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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 29, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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happy about that. that family helped folks in need. they are our heroes tonight. most-watched, most trusted the most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i am shannon bream. uma: i to june 29th, happening at 4:00 am on the east coast of fox news alert, a targeted rampage that will go down as the bloodiest attack on journalists in american history. >> you would think someone would have a motive, that day. heather: 5 people shot dead, the gunmen in custody and refusing to cooperate but police revealed a key to unraveling his motive. we are live with new information this morning. >> you haven't complied with
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requests from a separate and equal branch of government. >> that is not accurate. heather: rod rosenstein and christopher ray feeling the heat, the new document deadline they are facing. clean up on file 9. weight and so we tell you what happened here. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ heather: live shot from new york city, it is friday, the weekend is here and what a week it has been. thank you for joining us this friday morning. let's get to the fox news alert.
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unbelievable, a grudge may be the motive in a targeted attack ever capital gazette newsroom in maryland, 5 people gunned down in a hail of bullets by this man, jarrod ramos, who once sued the paper for defamation. griff jenkins live in annapolis, maryland. i understand he is refusing to speak with police. what else can you tell us? >> reporter: no indication that jarrod ramos has started cooperating. he would not speak with authorities when taken into custody and at 10:30 this morning he will make his first court appearance, charged with 5 counts of first-degree murder and more about the motives behind jarrod ramos's heinous attack. he had history on social media according to the police chief of
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making threats against the paper in a defamation lawsuit he brought against the paper in 2013 that was dismissed. the two individuals were employees of the paper do not work here any longer so there are answers about that, officials are calling it targeted and we are learning more about the victims identified by the gazette. they are wendy winters, rebecca smith, robert highest and --hi s --hiassen and john mcnamara. at 2:30 p.m. in the afternoon the gunmen went in the building behind me, shooting in the newsroom, a remarkable part of the story is first responders responding 60 seconds to two minutes, bill davis who is a report here, we counted what that was like, he was in the newsroom, take a listen.
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>> people working in an office, doing their job, had no reason to the best of our knowledge to think someone like this would have a motive to gun down employees who were just doing their job that day. >> reporter: responding quickly, governor larry hogan in a shooting a few months ago in a school at the capital gazette. his hometown paper governor hogan issued a statement sending thoughts, prayers and condolences to the family and saying there is no place in our society for this kind of hatred and violence. the individual responsible must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. this morning we are learning the "capital gazette" is defined of this incident, going to publish their paper, you see the cover with the victims, we will bring you more, a few moments ago we saw a flatbed and police vehicle
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taking a black sedan out. we will bring it to you as we get it. heather: the stories are horrific. investigators working through the night to piece together a motive as we learn the shooter had a personal vendetta against this particular newspaper. las vegas police department lieut. randy sutton says in cases like this there are likely warning signs. >> there are a lot of red flags here. this individual was posting on social media as threatening an individual, come to the attention of law enforcement over the years but this is a fine line. law enforcement may identify someone as being capable of violence but until they crossed
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the line their hands are tied. today that simmering bubble burst and the carnage is dramatic and heartbreaking. heather: investigators will provide another update at a press conference later today. we will have that for you. police departments are stepping up patrols outside newsrooms across the nation, four nypd officers posted outside the new york times building and police outside abc news headquarters in new york city, these were made out of an abundance of caution and police weeping to the baltimore sun is building the capital gazette is owned by the sun. police protecting half 1 million fans at wimbledon pouring in from all around the world, concrete barriers, metal detectors being bolted in the
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ground at the all england club in london as authorities mourn the threat of terrorist using vehicles as weapons at the tennis tournament. they are keeping an eye on that. donald trump getting right to work finding a replacement for retiring supreme court justice anthony kennedy, sarah sanders tweeting the president that with senators grassley, collins, murkowski, manchin, donnelly and heitkamp to discuss the vacancy, the pres.'s team, a dozen other senators today. part of an ongoing outreach to get views and advice from both sides of the aisle. rod rosenstein and christopher ray feeling the heat on capitol hill accused of stonewalling congressional oversight. the doj and fbi have a new deadline to hand over all those documents regarding the russia probe or be held in contempt of
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congress. todd pyro here to break it in for us and secondly congress not kidding around. >> next level stuff, sparks lying on capitol hill where lawmakers are demanding all documents related to robert mueller's russia probe got handed over. after 13 months enough is enough. >> if you have evidence of wrongdoing by any member of the trump campaign, if you have evidence this president acted inappropriately presented to the american people, whatever you got. finish it up. this country is being torn apart. >> trout the ashtray gaudi didn't stop there. jim jordan accusing rod rosenstein suppressing congressional oversight by rejecting crucial documents. >> the house of representatives
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will go on record, you haven't complied with requests for a separate and equal branch of government, haven't complied with subpoenas and got 7 days to get your act together. why won't you give is what you ask for? >> i hope the colleagues are not under that impression. that is not accurate. >> it is accurate. we cut you -- >> reporter: is the hearing unfolded the house passed a resolution sitting july 6th deadline for all documents related to the russia probe. if they don't comply contempt of congress or impeachment will be on the table but the doj and fbi had allies and democrats on the committee. >> are you one of those 13 angry democrats my republican colleagues keep referring to? >> i do not consider myself in every democrat. >> are you a democrat? >> i'm not a democrat and i'm not angry. >> peter stzrok will testify
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before congress sometime next month, he is currently under investigation for anti-trump text messages and whether they played a role in the launch of the russia probe. >> lots of fireworks, that was something to watch. >> we are at a level they are frustrated that visceral emotion when you get frustrated with something like you are in traffic is coming out. shannon: appreciate it. the denuclearization deal with north korea taking shape overnight, james mattis wrapping up his asia tour shoring support for the return of 12 japanese citizens from north korea. they were captured by the rogue regime in the 70s and 80s. japan urged the us to prioritize the issue in its talks with the north. those promising words from donald trump at the groundbreaking of a brand-new electronic plant in wisconsin. >> as fox, has discovered there is no better place to build than
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in the united states. america is open for business more than it has ever been open for business, made in the usa, it is all happening and it is happening very quickly. heather: taiwanese company makes products for apple, the new plant will create 13,000 jobs. the first lady gets a firsthand look at immigration facilities on the border. milania meeting in arizona with immigration officials. >> i'm here to support you, whatever i can. thank you for having me. >> reporter: the first lady visited a center in texas last week. 11 minutes after the top of the hour. and can't look past the
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controversy. >> constructive solutions and a bad idea. a diplomatic breakthrough could change the course of history. too young to serve the country but old enough to decide who should be running it? major us city that once this to be a reality before the 2020 election. ♪ on fire ♪ on fire ♪
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>> welcome back to "fox and friends first," another historic summit in the works. donald trump and vladimir putin set to meet in helsinki, finland on july 16th. there hope for strengthening the strained relationship, at the heritage foundation, thank you very much.
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let's begin with what donald trump tweeted out on the russia collusion case, they had nothing to do with meddling in the election. where is the dnc server? why didn't james comey and the fbi agents examine it, why isn't hillary russia being looks at? so many questions, so much corruption. as was evidenced yesterday in the hearing with ray and rosenstein, this is taking front and center in the united states. a lot of controversy involving the russia investigation. do you think that will overshadow this particular meeting taking place on july 16th. >> number one he's not stupid, number 2 he is in new york and put those together and the president knows that his relationship with russia and this investigation are so politically charged and it is a button he can push whenever he
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wants and it drives people to distraction. he does that and does it intentionally. shannon: why would you do that when there are so many important things that can be discussed? do you think we can move this relationship forward? do you think the meeting is wise? >> substantively there is not a lot we can do. the administration has been consistent on this. there are lots of things in the world that are bad. we predicated better relationship on stopping doing bad things and we have seen little evidence of that. having said that this president likes other leaders, he values them, he won't stop doing that and in many ways is no different from every european leader. they all meet with vladimir putin and talk to him because they are our neighbor, it is not the cold war, there is not a solid wall. we have to have a discussion
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going back and forth. shannon: he met with vladimir putin twice before but this is the first official summit. >> those are sideline meetings, this is the first set up meeting where the two our meeting and our discussions about an agenda being forecast, we have two things here, the north korea model where after-the-fact we are confident 98% was cooked. pompeo works everything out and they talked for a couple hours and were done. we don't know what we have. is this another meeting that is cooked and there is no substance or is it a meeting where the president puts things on the table? there are all kinds of rumors, we don't know which ones. shannon: there is the issue of having it in helsinki which is in home territory for russia. you mentioned north korea and i ask that about the next topic, new satellite images showing north korea operating their
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nuclear facility. what is going on? >> the underlying strategy of pressure, deterrence, missile defense, protect our interests. we will see what the north koreans do. we have these photos but don't know what they represent and pompeo is going back to north korea. we will see. heather: we will see what happens, july 16th quickly approaching. the time is 20 minutes after the hour. a free pass to smoke pot, punishment for marijuana. could go up in smoke thanks to chuck schumer? as part addiction skyrockets is this a good idea? your comments are pouring in and jackie ibanez joining them up next, good morning. ♪ ♪ than i have ever been lifted before
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♪ keep it up ♪ by desire ♪ at your side
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>> remember when mixing water said this about protesters? >> you get out in a crowd. >> and those death threats, waters blaming the president, lied about her encouraging attacks on the borders. they weren't joking, thousands of women marching to washington dc for the day of unrest protesting donald trump's immigration policy, and people
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arrested at the senate office building. [shouting] heather: democratic congressman says that she was among the women arrested. she tweeted that another protest is planned for tomorrow. which will be today. the push to legalize marijuana is reaching a new high, chuck schumer introducing a bill that would federally decriminalize it but at the same time addiction to pot is skyrocketing. is this a good idea? jackie ibanez is here to break it down. >> reporter: we will break down. the federal punishment for part could soon go up in smoke and here is what sen. schumer's proposal would do. it would take marijuana off of a controlled substance list where it sits with other drugs like apps, use taxpayer money to fund pot businesses owned by women or
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minorities, get $500 million for medical marijuana research and give states the power to erase pot position, releasing a statement saying, quote, the time to decriminalize marijuana is now. this legislation is the right thing to do. the measure would keep some regulations in place like federal law enforcement against trafficking marijuana to states where it remains illegal and to decide that. recreational marijuana is legal in 9 states in washington dc and medically in 30 states but claims that marijuana is not addictive losing steam. 2.7 million americans are physically dependent on it, behind alcohol. donald trump said he may support legislation as long as it protects state rights to make
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their own decision. shannon: your thoughts pouring into the newsroom. so desperate, posting and instagram what else do they have to go on. not a we smoke are but a good idea. we want people to keep their ideas and thoughts coming in to us. the time is 26 minutes after the top of the hour. a titanic fight over replacing justice anthony kennedy, laws already on the books in the spotlight. what key issues could return to the supreme court? a constitutional attorney breaks it down. a live look at the plasma where toby mac is getting ready for the american summer concert series. if you are in the area join us. ♪
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heather: you are watching "fox and friends first". the gunman suspected of carrying out a deadly targeted attack at the "capital gazette" newsroom will face a judge this morning. jarrod ramos charged with 5 counts of first-degree murder. police identifying all five victims in this bloodbath, four of them journalists, one a sales assistant at the newspaper in an apple as, maryland. jarrod ramos was taken into custody seconds after opening fire in the newsroom with a shotgun and smoke grenade. law enforcement official tell fox news he is not cooperating with police. investigators will unravel a motive as we learn jarrod ramos had a history with the "capital
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gazette" suing for defamation in 2012 and making social media threats against the paper hours before the attack. the grieving staff at the "capital gazette" banding together, the cover paying tribute to the lives lost. the white house press secretary sarah sanders slamming the deadly attack on journalists, quote, condemned the evil act of senseless violence in annapolis, maryland, violent attack on innocent journalists doing their job is an attack on every american. our prayers are with the victims and friends and family. a florida face-off brain here on fox news, tangling at the gop gubernatorial debate, sparring over their support for donald trump. >> i'm proud of his agenda to make america great again but i'm running a florida first campaign and look forward to campaigning as governor of florida. >> that would be the first time
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you ever campaigned with him because when donald trump was trying to win florida in 2016 adam putnam did not attend a single rally with him, you couldn't find out about them if you had a search warrant. >> donald trump has endorsed desantis, they will face-off in the gop primary august 20th can both opening to succeed rick scott. the weekend is here which means lots of folks getting outside but if you are a mom in some of these states it will be hot hot hot. >> reporter: absolutely right. this is probably the hottest next couple days we have seen the entire year, already warm early this morning, this temperature is current, 84 in kansas city, warm air in the
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plane states in the midwest lingering all the way through the weekend and spreading further east as we continue into the weekend. everything the red are heat advisories to watch in the morning but the red are heat warnings with numbers up to 105 ° at least for a few like temperature. when you combine the heat and humidity you get what it feels like outside. we are running into the 105 range or so. this is your heat index, 110 is what will feel like in st. louis, 105 in chicago, 105 in kansas city, this lingers into the weekend. it stays hot hot hot like you said. heather: great to have you with us this morning. supreme court justice anthony kennedy's swing vote changed supreme court history but after he leaves the high court many of those cases may return to the docket so which issues could a new just display a pivotal role on? here to weigh in his constitutional attorney mark smith. thank you for joining us. we could be back where we have been already, correct? >> reporter: justice kennedy was a titan of the supreme court
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come his departure was momentous. he was on the court for three decades, and whoever replaces him has shoes to fill. >> becoming more liberal ones appointed, strong word for abor gun-control or whatnot and republican pres.s and donald trump is no different when someone who will interpret the constitution in a fair and honest way like an umpire in a baseball game. we will see someone who follows
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that kind of cool. heather: a constitutionalist. let's go to the cases, you mentioned abortion. >> this is the big thing, abortion and potential reversal and overturning of roe v wade is the sort of thing democrats have been talking about and they go right after that, play the card right away, they have been playing that card since the nomination by ronald reagan and sandra day o'connor and roe v wade remains the law of the land. i think again it hasn't been overturned in 30 years, why would that be different in the future and if it is overturned all it is saying is let the states and voters decide what to do about abortion, it doesn't outlaw abortion, just let the people decide. heather: affirmative-action as well.
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>> based on race discrimination, largely on the way out anyway. it still exists but very narrowly tailored. the trend is to get rid of race-based decisions, the trend will continue, willing to go with that in a few instances and realistically affirmative-action based on race will go away in the next -- heather: chevron dr. in an administrative state. >> one of these nerdy topics that is important but the chevron doctor says administrative agency is like the environmental protection agency, if they issue a regulation or rule, courts dever
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but you have the epa or any deep state agency is propagating the rule and enforcing the rule and prosecuting people under the rule, the new trend is to say we are not going to d for 2 bureaucrats in terms of what the law is, to second-guess those decisions, and following along, and the chevron doctrine referring to agencies and regulators will cease to exist and courts have a greater say in administrative states. heather: gay-rights. >> will the right to gay marriage be overturned? the answer is no, no chance of that. where gay-rights could be influenced going forward, the notion or trends, games being allowed to serve under federal law and see that in recent
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cases. and a broadening of the right to sue, that won't go away but that is what you are looking at. the eyes of major litigation by gay groups and gay individuals won't take place under federal law because of this change. shannon: we need to get you on twitter because people need to know this information. thank you for joining us. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the our, california cracking down on social media, a move to protect your privacy. what will it mean for sites like facebook and google and what you need to know before logging on this morning?
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heather: foxbusiness alert california passed the nation's
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toughest online privacy laws but the liberal state may not be the only one impacted. tracy carrasco here with what we need to know. >> reporter: because these tech companies like facebook and google change to comply with california law it will likely be affecting all users, this could impact people in all states. the law is set to take effect in 2020, people complete control over personal data by giving them the right to know exactly what information these tech companies are collecting, why they are collecting it and who they are sharing it with. people are going to have the option of stopping these committees from selling data to children under the age of 16, opt into allowing them to collect information on them. we are hearing reaction from facebook, google already. this isn't perfect but they will
1:43 am
work with policymakers to promote responsible innovation. google also coming out with a statement saying they are unhappy with this because it will affect small businesses across every industry. big changes affecting all of us. heather: we have to know how to do this. the final goodbye from toys "r quote us. >> because we have. they announced bankruptcy last september. and shutting its doors, having these liquidation sales, no more toys "r quote us, said to know, not knowing what it is like running down the aisles of toys "r quote us. they will be opening up toy
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stores in the holiday. >> that is what you said. and 15 minutes almost. diamond and so, we love them and they know about social media. new pulses the majority of america do too. how can you fight it? speaking of knowing what to do and how to work it, kurt the cyber guys that a fake news was a crime facebook would have the longest criminal rap sheet out there. he joins us with tips on how to fight it. ♪
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heather: facebook apologized to diamond and silk after the social media site was accused of censoring conservatives? >> facebook is one mechanism at a time to diminish our page so our 1.2 million followers would not see our content silencing our conservative voices. heather: it turns out they are not alone. a new poll, you research paul found 72% of americans believe social media platforms actively censor political views. how can you filter your social media feed to fight censorship? kurt the cyber guy joins us this morning. >> this topic fires me. heather: i am not sure it is bigger than 72%.
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>> republicans think facebook cannot be trusted in regard to their bias in political views, 84% and democrats not far behind in the 60s. we are dealing with a social media culture that we value this place but don't trust this place for very good reason. look at what mark zuckerberg has done in front of congress, he promised to deliver 50 answers. so far to date 26 responses have been given. and two month. heather: kind of like the doj and fbi slow rolling information. >> it is i don't have to tell you -- clever dodging of the answer. how do we deal with that?
1:50 am
i love in terms of having control online because you can. for example on facebook you can go to your settings, have a look at these tips because they are valuable. heather: the first is where you go? you click the arrow on the top right. >> on each facebook page, go to any facebook page on the top right, get you into settings, from settings go down to the news feed preferences so you want to hit more newsfeed preferences and from there you can make selections what appears in your newsfeed and what doesn't. you don't like to see, you are now the curator of information coming to you rather than having facebook choose everything. heather: are not talking about your facebook page. >> what happens on your wall, the information that comes at us when you log on to facebook we checked into our friends, find out you have a lovely dinner the other night, find your special moments and in spite of that
1:51 am
what people are sharing, in that case you filter that, you choose what you like to see and what you don't like to see. patty: 1 to know what i had for dinner, make sure you always see that. that is good information because we can take control of what they see themselves. >> a small amount when zuckerberg promised to give us greater control and they are on the big giant apology tour but let's talk about twitter, jack dorsey, ceo of twitter on june 7th came out saying i'm a left-winger and so is the company that employed a letter to everybody. last week he is reported to be in washington in the georgetown area at a big powerhouse restaurant, eating some crawl, republican leadership including a top aide at the white house, to find a way to make our leadership believe twitter can
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be a fair place and i laugh because it is not going to happen. patty: 1 we appreciate it, great when you can take control back for yourself. the time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour, 16-year-old casting ballots, is it really a good idea to put the fate of our country in the hands of teenagers? what do you think? ♪
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heather: the suspected gunman in the deadly attack on the capital gazette will be in court, police searching jarrod ramos's apartment as they work to unravel what led to the shooting. amber miller from baltimore live outside the apartment in rural maryland with the newest details. >> reporter: as of right now it is very quiet, no police presence to speak of but as you mentioned it was just a few hours ago that along armstrong court at forbes street police were here investigating, searching. they confirm jarrod ramos is in his late 30s, reports indicate
1:57 am
he sued the "capital gazette" for defamation, the lawsuit concerning a story reporting criminal harassment in 2011 where reports from the victim put her in fear of her life for months. fast forward to the present and his twitter feed, full of ramblings about corruption in the courts and the media. his profile says he is, quote, making corpses of corrupt careers and corporate entities. as you mentioned jarrod ramos is due in court in annapolis this morning. we are live from maryland, back to you. heather: have they cleared the scene? do they make anyone in the apartment nearby evacuate the
1:58 am
scene initially? >> reporter: we don't see any police presence when we arrived on scene, they were no longer here and our assumption is they cleared the scene but that has not been confirmed yet but at 1:30 this morning they were here on scene. we haven't seen anyone since that time. heather: think you for joining us. the answer to america's truck driver shortage to switch gears completely could be teenagers. the pilot program will allow 18-year-olds to cross state lines in privately owned big rigs, drivers must be 21 years old to travel across country, 63,000 open trucker positions by the end of the year. there is a push to allow teenagers to pick our next president was washington dc city council consider lowering the voting age to 16 even in presidential elections. supporters say some pay taxes and the change would increase
1:59 am
voter turnout. four cities currently allow teenagers to vote in local elections but dc would be the first to get them to cast votes for the oval office. let us know what you think of that as well. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," lots going on. "fox and friends first" continues right now. see you then. jillian: continuing coverage, friday, june 29th, fox news alert, deadly newspaper shooting, all five victims identified after a gunman opened fire inside a news room. what we learned about his vendor and the possible red flags that were missed. we are live in annapolis. rob: a heated hearing on capitol hill as the fbi and number 2 official at the justice department take the hot seat. how the ripple effect of bob mueller's probe dominated the
2:00 am
hearing. jillian: satellite, blastoff and reach for the sky, toy story land is finally here, live at walt disney world, your childhood comes to life. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ on top of the world ♪ i'm on top of the world ♪ jillian: i could listen to this song all morning long. there is something about this song that gets you a little pumped up on friday. you are watching "fox and friends first". rob: thanks for getting up with us, fox news alert, a grudge is the motive in the


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