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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 2, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the tip of the iceberg on the left which has gone crazy. we'll keep you pointed on. that's it for us. stay tuned every night 8:00. have a great weekend -- great evening. >> tucker, things the weekend for you? it's not for me. >> tucker: it's only monday! i know. [laughing] sorry. >> i have a show on the weekend. it's never the weekend for me. >> tucker: exactly. >> thank you so much. welcome to hannity, i'm janine in for sean. in less than one week from tonight, president trump will announce his pick to fill the supreme court vacancy left by justice anthony kennedy. early this morning, the president met with four potential candidates and plans to pete with at least two more later this week. meanwhile, during an interview with our own maria bartoromo, president trump weighed in on how or if roe versus wade will
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play a role. >> are you going to ask your nominees before hand how they might vote on voe versus wade? >> president trump: that's a big one, probably not. they're all saying you don't do that, you shouldn't do. that i'm putting conservative people on. i'm very proud of neil gorsuch, he's been outstanding. his opinions are, you know, so well written, so brilliant. i'm fog to try to do something. but i don't think i will be specific in the questions i'm asking. i'm told i shouldn't be. >> on the campaign trail you said you would leave it to the states. >> maybe some day it will be to the states, you never know how that's going to turn out. that's a complex question, the roe v. wade, is probably the one that people are talking about in terms of having an effect. but we'll see what happens. but it could well end up with states at some point. >> joining us with more from the
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white house on what will be an incredibly important decision is ed henry. ed? >> judge, good to see you. what the president is doing is moving very quickly to get through the interviews, potential nominees, to the high court. he wants to get the clock ticking so it gets harder and harder for democrats to justify any obstruction, any delay beyond the mid-term elections, what they say they want to do. they want to stall this. the president is likely to get his nominee in the end because of the precedent that has been set for just a simple majority. but in that interview with maria that you mentioned, he made it clear he would not ask any candidate about roe v. wade. that is in part aimed at trying to secure yes votes from those two women. pro-choice republicans, murkowski and collins. collins already indicating this weekend she'll oppose anyone who would vote to change existing law on abortion. they are expanding the list --
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they are expanding the list because of susan collins' concerns. the president runs a chance of evangelical conservatives who love that list of names. the president has narrowed the list down to about six. appellate court judges from the right, amy coney barrett, brett cavanaugh, joan larsen, deathledge and hardy man. the list is getting smaller. >> president trump: i will be meeting with two or three more. we'll make a decision on the united states supreme court, the new justice, that will be made over the next few days, we will be announcing it on monday. >> given the possible republican no votes and that john mccain hasn't been voting because of health, majority leader mitch mcconnell may need to reel in the democrats who supported justice neil gorsuch, all of whom have tough re-election
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battles where the president carried it big. as for the push by more liberal democratic senators like chuck schumer who want to push it beyond the mid terms, it's interesting, four of the last eight justices who have been confirmed have been confirmed in mid-term election years. that argument by democrats is going to be difficult. >> all right, ed, thank you. and while president trump weighs his supreme court options, america's left is already acting apocalyptic. look at this. >> we first have to find ways to stop that from happening. >> find ways, what does that mean? like what? >> i'll join a million other people surrounding the united states capitol. >> take the million people to maine and go to l.l. bean and tell them in maine, you need to leave maine unless susan collins votes the right way. that's how you play hard ball. you do it smart. you go to alaska.
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say all of those alaskan cruises, we'll boycott alaskan cruises. >> to go back where there's plenty of historical precedence, increase the court, putting an additional justice on for every far right justice approved. >> again, the longic doesn't matter -- logic doesn't matter. what the court looks at is precedence a. dent and there is precedent. >> one woman said she was an activist in the '60s and hadn't been active since then. when she heard about kennedy stepping down she literally got physically ill. >> the people you just saw don't even know who president trump is going to nominate. joining us now with reaction is the author of >> judge jeanine: joining us now with the reaction is the author of the upcoming book, "why we fight," fox news national security strategist, sebastian gorka. former democratic congressman dennis kucinich, and fox news contributor ari fleischer. all right, guys, i want to reference that video that we
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chose to software s michael mooe is calling for a million people. capital to prevent a senate vote. now they are talking about getting companies to move out of state, susan collins, lisa murkowski don't vote the way they want. the most interesting i thought was tom rogers who talked about increasing the number of justices on the court for every conservative justice who was put on. is there -- i will start with you, ari, is there any kind of precedent to assume that if there is a conservative justice who dies, , on the conservative can, or if a judge has retires, that we have to put a r quexmac >> >> there isn't. here's the beauty of our system, this is why i sleep so well at night. theal reason donald trump can pt anyone he wants on the supreme court within reason, and the senate will confirm it is because the american people
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electedeo donald trump and republican senator. if the american people elected a democratic president, a democrat could have done that. these decisions are fundamentally made by the peopl. and our system works. that is my donald trump is in this position. when the democrats talk about going to the extremes they are, a million people around the capital, that is michael moore who said it, they are talking about subverting the system so they can see their version of the system. that is n not democratic. that is as wrong as rockets. >> judge jeanine: dennis kucinich, democratic congressman, do you look look e democratic party and say to yourself, wait a minute, they are talking about abolishing -- we have people who are actually out there opposing a nominee for the supreme court justice and we don't even know who the person is. >> judge, we have to keep in mind that roe v wade is definitely a flashpoint.
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he of millions of american women and men who stand with them, who will not be silent if a supreme court appointee favors criminalizing abortion. the court in 1973 declare that there was a right to privacy under due process. the 14th amendment. i think anything that goes beyond that balancing and creates an imbalance, it will wcause people to mobilize all over the country. >> judge jeanine: so sebastian, what do you stated that quexmac a concept that they are going to mobilize. it's not as though any supreme court nominee is going to get up there and say, i support roe v wade or i don't support roe v wade, i'm going to be inactive a story won't. wanted all be based on decisions that have artie been written and interpretations of those? >> if you know better than anyone, you are the judge. these are scare tactics. they have been pulling these out since bork's nomination in the 1980s. as you said, we don't even know
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who the president's going to nominate. this is the left. they disagree with democracy when it i doesn't go their way. and they understand the stakes involved here, judge. if we have a conservative justice appointed and then voted in by the senate, we will inoculate thee republic for at least a generation from the lunacy of the left, from the identity politics, the ideas we don't need immigration policed on the border, the idea that you can give everything to everybody for free, the legislating from the bench that we have seen for years now. it will be defended in the supreme court by aur constitutionalist. >> judge jeanine: he ran for office, said he was going to put conservative dresses on the supreme court bench, no one should be surprised. we are talking about heritage and the federalist society. i can't imagine that they are individuals who are pro-life.
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i think a significant point, ari, when a lindsey graham gets on television yesterday and he says, i don't have a problem if you are -- what your politics are. i just don't want roe v wade to be overturned. that is interesting. >> really, with the senators think about their individual positions is not what is at stake. this in a will cancel each other out. it is the decisions made on the basis of facts presented in a court of law and the justices way n. of course, that is the way the system should work. it is not a roll call vote. i would say, what i have noticed in the past, there is a difference between the two parties. there is a litmus test of the democratic party. you heard it all the time, the democratic primaries, they always say, i will not nominate anybody who isn't for gay marriage or abortion. it is an overt litmus test. republicans say they want someone with a temperament who is proper for the bench.
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to hear the cases wisely. donald trump has said that that will be a conservative. i understand the democrats have a fear that roe v wade f will be overturned on the states will and it will be allowed in some other places it won't. they act as if abortion is the only thing that the supreme court does.. it is the first and only issue that so many democrats talk about. it's a much broader than that. you really do want someone who's a big thinker and quite frankly, that is a list that donald trump is put together. >> judge jeanine: dennis kucinich, there are terco women on that list. ii know that as i said, it is almost as though this is apocalyptic right now for the left, but nominating a woman won't make a darn bit of difference, will it come up for the left? >> whether it is a man or woman, certainly would applaud president trump for considering a woman to be appointed to the court. whatever the gender of the
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person, one must be aware that we are at a time of great polarization in this country. people are very afraid that some basic rights that have been constitutionally protected under the 14th amendment for example, for the last 45 years, we have to realize that is a concern. what we need to do, judge, and a larger country we need to find ways to depolarize this whole debate over abortion and start to focus on things like prenatal care, postnatal care, childcare, universal health care, living wage, and to shift the debate to really show that whatever your position is, we can appreciate it. >> judge jeanine: dennis, wouldn't you agree that part of the problem is that the left is going crazy in the event that someonepp is pro-life and is appointed to the bench? that's what it's about. they are making it an issue. you can sit there and say, it's great, we should worry about childcare. sebastian gorka, at the end of
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the day, you've got joe manchin, heidi heitkamp, joe donnelly, i mean, these guys are -- and lady -- are in a tough spot right now. let's assume that susan collins and lisa murkowski decide if she's not pro-choice or he's not pro-choice, i'm not interested. what do you think the harm is going to be if these dams, and the trump-heavy states, vote for this trust is quexmac >> if you look at what has happened in just the last few days and weeks politically in america, it is as if the democratic party doesn't understand what happened on november 8th 2016. they are doubling down. the idea that you have somebody who wants to have no borders on the south, who believes that we haveve black sites run by i.c.e, these people want to boycott cruise liners in alaska. the democrats are so out of touch with america.wi it is going to be very, very good for the republicans and the president come november and come 2020. >> judge jeanine: there is no
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question, ari, in the end, the president will surely get his way. it's not like there is going tol be -- that the left is going to be able to say, we want this person. the president is going to nominate whoever he wants. but to be realistic about it, if this second justice and when the second justices appointed, we will have a supreme court that is conservative, or conservative-leaning, without a doubt, for the next generation. >> i would say conservative i've been leaving. i don't think you can say conservative yet. i think the history of the supreme court shows that they have an independent mind that theyey use, dresses robbers migt turn out to be an little bit moe moderate. we just don't know. that is why i value temperament as opposed to positions previously taken. times change and i want to see what kind of minds are there, that is the most important thing on the bench. a lot of it from the right and left, you can go too far valuing
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how bar change can go. especially for a place like the supreme court. >> judge jeanine: dennis, with respect to the hearing itself, what do you think some of these candidates or nominees are going through rightgh now? they are meeting with the president, four have met, two more, have i understand, have matched with him. how do you think they communicate with them without him asking the question, how conservative support if they would be? >> i think we have to take the president ato his word, that he hasn't asked for a litmus test. i think there will be an honest exchange and the president will make his decision based on the interaction, i would think, from the reports i have heard from otherle people who have been appointed. we'll see. you can bet that those whose names are coming up are going to be carefully scrutinized and keep in mind, this nomination is going to go through. we have to keep in mind that
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obama's nomination of garland was held for 293 days. it never saw the light of day. it's politics. >> judge jeanine: politics are rough but in the end, at least we don't have the filibuster, judicial filibuster, sebastianve gorka, and it stressed right now a majority vote. john mccain, who is not lose the two that we might who is, there are three that might come over. last word, sebastian gorka? >> to q certain former senator from illinois, elections of kant, consequences and so does the fact that the republicans have a house on the senate, after the president and hisly meetings, i know exactly what is happening. the president as you know, judge, has a preternatural capacity to read individuals very, very rapidly. he's meeting them, get a gut instinct for who these people are, and i think it's going to be one question.
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are they originalists? with a look at the constitution as talking about eternal truths. if he thinks that, then that person is going to go to the top of the list. >> judge jeanine: originalist, textual list, constitutionalist, who respects president and decisions. thank you so much for being with us this evening, gentlemen. coming up, kellyanne conway on how some prominent democrats are calling for i.c.e. to be abolished. plus michelle malkin and florida attorney general pam bondi on the left continuing to verbally attack women and a trump administration. stay with us. ♪ -and we welcome back gary,
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♪ >> judge jeanine: welcome back to "hannity." in their continued push for open borders, many elected democrats
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are joining the far left to attack i.c.e., with some evenev calling for it to be abolished. take a look. >> i think there is no question that we've got to critically re-examine i.c.e. and its role and the way that it is being administered and the work it is doing and we need to probably think about startingng from scratch. >> i.c.e. isn't doing what it was created to do. it is being used as his own personal police force and in those actions, it is making us less safe. i don't think i.c.e. today is working as intended. >> you think we should get rid of thehe agency? >> i believe that it has become a deportation force. i think you should separate the criminal justice from the immigration issues and i think you should reimagine i.c.e. >> it's too aggressive and over-the-top and i think it's lost itsts course. i think we should replace itwe with something practical, still has to be a law enforcement agencycy come , but the one thaa little more humane. >> we need to rebuild our immigration system from top to
10:23 pm
bottom. starting by replacing i.c.e. with something that reflects ouc anjudge jeanine: during interview with maria bartiromo, president trump responded democrats calls to and i.c.e. and issued a warning for the democrats. :>> you know, i.c.e. isn't the guys who go in and take ms 13 and they take at them out because they are my stomach much tougher than ms 13, by a factor. you get rid of i.c.e., you will have a country that you will bee afraid to walk out of your house. i love that issue, if they will actually do that. they are seriously talking about that? you arere going to have a county that is crime-ridden, the border patrols, the border patrol agents,, i.c.e., these people ae incredible. andeen maxine waters nancy pelosi, and getting rid of i.c.e., and having open borders, and the biggest thing, you have open borders, all is going to do is lead to massive, massive crime. that is going to be their
10:24 pm
platform. open borders, which equals crime. i think they will never win another election. >> judge jeanine: yesterday, the president tweeted, "the liberal left also known as thekn democrats want to get rid of i.c.e., who do offend half the job, crime would be rampant and uncontrollable. to make america great again." training we now to discuss, kellyanne conway. good evening. i have to tell you something. i just wrote it down again. when they say i.c.e. isn't doing what itnk was created to do, wht do they think it was created to do? serve coffee and tea? >> that is an excellent question that no one is asking. i think that it's time to damp down the emotion to go over some of information. if you quiz most of those people, including elected officials, as to why i.c.e. was created in the first place, and response to 9/11, and what it is supposed to be doing, and by the way, what it does do, the white house working on that
10:25 pm
exact document, so that people can get information. i.c.e. provides so many services that are critical to everyone's insecurity in this country, janine. when kirsten gillibrand is jumping on the abolished i.c.e. train where she's united states, senator, and we are, i.c.e. has removed 40 criminal aliens in recent weeks. she's going against the security of her own people when she calls for this nonsense. cynthia nixon, an actress who happens to be running for governor against andrew cuomo, pulling him to the left, saying they are a terrorist organization. you've got it backwards. they stop terrorists from coming into the country and they seized thousands of pounds of narcotics and i get rid of child smugglers, and they detect people who are transnational gang members. the president is putting it this way, a binary choice. you are either for open borders, and the crime that comes with that, or youde are for a soveren nation that has physical borders, and less crime. let me say one more thing.
10:26 pm
you see this argument now with the democrats, you have some of the older, more senior democrats, saying, i don't think abolishing i.c.e. was a good idea. and you've got democrats disingenuously talking about immigration reform one president trump brought them to the table in the cabinet room for one solid hour in january and all they wanted to talk about was the dreamers and daca. they did not want to talk about immigration reform. the president is the one with the 70-point immigration plan. it's been up for a vote in congress. they are being disingenuous when they say theyou want to do this. >> judge jeanine: clearly, the president was willing to go with daca and they weren't. think about it. when obama was president, and he had the ability and the house in the senate, he didn't do anything. they want to make it an issue, or so it seems, and never resolve it so they can say that republicans are against it. but i don't understand, kellyanne, it is like saying to people, we don't want this police force, and immigrants should be able to come in, we
10:27 pm
don't want to know who they are, what their records or, if they have a record, we just don't care anymore. do people not understand the impact? on finances here? >> that's right.ri i think the average american does. i think americans do understand the impact on their financial security, on their everyday security, but also, mark penn was hillary clinton's pollster. he came out with a harvard terrace poll where he asked the question about abolishing i.c.e. do you know not abolishing ice, keeping i.c.e. as it is, got a bipartisan support, majority republicans, democrats, independents, agreed that abolishing i.c.e. is not a good idea. these democrats who are trying to out left each other, 42020, having done absolutely nothing in 2017 or 2018 that i can point out, they are already thinking about 2020. folks, do something in 2018 that is meaningful. so they are going -- they are
10:28 pm
saying abolished i.c.e., but basically, instead of advising consent, they are doing obstructing obstruct and distract instead of abolished i.c.e. go but they should be thinking about how to protect our borders, and there are a lot of democrats getting nervous about where it is truly going. let's see who's following them off the cliff. >> judge jeanine: i think that when a president said in that recent interview, he said, it's a great issue. if they want to go forward without,to then you and i both know the president has great instinct pluraless, he gets it,r president, he made it, he gets it. but americans, in addition to the economy, theyy want to safey and security. and by saying we want open borders, want to abolished i.c.e., we want to something -- who said they wanted something kinder? and they don't want a deportation force. >> let's reimagine i.c.e., whatever that means. jeanine, guess what, they say n they are for open borders could,
10:29 pm
but none of them have the guts to go and vote for bill. they go out to the protest, they don't go to the senate or the house and introduced introducet say, we will reimagine borders, we will reimagine the fact that congress made it a crime to enter the country illegally. none of them have the guts to do that. where's the legislation? it's cheap and easy to waive a sign and go scream into a megaphone. it's hard to work to go to washington and actuallynd do yor job. you know what? this president, he is on task every single day and he ran successfully on issues like illegal immigration, like having borders. he always talks about the drugs that are pouring in also. he is on top of that as well. of all people, president obama, this past weekend, he told the democrats, you got to do more than mope. they've gone from hope to mope. they are wondering where he is. he is not a stronger voice, why isn't he speaking up and speaking out on a number of
10:30 pm
these issues, other than the $400,000 beaches. we are not paying attention to that. wete are going to get borders, sovereign nation with borders. >> judge jeanine: i want to ask you about the supreme court nominee.en i'm curious. two women in the group. the group is a very small group, may be five, maybe seven. what do you think? >> don't forget, the list is 25. and that is really the key here. >> judge jeanine: but that president has whittled it down to maybe five or two. we have amy barrett and john larson. what do you think of them? >> i want to comment on individual choices. i can tell you that everyone that the president has considered checks all the boxes were brilliant and capable and judicial temperament, not er personalir own feelings where the constitution belongs. as a law, the judiciary interprets the law, does not make the laws. too many judges today making things up as they go along. the executive executes them,xe
10:31 pm
legislative brute tomac branch should be making them. it's the interpretive function that is so important. this president said he wants academic and professional credentials and i think anyone you see in the list, they are people of great intellect and great experience, honorable men and women on the president's list. the president put out his list and then he added to the list. jeanine, this man is so transparent andd accountable, it is such an important decision. as someone who spent time with him today as well on this issue, i just had to tell you, he understands the gravity. he has said, nominating to the supreme court is one of the most important things that any president does. and every -- all the nominees, all the justices on the supreme court, out last anyone'sig presidency of eight years. but in many ways, they outlast the president to actually nominate them. they understand, he understands that 30, 40, 45 years of
10:32 pm
jurisprudence and he takes the decision very -- with great gravity and responsibility. other people are inviting but other people are being respected on the right in the left who are advising and consenting as well. >> judge jeanine: i have a feeling that the president will probably, as with neil gorsuch, get the person on the supreme court that he wants. anyway, kellyanne conway, so good to have you on the show tonight. thank you. and coming up, michelle malkin and florida attorney general pam bondi. by the way, don't forget to buy a copy of my book on amazon or barnes & noble. "liars, leakers, and liberals: theai case against the anti-trup conspiracy." here i have it but it's not out yet. so the question is, is this real or just a cover? what do you think? email me. go on facebook, twitter, instagram. is it a real book or not? more "hannity" after the break.
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♪ >> judge jeanine:: welcome back to "hannity." some members of america's left are continuing their ongoing assault on the women associated with the trump administration. "the washington post"'s michelle rubin actually encouraged the left to continue harassing sarah sanders. watch this. >> we are not going to let these people go through life unscathed. no righthuckabee has to live a life of no fuss, no mas, after lying to the press, and siding against the press. these people should be made uncomfortable and i think that is a life sentence, frankly. >> judge jeanine: that's not all. over the weekend, michelle wolf, best known for bashing the white correspondents dinner, was vitriolic attack against sarah sanders, called ivanka trump a selection of names some of which are too graphic to air. but here's anam example. >> is your nickname herpes,
10:38 pm
because you are not necessarily theti most dangerous porcelain, but you arent always incurable d always show up when we are about to get [bleep]. >> judge jeanine: about with reaction, the host of "michelle malkin investigates," syndicated columnist michelle malkin, and florida attorney general pam bondi. i should note, that is jennifer rubin with "the washington post." you know, i thought it was over. i really did. after my show on saturday night, they probably just vented. over the weekend, i got worse. we want to let this one go, it needs to be a life sentence, and of course, pam, we know what happened to you, and michelle, both of you have been harassed. and now it's continuing. pam, what is your take on this? >> my take on this, michelle
10:39 pm
wolf does not know ivanka. i do. she is a loving wife, a remarkable mother, she is a great human being. andum she's not going to break down. they couldn't get to the president so they think they can get to people around him. ivanka is not going to be broken down. by this. but none of us are going to be bullied. everyone who is saying these things, they need to realize, and they know this, jeanine, just like you, michelle, and i know this, there are people who exist who will be emboldened by this to do harm to someone. something bad is going to happen. everybody just needs to say stop it unequivocally, stop. >> judge jeanine: michelle, i had to someone on my show, you said, it is on both sides. i said, do me a favor, tell me where conservative women have taken on a democrat female, whether she's elected or not elected, or spokesperson. give me one example. oh, it's the same on both sides. i don't know that could be the case. do you? >> it's not the case.
10:40 pm
i've documented the warrant conservative women for upwards of 20w. years now. it is not and never has been, judge jeanine, the case, that conservative women who very vigorously oppose ideas on the other side go and target the children of people with which we disagree. we are not the ones that have forced the other side to have two higher private security guards to speak on college camps i have over the years and so many other female conservatives who are outspoken. what this is really about is the fact that the c word, the real offense of the c word, is conservative. it is about criminalizing it ostracizing female conservatives for being female and conservative. the left considers it and ideological felony to be a woman and conservative, and even more than that, a capital offense to bebe a minority and and a femaa
10:41 pm
conservative. that is what this is really about. >> judge jeanine: pam, what she says is so true. you were in a movie theater, and have gone to universities, i have had security, and going forward, it doesn't sound like they are doing anything to tamp it down. what should republicans, conservative women do? >> first of all, you want to be bullied, michelle won't be bullied, sarah won't be bullied, ivanka won't be bullied but the other side has got to stop it. you've got to just unequivocally, all of our democrat friends out there who we all know need to come out and say, stop it for you to stop it, this isn't right. someone is going to get hurt. and i told you, there was a state representative with their children being screamed at and a harassed by the same people who came after me. women attacking women, it's got to stop. >> judge jeanine: michelle, she's right. this isn't about disability anymore. if weit say stop it, don't do
10:42 pm
this, is that going to stop them? now. should -- >> i think there needs to be legal consequences for people who are inciting violence and the best thing we could do is what we are doing. sunlight is the best disinfectant. turn the tables and put the mirror on people who are nothing of the type of self-appointed civility pleas that they talk about. in fact, these are the worst, most violent offenders against civility. we when you have people who thik that it is part of proper public discourse forgiving and "life sentence" as this loon jennifer rubin has done against sarah sanders, simply for doing her job, that has crossed a line, it is beyond the pale, and "the washington post" and the owners of "the post" should be shamed that this woman is employed by them as a so-called conservative columnist exmac that's the biggest joke exmac >> judge jeanine: pam bondi, you are the attorney general, you are
10:43 pm
very powerful woman in a state with their own security detail, your own guard, and yet they have no fear gumming in your face, within an inch of your face. >> they don't. that is where people need to realize that someone is going to get hurt. and like michelle said, the ultimate bullying, this michelle wolf woman saying, go after their deepest insecurities,in really? to say that? is horrible. but we are not going to get in the gutter with them. that is a difference. and democrats, there are plenty of democrats out there who do not agree with what is happening and they just need to unequivocally say, stop. stop this, do not do this. someone. is going to be harmed. >> judge jeanine: so good to both on thank you so much. and still succumb, president trump keeps racking up accomplishments and memories of the mainstream media are even finding it hard to ignore them. that and more after the break. ♪
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♪ >> the regulation rollback has been the biggest ever in the history of our country. no president, even during full terms, has cut back anywhere near what i have done. and we have more to do. we are going to have regulationw clean water, clean air, we are going to have the cleanest water, cleanest air. but we have more regulation cutting to do. i think that may have had a bigger impact to this point. i think ultimately, the tax cuts, as they kick in and they are cooking and, you see theug hundreds of billions of dollars brought back to the country already, i thinkt is going to be something really special and you are seeing the results right now. you look at what is happening to steel and aluminum, we practically built a new industry in a period of four or five months.
10:49 pm
his incredible what happened. the big thing i'm focused on his trade. i have to focus on trade. we need to make it reciprocal, fair. i'm going to tell you, you don't know about this, every country is calling every day, saying, let's make a deal, let's make a deal. it is going toit work out. >> judge jeanine: welcome back to "hannity." that was president trump this weekend and an interview with maria bartiromo, to highlight his exceptional record of accomplishments, even members of the mainstream media can't downplay his success anymore. >> the announced retirement asho of supreme court justice anthony kennedy helped make one political reality despite his overall unpopularity, president trump is winning. the democrats right now are reeling. >> joining me now with reactionw host larry elder, fox news contributor charlie hurt, and gd avella. did you ever think you would hear chuck todd say that trump is winning and democrats are
10:50 pm
reeling? i couldn't believe it. i will start with you, larry elder. this really is amazing, what the president has been able to accomplish in, i don't know, how many weeks as it? someone said 75 weeks may be. larry? >> it is amazing, judge. his assertion, "despite his overall unpopularity," he is more popular than obama was at this point. i don't recall anyone saying s that obama was "overall unpopular" during that period of time. they can figure out what he won let alone why he is succeeding. the answer is, americans broadly like his policy. the economy is doing well, more americans believe the economy is doing great, they haven't believed that in a very long time. the stock market is doing well. the regulation he has cut have been even more severe than he said. he'slm cut almost more regulations, for everyone regulation that we've added. t the american people probably believe that the borders need to
10:51 pm
be secured, broadly believe we need to do something about chain migration, catch and release, about the visa lottery, so overall, donald trump's policies are #winning. >> judge jeanine: charlie hurt, there is an article here that i am looking at, and it says, trump just keeps on dumbfounding his hapless detractors. your take? >> i think it is probably safe to say that a lot of people like chuck todd are tired of waiting by this point. i think we sort of have crossed over a rubicon over the last couple of weeks. i think that the left realizing that donald trump really isn't going to get strung up on these bogus fresh show charges, storms not going to bring down the president, and as larry elder pointed out, the most alarming thing of all is the fact that the economy is booming, donald trump is right, it's the removal of all the regulations that are setting the
10:52 pm
economy on fire. the american people do agree with donald trump, despite all the haranguing by the media. they agree that the borders should be closed and to have democrats now arguing to abolish i.c.e. -- >> judge jeanine: it's crazy. >> it plays directly into the president's hand. >> judge jeanine: david avella, we've got economy, regulations, stock market, and the left is going ballistic. they are relentless and assaulting. i can't imagine that normal thinking people are buying it. >> now that abolishing i.c.e. is the litmus test for democrats who want to run in 2020, donald trump is well on his way to being reelected and finishing what he has started, which is eliminating or reversing every policy president obama put in place. hence now why jobs are being created, folks have more money in their pockets, we are working toward securing our border, our military is getting the funding needs to protect our country, and agenda and a set of accomplishments that serve this
10:53 pm
country well, and ultimately, serve president trump well for winning to be reelected. >> judge jeanine: larry elder, it is actually stunning where we are right now because when you think about it, the president has not really had all the other republican supporting him. it wasn't his stumble but with paul ryan and health care, obamacare, and all of the other -- the president realized, he's a businessman, what he needed to do to get around those establishment republicans. who were trying to stop him. speaker can you imagine where he would be if he did not have the media against him? there is a book called "left turn" written by my friend at george mason and he said that the media would truly fairir and balanced, the average date would vote the way texas does, about eight to ten points in favor of the republican vote. democrats are covering this with free tuition, guaranteed jobs, $15 minimum wage, getting rid of
10:54 pm
i.c.e., i don't think that is a winning message for americans in the off year, let alone in 2020. they don't know what to do. they are literally unhinged. >> judge jeanine: charlie hurt, we don't have a lot of time but calling for what they don't like him but they say is broken. immigration is broken, i.c.e. is broken. it is not something that is going to bring them any success. is it? >> absolutely not. the immigration system has been a disaster for decades now under both parties. donald trump is the first person to come along who actually actively wants to do something to fix it by the democrats just want to campaign against it. this idea that they are going to campaign on abolishing i.c.e. will be their doom. >> judge jeanine: david avella, last word. >> one area the president is in under a have worked quite well that is getting judges confirmed, not only supreme judges in neil gorsuch, but also of the district level. we'll continue to see that
10:55 pm
success with whoever president trump ultimately nominates on the supreme court before the end of the year. >> judge jeanine: is anyone tired of winning at? thank you, gentlemen. coming up, wait until you hear what disgraced fbi director james comey is saying these days about how people view him. don't go anywhere. ♪ ...emily lapier from ames, iowa. this is emily's third nomination and first win.,! um, first of all, to my fellow nominees, it is an honor sharing the road with you. and of course, to the progressive snapshot app for giving good drivers the discounts -- no, i have to say it -- for giving good drivers the discounts they deserve. safe driving! for giving good drivers the discounts they deserve. touch shows how we really feel. but does psoriasis ever get in the way? embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz. up to 90% of those with moderate to severe psoriasis had a
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>> jeanine: welcome back to "hannity." disgraced former f.b.i. director james comey took part in a question and answer session over the weekend. in a rare moment of truth acknowledged he's not liked by either side. take a listen. >> your republican colleagues with whom you have these conversations, are they outraged? >> most republicans don't talk to me anymore. [ laughter ] so i have fixated in pissing off everybody. >> that'll do it for us tonight. don't forget to buy a copy of my book on amazon or barnes &
11:00 pm
noble. is this real or just a cover? i'll be back tomorrow night filling in for sean. have a great night. laura ingraham is live next! >> laura: hey, judge. did you did an audio book? can we hearr you? >> yes! yes! i did an audio book, laura. i'm going to send you one. >> how long did it take you to do it? >> 2 1/2 days! >> it's: nightmarish, isn't it? you should have had guest voices. next year i want to be a guest voice on your book. >> you and i could do an audio book together. we can do high and low. >> laura: thank you. great show tonight. good evening from washington. i'm. laura ingraham, this is the "ingraham angle." devin nunnnes is redoubling his efforts to find out whetherer te tr