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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 29, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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have a great weekend. sean hannity is next with judge jeanine sitting coming in for him. >> welcome to the special edition of "hannity". the trump offend. i am in tonight for sean. with a booming economy, rising poll numbers, and a shakeup of diplomatic relations around the world, the trump agenda is definitely on the move. america has left is unraveling. and early this week, the u.s. supreme court upheld the presidents travel ban. in another decision, the highes court in the land, deltas serious blow to government labo unions. plus, breaking this week,
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justice anthony kennedy is retiring giving president trump the opportunity to send a judge to the supreme court for the second time in 18 months. on wednesday, during a raucous rally in north dakota, the president recapped his momentou week and so much more. take a look. take just yesterday, the suprem court upheld the travel ban and our authority to keep america safe. the travel ban ruling underscores just how critical i is to confirm judges who will support our constitution constitution, our great great constitution. the heritage foundation came ou with a report this was as of tw months ago, we have already implemented 64 percent of our top agenda items, and that is a a much faster pace than even ronald reagan.
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that's pretty good. >> now, even more good news, si months after passing a historic tax cut package, the economy is breaking records. earlier today president trump celebrated america's economic progress. take a look. to keep the economy is, indeed, doing well. six months ago we unleashed an economic miracle by signing the biggest tax cuts and reforms, i have to add the word reforms, but the tax cut his leg off as they are and that's what's really doing it. the biggest tax cuts in america history. now it's my great honor to welcome you back to the white house to celebrate six months o new jobs, bigger paychecks, and keeping more of your hard earne money where it belongs in your pocket or wherever all she want to spend it. >> in the wake of all this good news, we learned that president
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trump is set to take part in a diplomatic settlement with what russian president vladimir putin . joining us to preview the meeting and more as the white house senior adviser for strategic communications. that evening. >> great to be here. >> the person president had a great weekend in fact, i just kind of outlines a lot of it, but i think the thing that is the most interesting i would sa at this point although saving your money and a good economy i really important to all of us, it's the supreme court. the president now has an opportunity to put another person on the supreme court it' not even two years and is going to have a second person on the supreme court. i understand he's meeting with potential candidates is that what's happening? >> the president is working quickly to see if we can fill this vacancy. obviously he has several folks
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in mind. he actually has if you know put up that list of 25 qualified candidates and president trump has been incredibly transparent in this process. he's met with senators, working with them, getting their input in terms of the supreme court justice nominee and i think wha we do know definitely is that president trump is looking to make this announcement on july 9 th. from that list, you know you're going to find individuals with impeccable qualifications with the right judicial temperament and with tremendous intellect i the mold of the supreme court justice. it is such an important part of president trump legacy. there is no question, judge tha president trump has been the most consequential president in our history. what he's been able to
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accomplish is absolutely amazing . it is where he has put his hear and soul to and ensuring that americans every day have opportunities. >> meeting with putin, july 9 he's going to give us the name of the person that is going to present for supreme court, a week later he is going to be in helsinki meeting with vladimir putin. does the man i mean his agenda just keeps on rolling. earlier 64 percent of his top agenda items of argument satisfied. >> we have talked about the booming economic story here in america, his success is ensurin that we had a strong economy as we know in the next quarter, it looks like it's going to be economists expecting about 4% gdp growth. that is impressive. in addition to that, the president obviously focuses on the interest of america's national security which, of
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course, means having strong relationships with our allies. the president is a coalition builder. he goes over to north korea, meets with the north korean leader. he's able to move forward in terms of d nuclear rising that region, which is incredibly important for world peace. now he's meeting with vladimir putin. this is an opportunity to talk about a range of national security issues that are critical. >> will he be talking about it about warfare, the issue soon seems to be on the front burner in that country, election interference? >> i think you'll see the president talk about a range of issues including syria, he ran, as well as north korea. i think you will see again the president bringing up a variety of issues with president putin. this is an opportunity for
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constructive and cooperative engagement with russia as we know, when the united states an russia are working together and getting along, it's good for th world and it's good for peace. it's an opportunity again for the two world leaders to come together and talk about a variety of topics. >> there are so much a talk about we could do with their positive news for it. what has happened with north korea, it meeting with putin, the president is on a roll. so good to see you again, thank you so much. the trump agendas are a lot of progress this week, the deep state continued to collapse and deputy ag rob rosenstein was in the hot seat. >> where are you keeping information from congress? >> congressman, i'm not keeping any information from congress. >> at onua you want ascus answe what you answer what we ask you for. >> we have caught you hiding yo
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wrote the memo saying that come should be fired and you signed the size extension for carter page so my question is do you i seems like you should be recuse for this more than jeff sessions . >> per. >> i can assure you that were i appropriate for me to recuse, i would be more than happy to do so and let somebody else handle this. >> did you not know that was meeting with christopher steele getting information about the dossier and supplying that information to the fbi at the same time his wife, nellie was working for fusion gps that was helping hillary clinton? did you not know he was doing that for the fbi? >> would ever you've got, finis it the hell up because this country is being torn apart. >> joining us now are two of th menu just saw. florida congressman and gubernatorial candidate and texas congressman.
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good to have you here. i'm going to start with you, representative runza santos. was our favorite guy rob rosenstein, i better tell you i watch that congressmen and i wa just so frustrated with this smirking and they don't attack me personally and that taking the time to run the clock, but is he keeping information from congress? >> judge, this is really concerning because yes, the keeping information from congress it's not just a normal stonewall, what they're saying is peter struck opens this massive counter intelligence investigation against trumps campaign. we know that was colored with bias. what we're trying to get out th details about it rosenstein wil say edges can't talk about it i classified and sensitive. she wouldn't answer most of the questions because it's classified. so they unleash the counter
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intelligence patters of the government and now the using that the sensitivity of pet is shield to protect them from government oversight. >> you think these guys are actually listening in on your office? >> well, i don't know about listening in, but i've been tol that they're keeping an eye on me and the thing is though, loo at what they do. they have a history and especially more and weissman, they worked together on the russia investigation where russia is trying to get our uranium illegally which they have done and so, that was also under the jurisdiction of a guy named rosenstein. rosenstein, moeller, comey, wiseman they are joined togethe in so much of this stuff and ye it is incredible. judge, you've seen people lie
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during the hours i was watching he you would see him say things that he knew he was lying. he knew you knew he was lying, yet he was so cool about the wa it was said. i was thinking golly, he is so good about lying. then i realized you know what, he's been doing that forever to his wife. he's got this line with the proper motion down pat all thos times he probably buy to his wife about lisa page. this guy is good at what he does . and then rosenstein, just sits there and says he didn't know what the guy in the office two doors down to work directly for him, he says he was not working on the russia investigation. oh, i didn't know he was the on pickup the information for christopher steel from the fbi. i mean holy cow. >> you know what, congressman, share your frustration, congressman desantis, i'm going to ask you this.
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the american people understand what's going on. you look at this guy, rob rosenstein, he is so knee-deep swamp it's pathetic. he's the one that said that, should be fired. he said session should recuse himself. it is basically now running the department of justice and says he's not doing anything and is not dragging his feet, but the american people instinctively understood this because they ar elected an outsider to be president. here is the question they have, what are you going to do about it. what are you guys going to do about this? when are we going to see justice ? >> you have to impose a sanctio from noncompliance evidencing w should've done that months ago because we've been doing this stands back and forth and it's just counterproductive or just waste time. i don't know though, so that's what i would like to do personally. i have other colleagues who would i don't know if we have a majority of the congress he
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would support that at this juncture. i hope we do but ultimately he would many devoted out through the whole body that i think that's absolutely appropriate i you don't do a sanction the going to keep stonewalling. >> these are the same people that said there were no e-mails between the fbi and the department of justice on the meeting on the tarmac between the redell lynch and bill clinton. they have been lying from the get-go on this whole thing. i got to go back to you congressman. >> it's got to be a question of how strong our leadership is. when boehner was speaker he wouldn't let us go after the gu buys, it was just all kinds of offenses were committed the redell lynch, there were problems they are, but you had the irs knee-deep in my eyes an fraudulent conduct and he wouldn't let us do anything, bu if you remember, trey finally got the assurance and that's
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when i went on sunday shows previous two weeks ago and said we are going to have a vote thi week if he doesn't produce this week and we didn't have a vote that week because it got pulled back yet again. >> by whom? give me oh name. the same leadership give me a name. they're not lead is, but they've been elected and they have prevented us from keeping these guys. >> give me an name. who are we talking about? paul ryan? >> that's where the buck stops, yes. >> congressman rhonda santos, you were great resume. thank you so much for being wit us. joining us with more is fox contributor charlie the russia hoax, the illicit scam to frame donald trump. >> i'm fired up. i can't stand it when people
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live. you can do a lot of things, bu don't lie to me. charlie, i will start with you. now, what we've got here is we've got you just heard to congressman, and what they say is leadership isn't letting us do what we've got to do. what do they have to do? american people are frustrated. what needs to happen now? >> it's beyond frustrating when user there and look at a guy like rob rosenstein who i think should be impeached and fired quick frankly. to look at a guy like that whos only objective is somehow sticking up for covering up trying to protect the institution of the fbi, that is not what we're worried about here. what we're talking about is the fbi was liberalized, turned int a political weapon and went after a political opponent at the height of the presidential campaign.
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these are very important constitutional issues that congress has every right and every responsibility to get to the bottom of. and to have these people stonewalling only means that congress should work twice as hard to get that information. >> that tells me they have us want to. >> absolutely have got a dirty little secret to reveal, the reason the republicans have bee lagging in liking in the polls, is because of the republican leadership, the least popular people in america paul ryan is returning tiring and mitch mc connell. that is donald trump and that's republican problems parties problems. >> you know, what's interesting is that mitch mcconnell, with the selection of the supreme supreme court justice his numbers and his stock is going to go up a little bit i think. >> but you don't your mom this issue. >> you don't your mom this issue
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. that's why we're going to break i could say how frustrated were you, but we all were. when you got this rob rosenstein , i like you, was all teed up to get some answers. he smiled, his mark, he said you're not attacking me personally are you. i am attacking you personally. what is you're take on this? >> he was untruthful yesterday. he denied he's threatened staff members on the intel community. i talked to two of them and the use that word, we were threatened by him. he threatened to subpoena our e-mails, and text. he was also untrue for when he said he was not withhold documents from the committee. his own letters reveal that he is concealing evidence and withholding documents. that's why he's been given unti july 6 to turn them over or be held in contempt. i think the president should order him, in writing, to compl and if he doesn't comply, he
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should be fired. >> let's continue with that. i look at you, charlie. if the president were to order him to comply, and he doesn't, then who impeaches rosenstein, with the president fire him doe he need another james comey scenario all over again? >> my goodness, judge, who does this guy think he works for? he ultimately works for the president and he ultimately works for the american people. if the president wants to can him, he can. he works for the president. the fact that he is sitting in that committee pointing at thes members of congress doing their job or trying to do their job which is oversight of the administration oversight of the position that they created and they confirmed, the idea that he's going to sit there and point the finger at him, and great is exactly right the most astonishing thing are the
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threats that have come from him. even before the threats made to staffers, he had some comment about how he will not be bribed into giving over information. he was basically accusing members of congress are trying to type him. >> this guy is so arrogant and condescending, should he be impeached? >> it will become a constitutional crisis. >> if the president does fire him. >> and that is what is banking on. >> what you think should happen? >> you cannot defy a lawful subpoena from congress, that is grounds for being fired. it should be done. let's do it now. >> am with you. things guys. coming up on this special edition of "hannity". hillary clinton. the latest democrat endorsing
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incivility on the left? governor mike huckabee will respond to that and much more next. a powerful threat, calls for a greater response. not tomorrow -- --but right now. visit americanairlines to learn more together, we can save lives.
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>> welcome back to this special edition of "hannity". the trump effect. as president trump agenda succeeds, the left is literally unraveling. now many are harassing trump allies all over the country. the left claims to have a monopoly of compassionak for won , but take a look at how they treat women in positions o power within the trump administration. >> i was asked to leave the restaurant this weekend when i has been i politely left and went on. i was asked to leave because i work for president trump bird b
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were allowed to disagree, but we should able to do so freely and without freer of harm. this goes of all people regardless of politics. three huge case came up and started probably an inch from m face screaming at me every word in the buck cursing as loud as they could. so then a trooper my trooper came up and my boyfriend and i got our tickets, we're headed i and then they ran inhe and circ me were i could get not get int the theater. his stop me. >> shame on you. >> shame shame shame shame shame . >> on tuesday, a group of protesters in georgetown arrest senate majority leader mitch mc connell and his wife who
10:26 pm
serves as president trump secretary of transportation. following these outrageous displays, many on both sides of the aisle have called for civility, but with hillary clinton went asked about these calls, she responded zero give me a break. the less rhetoric is not only targeted on republicans in leadership positions, take a look at calls from the left to get rid of ice. >> i think there's no question that we've got to critically re-examine ice and its role in the way that it is being administered in the work it is doing and we probably need to think about starting from scratch. >> i think we need to apologize they have strayed so far from the interest of the american people and the interest of humanity. we need to abolish it. eliminating ice for instance, and president trump, ice isn't doing what it was created to do it's being used as his own
10:27 pm
personal police force and in those i actions it's actually making us less safe. >> i don't think ice today is working as intended. >> do you think we should get rid of the agency? >> i believe it's become a deportation force and i think you could sit separated, the riminal justice from the immigration issue. >> joining me with reaction mik huckabee, fox news contributor. good evening, governor. i can't imagine as a father, whatte it's like watching your daughters stand at that podium and talk about her being harassed out of her restaurants because she works for our president and a man who is both a friend of yours and obviously somebody that she admires a great deal. give us your reaction. >> it's very frustrating to see that the owner of a restaurant not only bullied my daughter an threw her out of the restaurant
10:28 pm
but showed a level of bigotry. if you're going to be that bigoted, them, but as sign on your restaurant this is no shirt , new shoes, no republicans , no service. at least be honest about it and say to people we don't want you business we don't want the like of you at our lunch, you can't even sit at the back of the bus but that's pretty sad in our country. i think sarah handled it with a lot of dignity and class, probably more than her old man would've done. >> and then, you know, she, of course, is someonef that all of us have a great deal of respect for and she called herself as has done the president for civility, and then good old hillary, who is still in the woods, comessa out again and sa forget about that, give me a break. what isak you're take on hillar clinton's basic rejection of civility as the way to approach the problem? >> not a surprise coming from the person who called the trump
10:29 pm
voters at a basket of deplorable , it is clear she has not gotten over the loss, but here is what even clearer, this november americans will make a very significant decision as to whether they want to g elect a democrat to want to get rid of ice and open the borders and treat people who come here illegally with great level of open arms, regardless of the criminal background and even le them vote for heaven sakes we want a party that lets in illegal aliens get treated better than we do citizen simpl going out to eat or go into a movie. thatat is the america that peop will choose. do you want the civil one where you get to go to a restaurant o the one where you don't and leisuref in illegal and then, o course,, come on in and we want to rescue because we're getting ready of the police force, the very people who try to keep these folks out. >> i must tell you, when i firs heard the woman who is running for governor cynthia nixon, whe she says we should get rid of
10:30 pm
ice, i thought it just goes to show you that some folks haven' been in government before but then they started taking on thi mantra i had to stop and say to myself what is happening in the united states of america. >> it's obvious that this is a script, all the democrats are required to read it. i think they have to memorize i it's like lines in the play and there also was to audition for it, but it's getting ridiculou when this is their message to the american voter, let's get rid of any scrutiny of people who break into this country withoutt any form of identification, who do not come through the legal process, judge , we are in nation of immigrants. we love and welcome to the immigrants to this nation, h al of his come here from somewhere but we did have to do it legally. what these folks are saying is no borders, none whatsoever, i can't go to any country in the world and just walk right in. why should somebody should be able to come into america like that?
10:31 pm
i have no idea. it is a turning point in this country as you say the 2018 elections are so incredibly important. governor mike huckabee, so good to have you on this evening. >> thank you. always a pleasure, judge. >> still to come on the special edition of "hannity", democrats in the media are completely losing it over justice anthony kennedy his retirement from the united states up in court. by the way, don't forget to buy a b copy of my book on amazon o barnes and noble, wires, leaker and liberals, the anti- trump conspiracy, more hannity after the break. (vo) we came here for the friends.
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>> j >> welcome back to the special edition of "hannity". justice kennedy announced his retirement from the supreme court this week throwing the left inft the mainstream media into utter hysteria.
10:36 pm
take a look at this. >> regardless of what happens i his presidency now, donald trum will leave a mark on this country for decades to come. it's not going to go away it's like he's giving america judicial herpes. >> if you're lgbtq if you're a person of color if you're a woman, so basically if you're not a straight white male in america right now you're probably freaking out. >> we're looking at a destruction of the constitution of the united states. >> we're not screwed, we're actually screwed for generations . >> clean air and water that you breathe in use is at stake. >> we are looking down the tunnel of criminal liability fo women seeking to make decisions about their own bodies. it's time for democrats to throwdown. what i mean by that is we've been playing by the rulebook an donald trump and republicans have been playing by street rules. we need to play by street stree >> don't let anything go forward .
10:37 pm
don't play ball with this decision. >> fox news is reporting the president trump is set to interview candidates this weekend and we'll announce the final decision on monday july 9 th. the president sat down with fox to discuss a major questions yo might have for his potential nominees. a her interview will air sunday a him. >> are you goingng to ask your nominees beforehand how they might vote on roe versus wade? >> that's a big one, probably not. they're all saying don't do tha you i shouldn't do that, but i' putting conservative people on and i'm very proud of neil gorsuch, he has been outstandin his opinions are so well written , so brilliance, and i'm going to try to do something like that, but i don't think i' going to be so specific. >> joining me with reaction former obama economic adviser and fox news contributors, i'm
10:38 pm
going to start with you pastor jeffress, right now, the right, of course, is looking for the president to appoint someone wh is pro-life. the president has indicated in the preview that he is not goin to ask that direct question. what do you think the president is going to ask as it relates t whether or not a person is pro-life? >> the president is exactly right notut to ask for specific questions about roe versus wade. he doesn't need to. here is why. it's the philosophy of this justice that really counts. for the last 50 years, the only way liberals have been able to enact their agenda is through the judiciary by having justice who create imaginary rights for some americans while at the sam time erasing the real rights of other americans. there is no right to abortion there is nothing like that in the constitution. there is a right to lie that ha
10:39 pm
been featured in the womb since 1973 roe v wade. i know the president will appoint a conservative justice with the conservative philosophy , roe v wade and all these other atrocities from the judiciary will take care of themselves. >> i assume you're going to hav the opposite opinion, but isn't the president almost required t suggest someone who is an originalist, who is a constitutionalist? i think we can all agree that justices are not supposed to write the law, they are suppose to end that president. >> look. i can see why that the democrat that you showed on the clip art is agitated as they are. justice kennedy is really quite a centrist justice, he is kind of the deciding vote on a lot o these. by most of the indicators, we don't know, i would say your name judge jeanine, so i'm not
10:40 pm
going to ask if you're going to that interview, but it depends greats deal on who he replaces justice kennedy with. by most indications it looks like somebody who's going to be quite atu radical departure fro what justice kennedydy was. >> if they do that, i don't wan to get into an argument about the issue of abortion is a very emotional issue, just the polls indicate that more than two thirds of america do not want t overturn roe v wade at this point in time. if you put in a justice that does that, you're going to problems. >> i don't know for going to have problems, but is there a requirement that because kenned is very often the swing votes, that the president is required to suggest or nominate someone who will be like kennedy or he can nominate anyone he wants? >> he could nominate anybody. he could do a left-wing judge, a h right-wing judge, or centri. i would assume he would put pic
10:41 pm
somebody off that list that he he's been very open and transparent. whether you like or dislike these people, he's been transparent about putting these things forward. basically a year and have to at them and their backgrounds and their judicial legs and stuff. >> i will ask you this, and the i want to go back to austin again. the truth is that you know, these justices, judges, humore for justice, if they are too many decisions that are controversial, c that's going t call a whole cause oval uprising , but if they don't have a lot of controversial decisions , then, on the other hand, there are going to be conservatives that say maybe they're not conservative enough. in the end, what we've cut is markowski and collins that our votes that we need that over th republican senators that are
10:42 pm
pro-choice.ho how does the president balance that to get the 50 republican said he needs if there is a tie? >> judge, not long ago the president asked me why i though he had a 75 percent approval rating with evangelicals. is that it simple, you are delivering on your promise to put conservatives on all of the court. judge, the president knows this is what he ran on. if we were dealing with the president bush, ypres one of them or heaven forbid a president romney, ien would be nervous tonight that the president would waffle and give into the democrats and republicans, but this president has the guts to deliver on his problems and i believe he's going to do it. >> clearly he does. i don't think anyone at this point would say that he doesn't have guts, but let me go to you know that there are democratic senatorsre as well as mentioned
10:43 pm
they are in red states, they ar democrats. what happens to them if they vote for a conservative nominee in a state that is overwhelmingly red? j >> what happens among their voters? >> yes, do they get elected? >> i don't know. you're quite right, they are in tough races. i would be remiss not to remind everyone that the democrats wer in office and they had the longest filibuster and held up the proposed justice so you can see why the democrats are feeling like this was a power-play that was not justified. it's going to matter a lot to them who gets matted it is a candidate.e. >> doesn't seem unreasonable ar
10:44 pm
somewhat extreme? w >> they're not happy with peopl going into the restaurants. thank you, gentlemen. >> coming up, daniel hoffman an on president comes upcoming summitit with russian president vladimir putin. this special edition of hannity continues. (♪light musical cord)
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>> jeanine: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." the white house welcome back to the special edition of "hannity" bread whit house announced president doubl one-on-one summit with russian president vladimir putin. on air force one today, they
10:49 pm
told reporters that he will discuss with putin, the ongoing situations in syria and ukraine election meddling, and the de-escalation of tensions with russia and's china. president trumps national security adviser ambassador joh bolton was in moscow earlier this week meeting with putin an the other russian officials to help her for the summit. he also addressed critics who believe the meeting shouldn't happen due to the ongoing russian probe taking place here in the united states. take a look. take a lot of people have said or implied over time that a meeting between president trump and which is complete nonsense, i don't think that is helpful. the fact is that there are a wide range of issues despite th differences between us where both president trump and
10:50 pm
president putin think they may be able to find constructive solutions. i would like to hear someone sa that the bad idea. joining us for three action senior intelligence and fox contributor and fox news national security strategist.. damn, i'm going to start with you. what's fascinating to me is since john bolton has been we have hadwe an meeting with the north korean leader, a and meeting lined up in two weeks with vladimir putin. it is just amazing, is it not, that we have been able to have basic downsst when the last administration didn't know how to meet with anybody that was like this. >> that ambassador bolton is right about the interest.
10:51 pm
the challenging relationship with russia where few of our interest intersect. we also have this background of russia's javarius espionage which ambassador bolton and my view rightly called an act of war. the stakes are high, that's why diplomacy matters. we will talk about the importan issues of the day including arm control. the treaty is due to expire in 2021 pride we might want to tal about extending him. his ukraine in syria, not to mention counterterrorism, counter proliferation and ri fighting crime together. >> lets talk about ukraine and the pro- russian separatist, what leverage do we have with russia to be able to get them t
10:52 pm
forget about coming to the table , they're already out the table, but how do we leverage them? >> if you like it every single policy decision the president has taken in the last year and half, which has any impact on russia, they have been whether it is unleashing fracking, getting nation to pay the 2 percent of their defenseth budgets or whether it's arming the ukrainians, we have a lot o leverage for a this is a countr and a death spiral, 600,000 russians die every year more than m our born the average mortality of the russian mail i under 60. they're all kinds of things wit economic, diplomatic that we ca leverage. the big problem is this is a nation run by a former kgb officerr and those of the kind people that was dodging in moscow for many years. this iss not your average county .
10:53 pm
>> you are shaking your head. >> he is 100 percent about righ about that. >> but then, what do we have to offer them? >> well, i think doctor gorka was right about the leverage an ukraine. which threatens putin is democracy. having a country like the ukraine which is growing and it relationship with the european union and nato and just receive tomahawk antitank weapons from the united states. i think we need to double down on our support to the ukraine. i would like tocl see the president publicly make it commitment to the ukraine at th summit. i thinkthe the harder one for u going to be serial with this week russia lies a tax and topless syria. they broke the truce truth that
10:54 pm
was agreed to a year ago that i outside to go focused on the areas like damascus, russia's allies and iran, i'm not sure i see is breaking through there without any sort of resolution. >> does russia have any kind of incentive to get out of syria? what does it benefit russia? >> i always label as an antistatist and tasty disco there. the metal and othersrs secretar maddux has said, the u.s. force have killed over 200 russian mercenaries in syria. it doesn't play well at home they want relevance. putin wants to demonstrate relevance and he knows with donald trump, this is a very very different president. >> when they have this meeting
10:55 pm
and they just have a few second left, c what do you think we co out with? i want to thank you both for being with us tonight. more of this special edition of "hannity" after the break. and the safey for "most parallel parallel parking job" goes to... [ drum roll ] ...emily lapier from ames, iowa. this is emily's third nomination and first win.,!
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thanks for being with us. have a great night. have a great night, see you tomorrow night. >> laura: good evening from washington. a big slate of stories to wrap up an incredibly eventful week. democrats have lunged farther to the left as a 2020 presidential candidate now joins the calls to abolish i.c.e. is this really where the party is headed? plus, we'll tell you why president trump may announce hiw supreme court pick sooner than we thought, and why democrats are promising to sabotage any nominee. and raymond arroyo exposes the music to drive away have vagrants. and