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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  June 28, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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♪ [cheers and applause] >> welcome back orlando and the florida republican gubernatorial primary debate. congressman descent has come a question for you. there are 850,000 illegal immigrants living in the state of florida. that's more than 6% of the labor force here. would you deport all 850,000 of those people? >> well as governor i'm not going to have that authority, that something the federal government would do. but here's what i would do, there's not going to be any sanctuary cities in the state of florida. and if there is a local official in its in a category where the governor can do this, any official engaging in that
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sanctuary behavior i will remove that from their position if i'm allowed to. so here's the thing. if you want to do another amnesty which a lot of people want to do, honestly, here's the problem with the amnesty. it sends a signal to people to come illegally and it's a slap in the face to people who come legally. florida has one of the most vibrant populations of legal immigrants, players are talking about them and their families and their kids? they are contributing to our society. and the labor force is another thing. i think we should have a legal workforce. i believe in e-verify, and adam and i are different on that but if you had a legal workforce a lot of these problems would not be here at the first five or ten years. >> so are you saying he would convert them to some sort of path to citizenship? >> i'm saying just the opposite. i oppose the shimmer obama.
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but that is not an excuse to let lawlessness prevail the sunshine state. we can make a decision, do you want to shut off the main magnet, and if you do that, we will have huge contributions from legal immigrants and people who come from elsewhere even within our own country but you won't have -- >> what happens to the 850,000 here illegally? >>y system i don't think you should take a job that an american we want to have. it has downward pressure on wages and it's not what president trump campaigned on and it's not something i supported. i've always been supportive of amnesty and support about things like e-verify, border wall and ending chain migration and the visa lottery. that's the direction we should go federally. >> we were mentioned there, do you want to respond?
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>> that is the direction you should go in washington. they haven't passed an immigration bill. employers in florida must have a stable legal workforce with no path to citizenship but you have to have an immigration fix that meets the needs of this economy. governor scott dealt with e-verify with his executive order for anyone who does business with the state. that is the kind of leadership that governor scott has performed here in florida. that's what florida first leadership looks like. washington is not going to solve our problems, we need someone who knows florida best, will put florida first, and keep our economy moving in the right direction. the democrats, they don't just want sanctuary cities, they are calling for florida to be a sanctuary state. that's the state of this election. places like maryland and places in california even allow people
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who are here illegally to vote. not on our watch, not in the sunshine state. [applause] >> governor scott signed the executive order for the workforce and he would have been able to sign e-verify legislation if adam hadn't worked to kill e-verify. we can do things like e-verify here in florida, and if i'm governor i will absolutely pursue that course of action. he said on strong on borders and i think that's a big reason why he supported me. >> we will go onto the next topic. as we mentioned it breaking just a few hours ago, yet another deadly shooting at the newsroom of the capital gazette in in and annapolis, maryland. right now we have reports of five people killed which is an all-too-familiar story. the shooting at marjorie stoneman douglas high school shook the nation to its core and again thrust this issue of gun control and second amendment
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rights into the political spotlight. phil keating has more. >> guns in florida have historically been best friends. the pro-gun secondment state where republicans control all branches of government is where the stand your around the lobby came became infamous. but on valentine's day this year, parkland happened. the deadliest high school shooting in history with 17 dead, and that came on the heels of orlando's pulse nightclub massacre with 50 dead. both triggering stricter calls for gun control. rick scott buck to the nra, raising the age to buy rifles to 21 while also giving school districts the option to arm teachers and schools which the largest have refused. since then, parkland students and parents demanding action are now registering young voters, urging them to vote against any lawmaker who takes money from
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them the gun lobby. >> that was put republicans in a tough spot, and that's typically republicans. >> right after parkland, a poll found that 70% supported stricter gun laws and 52% supported a assault rifle band. among voters, 18-24 has the lowest turnout of any age bracket. >> all right all right, commissioner putnam, he once want to brag about being a nra sellout. do you still feel that way? i feel it's important that we not let the left to hijack this debate and try to lump
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law-abiding constitution loving responsible and safe gun owners with the monster who shot up parkland and the terrorist inspired individual who shot up the pulse nightclub. do not let them inflate it, do not let them bully or coerce florida businesses and florida have brands. we cannot allow them to say to our american citizens, that you are going to lose all of your second amendment rights because of what mentally unstable individuals and those inspired by a terrorist have done to soft targets. in florida, there are more than 2 million law-abiding citizens exercising their second amendment rights through cwp's and crime in florida is at a seven year low. it is critically important that we defend our rights and protect our students in the schools. those two things are not
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incompatible. as you heard, florida voters overwhelmingly supported some over tightening of gun laws. but when governor rick scott also a staunch defender of the second minute sign that law, he said at the time you would have vetoed it. does that make you out of step with florida voters? >> not at all. my wife and i have two young kids owe under the age of two. the thought that someone would come and shoot them fills me with rage and a sorrow that those parents must feel, i can't even imagine it. but it wasn't because of the second amendment that that happened, it was utter failure of both the locals and the fbi. if i would have been governor, i would have signed gun control and i would have removed that sheriff from broward country.
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county. he failed his citizens and he should have been removed. the other thing i would say is you have people in the fbi that got two phone calls about this monster. the first one they love, and the second one, they get another one. they put two and two together, and what did they decide to do? nothing. they went out to lunch. and yet who at the fbi has been fired for that? the lack of accountability is what puts those people at risk. those people should have been fired the next day. >> bret: would you have fired sheriff israel? >> commissioner putnam: sheriff israel is under investigation and he needs to go. he broke promises to those students, and that has put all of our students at risk. that individual was expelled for a weapons violation. local law enforcement made three dozen visits to their home.
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department of children and families visited the home because he posted youtube video saying, i want to be a professional shooter. every silo of government, those children were let down. they were failed. and that cannot happen again in florida. >> martha: commissioner, some have suggested that even a silo of government that you overwatch had some blame, because the background check system, the computer system that you oversaw was down for a full year, and during that period is when the polls shooting occurred. how do you account for that? >> commissioner putnam: i was the first regulator in the country who put those concealed weapons licenses through three databases. to our criminal background checks. the third is for noncriminal offenses. drugs, mental illness, and
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migration issues, dishonorable discharges from the military. nobody in the country did that until i did. when i learned we had an employee that was not doing their job, i held that employee accountable. and you are talking about something they never put public safety at risk because that same database prevented them from purchasing a firearm at the point of sale. so floridians are safe. the individual who led us down is no longer with my department, and i held people accountable. that's what leaders do when you are leading an agency. you discover the problem, you investigate the problem and you hold people accountable. that is what rick scott has done for florida and that is what i will do as governor of florida. >> congressman desantisl0: the problem with that answer is though, he didn't act like a leader, he covered it up. it was to cover discovered by the media.
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when governor scott found out about it, he said it was disturbing that no one had told him. if you were a leader, you would have told the governor scott and governor scott would have come out publicly and said, this is what happened. we had to find out from news reports. that's a different type of leadership. i believe in transparent leadership. yes, things happen in an agency and you have to hold people accountable but you have to level with your constituents and be honest about what happened and not try to cover it up. >> bret: commissioner? >> commissioner putnam: i held people accountable and i held myself accountable. i went before the press and answer questions until they ran out of questions. we have put safeguards in place to make sure this doesn't happen again. and keep in mind, the real issue here is that there are people on the left who want to take away your guns. who want to undermine the second amendment while making florida a sanctuary state. leaders are unafraid to hold people accountable.
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leaders admit when you have a breakdown in your process and you fix it, and you move on, and you make florida a stronger, better place. law enforcement has weighed those two backgrounds and has weighed our two records, and law enforcement is firmly in my camp. [cheers and applause] because they know, those 45 sheriff's know that i will be the best governor to keep floridians safe, to protect your liberties. to eliminate the gang activities. to crack down on the opioid crisis and to protect our constitutional rights in the process. that's what this is all about. [applause] >> bret: lets turn topics to the issue of trade. congressman, a study on trade estimates that florida could lose nearly 25,000 jobs as a result of the steel and aluminum tariffs. the european union just announce
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retaliatory tariffs targeting goods such as orange juice at 25%. so is president trump's trade policy good for florida? >> congressman desantisl0: i have been supportive in the congress for getting more funding for some of our ports, like in jacksonville because i think that can be an economic driver. but here's the thing you have to understand. donald trump wrote the art of the deal. i talked to him about this and he does not want to see him and state where we have high tariffs across the board but he also looks around the country and says we have other countries that sell goods to us and we don't charge much of a tariff, and yet we can't sell some of our products they are. so he's looking at that imbalance and saying he wants to do something about it. so if his negotiating isn't working, i think he will try something else. this is not the direction he's going to say we want high tariffs, he's trying to get concessions on behalf of the
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american people and i think we should give him the chance to do his thing. he is the master negotiator. b6 even if it's painful in the short term? >> congressman desantis: i hope we get concessions soon and can go back. but i also think, if you look at what china has done, they steal our intellectual property and they cheat on our deals, and we are just going to act like it's hunky-dory. and to donald trump's credit, no one else was willing to talk about that until he came on the scene and he is leading with conviction on this. so i want to see florida with international trade across all of our great ports but i also want to have fire deals for all of the american people and i think that's what president trump is trying to do. >> martha: along the same lines, commissioner putnam, you seem to echo his tough talk on trade. he talked about the mexican strawberry growers having an advantage over the u.s. farmers. but now as you say, china is
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starting to retaliate with tariffs and targets on some of the other things. experts were american farmers are impacted here. so as florida's top agricultural official, do you support or oppose this trade war? >> commissioner putnam: i was there when i florida signed a bad deal that put florida ranchers and farmers at a disadvantage and put them out of business. i have seen this up close and personal. the hand-wringing that has been going on about a trade war. china has been in a trade war against the united states for decades, as has mexico. they devalue their currency, they steal our technologies. i have seen -- go back to ruskin as i was saying earlier. i care more about the jobs in ruskin then what's going on
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in -- it hasn't even been enforced to an extent that america had any kind of leverage at all. president trump is the first president who cared more about american jobs and florida farmers then about the swiss diplomats at their tea parties. he's fighting for us and i am excited to see finally a president take on the trade wars who will benefit american workers, florida workers, florida businesses and florida farmers. >> bret: gentlemen, thank you. >> martha: now moving onto the issue of entitlement. commissioner putnam, staying with you on this one. you. you lambasted governor rick scott for expanding medicaid because it cost too much. democrats will undoubtedly use your record on entitlements against you this fall. what would you say to almost a quarter of floridians who depend on those programs for their health care? >> commissioner putnam: there
4:18 pm
is no doubt in my mind that the democrats will talk about expanding government. they will talk about a government run health care program and they will talk about how many ways to raise your taxes to pay for it. i'm against the expansion of medicaid under obamacare because obamacare is a bad deal for floridians. [cheers and applause] there are over 40 counties in florida who only have one insurance provider. how is obamacare working out for you? health care costs in florida are 42% of the budget. medicaid is one-third of the budget. now it is the pac-man gobbling up the state budget, more than education, more than infrastructure, more than natural resources. it was the right decision. nobody aspires to be on medicaid. we are in an economy where they
4:19 pm
have higher paying jobs, greater economic opportunities and good careers. that's the republican plan for strengthening our economy and giving people access to affordable high quality health care in florida. >> martha: it let me ask you quickly, a lot of states are implement in programs of work for medicaid. you just mention how medicaid is gobbling up funding in florida. do you support work for medicaid, would you do that in florida? >> commissioner putnam: absolutely. if you are going to be on public assistance, you should work. all abled bodied individuals on public assistance should work. >> bret: when we come back, other questions. should puerto rico become the 51st state, that plus closing statements from the candidates as the debate continues here in orlando. [cheers and applause] ♪ evving ] take me to her!
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>> bret: welcome back to orlando. now we start the lightning round. quick answers here from each candidate, 30 seconds each. >> martha: right now, congressman desantis outside of this venue there is a group of puerto rican evacuees protesting the governor's response to hurricane maria. puerto ricans now outnumber americans, they could swing the
4:23 pm
election. >> congressman desantis: the congresswoman has endorsed me for governor here in florida and we will take the case to the puerto rican community. because you know what? they serve in our military more than any other group. they care about education and work as hard as anybody. they are natural republicans, we just have to take a good solid conservative message, don't water it down, and jennifer and i will be there alongside governor scott and we will do very well and central florida with our puerto rican friends. >> martha: if they feel republicans let them down after the hurricane. >> commissioner putnam: while anyone who came to florida, especially in osceola county, florida knows we rolled out the welcome mat for our friends from puerto rico. we all know what it is like to live through hurricanes. we welcome them into our schools, provided housing and gave them opportunities to get their lives back to normal. florida is a great neighbor to our neighbors in puerto rico and we will continue to be. they care about small businesses.
4:24 pm
they care about faith. they care about family and that's why they are going to support conservatives and they will support republicans in 18 and 2,020. >> bret: congressman, considering following the lead to let states decide themselves on whether or not to legalize marijuana. you actually get a b grade from america's leading pro-pot group. now there's a push to legalize recreational use here as well. what would you do? >> congressman desantis: i'm a federalist. i believe states know what's best for their states and i don't want the federal government dictating every policy. i'm not in favor of florida of doing recreational marijuana because i remember in high school that was the number one reason why some of the people i went to school with ended up falling out and didn't do good in school and didn't do well in sports. so i think there are some problems with that. but i am supportive, the fact that voters made a decision
4:25 pm
about medical marijuana. i wanted implemented but i don't want the federal government coming in and prosecuting people that are acting consistently with state law. >> commissioner putnam: 70% of floridians supported medical marijuana and it needs to be faithful implement it. but as a dad and an employer, i don't want florida to jeopardize our family-friendly image and be more like california by legalizing recreational marijuana. it's bad for florida and it's bad for families. it's not who we want to be. here we are and the most family-friendly destination on earth, that's not who we want to be. we are better than that. enforced medical, but don't go down the path of legalization of recreational marijuana. >> martha: gentlemen, each candidate will have time for a brief closing statement and we begin with congressman desantis. >> congressman desantis: thank you fox, and let me thank my wife casey who is there. she's the best mother and wife
4:26 pm
anyone could have. and thank god she married me. i am a principal and proven conservative and i'm endorsed by the president of the united states, donald trump, to be governor of the state of florida. i think we have a great opportunity to build off of the success that governor scott had by expanding economic growth and job opportunities, reforming our education system including opposing common core and appointing conservative justices to the state supreme court. but we are not going to get that done if we let the insiders in tallahassee choose and go back to the day is like it was with charlie crist when all the good old boys ran the show. i'm ready to lead on day one and i ask for your support and i ask for your vote. thank you and god bless you. [cheers and applause] >> bret: commissioner putnam? >> commissioner putnam: we are blessed to live in a state that people dream about visiting for just a few days. we live in a state that people spend much of their adult lives
4:27 pm
trying to get here, because florida, for them, is a prize. a reward for a life well lived in many cases someplace else. the governor of florida is also a prize but you must be present to win. i am a farmer, i'm a small business owner. i know our state best and i will always put florida first. [cheers and applause] >> bret: thank you very much. >> martha: gentlemen, thank you very much for being here tonight. that is it for us. tonight is just beginning. i will be back next with "the story." >> bret: thank you for joining us and a good night from orlando. thank you to this great crowd. [cheers and applause] ♪ like, say... your car. well, good news. the esurance app lets you keep an eye on your repairs
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may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. isn't it time to rethink your type 2 diabetes medication? ask your doctor about jardiance- and get to the heart of what matters. >> martha: so this is a fox news alert. good evening everyone, i am martha maccallum where moments ago we wrapped up the gubernatorial debate but we have also been monitoring this tragic situation unfolding this evening in maryland. hours ago, a gunman opened fire at the capital because that newspaper in annapolis, killing five people and wounding several others. this is a live look at the scene right now. we do expect authorities will be giving us another update in about a half an hour from now. we will take you live to that. as of right now, we know very little about the suspect.
4:31 pm
we do know that he is in custody, he's being questioned. he is a white male and we are told that he has not been cooperative with investigators so far. meanwhile, witnesses describing the scene as chaotic. they say that people were diving underneath their desks as the shots rang out. and dozens of people as they were running out of the building with their hands held high, we seen these things to many times in america and this is the response according to what was seen in terms of the police and of their actions. watch. >> the shooter is in our custody and being interrogated as we speak. i want to acknowledge the tremendous work of our public safety professionals today. they were on the scene in about 60 seconds. beyond that, they went immediately into that building without a moments hesitation and demonstrated incredible courage.
4:32 pm
>> martha: patrice gallagher has been reporting on this since it happened and he joins us live from our west coast newsroom. >> of the associated press is now reporting that police have finally identified the shooter, although they are not releasing his name and there are conflicting reports about his age. some say he's a mid-20s and nbc is reporting he's 39 and was idd using facial recognition software. it took a while because he wasn't carrying identification and would not cooperate with police and had damaged his fingers, making it difficult to get prints. but having his name now gives police access to his records and social media footprint, potentially opening the door to a possible motive. police say the man walked into the capital gazette, shot through the glass door and began shooting at employees. capital crime reporter phil davis tweeted, "there's nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while you are under your desk, then
4:33 pm
hear the gunmen reload." davis went on to give an interview to the baltimore sun, the parent company of the baltimore gazette where he said, "i'm a police reporter, i write about the stuff. not necessarily this extent but shootings and death all the time. as much as i'm going to try to articulate how terrifying it is to be hiding under your desk, you don't know until you are there and you feel helpless." ending with "i don't know why, i don't know why he stopped." meaning, stop shooting. police arrived within 60 seconds and there was no exchange of gunfire with the suspect, but the suspect was reportedly carrying fake grenades, smoke bombs and flash bang devices. and here's what police said about an explosive found on site. >> we did recover what we thought may have been an explosive device that has been taken care of. we have members of the bomb squad on scene.
4:34 pm
we don't anticipate having any more explosive devices. >> unclear if the fake grenade or flash bang is what police were referring to when a state device. the capital gazette is one of the nation's oldest newspaper dating back to the 1800s. an editor of the paper released a statement about the employees that reads in part "we keep doing more with less. we find ways to cover high school sports, breaking news, tax hikes, school budgets and local entertainment. we are there in times of tragedy and we do our best to share stories of people, those who make our community better. please understand we do all this to serve our community." he also requested no interviews. president trump has been kept abreast of the news tweeting "my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. thank you to all of the first responders who are currently on the scene." in the meantime three people remain in local hospitals in the county corner and investigators remain on scene trying to piece this crime
4:35 pm
together. we have heard very little from other employees inside the capital headquarters. it was an intern that initially tweeted "active shooter, please help us." >> martha: awful. more as we get it throughout the evening. other top stories tonight, some fireworks on capitol hill as lawmakers demanded answers from top officials at the fbi and department of justice. fbi director christopher wray and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein fielded a series of pointed and fired questions from house republicans today, trying to get to the bottom of how their agencies handled the clinton email investigation, and subsequently the rest of her old that they began. watch this. >> i am the deputy attorney general of the united states. okay? >> you are the boss, mr. rosenstein. why did you tell peter strzok not to answer questions yesterday?
4:36 pm
>> i didn't give peter strzok any instructions. >> the bias is -- >> i certainly agree with the findings and i think those do indicate bias. >> we need the date when you found out the wife of your deputy was working for people actively trying to undermine president trump. >> if you have evidence of wrongdoing by any member of the trump campaign, presented to the grand jury. whatever you've got. finish it up. this country is being torn apar apart. >> martha: here now, florida republican congressman matt gates, among those demanding answers in that hearing today. good to see you here in florida. >> good to see you. >> martha: i watched as much as i could this morning before we started getting ready for this debate. it was pretty heated in there. what did you accomplish today? >> we have learned that rod rosenstein will not tell us whether or not he read the fis application associated with the
4:37 pm
trump campaign and i think there is a real transition today. this has gone from being robert mueller's probe to a probe that rod rosenstein is responsible for because he is ultimately who appointed mueller. so kind of the accountability and cleanup of people like peter strzok and lisa page should fall to rosenstein and we didn't get the answers we want to today. >> martha: let's take a listen to representative jordan compressing rosenstein over the releasing of documents which i think has been top of mind for all of you. speak of the house of representatives is going to go on record saying you haven't complied with requests from a separate and equal branch of government, and you haven't complied with subpoenas, and you got seven days to get your act together. i don't know why you won't give us what we have asked for. >> i certainly hope your colleagues are not under that impression. that is not accurate, sir. >> we have caught you hiding information. >> martha: how do you square that?
4:38 pm
>> there have been a number of circumstances where we found documents that were responsive to the request from congress but they weren't produced to us. so that's deeply troubling. and i think you've seen mr. jordan's frustration bubble beyond just a small group of members on the judiciary committee so now the entire house of representatives is taking a vote and virtually every republican is saying, we do have a role for oversight. rod rosenstein has frustrated that oversight and we want the documents in seven days. to be one at the heart of what you are digging for is whether or not there was a political agenda in place to try to disrupt the trump campaign. and whether or not some of these agents, peter strzok and lisa page, took it upon themselves to try to instigate or set up a pretext for investigating the trump campaign. did you get any further down the road today? >> i think both today and yesterday particularly where we got the chance for the first time to interview peter strzok. we learned a lot more about the ways in which the bias not only existed, but actually manifested
4:39 pm
an investigative decision. the inspector general, a democrat appointed by barack obama even said he could not rule out bias as the reason why the hillary clinton investigation was pushed aside and the donald trump-russia investigation was elevated beyond what the facts would have called for. >> martha: so the main question is whether or not these agents tried to figure out a way to sort of poke holes in the campaign, the trump campaign, to kind of put feelers out there and see if they put out that base, would anyone buy? they would say, i'd love to get some dirt on hillary clinton and possibly then be entrapped in a situation where it appeared that they were doing something wrong. is that you believe happened? >> that's what the documents will show. today when i asked rod rosenstein if there was any intelligence collected on the campaign before the george papadopoulos report, he would not answer that question. if the answer was no, he clearly could have said no. instead he said, it's
4:40 pm
classified, which in seems that there is information there collected on the trump campaign and that would indicate whether or not this was entrapment or abating of some kind for political purposes. >> martha: so what do you do next after the answer to those questions? >> now our leadership having heard from the entire house of representatives on this question will say, either the documents will show up or restart the impeachment proceedings for a rod rosenstein. >> martha: what about the president, is there more he could do? >> the president is in an odd position because the bias is against him and he could declassify documents from before the papadopoulos report. that would tell us whether or not there was spying or intelligence collection on the trump campaign and i have encouraged the president to do that. >> martha: we saw trey gowdy encouraging them to come to some kind of conclusion. what your sense of the mueller time frame right now? >> we are almost two years into the trump presidency and if there is evidence of collusion, i think the country should see
4:41 pm
it. now we have a circumstance were so many americans are in doubt but fewer and fewer -- the latest cbs poll shows half the country does not approve of how robert mueller is handling the investigation and more than half the country also believes it is politically motivated and not based on facts. >> martha: we will see what mr. mueller comes up with and how it was carried out. >> i think you did a great job moderating tonight. >> martha: it was an interesting night. up next, as more democrats call to abolish i.c.e. as the crisis at the border intensifies, questions are raised about a civil war brewing in the united states over the issues of borders and law enforcement. jason chaffetz and rod williams are up next, live from orlando. >> i.c.e. it has strayed so far from its mission, it's supposed to be here to keep americans safe but what it has turned into is frankly a terrorist organization of its own. ♪
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>> president trump: extremist democrat politicians have called for the complete elimination of i.c.e. we don't want i.c.e. anymore. you know what happened to parts of our country? it would be overrun with the
4:46 pm
worst count down like a you had ever seen. >> martha: so it's the immigration battle boiling over in this country as the president cautions against a radical call from some who want i.c.e., the immigration enforcement agency, to be abolished. with congressman mark poke at eliminating stomach introducing a bill that would eliminate i.c.e. and a number of democrats are calling for that as well. >> i think we need to abolish ice, that seems really clear. they have strayed so far from the interest of the american people and interests of humanity. >> we can enforce our immigration laws through another mechanism, and not i.c.e., it's out of hand. >> we can replace it with a humane agency that is directed toward safe passage. the one joining me now is jason chaffetz, fox news contributor, and ron williams, cohost of "the
4:47 pm
five" and political analyst. ron, let me begin with you. what they are saying about the democrats on the campaign trail, does not resonate with you? >> oh sure, especially in the aftermath of the people, children being separated from their parents at the border, there is lots of concern over whether or not i.c.e.'s behavior has been too aggressive and they are carrying out without proper accountability and proper review of their actions such that, in fact, are antidemocratic. and will they become more and more like an unpoliced or unregulated agency of a government that is too big. >> martha: well, i'm not sure jason, those who want to abolish i.c.e., the president talks about his party he believes is the party of law & order and democrats want open borders and
4:48 pm
an increase in crime. but they are really not making clear what they would replace it with or how they would fix it. >> president trump is absolutely right. all the problems, all the challenges in this world from the opioid crisis to gangs to all the problems that we are having in this country, and those are the i.c.e. officer is going after the criminal element of those people here illegally, we have to have their backs. they can inflate the difference between the border patrol and immigrations and customs enforcement. i've been out on the streets with these guys and they did do amazing work to get the criminal elements off of their backs. the guys that want to run on that platform as a differentiating factor going into 2018, they will lose, by record numbers. >> martha: it's unmistakable that there is an energy in the country now that feels almost like a civil war. and in fact some people are
4:49 pm
calling at that. charlie hurt wrote a piece that said, he believes there is a civil war going on in this country. when he looks at things such as the shooting of congressman scully's and the assassination of police officers and of a call to abolish i.c.e., he feels that this clash between those who want a more security and those who don't is causing that kind of strife. do you agree? >> no. that's so interesting because there is political polarization in the country, no question about that. there were be polarization over the next supreme court nominee coming from the trump administration for just that reason. but when you are talking about immigration and specifics, i think what you have is people who are, i think, pushing the fair button and using the issue to stir up anxiety, and fear in the country. recently we had a man who was spokesman for i.c.e. say that he quit because there were just too
4:50 pm
many lies being told by tom homan and jeff sessions, the attorney general. and of course you have the oakland mayor who said she was going to try to alert people about the various i.c.e. raids because again, she saw it as intrusive and the government acting in a way that was promoting fear and anxiety in her population. >> martha: we have a sound bite from james' log, the former i.c.e. spokesperson. let's play that and get your response. >> i could not fathom staying at an organization that was okay with lying to the american public. i hate that. in 17 years in the military, at that apartment of defense as a civilian, nasa and now at homeland security, i've never been asked to lie or perpetuate a lie which is the same as lyin lying. >> martha: jason chaffetz? >> that is terribly concerning. i believe that gentleman also
4:51 pm
said that was happening in the obama administration. as the former chairman of the oversight committee, that's exactly the kind of person we want to hear from and we understand his story. no matter who is in the political office. let's understand that the democrats have embraced the principles of the resistance movement. it's violent, aggressive, in your face. it puts people in harm's way, particularly law enforcement. i want more enforcement to know that the country has their backs. let's go after the criminals, the people creating crimes in this country and make sure they are out of this country. if the democrats fight as hard -- think about how hard the democrats fight to protect illegal aliens, it's unbelievable to me. >> martha: chairman, thank you very much. good to see you both tonight. the conversation continues as "the story" goes on this evening. he is alive look at an annapolis, maryland, where we are watching as police are getting ready to give us an update on the deadly shooting of
4:52 pm
the pack capital gazette newspaper today. we will bring you that live as soon as it happens. but first this evening, another conservative justice likely on the way. and clinton critics now saying the blame lies with hillary clinton and how she ran her campaign. governor mike huckabee is here on that. and what they are also saying about the evangelical vote, next. ♪ billions of mouths. billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath fresh breath oral rinse instantly fights all types of bad breath and works for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy. there's therabreath at walmart.
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speed to our wonderful opponent. when is she going to get over it? when does she get over it? [chanting: lock her up! >> martha: that was president trump last night taking a jab at his opponent hillary clinton who for months now has been trying to explain the title of her book, "what happened?" a former advisor to her husband suggests that part of her problem was her campaign's failure to reach out to core groups like evangelicals. matt bennett reportedly saying, "the clinton campaign did do a miserable job of this, and there will be a correction around that outreach to particularly white
4:57 pm
evangelical democrats. not a huge group, but will be better in 2020 than before. governor huckabee as a presidential candidate of course, and we are always glad to see you. interesting comment from matt bennett, how do you think that would go from them? >> governor huckabee: not very well, there are two nonnegotiable's for evangelicals. one is absolutes of the sanctity, and sanctity of life, every person is of intrinsic worth and value. hillary clinton believes in late-term abortion as do many democrats. they have shoved every pro-life democrat out the door. the second is unqualified support for israel. democrats use to be there and lead on that, but now they don't. you have to realize, democrats have alienated the evangelical voters more than they ever have and i don't see it coming back soon. >> martha: in terms of this week and at the decision,
4:58 pm
obviously devastating for liberals and democrats in terms of these individuals that went down, also the fact that you have another appointment to the supreme court by president trump and it sure is to be someone he interprets as a staunch conservative. this is how that all happened. >> when you elect presidents, this is what happens. they can complain about internet, this end of that and the press did this and they should have done that, but the fact is, and hillary never had a message. she ran a horrible campaign. >> martha: so he is saying, it's all hillary clinton's fault. she didn't do well in the campaign and this is what happened. >> and thank god it happened because i would hate to think of hillary clinton appointing to people. the democrats have gone nuts over this, they are melting down more than the wicked witch at a
4:59 pm
water park. it's amazing to see them and they don't understand elections have consequences. i believe it was barack obama who said that to us and he was right, he still right. we elected donald trump as president, many of us, those of us in the basket of the portables are we did. and we are going to get another outstanding justice, just like neil gorsuch. >> martha: 20 seconds. the union decision is a big deal, we had so much news that i know we haven't had a chance to talk about it but it's a very big decision. >> the short point is, people should have the right to have candidates they believe in and they should be forced to give money to candidates they can't stand and this particular decision eliminates being forced to support candidates that are not their choice. it's been one that will be very tough on the public sector unions across the board. governor huckabee, always a pleasure. good to see you tonight. >> governor huckabee: good to see you. that's it for us, we will see
5:00 pm
you tomorrow night at seven. but stay tuned, there's a news conference coming up in an annapolis, maryland, of this evening. we expect an update on the deadly shooting at the newspaper. at least five dead and several injured. tucker joins us live in washington. ♪ >> tucker: of five people were shot and killed and several more injured at an newspaper in an annapolis, maryland. more news is coming into fox, some of it confusing. we also expect an update from police and the next few minutes and we will take you there live when that happens. good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. there was an ideological revolution on the left of this week and nobody noticed it. for months you may have noticed that members of the progressive fringe have called for the abolishment of i.c.e., the agency responsible for enforcing immigration laws. demo


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