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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  June 30, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ >> president trump says he has lowered down his list of potential supreme court picks to five names. >> we have 25 pretty outstanding people. five. >> shaken community mourns the loss of these five people. >> journalists, like all americans, should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job. six months ago we unleashed an economic miracle by signing the biggest tax cuts and reforms. make america great again. that's what's happening. >> a growing call to abolish ice. >> this is a relevant relativelw agency. let us admit it a is a failed experiment.
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>> they arrested 33,000 illegal aliens who committed all kinds of crimes. >> why don't you leave my husband alone? why don't you leave my husband alone. >> i have one tough wife. i'm really proud of her. ♪ ♪ abby: oh it is officially muggy, soupy. dean: hot. abby: that's because you are on the house this morning dean cain. we are so thrilled to have you. you are a busy man. every chance to have you on we enjoy it. dean: glad to be here. ed: someone said where is dean? he is flying in. dean: on west coast time. ed: because of superman. dean: it never gets old, ed.
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ed: pete has a family wedding this weekend. he will be back next week. we love him as well. dean: we don't love him as much. abby: not as much. dean deefn i did call you up to see what color you were wearing today. abby: we coordinated. there is always a lot of news to get. to say biggest news this week is the supreme court and the president announcing yesterday a date of when he was going to pick his choice. also, of the type of person that he is looking for. ed: absolutely. had you justice anthony kennedy. this was such a dramatic development that came after a couple of major supreme court decisions that went in the president's favor, a union decision as well as the travel ban, basically being codified by the supreme court. the president yesterday basically said, look, i have whittled the list down. there is less than ten people from that original list of 25 that i really am zeroing in on. he is actually in the neighborhood. he is not far from bedford, new jersey, here is what we
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can expect. >> i will be announcing we have 25 outstanding people. i have it down to about five. i may have two of them come like the old days like bedminster. >> are yo ed: you can hear reporters there, dean, what about abortion. what about gay rights? what about this? they want to stir up a lot of these social issues, because this president is about to put his stamp on the court. dean: you are not really supposed to ask those exact questions, are you?
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he will get a second pick. may get a third pick in his first term. you never know. it will reshape the court for long time. abby: chris wallace said the other day this may be the biggest moment in the trump presidency. what an important pick. he has to take his time to figure out hot person he wants in that court. bigger picture, instead of focusing and zeroing in on every issue decide how you think they will. pick someone how think will make the proper judgment across the board on issues. i was at a diner in orlando earlier this week. most of the people i talk, to they say constitutionalists. they want someone at its core is a constitutionalist. he has a long list of people. a lot of strong conservatives on the list. dean: two women as well. ed: what they are saying on the right is someone who has a strict interpretation of the constitution. don't make laws from the bench u finally the president has an opportunity to make that a reality.
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on the left it's basically a meltdown. if you go back to the election night and crying going on at the javits center because of the disappointments and 24 hours later in the rose garden of the white house the obama officials with the long faces. infamous photos. it's because they knew it was going to be real and donald trump would be make major decisions like this. i think a lookout of people on the left like michael moore have been sort of crying in their beer and not wanting to admit that donald trump actually won. now they are admitting he won and they're just in desperate straits right now. watch. >> senate right now is 51-49. come on. we have to push it off until after november. we first have to find ways to stop that vote from happening. i will join a million other people surrounding the united states capitol. i will stand there. i will put my -- bill, let me tell you something this judge goes through for the rest of at least well all of
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our lives it's a right wing court. that's it. it's over. abby: dean, at least he has been con sis tent. he has been against president trump from the very beginning. he has said from the beginning to protest. he has urged his followers to get out there to shout the way that they feel and he is going to do that with the supreme court pick. anthony scaramucci was on our channel last night. he said everyone needs to take a step back. take a breath. you have got to calm down. here is what he says. >> people should just relax for a second and give him the opportunity to pick somebody before they start digging trenches again. so this sort of weird. i was thinking about justice scalia we were talking about him earlier today. he was 97-0 justice scalia was appointed to the supreme court. so we're in a situation now where it goes right down the partisan lines. you had to go into the nuclear option for this situation but, in the meantime, if you think about the quality of the people that the president is going to pick from and interview, these are all exceptional americans, exceptional people.
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i just hope we can just dial it back a little on the poo lepolemics. dean: if i were a betting man i you would bet against it michael moore was going to surrounds the capitol with a million other people if that happens. dolls that change anything? ed: no. dean: doesn't change a thing. ed: republican also have the votes. abby: he has every right to do it. if he wants to protest, by all means go do that it a great point, dean, does this change the outcome and does this change the president's ability to put someone in that he feels is best in that position? ed: sure, think about how much time the resist movement and protests have spent on let's kick sarah sanders out of a restaurant. do silly things that are side bars and don't really get at the heart of what this country is all about. now with the retirement of justice anthony kennedy michael moore and others are saying folks, wake up, stop the nonsense, this has gotten real.
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and what has also gotten real people on the left taking this another step further and saying we just don't disagree with ice, which is basically trying to protect our borders, but we actually just want to blish the -- abolish it all together. abby: kirsten gill brand of new york basically said we need to get rid of it and start completely over. ed: we need to separate the criminal part of it from immigration. how do you separate the criminal part? it's about ice trying to enforce the law. dean: the law is as it's written. as the congress makes the law and they are enforcing the law. it's not just gil gillibrand it's a chorus of people on the other left. they're all democrats there. abby: good luck reading all those names. ed: nine sitting lawmakers. abby: where was that anger
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under barack obama. because you can take separating the families out of it but much of it was the same under president obama. and ice had to do very much the same thing what they are doing today. so where were the protests? where was the anger? ed: her anger is that it's a deportation force. but, to your point, barack obama was deporting even more people and you didn't hear gillibrand say abolish the agency. ice is actually doing its job and they are trying to protect this nation. >> some of them are calling really for anarchy over authority. the immigrations, customs and enforcement agency in this nation is there to enforce all immigration laws not just deportation as senator gillibrand incorrectly and inaccurately states. they are there to protect all these laws. do you know what ice did last year? they arrested 33,000 criminal aliens who committed all kinds of crimes that would be mind-numbing to your audience. they almost seized almost
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2400 pounds of fentanyl. abby: they deal with more than immigration. they deal with human trafficking and terrorism. the question i would have for democrats if you wanted to completely do away with ice? what do you next? what are you going to put in place of ice to fix the problems. ed: exposed what democrats really want they want open borders. that's what gillibrand is suggesting. deportation force. get rid of them. who is going to deport criminals? who is going to deport them? dean: nobody. abby: ari fleischer is a former press secretary he put it simply a lot of republicans want to abolish the irs. a growing number of democrats want to abolish ice. that basically tells you all you need to know. dean: right on point. just drops it in there. ed: heading into the mid terms and nancy pelosi says elect democrats and we will take away the tax cuts. dean: raise your taxes. i don't know if that's a good campaign spot for her. i'm not so sure.
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abby: california a lot of interesting politics. dean: i deal with that. ed: high taxes out there? dean: real really, really high. abby: there is a lot going on this morning i want to bring you other headlines. a security officer on a school bus is stabbed to death by a coworker. the 37-year-old victim was sitting in the driver's seat of his truck during the attack. the shocking murder happening in a parking lot of call polytech out of l.a. a campus custodian was shot and killed by officers responding to the scene. investigators are now looking for a motive. devin nunes is ramping up fight against possible government surveillance abuse during the 2016 campaign. the house intelligence committee chair is calling for 17 doj and fbi officials to now testify on capitol hill. among them andy mccabe and anti-trump lovers peter strzok and lisa page. stay tuned for that also this: a federal judge blocks a controversial work rule for people on medicaid. kentucky's program requiring
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many patients to either work, volunteer or train for jobs was set to begin tomorrow. the june calling the first in the nation policy arbitrary, claiming as many as 95,000 people could lose their coverage. state officials are considering an appeal. and acting ice director thomas oweman officially retiring. who heman telling "fox & friends" he may be leaving his post but he will not stop pushing for immigration reform. listen. >> i'm not leaving this fight. i'm going to continue to stay in this fight. i will continue to fight sanctuary law in california. can i say a lot more as a citizen. i'm not giving this up. abby: he planned to retire a year ago when president trump tapped him to lead that easmght the acting directing commissioner ron vitiello is expected to replace homan. he has been on this show a number of times. ed: is he very familiar. the left gearing up for this massive battle over the supreme court. but will it back fire at the
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ballot box? dean: president trump touting six months of his tax cuts. and one woman who stole the show and she joins us live next. >> my family, we were able to invest in our children's education. [applause]
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throw down. this is a battle line that has been drawn. that littlliterally put people's at risk. >> understand people are rising up. ed: rising up days after announced maxine waters resistance calling on trump officials to not let them shop at stores. outrage trump's upcoming supreme court nominee before he or she is named. will this new rhetoric have
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consequences and back fire. the new book "outrage" author. >> good morning. thanks for having me. ed: what do you think about this week? it seems to me a turning points where you think about last weekend where sarah sanders being kicked out of that restaurant. maxine waters talking about this is just the beginning. and then you had a series of supreme court decisions and now this nomination suggesting you know what? instead of some of that other side business, this president is about to reshape the court in a way the left is freaking out. >> they are freaking out. i find it funny to watch because they have been turning up the outrage meter to 11 on everything. and now it's something that they really should be outraged if they really believe what they believe, which they do. and they are at a point you can't be more outraged anymore. they have topped out. they have got mad at everything. everything emotional at everything. now they are trying to focus
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this mob. they will have difficulty doing it because the border is the worst thing ever. the supreme court decision worst thing ever. supreme court retirement is the worst thing ever. you can't constantly have the worst thing ever and someone like michael moore saying we need to be prepared to put our bodies on the line to stop trump. we are heading to a dangerous place. ed: what does that even mean let's put our bodies on the line. think back to the tax cut debate president celebrating six months. we hear from nancy pelosi and others it will be armageddon tax cuts. people will die. is there an example of anyone who has died because of tax cuts. >> people were going to die because of the republican healthcare plan before that now people are going to die because the supreme court could shift the constitutional side. it is always on 11 or even 12 on the outrage meter because liberals need to keep people in constant emotional state because in an emotional state you are
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not thinking rationally and rational thought is kryptonite to the left. you are going to hear even more dangerous rhetoric. you are going to hear more people surrounding administration officials and yelling at them in public places. it's going to get dangerous. michael moore saying we have to put bodies on the line. that's dangerous. last night on bill maher he said he is willing to surround the capitol and block the senate from voting. i mean, there is a level of insanity and then there is michael moore. he is an island unto himself in many ways. ed: derek, final question, is there a chance when you are talking about blocking people in restaurants and whatnot some of this outrage will boomerang on democrats it will be dianne feinstein and other democratic senators who have a vote here who may all of a sudden see the wrath of the left. you see some already saying you didn't do enough to make sure merrick garland got a vote in the obama days. will the left start turning on its own? >> it okay as i write in my book. frankenstein's monster always returns to the
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castle. they have created this angry mob that is going out. they fired them up. they have convinced a good portion of them that, you know, the next hitler is occupying 1600 pennsylvania avenue. that, if you really believe that you almost have a moral obligation to do something. so, that would turn against people as you would sees a insufficiently outraged would make sense. we are not there yet. it's a race souter of, ed, will the mob snap before the november election or will the november election happen? it's a weird game of chicken the left is playing right now. ed: absolutely, derek. outrage inc. is a great book. you get bonus for mentioning kidnap throw night while we have dean cain on the show today. >> i saw that. ed: remember when elaine chao actual confronted some of her protesters. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> why don't you leave my husband alone? ed: she stood up for her husband and mitch mcconnell
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is reactin reacting ahead. president trump touting six months of tax cuts. it was this woman who stole the show sharing how the tax cut bonus is actually not crumbs, she says, it's sending her kids to college. she is here live next. [applause] i am all about living joyfully. ♪ hello. the new united explorer card hooks me up. getting more for getting away. rewarded! going new places and tasting new flavors. rewarded! traveling lighter. rewarded! (haha) getting settled. rewarded! learn more at and get... rewarded!
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♪ >> to infinity and beyond! ed: some quick headlines. the moment toy story fans have been waiting for. today disney world is opening toy story land addition to toy story park based on popular films. guess we will get to experience life through the eyes of a toy.
3:24 am
as one real life toy world is beginning, another coming to an end. toys r us posting a heart breaking post. promise this one thing don't ever grow up. play on. the company closing all of its 735 u.s. stores after filing for bankruptcy. abby? abby: makes me so sad. all right. thank you, ed u end of an era. president trump celebrating six months of tax cuts highlighting stories of every day americans and how they are benefiting from that law. >> one incredible citizen who has benefited from our tax cuts. la sonia hill. >> my family, we were able to invest in our children's education. i'm very honored to work for such a great company and for the company to benefit from such great tax opportunity in which they were able to give back to the employees. [applause] >> la sonia hill's standing
3:25 am
ovation was the highlight of the president's event yesterday and her story is one shared by many throughout the country. the tax cuts worked. abby: joining us is the star of yesterday's event la sonia hill. it's great to have you with us. we all saw you yesterday and you had remarkable things to say. have you heard the criticism of the tax cuts. it benefits the wealthy. it benefits corporations. you have a different story to tell. walk us through how they have helped you. >> absolutely. good morning. first of all i want to say thank you so much for having me this morning. i can speak to my story personally. some people say that it may not have benefited them being middle class and i would say my family is middle class. what i know for sure is the company i work for. a maritime, a great company. they benefited from the tax
3:26 am
reform by benefiting, they were able to pay employee bonuses that we were not anticipating being able to pay before the tax reform. dean: you were up there with your sons on stage, excuse me, with the president,. >> yes. dean: and obviously they benefited as well. >> absolutely. they benefited because i received a bonus and my family were able to take those funds and invest back into them, you know, invest back into their education, their future, which is definitely ultimately at the end of the day going to benefit them as a whole. individuals who is looking to make a career upon graduation. so we're excited as a family, a middle class family again who was able to benefit so much from this opportunity. abby: you know, you hear
3:27 am
your story lasoyna, it's a positive one. you realize there are many good things that are happening to people in this country, stories that we probably need to hear more from. what do you make of all the hate that's going on? it seems like president trump can't do anything right when you watch much of the media, when you listen to a lot of the democrats who have a lot of complaints about the way things are going. how do you feel about that? >> i really try to stay away from the hate. nobody is ever going to see eye to eye. i think people have to realize that it's okay to have a difference of opinion and you shouldn't make everyone's story to be your truth and your story. so i really try to stay away from the hate and i tell my kids and we have raised them to know that you do not base your judgment off of what someone else's experience was because your experience is going to be your experience and their experience is going to be their experience. abby: your sons have a
3:28 am
wonderful mom. >> thank you. dean: you said you weren't a public speaker. did you a great job speaking in front of the president and huge, huge, worldwide audience. well done. >> thank you so much. very much appreciated. abby: great to have you on this morning. good luck. >> thank you. thank you so much. abby: coming up on the show as the president was celebrating tax cut event. some members of the media were trying to go after him. >> mr. president, will you stop calling us -- of the people, sir? will you stop calling the press. in people, sir? abby: not sure if that was the right time to. >> left at it again. what one person did to land behind bars. >> anti-trump hate now spreading north of the border. a restaurant refusing to serve someone just because yes, they were wearing that hat. ♪
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abby: community is now mourning the death of five people gunned down at their local newspaper. dean: hundreds of people gathering at candlelight vigil overnight to remember the victims of the capital guest shooting. ed: a lot of people grieving there dealing with this tragic case. good morning, griff, how is everybody doing?
3:33 am
griff: good morning, guys. they are mourning. thousands turning out in annapolis. hugs, tears, a community coming together as the daughter of one of the victims wendi winters had this to say paying tribute to her mom. >> she was an excellent reporter and amazing woman. she was doing what she loved. she was telling stories. and those stories should continue to be told. >> tributes moving beyond annapolis to baltimore camden yards last night a moment of silence before the baseball game and the orioles treating this picture of the copy of the newspaper and five roses in the capital gazette's press box section. and it went all the way to boston as well. the patriot's coach bill belichick issuing a statement saying that for my entire life the capitals have been my hometown newspaper. my family and have enjoyed special relationships with
3:34 am
many great people who have worked for the newspaper. belichick a native here of annapolis. meanwhile in court yesterday, we got our first look at jarrod ramos, the gunman, wearing a green jumpsuit standing eerily emotionless standing the entire time as the attorney wes adams made the case for the judge, ultimately denying ramos bail. one of the details we learned that's new is that ramos barricaded the back door to the exit here where this tragic shooting happened. guys? ed: griff, outstanding report. i forgot belichick's father was a football coach long time at the naval academy there in annapolis. nilings of to you highlight that because obviously he feels that as a lot of who live near annapolis but frankly people all around the world feel. abby: the response of the annapolis police. ed: got there in a minute. abby: the lives they saved in that process. ed: some in the media just itching to blame it on president trump no matter.
3:35 am
what he has been attacking the media. so did it create an environment? is there a climate out there? then we find out in this person who has now been charged. don't even want to say his name had a long-time dispute with this newspaper that clearly predates president trump being in office let alone running for office. that's not stopping some from trying to say, you know, did the president do something wrong? abby: it's not just there. there have been attacks on really any issue of the day, right? yesterday you had -- it was focused on tax reform. it was the sixth month anniversary of putting tax reforms forward. in that moment when everyone was sort of focused on that. jim across tax who you know at cnn took that opportunity to ask about something else. we have the sound? >> mr. president, will you stop calling us an enemy of the people, sir? will you stop calling the president the enemy of the people, sir? mr. president. abby: if you can't hear him, he said are you done with calling the press the enemy of the people. obviously that had nothing
3:36 am
to do with tax reform. he turns around and looks at the camera. every time i see jim across tax at least most of the time i see him in these exchanges it, seems to be about getting that moment. a moment where he can get the spotlight. he can get the attention. it didn't used to be that way, ed, the press briefing it was about getting information from the white house. can you have these back and forth now it seems it's about all who can get that moment of attention. ed: whether you can make yourself the story or not. the president doesn't say the entire media is the enemy of the american people. his tweet over a year ago was fake news media is the enemy of the american people. now, some people may not see a difference between that actually there is a difference. is he talking about the fake news. the story that -- stories that are not true. that attack him. but, people want to stir things up no matter what. dean: i wants to know who the s shhher was. he becomes the story is that a normal thing you? have questioned presidents before. ed: sometimes there have been events where the president is doing something on taxes and that mate into
3:37 am
the be the story of the day, there is something else you want to ask about. you get frustrated you are changing the subject. if have a question you have to ask you sometimes annoy and ask the tough question. in that case i'm not sure anybody was denying to know what the president thought about the media when you are talking taxes and when he had nothing to do with what happened in the annapolis. dean: he was trying to link it. that's what it looks like. abby: what do you think was that the appropriate time. what do you think of these exchanges between the president and the media. a man is behind bars now accused of threatening to kill fcc chairman secret pie'paye's family. sent him three threatening emails. one of them listed the names and addresses of three preschools near his home. followed by i will find your children and i will kill
3:38 am
them man faces 10 years in driven. north of the border fired for serving. hodge telling customers at the tea house in vancouver, canada to take his hat off. he claims that maga hat symbolizes racism and bigotry. the restaurant says they fired hodge for violating tolerance policy. also, the confrontation between mitch mcconnell's wife and protesters is taking the internet by storm. watch this. >> why are you separating families? >> why don't you leave my husband alone? abby: senate majority leader says he is proud of his wife elaine chow who wasn't afraid to give him a piece of her mind. >> i said to elainena, why don't you just quietly get in the car? she ignored my advice. it went viral on the internet. and the i have one tough wife. i'm really proud of her. abby: mcconnell said people have the right to protest
3:39 am
but threatening others is when you step over that line. ed: that's one way to deal. abby: she was a boss lady. i will tell you what. dean: not back down. ed: these things where you are targeting people. abby: and get so close to their face. dean: there is intimidation level there when you start walking up on people. abby: you know who never intimidates us maybe when he does pushups. dean: he intimidates pete hegseth. adam: i can be intimidating. abby: maybe that's why he took the day off. adam: he knows that. it's going to get extreme next couple of days. not daytime highs. spots running up in the middle 80's in the middle part of the country. everything you are looking at in the red and yellow. watches and warnings for extreme heat. talking about kansas city to saints lewis to chicago. stretching all the way to the east coast. new york, philadelphia, all spots we are talking about. heat indices getting up to 105 to 110. that's what it feels like
3:40 am
when you step outside. that's the heat, the humidity, it is going to be hard toes escape the next couple of days. new york city on sunday 99 degrees very hot out there. dean: make it even 100. abby: i got news my airconditioning is out. it will take time for them to get in to fix it going to be a rough weekend. dean: very bad timing there. no question about it abolish ice campaign now going mainstream among democrats. >> i don't think ice today is working as intended. i believe you should get rid of it, start over, reimagine it, and building is that actually works. dean dean senator gillibrand's opponent shell farley is here to respond next. ed: the weekend before the fourth of july. time to get out the grill. he loves the meat. kurt the cyber guy shows us how to coo tech out your
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'cause this was all -- this was all stapled. but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. dean: tiger woods four shots off the lead at the quickens loan national after shooting five under par in round 2. all eyes are on 23-year-old bo hosler chasing his first pga win. and lebron james will be picking his next team from a so-called decision cave. that's what he and his caves are calling caribbean meeting place where he is weighing his options. he had the decision last time. he opted out of his free agency from the cavaliers. is he out there. is he a free agent. it will be interesting. ed: kevin durand got a house in the hamptons. dean: caribbean cave. ainsley: he coul abby: he could come to l.a.
3:45 am
dean: we could use him. abby: kirsten gillibrand the first sitting senator to call for abolish ice. >> i don't think ice today is working as intended. i believe it has become a deportation force and i think you should separate the criminal justice from the immigration issues. and i think you should reimagine ice under a new agency with a very different mission. i believe you should get rit of it, start over, reimagine it and building is that actually works. ed: here to respond is gillibrand's opponent. republican candidate. chillchele farley. i thought ice was supposed to be deporting criminals number one. number two, how can you separate criminal justice from immigration policy? i thought ice was trying to enforce the law. >> they absolutely are. it makes no sense. in fact, last year, ice deported 796 members of ms-13. and if you remember, ms-13 is the gang that hacks kids
3:46 am
to death. a 15-year-old here in new york two girls 15 and 16. it's appalling and fantastic that 796 of them were sent home and frankly they all should be sent home. and that's ice's job. abby: you abolish ice and then what? that's the question democrats have calling for a number of things. what is the solution? what do you to make it better. >> i don't think she is thinking about the solution. kirsten gillibrand has used this as a publicity stunt. this is to get her name up in her quest to run for president in 2020. it's crazy. it's not going to happen. nobody thinks it's going to happen. it shouldn't happen. we need criminals deported, period, full stop. dean: we reached out to senator gillibrand's office but we haven't heard back from her. we are very happy to have you here discussing this. now, how goes the race? we were discussing this before we came back. how goes the race? >> actually, look, the race is going well. i think she has obviously
3:47 am
much higher name recognition than i do. she is not representing the people of new york. she has been a representative. she has been a senator for nine and a half years. during that time she has put forward over 300 bills. not a single one of them has passed into law. and i think new yorkers are going to want somebody who is actually going to be working for them not running for president. ed: on the other hand, you had joe crowley a veteran democrat this week out of nowhere gets beaten by 28-year-old upstart. her campaign is, you know, free tuition even though there is no such thing as free tuition. someone is paying for it taxpayers paying for it medicare for all and abolish ice. and she won. so in queens, not the whole state. you are running in a state where maybe there is a lot of people who agree with this idea of abolishing ice. >> i think she won because she ran against a career politician. i'm running against a career politician. people are tired of people just in it for themselves. refuse to solve any problems. they want to keep the problems throughout so they have something else to run on. i have already said that i would only serve two terms.
3:48 am
frankly i think every senator should only serve two terms. long new testament 12 years, time for someone else with fresh ideas to get in there. abby: a lot of people agree with you on that one. thanks for coming in. >> thanks a the lot. ed: we have senator gillibrand on the curvey couch to respond. abby: go toe to toe who is responsible for incivility. ed: don't want to miss that. dean: weekend before the fourth of july. we are going to rub it in that pete is not here. is he not going to get any of this grilled meat. kurt the cyber guy is going to show us how to tech out the cookout. ♪
3:49 am
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
♪ ♪ dean: it's about that time to get your grill out and celebrate. abby: exactly. fourth of july is around the corner we have gadgets and gear for upcoming cookout. ed: here with details is kurt the cyberguy. pete is going to be so mad is he not out here. we have meat. >> key have celebrity chef here this morning and some great technology how do you
3:53 am
tech out it? >> this is arc flame made all around the u.s. this is a work of art of a grill. 40-inch metal top on this made a custom shape cutout. so nice of them. art flame is the name of it. these grills you put this in your backyard and just what we're doing happens. the hottest part is in the middle. people sort of gather around and you end up cooking and keeping things at lower temperature. dean: don't touch it. this will turn into a wonderful fire pit when you are not using it for a grill. abby: that's a great idea. kurt kurt s'mores at the end of july 4th. amazing. abby: good for big families. >> just crowd around it. kurt kurt it's gorgeous in your backyard. dean dean this isn't a gas grill. kur>> coal or wood pellets.
3:54 am
trader. timber line 850. what i love is a feature they have called wildfire. are you hungry yet? look at this. we are getting ready for wonderful breakfast. abby: i don't think i have ever seen so much food on the plaza. pete is gone today. it's hilarious. >> known to have not just the wood pellets but the ability to have the absolute perfect temperature while you are cooking. so you can cooking. and end up with a perfect, perfect temperature inside the grill. ed: what do you use to jack it up. >> turn around and i will show you, aside from the batman and wonder woman barbecue gear. and then have you this amazing portable speaker that attaches to metal. it's also a bottle opener. and this is a mega blast which sounds like incredible concert. cab a. abby: we are in the cross winds of the grill.
3:55 am
meat thermometer called meter. this is blue tooth and wireless. you take this and put it in a piece of anything on the grill. you leave it in the meat while it's cooking and then you come back and you can see on your phone wherever you are what the temperature of that meat is so you know exactly when to pull it off the grill. inside on the sofa watching the game and not worried about it. abby: all these gadgets make us lazier and lazier. >> you know how the kids complain when you go out for the fourth of july anywhere you are away from home. i want to bring my smart phone. bring it and keep it plugged in here. this is called global -- this is gold zero yety 400. a gas free generator can you plug in all kinds of things to the front of it. >> a generator. provides power. can you keep a small refrigerator going for hours on end. it gives you 9-volt out just like your car. have you usb and regular ac outlets. can you do your hair out in
3:56 am
the middle of nowhere. >> curling iron going and the grill. ed: you can't bring batman to a dean cain party. dean cain barbecue. abby: coming up on the show the political battle for the supreme court now in full swing. once president trump makes its pick it will be in the hands of the senate. who are the key senators to watch? we will break that down next hour. dean: arnold schwarzenegger going after president trump once again. this time over climate change. >> your administration intends to go back in time to rescue the coal industry which is actually a threat to future generation.
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
♪ abby: the biggest news this week is the supreme court. ed: what they are saying on the right is somebody who has a strength of the constitution don't make laws from the bench. >> a shaken community mourns the loss of these five people. >> journalists, all americans should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job. six months ago we unleashed economic miracle by signing the biggest tax cuts and reforms. make america great again. that's what's happening. ed: people on the left taking another step further want to abolish the agency all together. >> this is a relatively new agency. let us just admit that is it a failed experiment. >> do you know what ice did
4:01 am
last year they arrested 33,000 criminal aliens who committed all kinds of crimes. >> why won't you leave my husband alone? why won't you leave my husband alone. >> i have one tough wife. i'm really proud of her. ♪ ♪ whatever it takes do whatever it takes. abby: my hair smells like a big slab of bacon. ed: new york, connecticut area they are here to show us how to have the ultimate summer cookout. doing it all morning. that lobster by the way. dean: have you been staring at that five or six pounds. abby: it's huge. look who is with us today. dean cain. great to have you here. >> very happy to be here. thank you for the breakfast, too. that was burial. abby: one perk of doing the show free breakfast.
4:02 am
dean: no wonder pete eats so much. so much food there. ed: peter will be back next weekend. we have major news. major development at the end of the week where all of a sudden justice anthony kennedy says i'm going to retire and entrepreneurship prep has a chance to change the court. abby: going to be july. he sat down with maria bartiromo. the view is going to air i believe tomorrow on her sunday show. here is a clip of that where she asks specifically about that pick and roe v. wade. listen to his response. >> are you going to ask your nominees beforehand how they might vote on roe v. wade? >> well, that's a big one. and probably not. they are all saying don't do that you don't do that you shouldn't do that. but i'm putting conservative people on. and i'm very proud of neil gorsuch. he has been outstanding. his opinions are, you know, so well-written.
4:03 am
so brilliant. and i'm going to try and do something like that. but i don't think i'm going to be so specific. ed: important question because what the left wants to do is try to get the president on record, his advisor suggesting roe v. wade is a litmus test and that this white house wants to overturn roe v. wade. the president saying look, i just want to get somebody who is going to follow the constitution and not make laws whether it's abortion, other laws. from the bench. abby: it's interesting. i was listening to napolitano on the show yesterday or maybe it was the day before that and he was breaking down roe v. wade and if they actually came to a vote on that. he said it's far nor plaintiff's exhibited and state. every state a different take on how they want to handle that issue. instead of these gotcha questions and put the president on this pick. he mentions neil gorsuch. that's a good example of has been how he is going to look at this next pick because across the board he is just a conservative mind a constitutionalist. i think that's what a lot of the trump supporters are wanting out of this next
4:04 am
one. instead much focusing issue by issue. get someone -- when the issues come up they will vote on our side of it. dean: he didn't fall for the trap either. the president didn't fall for the trap. he has fallen for other traps before where say some things and try to pigeon hole him. he didn't fall for it. he said something very diplomatic, if you will. he was on record before as a candidate talking about overturning roe v. wade. he was on record for that answered did say it would go back to the states. it's a very complicated situation. but a strict constitutionalist would be a fantastic thing and i think is he going to get it. abby: probably one of the most politically divisive issues in the country is the supreme court. really no surprise when this news broke early last week. the democrats were in outrage over this. here is a bit of to you that played out. >> we're looking at a destruction of the constitution of the united states. >> this is a line that's been drawn about whether we are going to criminalize women for making decisions about their bodies.
4:05 am
this is not a fire drill. >> for those of us who believe that love is love is love is love is love now must fight. >> this matters a lot and they ought to demand that their matters i members in the e not confirm undermine core american values and drag us back to a very dark time in our nation's history. ed: dark time amid the hysteria. you hear senator gillibrand of new york here. we talked last hour she wants to abolish ice. what's her plan to protect the border? we haven't heard one. now she is saying president trump wants to criminalize women over their body. outlandish rhetoric. and what's happening is i think it's finally sinking in to the resist movement this is not a fire drill actually their words are correct. they have been denying president trump won the election. it was russia, it was putin. he didn't really win. they have been having these protests and resist movement and let's kick sarah sanders
4:06 am
out of the restaurant. anthony kennedy stepping down from the court. wait, president trump is actually president and also may learn that presidents, whether it's a democrat or republican, you get to pick who is on the supreme court. that's not like a new deal under president trump. they are freaking out. disciple dean the constitution is going to get ripped up. it's gone. that's it. cam malkamala harris from my ste of california. it's not a lot of fear mongering and armageddon and the sky is falling. ed: kamala harris is one of the looking to run for president in 2020. put his finger. >> i think democrats we have seen already have r. so hysterical at the prospect of a conservative court that they are saying things that don't bear any resemblance to the truth. i mean, have you democratic or left leaning analysts making predictions about women's rights and where women are going to be and
4:07 am
what they have to do, it's just crazy. i think that's likely to be the tone throughout this and the debate, the real debate is going to be inside the democratic party. and it's not necessarily going to be about this position itself. it's all positioning. , i think, for 2020. abby: obviously the supreme court ignited this division in this country and the hate that we have seen going on for a while now. now it is at a level that i have not seen before. and everyone is, you know, pointing a fingers who is to blame for this. that conversation was had last night ben shapiro and bill maher itself. this is how that played out. >> you would not vote for a democrat under any circumstance or some circumstance. >> i mean i would say some circumstance but the democratic party would have to stop being insane. >> if you are talking about the civility thing. why don't we start with the republicans stop saying lock her up. he talked about locking comey up and journalists up. shouldn't the civility argument start there before we care about who gets their
4:08 am
entree. >> civility is that across the board. >> why opposed to democrat when it's donald trump but suddenly maxine waters. >> because, ben, you can't walk into a room and see an elephant and a mouse and not know which one is bigger. >> it's not elephant and mouse. >> really threatening to lock up journalists. >> i had 600 officers to protect me at berkeley yes it's an elephant and elephant. says is he going to put you all back in chain. this stuff preexisted donald trump. >> that didn't come from the president at berkeley. >> it came from the vice president when he was saying mitt romney going to put you all back in chains. to say pretend insflt started with donald trump. >> i'm not talking about incivility. abby: i could watch that all all morning long. ed: i want to watch the rest of it. abby: you can't blame president trump from this. can't say the hate is not happening from both sides. marks seen waters continues to insight violence. get out there. keep fighting. keep making this situation
4:09 am
worse. ed: let trump cabinet members shop at department stores. dean: find them and surround them. that's intimidation, guys. abby: this is when leadership matters. leadership has to step up. they have got to calm down out situation. they have got say, look, we can argue. this is what this country is about. we can have political differences. i was diner earlier this week i talked to a number of republicans and democrats sitting across the table. this is like so rare today how do you guys do this? you can be friends and can you disagree but unfortunately, we only hear people shouting the loudest on the extreme ends of things. dean: i have lots of democratic friends because i live in california. if i didn't i would have no friends at awesome we discuss these things very civilly all the time. it's nice to see that happen. i hope it happens more. abby: how do you do that? i advice? dean: i'm a police officer now. i talk to them very straightforward and i go at it with an open mind. i'm open about it and people seem to be listening and rather civil. ainsley: the way it should
4:10 am
abby: way it should be. i want to bring us other headlines we are following, starting with this. a tight knit community is now morning the community of five people shot and killed at their local newspaper. hundreds of people gathering at candlelight vigil. the baltimore orioles honoring them with a movement silence during friday night's game. prosecutors say jarrod ramos barricaded an entrance during the annapolis shooting. he is now charged with five counts of murder. being held without bail personal data. 80,000 accounts subject of active shooter course texas state university also known as alert it's t. there are concerns that officers, fbi and border agents could now be targeted. the database has since been taken offline. and special counsel robert mueller's team has until thursday to respond to paul
4:11 am
manafort's request to be freed from jail. the former trump campaign official is locked up for witness tampering while awaiting trial for tax and bank related crimes. meanwhile sentencing for michael flynn is delayed for a third time. the former national security advisor pleaded guilty last year to making false statements about the fbi, about communications with the russians. also this: president trump celebrating the sixth month anniversary of historic tax cut speaking exclusively to sunday morning future host maria bartiromo. the president hints that even more cuts are on the way. >> looking for phase 2 tax plan. >> we will be doing a phase 2. probably doing in october or maybe sooner than that this will be even more aimed at the middle class. one of the things thinking about bringing the 21% down to 20. and then for the most part the rest of it would go right to the middle class. abby: the president goes on to say the 1.5 trillion tax cut is an economic miracle. more on that tomorrow. i'm excited to see that interview.
4:12 am
ed: we have maria on the couch as well. dean: economic miracle. ed: not happy about that. say they will raise your taxes. the president makes his pick for the supreme court pretty soon. all hands and all eyes on the senate. who are the key senators to watch? we will break it down next. abby: remember the young founder of blue line bears? >> blue line bears on "fox & friends." tell us about blue line bears. >> it's my nonprofit and i make teddy bears out of the shirts of fallen police officers and give them to their families. abby: it is an amazing story. she is here live with her parents to tell us how her story has now made it all the way to the white house. that is just ahead. dean: that is awesome. ♪ an american child ♪ because dreams can grow --
4:13 am
brad's about to find out if his denture can cope with... a steak. luckily for him, he uses super poligrip. it helps give him 65% more chewing power. leaving brad to dig in and enjoy. super poligrip.
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ed: big news this morning as president trump says he will announce his pick to replace supreme court justice anthony kennedy on july 9th, the monday after the 4th. after he makes his choice, it all comes down to the senate to actually confirm the nomination. who are the key senators to watch? here to break it down somebody who knows former deputy assistant attorney general under president george w. bush tom dupree. tom, we appreciate you coming in. >> good morning. >> let's take a look at some of the key senators starting with lisa murkowski, lisa collins. these are some of the moderate republicans particularly on the issue of abortion. there is a wonder out there whether or not they will on board with the president's pick. >> yeah. look, i think that's a fair question. both senators have immediately been targeted both by the white house as well as the democrats as possibly holding the key card in this vote. as far as senator murkowski goes she is generally pro-choice. widely viewed as an independent. keep in mind she has a very strong political base in alaska. she won a write-in campaign
4:17 am
for goodness sake. for that reason the white house may realize that she may not be sus acceptable to the same type of political pressure that other senators could. and that they are really going to need to make a focused effort to persuade her on the merits of their nominee. ed: susan collins has said she doesn't think roe v. wade should be a litmus test here suggesting she is open, even though she is a moderate to potentially supporting a conservative. >> that's right. susan collins after this vacancy became open she came out and said in her view roe v. wade is settled law and she wants a judge who respects precedent. at the same time as you note, i think she has left the door slightly ajar for choosing a judge that ultimately would vote to overrule roe v. wade. i think susan collins, like many of these senators, is walking a very fine line. she does not want to go down in history as providing the decisive vote on the court overturn roe v. wade. ed: possibility of a moderate republican not supporting the pick. also moderate john mccain health issues and not voted
4:18 am
in a long time. we don't know if he will make the trip to vote on this nomination this summer or fall. and so the democrats will be really important. let's go through the moderate ones like joe donnelly. is he in indiana. is he somebody who is facing re-election. he has political pressure. and he supported neil gorsuch. >> he did. he voted to support gulch and obviously there is strong support for the president in the state of indiana that is going to push him to support whatever nominee the president puts up. and in that regard, i would point out one of the leading contenders for this vacancy is amy barrett. she is a judge from indiana who like senator donnelly went to notre dame. if trump nominates barrett thinks will get pretty interesting. ed: mic pence another senator from indiana as well. >> interesting dynamic. ed: heidi heitcamp. going after heidi heitcamp for not working with him on some issues. he made a smart political move. i believe the next day
4:19 am
inviting heidi heitkamp and some of these other democrats to the white house. she put out a statement saying she appreciates the consultation on the supreme court pick. >> yes. and i think the president is using a classic carrot and stick technique. he went to north dakota. he hit her with a stick. he said she is going to be told to vote no against any nominee i make. the very next day he welcomed her to the white house as you said. i think senator heitcamp wants to support the president. we have seen her do publicly to align herself with the president. at the end of the day she voted for neil gorsuch. so i'm pretty optimistic she will support the nominee. ed: tom, joe manchin is always someone to watch. he has appeared on "fox & friends" many times before. but there are a lot of people in the president's camp who say wait a second the president carried west virginia by big double digits not by 10 points but by a big, big margin. joe manchin talk as big game but doesn't support the president's agenda very much. >> that is true. when it comes to a supreme court justice. my hunch is that manchin is going to be unimmense pressure from the people of west virginia to support this nominee. especially if it is a
4:20 am
constitutional conservative as we all expect. there is no question that manchin and the president have a bit of a fraught relationship. sometimes he supports him. sometimes he doesn't. the importance, the immense city of a supreme court nomination, i think, the people of west virginia are going to say to manchin if this is a serious knowledgeable person who will be good on the court. you need to get behind him and support him. ed: bottom line in 10 seconds with democratic pressure. it seems like the president is going to get his pick? >> i think the president will. it will be mighty close especially with mccain's absence not a lot of margin for error. ed: tom dupree, thank you for breaking it down. >> thank you. ed: twist to common political debate. how this family has taken it to a whole new level. right here on "fox & friends" that meghan o'grady shared her touching story about how she honors fallen officers. now she is live with her family to tell us how blue line bears has made it all the way to the white house. that's next. ♪ ♪re
4:21 am
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4:24 am
million dollars how much citigroup is refunding customers for overpaying interest on credit cards. the banking giant is reaching a settlement after admitting to a flawed system in determining customer rates. next, 66. that's the name of the famous interstate that's on the list of endangered american sites. the national trust for historic preservation says steps must be taken immediately to preserve the symbolic road. and finally 40,000. that's how many american flags will be flying in urban texas this fourth of july. about 300 volunteers placing old glory on every lawn as part of the city's 25th
4:25 am
annual great flag. abby: that is great. thank you, dean. that's a great segway to this story. we first met meg began o'grady when she was standing out on our plaza. she shared her incredible story how she honors fallen officers. rick: i always say if you are getting on tv. blue line bears loves "fox & friends." tell us about blue line bears. >> it's my nonprofit. i make teddy bears out of the shirts of fallen police officers and give them to their families. rick: how can people find it? >> on facebook. it's blue line bears. rick: that's amazing. how old are you? >> 15. rick: oh my gosh. 15. that's spectacular. abby: that was last fall. she is now 16. now her story has made it all the way to the white house. the president sending her a letter thanking her for her work. here to tell us more about it the founder of blue line bears meghan o'grady with her mom susie and dad patrick. so glad to have you here this morning. meghan, remind were did you
4:26 am
come up with this idea and why. >> i started this january of 2017. basically what i do is take the uniform shirts of fallen police officers and make them into teddy bears like this one to give them to the family of the fallen. abby: why? >> a way to pay respect to the fallen. my dad is a police officer. obviously i have a lot of respect for the police force. and so it's just kind of a way to respect those who have fallen. abby: pretty amazing. you have a letter. you brought the letter here, patrick. you can hold it up. so you received this earlier this week. megan, let me read part of this letter. it says each day our men and women in blue leave their families to serve and protect our communities tragically some officers never make it back home. your work sewing custom teddy bears for the fallen officers helps fulfill sacrifice will never be forgotten. the president signed it himself. what was your reaction when you saw it come through the mail. >> first my dad said there
4:27 am
is a letter on the counter. i said who is it from? he said i can't tell you. just go look at it i started freaking out. i have gone trump has been in presidency. both times he has been there, it's been a different experience you can see that the u.s. is just moving towards a more positive direction like they have a more positive attitude towards police. and so just getting the letter itself is showing that he is trying to change things in that he really appreciates what i do. it made me really happy and it's probably going to change my life. abby: you are out there changing things, megan. patrick, you are a police officer. how proud of you are your now 16-year-old daughter. what a difference she is making in people's lives. >> i can't say how proud i i am. for the president to give a letter like that. that's amazing he would take the time out of his busy schedule running the country to send a letter thanking her for her service. that was really cool. abby: susie, you are the mother. you help with this project.
4:28 am
you help in the suing. as the wife of a police officer, your heart must skip a little beat every time he walks out of the house in the morning. we live in sump unsettling times. what's it like to be the spouse? >> it's very difficult. over the last, you know, probably 10 years, it got scarier it seemed like by the day. so it is really nice to finally have a voice out there that appreciative of the work that they do and that they put their lives on the line every day. that's a big reason why megan wanted to do this project to begin with to show the families behind the uniform. and that, you know, we're the ones that he has to come home to every day. it is scary. we are hoping that this can help a little bit. >> megan, the president has said from the very beginning what a passion our military is for him and our police officers and all the men and women in harm's way protecting this nation. do you have a message for the president this morning after receiving his letter? >> after i had to say anything to him i would just say thank you. honestly, he has changed my life because i feel safer now. i feel safer because i know
4:29 am
that my dad and like i have a voice now because of him he speaks for all of us. and he stands up for what we don't want to say openly because we're afraid to say. and so when he says it and he appreciates us and when he sends letter like, this it just changes lives and he is just -- he is standing for what we have been standing for our entire lives. abby: you are very well spoken young woman. >> thank you. abby: where are you going to put the framed letter is the big question. >> i'm thinking my room. like right by my bed so i can wake up and be like that's me. abby: you are making a difference. megan, thank you for all that you do. we are thankful we found you on the show out on our plaza. and patrick thank you for your service. >> thank you. abby: susie, thank you for your service because we know you are a big part of it as well. blue line bears facebook? >> facebook. abby: thank you for being with us this morning. good luck. trey gowdy ripping rod rosenstein over the russia
4:30 am
probe. >> whatever you got, finish the hell up. because this country is being torn apart. abby: he is upset. is he right? we are going to ask alan dershowitz just ahead. arnold schwarzenegger going after president trump once again. this time over climate change. a look at his new video next. and we are getting the grill going this morning. sue leonard is cooking up tomahawk steaks and lobster. huge lobsters. how much does that thing weigh? ♪ i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis...
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4:34 am
♪ >> tell president trump i know you really want to be an action hero, right? so take it from the terminator. you are only supposed to go back in time to protect future generations. but your administration intends to go back in time to rescue the coal industry, which is actually a threat to future generations. it is time to start investing in renewable sources that provide for our energy needs without poisoning the environment because, mr. president, that's what a real action hero would do. ed: that's arnold schwarzenegger, of course, releasing this video scolding the president on climate change and dean, you probably know arnold a little bit. it's clever. the coal industry employs a lot of people in this country. dean: leave in electric car how is it powered? by coal. there are a lot of electric
4:35 am
ones powered by coal. interesting to seat former governor of california. the governator do that, attacking -- talking to the trump bobble head which was interesting imagery in its own right. you know, whether it's effective or not, i don't know. abby: he has been passionate about energy and climate change for years. i remember he was governor of california. my dad was governor of utah. that was one of his biggest passions is pushing for that it doesn't surprise me that he is out still talking about the importance of climate change. it's just how effective will it be if you really want to make changes the way to do it is the question. ed: the president has had fun with around the ratings on the apprentice eventually got cancelled basically. arnold. abby: let us know what you think we do have other headlines want to bring you this morning. hundreds of thousands of protesters across the nation are expected to go against trump's immigration policies today. a coalition of groups including the aclu will participate in a families belong together march in d.c. along with other in all
4:36 am
fifth states. the protests come as the trump administration continues to face fallout from a zero tolerance immigration policy at the southern border. and it is a political "family feud" in rhode island. a father and son divided over president trump's policies are now running for office against each other. david, sr. will run as a republican and david jr. as an independent in november's race for state house seats. david senior ran for the same seat 14 years ago. that is a race to watch. and 12-year-old boys' lawn care business is going viral after a client's neighbor calls the cops on him. reggie fields and his family accidently mowed the wrong person's lawn who then called police to complain. religiony's client went to social media in outrage. >> i'm so glad you are out here doing something positive. you should not be getting the police called on you because you are out here cutting grass. this is totally ridiculous. >> reggie has seen a surge in his ohio business ever since. residents are even
4:37 am
encouraging him with free equipment. love that. adam, it actually feels beautiful out here right now. it's not as muggy as i thought. what's it like in the rest of the country. >> hey, adam, incredibly warm. gorgeous out here right now. it's not going to last. eventually extreme heat temperatures climbing up to 100 degrees, 105 before it's all done. getting up to the low to mid 80's early this morning. look at this, these are heat warnings, watches, advisories stretching from new york city all the way back in the center of the country. kansas city, chicago, all spots where we will be seeing temperatures climb up into triple digits. there is how warm it's going to get. some spots 105, 110 degrees. this is what i have been waiting for. ed: that can mean only one thing. it's hot and turn on the grill and make it hotter. >> it is hotter. dean: what are we cooking here brontosaurus dinners? ed: stu leonard jr.
4:38 am
president cceo. michael, it's amazing. i understanding that the steaks you want to talk about first. these tomahawks are massive. how do you cook something that thick because people wonder how is it going to cook through? what's your advice on cooking of a steak of that magnitude? >> well, cool the steak and let it temp, come down. don't put it on ice cold. and these steaks generally run around 2 and a half pounds. so you are going to probably go 10, 12 minutes per side to get medium, medium rare, a little less. you don't want to play around. you don't want to keep rolling them on the grill. just two turns per side. and then stew taught me the greatest trick on temperature. >> everybody asks that question because talk about meat thermometer. so complicated. michael they use 1, 2, 3, 4. >> what is that? >> basically when you just put your thumb and your
4:39 am
index finger together can you feel right here that will give you, what? medium rare. you go all the way up and when you put your pinky to your thumb and it tightens up. well done. simple. okay? so right here you can tell if you just push on the steak with your financing finger. can you see right now that's a medium rare right now. this one is a little bit firmer done. that way one of the things you don't want to dual at great chefs we just saw david burk over there if you start cutting into it, the juices flow out and you are losing the flavor. dean: big, no, no. ed: i want this lobster. >> show us what we have got to do. >> incredible. what do you like? coat it on the grill or what? >> this is a 10-pound. this is not your normal. >> 10-pound. we were saying 6. we were wrong. >> caught off the coast of maine right up there.
4:40 am
ed: just throw that right up on the grill. >> put than 00 grill. what they do a lot of times is crack the claws a little bit and put some butter and things like that in there. dean: that is awesome. >> can you do these on the grill. they are delicious right there or have a big pot you can steam them. ed: this is stew. they will be grilling all morning. we will be checking in with you. dean: yes we are. ed: abby? abby: that is one massive lobster. trey gowdy ripping rod rosenstein over the russia probe. listen. >> whatever have you got, finish it the hell up because this country is being torn apart. abby: they are fed up. is he right? we are going to ask alan dershowitz next. california someone of the highest taxed states in the nation thanks to democratic policies. will it helpful a republican victory in the golden state? more on that. stick with us. ♪ go on, take the money and run
4:41 am
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ed: animal rescue edition a community comes together to rescue a 7 week old deaf puppy who fell down a hole. pulling out trophy overnight to. food water and blankets had to be dropped down as committees could youers worked to getler out. painful paw burns from one of the half dozen wildfires raging in california right now. wildlife experts finding the cub trapped in a tree with no sign of her momma. they expect to release her back into the wild after a full recovery. dean? dean: that's toffeely cute.
4:45 am
fireworks on the hill this week as trey gowdy grilled deputy a.g. rod rosenstein on the russia investigation. saying it's time to wrap this thing up. >> if you have evidence of wrongdoing by any member of the trump campaign, present it to the damn grand jury. whatever have you got. finish it the hell up. because this country is being torn apart. abby: does he have a point? let's bring in alan dershowitz, professor, author. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. abby: he speaks for a lot of americans who feel the exact same way. at this point they are angry. they are wondering what are we still doing here? what is your response? >> well, these kind of special counsel investigations almost always take a long time. that's one of the problems with having a special counsel. they start from scratch. they don't have people on board who are in the -- u.s. attorney's offices. they have to organize right
4:46 am
from the beginning and the clinton probe took a long time. the iran contra probe took a long time. there is no surprise that this one is taking a long time. what is surprising is that rod rosenstein is still supervising it. more and more information is coming out about his conflict of interest. we have now seen stories in the "new york times" about how he may have regretted writing letter and he felt he was used writing a letter. he is a central witness in this entire obstruction of justice if it involves the firing of comey. how can he still stay on the case? i wish they would focus much more on that because he is recused. he is disqualified. he ought to be replaced. that will, however, slow the process down even more probably. ed: pardon me there. what would be the eminent remedo you think first of all if the president fires rosenstein as has been speculated before is he going to get in more political hot water to look like is he hiding something.
4:47 am
how do you deal with the fact that rosenstein is conflicted as you say? >> there are many ways of doing it number one, you could bring a lawsuit challenging his continued appearance as the person who is supervising the whole investigation. second, you can bring an ethics charge. can you file an ethics charge with the bars to which is he a member saying he has no ethical right to remain on the case. but, i just don't understand as somebody who has taught legal ethics 25 years at law school the first thing you learn you can't be both a prosecutor and a witness. so much influence your role as a prosecutor to know that if the case goes a certain way, then you are a witness. if it goes another way maybe you are not a witness. you will look terrible this way. you will look better the other way. he has real self-interest. people talk about the president not pardoning himself or the president not pardoning people who are involved. here you have the person who is leading the investigation who has an obvious interest in the way in which the
4:48 am
investigation is going to go involving his own participation. that just shouldn't be allowed. dean: professor dershowitz, real quick, it looks like the president is going to get a new appointee to the supreme court. and is he running up against a lot of opposition. what do you think he is going to do? >> well, i think there are two questions about right-to-life. if he appoints somebody who believes that roe v. wade is wrong but shouldn't be overruled because it's been a law for a long time that's one thing. second orlando and left to the states that's a second thing. he might even appoint somebody who believes there is a right to life, a constitutional right to life, which would mean that the supreme court would rule that no state could even permit abortion. that new york and california would have to abolish their laws permitting abortion. if there is a constitutional right to life, then states wouldn't have the power to permit women to have abortions and we have to know what the president's position is on that.
4:49 am
is he anti-roe v. wade number one, that is it is wrong but shouldn't be overruled. number two, it should be overruled or there is a right to life which means that you can't have abortion in any states. we have to know where the president stands on that and whether his appointee represents any one of those. ed: big issue in all of this. professor, by the way, i rudely asked but the rocks no longer in first place. >> now you bring it up again. ed: did you see the game last night? 7 to 1 yankees. >> sails is pitching. ed: you have chris today. that's right. abby: always give him time to react. professor, great to have you as always. always love your mind on this stuff. dean: hillary clinton failing to condemn the incivility we have seen on the left and now comparing herself to winston churchill, really. ed: wow. dean: those comments ahead. abby: i would like to be like winston, too.
4:50 am
ed: california is one the highest taxed state in the nation. dean: yes we are. ed: will it help in the mid terms? we will discuss it next ♪ prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. (wienermobile horn) to put a better hot dog it's oscain every hand.ion and that's just what we do. with no artificial preservatives, no added nitrates or nitrites, and by waving bye to by-products. so you can get back to loving them. for the love of hot dogs. (wienermobile horn)
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♪ dean: california, my home state is, one of the highest taxed states in the nation thanks to democratic policies. and with months to go before the mid terms, voters there have had enough. ed: a new poll showing the majority want a repeal of the 2017 tax hike on gasoline. so could this actually help republicans in the golden state? here with reaction republican campaign consultant caleb bonham, good morning, caleb. >> good morning. he had thread is john cox i believe the republican nominee fighting for governor. does he have a chance, especially with the climate
4:54 am
there as i understand it there is a ballot initiative to repeal this gas tax, basically californians right now are paying more than 73 cents per gallon in local state and federal gas taxes. they are fed up about it it's about to go up more if this ballot initiative doesn't pass. >> correct. yeah. the ballot initiative is obviously going to be presented in november. taken to the voters. and what we are seeing right now is over 51% of californians that were surveyed by the "l.a. times" and usc said they are opposed to the new gas tax, which is one of the largest gas taxes in california history. that's a 51-38% margin. but had cox benefit from it in winning a statewide? that's going to be a difficult hurdle to overcome. but what we're seeing is the targeted congressional seats in the state assembly seats that republicans are benefiting most from. the democrats just recently lost their super majority
4:55 am
when nature josh newman was recalled because he was a pivotal vote in raising taxes. that's what we are seeing in california people are if i had up with the costs. dean: being a california resident myself i have seen the taxes firsthand. with the tax cut the president passed six months ago what's going to happen that is going to hurt people like me. >> state and local tax deduction is the biggest effect that you are seeing in california. leading. to say a lot of people leaving the states that's predicted to really affect high tax states like illinois and california and new york. but, i think people overall are just getting ready to say, hey, it's time we have a responsible government. it's time that our local and elected officials actually represent us who are trying to make ends meet. trying to build a better life.
4:56 am
high taxes are simply not the way to do it. especially when decade after decade, we are seeing the government mismanage those funds. they are getting the high taxes. not using appropriately and asking for more. ed: caleb bonham, it will be interesting to see whether this ballot initiative sparks some sort of revolt. enough is enough with the taxes and maybe years and years of democratic rule will start changing in california. we will see, kaline, thanks cal. thanks for coming. >> in we will see. ed: president trump is set to name his pick for the supreme court to replace justice anthony kennedy. dean: on the hot seat? we're going to break it down. they're not going to admit that ♪ hi.i just wanted to tell you that chevy won a j.d.power
4:57 am
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abby: biggest news this week is the supreme court. ed: what they are saying on the right is look have somebody who has a strict interpretation of the constitution. don't make laws from the bench. >six months ago we made by signing the biggest tax cuts and reforms. make america great again. that's what's happening. abby: everybody is pointing a finger. >> civility across the board democrat only opposed to incivility when it's donald trump suddenly an maxine waters. ed: abolish the ice all together. >> relatively new agency let us admit it's a failed experiment. do you know what ice did last year? >> they arrested 33,000 criminal aliens who committed all kinds of crimes. >> right here on "fox & friends" megan o'grady shared her touching story about how she honors fallen officers. >> i take the uniform shirts of fallen police officers and make them into teddy bears ♪
5:01 am
abby: surfing the channels and pop in on this you know what you are watching "fox & friends weekend." that's what we do. we grill on this show. we have a good time. we celebrate the summer. we have a country artist on at the end ever the show and dean cain. ed: people like to think about dean last time we worked together new year's eve block away at times square. two blocks away it was like 10 below. i'm not exaggerating and today we are sweating. dean: we don't have that out in california called humidity. abby: challenges but certainly better weather than we do. dean: no doubt about that. ed: we have better taxes. sorry, buddy. abby: we can argue about that one. dean: very happy to be here. abby: a lot of news to get. to say we start here. all eyes are on the president as we wait to hear his pick to replace the supreme court justice
5:02 am
anthony kennedy. ed: president announcing he will announce his decision on july 9th. dean: gillian has the frontrunners. >> that's right. president arrived in bedminster last night. firshe has a lot of strategizing to do. as you mentioned he plans to announce his pick for the supreme court in just over a week. >> i will be announcing. >> who are you meeting. >> we have great people. i have it down to about five. >> is there a woman in that mix. >> i do have a woman. >> is that amy? >> i have two women. >> there was originally a short list of about 20 to 25 potential candidates and out white house has been following the gorsuch playbook to widdle that list down. the staff first paired the list down to about 6 to 7 finalists interviewed by top white house officials and likely eventually be interviewed by vice president pence. they will then narrow those seven down to just 3 or 4
5:03 am
candidates who will each get one-on-one interviews with president trump himself. trump will pick the final two picks and wait on the presidents to choose between them. two candidates rumored frontrunners bret cavanaugh and thomas hard man. dean: rumored frontrunners. abby: you know know with this administration. it's going to be important pick who is it going to be? he is not going to tell you. ed: this president might blurt it out. what's interesting is that leonard was on with tucker last night. a senior advisor to the president on judicial nominations of well known conservatives in washington who really knows all the players in this. he was saying, look, what have you got to say about this president, he has been more transparent about the process than any democrat or republican in the campaign. this president has said here's a list of 25 people that i would pick if i get some choices to the supreme court. you got all the names. there is no mystery about it everybody can go through their record.
5:04 am
go through their judicial background, their temperament and then game on. so he has not playing hide the ball it is very transparents. abby: you also have a long list, dean, of really successful people with a strong conservative background. so if that is your concern. if you want a constitutionalist. if you want a true conservative on that bench, they have the same list they were looking at when he nominated neil gorsuch. ed: left is freaking out. abby: the left is not happy about this. dean: they are going to get a conservative. that's my grab bag pick of course. the left is absolutely having a hay day over. this the comments from michael moore from hillary clinton from, everybody. it's kind of madness. abby: michael moore saying lay your bodies out if you have to at the capital to protest this decision. >> listen, the senate right now is 51-49. come on. come on. i know we have -- right. rewith is to push it off until after november. we first have to find ways to stop that vote from happening. i will join a million other people surround the united
5:05 am
states capitol. i will put my -- i will -- bill, let me tell you something, this judge goes through for the rest of at least well all of our lives, it's a right wing court. >> no, no. >> that's it, it's over. ed: i frankly think this week, you know, the president joked on the campaign you will get tired of all the winning. so much winning from some of the supreme court decisions to the six month anniversary of the tax cut by the way. to the fact that he now is going to have his second pick on the supreme court. that i think the left, after all these games, the silliness, the resist movement with the sarah sanders can't even be seated at a restaurant, they now woke up to the reality. this man is president. you have spent a year and a half, almost, saying it was russia, russia, russia. all the sudden this is real. is he governing. abby: also something that barack obama famously said, elections have consequences. it may not always go your way. in this case for democrats it is not going their way. and obviously, this is such a political issue when you talk about the supreme court and they aren't happy about that. but the president, we are going to hear on july 9th
5:06 am
who his pick is going to be. wait for that anthony scaramucci says everyone just take a deep breath. calm down. >> people should just relax for a second and give him the opportunity to pick somebody before they start digging trenches again. you know. so this sort of weird. i was thinking about justice scalia we were talking about him earlier today. hit was 97-0. justice scalia was appointed to the supreme court. so we're in a situation now where it goes right down the partisan lines. you had to go into the nuclear option for this situation. but, in the meantime, i if you think about the quality of the people that the president is going to pick from and interview. these are all exceptional americans. compensational people. i just hope we can just dial it back a little on the preliminarpoolem micks if you wl polemics.
5:07 am
figure out a way say hey, ronald reagan was president. he didn't like it. but he gets to pick who is on the court. dean: 97-0. we are looking at 51-49. it's going to that every single time. ed: a.p. admitting the president is on the hot seat. a supreme court vacancy just fell in his lap offering the chance to shape the court for decades. the current court handed him two favorable rulings in a single week the union one and travel ban. russian summit on the horizon promising headlines for a week or more. president donald trump the a.p. says is enjoying quite the hot streak. abby: you don't hear that often. there is a lot going on the president's plate. you mentioned the summit that's going to happen right after he announces his supreme court pick. abby: mid july meeting with vladimir putin. so, a lot of important issues that are going to shape potentially the history of this country. ed: the woman who wanted to be president is still out there kind of griping about the whole deal. >> what happened?
5:08 am
abby: she talks about civility. and families how we lost civility in this country. oh, give me a break. give me a break. she says that term a lot. actually. ed: give me break. be a what about is more uncivil and cruel than taking children away. it should be met with resolve and strength. and if some of that comes across as a little uncivil well, children's lives are at stake. their childre future are at sta. that is that ridiculous concept of bothsidism. ed: maxine waters says let's go further let not let the trump cabinet shopping stores. hillary clinton goes further. rather than condemning some of the hate on the left, she compares herself to winston churchill, quote: i'm sure they said that about churchill about. public life. didn't they? i'm not comparing myself. i'm just saying people said that he was right about hitler and a lot of people
5:09 am
in england were wrong and churchill was a pain. he kept popping up all the time. so that's her answer people saying why won't you leave? a i don't want to compare myself to church hifl but she does. let me throw a hitler reference in there by the way. do you think that was an accident? no. abby: a lot of people say that about hillary clinton today. doesn't stop talking. dean: what happened, what's going to happen? third book. it keeps happening. the hitler reference was not a mistake. ed: just throw that in there. abby: that should never be used. we learned that long time ago. ed: see the pictures. we're not saying there is a similarity. ed: comparing herself and churchill didn't leave the stage and hillary clinton ♪ leaving. abby: i would like to compare myself to churchill as well. what do you think? dean: i like him as a leader and i like you. ed: i always thought you were a states woman. abby: that was very nice of you, ed, thank you very much. send us your thoughts on
5:10 am
that friends at fox news. i want to bring you headlines right now. starting with this a man is behind bars threatening to kill fcc chairman ajit pai's family over his role of ending net neutrality. a man send pai's virginia home. i will find your children and kill them. that man faces 10 years in prison if convicted stabbed to death by coworker. the victim was sitting in the driver's seat of the truck. it happened in a parking lot at cal poly tech. the campus custodian shot and killed by officers responding to the scene. investigators are now looking for a motive. ed: a lot going on in california. abby: canada striking back at the u.s. vowing to impose more than $12 billion of tariffs on american goods. retaliation a direct
5:11 am
responds to the trump administration u.s. steel and aluminum tariffs. which, of course, take effect tomorrow. prime minister justin trudeau targeting more than 250 u.s. goods including orange juice, bourbon, toilet paper, kevinup and kevind sleeping bags -- tiger woods makes his move. i'm sorry. go, tiger. [cheers] dean: what at shot. surging after 5 under par in round 2. all eyes are on 23-year-old bos who ler chasing his first pga win. is he tied for the lead at 9 under with two other golfers. >> i don't want to name drop but i met tiger. he was very personal and approachable and nice. he said i'm not putting for bleep right now.
5:12 am
he is putting better. three to four hours. kind of fun to beat the crap out of these young guys tiger is the old guy now. see if he can win. it's his tournament and he gives back a lot of the money and what not to military charities because his father was in the military. good for tiger. abby: is that the first time have you met him. ed: i met him. dean: i'm not going to name drop but tiger woods. ed: name drop around you. some democrats have a rallying cry heading into the mid terms abolish ice. >> i think there is no question that we have got to critically re-examine ice and its role. >> i believe you should get rid of it, start over, reimagine it. and building is that actually works. ed: what would they do next to protect the border and deportations? how could they possibly justify this? our political panel is here to weigh in just ahead. abby: former president obama has a new message for the democrats, very afraid, trump. herman cain is here live to react next.
5:13 am
♪ ♪
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5:16 am
abby: recent fundraiser obama reportedly said you are right to be concerned. do not wait for the perfect message. don't wait to feel a tingle in your spine because you are expecting politicians to be so inspiring and poetic and moving because that is part of what happened in the last election. keen dean here to react is fox news contributor and no relation herman cain u.
5:17 am
abby: good morning. >> good morning. dean cain, you are my cousin and you know it. dean: yes, sir. >> good morning abby and ed. dean: good morning. abby: president obama famously said elections have consequences we are sighing that play out now huge decisions being made. what do you make of his message to the democratic party. >> well, the democratic party has a leadership crisis and a messaging crisis and it's in part due to president obama. because he led from a position of just being in the position and appeasement and you are right, it has consequences. except now we are seeing a lot of positive consequences of this election by electing this president. so, he is right about the democrats should be waiting for a perfect message. they have a message crisis. they shouldn't be waiting for the perfect leader. they don't have a leader right now. they have a lot of voices making a lot of noise and resorting to the same political rhetoric to try
5:18 am
and scare people and make people angry. dean: here's a quote from president obama. he said this: i will be honest with you, if i ever regret during my presidency, it is that people were so focused on me and the battles we were having, particularly after we lost the house that folks stopped paying attention up and down the ballot. what do you think of that? >> i don't think that statement is true. here's why. people got tired of looking at all of the rhetoric and no results. the only results that the administration could hang its hat on along with the democrats was forcing the unaffordable care act down our throats. nearly all of the other metrics under his administration for 8 years stalled. starting with the gdp growth rate which averaged somewhere close to 2%. and now we are predicting a 3.5 to 4% g.d.p. growth,
5:19 am
just in the first 17 months of this administration. so i think that there is a big contrast between the consequences of these positive results and the consequences of appeasement by the previous administration. ed: herman, we have only got one minute. it goes even further. as you know the atlanta fed i believe a couple days ago g.d.p. could actually reach 4.5% in the next quarter. and you have got this 6 month anniversary of the tax cut. the president cutting all these regulations for over a year now. there has been an impact. >> there has been an impact. this is why the democrats' heads are exploding. because they are trying to distract with all of this negative rhetoric. elizabeth warren talking about ripping babies from families. they have been exercising these procedures for two and three administrations now. and then with hel gillibrand talking about abolishing ice with no idea how to do
5:20 am
things differently. that's why they are saying all of this poisonous rhetoric and doing the things they are doing, because they know the new g.d.p. numbers, the job numbers are just going to blow people away. so they are just using the typical, negative rhetoric. dean: thank you so much. my cousin herman cain. thank you so much of for putting it only the way can you, sir. >> cuz. dean: my can you seemy cuz. ryan lochte might be making a return. how he can end up behind bars in brazil. abby: abolish ice as the mid terms get closer. is this the right move? our panel of experts are here to weigh in and they are fired up about this one. >> i think there is no question that we have got to critically re-examine ice and its role. >> i believe you should get rid of it. start over, reimagine it and building is that actually works.
5:21 am
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ed: devin up in necessary calling for 17 fbi and doj officials to testify on the hill over potential surveillance abuses. among them fired deputy director andrew mccabe and peter strzok and lisa page. nunes believes they may have played a role in surveying the 2016 trump campaign ie carter page maybe others. robert mueller's steam has until thursday to respond to paul manafort's request to be freed from jail. locked up for witness tampering while awaiting trial for tax and bank related crimes. meanwhile, sentencing for michael flynn is delayed for a third time. the former national security advisor pleaded guilty last year to making false statements to the fbi about communications with the russians, we're still trying to figure out why it keeps
5:25 am
getting delayed. abby? abby: a lot of questions. thank you, ed, as the immigration debate heats up ahead the mid terms. democratic lawmakers have a new rallying cry. abolish ice. >> i think there is no question we have got to critically re-examine ice and its role. >> the president has created this situation where ice isn't doing what it was created to do. it's being used as his own personal police force. >> i believe you should get rid of it, start over, reimagine it. and building is that actually works. abby: all right. is this the right move? let's bring in our panel now. democratic strategist antwon cantwonseawright and leadership institute douglas hunt. it is a great panel continues to heat up in this country it steamed to come from the far left. now it seems to be more mainstream start with you abolish ice. they are doing a job
5:26 am
incredibly important in this country. what's the next solution then. >> neas the problem. i feel like loot of times you get this message from the left it's empty talking point with no substance. and i know you are laughing over here. i have got to tell you when you say something that polarizing and you don't have any policy and don't have any specific steps. in what it's going to look like. when you abolish ice, what are you going to implement in its place to make sense that's why i say it's an empty talking point. doesn't have any substance. abolish it and talking point from the left but it doesn't have any substance. abby: it will certainly i'm sure be a huge message going to the mid terms. antwon, you are chuckling over there. is this a winning message for the democrats. hearing from kirsten jill grand. >> manufactured outrage by the right simply to distract
5:27 am
the american people from the failures of this president and the republican congress on a bigger issue called immigration reform. look, no one wants to abolish ice. whether you have legislative thoughts like abolishing or saying we need to reform. that doesn't mean get rid of. retool. i heard with a kamala harris said. she said let's rethink. let's retool. that means let's check the official is i. i do this every month with my bills. i look at it and see, you know, what can i do to be more efficient? what can i do to be more effective. that's what we are saying. we're not saying get rid of. abby: jeremy is about to jump out of his chair. >> we need policymakers to come together and look at what makes sense. what works. we don't need empty talking points. >> you are talking about reform. >> i agree. >> don't get rid of. abby: they are saying abolish ice. i heard one person say abolish. i heard everyone else say look how effective it's been. >> there are lawmakers right
5:28 am
now. abby: jeremy, go ahead. >> nine lawmakers say we should blirve ice. what does that mean? lay down what reform looks like. >> reform, reform. key word. >> well, let me back up for a second. when we say abolish ice that would require something in its place. ice, what they do is they also look at drug trafficking. they handle human trafficking. abby: terrorism. >> counter terrorism operations. they dine credible work for our country, the men and women who work tirelessly to keep us safe we should be supporting them and their efforts. if we want to change policy that is different conversation. abby: that is what the president is saying this morning he tweeted out. he said the democrats are making a strong push to abolish ice, one of the smartest, toughest and most spirited law enforcement group of men and women that i have ever seen. i have watched ice liberate towns from the grasp of ms-13 and clean out the toughest of situations. they are great. noel, we had on someone from the border last weekend. >> right. abby: he said he saw a horrific situation. the border can be so dangerous as these democrats are coming over because of
5:29 am
the smugglers in large part. he talked about a rape situation that was horrific but how it was the ice agents that stepped in and they saved their lives. when we have this debate. it's important to be reminded of the important jobs that they do there. some of the greatest men and women this country. >> right. >> to know they are there doing their job what they're told to do noel. >> you gave the talking point of why it is so important to have ice, what you just said is the reason we need ice. this is the reason we don't need to abolish ice. we may need immigration reform but not abolishing or reforming ice. abby: quickly aunton. >> we should not look at their effective nose see what can we do to make them better? is that what you are saying? >> ice is efficient. ice is running fine. it's not ice. >> according to you. but how do we know where we cannot make some substantial changes to make our government work more efficiently? >> jeremy gets the quick last word here. >> bottom line when we look
5:30 am
at this we have to tone down some of the rhetoric and look at what policy makes sense? and then we have organizations men and women of ice that actually execute that policy. that's the kind of conversation we should be having. not these kind of empty slogans we see running around. abby: you sound far too rational. >> i know, abby. >> this is the great debate and one which could be had. we can talk about this civilly which is why it's a great and important one. noel, jeremy great to have you. tell us your thoughts new york candidate cortez, stunning victory inspiring socialism resurgence. before you go ahead and become a socialist, our next guest has a warning four. we are thinking outside the box. the cereal box that is some of my favorites. my guilty pleasures. how to turn breakfast into desert. that is worth sticking around for ♪ i love it ♪
5:31 am
freezing away fat cells with coolsculpting? now that's cool. coolsculpting safely freezes and removes fat cells. with little or no downtime. and no surgery. results and patient experience may vary. some rare side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort, and swelling. ask your doctor if coolsculpting is right for you. and visit today for your chance to win a free treatment.
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(♪light musical cords) ed: tight-knit community in annapolis is mourning the death of five people gunned down. dean: hundreds gathered at candlelight vigil to remember the victims of the. abby: griff jenkins is live for us at annapolis,
5:35 am
maryland. our hearts are reaching out to everyone there this morning. griff: good morning. the community is waking one a sense of resilience. you can't find a corner of this town who doesn't have annapolis strong written all over it and thousands turned out multiple vigils last night. the daughter of one of those victims wendi winters speaking about a bee loved mother and a great community journalist. here's what she said. >> she was an excellent reporter and amazing woman. she was doing what she loved. she was telling stories and those stories should continue to be told. griff: in the contributing extend guilty beyond annapolis to baltimore. last night's orioles game a moment of silence. orioles tweeting this picture of the paper and five roses in the press box where the capital gazette reporter would normally sit. it didn't stop in baltimore. annapolis native issuing a
5:36 am
statement saying for my entire life the capital has been my hometown newspaper. my family and i have enjoyed special relationships with many great people who have worked for the newspaper. my heart goes out to the victims families and entire community. meanwhile yesterday, jarrod ramos making first court appearance makin wearing green jumpsuit. emotionless as the attorney adams described how horrific the attack was and noghtd ramos barricaded the rear exit to the building behind me while he killed five innocent journalists. his next stop will be likely a grand jury appearance. that's the latest here, guys. abby: thank you so much, griff, and the amazing job that the annapolis police department did jumping into action so quickly. dean: within a minute. abby: you know this. you are now a police officer. dean: the bravery they show they charge right in. amazing. abby: no question about that. we have some other news i do want to bring you this morning. starting with this. a school bus packed with
5:37 am
kids flipped over and crashes. leaving dozens injured. fifth and sixth grade children scrambling to get out of that bus along the new jersey turnpike. >> it started shaking and stuff and then we started swerving and the bus was turning over and it was a scary moment. i was like hanging over i got my seat belt off and i got off the bus. abby: the new jersey boys and girls club on their way to an aquarium when the brakes located up. 25 people on board. two adults and 16 kids suffered minor injuries. the crash still under investigation. and olympic swimmer ryan lochte facing six months in prison for lying. umbrella'brazil's highest court overturning decision. 2016 olympics he lied about being robbed at gunpoint. you remember that prosecutors say the story was made up to cover vandalism by lochte and his teammates. stay tuned for that and school is out for the summer and police officers are
5:38 am
looking to ticket children for good behavior. more than 1,000 departments nationwide are teaming up with 7/11 and giving out free slurpees. operation chill allows cops to have positive interactions with kids. the tickets are redeemable for a free small frozen drink. i love that speaking of sugar and children and things we love most. i will toss it over to ed. ed: not just for kids. we like the sugar, too. you know him from the food network this morning he is helping us think outside the box the cereal box. dean: celebrity chef and author author of "the laws of cooking and break them." abby: you are one of my favorites i watch you on tv all the time. >> likewise. deign. dean: she loves cereal. >> post has con being cod the dream cereals. iconic cookie figures like oreo, i mean who doesn't like that? nilaa, banana pudding.
5:39 am
dean: nutter butter. >> obviously these are the snacks that we love. check this out. can you use these to make really delicious decadent deserts that we have a heat wave coming up. right? dean: we are in it. abby: let's go ahead and do it? >> we are going to make a banana desert. pipe some in there already. add more on the top. abby: did you make up these recipes? >> yeah. pretty exciting. we have banana nilla cereal. then we have whip cream. abby: so fun for kids to do they can add whatever they want. >> finish that after with a little bit of cocoa powder. some express so beans covered in chocolate. dean: not for kids expresso beans. abby: i love a chocolate covered expresso bean. ed: dean mentioned the nutter butter. put them together with
5:40 am
bananas. elvis started this trend. >> i'm into it. most american households have cereal in pantry they just put it into a bowl. why stop there. thinking outside the cereal box. here we have frozen bananas give it a quick dip in dark chocolate and then we roll right in there and how exciting does that look? dean: that's the nutter butter. abby: put it back in the freezer. >> you can put it back in the freezer or store in ziploc bags. dean: do decadent. >> winner quickly easily we made delicious things and we didn't raise the temperature of our house. i think these are great for celebrating the holiday. abby: affordable, fun. the kids can do it. it tastes good. looks great. i love it. ed: i love these ideas. cool for the summer. >> abby: thank you so much for being with us. dean: yum.
5:41 am
ed: alexandria cortez not. stunning victory is inspiring socialism resurgence. bernie sanders says this is great part of the revolution. before you become a socialist, next guest has a warning for you. abby: ed, swallow. dean: just in time for independence day we have some of the top cars made right here on the plaza coming up. ♪ ♪ what do you have there? p3 it's meat, cheese and nuts. i keep my protein interesting. oh yea, me too. i have cheese and uh these herbs. p3 snacks. the more interesting way to get your protein.
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5:44 am
♪ dean: new york congressional candidate cortez stunned the political world with her victory this week and she is not shy about her socialist agenda. >> in terms of college, i'm not going to stop until we have tuition-free public institutions for everyone. that federal jobs guarantee includes things like a
5:45 am
higher federal minimum wage. healthcare for every single person in america. >> that sounds great, right? now she is inspiring socialism resurgence just one day after she won the new york primary. the democratic socialist of america saw a spike of more than 1,000 new members. what does this mean for the mid terms? dean: here with her reaction immigration salazar running for congress as a republican in florida's 27th district. thanks for coming on. you know a thing or two about socialism. >> absolutely. and i want to congratulate mrs. ocasio she was successful in beating a democrat. they bring paradise no pair mist the paradise. it's a farce and ripoff.
5:46 am
we have 2 million cuban americans running around miami knowing and they fled like the venezuelans because socialism does not bring what she really wants, which is happiness. it only brings misery. she drank the kool-aid, unfortunately. dean: you obviously know about this because your parents were political refugees. abby: you were born in miami and your parents fled from cuba. tell us about the situation that they were faced with in cuba and their story coming over here. >> you know socialism take away your individual rights. socialism the only thing it does is it makes you a robot of the regime. cuban revolution came and took things away. not only their properties, but their freedoms and their civil rights. so, when this lady is telling me that she wants free this, free that. somebody has to work for it government doesn't produce money. individuals do. and obviously that you can
5:47 am
can help whomever needs it but if you don't need it, then you work it and you pay taxes and you contribute with the rest of society. unfortunately the democratic party apparently feels this is a good agenda to win on. and they are in for a surprise. because this is a centrist government. centrist country. abby: are you surprised that -- a lot of us were surprised. 28-year-old. the "new york times" didn't even talk about her in any articles before this happened. are you surprised that she won and are you surprised now that we are seeing this resurgence of socialism and this backing that she is now getting from a lot of people who support what she is saying? >> well, i think that we should be more surprised due tout fact that we see in the democratic party there is this fight for the heart of the party, between the far left and the moderate. this nation. the united states of america. is the centrist. democrats are going to take that route, then it's very
5:48 am
good news for the republicans. but we know that that route or that street takes you nowhere and we know it very well. likes a you said, i amount daughter of political refugees. they would have never left their island but socialism, the do you believe ban revolution came and took everything away. abby: it's an important story to tell and good luck with your race. it's great to have you on with us this morning. elvira, good to see you. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. dean: president trump working hard to build that wall. the president of the border patrol council says it's the only way to end the crisis on our southern burden. brandon judd joins us live next hour. abby: he have a lot to say about that. stay tuned. independence day around the corner. in celebration we have got some of the top cars made right here in america. they are out on our plaza and that is up next ♪ ♪ funny how the world keeps turning ♪ look ma ♪ no hands ♪ i love this american ride
5:49 am
♪ luckily for brad, this isn't a worry because he's discovered super poligrip. it holds his denture tight and helps give him 65% more chewing power. leaving brad to dig in and enjoy the tastiest of t-bones. super poligrip, helping you enjoy the foods you love.
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5:52 am
♪ ed: just in time for independence day we have some of the top cars that are actually made right here in america. and they are right here on the plaza. here to tell us all about them lauren fix known as the car coach. welcome. >> thank you. ed: i love the red. >> all the way. ed: go all the way down the host. i'm starting with the jeep cherokee. >> top american made vehicle ed: what's special about it? >> it's 72% built in the u.s. all new. remember the old cherokee. this is all new. new engines, drive lines. 80 top security and features. trail rated. if you are looking to go off road. that's your choice. ed: toss it over to dean in the honda. >> this is vehicles only
5:53 am
japanese brand four of them on the top ten list. cult following. pete: a lot more space than i anticipated. >> two rows of seating. you can see the five. this vehicle is very unique it is a pickup bed but still very luxurious inside. this vehicle is built in alabama. dean: in alabama. >> in alabama. dean: all right. >> check out the back of this. so cool about this truck. two way tailgate. dean: i have a truck and i like that. caught even more. the reason people like it. it's a cooler. yes, it is. talking about tailgating. getting warm here on the plaza. after the show we can do the beer and everything. >> made for dean cain. i have the luxury mom vehicle. >> only luxury vehicle on the list. built in liberty, ohio. abby: seats a family. >> seats a family. it's the only three row
5:54 am
luxury vehicle on the list and it's the top selling luxury vehicle. it comes with all standard safety features starting about 58,000. if you haven't driven one of these in a while very popular. abby: comfortable. >> makes a great product. next, everyone knows the ford truck. number one selling vehicle f series the 41 years top selling vehicle as this is overall for 36 years. adam: when i think of a truck i think of manual labor. this is really nice inside. this is a beautiful luxury feeling. >> massaging seats. heated seats. cool seats. dean: massaging seats? >> four door. long bed. new deville and aluminum has more towing capacity. can you drive this every day. adam: getting better on gas mileage. >> ecosports. the vehicles come in $27,000. can you load it up. dean: do what i do i have the raptor version of. this i'm driving a raptor right now oh my gosh.
5:55 am
love it. >> ford makes a great product. i like the shelby raptor. dean: ethics the next step up. my son loves that car. it's always a corvette. abby: you matched my outfit today so thoughtful. adam: dean is geeing out on the cars. >> 1953 the corvette came out. corvettes apple pa by and pie chevrolet. convertible. they have nice combinations and the new look it is a super look. no question about it come around 55,000. probably not a winner car. live in the nice areas of the country a beautiful yellow car like this stands out. abby: i never thought i could drive superman around. do you think you can get this thing to fly. >> i think so. ed: the car coach. she love when she is here. abby: thank you, lauren. ed: ahead, you keep hearing
5:56 am
it, abolish ice, now going mainstream. taking a look at the democrats who are rallying around that message ahead of the mid terms. abby: you know his hits on country boy. now country music legend ricky scaggs is heading to the country music hall of fame. of course he is here. he is live. you don't want to miss that. that is coming up. ed: i just met him ♪ country boy at heart ♪ ♪ i may look like a banks teller ♪ rning into his dad. matt: mm. that's some good mulch. ♪ i'm awake. but it was pretty nifty when jen showed me how easy it was to protect our home and auto with progressive. [ wrapper crinkling ] get this butterscotch out of here. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents.
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5:59 am
the biggest news this week is the supreme court. >> have someone with a strictly constitution. don't make laws from the bench. president trump is celebrating 6 months of tax cuts
6:00 am
and highlights stories of everyday americans. >> we were able to invest in our children. we were excited as a middle-class family. nowm is comparing herself to winston churchill. >> you just want to apolish -- abolish the agency? >> they have arrested many that committed all kinds of crimes. >> i take the uniform shirts of fallen police officers. ♪ [ music ] we were in malibu was his family and my family. >> you hang out all of the time. >> it's muggy their right now.
6:01 am
it's muggy here. >> these hollywood guys can't take the heat. >> we know how much that lobster weights. we said five or six pounds. that's a 10-pound lobster. >> come to lunch with us. >> i would like to be invited next time you lunch together. >> it's a bro lunch. >> we are glad to have you with us dean. we want to get to the news. the story is the supreme court. the president announced he will make that announcement. it's july 9th. they have a list. they have shortened the list of people looking at men and women of strong conservative condition dates. this aired tomorrow object the
6:02 am
show. she asked about row verses wade and here is how the president responded. >> will you ask your nominees beforehand how they might vote on roe verse wade. >> that's a big one. they said don't do that. i'm putting conservative people on. i'm proud of neil. his opinions are so well written and brilliant. i'll try to do something like that. i don't think i'll be so specific. >> our own chris was in the third and final debate. he asked about the court at the beginning. he went back to check the transcripts. he said it's not about if i want to abolish roe v. wade but these
6:03 am
justices will over turn it and go back to the states. this is why the left is freaking out. in is the be all and end all. he said if they can stop the nominee it means the difference between four years of trumpism or 40 years. donald trump will have an impact for decades. >> this is why a number of trump supporters voted for him and went to the booth on election day. they would tell me time and time again i'm voting because of the supreme court. whoever became president is important. >> that's a 40 year decision. i don't know what they can actually do to stop the pick.
6:04 am
micheal moore was talking about surrounding the white house. >> they have been listening to madonna saying blow up the white house and not focusing on what really matters. they are caught up in the side issue. immigration is a serious issue. the focus is abolish ice. if there are mistakes made they should be called before congress. people are doing their job. what they are trying to do is enforce the law in the country. she's saying abolish ice with no plan to enforce the laws. >> these aren't just men and women doing their job. they are on the front line in dangerous situations. they are not just dealing with immigration. they deal with human trafficking and counterterrorism. if you abolish ice altogether
6:05 am
then what do we do. this demeans ice and what these men and women are doing. >> the president is up this morning defending ice. >> they really are fantastic. there are nine democratic lawmakers. >> others in the house and senate. i mentioned the presidents tweet. he said they are making a strong effort to abolish ice. i've watched ice liberate towns from ms-13. they are great. >> we had one of those last weekend. the democrats were in mcallen, texas. he said there were instance they
6:06 am
were shouting in their face. ice is doing their job. they are doing the same job they had done for years now. the same job they did under president obama. where was the anger then? >> the left organized protest. they say at least in all 50 states against his immigration policy. >> is it me or everything is moving fast and this week is no exception. >> we talked about stability a lot this week. we started when sarah sanders was asked to leave the red hen restaurant. this began in heated fight. max waters is leading this. last night on bill maher.
6:07 am
>> i would say some circumstance. the democratic party will have to stop being insane. >> start with the republican say lock her up. >> he talked about locking journalist up. shouldn't the stability argument start there. >> stability across the board. you are only opposed to instability when it's donald trump. >> because then you can't walk into a room and see an elephant and mouse and not know which one is bigger. >> threatening to lock up journalist. >> i needed six hundred officers to protect me at berkeley. >> he will put you -- >> that didn't come from the president. >> it came from the vice president saiding mitt romney --
6:08 am
>> when he started losing let's talk about something else. >> he can argue and argue fast. >> he talks very fast. >> i'm on his side. when you hear people like waters and nancy say we don't need to excite violence. we can debate and be on different sides of the issue. let's do it in a particular way. >> it was all russia, russia, russia. now it's abolish ice. stop the president's nominee for the courts. >> does that get to the polls or backfire. >> a lot is going on. i want to bring you other issues.
6:09 am
one community is morning the death of five people shot at their local news paper. hungs gathered for a vigil. jarrod ra ramos is being held without won't. one 37-year-old victim was sitting in the driver's seat. this happened in the parking lot of cal poly tech. officers were responding to the scene and investigators are looking for the motive. they are asking saudi arabia to produce more oil. the president tweeted because of the turmoil in iran and
6:10 am
venezuela we need more oil pumped. saudi arabia said 2 million barrels wasn't mentioned. >> how do you miss that one? >> also sad news toys "r" us has a massage before they close their doors. don't ever grow up, play on. they closed all of their toys after filing for bankruptcy. one store closed early of a person bought 1 million toys to donate to local children. >> that's nice. >> now just having a b baby i'll miss toys "r" us. >> online, that's the problem. all right, the president is
6:11 am
closer to his goal of building the wall. >> it's continue to build the wall. that wall is happening. >> the president of the border patrol council said it's the only way to end the crisis on our southern border. we have seen the left try to silence conservative speakers. one guest will tell us how the intolerance is spreading to high schools. she's experienced it firsthand. >> oh, boy. parodontax, the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪
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6:14 am
we will get that wall built.
6:15 am
it's not let's build the wall but we'll continue to build the wall. the wall is happening. >> the president is claiming he's getting closer to his goal to get the wall build. one border patrol agent said this is the only way to put an end to the humanitarian crisis. brandon is part of the national border patrol council. tell us how the president can back this up. democrats would like to block the funds. what's being built right now? >> about the you look on november 8 they said we want a businessman to be in the white house. we know the president did all of the research on this. we have seen how well fences and walls worked in the past. what he said if we expand upon that we can control the borders.
6:16 am
he's spoken with the experts and me and other agents and they told him if we have walls on the southwest border we can funnel the traffic where we need it to go to be more effective. >> i have the big picture but what is being built. he's making this case that the wall is already being built. tell us, since you are an expect, what's being built. >> we are taking the what wills where we have them and reinforcing them. we are also expanding those out. we are starting in california and expand into alizade and -- d into texas. >> you are saying it's existing walls. critics say the president said we are building the wall.
6:17 am
as you suggested some of this was built-in previous administrations. are you saying, i want to be clear, it's reinforcing and expanding it. are there new pieces being built. >> there are new pieces being bill built. we have to take a whole listic approach. we have crumbling pieces that will have to reinforce. >> what's your massage this morning to chuck schummer who doesn't want to build the wall? we talk about 1.6 billion that's needed. tell us what you think will happen with the crisis if new money isn't put in. >> what's most flustering to agents is the liberal politics that put women and children into the hands of the smuggler.
6:18 am
if we continue we'll continue to have people that will pay the smugglers and have their body put in the hands of smugglers. we have to stop that. the only way to stop that is not allow illegal immigration. the wall stops people. chuck schumer needs to fund the wall. his actions don't match his worlds. >> we'll see if leaders in congress listen to someone that's an expect, been on the border, and knows it better than us. >> thank you very much. remember when eileen defended her husband. she was defending the senate majority leader.
6:19 am
>> leave my husband alone. >> leave my husband alone, she's tough. her husband is reacting. the left is trying to silence conservative speakers. the next guest said it's expanding. she will tell how it's expanding to high school. she's experienced it the first hand. she has the inside story. ♪ [ music ] well, esurance makes it simple and affordable. in fact, drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved an average of $412. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call. paying too much for insurance that isn't the right fit? well, esurance makes finding the right coverage easy. in fact, drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved an average of $412. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call.
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6:21 am
6:22 am
reactional pot is coming to
6:23 am
the east host. maine will be the first country 23the in the eastern time zone. how come said this hat got him fired. one students pro trump comment lead to name-calling. >> we are highlighting the importance of free speech in high schools. it's important in high school. it makes people uncomfortable. in sparks discussion and promotes acceptance of difference of opinions. shana chin won a essay contest. she's here. we saw this happen in college
6:24 am
but now high schools. >> i didn't expect it to happen in my high school. to have that happen i was surprised. >> tell our audience what happened. they haven't followed this story as closely. what happened? >> so we were having a debate on race and politics. one of my classmates is we should build a wall. it was just met with awkward silence for the rest of the class. >> that's unbelievable. >> just an awkward silence until met with something people don't agree with. does that happen at your school often? >> it doesn't happen very often. this is the first time it has
6:25 am
happened. we don't often debate about politics in class because it's considered a sensitive topic. many teachers like to simply not debate. >> it's with people with opposing views whether it's immigration or gay rights or you name it. they can post posters on the wall. you can say what you want about the issues. anytime someone is with president trump there is not the same treatment. >> i mentioned this in my article. in a school that practices diversity we were missing a huge chuck of diversity. nobody knew how to accent a different opinion. >> there it is.
6:26 am
for a school that had a free thinking attitude this is the opposite. we have become sofo cussed on certain beliefs we have forgotten the value of another kind of diversity. the diversity of opinion. that was well written. >> what is your massage for the other students in your class. what do you want them to know? >> a diverse opinion is also something that should be rerespect -- respected by everyone including high school students. if you content embrace the opinions you are not really open-minded and free thinking. >> we are having that same problem around the country. very brave of you. >> adults are struggling to get that too. we appreciate you writing about this and telling your story. >> thank you for having me. it's an honor.
6:27 am
coming up on the show. the president was celebrating tax cuts. some members were trying to go after him for something else. >> mr. president will you stop calling the press enemy of the people. >> we'll discuss that episode next. >> was that an episode of snl. one lawn care business is going viral and it's thanks to a neighbor that called the cops on him. we are getting the grill going this morning. stew leonard is cooking up burgers on the plaza. >> so much food this morning. [music playing] [beep] [beep] [beep] our members shop a little differently. so we reward every purchase.
6:28 am
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[tom campbell] st. jude exceeds any expectation or any dream i could have ever had about a hospital. first was getting david here, to save his life. but then i was told we wouldn't get a bill i didn't quite process that.
6:31 am
how's this possible? it's possible through all the wonderful people who donate. i don't know if they are aware of what they do, but they're saving children's lives every day. ♪ all right, yesterday was the marking of the 6 month anniversary of the tax cuts. >> many had a lot of questions about the tax cuts. >> one reporter from cnn had a different question. this is how that played out. >> mr. president, will you stop calling us the enemy of the people, sir? will you stop calling the press the enemy of the people? mr. president will you stop calling the press the enemy of
6:32 am
the people, sir. >> you might want to ask him about obamacare. they are not happy when you take them off massage. i could justify that. if it's a big story of the day and if they are talking about x you want to ask them about y. >> he was a mile a way from the president. >> he wasn't going to answer him. >> my point is that wasn't the story of the day. that wasn't the big thing about why did you tweet about the enemy of the american people. it's because jim was trying to tie it to the shooting. that's what happened 24 hours earlier. the shooter had a beef with this news paper from years ago. the tweet the president had about the enemy of the american people. he said the fake news media is the enemy of the people. he didn't say all. >> why be specific if you can
6:33 am
just grab pla platitudes. >> you have it. it becomes your own show. it's a viral moment. they want their face out their and headlines. this wasn't suppose to be about the supporters. you should never have the story be about you. it seems today we have gone so far from that. how can we make the story about myself. it had nothing to do with tax reform. i never think i heard him ask about the economy. >> it's a stretch. >> all right, well, a lot more going on this morning. i have more headlines. a driver slams the truck. a 19-year-old was arguing with the girl before that happened. you can see her here before he barrels through the door.
6:34 am
police believe he targeted her. the driver was arrested. the crash caused more then a half million dollars in damages. police are fleeing the force because of politics. 41 seattle officers left just this year alone. they added a lack of support from local officials. the police labor union called it a mass exitd -- exodus. there was a confrontation between mcconnells wife and the press. >> leave my husband alone. >> his wife is one tough cookie. he said he's proud of his wife who was not afraid to give them a peace of her mind, watch. >> i said to elaine, why don't
6:35 am
you quietly get in the car. she ignored my advise. i loved it. it we object viral on the internet. i have one tough wife. >> he said people have the right to protest but threatening others is crossing the line. a clients neighbor called the cops on this boy. they mowed the wrong persons lawn. he went to social media without rage. >> i'm glad you are out here doing something positive. you shouldn't have the police called on you for cutting grass. this is ridiculous. >> reggie is seeing a surge in his business. what a great story. it was beautiful two hours ago. it's getting hotter and hotter and muggier and muggier.
6:36 am
>> everybody, wave. good idea. we have a birthday out here. crystal is turning 13 tomorrow. for your birthday can you help me do the weather? >> yes, sir. >> how would you sum up how it feels? >> pretty good. not too hot. not too warm. >>reporter: we'll see a big warmup. crystal on your birthday how hot do you think it will be? >> 70. >> crystal you are way off. 13 years old, it will be 90 degrees. is your family going to be in trouble next year. crystal promises to be nice. guys we have food going.
6:37 am
>> independence day is days away are you ready to get grilling. >> we have tips to take your barbecue to the next level. the president and ceo of the farm fresh food store. stestew leonard and micheal. how are you doing? >> first of all, what a great day. the first thing if you want to step it up a notch. >> oh, i love it. >> that's a tomahawk stake. yosteak.they are ten bucks abou. >> ten bucks a pound. >> that's a few hundred dollars right there. >> what are the best tips. everyone will be out grilling this week? >> you know what, everyone likes to cut them. micheal is an expect of grilling. you should touch it. use the 1, 2, 3, 4.
6:38 am
that's the simplist thing. when you indiction finger meets your thumb that's immediate rare. when your pinky touches the thumb it's well. >> that's too much. >> we mixed up fillet mignon. >> are there different tips? >> you want to eat this burger medium-rare. you want color in it. you don't want a premium blend and dry it out. >> my brother would do that. >> also never push down with the spatula. >> no, don't play with your
6:39 am
food. >> i did that the other day and that will get you in trouble. >> you have some rose out here? >> this is the best thing to drink. chill it down. >> that's what dean does all day. >> jon loves it. everybody loves it. president trump is hinting there are more tax cuts coming. you might get more stakes coming. >> we'll do a phrase two in october. this will be more aimed at the middle-class. >> what will a second round of crumbs, as nancy calls it be like. also country legend ricky is headed to the hall of fame. he's here live, just ahead.
6:40 am
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yes, quick headlines. the moment toy story fans have been waiting for. disney is opening toy story land. they are opening their park based on the popular film. they are seeing life through the eyes of the toy. lebron james, king james, is picking his next team from the a decision cave. >> i just call it a man cave. >> it's a heck of a man cave. >> all right. president trump is touting his tax cuts in an exclusive interview. also looking for a second round of success. >> we are doing a phrase two.
6:44 am
we'll do it in october or sooner. it will be more of a middle-class. this will be more aimed at the middle-class. i'm thinking about the 21% down to 20. the rest will go to the middle-class. it's a great stimulus. >> can the president pull-off a new phrase of tax cuts before the midterms. let's ask neil cavuto. can the president do it? >> it looks like he will have the support. we have democrats that are involved in the races. i was surprised by what he wanted to do. at 21% rate to 20%. it would be fine tuning around the edges. as far as the impact it would be minimal, at least from my view, has had a substantial
6:45 am
difference. >> the economy is doing great across the board. you have the president pushing back on trade and doubling down saying there could be a trade war in places like canada or china. that's causing a lot of businesses to be concerned. you don't want to mess with something doing so well. >> he's messing with it. a lot of people said there is a massage to the madness. you are out judging it one way or the other. corporations are like people. if they see something uncertain they hold their wallet tight and expansion plans tighter. we are seeing g.m. and harley-davidson. a lot of companies and ceo's say i like the taxes and more. the dow dominated.
6:46 am
they are on eggshells. it might. it doesn't have to come to a full trade war. >> certainly among his core supporters they are not upset about his new plans, are they? >> no, they are not. the surprise is if it hits them. if the president is embraced in that possibility. we are looking at better than 800 of them that could be effected by higher prices up to 10 to 20%. this effects everything from cherries up to cars. it's an amazing thing. once they see that they will be shocked. the question is can the president prep them for the possibility. he doesn't think it will happen but sometimes it's better to warn people. >> sometimes people overcome kate all of this.
6:47 am
what about this, what about that? you go back to jim in '92. the president said a few things in the campaign. one of the pitching ones is i'll cut regulations and taxes. i not guilty advertised the atlanta fed is saying we'll have 4.5% economic growth. no one was predicting that. >> he gets that. that goes a long way to creating revenues. this is always the issue that comes up. no one mentioned that they added spending in the budget that we'll have over the next ten years. leaving that aside. if that growth is sustainable it will bury a lot of problems. >> we get to watch you at the top of the hour. you don't want to miss neil cavuto. >> too hot out.
6:48 am
stay inside and watch me. >> it's brutal. >> thank you. coming up, country legend ricky skaggs is headed to the country music hall of fame. he's here with us preforming his song "a simple life." >> you are watching "fox and friends" " with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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and know his fittinginductic hall of fame. it's a pleasure to introduce the new inductee into the country
6:52 am
hall of fame, ricky skaggs. >> what a great moment. member ricky skaggs joins us now. who is that guy? brooks or something. >> yeah books. >> garth is awesome. >> how does that make you feel? >> it's amazing. so many of the people i've learned from are not in their. it's sad. the way i look at it. i had to look at it like this. knowing what they pour into me is in their. >> you started at the age of seven. you performed with the best legends of bluegrass. >> that's adorable. >> we have a new t-shirt that says from the hauler to the hall. >> garth brooks was very
6:53 am
emotional when he inducted you. were you a huge influence on him? >> he says so. i just been doing it a long time. in the 80s i came from nashville. he was more, i don't know, it wasn't traditional country that it became in the 80s and 90s. i tried to bring bluegrass and traditional country together. that was my success. >> simple concept for a simple life. >> you want to take it away? >> sure. ♪ [ music ]
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6:59 am
ricky skaggs has gone from the hall of fame to "fox and friends." >> you are a talented man and humble guy. >> how could you be surprised? >> i don't think anyone comes to nashville with the intention of being in the hall of fame. that's above and beyond anything. it's the greatest achievement. >> skaggs family . you have a special song. carry us through the after the show show online. >> this is a great set up for sunday. >> take it away. ♪ [ music ]
7:00 am
sorry to interrupt that. i hope you are staying cool inside because things are heating up outside. i'm not talking about the heat wave. i'm talking about the protests all over the country. this is a few in new york city and new jersey. the president is spending the weekend but not out of earshot demanding ice be put-on ice. meet the democratic congresswoman arrested for arguing just that. one ice agent said the protestors are just wrong. this isn't about cracking down on immigration but illegal immigration.


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