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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 27, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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great show. they watch evidence day. big shout out to them. >> sandra: good stuff. it's good to have you back in studio. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: we begin with breaking news. fox news alert. we are awaiting remarks from national security at john bolton. he is in moscow meeting with russian president vladimir putin. bolton remarks come as fox news learned the white house is expected to announce the date and location now of a summit between the president and putin tomorrow. so the announcement tomorrow, theing made right now. russian state media reporting the summit is going to happen. right now we don't know where or when. we're awaiting the white house to tell us by tomorrow. we are watching to see what adviser bolton says. we will bring you new developments live when they happen. and this fox news alert, democrats on capitol hill
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rocked after a powerful new york congressm after decades in his position has lost his primary. p.j.joe crowley knocked out by a 28-year-old socialist newcomer barely funded in a primary upset nobody saw coming. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, co-anchor of "after the bell" on the fox business network melissa francis. town hall editor and fox news contributor katie pavlich. former deputy spokesperson, marie harf. and host of "benson and harf." in the center seat, josh holmes. former chief of stat for mitch mcconnell.he is here and he is t number and no doubt gleeful after what happened with the democrats tonight. get to the news. good to have you. >> josh: great to be here. >> harris: reaction pouring shocker. last night's primary
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>> she is looking at herself on television right now. how are you feeling? can you put it into words? >> nope. no. >> harris: socialist, socialist, say it again. ocasio-cortez.idate alexandria i can't w to get marie harf on this. appeared stunned that she brought down the ten-term congressman. joe crowley was widely considered a top candidate to replace nancy pelosi as the democrat house leader should democrats win back the house. president trump seizing on the upset tweeting "wow! big trump hater congressman joe crowley who many expected was going to take nancy pelosi's place just lost his primary election. in other words, he's out. sawt is a big one thatody again, the president tweeting this. "perhaps he should have been nicer. and more respectful to his president!"
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alexandria ocasio-cortez today talking about her win. also asking why she held back directlyonfronting president trump. watch. >> i felt like our party could be better the message could be better and we could be better as a country. we need to lay out a plan anda n believ andetting into twitter fhts with the president is not exactly i think where we are going to find progress as a nation. >> harris: news being made at this hour on this. laura ingle with more. >> a huge night. alexandria ocasio-cortez ran a bare bones, grassroot campaign spent time knocking on doors that she said had never been knocked on before to speak directly to people in district to get her message out. last night as you saw the voters responded. ocasio-cortez has never before held elective office but has experience working as an organizer for bernie sanders'
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2016 presidential bid and worked for the late senator ted kennedy. the video of the night, she appeared surprised herself as the numbers came in. when she saw her lead over the incumbent representative joe crowley. more than 57% to the voters chose her over the opponent two picked up a little over 42% of the vote. crowley has been in congress since 1999. though a democrat had in the past been associated with the groups aligned with president trump and republicans, the 28-year-old has been taking a victory lap today making appearances vowing to bring in urgency to the fight for working families and also talking about the immigration issue. calling for the end of u.s. immigration and customs enforcement or i.c.e. listen. >> we are committing human rights abuses on this border and separating children from their families. that, you know, is part of the structure of the agency. we can replace it. we can replace it with a humane agency directed to safe
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passage. >> today, democratic house leader nancy pelosi had this reaction to her win. >> are we excited about another generation of people coming in the congress? i am particularly excited so many women are running across the country. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez faces anthony papan in the midterms. if she wins she could be the anlect to a congressional seat. >> it's always great to see you. thank you very much. wow from melissa francis and glee from josh holmes. why are you so gleeful? >> josh: welcome to today's democratic party. this is the one that the party leaders worked overtime to conceal from the public for several years. no question that all the energy and we saw this in the maxine waters controversy that the eme up. democratic party is in a socialist, open borders, far outside the main stream
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ideology that is galvanizing voters and winning the primaries. we look back on eric canter's loss in the rep primary in 2012 and how that shaped -- >> 2014. >> josh: 2014. i'm sorry. how it shaped the republican politics. this is every bit as big in the politics if not bigger.she s rocking democratic circles. >> harris: it's an interesting comparison being made. >> marie: it's interesting. joe crowley is someone i really supported and i thought he should be the next speaker if the democrats take the face. but the first rule of politics is you have to k your job. he did not take the race seriously enough. he spent to debates and he sent a young latina surrogate to debate her in one. this is not good. was focused on the leadership race to enternto. i'll push back on josh.
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this is a very liberal district. this is not the candidates we ruhe mid or the south. this is not the democratic party across the country. but in this district, look, you cannot take your seats for granted. the base is fired up in places like new york. of them are the terms that he served. i think the big issue, too, sea change inside the party among people two want something different. >> and younger. >> harris: younger is different when it comes -- h oy. he not in that upper crust of leadership in the 70s. >> josh: next generation. >> katie:m alarmed at idea we have a socialist now elected openly. but i am happy about the idea that whether you are a republican or a democrat, being in congress should not be a career. i suld be a short-term thing. clearly the seat with us taken for granted. he wasn't in the direction working on the ground. she put in the work. she ran a grassroots campaign. she didn't take any vot for
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granted. she worked and worked and worked and laid out a platform. >> harris: what doeselrepubls a? >> melissa: it's about the personality and energy. she had a lot of energy and personality. she knocked on doors and she connected with people. it just means that that is what is driving a lot of races. this is a big success for president trump. two candidates strongly supported by the president won the primaries. governor henry mcmaster declaring victory and a runoff in south carolina. incumbent congressman dan nation in new york.e g.o.p. president trump tweeting, "congratulations to the two ates. "congratulations to henry mcmaster oig election win. south carolina loves you. we are all proud of you and peggy." ans quote. varemendous win for dan youhowed great courage into a tough race. my many friends in stotten --
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statin island elected someone they have been proud of." and mitt romney won his primary after tamping down his criticism of the president. the president posting to twitter, "big and conclusive win by romney. congratulations. i look forward to working together. there is so much good to do. a great and loving family will be coming to d.c. " and today, president trump heads to north dakota to stump for kevin kraemer who is challenging the incumbe democrat highcamp in november. josh, i'llo you. it's interesting.president trums count on him to be an albatross around the neck of the republicans. that doesn't appear to be the se. >> josh: no, ma'am. what is interesting, the president is clearly the most powerful force in politics here. whether you're at o republican youave to admit that. mcmaster in s carolina,
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ight before the election clearly he has an impact there. now traveling to north dakota. his ability to mobilize republican voters is unparalleled. we have seen previous presidents of both parties able to galvanize some energy. we have never seen the polarization that president trump can deliver in terms of vote for his republican party. he has 90% approval rating in the republican party. if you look at north dakota, if republicans vote republicans you have a new senator there in 2018. >> melissa: katie, the president tried to make the point if you show up with air rce one and you campaign for a candidate and that makes a big difference for them. do you think the races told us that or the approval rating among the republicans which josh mentioned? >> katie: the president's strategy has been to encourage people not to take for granted the situation on the ground. no seat is necessarily a safe seat. they hhe work if they are going to turn over a blue seat.
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he has been hammering democrats through the twitter feed saying we need republicans in the house and the senate to get through his agenda and clear about saying come to vote whenever you can on the campaign trail for his own presidency. i don't care if you are on your death bed, make sure you come to vote. no is a way to galvanize voters to get them to poll for people running and not just for them but their own agenda. >> marie: we'll see if it works in the general election. we'll see if the president can translate that to the general election wins. highcamp has been willing to work with the president and the president has said nice things about her, which is one of the reae is there campaigning for her today because i think her re opponent is like wait, we need you to help the team out here. this will be interesting. she is a senator who has been willing to cross the aisle and work with the president. s well l b home. this will be an interesting race to watch. >> josh: clearly, the president prefer someone with
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him 95% of the time instead of 45% of the time. >> marie: sure. we see if iks. >> josh: but a general statesu have t remember montana. you look at indiana, west virginia, missouri, north dakota, all the states have one thing in common. that is president trump carried them by double digs in 2016. >> melissa: so we are awaiting remarks from national rity adviser john bolton moscow after his meeting with vladimir putin to discuss a summit between president trump and the russian leader. we will leave it to you live when it happens. plus a big day on capitol hill. anti-trump f.b.i. agent peter strozk takes questions from the house judiciary committee whether the lawmakers will get clarity on bias inside the bureau and how it could impact thesia investigation going forward. >> peter strozk is at the center of a great deal of controversy with his bias reflected in the text that he exchanged with lisa page.
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another f.b.i. employee. they are absolutely stunning. come here, babe.
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>> harris: we are expecting to hear from the president of the united states shortly. he is doing a face-to-face with the future event. about 100 millennials and
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generation "z," that is even younger for those of us keeping count and raising children. what are the issues? the youngest generation. the president having them at thxecutive office building that sits as you face the white house to the right of the white house. in the south auditorium there. they will be talk about the es for the next generation. interesting timing because we talk about the democrats socialist winning in a primary against long-time ten-term congressman of new york joe crowley. and the conversation about the younger generation that is being had across the political aisle because of the stunning upset last night. now the president taking the mantle with the millennials and generation "z." there are other things going on. potentially a summit with moscow and putin. we are also to hear from national adviser to the
9:18 am
president john bolton. coming up now. he has just met with president nf russia. it's possible that our president will be asked about this. as we watch this coming to, coming in to focus here, what they are doing is a news conference. with bolton. talking about putin. josh? >> josh: this is an incredibly important dynamic here. i personally couldn't couldn't e satisfied we have bolton doing negotiation. >> harris: he was critical of putin. very. >> josh: for the sound and the furry of the russia investigation, we have the right people doing the right things here. >> let's see what he is doing. >> josh: now national security adviser. >> marie: we'll see what bolttos doi. the russians are tryg t interfere in the election. no, no. this is not funny that the
9:19 am
russians are still trying to interfere in the election. >> harris: i don't think anybody is laughing about that. >> marie: it will be interesting to see the topics that bolton talks about. does he talk about ukraine or syria or other issues like cyber security? it will be interesting what he focuses on. >> more important than what he focuses on in the pre conference is the fact they are going to be sitting across the table from somebody who means business. it's not your fault. it was not you. but the weak-kneed or hillary clinton or obama himself that had nothing to back up words they said. drawing red lines and letting people walk over them. we have been walked over around the world. this is a group of people that sit across the table from putin and the cronies and they know we mean business and will follow through. >> harris: i, again, to bring up the point. bolton has not been somebody
9:20 am
pro-putin by any stretch of the imagination. they are sitting across the table from people who came to play in bolton. >> josh: nowhere has anybody been pro-putin. ler t guy, someh the trump administration is a mouthpiece for the putin regime, which is ridiculous. >> harris: the president called him someone strong and had neutral words about him. but remember the back and forth of romney and candidate obama. romney tried to tell him the importance of russia. >> josh: that is right. >> harris: so real quickly, i'm going to cut in. oh, no. now we're going to come back out and talk. we are waiting for news conference to begin before the back and forth. gohead, josh. >> josh: there is an interesting news development this week that i don't think received a lot of coverage. the revelation that cyber
9:21 am
security officials in the obama administration were given a stand down order at one point after this entire election thing started. so once we knew they were trying to infiltrate the elections in the united states, in the aftermath they are saying we didn't send congressional letter. people don't want us to act. but we found out within the administration they were given the direct order not to confront russia with the countercyber attacks. >> harris: let's listen and watch usain usain bolt -- john , live in russia. [speaking russian]
9:22 am
>> with any luck i won't give away neither of the pieces of the information today so the kremlin and the white house can announce it. [translating in russian] >> i should also i was pleased to meet -- >> harris: so the national serity adviser, bolton. we are playing and there a delay between the translation and the question. but the important nugget that you just heard there from bolton was that there will be an announcement of a summit between the united states and moscow tomorrow. he is confirming that. he says he doesn't want to step on what the white house wants to announce in terms of location and exact time and
9:23 am
all of that, those details. he says he doesn't want to step on that. you heard a followup question in russian we were trying to listen to but it's difficult to go back and forth. he said so summit, yes. details tomorrow. so we are watching for that. the national security adviser in moscow meeting with putin and now the news conference to tell us "a," about the meeting. but the most important nugget about it is that our two countries will have a summit. this is huge news. breaking on "outnumbered." we are bringing it to you. now, the primary shocker rocking capitol hill, which i said theresident might even speak at. we don't know. he meets live in the white house now. we have a crew there. moatic heavyweight losing his primary to a 28-year-old public political newcomer. a socialist inside that race beating the long-term democrat. what this means for the democrats and what this could say about the critical midterms and what it means for strategy for republicans. stay close. man: i got scar tissue there.
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the stunning upset raising new questions about the democratic and nancy pelosi's future after joe crowley widely thought as a potential member for the speaker was defeated in the primary by a 28-year-old political newcomer. the powerful chair of the democratic caucus losing by double digits to alexandria ocasio-cortez. a self-described democratic socialist who worked for bernie sanders. pelosi, hoyer and clyburn have been in congress for a combined 93 years and not one of the trio is under 77 years of age. the california democratic at the age of 37 is a spring chicken in comparison and the coares of the party policy committee to look at the crushing defeat. >> i don't think they should be nervous. i think they have invited me to the table. i sit at the leadership table.
9:29 am
i'm the youngest one on the team. we need more people now at that table. that is happening. >> in the meantime, political reporting about jockeying as they search for the new chair. marie, you are pointing to the big screen. tell us why. >> marie: bustos is from a rural district in illinois and shes fantastic. an up-and-comer and good to deal with the moderate and the liberal wing of the party. she has a good message about where the party should go. i'd add seth molton to the list. look, joe crowley i like and i wish he would be the next speaker but that is not meant to be. we have young member in congress and running across the country doing a good job to chase what is coming next
9:30 am
after pelosi, hoyer and clyburn. >> josh: the key point is "after pelosi." which i'm not sure there is ever an after pelosi at this point. >> marie: which comes first, after mcconnell or after pelosi? >> harris: doesn't the president call her a secret weapon, in a bad way? >> josh: there are very few people that galvanized more republican energy than nancy pelosi has. what she is presiding over now is an ungovernable party. we are dealing with factions here led by the maxine waters voices that are actively confronting and assaulting members of congress, staff for the trump administration, the -- >> marie: not assaulting. let's be -- >> josh: i have video of chow last night that was close. >> harris: when you need secret sast -- service for press secretary. when you have a situation
9:31 am
where a sitting member of congress calls to attack -- >> marie: she shouldn't have. >> harris: it's the mob mentality. whether it actually galvanizes a mob but it appears that potentially it could. when you have the situation it's fair for josh to say what he said. >> marie: staffers have secret service protection. >> harris: when is the last time press secretary had that? >> marie: staffers in the administration -- >> harris: i'm not talking about that. person that is the voice. >> marie: people have have protection, harris. it doesn't make it okay. none of it is okay. what i was saying to josh is everyone is now talk aut maxine waters. also talk about the democratic leadership came out against what she said which was important. >> harris: staff had protection and that is not an anomaly and not because a member of congress called --
9:32 am
>> marie: because of threats. >> harris: what about the people who don't agree with her? >> there is a rift between the establishment, nancy pelosi and the people who have been in congress for 20, 30 years. the new up and coming faction. the district in queens is socialized and packed full of young people, extremely liberal socialists is not representative of the party as a whole. however, she worked for bernie sanders who is main stream in the party now. he is not an outside figure on the -- >> he is not a democrat. >> he ran as a democrat. >> he was unfairly out from the nomination. there are people on the left who did not forgot that, that they felt like they put energy behind sanders and he was unfairly hobbled by the clinton machine. they are still dairying it -- carrying it to this day. the idea it's not fair race in democratic party, that the
9:33 am
inners are prechosen. i saw it in the election. i won't sit for leaders chosen for me by the party establishment. the same thing o rht. i won't sit and take, swallow leaders who are force fed to me by the establishment in either party. that is a change, right, that we have seen on both sides? >> josh: it would be a grave mistake for democrats to say this is a liberal district and one off and aberration. what this is, is discontent with the leadership of the democratic party that stretches far beyond the ideological and in the grassroots of what makes up the disparate coalition of the democratic party. i think what we see, mark my words is an impeachment movement, abolish i.c.e. movement and a more radical left wing than we have seen develop at any point in the last probably two decade. it will be out in the open for the people who witness. i don't think that is great for the democratic election
9:34 am
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the day house republicans have been waiting for is finally here. >> what would you tell the american public? >> infamous anti-trump f.b.i. agent peter strozk not answering questions this morning on the way to the committee but he is now taking questions behind closed doors. strozk agreed to voluntary appearance after chairman bob golatte subpoenaed him last week. latte weighin in earlier today ahead of the big event. >> the bias that was against trump and for hillary clinton is reflected in the actions that were taken by the f.b.i.
9:39 am
in both those investigations. they leaned over backwards to give her special treatment that no other criminal suspect would receive. in the trump case, they leaned forward to launch an investigation. the roots of which we need to learn more about. we will hold a public hearing with mr. strozk in the near future. >> marie: tomorrow, f.b.i. director christopher wray and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein are set to testify publicly before the house judiciary committee and field questions about the d.o.j. and f.b.i. action in runup to the 2016 election. and finding in the inspector general report. meanwhile, lindsey graham writing a letter to rosenstein demanding more information about the role that strozk and lisa page played in theussia probe. here is graham last night on the story. >> whatewow is the person in charge of the clinton e-mail investigation, mr. strozk and miss page were
9:40 am
in the tanks for clinton and hated trump. did the two people start an investigation against the trump campaign becse they had political bias? or was it bis on legitimate evidence? my question is what role did they play in the russia investigation? >> marie: so, josh, you are a veteran of the hill. and a lot of the action on the issue now has moved to congress. it's closed testimony today. we heard chairman goodlatte say he will be having open testimony soon. what is the role here that congress should be playing and having hearings? should they be open. should some be closed? how does congress play a helpful and not a partisan role? >> josh: i know the president would prefer if all of these were open and most of the american would, too, but there is a lot of classified information could come up. and safety first is the best way to handle this. i don't object to the fact that the initial testimony is given behind closed drs. but i think something significantnemy combatant of
9:41 am
-- something significant could come of it. we don't know how this influenced the clinton investigation or how it ultimately influenced the trump investigation in the russia collusion case. you can see where some of his testimony might be formative in what the ultimate conclusions here of this episode will be. >> marie: melissa, we talked out the fact that there is a closed hearing today. so each side will come out and talk about it in different ways. you have advocated for much more openness on this. let the american people get answers to the questions. and so eventually that what has to happen? >> melissa: i did hear a report there will be a transcript from this. i wonder how much of that we will be able to see or how much is redacted. we don't want them to disclose the sources and the methods but the things shown so far, before they said it was the sources and meths have been an embarrassment. i think it's just, it's been a frightening time for people in terms of what the f.b.i. and
9:42 am
the d.o.j. is willing to do. and the perception of it. we need the confidence in the organizations restored. peter strozk walking in, he looked exhausted. he is trying to smile. it seems like he has a story he wants to tell. i for one am interested in hearing it. >> harris: he said he wanted to talk. the situation reached insipidiary. >> melissa: there is the video of him going in. you can look and judge for yourself. >> harris: the situation reached an incendiary point and he said yeah, he wanted to be part of the conversation. i think if you take a look at the situation no matter which political party. if there is one that was leveraging -- i heard the word "weaponize" but definitely leveraging its power against another based on bias or based on just wanting to keep their own jobs no matter who is in the white house and keeping people in and out of the white
9:43 am
house. i still critically want to know what the plan was for peter strozk and lisa page to keep the president out of the white house. was at it wider plan? they mentioned the boss andrew mccabe, the former f.b.i. director. who at the agency knew about the plan? was it to lovers tryin to out-text each other and impression've other? >> what if that was it? >> harris: i don't know. i'm asking the question. was it any of these things? i think we need to know that. every political party since there is socialism in the room, too, with last night's win among the democratic party. with every -- we should be thirsty, hungry to know how you can leverage these agencies. >> josh: absolutely. >> harris: d.o.j. or the f.b.i. figure out what the punishment will be, the accountability will be once we find out whether or not that is truly what happened. but right now it's dirty. one thing for sure, a lot of stuff leaks. we don't know what we will find out. >> katie: to pick up on the point of wanting to know
9:44 am
everything. we are not talking about -- we were talking about peter strozk as the focus. but rod rosenstein will get a grilling, too, about how the justice department and congress opinion has not been forthcoming with information. he will be asked what he signed off on and what he did not sign off on and if he should recuse himself on a conflict of interest with the special counsel investigation considering he advocated or approved the firing of james comey. there are all kind of questions also for rod rosenstein who is now in charge of the investigation. >> harris: let's do breaking news right now. we knew this was coming together. fox news is working to confirm but so far tmz and the "associated press" and others are reporting that joe jackson has died. the patriarch of the jackson family, originally the jackson 5 passed away. there are sources that family
9:45 am
says he passed away at 3:30 this morning in los angeles. tmz broke the story that joe jackson was hospitalized this month with terminal cancer. his family has beenlocking to his bedside, since. that is tmz reporting. his wife been at his bedside as were some of the children and the grandchildren. we knew he had health problems. he was hospitalized in 2016 with a high fever but recently reports of cancer. and now the man, the father of arguably the most famous group of people in the world as musicians. you could go musician about musician who was the biggest star. but joe jackson has died, the patriarch of the family. more news as we get it. "outnumbered," you're watching it. back in a moment. let your inner light loose
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>> melissa: fox news alert. federal judge in california ordering migrant children to be reunited with the families in 30 days. that is a tall order given that 2,000 children are separated after illegally crossing the border. the justice department responding in part, "last night's court decision makes it even more imperative that congress finally act to give the federal law enforcement the ability to simultaneously enforce the law and keep
9:50 am
families together." this comes as the white house just minutes from now is expected to vote -- sorry. the house is expected to vote on a compromise immigration bill that is not likely to pass. but president trump this morning tweeting, "how republicans should pass the strong but fair immigration bill known as goodlatte two in their afternoon vote today. even though the democrats won't let it pass in the senate. passage will show we want strong borders and security and the dems want open borders, crime. win." chad pergram is live with the latest. what is the latest vote count there? >> they don't seem to have the notes. no one here is under any assumption that the peace of legislation will pass -- piece of legislation will pass. they have tried to massage the bill. they added e-verify provisions to confirm if they were eligible to been to to be.
9:51 am
>> they added agriculture but that gained some votes but lost others. this is the uphill struggle they face. the house is poised to ve in a half hour, 45 minutes from now. steve scalise, the majority whip, continues to try to get the votes but it's not looking good. let's listen. >> this bill is even stronger than the last bill at building the wall. front loading the money so president trump can have the money he needs to build the wall. close loopholes. reunite families. it does all of those things. we haven't been able to as the republicans to get agreement on how best to do this. that is where the divide is. >> consider this. the house of representatives is on the precipice of defeating a bill that would allot $25 billion and the cold, hard cash for the wall. that is extraordinary. what that does is it punts the debate until october. something else to look for on the vote on the bill that called last week, the so-called conservative bill. they got 193 yeas, more than
9:52 am
they thought they would get. see if it gets more or less the. what is next? we are told a bill could be coming and maybe not before the july 4th recess on narrow piece of legislation that deals with the child separation issue on the border. there is a bill in the house. the one to watch is one in the senate. an unusual couple working on this legislation the majority leader. dianne feinstein, the democrat from california and ted cruz the republican from texas. mitch mcconnell says if you get those two senators together on the piece of legislation considering their divergent views they should pass it on the child separation by the voice vote in the senate. >> melissa: thank you for the report. i'll bring it out to the couch. josh, win-win for republicans because if they have the vote and they lose, they are able to point to democrats and say you voted no on daca.
9:53 am
/member people screaming at pelosi that she voted no ondacan border security. if they pass the legislation, they say they won. if they loss they say democrats voted no. >> josh: recall for late january and february, the democrats had the same opportunity and they shut the government down over the debate. the party doe't want to do border security. not only do they not want a wall, they want the open borders altogether. abolish i.c.e. is the new cry of the democratic party. which is out of step where the vast majority of america is on this. if you want to fix daca issue or child separation issue, for democrats you can't even talk about the problem of illegal immigration. >> melissa: they say if you explain, you are losing.
9:54 am
but does the democrats explain voting no on daca? is that hard to defend for re-election? >> marie: the repubcan caucus cannot get enough votes because the hard right doesn't want dreamers to get a pass to citizenship. >> melissa: is that the argument the candidates make? >> marie: no, let's be honest why the legislation is not going to pass. i think democrats should look at it. if this is the one chance to fix daca and protect the dreamers, if this is it, and i fear it might be, i think we should take a long and hard look at it. >> melissa: they are not doing it. >> some are. the fact that dianne feinstein is worith ted cruz is ground breaking in d.c. last week the president tweeted let's not pass anything on immigration. today he says we should. >>issa: you can't blame in. if that is what you are going with -- >> marie: no but he has to give guidance to congress. he has conflicting arguments. >> melissa: it's not an
9:55 am
argument. >> marie: it's just a fact. >> katie: we have a flood of the border of people coming illegally. catch and police is back as a policy. there are no mechanismo prove parents rather than the strangers put them together with in mexico and shove them on the border and they use the childrs shields. this is myas there a reportn the "new york times" about the guy saying this is my kid and i have a passport in the u.s. because i know they will release me. that is the problem. yet we focus on a comprehensive daca bill when we have an emergency that continues to happen year after year. this is what capitol hill focused on. the problem is now. they could fix it withhe feinstein-cruz bill. they are ignoring it. there is an emergency going on. all we talk about the other distractions that could come later without solving the problem.
9:56 am
>> melissa: i don't know why everybody is stick of the establishment in washington. >> josh: i think they fix it. >> melissa: we will see. we hope so. all right. more "outnumbered" i a moment. we'll be right back.
9:57 am
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y'd when t guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. >> melissa: thank you, josh holmes, to be on the couch with us. >> josh: thank you. good to be here. >> melissa: are you coming back? >> josh: of course! >> marie: we'll fix immigration. >> melissa: we could sit
10:00 am
down and hammer this out. we could. >> katie: run for office. >> melissa: that's crazy talk. see you tomorrow at 12:00 noon ern. in the meantime, here is harris faulkner. >> harris: the democrats primary shocker as the president continues to rack up the victories. let's goutnbered overtime." i'm harris faulkne s begin with the political earthquake in new york. joe crowley, widely thought as the future speaker of the house if they took it back, and defeated and lost by double digits to the woman on the right of the screen. 28-year-old alexandria ocasio-cortez. a self-described socialist who worked for bernie sanders. the newcomer on why she ran and why she believes the message resed. watch. >> i knew in o


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