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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 29, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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hearing. jillian: satellite, blastoff and reach for the sky, toy story land is finally here, live at walt disney world, your childhood comes to life. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ on top of the world ♪ i'm on top of the world ♪ jillian: i could listen to this song all morning long. there is something about this song that gets you a little pumped up on friday. you are watching "fox and friends first". rob: thanks for getting up with us, fox news alert, a grudge is the motive in the attacking
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newsroom in maryland. jillian: 5 men gunned down by this man, jarrod ramos, one sued the paper for defamation. griff jenkins in annapolis where jarrod ramos is to face the judge a few hours from now. >> reporter: we are learning more about jarrod ramos who is going to appear at 10:30 this morning to face five counts of first-degree murder when he blasted a 2:30 in the afternoon in the newsroom behind me killing five, injuring two. jarrod ramos's history of making threats was well-known on social media particularly in the courtroom, there was a definition lawsuit against the paper for articles they wrote about his conviction in a harassment case. the woman he was harassing told officials jarrod ramos would be the next mass shooter. we are also learning the names
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identifying the five victims. they are wendy winters, rebecca smith, robert hiaasen, and john mcnamara. this is hitting hard. this is a community at its core. mayor gavin buckley had this to say. >> they are our friends, we are grieving for these guys was they would come to city council meetings, listen to boring politicians, they don't make a lot of money. just immoral. >> reporter: hitting this community so hard. governor larry hogan called this his hometown newspaper issuing a statement saying he is devastated and, quote, there is no place in our society for this kind of hatred and violence. the individual responsible for this horrendous crime must be prosecuted to the fullest extent
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of the law. i remember covering governor hogan a few months ago in a shooting in southern maryland not far from here at a high school. this community reeling but the "capital gazette" showing resilience and defiance publishing their paper today with those victims on the cover. we expect some point this morning some sort of news conference to tell us what else they learned. a search a few hours ago happened that jarrod ramos's house. rob: unbelievable to hear what could be the motive. jillian: first responders receiving praise for swift action responding to the scene in a matter of minutes. former cia analyst says the quick response saved several more lives. >> response time is unlikely to have been better in any way. when you look at these events, someone dedicated to harming
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innocents, had some familiarity with the location and did some reconnaissance beforehand and understanding of accident entryways, you have a situation you are trying to mitigate casualties, hard to only need them entirely but because the first responder time, you had fewer people killed and wounded and in this circumstance the training of people coming in the front door helped as well as employees of the actual facility. rob: investigators will provide another update at a press conference later today. police departments stepping up plans outside newsrooms across the nation, four nypd officers posted outside the new york times building and outside abc news headquarters in new york city, made out of an abundance of caution and police sweeping through the baltimore sun building, the capital gazette is owned by the baltimore sun. jillian: donald trump wasting no time trying to find a
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replacement for retiring supreme court justice anthony kennedy. sarah sanders, in part the president met with senators to discuss the supreme court vacancy and talked with more than a dozen senators as part of ongoing outreach to get views and advice from both sides of the aisle. democrats vowing to block any supreme court nominee the president puts 4. mark levin points out the left will only agree with what is beneficial to them. >> don't even make any sense, they support filibustering it, they oppose filibustering it, they use to oppose a nomination, the one year left to the presidency, now they support it or don't support it. they oppose it when it is midterm elections. forget about schumer, forget about the democrats, forget about their agenda and let us uphold the constitution with our nomination. i think this president more than most understand, he ran for
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office, he was extremely -- hillary clinton didn't have a list because the nation collectively -- they want to enshrine their ideology into the constitution. when they say you have to support precedent they don't really believe that. jillian: donald trump is meeting with several moderate democrats in states he won in 2016. rob: rod rosenstein and christopher ray accused of stonewalling congressional oversight, the doj and fbi have a new deadline to hand over all documents regarding the russia probe or be held in contempt of congress this time. todd pyro is here to break it down. congress not joking around, some fireworks yesterday. >> reporter: they were fired up the last couple months, sparks flying on capitol hill, lawmakers demanded all documents related to robert mueller's russia probe be handed over. after 13 months enough is
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enough. >> if you have evidence of wrongdoing by any member of the trump campaign, present it to the grand jury. if you have evidence this president acted inappropriately presented to the american people. whatever you got. finish it up. this country is being torn apart. rob: it didn't stop there, congressman jim jordan accusing deputy attorney general rod rosenstein of suppressing congressional oversight by rejecting crucial documents. >> the house of representatives will go on record saying you haven't complied with requests from a separate and equal branch of government, that you haven't complied with subpoenas that have 7 days to get your act together. don't know why you won't of us what you ask for. >> i hope your colleagues are not under that impression. that is not accurate. >> it is accurate. we can't you -- >> reporter: the house passed a resolution setting a july 6th
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deadline for all documents related to the russia probe. if they don't, contempt of congress or impeachment will be on the table. doj and fbi have allies in some sense on the committee. >> are you one of those 13 angry democrats my republican colleagues keep referring to? >> i do not consider myself an angry democrat. >> are you a democrat? >> i am not a democrat and i'm not angry. rob: fbi agent peter stzrok expected to testify before congress next month, currently under investigation for anti-trump text messages in the launch of the russia probe. back to you. jillian: fascinating to watch yesterday. >> i hope i never have to sit in front of congress. thanks so much. jillian: i don't know if you felt it in the northeast but
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that humidity sure came in. rob: it is really hot. jillian: what do you have for us? >> it is going to be beautiful for the toby mac concert. the weather is going to be fantastic, temperatures already in the lower 70s, in new york city and stopped across the country the mid-80s, it is going to be a hot one. that is a heat warning, heat indices, the humidity standing outside right now means heat that humidity feels like 110 ° in st. louis, 105 in chicago, 105 in kansas city, it could be dangerous for folks to be outside for a long time. take note of that over the weekend, the heat will be sticking with us. i want to leave you with new york city's forecast. you are planning your weekend,
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97 ° on sunday. today is going to be the cool one, 91 °, beautiful day to enjoy the toby mac concert. jillian: 97. it is june. it is 9 minutes after the hour. he is accused of trying to join a group of cold-blooded killers but apparently his time with her group was a big mistake. the isis ivy league student who was just handed a second chance. rob: the trump administration wants people to get a job, he wants to collect food stamps. could be a big change, that could become a reality. ♪ ♪ getting down ♪ when i get up i am unstoppable ♪ rubbing your head to get back down ♪ sked sked was 'are you ok?'
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rob: a heated hearing on the hill, rod rosenstein accused of stonewalling with respect to congress after official request for records and evidence in the russia probe. >> i think in a few minutes the house of representatives will go on record saying you haven't complied with requests from a separate and equal branch of government, you haven't complied with subpoenas and you got 7 days to get your act together. jillian: lawmakers say that the of justice hasn't on next week to comply. here to break down what comes next, criminal defense attorney david bruneau. one of my take aways from the day yesterday, you can't fake this emotion, people are frustrated, people are angry, you start rag out of, his quote was whatever you got, finishes the heck up because it is terrible country apart. what do you make of what
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happened yesterday? >> frustration is a good word, they have been trying to get documents for over a year, request after request after request, the last couple weeks we have heard about contempt and impeachment, this is the first step, the house passed a resolution, an additional deadline. it is nonbinding, does not have peace. the next step will have the peace and that is contempt, filing the contempt and bringing it before the district court judge. rob: you read the post and it talks about ray and rosenstein winning the battle yesterday, all these allegations congress is making were disproven. do you agree? >> i don't think it is a win. there was a resolution before the house of representatives. the majority found they have not been compliant, they have a certain amount of time to
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comply. there are a lot of takes from yesterday. i think the representatives look good on the republican side. they show their frustration, show their emotion, this is an important issue to our public, we need some answers on the clinton investigation, kim jong un to abuses, conclusions the russian interference investigation. we need to get finality. jillian: is there a chance we don't? >> know, the question is how long it? at some point there will be hearings to investigate the investigators like we are seeing. a lot of questions going on. we saw it in the clinton investigation, the inspector general report, the text messages, we will be reevaluating this as well. rob: rosenstein -- jordan harris rosenstein about hiding these documents, not letting them see them. rosenstein's response was i'm that the beauty ag, i'm not doing the rejecting.
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he didn't answer the question. i thought that was interesting. somebody is doing the reduction. >> rosenstein is not the room exactly but he is responsible. he is the one, the buck stops at him. it was not a good answer for rosenstein. the other things that came out there was interesting was the text message from stzrok was not disclosed, not provided with an insurance policy, text message and in the midst of other obvious text messages, there is a question, why was that not provided, that is a cause of concern, what else is not being provided in these documents? a great point. we want them. jillian: it comes down to those words, we will stop it. >> was not provided to congress in the initial disclosures. rob: both republicans and trump
2:18 am
appointees. i don't know what is going on but we will see. jillian: 17 after the hour. the left said they would risk arrest and weren't joking. how many people police slapped at the immigration rally including a democratic congresswoman. >> there seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere. >> did i frighten you? didn't mean to. my name is woody and this is and the's room. >> to infinity and beyond, your favorite toys coming to life, toy story land's grand opening. ♪ miles and miles ♪
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>> hope you're having a good morning, the boys are back in town. hitting the campaign trail with eyes in the midterms, joining nancy pelosi in san francisco for a fundraiser just hours after the dnc event where guests shelled out $100,000 per ticket including a picture with obama. former vp joe biden will forward richard cordray. >> hard-working tax dollars to fund the gender pay study looking at the difference between how much men and women make on average. how effective federal efforts to enforce anti-pay discrimination laws. the last government study in
2:23 am
2009, 11% pay gap. >> the moment toy story fans have been waiting for, disney world opening a new addition that parkston are based on the popular film series. >> andrea jackson live with a sneak peek this morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are in the middle of toy story land, one of the biggest expansions in hollywood studios, buzz light year is hanging out here. this is a negative experience when you land in andy's backyard and the movie comes to life. you don't need to go to pizza planets to see toy story aliens because they land in disney's hollywood studios and running rampant. >> andy put his imagination
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together, taking his pizza planets playsets, put them together, use it -- it is being driven by an alien and the aliens are trying to get that claw. toy story many has a new entrance inside toy story land, totally reimagines with mr. potato head talking to you. >> make phone calls on a typewriter? >> reporter: the real star of toy story, a fun ride for the entire family and it doesn't skip all thrills. >> a big imagination, he has taken his coaster kit and all the parts inside and slinky on it and watch his tail wag. >> reporter: if you fall in love with a new toy story land rides you can take them home with you in miniature form. >> to take the actual 3-d models and shrink them down to have a
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replica of the attraction you will experience. >> reporter: you can walk end to end in this brand-new land in less than 5 minutes that had every right in one trip. fans are calling it terrific and you won't have to wait much longer to enjoy. toy story land opens to the public tomorrow morning at 9:00 am. live in walt disney world, back to the studio. shannon: looks awesome. rob: rough transition, accused of trying to join a group of cold-blooded killers but his time with the terror group was a big mistake. the isis ivy league student who was just handed a second chance. jillian: toby mac is ready to rock the concert series all morning long. ♪
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rob: a fox news alert the gunmen suspected of carrying out a targeted attack at the "capital gazette" newsroom will face a judge this morning. jarrod ramos charged with 5 counts of first-degree murder identifying all five victims in the shooting, four journalists, one of them a sales assistant at the newspaper in annapolis, maryland, jarrod ramos taken into custody second after opening fire with a shotgun and smoke grenades. law enforcement official told fox news he is not cooperating with police, investigators looking to unravel emotive. he had a history with "capital gazette," suing the paper definition. jarrod ramos making social media threats against the paper hours
2:30 am
before the attack. the staff banding together to put out a paper this morning paying tribute to the lives lost. sarah sanders slamming the deadly attack on journalists, quote, strongly condemned the evil acts of senseless violence in annapolis, maryland, violent attack on innocent journalists doing their job is an attack on every american. our prayers are with the victims and their friends and family. a former ivy league student getting let off easy despite joining isis. the unidentified man getting 10 years of probation after surrendering to american authorities in syria in 2014. the former columbia university student pled guilty to providing support to isis and training with the terrorists but claims it was all a big mistake and instead of getting 25 years in prison a new york federal judge sense cooperation to leave him feeling better if he were sent
2:31 am
to jail. they weren't joking. thousands of women marching in washington dc with a day of unrest protesting donald trump's immigration policy. nearly 600 people arrested at the senate office building. [chanting] rob: democratic congresswoman camilla so she was among the women arrested, another protest is planned for tomorrow. if you want food stamps get your work boots on, senate passing a landmark farm bill 86-11 which overhauls the food stamp program authorizing farmers and nutrition programs for five years but time to work up major differences without, the bill requires food stamp recipients to work until they are 59 years old. the current farm lot expires september 30th. jillian: a second high-stakes summit confirmed between donald trump and russian pres. vladimir putin july 16th in helsinki,
2:32 am
finland, nothing security issues between the countries, will be the focus of the historic sit down. what the republicans and democrats hope to accomplish from this meeting, deputy assistant secretary of state joel rubin and army special forces veteran jim hansen. thank you for joining us this morning. what do you want to see come from this summit? >> no doubt this is a make or break summit for the western alliance and this summit where donald trump will be meeting with vladimir putin will determine whether or not the united states and russia are closer or the united states and western europe are closer and there is no secret donald trump prefers vladimir putin personally to the leaders of germany, britain, the uk, france and others. it will determine where we go forward. we have major issues on national
2:33 am
security, conflicts with russia like ukraine, syria, iran and election interference, a lot on the table but where we are in our alliance will be determined from the summit. >> i think the problem is not that donald trump thinks vladimir putin is not our enemy and is trying to make friends with him but we have differences with our allies in western europe and we can make better relations with russia so we have fewer problems with them. the idea that somehow we needs to have to have a more confrontational relationship with russia is unhelpful. the idea that somehow donald trump is going to go and meet with him in helsinki and hand over the keys to the white house and the nuclear codes and walk away from nato is absurd and i heard people talking about that. what he's going to do is de-escalate things with russia because we have enough problems in the world and the fewer we have with russia the better with all of us. jillian: donald trump talking
2:34 am
about the russia collusion case, russia continues to say they had nothing to do with million our election, where is the dnc server and why didn't james comey and though it is wise and hillary russia being looked at? so many questions, so much corruption. donald trump said getting along with russia, china and everybody is a good thing. you want to have these conversations and get these answers. >> you do but you don't get along by being a patsy and when donald trump throws shade on the investigation into russian interference he undermines national security, going to meet with vladimir putin and start making it clear not just a vladimir putin private but in public that the united states siren to help -- elections interfered with, if donald trump doesn't do that he puts the united states in a very weak national position. jillian: a tough talks have so
2:35 am
far as of today worked a little bit with north korea so do you think donald trump needs to be tough with vladimir putin? >> there are two ways to play it. if you want to work with a tyrant you got to play tough and threaten him or butter him up which is what donald trump is doing with vladimir putin, vlad says russians were meddling, he doesn't say it didn't happen but that is what vladimir putin says that he is pointing out the real collusion was not between him and russia but between the dnc and obama administration using state power to interfere in our election. the idea to create a fight with vladimir putin over the fantasy of trump russia collusion is a bad idea. what he needs to focus on is where can we had russians work together, to put pressure on north korea and make the world less dangerous. >> we expect syria to be a big
2:36 am
question. >> deadly newspaper shooting in just hours, the man accused of killing 5 people inside a newsroom. police continue to search for a motive. punishment for marijuana thanks to new york democrat chuck schumer but skyrocketing, is a good idea? comments are pouring in. from the moment you met you wanted to surround them in comfort and protection that's why pampers swaddlers
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wells fargo has supported community organizations from the beginning, like united way, non-profits like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day. so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. >> fox news alert, in just hours the suspected gunman in the deadly attack will be in court. >> police are searching jarrod
2:40 am
ramos's apartment as they unravel whether to the shooting. jillian: live outside that apartment in laurel, maryland. >> reporter: no police presence here, a stark difference than what we saw a few hours ago but we walked over on armstrong court in laurel, maryland, 402 armstrong court, and what happens to the window there has been boarded-up. police are not seen investigating searching through the area. we are learning jarrod ramos is 38 years old embossed a civil suit and appeal against the "capital gazette" where the fatal shots rang out yesterday.
2:41 am
reporting on his guilty plea in 2011, according to reports from victims put her in fear of her life for months. they are full of ramblings about corruption in the courts as well as in the media and his profile says he was making corpses of corrupt careers and jarrod ramos is doing court in annapolis this morning. we are live in laurel, maryland and send it back to you. >> the push for legalized marijuana nationwide reaching a new high, chuck schumer introducing a bill that would decriminalize it. rob: addiction to pot is skyrocketing. jackie ibanez tells us if this is a good idea.
2:42 am
>> reporter: federal punishment for pot could go up in smoke. here is what sen. schumer's proposal would do, take marijuana off of the controlled substances list words it with other substances like apps, use taxpayer money to fund pot businesses owned by women or minorities, give $500 million to medical marijuana research and give states the power to the race pot position for criminal record, he released a statement saying, quote, the time to decriminalize marijuana is now. this is the right thing to do. however the measure still would keeps regulations in place like using federal law enforcement against trafficking marijuana the states where it is illegal and leaving it up to the states to decide their own lives. recreational marijuana is legal in 9 states and washington dc and medically allowed in 30 states plus dc the claims that marijuana is not addictive are losing steam. according to the national institute of drug use 9% of people who use parts become
2:43 am
addicted and 2.7 million americans are physically dependent on it, marijuana in second place behind alcohol. donald trump said he may support legislation of life it protects state rights to make their own decisions. >> people always have an opinion when it comes to pot. what are they saying? >> without pouring in, here's what some of you had to say, stephen sake marijuana is not as harmful as alcohol or tobacco. as a matter of fact its medicinal properties may outweigh the bad making it illegal and taxable. alex, i agree with his view, never thought i would ever agree but i do. we have another one. that is it but keep the comments coming because we want to hear from you. sharon says these people are nuts. >> people have an opinion on pot, i heard smoking pot makes you less opinionated, just go
2:44 am
with the flow. thank you, we promise the camera next time. watch out cbs and walgreens, amazon taking a step closer to your medicine cabinet, the latest big bike and eliminate trips to the pharmacy. >> let's stick with steve ducey live in the plasma. >> we are in front of the summer concert series stage. toby mac will be the performer on sixth avenue. not only will you hear the show but buy you breakfast if you like bbq. meanwhile did you see the big debate last night in florida? the congressman joining us live. mark levin talking about what is being done on the southern border because he is after all
2:45 am
the ice director, terrible news out of annapolis, the mayor of annapolis will join us with the latest information on the shooting at the newspaper. a busy 3 hours 15 minutes from now. ♪
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>> good friday morning california just passed the nation's toughest online privacy a lot of the liberal state is not the only one affected. here is what you need to know. >> tech companies like facebook makes changes to comply to all
2:49 am
users, this could have impacts across the board but the new law does say it gives people complete control by tech companies so they will know what personal data these companies are collecting, who they are selling into, what they are doing with it and people have the option of stopping companies from selling their data. facebook surprisingly saying they support this law and look forward to working with policy members. google says this imposes obligations on thousands of large and small businesses across every industry so a big change. jillian: amazon's take over continues. >> another step into the healthcare industry with the latest acquisition, an online
2:50 am
pharmacy that put together tell packs of daily medications having it delivered to your home every month, very convenient but this news affecting drug retail stocks, cbs, walgreens, rite aid, those companies, this could have major impacts on brick and mortar stores, so this deal likely to close by the end of this year. rob: atty. gen. jeff sessions announcing the largest healthcare fraud takedown in us history and cracking down on the opioid epidemic as brand-new report sheds light on increasing concerns of marijuana addiction. is part really armistice people say? joining me is dr. mark siegel. in our younger years a lot of
2:51 am
people tried this drug out, that it is not addictive. >> it is addictive and it is changing because it is becoming more potent. what you're getting is more likely to be addictive and the numbers are staggering, 2.7 million people in the united states, 9% addicted to pot, 17% if they start with a record, 70% addicted, compare that to heroin, 24%, it is almost up there with opioids. what does getting addicted mean? if you stopped it you would have cravings, insomnia, anxiety, chills, sweats and nausea. rob: you say it is as close to being addictive as heroin if you start as a kid, 17% versus 24%, not a big gap. that is hard to believe. >> it doesn't kill people the way apps does. we are focusing on death from opioids as we write we should but how many lives are ruined by
2:52 am
marijuana because when addicted to someone it have to have it it is interfering with your ability to think, your behavior, your development in childhood and adolescence was people score worse on tests, your addicted, can't get off of it. >> a lot of viewers haven't tried pot or if they did was in the 60s and 70s, this is not your parents we, this is genetically engineered marijuana being produced today, really potent. >> really potent and causes behavioral changes, people get paranoid, it alters thinking, not just more addictive, your behavior changes, very bad for outcomes. rob: schumer wants to decriminalize, the whole country is moving this way as it becomes more acceptable in society. there are many things acceptable in society that are legal and addictive, alcohol very addictive, gambling very addictive, we embrace these things, what is the problem embracing pot? >> that is a good way to stated.
2:53 am
just because something is that free was already legal doesn't mean add another thing to make it legal. i'm not weighing and whether it should be legal or not. what i'm weighing in on his we are not aware enough of the consequences, that it is no big deal, it is a big deal, there will be more traffic accidents. medicinal uses, we had when the other day with fda approved, part of the cannabis plant was approved for use in seizures. it is useful for chronic pain, great benefits but that is not the same as go out and smoke it, you will be fine because you might not do as well on the job. >> is this what colorado -- a politician sees a financial benefit and all of a sudden like gambling, we can do that. >> colorado, vote for me, i have
2:54 am
free pot. the side effects. 53 minutes after the hour, you don't see this every day. and alligator's trip to walmart spoiled by authorities, how this shopaholic was rolled back where it came from. speaking of unruly shoppers, this woman attempted to run from the cops. what you have got to see coming up. ♪ freefalling ♪ and i am free ♪ freefalling .
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♪ ♪ jillian: toby mcnamee without you setting up for the summer concert series. you love waving to that. rob: i got to quit doing that. jillian: humid. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. soccer fans can get free beer but only under one condition. >> break the code.
2:59 am
i see him helping californians pay -- >> fans in california will get free brews if mexico beats brazil on monday. the team ha hasn't advanced past the fifth world cup game in two decades. >> unexpected shopper forces a walmart customer to call police. texas officers wrangling 8-foot alligator in the parking lot near corpus crispy. jillian: you don't expect to see this either the ugly. the woman falls through a ceiling trying to run from the cops. look at that see her crashing counsel onto the a shelf inside a convenience store in canada. trying to hide above the ceiling tiles after she and another suspect allegedly used a stolen credit card. oh my goodness. that is insane. rob: that's hysterical. >> you are going to be out of here 48th and sixth
3:00 am
avenue sometime this morning. stop by toby mac is going to be rocking the plaza all morning long. rob: i always wanted ribs for breakfast. so if you want r.b.i.s from breakfast come by. steve: this is a fox news alert. a grudge may be the motive in that targeted attack at the newspaper, the capitol gazette annapolis, maryland. ainsley: police say five people were gunned down by that man right there ramos who once sued the paper for defamation. >> he will face a judge on charges of first degree murder. griff jenkins is live outside the capitol gazette in annapolis, maryland, with the new details. hey, griff. >> good morning, guys. tragic scene here. jared ramos will appear 10:30 this morning to face five counts of first degree murder. we are learning a lot more about the history of threats made against the capitol


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