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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 28, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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he landed safely but not before shutting down traffic in both lanes two hours. charges with delaying a police officer. jillian: don't you need a permit to shut down a highway like that. >> he did it. jillian: have a good day. rob: see you later. >> the retirement of supreme court justice anthony m. kennedy will have enormous consequences. >> i'm very honored that he chose to do it during my term in office because he felt confident in me to make the right choice and carry on his great legacy. >our republican colleagues in the senate should follow the rule they set in 2016 not to consider a supreme court justice in an election year. >> i'm honored to even be considered. this, of course, is the president's choice. >> bill aimed at fixing the border crisis could come to the senate floor as early as today. this after the house failed to pass a compromise bill. disgraced fbi agent who texted to stop president trump's election was grilled
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for hours on capitol hill by lawmakers. >> they keep talking about this blue wave. their blue way is really sputtering really badly. the red wave is happening. ♪ ainsley: we begin with a fox news alert. a supreme court stunner. president trump now narrowing down his list of potential replacements for justice anthony kennedy. >> yep. he is working on that list and checking it twice. it will be his second supreme court nominee in less than two years. steve: this could be the most pivotal moment in president trump's administration some say. good morning, everybody. welcome to "fox & friends" for this very special thursday. we are in new york and griff jenkins is live not too far from the supreme court in our d.c. bureau. griff, where do the cards lay right now? >> good morning, guys. it's going to be a big day and, of course, justice kennedy was known as the swing vote in the deciding factor in just the last 24 hours on 5-4 rulings on the travel ban and public sector
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unions. at times he was champion of abortion rights and same sex marriage. justice kennedy expressed his profound gratitude for having had the privilege to see in each case how best to know, interpret and defend the constitution and the laws that must always conform to its mandates and promises. now, president trump has a real opportunity to truly shape the ideological balance of the high court. >> justice kennedy's retirement makes the issue of senate control one of the vital issues of our time. the most important thing we can do. democrats want judges who are rewrite the constitution any way they want to do it. >> expect the president to nominate a constitutional conservative likely similar to his first pick neil gorsuch. in the short list, well, it's not so short. 25 names you see there. including finalists from last time william pryor and
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thomas hardiman and mic lee. some are being touted at frontrunner judges bret cavanaugh and amy barrett. senator mitch mcconnell says he want to vote to confirm them this fall and setting up the stage guys for a very, very contentious battle. brian: you think so? we finally get some tension in washington for a change it will be good just to diffuse things. ainsley: his brother is also on the list two. lees are on the list. steve: holy cow. meanwhile we have got as you can see right there judge andrew napolitano strategic analyst. brian: supposed to be on vacation. brian: the way the cards fall. steve: the republican does have a one vote majority in the senate. john mccain is out. up on comil capitol hill, they are going why don't we follow the biden rule because it's an election year wait until after the election. didn't that only apply to presidential election year? >> yes. it did only apply presidential elections. and these rules are just
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precedence. they are not rules. basically what the parties in power decided to do at the time. steve: right. judge: but, what mitch mcconnell did thought holding a hearing, talking about this before on judge garland, he has, whoever the majority leader, has that absolute power not to hold the hearing. he also has the absolute power to hold the hearing, which, of course, he said yesterday in defiance of chuck schumer that he will do. i have to tell you that i believe the issue will be abortion. because justice kennedy even though he is a daily mass attending, daily roman catholic was pro--is pro-choice. and everybody on that list, griff just put the screen up, 25. every single person on that list is pro-life. the democrats will see -- this is the potential demise of rofd.
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roe v. wade. tonight change a decision just because of an election. the democrats will perceive it that way. they have two allies amongst the republicans who are fiercely pro-choice. senator lisa murkowski and senator susan collins. brian: can't lose either. judge: can't lose either unless you pick off somebody like senator mccaskill who is running for reflection because of a very catholic state, missouri, or john tester or heidi heitcamp or somebody like that. steve: before the election. judge the vote will definitely be before the election. the vote on the candidate, the nominee. brian: let me test your memory a little bit. did ronald reagan know and did the world know what anthony kennedy, how he felt about abortion? judge: no. and he didn't know it about sandra day o'connor either. the pro-life people are harshly critical of their hero, ronald reagan for picturing two people who
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single-handedly saved roe v. wade in a case called casey vs. planned parenthood which they and justice david souter wrote a very unique and bizarre opinion called the joint opinion. it wasn't signed by any of the three of them. they wrote it in justice o'connor's living room. a lot of crazy antidotal stories about it. it saved abortion. scalia and company thought they the votes to overturn roe v. wade. ainsley: the president says he is definitely picking someone from that list of 25. judge: darn it. ainsley: i actually thought that yesterday. i looked to see if your name was up there. what can you tell us? judge: judge hardiman is a very, very good friend, ally and protege of the president's sister. they sat on the united states court of appeals for the third circuit where justice alito sat when he was on the bench. steve: wasn't he the runner-up last time? >> judge caven bret
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cavanaugh our gure ryu leading candidate is a former clerk of justice kennedy is fiercely pro-life. very traditionalist. steve: two women as well on the list. >> judge amy coney barrett. notre dame person, brian. not only put on the court of appeals for the seventh circuit of chicago. she was add personally and publicly by the president to the list just two months ago. judge amull that par thapar. justice joan larsen. the president put her there from the 7th circuit of michigan. just add her to the list. judge ray kethebge as well. he has a team of people inside the white house and outside the white house combing through everything these people have said. not only in their additional
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opinions but in their public speeches that will help him narrow it to three or four. the president will personally interview the three or four alone. one-on-one, and from that choose the person. brian: right or wrong, a lookout of it will have to do about their background and how they ruled on different cases and how controversial those cases were. even with judge gorsuch they were zeroing in on one or two cases and making him seem like a zealot. judge: there are a lot of sleeper issues that mean a big deal to those of us who watch that that sort of escape the attention of the public. and the democratic staff of the senate judiciary committee is aware of those issues. i assure you they are combing judicial opinions as well. brian: if you are 60 you are out. he wants someone 40 years. judge: did you have to say that. brian: i want someone going to be there 40 years. judge: talking about someone in there 40's or 30's.
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ainsley: politico reporter was recording at the dnc committee conference, their reaction when they learned that he was stepping down or he was going to retire. they knew our president was going to appoints a republican or a conservative. this was their reaction. listen to this. >> justice anthony kennedy has just announced that he's retiring. oh. all the more reason, yes, he just announced. this oh. >> oh, my god. not that he has done us any good on these recent decisions, but he was the one that was usually persuadable. >> this is not good news. judge: when justice scalia joined the court, justice o'connor became the swing vote. when justice o'connor retired, justice kennedy became the swing vote. do you see a pattern? steve: yep. judge: the least conservative of the conservative block moves over to become the swing vote. who do i believe will be the swing vote when this new
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nominee, whenever he or she is confirmed? the chief justice who has great relationships even some ideological alliances. he saved obamacare. he, as you know i would have, joined with the four liberals and requiring police to get search warrants before they can go into cell phones. but, let me tell you, we have never had in the modern era a chief justice who is the swing vote that will make him the most powerful chief justice since earl warren in the eisenhower years. brian: judge, how old is ginsburg. judge: 84. brian: how old is briar. >> 82. if president trump gets another four years. >> he have five nominees, which is the most that any president in the modern era. when he and i spoke which this is a while ago now. who got the most influence on the court. george washington who appointed the entire first court. nixon and fdr? why? they each appoint five. fdr had far more because he was more concerned with the
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ideological purity of the people he appointed. i said to him, mr. president, you might have five. just the way biology and time effects history. ainsley: if they wanted to overturn roe v. wade, i doubt that would happen, right? if they wanted to, how would they bring that back and do it again? >> i don't know that the chief justice, catholic though he is, pro-life though he is, will want to do this. he is of the view that -- public opinion, even elections. elections are important and make a difference. that's why donald trump is there. they have consequences. ainsley: a lot of christians voted for him for this reason. judge: correct. chief justice of the view when law so long people have planned their lives on it that a single election shouldn't change it but to go to your question, it f. it is invalidated. that would leave it up to the states. abortion, which is lawful up to the moment of birth in new jersey, regrettably will stay the way it is in new jersey. unlawful in new york and
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pennsylvania. picks the way to go. steve: so many things to think about. gigantic decision on the president's shoulders. judge, you are coming back in two hours. study up. judge: i will see if i can study up on it hold myself out lower than 60. brian: what's on your mind. judge: good morning. don't you look fabulous with that thing on your neck. jillian: it's all one piece. we got new information in the last 15 minutes, guys. let's start with a fox news alert. we just learned helsinki summit will be the site of the summit between president trump and vladimir putin. a date will be announced later today. national security advisor john bolton striking a deal for a summit after meeting with the russian president in moscow. it will take several weeks to prepare. a bill aimed at fixing the border crisis could come to the senate floor as early as today it would reinforce the president's executive order ending illegal families from
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being separated and add more than 200 immigration judges. , this as homeland security formally asks the pentagon to help 4,000 more migrant family members bringing the total to 32,000. the first lady heads back to the southern border to visit immigration centers. that's a look at your headlines. second it back to you. steve: anything else about what she is wearing? judge: nope. steve: washington still reeling after joe crowley's shocking election loss here in new york. the media calling it democrats eric cantor moment. the guy who beat eric cantor david bureaucrat is going to join brian live next. brian: remember this commercial? >> hello. >> what's up. >> what's up. brian: guess what. it's back. ♪ why can't we be friends ♪ why can't we be friends
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brian: stunning victory for cortez who beat joe crowley. the fourth most powerful in the house. many are comparing it to another shocking race when democrats had their eric cantor moment. and when they talk about eric cantor moment, they
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have to talk about dave bureaucrat. this economics professor beat eric cantor. let's talk to dave bureaucrat now and find out how did it and does it remind you of his race. do you see similarities between the twoup sets? >> yeah. there were several. she had good energy. she had her base with her. she ran and pledged to run against the swamp. i'm not going to take money she is the underdog. people like the underdog. all of that is similar. she said i'm not going to take d.c. money. she a socialist. she wants the swamp to take over every component of your life. that's obviously the difference with us. i don't think she stands in the jfk wing of the democrat party. and so when i ran, i ran on the republican platform american people were sick of us making promises and not coming through on them. the left are out of the box. >> they are going way off, bernie, socialist progressive, identity politics. yelling at people. i don't think people want to
3:19 am
see that so that's -- but in new york, i don't know that particular district. brian: 121 as we switch to your workplace yesterday. 121 votes for the immigration bill. the goodlatte bill. the so-called compromise bill. 301 against. what an embarrassment. republicans couldn't get half of republicans to vote for a republican bill. what are you guys doing? >> yeah, we went out of order. the goodlatte bill is the stronger bill. i voted for a week ago. that has all the components. right? , everify, ends chain migration, et cetera. this one weakened all four of trump's pillars weakened the goodlatte bill. if you had 2 million amnesty in that bill yesterday, when people go back home to their districts i don't think they wanted to have to explain that. the real issue with the 2 million the only 700,000 the daca kids have biometric cards so can you process that quickly. the other 2 million that will take years to unwind with paperwork coming from guatemala, honduras and take
3:20 am
all the resources of the folks that are supposed to be doing border patrol and we won't have that right? there will be another surge and right back to where we started. that went down in flames. we have got to get serious and do a real bill again. we have got to get democrats on board. the press doesn't ask the democrats what's your position. they just run and hide under their desks up here. brian: get democrats involved and pressure you guys to do something and the democrats all sat on their hands and we will see what you guys do today. congressman dave brad. always great to have you. thank you so much. >> thank you. have a great day. brian: phone ridging off the hook. straight ahead justice kennedy retiring is not the only news. public workers can't be forced to pay union dues. the man who brought that case to court will join us live next. and, guess who is back. 45. president barack obama ready to return to the spotlight. excuse me, 44.
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ainsley: quick headlines for you. starting with a fox news alert. several people are dead after a fiery plane crash in mumbai. the jet slamming into a building and bursting into flames in india's financial and entertainment capital. two people on the ground were killed. terrorists left four people dead will spend 20 years in prison. sentenced for terrorism and other charges. in 2012 he directed extremist group to hit the compound. christopher stevens and three other americans were killed. steve?
3:25 am
steve: thanks, ainsley. a fox news alert. justice kennedy's decision below a blow to labor. public employees cannot be forced to pay union labor fees if they don't want to. a major victory for our next guest. and illinois state employee who says being forced to hand over a weekly portion of his paycheck is a violation of his constitutional rights. joining us right now is the plaintiffs in that case mark janice along with his attorney jacob huber they are joining -- it looks like they are at the lincoln memorial where actually they are in our bureau where actually there is some drilling going on. gentlemen, thank you for joining us today. >> good morning. >> good morning. steve: mark, let's start with you why did you want to sue. >> there were so many aspects of the union that i just did not agree with when it came to their politics and also when it came to their policy and some of the collective bargaining efforts that they were trying to accomplish. steve: are you antiunion? >> no, absolutely not.
3:26 am
if people want to voluntarily join a union and they want to voluntarily pay the dues, i think it's good for that individual and that union, why should i, as a condition of employment be forced to pay a fee in order to just work in a public sector area? steve: yeah, mark, that's the way they have been doing it for decades. >> it doesn't nestle mean it's right. steve: you are right about that. jacob, what about this particular case do you think appealed to the supreme court with the 5-4 verdict that they would say, you know what? we shouldn't have to force people to do something they don't want to do? >> well, they started recognizing in a couple of other decisions over the past decade that this is a strange thing where this one kind of group can force people to give it money for political advocacy. there is no other group really except the government that can force people to give it money like that. this was a strange situation that's contrary to first amendment values and the
3:27 am
court signaled in years past that it was ready to correct that and that it finally took that step yesterday. steve: mark, this wasn't a political decision for you. it's really about your first amendment rights, right? >> oh, absolutely. you know, the first amendment is a contract with the people of the united states. and it says that i have the right of freedom of association. and, unfortunately, with these agency fees and the way it was set up in illinois and also many other states, there is 22 across the country, you know, we don't have that right. we are forced into this whether we want to be or not. nobody asks. the fee just started coming out of my paycheck and nobody said anything about it other than boom, it's there. steve: sure. one of the things is for a lot of the union members the money goes from their paycheck into the covers of thcoffers ofthe union and often, mark, they support candidates it's money out of your pocket you don't particularly line up behind
3:28 am
them. >> well, that's correct. but, also, we did try to get an accounting and we tried to get some information, but, you know, it was so vague and so nebulous and this it was hard to understanding where my money was actually going. and that's one of the problems i had. if there was a good accounting of it, you know, it may have been a little bit better. but it just never occurred. steve: sure. jacob, final question. they are suggesting that perhaps some teacher's unions could lose up to a third of their members and a third of their money as well. going forward, what's the immediate impact going to be for union members across the country? >> it really depends on how workers choose to exercise their freedom. i think in some places workers will probably like their union and lots of them will join and the unions won't lose much money. but many maybe in other places where unions are taken the workers money for granted and haven't been very supportive. people will opt out a lot. we will see it depends on the choices people make now that they are free to make them. steve: mark, it's been a
3:29 am
long fight. worth it. >> yes, definitely. there is approximately 5 million of us in 22 states across the country that this is going to effect. and it's just the fact that we want the choice to say yes as much as the choice to say no. and just kind of trying to make a little more even and understandable that we do have a choice for workers. this is for workers. and that's the bottom line here. and i also want to say that it's also only the public sector. this does not effect the private unions at all. strictly public sector unions. steve: as you did mention, it does impact 5 million coast to coast. mark janus and jacob huber, we thank you for joining the d.c. bureau. where suddenly it's quiet. perhaps somebody is on coffee break: disgraced fbi agent peter strzok testified behind closed doors yesterday for 11 hours. congress says they barely got any answers. some republicans did. so next time he talks, it
3:30 am
could be publicly. law professor jonathan turley is here with reaction coming up next. and there is a big debate tonight between the top republican candidates for governor in florida. what do voters want to hear? abby huntsman is having breakfast with friends in orlando. she's coming up. ♪ ♪ but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine. this is what they'll remember. we know the great outdoors. we love the great outdoors.
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ainsley: president trump says the search for his replacement starts immediately. what are the big issues that could be decided by the next supreme court justice. brian: here with insight law professor at george washington school of law himself, the most overworked man in television but loving every minute of it, jonathan turley. welcome, professor. >> thank you. we thought it was either going to come yesterday or here in june. or in the fall what does
3:34 am
this mean now and do you understand why so many democrats seem to be anxiety-riddled. >> i do. the timing could not be better for the white house. quite frankly, without the filibuster rule the democrats are at risk of being in a position of a pedestrian watching this conversation unfold it will be a very close vote likely. unless there are defection from republican senators. brian: what do you mean? >> well, many people thought, i'm talking about for the democrats to block this nomination. it only take as slightly more conservative nominee to produce cascading effects across about six areas of law the kennedy legacy is immense. but it's also quite vulnerable. it hangs by a single vote, his own. so most of his most famous cases are 5-4 decisions.
3:35 am
it does not take. of a move to the right to undo many of those cases if the nominee feels that they are not supportable. i think what you are going to see is a very determined democratic opposition to a conservative nominee. i'm not too sure that will be successful. the one thing about this president that you have to give him is that he has fulfilled his promises, more than any president in my lifetime. can you disagree with his promises. brian: nothing is new. he said it. >> yeah. this was the biggest promise of all. he promised to move that court to the right and we all understood he was talking about kennedy's seat. ainsley: you talked about the 5-4 decision. one of those was against the unions charging fair share fees that steve was talking about for the last guest. travel ban. he also ruled that banning same sex marriage was unconstitutional. media up in arms about abortion. will abortion become illegal? we had judge napolitano
3:36 am
saying no it won't happen but then it will just be up to states, every state would be able to decide. so it wouldn't be a federal decision. what are some of the big issues that are facing the supreme court in the next year or so? >> one of the most important things to keep in mind about cases like roe v. wade, is even though a more stable, conservative majority might emerge, people like john roberts are institutionalists. they tend not to want to see sweeping changes in cases like that. what you are more likely to see is roe v. wade undermined. it can effectively be negated by a thousand paper cuts along the edges. i have no question at all that pro-life advocacy groups are preparing challenges as we speak to move into the pipeline to chip away at the edges. he was also the fifth vote on things like detainee rights. he was the fifth vote on death penalty cases.
3:37 am
all of those are likely to be moved aggressively by the respective advocacy groups. that single vote is going to be gone. and all of those cases are now sort of a jump ball for the new majority. steve: and suddenly people in both political parties are energized to do something about it. we got to ask you though, jonathan, about the big closed door meeting hearing yesterday up on capitol hill. peter strzok, half of the love birds from the fbi. he appeared, apparently didn't get immunity. he testified for 11 hours in two different sessions. and, you know, the lawmakers have been tight-lipped so far about what he said. but, congressman bob goodlatte of virginia had something to say that got us thinking this morning and would he wanted to ask you about it. listen to this. >> he has answered many questions regarding the hateful nature of many, many, many texts that he
3:38 am
exchanged with lisa page. and in doing so, his answers to his explanation for those questions about that hateful attitude are not believable. steve: jonathan, here's the thing. apparently in the room with mr. strzok was an fbi lawyer. and the fbi lawyer repeatedly, when congressman would ask questions would say he doesn't have to answer that. he is not going to answer that one right there. why would the fbi or department of justice send an fbi lawyer in there to stop the fbi guy from saying what he wants to say? >> well, that's a very good question. the fbi has thought been particularly cooperative on a number of respects. first of all, they did redact a lot of information that was not deafd. that appears to have been removed solely to prevent the embarrassment of contradiction. and, time and time again. we have seen them act in this fashion to not necessarily obstruct but certainly not to make things
3:39 am
easy for these committees. in many ways the committee is in the same position as the ig. the ig said that he can't determine or he can't say conclusively that decisions were made out of political bias because nobody said that. nobody confessed to them. there was no email saying let's derail this investigation. but, that accident mean there isn't a political bias. so no one is surprised that strzok went in and said look, i don't like the guy. i didn't want him to be president. but it didn't effect my judgment. it's going to be left to the rest of to us determine how credible it is. brian: the thing that stands out he says i was uni was uneequivocal. >> it was not me, i want to say on the record. brian: remove turley from the list. >> i'm the last unindicted lawyer in washington. i want to say it that way.
3:40 am
steve: congratulations. ainsley: thank you so much. good to see you. hand it to over to jillian for headlines. jillian: a woman's march organizers calling for a day of unrest today over immigration. this is a live look at capitol hill where the group will convene in a few hours. organizers saying quote we will put our bodies on the line to demand an end to this administration's zero tolerance policy that automatically criminalizes undocumented immigrants and tears families apart. the group asking marchers to risk arrest, even starting a bail fund. today former president barack obama will headline first dnc fundraiser of 2018. tickets for the high rolling gala dinner start at $2,700 per person. new poll democrats topic to unseat president donald trump in 2020. no new faces here. joe biden, hillary clinton, and bernie sanders rounding out the top three in the harvard survey. remember this iconic budweiser commercial?
3:41 am
>> what's up. >> what's up. >> wha what's up. >> making a come back 18 years later with a new partnership. >> whassup >> whassup >> whassup >> burger king teaming one budweiser to new you will will sand wish loaded with bacon. steve: is there beer involved? brian: has that been done before? are you selling beer in burger king one ad? ainsley: i think it was the budweiser commercial from the 90's and now burger king is using it to sell this burger. ainsley: spending so much time trying to figure out beer and burgers. brian: wouldn't that be a good idea to sell two products in one 30 second
3:42 am
spot? steve: maybe. we would prefer it because we are in the tv business to sell two different commercials. ainsley: then they could split the price. steve: it's back whassup. ainsley: adam klotz. adam: i think they are cooking the bacon in the beer. >> whassup. >> i'm not going to do it. severe weather sweeping the plains. now running up along the east coast. new england seeing heavy showers this morning. nownel of this is going to reach severe weather. bigger story across the country is heat piling up today for the next couple of days. these are heat watches, warnings, advisories, stretching all the way down into the south across the plain states up into the midwest, all spots are going to be seeing this extreme heat. how hot is it going to get. spots where the feels like temperature getting up to 110 degrees today. incredibly hot out there. steve: the red zone.
3:43 am
thank you very much, adam. ainsley: big debate between the republican candidates in florida. what do the voters want to hear? abby is having breakfast with our friends down in orlando next. brian: legendary golfer greg norman like have you never seen before. is he in good shape. he is in the body issue of "sports illustrated." there he is. steve: oh my goodness. brian: back in a moment.
3:44 am
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if you have severe pain in your stomach area. tell your doctor your medical history. gallbladder problems have happened in some people. tell your doctor right away if you get symptoms. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, indigestion, and constipation. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. change the course of your treatment. ask your doctor about victoza®. steve: tonight on fox news channel the two republican candidates in the florida governor race are going to face off in their first debate in a race seen as a particularly crucial one this election season. ainsley: what do the voters think "fox & friends weekend" co-host abby huntsman talking to them live down at the village inn in lorld. hey, abby. abby: there is a lot of house talk about. we at the village inn, the owner of the restaurant paul
3:47 am
walker is with us. we have wade, patsy and ira. we have been talking about politics all morning. we are here because there is a big debate tonight martha and breath will be hosting that ronal adam putnam and ron desantis. putnam in the lead but you are in favor of desantis. >> i like what he has been doing [inaudible] abby: you like how is he fighting back? >> i do. i do. what they are trying to discover, what they are trying to get. what the fbi by not revealing the records is a shame. it needs to come to an end. abby: i'm here with three wrestlers, wade, i hear you are the real deal. the real wrestler in this group. i will bring it to you now. the supreme court, the big decision yesterday. not the decision but the aannouncement justice kennedy retiring. what do you think this means and what do you hope the president looks for in his neck pick. >> i would like to thank supreme court kennedy for
3:48 am
all his service and his years. and time he goes spends some time with his grand children. but it's an opportunity for the republicans, for the conservative party to represent -- to get another person in there gorsuch was wonderful. i'm sure president trump will do an excellent job in selecting the next supreme court justice. steve: you want constitutionalist. >> absolutely. abby: one of your good buddies ira is on the other side of the political aisle. is he a democrat. this is a big moment for the country. are you nervous what this means for the supreme court that the president has made it clear is he going to pick likely a true conservative. >> not nervous at all there will be more elections and over time things will straighten themselves out. you never know which way the justices will rule when they get down to examining the law and the constitution. they look at past decisions and they usually come up with the right answer. if they don't, another
3:49 am
supreme court down the road will straighten it out. abby: how do you and wade talk about politics? it's such a divisive time right now sheems like people can't come across the table together and talk politics how do you do it? >> i was a referee a lot longer than he was so i make the decision. >> we have a great time. we have to do that in america. we have to be civil. we are on two completely opposite sides of the spectrum. we respect each other. we have these conversations. in america we have to do this. we're in a global super bowl, you know. in america and america is a group. it's a family. it's a team. we have to compete against the rest of the world. and to have the linemen not blocking for the quarterback on the same team, that doesn't help anybody. we have to have civil discourse and hopefully we can do more of that because i'm afraid out country is going the wrong direction and it's scary. abby: it's good advice. we all need to hear that this morning. steve, brian, ainsley, we
3:50 am
are talking civilly here at the village inn we will be doing that all morning long. brian: that's the only way abby would have it. steve: we will be checking in all morning long down in orlando. the big show tonight is at 6:30 with martha and also bret baier. brian: right, they will be next to each other instead of right behind her, i think. one of the top democrats in congress just lost his job. nancy pelosi ain't worried. >> the democratic party is increasing younger, more female, my diverse. >> i'm female, i'm progressive. let's not let yourself get carried away. brian: okay. she is just getting started. steve: greg norman like have you never seen him before. is he here live with some clothes on, we hope. brian: probably his clothes ♪ hey now ♪ hey now ♪ ♪
3:51 am
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3:54 am
♪ brian: after a hall of fame career winning 90 tournaments and two british opens. raffle norman may have you stepped away from the game but never stopped. steve: 63-year-old is showing off his body in the issue highlighting some of the world's greatest athletes and is he one of them. ainsley: here with us is the legend himself golfer greg norman. >> why are we blocking out half the photograph. ainsley: did you have something over you were you comfortable in doing that. >> some asked me if i was wearing a certain piece of item. no, they ask you to be. ainsley: you are fine with that. steve: you are just naked. >> just pure naked. ainsley: you worked this hard for what you have you might as well show it off. >> exactly. the most interesting part was when they asked me to do a full swing. that was the most interesting part.
3:55 am
steve: what has your. brian: got to worry about your follow through. >> the reaction has been phenomenal quite honestly. i didn't expect it. it was a great honor. they asked me six or seven months ago through my office. when i said yes, i thought about, you know, i'm not going to do anything different. i'm not going to change my lifestyle. work out anything different. this is who i am. if i can make it through this i will be doing fine. it's been really fine. brian: how much is genetics and how much is all out every day effort to stay fit. >> the older you get the more disciplined. if i don't stay committed to doing two hours five days a week late in the afternoon. i'm a 4 to 6 guy p.m. if you have a tendency of drifting off and drift guilty off, it's hard to get back into it have you really. ainsley: you do two hours five days a week? >> between cardio. steve: i follow you on instagram you are always working out. >> i am, indeed. steve: because you are a businessman, every time have you been on the last couple of years we always ask you about politics. because you were in the golf business like the current president of the united states, how is he doing
3:56 am
right now? >> look, all i can tell you is when i travel the world like to vietnam and middle east and to australia and even to central america and places like that, people say welcome back, america. i mean, i used to go there in the previous administrations time and everybody would say what is wrong with america? we are seeing a big difference that i see from a global, economic upturn. steve: because of trump. >> i would say. so because he has removed so many legislative. steve: red tape. >> shackles that were put on this country. now why are starting to see money flow back into this country. see money coming back into the country. brian: real quickly are you worried about trade and what's going on right now because you are international. >> i am. i think he is on the right path. quite honestly. america from what i have seen and heard and read and what you report on all the time i think it should be reciprocal trade. why not? when did you go to a business meeting like i'm going right from here, did you go to a business meeting. when you get up from that table, everybody has got to feel like they got up from the table equal.
3:57 am
ainsley: part of deal. >> i think is he doing a great job. ainsley: congratulations. brian: on your body. >> thank you. steve: thank you, shark. ainsley: look at the lineup coming up. stay with us. brian: that's them. e lets you trade select securities 24 hours a day, five days a week. that's amazing. it's a pretty big deal. so i can trade all night long? ♪ ♪ all night long... is that lionel richie? let's reopen the market. mr. richie, would you ring the 24/5 bell? sure can, jim. ♪ trade 24/5, with td ameritrade. ♪
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4:00 am
ainsley: president trump now narrowing down his list of potential replacements for justice anthony kennedy. >> we have to pick one that's going to be there for 40 years, 45 years. we need intellect. we need so many things. >> a team of people inside the white house and outside the white house combing through everything these people have said. that will help him narrow it to three or four. >> i'm honored to even be considered. this, of course, is the president's choice. >> we have just learned that helsinki finland will be the site of the summit between president trump and vladimir putin. steve: peter strzok testified behind closed doors. congress says they barely got any answers. >> no one is surprised that strzok went in and said look, i don't like the guy. i didn't want him to be
4:01 am
president. but it didn't effect my judgment. >> they keep talking about this blue wave. their blue wave is really sputtering pretty badly, the red wave is happening. ♪ i was born free ♪ i was born free ♪ steve: kind of a soggy start to this thursday. ainsley: raining out there today. brian: if you have a moon roof, close it up. steve: indeed. if you are in the biosphere good place to be. ainsley: or a convertible or a jeep with a soft top. brian: we should have a logo or some type of graphic. if it's raining close the top. steve: thank you for joining us. we have a lot of news to talk about. first up, of course, the electrifying news out of our nation's capital. justice anthony kennedy who served on the federal bench the last 40 years, the last 30 as the u.s. supreme court's unpredictable swing vote announced yesterday he is retiring on july the
4:02 am
31st. and he is actually, probably doing donald trump a favor by giving him the opportunity to nominate his choice. mitch mcconnell says he will try to get somebody through there before the election. steve. ainsley: he is 81 years old. he sent a letter to the white house saying he is going to retirement of the president has to fill his supreme court seat. nominate someone. that goes to the senate, and the senate will vote. this will be the second person that the president put on the supreme court. the first one is neil gorsuch. brian: two impactful decisions that this administration feels good about one of which is this public sector union saying have you go-to-join, you have to pay. that was reversed by the court and the president got his travel ban upheld he felt good about that. in route to north dakota to give an hour plus speech for a senate candidate he hopes can get in for heidi heitkamp who is a democrat. he gets this news. if you are the president of the united states, you have got to feel good about where you are at as opposed to last week with the controversial move on immigration. and he weaved that into his
4:03 am
speech. listen. >> justice anthony kennedy, a very special guy, also just announced a little while ago his retirement from the united states supreme court. court. [cheers] >> great man. i'm very honored that he chose to do it during my term in office because he felt confident in me to make the right choice and carry on his great legacy. we have to pick a great one. we have to pick one that's going to be there for 40 years, 45 years. we need intellect. we need so many things. steve: is he looking for somebody who could certain on the bench over 40 years. look, this has been pretty much an open secret in washington. i flew down to washington not long ago he was sitting across the way from me. i said is this your last season are you retiring? he goes i'm 81.
4:04 am
ainsley: three now in their 80's? so i know the evangelicals were going to the polls to vote. this was one of the main reasons that they voted for president trump because he had the power to nominate these justices that were going to be conservative. brian: also add to that when referenced jeffers was on last night with shannon, he said, listen, we know about the president's personal behavior and all those things. we wanted him to do certain things and that's why we support him. he has done everything. this is the main reason we supported him. mr. president, don't stop now when it comes to picking a justice. ainsley: as far as the picking process, he has a list of 25 people. he said he is going to decide soon. it's going to be pretty immediate. someone on that list he said is definitely going to be selected. mitch mcconnell said they will vote this fall in the senate. we had judge napolitano on earlier this morning breaking down the process the president will use to decide who he is going to pick. listen.
4:05 am
>> he has a team of people inside the white house and outside of the white house. combing through everything these people have said not only in their judicial opinions but in their public speeches. that will help him narrow it to three or four. the president will personally interview the three or four alone. one-on-one. and from that choose the person. steve: okay. so of the list. on that list of 25, which was assembled by leonard leo, a member of the federalist society, who is currently absent from that he has taken a leave of absence to work with the president, there is a short list that has been circulated. we have gotten. so names. thomas hardiman of pennsylvania he was pretty much the runner-up last time. so he would be a choice of the president. and. ainsley: and then we have breath cavanaugh of maryland, and amy kony ba barrett.
4:06 am
brian: amulthapar and joan larsen and raymond kethledge. i want to warn the viewers cher is not happy. you must call your senators in congress and tell them to fight tooth and nail. democratic congress and senate should have no meetings with trump's nominees. steve: thanks, cher. brian: bad news, it's not going to stop anything u. steve: this is going to show you, it's a good. ainsley: great one. steve: this is what it says in the "new york post." holding court. trump tightens grip on the supremes. this the daily news. we are. ainsley: totally inappropriate. many last night saying they are worried about abortion. abortion could become illegal. they could overturn roe v. wade. steve: that and many other issues. brian: same sex marriage.
4:07 am
steve: for instance, a number of democrats, i was reading in one the papers today. i think it was the "new york times" said they are devastated is he calling it quits. is he 81. he wants to retire. and they are panicking. brian: keep in mind he was appointed by ronald reagan. justice scalia was appointed by ronald's reagan, too. but these are conservative judges. you didn't lose ginsburg or breyer. that would have upset the balance. steve: speaking of upset. brian: merrick garland would have upset the balance he would have replaced scalia. i got my vcr out last night. i didn't have a blank tape but i had one i just recorded over so watch. ainsley: there might be sports in the middle of this? >> elections have consequences. and today those consequences are becoming clear. roe v. wade is doomed. it is gone because donald trump won the election and because is he going to have the chance -- and because he is going to have the chance to appoint two supreme court
4:08 am
justices. >> it's time for democrats to throw down. and what i mean by that is we have been playing by the rule book and donald trump and republicans have been playing by street rules. we need to play by street rules. >> don't allow a vote on this. don't have a hearing. don't have a meeting. don't let anything go forward. don't play ball with this decision. ainsley: recorded over his child's christmas in 1988. that was worth it. brian: bush was in office. steve: you get the idea people on the left are really fired up. then again can you blame chuck schumer for filibustering neil gorsuch. he wasn't really going to tilt the balance the ideological balances that next one okay that's firing up the base on the left. meanwhile, on the right, the president of the united states went to fargo last night to fire up his base and right now he has got a new target. and her name is maxine waters. >> vote for any democrat in november is a vote for
4:09 am
schumer, pelosi, and maxine. please keep maxine waters on the air as your face and your mouthpiece for the democrat party. please. i mean, she practically was telling people the other day to assault -- can you imagine if i said the things she said? can you imagine, seriously if i said that or somebody else said that? horrible what she said. brian: show got into it with jeb hensarling the congressman from texas. they went back on it it's the president's fault he said this when he was a candidate. the bottom line is i love what chris coons has said i like what schumer has said. we are have got to knock this off. i love the new york restaurant that put up a sign. sarah huckabee sanders you are welcome in my restaurant. that's got to be the new attitude. hopefully the worst was last week. steve: hope.
4:10 am
so. ainsley: we know when someone says something about the president though is he going to fight back. is he going to say something. we knew watching that rally he was going to say something about maxine and he did. steve: it is 7:10 now in new york city. jillian joins us with some news about helsinki? jillian: that's right. let's begin with this fox news alert. president trump and vladimir putin will hold their summit in helsinki finland. a source telling fox news that a date will be announced later today. national security advisor john bolton striking a deal for a summit after meeting with the russian president in moscow. it will take several weeks to prepare. a bill aimed at fixing the border crisis could come to the senate floor as early as today it would reinforce the president's executive order ending illegal families from being separated and add more than 200 immigration judges. this, as homeland security formally asks the pentagon to help 12,000 more migrant family members bringing the total to 32,000. meantime, the first lady heads back to the southern border today to visit immigration centers.
4:11 am
president trump is waking up in wisconsin this morning. he will start his day at a fundraising event for republicans in milwaukee. this afternoon, he will witness a ground breaking of a new foxconn electronics factory. the company's 10 billion-dollar project will produce flat screens and expected to create 13,000 jobs in the state. and larry kudlow is back to work after suffering a mild heart attack. the director ever the national economic council talking to fox business in his first interview since the emergency. >> i feel great, great to be back, you know, to quote one of my heroes, mark tywain, rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated. jillian: larry kudlow spent nearly three weeks recovering before heading back to the white house. those are look at your headlines. steve: glad he is better. ainsley: thank you. brian: meanwhile, senator mic lee is on the president's list for supreme court nominee. ainsley: so is his brother. brian: does he want the job.
4:12 am
we'll ask him next. now i will interrupts ainsley as she reads. ainsley: you remember this video. brian: yep. ainsley: save his friend who couldn't swim. that dog making headlines again this morning. steve: that's a strong dog. ♪ ♪ napoleon is duping us! all around louisiana... you're a nincompoop! (phone ping) gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one. so you won't miss a purchase large, small, or very large. technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet? they're all going in the same direction but in very different ways
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4:16 am
>> single best choice president trump could fill this vacancy is mic lee. i know beyond a shadow of doubt he would be faithful to the bill of rights. ainsley: mic leon the president's short list and he joins us now to weigh in on this. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> congratulations on even being considered. you have just had such a successful career. your brother is also on the list. sea utah supreme court justice thomas reactionly. your momma did a great job raising you boys. that's wonderful. what are your thoughts when you found out yesterday that justice kennedy was stepping down and you are being considered for this high position? >> well, first of all, i admire justice kennedy. is he someone who has devoted more than 30 years of service to the u.s. supreme court. i vice president agreed with every decision he has made.
4:17 am
i do respect the fact that he stood behind federalism and separation of powers. ledge just liberty and so many other things that is posh. i have been watching the supreme court since i was 10 years old. i start wanted at that age watching supreme court arguments just for fun going with my dad to the court. so i'm honored even to be considered for something like this. ultimately this is the president's choice. and i'm sure he will make the right decision. steve: the reason you went with your dad to the supreme court, he was the solicitor general for the united states, and he argued 59 cases before the supreme court. so just that kind of family legacy would be unbelievable. ultimately though, i would imagine, senator, it does come down to how your relationship is with the guy who would nominate you. how are things with the president? >> i have a good relationship with the president. you know, he and i don't see eye to eye on every issue. but, on the whole, i have supported his efforts to restore federalism, to restore separation of powers. these are different ways of saying to drain the swamp.
4:18 am
and i think he and i see eye to eye on most things when it comes to the supreme court of the united states. so, again, i have got confidence that he can make the right decision, especially given that he is going to be focusing on this list. he chooses from that list. i think the senate will confirm someone from that list. brian: senator, i will give you a scenario because we are in the world of everything is possible and everything is unprecedented. you get the call, hey, you are going to be the nominee. being there is such a slim margin in the astronaut, depending on john mccain especially because of his condition, what happens to your vote if you are up for the nomination? you need your vote to win. do you vote for yourself? are you allowed to do that? >> yeah. my understanding is that's what the senate rules allow and that you are still a senator until you are no longer a senator. you are still a senator at the moment that you are being considered for something like that. brian: wow. so you would go by the power invested in me i vote for me. >> that's my understanding. steve: what about if the president picked your brother and not you, how awkward is that going to be around the table on
4:19 am
thanksgiving? >> oh, it would be fantastic. first of all, my brother is a terrific jurist. is he a texa text list. after justice gorsuch and justice scalia. i would really enjoy the opportunity to grill him as a member of the senate judiciary committee. steve: when you were 7 years old i remember. brian: that's so interesting the way you describe your brother. i describe my brother as a yankee fan. [laughter] brian: a little bit different. senator, i have got to ask you in the big picture right now, there is a lot of people out there moderate, independent, or democrat who would say goodbye same sex marriage and goodbye roe v. wade. you are a legal scholar. should they be worried. >> well, look, all of those issues involve cases that have been decided previously by the supreme court. it's one thing for them to assume that a republican appointee might come at those issues from a different world view as a matter of first impression.
4:20 am
they have to take into account the doctrine of stare decisis which is a doctrine which generally puts the supreme court on ath path following precedent. so, they can't know for sure how any one of those issues is going to turn out and whether any one of those cases might be overturned. steve: all right. ainsley: well, for now senator lee, we will call you senator for now. thank you so much for joining us. we wish you all the best. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. steve: and best to your brother. brian: by history books all excellent by the way. ainsley: the left has been targeting women on the trump administration. now they are going after any woman who supports the president including our next guest who says she is getting death threats. steve: plus, coming up, we have newt gingrich, former speaker of the house, we will talk to him about the news of the day. stick around, you are watching "fox & friends" ♪ stand my ground ♪ i won't back down ♪ i won't back down ♪ hey, baby
4:21 am
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4:24 am
steve: time now for news by the numbers for this thursday, june 28th. first 300. that's how many kohl's stores are hiring for the holidays. the retailer announcing that it's opening up its application process early for seasonal workers so it will be fully staffed for christmas and back-to-school returns. the company is even offering employees a 15% discount on purchases at kohl's. next, 2. that's how many californians are suing halo ice cream for not filling pints. >> . the company denies the claims. a trooper pulled over a man who was going twice the legal speed limit and even asked him to let him off with a warning.
4:25 am
instead, he wound up going to jail. well, he shouldn't do that ainsley. ainsley: thank you so much. the women in trump administration are no stranger to attacks from the left. watch this. >> i was asked to leave a restaurant this weekend. where i attempted to have dinner with my family. i was asked to leave because i work for president trump. >> a moment of true candor from her. this administration doesn't care about these kids. keep chasing kirstjen nielsen out of restaurants. do something about your dad's immigration practices you feckless -- ainsley: that hatred is spilling over to any woman who voices support for this president, including our next guests who has become the target of death threats from the left. joining me now is the co-chair of women for trump amy cramer. amy, thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me, ainsley. ainsley: you are welcome. tell me what happened to you. >> so, i last week i was on
4:26 am
cnn several times. i have been on cnn for years. the hate ratcheted up to a level i have not seen before. it started, i was on monday night on erin burnett show april ryan was on with me and joan walsh. the next day they came after me. then i was on several times or a couple more times in the week and saturday morning i was on and victor blackwell and i had a good, spirited debate and after that within 10 minutes of getting off the air i started getting death threats via email and people calling and leaving voice mails. it is -- it's not just what they are saying, ainsley, it's the way their voice, the way they are saying it the hatred in their voice. it's really kind of stare. i have been in politics for 10 years, i got my start in the tea party movement. i'm used to be calling names. i have thick skin. i let it roll off my back but this has been taken to a whole another level. people need to calm down. i have a family.
4:27 am
and when my daughter heard this, i mean, it really upset her. ainsley: it's very scary. because it's trying to silence you because they don't agree with you and they are trying to take it to another level to scare you enough so you don't go on shows and you don't talk about why you support this president. now, april ryan, you said, was on the panel with you. she is a cnn contributor. she took to twitter and she wrote you are the hater. look in the mirror. folks don't forget this stuff. it is catching up to you. isn't it? liar. what did you think about that? >> it's grateful. cnn corinther. she is part of the white house press corps. i would suspect more decorum and tack from somebody who is part of the press corps. you have a journalist or so-called journalist going after an activist. i would expect better from her. i will say this. i have been doing, you know, media for the past nine or ten years now. it's always been, ainsley,
4:28 am
that i can go on air and have spirited debates with anybody from the other side of the aisle and will walk off the set and hug each other or talk about our families. we have even gone to dinner before. but, this, and the personal attacks were not there it was about policy. ainsley: what did you say that made them so mad? >> i don't know. i mean, it's all about this immigration thing. and i basically believe that -- i mean, we are a nation of immigrants, yes. we are also a nation of laws. and when american citizens have to follow the law, immigrants should follow the laws, too. whether you are illegal or legal. i mean, we are a nation of laws bottom line. and so -- but it's this immigration debate, it's gotten way out of control. and now you have this day of unrest that the women's march is calling for. i mean, look, there are women all across this country, ainsley that support this president and what is happening is they are being silenced because the intimidation and fear tactics from the left. it's really like modern day
4:29 am
mean girls. and what's happening is there is this war going on between women. let me tell you something, i am not going to back down for supporting my president. and, yes, they are trying to silence me and they want cnn or msnbc, these other networks to say, you know, we couldn't get somebody to come on to defend the president or his policies. and i will never back down. i will continue to fight strong because we are going to make america great again. ainsley: there are a lot of people support your beliefs and we are entitled to have different opinions we don't need to be angry about it i'm reading some of the text messages that you got and too fowl to even read on tv. i'm sorry that you are getting all this backlash. >> ainsley, they need a little more god and a little less politics, i believe. ainsley: amen, sister. yes. have a great day, amy, thank you. >> you too. ainsley: democrats want to block a vote on president trump's supreme court nominee before the mid terms because republicans blocked obama's pick. isn't that time around a little different? newt gingrich is here to
4:30 am
react to that one of the top democrats in congress lost his job. nancy pelosi isn't worried. >> i'm female. i'm progressive. i'm a. [laughter] what's your problem? they made a choice in one district. let's not get yourself carried away. ainsley: she was just getting started ♪ nowhere to run, baby ♪ nowhere to hide ♪ - my family and i did a fundraiser walk in honor of my dad,
4:31 am
4:32 am
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you'll even get free shipping. the first survivor of ais out there.sease and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. >> announces my intention to nominate united states circuit judge anthony kennedy to be an associate justice of the supreme court: judge kennedy is what in many recent weeks have referred to as a true conservative, one who believes that our constitutional system is one of enumerated powers, that it is we, the people who have granted certain rights to the government, not the other way around. ainsley: that is president ronald reagan in 1987 nominating justice kennedy.
4:34 am
he had two failed nominations. so then he decided i'm going to go with a friend, a guy i know. when he was governor of the state of california. they were friends. steve: all right. so that was at the beginning. now, since he has announced his retirement he is at the end of his career. let's talk to newt gingrich, a fox news contributor, a former speaker of the house, ran for president. got a great book called "trump's america." he joins us live. newt, you know, with the next nomination, president trump could be on the verge of nominating somebody conservative give the supreme court the conservative edge that republicans have dreamed of for a lifetime in is a huge moment for the president and for the country. certainly he is going to name somebody who is conserving. i think he has a list already out of the 25 names is he looking at pick gorsuch, gorsuch was on the list and he kept his word from the campaign. is he probably going to pick somebody younger because he
4:35 am
has a very keen sense that getting people who can serve 20 or 30 or 40 years really shapes for a generation what happens he has been doing that appeals court judges and district judges. he is already on the edge of making a remarkable impact. this will certainly strengthen that and i think some time this fall we will have a solidly conservative supreme court justice approved and on the bench. brian: before justice kennedy could even go to his beach house senate minority leader chuck schumer quickly went to the microphone and said wait a second, this is an election year. you cannot nominate someone during an election year. listen. >> our republican colleagues in the senate should follow the rule they set in 2016 not to consider a supreme court justice in an election year. millions of people are just months away from determining the senators who should vote to confirm or reject the president's nominee. and their voices deserve to be heard now at leader
4:36 am
mcconnell thought they deserves to be heard then. anything but that would be the absolute height of hypocrisy. that's not a hard fast rule. that's a biden recommendation, a biden rule. we have elections every two years. this is a midterm not a presidential election. >> yeah. look, the so-called biden rule was about a presidential election year not an off year election. furthermore the republicans are going to pick up seats in the senate, so the democrats, if anything are going to be weaker after the election in the senate not stronger. it's just humor being silly. he knows and even the "the washington post" and "new york times" have reported that all of that conversation was about a presidential election year. it was not about an off year u and the truth is, mcconnell is going to ignore him. mcconnell is going to move in this fall. and they are going to approve somebody, probably before thanksgiving. brian: meanwhile, it was so
4:37 am
stupid for them to push last time and force mitch mcconnell to go for a simple majority. if they said and voted for the 60 for gorsuch, then they would have really had a little bit more power than they do right now. with a simple majority and the majority belonging to republicans. they can't stop it. you would think if they get a nominee that all republicans can agree on. right? >> that's right. i mean, and, of course, remember, if they picked somebody who has solid credentials, if you are running for re-election in north dakota or west virginia or indiana, you are under enormous pressure as a democrat. steve: good point. >> in states where trump got huge majorities. three democrats voted last time for gorsuch and i think very likelihood two or three democrats will vote this time. ainsley: you are the former speaker why just the senate. >> the constitution gives the power to advise and
4:38 am
consent to the senate. that's the way it's always been. as a house member i may have my feelings about that. but i respect the constitution and that's one of the great challenges the senate has is whether it's ambassadors or secretaries of state or judges they have a huge personnel role to play that takes up a great deal of their time. steve: indeed. it is, of course, political. let's talk about this. another political hot potato up on capitol hill yesterday behind closed doors, peter strzok, half of the fbi love birds testified or actually it was just kind of an interview for 11 hours before the house oversight and house judiciary committee. and the president tweeted this out just about 20 minutes ago, newt. lover fbi agent peter strzok was given poor marks on yesterday's fbi testimony. and according to reports refused to answer many questions there was no collusion and the witch-hunt, headed by 13 angry democrats and others who are totally conflicted, is rigged. i talked to one of the
4:39 am
people who was in the room and didn't give me any specific testimony but said that he had an aunt, when -- whe lawyer allowed him to answer thing he had answer for everything and nothing was criminal. which is how you would imagine. >> not a criminal. i'm sure his lawyers would have told him to take the fifth amendment and not self-incriminate. you know, it doesn't have to be criminal to be totally prejudice. the charge here would not be that strzok is making up stuff. the charge will be, for example, in the case of secretary clinton that they were deliberately avoiding discovering anything. when they gave immunity to the guy who had taken a hammer to destroy the cell phones and then taken bleach bit in order to destroy the hard drive of the computers. and they gave that guy full immunity, nobody on the
4:40 am
trump team has been offered that kind of deal. so you would have to say was it terrible judgment? was it total prejudice? it was incompetence? clearly there is something really sick about how the fbi approached these two cases. brian: just keep in mind for those following this case close, they did believe him when he said that he did not have anything to do with the carter page fisa application which means somebody else did. mark meadows was asked, was in that room what he thought about the bias and what could have come out behind close the doors. here's what he said. >> i don't know how you read the text. i don't know how any reasonable person reads the text and would suggest that there was no bias are. there is new information that was not included in the ig's report. none of my concerns about political bias have been alleviated based on what i have heard so far. brian: he says a lot of his explanation just were not believable. will we ever get the transcript and what does that do when he finally goes public? what does the closed door session mean? >> you know, i don't understand exactly why there was a closed door session.
4:41 am
the public has the right to know all of this. publish the transcript. they frankly ought to bring him back under oath and have in a formal hearing. i'm not trying to second guess them. brian: they say they will. >> the ultimate reality is the american people deserve to know whether or not the justice department and the fbi have been corrupted. and the american people, not just the congress, deserve to know who was doing these things and what they were doing. nothing i have seen so far would lead me to any belief, except that they were remarkably prejudiced and that they were dedicated to hillary clinton winning and they were dedicated to stopping trump if they could. ainsley: there weren't that many people that were on this investigation team. he was one of, i think, 20. and there has already been proof that five or six of them had this bias as well. thank you so much for joining us, mr. speaker. >> good to be with you. brian: trump's america is a best seller. not a surprise. go pick it up. ainsley: all of them are.
4:42 am
congratulations. steve: 18 minutes now before the top of the hour. jillian joins us with news from the former speaker. jillian: that's right. nancy pelosi lashing out after a reporter suggests her party make changes after a historic primary win. >> the democratic party is increasingly younger, more female, more diverse, more progressive. should out democratic house leadership look that way? >> well, i'm female, i'm progressive. what's your problem? they made a choice in one district. so let's not get yourself carried away. ainsley: the reporter and pelosi referring to 28-year-old alexandria cassio cortez. she beat 10 term joe crowley in a new york primary. business owner behind bars accused of getting a police officer murdered. mohammed muhammad was angry at a cop for writing him parking tickets so he hired a hit man to throw acid in his face. it turns out that person was actually an undercover cop. >> he ended up deciding no,
4:43 am
that's not enough. i don't want to just maim this officer. i don't want to just injure this officer. i want him killed because that's the only way that this will go away. jillian: mohammed agreed to pay $2,000 to have the officer killed. police even staged the death and provided photos of proof. faces life in prison from. good boy to hometown rory. dog rewarded for this fearless. saved his best smoky from drowning out of the water in arizona. the fire department now recognizing the pup rewarding him with a bag of business cuts. great to see when people save lives but dogs can save lives too. he embody what is we are trying to teach right now. >> deserves every reward and biscuit. ainsley: he got a bag of treats. steve: thank you very much. coming up, a fox news alert. we now know where the summit
4:44 am
between the president and vladimir putin is going to be. it's going to be in finland. what does that signal about the meeting? we have an expert other side of this brief time-out. ♪ come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away. ♪ ♪ come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away. ♪ [ horn honking ] [ engine revving ] what's that, girl? [ engine revving ] flo needs help?! [ engine revving ] take me to her! ♪ coming, flo! why aren't we taking roads?! flo. [ horn honking ] -oh. you made it. do you have change for a dollar? -this was the emergency? [ engine revving ] yes, i was busy! -24-hour roadside assistance. from america's number-one motorcycle insurer. -you know, i think you're my best friend. you don't have to say i'm your best friend. that's okay.
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♪ steve: fox news alert. we now know the highly anticipated summit between our president and russia's vladimir putin will happen in helsinki, finland. the rest of the details announced later today. this after national security advisor john bolton held talks in russia. there he is shaking hands with vladimir putin. here to weigh in is fox news contributor and retired cia chief of station in moscow, danielle hoffman. daniel, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: obviously always likes to keep track of what are -- what the other super powers and big powers around the world are doing. what's the most important thing that they can work out between putin and trump? >> well, i think there is a
4:48 am
lot of issues of mutual interests for us. certainly counter terrorism, counter proliferation. working together on organized crime. but, maybe the key issue for us in terms of our strategy, our national security strategy is arms control. the stark treaty expires in february 2021 and we need to work, i think, with the russians to determine whether there is mutual interests in extending it. there are other issues like north korea and syria which also figure prominently and the back drop to all of this is russia's ongoing ongoing both human espionage and cyber directed against our country. steve: in particular, daniel, directed at our election. if you are president trump and you have been talking for the last year and a half. there was no collusion. come on, there was no collusion i didn't work with the russians. sitting across the table from the president the strong man from russia. i would imagine he would like to extract some sort of an answer regarding that at
4:49 am
the table. >> yeah. he won't get one unfortunately. steve: he will try. >> he will try. and he will make some -- i'm sure he will have strong words. russian meddling in our election an act of war. and i don't disagree with him in the least. essentially what the russians understand is hard deterrence. sometimes have you got to rap them on the knuckles to get the message across to them. and, in this case for us, it might mean counter operations in the cyber sphere or other things. the president kicked out 60 russian officials. closed russian facilities. the russian, i think, understand that borders are idol if you don't take action the president has done both. steve referred to as the evil empire. he meant it but you still have to have ongoing diplomatic relations to try to get stuff done. >> that's right. and helsinki has been at the center of that. it was the site of the helsinki accord signed in 1975 and president bush met with secretary gorbachev in
4:50 am
1990. so, it's an excellent location. president trump is going to be busy that week with a nato summit and a meeting in the u.k. beforehand. steve: all right. very good. daniel hoffman, used to be posted to moscow. daniel, thank you for joining us from the bureau. >> thank you. steve: 10 minutes before the top of the hour the rhetoric on the political left keeps getting more and more dangerous. >> from that cabinet in a restaurant, you get out and you create a crowd. >> we must abolish ice. this is the legislation that we need. steve: dana loesch here to respond to those two sound bites coming up next. plus, abby huntsman is having breakfast with friends in orlando. good morning, abby. >> good morning, steve. i am surrounded by a bunch of wrestlers this morning. these two were coached by this guy at clemson university. quickly, your advice for these two for their first time on tv coming up after the break. >> i feed them well. tell them to shake hands at the beginning of the match
4:51 am
and shake hands at the end. civil discourse is the important thing. abby: i love that back a tease after this. ♪ hold her in my arms
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
♪ steve: well, tonight, here on the fox news channel at 6:30, we're going to have a big debate between the two republican candidates for governor. ainsley: that's right. abby huntsman is down in the orlando area at the village inn interviewing our friends down there and having breakfast with them. brian: what's going on. please tell us what they are thinking. abby: i can't tell you about they can tell you a lot of news and big debate tonight moderated by martha and bret. the gubernatorial. supervising. bob, go to you first on the debate. what do you want to hear tonight from the candidates running for governor. >> i want to hear that we
4:55 am
have a governor that is kind of following the footsteps of. >> governor scott. he had been active in the last 8 years bringing jobs into the state of florida. everybody is wanting to move to the south and florida is a great place to be. abby: it is. pretty muggy right now. i still love florida. >> it's warm. abby: ken, the other big news came out yesterday justice kennedy retiring. you are a democrat from rhode island, but you voted for president trump. >> absolutely. abby: how big of a deal is this supreme court news. >> i think it's great. i think that president trump is doing a great job. and i think the fact that he has the opportunity to do this for us is going to help us, you know, today and in the future. he is doing just great. abby: as a democrat who voted for president trump in rhode island, are you able to talk to your friends about politics? how does that go? >> no. not really. i can't really tell a lot of people. i'm sure a lot of people are going to go now. i might not be welcome back. abby: you may not. orlando is a pretty good place though. >> yeah, it's okay. abby: we were talking earlier, you say so many great people in this country and that gives you hope.
4:56 am
>> some people at the end of the day the good rises to the top and hopefully they come back and they support our president and they support mr. trump and i think that -- i'm hoping that he stays in this job. he keeps going. abby: joey, how do you feel about things right now? you were saying this is the first time you guys have been able to be on different political aisles and talk. >> i agree. we needed trump in there we needed a businessman to run this country the way it needed to be rub. the career politicians have driven it into the ground. the support for the lobbyists, the money that's been going through, it has a hasn't trickled down to the american people. niles to see somebody bringing it back to where we need to be. abby: that's nice to get out to these diners to hear from the american people. you have been great. we will be back next hour steve, ainsley, and brian. as you can see a lot of opinions and civility and ability to talk. ainsley: steve did have one question for you, abby, he wanted to know who brought in the water bottle into the restaurant? [laughter]
4:57 am
steve: i think they have water in the restaurant, abby. abby: actually, they gave it to me within the restaurant. brian: supreme court justice. the pick the president has goteg to make. who will he pick? so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day. so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. okay, so... my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. and if they come out gross... ...she washes them again. so what does the dishwasher do? new cascade platinum lets your dishwasher be the dish washer. these new actionpacs unleash three different cleaning agents
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5:00 am
talk to your parkinson's specialist. there are treatment options that can help. my visitors should be the ones i want to see. >> donald trump narrowing down his list of potential replacements for justice anthony kennedy. >> when that is going to be there for 30 years, 45 years, we need intellect, we need so many things. >> a team of people inside and outside the white house coming through everything they said, that will help you narrow it to 3 or 4. >> i wanted to be considered but this is the pres.'s choice and i'm sure he will make the right decision. >> helsinki, finland will be the site of the summit between donald trump and vladimir putin. >> peter shinzo abe testified
5:01 am
behind closed doors but congress are they barely got answers. >> the charge is not that shinzo abe is making up something but they were deliberately avoiding discovering anything. >> we will make america wealthy again and we will make america great again. >> reporter: with every syllable ♪ folks can never die ♪ speak right ♪ >> why do we start this at the 8:00 hour. toby mac will be our featured performer tomorrow and i'm looking to make sure the weather is nice, it is a rainy day now. >> the sun will come out tomorrow. joining us in the 6:00 hour, where do we start this morning regarding replacement of anthony kennedy on the supreme court? judge napolitano: the list the
5:02 am
president published several times to which he personally added in the last three or four months. justice kennedy was the perfect gentlemanly thing to do because that is to tell the president first, tell him personally and do it on the last day of the term giving the president in the senate the maximum time available. if he had done this in the middle of the summer or september it wouldn't have given some enough time to choose the nominee. is doing him a favor and doing it with grace and poise. we start with that list, everyone on the list is having their backgrounds and everything they have written as a judge, not all of them are a judge, sen. lee -- >> how many would democrats agree would be a great choice? most of already been confirmed.
5:03 am
judge napolitano: they are all excellent jurors but would democrats agree? i don't think democrats would accept anybody on that list for the one issue which is abortion. just because that person is pro-life doesn't mean they will have the opportunity to vote to repeal roe versus wade because i case has got to get there and come in such a manner they could vote, doesn't mean there are 5 votes to repeal it because of this legacy the chief justice has about not wanting to change rules and procedures people have relied on. >> so many democrats were saying they are word abortion will become illegal if a pro-lifer gets the spot that they would overturn it and in 2015 justice kennedy ruled banning same-sex
5:04 am
marriage was unconstitutional. judge napolitano: justice kennedy was a conservative republican but the hero to the lgbt? community, he wrote a member of pro-gay rights that invalidated state laws that made consenting sex among same-sex partners illegal, he wrote the opinion that made gay marriage lawful everywhere in the united states but on abortion, great question. if roe versus wade were to go away tomorrow the issue would be resolved by the states, there would be 50 state abortion laws. some states like new york and new jersey because we know the attitude of the public officials in those states would make abortion lawful and other states like pennsylvania would make abortion unlawful and you would have to go to the state where it is lawful. i'm a fierce opponent of abortion but recognize there is a strong movement in the country to have it lawful in some places and it would be lawful in those
5:05 am
places. >> 70% voted with conservatives and the swing vote. judge napolitano: swing vote is the most powerful member of the court, justice o'connor had it before justice kennedy. after justice kennedy the chief justice. >> no one says i'm the swing vote. it just happens. judge napolitano: someone says i'm the swing vote get out of here, go back to law school. >> mike lee, the next anthony kennedy, we asked -- >> someone watching the supreme court since i was 10 years old i'm honored even to be considered for something like this and ultimately the pres.'s choice and i'm sure he will make the right decision. he and i don't ci to on every issue but on the whole i supported his efforts to restore federalism, separation of powers. we ci to eye on most things when it comes to the united states supreme court. judge napolitano: i believe he
5:06 am
is a serious contender. judicial humility, not personal humility, judicial humility, recognition it is the job of the president and congress to set public policy and not the judiciary, the judiciary is third in the constitution after congress and the president for a reason. sen. lee personifies that. >> sounds like every network has a different short list of 5 or 6 people, the president was talking about how he would like somebody on the bench who could be there 30 or 40 years and the agent of some on the short list, amy barrett of arizona is 46 years old, and kentucky, 49 years old. >> joan larson of michigan is 49. raymond from michigan is 51 years old.
5:07 am
>> and thomas is 18 -- every one of them, roman catholic and poor life, democrats will go berserk and that will be an issue for sen. murkowski, republican of alaska, sen. collins, republican of maine but may bring in joe mention and a few others. >> there is an online site called, they have brent cavanaugh as the front runner of 34% and thomas hardiman who was the runner-up last time, 60%. judge napolitano: tell the president i am 26. judge napolitano: he would serve 50 years. >> he could serve 60 years. >> judge janine getting this. >> the nominee will come from
5:08 am
his list of 25. >> the headline for a while about public unions, a 5-4 decision and the janice decision went to management and management cannot force you to pay union dues and you are not forced to join the union and don't have to opt out. if you read the illinois statute, your presumed a member of the union, you got to do this and this, you have to be a lawyer to understand this. forget about it. they went you in the union, you don't do that you are not in and they can take it from you. freedom to associate guarantees the first amendment and freedom not to associate. >> he says i'm not going to be in the union. judge napolitano: the state of
5:09 am
illinois allowed the union to take his dues from him. and we are not talking private unions but people who are employed. judge napolitano: public-sector unions. >> including teachers unions. one third of members of the teachers unions, a lot less money. judge napolitano: the reason democrats are upset about this decision is it waters down the political influence of unions because membership will shrink. if you are forced to join you will join but if they have to offer you something to induce you to join. >> this became a question of first amendment rights because i don't want to do it. atlantic -- alayna kagan had a dissenting opinion, the majority overthrows the decision, his
5:10 am
economic life over 40 years and presents american people acting to state and local officials making important choices about workplace governance by weapon icing the first amendment in a way that unleashes judges in the future to intervene in economic and regulatory policy. >> 40 years ago the supreme court said the opposite of what it said yesterday. 40 years ago it said the state can force you to join labor unions if you work for the state and today they reversed themselves. she is saying we shouldn't reverse a decision that is that recent and has been consistent for the past 40 years, the supreme court said something it rarely says in fairness to her, it is wrong 40 years ago and wrong today. >> when do we hear the name of the pres.'s nominee? judge napolitano: sooner than we
5:11 am
think, early in july. >> thank you very much. judge napolitano: i know you like a book. >> how do you know he is italian? i am over here, good morning. breaking news, we have a location and a date. we know donald trump and vladimir putin will hold their summit in helsinki, finland on july 16th. the announcement follows national security adviser john bolton's talks with the russian president in moscow. it will take several weeks to prepare for the meeting. a bill aimed at the border could come to the senate for as early as today reinforcing -- 200 immigration, and asking the pentagon to help 12,000 more migrant family members bringing the total to 32,000.
5:12 am
heading back to the southern border, immigration centers. the deputy attorney general taking the hot seat on capitol hill. christopher ray and rob rosenstein before the house judiciary committee on newly released inspector general's report, expected to be questioned over the handling of the investigation into hillary clinton's emails. the patriarch of one of america's biggest music families died, tributes pouring in for the famous manager is loved ones honor his legacy. 's granddaughter paris jackson posting this heartbreaking pictures showing the final moments, the strongest man she knows. the 89-year-old died after a battle with pancreatic cancer. he made them all so famous. >> other stuff, alan dershowitz says the supreme court nominee
5:13 am
will shift the court further to the right, the professor is next. guess who is that? barack obama ready to return to the spotlight? how? stay tuned. a bachelor. and that's how he intended to keep it. then he met the love of his life. who came with a three foot, two inch bonus. for this new stepdad, it's promising to care for his daughter as if she's his own. every way we look out for those we love is an act of mutuality. we can help with the financial ones. learn more or find an advisor at we can help with the financial ones. is this at&t innovations? yeah, wow... this must be for one of our new unlimited wireless plans. it comes with a ton of entertainment options. great, can you sign for this? yeah. hey, uh... what's in that one?
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>> fox news alert, donald trump eyeing candidates to replace justice kennedy, his second supreme court nominee in two years. >> next guest predicting this will move the supreme court further to the right. >> harvard law prof. alan dershowitz. give us a little historical perspective. everyone is talking about how this next name could tilt the courts to conservatives. >> know what has seen in decades. is it written anywhere that you have got to have a balanced between progressives and liberals and conservatives on any court? >> know, of course not. the framers of the constitution
5:18 am
intended the supreme court to be an elitist check and balance on the excesses of democracy as represented by the popular branches of government, the house of representatives, sen. the president. the key to the future or two ancient latin words, let bold past decisions stands, the two kind of conservatives, conservatives who really respect past precedent and don't want to overrule them and conservatives who say i don't take note to past precedents but enough to my interpretation of the constitution and it was wrong 30 years ago or 50 years ago is wrong today and the key question is whether the president is looking for a freewheeling conservative or one who represents adherence to the past. these are wonderful things, everyone loves when it helps them and everyone hates it when it doesn't. in order to get gay-rights we
5:19 am
had to overrule a prior decision against gay-rights. to get desegregated schools we had to overturn plessy versus ferguson. and overrule the detention of 110,000 japanese americans, liberals applauded those decisions but if roe versus wade were overruled liberals would be appalled by that decision. >> investigation into russian meddling and the hillary clinton emails, peter shinzo abe stand behind closed doors with the house committee and we understand some of his explanations were implausible, others he would continually refer to his lawyer, why would he go behind closed doors, not a community and answer questions? >> what he wants to do behind closed doors, he can't explain in a reasonable way, why he was
5:20 am
going to stop the election, it sounds like interference by the fbi, he can't explain that and when you try to assess the credibility of someone in the american public has the right to assess his credibility you have to see him, see his facial expressions, how many times he turns to his lawyer, whether it looks like he's making up a story to satisfy the american public. we have a right to see him, this hearing should be open. if it is anything but national security put that behind closed doors but explaining what he meant by an insurance policy to prevent the election of a president is something the public has a right to. i tried to stop the election of donald trump i voting against him and contributing to hillary clinton, that is legitimate, that is the american way but the head of an investigation can't be trying to stop the election of a president. >> thank you so much.
5:21 am
>> he is a good teacher. the rhetoric on the left ratcheting up. >> the president of the united states of america has advocated violence. >> we need to abolish ice. that seems really clear. >> we must abolish ice. -♪ he's got legs of lumber and arms of steel ♪
5:22 am
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>> we begin with something important, 6 people believed dead after a plane crash in mumbai, india, the jet slamming into a building as it tried to land. four people on the charter flight in two people on the ground were killed. the terrorist behind the benghazi attack, the only guy we got to spend 22 years in prison,
5:25 am
sentenced for terrorism and other charges in 2012, they say he directed the attack on a special mission compound and a lot of other people we have not gotten yet, they killed ambassador chris stevens and three others, all americans and the prime minister will visit the white house july 30th. giuseppe will discuss global issues and the economy, they got along great, called him a wonderful guy, at the g7 summit. with italy -- left-wing rhetoric is hitting a boiling point. >> do you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, you get a crop. >> we must abolish ice, this is the legislation that we need. >> are these new messages of the democratic party, here to weigh in on this is syndicated talkshow host dana lash.
5:26 am
is this the message they want for the midterms? >> apparently because they lack any substantive policy proposals so they have to default to this. this is what is sad about the state of political discourse and what gets me is how the media narrative is this is brand-new because it is trump's america. we can go back to the 60s, to bill ayres and the gentleman, the guy who launched the former pres.'s career in his living room. we can talk about occupy, ferguson, baltimore, if we want a discussion on civility but incivility is not the president being the first republican of this high office to respond to it and that is what has happened with donald trump. for so long, more decades than any of us on the show have been
5:27 am
alive we have had our characters impugned, reputations assassinated by individuals on the far left who have no better way to respond to policy disputes than violence, incendiary rhetoric and everything we see with democrats. they realize they are losing midterms, that the wave we hear about isn't a blue wave over republicans but a blue wave in the democratic party, the incendiary rhetoric of the far socialist left, the bernie breauxs, the individual you just showed, the 28-year-old who won the primary who are the ones taking on the democrat party. there message is crumbs, let's abolish ice, target donald trump junior's kids, steve scalise and everyone else if we disagree on policy. and responding to that with rhetoric, and let's look at what
5:28 am
they have done. >> essentially a community organizer for bernie sanders, pulling the party to the left and there is a picture, she set off an earthquake in new york city. and talking about nothing has really changed. >> the newcomer is riding bernie sanders's awakened the number of candidates who are socialist around the country who are starting to gain ground in the democrat party and for so long people like nancy pelosi and chuck schumer really enjoyed and benefited from the rhetoric of these far left individuals, those were the people who would whip up emotions when there wasn't anything real they could offer in terms of policy when trump and republicans were talking jobs and traded healthcare these individuals telling you what bathrooms to
5:29 am
use and screaming about russia and everything else in of which has come to fruition and chuck schumer and nancy pelosi enjoyed that whipping of emotions to get people to vote but now it has gotten away from them. checks you had to walk maxine waters back, lost control of their party, there is chaos in the democratic party, the media doesn't talk about it because they are trying to drive a wedge between voters and the administration. >> i read the background, very impressive. >> from what i read and heard it scares me that socialism is gaining ground in the country. politics aside, it doesn't work but thanks. >> bernie sanders said with a believe is becoming mainstream. >> free college, free money,
5:30 am
free jobs, free housing, not in capitalism. breaking news out of washington, the summit is set, donald trump and vladimir putin will meet after the nato summit in helsinki, finland. ted cruz here to react. >> do you miss him? barack obama stepping back into the spotlight. going new places. (oh!) going out for a bite. going anytime. rewarded! learn more at
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5:34 am
>> we are talking politics and the big debate, the gubernatorial debate with top republican candidate. you are a roller coaster technician near disney world, you will be working tonight. what do you hope to hear? >> good conservative values, border, more money in my pocket, tax savings. i want a lot of good conservative values in florida. >> the white house, a summit between donald trump and vladimir putin july 16th, what you make of that? >> we need more dialogue with countries like russia. it is a great thing we had with north korea but dialogue is a great thing. >> what do you think? >> anytime we can improve communication with neighboring world leaders it is a positive
5:35 am
thing. isolationism doesn't work, we need to share ideas and find common ground. >> what do you make of where we are in this country? >> i like what is going on, seeing great growth, a lot of jobs come in the construction to business, development business, going fantastic, a lot of people working and everyone doing well. >> reporter: michelle is the wife of the owner of village in and you have your a political view. how do you feel about where we are? >> i think the country is headed in the right direction but a lot of different -- division and it is frightening. it is a shame. >> reporter: what needs to be done to make it better? >> you have to change people's hearts and minds, can't
5:36 am
legislate it. a lot of the civility issues you have to go for people's hearts and minds and people need to understand if you want change you got to vote. >> what is your name? are you from florida? are you going to watch the debate tonight? >> possibly. >> reporter: what are you looking for in florida and as a country? what do you hope we need more of? >> communication. if everybody can understand what the idea is, the goal everybody is trying to gain, get together and communicate that, it will be a lot better. >> reporter: starts with having a conversation getting people to the table, what we are doing here this morning and talking to you guys.
5:37 am
we need to hear your voices. a lot of news going on this morning, barely scratched the surface but we will keep talking at the village and in orlando, florida. >> make sure you watch the debate brett baer and martha maccallum on the fox news channel. in west virginia the guy who was in the last debate took first place, what will happen? tune in. >> following a number of stories let's get you caught up on this. former pres. barack obama will head his first dnc fundraiser of 2018, tickets for the dinner start $2700 a person with a new paul revealing democrats topics to unseat donald trump in 2020, no new faces, joe biden, hillary clinton and bernie sanders rounding out the top 3 in the survey. a missing toddler in the middle of the woods, the dramatic
5:38 am
moment, body camera. >> where is she? the top has been located. lord, i love you, thank you. >> rescue crews searched 6 hours before finding the 2-year-old. she was not seriously hurt. they are trying to figure out how she went missing. her mother is in the hospital. command certain -- good samaritan takedown homeless man with a flying kick. the shocking moment in los angeles, the hero jump into action when he saw the homeless man hit another person in the face with a piece of plywood completely unprovoked. several other men chased the suspect and for handing them over to police, the man who was attacked had to be hospitalized. aaron judge makes a fan of stream come true with a game of catch.
5:39 am
>> reporter: tossing the ball back and forth after being caught at the yankees phillies game in philadelphia, judge reportedly said james had a better arm than he did. so cool. love seeing that. >> the yankees did lose. south korea beat germany. >> not in a fight. more breaking news out of washington dc, the summit between the us and russia, donald trump and vladimir putin in helsinki on july 15th. sen. ted cruz is here with reaction next. could donald trump asked economic policies per 5% gdp? charles payne has his picture and this is him in real life. in the water, in the water, you ready for this? she doesn't like it... you've gotta get in there.
5:40 am
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5:43 am
>> fox news alert, details, donald trump and vladimir putin will hold a summit between our two nations on july 16th in helsinki, finland. >> from the nato summit to meet vladimir putin following john bolton's talk with the russian president yesterday. >> it will take several weeks to prepare for the meeting and we will keep you posted on it, july 16th. >> you to react about what they can accomplish after the nato meeting is sen. ted cruz. what is at stake and the you agree with the president in pushing for this meeting? >> we have seen russia over the last decade get more aggressive, more hostile to the united states. under barack obama we saw a policy of weakness and appeasement that will encourage vladimir putin.
5:44 am
i'm grateful that under the trump administration we have an administration that will stand up and be strong, stand up for america's friends and stand up to our enemies and i'm hopeful of this summit that the president comes from a position of strength, that is the right way to deal with vladimir putin and russia. >> on the agenda is occupation of the ukraine, taking of crimea and according to ambassador bolton, he will bring up russian meddling in the election. don't you believe they need to be called out on that directly? >> absolutely and if you look at russia, russia is trying to expand their influence, putin has been canceled, he said a number of years ago he thought the greatest your political tragedy of the 20th century was the demise of the soviet union and what vladimir putin is trying to do is re-create the old soviet union which is why he invaded georgia and ukraine and the best check for that is a
5:45 am
strong and assertive president and united states. we have a dramatic improvement from the weakness we had under pres. obama. >> let's talk about the supreme court. >> justice kennedy sent a letter announcing he was going to step down and retire, that will happen july 31st. what is your reaction to this? what does this mean going forward? >> this is truly historic. this could well prove to be the most significant thing donald trump does in his entire time in office, the most significant thing the republican senate does and justice kennedy for 31 years has been the pivotal swing vote on virtually every 5-4 decision, every close case. if you care about the constitutional bill of rights, free-speech or religious liberty, the second amendment, the fourth amendment or the 10th amendment all our rights as americans come through the crossroads of the courts and this is an opportunity for donald trump to nominate a
5:46 am
strong constitutionalist which could be his single greatest legacy 20, 30, 40 years from now. >> you said yesterday you thought your colleague would make a great supreme court justice. another colleague chuck schumer says they should put this off until after the election so the people have spoken because that is what we have done in the past. but that is not accurate, is it? >> of course schumer is saying that, democrats are letting their hair on fire, they are apt applied -- apoplectic. if justice scalia had not passed away there's a possibility hillary clinton would be president of the united states right now. this was a major issue, a major reason we have donald trump and have a republican majority in the senate because the american people want justices who will
5:47 am
defend the constitution, the bill of rights, democrats want judicial activists, they want liberal extremists who will force their partisan agenda on the country, most of us don't want to be governed by 5 unelected lawyers in washington. you mentioned mike lee. hands down the best choice donald trump could make would be mike lee. other justice that you know with no gambling, no rolling the dice, republican presidents have gotten this wrong over and over again. let's not take a chance. let me mention two other names the president would be well advised to consider, number one, us solicitor gen. who just argued and won the travel ban case in front of the supreme court would make a phenomenal justice and fifth circuit appellate judge jim ho, came as an immigrant from taiwan, was a clerk for justice clarence thomas, the first ever asian american justice on the court, all three of them, mike lee, jim
5:48 am
ho would make extraordinary justices. >> no one knows more about the need to get something done on immigration being a texas senator than you. now we understand the house failed miserably, embarrassingly, 121-300 one in the last attempt to get something to you in the senate. being the military bases accommodate 12,000 migrant families, the coast guard is losing money that is going towards the border. where is the solution when it comes to immigration, the urgency when it comes to getting an answer and why do we have to lean on the defense budget? >> i'm glad they voted down the immigration bill, would have granted millions in amnesty, that would be a catastrophic -- i think two things, much broader than dreamers, a massive amnesty plan. >> is that why it failed?
5:49 am
people didn't want to rubberstamp on their name? >> i told house leadership the one thing they could do that would hand democrats control of congress is pass a massive amnesty plan the granted citizenship to millions of people here illegally. a lot of house members agreed with that assessment but there are two things we can and should do this your immigration. number one we need to build a wall and take up a reconciliation bill. that is what we did last year to pass the tax cut, that can't be filibustered. use reconciliation to build a wall. we only need 50 votes, democrat scream and yell but can't stop it and we can get that done this year and number 2, all of us have been horrified at the images we have seen of families being separated of kids taken from their parents, everyone canterbury children agree with their moms and dads. i introduced legislation to keep families together but at the same time enforce immigration law. democrats want to use this crisis, exploit the crisis to try to force releasing illegal
5:50 am
aliens who crossed illegally, that is the wrong approach, catch and release is the wrong approach with the legislation i introduced said let's keep kids with their parents, detain everyone together as a family and expedite the process and if they meet the standard for asylum grant it and if not send them home and send them home quickly. >> best videos of the last week or so, you versus jimmy kimmel, you won playing basketball. have you heard from any nba coaches yet? >> grace and alan, a lot of folks say that young man looks like me. i live vicariously through him. the game was horrific, it was not great basketball, i was very glad jimmy kimmel went home with the loss and we went home with the wind. >> people in texas have another reason to smile, thanks so much. >> 50 minutes after the top of the hour could donald trump's economic policy spur 5% gdp? charles payne on that next. emot,
5:51 am
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>> we are awaiting the start of what could be a heated hearing on capitol hill looking into the fbi and doj actions leading up to the 2016 election and the supreme court showdown already underway. who was on the shortlist? a big lineup coming up, house judiciary committee members jim radcliffe and john jordan join us at the top of the hour on this thursday morning, see you in 5 minutes. >> now to a fox news alert, live look at portland, oregon where dozens of protesters are facing off with police officers outside the immigration and customs enforcement office. those protesters want to abolish
5:55 am
ice and our camping outside the building, demonstrations have been going on for two weeks. >> donald trump in raleigh, north dakota making his message clear about the fight for fair trade saying we are not starting a trade war but we will finish it. >> charles payne joins us to weigh in. the president is going to head to wisconsin, a lot going on. >> this is the biggest foreign investment of $10 billion estimated to bring in 13,000 jobs and what is interesting in the midst of the tariff trade stuff, harley-davidson got caught up in this and the media pointed to that but in wisconsin, harley headquarters, since donald trump has been in office they created almost 17,000 manufacturing jobs after plateauing in february 2015. overall the country has 350,000
5:56 am
so for state with 2.8% unemployment imagine it is huge. >> construction and manufacturing in china and it is significant. >> it is important because earlier in the week we talked about stopping or being tougher on chinese investments. we want to be smart about it but the world wants to put their money in this country. >> our growth at the end of june in terms of gdp. >> it will be north of 4%. if it is that hire, it will be the first time since 2006, monumental stuff. >> you have about to talk about. including trade and can the administration get on the same page with each other. >> we are watching charles at 6:00 pm eastern. for two times faster absorption so you can have worry free nights, and wake up feeling fresh and free for a free sample visit
5:57 am
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6:00 am
brass set to testify at this hour. republican outrage over documents and political bias reaching a new level. good morning, bill hemmer, live inside america's newsroom coming off yesterday >> sandra: i'm sandra smith -- regarding their department's action leading up to the 2016 presidential +++


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