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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 29, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> trace: a city in mourning and a community with questions after the attack at the "capital gazette." >> the fellow was there to kill as me people as he could. >> trace: we're getting new details about the suspect's grudge about the paper and the warning signs before the shooting. we're also learning more about the victims and how annapolis plans to honor them tonight. that is all ahead this hour. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. the suspected murderer that turned the newsroom into a war zone had a longstanding grudge against the "capital gazette" newspaper and wanted to kill as many people as he could. that's the word from police in annapolis, maryland.
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a judge ordered 38-year-old jarrod ramos to stay in jail on five counts of first degree murder in one of the deadliest attacks on american journalists in history. police say the suspect used a pump action shotgun to blast through a glass door and killed four journalists and a sales assistant. prosecutors say he barricaded the exit doors so workers couldn't escape. you may have heard reports that the suspect mutilated his fingers to prevent investigators to identifieding him. but the anne arundel police say that is not try. the chief added that we have not idea who leaked that and we were upset about it. those records were circulating among high levels of law enforcement. law enforcement said when they caught the guy did didn't have i.d. and refused to cooperate. police say the attack lasted a few minutes before they arrested
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the suspect. a "capital gazette" internal talked about what he heard. >> i heard a popped and looked over my shoulder towards the entrance. i saw some faces that looked concerned. i can't see a shooter. i saw the glass doors were blown out. >> trace: a newspaper photographer said he had to jump over the colleague's body to get away from the gun fire. these are images of reporters in a parking garage of a nearby mall. the "capital gazette" did put out a paper this morning. there was an intentional blank page where the opinion section would be listing the names of the victims. the suspect had a long history of harassing the newspaper's reporters online.
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lea gabrielle is live in annapolis, maryland. explain the back story here. >> trace, this all started about seven years ago, in july of 2011. that's when a columnist of the "capital gazette" wrote about a criminal harassment case against ramos. that column was about a case that involved a online relationship that ramos tried to create with someone he went to high school with, a classmate. the baltimore sun that owns the "capital gazette" reported that ramos later allegedly call her vulgar names. he told her to kill herself and he tried to get her fired. ramos pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor harassment charge and he received probation. he later brought a defamation suit against the kcolumnist. ramos made threats towards the "capital gazette" on social media. the police say there's clearly a
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history. >> it's a targeted attack. we can't fathom why that person chose to do this. we don't think we have anymore clear and present dangers to the citizens of anne arundel county. >> the capital says the former publisher said i remember telling our attorneys, this is a guy that is going to come in and shoot us. trace, he also told the baltimore sun that in 2013, he reached out to the anne arundel county police department about ramos in 2013, but nothing came of that. he also considered filing a restraining order but decided not to after consulting with attorneys, trace. >> trace: yeah, we've seen the pictures of the victims. what more are we learning about them? >> today, trace, people have been coming here, putting flowers downs and balloons, messages on notes here at the
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scene. the "capital gazette" detailed the stories of some of the victims in its paper today. one of them was john mcnamara. he was remembered for his flexibility, concise writing and extensive knowledge of regional sports. rebecca smith was a recent hire at the "capital gazette." a co-worker said that she already had proven herself as a valuable asset. wendi winters built a reputation as a freelance reporter and a well-known community resource. and gerald fischman was clever and quirky. and rob hiaassen was the brother of an author from the "miami herald," rob hiaassen. he loved his children and could talk for hours about his
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children. one of the other ways these victims are being honored, the co-workers putting out the paper and reporting on the stories. >> trace: our prayers go out. lea gabrielle is live. thank you. the people of annapolis planning to honor the victims tonight. the city announcing a vigil at 8:00 p.m. in the capitol square. from there, there will be a waterside service. the major of annapolis is with us. it's been a difficult day. our hearts go out to you and your city. give us an idea of how your city is dealing with this on the day after. >> thanks for having us. i think a lot of us have tried to get a couple of hours sleep
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and then open their eyes and realize that it wasn't just a dream, that it did really happen to our city. very personal for us. we know the journalists, we know the journalists that survived. we know the police officers that stormed the building. so you know, it could have been worse. still doesn't make anybody feel better. >> trace: i know you have said, this paper was not liberal. it covered your childrens soccer matches and local subjects. yet there appears to be all accounts a vendetta this man had against the paper. it's inexplicable. >> it's unbelievable that a guy with this many red flags can get his hand on a weapon. i don't know what the answer is to that. when we have to talk about mental health, we have to talk about gun control. we have to find out why we are
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so tightly wound as a community. we have to stop hating one another because we vote for a different party or different opinion. i'm hoping this vigil today can bring people together and we can talk about hope and love and the future. >> trace: yeah, he made the threats on social media talking about jarrod ramos, this went on for years. we know there was no security in that newsroom. you, mr. mayor, have been in the newsroom. it's kind of odd there was no security. but then again, these types of things don't happen in the united states. they happen in mexico and happen in columbia. but attacking journalists is extraordinarily rare in this country. >> yeah, we -- that's the first thing i wanted to know. i'm close friends with the editor. we hope that it wasn't an attack on journalism. these guys do the job just because they love being journalists. it's not a way to get rich. you do it because you have a
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passion for information. they've been doing an exceptional job. i'm sure that when they went to college, when they went to study journalism, they didn't think it would be in the job description. >> yeah, it's amazing to me. you have also spoken to the journalists. we saw these guys in a parking garage trying to get the newspaper out. you have spoken to some of them. what was it that drove them to make sure they got the paper out this morning? >> just a testament to the people that they are. you know, they're committed people. not only are they amazing for what they did and their dedication, i saw a journalist walking behind -- we never had this many cameras and this many journalists in the city. you must feel it yourself. look, any newsroom is susceptible to something like this. i've been in that newsroom a lot of times. i walk in there and there's a
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low front reception desk and a bank of tables. there's no where to hide, nowhere to run. so they must have been terrified. what i have really think also that we have to pay attention to is the first responders that got into the building, they didn't know whether this guy had a machine gun or, you know, a grenade or anything like that. they went through the motions of the drills we practiced. they stepped over victims to get to the gun. the guy threw his gun away and hit under a table. >> they did hero's work, mr. mayor. so good of you to join us. our heart goes out to you and your community. the best to you on this, mr. mayor. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> trace: meantime, president trump speak about the deadly shooting. the president offered his con delenses to the victim's families and said no journalist should have to be afraid while doing his or her job.
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>> journalists like all americans should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job. to the families of the victims, there's no words to express our sorrow for your loss. horrible, horrible event, horrible thing happened. when you're suffering, we pledge our eternal support. >> the president also called the shooting for -- horrific. and the president made the comment after six months after signing the new tax law. now the irs is rolling out the so-called postcard. analysts say not everybody will be able to fit their taxes on one form. plus, breaking news right now. president trump weighing in on one of the most hot button issues that could come up before the supreme court. abortion. the president just talked to fox
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business network's maria bartiromo about what he's looking for in his supreme court pick, specifically when it comes to roe v. wade. the breaking news on that is coming up. benjamin franklin captured lightning in a bottle. over 260 years later as the nation's leader in energy storage we're ensuring americans have the energy they need, whenever they need it nextera energy.
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people could file their taxes on a postcard. now we're seeing the form. is -- christina is live at the white house. hi there. >> ed: today we get the news that filing the taxes is the size of a post cart. steve mnuchin came out saiding nine out of ten americans could file on this cart. i'm going to show you the size of the card is actually a little bigger. it's about this big. there's a catch to it. so yes, we have the generic questions on the form. there's six other work sheets that you need to fill out. you have children, you want a child care credit. you need to fill it on another work sheet. let's say you have student loans. you need to take the decisions. so it's up to the american to go beyond that most card size and file it on the six other work sheets. that's what democrats are commenting on today. they're saying this overhaul is
12:16 pm
really smoke and mirrors. postcard size coming out and you can file online, too. >> trace: postcardish. the president talked a lot about the tax law on farmers. >> yes, he did. there's no doubt about it. the economy is doing better because of the tax cuts. you're seeing unemployment rate at a five decade low. you're seeing household wealth being extremely high. when it comes to farmers, president trump specifically today spoke about how they're being affected by their repeal and the estate tax. listen to what he had to say. >> we greatly reduce the burden of the unfair estate takes commonly known as the death tax. it's such a big things. most farms and most small businesses won't pay an estate takes or death tax anymore. >> but on fox business news network, we spoke to a farmer. he's a beef and dairy farmer.
12:17 pm
he actually said he's very worried in the short term and long-term. he believes the tax cuts will be wiped out by the trade tariffs and the potential trade war. listen in. >> we're now absolutely seeing the offset of the positive benefits through the conversation with tariffs. that's only going to increase the costs for everyone involved and going to negate the positive benefits that we would reap from this tax policy change. >> the overhaul has helped the economy in the short term. the question is what is it going to mean for the long-term of america. back to you. >> fair question. thanks, christina. live at the white house. president trump racing to fill a seat on the supreme court and he just spoke with the fox business network's maria bartiromo about exactly that. he mentioned something about roe v. wade. the interview coming in and it's breaking on "shepard smith
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simple. easy. awesome. come see how you can save $400 or more a year with xfinity mobile. plus, ask how to keep your current phone. visit your local xfinity store today. >> trace: we have breaking news. president trump says he won't ask potential supreme court nominees if they will turn over roe v. wade. he spoke to maria bartiromo. watch. >> are you going to ask your nominees beforehand how they might vote on roe v. wade? >> that's a big one. probably not. they're saying you don't do that, you shouldn't do that. i'm putting conservative people on. i'm very proud of neil gorsuch. he's opinions are so well-written, so brilliant. and i'm going to try and do
12:22 pm
something like that, but i don't think i'm going to be so specific. >> trace: you can watch the full interview on "sunday morn futures". president trump needs every republican vote he can get to push through his nominee. he met with two key gop senators yesterday, lisa murkowski of alaska and susan collins of main. they're pro abortion rights, but they did vote to confirm the president's last nominee, justice neil gorsuch. the president met with three red stated democrats facing tough races for re-election and they voted for justice gorsuch. blake burman was told the president wants to move quickly on selecting a nominee and they did not push back on reports that he could announce his pick before july 10. that's when he's set to leave for his summit with vladimir
12:23 pm
putin. let's bring in alexi, a political reporter for axios. looks like the president has done the math. he knows john mccain is being treated for brain cancer. his margins in the senate are thin. if you're going to get murkowski and collins on board, you don't want to talk about roe v. wade going away. >> the president said he would ask this justice nominee whether or not he would overturn roe v. wade, that would dominate the headlines. his critics would talk about nothing else. the underlying fact is he wants to elect a pro life justice, something that is conservative. he said that before he was elected president. it's clear that he wants to move forward in this way. it will be tough as you mentioned because senators collins and murkowski are the only two republican senators that are pro abortion rights even though they voted to confirm gorsuch. he's keenly aware of the
12:24 pm
political calculus behind it or his nominee might not be confirmed. >> trace: they said if there's any role that the justice would play in getting roe v. wade, they're out. they must have articulated that to the president. >> and he's been having calls with them. don mcgann had a call with senator collins yesterday or wednesday, i believe. so they're trying to court these senators on both sides of the aisle, especially these two republican senators. they need them on board. the thing we should recognize, they're not up for re-election. susan collins' term ends in 2020. murkowski 2022. they have a less of incentive to vote for this justice if they disagree with him because of political calculus or re-election worries. that's something that the president is thinking about. >> sure. they're not up for re-election.
12:25 pm
the red state democrats, joe manchin, heidi heitkamp, different story. the president is trying to woo them saying you could help me out here by voting for my supreme court nominee. >> a former republican senate leadership aide told axios that this is a terrible position for the red state democratic senators to be in. they're the most vulnerable. they voted for gorsuch before and now they're stuck with voted for the next nominee and depressing the democratic voters or voting against the nominee and will rile up and fire up the republican base in their states who are already sort of inclined to vote in a republican senate tore replace them. it looks as if they have no choice but to go with neil gorsuch. >> trace: and i want to get your take on the timing here.
12:26 pm
maybe we heard late summer, early fall for the nominee to come forward. now we're hearing break neck speed. this could happen next week. >> right. the president himself said wednesday that he wanted this decision in 12 to 14 days. by july 10. this is something that the president takes seriously. the court starts in october. they want to move quickly on it because there's a number of legislative issues that they need to focus on in addition to focusing on the mid-term election that is fast approaching november when multiple republican senators and house members are considered vulnerable or facing competitive challenges. they have a whole host of things to focus on. this is one less thing that the president wants to worry about. >> there's a path for the nominee to make it. i want your take on a couple wild cards. we've talked about jeff flake saying no. what do you think about him? he usually tends to come on board. there's always the threat that he won't. >> jeff flake is fascinating.
12:27 pm
he's been an outspoken critic of the president. he said early they are week before justice kennedy announced his retirement he would not support a nominee. and then when he announced, he said never mind. i'm not going to block the nominee. so we sort of see how he's moving back and forth. he will ultimately vote in favor. >> trace: what about dean heller in nevada? that's the only state that hillary clinton won. he's kind of in a pickle of a race out there. maybe he says yay or ney on that. >> he's in a tough position, too, because of the politics of his state. the president just went to nevada and campaigned for him. it would be a slam in the face if dean heller voted against his nominee. it would prove to the president and that dean heller is not loyal to him and how much the president values loyalty. so it would be a politically unwise move for heller to do that especially after trump was
12:28 pm
just in nevada supporting him and encouraging the state to vote for him to re-elect him. >> i hadn't heard the president was valuing loyalty. that's news to me. thanks, alexi. great of you to join us. >> thanks. >> trace: the immigration debate set to bring new protests this weekend. they're expected to be larger than the demonstrations we have already seen. we're live at the southern border for a preview on what we can expect. plus, a new bill giving folks more control over how companies like facebook and twitter use their personal information. this is key. it's fascinating. you're going to want to hear it next. what about him? let's do it. ♪ come on.
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12:31 pm
through the doors. happened in san angelo. police say the man tried to drive away and now facing felony charges. a few hundred miles south of there, this happened in a walmart in texas. police wrestling an eight foot alligator in walmart. they said it would be relocated and nobody was hurt. in florida, lightning striking near a police station in the city of apopka outside of orlando. surveillance video shows an officer getting out of his s.u.v., but jumping right back in once the lightning hit. the station lost power. nobody got hurt. those are daily thunderstorms down there in the summer in orlando. the news continues right after this. brrr! i have the chills! because of all those miles? and because ice is cold. what's in your wallet? the first survivor of ais out there.sease
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12:34 pm
separated 2,000 children from their parents. the president signed an executive order to stop the separations and a judge on tuesday ruled that families must be reunited within 30 days. attorney general jeff sessions has defended the administration's tough stance on immigration and said the alternative of having an open border is dangerous. casey stegall is live along the border in tornillo, texas. a big rally planned for el paso tomorrow. >> yeah, trace. that's right, this whole region has been a flurry of activity. a whole lot more is planned in the coming days as more protesters and humanitarian groups descend on el paso. a big rally planned for tomorrow. the spot in tornillo, the location of one of these juvenile holding facilities, this is also been a very big staging area.
12:35 pm
we've had hundreds and hundreds of people, teachers, local clergy, the public, they have shown up here this week chanting, holding signs, even blocking the gate at times. more than 300 kids are being held and more than 20 air conditioned tents in this spot alone. but there's been minor celebrations like the day the federal judge's injunction came down for halting the celebrations and reuniting the more than 2,000 children that were split up from the parents or family. every one warns this will be no easy task. listen. >> some say it's going to take a month, 1 1/2 months. it's going to take more time than that to reunify the children and parents. >> remember that injunction does not toss out the zero tolerance policy, nor does the executive order. it just says the children and the parents and family units all have to be kept together.
12:36 pm
trace? >> meantime the government is looking into the conditions at these shelters. >> right. a new lawsuit was filed tonight in los angeles on behalf of five children currently inside some of these holding centers across the country. none of them were from here in tornillo. we have the clarify that. this suit alleges abuse and even instances of drugging at multiple holding centers in multiple states. so the hhs inspector general's office announcing this week that it's launches an internal review of these facilities. however a spokesperson for the agency says that it's going to focus more on training, health-related concerns and safety noting that specific allegations of mistreatment, trace, are being handled separately. back to you. >> casey stegall live in
12:37 pm
tornillo, texas. california passing a new privacy law that will force tech companies like facebook and google to tell people what personal information they're taking from them. people will also tell the companies to delete their information. some experts say the it's the most far reaching law of its kind in the united states. hillary vaughn is here with more on that. >> hi, trace. this is the toughest data privacy law that any state in the u.s. has passed. here's the deal. not only gives users ownership and control of what data is being collected but lets them opt out of having their data collected in the first place. there's a new standard. companies cannot give users that opt out a less experience than those users that decide to opt in and give up their data. here's the concern. this will hit massive tech companies hard. google, facebook, uber, microsoft getting hit by this. this california law will have a
12:38 pm
ripple effect on users across the country. these changes are likely going to need to be rolled out companywide. they're not going to make these strictly -- these standards apply to just california users. because of that reason, google is speaking out against it saying this law has massive implications and has sweeping changes on thousands of business as cross every industry. you have the internet association that represents companies like e-bay, uber, paypal, speaking out about this saying data regulation policy is complex. it impacts every sector of the company including every internet facility. that makes the process around this more concerning. facebook is an interesting one. they're on the other side of some of their friends in silicon valley. i was on a call with facebook's ceo, sheryl sanberg yesterday. she spoke out in support of the
12:39 pm
law because facebook already made the changes. >> trace: if i'm google or facebook, how long does it take? >> in 2020. the key thing here, the law gives the right to sue companies if they're not protecting data. if you're data gets scooped up in a hack, you can get some cash out of it. >> trace: i'm sure the lawyers are all over that one. hillary vaughn, thank you. the cost of your favorite soda won't be going up any time soon. jerry brown signed a bill that banned cities and counties from taxing soda and other drinks for the next 12 years. it's a major win for the beverage industry and defeats the state's public health advocates that had argued soda tax would help fight obesity. berkeley, california passed the country's first ever soda tax. remember that? which will remain in effect despite the new law. governor brown says he had to sign the bill because the soda
12:40 pm
lobby made it difficult to pass taxes on any item. america is short tens of thousands of truck drivers. without drivers to move stuff back and forth, the u.s. economy could hit the brakes. some trucking companies making major efforts to recruit new drivers. the fox business network's jeff flock is live at a truck drivering school in illinois. it's about 20 miles south of chicago. jeff, give us an idea of what this shortage of drivers is about. >> yeah, it's -- by the way, i'm in the front seat of a rolling classroom here teaching the next generation of american truck drivers. essentially we have a booming economy right now. a lot of truck drivers retiring. take a look at the numbers on the economy. a low unemployment rate, gdp growth, manufacturing rising so there's more stuff to move and not enough move to move it.
12:41 pm
jose ochoa runs 160 truck drivering academy, you can't get drivers fast enough. >> no. and neither can our trucking partners. >> the deal on this is that a lot of truckers have retired. you know, this is a tough business. we're rocking around in here. you can imagine driving coast to coast. it's not an easy life, trace. >> trace: yeah, if you can't get drivers and move goods, it has to effect prices, right? >> exactly. that's the things. a low up employment rate right now. people get other jobs. the fellow next to me, antonio, can you make a living at this? we've seen trucker salaries rising, which is obviously passed along. that's good news for you, yeah? >> of course it is. this can provide for you and your family and a great opportunity. >> yeah. don't want to talk much here.
12:42 pm
he's rolling down as we speak. you wouldn't have thought that we'd be in this situation. this business, i'll tell you, has been booming for truck driving schools. the government now is wanting to make sure everybody is safe that's out on the roads. >> that's right. the government has put in place regulations to make the roads safer. we schools want to deliver on that. that's really led to a lot of our growth as well. >> they started with one school and now up to 32 schools, trace. as i said, they can't train them fast enough for the needs: >> trace: jeff flock on the move for news south holland, illinois. thank you. families in colorado on the run from a wild fire. we'll have a live report on how crews are trying to stop that new hampshire and several others here on the west coast. getting bad. we'll have more on it next. you're turning onto the street
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>> trace: blistering heat and windy weather fuelling wind fires in colorado. a drone made thing more difficult for firefighters. forced them to wait before they could drop water on the flames. >> they had to wait an hour for tankers to get in the air while they looked for the drone. it's a working holiday weekend for firefighters across the west. with four new large firefighters burning, 20 of them uncontained. across the country, more than half a million acres are burning. in colorado, there's several fires burning. the big concern is the golf course fire about two hours northwest of denver. evacuation orders are in effect for up to 300 homes near the rocky mountain national park. the sheriff says authorities were going door-to-door telling people to pack up and get out.
12:47 pm
north of st. george utah, the black mountain fire has scorched 5,000 acres and threatening towns near minners west of u.s. 15. >> they're a couple days away. trying to hold on until we get some relief and get some additional ground forces in place to help put the fires out. >> in california, the pawnee fire has been burning. 22 structures have been burned and 56% contained. firefighters are worried hot dry weather into the weekend could mean the danger isn't over. since january, there's been more than 28,000 fires across the u.s. burning more than 2.2 million acres. with expected dry conditions the next few months, firefighters could be in for a long hot
12:48 pm
summer. here in california, it's fire season all year long. few crews are on the gone. >> trace: doesn't kick up bat until september or october. thanks, anita. the delivery driver thought he was dropping off a surprise sandwich. instead, he delivered some upsetting news that led to one woman's heart break. that story is next.
12:49 pm
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12:52 pm
>> trace: the united states military has officially moved its head quarters in south korea further away from north korea. the u.s. has been based in seoul sips the end of world war ii. now the military will be head quarted in pongtech. this comes after president trump's historic meeting with kim jong-un. kim promised to work towards giving up his nuclear weapons and president trump said he would stop military exercises with south korea as long as talks with the north are going well. u.s. officials say moving the headquarters is part of an effort to transfer out of more populated areas and improve military readiness. a new wave of cancer research is launches in space. >> we have ignition and lift off. >> the spacex falcon 9 rocket
12:53 pm
headed for the international space station. the rocket was just in outer space ten weeks ago. it's the shortest ever turn around for a recycled rocket. it should get there by monday. it carrying a cargo ship full of equipment for cancer research. also a new crew member. this round robot that will test cooperation between humans and machines and we hope that goes well for them. police recruits in georgia rescuing a 2-year-old girl that had been stranded alone in the woods for more than 15 hours. where is she? >> happens in port wentworth outside of savannah. police recruits found her wednesday afternoon after temperatures topped 100 degrees.
12:54 pm
cops say they'd heard the girl crying and found her with a few cuts. those recruits set to get their badges in august. well, if you order food delivery, you're supposed to tip the driver, not the other way around. that's exactly what happened this week when a jimmy johns work busted a woman's cheating boyfriend. the couple was long distance. the woman says she ordered her man jimmy johns as a surprise and explained it would be just to him accepting it. when the driver aarrived, he said he saw the guy with another woman and they were not just friends, so he, of course, ratted him out. the jilted woman tweeted quoting i do want to thank jimmy johns for the service of their customers. not many would do what that delivery driver did. i'm grateful that he called me and was honest about the situation. #wwjjd. jimmy johns planning to kate area breakup party for the same
12:55 pm
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12:58 pm
other side effects include upper respiratory tract infection and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ♪ otezla. show more of you. >> trace: if you don't know, lebron watch is underway. lebron james set to become a free agent after telling cleveland he will opt out of his current contract. lebron carried the cavs all the way to the nba finals again where he lost to golden state's super team again. just about every squad would love to add the best player in the league. insiders say king james is either going to take his talents to the lakers -- can you imagine? lebron, kawhi? maybe the lakers celtics, back together with the days of yore?
12:59 pm
or he may resign with cleveland. we shall find out about that. the 16 teams survived in the world cup gearing up for the knockout round. every game will ends with somebody going home. the matches begin tomorrow. today marks 68 years since a major u.s. upset in the cup. historians call it the miracle on ground. analysts called the 1950 american team a band of no-hopers. they took on the english known at the time as the kings of soccer. the u.s. won 1-0. both teams were knocked out of the tournament shortly thereafter. you've been watching it and you've been watching it on fox. we have you covered for this year's entire world cup. you can watch all the matches and extras on fox tv, fox sports 1 and the fox sports app. check your local listings. there's been some great ones there. lebron, lakers?
1:00 pm
kawhi? soccer? and the corner of wall and broad. imagine it's -- the dow is up. rare territory these days. still down for the year. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. neil starts now. >> neil: all right. not exactly gaining set backs. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. you're watching "your world." we're putting a month of stock trading to rest. a quarter of stock trading to rest. the first half year on the month. we saw the dow surrender a little ground. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 did more than okay. look how we've been doing so far this year with the dow down about 1.7%. nasdaq, s&p 500, 1.8%. the technology stocks leading the way