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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 2, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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♪ >> thank you very much for inventing this. >> have a good day. we'll see you tomorrow. >> sandra: a fox news alert as president trump's former attorney michael cohen breaks his silence in a new off-camera interview. i'm sandra smith live inside "america's newsroom" monday morning. good morning, eric. >> i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. mr. cohen sitting down with george stephanopolous over the weekend and what he said could spell trouble for the president. the network aired details on "good morning america" today. his first interview since as f.b.i. raid of his apartment, office and hotel room back in april. the lawyer once known as president trump's fixer now signaling he may be willing to cooperate with special counsel robert mueller.
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cohen telling stephanopoulos he plans to prioritize his family and country saying, quote, my wife, my daughter, and my son have my first loyalty and always will. i put family and country first. >> sandra: laura engel is live in new york city. what else did cohen have to say? >> it's a huge development. president trump's so-called fixer has refused to give comment or talk about the federal investigation involving that raid of materials seized from his property. but his silence ended this weekend inside a new york city hotel room where he sat down with abc's george stephanopolous where they talked off-camera for 45 minutes. he was asked many questions surrounding his loyalty to the president which has seemed bullet proof. he told people close to him he would take a bullet to protect his long-time former client if it came down to it. his tone seems to have changed. when asked what he will do if
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prosecutors offer him lienensy in return for information about president trump here is what stephanopoulos says cohen told him. >> one of the big questions i asked what will you do if prosecutors come to you and over you lienancy. he added this with emphasis. my wife, my daughter and my son have my first loyalty and always will. i put family and country first. >> stephanopoulos says he went on to ask cohen what he would do if prosecutors forced him to choose between protecting the president and his family if the president and his legal team were to go after him to try to discredit him and the work he has done for mr. trump. stephanopoulos says that cohen sat up straight, voice gained strength and then he said, quote, i will not be a punching bag as part as anyone's defense strategy. i am not a villain in any story
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and won't allow others to depict me in that way. he says once he understands what charges, if any, will be filed he will refer to his legal counsel for guidance on that. >> sandra: the payment to adult film actress to stormy daniels? >> it has been the focal point of the investigation. when he asks if mr. trump knew. he said for now i can't comment further on advice of counsel. he was asked about the f.b.i. and robert mueller investigation and said he doesn't like the term witch hunt that has been used and doesn't agree with those who
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demonize the f.b.i. the agents were professional and courteous on when they left he shook their hands and thanked them for their service. >> sandra: we'll continue following these developments. thank you, laura engel. >> over the weekend the president went on the offensive. he went after democrats trying to abolish ice. he hopes to seize a political advantage heading into the mid-term elections and laid out his case in an exclusive interview with maria bartiromo. >> president trump: you get rid of ice you have a country you'll be afraid to walk out of your house. all it will do is lead to massive, massive crime. that will be their platform. open borders which equals crime. i think they'll never win another election. i'm quite happy about it. >> rich edson live from the north lawn of the white house. the call to dump ice is really becoming a political lightning
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rod. >> it is, eric. much of the national political debate over immigration is focusing on the calls to abolish ice as a number of prominent democrats are making campaigns on it. you look at several of them. ocasio-cortez, she defeated crowley. kristin gillibrand, bill deblasio. elizabeth warren among others support getting rid of ice and president trump is tweeting the liberal left also known as the democrats want to get rid of ice who do a fantastic job and want open borders. crime would be rampant and uncontrollable. make america great again. kellyanne conway was just on fox news defending ice. >> the call for the abolition of ice in my view is the intersection of arrogance and ignorance. ice apprehended 40 criminals. the idea that you would abolish ice seems to me to be a very unfortunate talking point.
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>> others also point out that ice isn't handling the controversial policies on the border right now. that's customs and border patrol. >> some more main street democrats pushing back on those more progressive members who you just mentioned who want to scrap ice. >> there is a division when you consider allies does. it is not just immigration removal and those here illegally. money laundering, child trafficking. there are several prominent democrats saying hold off on getting rid of ice. >> i just think that if you abolish ice as an executive agency it reflects the policies of the white house, of the president. you abolish ice now you have the same president with the same failed policies. whatever you replace it with will still reflect what the president wants to do. >> you don't support abolishing ice? >> i tli there are a lot of other things we can do before we get to that point. >> other democrats are sitting
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in the middle of this one. senator harris of california says we should start from scratch when it comes to immigration. back to you. >> it is becoming a big campaign issue. >> sandra: let's bring in byron york kicking off our week for us. you just heard it there. there is a growing chorus of democrats calling to scrap ice all together. do they see this as a win for their party right now, to continue to grow this message? >> well, clearly they do. the two senators who have called for it. senator warren and senator gillibrand from very, very blue states, massachusetts and new york, you know, what's less clear is if they abolished ice, what they would replace it with. first of all, abolishing ice doesn't change the laws of the united states. there are many immigration laws that are on the books. they wouldn't be changed by
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abolishing ice. senator warren said she wanted to abolish ice and replace it with something that, quote, reflects our morality, which is a pretty unclear guidance. and there is a congressman from wisconsin who wants to abolish ice and replace it with a commission to figure out what to do in the future. this is not a very well thought out idea right now. >> sandra: i think it's important now that you've referenced elizabeth warren responding over the weekend in the protests to what the replacement would be for ice if indeed it was abolished. she said this is about children and babies scattered across the countries and moms who want their children back. the president's immoral actions have made it obvious we need to rebuild our immigration system from top to bottom. here is where she says it, byron. starting by replacing ice with
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something that reflects our morality. we're left wondering what that is. >> yeah. well, we don't know. now, there is clearly widespread public disapproval of the family separation policy, one recent poll put it at 88% disapproval. but ice does much more than that. also the country does deport a lot of people. ice deported between 230, 240,000 people per year in the final years of the obama administration. and these senators were not calling for the abolition of ice at that time. i think right now it seems to be just a democratic talking point and by the way, for general election purposes, we have seen early polling that shows widespread public disapproval of abolishing ice. the harvard/harris poll conducted by the former clinton
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pollster found 69% disapproval for abolishing ice. that number included 78% of republicans, 59%, a majority of democrats disapprove of abolishing ice plus 73% of independents also disapprove of it. >> sandra: perhaps that's why the president responding to it over the weekend talked about it being a political advantage for him. watch this. >> president trump: they will get beaten so badly. ice are the guys that take ms-13 and take them out. they're much tougher than ms-13. you get rid of ice you'll have a country that you will be afraid to walk out of your house. i think they'll never win another election. i'm actually quite happy about it. >> sandra: happy about it, byron. >> well, the president thinks this is a winner for those poll numbers i just mentioned. so his position seems to be go ahead, go ahead make that the
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centerpiece of your campaign if you like, democrats. but my guess is that this is a short-lived thing and the whole abolish ice thing except in very, very blue districts like alexandria ocasio-cortez, except thor those, we won't see it that much. >> sandra: good to see you this morning, thank you. >> thank you, sandra. >> president trump is meeting with secretary of state mike pompeo at the white house right now. this comes amid reports that north korea already breaking their promises. so are we any closer to a timeline for denuclearization? jack keane will join us with his analysis. >> sandra: a violent stabbing spree at a birthday party for a 3-year-old. how people are doing and what we're learning about the suspect? >> some of the victims will be forever scarred by the medical
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new! zzzquil pure zzzs. >> sandra: fox news alert. four people fighting thar their lives after an attack at an apartment complex in idaho. there were nine people injured including six children. the suspect was a former resident of the building. >> due to his behavior he had been asked to leave. he had done so. he returned last night to exact vengeance not just on those that he had been with as they were not at the apartment but at any target that was available. the tragedy was that a 3-year-old little girl was having a birthday party just a few doors down from where he had been staying. >> the 30-year-old is now in custody. officials saying he was a long
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rap sheet in other states. >> what our experts have devised as a program with north korean cooperation for all their ballistic missiles sites. physically we would be able to dismantle the overwhelming bulk of their programs within a year. >> eric: that is john bolton filling in new details in the plan for the north korean regime to finally shut down its nuclear program. mr. bolton saying the trump administration is fully aware of pyongyang's history of renegeing on its promises but brushes aside recent reports that the regime is plotting to expand its nuclear capabilities and not scrap them amid news that a second summit could be in the works, round two of the president sitting down again with dictator kim jong-un could come this september during the annual united nations general
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assembly meeting here in new york. general jack keane joins us, retired four star general and a fox news senior strategic analyst. you know, general, secretary of state pompeo meeting with the president at this hour in the white house making his third trip to pyongyang and he is taking a list. schedule to declare the weapons. come clean with your production facilities. what are the chances the regime will actually cooperate? >> i don't think we know for sure. i suspect the administration, after a little less than a month since the summit and given the preliminary meeting they had before the summit i think they have some kind of inkling of where kim jong-un truly is. i think it's disappointing that we've had our intelligence agencies leak to the media over the weekend some disclosures that they may be expanding their capability as opposed to decreasing it. that's not necessarily evidence they don't intend to eliminate capability in the future. >> eric: if they're increasing it, it seems they would be
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going back against everything they pledged during the summit >> i'm not looking for excuses for the kim jong-un regime. it could have been something in the works. if you are going to add facilities to a building like a water cooling facility to a plutonium fuel source capability. that was in the planning months and months ago. you just don't decide to build a new building over the weekend and then stand it up. i think we can make a little too much about this. i'm profoundly disappointed that we got intel services leaking to the media about stuff that they should be just talking to the administration about. the meeting you are suggesting with secretary of state pompeo and the president happens on a routine basis. here is what is in front of the administration. for a fact they have asked the kim jong-un regime tell us where all of your nuclear, chemical and biological sites are. research facilities and test and storage facilities and fuel facilities, etc. and also
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where are all your ballistic missile facilities, test, research, actual location of missiles themselves. >> eric: they haven't come up with the list yet. you think they will provide that list? >> i don't know what they have come up with. all we can do is report what is happening in the media. i suspect they have not. and i think it would take a matter of weeks to do that. as a result i think we're on a showdown with them. i think we'll know in a matter of weeks whether kim jong-un was serious when he talked to the president about absolutely making a strategic policy change and moving towards a different kind of nation than what they've had, you know, at the end of the korean war. >> eric: if there is a showdown. if pompeo comes back from pyongyang empty-handed what does the administration do? >> the president won't put up with that if they think they're gaming us. number one, they would go --
6:20 am
increase sanctions on north korea. go after the chinese. get their agreement in increase sanctions, if not sanction the chinese and we've been playing tough with the chinese over trade imbalances anyway. go after russia. we have a meeting coming up with them to make sure they close the back door to them and then start making military preparations in the theater. and what i mean by that -- >> eric: that would be a message to kim jong-un certainly. here is john bolton in march the last interview he did with us on fox news channel. i want to see if you think this is what kifrm kim jong-un? >> if we treat it like a libya situation. tell us what airports we should fly into. technicians go to help dismantle. what trucks we use to move them to the cargo planes and freighters and we'll show you where they end up in oak ridge,
6:21 am
tennessee, next to the libyan nuclear weapons program. >> eric: absent that, you think there is a showdown? >> oh, yeah. because this administration -- ambassador bolton said this weekend, they are very clear-eyed who this guy is and what the past has been. they won't play games with him. they'll give him certainly some time to make the strategic shift that he has to make to convince the hard liners that he has in his regime. that's one of the reasons why he fired all his top generals and put younger guys in there probably a little more loyal to him, which is a positive sign. but if this isn't going to happen and kim jong-un can't pull it off because he feels he will be threatened from within, then we'll foreclose on him. >> eric: in the interview, how do you know when the north koreans are lying? he says when they open their mouths. thank you, general. sandra. >> sandra: all right, eric.
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messiah comes to mexico, that's what people there are calling the newly elected president. a live report next. i'm really into this car,
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he doesn't get my room. he's only going to be here for like a week. like a month, tops. oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. >> eric: there is a new president for mexico. they elected and rest man well lopez oeb la door. he is a critic of president trump's immigration policies. it didn't stop the president from tweeting overnight. he said congratulations on becoming the next president of mexico. i look very much forward to working with him. there is much to be done that will benefit both the united states and mexico. william la jeunesse has been reporting on the election and live in mexico city this morning. what's the reaction to the
6:26 am
election results? >> well the car horns began shortly after exit polls showed an overwhelming victory. his challengers conceded and supporters poured into the streets to celebrate fueled by anger at the status quo they turned out in record numbers to vote for change, mexicans hope this election will be a turning point for their country. rich in resources, two oceans, labor and plagued by decades of corruption and violence and poverty. he was elected as their savior. >> he is a 64-year-old national lift vows to eradicate theft and fraud. he is the messiah to rescue
6:27 am
them from inequality, the violence that has taken 250,000 lives in the last decade. >> eric: it's so tragic with the drug cartels there. he is so at odds with the administration. how does that affect us? >> in many ways. you're right. think about it. we have a 2000 mile border. mexico is latin america's second largest economy. our third largest trading partner. we share intelligence on terrorism. millions of mexicans provide a backbone to our agriculture and service sectors and plays a key role in two of america's problems, drugs and immigration. he says it is not mexico's job to fight the drug war. he says he will pull the military back from fighting the cartels. now on immigration he made controversial statements suggesting open borders. with no desire to help the u.s. stop immigrants from crossing
6:28 am
the border. voters, however, believe he will not jeopardize mexico's economy by picking a fight with the u.s. a lot of speculation how he might get along with president trump who is universally disliked in mexico. one columnist said i don't think he will shake trump's hand but he doesn't want to pick a fight with the u.s. and jeopardize the economy here. >> eric: it will be interesting if they meet at the white house and he refuses to shake his hand. see how it plays out. >> sandra: israel and jordan borders are being met with a flood of syrian refugees. why the continued fighting in syria is fueling a refugee crisis in other countries and what they plan to do about it. plus this. >> president trump: the european union is possibly as bad as china, just smaller. it is terrible what they do to us. >> eric: the president really sounding off on the e.u. when he calls unfair trade practices.
6:29 am
former governor john sununu is here and get his response to the latest chapter in the continuing potential trade war. hi i'm joan lunden.
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and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. >> eric: a quick look at the markets this morning. just as we wait for the opening bell. the dow down 182. this as canada as retaliated with a new round of tariffs today. tariffs on products from ketchup tacking on 25% taxes. fears and concerns about a potential trade war and tariffs back and forth dragging the dow down a bit. >> sandra: it is causing a lot of uncertainty that you are seeing. important to note it is a holiday week and sometimes that lighter holiday volume can lead to big swings in the market. two minutes into trading. trade war concerns escalating in washington and on wall street. president trump calling out the european union saying they are
6:33 am
just as bad as china in terms of their trade practices with the u.s. >> president trump: the european union is possibly as bad as china, just smaller, okay? it is terrible what they do to us. european union, look at the car situation. they send the mercedes in and we can't send our cars in. look what they do to our farmers? they don't want our farm products. they have their farmers and want to protect them. we don't protect ours and they protect theirs. >> sandra: joining me now former chief of staff to george w. bush and former new hampshire governor john sununu joins us. we came in on the market. the market feeling uncertainty and causing some concern there. the president says the e.u. is possibly as bad as china when it comes to this. does he have a point? >> well, you have to remember that the e.u. started as a european common market. the whole purpose was to create protectionism policies for their industries and that was
6:34 am
in 1957. by 1968 they had built up tariff barriers that were quite effective and have continued them. the president is right that the trade imbalance with europe is primarily a result of differences in tariffs. >> sandra: he really got into the meat of his argument there in this interview with maria bartiromo which aired yesterday morning on fox news channel. talking about the e.u. treating us badly. and treating us quite frankly unfairly and i wonder what the political implications of this message are. he goes further mere. listen. >> president trump: the european union last year made -- if you look at a trade surplus which is an important thing, $151 billion. i love those countries, germany and all of the countries, scotland. they are still in there and hanging in there, right? we'll see what happens with brexit. but they treat us very badly. >> sandra: you know, this was
6:35 am
his response to maria, pushing him on wouldn't it be better to get the support of our allies to go up against china in this? do you see this as a winning message for the president? >> look, i think in the long run the president is a free trader but he does understand over the years we have drifted into this horrible position. he is using a tactic that might be different than some of us would use, but it is a tactic to get this process back to a free trade structure both with china and the e.u. we may not like this transition and the policies involved in the transition, but i think the target is to get to a free trade policy in the long run and that's what i think we ought to be keeping our eye on. >> sandra: it seems as if the president not only will stick to this message but also it seems, governor, he is doubling down on this. is this all just part of the president's negotiating tactics? >> i think it is. and i think the reason for doubling down is to try to get this thing done quickly.
6:36 am
i think his feeling right now is on trade and tariffs no pain, no gain. he is trying to remind people that we are very serious about it. negotiate, and let's get it done and move to a free trade regime. >> sandra: the political implications and you hear even some within his own party sharing concern over the president's actions or at least his words here. senator pat tuomie weighing in on this. >> if it's a trade war, it seems to be heading that way, has been of a modest scale and hasn't done great damage yet but it has the potential to do that. i hope we can persuade the president to focus on the real problem on the trade front. >> sandra: a serious warning from a republican from pennsylvania but a senator sitting on the finance committee warning of the possible implications of this.
6:37 am
>> pat tuomie is straddling things because his steel industry in pennsylvania was a great beneficiary of the tariffs here. so it is nice to get the benefits to your constituents and then talk tough to the president. look, the president has a strategy. it may be different than tuomie would have used. it may be different than i would use but let the president play out his strategy and see if we can't bring these folks who have imposed tariffs to the table and negotiate a better trade regime for the u.s. >> sandra: at this point with the message this fierce from the president we'll see where this goes. you can see this likely being a big issue come november mid-terms. we'll continue watching it. governor sununu, thank you. >> eric: in the middle east the borders of israel and jordan are being flooded with refugees from syria. how both countries have kept their borders closed they are providing aid and medical treatment to those who desperately need it. jonathan hunt is live on the border in israel to tell us
6:38 am
more about this. hi, jonathan. >> we're on the golan heights looking into syria from the israeli side of the border. it is an increasingly desperate and potentially dangerous situation. 160,000 refugees have fled the fighting in southwestern syria in just the last few days. look at this tent encampment just across the border into syria. a couple hundred yards from the border some 5,000 or so i would estimate refugees have come here looking for safety, looking for shelter. the israeli government is sending aid in the form of tents and medical supplies and food. as we zoom in here you can see what is a syrian rebel checkpoint at the heart of this. the seven-year ongoing civil war between the syrian government and those rebels. the main fighting is taking place right now some 30 miles from where we're standing in and around the city of dura.
6:39 am
the refugees have fled that fiengt and come here. the israeli government says there is no way they will be allowed to cross this border at any point. so you ask the question, why do they still come here anyway? the simple answer is they feel much safer because the closer they are to the israeli border, the less likely they assume with good reason that they are to be the targets of syrian government bombing raids. so they all come here. as you look down again on that encampment it is worth pointing out that neither the syrian or israeli government wants any kind of clash. as the rebels come here, too. this is rebel-held territory at some point the syrian army as it continues to crush the rebels will have to come here and that's when you have the potential for some sort of accidental clash. that's when it becomes really dangerous and why israel is beefing up its military presence on this border.
6:40 am
just yesterday more tanks and troop reinforcements arrived. this border will not be breached but a clear message from the israeli government to the syrians that they, the syrians, should not get too close and they should be very careful and perhaps above all they should not allow any of the iranian elements fighting alongside them in syria to get anywhere near this border. a desperate situation for these refugees. a potentially dangerous one for the middle east and the rest of the world. >> eric: amazing standing on the golan looking at syria. >> it is. we're seeing across -- you can just see some smoke across here. i'm not sure if you're still with us. right in front of us is where the syrian government forces are fighting the rebels. you can just see the smoke rising in the distrance.
6:41 am
a demonstration this is an ongoing civil war and the fighting creeping closer and closer to the israeli/syrian border. that's what is so dangerous for this region and the rest of the world. >> eric: that is a vivid and compelling look at how close it is to israel. jonathan, thank you. >> sandra: one week from now we will likely know president trump's pick to replace justice anthony kennedy. how this decision could reshape the high court for a generation. judge andrew napolitano is here next. >> eric: spacex, the capsule docking at the international space station with a special crew member. we'll show you live pictures as the installation takes place. alright, i brought in new max protein
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>> president trump: i think we'll have a lot of support. i think we'll have support from democrats, frankly. if it's the right person. i'll pick the right person. i'll pick somebody that is
6:45 am
outstanding and everybody on that list is outstanding but i'll pick somebody who is outstanding. >> eric: that's president trump in an interview with maria bartiromo for sunday morning futures talking about his potential pick to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy. the president saying he will probably not ask his nominee to detail the position on the lightning rod issue of roe versus wade. the announcement who he will nominate comes july 9. one week from today. for the man who knows all the answers, judge napolitano. >> i wish i knew all the answers. >> eric: what's fascinating i'm not going to ask these questions. explain why the president would not ask the questions. >> emphasis i'm not going to ask these questions. someone has asked the questions around the periphery of roe versus wade. every one of the 25 people on this list, 24 sitting judges or justices, one sitting u.s.
6:46 am
senator, mike lee. senator lee's brother is also on the list. the brother is a justice of the utah supreme court. every single one of them is pro-life. how do they know that? well, the president sort of outsourced the construction of this list to very conservative academic legal groups in the united states. >> eric: the federalist society. >> precisely. they combed through the writings and the speeches and the op-eds and the outtakes they could find from all these people and are satisfied they basically share the president's philosophy. did someone say to any of them will you vote to overturn roe versus wade? they might say was it properly decided? is it really a federal issue? might it be better if it were closer to the people and left up to the states? so in new york the state legislature would vote to permit abortion.
6:47 am
in pennsylvania the state legislature might vote to restrict it. those are the type of questions that people will ask. >> eric: do they ask if it's settled law and already a precedent. >> it is settled law and a precedent whether you like it or not. i don't think it will be overturned no matter who the president appoints. >> eric: you don't? why? >> the chief justice, though a practicing catholic and pro-life himself does not believe that fundamental changes should come about in the court. the court's decisions because of an election. >> eric: the democrats, critics and others are saying it's the number one major issue in terms of the supreme court. >> the democrats will make it the number one issue because 2/3 of the american public wants some form of abortion. if the president nominates someone who puts a line in the sand not in his or her hearing or at some point in the past it will give the democrats ammunition. >> eric: there is a lot more than one issue. kellyanne conway was on "fox & friends" this morning and here is what she said.
6:48 am
>> he is not asking people specific questions on cases. this president wants somebody who has great experience, deep intellect. wonderful judicial credentials but i'm amazed how yet again the left boils every single thing, including a supreme court justice down to one issue, abortion. >> eric: what do you think of that? >> i think kellyanne conway is 100% correct. there are far more issues than abortion. the democrats want to make it this issue because they think it's a winner for them because they know -- they know everybody on that list is pro-life. >> eric: not a name but who do you think will be announced next monday or what should we look at? >> well, i think he is looking at someone who probably is under the age of 55 and if he can under the age of 50 as justice gorsuch was when he was nominated. someone who has traditional values. the president once asked me
6:49 am
what i thought he should look for. i said judicial humility. not personal humility but the framers made the court third for a reason. the president enforces public policy that the congress makes and the courts defer to the other two branches to the extent they can and only interview with the other two branches when it is unconstitutional. that's the mentality he is looking for. i don't think he will ask about specific issues. >> eric: when the president said who should i look for, why didn't you say me? >> well, if you know this president, that might not go over with him. >> eric: great to see you as always. thank you. >> sandra: a closed gold mine in colorado could be back in business but miners won't be digging for precious metals. we'll have story next.
6:50 am
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>> eric: terrorism not far from our minds. the f.b.i. announcing they arrested this man, he is an ohio suspect and he is charged with planning a terrorist attack on july 4th in downtown cleveland. >> we will be presenting our evidence to the grand jury seeking an indictment against mr. pitts. this defendant was walking around downtown cleveland conducting reconnaissance on what he thought was a large-scale attack planned for the fourth of july. he looked for locations to park a van that would be packed with explosives. he talked about taking targets like st. john's cathedral. >> eric: the suspect is charged with attempted material support of a foreign terrorist organization and you know on july 4th especially downtown cleveland you have the street
6:54 am
with lots of restaurant, soldiers and sailors monument in the circle by the major building there and that could have certainly been devastating. >> sandra: the f.b.i. on that story. the closed gold mine in colorado could soon be reopened with a whole new purpose after its owners figured out how to tap into something even more valuable. we're live in denver on that discovery. >> we're talking about safe drinking water. the london gold mine has been closed for years but all along it has been naturally collecting snow melt near the continental divide. the water pools in an underground basin. it became contaminated and the runoff is making its way to streams. it was a problem until the new owner harnessed the water moving it away from the undesirable stuff. >> this is rare.
6:55 am
it was in violation, bankrupt and no way to clean it up. we're using the water supply opportunity, the economics of the water, to fund the cleanup. and that's a big new thing. that's very unique. >> the city of aurora needs to boost its water supply to support new development. the city is buying the cleaned up water and makes its way to reservoirs. >> we'll go redo now the water comes out of the mine and so redo the plumbing interior to the mine to move the water supply away from the minerals that are introducing the contamination. >> they liken it to putting in drinking straws. they want to get clean water out. the total value is $34 million. they say this is a supply that historically has not been tapped by water providers but
6:56 am
the easier supplies are gone. they water will have very, very low traces of minerals. it has been likeened to taking a morning multivitamin. it's that safe. >> sandra: wow. interesting. thank you. >> eric: he is talking. new in-depth interview with michael cohen. what he is saying now, what he could be telling prosecutors raising speculation that he may be cooperating with robert mueller. we'll have the latest on what michael cohen supposedly said as "america's newsroom" continues for this monday morning. ♪ motorcycle revving ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪ no matter who rides point, ♪ there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. ♪♪ and just like tyrone taylor,
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>> sandra: this is a fox news alert. democrats in disarray overboarding security and lashing out at each other. welcome to "america's newsroom" on this lovely monday morning. good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. >> eric: good morning, i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. we're seeing top democrats push back against the calls by some members of their own party, the more progressive ones, to abolish the enforcement agency known as ice. it brings us to the newsroom news feed today's top story from the newsmakers of fox news. >> exclusive interview, president trump defending ice agents against democrats. >> president trump: between maxine waters and nancy pelosi and getting rid of ice and having open borders. all it will do is lead to
7:01 am
massive, massive crime. >> president trump has defended ice agents this past weekend. >> the border patrol and agents, ice, these people are incredible. >> this is the fiery immigration debate. a growing number of democrats have been calling for a abolition and replacement of the agency of ice. >> abolishing ice will accomplish nothing. >> you get rid of ice you will have a country you'll be afraid to walk out of your house. >> when it comes to the idea of abolish ice as a campaign issue it could benefit republicans more than democrats. >> hope they keep thinking about it. they'll get beaten so badly. >> sandra: a busy monday morning for you. let's go to "america's newsroom" a-team jessica tarlov, junior director of research and author of america in the age of trump and fox news contributor. david avella is a chairman of
7:02 am
go pack. chris stirewalt fox news politics editor and editor of halftime report. great to have you on this holiday monday morning. jessica, start with you first on this one. this is the message that your party seems to be spreading right now. >> some of the party. not really those at the top. i think it's an important discussion to be having how we can reform ice. we should all keep in mind ice is only 15 years old. it isn't saying i want to abolish the police department or get rid of the military. it is 15 years old so it is reasonable to say there could be tweaks to it we need to reform the system. i don't think going into the mid-terms it is a good idea for it to be a campaign slogan with immigration such an important issue for president trump winning in 2016. >> sandra: the president seems it is an advantage to him and his party. >> let's keep in mind there are some democrats who getting rid of ice is only the beginning. they would like to get rid of
7:03 am
the military if they could. you do have -- >> who are they? >> go to a rally organized by george soros. with ice, it is check box number one for many democrats to say if you're going to be our nominee in 2020 you have to be with us on this issue. and here is -- this is the unreported story of this election. who is winning democratic primaries to go on to run for congress this year? people who are for single payer government-run healthcare. abolish ice and people who want to cause civil chaos to anybody who disagree with their political views. the 2018 mid-terms elections will be about. do you want a party that talks about the things we just talked about. single payer healthcare, having open border and causing civil discourse. >> chris and i might be in agreement in the head shaking. that's not true -- [laughter]
7:04 am
democrats are winning based on local issues. if you look at one woman she talks about fixing the roads. lamb won because he talks about tariffs and personally being pro-choice politically speaking. you are making a mass generalization. >> sandra: chris stirewalt is at the table. >> i don't want to get caught in this. i'll get sucked under. >> sandra: where do you stand on this issue? first of all let's play president trump weighing in on this saying democrats will get beat if they stick to this issue. listen to this. >> sandra: 28-year-old socialist that beat out joe crowley said abolish ice and more democrats are getting in line that with. gillibrand saying we need to abolish ice. >> president trump: i hope they keep thinking about it because they'll get beaten badly. these people take on ms-13.
7:05 am
they're tougher than ms-13 by a factor of 10. you get rid of ice you'll have a country you'll be afraid to walk out of your house. i love that issue if they will actually do that. >> look, democrats have the same problem in 2018 that republicans had in 2010. you get a lot of energy and the surge of enthusiasm and democrats are super enthusiastic and people signing up to run for office and showing up to vote and all that stuff is good. just as the republicans found out with the tea party, some of the messaging is challenging and some of it is hard with swing voters. for democrats if they go to suburbanites where the election will get mostly contested mostly in the suburbs. if you go to them and say we need to get rid of immigration and customs enforcement people will say you are daft and i can't go with you. in many of the districts jessica is 100% right. in many of the districts democrats have gotten lucky and smart and picked district appropriate good moderate
7:06 am
candidates that fit in the space. david is also right which is that as a party, this is a discussion that democrats have maybe put off too long about the division between the wings of this party and as this new energy comes in it will be difficult to manage. >> eric: what about a candidate like cynthia nixon calling ice a terrorist policies. >> new york politics is weird. so far she is not that credible of a candidate. >> eric: she is running against governor cuomo. maxine waters, wow, she is continuing to push back about some of the comments she has made. >> sandra: think she is surprised by the reaction from top democrats even. >> a lot of people were surprised. there are things that top democrats have defended that they probably shouldn't have on a national level. i thought that she was really good. her constituents love her. there are a lot of people
7:07 am
formidable characters that are fans of maxine waters. they want president trump to be impeached and want people out there saying things if you come at me you better shoot straight. she gives a great campaign rally. it doesn't mean that she is representative of national democrats here in the progressive or centrist wing. >> she represents a lot of them. a wake-up call for dems that wait a second, maybe america is not where we are. not only did we have a socialist win a congressional seat in new york here in new york. you've had socialists win in state legislative races where they've taken ot moderate democrats. it happened in pennsylvania recently. it represents the shift in the democratic party. this is a party that wants government-run healthcare, no borders, and anybody who disagrees with them want civil chaos. >> eric: is it fair to say they want no borders? they funded $40 billion of border security and signed on
7:08 am
$120 million in law enforcement. >> the nominee of the democratic party in 2016, hillary clinton, went outside this country and made a speech about wanting open borders. >> no she didn't. >> yes, she did. >> sandra: maxine waters was encouraging those opposed to the president to push back against members of his administration over his immigration policy. but to say she is surprised by the pushback by leaders of her party. here she is in her own words. >> were you surprised to have the leadership of your own party come out and call you unamerican? >> well, you know, i was surprised at chuck schumer, he reached into the house to do that. i've not quite seen that done before but, you know, one of the things i recognize being an elected official is in the final analysis, you know, leadership like chuck schumer's will do anything that they think is necessary to protect their leadership. >> so what do you do about a
7:09 am
house member who is a pestilence? some you can get rid of on ethics stuff. in republicans they have dana war buck. if you fight with them you know what happens. they end up on television getting searingly tough questions how did it make you feel when they called you unamerican and you give her a new platform for more silly billy stuff and more stuff that hurts your party. when you have a crank in your midst, in your party, dealing with them is not easy and my sympathies to the democratic leadership. >> sandra: jessica. >> much appreciated. returning to the list you laid out there, david, one of those things are not like the others. single payer healthcare is that one other thing. if you look at recent polling from kaser, for instance, socialized healthcare is getting more popular not just
7:10 am
among those on the left but republicans. if you say to a trump voter i'll take away your medicare and medicaid and they'll be unhappy. there are many strategists saying democrats should run purely on healthcare. obamacare is more popular than it's ever been. people think it is the responsibility of the government to help them with their healthcare costs and they're looking at the democrats as the party that cares about it. the gop tax plan -- healthcare plan was very unpopular and the removal of the individual mandate. republicans shouldn't run on that. socialist sounds like a scary word. it is not going on here over healthcare. >> let's run the elections of what jessica talked about versus what republicans talked about. allowing consumers to be more in control of healthcare decisions bringing more transparency to the healthcare system and looking more into
7:11 am
disease and discussion of who you want in charge of healthcare. government or private sector. >> eric: policy and michael cohen. will he be a rat as they used to say? what is going on there? he talked to george stephanopolous. let's play a little sound bite from george talking about his little sit down with mike. >> one of the big questions i asked him is what will you do if prosecutors come to you and offer you lien yenssy. he wanted to respect the process. he added this and he added this with emphasis. my wife, my daughter, and my son have my first loyalty and always will. i put family and country first. >> eric: that seems like a shot across the bow for michael cohen. >> sure. and it is a cry for help also. so he sought money from the president to pay his legal bills. he has done everything but wear
7:12 am
a sandwich board around town that says please pardon me and it's like the poem not waving but drowning. we can't tell is michael cohen saying help me, boss or if he is going under. they don't know what they've got on him. >> sandra: it leaves a lot of room for speculation. >> that's what will dominate this until actual facts come out and actually a trial and until we have -- this all centers around the mueller investigation which hasn't proved evidence the trump campaign colluded with the russians. >> sandra: he always promised loyalty to the president. >> it is different. there are a lot of people wrapped up in the investigation. they are apparently according to reports looking to dump everything on michael cohen because he was the closest there. i think he is feeling the pressure of the national investigation but what is going on at home which breaks down to
7:13 am
the tax medallion business. this isn't necessarily about the russia investigation. they had the tapes and pulled the documents, it was all about financial leading to businesses in new york and also the president's lawyer. >> you aren't saying president trump had something to do with the -- he had a lot of dirty businesses and three clients. one was the president. president -- >> allegedly dirty business deals. we don't know that. he hasn't been charged. >> no. but i don't think you're hiring him. [laughter] >> do not let it be said that eric needs a fixer. >> sandra: the president did respond and said most people will flip if the government lets them out of trouble even lying or making up story.
7:14 am
i don't see michael doing that. he described cohen as a fine person with a wonderful family. last word, stirewalt. >> they will back the truck over him whether he is a nice person with a fine family. the president will still back the truck over him. >> eric: president trump demanding harley davidson hit the brakes to move production overseas because of the tariffs. meanwhile canada doing it today. retaliating against the trump administration for those tariffs on steel and aluminum imports now slapping tariffs on our goods. we're covering the latest skirmish on this that have gone into effect this morning. >> i highlighted directly to the president that canadians did not take it lightly that the united states has moved forward with significant tariffs on our steel and aluminum indrus tree and the fact that it's based on a national security reason. at maui jim,
7:15 am
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>> sandra: president trump slamming harley davidson for its plans to move production to europe because of the president's tariff policy. in an exclusive video with maria bartiromo he warns the company's customers will punish
7:19 am
the brand because they are all trump supporters. >> president trump: i guarantee everybody that ever bought a harley davidson voted for trump. they call bikers for trump. they are very unhappy about it. they are very unhappy. now, we just proposed this a few days ago. they made this deal at the beginning of the year long before they heard of the word tariff. they made this deal at the beginning of the year. >> sandra: let's bring in a correspondent. the president continues to take on harley. >> which is a little unfair. it's an american company. they are getting targeted. harley has said going forward they'll continue to make u.s. motorcycles in the united states. it is the overseas market they're trying to tap into. they've announced they want to build a plant in thailand in 2017. sales are declining. baby boomers aren't buying as
7:20 am
many bikes. millennials are still not grasping on. i have one friend that has a harley bike. they are pushing to get into that demographic sponsoring the x-games and a few other things. >> sandra: don't you think it would have been fair for them to get ahead of the announcement? >> that's where it's iffy. they're saying it has to do with trade but they had plans to go overseas because they want to be a more international company. i feel because of president trump's attack on harley davidson you will have other companies that will be scared to announce that they will go possibly move overseas because they don't want that bad publicity. >> eric: do you think the reporting on this has been fair? you're saying it is disconnected and has nothing to do with the tariffs. >> harley has announced the thailand-based plant but the reason why they are moving forward they're saying is because of the trade tariffs. i don't doubt that. you see companies across the united states being hit and
7:21 am
farmers getting fewer orders for soybeans. it is starting to have a small role. companies are in a state of flux. they don't know if they should invest now because they don't know how much the trade war will escalate and that's the concern and why you see so much movement on markets in general and you have so many companies that aren't reinvesting right now. they are wondering what will happen in the short term. >> sandra: in the business world, though, it is interesting for us having covered business as we have to see the president taking on individual companies and naming names and maria pressed him on this. >> in wisconsin yesterday you called out harley davidson. >> i don't like they're leaving. >> they are saying we'll send some production overseas because we can't deal with the tar ifs out of europe because of our tariffs. should you be calling out specific companies? you're the president. >> president trump: i should. i devoted a lot of time to
7:22 am
harley davidson. i treated them good. >> sandra: will there be more of this? >> companies will be scared to announce it because they saw the attack on harvey davidson. i don't think as a business leader of a country. he should know when you do something like that you put down an american company. my father has a chopper. he is a harley driver. by doing that you are taking away from a company that's just trying to expand. there are tons of other american companies that have plants overseas. this was in the past but why is it so bad that harley is trying to expand overseas? because sales aren't as strong in the united states. japanese automakers or motorcycle makers are doing well. harley needs to step up its game. >> eric: shouldn't the president as a businessman point this out? companies want to move overseas doesn't he have a responsibility to try to change that? >> he needs to shed light on the economy in the united states right now and how they
7:23 am
are trying to fight and support businesses here. so i agree in the sense that maybe the trade war, it is sometimes warranted. when you call out a company and said they will be hurt and threatening the future of their sales, i don't know if i necessarily agree with that. i think on a business perspective it is hurting sales. he is raising awareness here is a company that's doing so. others will be quiet about it because they don't want that attention. >> eric: the president is just days away from naming a new nominee to the supreme court to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy. one of america's closest allies, talking about tariffs. they are rolling them out today to the tune of nearly $13 billion. former businessman, now congressman jim renacci a member of the house ways and means committee will give us his take on this move by canada today.
7:24 am
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7:28 am
>> let me be clear, these tariffs are totally unacceptable. for 150 years, canada has been the united states's most steadfast ally. if they move forward with tariffs on trade in aluminum and steel, not only are they putting a threat on canadian workers and canadian industry they'll hurt american workers as well. >> eric: that is canadian prime minister justin trudeau. canada imposing new measures on its own today targeting 12.6 billion dollars worth of goods from us. congressman jim renacci joins us, he is in cleveland and congressman, before you were elected you were a successful businessman and accountant. how far do you think this tit-for-tat trade war could go?
7:29 am
>> well, first off, thank you for having me. what i've said all along the next best president is going to do some things that people will be uncomfortable with because we have to change this. we can't continue to have these unfair trade policies especially with china. i'm glad to see the president doing what he is doing. in the end it's part of negotiations and i think this is what this president does best. let's see where we end up. it will be a little uncomfortable for a while but i don't think this president nor anyone wants a trade war. he wants fair trade with these countries. it is not there now. when you travel the world and find out american goods, we pay 20% or 25% or 10% when we go to other countries but 2% when they come back is unfair right now. >> eric: what about the critics who say it will hurt the economy and hurt american workers? >> well, i think long run it will help the economy because we'll be able to move america forward and make a fairer trading system.
7:30 am
i'm all for free trade but we have to have fair trade as well. we can't let the other countries continue to do what they're doing. a little uncomfortable as we go through the negotiations. let's get through them. >> sandra: you talk about the fact we need to -- you like this clearly and think the president is doing the right thing but it will be uncomfortable. an interesting word. that's the hard part for people especially in the united states, the american people to understand the short-term pain versus the long-term gain. how do you clearly paint that picture so that people can see down the road? >> well look at what is happening with some of the steel tariffs. we have a steel mill being reenergized in ohio. we have to look at positives occurring. that's what's important. we will have a little pain but this will be for a long-term gain and we need it. too often we just did political things for the last 10, 20
7:31 am
years. everything is about politics. i was a businessman for 28 years. you try things, negotiate and pull back. we need to do that more and get things best for the american people and the american businessman but also for the american employee. in the end that's what this is all about. more employees here in america. >> sandra: i just wonder what this all means for the relationship with our closest allies, congressman. the president did speak specifically to that talking about the e.u. as they compare to china with our trade policies. watch the president here. >> are you going to back down on the tariffs against china? >> no. we've put in $250 billion worth of product. the tariffs -- it could up to $500 if we don't make a deal. china wants to make a deal. so do i. it has to be a fair deal for this country. one of the hard things is our presidents and business leaders
7:32 am
were missing in action. >> sandra: this was actually the president talking about he will not back down on those china tariffs. we'll get to him talking about and comparing the e.u. to the way china is behaving. this president says despite the criticism he is not backing down. >> china has not been trading fairly with us for years and we've let it go. past presidents, republicans and democrats have let it go. it's time we do things and the president is trying to get us more fair and freer trade with china. when i was in business, some of my competitors were my closest friends but in the end you have to do what's best for your business even if it sometimes hurts your competitors because we have to make sure that america is moving forward. >> sandra: interesting way to put it. >> eric: the e.u. are threatening us to hit us with $300 billion worth of tariffs. here is what the president said
7:33 am
about the e.u. saying they're the worst. >> president trump: the european union is possibly as bad as china, just smaller, okay? it is terrible what they do to us. look at the car situation. they send in mercedes but we can't send our cars in. they don't want our farm products. they have their farmers so they want to protect their farmers but we don't protect ours and we don't protect theirs. >> eric: what about that? if the e.u. slaps $300 billion on us. >> i've been over in europe and travel the countries. you don't see american cars over there because of tariffs. we need to make sure this is fair. i think in the end we need to give this president the opportunity to negotiate, what he is trying to do. we need to be able to see where we come out of all this. i know the president doesn't want to have trade wars but wants to do what's right for america and we need to work hard to get through this. as i said earlier there will be a little pain.
7:34 am
when i talk to the farmers and manufacturers in ohio they say to me they are a little uncomfortable with the tariffs but let's let the president try and move this forward because we think it will be better for us in the long run. >> eric: how is this playing out? he throws the big number out. when do they sit down together instead of throwing new tariffs out and get in a room and work out a deal? >> look, he has a lot of people working underneath him. i'm sure they are continuing to talk. this president is not living in a bubble making these decisions. there are people already communicating and will continue to do that. but let's see where we end up. again i think this is a negotiation time. people are talking. in the end let's give him six months. i know i've heard this president say give me time to negotiate and see where i can take it so it's best for america. >> sandra: when you look at the u.s. stock market as a gauge for the concern, the market has sort of taken a pause from hitting records in the face of this.
7:35 am
there has been some nerves in the u.s. stock market, down 100 points on this monday morning. it's a holiday week but there is concern playing out in the marketplace but surely not panic. that being said, concerns about escalation. that's certainly warranted with justin trudeau saying he and his officials have vowed further action if the white house follows through with these threatened duties on their trade. so how far does this go and how painful will it get, congressman? >> look, anybody that has been in the market for the last 16 months is happy. i don't care whether you have a pension or whatever. the pensions are going up. things are moving in the right direction. in the end there will be fluctuations. let's see where we get. most people realize we're working through negotiations. sometimes you have to be tougher. the best negotiator is one willing to walk away and
7:36 am
sometimes that's the best to get done. i don't know that the president is going to do that but in the business world you have to be willing to accept some things you aren't happy with to make sure you can move things forward in a better way. i think that's where we're going. >> sandra: it does give you a different perspective. thank you for joining us this morning. >> eric: great to see you. >> sandra: so could roseanne be making a comeback to tv? what's next for the comedy star after a racist tweet cost her everything. plus republicans gearing up for a fight to confirm president trump's supreme court pick before the mid-terms. why some in the party it could be a deal breaker. our a-team is back to debate this hot button issue. we'll get them out of the greenroom next. >> i am just amazed how yet again the left boils every single thing including a supreme court justice down to one issue, abortion.
7:37 am
7:38 am
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>> sandra: president trump getting a second chance at nominating a supreme court justice amid growing concerns the new makeup of the court could lead to the reversal of the 45-year-old roe versus wade ruling that legalized abortion. susan collins saying it's uppermost in her mind. >> i would not support a nominee who demonstrated hostility to roe versus wade because that would be to me their judicial philosophy did not include a respect for established decisions, established law. >> sandra: we are back with our a-team. jessica tarlov is author of america in the age of trump. david avella chairman of go pack. chris stirewalt fox news politics editor and the editor of halftime report. chris, set up this battle. because we're one week out from
7:42 am
the announcement. >> i want to read you something. it tickled me so much. jeffrey tubein, a cnn contributor who writes for "the new yorker" said see the new supreme court see clearly abortion illegal doctors prosecuted, gay people barred from restaurants. hotels and stores. african-americans out of elite schools. gee, michael. once you've said all that how can -- this is really -- i am frustrated for democrats. their framing on this discussion is so bonkers. they've started out in such an overfrothed way. as long as the person who shows up is not dr. mengele, he says african-american people are allowed to stay in schools. give me a break. >> eric: do you think democrats are going way overboard?
7:43 am
>> keep doing it. one more step to republicans gaining seats in the u.s. senate. this is crazy rhetoric that comes out of the democrats. here is the reality. it doesn't matter. republicans can ultimately approve president trump's nominee. here is a prediction. senator collins and senator murcowski will both vote for the nominee. in today's supreme court fight nominees go on and say nothing about issues. they talk about philosophy. senator collins has made it clear as she has made it clear with all the votes she has done for district courts and other supreme court nominees that as long as -- what she has said they follow a judicial philosophy of interpreting current law. everyone on the list president trump put on there because of that reason. his nominee is going to be approved whether democrats want to come along for the ride or not. that's their choice. republicans are going to approve his nomination.
7:44 am
>> eric: she said she would not vote for someone hostile to roe versus wade. >> i don't know a nominee -- the president hasn't nominated anyone. we don't know whether they're hostile. >> i believe everyone on the list is. it's one of the reason they are there, they're pro-life. she said i wouldn't want to nominate anyone who looks at precedent. they won't grill them on individual issues but get a feel for how they carry these. susan collins is a difficult figure for democrats because she really helped us out with the healthcare vote but let us down with the tax cut vote. there is a lot of apprehension that she will be someone go on cable news and say roe versus wade matters to me. it's something i'm a pro-choice senator, lisa murcowski as well. then going to say well, they respect the president and justice gorsuch wrote a book how much he respects precedent and all these guys are fine and
7:45 am
you'll see 22 states where we could see abortion become outlawed on the state level. i saw a conversation yesterday on another network about where the republicans said what case is even coming up the pike that revolves around this? the issue is there will be cases brought right away when they see this has happened. we're forgetting justice kennedy was a conservative. he was a swing vote on many things. if you look at the last batch of votes he let the left down there. it's not like we lost our b.g. here. >> don't remember the dinner just for the mint. kennedy's career and why it's such a huge appointment and such a big deal. his career was as we call it the roberts court. we should call it the kennedy court. he was the one who got to decide how it would go. guess who it is now?
7:46 am
justice roberts. you guys are in trouble. >> the obama vote was helpful and i was talking to judge napolitano on this how much he would relish the opportunity to show off his judicial chops and respect for precedent, absolutely. >> eric: let me get to the democratic rhetoric. is it too much over the top? we heard chris say what a reporter wrote. >> it is over the top and we need to broaden the focus beyond roe versus wade. a lot of important issues, gay marriage, gerrymandering is a huge issue because it the redrawn the favor republicans. if you look at environmental protection law that the republicans are going after. roe versus wade is top of mind but other issues that matter. >> sandra: when the president was pressed yesterday morning about what he would ask a potential nominee, that's not one of them apparently. listen to this.
7:47 am
>> are you going to ask your nominees beforehand how they might vote on roe versus wade? >> president trump: that's a big one. probably not. they are all saying don't do that. you don't do that. you shouldn't do that. i'm putting conservative people on. >> they tell me i'm not supposed to ask prejudicial questions but i like he keeps the door open. >> and also maybe it's the woman's fault and she should be punished. >> the president is looking for a temperament and judicial philosophy similar to neil gorsuch. all the rhetoric doesn't matter as much as how the 100 members of the senate will vote. the vote is what matters. the u.s. senate republicans have consistently approved the men and women that president trump has put up from supreme court to district court all the federal courts and that's what matters at the end of the day.
7:48 am
>> sandra: one week from today. >> it seems fast. >> sandra: july 9th. >> democrats have to make a decision. do you obstruct and go to the mattresses and do everything possible to try to slow this down at which point mitch mcconnell says, we'll hold this open over the election so we can get all our people to storm the ballot. it gets hot quick. >> eric: big event next week and a big change in another court. lebron james. talking about the supreme. he is going from cleveland to los angeles. we'll discuss the meaning of that change and what it could mean for the nation's future of the democracy, the republican and the nba. we'll be right back.
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> sandra: lebron james is packing his bags and heading west starting a new chapter in his stunning career, king james signing a massive four-year deal with the l.a. lakers worth more than $153 million. lebron talking to instagram to say goodbye to the cleveland faithful saying thank you northeast ohio for an incredible four seasons. it will always be home. a picture of himself celebrating during the parade
7:53 am
for their 2016 nba championship. we're here to discuss: jared, how is this going over? >> tremendous. sports and entertainment intersected like this. when magic johnson went to the laker he was irvin johnson before magic got built. we have a situation with a greatest basketball player in the world going to tinsel town where sports can become a number one attraction. four-year contract. i think he plays out his four years and launches into life after a basketball career. it will be in hollywood. the production company he has been so successful. he could do whatever he wants to do. but i think he picked the right city. lebron and the city of los angeles will benefit greatly. not to mention things like the boys and girls clubs of america. >> eric: what does it mean for the lakers? >> a team will be in the playoffs next season.
7:54 am
the odds to win next year's title went 20-1. 7-2. >> ticket prices overnight -- $2,000 to get into a lakers game. >> you talk about the entertainment aspect of this. there are reports floating around he will be starring in the new space jam reboot. space jam 2, a big deal for movie fans and children of the 90s. a lot of people say he is using the excitement around this announcement to launch the trailer. >> they can now do the trailer. they don't have the long -- look at the decision nine years ago. now they can launch the trailer with him showing a lakers jersey. >> i believe he can fly. >> just talking about the movie and -- it was from the movie. >> sandra: meanwhile, roseanne, what's the future of roseanne? >> a lot of people wondered will she ever work again? the answer to that, the ball is in her court. she said during a new interview
7:55 am
that she has had many job offers and she is close to signing one. no word on what those job offers are but apparently she is considering signing onto a new deal. it would be a big deal if she signed onto a tv contract this soon. >> sandra: we can look into this. she says inside every bad thing is a good thing waiting to happen. i feel excited because i've already been offered so many things and i almost already accepted one really good offer to go back on tv and i might do it. but we'll see, she says. >> a lot of might in there. >> based on last week we were talking about roseanne and the tremendous flood of hate tweets i got stalking about roseanne in anything other than a positive light. >> not from me. >> there is clearly an audience for her still. it doesn't matter what she says or how she carries on on twitter. she will probably get a show and it will have an audience.
7:56 am
>> eric: there are second lives, kathy griffin and others. >> she said she didn't ask for money when she signed over the rights to her show. she could have made it a problem for abc but it was a penance. i know money isn't a problem for her but revitalizing her career is her next challenge. >> sandra: thank you very much. the former so-called attorney for president trump opening up in an off-camera interview. what michael cohen is saying about his perspective now and what it could mean about his likelihood to flip on the president? ♪ motorcycle revving ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪ no matter who rides point, ♪ there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep.
7:57 am
♪♪ and just like tyrone taylor, they know what it takes to help keep you protected. are you in good hands?
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8:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert at the top of the hour as we await any white house reaction to a stunning interview from the president's former personal attorney, michael cohen. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith, monday morning. >> eric: good to work with you this morning. i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. he once said he would do anything for the president. now he is making it clear he puts family and his country first so there could be a message in this interview. the first interview since the f.b.i. raided his home, office and hotel room as part of an investigation into his business dealings and that $130,000 payment to stormy daniels.
8:01 am
he told abc news he is not the villain of this story. john roberts is live on the north lawn with more. good morning, john. >> good morning to you, eric. no official reaction from the white house to the cohen interview just yet. sarah sanders has a briefing this afternoon at the 3:00 hour. maybe something there. typically the white house defers to outside counsel. we'll see if jay sekulow or rudy giuliani say something about it today. communications back and forth. coming up publicly for the first time talking with abc's george stephanopolous. they spoke for about 45 minutes. cohen not particularly long on any real detail about his thinking. perhaps most telling is what he didn't say during that interview. in the past when asked cohen has said he would take a bullet for president trump. contrast to that he said. my wife, my daughter and my son have my first loyalty and always will. i put family and country first.
8:02 am
to be crystal clear my wife, daughter and son and this country have my first loyalty. a lot of speculation whether cohen may start cooperating with the mueller investigation. flipping on the president if you will. if he does he could come into the cross hairs of the president's legal team. cohen said he won't roll over and take it. i won't be a punching bag as part of anyone's defense stage grew. i am not a villain in any story. he would not say whether the president knew about that $130,000 payment to stormy daniels to keep her quiet saying i want to answer. one day i will answer. for now i can't comment further on my advice of counsel. some other signs of cracks in the relationship with the president cohen said that he disagrees with the characterization of the mueller investigation as a witch hunt and doesn't appreciate people demonizing the f.b.i. saying when they came to raid his
8:03 am
office, his home and his hotel room they were very polite, courtous and professional. >> eric: not the description the president gave. it seems michael cohen is being a bit defiant. big news one week from today the president announced his second supreme court nominee to fill the seat of anthony kennedy. >> it will be a busy week at the white house for the president as he tries to narrow down his list of 25 nominees that he put out there for the public to see. 25 conservative judges. he says that next monday we expect it could happen late morning or early afternoon the president will announce his nominee to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy. some people on the short list as we understand it the president -- he said he has it narrowed down to six or seven. we think it could be more likely five and here are the top five as we know it. bret kavanaugh on the d.c. circuit court of appeals.
8:04 am
amy coney barrett. all appel yat judges. thapar and raymond kethledge and thomas hardiman. democrats certainly worried the president will pick a judge who would overturn roe versus wade. in an interview with maria bartiromo over the weekend the president said he will not ask them if they would overturn the abortion decision. >> president trump: that's a big one. probably not. they are all saying you don't do that, you shouldn't do that. i'm putting conservative people on and i'm very proud of neil gorsuch. he has been outstanding. his opinions are so well written, so brilliant. and i'm going to try and do something like that but i don't think i'm going to be so specific in the questions i'll be asking. i'm actually told i shouldn't
8:05 am
be. >> the white house told us a short time ago they're shuffling some personnel in order to deal with the nomination and the confirmation process. the white house counsel, don mcgahn, who led the gorsuch confirmation process will again be in the lead with whoever the president picks. raj shah will take a leave of absence from his duties in order to do communications and liaison with the hill on the nominee. and there you see justin clark, the director of the office of public liaison will oversee white house advocacy. a team of attorneys from the white house counsel's office and department of justice will be working this week to make sure the president has all the information he needs to make a choice and we should also point out, eric, the president did not conduct any interviews with potential nominees over the weekend but certainly he will be doing that between now and monday when he makes that all-important announcement. >> eric: there were reports he
8:06 am
was meeting some people. i guess that was not the case but even though it's a holiday week it will be a busy one where you are. >> sandra: for more on all this let's bring in brit hume political analyst. good to see you this morning. we'll get to supreme court picks in a second. but first michael cohen. what do you think about what you've heard here? is michael cohen, the president's former attorney, signaling a break from the president? >> well, maybe, sandra, but the question arises what is he going to break from the president on? there is a kind of an underlying assumption in these stories about him flipping, which suggests a couple of things. one is that there is something to flip about, right? and the second is that whatever it is involves donald trump. neither of those things is at all clear to me. i'm not saying there isn't -- that isn't possible, but we're talking an awful lot about something which we seem to know
8:07 am
very little about. so -- what he said about his family and his daughters and all coming first sounds like boilerplate to me. that's what you normally would do if you are in a situation where you're under federal investigation. you would put your own personal interests first. he didn't ever say he would be disloyal to president trump and as i say, sandra, it is not clear what he would be disloyal about. >> sandra: perhaps one could say it would be expected there would be this amount of speculation considering it is the first time we've heard him or actually we only have a words here. we haven't seen him say this yet since those raids on his home and office. and to go further, he says this. i respect the prosecutors, i respect the process. i would not do or say anything that might be perceived as interfering with their professional review of the evidence and the facts. so i guess to your point we all are just left wondering if there is a message being sent
8:08 am
there. >> well, the message is he is in hot water and he doesn't want to offend the prosecutors who are investigating him so he is prepared to cooperate. that's what people do. i'm not saying -- when all is said and done that he may not tell them something that would be in some way damaging to president trump but we don't know what that is. the president has denied, for example, that he had this one-night stand with the porn star stormy daniels and michael cohen is thought to have paid her $130,000 to keep quiet about it. so in the end people may come to believe that well, cohen says he did that and why would he do that if there weren't something going on between trump and daniels? my question about that do people seriously deeply believe that the president did not have a one-night fling with stormy daniels? my sense most trump supporters
8:09 am
think they did and chosen to excuse that. >> sandra: i want to ask you about the supreme court pick by the president. it's hard to believe we're a week out from the president's deadline to announce his nominee. susan collins, a key swing vote on this matter, she herself is sending a message on this. listen. >> a candidate for this important position who would overturn roe versus wade would not be acceptable to me because that would indicate an activist agenda that i don't want to see a judge have. and that would indicate to me a failure to respect precedent. >> sandra: to be clear the president told maria bartiromo yesterday morning there is no litmus test. he won't actually be asking the candidates or interviewing them or asking about roe versus wade but he says democrats will come
8:10 am
around, brit. >> maybe they will. i've seen some of these confirmation fights going back many decades and when you have a situation like this where it is a centrist member of the court stepping aside and a president prepared to nominate a conservative jurist there will be a battle such as we'll likely never to have seen before. and all the old rules are off the table. every effort will be -- is likely to be made to portray whoever it is as an extremist and automatically prepared to reverse roe versus wade and on and on. we all better prepare ourselves. this is going to be ugly and susan collins's comments are reasonable. even if the president asked the judge what he thought about roe versus wade or what he might do on roe versus wade no judge or nominee would ever answer that question because you just don't answer questions about issues
8:11 am
that could come before you. and that is likely to be the position taken by anyone nominated and you have to look elsewhere and through the judge's record to see about respect for precedent. respect for precedent is a basic tenet of our judicial system. so i suspect whoever is nominated will say yes broadly speaking i respect precedent and give them no reason to establish he would do otherwise regarding abortion. >> sandra: the president saying he will pick somebody who is outstanding. brit hume, good to start off the week with you. fox news alert on a july 4th terror attack stopped in its tracks. what the feds are saying about the suspect and what he was planning. >> eric: a deadly explosion rocks a tourist hot spot. one american was killed, another in critical condition. we're live with those details. >> sandra: new fallout from the stunning upset in the new york democratic primary where a
8:12 am
newcomer ousted a 10-term congressman. does a party need more new faces at the top? >> there are a lot of districts in this country that are like new york 14 with -- that have changed a lot in the last 20 years and whose representation has not. it definitely speaks to perhaps us evolving in our messaging in how we do things. ♪ come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away. ♪ ♪ come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away. ♪
8:13 am
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8:16 am
>> i'm not trying to impose an ideology on several hundred members of congress. but i do think that once again, it's not about selling an -- this is about selling our values. >> eric: that is congressional nominee 28-year-old alexandria ocasio-cortez. her win over crowley. her win set off shock waves in the democratic party and stemming a debate if a younger crowd is challenging the status quo. our panel, welcome. marc, let me start with you. is this now the ascendancesy of
8:17 am
the socialist progressive moving the party to the left. >> we're seeing it with this election here and with the growing call to abolish our customs and border protection. you're seeing it in the radicalism that is given voice by maxine waters and others. its further pushing the party radically to the left toward socialism and in the process they'll be hemorrhaging blue collar hard working voters in the midwest who used to be solidly democratic. >> eric: do you think this is moving the party to a radical agenda? >> look, clearly marc is on president trump's talking points, radical is his new favorite word. no, not at all. i do think that the democratic party has an opportunity to embrace this fresh blood and energy that is coming into the party. i don't necessarily think that there is any big difference as
8:18 am
where the democrats stand on issue. it's more about strategy. what we're seeing is you have some of these new voices and faces coming with bold voices, strategy and proposals on healthcare, criminal justice reform. the party could really benefit from that. whether it's in new york or stacy abrams in georgia or -- especially these women. i really think women are the future of the democratic party. that's a part of what we're seeing. >> eric: do you think they're calling for the abolition of ice, getting rid of ice. one calls ice a terrorist organization. you don't think that's radical? >> well, cynthia nixon is running her campaign in illinois and duckworth said the opposite. if we get rid of ice we have the president and his policies
8:19 am
in place. it is great that we have all of these voices and you know what? disagreement is okay. i don't understand why the republican party thinks that they have to speak only in the same voice as the president. that's not -- that's just not common sense. that is not how human beings work. so what is happening with the party is a sense of diversity and voices. a sense of diversity in strategy. yes, let's get bolder, let's welcome in the younger voices and make room for them. but radical, yeah, president trump's words, not mine. >> eric: marc, what does this diversity mean for the party and what does it mean for the older generation that are still in control? >> you have to look at the leadership of the democratic party. they are all up there in their upper 70s and approaching 80 years old. >> president trump isn't a young chicken. >> you have nancy pelosi with her lowest approval ratings in
8:20 am
a decade. it's clear the democratic party has no leadership, no message and no real agenda except obstructing an resisting the president of the united states and the american people can see the growth. >> eric: house democrats have nothing even approaching a backup plan. this has set off a fresh round of squabbling about whether new generation will get a chance to lead and who should be the face of that leadership. this is hardly a useful distraction during a high stakes election year but a situation for which ms. pelosi has only herself to blame. should she step down? is it time for her to exit stage left to make room for a new face for the democratic party? >> nancy pelosi should make her case for why she should remain in the position when democrats hopefully take back the house in november. she needs to fight for that job. now, look, there is absolutely
8:21 am
the need to bring in some young voices into the leadership of the party and i think people need to understand their role. nancy pelosi is a powerhouse when it comes to legislation. she may not be the best spokesperson and that's the great thing about democrats right now. the millennials from collaborative leadership. it is five, 10, 20 faces, all are diverse and different ages and different perspectives. >> eric: should nancy stay or go? >> i'm confident she won't be speaker of the house again. the democrats won't take control of a house. you'll see a further implosion of the democratic party. >> eric: two diverse predictions. >> sandra: new controversy for the nsa over how it collects telephone call records and details on a harrowing rescue by firefighters all caught on
8:22 am
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this wi-fi is fast. i know! i know! i know! i know! when did brian move back in? brian's back? he doesn't get my room. he's only going to be here for like a week. like a month, tops.
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oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. >> eric: amazing video of firefighters rescuing a dog trapped near a burning house. take a look at this. it happened in stock ton, california. the fire department posting it on facebook. firefighters working to keep the flames from spreading to another house and they found a dog locked in a kennel. they pulled the dog to safety. the video has racked up 65,000 views on facebook. we thank the firefighters of stockton for their brave courage. rescuing the little pooch. great. >> sandra: new scrutiny for the nsa after the agency reveals it
8:26 am
is deleting 700 million call records from telecommunications companies, records it shouldn't have received in the first place. catherine herridge is live in washington with this story. good morning. >> the national security agency that collects intelligence such as phone logs, emails and text messages is destroying hundreds of millions of records after analysts found technical date -- they got metadate it wasn't supposed to have. shows phone numbers, how long you're talking but no content. these irregularities resulted in the production of call detail records that nsa was not authorized to receive. nsa in consultation with the department of justice and office of the director of national intelligence decided the appropriate course of action was to delete all call detail records. the usa freedom act passed in 2015 replaced the controversial
8:27 am
post 9/11 collection of american phone records. the phone companies pulled the records and nsa can access the data on a limited basis and also judicial review. during his confirmation hearing the new nsa director was pressed by democratic senator who was among the first to expose the bolt collection program. his questions focused on the national security court. >> if there was a form of surveillance that currently requires approval by the fisa court and you were asked to avoid the court based on some kind of secret legal analysis, what would you do? >> i would say that there are two things that i would do. i would follow the law and i would ensure if confirmed the agency follows the law. >> you have told us now you
8:28 am
aren't going to do any illegal. that's a plus. >> senator widen said that telecom companies had acted with unacceptable carelessness. >> sandra: thank you. >> eric: republicans are battling each other over immigration. can the party really find a compromise before the november elections in there he is congressman of the house judiciary committee will join us in a minute to take that up. >> sandra: the company testing a new rocket for affordable space flights. it has a spectacular fail. >> eric: oops. ♪motorcycle revving
8:29 am
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and just like tyrone taylor, they know what it takes to help keep you protected. are you in good hands?
8:31 am
>> abolishing ice will accomplish nothing unless we change the trump policies. >> if we abolish ice now we have the same president with the same failed policies. >> we'll always need
8:32 am
immigration enforcement. i think we know that. we are amajor country with major borders. to me the issue is what are those policies and please let's get comprehensive immigration reform. >> sandra: republicans face their own internal battle over immigration. house lawmakers tried to pass two immigration bills, both were defeated. the continuing debate threatens the fracture the party. joining me now is the chairman of the subcommittee on immigration. starting off the holiday week. no less important. this battle looks like it is only heating up from here. what happens next? >> well, i think we'll continue to try to put something together. if you look at the two bills that we tried to pass in the last couple of weeks, one got
8:33 am
193 votes. the other one received less votes than that by quite a few votes. what we noticed is that there were enough republicans voting for both bills that could get us to 214 votes that we need. what we need to do is something in between the two bills and i think we can get to the 214, 215 votes we need in the house. >> sandra: the president was asked about immigration on sunday morning futures on fox news channel with maria bartiromo yesterday. here is where he falls on the issue at this moment. listen. >> president trump: i signed an executive order last week saying i don't want families broken up. in the meantime we have to have strong border protection and strong borders. we don't want crime. the democrats want to get rid of ice and have no borders >> sandra: you've heard that a lot. the democrats don't want border security. do you agree with that? >> they don't. if you look at what they are
8:34 am
saying. they want to abolish ice, they want to have catch and release. they want to make sure that people come to the united states and get released into the public. and they don't want border security. they claim they want border security but any time we have a bill in the house that includes border security at the same time we're doing something for the daca population, they are unwilling to sign on to it. the only thing they want to sign onto is a bill that has weak security and a lot of amnesty. republicans are not going to sign up for that. it is really interesting to watch this conversation. actually spoke to a couple of democrats last week on the hill and some staffers and they are concerned about this abolish ice movement that the left of the democratic party is starting because they don't see how that is a winning formula for them in the election. >> sandra: what do you think? there does seem to be a growing chorus of democrats calling to abolish ice. >> it is ridiculous. if you look at what ice is doing, we're trying to protect our nation from people that are
8:35 am
coming here illegally. we aren't a nation if we don't have borders. we need to have border security, we need to have interior security, we do need to have an immigration system that works. it is one of the things i've advocated for as chairman of the immigration subcommittee. we need to do something to deal with the people that are here illegally. i'm for all those things. but the democrats always say that they want border security but any time you present any bill to them that includes border security, they oppose it. and i don't think that's a winning formula for them in the elections and i think they'll have a very difficult time winning. that's what we keep the majorities in the house and be able to keep the senate. i think we will increase the number of senators in the u.s. senate. >> sandra: bob goodlatte said that he doesn't believe democrats are acting in good faith here. listen to him. >> the fact of the matter is those two bills got between the two of them 223 republican votes, a majority of the entire
8:36 am
house of representatives. they just weren't on one bill. we'll continue to work to get them on one bill and zero democrats. so the democrats are the ones who i do not think are acting in good faith. they don't even have a competing proposal that addresses all four of the areas. >> sandra: congressman, based on this setup and the fact that here it is monday morning and we're kicking off a new week, a holiday week. no less important sort of preview what is expected in this fight, in this battle as it continues on. >> what we will do is keep working with all republicans to get the 214, 215 we need to pass a bill in the house. i think we can do that. i think we need to keep working together and we'll be able to do that. then we send it to the senate. the senate then needs to see if they're serious about passing some border security and something that deals with the daca population. something that deals with the interior security with the problems that we have. remember that democrats, when
8:37 am
barack obama was elected, democrats had the majority in the house, they had 60 senators in the senate and they refused to do anything on immigration. yet they continue to lecture us how they are really interested in doing something about immigration reform. to them immigration is a political foot ball. it is not something that really want to solve. just something they want to talk about. now what they've decided to do is double down and talk about getting rid of ice, getting rid of border security, getting rid of the people that are actually protecting our nation. i don't think that's a great political message for the democratic party. >> sandra: there are divides inside your own party as well. we look at that fight within your party and compromise has to happen there as well perhaps first. congressman, thank you for your time this morning and good to have you. >> thanks for having me. >> eric: sandra, a horrible
8:38 am
idaho stabbing spree. the defendant is making his first court appearance today. he attacked the residents during a toddler's birthday party on saturday. stabbing nine people. six of the victims are children. we have the breaking developments. >> well, hi, eric. we're told the court appearance will take place this afternoon. but this was described as a gruesome crime scene and police officers say they'll never forget. small children badly injured by a knife-wielding man stabbing almost everyone insight during a birthday party. the youngest victim was the birthday girl just 3 years old. >> it was an attack against those who are most vulnerable. our children. it's untenable. it's pure evil in my mind. >> the suspect is a 30-year-old who has a violent criminal history in several states. someone at the apartment complex there in boise had allowed him to stay but asked
8:39 am
him to leave on friday due to bad behavior. we don't know what that was. investigators say the man left but then returned the following evening seeking vengeance. there were nine total victims. authorities say he first attacked six young kids ages 3-12 and then turned on the adults who were trying to save the children. the victims, all refugees, are from syria, ethiopia or iraq and police say they have injuries that will impact them the rest of their lives. the man is charged with 9 counts of aggravated battery and six counts of injury to children. it is heartbreaking to know that people and children who fled horrors of war and conflict, to find safety in america in the boise community had to experience this violence all over again. >> we understand several of the victims are still in the hospital and described as
8:40 am
gravely injured. community groups and refugee organizations in boise are planning a candlelight vigil this evening at 6:00 p.m. local time on the steps of city hall there. eric, back to you. >> eric: incomprehensible. >> sandra: the feds thwarting a terror attack days from now with the f.b.i. arresting a man in cleveland on terror charges after he allegedly told an undercover agent that he wanted to blow up an independence day parade. >> this defendant was walking around downtown cleveland conducting reconnaissance on what he thought was a large-scale attack planned for the fourth of july. he looked for locations to park a van that would be packed with explosives and just yesterday he discussed giving remote control cars packed with explosives and shrapnel to the children of our military
8:41 am
uniform members. >> sandra: the f.b.i. said pitts, a u.s. citizen, expressed an interest in chopping off heads and hands and disposing of bodies. he is expected to face a judge sometime today. >> eric: meanwhile there is new reaction to mexico's presidential election. who won? the guy on the left in a landslide. what it means for trade, immigration and relations between the two countries. >> sandra: a crew member on board a cruise ship goes overboard. missing for nearly 24 hours off the coast of cuba until an amazing rescue next. they all got a story about what happened to 'em. man 2: it was raining, there was only one way out. i could feel the barb wire was just digging into the paint. man: two bulls were fighting, (thud) bam hit the truck. try explaining that to your insurance company. woman: another ding, another scratch. it'll just be another chapter in the story.
8:42 am
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>> sandra: a crew member is counting his blessings after a miraculous rescue in the waters off cuba on sunday. he was reported missing the previous day.
8:45 am
a carnival crew member spotted him in the water and the ship turned around to rescue him. passengers watched the dramatic search effort. >> saw the cruise ship made a u turn and headed back. >> you do what you have to do. they did a good job. no complaints from us. a lot of people upset. >> norwegian thanked carnival for recovering the employee saying he would be returned to shore soon. >> eric: fox news alert on new white house reaction to mexico's newly elected presidential elect. he is a left wing populist who railed against president trump's immigration policies. the president tweeting this overnight quote, congratulations to an dress manuel lopez -- it's a nice
8:46 am
tweet considering the fact what obrador has called our president saying he was arrogant and erratic and the wall is a way to persecute migrant workers, how will they get along? >> usually the president strikes back at somebody who says those things. he is trying to get off on a positive foot. i think his relationship with obrador will start off well. he is a populist, engaging guy and the sort of personality that trump will be able to relate to. that's the good news. they have a long way to go in negotiating -- one other thing in mind. he doesn't take office until december 1. he doesn't immediately take office. he will have parties at the
8:47 am
continuing nafta negotiations. but amlo himself won't be there. it will be treading water for a while. >> eric: you talk about a guy, the furthest left wing guy called the ruling class in mexico filthy pigs. he wants to try to improve the economic situation of his people. >> the last 30 years have improved it. created the middle class. the poorest people aren't benefiting. i'm a little concerned if the negotiations over nafta go wrong that obrador won't be adverse to doing more state intervention on the mexican side. one of the big achievements of the last 20 years to deregulate telecommunications and energy industries. that would mean amlo said if you put on the tariffs and so forth he might move to take more control over his own
8:48 am
industries that would lower economic activity in mexico and if he does that, that creates more unemployment and more people could start moving north towards the united states. >> eric: it could exacerbate the immigration problem. >> if the trade negotiations go poorly it could indeed exacerbate the immigration problem. >> eric: he has been called to be like chavez. >> i think he was in the past. he will now be the president of a big, complicated country. i don't think he wants demonstrations and protests there of the sort you've seen in venezuela. he is trying to negotiate a middle way between preserving some of the economic benefits that have occurred the last 20 or so years while moving it in a more populist direction doing something about poverty. normally that has worked with mexico because they've been doing more trade with the united states. president trump wants to
8:49 am
renegotiate the terms of that trade and the question is will it allow trade to increase, to go on at current levels between the two countries or will trade and exports drop in mexico. that could hurt employment down there and exacerbate movements of immigrants toward the north. >> eric: now that he will be the president of mexico do you think it will tamp down the anti-trump rhetoric? >> i think he will as long as president trump keeps it on that plane. at this point he probably does. he has the spat going with justin trudeau in canada and so far we have no real deals yet on trade. we have tariffs being imposed on u.s. goods by both mexico and canada. some of these tariffs are beginning to hurt especially american farmers who sell products to both canada and mexico. >> eric: canada slapping them on today. we'll see what happens south of the border. >> sandra: well, it's about that time.
8:50 am
10 minutes away from the noon hour. melissa and harris, what's coming up on "outnumbered"? >> president trump will announce the supreme court nominee one week from today and that the battle over his pick will be vicious. he also says he won't ask candidates if they would overturn roe versus wade. one key republican says that is the deciding issue. we have the new details on what is gearing up to be as the president said vicious and epic fight, no doubt. >> for the first time the trump administration suggests it has a timeline for north korea to denuclearize within a year. will it quiet the speculation about the regime's actions? >> sandra: looking forward to it. a deadly explosion meanwhile rocks a tourist hot spot. one american killed and one in
8:51 am
critical condition. how the tragedy unfolded according to police.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> eric: it was a spectacular failure to launch when an unmanned rocket crashed and burn in japan this weekend. that was the scene as the rocket barely managed to lift off and flames erupted after it crashed right back into the bay sending it into a ball of fire. this rocket was developed by a japanese startup company with partial crowd funding. it was supposed to launch 60 miles into space but barely made 60 feet. thankfully no one was hurt. >> sandra: a deadly boat explosion in the bahamas kills
8:55 am
an american tourist and leaves another critically injured. phil keating is following the story live from miami for us this morning, phil. >> good morning. sad, tragic story. a group of american tourists were enjoying their summer vacation in the bahamas when they had to go overboard from the explosion. one died, another, a 22-year-old recent college graduate. somebody who danced her whole life ended up having to have both legs amputated. take a look at the video. it is shot from somebody on another charter boat, tour boat. people were panicking because of that fire and the fear they were getting too close to the burning boat which they thought might further explode. they brought their boat to the scene to help rescue and help survivors and victims. the royal bahamas boat. 10 tourists and two others were on the boat when it exploded and burned putting up black
8:56 am
smoke. it is in the exumas, southeast of nassau and 300 miles southeast of miami. the beautiful beaches and clear waters great for snorkeling and diving. stephanie schafer and her family were celebrating and they set up a gofundme page to raise money for her. on the tour boat in the bahamas she was dealt a life long struggle. back to you. >> sandra: tragic incident. thank you, phil keating in miami for us. >> eric: president trump narrowing down his list of candidates to replace supreme court justice anthony kennedy. how the decision could center some think on roe versus wade as the president prepares for a big fight with the democrats. billions of mouths.
8:57 am
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>> well, it is july 4th week. but it will be a big week one week from today. >> he said that deadline monday. we will work towards that. thanks, we will see you monday. >> harris: the white house announcing it does plan to gear up its team ahead of what president trump expects to be "a vicious fight" over the supreme court nominee. he will announce that decision one week from today. happy monday on "outnumbered" i am harris faulkner. fox business network. and friends weekend, abby huntsman, republican strategist and senior fellow for the "independent women's voice" joining us the cohost of "the five." people on social media today saying they are ready for juan. i don't know what that means.


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