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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 1, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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i am trying to be a positive force here allowing all sides to be heard. see you again 11:00 a.m. eastern for the latest buzz. [♪] eric: we'll start with a fox news alert. president trump sounding off in a wide ranging exclusive interview with maria bartiromo. he believes north korea is serious about denuclearization and he hinted who might nominate to fill anthony kennedy's seat on the supreme court. arthel: the president also shedding light on the escalating trade standoff. in that exclusive interview on "sunday morning futures." president trump: the european union is possibly as bad as chain today, just smaller.
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it's terrible what they did to us. take a look at the car situation. they send their mercedes in, we can't send our cars in. look what they do to our farmers. they want to protect their farmers. but we don't protect ours and they protect theirs. arthel: alison barber is reporting live from bedminster, new jersey. reporter: president trump spoke with the canadian prime minister justin trudeau friday. sarah huckabee sanders says they talked about trade as well as other trade issues. they are at odds over u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum. canada's retaliatory tariffs go into effect today. a $13 billion tax on aluminum, steel, whiskey, ball point pens. critics of the president's
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tariffs warn they could spike a trade war and hurt the global economy. president trump is doubling down. maria: harley davidson says we are sending production out oversteas because of our tariffs. should you be calling out specific companies? you are the president. president trump: yes, i should. reporter: president trump says north korea is serious about the agreement signed in singapore. president trump: i got along really well with chairman kim. we had a great chemistry. maria: but do we believe him? president trump: i made a deal with him. i shook hands with him. i believe he means it. is it possible? have i been in deals and have you been in things where things didn't work out? it's possible. reporter: new reports suggest
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north korea does not intend to fully convenienter its nuclear weapons stock posts. officials say evidence has led them to believe they are working to conceal weapons and production facilities. eric: there is no reaction from lawmakers on potential supreme court nomination. the president says he does not plan to raise that specific issue on abortion when he interviews the candidates. maria: are you going to ask the nominees beforehand how they might vote on roe versus wade? president trump: that's a big one, but probably not. but i'm putting conservative people on. it could end up with states at
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some point. reporter: senators are absolutely going to ask about it during the confirmation process. not just democrats. several republican senators are expressing concerns about this issue. susan collins of maine says she'll not support a nominee who what overturn the abortion rights established by roe versus wade. she says there are several candidates on the president's list she couldn't support. >> i told him i was look for a nominee that would demonstrate a respect for precedent,ing a long standing and vital tenet of our judicial system. i also suggested he broaden his search beyond the list of 25 nominees. reporter: abortion rights will factor heavily into this process. there are 50 republicans
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remaining in the senate and 50 votes are needed to confirm a nominee. the gop has susan collins and lisa murkowski. democrats will not be able to stop a nominee on their own. but they are planning to make the confirmation process a brutal one by asking a broad range of tough questions targeting president trump and his policies. >> i'm so anxious to here whatever this nominee has to say. is the president able to pardon himself. i want to know what he thinks about the process of how far the mueller investigate needs to go and will they fight to protect that. reporter: we are told the president has narrowed his list down to a few candidates. and he'll announce it a week from tomorrow. they will were john malkin is
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the president of the institute at the heritage foundation. another thing that president trump told maria in that interview is he won't specifically ask supreme court candidates about their position on roe versus wade. however, as you know, the president is shopping from a list of conservative candidates compile bid the federalist society. does that guarantee roe versus wade will be overturned or altered. >> of course not. you would think every time there is a supreme court vacancy abortion is the only issue that would come up to the supreme court. justices tend to move very, very cautiously. the list of 25 names, high quality men and women with distinguished records. so far as i am aware, the only person on that list who has
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taken a public position on roe versus wade is bill pryor of the 7th circuit. but these people haven't taken public positions on roe versus wade, nor will they do so during the confirmation hearing. arthel: you just heard susan collins say she is concerned the president is only choosing from that list of 25 candidate and she would like the president to go beyond that. >> i don't know why she is concerned about the people on that list. there are high quality individuals not on that list. i would be happy if they were named supreme court justices. i see no reason for the president to deviate from that list. there they are originalists who are fair-minded. independent, who show every prop is of being outstanding associate justices on the supreme court. arthel: i spoke with someone
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from the federalist society yesterday. and we were talking about roe versus wade and he said he didn't think it would be automatically overturned. but he could foresee some of the decisions handed back down to the state. if state restrictions are upheld, won't that make abortion illegal due to state imposed aggressive restriction? >> if roe versus wade is overturned, the issue would be returned to the state, as was the case before roe versus wade. the court will consider, i suppose, different regulations that the states enact with respecting to abortion as they have done over the years with justice kennedy on the court. none of that will change. the supreme court does on
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occasion overrule precedent. but all of the justices have respect for precedent. and these snap judgments are not snap judgments. they take place gradually and over time. but this is what the democrats do. everybody wants independent judges, but they want commitments from the nominees for the issues they happen to like on the left. and no nominee is going to commit to, you know, be bound in the future on any of these issues, and that's appropriate. >> let's take a look at the kaiser foundation poll. 60% of the public do not want the supreme court to overturn roe versus wade. you have got 53% of republicans would like to see roe versus wade overturned.
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is the country better served to have a justice before the mid-terms. >> there will be a new justice before the mid-terms. they should not be governed by popularity polls which can change over time on any issue, abortion included. arthel: one woke from tomorrow, as you well know, president trump wants to select a candidate, understanding that the president has had time to sit with his list of candidate provided by the federalist society. would this give the senate ample time to vet, review past recordings and ruling, hold hearings, then confirm the president's pick before november 6. >> sure. i want to push back on one thing
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you said. this was not a list provided by the federalist society. the president credited me for providing a list from the heritage foundation. he received information from a number of societies. this is not the federal society's list. the federalist society, nothing could be further from the truth. answer to your question is yes. if there is a nominee on july 9 there is no reason why they can't schedule confirmation hearings after labor day. they could have those hearings and have a vote to confirm that nominee before the supreme court resumes its sitting the first monday in october. arthel: if the heritage foundation were to make a recommendation to supreme court justices in this politically
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contentious jan. what would it be. >> several names i put forth are on the president's list. i don't have any particular fast it. the ones i think will get the most of conversation is brett kavanaugh. kavanaugh. i think joan larsen and amy barrett will get a serious look. barrett has only been on the circuit for a short period of time but had a distinguished academic record. any of those names and others on the trump list would be outstanding. arthel: you wouldn't have recommendations for those individuals. arthel: would you have any advice to them in terms of how they might proceed from this
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point forward? >> i think they are all very capable of explaining their judicial philosophy. i have no doubt anybody on that list who the president nominates will do a fine job during the confirmation hearing just as neil gorsuch did last year. arthel: i appreciate your time this morning. i'm sure we'll talk to you again. eric: nine people have been rushed to the hospital in boise. they are the victims of a mass stabbing in an apartment complex. that complex houses recent refugees who arrived in the state. >> we haven't had anything involving this kind of attack in boy see in the history of the
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department. eric: jeff hall joins us from our west coast bureau. reporter: at the scene early in the morning the boy see police chief called this mass stabbing devastating. his officers have never seen anything like the and they have no idea what motivated the suspect. 30-year-old timmy kenner. he was not a refugee, but a temporary resident at the apartment complex where the attacks happened. he was asked to leave friday. the following evening he started stabbing people inside the complex and in the marking lot of those who were stabbed, six were children. >> our community is reeling from this attack. it's not a representation of our community in boise it's a single evil attack. people with no provocation that
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we are aware of. reporter: four victims have life-threatening injuries. suspect is facing nine counts of aggravated injury. arthel: a group of americans being airlifted to the hospital after a deadly boat explosion in the caribbean. what to expect from the upcoming summit with president trump and put around. -- trump and vladimir putin. >> he wants vladimir putin to understand our position. is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one . technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet?
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arthel: an american tourist is killed in a boat explosion in the bahamas. the female victim was among 10 americans and two bahamans. four other americans were flown to florida for treatment. it's you can clear what caused the -- it's unclear what caused the explosion. they will were 15 days to go
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before the summit between president trump and vladimir putin in helsinki. the invasion of ukraine and the president says he'll raise the russian interference in our election. while the specifics of north korea's prop is to begin the process denuclearization have not yet been set. the president said there has been success. maria: on north korea and iran, how is the summit? can you give us any an i can dotes? we are supposed to find out. i have spoken with military men of my own. they said north korea need to tell us where their facilities are so we can inspect them.
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>> i think they are very serious about it. we had a good chemistry. we had a lot of points. denuclearization, getting the remains back from great heroes, great people. eric: returning the remains of the fallen is one thing. but are there pows who remain in prison in north korea or transferred to china. gordon chang joins us. this is compelling and fascinating, but there is no proof. what do you think about the possibility american pows from the korean war have lived for years in prisons. >> at the time of the armistice in 1953, he said he believed the
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koreans kept american pows. there are reports of sightings of americans in korea, china and russia. but american families want answers. american diplomats need to ask their counterparts what they know. eric: the issue of the remains is part of the process. but has this subject of possible pows been brought up in the talks? >> i don't think so. but there is a video of a u.s. air force pilot sam logan. it's widely available. every time an american official meets a russian or chinese counterpart the first thing out of his or her mouth, it should be what do you know about sam
9:23 am
logan. eric: that's a propaganda film taken by the north koreans. do we know what happened to him? >> we know the soviets distributed a still of logan taken from that video that's available or approximately the same time. so there is a good indication that he did survive and he is somewhere there or died in captivity. but we need to know. i don't expect some minor official to know. but if we asked question every single time, the chinese will get the point. eric: you think as many as 800. gilbert ashley, his b59 was shot down. and you mentioned mark far asr. here is a report from the north korean committee saying quote in 1951 early in the negotiating
9:24 am
process the north koreans and chinese indicated they were holding 3,198 americans captive. 3,313 americans were released in august 1953 after the armistice was signed. before it was believe more americans remained under north korean and chinese control. have the chinese cooperated in this process? >> no, they haven't. those pows were held in secret. it's not just the chinese it's the soviets as well. we may never get the answers. but it's up to us to try. it's up to us to bring up this issue. we have to convince others that is important it's essential we find out. eric: president trump meeting
9:25 am
with president putin. is this something he should bring up? >> first thing president trump says to putin. i don't want to repeat myself. yes, we need to get the answers to this. it's a question of american political will, and it will have beneficial effects on other areas that we deal with putin. we have a lot of contentious issues with putin. we show american determination on pows, we'll get better results on everything else. >> it's a surprising issue. you have got ukraine and nuclear weapons. but you say this is something that can show american resolve and determination in a way that some other issues may not? >> we have in many ways with regard to russia have not shown that determination. for instance, the dismemberment of georgia 2008, the seizing of
9:26 am
crimea in 2014. this crosses administrations both republicans and democrats. president trump can break this. he can show the u.s. does have will. i think putin will understand he's dealing with a different american president than he has in the past. he pushed us around because he thinks he can do it. eric: so if the president says where is sam logan? >> his sons are still pressing this. that is have much at the point of the pow groups. eric: do you think there is a possibility some would be alive? >> they would be in their late 80s and 90s. there are south koreans there as well. eric: south korean people from the korean war. >> perhaps 500 are still alive. this is an issue where seoul and
9:27 am
washington need to press. eric: gordon chang on the pressing issue of pows and mias from the korean war. worth investigating and asking. thank you. arthel? arthel: democratic lawmakers debating the notion to abolish i.c.e. this as questions loom about the future of immigration after a gop compromise bill is defeated in the house. house. some folks looking to beat the heat as temperatures soar across parts of the country. any triple digits? we'll find out. >> we got out fast. in and out. it feels hot. ur inner light looe with one a day women's. a complete multivitamin specially formulated with key nutrients plus vitamin d for bone health support.
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>> i believe that it has become a deportation orders and i think you should separate the criminal justice and immigration issues and i think you should reimagine ice under a new agency with a different mission and take those two missions out. and so, we believe we should protect families that need our help or not is not what i.c.e. is doing today and why i believe you should get rid of it, start over, reimagine it and build something that actually works. narthel: by the senator kirsten gillibrand with chris cuomo calling for the abolishment or the re-imagination of i.c.e. at the senator just said. that has been debated a children's party members in response to president trump's crackdown on illegal immigration at the southern border. the president reacting on "sunday morning futures" with maria bartiromo saying he hopes democrats make this a campaign
9:33 am
issue. >> debuted out joe crowley to get this. more democrats getting in line today saying we need to abolish ice. >> i hope they keep thinking about it because they look at eton so badly. these are the guys that go in and take ms-13 and take them out because they are much tougher by a factor of 10. you get rid of i.c.e. coming out of the country are afraid to walk out of your house. i love that issue to do that because >> joining me now, chief white house reporter for the associated press. how are you? thanks for having me. not all democrats are calling to abolish i.c.e. the 28-year-old president we are referencing nancy malloch said joe crowley because he didn't show up in alexandria literally went through a community in queens and the bronx to call for
9:34 am
racial dignity. on a broader scale, if the midterms are about immigration and i.c.e., which stands to win? >> both parties feel like this is a winning issue. all about your base turning up in the party able to grab up their base and not in a loyal voters, those are the people who will win in the low turnout elections. republicans clearly feel this is a winning issue they've been intending to try to make the midterms for months and months and naïve that the democrats using family separation issue to really rally their base. he saw the march across washington d.c. really trying to build up that enthusiasm. eric: all across the country they were out. meanwhile, democrat from illinois was on cnn with jake
9:35 am
tapper in taking for his stance on the idea of abolishing i.c.e. take a listen. >> i think if you abolish an executive agency, if the policies of the white house. you still have the same president with the same failed policies. it is still going to reflect what the president wants to do. >> there's a lot of other things we can do before we get to that point. tree into the democrats likely to follow the lead? >> if they split in the party and really a moment of reckoning for the democratic dirty. you've got people like senator gillibrand in new york who saw what happened to her colleague, someone all across new york or the governor considered sort of a moderate democrat facing a challenge for cynthia nixon. you've got democrats like that really feeling vulnerable from challenges to the left. other parts of this country are not new york city who are facing
9:36 am
much more conservative, much more moderate democratic voters who have not the same views and has been to these when it comes to a they've chosen to tackle illegal immigration. what you see here is different democrats are different constituencies and try to appeal to them without alienating people. drinking is speaking about the democrats looking to answer the call from their own constituents. you've got congress having yet to find a remedy to reform immigration. are they on track to do so before the midterm election? >> at this point it doesn't look like that's going to have been. we've had in the last couple weeks this compromise. house speaker paul ryan and republican leaders have spent weeks and weeks trying to hash out a piece of legislation that
9:37 am
would make moderate and conservative republicans in the house happy. meeting after meeting trying to put together language that would appeal to a broad swath of people in on the president's requirements and he would sign the legislation. that's filled by a large margin. there was little faith that it would have been taken over passed the senate. at this point it doesn't seem like there's any kind they could come up with. a very narrow deal with the separation issue codifying that would be kept together and being separated. maybe potential for that, but doesn't seem like we'll see much before the midterms. eric: meanwhile is the debate about i see type common trading against this morning, saying to the great, brave men and women of i.c.e. come and do not worry or lose. you're doing a fantastic job
9:38 am
with keeping us safe by eradicating the worst criminal elements. so brave. next it will be all police come is your chance it will never happen. as a result of the zero-tolerance policy, or 2342 children still separated from their families and although the trump administration is working on reuniting them, you've got lawmakers, democrats and republicans alike say they don't have an idea on how it will take place. does this current crisis factor in on midterm voting? >> no doubt absolutely well. this president now for almost three years covering the primary campaign and i have not seen an issue that has charged an impacted the general public like the pictures of the children being separated in a facility really a nerve with a lot of
9:39 am
people. i can imagine it not playing the role in these elections. arthel: former first lady laura bush wave and. we have to leave it there. thank you very much. white house reporter for "the associated press." >> thank you. eric: sizzling summer sunday. went great heatwave temperatures up into the triple digits in some parts of the country. tens of millions of americans under some sort of heat warning for advisory. it is summer, so some folks are taking out whether in stride. >> we weighed all winter for this heat and i'm not -- [inaudible] >> we're sitting here in the nice air conditioned studio. right out the window behind me on sixth avenue, right back they are his brain dns in the heat.
9:40 am
>> hey, eric when temperatures hit 90 degrees, it is officially a heat wave. new york city's first heatwave. temperatures are expected to hit 90 degrees and not the boy band. here are the current temperatures. new york city 92 in this this heat wave is actually the last seven days making it the longest in new york city since july 2013. raleigh north carolina 89 degrees. it feels like over 98 if you look at the heat index, it feels like 99 in new york are at 100 memphis, 101 in new orleans. he warnings in effect for chicago, st. louis, memphis, new york and boston and he divisors in effect for much of the midwest and most of the northeast. excessive heat warning in effect for chicago. as much as 110 degrees today. felt like 112 degrees yesterday.
9:41 am
cooling stations and centers put in place in communities throughout the midwest and northeast. people doing everything they can to stay cool while enjoying themselves. >> in a now. i knew it would be hot out here and it's been amazing ever since i took my shirt off. >> i'm planning on getting burned today. >> i'm not planing on getting burned today. animals says susan l. and i were given ice cube treats msdn fans put in place. meanwhile coming storm hit on thursday night knocking out power for 60,000 people in missouri and illinois while some residents are still frustrated at temperatures come and they start edging closer to near triple digit temperatures. >> i've got to take care of different areas first as they are told to.
9:42 am
the cooling centers is a priority. which they did. >> hopefully some folks get ac. 134 people a year die from extreme heat. the most that any causes. enjoy the summer. drink a lot of water intake was best he can. train to stay hydrated. it can be very serious. everybody, take tour. stay cool. arthel: 101 in northern vietnam on such is going to church and then going back home is the mayor. smart lady. meanwhile, we go back to the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein facing the question from republican lawmakers as they question his involvement in the more investigation with the growing pressure forcing him to rethink his role. >> i can assure you weren't
9:43 am
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be there for you, and them. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. eric: the issue whether deputy attorney general rod rosenstein should recuse himself in the russian investigation came to a head last week during a contentious hearing in front of the house judiciary committee. is that a possibility? let's bring in the former united states attorney in deputy assistant attorney general. mr. le pen, should he recuse himself? does he have a conflict of interest? >> it's a strange spectacle. this is the republican trump appointed deputy attorney general and they are treating him like a schoolchild. i think what they don't realize exactly is that there is a whole career staff in the department of justice who opines on recusal questions. when i was u.s. attorney and there was an investigation, may
9:48 am
be a witness was a relative. you go to them. you don't want to make decisions yourself. we don't want them to make decisions and spells. you go when asked in any case of this magnitude you certainly did and he certainly falling their advice would be career ending if you didn't. that would be what attorney general sessions did. there's another point i'm not sure they are aware of, which is a you are not recuse coming you have an obligation to serve. think about it here. if rosenstein recuses the responsibility for the probe to the solicitor general, who has exactly zero prosecutorial experience. just on mutual principle, that is a hard position to put somebody into a supervised the biggest criminal probe in many years. i think what we have to understand is he is not self-executing. eric: he is under tremendous pressure. according to "the new york
9:49 am
times" used old friend he saw used by the white house because of that memo on comey and some other say he shouldn't be doing this because he's investigating his own case. >> yeah. i understand why people say that. he was something of a weight is. pretty tangential. he put in my mouth the president said had no effect on him. it's not a fanatic of her witness. i can see the argument for it, and that the thing you always do is serve it up to the career staff and certainly you don't want to recusal decision to be based on political pressure. he suggested maybe things could ripen in the investigation would make it appropriate for him to recuse and then he would. i think what will happen if he will be guided unfailingly by what career staff who have the experience of all different cases of this sort will advise him.
9:50 am
>> career staff that some are concerned about. not handing over documents that have been asked for a subpoenaed by congress. do they have the obligation and are they trying to cover something up? >> very different question. i don't think it is the career staff making final decisions on what documents to forward. but i'm not, i would say it's very traditional for the department of justice to decline to get documents from a pending criminal investigation. here they've given many more than conventionally in the past in very serious can the duration themselves to protect and balance that with the oversight function. without his roses and call. i think they are he's making it appropriately. >> you think he'll stay? >> i think i'll stay unless something happens to the investigation that makes folks say no, and now it's getting
9:51 am
dicey. you should step away. >> he is better in the investigation continues and will see how that plays out. thank you for joining us. eric: thanks for having me. eric: of course, we will be right back. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. a new world.s... deeper than the ocean. as unfathomable as the universe. a world that doesn't exist outside you... ...but within you. where breakthrough science is replacing chemotherapy with immunotherapy. where we can now attack the causes of disease, not just the symptoms. where medicines once produced for all, are now designed to fit you. today 140,000 biopharmaceutical researchers
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arthel: right now voters casting
9:55 am
their ballots in what has become the biggest election in mexico's history. william la jeunesse is covering that live in city. william. >> rappel coming-out analysts say this is the biggest election ever. it is not an overstatement. officials expect a big turnout for the former mayor. he is a left-wing nationalist. he represents a political earthquake here in rejection to the two main candidates. josé antonio meade and ricardo knight of the national action party urging is a strong runner ups with the undecided vote. 88 million mexicans are entitled to vote. 90% turnout with a sweeping mandate for his reforms which include free access to the internet. pensions for the elderly. educational grants for students and increasing minimum wage. subsidies for small farmers and single mothers in the end of the drug war.
9:56 am
he's promising hugs, not gunfire traffickers in the state of growers and an end to the military fight against the cartels to reduce violence in a war that is seen as americans problem. >> people ask themselves the question here, why should we go on doing your dirty work for you? do it yourselves. americans want to stop drugs from entering the u.s. from mexico, put the army on the border. >> polls close at 6:00. we should have results by midnight. >> william la jeunesse. thank you are a match. we are done. eric: don't go anywhere. arthel: my bad. stay right there. s a fisherman. with blue eyes. just like you. begin your journey at
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♪ >> you are listening live to the iconic marine corps band in the special fourth of july weekend edition of "america's news hq." i'm elizabeth grant coming to you from the marine corps memorial right across from


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