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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 29, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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we have a lot of news to cover and fox news also -- shannon: we begin with fox news alert breaking tonight new details about the suspect accused of gunning down 5 people in that shooting in a local newspaper called the capital gazette in maryland. the fox news tonight exclusive, mitch mcconnell, supreme court justice anthony kennedy announced his retirement. hypocrite for vowing to push the nominee before the midterms. henry and catherine herridge have latebreaking developments on the russian the summit and attend hearing on capitol hill between fbi and doj officials s
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trace gallagher, we are going to the scene in an apple is to kristin fisher. >> reporter: what happened is one of the worst attacks in journalists ever in the history of the united states and it started at 2:30 this afternoon, right behind me with a shotgun and smoke grenades, he shot and killed 5 employees and police identified those victims 30 minutes ago at a press
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conference. and john mcnamara and rebecca smith, as for the shooter he is not officially identified by police. in the capital gazette's parent company, 38-year-old jared rameau's had a long-running feud with the paper that started in 2011 when the capital gazette cover criminal harassment case against him and in 2012 filed a defamation lawsuit against the paper and columnist. and lost that lawsuit, the deputy chief. >> this was a targeted attack on the capital gazette. this person was prepared to come in and shoot people. his intent was to cause harm. >> at the press conference the
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deputy police chief, the separate law enforcement in the state of maryland, multiple news organizations and this gunman has not been cooperative with police. he wanted to make it difficult for them to figure out who he is. to mutilate his own fingertips according to this law enforcement, a positive id on him. police were able to take him into custody without firing a single shot. and within 60 seconds, an active shooter. >> the response has been incredible, astounding. within one minute, and sheriff's deputies and city of annapolis police department on the scene and in the building demonstrating incredible
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courage. not a moment's hesitation, they went into the building knowing there was someone in there with a weapon. and able to diffuse the situation into custody. >> reporter: one week ago police were holding an active shooter drill, and all doubt, that kind of training and that 60 seconds response time saved a lot of lives today. jillian: they are true heroes, and get those calls off to them. thank you very much. new details on reported identity of the suspect let's go to trace gallagher who is following this tragedy since it started. >> reporter: the baltimore sun which owns the capital gazette newspaper identifies the shooter as jared rameau's, the suspect
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made social media efforts against the capital gazette in the hours before the attack. >> can you say they were violent? >> this is quite apparent this individual had some type of vendetta against the capital newspaper. >> reporter: we know now they had been involved in a few that dates back 7 years. in 2011 eric thomas harley wrote an article, jared wants to be your friends, the peace detail how he stopped a woman he went to high school with calling her vulgar names and sending her messages saying things like, quote, you are going to need a restraining order now and you can't make me stop. i know all these things about you. even though he pled guilty to criminal harassment he sued the capital gazette for deformation. 's lawsuit was dismissed by a circuit court and was later
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upheld by the maryland court of special appeals with the judge writing that he had a fundamental failure to understand what defamation law is. even created a twitter account using the handle eric hartley, the reporter who wrote the stocking story and posted threats quoting yes, you moved to leaving the capital gazette and going on to say go ahead and kill yourself already before i do. legally in court. in 2015 he said the problem with hartley he is a veteran bad journalist and proudly irresponsible like charlie have go. that was weeks after the attack on the newspaper in paris. in 2016 alleged shooter jarrod ramos posted about the appellate judge who upheld the ruling
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against him, quoting i think moreland should kill himself but i hope he lives to see this. for two years jarrod ramos did not post anything until today when he wrote this about the judge, quote, blank you, leave me alone, judge moreland. even though police say he was targeting the capital newspaper the suspect was fully aware the report he thought with was no longer working there. we have learned the suspect works for the federal government at the department of labor. shannon: thank you very much. local police staying tightlipped executing search warrants not releasing a lot of details yet but let's break down what we know with intelligence analyst and former cia officer and randy sutton, former lieut. with las vegas police department, thank you for being with us tonight. what do you make of what we know so far? >> a few red flags here. this individual has been posting
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on social media, came to the attention of law enforcement over the years but this is a fine line. law enforcement may identify someone as being a threat and a person capable of violence but until they cross that line their hands are tied. today that simmering bubble burst and the carnage is dramatic and heartbreaking. law enforcement response was amazing to respond within a minute, shows what a coward he truly was as he cowered under a desk and couldn't wait to surrender, he is a punk.
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>> i went to play something from the executive, the folks who showed up so quickly. >> i want to acknowledge the tremendous work of our public safety professionals today particularly the police department and the sheriff's office. they were on the scene in 60 seconds but beyond that they went immediately into that building without a moment's hesitation and demonstrated incredible courage. >> these folks had just run this -- when they did they were ready. >> the response time is unlikely to have been possible in any way. when you look at these events dedicated to harming them, did some reconnaissance on it
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beforehand, exits and entryways. and and as well as the employees of the actual facility. not a lot could be done to completely eliminate this threat, you have somebody with the judge -- graduate decides to shoot defenseless people and very few satisfying security answers how to stop this from happening. shannon: trace outlined what we know, came back with someone allegedly at responsible today. he was angry about an article written about the stocking casey was involved with an cyber issue he was involved with. finally she was able to stop and even during the few months she didn't hear from him or have a harassment, he was doing in
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silence and was worried he was going to come back. >> he was doing just as we see this has been taking place over appear go of years. that is what is so frightening, the other gentleman said, and getting armed security on the premises at all times. who wants that in your life. mental -- we are going to hear a lot about mental illness and the fact of the matter is this individual is a killer and planned this and the full weight, if ever death penalty installed in that state, he
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deserves it. >> i would tends to doubt it, but there were reports about his fingertips so they couldn't get fingerprints from him. >> i would like to diagnose this individual from afar, certainly seems he has some categorizations you expect. dna is a more important marker, it is not an effective means of preventing someone from tracking you down. this is not what you expect from master criminal by any means. >> doesn't say anything about you the premeditation part of this? >> you see this with radicalization, you have
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precursors, markers you look for and they will set them out but when you read them and become familiar with them it is disgruntled, upset with fellow employees, makes vague comments about violence, there is no bright lines to look for, a lot of lonely people stock people online and say nasty things on social media. how do you catch that one person out of a huge mass of people, you are hoping to get lucky and we did not. >> thank you for your expertise and being with us. in his first interview since the retirement of justice kennedy mitch mcconnell speaks exclusively with us about plans to make sure the new supreme court justices in place no matter what the democrats threaten to do.
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donald trump announces a summit with vladimir putin next month and logical tirade. ed henry reporting on that and catherine herridge joins us with details on a hearing on capitol hill as rod rosenstein clashes with gop lawmakers as they demand documents and answers. >> why are you keeping information from congress? >> i am not keeping any information from congress. >> the house of representatives is going to say something different. s dates, deals, done! simply enter your destination and dates... and see all the hotels for your stay! tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites... to show you the lowest prices... so you can get the best deal on the right hotel for you. dates, deals, done! tripadvisor. visit
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alert. the clock is ticking on a new nominee to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy a >> this is a fox news alert. the clock is ticking on a new nominee to replace justice anthony kennedy andnd ticking after the helsinki summit with russian pres. vladimir putin and donald trump. we will hear from mitch mcconnell in a minute, his first interview since the kennedy announcement. ed henry joins us with latebreaking developments. >> reporter: we learned from the white house the president this evening had a meeting with key players in the senate helping decide whether or not his next supreme court pick will get
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confirmed. you see key players like chuck grassley, republican chair of judiciary can do, susan collins, lisa murkowski but at the bottom you have democrats like joe manchin, democrats facing reelection in strong trump republican states, in 2016, that is interesting, the president's critics say he doesn't reach out to democrats, he's clearly doing that. heitkamp praised that he is reaching out for democratic votes. contrast that to this process from democratic senators out of the supreme court denouncing the idea the president is going to try to get this pick done before the midterm elections even though barack obama got a supreme court nominee before the 2010 midterm switching contest disability of the white house about advice and consent with what democratic senators and liberal commentators are saying making it sound like this is the end of the world. >> looking at destruction of the
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constitution of the united states, folks he has been appointing for lifetime appointments. >> this court is unbounded in its power, not just abortion and marriage equality but everything. it is all political. >> wherever you come down on any of these issues i would hope as an american you don't want the potential criminal choosing one of our supreme court justices. >> democrats trying to say they will do everything they can to get this pushed past the midterm elections. he will talk to sen. mcconnell, republican sen. john cornyn said not going to happen in terms of delay get, this is going to get done before the midterm elections. shannon: the president touting the summit with vladimir putin but everybody who matters to this onboard?
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>> european allies don't like vladimir putin with the idea of this pres. getting closer to vladimir putin, the summit will be july 16th in finland, second big summit in the span of a few weeks after singapore with a north korean dictator kim jong un. this is a chance to sit down with vladimir putin and talk about national security issues, paving the way, the national security adviser, john bolton, who met with him in russia after the meeting, a top vladimir putin aid reiterated russia claimed they did not metal in the 2016 election, the president tweeted the same, russia says it did not metal in the election, the president's critics not having any of that saying this show why they believe the president is too cozy with vladimir putin, the russian ambassador said called down, there can be fruitful negotiations ahead. >> it is going to be great. the world has to start getting
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along. >> devoted to the state of bilateral relations which is to be much better. >> reporter: it will be awkward that next month's 1-on-1 meeting between the russian president and donald trump will happen while robert mueller's probe is still going in terms of russian interference in the election but remember what the president said dating back to the campaign, not such a bad thing for any us president to get closer and russia if they help on key issues like syria or iran. we will see if they make progress. heather: tempers flaring as rod rosenstein and christopher ray testified before congress. catherine herridge is there, she joins us with new fallout tonight. >> reporter: russia isn't being hurt by this investigation, we
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are. >> reporter: the ripple effect of the special counsel probe dominated the hearing. >> whatever you have got, finish it up. this country is being torn apart. >> we are not going to do our investigation subject to any political influence by either side. >> reporter: the alleged use of confidential sources together intelligence about trump campaign aides through fireworks. >> not keeping any information from congress. the house of representatives will say something different. >> as the hearing unfolded by a vote of 226-183 the house passed a nonbinding resolution calling on rod rosenstein to provide withheld documents of the congressional subpoena. >> do you believe you have the ability to be of the law? >> know. >> for republicans there were other frustrations. >> you won't say this committee whether you even read the document you signed that authorized spying on people associated with the trump campaign?
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>> i dispute your characterization. >> reporter: on allegations to the house general counsel reported by fox news rosenstein threatened congressional investigators. >> who are we supposed to believe? staff members we worked with? or you guys that we caught hiding information can't tell a witness not to answer our questions, who are we supposed to believe? >> i'm telling the truth and i'm under oath, you want to put somebody else under oath with something different? >> democrats defendant the republican appointed witnesses. >> each of you were appointed, donald trump, is that correct? >> yes. >> you are one of those 13 angry democrats my republican colleagues? >> i do not consider myself an angry democrat. >> are you a democrat? >> i'm not a democrat. >> reporter: democrat deadline is the july 26th, lawmakers return the following week from
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holiday recess. the fbi and justice department cite the need to protect sources in the ongoing russia investigation. when we return mitch mcconnell's first interview since the retirement announcement of anthony kennedy. they will do whatever it takes on the nominee, you get mcconnell's reaction next. without starting from scratch. it brings your business up to speed, doing more with systems you have in place. it can bring all your apps to life and run them within your data center. it is... the ibm cloud private. the cloud that's built for all your apps. ai ready. secure to the core. the ibm cloud is the cloud for smarter business.
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secure to the core. means they won't hike your rateseness over one mistake. see, liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. e >> shannon: democrats are rallying today accusing senate majority shannon: democrats rallying today accusing mitch mcconnell of being a hypocrite is the kentucky republican vows swift confirmation of a successor to anthony kennedy. the majority leader joins us from his office on capitol hill, good to see you tonight. let's talk about this, sounds like you and your democratic colleagues have a different idea or different schedule idea how this is going to play out.
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i want to play democratic sen. from new york kissed angela brand. >> mitch mcconnell set the rule, he said he will not allow supreme court justice during an election year. what is good for the goose is good for the gander. we should not allow this in an election year. shannon: your response? >> he left out an important word was what i said in 2016 we shouldn't feel a supreme court vacancy in the middle of a presidential election year. last time i looked there is no presidential election this year and three current members of the us supreme court were completed in election years, nonpresidential election years and the pres.'s nominee to the vacancy will be confirmed in a nonpresidential election year. we expect to get a nomination from the president soon and we should be able to work our way
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through the confirmation process sometime before early fall hopefully, in time for the new justice to begin the fall term at the supreme court which you know is the first monday in october. shannon: other folks's thoughts on your timeline, sen. harris said this is looking at the destruction of the u.s. constitution, we cannot relent on pushing back, chuck schumer said we will fight the nominee to the end. he doesn't have a name yet but sounds like he has a plan. >> pretty obvious they are ready to fight no matter who the nominee is. the stakes are big. the democrats, let me tell you what they want, the kind of people they put on the courts. activist judges. what do we mean when we say and activist judge, someone to make
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policy. justice antonin scalia, a towering figure on the supreme court up there with oliver wendell holmes in the annals of supreme court history of the united states always used to say you're not a good judge of occasionally you don't reach a conclusion you don't like and the reason for that is the law requires it. or the constitution requires it. if you want to make policy you want to run for office so the kind of people the president is considering for circuit courts, the nomination of neil gorsuch, these are people who don't believe the job of the judges to act like a member of congress but to interpret the law which is what the founding fathers clearly had in mind for the judicial branch. shannon: it is stunning when we remember justice kennedy was confirmed by the senate 97-0. hard to imagine anything near
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that happening these days. you will have opposition from the democrats but what about complications on the gop side, the current absence of sen. mccain, very ill, and what are your concerns? >> we hope there will be democratic support. neil gorsuch got three senate democrats who supported his confirmation. those individuals are still in the senate. we are not assuming it will be a straight party line vote. in the nominee -- we don't have a nominee yet. it is easier to talk about it once you do. >> reporter: the nominee you shepherded through, the left is upset talking about the fact you held open the late justice scalia's seat for nearly a year and neil gorsuch was there for some important 5-for decisions closing out this term including
12:34 am
the travel ban which was decided in the president's favor coming of the union dues case which was decided in favor of those who think you shouldn't be forced to pay union dues, interesting tweets from your twitter account, one of them nothing but a picture of you shaking neil gorsuch's hand and the other looks like a dance party involving you. is this world-class trolling by folks who are not enjoying what is happening in the supreme court? >> obviously i'm pleased with the president's nomination of neil gorsuch and we are happy he is similar to justice scalia. that didn't change the balance of the court and justice kennedy has been most of the time what you would call right of center justice so even his replacement is not likely to dramatically change the court, don't know why democrats are so alarmed. they were unhappy with most
12:35 am
decisions reached by the current supreme court. shannon: they don't feel hopeful knowing about the replacement coming. george will have a lot of criticism for the gop and questioning his ties to it over the last couple years. he says congressional republican caucuses must be substantially reduced in the midterms, so substantially that remnants reduced to minorities stripped in the constitution antarctica one powers that they have been too invertebrate to use against the current wielder of article 2 powers, they will have leisure time to wonder why they work to achieve membership in the legislature whose unexercised muscles of extra feed because of people like them. what do you think of that? >> i disagree with george will. he is a friend of mine and i admire his writing but he is totally wrong. from a right of center point of view the last year and a half have been the best year and a half in the 30 years i have been in the senate.
12:36 am
the supreme court, 21 new circuit judges, 18 uses of congressional review to deal with overregulation of the obama years, comprehensive tax reform, new, innovative approaches to the veterans administration taking care of veterans, revegetation of dodd-frank. if you like america right of center it is hard to find a better year and a half than the one we are in the process of going through. we don't have this opportunity very often. only 20 years out of the last hundred where republicans have had the house, senate and presidency. i don't think we wasted a minute of this opportunity the american people gave us in 2016 to move america in a different direction. shannon: someone to clean repeal of obamacare, people frustrated nothing seems to get through when it comes to immigration.
12:37 am
a number of measures you put up or shut down, they couldn't get to 60 or any kind around them, they are frustrated, people calling a change to the legislative filibuster. do you foresee a time you would be willing to take that to 51 votes and you think democrats would do it if they have vote 51? >> the answer is no and no. i wouldn't do it if they wouldn't do it, that would fundamentally alter the senate in a way that our party would not like in the long-term. we only rarely control all 3 branches of government but for the requirements of getting 60 votes, democrats would have already passed socialized medicine during the obama years, already gotten rid of state right to work laws in the obama years. it is important to take a longer view of the best way to protect conservatism in the country and frankly we have not had a dominant position all that often in the united states senate and
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so the requirement of the democrats to get 60 votes has saved us from a lot of policies over the years. shannon: i want to ask about people who say republican leaders, there's hinton with george will has saying, republican leaders are standing up to donald trump when he is getting things wrong, who thinks he is hurting the party for the long-term. how would you describe your relationship with the president? >> the president enjoys overwhelming support in congress, there are few members who complain about one thing or another, i remember that being the case when democrats complained about obama. i supported the president 96% of the time. we are overwhelmingly in support of his legislative agenda. the president has solid support in the house and senate among republicans. shannon: i want to take you back a few days. you were on georgetown campus
12:39 am
with your wife who was transportation secretary, we got a little video, identified as students and how this played out, take a look at that. >> why don't you leave my husband alone? [shouting] >> not only an accomplished woman in her own right on many levels but seems pretty tough when it comes to folks coming after you. >> i said to elaine why don't you get in the car, and tell him what he thought. i loved it, it went viral on the internet. i'm really proud of her.
12:40 am
shannon: people might think twice about approaching the two of you in public. what do you make of this call by some on the left to say it is appropriate in a free country to find people they disagree with whether they support the administration or work with this administration, call them out and confront the many where you see them in public? >> i am a big believer in free-speech and sometimes what people say is not great. i do think poor behavior is not a great way to convey your views and getting in people's faces in public places in trying to make them uncomfortable is not a great way to sell your point of view but everybody should have airfare say. you worked in washington a long time. somebody demonstrating over something here every day somewhere in washington. i revere their right to do that. it would be better they be polite and not threaten people because that is when you step
12:41 am
over the line. >> i tell visitors to town, it is a beautiful thing to see that freedom as it plays out peacefully. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, we will see you this summer and into the fall following the confirmation hearing as it gears up. when we return, instance reaction to our exclusive interview with the senate majority leader, and republicans can firming a new supreme court justice before the midterms. we will talk about it with ben schapiro who way they live on that and more when we return. like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day.
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so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day.
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>> shannon: you heard senate majority leader shannon: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell planning to confirm a new supreme court justice by accepting. advocacy groups, democrats wasting the time jumping into the campaign to stop any replacement to solidify the conservative weight for decades, ben schapiro, editor-in-chief of the daily wire and host of the ben schapiro show is here to weigh in. what do you make of what he had to say? sounds like he is not bothered by anything we are hearing from the left, has no intention of exceeding to any of their demands because he is in control. >> you can see wild enthusiasm emanating for mitch mcconnell. shannon: that is him excited.
12:46 am
>> for a guy -- cocaine mitch, mitch mcconnell on the natural cocaine of the political cycle, downgraded. but it is amazing, basically correct from the filibuster which was in 2013 when harry reid decided to nuke the filibuster over judges to what he is saying about immigration, the fact is mitch mcconnell who a lot of conservatives have been critical of if it were not for mitch mcconnell at least one seat would have gone to barack obama and mitch mcconnell deserves a lot of credit for the fact it is a swing seat at not the replacement of another seat with a conservative. shannon: he thinks they can get a couple democrats. and collins and michalski if there's a pro-life pro-choice issue they may be out on a
12:47 am
nominee. and let's get your reaction. >> qualifications, whoever was sent up and very diligently. that is basically to review and -- shannon: sounds like him and he is a measured guy who said i will take a look at the qualification before i say absolutely not. >> the qualifications, following harriet myers nomination are quite good. the top 5 trump is looking at currently sitting on courts of appeals and solid educational backgrounds, intellectual heavyweights and looking at your
12:48 am
qualifications manchin will vote for them, voting on the base of qualifications not the litmus test. the judicial nominee process drives me up the wall ever since robert bork, you can't ask the judge anything that means anything, then you read tea leaves based on their old decisions to determine how they will vote on particular issues. that holds true with conservatives, not true for the left, one thing amazing to note, and 1% of the people they nominated voted consistently on the left. 50% nominated to the high court. and one judicial pick means republicans to because it's and careful about who trump puts up. he should demand that person is fully committed to textualism and original is in. is originally constructed.
12:49 am
heather: they want somebody who follows what they expect the. what do you think of this benefit in the midterms. and likely get someone confirmed before the midterms, and that will fire of the democratic base to say the midterms you don't want that to happen again, show up at the polls. >> the democratic base will be very fired up, they will be fired up anyway. what additional points are necessary to get them to the polls, extreme hatred of donald trump personally? turnout will be higher than normal. and democrats have a real disadvantage, they are 5-8 senate seats in the next election cycle and makes it easier for democrats to take the house. >> thanks for visiting.
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the first lady visits immigration detention centers, this time no clothing controversy. more on milania's visit when we return.
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>> shannon: first lady melania trump returning to the border after the last trip the media was focussed on her wardrobe and what message they thought she
12:54 am
was trying to s shannon: milania trump return to the border after the media was focused on her wardrobe and the message they thought she might be trying to send. the president said it was a slap at so-called fake news media. the first lady had a touching moment with a little boy at a phoenix center. a personal story with her and mrs. trump was shown a photo by border patrol officers of the 6-year-old near luke air force base with a coke bottle and a note. >> this is something our people encounter on a daily basis, in a very dangerous situation. >> 6 years old. >> the first lady was trailed by protesters who said she wasn't welcome in arizona. back here in the nation's capital the battle over immigration boiling over with activists who want ice, the immigration enforcement agency, abolished, 575 activists arrested on capitol hill
12:55 am
including the rare bust of a sitting member of congress. camilla was arrested for demonstrating inside a congressional office building. our midnight hero is next. ly lo. i'm on the move all day long, and sometimes i don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition i'm missing. boost high protein now has 33% more protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. and it has a guaranteed great taste. man: boost gives me everything i need to be up for doing what i love. boost high protein. be up for it.
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♪ >> shannon: the barringer family, fishing while heather: the barringer family fishing in fort lauderdale saw smoke in the distance, a 45 foot charter boat caught fire. the family went straight to the burning boat, pulled alongside, got the folks off the boat to safety. very fast action, all 6 on the burning boat were safe and sound, no injury thanks to the barringer family who are called heroes for their quick action. i am not going to say who, but somebody in this studio wondered
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if that boat burst into flames, the insurance company would be happy about that. that family helped folks in need. they are our heroes tonight. most-watched, most trusted the most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i am shannon bream. uma: i to june 29th, happening at 4:00 am on the east coast of fox news alert, a targeted rampage that will go down as the bloodiest attack on journalists in american history. >> you would think someone would have a motive, that day. heather: 5 people shot dead, the gunmen in custody and refusing to cooperate but police revealed a key to unraveling his motive. we are


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