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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 2, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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team really let down. they dropped him right on his back. he had just made three-game winning saves giving his team to win over denmark we hope he is okay. that wraps up this hour of "fox & friends" first. "fox & friends" first continues now, have a good day. >> it's monday, july 2. downtown park, a day of fun and sun and the nightmare when a bounce house first. is the extreme heat to blame? the warning for every parent. >> the supreme court shortlist got longer as president trump sends a stern message to so-called obstructionistdemocrats . heather: lebron james is headed to los angeles. the move that could change the nba as we know it and the not so cavalier reaction from 21 fans. "fox & friends" continues right now.
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>>. >> is great but not happening. >> now the lakers are going to win like every other championship? >> it's not a oneperson show, rob. we will see what happens. it's one minute after the hour. and it's monday, good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first". >> i'm rob schmidt . >> i'm julian neely. presidenttrump expanding his shortlist as he considers replacements for justice kennedy also slamming
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democrats or using criticism a week before announcing his . the latest developments this morning. >>. reporter: one week from today we will have our nominee but one of the key boats in the senate, the list is growing. >> the white house counsel tells me there have been a few additional potential nominees added to that list but i think the president should not feel bound by that list and instead should seek out recommendations to ensure that he gets the best possible person. rob: that is susan collins, the moderate republican from maine who says she has already ruled out some of the candidates onthe list of 25 released by the white house in november. hollins did not say which ones but her decision will likely come down to abortion-rights . >> i would not support a nominee who demonstrated hostility to roe vs. wade because that would be to me that there judicial philosophy did not include a
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respect for established physicians,established law. rob: but it is not just his own party that president trump have to worry about in a confirmation fight . is here's the president talkingto maria about the democrats . >> it's probably going to be vicious because the other side, all they can do is obstruct and resist . that's all they want to do is stop things from happening so they're going to try very hard but it's going to go quickly if i pick the right person. >> trump went on to say he expects his next supreme court to go quickly and he's unlikely to ask his nominees position on roe v. wade. he says that abortion-rights could be determined on a state-by-state basis after the new supreme court justice is served. if we're in the middle of a baseball game where not even at the first fit in terms of this confirmation. it's going to be a while.
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jillian: is going to be fascinating, thank you todd. us and north korean officials meet face-to-face for the first time since the summit between president trump and kim jong un. rob: we're getting a preview of the president upcoming meeting with president putin. more on that, correct? griff: the us envoy met with north korean officials on the dmz and new questions are being asked about how serious kim jong un is from last month summit. the regime is working to conceal key aspects of its nuclear program and does not fully intend to give up his arsenal but president trump told maria bartiromo he believes president ken. >> i shook hands with him. i believe he means it. have i been in deals, have you been in deals where it
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didn't work out? it's possible. griff: this as john bolton says the us has a plan to dismantle north korea's weapons and missile program. >> our experts have devised as a program that with north korean cooperation with full disclosure of all their chemical and biological nuclear programs, we can get physically, we would be able to dismantle the overwhelming bulk of their programs within a year's mike pompeo will discuss the plan with pyongyang noting it will be in their best interest to lift it and the bolton took an opportunity to look ahead at what's at stake with the upcoming meeting with vladimir putin saying the goal is for the two leaders to sit down face-to-face and discussed a range of issues including syria, ukraine and election meddling. that will take place in helsinki and reporters in washington wonder if we are
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going to see another visit by mike pompeo to north korea coming over the fourth of july holiday. jillian: i wouldn't be surprised. six kids and three adults brutally stabbed and a three-year-old birthday party. the man suspected of carrying out the attack will face a judge. timothy kenner was asked to leave an apartment in boise idaho and after he came back on a rampage, allegedly stabbing the birthday girl and eight others. >> this is an attack against those who are mostvulnerable . our children. it's pure evil, in my mind. jillian: all the victims were refugees, four of them have life-threatening injuries. rob: and immigrant accused of starting a fire in colorado is from denmark.
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i says it has placed a detainer on jasper jorgensen after his arrest, he's facing arson charges for the spring creek wildfire that started on wednesday and is the more active a dozen working colorado right now.a bahamas vacation earning deadly for an american tourist after a fiery explosion. look at that black smoke pouring into the sky. an american woman killed, nine othershurt. the charter boat carrying 10 people, at least three people from a neighboring boat able to pull one person to safety. earlier reports say an engine exploded causing the boat to catch fire . jillian: south carolina congressional candidate katie arrington breaking her silence after being injured in a car accident. arrington posting a picture of herself inside her hospital room writing in part thank you heavenly father for allowing me to continue my work on this earth as mother
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and the public servant. arrington is coming off a win over mark sanford in the north carolina primary speed for mexico lx a leftist vowing to fight president trump. obrador won in a landslide in his third attempt at the presidency. the former mexico city mayor promises to fight back against trump's immigration policy and calls for amnesty to drug traffickers. president trump tweeting congratulations to obrador. i look very much forward to working withhim. there is much to be done that would benefit the united states and mexico . jillian: lebron is gone. that's kind of funny, right? the nba mvp and three-time champion is heading to the los angeles lakers.james signing the$154 million contract after leaving the cleveland cavaliers again . he brought the team's first and only championship in 2016. the move lighting social
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media for hours, one fan reading that you lebron, you will forever have given the city the happiest moment we will ever feel as cleveland sports fans and rival kobe bryant reacting saying welcome to the family. hashtag lakers for life, drive for greatness. rob: what do you think about this? jillian: i liked him in philadelphia. rob: but on agrander scale, people in philadelphia are mad about this but nobody has possession of a player . jillian: it's hard to say goodbye to that great player. rob: seemseverybody is mean to lebron james. i don't know. the left ramping up demands to get rid of ice . >> replacing ice with something that reflects our morality . jillian: i don't think ice today is working as intended.
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rob: does this platform spell doom for the democrats heading into themidterms? our political panel debates that next .jillian: failure to launch. what caused the rocket to explode into flames atkins after takeoff.
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with my bladder leakage, the products i've tried just didn't fit right. they were very saggy. it's getting in the way of our camping trips. but with new sizes, depend fit-flex is made for me. introducing more sizes for better comfort. new depend fit-flex underwear is guaranteed to be your best fit. jillian: iraqi is following in the footsteps of the us when it comes to building a border wall. guard spokesman says a hard wire fence with surveillance tower is going up along the syrian border, kicking isis out of the country. the barrier has thermal cameras and drones.
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baghdad's ministry of defense and a us coalition are allegedly planning to evaluate the effectiveness of the fence . the border dropping rapidly as the trump administration cracks on our immigration numbers for last month show border patrol made about 34,000 arrests down 16 percent from may when the agency wracked a little more than 50,000 immigrants. the june number is the lowest since february. the drop could also be due to seasonal trends . rob: the president defending ice agents asdemocrats ramp up for calls to abolish that agency. >> replacing ice with something that reflects our morality . >> i don't think ice today is working as intended . >> there's no question we got to re-examine ice and its role. >> we need to re-abolish ice, that seems clear. >> we are committing human rights abuses on this order and that is part of the structure of theagency . >> president trump says the democrats are paving the way for republican victories this
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november so is he right? republican strategist kimberly place and deputy press secretary josc misdemeanor. kim, we start with you. the center on motto from new york said yesterday with this kind of rhetoric from the left, republicans canexpect to save the house in november and even add seats in the senate . the event that's possible? >> i totally agree.luckily for the american people democrats don't hold control of any branch of government or wewould have this crazy idea pushed through but there's a reason why people are dying to get to america. we understand the value of the enterprise . we don't know who's who. you have those that are seeking asylum and we have those that they are seeking asylum from. youhave criminals, drug cartels, gang members and we don't know the difference and i'd like to point out to
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anti-troopers and those that don't agree, this is not trump idea .ice was established in 2002 as a response to september 11 and it's hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that people who live through the tragedy would be on board with something like this and i have to say those that are for the #metoo movement, ice investigates sex trafficking so it's a crazy idea all around. rob: a lot of people are killers, they are violent criminals, what's your response to these calls? >> i don't think it whether we need to abolish ice, we need to change it policy. i was not meant to be separating families and putting families in detention so we've got to really think and i think the reason why we are even having this conversation with whether ice is to be abolished or at least change itsstructure is because of the anti-immigrant policies the president has been putting through . jillian: rob: is it too far to say it
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should be abolished? >> i don't think it's effective to put away or eliminate whole agency. we could use a better time with more resources and maybe do some rebranding and ensure that ice is doing what it's meant to do which is going against transnational crime organizations, not trying to lock the way children at the border. rob: some democrats say this is a small faction of the party but a lot of them are big-name. you've got kristin joanne, elizabeth warren amy things. on the other side something like 70 percent of americans support stronger borders in this country. is this a loser for the democrats? >> sorry, yes. it was also former secretary
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of state hillary clinton who said we must have strong border and send a strong message. it was hillary clinton who said regardless if you are an adult or a child if you come over the border without papers, we will send you back and hillary clinton said in 2014 four years ago that if you come seek asylum in our country, you have to understand that we don't have to accept you. we don't have to grantyou any asylum because she was for strong borders and i don't know how we've gone to this backward thinkingof backwards ways in four years, it makes no sense . rob: 50,000 are caught coming into the country illegally every month . you don't want to see these people detained. what should happen to these people? >> i can't believe kimberly is still talking about hillary clinton. the election was over at least a year and a half ago. let me say this. hillary clinton is gone, let's move on. what i can tell you is this and my message for the president is very simple. if we want to make sure that
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we stop, if you want to ensure that american people are happy, either way, they have proved they want comprehensive immigration reform.mister president, go to congress,talk to democrats, talk to republicans and let's put forward a plan that secures the border that puts a path to citizenship for the millions of undocumented people . >> that's 40,000 people a month, what should happen in the short term? >> one of the basic human rights that people have especially when they come through to this country, the beacon of hope, the united states of america, people should have ahearing of asylum, the notion that right now jeff sessions and president trump are trying to change policies that if you cross the borderundocumented,
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you won't even have a chance at a hearing to seek asylum. that's absurd rob: if you have a hearing, you have to wait, where are you going to wait? we appreciate it, over to you . jillian: bounce house horror. a day of fun in thesun ends in a nightmare when a bounce house bursts . a warning now for every parent. an american hunter parking outrage with pictures of her so-called trophy killed. how she responds to critics. we are coming right back .
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rob: young girl that after a bouncecastle explodes, throwing her 20 feet into the air. the little girl . to be four years old a beach in the uk. this windbreaker right here put up as paramedics try to save her from cardiac arrest. the owner says the bounce
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house exploded because of heat. jillian: smoke in the cabin forcing a flight to evacuate mormons before takeoff. passenger and congressional candidate rich walker posting this video sliding off the plane in washingtondc. he claims someone was smoking in the bathroom on the flight bound for houston. the incident is under investigation. no one was hurt . rob: jillian: tracee carrasco here with what you can expect from the terrace imposed by canada . tracee: this is on us goods going to canada. canada imposed about $12.6 billion on tariffs on these goods, 40 copies mostly deal and iron, those will face a 25 percent tariff and 80 us
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goods catchup, lawnmowers, ballpoint bandpens, even strawberry jam will face a 10 percent tariff when they get to the canadian border so this could have big implications from us companies. we haven't heard what president trump has to say but i imagine he will be tweeting about this later today . rob: he said no tariffs, we've got to remember that . jillian: this came out last friday, late in the evening. facebook shared with congress about 700 pages and documents and it came out that facebook share user information with dozens of software hardware developers, also developers also after it said it had stopped sharing our information. this is companies like amazon, apple, blackberry, even chinese firms which
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there were concerns about national security there, one of those companies was waiwei. they started winding down these partnerships and have been ending more of them at the end of july and also later this year. you can'tkeep any personal information safe when you use that thing. that's what the moral of the story is . jillian: all right tracee carrasco, thank you. maxine waters taking unhinged to a whole new level, the democrat now attacking her ownparty . >> leadership like chuck schumer will do anything they think is necessary to protect their leadership and what i have to do is not focus on them. jillian: the outrage pouring in from both sides on this one. rob: high tech on the high seas. anna is live with a look at the navy's next generation for patrol boat . >> we want to know why you think america is the greatest country in the world. send us your patriotic photos
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using the hashtag proud american and we will use them on the air.
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jillian: hope you're having a good start to your week. a major victory in the fight against isis.iraqi forces say the terror groups, finance and logistics chief was killed during a us led air force raid in northern iraq . two other isis members also killed. iraqi declared victory against isis but they are still fighting against remaining terror cells. the us patrolling the atlantic ocean amid an uptick in russian submarine activity. the navy called the increase alarming they the russia is testing us defenses. russia has so successfully launched missiles from these
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sobs and also used them to move cables beneath the ocean that power the internet worldwide. rob: democrats rallying to abolish ice but thepresident is defending the agency and sending a warning to those who wish for itsdemise. >> i hope they keep thinking about it because they are going to get beaten so badly. these are the guys that take ms 13 . you get rid of ice, you're going to have a country where you are afraid to walk out of your house .rob: the president's comments coming out after protesters support violent riots, clashing with marchers inportland oregon. the fate ofgermany's migration policy , chancellor angela merkel reeling after an eight hour meeting and it with a cabinet member threatening to resign . this under a migrant crisis and she could soon face the end of her political career if nothing is done to fix it. she's insisted on and
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european union wide effort. jillian: a promise for people in the middle east, prince william telling his staff he wants to make calling tension in the region alifelong project . rob: the future king perhaps returned from a five-day visit to israel, jordan and the palestinian territories to become the first royal to make an official visit to israel. cleanup underway after damaging flash flooding it central iowa. sports radio announcer larry, killed after he stepped out of the van into floodwaters. jillian: dangerous heat gripping millions after the fourth of july. so hot in chicago firefighters had to hose down the bridge because theheat prevented it from going up or down to let boats go through. jenna dean is here tracking it all . reporter: prepare in advance, it does get this hot sometimes in the summertime.
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we are talking about the fourth of julycoming up so here's your temperatures, a little warmer than average. we're getting relief across new york , 93 and down to around 85 on wednesday but you see the big cities, not just the temperature, it's the humidity factor and that's why it's dangerous. the advisory always from the mid-atlantic with those warnings in effect for new york city so another day of heat and humidity. not a whole lot on the map in terms of radar but we do have a severe threat for parts of the plane states and the rest of the forecast isgoing to be warm for much of the country and still drive across the west where we have a lot of wildfires burning . that's another big story. >> buckle up and prepare for the heat, already we got the's july. july 2. it's going to be hot in july.
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this is how it works. janet, thank you so much. jillian: independence day is right around the corner, weekend cohost anna is back kicking off our fifth annual proud american series . rob: she's live from new jersey. the biggest and baddest patrol boats, it's been a while. reporter: good morning jillian and rob. thank you for having me back for our proud american coverage. you have no idea how proud it feels to be back in the usa. we have cars we areshowing all , we're going to be showing off what makes them proud to be anamerican, talking about the founding fathers at colonial williamsburg and wednesday we are on the uss monterey with the navy but now they want to show us around one of their latest and greatest, the
2:35 am
patrol boat . >> this march 6 patrolis one of six in the u.s. navy. it may not be as big as the destroyer . >> that's a lot of firepower. >> you say hot and heavy, short and sharp, what do you mean? >> we want to make sure the thing we are protecting remains protected, we eliminate the threat and we will find them and get out of there and the primary mission for us is to ensure the safety of those men . >> what would they be bringing? >> we have the m2 hb, also known as the50 pound machine gun, one of the many weapons we have one for the mark . another benefit of serving on this vessel is leadership opportunities. >> it's very early in their career and we apply it to one of these patrol boats, junior officers at this level get a
2:36 am
lot of possibility. >> with only 12american sailors, you develop that sense of moderate and teamwork from the time you start training to the time you deploy . >> they get trained as a group, certify as a group and deployas a group so once they start firing on all cylinders nothing can stop them. >> i'm also an operator or the market 38 . i keep my eyes on the charts. >> ibasically control short-range, long-range . >> i'm in second position. >> what you think about the range of this one? >> here we go. >> thank you, it's been a blast. you want to join the group? >> it's debatable. >>.
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jillian: thanks to the navy, that was such a lovely story and we are onthe uss monterey on wednesday, maybe they will let me point in on that . how do you like that? it's like nothing on me already, it's going to be about 100 degrees today but new art is the way where the ice cream cone originated in the world fair in 1904. anybodywithout, they didn't know what to do. there happened to be able with a wall and they one and two together and look what we have now ? jillian: happy fourth of july. rob: i love that. 37 minutes after the hour, amazon making its way into your medicine cabinet, getting all access your
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health data but how convenient is too convenient? nicole safire is against this . why she says prescriptions shouldn't be as easy to track as your online shopping habits. jillian: the pictures in my firestorm on social media. this under turning the tables on the backlash. so you can get the best deal on the right hotel for you. dates, deals, done! tripadvisor. visit jillian: welcomeback, maxine
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waters railing against the trump administration and leaders of her own party after they condemn her call for civil unrest . >> i strongly disagree with those who advocate harassing folks if they don't agree with you. rob: nancy pelosi joining chuck schumer in condemning maxine waters comments. carly shimkus with serious xm
2:42 am
is here.what maxine had to say? carly: maxine waters, she's taking aimat democratic party leadership, accusing them of speaking out against those who further their own careers, take a look . >> in the final analysis, leadership like chuck schumer's will do anything they think is necessary to protect theirleadership. what i have to do is not focus on them . carly: republicans are reacting to the party infighting. talk her on twitter says good time for the democratic party to attack each other. the masks are coming off just in time for the midterms. another twitter user simply writes hypocrisy alert. another tweetedthis : so her answer is to verbally attack the opposition when they themselves complain about being offended by verbal attack ?
2:43 am
waters says she has received several death threats over this situation as well so it sounds like the tension is only continuing to rise. jillian: not going away anytime soon. rob: i love these beautiful animals and hate tosee them killed but a hunter got a lot of negative backlash . but she actually makes a decent point here. carly: let me tell the story first. hunter in kentucky is at the center of a social media firestorm about pictures of her posing with a giraffe that she killed on a trip that she called her dream hunt. this photo taken last year is now going viral online after an african media describing the animal as a very rare black giraffe.that hunter, tessa thompson talley is fighting back telling fox news the giraffe was a south
2:44 am
african sun species of giraffe.the numbers are increasing due inpart to hunters and conservation efforts paid for in large part by big game hunting. the breed is not rare in any othe very old . a lot of social media debate surrounding this remark on twitter. why in the world would you kill something so beautiful? another twitter user says this, i don't knowmuch about hunting but if it's legal, i guess there's nothing anyone can do. i don't like it though, i love animals. so she is the backlash for those photos . rob: easy to see both sides of the argument . carly: top pictures to look at the. jillian: we brought you the real life superman or spiderman is now starting a new job.he was done just that on social media after this incredible footage shows him tailing the side of a building in france to try to rescue. he did successfully rescue a
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four-year-old boy dangling off the back balcony. he just started his new position as a firefighter at a fire department inparis. for on social media are loving this happy ending. rachel on twitter says a well-deserved position , angela saying fantastic, hope he has a long and happy life, what a hero and jane also says goodluck and all the best to him in his new career so a lot of the well wishes . rob: is awesome, i can't imagine. jillian: i can't. thank you carly. someone i feel could do that, keith, could you do that? rob: not right now, maybe. we've got a good show coming up on "fox & friends first". kelly m conway will be joining us. there was an election in mexico, mexico mexico elected a leftist who says he no longer wants mexico to do america's dirty work.
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we've also got tony perkins, what they are laser focused on in this next supreme court case. they are focused on roe v. wade and the balance of the court and dana less talking about our second amendment rights. the left thoughts about abolishing ice, but if they want to abolish ice and our second amendment rights how do you keepyour community safe? lebron james , he's later this morning and you guys are following that, we will talk about it all . rob: the lakers must be excited. jillian: we will be right back. book with expedia.
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your hair is so soft! book with expedia. did you use head and shoulders two in one? i did mom. wanna try it? yes. it intensely moisturizes your hair and scalp and keeps you flake free. manolo? look at my soft hair. i should be in the shot now too. try head and shoulders two in one.
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this wi-fi is fast. i know! i know! i know! i know! when did brian move back in? brian's back? he doesn't get my room. he's only going to be here for like a week. like a month, tops. oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. rob: veterans outraged after
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a concert taking place on what they consider to be sacred ground. >> our freedom wasfought for on this beach. join us in normandy . rob: organizers say next year's pop concert on the beach in normandy france will educate millennial's about the liberation of europe from the nazis. some veterans are calling for it to be canceled or moved away from the greek beach where thousands of troops died fighting. an online petition has 2700 signatures so far. a touching picture of a paramedic sitting with a toddler in the hospital is going viral. doug hadley hope to resuscitate that three-year-old after she nearly drowned in a splash park in florida. the picture shows him waiting for the parents to arrive.
2:51 am
the fire and rescue department says that little girl is now doing just fine. jillian: amazon is going beyond the online retail to become your online pharmacy. its expansion also means your sensitive health information could be shared with the click of a mouse. sounds frightening.has convenience trump privacy? here's nicole doubtfire, thank you for joining us. explain for people who don't know how this is going to work? >> i am all for privatization of healthcare and i love the concept of a company being acquired by a giant like amazon. it's the natural next step in what amazon is doing. however, shopping for prescriptions is a little different than shopping force shoes or yardwork. we've all fallen victim to their tactics. whenyou've gone on amazon, the next time you go on to a
2:52 am
different site, all of a sudden the candle pops up that you bought last week . that's status sharing and what happens is the sites that you visit keep track of what you do and can sell it to other companies. that's what tracy was talking about with facebook earlier. jillian: what would you see as positives or who would benefit? >> this is going to benefit amazon and they got a healthcare venture going where they are sharing their employees as well as j.p. morgan chase and brookshire hathaway, potentially helps their employees but my big problem with this is it's not tackling healthcare costs or drug price cost. i would've loved to see that $1 billion go toward making a generic company to bring down costs. it's not going to help anything when we talk about healthcare costs. jillian: what about for arguments sake i'm thinking someone older who has some ailment issues who is living
2:53 am
alone to be given to get these prescriptions delivered? >> i love the concept of convenience and that's what the private market does. however, what is the price we are willing to pay? are we willing to let go of our privacy for this convenience? jillian: what type of information would be reviewed we be releasing? >> they know you have cancer, hiv, they have that information and still have to follow federal regulations to keep that safe. we are inundated with regulations that keeps your information safe but how many times have a pop-up, that you just click? it's going to be the same thing. if you give that consent, they can sell it just the same so buyer beware. jillian: thank you, appreciate it. 53 minutes after the hour. this golden retriever might be the most proud ever. >>
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jillian: time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first up the god. a puppy is hailed a hero after saving his owner from a rattlesnake. the golden retriever named todd. on a hike in arizona when he was bit on the cheek. >> todd literally kind of bolted quickly towards my leg. he is just like, i mean a
2:58 am
super hero, really. jillian: todd is expected to make a full recovery and is adorable. rob: next the bad. the rocket launch descrasser caught on camera. jillian: oh my gosh. rob: that's not how it is supposed to work. crashing seconds after takeoff. nobody was inside that thing when the engine malfunctioned. it's a waste of a rocket. jillian: thankfully nobody was in it grounds keeper plunked in the head first pitch of the st. louis cardinal's game. the ball flying over the catcher hitting him right in the noggin. this is the same guy attacked by a cat on the field last year. jeesh. we have everyone together here. special treats from duncan donuts because today, nationwide, they are debuting doughnut fries which, rob, i know you have
2:59 am
already dug into. rob: they are good. >> can you dip them in coffee. also just eat them directly. with cinnamon sugar. >> they are so good, guys. they smell like funnel cake. janice: new dots for july. >> shark bites. >> chocolate coconut. rob: zero carbs on all of this. fat-free, zero cashes. great way to start your week. jillian: what's that filled with? carley: i'm not sure. rob: zero carbs, zero calories. jillian: thank you so much for always feeding you us. cool, thank you, dunkin' donuts we appreciate it again. rob: should we give fox and friends more time? jillian: we have another 15
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seconds. what do you want to do, todd? carley: i will bring you some. jillian: thanks for watching and joining us this morning. we will see you tomorrow. ♪ >> as america settles in for the fourth of july holiday, president trump is finalizing supreme court pick to be announced in just days. >> the most important thing here is a record showing fairness. >> do you think ice should be ablished? >> i think what has to change are the policies and the people that are making these policies. >> you get rid of ice, you're going to have a country that you are going to be afraid to walk out of your house. i love that issue if they are going to actually do that. >> what our experts have deviseside a program with north korean cooperation physically we would be able to dismantle the overwhelming bulk of their programs within a year. >> maxine waters is firing back at chuck schumer for criticizing her. >> leadership like


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