a motion to censor her. her discourse was actually discredited the house of representatives. and she should be responsible
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for what she said. >> and an ethics complaint over congresswoman waters remarks. a lot of people talking about this. >> and something needs to be done. i'm saying somebody from both sides need to step forward and show we can talk versus fight. >> our comments have been pouring in, and not having fighting between each other. donald writing on facebook waters is to be blamed for this. i personally disagree with everything trump but to hound and harass those associated with him is not only wrong but sickening. only a matter of time before a lunatic takes his behavior too far. this must not be allowed to happen and bobby rights elaine shall standing up for herself and -- >> don't mess with her. >> the actual protection was there, protesters could be in a
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heap of trouble and everybody give a short comment. the time is 17 minutes after the top of the hour and cut the red tape, clean up the mess at the va has been a promise from day one and he says this will do just that and there's nobody better for the role than robert wilkie. this felon caught red handed dealing in an officer's donut. the case guaranteed to be a tough nut to crack.
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>> welcome back to "fox and friends first" was a plane
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surrounded by police after a pilot accidentally reports a hijacking. this was a jetblue flight getting ready to take off when radio communications failed was that sent a false alarm to the control tower. the terrified passengers forced to put their hands up, swat teams inspected the cabin and they were eventually put on a different flight to la. donald trump's nominee to head the va will face senate lawmakers into the confirmation process it is getting political. the washington post publishing a profile of robert wilkie with headline trump's va pick once a defender of confederate symbols built his career serving polarizing figures but is this how our nation's heroes feel? joining me is senior advisor for concerned veterans of america, thank you for joining us this morning. >> appreciate it. >> how to our nation's heroes
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feel about wilkie? >> donations heroes feel great about wilkie. the major organizations, the organization has vetted them, looked at a background and vetted himself in the navy and air force. and take a very challenging va and move it forward, the skills and experience, private sector, and very successful there. and the two month trial run has done a great job. we need him now, need them going and fixing it for him. jillian: a lot of people involved, the second-largest department serves 9 million veterans. in terms of what we can expect from today's hearing, some
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questions surrounding privatization expected, implementation of the mission act and expansion of caregivers program. take us through that beginning with privatization and whawe beeve his views are on that. >> we believe wilkie's view on privatization in line with the va. there is no such thing as privatization. it has been a scare tactic of certain senators who want the va to be the only socialized healthcare in the country so certain senators are going to try to create this scare tactic and say there is a secret plan to destroy the va through privatization that doesn't exist. what exists is the mission act and what the president's campaign promise is is it is wilkie's job to explain choice, veterans having destiny, healthcare is not privatization, privatization would be dismantling the va healthcare
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system. wilkie needs to explain the difference and is very good at understanding and he will do a good job on that. >> that brings the mission act, what about expansion of the caregivers program? >> family caregivers don't know what the program is. and you can't take care of yourself, the caregivers program allows you to have a family member take care of you so you can stay home rather than going to a new institution and this will expand it, takes a few years to get fixed and the it systems were placed so people wonder, a caregiver program, how will you get this fixed in time to b eanded to all generations? >> he will get the votes needed
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but not past unanimously. >> i wouldn't expect it to pass unanimously. there will always be a few who want to show their independence or take a shot at the president but i expect the vast majority, two third scum he is well-liked, well-known, has done great meetings with bipartisan issues so it won't be unanimous but he will get a vast majority and will clear through. jillian: and hopefully move the va forward. we will keep our eye on it and see what happens. have a good day. it is time, 26 minutes after the hour, the white house framing the travel ban as crucial for national security and the supreme court agrees but the media not so much. >> donald trump and his muslim band signal to the world that muslims are not welcome here. >> supreme court tailor-made to
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has other philosophy. >> does this prove lower courts are politically motivated? our next guest says there is no question. harassment not on the menu at this restaurant, displaying their support for sarah sanders. carla shimkus with reaction pouring in on that one.
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heather: election upset. 10 term incumbent congressman joe crowley losing the new york primary to a self proclaimed socialist with no experience. is this the first major sign of democrats moving further left? joining me is republican strategists ned ryan. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> good to be with you.
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heather: let's begin with the race results in new york, the big surprise. we can take a look at the numbers that came in, joseph crowley with 42 points, 27% of the vote and alexandria cortez with 57.13% of the vote. a big surprise for democrats. i was listening to shannon bream who was trying to get in contact with alexandria, her campaign and the crats didn't even have a telephone number for her. >> this was a huge shock, he is not only a 10 time incumbent but a fourth ranking member of the democratic caucus and the race wasn't even close, 15 points, beaten by 28-year-old socialist running for the first time and it is another story highlighting the fact that there is a civil war in the democratic party between the establishment and the progressive left has been
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having wins. we will see more of that moving forward past 2018 as there is a real struggle. what does the democrat party look like moving forward and they will continue their flirtation with socialism going further left. >> is that a wise move for the democratic party? why would they be trending that direction? >> it is not a wise move but i hope they continue down that path because i want the american people to have a real choice in 2020. when all the masquerades are dropped and people have a clear choice, do we want to go down the path of socialism or the path of free markets and democrats have been going down this path for years but the mask is being dropped into colors coming out so i hope this gives the american people a clear choice between socialism versus free markets and hope the american people pick free markets and limited government. heather: we talk about the split
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in the democratic party but then if you listen to the mainstream media they talk about a massive split in the republican party but look at the primaries and who is winning so far? seems to be those trending toward the president and following his lead. >> south carolina was a real example, john moran who was challenging henry mcmaster had been endorsed by candidates that were third and fourth, a troubling sign from mcmaster, wasn't even close, won by 7 points and the other thing that is interesting is the republican primary in which trump endorsed dan donovan. challenging donovan to take a seat he held before that and a month ago actually had been up 10 points, last night the race wasn't even close, donovan won by 30 points. i was impressed by trump last night put to rest the mainstream media, wanting to say -- the
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most important thing moving forward he has to motivate the base moving forward in the general election because his political future does depend on that. heather: another win for donald trump the supreme court striking down the challenge to his travel ban, does this further validate the argument the lower courts are politically motivated? >> 100% and the thing that is sad is every president since carter has invoked this privilege under immigration and nationality act but the president has the right to decide of people coming from certain countries are detrimental to the interests of the american people. all donald trump was doing was acting within the scope laid out by previous pres.s and the ironic thing with all the hysteria and pushback, barack obama in the last 40 years was the president to invoke this privilege the most, he did in 19 times, bill clinton was the second most active, he did a 12 times but it was a real triumph
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that vindicated trump and showed the ninth circuit was making some of those decisions more on political bias than being strictly -- heather: we will talk more later on about what is true and false in terms of the immigration debate so hold on for that. in the meantime thank you, appreciate it as we move toward the midterms. disgraced fbi agent peter stzrok will be grilled on capitol hill today. he appeared voluntarily for this closed door interview that will happen with the house judiciary and oversight committee, he was taken off the mueller investigation into russian meddling after he sent anti-trump text messages to former fbi worker and lover lisa page, those messages detailed in the ig report and tomorrow fbi director christopher ray and rod rosenstein will testify on the
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hill. several people arrested during a massive protest against jeff sessions. ♪ we all go down together ♪ everybody has got a right to love ♪ >> reporter: included several religious leaders in los angeles gathering outside hotel where sessions was speaking, 2 dozen people arrested, many held signs opposing the separation of immigrant children, and sarah sanders is getting extra security, the secret service will start protecting sanders when she goes out in public. over the weekend she was kicked out of the red hen restaurant in virginia over her white house role. we know the business will be closed until july 5th and the current owner who booted sanders is stepping down as executive director of a local business group as well.
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the supreme for donald trump at the high court upholding his travel ban, supreme win and mitch mcconnell marking the historic ruling in his own way on twitter. carly shimkus with fox news headlines 247, here with his victory lap. >> reporter: a picture is worth 1000 words which is why mitch mcconnell's official campaign account tweeted this caption with picture of mitch mcconnell with neil gorsuch in response to the supreme court ruling. mcconnell blocked obama's supreme court pick paving the way for donald trump to nominate neil gorsuch. this was his you are welcome tweet for anybody who is happy with this ruling, a different response from bernie sanders, the trump administration's travel ban was never about keeping america safe. you need only look at trump's
1:38 am
own words to understand this is always been a racist and anti-islamic attempt to ban muslims from entering the country. lindsey graham coming in hot with this tweet saying when the new executive order was issued it is not a religious man, the order was focused on countries are in true states of disarray answered have difficulty -- not coming into the united states. reaction going dn party lines. mike drop and james says congratulations, the supreme court is becoming more un-american court. >> shared got off of the list because they fix those issues in terms of letting people. heather: a new york restaurant welcoming sarah sanders. >> the red hen restaurant is not very welcoming to sarah huckabee sanders but look at this tweet her father, mike huckabee,
1:39 am
probably posted, shows a sign outside new york restaurant that says open breakfast, sarah sanders welcome anytime. with the caption kips restaurant in south wales new york like my kind of place. that tweet receiving 48,000 likes. >> going down a dangerous road when we start banning people from being able to eat in places they want to with their families. thank you so much. time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and the second-in-command normally has a lot to say but can't seem to find the words when confronted about louis farrakhan. >> that is not true. >> the cringe worthy interview that you have to see. our cyber criminals targeting your baby, the hack attack all parents need to know about, this is scary stuff. a look at the weather across the country. ♪
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patty: 1 back, this is just the beginning, that from a progressive writer revolving around trump officials, hamilton noland from sprinter news is the administration is delusional if it doesn't think backlash will get worse, quote, this is what happens when citizens decide en masse their political system is corrupt, racist and unresponsive. that they will come sooner than you all think. the trumpet ministration officials will look back fondly on the time when all they had to worry about was getting hollered at at a mexican restaurant. keith ellison crying foul --
1:44 am
>> that is not true. >> it is not fair. >> reporter: outgoing minnesota democrat has long been associated with the nation of islam leader attending meetings, made inflammatory comments about jews and other groups. the first time he has come under fire, in may he washer to a parade that said i don't believe in soldiers. ellison announced he would leave the house to run for minnesota atty. gen. instead. foxbusiness alert, is your baby's personal information in the hands of hackers. tracy carrasco here with the surgeon scary warning all parents need to hear. >> reporter: hackers are selling their social security numbers on the dark web. this is something parents need to be aware of. children really are prime targets because they never made
1:45 am
any purchases, their credit history is perfect. and may have been compromised, really difficult to try to track down fraudulent purposes and the history problems, when checking your own credit history check your child. and their information hasn't been stolen. social security number, make sure you protect it like you do your own. got to keep an eye on that. instead graham works major bucks, facebook purchase instagram for $1 billion. it is reportedly worth $1 billion, they passed the mark of 1 billion users and on track to
1:46 am
hit 2 billion users by 2023, expecting to earn about $10 billion. >> facebook purchase did from $1 billion. >> it is worth $100 billion. we need to figure something out. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour and detail of two immigration polici or is it? >> child smugglers exploit the loopholes. >> don't send your children unaccompanied on trains or through a bunch of smugglers. heather: next guest is a policy's policies were worse on children, separating fact and fiction. stay tuned for sure. ♪
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>> a lot of confusion about the trump administration immigration plan when it is not far from what the obama administration has done in the past. >> child smugglers exploit the loopholes. >> don't send your children unaccompanied on trains or through a bunch of smugglers. >> i signed an executive order. we will keep families together. >> i have one answer, pass a bill. heather: here to break down agendas and separating fact from fiction his accuracy in media director, appreciate it.
1:51 am
you see these discrepancies on line. obama separated children, fact or fiction? >> that is a fact. it is well-known he separated parents, drug cartel links fathers or drugs carrying fathers across the border, additionally it is important to note that facts like these are very important, a big immigration debate and important to distinguish by calling it an actual fact, this happened under the obama administration before trump came to office in 2017. heather: the airlines, they would no longer participate in serating families and chilen specifically airlines then would take dad's where they cross in one area of the border and apply
1:52 am
1000 miles away and put them back in a different area. the next window, obama fast tracking deportation, is that fact or fiction? >> what was well-known deporting the most immigrants, and more than any other president before him. that is an important distinction. there are critics at the trump administration. heather: we have seen these images of unaccompanied children intent cities and obama actually housed the intent cities. >> that is had a juvenile referral process which housed
1:53 am
unaccompanied minors intent cities, and border patrol agents and ice agents, gathering intelligence for drug cartels, operating at the border, and they will know anything. and these children, devolved any information that they knew, it looks like the administration will take that and use it, it would be putting children at risk, for them as well. heather: questioning them under the juvenile referral process, not a lot of coverage from the media. thank you for joining us, some very good facts versus fiction. the time is 8 minutes until the
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the fit survivor of ais out there.sease and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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>> $1 billion missile defense radar will soon protect the entire us mainland, and construction in hawaii will detect nuclear warheads from anywhere in the world and work with other states to have them shut down. and the system will be complete. >> and boeing unveiling a hypersonic passenger jet, 5 times faster than the speed of sound. boeing says the plane could be ready to fly in 20 to 30 years.
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it is time for the good, the bad and the ugly. at first the good, rescue crews in arizona saving a hyper from an 80 pound bulldog from the canyon. he was the hydrated from the 105 ° heat so they hiked down to get help. it took an hour to find her but she is doing okay. that is the good news. now the bad, tractor-trailer crashing, stealing hundreds of watermelons. and all the watermelon, finally the ugly, bad to steal anything but really bad to steal a donut from a cop and that is exactly what this squirrel did before running away. this was in alaska. the cop calling it a straight up felony. maybe it has peanut butter.
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and "fox and friends first" continues right now. [shouting] >> it is wednesday, june 27th, transportation secretary elaine chao confronting protesters converging on her husband mitch mcconnell, that fiery encounter is calls ramp-up for maxine waters to resign. jillian: a federal judge declaring family separated at the border must be united. a new deadline is a dozen states file suit against the trump administration. rob: a praying coach is put on leave taking action on his own. he wants the supreme court to step in. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪


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