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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 29, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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avenue sometime this morning. stop by toby mac is going to be rocking the plaza all morning long. rob: i always wanted ribs for breakfast. so if you want r.b.i.s from breakfast come by. steve: this is a fox news alert. a grudge may be the motive in that targeted attack at the newspaper, the capitol gazette annapolis, maryland. ainsley: police say five people were gunned down by that man right there ramos who once sued the paper for defamation. >> he will face a judge on charges of first degree murder. griff jenkins is live outside the capitol gazette in annapolis, maryland, with the new details. hey, griff. >> good morning, guys. tragic scene here. jared ramos will appear 10:30 this morning to face five counts of first degree murder. we are learning a lot more about the history of threats made against the capitol capital
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gazette and a lawsuit which ramos filed against a paper because of an article they wrote about his conviction in harassment case. the woman target of his harassment telling officials at one point quote, he will be your next mass shooter a lot more questions to be and he with ramos' background. we are also learning the i'd tis of the five victims at the newspaper. they are wendy winters, rebecca smith, gerald fischman general mcnamara. rob hiaasen. here is what he had to say about the victims. >> we are all friends. we are grieving for these guys. these are the guys that come to city council meetings and have to listen to boring politicians and sit there and make 20 or 30,000 a year.
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they make no money. it's just immoral that their lives should be in danger. >> the mayor also praising first responders, guys. come within 60 seconds in some cases to stop the shooting that happened around 2:30 when ramos came into the newsroom blasting with a shotgun, using some smoke screen bombs. governor hogan calls this paper his hometown paper and he issued a statement saying he was devastated, quote, there is no place in our society for this kind of hatred and violence. and the individual responsible for this horrendous crime must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. now, we are waiting, guys, for another update from officials this morning. we know that ramos' residence nearby was searched overnight. here is the story of the morning that is the capital gazette's active defiance saying they will publish this is it. you see the five victims on the cover of the paper.
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we'll brings to you the latest when we get it. answers because of the history the ramos had against the paper. by the way, that writer of the original article from when which the defamation suit is no longer employed here that raises a question why the five individuals were targeted. steve: looks like red flags that were missed. one of the survivor told the "new york times" he said, quote: when he was reloading, as it turns out, he didn't have enough bullets for us. ages ages one guy was tweeting about it saying he was underneath the desk and you can't imagine the terror. we report on these kind of things all the time but when you are in the scene and you hear the guy reloading it's just terrifying. the guy was found underneath one. desk. he didn't have an i.d. it only took 60 sects as you heard griff say. my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and his families.
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then it came out who this guy was and then police connected it. steve: vendetta. ainsley: exactly the vendetta against the paper. brian: media organizations stood up their local police force to make sure it wasn't something that was going to be a chain reaction or chain killings. meanwhile, about the five that lost their lives and others clinging to them. let's look at garrard fischman been described permanent so quiet and withdrawn that it hid his brilliant mind. wry wit and wicked pen that his colleagues would treasure. steve: they treated this about rob hiaasen his writing style and generous mentoring of young journalists assured him of roles in several numerous, including the capital gazette. hes watt brother of karl. the world famous columnist down at miami herald. ainsley: that's right. he is also a father. they tweeted this out about
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john mcnamara. they say he was remembered by his colleagues for his flexibility. concise writing and extensive knowledge of regional sports. apparently track of all trades. 56 years old a sports reporter and copy editor. that's what they mean about the flexibility. brian: a lot of people that worked at this paper worked at the baltimore sun. if you want to pick up an editorial that talks about it, a lot of those people look back and talked about this paper. rebecca smith said, this was a recent hire at capital gazette already proved herself a valuable asset. ainsley: only 34 years old. facebook page says mom to the best kid ever. steve: wengedy winters tweeted this after a career of passion and pr wendy winterbuilt a reputation as a prelive if i can freelance reporter and well-known community resource at the capital gazette. steve: deadliest killing
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involving journalists in the united states in decades. we will have the mayor of anap political science with us in today's show. ainsley: we'll be covering it all morning. brian: five minutes after the hour. own a different note, there were emotional fireworks on capitol hill and frustration boiled over. you could really see the republicans on the house judiciary committee are fed up and frustrated about the year-long quest to get the documents necessary to fully understanding what went on during the 2016 election. hillary clinton's emails and the russia investigation. they get some. they get a little. never enough. redactions that make no sense. when they are revealed it turns out it was just preventing in many cases embarrassment. so when rod rosenstein appointed by entrepreneurship and chris wray appointed by president trump went in front of the house judiciary committee, you clearly knew that they wanted everybody to know what they have been dealing with behind closed doors. first and foremost, i thought who is always great in this because is he so concise and to the point, trey gowdy.
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listen to his message to a.g. rod rosenstein. and i hope you are listening too, bob mueller. >> we have seen the bias. we have seen the bias. we need to see the evidence. if you have evidence of wrongdoing by any member of the trump campaign, present it to the damn grand jury. whatever you got. finish it the hell up. because this country is being torn apart. >> i have heard the suggestion that we just should close the investigation. i think the best thing we can do is finish it appropriately and reach a conclusion. steve: rod rosenstein stood his ground throughout. we will show you another exchange with jim jordan where mr. rosenstein was trying to answer but jim jordan had all these questions. keep in mind so much frustration in the republican side in this particular -- in the republican caucus because they feel the doj, for whatever reason at the fbi
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has been hiding stuff. they have been slow-walking things or as brian mentioned redacting things that don't need to be redacted. the tensest exchange was between ohio congressman jim jordan and rod rosenstein. essentially mr. jordan saying where's the stuff we keep asking for? >> mr. rosenstein, why are you keeping information from congress? >> congressman, i am not keeping any information from congress that it's. >> few minutes, mr. rosenstein, the house of representatives is going to go on record saying you haven't complied with requests. you haven't complied with subpoenas and have you got seven days to get your ability together. we have caught you hiding. >> i'm not the person doing the redacting. i'm responsible to responding to your concerns. so your statement that i'm personally keeping information from you, trying to conceal information. >> you're the was, mr. rosenstein. >> that's correct. i'm making sure we respond to your concerns. we have sir. i'm appointing mr. rausch who is managing that production. my understanding it is going
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very well. >> i think the house of representatives is going to say otherwise. >> you are using this to attack me personally. brian: he says it's not personal it is pecialg. steve: it went on for about seven minutes. ainsley: he is the boss. can he go into the guy's office hand me all the paperwork. work weekends. hire more people to get it into his hands so he can turn it over. steve: or the president the united states could just sign something and it would all be released. i get the frustration on both sides but the self-awareness though of plaintiff rosenstein got to understanding have you got these republicans who feel like for whatever reason, somebody at the doj is not giving them the stuff they want. i heard from a congressional investigator last night apparently they have got a list of like a dozen things that they need from the doj, release two more yesterday. it's not everything they want. buff it's a step in the right direction. brian: they are referring to this resolution. this is what passed almost during the hearing. steve: it was. brian: by a vote of 226-83.
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nonbinding. demanding turn over documents related to the investigation of hillary clinton and trump because they don't have it all. they want to know what they have. they also want to know what robert mueller has been doing and what he has been up to. >> steve: we all do. brian: i know the president has showed remarkable discipline when it comes to rod rosenstein and the investigation in many ways. he has been hesitant to get involved directly and say, hey, doj, even though i have put most of you in place, hand it to the house. but, maybe we're at that point right now and people -- democrats are saying wow, republicans are trying to impress donald trump by being aggressive against ro rod rosenstein. they have to be lawrence olivier to pull off that kind of acting and fake anger that was legitimate. ainsley: that's because that's how their constituents feel. everyone is sick of the russia investigation. if they don't have any evidence, get it done end the investigation if there is not any evidence.
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let's move on as a country because our country is divided. that's what trey gowdy was saying. to the president, i don't think the president should get involved. i don't think he should demand those papers, when he fired james comey there was so much push back. steve: 100 percent right. the reason they did the resolution yesterday saying hey, cough up all the documents we want is because if the doj doesn't do that the next step would be an impeachment of mr. rosenstein. of course, nobody would like to see that you would like to think one you have your highest law men in the country is following the rules. brian: by the way on the mueller investigation. yesterday, they offered a subpoena for andrew miller, a 26-year-old used to work for roger stone. they are pursuing something around roger stone. he managed the governor campaign of kristin davis who was said to have supplied prostitutes for eliot spitzer. last time i watched, i have no idea what they wanted with this guy that used to be my assistant. so, they are pursuing some
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level we don't know about. ainsley: all right. let's hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: good morning the. let's get you caught up. president trump getting right to work finding a replacement for justice kennedy. voted to confirm gulch and face re-election this fall and won in 2016. a list of 25 potential nominees, federal appeals court judges bret cavanaugh and thomas hard man. adam putnam and ron desantis sparring over support over president trump. >> i'm proud of his agenda to make america great again. but i'm running a florida first campaign. i look forward to campaigning with him as governor of florida. >> that would be the first time you ever campaigned with him and when donald trump was trying to win florida in 2016, adam putnam
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did not attend a single rally with him. you couldn't find adam putnam if had you a search warrant. jillian: both are hoping to succeed republican governor rick scott. has endorsed do i san tis. desantis. melania trump meeting with local board immigration centers in. and touring centers holding children. >> i'm here to support you and give my help, whatever i can for -- the children and the families. thank you for having me. jill jit the first lady visited a center in texas last week. that's a look at your headline. steve: nobody is talking about what she was wearing. ainsley: she wore sli solid black. steve: i guess we are talking about it. president trump praising leaders in washington. >> eemple o each of you represet
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your. you are not afraid to speak the truth even if it is politically incorrect on occasion. steve: charlie kirk was there. he is next.
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the truth and to stand up for what you know is right, even if it means being politically incorrect on occasion. steve: there you have got president trump speaking to young americans during this week's face-to-face with our future event down in d.c. as the race to the mid terms heats up will these types of events help sway millennial voters from the growing socialist movement on the left. how do they bring them over to the right? that's charlie kirk's job. set founder and president of turning point u.s.a. who helped organize the event, and he joins us live. charlie, good morning to you from orlando. what was the. >> good morning. >> what was the idea behind having the event with the young folk at the white house? >> well, it was really special. it was a special type of student that was attending. these were student body presidents. they represent the entire student body of major universities from all across the country, and they have to have hard fought campaigns and fighting for free speech and pro-american values. on college campuses where
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it's kind of contentious right now and these ideas are currently under debate. amazing to think that in the very same day of kennedy steps down and president of portugal. the president takes time out of his busy schedule to address this student audience. type of outreach so unusual to see from the president of the united states. that's really remarkable. secondly, there is a rising socialist movement in america. socialism is very easy to sell to a generation of young people that want to believe in utopia. it's built on the best intentions of the public but as i like to say socialism has become much more about hating the rich than helping the poor. steve: president's message was much more about freedom than free stuff. on college campuses it's hard to be somebody to the political right we have heard repeatedly over the last year or so. the young woman here in new york city who won that district contest a couple days ago from joe crowley
3:20 am
alexandria cassio cortez was on the late show last night and talked about nobody in america should be too poor to live. if you don't have anything, that's a very potent message. >> correct. look, it's very easy to be generous with other people's money. but, be careful trying to use rightful means of threat to try to redistrict what you feel is best for society. instead, and try to say we should have a bunch of free stuff like the failed marxist experiments over the last 100 years. 100 different experiments of marxism ruining. talk about how to make the pie bigger. and be brutally honest about the reality of life, not trying to create a utopia on the horizon that will never happen. steve: at this point everybody just wants to win regardless of the cost. charlie, we thank you very much from joining us today from orlando. have a great weekend. >> you bet. steve: straight ahead on this friday, the media melting down over justice anthony kennedy's
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retirement. >> elections have consequences. and today those consequences are becoming clear. roe v. wade is doomed. >> diamond and silk on that coming up next. good morning.
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ainsley: some quick space headlines. moments ago a spacex rocket blasting off from cape canaveral in addition to food and water the cargo mission is bring ago robot crew member to the international space station. simon has a cartoon face and answers to astronauts when they call its name. and we are now learning president trump's newly announced space force more than ever.
3:25 am
the defense intelligence agency director says the u.s. is losing its lead in space. he warns china and russia are building new weapons that will be ready in the near future. brian: we have the buzz light year oipg up in disney that will help. steve: mainstream media meltdown mode again over justice anthony kennedy's retirement in july. >> elections have consequences and today those consequences are becoming clear. roe v. wade is doomed. it is gone because donald trump won the election. >> don't allow in this vote. don't have a hearing. don't have a meeting. don't allow anything to go forward. don't play ball with this decision. >> brian: then you will have empty chairs because it's not your decision nor is it the democrats. the president has the opportunity to change the makeup of the highest court for a generation or more. a promise he made on the campaign trail. ainsley: how is this resonating with the trump
3:26 am
diamond and silk, good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. ainsley: we watched nancy pelosi saying yesterday calm down when that woman won the socialist one in new york. calm down. i want to say that the media, too. just take a chill pill, right? >> yeah. calm down but shame on the left for always going into a frenzy. they are only doing this because they want to dismantle the constitution. but what i say to the left is, listen, we don't need to dismantle the constitution. we don't need to rewrite it they need to reread it. >> that's right. >> we don't knowed to oppose the constitution we need to uphold the constitution. i'm so happy the president gets to pick the next judge that's going to be in place that's going to uphold our constitution. >> that's right. >> and uphold our conservative values. brian: one democratic congresswoman called on democrats to get into a street fight. and then you had michael moore who tends to be liberal, according to reports, says it's time to get off the couch. and use your bodies. what is he talking about? >> i have no idea what is he
3:27 am
talking about. but what i do know from the left is what they do is manipulate, intimidate in order to dominate. but those policies aren't working anymore. because people are walking away from that liberal ideology. >> that's right. >> from all of that foolishness going on the street and something better for their lives. that kind of stuff ♪ working anymore. the democrats keep talking about the blue wave. nothing about democrats waving away at them when they're walking off that democrat plantation. steve: you know one of the reasons democrats are concerned is the fact there is the feeling that if the president is able to get more conservative voices on the high court, that they will undo roe v. wade. and the democrats are, you know, they are against that. while a number of republicans, you know, that's a dream come true. >> really, you don't know that to be true. so i why are you fear mongering. why are you spreading that? why are you going into a frenzy? just wait and see what's going to happen.
3:28 am
in the meantime i want the constitution uphold. >> that's right. >> i want a judge put in place that's going to stand by our constitution. >> time to bring values and morals back into america. ainsley: president hosting a celebration marking the six month anniversary of tax cuts. a lot to celebrate there, right? or do you think they are just crumbs. >> oh, no. it's a lot to celebrate, baby. listen, more people have money in their pockets. americans are excited. they are able to pick and choose what job they want to work at. this is an exciting time to be alive in america. >> yes. >> and this president is surely making it happen. is he surely making america great again so he has every right to celebrate. he has done an amazing job and we love it. brian: morgan stanley did a survey and they asked companies about the tax cut and what you are dealing with it the company survey anticipate using only a quarter shareholders and dividends. the rest is going to go to a pay raises as well as expansion.
3:29 am
hiring more people. for those who say they are just making corporations richer, that's not that wore began stanley says and they are the ones valuating companies. >> i absolutely love it that's how it's supposed to be. put america first is what this president is doing. and, guess what? americans are coming up. there is rising instead of barely surviving and we love it. ainsley: money doesn't make you happier but it does make life easier. that's what he has done with these bonuses. brian: i liked that last line. ainsley: i have heard money doesn't make you happy but it makes your life easier and money is freedom. brian: i like that. john that den said that. ainsley: did he? brian: he did. ainsley: okay. brian: let me tell you what's coming up next. the targeted killer. how the security has changed the numerous across the country that story with the law enforcement panel coming your way. does this map show the
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brian: all right. here we go. you saw this yesterday. a fox news alert coming your way. the gunman suspected of carrying out this deadly targeted attack at the capital gazette newsroom will face a judge this morning. he has not been talking. is he 38. he is jared ramos. he is charged with five counts of first degree murder. police are now identifying all five victims of the shooting. four journalists. one of them a sales assistant at the newspaper in annapolis, maryland. we told you about that 25 minutes ago. now let's go to the crime. investigators now working to figure out the motive. we bring in a great panel today of law enforcement experts. dr. darren porcher, former nypd lieutenant. you know that paul former supervisor for new york district attorney's criminal court unit and eric selig is here, former prosecutor in the manhattan d.a.'s office. dr. porcher, to you first. we find out that this would be assassin was posting
3:34 am
threatening messages and was predicted by some to be a mass murderer before this happened. we see a lot of these warning signs among would be killers. >> look, i give you contrast and comparison what happened with nikolas cruz in florida. law enforcement should have acted much quicker. brian: they admitted it? >> often what we have a threat sea. set. assessment. the law enforcement agency is going to ramp up a level of vigilance. that doesn't appear to be the case here. brian: let's talk about that. they did have some -- they did fear a little bit from him. do you believe that even though the law enforcement acted in 60 seconds there should have been a greater barrier even at a smaller newspaper like, this paul? >> so much is going to be looked at brian with physical access control. we just look at this
3:35 am
building. weave know the security that's in place here. one of the things that we learned since 9/11 is to implement tiered or layered security. there are panels that you have to go through before you can actually get in the building. this will be closely scrutinized right from the beginning of the day today with respect to access control to the building, where this individual was identified. how they were able to contact 911. and how far he was able to penetrate the building before he was stopped. brian: elliott, they did have a bit of a warning before this happened. as a former prosecutor, where do you go with that. >> all right. so the motive has already been determined or seems to be based on this lawsuit. he had sued the newspaper back in 2013. brian: how about filing off your fingerprints? >> that goes to a degree of knowledge and degree of awareness. a degree to the meticulous planning that went into it one of the things as a prosecutor you are an tisz waiting what the are the defenses i object sanity. ax like that show awareness. acts that show planning and careful steps taken one by
3:36 am
one that would one day in the ice of a prosecutor rebut insanity defense. brian: 60 second response. they came in guns ablazing ready to take out this guy. even though you are trained and go to the academy. talk about that mind set to go in. >> well, your heart is beating out of your chest when you respond to what we refer to as a gun run. the truth of the matter is preparation. when we look at the advancements in terms of policing. it's changing. in the past we waited to are a special operations such as swat, those types of units to go in first. however now we are training the first responding officer to be that individual. you're it going in there. and we are training and equipping these officers accordingly and then switch them out as the specialized units come in. but it goes back to where do you feel and where does your training kick in? this is something we are training recruits in the academy now to be prepared for moving forward. brian: paul, sadly we have had a couple incidents. video has emerged in las vegas when that shooter was
3:37 am
wiping out all those concert goers. turns out video has emerged thanks to a judge demand shows on 31st floor there was an officer standing outside that did not go in. he was not truthful about that. he said he was on the 32nd floor with others. it's not automatic in all situations that these officers do the right thing and go in right away. >> there is no question about that, brian. what that is a message to our viewers to understand that police, when we look at them. these are human beings. brian: absolutely. >> regardless of the amount of training that police have. it all comes down to whether or not how you are going to react in the moment. you don't know that until -- brian: dissemination who is the bad guy and good guy. it's not easy because no one is wearing name tags and nor are you looking. you compare that to parkland we have the situation undergoing. not only did the sheriff not go in he told others to stay out. >> for a prosecutor, that's
3:38 am
trouble a lot of those victims' families want answers. >> absolutely. the prosecutors are independent from police officers. they are supposed to look at that type of information, that type of evidence with an objective eye. brian: darren, funerally, where dfinally wheredo we go fr? we have the guy, is he not talking. is he going to be tried. we know it's him. if you are another newsroom, if you are a big paper or small tv station what do we learn from this. >> i look at these shootings at three legged school. you need to fortify premise. the second leg in this stool is active shooter drills. we need to practice constantly. and the third leg is we need a capable and resourceful police department to interdict these individuals before it gets to the incident. brian: all right. guys. thanks so much. that dominated our afternoon. we are still trying to figure out how it all happened another psycho with a gun: meanwhile 22 minutes before the the hour. jillian is poised to tell me
3:39 am
what else is happening. jillian: good segment, brian. they weren't joking. thousands of women marching through washington, d.c. for the day of unrest. protesting president trump's immigration policy. nearly 600 people arrested at the senate office building. >> abolish ice abolish ice. >> democratic congresswoman -- says she was among the women arrested. guess who else was inside the senate building. actress susan sarin continue spotted with the leader of the march linda sarsour. raked in $200,000 in v.a. benefits. the only problem the south carolina man never served his country. keith hudson could serve a decade behind bars after pleading to the defrauding the v.a. investigation reveals he used forged documents to falsely claim he was a navy veteran who served in the vietnam war. he was busted for the same thing in connecticut in 2005. the supreme court refuses to
3:40 am
hear an appeal to reinstate prayers at county meetings in north carolina. now the aclu is counting that decision as a victory. north carolina's rowan county was trying to fight a ruling from a lower court that prevented praying at hearings. filed suit on behalf of three of residents who thought it was unconstitutional since the prayers only represented one faith. the army looking for a new slogan to replace army strong. ♪ be all that you can be ♪ thanks, first sergeant. ♪ good morning. jillian: largest branch in the military wants a message that's just as successful as the be all you can be add in the 1980 and 90's. the army calling it one of the most successful advertising campaigns ever. the new one meant to get more people between 18 to 24 to sign up. a look at your headlines, guys. send it back to you. steve: that was very catchy. i remember. meanwhile, he is an army of one.
3:41 am
and. adam: also adam of one. hottest weekend of the entire summer at least so far. these temperatures we are talking about this morning, 72 degrees humid in new york city. the middle of the country already middle 80's. daytime highs are going to get way above that w we we have got heat watches and warnings. feels like temperature will be up to 105 degrees or warmer. that's dangerous to spend a lot of time outside. you are including large areas there of the midwest stretching back into the plains. all spots where it is going to get incredibly hot today. feels like temperature 110 this afternoon in st. louis. 105 in a lot of communities. it is going to be hot, hot, hot. guys, i know you are curious about your weekend plans. i wanted to leave with you this one. look at this. this is new york city. 98 degrees for us on sunday the feels like temperature will be in triple digits as well. hot across large portions of the country. steve: like we went on vacation in phoenix. ainsley: stay inside on sunday, new yorkers. steve: it's summer.
3:42 am
it better be hot otherwise we are in big trouble. thanks, adam. ainsley: our next guest is running for congress and set to hold a fundraiser at country club. it got cancelled because the venue found out she supports president trump. she is going to join ulsz live to respond. steve: plus, upcoming. we have congressman ron desantis in the big debated last night. mark levin, the radio guy and acting ice director thomas homan. we have a busy two hours and 18 minutes left. you are watching "fox & friends" and it's friday ♪
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begin necessary opening first american perury in more than 60 years. $80 million facility right outside of baltimore, maryland will have a tap room and a restaurant. it will open on august the 3rd. guinness calls the u.s. the most exciting beer market in the world today. all right. ainsley? >> okay. thank you. as the rhetoric against republicans continues, another instance of discrimination surfaces. lena epstein is a business woman and a trump supporter. she is running for the 11th congressional district in michigan. she was scheduled to hold her fundraiser this week at her country club. the franklin hills country club. the venue suddenly cancelled her event on friday citing her political beliefs and saying they will no longer hold political events. epstein says that previously the club hosted a fundraiser for the democrat that is vying for the same seat. they just wouldn't let her, the republican do it. joining us now to tell us the story is congressional
3:47 am
candidate lena epstein. lena, thank you for joining us. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: tell us what happened. >> we have had a fundraiser planned at franklin hills for two months, at least i'm a fourth generation member. the country club has a history of hosting fundraisers for republicans and democrats. they hosted a fundraiser a month ago for the candidate in the same race. i was called and told the board of directors was canceling the fundraiser. i was president trump's statewide co-chair in 2016. i went to the mat for him then and continue to be an avid trump supporter and somebody who will work with him in congress beginning in 2019. they called off my event because of my support for the president. ainsley: i can understand if they don't want to have political things especially
3:48 am
the direction of politics now. they should grandfather in the rule. is he a member of the country club. >> they have not. >> they let him speak. they wouldn't let the republican. our member there. they should at least be loyal to you. grand father but not cancel your event. then i was appalled when i read the former president of the country club, his son posted this on facebook. right now president trump and his government are building concentration camps at our borders and separating children from their parents. lena is not only silent in the face of this horror she is running on how strongly she is a neo-fascist thrives politically building a anti-sem might, racists and zeno phobes. what was your response when you read that? >> it's very painful to experience any type of cyber bullying. it speaks to the vitriol and the hate that's being spewed from the liberal left. i think that this is not just about discrimination, political discrimination for
3:49 am
one fundraiser at one country club. i have think what we are seeing right now across the country is a lack of tolerance for trump supporters. i would encourage all liberal democrats to elevate the conversation. i say this every day that i don't expect others to agree with me and my political views. but i do expect -- i expect us to treat each other with dignity and respect. i'm a candidate for the united states congress in michigan's 11th district. i'm determined to bring grace and dignity back to the political discourse in this country. ainsley: are they going to let you stay at the country club now now that you are speaking out against it? >> i love being a member at franklin hills. my daughter swims in the pool there my husband golfs there. we have a very rich history. it's a second home to me. i intend to be there this weekend. most of all, i think that the -- what we're seeing with sarah sanders and pam bondi and now lena epstein who is president trump's statewide co-chair and
3:50 am
definitely the trump candidate in this michigan's 11th congressional district race, i'm seeing, i'm very concerned about the direction of the country and i'm calling on the liberal left to elevate the conversation. i want us to treat each other with dignity and respect, even where we disagree politically. the hate coming out of maxine waters, that needs to stop. and i am asking all people to be kind to trump supporters, even where you disagree politically. i love the club. i'm looking forward to being a member there for many years. ainsley: be kind and be share fair. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: good luck when you go to the club. we did reach out to the country club franklin hills for a statement and we didn't receive response. so far the club has not responded to any media. congressman ron desantis, he was grilling rod rosenstein over the russia probe. watch this. >> saying that comey should be fired. seems like you should be recused from this more so than jeff sessions.
3:51 am
ainsley: the congressman is going to join us live next hour after that debate last night. the number is stunning, more than 70% of americans believes social media censors. kurt the cyberguy is here with the political views here next to fight back. to treat her frequent heartburn, lucy could only imagine enjoying a slice of pizza. now it's as easy as pie. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? for all-day, all-night protection. my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? new cascade platinum lets your dishwasher be the dish washer. three cleaning agents dissolve, lift and rinse away food the first time. new cascade platinum. like concert tickets or a new snowboard. matt: whoo! whoo! jen: but that all changed when we bought a house. matt: voilà! jen: matt started turning into his dad. matt: mm. that's some good mulch. ♪
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3:54 am
steve: remember a couple months ago when diamond and silk accused facebook of censuring their conservative voices. brian: i remember that turns out they are not alone. a new pew poll shows roughly 72% of america believe social media platforms actively censure social media views. how can you here is kurt the cyberguy. >> this is one of those things that hits my hot button because i know from just working here there are
3:55 am
times where my own facebook feed just falls off the planet. steve: what do you mean? >> what i mean is yesterday it might be that i post something and say 3,000, 4,000 people immediately engage in the first hour. steve: okay. >> but if i post something else now, i might get 13 people in the first hour or 14 people. ainsley: what's happening? >> right? what is happening? steve: they are throltsing you. >> are they or did something change in their proprietary algorithm that we are all a slave to that decides what we see when we see it and they are the ones -- they are the wizard behind turning the knobs on everything that's presented to us whether it's on google but mostly on facebook. at this point, this pew research study is screaming out loud to facebook and to social media companies get on the bandwagon of being honest about what you're doing, be more transparent because people don't trust
3:56 am
you. steve: jack from twitter said look we are a outfit for the most part. how do you fix it. >> jack dorsey, media in washington. this is on june 7th. by the way. he goes online and sends a note to his employees. what he says essentially is hey i'm a lefty, you are a lefty. our company is a lefty. this now gets out, of course. that's not good if you are trying to say hey, no we are fair. so what he does is does a schmooze fest in d.c. now here is what you can do with your facebook. steve: quickly. >> have a look at just go any facebook page and when you get there, top right you will hit the little down arrow right there go to settings and scroll down and you will find right here this little thing that says news feed settings. in there you can make your own little tweaks. it's minor but this is your own little tweaks of what you can end up doing. apsz ainsley needs to be a social media company that says we will not sensor or
3:57 am
change anything except terrorism stuff. >> i like that. steve: more information on how to do that at thank you very much. brian: we're going to talk about the targeted attack on the maryland newspaper. the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. when you barelyonto clip a passing car. minor accident-no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual
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4:00 am
sometimes fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. pay no more than $25 per dose with copay card. ainsley: right to a fox news alert. a grudge might be the motive in that targeted attack at the gazette newsroom in annapolis, maryland. brian: police say five people gunned down by garrard ramos who once sued the paper for defamation. steve: in a few hours he will face a judge after being charged with five counts of first degree murder. griff jenkins is outside annapolis, maryland with the latest details. griff. >> it may be the worst mass shooting against journalists in the country. those journalists at the capital gazette would not be deterred in defiance publishing the newspaper still today with the names of those five victims
4:01 am
tragically shot. robert hiaasen, wendi winters, rebecca smith and john mcnamara. we are learning more about 38-year-old jared ramos here with us chief timothy altimori. chief, it's been a long night. we want to take a few minutes of our your time. what can you tell us is the latest in this investigation? >> we are still very frustrated. we know what happened and we know where it happened. but we are still trying to figure out a lot of the whys. obviously there was an ax to grind with the newspaper. we are still trying to put the puzzle pieces together about history woe know 2011. we are not getting a lot of cooperation from the suspect. we have a lot of questions to be answered. it'it's frustrating because we want to do justice. griff: there was an early
4:02 am
report about his fingers being mangled or some issue with the fingerprints. can you tell us more about that. >> can i confirm for you that's not true. we did identify him. and my investigative commanders have asked me not to go into more detail about how we identified him yet. i will give that to you before terribly long. if you will work with us on that. the story about fingerprints was not correct. griff: and as far as ramos, your officers should be commended to the highest degree responding in just literally 60 seconds to two minutes. tell us about how it happened with response and his surrender? >> i think as with most horrific incidents, you see small moments, the best that humans can offer, also. and the cops certainly rose to that level on this. it wasn't just anne arundel. annapolis city cops. and anne arundel county sheriff all go in together to advance the contact on the bad guy and to
4:03 am
neutralize the threat. that's the way it's supposed to work. griff: and ramos did not fight when you guys arrived on scene; is that correct? he surrendered to you? >> that's correct. griff: chief, as we learn more about the threats, we know on social media, over twitter he had a grudge, a defamation lawsuit dating back some five years. what can we learn from this history? >> so, i think that's a great question. i am pretty frustrated with our inability to follow social media nowadays. we lost the year before with all the civil libertarians really hitting co collator of data. as with every other police department in america complaint a day. it's tough to follow up. i would love to see us in the near future, we are going to have the ability to start to follow up on individuals even when we don't have a charge or even
4:04 am
when we haven't encountered enough of a threat to commit them. >> just last lay quick question. this paper was the community paper. you knew them. your family, your friends. can you give us some context for just how important this paper and these journalists were to this community? >> so, the capital gazette is annapolis' paper. there are other news outlets but this is the paper. certainly i have met every one of those five and every other reporter that that was involved inside there. miss wendi was a human interest reporter who did great work. rob hiaasen was a keen wit. he wrote a lot of warm pieces. and all of them were consummate professionals. although on occasion we might disagree, they always tried to get both sides of the story out. >> chief, our tremendous admiration for you, your men
4:05 am
and women and this entire law enforcement operation. it's done such an amazing job. we hope you are doing well. our hearts and prayers and thoughts go out to you. >> thank you for your support and thank you anne arundel county for your support. griff: that's it from this county as this community tries to wake up and keep the investigation going and putting the pieces back together. back to you. steve: all right. griff, thank you very much. ainsley: we wish them all the best. steve: indeed. the chief mentioned a cup period of time names. we would like to identify all five of them. he did mention rob hiaasen, 59 associate editor and columnist. also the brother of karl hiaasen, the very famous miami columnist. ainsley: he also mentioned miss wendi, that's wendi winters. she was 65 years old. the community news reporter and she does have a daughter. i know that. her daughter made a comment and said a wonderful woman and a fantastic reporter. steve: john mcnamara 56, staff writer. covered sports for decades.
4:06 am
gerald fischman he mentioned 61 editorial page editor and rebecca smith just 34 years old. she was a sales assistant. she was just hired in november. ainsley: her social media says mom to the best kid ever. brian: meanwhile, five minutes after the hour. other news still shocking washington around the country is the retirement of justice kennedy at the age of 81 years old. and the fact is president trump will replace justice kennedy despite the fact that senator schumer says the precedent has been set. last night mitch mcconnell went on with shannon bream and said, listen, the precedent has not the been set. he said i did it in the last year of a presidential election because joe biden said i would not even hear the story if a justice was retired during the last year of the bush administration. this is a midterm. so there will be somebody out there. the list is firm. it's 25 people. of those 25 people, senator mic lee, we understanding, is being seriously considered as the president
4:07 am
has been asking other staffers about him and what kind of justice he would be. ainsley: the justice july 9th. sat down with senators. mostly democrats red state democrats because their states overwhelmingly voted for president trump. they are up for re-election. if they don't support the justice he nominates they are stuck do. they go with the democrats or support what their constituents would want. >> one of the senators who sat down with the president last night is heidi heitcamp hot president had just blown up out on the trail in her home state of north dakota. ainsley: the night before. steve: exactly right. heitcamp, manchin and donley. he also met with senators. he has to worry about rand paul as he has always got to worry about rand paul and worry about jeff flake. what he is trying to do is get those same three democrats who voted for judge gorsuch to come on board with whomever the name
4:08 am
is and according to sources, apparently they are looking very seriously at just five or six of the names on the list of two dozen. brian: the democrats going for extreme measures. i don't know what they're talking about senator gillibrand saying we have got to go. we kant stand for this. we are not going to let this happen. chris matthews coming out don't have any hearings. it's not up to him. mark levin weighed in last night with sean hannity. he was live in studio. he will be with us in about an hour and 10 minutes. here's what he said about the choice and the type of person the president is looking for. >> that's not how it works. we don't want a conservative. we don't want a liberal. we want a constitutionalist. a constitutionalist is somebody who has sworn to uphold the constitution, looks at the constitution, looks at the words. takes them in context. tries to figure out what the original intent was and applies it and the parties before the supreme court have a right to expect that that's what the justices will do. but the democrats are
4:09 am
telling the president of the united states is if you don't nominated ruth bader ginsburg in one form or another we are going to oppose whoever you nominate. so the republicans are going to have to steam roll the democrats. and that's okay. steve: meanwhile, there are some democrats out there. they have already started a liberal group. they are going to pump a lot of money into defeating it. they have already started a campaign called #ditch the list. the list was compiled by leonard leo who brian had on his radio show. he had been at the federalist society. he is taking a leave of absence. he has these two dozen names that the president famously is considering. brian: i would add this. leonard leo says don't let anybody get you caught up in roe v. wade and eliminating it same scare tactic used in 1982 when sandra day o'connor was nominated and nothing happened. also keep in mind, too. when they were trying to emphasize this to senator susan collins who wrote this in a statement when the job opening says they are not looking necessarily to overturn established law.
4:10 am
ainsley: it's very rare that that would ever happen. we saw that with the labor union. they did overturn that because they said it was wrong. but i highly, highly doubt that they will bring that back up. no one really wants to tackle that. steve: both sides want to use the supreme court nomination as a way to gin up their base. this is what the democrats are doing on the left. it's what the republicans are doing on the right. ainsley: scare tactics and to gin up their base. steve: does sound like the president will reveal the name. ainsley: mark levin says he wants a constitutionalist. someone who can look at the law and make decisions. the thing is everyone interprets the law differently depending on your leanings. that's why have you split votes amongst all of the justices. steve: it is almost 7:11 here in new york city on this very busy friday and jillian joins us with a mystery. jillian: that's right a story we have been following for quite some time now. let's adding get you caught up. 26 americans now confirmed sick from a miss
4:11 am
miss tierous illness. reporting dizziness and hearing problems. some reported hearing high pitched noise before getting sick. the incidents stretch to 2016. in response president trump expelled 15 cuban democrats from washington last year. cuba denies any wrongdoing. the president says his chief of staff is not leaving the white house. president trump slamming media reports about john kelly parting ways with the west wing calling it fake news. general kelly also confirming he is not going anywhere. his one year anniversary of working in the administration is july 31st. are you flying for the fourth of july buckle up and get those tables and seats in upright position. the tsa says it's possible that today could be its busiest day ever based on airline ticket sales. the agency projects to screen nearly 2.7 million passengers and crew members throughout the day. yikes. it's the end of an era for
4:12 am
toys r us kids across the nation. >> oh, boy. i want to be a toys r us kid. >> well, after 71 years in business, all remaining stores will close their doors for good today. toys r us declared bankruptcy last year. and this photo of the brand's iconic jeffrey the giraffe saying goodbye is now going viral. that's so sad. brian: there is not a person right now of any age that is happy today. it makes the whole country, the world sad. jillian: ssad.jill. ainsley: it's our fault because we buy everything on amazon. steve: or one of the other big stories. ainsley: i finally have a child old enough to enjoy a toy store and they are gone. brian: look at my ipad and look at toys. that will be what ainsley says. ainsley: i know, right? steve: kids are looking anyway. ainsley: go to walmart and target. steve: serious. jillian: serious looks just
4:13 am
like that. brian: tools. jillian: no more bankruptcy. steve: 7:12 in new york city. ron desantis grilled rod rosenstein over the russian probe yesterday. did you see this? >> you wrote the memo saying that comb should be fired. seems like you should be recused from this more so than jeff sessions. steve: well, the deputy attorney general disagreed. the congressman is going to join brian live next. brian: by the way what a day he had yesterday and debate at night. what comes up, comes down. new reason not to run from the cops? you are looking at it. ainsley: she was run from the cops and tried to hide in the ceiling? ♪ i get knocked down ♪ but i get up ♪ and never going to keep me down ♪ i get knocked down ♪ but i get up again ♪ never going to keep me down ♪ or... could just trust duracell. ♪
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4:17 am
>> just this morning i was in washington doing my job, grilling rod rosenstein about why there was anti-trump bias in the fbi and doj. [cheers] >> why they are not coming clean with us and why they were monitoring the trump campaign. brian: there it is, florida congressman ron desantis campaigning on his push for answers in the trump investigation. that in a debate format after spending yesterday morning grilling deputy attorney general rod
4:18 am
rosenstein on the hill. that candidate, who started his morning as a congressman and then was auditioning to be a governor of florida, he is congressman ron desantis. congressman, what a day you had. >> well, i will tell you, brian, it was a major day for us in the congress, obviously, with rosenstein. he hasn't been there in about six months. we really pressed him. then we passed a resolution, giving him a set time period to finally come clean. and i think he realizes we're at wits end and to get on a plain immediately after that show up in orlando and walk onto the stage. it was definitely a whirlwind but it is a day i will always remember. i think i was able to do a good job for my constituents in d.c. grilling rosenstein and then i think i articulated a strong case why i should be governor that night. brian: you and adam putnam did a good job with martha and bret. i think you both got your points across. congressman, first off, i want everyone to hear a little of your give and take. they let you question first
4:19 am
so you could get over to florida to do the debate. here is how you kicked it off. >> i'm proud of his agenda to make america great again. but i'm running a florida first campaign. and i look forward to campaigning with him as governor of florida. >> that would be the first time you ever campaigned with him because and when donald trump was trying to win florida in 2016, adam putnam did not attend a single rally with him. you couldn't find adam putnam if had you a search warrant. brian: sorry about that. let's talk a little bit about that. he was trying to get on you for spending too much time in washington. putnam says he has spent the time in florida. right now he leads you in the polls 32-17. does he have a point? >> well, i think those polls are obsolete, brian. that was before the big trump endorsement. before the debate. before our ad campaign started. so i think that will be the high water mark for him. look, he was in congress for 10 years.
4:20 am
i have been there for five. i have done more in five than he it in 10. i'm actually leading on issues that matter. and what he does is he gets a six-figure salary from the taxpayers of florida and he campaigns incessantly. he doesn't do his job. he has been derelict in his duties. he covered up snafus with the background check. >> i'm working, i'm earning my paychecks. this notion that somehow you're out there doing your job and that's a bad thing, the only person who would say that is a career politician. and adam putnam has been an n. elected office since he was 22 years old. and he always does the bidding of his donors instead of the people of florida. and i was able to expose that last night and the people of florida are responding positively to my message. brian: we understand that adam putnam is going to be on with bill hemmer and sandra smith in about an hour. you have got your hands full. hopefully you got your pointed across to rod
4:21 am
rosenstein yesterday because he was blistered and he gave it right back. congressman ron desantis, thank. >> thank you. brian: when we come back we will talk about law enforcement with the newest law enforcement member dean cain. gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one. so you won't miss a purchase large, small, or very large. technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet?
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4:24 am
>> the single largest tax cut in american history. ainsley: time now for news by the numbers. first, six. that's how much months it's been since the president's historic tax cuts and jobs act passed. he is hosting a celebration to mark the occasion later today. next 18. that's how old you will need to be to become a cross-country truck driver under a new pilot program. right now drivers must be 21 to cross state lines. the program meant to curb the truck driver shortage.
4:25 am
finally 15. that's how young voters could be in washington, d.c. supporters of a bill considered by the d.c. council argue teens should be able to hold elected officials accountable since some of them pay taxes. ainsley? ainsley: we have a fox news alert. first responders to that newspaper in maryland after that shooting, they're on the scene -- they were on the scene in 60 seconds. just amazing. steve: it is amazing. quick actions and training likely saved countless lives in the newsroom. brian: how pivotal is the role of active shooter training for our law enforcement officers and if they want to be successful in a heated moment like that. here to weigh in is the newly sworn in idaho police reserve officer himself former -- he used to play superman. still a very active actor. ainsley: once superman, always superman. brian: as you went through the academy and find out first responders were there in 60 seconds guns ablazing. what do you now know u because
4:26 am
we don't know. >> dr. darryl porcher spoke brilliantly on the kind of training they need and the way police officers are now going this to confront active shooters immediately. unbelievably to get there within 60 to 90 seconds is amazing. even having done that the damage was already done. steve: absolutely. plus, as they try to piece the picture together, you know, it looks like perhaps some red flags were missed. you know it, sounds like according to the "new york times" there were threats online, social media and stuff like that. the guy had an ax to grind. he sued the paper. lost the case because the judge said ultimately he didn't understand the law. >> the signs were there. the signs were there again it happens time and time again. they are making threats. they are making threats whether it's online or in person. the threats are there. they are aware of the situation. i wish somebody had been inside the building with their conceal carry and i wish that the place had been a little lit more hardened. ainsley: it is so frustrating though for the officers they will see on social media the warning signs. you can't go and arrest
4:27 am
someone for that you might be able to get them therapy like the guy got therapy the judge ordered therapy after harassing that girl online. not allegedly because he pleaded guilty to it. he gets therapy. after therapy or during therapy these individuals can still. they are not behind bars the rest of their life. you can't arrest them. it's very frustrating. >> law enforcements to to walk that fine line. they don't get enough credit for the difficult job they do, which is part of the reason i joined up to say thank you. and let me learn how to do. this. ainsley: think about all the lives that were saved because they were there in 60 seconds. >> amazing. they are fantastic. steve: thank you very much for joining the force out in idaho. that's great. you are an actor that's your regular day job. and you have a new film coming out in a couple of months. based on who are risk story down in the philly area. >> it's the story of kermit gosnell. some call him the most policprolific serial killer. abortion clinic doctor
4:28 am
performing late term abortions. and it was horrible because he was inducing labor and babies were born alive and he was -- they were sniping with surgical siz sores and ending it we had trouble getting this film out. we made it a couple years ago. nobody wanted to distribute it because the subject matter is so graphic and terrible. in fact, the news media didn't cover it until kirsten powers wrote a piece that got news people coming in and covering the case. people didn't want to talk about it people haven't wanted to let us release this film. ainsley: why it important for this film to be released in your mind. >> because the story is so horrendous and so bad people aren't aware of it that clinic hadn't been inspected in two decades because people didn't want to be politically incorrect. that kind of thing just can't happen. brian: you know what? if the debate over this anthony kennedy's seat is all about roe v. wade, shouldn't they be able to see this movie to make a decision what's at stake? >> i think this film will certainly weigh in on that topic without a doubt and
4:29 am
people should watch it and understand what happens. ainsley: what happened to the doctor. >> he is in jail for life. found guilty of murder three times and involuntary manslaughter one count. steve: it's a terrible story. here's the other thing you don't know about dean. he is actually here today just to try to figure out where is he going to sit on the couch. because is he co-hosting "fox & friends" this weekend. >> yes. i will be here saturday and sunday. this show is three hours. >> 8 hours. what is that? >> it's a lot of fun. i love being here on the couch with you guys and fun. brian: i understand you are going to sit in my spot. come on over, dean. [laughter] >> all right. i'm in. brian: take my read. >> oh, wow. comfortable. right? ainsley: tell the audience what's coming up. >> police now combing through a mountain of evidence after the maryland newsroom shooting. what clues are they looking for this morning? dr. michael baden here to discuss next. ainsley: did great. can get come
4:30 am
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>> capital has been blown to pieces this guy was holding what looked like a big shotgun moving across the entrance of the capital gazette office pointing the gun deeper into the office like he was targeting people. steve: fox news alert. those are just some of the harrowing details from that deadly targeted attack at the capital gazette newspaper in maryland. the suspect will face a judge this morning charged with five counts of first degree murder. his motive may be a year's long grudge with the paper. police have identified all five victims. four of them were journalists. one of them a sales assistant. police now increasing security at numerous all across the united states. in case of a copycat. ainsley: let's bring in dr. michael bade pathologist and fox news contributor. police were there in 60 seconds. your experience with the type of gun he used. steve: shotgun. ainsley: probably saved some lives. >> very important. the shotgun doesn't shoot
4:34 am
one bullet it shoots like 9 or 12 buck shots that each one in each cartridge the size of a 32 caliber bullet. so if he were able to reload again, and got up and started spraying things, he could have killed a lot more people. brian: right. when you talk about guns, that's something that a lot -- you can buy without a license. >> that's right. a shotgun used for hunting mostly. it's amazing. one cartridge contains nine or 12, 32 caliber bullets in them essentially. steve: we just heard at the top of the hour, griff did an interview with chief of police of anne arundel county out in maryland. he said those stories that were out there about how the shooter supposedly he did something -- he mutilated his finger tips. that story not true. it is apparently true though that the guy is not very cooperative. >> yeah. well, that's going to be interesting, also. police will want to -- right now will want to blood to test for drugs to do a
4:35 am
medical workup to see if there are any medical conditions that might have affected how he acted. remember, charles wittman the texas shooter killed 17 people with a rifle and that autopsy was found to have a brain tumor. brian: how often are these guys on drugs? >> well, sometimes alcohol or drugs usually the mast mass killers like him. they are doing a certain plan and he took a lot of actions to show that he knew what he was doing. but one of the things you want to work -- go out to find out what motives are. what motivates these people is occasionally you find them on hallucinogenic drugs but that's rare. ainsley: he said we have information we will release to the public bear with us. what's happening as far as the investigation today?
4:36 am
>> right now autopsies are being done on the five victims. all the ammunition is being removed from them to make sure that they all came from the same weapon if they find one handgun bullet that means a second person. they have done their investigation and feel it's one person. the autopsy will confirm that the bodies be released some time today so the families can have whatever funeral arrangements they are going to have. make out all the trajectory each pellet creates a trajectory of the body and that becomes very important in figuring out how it was moving. where he was and it's important in a trial if it comes up later to show the jury the trajectory of the bullets. steve: sounds like some of the people who were also injured were injured by shrapnel from the glass because he shot through the
4:37 am
window to get. >> in right, when he shoots at the window of the door, nine pellets contain all kinds of flying debris that can cause secondary wounds and injuries. brian: gotcha. >> it's a very dangerous weapon to shoot in public. brian: dr. michael baden thanks so much. >> thank you. ainsley: meanwhile jillian is poised to give us the rest of the news and soon we will be outside with toby mac that's going to be exciting and the audience and the place is packed already. jillian: there is a massive line of people out there. it's crazy. we will get out there in ally with the. meantime get you caught up on headlines. nearly 90 illegal immigrants found hiding in stash houses near the southern border. agents in texas tracking down the women, men and unaccompanied children in two different homes. migrants coming from mexico, guatemala, honduras, el salvador and nicaragua. the push to legalize marijuana nationwide is reaching a new high. senate minority leader chuck schumer introducing a bill
4:38 am
that would federally decriminalize pot. the proposal would take marijuana off the controlled substance list, help fund pot businesses owned by women or minorities. and give $500 million to medical marijuana research. president trump has said he may support legislation stlongs protects states rights. just stop what you are doing and look at this. a woman falls through a ceiling trying to run from the cops. you can't make this up. you can see her crashing down on to a shelf inside a convenience store in canada. she was trying to hide above the ceiling tiles after she and another suspect allegedly used a stolen credit card to buy a can of soda. police rushed to walmart to deal with unexpected customer. officers wrangling this 8-foot alligator in the parking lot near corpus christi, texas. the joking it snuck out of a pond for nearby shopping. wildlife officials brought it to secure location and set it free. a look at your headlines, send it to you.
4:39 am
brian: saw it covering its eyes? ainsley: a gator. brian: see you later, gator. steve: adam klotz is outside with our fans on this beautiful friday. >> with a ton of fans. how is everybody doing? [. [cheers and applause] are you ready for toby mac? [cheers] i'm loving this out here, guys. this is an absolute blast. the weather is fantastic for it it's a little bit on the humid side. temperatures setting into the 70's, low 70's across the country the story is going to be heat the next couple of days. look at that already in the mid 80's in the middle of the country. looking at spot with heat advisories, watches and warnings. what does that mean? it means feels like temperature is going to be 105 to 1010. close to 100 on sunday. if you guys are hanging around for a while. real quickie get my future fox news anchor to run out here real quick? what's your name? >> courtney. >> this is courtney.
4:40 am
she is future fox news anchor. brian, you better stay on your game because i think she is coming for you. particularly brian. that's whose job you want, right? brian: yeah. first dean cain and now you. ainsley: look at her cute sign. that's so nice. brian: put her on the five and see how she does. ainsley: that would be great. ainsley: ask her about trade and north korea. brian's favorite topic. steve: i love summer when so many folks come to see us. straight ahead on our telecast, president trump discussing the importance of his next supreme court pick. >> justice kennedy's retirement makes the issue of senate control one of the vital issues of our time. steve: what impact will that have on the midterm elections? our next guest says this has the potential to fire up both sides. ainsley: plus, toby mac is over in our keurig corner drinking his coffee. is he performing live for the summer concert series. we have a huge crowd out
4:41 am
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infections or have flu-like symptoms or sores. liver problems can occur with entyvio. if your uc or crohn's treatment isn't working for you, ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio. entyvio. relief and remission within reach. ♪ ainsley: here are quick headlines for you. it pays to follow the law. the justice department giving out nearly $200 million to cities that cooperate with federal immigration authorities. the public safety grants will be used to pay for things like police equipment and training. about 300 sanctuary cities, states and counties now going to get any of that money. and, do you want free food? get out your work boots. the senate passing a landmark farm bill that could require food stamp recipients to work until they are 59 years old. it also authorizes help for farmers and nutrition programs for five years. the current farm law expires on september 30th.
4:45 am
steve? steve: all right. ainsley. thank you. president trump doubling down on the importance of senate control in the upcoming mid terms. saying it's vital for getting his next supreme court nominee approved by the senate. >> remember this. we have pick coming up. we have to pick a great one. we have to pick one that's going to be there for 40 years, 45 years. justice kennedy's retirement makes the issue of senate control one of the vital issues of our time. steve: here to break down what impact the supreme court opening will have on the midterm elections is polster chris wilson, joins us from austin. chris, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: i saw a poll this morning that said that something like 25 or 30% of the people who voted for donald trump voted for him so that he could make the next pick on the supreme court. now, fast forward a year and a half, close to two years, this is big for both democrats and republicans in ginning up their base,
4:46 am
right? >> it really is i would say though have you seen the democratic base be divined up. democrats have set record numbers. have you seen those numbers kind of come to a bit of a stand still like for instance i am in texas where democratic turnout in the gubernatorial primary here or the gubernatorial runoff was the lowest since 1920. you have also started to see that tick back down where they got really excited early. what this does now one of the key demographics to donald trump's victory in 2016 was evangelicals. and you are right. they turned out because -- it wasn't gulch. it was the seat on the supreme court. scalia's seat where he had died and it was there to be filled. now, what this does is reenergizes that same universe, that same group of voters that turned out in 16 and gets them excited about 18. steve: chris, explain this to me though. it sounds like mitch mcconnell wants to have the vote before the election. that's going to be a squeeze play for a bunch of these
4:47 am
democrat senators from republican stating like heidi heitcamp, joe manchin, and donnelly as well. if they don't vote for that person come a week or two later at the ballot box they might not wind up with a job for another six years. >> well, you are right. you mentioned three. i could add jon tester in there and claire mccaskill in there and the list goes on. i would -- after the kennedy announcing his retirement, there were meetings going on in every one of those states, well, missouri, north dakota. montana, indiana, west virginia. of really pure panic because you are right. this is going to be a campaign issue. before the election and they vote no, they jeopardize and they haven't had a chance to vote yet. it becomes the primary campaign issue. steve: right. chris, exit question. you can really tell that this is important because both sides are already spending a lot of money on ads to try to -- change people's minds.
4:48 am
>> they're. but, the fact is this is one universe really going to be excited about this, evangelical group gave trump vick tries by 20 must points in a lot of them. you have -- go through them again. john tester trying to run hupp yil and claire mccaskill up against that group a blited on the fence about whether or not to turn out in to 2018 now injecting rocket fuel. >> chris wilson polster and ceo of intel thank you for joining us live from texas. >> you bet. thank you. steve: 11 and a half minutes top of the hour. more candidates on the left are calling for the end of the ice. >> i believe you should get rid of it, start over. reimagine it. >> i think we need to abolish ice. that seems really care. >> we must abolish ice. steve: well, the acting ice director, tom homan is here to react to that coming up nut next hour. first, toby mac is warming
4:49 am
up for the summer concert series. we are live on stage with him next. ♪ ♪ (vo) this is not a video game. this is not a screensaver. this is the destruction of a cancer cell by the body's own immune system, thanks to medicine that didn't exist until now. and today can save your life. ♪ ♪
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♪ brian: he has done the impossible infused christian themes with a hip hop beat. he is the next artist and featured act on summer concert series. he has been topping the charts since 2001 because he wanted to. steve: seven time grammy
4:53 am
winner toby mac is out with a brand new singer i just need you. [cheers and applause] and we just need him. ainsley: he is standing next to us. so exciting. seven is the godly number. >> amen. >> seven grammies. that's exciting. >> greatful. thank you i don't get get an eight. ainsley: did you start singing in church when you were little. >> no. i was in a garage band kind of thing with my buddies singing, you know, really bad songs. i kind of fell in love with hip hop. started writing rhymes, and i met these dudes named michael and kevin. we formed this group and then did my own thing from there and i am really grateful. thank you so much for coming out nyc. >> so, toby, you are from fairfax, virginia. >> i am. >> you went to liberty university? >> i did working in your
4:54 am
garage and coming up with great songs with a name toby mac that's not on your driver's license? >> no, it's not. i was called toby from the day i was born. my parents named me kevin michael mckee an, my older brother that was two or three older than me. come up and touch her tummy. when the baby coming. my mom said october. he started calling me tober from pre-k to now i have been called toby. brian: even that story is not true i love it fantastic. toby, tell me in particular, how much easier is life now that you have had success and fame? does that allow you to be more creative or make you sit back and be fat and happy? >> oh, man, i'm a worker like i'm a real crafter of songs. >> where were you last night? >> last night i walked off stage at mid knife pennsylvania creation
4:55 am
festival. ainsley: what's the best part of the job? >> best part of the job. i mean, i love that i can travel and do shows but quickly get back to my family. ainsley: how many kids do you have? >> i have five kids. my wife and i have five kids. i have a loly jamaican wife named amanda and she is my heart beat. do you know what i mean? ainsley: you need two more to get to seven. [laughter] >> no, we done, baby. we are done. ainsley: one of the reasons we have the biggest crowd of the year. [cheers and applause] your message, your christian music message is very positive. it's very optimistic. >> yeah. i mean, i try write about the things i'm going through. i'm a needy man. i need a big god. and i rely on that big god every day. ainsley: amen. [cheers] ainsley: preach it. steve: tell us about this song. >> this song i need is you exactly what i described. deeply personal song. it's about my own situations. i find when i write about what i'm going through, as i
4:56 am
try to walk through this crazy world and stay faithful, it relates to people. so, i just need you is just really saying i'm a little man and i just need you steve: it is a beautiful music video. >> thank you, man. steve: although at the end you do torch a cadillac. what the heck is that about? >> don't worry, that was spare parts. i promise. steve: yosteve. brian: you know what else stands out about you have kids in your crowd. you feel a responsibility? >> i do. i think people relate to me. my music because i'm going through the same things they are. i have kids. i'm raising kids. these guys are raising kids. i'm looking at the very kids that listen to my music. steve: i will tell you what on the other side of a time-out you are going to start performing. >> i'm ready. let's go ♪ [cheers and applause] ainsley: soaks sighted to hear your music live. thank you. god bless you. >> thank you. brian: thanks for coming out. we are going to feed you. get in line. tensions flaring on capitol
4:57 am
hill. rosenstein and christopher wray got some tough questions. we have the moments you should not want to miss coming your way. anks ains thomas homan the acting ice director. is he going to join us and geraldo rivera and mark levin in the next hour. the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. .. visit to join the fight.
4:58 am
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5:00 am
swelling of your face, tongue or throat, dizziness, or confusion. ask your health care provider if you're tresiba® ready. covered by most insurance and medicare plans. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ jillian: fox news alert, brand-new luxury of a suspected gunman in maryland. 38 years old, his name is jarrod ramos anti-gun down those five people in a targeted attack and his motive might have been over a grudge with the paper. and two hours he will face a judge after being charged with 5 counts of first-degree murder. griff jenkins is in annapolis with the latest details. >> reporter: despite the terrible shooting that took five lives, jarrod ramos shooting at
5:01 am
will, would not be deterred, they are publishing this morning and i'm not sure anyone has had a chance to look at the opinion page, usually it is blank, they say we are speechless, they will resume tomorrow. they identify the five victims, robert hiaccin, rebecca smith, john mcnamara, we are learning more about jarrod ramos's background, he will face 5 counts of first-degree murder. he had a history of threats on twitter and a defamation lawsuit in which the newspaper had written an article about his conviction, the woman he targeted telling officials at one point that jarrod ramos will be your next mass shooter. we spoke with police chief to find out what he knows about the
5:02 am
motive behind this, why it happened. here is what he had to say. >> we know what everyone else is saying about why. i want to know why he did this. we are 18, 19 hours in now and hitting a frustration point because we are not getting a lot of information about him. >> reporter: the chief told me he hopes to get an individual assigned to track on social media individuals just like jarrod ramos. we hope for a press conference at some point to get more information as the investigation continues and as this community is devastated trying to start their weekend. >> we are finding out the difference you have the survivor, the shooter becomes a survivor and becomes a prisoner.
5:03 am
unlike nicholas cruz at parkland this guy is not talking, the sheriff is frustrated, what made you do this? where did you get the gun? those questions will not be answered. >> the fact that it took place in a newsroom, you have professional storytellers and we are hearing their stories and some shortly after the attack were tweeting they were under their desks and nothing more horrifying than hearing someone reload and one of the employees said he didn't have enough bullets for all of us. >> the police were there in 60 seconds and found more rounds on him. he didn't have a chance because the police were there in an instant. >> griff did mention the names of the victims, five in all. rob hiaacin, the brother of harold of the miami herald, an
5:04 am
associate assistant editor at the newspaper. >> wendy winters was 65 years old, covered local news, a wonderful woman is a fantastic reporter. >> john mcnamara in the center of your screen, staff writer covered sports for a decade. gerald fishman, 61 years old, one of the editors. >> he tried out twice, the last one, rebecca smith, 34 years old and the best kid ever. >> four minutes after the lates?
5:05 am
>> the editor of the capital, 20 minutes beforehand in the building when the shooter came in. he doesn't go away very often. the journalists are like his children, and we went straight to the scene. there were 100 emergency vehicles here, so many resources were thrown at this, so proud of first responders because what they did, saved lives, the fact that we had done a drill, watched these guys practice, stepping over simulated victims head shots and chest shots and
5:06 am
flesh wounds, and past simulated victims and take the shooter down. >> dear reader, i created this page to defend myself, now i am suing leblanc out of aa county and making corpses of corrupt careers and corporate entities. the girl police say he was harassing in 2009, the mass shooter. we report on these, i am sure your heartbreaks. >> it is the real. and when you realize it is.
5:07 am
and hearts go out to them. these guys, they love what they do and go to a newspaper out today. they stayed for hours afterwards to make sure the situation was stabilized. those under one of the desks, the initial news reports where he had done something, mutilated his fingertips so they couldn't id him, chief of police an hour ago said that was not true but he did say he is not being particularly cooperative.
5:08 am
what can you tell us about this guy? >> that is what we heard from the beginning, he threw his weapon down but we heard from the beginning once he was taken into custody he wasn't helpful and still being obstinance, we have to do something about these guys, mental health and gun-control, we have to do something about society being so tightly wound. this paper is not a left-wing paper or right-wing paper but a local paper reporting on local things, our kids sports teams and all the things that matter to us locally, nothing this paper does could offend use that much that you would want to kill people. >> with social media postings are you thought of a process that reevaluates these threats? is that something you are going
5:09 am
to focus on? >> definitely something we look into. we are talking about increasing resources to public safety, reevaluate how we prepare for these things, we have to look for telltale signs and so isolated now they live in their silos and sit in front of their screens and don't get out there so you can't tell. >> annapolis is a beautiful small town. i venture to say everyone in your town knew at least one of the people who worked out the paper and may have known those who died. >> i met every single one of them. wendy was a fixture at every event. rob was on guy who was always there when you walk through the
5:10 am
door. the journalists that escaped with their lives are our friends. always texting them, calling them to make sure they are okay. when i heard their testimony last night on the news it was heartbreaking because i have been in that newsroom. when someone comes through the glass door there is no way for anyone to hide. they had a typical newsroom situation, just desks and no cover. >> that is how most newsrooms are, just a big open area with cubicles and everyone has their desk, we do that on purpose so when there is a deadline we are screaming across the room at each other, got your story, did you turn it in? it is easier to be a family and communicate, they all were there witnessing this happening, heart wrenching. thank you for being with us. you are in our thoughts and prayers. >> thank you. >> it is 8:10 in new york, 10
5:11 am
minutes after, and jillian is covering the main story yesterday, so much more going on. jillian: our thoughts with them for sure. let's get caught up on other new starting with this, donald trump getting to work finding a replacement for retiring supreme court justice anthony kennedy. the president meeting with senators including key democrats who voted to confirm neil gorsuch and face reelection this fall in states donald trump won in 2016, donald trump has a list of 25 nominees, federal appeals court judge brett cavanagh and thomas hardeman are rumored to be among front runners. new overnight california passing the nation abstract just data privacy law. the governor forcing tech companies like facebook and google to tell consumers what information they collect, why they collect it and who has access to. customers can request information to be deleted. state law takes effect in 2020. barack obama and joe biden hitting the campaign trail
5:12 am
today, the former president will join nancy pelosi in san francisco for a fundraiser hours after his first dnc event in beverly hills. according to the los angeles times obama was heard saying the gop is angry all the time and, quote, mad even when they win. former vp joe biden heads to cincinnati to support richard cordray who is running for ohio governor. we are getting an extremely rare glimpse of pres. franklin d roosevelt walking at the white house. this is newly discovered footage taken at the annual easter egg roll in 1935. the former president often used able chair or leg braces after having polio at 39 years old. his disability was kept out of the public eye. the white house had strict rules how he could be filmed or photographed. isn't that unreal? >> he was always seen behind the desk but here he is walking with the assistance of an aide.
5:13 am
thank you. 12 minutes after the hour, hundreds of protesters on capitol hill chanting, the left's new rallying cry, listen to together. [chanting] >> abolish ice! >> geraldo rivera says they have got it wrong. he joins us next. denmark live in acting ice directed don homan coming out. >> when last man standing will return.
5:14 am
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5:17 am
and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ♪ otezla. show more of you. [chanting] >> abolish ice! >> hundred of immigration protesters taking to the n shouting the new rallying cry about ice. >> is this anti-ice agenda out of step with the rest of america? >> geraldo, you heard the chance and use the democratic lawmakers and aspiring lawmakers, this is what they are saying? are they on the right track? >> kristin jeweler brand joined
5:18 am
forces arguing i -- ice should be abolished. we used to joke in the second half of the 1970s following the vietnam war the new york was so left of center that if there was a vote to abolish the army they would have abolished the army. most americans do not want open borders. we need some kind of immigration control but not all ice is created equal. if you want me to get into that i will. you have ice on the one hand, it is impossible to understate the negative vibes coming from donald trump's now end family separation policy. a lot of strengthening of opposition to ice, the 300 sanctuary jurisdictions but one is the enforcement and removal operation and those are the men and women whose job it is to almost civilian force
5:19 am
immigration laws, the ones in charge of taking those families, separating those families and all the rest of it, the ones who rated the poultry processing plants, meatpacking plants, gardening operations, 146 arrested in ohio. the tro side is not very popular among a lot of people even within the agency. on the other hand the homeland security investigators are the guys going into the transnational gang, ms 13 and the drug cartel. they -- homeland security investigators to be separated from the enforcement and removal operators, these guys go after the gangbangers.
5:20 am
>> it does seem a lot of people who say get rid of ice are from the areas that are so-called sanctuary cities, sanctuary states, things like that. is it something the whole country is hungry for or just those parts of america? >> the whole country, not just blue parts of america, most sensible americans in the polls bear this out do not want open borders, you can't have a country if you have an open border but on the other hand they want compassion and they want ice to focus on the real bad guys rather than people looking for the american dream. >> pick up some ms 13 themselves so we wouldn't need ice. they could make the arrests. coming up, names for the supreme court justice, mark levin said the nominee needs to do one thing, he tells us what that is.
5:21 am
♪ there's little rest for a single dad, and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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5:23 am
5:24 am
>> it is 8:24 and we have great friday morning headlines was remember when donald trump announced a new 6 branch of the military? >> we are going to have the air force and we are going to have the space force? >> we are learning we may need the space force more than ever before. the defense or agency director warning china and russia are building new space weapons that
5:25 am
may be ready in the near future. pope francis hoping for stronger action against global warming, the pontiff hosting a climate change summit at the vatican next week. environmental activists and researchers expected to attend. >> welcome to this edition of life, liberty and live in fredrickson friends style starring mark levin, you saw the raw emotion yesterday afternoon, jim jordan, against rosenstein, saying it wasn't personal. >> who are we supposed to believe? staff members we worked with, never miss lettuce or you guys who we caught hiding information from, tell a witness not to answer our questions, who are we supposed to believe? >> thank you for making clear it is not personal. >> what were you thinking with that legal mind of yours? >> jim jordan and others working hard to get legitimate information they have a right to. as overseers of the executive
5:26 am
branch. they have been stonewalled by the justice department and fbi. there is some material they are not going to get but some of the reductions that have taken place, have really been used to prevent congress from legitimately learning about the wrongdoers in the department of justice and fbi. >> peter stzrok sits down behind closed doors, we can get more out of him behind closed doors, and the idea to do this, i could sit there for 20 minutes, we act different behind closed doors and showed up with his lawyer and on every question the lawyer says you are prevented from answering and as i listen to this i kept trying to say what is their objective? don't they want the truth as much as you and i? >> they must know what he did and what he would say were they would not give him a lawyer. his fbi lawyer objecting at
5:27 am
least theoretically to protect the fbi and their processes and fbi sources and fbi information which raises serious questions. wasn't his personal lawyer, he's not an employee of the fbi. it raises serious questions about him. >> move on to the titanic news anthony kennedy is going to retire, not so much that he is going to, july 31st he is done. i'm talking to the man who wrote men in black, there is panic among democrats. >> roe v wade is doomed, gone because donald trump exactly election. >> time for democrats to slow down. >> don't have a hearing, don't have a meeting, don't let anything go forward, don't play ball with this decision. >> if you are democrat the really fear your life as you know it in america is falling apart?
5:28 am
>> let's take a look at this. the kind of person you want on the supreme court no matter what party you are in is somebody who will uphold the constitution, right? who will try to interpret the constitution the way the framers intended. that is a constitutionalist, not liberal or conservative, constitutionalist. if you are a statist like kamala harris, chris matthews and others that is not what you want. they don't view the supreme court as the body that is supposed to function within the constitution but it is like a politburo where they went to control members on the politburo so it can control society. >> he went into the radio hall of fame, you didn't grow up in the radio hall of fame but you started sunday night on wabc and will go down as one of the most impactful radio hosts of the generation. what does that feel like? >> what does that feel like? don't know what it feels like? every day is a regular day to me.
5:29 am
here is my next goal, to be in the baseball hall of fame. as a first baseman. i was a pretty good first baseman. >> you got to get used to reality. thanks for joining me. >> thank you. >> watch mark 10:00 sunday. the left taking their protests against ice to a new level blocking offices in portland. even unmasking the names of agents. i'm going to ask acting ice director tom home and how he feels about that but here is toby mac. ♪ ♪
5:30 am
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>> these guys that showed up here within a minute of getting this call pulled up to the building where shots were being fired and people were actively being killed, that -- >> fox news alert, live look at the newspaper in annapolis where 5 people were killed in a targeted attack. the latest praise for the heroic
5:34 am
first responders who got there in 60 seconds. >> the 38-year-old gunned down 5 people inside the newsroom, he had a shotgun and in two hours will face a judge on 5 charges of first-degree murder. >> police identifying all the victims, four were journalists, one of the sales assistant, might have been a year-long grudge with the newspaper. >> tom home and is with ice today is his last day. you have dedicated your entire life to law enforcement, to see how quickly those police in downtown annapolis were able to get there and save those lives. it was amazing. >> law enforcement should be respected, they run toward danger and that is why i was sickened by the attack on ice officers, being vilified by
5:35 am
members of congress, this example, what law enforcement officers put this at risk, they should be expecting that across the board. >> when you see these protesters in the capital office building, we need to abolish ice, what is your reaction? >> protesting about family separation on the border, ice doesn't separate families on the border, that is border patrol, they are different agencies. they need to get facts straight and informbus, when you prosecute, when you arrest the parent and put them in jail,
5:36 am
child protective services, they went better rules for illegal alien families. >> the contract with ice, sen. harris calling for the limitation including texas city, terminating lucrative contracts with ice, illegals among us. >> of the american public wants to know who to blame for family separation, we went up to the hill several months ago and told what so as far
5:37 am
as jurisdictions, we will not house aliens in this jurisdiction, away from their families and supports and political statements. >> them on the political left are very vocal, sex in the city, actress who is now running for governor of the great state of new york, this montage of different people calling for the abolition of ice but the same person referred to ice as a terror organization. >> ice has strayed so far from its mission and is a terrorist organization of its own. >> this legislation regarding abolishment of ice, i do think a lot of this legislation points
5:38 am
to the america that we want to have. >> the president created a situation where ice is being used as his own personal police force. >> you should get rid of it, start over, reimagine it and do something that actually works. >> are they right? >> absolutely not is what upsets me is a lot of these representatives from the state of new york which i am a native new yorker. she went to a protest about family separation, so she got to get her facts straight. you want to do away with ice, she needs 5000 commit alien sophistry that worked out of her sanctuary jail she supports, meet sheriffs on the northern border, millions of dollars of resources ice has spent on the northern border to shut down the opioid crisis it off border crime. these people want to make a
5:39 am
judgment about ice, we are enforcing laws they could, so congressman or sen. saying abolish ice because your too effective, we are enforcing laws they enacted and vilified for doing it. >> they don't like the way it is done. one of those people ever made arrests in their life, do they know the right procedure? i have to bring you to a new york times story that says 19 ice agents wrote a letter to sec. nielsen looking to abolish the agency. what is your response to that? >> they are not looking to abolish the agency. the hs i branch is under a lot of pressure, the special agents want to do child porn investigation, drug trafficking investigation but in big cities the task force has walked away because hs i also under ice. the coast guard is having trouble in california with local law enforcement because it is part of the hs so it is not about abolishing ice, they are frustrated and want to do the
5:40 am
job, centauri cities will work with them so they think of they move out and get out of the ice moniker they will be able to work better. i think that is wrong. what we need to do is fix the sanctuary cities and outlaw sanctuary cities as far as these senators and congressmen vilifying ice, strap against your hips, stand on the trail at 3:00 in the morning in total darkness waiting for someone to come meet you whether they are illegal alien drug traffickers, do that job, stand that post and i know -- >> 34 years, we want to thank you for that, how are you feeling knowing it is your last day and you're retiring? >> i'm proud to serve my country 34 years, biggest honor of my life to be acting director of ice, i have mixed emotions, leaving in the love a fight. i'm insulted a lot of democrats
5:41 am
and congressmen went to vilified people who put their lives on the line for the country, and defend this nation and vilify, abolish ice for what they are doing and enforcing the law they enacted. ridiculous what is going on. i'm leaving with mixed emotions but i may be retiring, the greatest honor wearing border patrol uniform but not leaving this fight, i will stay in the fight and fight in california, continuing to fight sanctuary cities and as a civilian i could say more so i'm not giving this up. >> you don't sound like you are rolling back. he will hold them accountable. >> you were going to retire before the president picked up the phone. and do it a little longer. you should check the phone in the next 5 minutes. there's always the possibility.
5:42 am
>> people wants to attack my character, the $700,000 on the table to do this job. he is the president of the united states and what irritates me, his the president of america's people, his success would be success for this country but they want to vilify him. this president has done more for border security and public safety than the 6 presidents i have worked for in my honor and respect them all that no one has done more. for these people, congressman who want to vilify the heroes with border patrol and ice we are not asking you to cut some slack, just show a little recognition for the job they do and put their lives on the line every day. this much outrage about angel moms whose children were killed by illegal aliens and separated forever, i didn't hear any outrage from these congressman but -- there is outrage. >> thank you for your service. >> we are going to hear more from him. >> hundreds of people living in
5:43 am
shelters since hurricane maria devastated puerto rico 9 months ago and now they will have to find another home. what happens here, live next. >> toby mac. ♪ spread the love like a fire ♪ you speak the words you say ♪ raise your thoughts a little higher ♪ use your words to inspire, joy will fall like rain for the things you say. poke your head a little higher, words like fire ♪ the words you say ♪ diarrhea... girl, pepto ultra coating will treat your stomach right. nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea.♪ try new pepto with ultra coating.
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>> hope you are having a good morning. democratic lawmakers want your hard-working tax dollars to fund
5:47 am
the gender pay study, research looking at the difference between how much blue blue and women make on average and how effectiveness of federal efforts to enforce if i pay discrimination laws, the last government study was done in 2009 and found an 11% pay gap. we finally know when last man standing will return. >> the latest liberal attack on free-speech. >> the university handling stuff. >> mark your calendar for september 28th. abc canceled the show despite high ratings last year. many speculated it was due to politics but the network denies that, new episodes will air on fox. >> fema housing expiring for 2000 hurricane maria survivors in a matter of hours but some refusing to leave vowing to set up tents. what will happen next? >> full keating live with what happened next. what is going on?
5:48 am
>> this could be the last night with a bed to sleep on for 500 hurricane harvey and maria families, puerto rican we household living in florida, 100 in texas. on wednesday activists demanded governor rick scott get fema to attend housing benefits for the last 9 at a half months since hurricanes raked the island in texas, fema has been paid for survivors hotels and motels, many landed in central florida south of orlando, bill nelson yesterday calling for a fema extension comparing the situation to post katrina. >> use existing law, activate it, you did it for new orleans, why not now for puerto rico. >> there is a significant political aspect to the story, sen. nelson and governor scott heavily 40 report we can vote
5:49 am
with scott including them during the announcement he is running for senate against nelson, 200,000 puerto ricans have moved to florida since maria and governor scott said florida does not have the authority to extend the deadline but it is a decision that must be made by the government of for rico, we are taking every action to ensure every family displaced by maria in florida receives the best possible care. there are caseworkers available for all households but as of tomorrow morning they could be leaving their hotels. >> up next. >> toby mac is going to take the stage continuing the concert. >> bill helmer is on his stage upstairs. >> we are jammed. what did republicans get from this hearing? bob goodlatte, jack keenan, kellyanne conway, come join us
5:50 am
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