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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 27, 2018 3:00am-5:59am PDT

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did before run away with it in alaska. called it a straightup felony. get back here. jillian: thanks for watching. have a good day. >> this is a great victory for our constitution. >> the travel ban has been upheld by the u.s. supreme court and democrats predictably they are lashing out. >> it's a moral assault. a moral vandalism going on. >> this is a dark day for anybody in our country. >> the ruling shows that all of the attack from the the media and democrats, politicians are wrong. >> just coming in, a federal judge is ordering the federal government to reunite migrant parents with children taken from them. >> firing back, transportation secretary elaine chao confronting protesters who were converging on her husband, michigan mcconnell. >> back up. back up. [shouts] >> a shock among the democrat ranks. fourth ranking democrat in the house joe crowley taken down in new york. >> and he was beaten by 28-year-old socialist
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running for the first time. >> president trump awarded the medal of honor. >> we defended our nation in world war ii. fieu ten nang lieutenant garland merrill conor. >> results, the primary results are in now. a huge night at the ballot box alexandria cortez, south carolina governor henry mcmaster and mitt romney. brian wrib not a great night for 10 term congressman joe crowley. the fourth most powerful person in the house. >> that's right. he faced -- was faced with a shocking loss in the new york primary. welcome, everybody, to "fox & friends." you know what? todd piro is looking at all the results. is he down in the newsroom there are some shockers guys. >> there are. first to new york where they are calling it eric cantor
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2.0 this time for the democrats. joe crowley the chairman of the house democratic caucus like cantor was expected to be a future speaker of the house suffering a sound primary defeat. the winner? [shouting] >> looking at herself on television right now. how are you feeling? can you put it into words. todd: cortez a bernie sanders supporter who has called for getting rid of ice and who has endorsed by the democratic socialists of america. >> i cannot believe these numbers right now. but i do know that every single personere has worked their butt off to change the future of the -- >> also reacting to the news, you guessed it. president trump who tweeted wow, big t hater congressman joe crowley who many expected was going to take nancy pelosi's place just lost his primary election. in other words, he's out.
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that is a big one that no one saw happening. perhaps he should have been nicer, and more respectful to his president. to south carolina now where governor henry mcmaster was projected to wane governor gubernatorial runoff john warren this after the president was on monday. mitt romney's political come back taking a big step. former massachusetts governor and 2012 presidential candidate projected to win his primary runoff in the race to replace retiring utah republican senator orrin hatch. finally convicted leaker chelsea manning soundly defeated in her run against long time senator ben cardin in the maryland democratic primary. guys, back to you. steve: todd, thank you very much. joe crowley was the king of queens. he had not had a challenger in 14 years. a boat load of dough spent on the campaign pretty much avoided being head to head
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wi her there was an tonight to debate he didn't show up, sent somebody else. ainsley: look at the results. brian: she is going to get the nomation on election day. going to get the seat on election day more than likely. he did spend $3 million but evidently not well spent. a stunning rebuke. also a big move for bernie sanders and socialism. socialist. she wants a guaranteed salary. she wants guaranteed healthcare. i don't know if she can deliver that as a freshman, if she doesn't back win in november from the house. right there in queens you can lose a lot of power because joe crowley had a lot of it. if you wanted to use it to represent the people of queens he could have used it and maybe been the next house speaker if the democrats took the house and nancy pelosi is, indeed as much disfavor as it seems. so this is as big in many ways as eric cantor losing in virginia. ainsley: did gentlemen crowley get too comfortable
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when hillary clinton decided not to go to certain states and stayed at home. bria se a layup who is going to challenge me? she is a bartend are. nobody knows who she is. steve: it's really the state of the party. do the democrats stand for. she describes herself as a democrat socialist. clearly aligned with bernie sanders. and her platform medicare for all. housing as a human right. wants to get rid of ice. crackdown on wall street. and federal job guarantee. that is the bernie sanders message. where is the nancy pelosi-joe crowley message in that. we're going to take back your tax cut and get rid of your crumbs. ainsley: not surprising the new york area, queens, very liberal. steve: meanwhile, the president of the united states got good news from the u.s. supreme court. by a 5-4 majority, the supreme court upheld a case of hawaii vs. trump.
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the travel ban restriction from 8 different countries. and the countries were north korea, venezuela, iran, libya, somalia, syria and yemen because the president had the authority because he felt that they countries were not vetting people coming into our country carefully enough. there was not enough information sharing and security risks and so he came up with the travel ban yesterday the supreme court said he has the power to do it. ainsley: third attempt in a matter of a year and a half been wrapped up in federal court. this is the president's third attempt and turns out he ended up with success. brian: he ended up successful. big one for him after a losses.of lower court fhem said hey, i know what the law is. i also watched this president campaign. i think this is a muslim ban. so, therefore, you can't ban somebody from coming into this country because of race, creed, color or religion. so, therefore, i don't think this can be upheld.
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when you look at vends and north korea. not many people look at those nations and say muslim. they're not. he paired it down. he actually thought it through. the first iteration was terrible. it wasanded out in an awkward way of a brand new president. a brand new administration. but they eventually got it right. the democrats clearly admitted the court 5-4. i will accept that verdict or they could say this. >> today was a fantastic fulfillment of usama bin laden's vision by donald j. trump. what donald trump and this muslim ban signaled to the world is that muslims are not welcome here. >> it really was about our safety. it would be a different -- it's moral assault of moral vandalism going on. >> president obama never said we were going to ban people based on religion. it was always rooted in factors that had to do with legitimate national security interests. why don't we take trump at his word. he said it's a muslim ban.
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ainsley: no. he didn't he said it was a vetting system. he never said it was a slim ban. steve: during the campaign he did talk about how he would essentially like to keep any muslims coming into the country. that was during the campaign. then again you look at the ruling, the chief justice said religion had nothing to do with this. however, justice kennedy in a lecture to all political leaders but really a message to donald trump said you need to respect the constitutional liberties as freedom of religion as well. ainsley: the president said it's about investigating and the vetting system in these countries is inadequate and we don't want dangerous individuals, tastes coming into our country. steve: syria. how many times do we do stories isis went through syria and knocked different towns and take all the passports. people who held syrian passports couldn't be sure they were who they zoned the
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documents. brian: mitch mcconnell who married elaine chao who works for the trump administration found herself in the eye of the storm yesterday as he walked out to the car with his wife. they were changtsing something about the immigration policies and what's happening at the border. but elaine chao would have nothing of it. listen. >> why are you separating families. >> why don't you leave my husband alone. >> why are you separating families? >> why don't you leave my husband alone. >> back up. back um. [shouting] steve: the person who posted that online among the other things they stand for to abolish ice and to abolish the border patrol as well. ainsley: she is defending her husband and then people who work for her security they kind of escort her in that suv to get away from the crowd and make sure she is safe. she stood her ground. brian: i will say this. the secret service have to push these people back.
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you have got to be kidding me majority leader and cabinet secretary and within feet of the suv? hard to believe that that is, indeed, procedure. meanwhile, edited together on the right it just some of the latest, i guess, examples of a lack of steve: unhinged. brian: unhinged and how scary this is getting. look at all of this. >> a few years ago, ideas that we talked about were thought to be fringe ideas, radical ideas, extremist ideas. those ideas are now mainstream. >> i don't even just know why there aren't uprisings all over the country. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, in a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. and you push back on them. and you tell them they're not welcome. anymore, anywhere. >> do something about your
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dad's immigration practices you feckless [bleep] >> yo uncle tom for white women who disappoint other white women. >> one way you get rid of trump is crashing economy. >> i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. [gunshot] ainsley: what you were just watching is an edited video of all of the left continuously becoming unhinged and saying such angry and hateful things about this administration u g.o.p. had enough. they put i all together that you at home could see it it's a very long video. steve: it's 1 minute, seven seconds. keep in mind i think the second or third voice you hear in there is nancy pelosi. yesterday the president of the united states said nancy pelosi and maxine waters are the face of the democrat party. so clearly he is trying to
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tie this unhingedness to the democrats. brian: let's see if democrats are going to understand when this is all together how serious this is getting. because this is not a game. 11 minutes after the hour. jillian you have other breaking news. jillian: one guy is dead and a dozen more hurt after a massive explosion at the hospital. the blast probably starterred with a gas line in a construction area at the medical center in gatesville, texas. this video showing t moment of the blast with debris flying through the air. all of the victims were construction workers. the blast so powerful it knocked out power to hundreds of people. we will keep you updated. a federal judge endingost family separations at the border and paving a way to reunite those families already separated. the california court ordering all kids under 5 must be reunited under 14 days and o childre within a month. this as 17 states sue the inistration over family separations. the white house says more than 500 minors have already
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been reunited with their families. a look at your headlines. second it back to you. steve: thank you very much. the compromise immigration bill that they're going to be voting on in congress today, tomorrow, something like that, that would have language that would keep famili togethe how many democrats are going to vote for that? and again, how many republicans are going to vote for it because it is expected to fail. brian: everify is now factored in to try to get some other people involved. 13 minutes after the hour now. steve: what is next after ba ruling yesterday? dr. sebastian gorka is going to be on deck with brian coming up next. ainsley: plus, every dog has its day even if they don't their best. the dog voted the most ugliest dog is in our green room. ♪ you look good ♪ you look good i have to tell you something incredible. capital one has partnered with
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♪ >> we have to make sure that we vet people coming into the country. we know who is coming in. we know where they are coming from. we just have to know who is coming here. brian: and that was the point of the travel ban, limited travel ban. the supreme court ruling in favor of president trump's travel ban preventing nationals from seven nations
3:18 am
including five majority muslim nations from entering the u.s. what does this mean for the president's plan to keep america safe as he pledged to do as a candidate. let's ask fox news channel security strategist dr. sebastian gorka. they changed it twice. the courts still had a problem with it the supreme court passed it. what does this mean now. >> brian it, means now for the third time we have had the president's right reasserted back in the 1930s, 1980 as supreme court level it's been patently obvious that the constitutional authority to decide who comes into the country and what yardsticks they are measured against lying with the chief executive. with the president as we argued back in january last year when the executive order was first signed. the president gets to decide. tse countries, which, remember, threat analysis was inherited from the obama administration, these are of
3:19 am
greatest concern. these are the nations where there are active either civil wars, terrorist hot beds. where the identity of individuals coming into america cannot be adequately confirmed. to keep america safe, the president is limiting the travel into america from these countries. a lot of money was wasted and time was wasted. the president's authority is reaffirmed, brian. brian: some people are upset strikingly enough including steve schmidt republican strategist who tried to get john mccain to be the next president. as of today it was a fantastic full fiammentta of obama administration's of trump. a war between the west and 1 billion muslims. trump and his muslim ban signaled to the world is that true muslims are not welcome here is that how you interpret this? >> clearly this man, i have no idea who is he. has never opened an atlas and has no idea about the muslim world. if this executive order had anything to do with islam, then, of course, it would have included the most
3:20 am
populist muslim nations of the world such as indonesia and egypt. it doesn't. this person has no idea what they are talking about. this is about national security. it's about protecting americans. it has nothing to do with religion. brian: right. 8% of the world's muslim population. >> right. brian: included in this list does not include saudi arabia either. some people -- nothing president trump can do that they will agree with u dr. gorka, thanks so much. >> brian, as somebody else said, if donald trump came out of the white house and walked on the water of the potomac river they would say he can't swim. some people are just ed from reality. brian: and some people will swear he can walk on water and they just need him to try. thanks, dr. gorka. >> thanks, brian. brian: a week filled with clashes over civility and politics. where do we draw the line? is it getting scary to you? our panel is here to discuss it next. that's what the panel being looks like from the side.
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♪ steve: it's 6:24 on this wednesday morning. some quick headlines for you. first up oklahoma is one step closer to legalizing medical pot. voters there passing the measure overnight allowing patients with a medical license to carry up to 3 ounces of marijuana in public. and they can grow up to 6 plants at their homes. oklahoma will become the 30th state to legalize medical marijuana once governor mary fallon signs it into law. and anti-abortion clinic does not need to provide abortion options to
3:25 am
patients. the supreme court yesterday also ruled a california law likely violates the first endment. the law requires senators t tell patients about the available of state subsidized abortions even if they oppose the practice. and that's some of the news, ainsley, but not of it. ainsley: congresswoman maxine waters confronted on capitol hill following her wild rhetoric. watch this. >> where can we eat? >> where can a conservative eat at a restaurant in d.c.? >> please come to my office and talk. >> i'm asking you right now. >> please come to my office and talk with me. >> you are talking about civility. do you think it's civil to call for the harassment. >> please come to the office and sit down and talk with me. >> i'm asking you right now. >> will you please come to >> back to the bus. >> here for a conversation on civility and politics our panel. we have democratic strategist raychel richie in the blue far left. cathy barnett. we have fox news contributor
3:26 am
lisa booth and attorney richard saint paul. thank you all for being with us. >> thank you. >> does anyone agree with maxine waters saying you need to go out and you need to speak your mind and when you need to see somebody you don't agree with you need to confront them. >> not here. >> i obviously think we are on the brink of what i would call political discrimination. we know in the united states we have history of violence against people of a different race or a different religion. my fear is we are going to start to see americans targeted with violence because of their political views. i mean, this sort of divisive rhetoric, i don't care if it's coming from the left or coming from the right. it's toxic, it's exhausting. and it's really dangerous. but, you know, whether you have people calling for people to be punched in the face or to be followed and harassed. ainsley: what's going to happen next? it's very scary. they are confronting maxine waters and she doesn't want to talk she is like come to my office. but yet she is calling for other people to go up to republicans or people that
3:27 am
agree with presiden trump at a shopping mall or at a gas station and yell at them and be aggressive. >> right. i think i wholeheartedly agree with what you just said. i think we are already at that brink. we are already at that point where we have seen violence. it was just over a year ago where steve scalise attempted assassination on his life by somebody who was anti-trump, a bernie sanders supporter. you had representative can yocould youin tennessee drie road because of his vote. a guy spending 15 months in federal prison. we had decapitated animal head burnt. we are at the place where it has turned in to actionable violence. we should be concerned as a society as a result of that. ainsley: how did we get here, how do the protesters, how do we stop them from even taking it to the next level. >> i want to say first of all, we have the first amendment right which is the
3:28 am
free speech. even the free speec freedom of . tell them they are not welcome here anymore. the next step would be violence. you have to limit, you know, it's great to have a great debate. voteis plenty of opportunities here to be civil but these fighting words, these violate even the constitution of the united states and the first amendment. how do he we stop these folks? we have to shame them and tell them your behavior is not welcome here. let them shop.alone. let them eat go. protest, go vote. that's where you are voice your concerns. ainsley: chuck schumer came out and did condemn those folks doing it? >> and so did nancy pelosi. ainsley: yes she did but not as stronger a chuck schumer. will republicans and democrats alike finally stand up and say enough, this is america, we don't stand for this? >> i don't know if that will come any time in the near future. what i do know is that we have now moved beyond where
3:29 am
you and i can agree to disagree. it is now, i must annihilate you. i need to elittle bit rate you and denigrate new such a matter where there is no coming back from it. civility, decency is out the window. we have forgotten we are human beings. if you cut me i'm going to bleed. ainsley: are you having conversations with your kids. >> always. >> i'm not a mom. >> as i walk around and trying to raise my two young children, the two things that i readily recognize is that one evil is real. hate is real. it is not beholden to a particular color or to a particular political party. and its only goal is to divide. the second thing i talk to my children about is that evil, hate is not invisible. we have to allow it to embody us. we have to allow it to come in and take a portion of our life. can you imagine if a card
3:30 am
carrying kkk member kicked a black family out of his restaurant or a christian business owner kicked a gay couple out of their restaurant? can you imagine the backlash that would have descended upon these people? we need to stand up and say enough is enough. this is wrong. >> i think one of the problems in this country right now is that freedom of speech is only free when people like what you have to say. quite frankly we should have been having this discussion when we saw people being should at trump rallies and saw people being punched in the face. we should have been having this discussion then. this sort of child's play that we are seeing play out right now started in the oval office. >> lisa. >> obama said we need to bring a gun to a knife fight. >> it started from the oval office. [talking at the same time] ainsley: do they have a plan of action if someone confronts them and we have come to that point where people are having
3:31 am
discussions at the restaurant. >> what's funny is washington, d.c., you are used to encountering people who have a differing point of view. it's just standard operating procedure. >> these guys are friends. >> i'm friends with everyone i go on tv here and disagree with on politics. can i still s thema human being and be friends with them. i think the biggest thing we need to do as a society is for people t look inward it starts with you as an individual and the way you treat people. treating people with respect and still seeing someone as a human being despite your political, religious differences or whatever differences you may have. ainsley: good message to end it on. thank you for being here. we have been telling you about thisongressional intern who was cussing at the president. remember this? >> mr. president [bleep] you. ainsley: this morning her boss is defending the decision not to fire her and she s you can thank president trump. we'll tell you those details. plus, every dog has its day. even the ones who don't look their best. the newly crowned world's
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>> what we know now is that the person in charge of the clinton email investigation, mr. strzok and ms. page were in the tank for clinton and hated trump did. those two people start an investigation against the trump campaign because they had a political bias? so is it based on legitimate evidence? he should be the last guy to go to court to get a warrant on anybody associated with the trump campaign. my question is what role did they play in the russia investigation? brian: by the way he told martha maccallum that not knowing the answers. we might get answers today peter strzok the head of the infamous counter intelligence who ran the
3:36 am
russia as well as senator graham just said as well as the hillary clinton email investigation, was known to be anti-trump. so, was he part of the effort to make sure donald trump was stopped or was it just something you say to a girlfriend on the side? steve: these are gng to be some of the questions that they are going to be asking him today at 10:00. they are going to close great big wooden doors at the house judiciary committee. is he going to be appearing. he is going to testify is he not going to get immunity. he will not invoke the fifth. lawmakers have a ton of questions. what were he and lisa page talking about in those text messages? also, was he one of the leakers? did he leak to the press to make president trump loo bad? and what about those reports that the fbi agents write up the 302s, does he know of any of them that were ever instructed to be changed? was he involved in that because, if that happened and we have heard people on the show say they might have been, that's criminal. ainsley: they want know what led to this investigation? what led to them
3:37 am
investigating president trump? was it because they hated him and then they will trying to find a crime? dan bongino i remember we interviewed him several weeks ago he said when he was a investigator there would be a crime and they would trace it back to the criminal. in this case they are trying to make the president or were trying to make the president a criminal and trace him to a crime. if that's case that sill legal. brian: he will be behind closed doors. jim jordan says it will be better than getting five minutes, five minutes, and five minutes. a story according to the fbi agent said there were seven attempts made by u.s. intelligence and clinton operative totsrap members of the trump campaign. so-called informant manhattans that walked up to papadopoulos and carter page. five other attempts with other people. we know those accusations. will peter strzok have any answers for that. for lindsey graham to say this to martha. martha, i'm shocked nobody in your business outs of fox seems to give a damn that the head investigator for the fbi wanted to stop trump
3:38 am
and basically bastard dyes an investigation of clinton. ainsley: you should have a problem with that. steve: looks like a brazen attempt to entrap donald trump. hear this afternoon a they break for lunch. jillian has headlines 22 minutes after the hour. jillian: entire sheriff's office is on high alert after one of their deputies was rushed to the hospital for touching a flier laced with fentanyl left in her patrol car. 15 of those fliers containing antigovernment message were found on employee cars outside of the texas sheriff's office. >> somebody could have died. the fact it's being used on officers is a game changer. >> the deputy has sings been released and expected to be . remember the capitol hill intern who cursed at president trump, well now her boss, senator maggie hassen is defending her decision not to fire him.
3:39 am
telling "the washington post" quote this behavior should be equated with the president's destructive and divisive action. this young woman immediately send responsibility for her actions and is facing consequences for them. of the president is doing neither. the intern was suspended for a week. decision day at the supreme court is a big deal for a number of reasons. but for the intern he is, it is truly a time to shine. take a look at this. a mad dash as they han deliver decisions to the reporters. our shannon bream sharing video proudly declaring one of her assistants the winner. recording devices aren't allowed in the building so decisions are delivered on paper. that was a fun thing to watch on twitter yesterday. that's a look at your headlines, steve, send it down to you. steve: thank you very much, jillian. they have say every dog has its day and for czar czar that day was world's ugliest dog contest in petaluma, california, she walked away
3:40 am
being the big winner. brian: i would love to meet zsa zsa. is that possible? steve: yes, your dreams come true. >> say congratulations for having the ugliesting to dog? >> i think she is the world's most adorableog. steve: with all due respect. i know you knew the dog was ugly because you drove 30 hours from minnesota to california. but it looks as if somebody has in a lab taken different ugly parts of dogs and put them all on that dog. >> oh, no. brian: meghan, go ahead and tell me. >> definitely overbreeding and puppy mill industry definitely shouldn't be breeding these characteristics. steve: describe the things. >> her very, very broad shoulders, her tongue and underbite. she is so beautiful. brian: jesse, what kind of dog is it? >> it is i said earlier kind
3:41 am
of a messier dog. but very animated. have you very, very gentle. janice: how did you decide to enter her. >> just seeing on tv and definitely with the comments we get from people daily that she is super ugly. >> what do people say when you are out walking. >> oh, i'm not kidding what an ugly dog. brian: people say that. >> oh my gosh,. >> your dad was saying kids will come um and shake her tongue. steve: is the tongue always like that. >> always. ainsley: does she get dirt trapped on thing it up. >> she sweeps the floors with the tongue. >> it takes a while to chew it because her teeth aren't lined up she definit loves eating. >> she is so cute. brian: would you say this is a special dog that you you would never change zsa zsa for any dog in the world? >> i don't think so. brian: you would change her. >> i have one other dog that
3:42 am
is pretty special as well. this is very special. >> did you pick her out because of how she looks. >> i love the special qualities of her. >> congratulations. brian: look like she just -- she is beautiful. >> she is beautiful. janice: i love her. >> the imperfections that make something beautiful. >> exactly. i love that collar. >> we all lov belly rubs. straight ahead on thissens, a story nobody is talking about. what our border pa trofl agents are really up against each and every day. >> our people started changing diapers. they were feeding children. people thathings people don't e, that's what our agents do. >> tomi lahren just returned from the border and she is
3:43 am
coming up next. (siren wailing) (barry murrey) when you have a really traumatic inju we have a short amount of time to get our patient to the hospital with good results. we call that the golden hour. evaluating patients remotely is where i think we have a potential to make a difference. (barry murrey) we would save a lot of lives if we could bring the doctor to the patient. verizon is racing to build the first and most powerful 5g network that will enable things like precision robotic surgery
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3:46 am
ainsley: a story no one is telling you about happening down on the border. what border patrol agents are really up against on a daily basis. >> as i have always told people, border security is national security. our people started changing diapers. they were feeding children. they were taking care of them. i mean, things that we normally don't expect of our law enforcement people to do, that's what our agents do. steve: each and every day. tomi lahren just got back from the border to tell us what our agents are up against. she joins us from l.a. you watch a lot of the channels and these guys who patrol our border are made out to be monsters. but people. when they see a baby, they try to help the baby. as that guy just said. >> yeah. first and foremost, they are humanitarians. and, of course, their job and duty is to protect our border. to protect the american people but, yawbsd that they
3:47 am
are protecting those who come here illegally that was the most wonderful thing i discovered on my trip to the border that these agents each and every single one that i met cared about people first, above anything else, that was their priority. and, in many cases, these are the only people that are caring about these tammy's an --families and children are the border patrol agents themselves. they are out there making sure that these people are safe and that they are alive and they are able to return to their families. our border patrol agents are the ones doing that. brian: had you a chance to speak to border patrol agents. we see that portion of your interview now? >> let's take a look. if we do not apply cons -- this border is a very dangerous place. i heard the comment people outraged what this administration and what we are doing in particular. but where is the outrage for
3:48 am
the public against some of these parents who are taking their children through the dessert in extreme heat, very violent areas and placing them i the hands of smugglers, that's where the outrage needs to be. ainsley: tomi what's the biggest problem down there. illegal immigrants and moms bringing their babies over. drugs? did you see any of that? >> really a combination of all those things. particularly where i was in tucson and nogales, they have an issue with drugs, of course, they deal with it each and every single day they are seeing drug smugglers and coyotes, that's their biggest fear that these children are being placed in the hands of a traffickers and the drug smugglers. so, what they told me was the most frustrating thing about what's happening in the last two weeks. and the dehumanization and vilification of our border patrol agents for family separation. many people don't understand a lot of times these agents are separating families because they are not true
3:49 am
family units many times they are being trafficked with smugglers and stepping in like the humanitarians that they are. not only stopping drugs and not only stopping crime but also making sure that families, even illegal immigrant families are safe and taken care of. that's what you won't hear from many of the other mainstream media networks. steve: you are right. i haven't heard that angle one time until this morning. tomi lahren thank you for joining us from l.a. and going down to the border for us. >> absolutely. i thank all the border patrol agents out there each and every day because it's a thankless job. they do a lot of hard work. thank you to you guys doing this every day. brian: typically lehner, thanks. meanwhile we forge ahead. michelle malkin is going to be on our show along with steve scalise are we going to get a immigration deal done and what will it look like. kellyanne conway with the supreme court decision and what it will look like
3:50 am
ahead. senator marco rubio coming up live. ainsley: after serving t marines he started a landscape business. someone stole all his equipment. something else happened that will make you even more proud to be an american ♪
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
steve: our troop services is a veterans owned operating business down in oklahoma. last month the business suffered devastating loss when all of their equipment was stolen. last week they got the gift of a lifetime when a nonprofit group soldier's wish donated $15,000 of new equipment and the next guest says it saved the company.
3:54 am
owner of troop services joins us from tulsa today. somebody stole all your stuff and somebody came to your rescue. tell us the story. >> yes, sir. good morning. thank you for having me i work with our troop services. all of our equipment got stolen. we do mowing, fencing and build decks. all of our equipment got stolen. i walked into the consignment store that we also operate, our troops consignment. every morning i would walk to the back and check our equipment. walked in one morning and it was gone on sunday morning. steve: so it was gone. you did eventually get the trailer back but it was empty. somebody came to your rescue. tell us about that organization known as soldier's wish. >> yes. soldier's wish has a red campaign remember everyone deployed. but back at home what they do is they support veterans like myself who are in need often after they come back from deployment sometimes in
3:55 am
situations like myself where community just need to help communities. steve: soldier's wish gave you $15,000 worth of equipment. i know they partnered up with a local equnt y. how did that make you feel inside knowing that somebody, you know, you are not just a nam on a police log about people who got vandalized and burglarized. somebody actually wanted to help make your life better and put you back in busines business. >> yes, sir. that's amazing. that's what we started our troops for is to reach out and help the community. and community came back and helped us with lost equipment. it restores your faith in humanity after something like that happens. steve: absolutely. so i understanding you are back in the mowing business. but you used to have a fencing business and you are not quite back in that business yet. you would like to hire on a couple more vet but you don't have the equipment to do that, right? >> yes, sir. we just don't have the capital in the bank right now.
3:56 am
the theft took a huge toll on our business. we were only six months old at the time as it was. we would love to get our vets back to work. steve: all right. so, cody, if anybody is watching right now. and would like to help you, how would they get ahold of you? >> you can go to our facebook page, our troops okay. or go fund steve: we will link that at our website. go to got a feeling he is going to be mowing this afternoon. while you were sleeping one of the top democrats in congress lost his job, king of queens that man right there. screen right. stunning primary result top of the hour. speaking of stunners. starred the season on the bench. led the eagles to first win in the super bowl. nic is going to join us live
3:57 am
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yeah. introducing essential portfolios. the automated investing solution that lets you focus on your life. ainsleesults a . brian: not such a great night for 10-term congressman joe crowley. >> and he was beaten by 28-year-old socialist running for the first time. steve: by a 5-4 majority. the supreme court upheld the travel ban restriction from 8 different countries. >> it's been made patently obvious the constitutional authority to decide who comes into the cou lies with the chief executive. >> transportation secretary elaine chao confronting protesters. >> back up. >> this sort of divisive rhetoric is toxic and is really dangerous. >> the secret service will start protecting white house press secretary sar sarah sanders goes out in public.
4:01 am
>> i have a lot of respect for the way she handled it she got up and left and offered to pay. >> every dog has its day even the ones that don't look their best newly crowned world's ugliest dog. >> i love all the special qualities of her. >> very animated and very, very gentle ♪ ♪ steve: the dog didn't move much when we had her on our program zsa zsa about 25 minutes ago. that dog is ugly. then again it won a prize for being ugly. ainsley: do you say congratulations on having the ugliest dog they were fine with it. steve: drove 30 miles to go out to california for that contest. they wanted that brass ring and that dog won. brian: gene simmons called and is he very jealous of the tongue. primaries in various places across the country.
4:02 am
one stick out is the one that joe crowley lost. he has won this race 10 times. he never got out of primary this time. not only did he lose this to 28-year-old socialist. he lost by 15 points. ainsley: won by 57.5 majority. she is 28 years old. she is going to be running in november against the republican anthony pappas. if she wins and becomes congresswoman youngest congresswoman ever. steve: that's the moment she heard that she had won. she is looking up at the screen and realizes that she had been declared the winner by the associated press. here's the thi joe crowley. who is currently the congressman but will lose his seat because the democrats always win from that particular district. he was one of the most powerful men in congress. he was closely aligned with nancy pelosi. there was some suggestion that if she steps aside or decides not to be the speaker, if they ever get the majority again, he might be the speaker. but now this says some crazy things about what is going
4:03 am
on in the democratic party. nancy pelosi has been a punching bag for a while not just about her age. he was so closely aligned with her, what does it say about the democrats aligned with nancy pelosi going forward aopposed to this woman the self-described socialist democrat. ainsley: bernie sanders, happening with feinstein, too. this is her platform, medicare for everyone. universal jobs guaranteed. she wants to abolish ice and fully fund public universities and schools. where she is going to get the money for all of, this we are not sure. brian: right. , the queens district they wanted to make a change but they did lose at love power. she will be a back buncher and freshman and have to work her way through. which is fine. joe crowleyly had a lot of power and sway fourth most powerful democrat there. if she did step aside, nancy pelosi, word is crowley would have taken on steny hoyer but wouldn't have
4:04 am
taken on nancy pelosi. he had has got to be stunned. spent $3 million. had a lot more to spend. ainsley: didn't show up for the debate. brian: there were no polls such a small sample there were no polls. ainsley: he probably thought he had it in the can. brian: she was sitting there stunned. joe crowley must have been flred and thise been a ripple throughout the rest of the democratic party. something else stands out on what she stands for. whether you are a democratic, republican moderate or conservative. people care about healthcare. again, ano successful democrat who have medicare for all as part of their platform and people are really nervous because that goes beyond party. i think republicans should recognize that. ainsley: president weighed in on it he tweeted. this wow, big trump hater congressman joe crowley who many expected was going to take nancy pelosi's place just lost his primary election. in other words, he's out. that is a big one that nobody saw happening. prancperhaps he should have been nicer, and more respectful to his president. steve: crowley is stunned as
4:05 am
she is stunned. somebody who probably is smiling is vicinit incident is i can't nixon. she is running for primary challenge here in the great state of new york for governor mr. cuomo. cynthia nixon lines up with a lot of the same aspects alexandria cassio cortez. going forward, what does that say about her nomination? stay tuned for that meanwhile, some of the other big wins out in the great state of utah not a shocker. mitt romney won the republican bid out there beating mike kennedy. it wasn't even close. brian: keep in mind he thanked orrin hatch for endorsing him tt key. i didn't see any mention of the president. >> he has said some nice things about the president of late. out of nowhere as soon as he announced his nomination the president said he has my endorsement. he said last week a couple weeks ago he thinks the president is odds on
4:06 am
favorite to win re-election. might be a coming together. my sense if he does in fact win like is he expected to be he will be more like lindsey graham he will pick his spots to differ and marco rubio at times. they both have conservative agenda. ainsley: henry mcmaster was in runoff race with another republican down in the state of south carolina. the presidents was down there stumping for him on monday night. yesterday, he was actually on fox with sandra and bill and their show. he actually won. so he will be running for governor in november. steve: all right. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about more of this public intimidation of elected officials and their cabinets and supporters. of course, famously, we ran you that sound bite of maxine waters gettinged in the face of members of the cabinet. somebody did over the weekend in the face of saunders at the red hen restaurant. will be closed until july the 5th the owner resigned
4:07 am
from a business group there in lexington. and now as it turns out. sarah sanders because of the threat is going to have secret service protection for herself and her family. brian: can you blame her? if she didn't request it, she should have. because now she is clearly a target. ainsley: absolutely she has kids u on the daily show he says he has lots of respect for her. >> i have respect for the way sarah huckabee sanders handled it she was very dignified. she didn't chew them out and didn't pitch a fit and didn't call them immigrant loving thugs or whatever. >> she just got up and left and offered to pay. steve: bill clinton also said that he did not think that the owner should have booted her out. and, you look at what's going on. there was a story that crossed yesterday. you know, brian matt, the congressman from down in florida. he has got three children. and somebody called his
4:08 am
congressional office in washington on monday and said if you're going to separate kids at the border, i'm going to kill his kids. don't try to find me because you won't well the police did track down the man lawrence key. he is awaiting charges. apparently he has called this office 400 times. aligned with the democrats. volunteer for planned parenthood. so, is this a manifestation of the call over the weekend by some on the political left or is it a coincidence? we don't know. but, non, when you make these kind of charges and these kinds of threats against our elected officials, thank goodness they were able to track this guy down promptly. ainsley: love each other and treat one another with respect and love your neighbor as yourself. the golden rule. brian: maxine waters has got to go out of her way to walk it back directly. should be pressure amongst democrats to do just that a movement to censure in the house. see what that means. it would be better for her
4:09 am
to stand up and say i blew it. i did not want stop anyone from going to a restaurant or movie or walking down the block with their families. that would go a long way. steve: we will see. yesterday the supreme court ruling 5-4 in favor of his travel ban. ainsley: effects several countries. several of them with muslim majorities. brian: kristin fisher is live in the white house with details. big move yesterday afternoon and the president pretty happy about it? >> to say the least. is he probably waking up feeling very good this morning. this was a huge win for his administration. it was one of the first things that he put forward after arriving here at the white house. it was met with fierce opposition on the les. it had to be rewritten three times. that version the travel ban 3.0 has been upheld by the supreme court. in a 5-4 ruling chief justice john roberts wrote.
4:10 am
the president lawferlly exercised that discretion. as for whether or not the travel ban was a muslim ban. the expressly premised on legitimate purposes. the text says nothing about religion. yesterday, shortly after the ng came down, president trump called it a great victory for our constitution. >> we have to be tough and we have to be safe and we have be secure. at a minimum we have to make sure we vet people coming into the country. we know who is coming in. we know where they are coming from. >> this is really a big confidence booster for the president not that he necessarily needed one but a big confidence booster. that could have huge implications as he continues to push through his policies on our southern border. brian, ainsley, and steve. steve: kristin fisher on the north lawn. thank you very much. jillian: we are following a number of stories. let's get you caught up on
4:11 am
this. a plane surrounded by police after a pilot accidently reports a hijacking. the jetblue flight waiting to take off at jfk's airport when radio communications failed and sent the false alarm to the control tower. terrified passengers forced to put their hands up as swat teams inspected the cabin. they were eventually put on a different flight to l.a. some scary moments there. a homicidegation is underway after a man is found dead at the home of new york giants cornerback. a family friend of jenkins living at the new jersey home. it's n clear how he died. and police won't say if they are looking for any suspects. jenkins was not home when the body was discovered. he has been in florida for the last two weeks. this week the first lady will make a second trip to mexican border. she will visit immigration facilities holding families accused of illegally crossing into the u.s. it's still unclear exactly when and where she is going. last week the first lady met with migrant children in texas. a look at your headlines.
4:12 am
keep you posted. brian: hopefully they won't need a jacket. it will not be windy. no reason for a wind breaker. ainsley: she has learned her lesson. steve: forget about where she is going. what is she wearing? ainsley: there has been a lot of confusion about the immigration plans. not that different from the obama administration. we are separating fact from fiction next. brian: quarterback nic bohl started the season on the bench and then led the eagles to the first super bowl ever. all they did was beat the patriots and tom brady. he wrote about it and he is here to talk about it. nick foliano here next. is here next. en i found aleve . the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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4:16 am
steve: there has been a lot of confusion about the trump administration not that far from the obama administration. >> child mug glories exploit the loopholes. >> our message is don't send your children unaccompanied on trains or through a bunch of smugglers. >> i signed an executive order. we are going to keep families together. >> i have one answer. pass a bill. steve: and they are going to have a chance to pass a bill later today or tomorrow.
4:17 am
meanwhile here to separate fact from fiction. accuracy. joining us from our nation's capitol. good morning, gus. >> good morning, thanks for having me. steve: we will separate fact from fiction here. the first one is the obama administration fast tracked deportations. is that a fact or fiction? >> that is a fac factually obama holds the record for depoor deportations certainly more so than president trump. steve: for a while many referred to him as the deporter in chief that's where he got that moniker, correct? >> correct. steve: president obama held men and women in detention centers is that fact or fiction. >> that is a fact. in fact, it was done as a form of deterrence to keep their -- the rest of the families from coming across the border and if they had already been deported once, you know, preventing them
4:18 am
from coming back again across the border. steve: okay. what this one in the obama administration housed unaccompanied children in tent cities? >> that is a fact. a report from "the washingt in 2014-2015 reported that some of these unaccompanied minors were actually held in a military bases across texas, california, and oklahoma. some upwards of 7,000 according to the "the washington post." steve: okay. gus, let me ask you this, in those centers where they were -- the children were detained, were they those same cage rooms that we have been seeing? did they have the my larr, the thermal blankets that we have seen the images of as well? >> yeah. some of those pictures came from some of those reports in 2014: you know, i'm not entirely sure they were kept in cages. hopefully not, obviously. but, they were definitely
4:19 am
detained interrogated to see if they could gather intelligence from cartels across the border. >> let me ask you this, gus, if the trump administration is doing essentially the same thing that the obama administration did back in the day, right? >> yep. steve: by the disparity in the coverage? >> well, i'm not sure if you noticed but a lot of the coverage, a lot of tweets, the firestorm that came from some of the liberal media out there they ended up deleting their tweets because they blamed president trump for doing all of this and starting it when, in reality, these are many programs that were put in place way before the trump administration. and i actually believet trump is doing -- the president is doing a good thing by signing an executive order and stopping that from happening in the future. steve: gus poor tell la joins us toll, accuracy of media. gus, thank you for
4:20 am
separating fact from fiction. >> thanks for having me. steve: you bet. straight ahead, michelle malkin is going to join us live. she will have something to talk about regarding this. plus quarterback arted first ever super bowl win. the mvp is here come back and how his faith played a major role in the nick of time. ♪ any way you are looking it's a hel what might seem like a small cough to you...
4:21 am
can be a big bad problem that you could spread to family members, including your grandchildren babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. but you can help prevent this. talk to your doctor today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough. because dangers don't just exist in fairytales.
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4:23 am
♪ ainsley: time now for news by the numbers. first $1 billion. that's how much the military wants to spend on new missile defense radar down in hawaii. the system would help
4:24 am
identify threats early so that we can shoot them down. next, two hours. that's how long it would take to fly from new york to london on hypersonic passenger jet. eing unveili the design fly five times faster than the speed of s it could be ready in 20 to 30 years. finally, number one, virginia is the most patriotic state in the u.s. that's according to wallet hub which uses data on military members. adults who voted in 2016 in that election and americorps volunteer per capita. brian: 24 after the hour. unlikely path to the super bowl glory i would say by any standards. philadelphia eagles starting quarterback carson went went down with a torn acl. he was heading to a 2014 season everyone thought including jillian their season was over. but then nick foles comes off the bench. steve: he did. against all odds and against tom brady and the patriots,
4:25 am
he led the eagles to first uper bl win beating new england 41-33. it's all in his new book "believing." jillian: the author nick bowls joins us now. if i could take a moment on behalf of phillies. steve: that's where she is. >> from thanks for being awesome and stand up guy and thanks for giving billy a second chance. bringing the magic to philly for the memories. you know how it is in philly. we will talk about this for the rest of our lives. have you had years of ups and downs. what are the memories you will talk about. >> throughout the whole journey the football aspect. the guys in the locker room. the people at the nova care facility, whoever it is, if you are the janitor, if you are making us food or if you are the equipment guy. whoever you are, we were all in it together. even the people in the part of the building we don't see because it's such a big corporation. there is so much going on. we will all in it together
4:26 am
at the ring ceremony last time to get the organization together to enjoy the super bowl. it takes everyone. it's just an environment thing. team has done a great job of creating such a family environment. that's a big reason why we won the super bowl. ainsley: nick, god put you in incredible. you talked about if you retire becoming a pastor. tell us about your faith. >> i gave my life to christ when i was a freshman at an state there was a lot of things going on in my life. i just had my right shoulder totally repaired from a e fourths lay brint tear. i remember just basically being on my knees and just saying god, you know, i'm going to have to trust in you. i don't have the strength to do what i'm doing. i was losing all my confidence. i really gave my life to christ. i was in a parkiot jt getting ready to go to my place and go to sleep. that changed everything. i started getting in the word and started praying.
4:27 am
god placed men in m life to guide me and direct me. ultimately i ended up at the university of arizona wild cat through and through. my strength coach was a huge part of my faith there having bible study every thursday at h house. sort of not only strengthening us physically but spiritually as well. steve: don't you have a degree in da vicinity? >divinity? >> i'm working on that. liberty online. this off season, unfortunately because we were in the playoffs, the classes started mid january. we were in the playoffs. steve: it seems appropriate because the season was divine. >> it was a special season. so much going on. amazing team. amazing guys. amazing people. looking back now when we were doing the book and sort of reflecting on everything, it was really humbling because you really recount all the moments in your life. it gets emotional. i mean, the hours, the long time we put in this book. it's an emotional process. >> couple of things stand out. you were going to quit.
4:28 am
you were done. you went to a place where there was no wi-fi. there was no cell phone. he texted andy reed had who been coach. after a horrible year with the rams paid to get out. going out with your brother-in-law. going fishing. you text andy reed thanks for the offer to go to the chiefs. i'm done. did you go fishing and come back and get into reception and he basically says i know what you told me, but i'm stil here for you if you want to come back. why did you come back in kansas city that ultimately got to you philadelphia? >> so throughout that whole process i lost the joy of the game. i think a lot of us can lose th of something we once loved. that's a tough position to be in. when i went on the camping trip. fishing trip with ryan and my brother-in-law and got back. there wasn't a ah-ha moment. i got away. it wasn't that it was more a sense of peace like i made the right decision. though it is sort of scary going to the next venture of my life i made the right decision. it wn't until i got back and sat down with my wife
4:29 am
tori and we had some heart felt talks a lot of tears. this has been a long journey. she battled tachycardia system and we haveeen ing through that as well. reflecting on everything. it took a moment of me praying after our discussion and just realizing that i was battling something so deep inside that i didn't even recognize it. i was so oblivious to it. i was denying it only guy i was going to play for was andy reed. i told my agent if i play it will only be andy reed because i want to find the joy of the game. steve: as it turns out it all worked out. you won the super bowl. fantastic. the eagles get invited to the white house. and then there was such a brouhaha about who would go, who wouldn't go. you were one of the only ones who said they would go. what happened to your team? >> yeah. so i'm not a political person like y'all know way more than i do. i will lay that out there.
4:30 am
so that whole process was pretty crazy. i'm a player so there is a lot of things that we don't know. so, you know, the eagles are ngo make the best decision for the team. that's something i love about the eagles and . lori, we are such a diverse group of guys that come together to win a super bowl. i think that's really special. when it came to that you know, the details i will leave to the team i was asked to be a representative of the team. they were trying to figure out what's best to do for our team. i always want to represent our organization. i love the eagles. i love the city of philadelphia. when i'm asked to represent the team i'm always going to do that. i'm american. i love america no matter. what you know, it's an honor to be representative no matter what. and that's all i can say on because, once again, i'm just a player. ainsley: we love you back. brian: sense carson wentz is the pick and rest of your career? >> at this point in my life where i'm a philadelphia eagle right now i would be willing -- i'm excited about my role. taps very unique role. i will be most likely
4:31 am
firs quartback inuper bowl history to be a quarterback after winning the super bowl. i'ming behind of the best quarterbacks in the nfl. carson is going to have an amazing future. i'm signed with philly one more year this year. i would love to play my entire career there at the end of the day, i will probably be a free agent after that. i'm excited about pursuing that option when the time comes. that jersey., i love wearing i love this estimate i will always be a philadelphia eagle and we will see what happens. ainsley: thank you for being an american patriot. you are a dad. you have a little girl lily 1 year old. >> thank you. ainsley: thank you for being outspoken. brian: the book is "believe it." thanks, nick. she just pulled off the biggest upset of the primary you will ever see. what's her platform, abolish ice? michelle malkin says this is now encoded in the democrats' d.n.a. and she is next. psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal.
4:32 am
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>> ice was just established in 2003 in the same suite of legislation as the patriot act and iraq. in oer for us to feel safer in our streets, our churches, our schools and our homes. we must abolish ice. this is a legislation that we need and this is the legislation that is going to move u country. steve: that is a commercial from alexandria ow ocasio cortez. she beat joe crowley of new york referred to as the king of queens. as you can see there right there one of her platform distances get rid of ice. brian: michelle malkin gyps us now most of malkin investigates on crtv. what is the problem. >> i don't question the patriotism of the abolish ice movement. i question their sanity. and the danger i sigh is it's become a mainstream
4:36 am
view. ocasio cortez is a member of the democrat socialist of america. this is the same group that organized the protests against our homeland security secretary at the restaurant. these are shrieking radicals who oppose any immigration enforcement. it's not that they want to reduce the 20,000 workforce of ice or reform itomow. they want to abolish it. that is clear. president trump is absolutely right when he calls ohe people and says that they don't want borders at all. what do they propose to replace ice with. i think the little summary that the democrat just gave of why ice was formed in the first place missed the crucial context. after 9/11 that we realized that there were upwards of 6 million deportation absconders within the
4:37 am
country. that 40 pierce of all of the illegal aliens that are here were as a result of visa overstayers. and that there was no interior enforce document make sure that people that we knew were here illegally were being tracked down and kicked out. ainsley: deic party is clearly divided. you have the far, far lefters, bernie sanders this lady who just won they want to abolish ice. have you conservative democrats as well who do want to make sure that everyone come through the country is safe but have a heart for the mothers and kids at does it mean for the republican party come mid terms? >> well, i think if people like this woman who just won in new york as well as the supposed far left congressman who are currently sitting in office, people like representative blumenauer in minnesota and jim mcgovern in massachusetts who have also come out for abolishing ice, there are some 20
4:38 am
congressional candidates now running on that platform. it's less about the republicans than it is about the democrat party. you say that there are moderate or sane democrats throughout who oppose. this well, i think that they have a huge a of pressun them. especially since have you kamala harris now coming out and basically saying yeah, you know. they are basically sanctioning burning ice to the ground. and, look, we have got ice field offices all across the country now that are under siege. many have been shut down by these abolish ice protesters. where are the democrat leader to condemn the disruption of the ordinary business of practicing applications and deciding who belongs here and not? steve: one of the democratic leaders according to a tweet out in the last half hour or so from the president, maxine waters, who along with nancy pelosi, he says, are the faces of the democratic party now. did you see this piece of video. i saw it on drudge
4:39 am
yesterday. it was posted by investigative reporter laura loomer who is a supporter. because maxine waters said go out and confront members of the president's cabinet. she divided to go out and confront maxine waters. watch this. >> talk with me. >> where can a conservative eat at a restaurant in d.c.? >> please come to my office and talk. >> i'm asking. >> be civil. >> please come to my office and talk with me. >> you are talking about civility. do you think it's civil to call for the harassment. >> please come to my office and sit down and talk to me. >> i'm asking you right now. >> will you please come to my office. >> sit at the back of the bus? steve: she got in that elevator which is for members only and they wouldn't let laura into it. what do you make of that, michelle? >> first i have to say kudos for laura loomer for turning the tables and giving a small dose of maxine waters' own medicine right back at her. you didn't play it there. but at the end my favorite
4:40 am
part is looking at maxine waters' smug smile as she retreats into the sanctuary of the members only elevator. you know, this is a woman, and i have been covering her since i worked at the los angeles daily news in the early 1990s who made a name for herself her entire political persona has been as a mob insta gator. she was the one that excused the riots in l.a. that cost 63 people their lives. $1 billion in property damage. 12,000 arrests. she called it a rebellion that was justified by social justice. this is a woman who made common cause with crypts and bleeds and damion williams who yanked more reginald denny out of a truck at a corner in south central l.a. and basically said that these were just troubled youth. is it any surprise once a mob insighter, always a mob insighter. and now you have got all
4:41 am
these distance themselves from her. the fringe is the center of the democratic party. brian: my michelle, thanks, she was confronted at work. not at a restauran at serious. at work. she is calling everyone to be disrupted whether they're pumping gas or out with their families. >> out with their families,. brian: thanks. ainsley: serious? where did that come from. brian: serious? steve: they are out of business. ainsley: not the department store that comes to mind for me. brian: they have great tools. they do. steve: where america shops for tools. brian: or used to. steve: the house is hours away from voting on compromise immigration bill. we will talk to steve scalise is he live from d.c. next. brian: plus, you love him on practical joker. a book 13 years in the making. live show selling him out in square garden and fictional novel. i wonder how it ends. i am not going to give it away.
4:42 am
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jillian: a man who jumped an airport fence wearing only his underwear is charged with trespassing. poli say he also jumped onto the wing of a plane and began pounding on the windows after climbing a fence onto the runway in atlanta. police officerook the 19-year-old into custodyut his motive is still unknown. a bar now backtracking after banning president trump's make america great again hats. lincoln park is apologizing and admitting their facebook post about the ban was inappropriate that post asked customers to maintain a classy environment with a photo of a maga cap next to a man with gang related facial tattoos. the bar says it was meant to be funny but it went too far. steve: today on capitol hill, an immigration showdown. u.s. house is set to vote on
4:46 am
compromise immigration bill after one failed last week do. they have enough votes? let's talk to the house majority whip. it's his job to get republicans to vote yes. steve scalise joins us from statuary hall. steve, good morning to you. >> steve, good morning to steve: last week you came closer on this a lot of people thought with that particular bill. what about today? >> well, there is still a divide and you could see it in the vote last week and this week there is probably a little bit more of a divide. but members over the weekend spent a lot of time trying to figure out if they could come together. republicans and, look, we have seen the democrats walked away from this. the democrats do not want to build the wall. this bill is even stronger than the last bill at building the wall. front loading the money so that president trump can have the money he needs to build the wall. close loopholes. reunite families. it does all of those things, but, clearly, we haven't been able, as republicans to get an agreement on how best to do this. steve: right. >> that's where the divide is. steve: i just don't get it, steve. so many republicans want a lot of the stuff that's in
4:47 am
this particular bill. so why -- you know, you can't have everything you want. have you got to give the democrats something, so why don't they give them the dreamers and a path to citizenship for however i think it's 1.8 million, including their family members, which is what the democrats want? why not give up something to get more? >> well, because what the democrats want, is amnesty and open borders. that's really what it's come down to, and they don't want to build the wall. let's be clear. i fully support what president trump is doing to try to secure our border. which includes building the wall, not the only thing to do but one of the things you should be doing. and so, you know, you have a president who wants to actually secure america's border. that should not be a partisan issue. unfortunately, here in washington. democrats here don't want to secure the border. working with this president. so we're going to keep trying to get it done. but, you know, today is going to be another effort. we're going to keep at it. steve: stay tuned. although it doesn't sound like you are optimistic.
4:48 am
meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. you know that maxine waters, over on the democrat side, has called for the public intimidation of members of the president's cabinet and others. apparently 100 members of congress now want pau ryan to censure maxine waters. what do you think about that? >> well, first of all, i think that what she said there is no place for any kind of call to violence or harassment of anybody based on your political viewpoints of all things. this is america. even chuck schumer said on the senate floor it's not american to engage in that kind of behavior. i think everybody needs to tone it down and recognize, look, we are a country of divided political viewpoints. and that's what makes america great. but, you should express those viewpoints civilly and where you have your disagreements you saw them at the ballot box. that's the greatest thing of america. is that when we have our differences we can actually go and vote people in or out of office based on their political views and can you express them freely but you don't have the right to go and try to harass or incite
4:49 am
violence against them. steve: or harm somebody. steve, you are a medical miracle that you are alive today. some guy, bernie sanders supporter i believe, came out about a year ago and tried to kill as many republicans as he could. i know that yesterday you were critical of maxine waters. and then i read in the "new york post" this morning that many people tweeted back at you their sorrow that you had not survived the attack. >> i see that vitriol on the left. there is no place for it you should see more democratic leaders call those statements out. they shouldn't be sitting on the sidelines letting those kind of statements by their own supporters be made. we didn't do that when barack obama was president. there were a lot of things we didn't agree with him on in terms of his policies. but, we never tried to incite violence against him or his supporters. there is no place for that on either side of the political aisle. steve: you are right about that. steve scalise, the whip in
4:50 am
the house. sir, thank you very much for joining us live. >> great being with you. steve: got a busy day. meanwhile straight ahead, counselor to the president kellyanne conway is going to join us next hour. plus, that guy on impractical scblok jokers, how one of the most popular shows came to be started decades ago. one of the producers is back here live ♪ ♪ you never drop to your knees, ♪ ♪ look into the sky for a momentary high, ♪ ♪ you never even tried till it's time to say goodbye, bye ♪ ♪ everybody fights for a little bit ofight, i believe. ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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4:53 am
brian: started in high school as friends improv group and later went on to real jobs. impractical jokers is one of the most successful in cable history. watch. >> my ex-girlfriend, a security guard -- see the security guard come around. >> no, we have go the to
4:54 am
signal so i know not to come out of that aisle yell something out. >> she is going her own way. >> like momma got a donkey. >> momma got a donkey. >> oh, yeah. momma's got a donkey. brian: now james murray finding new success new book awakened. sci-fi novel fantastic. murr welcome to the couch. congratulations. >> thank you. brian: you wrote it 15 years ago. harper collins says i love this i want the thrilling. >a trilogy. takes place in the subways of new york city in the near future. brand this new subway system called the z train. inaugural rupp of the train underwater visitors pavel. on the train is mayor's wife and 100 new yorkers. when the train rolls into the station all the passengers are missing the cars are covered in blood
4:55 am
that crimson handprint on the walls and windows shattered outward. brian: don't give it away. i know it's your first book tour. people love your story. buddiero staten island. you get this idea 8 years ago put it on tape. how would you describe it. >> it's like a hidden camera show where the joke son us instead of the public. we are willing participants embarrassing each other. wear ear piece. my best friends tell me what i can say and do. horribly embarrassing. brian: only thing gets my family laughing on a regular basis. great story, great friend. it's going to be a movie. the one clip i love is this, merv, with you your punishment. watch. >> [laughter] tough interview wendy cooper. your childhood crucial. >> you thought you were doing a body building
4:56 am
contest. you are killing me kilmeade. before the interview i have never seen that -- you just showed it. brian: you have to sit there childhood crush naked all oiled up. >> yes. brian: more glorified introduction. come on out, greet him now, not greased with a shirt on. >> finally you are dressed appropriately. >> you are making me sweat. oh my god you look amazing as always. >> thank you. you look so much better. brian: she came in an hour early just tomorrow bare was you. >> with you, you are amazing. but, sure. >> i'm fine. >> you are amazing. any time you want to say that that's fine. now i'm embarrassed again. >> would you prefer him shirtless with grease. >> please, this is so much better. i prefer author murr to greased up murr. >> i prefer to be clothed as well. brian: for the record i'm better with clothes on, too.
4:57 am
congratulations on the book. >> yes, sir. brian: congratulations >> thank you.iendship. brian: i hope it gets off to a better start. >> thank you. everybody buykened. brian: back in a moment. was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day. so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. . .. 's tprices of the season'
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5:00 am
>> primary results consumer not only did the 28-year-old socialist lost. >> ocasio-cortez, radicals. >> 5-4 majority the supreme court upheld travel ban restriction. >> the ruling shows that all of the attacks from the media, politicians are wrong. >> elaine chao confronting protestors. >> we are past the point where this is just worse and this is at the place where it is turn to go actionable balance. >> how his faith played a major
5:01 am
role. >> i gave my life to christ. sort of guided me and directed me. ♪ ♪ >> again, if i was to name a house fan, he's the first guy. steve: he used to bevaab because he used to appear in santa monica. played for doe neighs and now a big star. ainsley: really? you give to those guys playing music in new york. steve: forever 21 store out there. ainsley: someone discovered. brian: that's the only place i shop. ainsley: you buy the denim jacket? steve: yesterday we told you there were 7 state primaries and
5:02 am
one to have big ones is here in new york state. you are looking at the face of a shocked 28-year-old democrat socialist by the name of alexandria ocasio-cortez, against joe crowely, one of the most powerful guys in congress and she beat him. there were two debates. he never showed up. i think he's probably kicking himself. i probably should have done a little more. ainsley: you have to show up to debates and effort and work and if not you will not stand out in the crowd and she beat him. she's a bernie volunteer. she's from a puerto rican family. she is a socialist and she won with a 57.5% majority. brian: a lot of take aways. if you're in leadership it's easy to get caught in leadership and that's the story in queens.
5:03 am
number two, again, there's a sensitivity in the country for what's going on with health care and it's beyond like obamacare or not. right now we are no where with health care and that's the number one concern and a lot of people on the democratic side are going for this, medicare for everybody which by the way it can't sustain itself because medicare right now is going belly up. universal job's guarantied. what country is this, venezuela? abolish ice, who else is going to decide if you overstay visa? steve: right. brian: fully funded public and universities and schools. free college, free, free. we are getting 45% of paychecks for the most part going to taxes. i guess in her world, 80%. steve: i to 50% of the people in the country people don't pay federal taxes. the president tweeted out joe
5:04 am
crowely and said it was stunner. the big winner is nancy pelosi. joe crowely who someone thought could be speaker if something were to happen to her if she decided to get out of the way. she's the big winner because if he's out of contention to take her job, nancy can have it again. ainsley: democrats are definitely divided. a group that's so far, far left included that individual who won here, the bernie sanders supporters, listen to what she said. >> i don't just question the patriotism of the abolished ice movement. i question their sanity. ocasio-cortez, a member of the democrat socialist of america, this is the same group that organized the protest against our homeland security secretary at the restaurant. these are shrinking radicals who
5:05 am
oppose immigration enforcement. president trump is right when he calls out these people and say that is he don't want borders at all. steve: that is something that we have seen a lot of, that particular sentiment, for instance, the people who were protesting mitch mcconnell yestday. they also abolished ice, that seems to be a theme. at least it is right now. broken brian a lot of people thought mitt romney's career was over when he didn't win, when obama ran for president. the united states of the united states who famously had friction and mitt romney went out of his way, urged him not to vote for him, he seemed to have meeting of the minds after interviewing for secretary of state and the president supported him now, he's actually predicted the president will reelection, we will see how long the honeymoon last because mitt romney has won nomination officially easily. steve: by 70 points.
5:06 am
brian: likely win to in novemb ainsley: he said i will call the president out if i don't agree with him. but what's been happening so far, the election of the country, i like what the president is doing. we will see what happens town the road. in south carolina henry master who supported the president even when running against all 16candl politician who said i support candidate donald trump. president trump has not forgotten that. there he is henry master one to runoff yesterday. steve: michael once upon a time had the spot and there was conviction, criminal conviction and wound up serving jail time. he tried to run against dan donovan, the current president ofhe united states endorsed mr. donovan and in the end mr. donovan beat mr. grim.
5:07 am
brian: the president of the united states began relishing the victory he had when the supreme court ruled 5-4, to uphold the ban when ito immigration. one thing he can't get away with harassment, not bad enough when secretary was harassed or pam bondi or steven mils house wased in front of, elaine chao marry today measure married to mitch mcconnell outside of house while mitch mcconnell ducked into the car, elaine chao didn't and got back into their face and to me these people got way too close to her. watch. [inaudible] >> why are you separating families? >> why don't you leave my husband alone?
5:08 am
>> back up. [inaudible] >> he's separating families. [iible] ainsley: she loves her husband, doesn't she? she stood up for him. steve: if democrats want to keep family together they should vote for compromise bill out on the floor today. as we heard from steve scalise 20 minutes ago, it doesn't seem a single democrat would vote for it, too bad, would keep families from being separated, do something about daca people, a lot of money for the president's wall and other things and yet everybody is talking about doing something about it, today is the chance and they're not going to. ainsley: congratulations to maxine waters whose crazy rant made them face of democrat
5:09 am
party, together they will make america fear again. have no fear america is stronger than ever before and i am not going anywhere. brian: senator schumer say it's wrong. i would think that maybe some democrats who find themselves in red states, this is maybe the last con wential vote they will have before november. they should look in the mirror and understand a lot of people lost their careers because they voted for obamacare even they their gut told them not to. ainsley: president approval is high right now and maybe it's because people are seeing what the left is trying to do, they are not in support of it and they are looking at the economy and what the president has gone. the gop said we had it up to here with the left trying to get in our faces and tell what you say we are doing is wrong. they put together a video that's more than a minute long of some of the unhinged left media, watch this.
5:10 am
>> a few areas ago ideas that we talked about were thought to be extremist ideas, those ideas are now mainstream. >> i just don't even know why there aren't uprising all over the country. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet, you get out -- [cheers and applause] >> you tell them that they not welcome anymore. >> do something about your dad's immigration practices. >> white women disappoint other white women. >> bring on the recessi. >> when was the last time -- ible] >> i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house steve: terrible. one of the editorials in today's new york post, the final is
5:11 am
vulgarities from celebrities but calls for harassment by elected officials are different, at least some democrats realize that. 8:10 in new york city. jillian, sometng crazy last night ou of jfk when somebody on jet blue flight pushed the wrong button. jillian: a very strange situation. the plane was vowned by police after the pilot accidentally reported it was hijacking. new video showing s.w.a.t. teams inspecting the cabin. terrified passengers didn't know what was going on. they event mutually put on a different flight to la. federal judge ending most family separation at the borders and paving a way to reunite families already separated. the california court ordering all kids under 5 must be reunited within 14 days and all
5:12 am
older children within a month. this as 17 states sue over family separations. the white house says more than 500 minors have been reunited with their families. senator orrin hatch paying tribute to conservative commentator and member of family charles krauthammer. >> model of civility. ers pay tribute to charles over the weekend. today i now speak for people of all political stretch, we will miss him dearly. jillian: best-selling author died on thursday after battling cancer, he was 68 year's old. they are are using clips -- steve: that was great. thank you very much, jillian. democratic congressman called
5:13 am
ice heartless after visiting the border. he will defend the measure when he joins us live next. ainsley: kellyanne conway is here live. that's coming up. directv gives you more for your thing. if you've been waiting for a sign to quit cable, then here's some signs. it came from the toaster. now you can quit cable. switch to directv and now get a $100 reward card. more for your quitting cable thing. that's our thing. call 1 800 directv.
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5:17 am
brien: following trip to southern border, next guest blasting ice as heartless and now introducing legislation to abolish completely. cochairs house progressive caucus and joins now to explain. interesting little trend, why are you behind it? >> well, unfortunately the president has created situation where ice isn't doing what it was created to do. it's being used as personal police force and in those actions is making us less safe because the critical functions of ice can no longer happen between the president's got them going after people in churches and workplaces, it's been made a mess. brian: why would someone from ice go after someone in a workplace in. >> well, originally let's go back to why we created ice. brian: could you answer tt question? >> sure, we take 20 different agencies, put it into what was ice after 9/11 and instead of
5:18 am
going after terrorists, we are going after people who get traffic ticket and that's, again, violation of what ice was about so unfortunately t president has so damaged ice that it can't function the way it was intended to and we really need those functions to happen. brian: you want the functions to happen, they wouldn't happen without them so your answer because you -- >> actually you're wrong, brian, the bill that we are introducing would have a mission to look at those essential functions which there are of ice, go back to agency -- brian: what is their essential functions? >> well, again, we created after 9/11. i don't think i need to explain why. brian: people here illegally that have committed crime they are going to focus on. [inaudible] brian: they have to do that in a situation where they have to surprise that person, they're not going to like that. >> ice is to keep us safe -- brian: what's the problem. >> that's the misinformation out
5:19 am
there. the president is say to go stop all of the crime, all of the ms-13. 228 people at the end of last fiscal year out over 300,000 that were ms-13. he's taking a group of people and branding them as criminals. brian: how many illegals have you captured? >> the most uninformed president since i've been -- brian: we are talking about ice. [inaudible] brian: making an average $61,000 and telling them, you told me in the break, the brand has been so damaged. their brand is keeping america safe, cracking down on illegals here and you seem more concerned about illegals than men and women who decide to go through the academy and qualify for ice. >> okay, brian, that was a great morning dose of rhetoric, you did a great job. let me talk. okay. so what i'm saying we are not going after the average
5:20 am
criminal, what you're supposed to do is go after people who pose a real threat. created after 9/11 with main focus being around people who might have terrorist activity. now we are going after people with traffic violation at a church or workplace, that doesn't make any sense. so the president is using this as own police force. that is amongst us. why do you care more about illegals welfare than americans' welfare? >> i have been there. brian: look them in the face and tell them they should be fired. >> better yet, i will reassign them to allow them to do
5:21 am
important duties and not be the president's policemen's workforce. brian: kellyanne conway. we will talk about other stuff for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? sorry, one second it's loading, look. security: let's speed this up please. security: thank you. ♪ uh! ♪ can we fix this phone tonight? it's really slow. you can turn off the performance management feature. battery throttling. or you could just upgrade it. ♪
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steve: we are back to fox news alert. we have learned that national security adviser john bolton will meet with russian president vladimir putin later today. the two set to discuss a possible trump-putin summit. sarah sanders tweeting bolton meeting with vladimir putin and other senior officials to discuss u.s.-russia relations as well as the potential for an upcoming presidential meeting. brian: that'll be coming off nato summit, that he will be going there and the rumor is it
5:25 am
will be in hasinki. ainsley: we saw pompeo, he went over the north korea and met with kim jong un and met with his people and then eventually that led to that summit. maybe we will see that happening in russia as well. steve: united states and russia have a lot to talk about. remember, it was the president of the united states as he was heading to the g7 summit said, by the way, why isn't russia part of this? i'm sure that's one of the topics they will discuss. we will keep you posted on that. at 10:00 o'clock this morning behind closed doors, peter strzok, one half of fbi love birds that we have been talking about and antitrump hating text that he has exchanged, he's actually going to appear without any sort of immunity behind closed doors to answer a whole bunch of questions from lawmakers. ainsley: yeah, lindsey, senator lindsey graham sent letter to rod rosenstein, he was on show last night talking about, he has a lot of questions he wants to
5:26 am
ask rosenstein. he thinks they found the criminal in president trump and trying to link him to a crime which is not the way it's supposed to happen. if there's a crime then you find the criminal. and lindsey graham was wondering if this was a setp o. watch this. >> all we know now that the person in charge of clinton e-mail investigation mr. strzok and page were were in for clinton and hated trump. did they start investigation to trump campaign because they had a political bias or legitimate evidence. he should be the last guy to go to court and get a warrant on anybody associated with trump campaign. my question is what role did they play in the russia investigation? brian: we have unmasked names in ig report. there's more than peter strzok. others on how they hillary clinton and what the plan was and what he's going to say behind closed doors i'm
5:27 am
fascinated to find out. jim jordan told us yesterday it's better behind closed doors and he thinks procedurally they would be able to talk more than 5 minutes, you act as a witness when cameras goes on. i'm shocked that anybody in your business, really outside of fox seems to give a dam that they we wanted to stop trump, had a bias that was beyond belief and started the russia investigation and that's not opinion, that's what they wrote and by the way, real clear investigations have an interesting story, quotes former fbi agent says that he sees that there was 7 attempts really by u.s. intel and clinton operatives to essentially entrap members of the trump campaign. steve: well, look at ig report that just came out. it said there was a terrible antitrump bias at the fbi. ainsley: everyone should be appalled by democrats and
5:28 am
republicans. steve: meanwhile senator marco rubio targeted by the left during trip back home in florida, i presume. senator rubio here to react next. ainsley: plus kellyanne conway will join us live. jen: but that all changed when we bought a house. matt: voilà! jen: matt started turning into his dad. matt: mm. that's some good mulch. ♪ i'm awake. but it was pretty nifty when jen showed me how easy it was to protect our home and auto with progressive. [ wrapper crinkling ] get this butterscotch out of here. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. there's quite a bit of work, 'cause this was all -- this was all stapled. but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us.
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steve: fox news alert we were telling you about this in new video that has come in fox news room of u.s. national security adviser john bolton meeting as you can see right there russian president vladimir putin, there he is shaking hands, happened shortly ago in moscow. you can see ambassador huntsman, they are meeting about potential meeting between our president and the president of russia. brian: there's a few things on the table now that a lot of people are upset about russia, the reason it's g7 and not g8, they invaded georgia and shot down civil ape plane, denied it,
5:32 am
tried to carve out the nation. coresponsible for killing of tens of thousands of people. until they can own up to that or explain that, it's going to be hard to see any type of traction between the two countries especially coming out of nato summit. i'm interested to see how this goes because ambassador bolton is not ones that give an inch. ainsley: let's bring kelly an conway, will we see a summit? >> possibly, ambassador bolton is there to discuss the u.s.-russia relations but also to prepare for perspective summit between the two leaders. everything that you've said is important to put in the context of all of the other action it is president has not been afraid to take. there's been sanctions. we have expelled russians from this country, russian officials from the country, obviously not once but twice. the president has taken swift
5:33 am
action from assad and syria and the president made clear when he sat down with putin last year, that if there are issues the two countries can work on together, he's willing to entertain working together on those issues. you saw him in singapore. i know the media don't want to cover historic summit two weeks anymore, the success of the summit. a president who again and again is willing to go where other presidents refused to go and make good on the promise of peace, in this case denuclearization of the korean peninsula and many issues that perhaps the united s and russia can tackle together. steve: all right, one of the wins from the president came from the supreme we will talk about how the travel ban was upheld. on the wednesday morning, kellyanne, there were a number of big congressional races and statewide races, 7 different states, one of the big one, powerful democrats in congress, mr. crowely, someone thought would be the next speaker of the house if they regain power, the
5:34 am
democrats do, lost to a 28-year-old democratic socialist by the name of alexandria ocasio-cortez who has a lot of policies are to the stark left of mr. crowely. >> stark left of america. every democratic candidate could be asked now, maybe, do you agree or disagree with the new face of the democratic party that we should abolish immigration customs and enforcement, the brave men and women who are trying to process the claims and in many ways protect children who maybe smuggled by people who are not related to them, maybe in danger when they try to come here. this is also somebody who like many democrats today is for abortion on demand, calls herself a proud socialist. don't forget bernie sanders, the most prominent socialist in the democratic party, he won 21 or 22 context and 13 million votes
5:35 am
in presidential primary against the invincible queen herself. they now have candidates in primaries, last night the big winner of all the contests was president donald trump, governor mcmaster won handily and increased vote totals by 40% in county or the area where the rally was the night before. he did -- he increased vote count from just a couple of weeks earlier and that's the power and the force of air force one coming to your state, coming to your district to help you and that's why the president is so active and the vice president is so active in these races this year. she will be leaving again to go to north dakota for candidate there. the other winner was dan donovan. all polls showed donovan losing
5:36 am
and he won by double digits. i think all of the people, geniuses who got 2016 wrong are getting 2018 wrong because they don't see the growing left ward poll of the democratic party. this is, i think, also people should recognize that joe crowely, the number 4 leading democrat in the house who lost last night to a socialist, he -- he doesn't do what trump did to win the presidency, take the case directly to the people. the style, the way you connect with voters now is to go actually to the voters, skipped debate, outraced opponent 10 to 1 but didn't show up. lost touched. the president is the opposite, goes and connects directly to voters and then does so on social media form as well. brian: by the way, 28,000 people, he spent 3 million bucks an had much more in the bank an flat-out lost. >> to a socialist, did i mention that? brian: she was probably the most surprising person on the planet
5:37 am
today. >> people should look at the other victors for the last couple of weeks for democratic primaries. in another district in new york against republican, the democrats the female democrats are fighting about who was more for abortion and yesterday the supreme court in a little covered decision since the president had huge victory on travel ban case, the justice thomas writing for the majority said that pregnancies centers in california under first amendment do not need to be force today tell you about abortion. they are trying to get you to parent the chielgd or give up for adoption. we are looking at left ward poll and we've got socialists now winning much the way bernie sanders won the 21, 22 contests two short years ago. ainsley: what's your reaction to the way rhetoric of maxine waters, folks coming to pam bondi and sarah huckabee sanders, the rhetoric is hitting
5:38 am
fever pitch and we know that sarah sanders is getting secret service at her house, what's your reaction? >> my reaction is difference, ainsley, between rhetoric and social media muscle and cable news and people inciting for crime and violins. the case of actor -- who i forgot about in california, he has a new movie coming out. it's a great fanfare, he's actually had tweeted out that someone should go to her house and take her children, god for bid. this is not insulting all the stuff that we are u to around here, insulting what somebody said or how they look, where they work or what they wear, this is calling for something much deeper and that's very, very concerning to many people. i also hope, a number of these executives in the media who are on top floors of building are paying very close attention to
5:39 am
what's being said by some of their commentators and some of their writers, people who are -- reporters have cable news contracts, are obviously on social media all day, they get away with seeing things there that you would not get past an editor's desk and that's very concerning. so we should -- look at intern last week. congressional -- summer intern her name is caitlin mariat, i'm brian:he got a week suspension. >> still has her job. i guarantied, i talked to the president, i can promise you on his behalf that if a white house intern here this summer ever said anything like that to an elected official, let alone the president of the united states, the f word followed by the name, harass rasing -- harassing elected officials like mcconnell and cabin secretary, that person
5:40 am
would be gone immediately. brian: of course. >> we are not even sending the right message by having the punishment not just the rhetoric, let me make clear. there's a difference between stupid playground insults that people hurl at each of us and asking for more action but people are calling for that and also -- let me make clear, no moral equivalence from quoting om a rally 3 years ago and what's being said by member of congress on official time asking for us to be, quote, pushed back upon in public. steve: the speaker of the house, at least 100 members fb her to be censored. thank you for joining us in north lawn. busy day. >> always. thank you. ainsley: senator marco rubio he was heckled during a trip back home to florida. >> i understand why people do it. they are desperate and want a
5:41 am
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5:44 am
that's right for you. [inaudible] >> you support trump, so, no. >> i understand why people do it. >> no, you don't understand. >> frankly endangers the lives who are people are on the journey and especially the children. steve: that's florida senator marco rubio being heckled during press availability last friday outside after touring a detention center. he joins us right now from nation's capital. senator rubio, what is going on with people who are trying to not only interrupt folks like you but to suggest at the suggestion of maxine waters get up in the face of elected officials and members of the cabinet, what's going on here?
5:45 am
>> first of all, this is one guy who happens to lead organization, it's not everyday person, he's activist who leads united we dream down in miami. this place is far away. he drove down there just to do that so it's not like a popular uprising, it's one guy, professional protestor and the funny thing the media people turn today him and said, can you be quiet so we can finish the press conference because we are here to get footage. the other thing is kind of dumb, the senator where i was at, almost everybody in there, 95% of the kids there are unaccompanied minors, we closed the center, which is saying put kids out on the street. st spent 25 days on average which means the reason they are there for 25 days, before we turn them over to somebody, family member, shouldn't we verify that that person is not a criminal, that person is a safe home, you know, the things you would want to do and so if you close down that center, you are basically saying put kids out on the street. ainsley: i know you're working on legisland the president just tweeted this out, house republican should pass the
5:46 am
stro but fair immigration bill known as goodlatte2 in afternoon vote today even dems won't let it pass in the senate, passage will show that we want strong borders and security which equals crime. your thoughts? >> my thoughts are threefold, number one to help el salvador, guatemala, honduras meet gangs, unless you pay us a thousand dollars a month, we are going to kill you and family and close down your business, people are going to leave. that's just the way it is. the first thing we could do help the countries defeat gangs, you do that and stops this. that's why we don't have migrants from costa rica, we don't have a problem with paraguay or chile because those countries don't have these gangs like ms-13 scouring the country. number two, we are a country just because you have a kid you
5:47 am
will get released. turns children into valuable commodity for traffickers give tople, kidnap and traffic in and so forth and encourages participants to bring children in very dangerous journey and third thing we have to have security, we are a sovereign nation. so we need to do all three of those things if we are serious about bringing this under control. i will just say this, it is cruel to have a policy that encourages people to come here on a dangerous journey with children and that's what our current policy for years has done. that's cruel and we need to end it. brian: senator, i know you're one to have people who are worried about the theft of technology thanks to china, number one by 2025, they don't want to earn it, they want to steal it. the president wants to crack down on technology and how they purchase and what will be available and now today in wall street journal seems to be backtracking calling the additional crack-down leaked that might not be true, you
5:48 am
talked to the president, what is he prepared to do against china? >> well, i think this president is the only president that's been willing to confront china for what it is and if too long around here both republicans an democrats haven't wanted to do it. this is last chance to get it right. we have to have proper balance with them. what they are trying to do is have a high-tech world that they dominate and the way they will get there by stealing our stuff or buying up small american companies in key sectors, we can't allow that to continue. if we don't do it now, it's going to be too late in 5 years and we will live in the world which chinese dominate technology to defend ourselves and fuel an economy. we cannot let that happen. i hope the wall street journal report is not true and the president comes out with those regulations. i already filed a bill that does what the president is going to do by regulation and that's what we need to do and i really hope he's not backing down. i hope he does it. brian: democrats are behind you, senator schumer in favor of this
5:49 am
the crack-down. can you get democrats in the same page with you? >> yeah, with all theights, the one thing t has bipartisan support is the fact that we have to confront china. you know who our biggest components are, ceo's of multinational corporation who is don't really care in many cases about american national security or where america will be in ten years, they want access to 1.3 billion customers in china and they are in favor of anything that allows them access to those customers over the next few years so they can show strong profits and ge bonus and come back to dc and lobby against in favor of china. brian: tell us their names. >> it's all the big companies, am goes around the world talking about privacy, apple turned the cloud in china over to chinese government but in america they won't help fbi or law enforcement get into the phone of a criminal to see who the criminal was conspiring with. these are the things that we need to be talking about, the sort of hypocrisy. steve: thank you very much,
5:50 am
marco rubio telling us what he has in store. ainsley: thank you. brian: straight ahead, you saw her from impractical jokers, coming back to the couch b, she will tell us about brand-new children's book, that'll be next. steve: first let's check with bill hemmer with preview of what happens in the show in 10 minutes. >> primaries are really something to watch. the country is still changing, we will show you how. watch the supremes, we could get a major decision in unions dues in one hour from now. unhinged, the word republicans are using for se on t left. we will examine that today. the fbi agents sent numerous antitrump messages will appear on the hill today, america's a team is ready for all of that. come join sandra and me. see you at the top hour of the hour in ten minutes. prices of t' with savings on the new sleep number 360 smart bed.
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steve: the show wonder years is one of tv pop culture classics but things have changed a lot since kevin arnold and wendy cooper went to school that day. ainsley: do not open to help parents bridge divide when they learned math and the way kids are learning math today in common core. she joins us now. my friends say they can't do homework with kids -- >> used to be the parents felt pretty good about helping kids with math until maybe middle school or high school when it got more difficult. 6 and 7-year-olds are bringing homework that doesn't look familiar. the whole thing is making math accessible for kids as you know. it is time, there's no other resource out there to help kids around parents together navigate the new math. steve: here is the problem, you've written new math book but
5:55 am
says do not open math book, how will you know what's inside? >> written for ages 6 to 8 and i have a 7-year-old, if you're telling my kid he's not allowed to do something, guess what, irresistible. brian: you are using a cartoon. >> absolutely. mr. mouse character who is adorable. he doesn't like math, he's afraid of it and cartoon and throughout the whole book i'm teaching math using cartoons. i don't know why math has to be dry. i have a whole bunch of books to prove it doesn't have to be dry. steve: math is simple if you get the fundamentals. not only simple but fun and entertaining, i love math and entertainment and so if you go to you can see books. ainsley: 8 books about math. she made a 5 on ap calculus exam, unheard of.
5:56 am
>> i was really studying especially with young girls and young men who can't do math because they don't look to par. mostly aimed at girl, empowering girls to want to be smart and super important for kids to understand you're not born with one level of math ability, you're not stuck there and you can get better and smarter, like going to the gym for the brain. brian: shortage of math and science teachers. >> yeah. absolutely. and you know, a lot of teachers use my books to find interesting lesson plan ideas. brian: make sure you license them. >> no, no. i want to spread math happiness, math love. i have in one of my movies. ainsley: more "fox & friends" coming up. ♪
5:57 am
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5:59 am
[stomach gurgles] ♪when you have nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea... girl, pepto ultra coating will treat your stomach right. nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea.♪ try new pepto with ultra coating. >> well, a look at the big
6:00 am
screen on the plaza friday. our friends toby mac will rocking the plaza. we have barbecue. >> bill: bolton is in russia laying a potential face-to-face sit-down between putin and trump in what could be a key summit between the u.s. and russia. more on this. first awaiting the arrival and highly anticipated interview of anti-trump f.b.i. agent peter strzok. he is heading to the hill right now to face top lawmakers. i'm bill hemmer. >> sandra: back live and in person. >> bill: the blue looks good. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith.


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