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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 2, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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noble, "liars, leakers, and liberals: a case against the anti-trappist area." thanks for being with those. it's not out yet. is it real or just a cover? i will be back tomorrow night filling in for sean. have a great night for a ingraham is live next. >> laura: hey, judge jeanine. i have a question. did you do an audiobook? >> judge jeanine: yes, i did an audiobook, laura. >> laura: how long? >> judge jeanine: two and half days. >> laura: it's a nightmare, isn't it? you should have had guest voices, like, raymond could have done obama. it would have been great. i want to be a guest voice on your book. >> judge jeanine: you when i could do an audiobook together. we could go high, low. [laughs] >> laura: great show tonight. good evening from washington. i am laura ingraham. this is the "the ingraham angle." a big show tonight to kick off this holiday week. house and told her devin nunes as we were toppling his efforts to find out whether
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the trump campaign really was under surveillance. he has something exclusively to share with us tonight. plus, the left just cannot stop comparing themselves to the bright ones, of course, the conservatives come ben shapiro joins us with reactions, to a vile new slur against them. meanwhile, andy trump forces are salivating over the prospect that michael cohen could flip. of course, flip on the president. but that he really imply that an abc interview today? but first, the democratic meltdown in a war on i.c.e. that is the focus focus of tonight's "angle" ." there are about 700 or so left us marchers over the weekend organized to protest president trump's zero tolerance approach to border jumpers. >> we have children being held in cages, crying for their mommies and daddies. we know we are better than this!
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>> do we want to be an america that values children and families? >> we say the power of the people shall and will be a lot stronger than the people and power! did you hear that, donald trump? [cheers and applause] where's the love, donald trump? >> laura: i don't even know who that is. [laughs] what is that? while they were talking about family separation of the border, despite the fact that president trump ended that policy two weekends ago. do they not read? of course, what are lisa smart people already know because you watch "the ingraham angle," the left isn't really worried about the kids. if they were really worried about kids, they would be at regular rallies in chicago and baltimore, who are still an unacceptably high number of children are left fatherless or even die themselves because
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of gang gamers and fighting turf wars. what is more than the stomach most upsetting to these protesters is that despite all their efforts, trump's approvalp edging up. their only recourse is to demonize trump as a heartless baby stealer. you notice how they always say "kids in cages," you hear that all the time? is also an opportunity of course for democrats to try out in a radical policy positions. now ever since the 28-year-old socialist in new york, alexandria across the cortez b democratic incumbent, of course, gord demott joe crowly, democrats and leadership, number four: admit party, they have ber relevant events, tripping all over themselves to align with the millennial socialist. they want to abolish immigration customs and enforcement because that was a big part of her platform. look at how well she did.
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so again, rather than challenging her flawed thinking, this is the homeland security's major enforcement arm, let's not forget, democrats have decided to just -- left words and endorse their own idea. >> we believe that we should protect families that need our help and that is not what i.c.e. is doing today and that is why i believe you should get rid of it, start over, reimagine it, and build something and actually works. >> look at i.c.e. what a group of incompetents. at this point, they are focused more on toddlers and terrorists. instead of focusing on stopping bad drugs from coming in and dirty drug money from going out, they are focusing on separating kids from their families. >> laura: take them of the policy doesn't exist any longer. anyway, i.c.e. does not separate families of the border. like many of the protesters surrounding dick durbin, it sounds like they all confuse at i.c.e. with customs and border protection. it's border control, border
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patrol that arrests illegals at the border and runs them through processing. i.c.e. is the law enforcement agency that was set up, you remember, after 9/11 to protect us from international security threats. particularly those posed by people in the country illegally. so how ironic is it that four new york politicians, senator gillibrand, mayor de blasio, gubernatorial candidates gubernatorial candidate cynthia nixon, and congressional candidate ocasio-cortez are now leading the abolish i.c.e. movement charge? the problem for all of them is that the people just aren't buying this. the latest harvard harris poll shows that while 88% believe that families who cross the border illegally should not be separated, 76% want secure borders. 63% believe we should prosecute those entering the country illegally, while 64% agree that we should send the border crossings back home.
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but no matter where they stand on the nuances of immigration policy, a whopping 70% want stricter enforcement of existing immigration laws. so how do you do that exactly if you abolish the agency that is charged with investigating human trafficking, drug and weapon smuggling? i.c.e. is the agency that also tracks down criminal illegal immigrants. they remove them from the country. democrats claim they are for that. so if criminals make it over the border, are we just to let lamb go across the country? good luck turning that into a platform that actually wins oat oats. >> you get rid of i.c.e., you will have a country that you are free to walk out of your house. i love that issue if they will actually do that. they are seriously talking about that? you were going to have a country that is crime-ridden, the border patrol, the border patrol agente
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incredible. >> laura: if the president understands the political calculus here. his zero-tolerance policy, remember, it brought border arrests in june down to their lowest level since february according to the ap. that was the story. but if democrats think mounting on a national law enforcement agency with 20,000 employees that is working to keep americans safe in communities all across the u.s. as a solution? i think they have another thing coming. not only sound like an idea you would hear at some undergrad student center over some ben & jerry's, it's also dangerous. the democrats push to abolish i.c.e., it's as off key as the entertainment of some of their e weekend. >> i'm just going to sing a lullaby that i wrote and this is for those parents and we are not going to stop until they can submit them to their kids again. >> we treat asylum seekers with compassion. we don't seek to punish them for
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trying to do is write to their families. ♪ you outshine the morning sun ♪ ♪ my son ♪ when you smile ♪ i fall apart >> laura: side night. wasn't he nominated but he lost the tony for best musical? "hamilton" was fantastic. the writing, the composing -- international relations, trade, and of the second supreme court pick, dispirited democrats are looking for hope somewhere, what do they do this weekend, other than listening to some off key performances? they turned to the one, the community organizer himself, barack obama, appeared with all the little people out at beverly hills fund-raiser this weekend, making his first appearance in months. he declared the gathering a mope
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free zone. while there were days that he has been devoting himself to fund-raising for his library and writing his memoir, obama is now on a dnc fund-raising link, charging more than $100,000 a plate. without mentioning trump, he told the swanky crowd, this is a moment of great urgency. and you are right to be concerned. then with a soft, reverential air, he mused, "we shouldn't expect politics to be entertaining all the time and christina aguilera was wonderful but we don't need to have an amazing singer at every event. sometimes you are just in a church basement banking phone calls and eating calm, cold pizza." that is easy for him to say, he spent last year in haiti and richard branson's private island in the caribbean. cold pizza for everyone else. meanwhile, the ineffective democratic leadership, all of this is a fulfillment of what obama first ushered into his
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party. the obama era and the party is left behind always prized style over experience and results. and now a new generation of an experienced, charismatic leftists are moving to the four of the party. they are giving speeches, leading marches, and they are resisting trump. but original thinking at a governing strategy continues to elude them. with every tactic to the left, they merely estrange themselves from the vast middle and working class of this country catering only to the progressive elites in manhattan and malibu. should this continue come november, well, voters, even democratic ones, may be pulling the lever to abolish the democrats. and that is "the angle." joining us now in the reaction is democratic congressman from illinois, former pennsylvania
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congressman and democrat, and democratic strategist. let's first go to the congressman. i feel like the democrats are in a way where republicans were kind of 2009, before that he party really got going. they are looking for traction somewhere. now it is abolish i.c.e., of course, i.c.e. was working to deport people and in large numbers when obama was president, but i didn't hear any of these fancy pants politicians talk about abolishing i.c.e. back then. so how does it actually get traction now, congressman? >> thanks for having me on, laura. i think the way we get traction is basically connecting to the real economic problems of working families and presenting our agenda for making sure everyone gets on the up escalator of the economy. if you are working forward, how do we get you into the middle class? if you are in the middle class, how do we allow you to to succeed?
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if you want to start and grow a small business, how do we allow you to do that as well? i think that is how you take the majority. >> laura: is a better president trump is doing right now? is bringing people back into the workforce who haven't been working, basically gave up hope, now they are returning to the workforce in very large numbers. some people say we have a dearth of employees, we need more in the country. but wages are starting to go up, african-american unemployment is very low, all-time low, almost record low. i get where -- the problem is, trump is already doing it. >> this points to a couple of things that people talk to me about every single day, for example, health care. they are seeing their health care expenses go up under the trump presidency. the markets are becoming more and more unstable, despite bipartisan efforts to try to stabilize it. it appears that the trump administration is not interested
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in necessarily doing match. >> laura: so obamacare will be your argument then? ms. jones come i want to go with you on that. of course, what the republicans worry about it is with obamacare, contrary to what was argued, premiums would start to go up. they wouldn't happen immediately, but when you mandate that people go into a pool of insured, who obviously are higher risks because they have pre-existing conditions, that cost is going to have to be spread around, insurance companies have more bills to pay, and rates start going up, up, up. that is exactly what has happened. it is no surprise that a lot of these exchanges couldn't keep up. how are you guys going to get the traction you need with this economy as hot as it is? >> well, the traction is already there and we are already seeing by the message is being spread, i don't want to get back into the obamacare debate and -- we've already seen trump work very hard to dismantle obamacare and health care that american
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say they need. the way we get attraction is by the recent elections. democrats learned in the 2016 election that they are the voice not being heard. rather than trying to move to the center together and get the votes of people who were very clearly on a different plane, the trump voters, because we can't attract those voters, we have to stick to our principles, and/or principles are making america a place for everyone to live, a place that has humanity and care, that includes health care, sound immigration policy, fair, right, just, and humane. that is across-the-board. >> laura: polls are to showing that from a ms. jones. to hear what you are saying, you're doing the best you can under the circumstances but the polls are bearing that out. most people believe if you come to the country illegally, it is sad when your family get separated, no one wants to see that but it is your responsibility. you made a decision to cross the border. you didn't go through a normal part of entry, and all you are complaining that american doesn't have a heart, which is what one woman died today when reunited with her daughter.
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it's nice as she is reunited but she made a decision. i understand the hard argument, i get the compassion argument, but americans have been struggling for, like, three decades and haven't seen a rais raise. there is only so much of the love you can spread around when your own family, an american citizen, american veteran on a street, is having trouble. >> that's amazing, though. so many americans, at least to those in your circle complain that the reason why immigration is a problem, it is not just -- they are taking american jobs. >> laura: they have taken american jobs. i've interviewed people who got their jobs taken. >> there are farmers who are struggling to find people to do the work. they were doing jobs you didn't want. >> laura: 5% of the workforce. the eight argument that americans are lazy is a loser. that doesn't work. jason, this is what chuck todd said today, no great fan of the president, about where the democrats are at this moment. let's watch. >> he announced retirement of supreme court justice anthony kennedy this week helped
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make one political reality clear. despite his overall unpopularity, president trump is winning. and the democrats right now are reeling. >> the democrats reaction to the kennedy retirement proved anything, it's of the democratic party has not figured out how to succeed in a trump era. >> laura: jason, your reaction? >> i saw that chuck said that. i think he's right. i think he accurately diagnose the problem, the democrats, if you go back, say, six months, controlled all the cars going into the midterms. you have the historical loss of the incumbent party, some missteps made by the administration, the democrats had successfully -- we are winning on the generic ballot, had an issue that was beneficial to them, as well as being on the morally justified in preventing -- forcing the change in policy of the separations of the border. and then, to move further to the left because of one election that occurred in one
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congressional district now, to encourage uncivil disobedience to confront members of the administration, members of the media in a way that is outside the bounds of normal political discourse in this country, the democrats are in great danger of blowing the advantage that they worked so hard to create. >> laura: congressman, i want to go with you on this. there is now this effort that has gone viral. a young african-american male who i had never heard of before it goes on -- i think he tweeted as originally, that is when i saw it -- and you'll watch. >> less than a year ago, i was still a liberal. i reject a system which allows an ambitious, misinformed and dogmatic mob to suppress free speech, create false narratives, and steamroll over the truth. i reject hate. these are the reasons why i became a liberal. these are the same reasons why i
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am now walking away. >> laura: yeah, that's another one. the guy who originally started as african-american. so interesting. is that kind of a kitschy thing that doesn't really connect with you, or could that be the democrat version of a nightmare, where people say, okay, i'm a democrat, but i'm not for, like, harassing people in a restaurant? i'm not for abolishing a department or an agency, wing of an agency that 20,000 employees that fight human smugglers and drug cartels? i will walk away from that. are you worried about that? >> look, i'm concerned when we can't necessarily disagree without being disagreeable. we have to learn to talk to each other, we have to learn to talk to people who disagree with us if we are going to persuade them and come to our side. that is what i have to do in my district with the suburban district of chicago in the heartland. i think, that being said, i will stay true to my principles.
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i believe in, for instance, making sure that the right to health care is still preserved for all americans, that people can educate their children, and that they can afford child care, and at the same time, see their wages go up. i believe we can stay true to those principles, talk to people on the other side, and also, as someone mentioned earlier, also advocate for a humane treatment of immigrants and others, you know, true to our american tradition. >> laura: trump actually has done away with the family separation policy. yet these rallies, they keep acting like it is still in existence. it's not. he did away with it. >> laura: can i address that for one moment, please? >> laura: real quick. we got to get back. >> one thing that people are very, very acceptable, there are still about 2,000 people separated from their parents, wt know how they will be reunited.
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>> laura: the administration announced today that that's happening. guys, again, the democrats' all platform, as far as i can tell, is resist trump, and family separation policy that doesn't exist, that is getting fixed, and abolish i.c.e. that is, like, they may entail that is getting media coverage. ms. jones come i want to go back with you. you have to win pennsylvania, you have to win ohio, you have to win wisconsin, we have to win florida. it might work in the bronx or brooklyn or malibu or brentwood or even madison, wisconsin, but the vast majority of americans in the heartland states, that's not what they are worried about. they want bread and butter issues. your reaction? >> that's true. and so those poles in the heartland of america should know that in trump's first three months of being president, he caught so many programs and federal programs that included urban and rural opportunities, water opportunities.
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so if we are worried about cutting federal programs, then let's talk about -- >> laura: they are worried about a job. guys, then fantastic. thank you so much. we'll have you back. we'll have you on radio may be tomorrow. surveillance abuses against the trump administration coming up.
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♪ >> laura: house until terry devin nunes is tightening the screws in his investigation into alleged surveillance abuses of the trump campaign. the congressman is now referring the names of 17 former and current fbi and justice officials to the heads of the house oversight and tertiary committees for interviews. just hours ago he added ten more names to the list, this time, former obama state department employees. joining us now with more is congressman devin nunes. congressman, it is great to see you. i know people watching across the country, getting ready for fourth of july, they are thinking, devin nunes wants more information. i am playing devil's advocate here. when will it end? you are always complaining about documents, and how you were complaining about people. but there are a lot of people on this list that are new names to people, like, victoria nuland. tell us why you want her to
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testify? >> first of all, i want to make sure the american people know that this is just one more step in the process. i think we have been very transparent about how we have conducted this process, we went on to fisa abuse and other matters, i have set for a long time that we are looking at the state department. when we began looking at the state department, you had victoria nuland and a few other people who decided to go out and talk about things publicly, which actually helped our investigation out quite a bit. the reason why it is is because we still don't understand how this investigation was actually open to. but we know that many people in the obama era state department were involved in the opening of that investigation. so it all comes down to, how did the information make it from supposedly an australian high commissioner ambassador to the fbi? so we know that that didn't come through what i would call
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intelligence, it wasn't real intelligence products, it's a short-circuited that process. we also know the people in the state department were meeting with christopher steele. christopher steele was the person that was hired by the democrats to dig up dirt on president trump. so this is why this investigation has taken a while but we are -- the good thing is, i believe that chairman gowdy and bob goodlatte, their task force will interview these people and they will interview m in public, so it will be the first time during the entire investigation at the american people get to see answers to these key potential witness has. >> laura: again, state department. now why would the state department be involved with the christopher steele dossier issue? again, phony dossier, christopher steele's and my six, worked as an agent, support supposedly has all these russian sources, why would this woman, n your list, who was, i think, the director of the deputy chief in
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the mission in london for london -- -- for one of the pee to put into the trump campaign allegedly? as an informant, correct? >> i wouldn't go there. two parallel tracks here. he kind of touched on one of them. one, we have the london episode. somehow information waited from the australian government to the fbi. we believe that went through london and somehow went to the obama state department, and then ended up in the justice department. so that is one track. the second track is christopher steele. what on earth was christopher steele doing meeting with state department officials and why was this b-17 dossier, at supposedly the fbi was trying to get their hands on, why was it also going to the state department? a lot of people have their hands on the steele dossier including
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many people in the media who knew about the steele dossier, really, a collapse. what we are having to do as the legislative branch of government, we are having to do the work of the media won't do. there are very few in the media who will actually cover the story try to get to the bottom of it and that is part of what is taking so long. typically, you would have a a e and fair and transparent media trying to get to the truth but in this case we haven't had that. >> laura: so jonathan -- is it weiner -- on your list. who is he and i guess it was several months ago, he said he is being unfairly targeted by you. >> that was quite the interesting --dash he thought we were targeting them because of the time we weren't sure exactly what he knew or didn't know. thankfully, he was very clear in the statements he made that he was one of the people that was looking at the steele information and was conveying that information in some form or fashion to the fbi. so we want to interview these folks. these folks work for the
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american taxpayer? -- >> laura: how do you compel that? you can subpoena them -- >> they will testify. they can plead the fifth. these will be like the documents were we had to continue to fight with the justice department in order to have access. this is much different. these are all american citizens. they will, if they do not agree to appear under oath, and testify, then they will be subpoenaed. that i could tell you for sure. >> laura: i want to get your reaction to something adam schiff, congressman schiff, ranking democrat on your committee said to you, and your colleagues, last week on cnn. >> you know, the four horsemen of this apocalypse have been devin nunes and trey gowdy, mark meadows, and jim jordan. they have been leading the charge basically to require the justice department to give them materials that can be leaked or fed or misrepresented, like the
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infamous nunes memorandum, in the service of the president. and in the meantime, they do enormous damage to these institutions. ultimately, they'll be held accountable. >> laura: it sounds like a threat, congressman. >> yet, we are not going to be threatened by the democrats. they are the ones that have all this blood on their hands. they are the ones that have completely destroyed the fbi and doj. how did they do that? they did that by digging up dirt, the clinton campaign dug up dirt, put it into a dossier, fed into the fbi, and the fbi used our counterintelligence capabilities against a political campaign. that is what happen here. the democrats in the house and senate, they continue to want to offer you skate, they continue to want to give her up, if it were up to the democrats, we would have never found out that the democrats and hillary clinton paid christopher steele to generate this dirt on president trump. so i tend to ignore everything that they say, we continue to do our work day in and day out to get you the truth and gradually
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we are gritty to the truth and i believe, as these hearings take place and testimonies are given to congress, it will be much needed sunlight in this investigation. i think the american people will be able to see who is telling the truth and who's not telling the truth. >> laura: congressman, i think we all want an open session. we are getting tired of the closed session deal, the emergent people are kept in the dark, people come out and mysteriously we hear little bits and pieces about what happened, or the flavor of what happened behind closed doors. with someone like victoria nuland, other about musty department people, and maybe even joseph piazza, who interviewed michael flynn, he could -- sources tell me he could be a potential whistle-blower to tell what he actually understood advantage of you, namely, michael flynn did not lie. >> laura: i agree with you 100%. that is partly why i am sending these names over to judiciary
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and oversight committee because they arty have a task force than convened. they should be able to do all of these hearings in the public, full transparency, so that people can watch on live television. that is my recommendation to the committee chairman. i believe they will follow that recommendation. they may have other names. so far we sent them the 17 plus the ten, 27 names we have sent them. we will be sending a more names here later this week this week. >> laura: congressman, thank you so much for alerting us tonight. we really appreciated. former trump attorney michael cohen breaks his silence but why? what is really going on there? and company the love to be missing his true message? dan bongino and chris hollender beta next.
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♪ >> the big questions i asked him is, what will you do if prosecutors come to you and
7:35 pm
offer you leniency and return for information on president trump? he said he wanted to respect the process. didn't get into specifics. but he added that is, and out of this with emphasis. "my wife, my daughter, and my son have my first loyalty and always will. i put family and country first." nothing there about loyalty to president trump. in fact, he didn't praise president trump at all during that 45 minute interview. >> laura: from abc's george stephanopoulos were counting a 45 minute conversation he had with former trump attorney michael cohen. predictably the suggestion that he would not pledge loyalty to the president meant only one thing. the number trump crowd. he's going to flip! is that really the case? let's bring in dan bongino, nra tv host, and chris hahn, former aide to senator chuck schumer. dan, we've been hearing that michael cohen is going to flip. i think you and i were talking about this last week. is he is going to flip, he's gg to flip. stephanopoulos got down, got the
7:36 pm
dramatic photo sitting down across from each other, with a guy whose basic potential jail time. i don't blame him being worried about his family. but it has to always be through the prism off, we have more bad news for donald trump. what is this? >> this is the umpteenth thousand time, "we've got him now," we heard him about flynn. flynn was going to flip, we got the fake news story, we had a journalist laboring at work today supposedly because of reporting that story in advance. i'm getting tired -- we do have to view this of the prism of the media that cannot stand donald trump. we don't know what is going on or michael cohen's head, trying to cozy up to the media, getting the media on his side? laura, the one take away that audience needs to understand is that this is clearly now an investigation into a person, not a crime. the investigation is into donald trump. they will do anything to get him. this has nothing to do with collusion, we know it because it was referred to the southern
7:37 pm
district from the special counsel. so they are looking for trump. they're not looking for a crime. >> laura: chris, this is what michael avenatti said about what cohen really wants here. let's watch. >> this is michael cohen trying to send a message to the president that he wants the president to pay his legal bills or he's going to flip. you know, he's playing games of the american people. if he has information that is damaging to this president, and i know for a fact that he does, then he should come forward and stated and disclose it now. what he's doing is playing games by giving these off-camera interviews, like you saw today. >> laura: chris, your reaction reaction? >> i don't know. i don't know what michael avenatti was trying to say there. here is what my take away is. two weeks ago when we were talking about him potentially flipping, we were reacting to an "abc news" story which had a single byline, "george stephanopoulos right. today, he gave an interview to
7:38 pm
george stephanopoulos. i don't know if those two things are connected, but they might be. so we don't know if they are going to do and what they might have. as for the attorneys leaving, which was a big conversation and his taking on a new attorney, that has been a sign that people are about to make a deal and maybe he is about to make a deal. but he is going to make a deal on, i don't know. but there is nobody in america that knows donald trump better than michael cohen, at least as far as a lawyer goes. and we know he was the president's fixer. but we are ready know those things. so we want to know exactly what else the guy has. as far flynn, flynn did flip. and next week, he will be in court, and we all know exactly -- >> laura: chris, you heard what he said, michael avenatti. he said, "i know for a fact." he is representing a porn star. it will be damaging to the president, going back to dan's point, this is brought trump.
7:39 pm
if mueller sends it onto the the southern extract, or rosenstein send it to the southern district, after mueller center to rosenstein, and gets it down there, and now you can do things, you can look for information, and a new venue with someone who is closer to te president. >> i hear that argument a lot. this is about trump. well, if trump did nothing wrong, then why is everyone so worried about it? michael cohen was the fixer. what was he fixing? >> laura: that "fixer" phrase -- dan, you can try man. i'm so tired of hearing fixer. fixer, fixer, fixer. what do you pay a lawyer for? why there is a parking ticket, a speeding ticket, yeah, meaning fix the situation, i will pay you a lot of money per hour for you to fix my problem. so when they say it's a fixer, that is more spin, more lingo. of course every lawyer --dash go
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ahead, dan. >> seriously, chris, i thought better of you. i mean it. is this seriously going to be the new liberal take? please, don't embarrass yourself by continuing to say, if you didn't do something wrong, you've nothing to worry about. are you serious? i'm going to sit here -- >> let me stop you. i'm sure you defend the stop and frisk with the same thing. >> people like you say that. no, don't distract. people like you say that because you've never been a police officer or a federal agent like i have been you don't understand the awesome power to ruin somebody's life. >> hey, man. i am an attorney -- >> you have never put handcuffs on people. not one time! >> laura: that's not how it supposed to work. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry -- i'm an attorney.
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i know the awesome power. >> you don't know squat! you've never done that! >> laura: guys, i don't want to get -- >> the president is not a kid on the street with no lawyer. this is a very wealthy man who has all that -- >> laura: stop, stop, stop. americans across the country are like -- stop. stop for a second. you are both very passionate about the country. but the point is, civil libertarians on the left used to really care about this. there is only, light, three that i can think of right now, and two are people i know closely, alan dershowitz and a few others, used to care about the power, unbridled power of prosecutors. i was a criminal defense attorney. i dealt with criminal matters. it is a serious, awesome power. the problem here in this situation is it started as russia collusion and now we are at michael cohen is a fixer, and we are going to take all
7:42 pm
computers and phones and turn the screws on him, so he's worried he won't see his children to his wife for 20 years. that is where we ended up. and i don't think that is where the country ever understood that the special prosecutor to end up through all of these side channels, to end up, up with this southern district. i don't think that would this is what people expected. that is with a special prosecutor statute was supposed to be all about. you can close it out. >> michael cohen did not want to comment on the russia collusion thing. he did say that he respected the investigation met mueller was doing. 90 wouldn't comment on that russia meeting at the trump tower. we don't know what is going to happen. i hope nothing bad happened. i don't want to think that our president committed any crimes. but let's get to the bottom of it and end it. >> laura: so we went from russia collusion, the unction tampering, to a stripper-porn star, cashing in on her 15 minutes of man, michael
7:43 pm
cohen -- again, starting off, started really nefarious with russian collusion, and now we are here. and a lot of money has been spent and a lot of time has been spent. i think mueller's approval numbers are going down for a reason. all right, guys -- >> they are investigating trump. >> laura: they are investigating one man. roadkill, the carnage on the side of the street are people like cohen, which is a sad thing. >> they are following the evidence where it leads. >> laura: it's a new law for the left, a horrific holocaust and salt getting lobbed at ben shapiro. ben joins us to respond next.
7:44 pm
7:45 pm
♪ >> laura: the unhinged left things even lawyer. the cofounder of the tech website "the verge" has perked up or a vial attack of ben
7:46 pm
shapiro, tweeting, "venture brio is a jew who helps other jews onto the train." he is deleted the tweet and he says he deleted it because a mob on the right wing babies who are flooding my mentor did it was frankly pretty annoying, as were the dm death threats. joining us now to respond as the daily wires ben shapiro. we are always talking to -- with the left is unhinged. you have a special way of and hinging them. but this was really -- i keep saying a new low, but this really is a new low. i have never heard of this person before, but i guess he is kind of big and the tech world. where are we here? >> i've been called worse by better people. that's the way things go these days. i guess that he works or said that he works over at vox, turns
7:47 pm
that he is not from there. that is all i can really say about it. >> laura: we have an individual who worked for this tech website, saying that someone who is unobservant jew is helping put other jews on the train, meaning, i guess, the trump train, can't ever look past that. but he's obviously -- i think he is jewish, as well. but coming from him, who i believe is jewish, is that have any special significance to you? is it kind of a self-loathing deal? what is it? >> not particularly. i think he is calling me a nazi. he wouldn't be the only one. the way the left works every dah them is a nazi. i always find it ironic when the left attracts me as an alt-right nazi considering i was literally the number one recipient of alt-right hatred in 2016 according to the antidefamation league, not a right-wing source. >> laura: ben, there are others on the left who have gone from their never trump meaning to just completely out of
7:48 pm
touch with reality of politics today. one of them is, i guess, a blogger for "the washington post," on television quite a bed. her name and name is jennifer rubin. watch this. >> sarah huckabee has no right to live a life of no fuss, no mas after lying to the press, after inciting against the press. these people should be made uncomfortable, and i think that is a life sentence, frankly. >> laura: you should be made uncomfortable for life. it should be a life sentence. you notice that the words double left and their never trump, i don't know, republican, or bush i don't know how you describe jennifer rubin. literally no constituency other than bill kristol, for what she says. they now use this criminal imagery. trump is jailing babies. they are criminalizing parenthood with a separation of families. the concentration camp, the
7:49 pm
detention centers are concentration camps. it's all -- it's beyond descriptive. it is descriptive in this criminal, over-the-top, purposely outrageous manner. what of that now, coming from, i guess, a former republican? >> she is obviously engaging in the endorsement of these tactics, the desperation to a chill up and some people, formerly of the red, have been driven. she is a person that out of the endorsed mitt romney and pushed hard for him just a few years ago, she was suggesting that roe v. wade needs to be overturned. now that she says that any judge appointed to the supreme court cannot want to overturn roe v. wade. there's a certain arrangement has hadn't a lot of people where they have reversed principles of a supposedly once held specifically because they don't like donald trump, which i find not only troubling, but morally vacuous. when you look at john rubin saying that sarah huckabee sanders should be made uncomfortable for a lie, she doesn't have a right to become triple united states, she doesn't have a right to basically not be mocked when she
7:50 pm
goes to a gas station to go out to eat dinner. were saying bake the cake to relaxers bakers are saying that it's a wonderful thing when a restaurant owner who decides to deny service to them based on political affinity. they are talking about not just restaurant owners think they don't want trump employees and their establishment, they are talking about how it is now mobster descent and other establishments and drive peoplee establishments, that is what happened to kristin nielsen. the level of insanity to which the left evolves every day is a testament to how much president trump us in their head and a testament to how their utopia 90 idealism under president obama has absolutely collapsed. >> laura: the farther left they go, the higher his numbers seem to go. they don't see the correlation. but perhaps seen our minds will prevail ultimately. ben, have a happy independence day. thank you so much for joining us tonight. just had, a wild story out of colorado to bring you. tens of thousands of acres burning and a case of arson. the shocking revelation of who
7:51 pm
was behind it. next. learn how you can give independence and give a dog a job® at
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7:53 pm
♪ truly insane story of colorado. an illegal immigrant has been arrested for arson after authorities reveal that he was behind starting a forest fire
7:54 pm
that has now destroyed about 53,000 precious acres of land. jesper jorgensen, whose nationality is danish, according to the denver post, was nabbed at a police department and will be handed over to i.c.e. didn't you want to abolish i.c.e.? of course, that agency insisted and cracking him down, as well. yet, they are largely responsible for bringing this matter dresses, going down to what we said in "the angle." to discuss, we are joined by colorado state senator larry crowder, who represents coetzee county. see, i'm doing the spanish version? fantastic. it's great to see you. a very difficult situation. >> right now we have made a confirmed house loss of 104. they are just letting people go into their properties to evaluate, it is just a small
7:55 pm
percentage of the acreage. we don't know exactly what the total loss of will be at this point in time but it has been concerned that 104 houses have been totally burned. pictures of -- >> laura: i don't mean to interrupt you but we have limited heartbreak. >> i understand. >> laura: it's terrific. it's horrific. the loss of property, wildlife, habitat, but we found out that the illegal immigrant has been charged with this. this, after we have had a weekend of protests to abolish i.c.e., which is largely responsible for nabbing him, and getting him into custody. your reaction to that aspect of this horrific story? >> it is just kind of sickening, right now we have had a sage two under fema, no outside fires. so whether or not it was intentional or whether it was an accidental, it still a situation
7:56 pm
where there should not have been outside fires exposed. so it is terrific. currently, we are reported at 5% contained in the biggest thing with that, our wins have died down considerably today. >> laura: here's the problem. he should not have been in the country. i know you are trying to dance around that, whether it was arson -- >> i'm not dancing around it. >> laura: he should not have been in the country, senator. not have been here. >> that's right. that is correct. if you look at his facebook pag page, the anarchy that he has proposed over a period of time, shows -- yeah, i would like to see this individual deported right away. >> laura: a lot of people believe that i.c.e. should be abolished, and the democratic party, major figures who are going to run for president, kirsten gillibrand, cory booker, the list goes on and on, watch i.c.e. abolished. they found this guy, nabbed him at least, and want to get him in
7:57 pm
custody and out of the country we help. >> the federal government is responsible for our borders, so i i.c.e. should not be abolished. i.c.e. is a legal procedure that we go through. so i thought it was comical that people wanted to do away with i.c.e. it's about protecting this country. that's what it's about. >> laura: 37% of your estate is now immigration population, very large illegal immigrant population in your state, it looks like it's all great to have these illegal immigrants, well, we see what happens. thank you very much. our prayers are with you and all of the citizens of colorado. we'll be right back.
7:58 pm
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liver problems can occur with entyvio. if your uc or crohn's treatment isn't working for you, ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio. entyvio. relief and remission within reach. >> laura: we were debating whether i should tweet out a photo of what i was doing about six and a half hours ago. i think we have decided, just for fun, we will tweet it out. you have to go to twitter. i will post it in about 30
8:00 pm
seconds. be sure to tune into radio tomorrow morning and grade show tomorrow night. one of my favorite people to talk to anywhere is joining us. the one and only suzanne somers is going to stop by. install them, tell us how we are doing @ingrahamangle. i always love to read your tweets. that's all the time we have tonight. let's handed off to the great shannon bream for "fox news @ night." >> shannon: oh, and i know what that tweet is. i don't know if the world is ready for it, laura. >> laura: i probably should have listened to a particular professional but i had to do the show. shannon, have a great show. >> shannon: thank you, shannon. we begin with a fox news alert. we go inside the stealth search for a supreme court replacement for retiring justice anthony kennedy with a huge lineup of insiders. from traditional advisor leonard leo, judicial crisis networks carrie severino, and governor mike huckabee, all reviewing the judges interviewed by president trump. stick around, we are naming names.


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